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Rebuild & Restore - Chapter 2
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Jon sighed as he watched Kiyana’s car peel off down the street. Kiyana was like a sister to him and to see how much his words hurt her, hurt him. He stomped back into his daughter's party and pulled Josh to the side. 
“You wrong. Why you ain’t telling everybody the truth? Got Yana out here looking like the asshole and she’s not, you are!” Josh sucked his teeth. 
“Mind ya’ fucking business Jonathan. If you wanna be technical about it. You ain’t tell Kiyana the whole truth either. You knew I was sleeping with Shanté and never said anything.” 
“Cause I thought you was gonna handle it Josh!” Jon yelled. “You got this attitude like Kiyana did you wrong and that ain't the case. You the one that ruined your marriage, not her so stop treating her like everything is her fault!” 
“EVERYTHING IS HER FAULT!” Josh boomed back. “She fucked Joe of all people! She wanted to get back at me, cool, fine, whatever. It could have been with anyone else, but she chose Joe so fuck her.” 
“HEY!” Trinity yelled as she came around to the side of the house that Jon had pulled Josh over too. “Everyone can hear you, including your kids.” She said, aiming that last part at Josh. “Today is Jayla’s day and y’all not about to ruin it.” Josh sucked his teeth and brushed past the two of them. When Jon went to follow, Trinity grabbed his arm stopping him. “You knew about Shanté and Josh?” 
Jon sighed. “He told me when-” 
“Why the fuck didn’t you say anything Jonathan!” She cut him off  “You knew he was having an affair and kept it to yourself.” Trinity took a deep breath trying to calm herself down. “We gon talk about this later.” She muttered, giving him a stank look as she walked away from him. 
Tumblr media
“No, fuck this.” Kiyana muttered, wiping the tears off her face as she made a U-Turn and made her way back to Jon’s house. She rolled her eyes and ignored the mummers as she stormed back into the party and dragged Josh into the house by the collar of his shirt. 
“Damn, Kiyana wait..” Josh said as he stumbled behind her. 
“No, you fucking wait! I’ve been by your side for twenty-three years and for you to not say anything to Mel is fucking crazy.”  Josh scoffed and folded his arms. 
“You wanted me to defend you?” He chuckled. “We ain’t together anymore Kiyana. Call up Joe, I'm pretty sure his big ass will jump to defend you.” Kiyana stared at him in disbelief. She blinked a couple of time before reaching up and slapping him across his face. 
“Fuck you Joshua.” She glared at him before turning on her heels and storming away from him. She quickly walked over to Kaiden and Kamari and then grabbed Kairo out of Talisua’s arms before leaving the party, not saying a word to anybody else. 
She didn’t care if her taking her kids made her a ‘bitter baby mama’. She wasn't going to allow anybody to disrespect her. She was sick and tired of being looked at like the bad guy, so that's exactly what she was about to become… 
Tumblr media
Around 10pm that night there was a knock on her door and she knew exactly who it was. He had been texting her since she left the party with her kids. 
“What?” She asked, rolling her eyes as he tried to push his way past her. “You not coming in my house.” 
“Oh, you mean the house that I paid for. Move out my way Kiyana. I just wanna say goodnight to my kids.” 
“No.” Kiyana folded her arms. “You’re not coming in here. Goodbye Joshua.” She tried to shut the door in his face, but he placed his foot in the doorway. 
“Kiyana.” He gritted out, teeth clenched together as if he was trying to hold himself back from going off on her. “You made your point. I’ll speak up next time.” 
“Next time?” She scoffed, pushing on the door, but he wouldn’t move his foot.  “There should be no next time Joshua. Now go away before I call the cops.” 
“You being childish as hell Key! I just wanna say goodnight to my sons, damn!” He yelled, pushing the door harder so Kiyana could lose her balance. She winced as he back met the wall and Josh’s eyes softened at the pained look on her face.  “Shit, my bad Key.” 
“Just leave please. The boys are already in bed. Ain’t shit else here for you.” Josh sighed and nodded his head. 
“Can you have them call me when they wake up?” 
“I’ll think about it.” She said, rubbing her back. 
“Kiyana - “ 
“I said I'll think about it. Goodnight.” She muttered, closing the door in his face. Josh stood on the front door of his former home, watching through the glass door as Kiyana set the home security system. She looked back at him before shaking her head and turning off the porch light and walking up the stairs leaving him standing in the darkness of the night. 
Tumblr media
“Home sweet home.” Josh muttered as he walked into his apartment. This was not the life for him. He needed to be with his boys. He needed to be with Kiyana, but she didn’t want him anymore and Josh still couldn’t fully comprehend that they were divorced. He felt naked without his wedding ring. He felt incomplete without Kiyana by his side and he was going to do anything and everything for them to be a family again.. Starting with his sister Melvania. 
Tumblr media
Chapter 2 down.. thank you for all the nice comments and all of the love on chapter 1.
Josh is a little bi-polar when it comes to Kiyana and their relationship.. he blames her for their divorce but he also wants his wife back...
(if you think they're getting back together.. think again)
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Night Two (18+)
Pairings: Cody Rhodes x OC(Ola Kaminski)
Night two of Wrestlemania went fair better than night one did. And a celebration is deserved
Warmings: None, well improper use of a title belt (take for that what you will heh)
Tumblr media
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Ola’s ears were still ringing from all the buzz and cheering and just celebration. She honestly was probably still in shock. Cody was THE Undisputed WWE Universal Champion. She stood in their shared bus by herself now. Cody had the press conference and photos and all those things. So she slipped away after making sure he didn’t need her around anymore. Which she was grateful for. Not only to recover from all the craziness but also since she had a surprise for him. She grinned to herself before disappearing to the bedroom.
Cody had to admit, even he was exhausted, he had kept it up until he got to the door of the bus. He took a deep breath of the night air before letting it out and looking down. Holy shit he had actually done it. He smiled to himself before opening the door, 
“Hey Ola…?” He stepped up as he shut the door, raising a brow as silence met him. He noted that her bag was on the table, before his eyes moved to the bedroom door as it slid open and a smirk spread across his lips. Ola opened the door and leaned against the frame, a smile teasing her lips. He slid his gaze down and back up her body,”You look better in the shirt than I do.” She giggled slightly as she walked over to him, wearing only his championship shirt and, deceivingly, what appeared to be nothing else. She brushed her fingers over the belt before looking up at him and cupping his cheeks, kissing him softly. Cody breathed in through his nose as they kissed and smiled wide as they broke apart. He put his arms around her and pulled her close, 
“I still can’t believe it.” He mumbled as he pressed his forehead to hers and she smiled, kissing his nose. “Well, let me help you believe it.” He raised a brow before she kissed him hard, grabbing the back of his head and pressing closer to him. He gasped before he groaned as she slid her tongue into his mouth, claiming dominance that he was happy to give over. Ola pulled away, breathing heavy and smirked, 
“On the couch, shirt off babe.” She kissed him again and he blinked at her, his brain still catching up. “I won’t tell you again.” He snapped out of it as he tossed his shirt off and sat on the couch, his eyes following her as she moved to stand in front of him. Ola smiled, leaning slightly as she ran one of her hands up his stomach, chest and then to tilt his chin up at her. She smirked as she noted his quickened breath and how his pupils were already blown wide. As she slid her thumb over his lips, his eyes fluttered a bit, 
“My champ…” She smirked as his eyes opened again as her fingers danced back down to the belt, tracing the design, “You look so good in gold.” He chuckled softly but it stopped in his throat as she tossed her shirt off, to reveal what she was hiding. Ola, of course, had a custom set of lingerie made for the occasion. The gold lace and straps that crossed over her skin accentuated all her curves in just the right way. And if you asked her, her boobs looked phenomenal.
Cody stared at her, tracing the curves of the straps as she stepped closer, his hands naturally going to her hips as she moved to straddle his hips,
“I think gold looks better on you, sweetheart…” He used his fingers to snap a strap on her thigh that made her giggle before she pushed him back against the couch. 
“I’m glad you like it, I got it specially made for the occasion. I thought my champion deserved his own private celebration.” She smirked again as she watched as Cody couldn’t help but stare at her. He swallowed as he moved his gaze to her eyes, noting the way they twinkled with mischief. Ola slid closer to him and kissed him, her fingers burying in the hair in the back of his head. She tugged his head back as she made her way down his jaw and neck. She slid her tongue slow, painstakingly slow, over his tattoo as he groaned in response. She smirked against his skin as she nipped at his collar, 
“I can actually leave marks tonight, since your suit will hide everything.” She giggled as his eyes rolled shut at her statement before she sucked the skin of his neck between her teeth and continued across his chest, leaving bruises and bite marks in her wake. Cody gripped her hips as he grunted and groaned with every mark she left on his flesh. She grinned and pulled back, looking at her handy work as he breathed heavily, head still tilted back where she had him by the hair. He met her gaze, eyes glassy with lust as he licked his lips slowly which made Ola groan ever so slightly. He was so fucking beautful like this. 
She licked her lip slowly in response, noting the way his eyes flickered down to her tongue and back up, “What would people think if they saw their new champion like this, hm, Cody?” 
Cody’s eyes shut and he shifted his hips, pissed at how annoyingly tight his pants were feeling. He gasped as she tugged his hair harshly, pulling him close to her face, “I asked you a question…” He swallowed as he stared into her eyes but his brain was so foggy from everything today and the lust was only making it worse. Ola stared at him a minute but kissed his nose gently, 
“Suppose I can give you a pass….it has been a long day for you.” She chuckled before crashing their lips into a feverish kiss on both ends. The kiss was all tongue, grunting and teeth. She nipped his lower lip as she pulled away slowly, before grinning in victory as crimson stained his lips. He used his thumb to brush over his lip, noted the blood with a wild look growing in his vision. She met his eyes and slowly, oh so slowly, slid her tongue over his thumb and took the digit between her lips. She slowly swirled her tongue and sucked, before pressing her tongue to the pad and popping off with a wet pop. Cody stared at her completely dumbfounded and deeply aroused as he dug his hand into her hip, trying to hold onto a semblance of control. She always had this ability with him, to completely make him let go and lose himself. 
Ola held his gaze as she ran her free hand down his chest, nails digging in and leaving red trails across his chest. She slid over the belt before cupping him through his pants. His breath hitched in his throat as she took her time, squeezing him gently, he whimpered softly in response. That just made Ola smirk slightly as she leaned closer to his face, as she squeezed him again and felt him twitch in her hand,
“What do you want, babe?” Cody whimpered as he pressed his face against her neck, kissing up to her ear, “You, I need you.” Ola moaned softly before she pulled him into a kiss and she tugged at his pants. Cody groaned into the kiss as he raised his hips enough to help her tug his pants and boxers down and enough that he could kick off. Still kissing, she wrapped her fingers around his cock and stroked it a few times, pre cum already coating her fingers while he moaned into her mouth. She pulled away and looked down, biting her lip, 
“Fuck, you’re so hard for me already.” One of Cody’s hands slid up from her hip and massaged one of breasts, making her whimper softly as she stroked his cock a few times. Ola positioned herself over his cock, incredibly happy she opted to just get the lingerie crotchless. She looked up at him and held his gaze as she lowered herself down onto his cock while she used her other hand to steady herself on his chest. They moaned in unison as she sunk down all the way on is cock slowly. He slid both his hands down her body, stroking the skin where it was exposed before resting on her ass and gripping when she shifted her weight slightly. He breathed through his nose and his eyes fluttered slightly when she clenched around his cock, 
“Sweetheart…..shit….,” he pressed his head against her collarbone, kissing her skin, “you’re so warm and tight…” He mumbled as he kissed her neck. 
Ola shuttered, goosebumps spreading over her skin while she slid her arms around his neck and slowly slid herself up his cock and down, moaning before setting a steady pace. She rolled her head back as he started to nip and suck along the skin on her chest that was exposed. He growled softly and smirked as he listened to the sounds she made. She rolled her head back, pressing their foreheads together and held his gaze as they both panted and moaned while she quickened the pace. Cody planted his feet on the ground and met her pace, digging his fingers into her ass. Ola slid a hand down his chest, pausing and tracing the ‘Dream’ tattoo on his peck, smiling slightly before looking down and running her hand over the title still on his hips and her smile turned into an evil smirk. He followed her hand as it traveled south and couldn’t help the whimpering sound in his throat when it landed on the belt. He had honestly forgotten he had kept it on, he had been too lost in lust. But being reminded of made his cock twitch, which made Ola’s eyes flicker up to his for a second.
A slow, probably evil smirk grazed her lips as she clenched down tight on his cock as he bucked up harder into her in response. She slid her fingers down to her where they were connected and groaned at the feeling of his cock sliding in and out of her before moving to her clit. She rubbed circles around her clit in time with their thrusts before Cody grabbed her wrist, making her stop. She gave him a confused look before he brought her finger to his mouth and slowly licked them clean. Ola clenched down on his cock again and moaned as she watched him. He released her wrist and slid his fingers between them, finding her clit himself. She buried a hand in the hair at the nape of his neck and the other dug into his back as she pressed close to him. Her eyes shut as more moans started to tumble from her lips. Cody held her close as he used his fingers to circle her clit in time with their thrusts, making her clamp down and flutter around his cock. She whined loudly in his ear, before nipping his earlobe, “I’m so close…so close Cody…” She nudged him with her nose and kissed his jaw before pressing his lips in a needy kiss as she felt her core grow hot and the coil in her snap, her orgasm sneaking up on her. He groaned as she broke the kiss with a loud moan, sitting fully down on his cock as her eyes rolled back. She rolled her hips slowly as she rode her orgasm out as he slowed his thrusts and she slumped against him. She breathed heavily as he rubbed her lower back, a smile on his lips as she slowly peeled herself to sit up again,
“I…holy shit…I'm sorry. It snuck up on me…” She knew her face was red, as if she hadn’t just had one of the best orgasms of her life. Cody shook his and cupped her cheek, giving her a soft kiss. “Ola, really? It’s more than okay, watching you fall apart and feel good is more than enough.” But that made her scrunch her nose before a smirk slowly graced her lips once more.
“Do you trust me Cody?” He raised a suspicious eyebrow but nodded. She slowly slid herself off his cock, which made them both whimper but she sank to her knees in front of Cody. She smirked as he opened his mouth to protest, but it died on his lips when she wrapped her fingers on his cock again. She leaned forward, licking a strip from bottom to tip slowly and held his gaze. 
“I can’t leave my champion unsatisfied can I? What kind of queen would I be?” Cody stared at Ola as he slid a hand through his hair when she slowly took the head of his cock into her mouth, “Holy shit sweetheart…” As he groaned, his other hand shot to her head and he tangled his fingers in her hair. She held onto his thigh with one hand as she bobbed her head and used the other to stroke the part of his cock that she couldn’t fit into her mouth. Cody’s head lolled back against the couch as his eyes closed and he focused on the feeling of her mouth around him. His fingers tightened in her hair and she mummed against his cock, making him buck up slightly. She didn’t miss a beat and swallowed around his cock as various moans and whines tumbled from his lips again, which only spurred her on. She watched his face carefully as she slid up to the head and swirled her tongue around it, before taking him deep again and set a solid pace. Cody was fighting every muscle in his body not to hold Ola’s head and fuck that pretty face of hers until he came. 
“Fuck….i’m close….god..” He managed out between his heavy breathing and moans. She met his gaze when he flicked his eyes open and she popped off a moment, lapping at the tip, “Then cum for me, I need to taste you.” And she took him in deep, setting a quick pace. He moaned loudly as he curled towards her suddenly when she did that and his hips arched, it was too much. His senses felt like they were being assaulted all at once. He felt the way her nails dragged across his skin on his thigh, the way her eyes glittered when she stared at him and that fucking mouth of hers. She was too good with it. Cody tapped her head but Ola already knew by the way he was throbbing against her tongue. He let out a broken, loud moan as his hips arched and she quickly popped her mouth off, still stroking his cock with her hand. As his orgasm crashed into him, his eyes flew open when she removed her mouth from him and his jaw went slack. Ola smirked, an evil, evil smirk, as she watched his cum paint the front of the universal championship belt which he still had on. Cody was stunned. He felt a weird shame but also a heat built in his gut at the picture in front of him. 
Ola made sure he held her gaze, his blue eyes completely bewildered already, yet they managed to widen more as she leaned forward and pressed her tongue against the metal of the belt and lapped up his cum from it. Cody only managed a low whine as he watched her clean it off the belt. She chuckled as she crawled into the stunned man’s lap once more and pulled him into a kiss. He groaned and pulled her tight to him, “You’re filthy, you know that..?” She only giggled and, with an evil glint in her eye, rolled her own hips against the belt,
"What are you going to do about it, Mr. Universal Champ? You needed to claim your kingdom didn't you?” A switch seemed to flip in his head as he picked her up and her legs instinctively wrapped around his waist.
“I think the queen needs a reminder who the king is..” He mumbled against her neck as he made his way to the bedroom as she giggled loudly in response before he kicked the door closed.
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Its all coming back to me now
Roman reigns x Emeline(OC)
Tumblr media
"There were moments of gold
And there were flashes of light
There were things we'd never do again
But then they'd always seemed right
There were nights of endless pleasure
It was more than all your laws allow"
Warnings: smut, its sad but has a happy ending, I guess it's my way of working out how I feel about WM40, errors I may have missed.
Word count: 2,374
Tag list: @reignsangel444 @acknowledge-reigns @mzv11 @marchm-langdon @mandeelemons @pittieprincess22 @romanreignshairdresser @weirdgirl16355 @wrestlingprincess80
A heaviness came over her seeing him laying on the mat. Her heart dropped into her stomach, tears welling in her eyes. She dropped to the floor, her legs unable to hold her up anymore "Emeline!" She knew the voice but it wasn't his! With all her strength she forced herself to stand and as fast as her legs would carry her she ran. She didn't know where she was running to but she just wanted away from here.
The sound of the pouring rain filled her ears when she opened the door to the arena, numbing her senses. She ran out and slammed the door behind her. Running into the street, she hadn't payed attention to the cars that were driving by. A loud horn signaled the unthinkable. She'd been hit!
Laying on the ground, her legs broken and pain shooting through her all she cared about, still, was him. The person yelling at her was hazey. Their voice was muffled. Then she heard the sirens and everything went black.
Romans POV
I walked up the wrap to the wiseman and just broke. We shared a long hug "your wife is waiting for you my tribal chief!" He Said. I walked back stage and Dakota came running to me "Roman we can't find Emeline!" She said.
"what?" I asked "Paul just said she was waiting for me!"
"she ran out of the arena after the match! Hunter tried to stop her but she was in her own world! Her eyes were glossed over! And we heard a car honk!"
My blood ran cold "you didnt think to go fucking look?!" I yelled before running outside. When I saw the red and blue lights I knew in my gut she was hurt! I ran as fast as I could to the ambulance. The cop stopped me before I could cross "sir you can't go past here!"
"that's my wife!" I yelled, before he moved aside and let me pass "Emeline! Baby girl!" Her eyes were shut and her face was scraped up and bruised. I looked down and saw her legs were broken. This is all my fault! "Emeline, I'm so sorry!" I kissed her forehead.
"sir she's alive but we have to get her to the hospital! She's probably gonna need emergency surgery!" The EMT said.
"what happened?" I asked.
"someone who saw the whole thing said she ran out into the street and looked like she was distraught. She hadn't payed attention to the cars and..." He stopped, seeing my reaction. I grabbed her hand and held it to my face, all I could do was cry. This was all my fault. I let her down!
"Emeline please come back to me!" I sobbed, holding her hand in mine. My world stopped. I couldn't lose her! "Sir we have to put her in the ambulance. You can ride with her." The EMT said.
I let go of her hand so they could get her in the ambulance and hopped in beside her, grabbing her hand again, tears welling in my eyes. If it kills me I was gonna beat Cody's ass!!
When we got to the hospital, I called Seth, dwayne, Paul, jimmy, and hunter and let them know what happened. Hunter gave me some half assed apology about it and I nearly tore him a new one but Emeline wouldn't want me to do that so I just said "thanks!" And hung up.
Just as they wheeled her back into surgery Paul walked up to me hugged me "how is she?" He asked.
"they just wheeled her back into surgery!" I said "her legs are broken!"
"I'm so sorry!" Paul said "Dwayne's on his way along with the twins and solo!"
The realization of what happened finally hit me and I broke down "I can't lose her Paul!"
"it's gonna be ok! She's gonna be ok!" He said.
4 hours later
When the doctor finally came out I was trying to read his expression but he was blank and my heart sank.
"how is she?" I asked.
"She's stable but both her femurs were broken. She's gonna need physical therapy and that's just the emergency part of it. We don't know if she had any head trauma and we won't know until she wakes up." He said "your wife is a fighter!"
"Can I go see her?" I asked.
"Of course!"
"Thank you! Where is she?"
"Room 406"
I ran down the hall and when I found her room, I walked in and my heart broke. She was connected to so many tubes and machines. I hadn't even noticed the nurse checking on her "you must be her husband?" She asked.
"Yes!" I said "a few others are going to be coming as well."
"We can only have 2 visitors at a time in the room. Its to keep the room clear for staff!" She said.
"I understand!" I said, forcing a half smile "I wasn't there to protect her! This is all my fault!" I broke down in tears. I felt a hand on my shoulder "it's not your fault. Accidents happen." She smiled "your wife is a very lucky woman to have a man like you and she's a fighter!"
"No, I'm the one who's lucky! She's stood beside me when no one else did! She believed in me when no one else would! Without her I wouldn't be who I am today!" I smiled.
"it's late why don't you get some sleep? The chair is a pullout." She said "I can get you a pillow and a blanket if you'd like?"
"i'll probably lay down later. My mind isn't going to shut off anytime soon! Especially not seeing her like this!" I said, grabbing Emeline's hand.
"well if you need anything just let me know!" She smiled.
"thank you!" I smiled back.
The next morning
I woke up with my head on my arm, I don't know when I fell asleep but I still had Emeline's hand and in mine. She had started to stir when I woke up and when she opened her eyes I was so happy "Emeline! Baby girl! Thank the gods your ok!" I reached to give her a kiss but she pulled away from me "who are you?" She asked.
The sting I felt in my chest was like nothing I'd felt before. I remembered the doctor said we wouldn't know if she had any head trauma until she woke up but I wasn't expecting this! I pressed the call button for the nurse.
"Hello, is everything alright?" She asked.
"Emeline's awake!" I said, my voice starting to crack "but she doesn't remember me!"
"we'll be right there!" The nurse said.
"you still haven't answered my question!" Emeline said "who are you?"
I reached for my wallet and pulled out a picture of us at our wedding "Emeline, I'm your husband!" I said, trying to keep myself from crying.
The nurse came running in the room "hey I know you want her to remembe but that's not the way to do it! It has to be gradual and she has to do it herself. I cant imagine what you feel right now but it's gonna be ok. 90% of the time the amnesia is temporary!" The nurse said trying to comfort me but it didn't work.
"I need to get some air!" I said, walking out of the room. My wife didn't remember me! The love of my life, my best friend didn't know who I was. I leaned against the wall and slumped to the ground, putting my head.in my hands. Tears fell down my face. I couldnt be without her! She was my world!
"joe?" I heard a familiar voice say.
"dwayne!" I said standing up and hugging him "she's awake but she doesn't remember me!"
I heard him sigh "it's not her fault or yours. Don't blame yourself! She'll remember you. I know it hurts but you can't rush it!"
"people keep telling me that but no one is telling me how to help her!" I yelled "my wife doesn't fucking remember me!"
Emeline's POV
I heard him shouting out in the hallway his couldnt remember him and I didn't understand why he was so angry. I felt sorry for him but I wasn't his wife. The nurse came in and gave me some pain medicine and I felt better. My brain was so scrambled I didn't even know how to start trying to figure out who he was.
"where's the tv remote?" I asked.
The nurse picked up the call light and showed me how to use it. I started flipping through the channels and couldn't find anything. Nothing interested me. I still had my phone so I decided to listen to some music. I hit the shuffle button and the sound of a piano filled My ears. It was a familiar sound but I wasn't sure why I knew it.
"I finished crying in the instant that you left!" I started to remember last night. "I can barely recall but it's all coming back to me!"
My friends started flashing in my head Naomi, iyo, Bayley!
"and if you kiss me like this!" Joe? "Joe!!" I yelled.
My body wouldn't move! I could hear his voice but I couldn't move!! Was I dead? No I can't be dead! I can hear him yelling! What's going on then? I tried to push a button, make a noise, anything but nothing! And then darkness. Empty, cold darkness!
3 days later
Emeline had started to slowly show signs of improvement. The doctors had hope that the coma was her brains way of healing itself and when she woke up she'd remember. All they could do was hope. Joe never left her side! Beside himself with grief all he could do was wait.
Holding her hand he fell asleep next to her again, hoping it was all a nightmare and he would wake up and she would be fine. A soft groan woke him "joe?" Her voice was faint but he clearly heard her say his name "baby girl?" He said rubbing her hair.
"what happened?" She asked "why am I in the hospital?"
"you were in an accident" he said, trying to figure out how to tell her "you had to have surgery because you were hit by a car! Are you in pain?" He asked.
"a little!" She said, as he reached for the call button. The nurse came in "your awake!" She smiled.
"how long was I out for?" Emeline asked.
"4 days!" The nurse said "do your remember anything?"
"I remember joe freaking out that I didn't know who he was and-"
"Emeline you've been out this whole time!" The nurse said "it's not uncommon for coma patients to dream"
"it was so real though!" She said "no matter how hard I tried to wake up I couldn't!"
"it's ok baby girl! You're ok!" He smiled at her.
"I'm gonna go get the Dr!" The nurse said, leaving them alone. He smiled widely at her "I'm so glad you're awake! I was so worried!"
"I don't remember what happened!" She said.
"it's probably best you don't right now." He said "it could make things worse!"
The Dr came in a few moments later "Emeline! Its good to see you awake!" She smiled "your gonna need therapy for your legs, I'm gonna give you some very strong pain killers. You'll be in the hospital for. Few more days as long as things go well. You need to rest as much as possible!"
"can he stay with me?" She asked.
"of course he can!" The Dr smiled, noticing their hands intertwined.
A few months later
Emeline's legs were 70% better! They hadn't been able to be intimate since she got hurt and Both of them we're going crazy with want! When she woke up in their canopy bed, he was still next to her. It was still dark but the moonlight shinning in the room made his skin glow.
His gaze at her made that heat between her legs pool. His eyes darkened with lust when he pulled the blanket back, seeing her naked body. Her curves, her perky, beautiful breasts and her eyes lusting just as much as his "I need you baby girl!" He said leaning towards her, pulling her body as close to his as possible. Kissing down her shoulder he felt goosebumps form on her skin, his thick beard tickling her as he moved to her breasts, taking each nipple in his mouth.
She laid on her back, letting him crawl over her. Reaching his hand down, running it through her folds before bringing his fingers to his lips and licking them clean "delicious!" He groaned, running the tip of his thick cock through her essence "joe please!" She groaned. Her pleas were music to his ears. He lined himself up with her entrance and slowly slid in, both of them letting out deep groans of pleasure. It'd been so long since they:d felt each other, both of them nearly busting at the sensation.
"Uhn! Fuck baby girl! I've missed how this pussy suckles my cock! Fuck!" He groaned.
He gently wrapped her legs around him, before lifting them over his shoulders "uhn! So fucking tight!"
A deep growls escaped him as he felt her pussy squeeze him even more "that's it baby! Give it to me! Let me feel you cum!" He growled. His words sending her over the edge, her walls spasming around him "oh fuck! That's my good girl! Milk my cock!" He growled throwing his head back, his own orgasm rocking his body, her walls milking him dry.
When he stilled inside her, they were both still spasming, neither one wanting to leave the other "I could stay like this all night!" She smiled.
He smiled back "I could to! I could make love to you all night long!"
"What's stopping you?" She smirked.
He smirked back "I love you baby girl!"
"I love you to!" She smiled. The rest of the night he showed her how much he's missed her, making her scream his name.
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damiansgoodgirll · 1 month
 hi, can you please make a story where reader is young like 19 or 20 and everyone loves her and she’s a pretty close friend with basically everyone in the wwe and one day she has a match with like Nia or someone else and she gets injured so bad that everyone around her is worried sick.? maybe she has a closer feeling with the judgement day or Jey but like if you can mention more wrestlers it would be amazing. Thank you so much. I love your writing 
i love this type of requests cause it makes me travel back in time when i was 13 and i used to play wrestling with my best friend (don’t do this at home) and i remember everyone loving me…anyway
sorry for making nia the bad one!
the judgment day x reader (platonic) / jey uso x reader (platonic)
Tumblr media
home is where you belong
you never thought you would find it but you did. the place where you felt safe and loved, the place that you called home.
you’ve been wrestling since you were fifteen and once you got eighteen wwe signed you in. two years later now you were living your dream;
travelling from city to city, having sleepovers with your wrestling friends, gossiping about what people you shipped together, talking nonsense with seth rollins and having becky teasing him, watching and learning new techniques from jey uso, training with the judgment day.
everything was a dream for you.
the fans loved you. even if they weren’t fans about your character, they still liked your persona and your positive energy. you had no enemies, you pretended of course, but you had no enemies at all.
many elders took you under their protective wing and you couldn’t be more grateful.
you we are currently training with rhea as you had a big match against nia and you wanted to be ready. you both already knew that the judgement they were gonna help you win this match because, according to the script they had to ruin this moment for you and for nia, but you didn’t care because you knew how fun it was going to be.
so you were ready to kick her ass.
nia, otherwise, wasn’t as happy as you thought. the idea of losing against some teenager like you made her blood boil. she was more experienced than you so why would you had to win? plus, by getting helped by the judgment day?
she didn’t like the idea but she didn’t tell you.
she had something else in mind.
so you were getting ready, your make up flawless, your hair perfectly posing over your shoulders and a smile that could make happy anyone who met you.
you were so ready.
you heard the “boos” when nia entered the ring and you heard everyone cheering for you when you entered. that’s how it was supposed to be so why did she have an envious look in her eyes?
you pretended it was nothing and you started the match as it was supposed to go.
ten minutes later, the judgment day music echoing through the arena, just like the script said.
rhea distracting nia.
following exactly what the script said.
so what did go wrong?
nia attacked rhea. it wasn’t in the script but rhea knew how to handle situations like that.
you could tell by damian’s look that this wasn’t supposed to happen but you took it as an opportunity to distract nia and make your final move, move that made you win that match.
earlier on the schedule but still, you had your win.
“someone beat your ass…” rhea screamed into the microphone, unleashing mixed reactions through the crowd. everyone cheering for you because of your win, not everyone was happy with the way you won but still, you better than nia.
that set her off.
she didn’t like the idea of a teenager beating her but she hated even more the way the crowd laughed at her face, making her seem weak, not strong enough.
the judgment day were leaving the arena, just like the script told them to do after your victory, so what didn’t go as planned?
you were still in the ring, fans clapping for you, the referee still held your hand high and as you were about the leave, nia hit you behind your back.
this wasn’t prepared.
you fell to your knees and before you could do something she dragged you through your hair into the middle of the ring.
“nia?” you said almost too terrified.
the referee tried to get into the two of you but nia pushed her away, hurting her.
“who do you think you are?” she said hoovering you with her body.
“nia what?” you weren’t understanding. why was she doing that? she was your friend, she wasn’t supposed to hurt you.
“don’t act so dumb…” she whispered before attacking you.
for real this time.
nothing prepared.
she was really hurting you. your face first, then your stomach, she kept hurting you, punching you over and over until you couldn’t feel your body anymore.
your head and nose were bleeding.
referees weren’t able to stop her either.
rhea and damian were the first one to intervene when they saw that the referee couldn’t stop her.
rhea attacking her, the referees, trying to get between the two of them, so damian so that as an opportunity to shield you with his body. he could handle nia attacking him.
“damian?” you almost cried.
“hey…shh it’s okay, i got you” he said, slowly moving your hair out of your face and it was in that moment that he saw your bleeding face.
“dam…it hurts” you said clenching your stomach. he felt his heart breaking. the way you were clenching your chest, the way your hands trembled a little, your bleeding face and your eyes full of tears.
he was mad. furious.
“i know…ssshhh…we will take care of you i promise” he whispered.
the crowd was cheering, assuming everything was scripted, but there was an uncomfortable silence going behind the scenes.
everyone watching what was happening in horror.
becky had tears in her eyes and seth was trying to keep her and himself calm because he was mad. cody was speechless. jey ran out of his locker room just to be stopped by the security. dom and finn paralysed in their steps as they were watching everything happening right before their eyes.
that’s what it went wrong.
thankfully, rhea and referees were able to drag nia away from the ring. she knew she went too far but her pride was something she wasn’t willing to give up.
damian was still in the ring with you as medical staff came and assisted you.
you already fell unconscious when damian lifted you up in his arms and dragged you down onto the stretcher waiting for you backstage.
you were rushed to the hospital and honestly no one felt like continuing the show but they had to. jey was next but all he wanted to do was rush to the hospital and stay by your side.
you didn’t even realised that when you woke up you weren’t in some hotel room but you were in a hospital bed. your head still pounding when you remembered what happened.
the doctor told you that you had a few broken ribs, a dislocated shoulder,a broken wrist, a sprained ankle and a heavy concussion. not to count all the bruising and red spots forming all over your body.
then what you didn’t want to hear : no wrestling for at least four months.
your body needed to rest and heal first.
you were trying to hold in all the tears but eventually let them out when the doctor left your room. you were supposed to have your first main event at wrestlemania and now that dream was gone.
while still crying a soft knock echoed through the room.
damian first, then rhea with the rest of the judgment day.
“hey…” she whispered but her heart broke when she saw the tears in your eyes “why are you crying pretty girl?” she asked sitting on the chair next to your bed, followed by the boys who sat on the small couch right beside the window.
“bye bye wrestlemania…” you said with a broken voice.
everyone knew how much you’ve been waiting and wanting that moment.
“i’m so sorry y/n…” she said softly.
“its just it’s not fair…” you whispered “why did she do that? i thought she was my friend…i would have never done that to her rhea…never”
“i know love…because you know your value, you’re kind and sweet and loving and unfortunately you’ve met someone who thought about her ego and her ego only…” she said smiling sadly at you.
“what matters now is that you rest and take your time to heal” damian joined the conversation “you scared everyone back there…” he said making you smile a little.
“i didn’t mean to…”
“we know…or you could tell them that yourself” finn joked.
“what?” you whispered.
“everyone’s here…jey almost punched the doctor when they wouldn’t let him see you” dom laughed “becky is here with seth, cody and shayna are here too…girl you even scared gunther”
“i don’t believe it…” you laughed.
“we can make you believe that” jey said entering the room with a beautiful bouquet of red roses. everyone followed him too.
you were relieved in seeing so many people caring for you in a way not even your friends cared about. you felt loved and appreciated.
you’ve spent the next hour talking nonsense with them all and you almost forgot about the wrestling problem thing.
when everyone left for your check up with the doctor, the only one who stayed was jey.
he was the only one who noticed the shift in your mood and he knew what was like staying away from what you love do the most, so if you needed a shoulder to cry on, he was willing to do that, if you needed a friendly advice, he was willing to do that too.
“care to tell me what’s on your mind sweetheart?” he asked when the doctor left.
“i’m going to miss all of these…four months of not seeing you all days, no wrestling, no wrestlemania and probably no summerslam too…it’s just, i feel useless and empty not doing what i love jey” you confessed.
“you’re not useless at all, and it’s normal to feel nostalgic right now but it’ll pass and i promise you that you’ll be on your feet for when summerslam comes! i promise you” he said sitting next to you and wrapping his arm around your shoulder - the healthy one - “i wish i could have done something to stop her but i was the useless one…i hated seeing you in so much pain…she lost her mind and finally she lost her job too”
“what?” you whispered.
“yup! got fired…you know you could sue her right?” jey asked.
“i would never do that…”
“i know…you’re too kind for that…what she did was wrong and completely unacceptable but i’m glad you’re here…” he said softly kissing your head.
“ill be here for a long long time…this is my home after all” you smiled, making jey laugh too.
and it was in that moment that you truly realised how important those weird people were for you, and how important you were for them.
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kyleoreillylover · 5 months
𝐒𝐡𝐞 𝐌𝐲 𝐁𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐟𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐧𝐝, 𝐘𝐞𝐚𝐡 𝐖𝐞 𝐀𝐢𝐧'𝐭 𝐚 𝐂𝐨𝐮𝐩𝐥𝐞 ♡
𝙅𝙚𝙮 𝙐𝙨𝙤 𝙭 𝘽𝙡𝙖𝙘𝙠!𝙁𝙚𝙢!𝙍𝙚𝙖𝙙𝙚𝙧
Summary: Everyone swears something is going on between you and Jey, but you guys are just best friends. Here are a few moments to disprove that.
Warnings: SMUT!!! Unwanted advances, wrestling related violence, two idiots pining after each other.
A/N: This is one of my longest and best works and I am proud of it! I got inspired listening to Shameless by Camilla Cabello, so I’d reccomend listening to it while reading. This took so freaking long, so I hope you enjoy! Tagged: @southerngirl41 @pinkwithhearts @xbutterflius-effectusx
Word Count: 28,105
Tumblr media
Moment One
You took off your headphones, taking a sip of your water and putting your weights away, your muscles aching from your intense workout. The gym was nearly empty, the dim lights casting long shadows across the mats.
You liked it like this, quiet and calming, unlike the rest of your schedule. You loved your career, but it nothing if not demanding and mind consuming. Long days as you were on the road while you interacted with media, fans, and even longer meeting with creative. The gym was the one place you felt like you didn't have to play a character, where you could be 100% yourself, where you could finally feel calm. It was one of your few safe spaces.
And you glanced at your other safe space, Jey- who was across the gym sparring with a training dummy. He was drenched in sweat, his muscles glistening in the low light as he hit the dummy over and over again.
You watched him for a moment as you made your way over, a grin on your face as he super kicked the dummy. "Y'know, a lot of people would pay good money for you to do that to them?"
Jey turned towards you, a playful smirk dancing on his lips. Oh, are you one of 'em?" he teased, wiping sweat from his forehead with the back of his hand.
You chuckled, walking closer, the scent of his sweat and the gym's metallic tang filling your senses. "Maybe," you replied with a grin. "If you'll let me."
Jey's eyebrows raised, a mischievous glint in his eyes. "You gotta pay the price for that privilege, then, sweetheart." He smirked, beckoning you to the mat.
You listened to him and made your way into the ring, tilting your head, feigning innocence. "And what's the price, huh?"
Jey grinned at you, lips curled into a challenging smile as he wiped more sweat off his brow. "How 'bout a little match? Winner chooses punishment for the loser."
You smirked at him, rolling up your sleeve and circling him. "Can I get punished too if I win?" You pouted, making Jey laugh, a deep, hearty sound that sent a shiver down your spine.
"Sure thing. But you ain't gonna win." He teased, stepping closer and mirroring your stance.
"Whatever makes you feel better, babe." You shot back, and the two of you closed in, locking up in a grapple. The both of you knew each other inside and out, so it was like a game of chess, jey's strength against your agility. You both tried to stay serious, but Jey kept on using terrible trash talk each time he had the upper hand, making you giggle, then making him laugh, then making him lose the upper hand, and that process relating itself over and over again.
You finally got Jey in a headlock, and couldn't help but laugh as he pretended to struggle to free himself. "Come on, big man, what you got?" you taunted.
Jey chuckled as you tightened your grip. "You really tryna see what I got?" he said, still grinning. "You gonna regret it, sweetheart."
But as he tried to break free, his foot hit the edge of the ring, and he stumbled, pulling you down with him.
You both tumbled to the mat, and in that moment, everything felt like slow motion as Jey quickly turned around and moved you, trying to soften the blow for you as the two of you fell on the mat. You ended up on top of him, your breath hitching as you looked down into his dark, intense eyes.
The gym was silent except for the sounds of your heavy breathing, and you could feel the warmth of his body beneath you, his arms around your waist. Jey's eyes never left yours, and his grip on your waist didn't loosen, his chest rising up and down with each heavy breath.
What is happening? You wondered, face inches away from Jey. This is your best friend, the person you've been friends with for years and who knew you in and out. You shouldn't be feeling like this, right?
Jey's voice broke you out of your thoughts, his gaze still locked onto yours. "You good?" he asked, his voice low and husky.
You swallowed hard, finding it difficult to tear your eyes away from his. "Yeah, I'm good." You managed to stammer out, your voice slightly breathless.
Jey nodded, but his grip on your waist didn't loosen. Just as he was about to say something more, the gym door creaked open, and Jimmy's voice echoed through the room. "Yo, where you guys at? Roman's been looking for ya'll, he wants everyone at the hotel so we don't miss our flights!"
You quickly pushed yourself off Jey, your cheeks flushing as you scrambled to your feet.
"Uh, yeah, we're coming," you called out, your voice slightly higher pitched than usual. You avoided looking directly at Jey, still feeling the lingering warmth of his touch.
"Ya'll good?" Jimmy asked, eyeing the two of you in the ring, and you hopped he didn't sense the tension between you.
"Yeah, just lost track of time," Jey replied smoothly, standing up and giving you a quick, knowing glance before turning to his brother.
Jimmy looked like he wanted to ask more, but he gave his brother one more look before shrugging it off, heading back out of the gym. "Alright, just don't be slow. I'm not saving ya'll if Roman decides to go full tribal chief on ya," he chuckled, disappearing through the door.
You bit your lip, glancing at Jey who was already looking back at you. There was a mix of emotions in his eyes, but you couldn't quite place them.
"Thanks for… you know," you started, gesturing vaguely to the mat, but Jey understood what you meant. He always understood.
Jey's lips curled into a soft smile. "You know I always got your back, Uce," he said, his tone warm and reassuring. "We good?" He asked, holding out his hand to you for a handshake.
You took a breath before giving smiling back, dabbing him up. "Yeah, we're good." you replied, his skin feeling smooth on yours.
"I told ya'll to hurry up!" Jimmy yelled out again impatiently from outside the gym. You and Jey shared a look before breaking out laughing, the tension from a moment ago fading into comfortable laughter. That's what you liked about him, how no matter what, he always made you feel comfortable.
"Alright, alright," Jey chuckled, slinging an arm around your shoulders once you got your stuff. "Let's go before Roman goes all crazy on us."
And as you both headed out of the gym, your heart was still racing, but you chalked it up to the adreadine. You knew there was nothing going on, just your stupid heart mistaking fear for something else. Nothing else.
And if he brought you just a bit closer to him than needed that you were practically tucked into his side, it was probably just his way of making sure you were alright. Right? You tried to convince yourself of that, even as you felt the steady beat of his heart against your shoulder.
It was nothing else. It couldn't be anything else, and you would always make sure of that.
Moment Two
Jey was grumbling under his breath as he watched you flirt with Finn Balor like there was no tomorrow, his arms crossed tightly over his chest
"Jimmy, Solo, you seeing this?" Jey muttered, his gaze never leaving the scene unfolding in front of him. Jimmy chuckled, leaning in closer to his brother. Solo remained silent, but raised an eyebrow at Jey's demeanor.
"Relax, Uce. It's all part of Roman's plan, remember? She's just doing her job." Jey shot Jimmy a frustrated look, still unable to tear his eyes away from you and Finn.
"Yeah, but does she have to be so... convincing?"
Jimmy raised an eyebrow, a smirk playing on his lips. "You not getting jealous, are you, Uce?"
Jey's eyes narrowed, and he huffed in annoyance. "Of course not. It's just... I don't want him trying anything with her. I don't want him playing with her."
Jimmy nodded knowingly, glancing back at you and Finn. "Trust me, she knows what she's doing. And we ain't gonna let nobody hurt her. Roman's got this all planned out. Right Solo?" Solo nodded silently in agreement.
Jey clenched his jaw before nodding as well, but his gaze never left you and Finn. A tech walked up to the three of them, informing them their match started in 10. Jey immediately bolted to you and Finn, not looking back to his smirking brothers.
"Aye, time out on all the lovey lovey crap, we gots to go." You jumped in surprise when Jey came out of nowhere, stepping between you and Finn.
"We were just having a friendly chat, nothing to worry your arse about, man." Finn smirked at him, moving to get closer to you but Jey stepped in front of you, blocking Finn's path.
"Well too bad, friendly chat's over!" Jey grabbed your arm and pulled you away, and you waved to Finn, blowing a kiss at him. "Talk to you later, Finn!"
"You ain't talking to nobody later." Jey grumbled, continuing to pull you away, guiding you to the ramp where his brothers were waiting.
"You never let me have any fun!" You pouted, trying to keep up with him.
"You look like you had plenty of fun." Jey muttered, his voice dripping with annoyance.
You couldn't help but laugh at the frustrated look on Jey's face. "Don't be jealous. You know you're still my number one boy."
Jey couldn't help but roll his eyes at your teasing "I ain't jealous," he said, though the slight smirk tugging at the corner of his lips told a different story.
You gave him a mocking pout, playfully batting your eyelashes. "Mhm, whatever you say babe." He looked ready to argue with you, but you approached the ramp, Solo and Jimmy waiting for you.
"Everything set with Finn? You guys were real close earlier." Jimmy asked, a knowing grin on his face. Jey clenched his jaw again while you smiled, oblivious to Jey's anger.
"Everything's set, trust me. Finn and Damien aren't taking your tag titles tonight, or any other night." You confidently promised, earning a nod from Solo, a wide smile from Jimmy and a more restrained nod from Jey,
"That's what I'm talking about, girl!" Jimmy hollered, clapping you on the back and dapping you up. You giggled at his enthusiasm, leaning into him and glancing at Jey, who thankfully had a small smile onto his face and slowly began to ease back into his usual self.
"You ready to put these emo freaks in their place?" You joked, moving from Jimmy and nudging Jey. Jey let out a laugh at your words, looking at his title before meeting your eyes again.
"Let's go show em why we run this place!" Jimmy hollered again, dabbing Jey up, holding their titles up and clanking them together, waving out the ramp.
You held out your hand to Solo for a fist bump, smiling up at him. "You ready?" Solo nodded and gave you a firm fist bump.
"Let's do this."
You strutted to the ring with him by your tail, your own women's championship shining around your waist as you walked to the ring, Jey and Jimmy by your side, the Judgment Day all already waiting, Rhea standing at ringside. You waved at her mockingly, taunting her as you stepped into the ring, giggling at her glare. You blew a kiss at Finn as you sat on the apron, making him smile at you before Damien elbowed him harshly, making his smile turn into a glare.
The bell soon rang, and you hopped out of the ring to ringside, Solo by your side as the match went underway. Jimmy and Jey were bringing it to Damien and Finn, but they were honestly all evenly matched, which worried you. But whenever it looked like the Twins would lose, you made sure to jump on the ramp, distracting Finn with your flirty words and pretty looks, making him lose the upper hand.
"Finn, did you look this good just for me tonight?" You purred, fluttering your eyelashes for added effect. Finn stumbled back from his attacks on Jey, not being able to take his eyes off of you, too distracted by you.
Damien noticed the distraction too. "Finn! Snap out of it!" he yelled, snapping him out of his stupor. But it was too late, Jey had gotten back up and slammed Finn back down onto the mat, and you smirked across the ropes as Jey took control over the match.
"You little minx!" Rhea yelled at you, seething with anger, moving from her corner get to you. You got off the ropes and ran to Solo, hiding behind him.
"Come get me if you want me!" You peeked out from Solo, a grin on your face. She scoffed and tried to push past Solo, but he blocked her path, not letting her get to you. They had a stare down, neither of them backing down.
You took advantage of the distraction and slipped back into the ring, just in time to see Finn hit coup de grace on Jimmy as he went for the pin. The referee counted: "One, two..."
But before the referee's hand could come down for the three-count, you grabbed Finn's leg and yanked him out of the ring, breaking the pin. Finn stumbled, anger flashing in his eyes before realizing it was you.
You gave him an innocent smile, winking playfully as you retreated a few steps. "What's the matter, Finnie?" You teased, your voice dripping with faux innocence. Your mouth opened to make another teasing remark, but a fist connecting with your face sent you reeling back.
It was Rhea, her eyes blazing with fury as she tried to land another punch on you. But this time you were prepared, ducking it and jumping on top of her, raining down punches on her. The two of you brawled all over ringside, the crowd's cheers echoing in your ear as fists flew and hair was pulled, Solo struggling to pull the two of you off of each other.
You ended up on top of the ramp, standing and leaning on the ropes to catch your breath. You stood up, breathing heavily, seeing Rhea on the ground, also out of breath. But what you didn't see was Damien hurling towards you, thinking you were one of the twins. You turned around, and Damien realized you weren't one of the twins until it was too late, crashing into you.
You shrieked as you tumbled, bracing yourself to hit the floor. But instead of landing on the floor, you landed in muscled arms that quickly caught you, the impact jolting through you.
You looked up, wide-eyed, and found yourself staring into Jey's concerned eyes.
His arms were securely around you, holding you close to his chest while yours were wrapped around his neck, almost on instinct. Everything else faded away as you looked into Jey's brown eyes, his face inches from yours. Neither of you said a word, time seeming to slow down as you were locked in an intense stare, your heart pounding in your chest.
"Are you okay?" This time it was you that broke the silence, whispering the words as your breaths mingled. The worry in Jey's eyes softened, and he nodded slowly, his grip on you relaxing just a bit. "Yeah, I got you," he murmured, his voice low and soothing. "Are you?"
You nodded, unable to tear your gaze away from his. "Yeah, thank you." Jey's grip tightened just a fraction, his thumb brushing gently against your side, reminding you you were still in his arms.
"No need to thank me, sweetheart." he said, his voice gentle. "Just doin' what I always do." You managed a small smile, but before you could respond, you saw Rhea hurling towards you.
Jey moved before you could do anything, sidestepping with you in his arms, making her miss and craah into the barricade instead. You quickly got out of Jey's arms, missing the way his arms lingered as he watched you go, his expression unreadable.
You brushed off what happened, focusing on Rhea and beating the hell out of her.
Jimmy and Jey ended up winning the match and retaining their titles, you and Solo going into the ring and celebrating with them.
You stood next to Jey, his eyes never leaving yours as you raised his arm, pretending like you didn't feel his gaze burning through you. He was probably just proud of the victory and you helping him, right? You let go of his arm, running right into a hug from Jey.
"Couldn't have won without you!" Jey exclaimed, pulling you close and lifting you off the ground, his title cold against your skin. You smiled back at him as he set you down, but your smile faltered a bit when you noticed the intensity in his gaze.
The four of you eventually left the ring, the adrenaline still coursing through your veins as you went through the curtains, the roar of the crowd still ringing in your ears. Jimmy noticed the smile leave your face, and as soon as you dragged Solo to the locker room, he approached Jey with a knowing look. "You guys alright, Uce? She seemed a little off."
Jey shifted his gaze from you, who had just left the area with Solo, to Jimmy. He had an look Jimmy couldn't read before Jey gave him a smile, "Of course, Uce. We're all good," Jey replied, though his smile seemed just a tad forced. Jimmy studied his brother for a moment, sensing there was more to the story, but he decided not to press further. If Jey wanted to talk about it, he would.
He just hopes Jey's words are true.
Moment Three
You clenched your phone, the cold air biting into your skin as you looked around panicking, seeing that same man from outside still following you, making you quicken your pace.
You fumbled with your phone, your glossy eyes making it hard for you to dial the number you know by heart. You managed to press the call button, the phone ringing on the other end. Your heart pounded in your chest as you prayed for him to answer. The call rang once, twice, and then, a familiar voice answered.
"Hey sweetheart. Wassup? If you wanted to see me you coulda just went to my room" He teased.
Tears welled up in your eyes, both from fear and relief. "Jey, I need you," you managed to choke out, your voice trembling.
Jey's tone immediately shifted, concern washing over him as he sat up in alarm. "What's goin' on, baby girl? Where are you?"
You took a deep, shaky breath before speaking, still keeping an eye on the man following you. "I'm... I'm outside, and there's this guy. He's been following me for a while now, and I'm scared."
Jey was already starting his car, running to the parking lot and putting his keys in. "Stay on the line with me, sweetheart. I'm coming to you. Can you tell me where you are?"
You quickly glanced around, trying to spot anything familiar that you could tell him. "I'm near that little park we passed by earlier, the one with the fountain," you managed to say, your voice trembling.
"Alright, I know where you at. Just stay on the line, okay? I'm on my way," Jey reassured you, trying to keep himself calm as he rushed to get to you.
"Okay, Jey. Please hurry," you pleaded, your voice barely above a whisper, trying to keep your composure. You looked around you when you heard a noise, and saw the same man coming closer to you, a disgusting smirk on his face.
"Get the hell away from me!" You yelled, taking a step back, your heart pounding in your chest. You were scared, but you knew you couldn't just stand there.
"What's the matter, baby? I just want to please you." You gave the man a disgusted look as he licked his lips, trying to advance on you.
"Well I don't want your musty ass, so stay away from me!" The man's eyes darkened with anger at your words, and he grabbed your wrist, making you shriek and try to push him away,
"What!? What happened, baby?" Jey yelled through the phone at your scream, hearing your yelling and panic.
You didn't respond, the phone dropping to the ground as you were pushing the man away from you and making him fall to the ground and try to grab your leg, but you managed to kick him off and scramble away, your heart pounding in your chest.
The man tried to crawl towards you, but before he could a car pulled up beside you, and the door swung open, revealing Jey, his eyes red with anger as he saw you on the floor, trembling with fear because of this disgusting man trying to get to you.
Jey lunged towards him, grabbing him by the collar and slamming him into the car, punching the man hard in the face over and over again until he was bleeding, his knuckles raw with how hard he was punching him. The man was crying, begging for forgiveness, making Jey scoff at his audacity.
"Why you crying now, big boy? You were all tough a minute ago," Jey taunted the man, punching him once more before shoving him into the car, grabbing him by the throat and slamming him against the car window. The man's gasps for breath echoed in the chilly night air.
"You mess with my girl, but you don't have the balls to handle it, huh?" Jey tightened his grip on his throat, enjoying the scared noises coming from him. The man gurgled and struggled to speak, his eyes pleading for mercy. "I'm sorry... I'm sorry," he managed to croak out.
Jey's grip on the man's throat only tightened as he growled in a low, menacing tone, "Oh trust me, you gon' be real sorry." Jey slammed the man's head against the car window, causing it to crack and the man to scream in pain.
You watched with tears streaming down your face as Jey beat him unconscious, slamming his head against the car over and over again.
Jey wasn't letting up, making his head crack against the car until you feared the man not be alive anymore if you let this continue and rushed over to Jey, tugging at his arm desperately.
"Jey, please stop! He's not worth it!" Jey stopped and turned to you, breathing heavily with anger. His eyes softened as he looked at your trembling form, your tear-streaked face and the fear in your eyes. He released the man's throat, letting him slump to the ground, unconscious.
"Are you okay, babygirl?" Jey asked, hands hovering over you, not sure you wanted to be touched right now.
You threw your arms around him, burying your face in his chest as you sobbed. "If you didn't come..I don't know what would have happened," you managed to say between sobs, your voice muffled against Jey's chest.
"Shh, don't think 'bout that. I'ma always come for you." Jey whispered to you, tightening his hold around you, his heartbeat soothing your racing one. He looked down at the man he had just beaten, a sneer on his face as he looked at the piece of trash.
"This piece of shit ain't gonna bother you again," Jey said, his voice still laced with anger as he gently led you to his car. You nodded, your throat tight with fear and relief. Jey opened the car door for you, helping you get in before hopping in the drivers seat, his hand on your thigh rubbing circles into your skin helping you calm down as he drove through the streets to your shared hotel.
"Did he touch you?" You shook your head, still clinging to Jey's hand on your thigh as he drove. "No, he didn't. I managed to keep him away, but I was so scared, Jey."
Jey squeezed your thigh gently, his eyes glancing at you a couple times before going back to the road. "You did good, baby girl. Real good. You're safe now, okay? I got you," Jey's voice was soothing, a stark contrast to your racing mind.
You leaned your head against the window, letting out a shaky breath. "I know you do. I don't know what I'd do without you." Jey's grip on your thigh tightened, his thumb still tracing soothing circles.
"You ain't ever gotta find out, sweetheart. I'm always gonna be here for you. Always."
You finally arrived back at the hotel, your heart still pounding in your chest, but Jey's arm wrapped around you as he escorted you inside made you feel better. He lead you up to your room.
As you both entered your room, Jey locked the door behind you. He gently guided you to the bed, making you sit down, and then crouched in front of you, his hands cupping your face to ensure you looked into his eyes.
"I'm right here, baby girl. You're safe now," he said, his voice filled with tenderness. He brushed his thumb over your cheek, wiping away a stray tear.
You nodded, leaning in the warmth of his touch. "I'm sorry you had to see that, Jey. I didn't want you to..." Jey's fingers gently pressed against your lips, silencing you.
"Shh, none of that. You did what you had to do, and I'm glad you called me. You're safe now, that's all that matters." "
But if I didn't leave to get some air in the first place, none of this would have happened," you whispered, guilt gnawing at you.
Jey's eyebrows furrowed at your words, his fingers moving from your lips to your chin, making you meet his gaze. "Don't go blaming yourself for this sweetheart. This is on that man, not on you, okay?"
You blinked back tears at his words, his soothing touch grounding you. You nodded, your voice barely a whisper. "Okay, Jey."
Jey smiled softly, hugging you closer to him. "Good." He hugged you a moment longer before pulling away, his eyebrows furrowed again.
"I ain't mean to pry, especially right now, but is everything good? Why you needed some air in the middle of the night?"
You looked away from his gaze, a mix of emotions swirling inside you. Part of you wanted to keep everything to yourself, to not burden him further, knowing Jey's strained relationship with his cousin, but another part of you longed to confide in him.
"It's just... everything's been so overwhelming lately, Jey. The traveling, the constant pressure, especially from Roman..."
Jey's face fell at the mention of Roman, his jaw clenching at the thought of Roman making you feel this way. He reached out and gently tilted your chin up, making you meet his eyes again.
"What did he do?" You hesitated, not sure how well Jey would take it. But he wanted to know, wanted to protect you. You finally decided to open up.
"He's just been... demanding, controlling. Sometimes it feels like he's suffocating me," you admitted, tears welling up in your eyes again.
"After the show today, he called me in his hotel room to discuss my loss." Jey's eyes darkened, it must've been serious if you were talking to him about this, you hated talking about your losses.
"He was furious, yelling about how it reflects on the bloodline and how I need to step up. But it's not like I lost my title! And when I told him that he got mad and I tried to apologize.... but he started throwing stuff, and said it wasn't good enough," you continued, your voice barely above a whisper. "I just... I needed to get out of there."
Jey's eyes were red with anger and something else you couldn't decipher as he listened to you. His arms rubbed your back soothingly, the comfort just as much for him as it was for you. “I ain’t gonna let him treat you like that.” Your head perked up at the anger lacing in his words, not liking the rage consuming him.
“No, you’re not gonna do anything.” You pulled back slightly to look at Jey, concern in your eyes. "Jey, please dont do anything stupid, you know how Roman is!”
“Yeah, and I don’t care! He's crossed a line, baby girl, and now he gonna pay the consequences.” You brought your hand to his cheek, gently caressing it in an attempt to calm him down. “Jey, think is why I didn’t wanna tell you! Cause you get so mad you can’t think straight. I don’t know want Roman doing anything to do, so just drop it.”
“Drop it?” Jey scowled at your words and how easy you were brushing all this off. There must’ve been something else you weren’t telling him. “What the hell he say to you, cause I ain’t ever seen you like this.” It was true, you were one of the most independent and strong-willed people Jey knew, and seeing you like this had him on edge.
You sighed, looking down for a moment before meeting Jey's gaze again. "He... he said some things about you. Said he knew how you are and how I blab everything to you… and that if I told you he would hurt you. That he’d destroy you, and It’d all be my fault.”
You bit your lower lip, tears welling up again. “He sounded so...so serious, Jey, and it scared me. He can hurt me all he wants, but I’m not gonna let him do anything to you.”
Jey’s heart sank at your words and how serious yet sad you sounded. How dare Roman use you as his fucking pawn to keep you all in line?! He pushed away his anger as best as he could and brought you closer to him, making your head rest on his chest. His hand gently stroked your back, comforting you while his thoughts raced.
He knew how fucked up Roman could be, and all this brought him back to 2020; all that hurt, all that anger, all that pain his own family member caused him. But it was worth it to protect you, and hed do it agaun to shield you from Roman’s wrath. But now it felt like all his efforts meant nothing, like he was trapped in a cycle he couldn't escape.
"Listen to me, sweetheart." He was sitting on the bed with you, grabbing you and bringing you onto his lap, holding you in his arms. He had never been this touchy with you before, but you welcomed it, needing his touch to ground you in that moment.
"I promise you, baby girl, I ain't gonna let him touch me. I ain't gonna let him touch you either, no matter what.” Jey’s voice was scarily calm as he spoke. He held you tighter against his chest the more he spoke, but you could feel his heartbeat racing. You knew he was seething with anger, but he was doing his best to keep it in check for your sake.
You held onto Jey tightly, your fingers clutching his shirt as if he were your lifeline. And in that moment he was, he was the only thing keeping you sane. "Please, Jey," you whispered, your voice trembling. "Don't do anything. I don't want anything to happen to you. I can't have a repeat of 2020... I can't see you get hurt. Please promise me you'll let this go.
Jey's grip on you tightened at your words, his chin resting on the top of your head. "I can't just let this go, baby girl," Jey murmured, his voice conflicted. "You're my best friend, my girl, the one person other than Jimmy I trust with my life. And the thought of him hurtin' you or threatenin' you like this..." He paused for a moment, taking a deep breath to calm himself before continuing, You were holding onto him like he was your anchor, your grip never wavering, listening to every word he was saying.
"It makes me so fucking mad, tears me up inside knowing he fucking did this." Jey scowled  at the thought of Roman making you feel like this, making you feel like the way he's felt for the past 3 years. 
You lifted your head, looking into Jey's eyes with a pleading expression. "I understand, Jey, I do. How do you think I feel every time he treats you like that, every time he goes after you? It breaks my heart too, but I can't bear the thought of you getting hurt because of me." Your voice broke at the end, all your pent up emotions and the night’s effects on you coming to a head. 
Jey's heart broke at the sadness coming from your voice, his heart aching at the pain he saw in your eyes. He brought a hand to cup your cheek gently, his thumb tracing small circles not your soft skin.
"I hate seein' you like this, baby girl. I hate that he's got you feelin' this way, and I hate that I can't just... fix it." Jey opened up his own emotions getting the better of him. He wasn't the type of man to wear his heart on his sleeve, but with you, it was different. You brought out a side of him he hand't known existed. 
You sighed, leaning into Jey's touch, the warmth and care in his eyes soothing you. "I know, Jey. I wish I could fix it too. But it's not that simple, trust me. Promise me that you'll let this go. For me, please. You're all that matters to me right now."
Jey hesitated for a moment, his eyes locked onto yours and you could see the internal struggle in his gaze. He was torn between his fear of Roman, his instinct to protect you,  and to respect your wishes. He sighed, looking away from you deep in thought. You wrapped your arms around his neck, 
scratching the hairs on the back of his head gently until he was ready and finally met your eyes again. His eyes were still filled with anger, but they softened the more they looked at your begging gaze. "I can't promise anything, but for you, I'll let it go... for now. But if he ever tries anything like this again, he's gonna have to deal with me, okay?"
You nodded, relieved that Jey didn't go fists pounding and swinging to Roman's hotel room in a fit of rage. You knew Jey could be a hothead, but you also knew that he cared about you deeply, and you didn't want to see him get hurt or make things worse.
"Thank you, Jey," you whispered, hugging him tightly. You wrapped your arms around Jey, holding him close, and for a while, the two of you just sat there in silence, finding comfort in each other's presence. Jey's heart still raced with anger, but he was doing his best to control it for your sake. He continued to caress your back, trying to provide you with as much comfort as possible. "Anytime, baby girl," Jey whispered back, his lips brushing against your hair as he held you close.
After a while, your eyes began to grow heavy, from the day's work and the emotional turmoil of the night. Jey noticed you drifting off to sleep and shifted you in his arms, pulling your head from his chest. "You should get some rest, sweetheart," he murmured, his tone gentle.  You snapped awake and grabbed his arm in a panic. "Can you stay with me please? I don't think I can stay alone, not after tonight." 
Jey smiled softly, holding your hand that was clinging onto him. "Of course, baby girl. I'm not going anywhere. I'll stay right here with you all night if that's what you need." You sighed with relief, your exhaustion finally starting to take its toll.  Jey saw and gently helped you sit up, letting you lean on him. "You gotta change first, sweetheart. Want me to help you to the bathroom?"
You nodded, still feeling a bit shaky from the night's events. Jey helped you to your feet and guided you to the bathroom. He stood outside, giving you some privacy while you changed into more comfortable clothes. When you came out he let out a teasing whistle.
 "You clean up pretty good, baby girl." Despite the events of the night, he was trying to bring a smile to your face. You managed a small chuckle, which was a good sign. You settled into the bed, and Jey joined you, peeling off his shirt and pants, leaving him in just his boxers. 
Your eyes went straight to his defined and very hot abs, taking your eyes away when he brought his gaze back to you after he finished changing. He slid inside the bed and brought you close to him, holding you in his arms as you both settled in. You felt safe and warm, your head resting on his chest as you listened to the steady rhythm of his heartbeat. Jey's fingers lightly traced patterns on your back, lulling you into a sense of security.
Jey pressed a soft kiss to the top of your head, his warm breath against your skin. "Sleep now, baby girl. I've got you." He murmured in a soothing tone, massaging your back gently. You closed your eyes, finally feeling at peace in his arms.
Jey continued to massage you, alternating between gentle strokes and soothing words until your breathing slowed, and you drifted into a deep, peaceful sleep.
He watched as you slept soundly in his arms, his mind racing with anxiety and anger that he had grown accustomed to. But he had not grown accustomed to seeing you hurt like this, seeing that sad look on your face and feeling your trembling form clinging onto him. It shattered and tore at his heart, knowing he couldn't completely shield you from the pain caused by Roman. It reminded him of the helplessness he felt in the past, reminded him of the part of him that was broken because of Roman. He couldn't let Roman do that to you. He looked at you, his heart aching for you, but not just at your pain, but something else he stuffed deep down inside of him for a long, long time. He sighed softly, bringing his lips down to your head one more time. 
"I love you, you're..." Jey hesitated for a moment, barely able to hear his voice from how low he was speaking. He had never said these words out loud, never allowed himself to admit it even to himself. He gazed at you, his fingers still tracing soothing patterns on your back.  "my best friend."
He still couldn't bring himself to admit what he knew out loud, partially in fear you might be secretly awake and hear him and partially because saying it out loud felt like crossing a line he wasn't sure he was ready to cross. Jey wasn't good with feelings and opening himself up, and  was terrified of the vulnerability that came with admitting his feelings.
"You're my best friend. You're my girl, and it don't matter who comes at you, Roman included, I'ma always protect you. Always." Jey promised himself, holding you a little tighter every time he spoke.
He looked down at you one last time before snuggling into you, finally closing his eyes and the weight of the world fall from his shoulders with your touch. He let sleep wash over him, drifting off to sleep with one thought in his mind.
If Roman wanted to run back 2020, then his ass better be prepared. Cause Jey wouldn't let history repeat itself.
Moment Four
incoming text from jeybae: why the hell you avoiding me?
another incoming text from jeybae: i know you seeing these. neither of us want our business coming out on camera, but if that the only way I'm gon' have u talk to me then it's what's gon' happen.
another incoming text from jeybae: don't say i ain't warn you. you ain't gon' run from me, ma.
You sighed as you shut your phone off, continuing to put your makeup on in the girls locker room and ignore the concerned glance that Liv was giving you.
"Everything okay, hun?" Liv finally asked, concern lacing her voice. You looked up, offering Liv a faint smile. "I'm fine, don't worry your pretty little head about me, Liv."
You were far from fine, but she didn't need to know that. You did know that you were at least kind of valid with your feelings. Ever since Sami betrayed the Bloodline, Jey had been radio-silent, not speaking to anyone, including you. You had tried calling, texting, doing anything but you hadn't heard a peep from him. He hadn't called any of his family members either, Jimmy being the most concerned for him outside of you. You had spent many nights consoling Jimmy, assuring Jey would come back when he was ready. And when he did come back, it wasn't even for you, it was for Jimmy, and even though he didn't tell Jimmy either, it felt like a slap in the face after everything you've been through.
And yeah, it might've been petty to ignore him when everyone else accepted him with open arms, but couldn't just pretend like everything was fine and peachy and go back to the way things were. You were snapped out of your thoughts when Liv gently touched your arm.
"Look, I get that you've got some stuff going on, but maybe you should talk to Jey. I've known him a long time, and he's a good guy. He's probably just trying to figure things out too."
You bit your lip, grateful for Liv's concern but not entirely convinced it was that simple.
"I appreciate your advice, but he had his space, and now I need mine." Liv gave you a sympathetic look, but didn't push anymore. "Alright babe, just know you can always talk to me if you need to."
You gave Liv a genuine smile, touched by her kindness. "Thank you, Liv." You stood up, giving her a hug before leaving the room, smoothing out your outfit as you waited for your cue to go to the ring.
Roman had surprisingly let you have your own promo tonight, saying it'll get your mind in shape and out of the sadness that seemed to consume you recently. Your music hit, and you made your way to the ring, ignoring the cheers and boos as you gestured for the crew member to give you the mic.
"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Smackdown, otherwise known as my show." You had an-albiet forced- cocky smile on your face as you addressed the crowd. "Everyone has been so busy with Sami that they've forgotten who the true face of the women's division is, and I am here to remind everybody that it is me."
You smirked, patting your women's championship that was shining around your waist. "You see, there are those who chase opportunities, and then there's me, who creates them. I don't wait for my moment; I seize it. And Sami had to chase for his opportunity, beg for it, and then when he finally got it, he threw it all away for Kevin Owens, his best friend who doesn't even like him!"
You laughed, reveling in the boos as you gloated. "But his time has passed, and mine has arrived. So this will be the last time I address him, and the first time I addressed what else has happened with the Bloodline."
Your tone shifted from playful to serious, as you looked directly into the camera, your smirk turning into a glare. "Everyone is saying how the Bloodline has turned vulnerable, how they're divided. But let me make something clear: the Bloodline will always stand strong. There is nothing wrong, no division, only unity, and no matter what we will always run the WWE. So if anyone wants to come test me on that, feel free to come out right now so I can teach you how wrong you are."
You paused, looking at the ramp to see if anyone would be stupid enough to challenge you. But to everyones surprise but your own, it was Jey's music that hit, and the two of you locked eyes across the arena.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Much like the other times you guys locked eyes, it was like you were the only two in the room, his steely eyes never leaving you down as he made his way into the ring, frown never leaving his face as he stepped in the ring, the two of you mere inches apart.
"Cut my music." Jey demanded sharply, the tension in the air so thick you could practically cut it with a knife. The music abruptly halted, leaving only the echoes of the crowd and your shallow breaths.
"What, no welcome hug, Jey?" You quipped with a sarcastic smile on your face, your words dripping with a mixture of bitterness and pain. Jey's gaze remained fixed on you, his expression a mix of frustration and hurt.
"This aint the time for jokes." Jey's voice was low, his tone edged with a kind of intensity that sent shivers down your spine. "You ain't answering my calls, my texts, anything!"
You scoffed, feeling anger boil up inside you. You held the microphone firmly, your voice resolute.
"You're right, Jey. I haven't been answering your calls and texts. You want to know why? Because for once, it's me who needed space. You disappeared without a word for weeks, and when you finally came back, it wasn't to see me. It was to see Jimmy. You didn't tell me what you've been going through, and I get it, you needed time, but it hurt, Jey. You hurt me. And I needed to figure out my own feelings, too."
Jey's jaw clenched, his eyes narrowing at your words. He let out a frustrated sigh, running a hand through his hair.
"I had to get my head right, sweetheart. You know how it is. But I'm back now, ain't I? And I came back for Jimmy 'cause he needed me, just like you need me now." You shook your head, a mixture of frustration and sadness bubbling up within you.
"Jey, you don't get it. I needed you then, too. And it felt like you just left me in the dark. I watched you struggle with Sami, and I wanted to be there for you. But you shut me out. And then you come back, and it's like nothing happened. Like we can just pick up where we left off. And now you're mad at me for doing the same thing?" Your cocky facade slipped off and the pain was now showing on your face as you yelled your feelings at Jey.
"Where were you when I called you? When I comforted Jimmy cause he was worried as hell cause you wouldn't pick up the damn phone! Where were you when I needed you, Jey?" Jey's frown deepened at the raw hurt in your voice, and he took a step closer, reaching out a hand, wanting to touch you, to comfort you, but you took a step back, keeping a distance between you.
"I didn't mean for it to come to this, alright?" Jey's voice was low, strained. "I was dealing with my own shit, tryna sort it out. I thought you would understand like Jimmy."
You swallowed the lump in your throat, , your anger still simmering beneath the surface."Understand what? How you just left without a word? How you didn't give me a chance to support you, to be there for you? I wanted to help, Jey. I wanted to be the one you could lean on. But you shut me out, just like you're doing now."
Jey's face contorted with frustration, his hands clenching into fists at his sides. "I didn't know how to handle it, okay? I thought I could deal with it on my own. I didn't want you to see me like that."
"But I want to see you like that, I want to be there for you, no matter how tough it gets. That's what love is, Jey." Your eyes widened at the word that left your mouth, quickly backtracking before he could speak. "The love best friends show each other. The love we always show each other." You looked down onto the mat, not wanting to see his face. "But I can't give you that love if you keep shutting me out."
Jey's breath caught at your words, his heart pounding in his chest. Did you really mean it the way he wanted you to mean it? Jey's mind was racing, torn between the fear of losing you and the fear of admitting what he knew was true. 
You waited for an answer, and waited and waited and waited until you realized you wouldn't be getting one. After everything you've been through, he couldn't even give you the decencey of a response! You scoffed, turning away from him. "I can't even do this right now, I can see you don't even care about this, about us, about me. So just do me a favor and leave me alone like you've been doing since you came back." You spat at him, your word burning with the hurt in your chest. You turned to leave, but before you could move even one step, Jey's hand shot out, grabbing your wrist and stopping you in your tracks. His touch sent a jolt through your body, and you turned to face him, anger and hurt burning in your eyes.
"Please..." Jey whispered, his voice filled with a mix of desperation and longing, his eyes locking onto yours. He was standing so close to you that you could feel the heat of his body, and it was maddening.
"No, we are done here! I gave you a chance to explain yourself, to make things right, but you're just proving my point." You seethed, snatching your wrist from his grasp and dropping your mic on the mat. 
Jey's face contorted with pain, his hand still hovering in the air where your wrist had been. "Wait, please, just hear me out," he pleaded, his voice cracking with emotion.
You shook your head, biting your lip to try and contain the flood of emotions threatening to spill out. "There's nothing else to say, Jey." You looked at him one last time, his guilty expression and puppy dog eyes etched into your memory before turning  on your heel and made a beeline for the ropes, desperate to get away from the ring before you caved and let your emotions take over. 
"Wait- you  ain't gon' walk away from me again!" Jey called from behind you, slipping out the ring and trying to catch up with you. You had been avoiding him forever, and he wasn't gonna let his stupidity cost him the most important person in his life. 
You quickened your pace, the fans' cheers drowning in your ears as you made your way up the ramp. You could hear Jey's footsteps getting closer, and you  walked even faster, not wanting to see him. 
"Just leave me alone!" You shouted over your shoulder, not looking back as you made your way backstage and breezed past the crew members and other wrestlers, ignoring their concerned glances and storming past them. Whatever half baked apology he was gonna spew- you didn't wanna hear it.
But you knew he wouldn't leave you alone, and you spotted an open door to a storage closet and made a split-second decision. You darted inside, hoping he wouldn't see you.
But Jey was fast, and he caught sight of you just as you slipped into the closet. He rushed in after you, his chest heaving from the chase. He pushed the door shut behind him, leaving the two of you in the small, dimly lit space.
"Can't you just leave me be?" You rolled your eyes and tried to push past him, but he blocked your path, his body towering over you.
"I'm sorry, but I can't do that, ma." Jey whispered, his voice heavy with emotion. "I can't let you walk away like this."
You glared up at him, frustration boiling over. "And why not? You've had no problem doing it before, so it should be no problem for you to do it again. So excuse me, but I have better things to do than listen to your empty words." You tried to move past him again, but he blocked you again, making you groan in frustration.
"I ain't movin'. Please just listen to me-"
"I gave you a chance and you didn't take it! Now move-"
"I wouldn't be here if I didn't care about you!" Jey shouted, his voice echoing off the walls of the closet. 
"Oh so now you care about me? if you do you would listen to me and leave me alone!"
"Of course I care about you!  You're the person I care about the most! The person I love the most" 
You pushed at his chest, desperation and anger coursing through you as you poked at his chest, trying to ignore the way your heart was racing, betraying your own words. "Don't say that, Jey. Don't you dare say things you don't mean"
Jey's hand shot out, grabbing your wrist, effectively stopping your assault on his chest. He looked down at you, his puppy dog eyes searching yours, his grip on your wrist firm but not hurting.
"You know I ain't ever lie to you, and I never will." His voice was  low and filled with raw intensity. "You know me better than anyone. You know how I feel about you, even when I messed up."
You stared into his eyes, and the walls you had built to protect yourself crumbled in an instant. "Jey..." you whispered, your voice filled with a mix of vulnerability and longing.
Jey took a step closer, his other hand cupping your cheek, his thumb brushing away a stray tear that had escaped. "I'm sorry for everything I did. Everything that hurt you. And I wouldn't hurt you again by lying to you right now."
You shut your eyes, trying to wade off the emotions you always shut yourself from, that part of you you never allowed yourself to let out. This could not be happening, not right now.
"Jey...stop." Jey didn't stop, his thumb continuing to caress your skin. "I can't stop. God, I've tried so fucking hard to,  and if I could I would, but I can't." Jey's hand was shaking as he continued to stroke your cheek, his heart and mind in complete turmoil as he tried to express himself, express his emotions. 
"Every time you smile at me, every time you laugh at my dumb jokes and take care of my family, every time you hug me and make me feel like I'm worth something,c eveytime you comfort me when I need it... I fall for you all over again." Jey's voice was barely a whisper, his forehead resting against yours, his warm breath mingling with yours. "You're the best part of my life, ma. And I'm sorry, but I can't let you go."
You opened your eyes, and the tears that had been held back spilled over, mingling with Jey's own. "I don't want to let you go either," you admitted, your voice trembling. 
Jey's grip on your wrist softened, his hand now tenderly holding yours. He let out a shaky breath, relief washing over him as he heard your words. "Then don't, ma. Please, don't." And with those words, he gripped your face gently and brought his lips down to yours. 
You wrapped your arms around his neck, hands on the ends of his mullet and practically jumping into the kiss, his arms snaking around your waist, pulling you impossibly closer to him. 
The kiss was hard and heated, all your pent up desire and longing coming to a head as you brought him closer to you, teeth clashing as you longed to taste every part of his mouth, his taste familiar and new all at once, intoxicating you and making your head spin. Every movement of his mouth was like an apology, every sigh he broujht out of you a sorry for all the pain he's caused you, his arms squeezing your soft flesh, a silent confession to do better for you, to be better for you.
When he pulled away, his voice was hoarse, his gaze locked onto yours. "I've wanted this for so damn long."
You looked up at him through your lashes,  your heart pounding with a mixture of nerves and desire. "So have I," you admitted, your voice barely above a whisper. "I forgive you. I can’t keep pretending I don’t love you too."
Relief washed over Jey at your words, his thumb traced soothing circles on your hip as he looked at you with an intensity that sent shivers down your spine.
"Then let's stop pretending, ma." He molded his lips against yours, his hands running up and down your waist. You grab the back of his head, deepening the kiss and pulling on his hair, groaning into his mouth when  Jey bit your lip, his tongue brushing against yours.
"Best friend, huh? Jey teased as he pulled back slightly, his hair tousled from your eager hands. You grinned playfully, running your fingers through his hair. "Best friend, lover, whatever you want, Jey. I just want you."
Jey's eyes darkened with desire as he looked at you, his hands sliding down to your hips, pulling you even closer. "You have no idea how long I've wanted to hear you say that." He whispered, his voice low and seductive.
With a mischievous smile, you leaned in to whisper in his ear, "Well, lucky for you, you don't have to wait any longer." You trailed kisses down his jawline, feeling the warmth of his skin beneath your lips.
Jey let out a low, appreciative growl as your lips moved along his jaw, his hands caressing your back, exploring the curves of your body.
"Baby girl," Jey murmured, trying to keep his moans low. "I've missed you so damn much." He leaned in to capture your lips again,the kiss burning with pent up desire and longing that you both have been keeping to yourself. Every desperate meeting of your lips was delicious and everything you imagined. 
Your fingers deftly worked to remove Jey's shirt, and his hands trailed down your back, pulling you closer as if he couldn't get enough of you. The closet was small, but Jey made it work as he backed you against the wall, his lips trailing down your neck, nipping and kissing with a fiery hunger. You tilted your head to give him better access, relishing the sensation of his warm lips against your skin.
"I've missed you too, Jey," you whispered, your voice filled with longing. His hands moved to your hips, and he lifted you effortlessly, your legs wrapping around his waist. You gasped as he ground against you, and the friction sent a jolt of pleasure through your body.
Your fingers tangled in his hair, and you pulled him closer, your kiss growing more fervent, more heated. Jey's hands moved up your thighs, the fabric of your dress hitching higher as he gripped your hips tightly. The sensation of his hardness pressing against your core sent a shiver down your spine, and you let out a breathy moan against his lips.
You broke away from the kiss for a moment, gasping for breath as you looked into Jey's eyes, your faces inches apart. "Jey," you whispered, your voice trembling with desire. "I need you."
Jey's eyes burned with desire as he looked into your eyes, his chest heaving with longing. He didn't need to hear those words twice. 
"Then have me, sweetheart," he growled, lowering you to the ground just long enough to remove his remaining clothes before lifting you back up, pressing your back against the wall once more. He held you up with his strong arms, your legs wrapped around his waist, your dress bunched up around your hips. Jey's lips crashed against yours, the kiss wild and passionate as he held you against the wall.
You moaned into the kiss, your hands roaming over his bare, sculpted chest. You could feel the heat of his body, the hard muscles pressing against you, and it sent shivers of desire coursing through you. You nipped at his lower lip, causing him to groan in response, his hips grinding against yours, making you groan when you felt his arousal pressing firmly into you.
Jey's moans and the way his lips devoured yours drove you crazy, and any other day you would've loved the teasing, but not today. You couldn't wait any longer. You needed him, now.
Breaking the kiss again, you whispered, "Jey, please," your voice filled with desperation and longing. His eyes locked onto yours, and he understood exactly what you needed. It was the same feeling he had everytime he looked at you.  Without a word, he lowered you gently, making sure you were steady on your feet before guiding you to a nearby table in the closet.
Jey's lips moved from yours to your neck, his breath hot against your skin as he left a trail of hot, open-mouthed kisses along your collarbone. He worked his way down your body, his fingers brushing against your clothed clit gently, relishing in the soft gasps and moans he got out from you.
With a hungry look in his eyes, Jey slipped his fingers beneath the delicate lace of your underwear, his touch sending a bolt of pleasure through your body. You arched your back, pressing yourself against his hand, silently begging for more.
He obliged, his fingers expertly rubbing your clit, making your breath hitch and your moans grow louder. "No teasing, just give me what I need, Jey," you pleaded, your voice shaky with desire. Jey's lips curled into a wicked smile as he continued to work his fingers, his thumb circling your sensitive clit agonizignly slowly, relishing in the whines and moans you gave him as he tortured you He knew exactly how to push your buttons, and he reveled in the way your body responded to his touch.
"Jey, I swear to god, if-"
Jey cut you off by speeding up his fingers, making you choke on your words when he circled your clit, slipping another finger inside you
"What were you gon' say?" Jey taunted you, loving to see you like this. You rarely let your composure slip, barely let anyone else take control like this, and he was loving every moment of it. He loved this, the way you responded to his touch, your moans, your vulnerability.
"Answer me, sweetheart. " Jey slowed down his movement for an agonizing moment, never breaking eye contact with you. The heat in his gaze was scorching your skin in the best way possible.
"What were you gonna say?" You struggled to form a coherent sentence, your breath coming in shallow gasps. You tried to grind against his hand, but Jey tightened his grip on your hips and held you in place, enjoying you squirms and toying with you. You tried to grab his hand to make him move, but he kept his grip firm, making you whimper with frustration.
"Come on, baby." Jey eased as he continued to torture you, his fingers moving in a torturous slow rhythm that made you want to punch him and kiss him at the same time. "You not gon' get what you want till you answer me."
He seemed to be trying everything to get you not to answer though, moving his fingers every time you tried to speak. You tried to muster up any self-control you had left, but it was slipping away with each brush of his fingers against your aching core.
You bit your lip, locking eyes with Jey as you struggled to speak through the overwhelming pleasure. "If you don't stop and make me cum, I'm gonna kill you after this. " You panted out, making Jey chuckle softly, the sound sending a delicious shiver through your already heated body.
"Say my name," he demanded, finally picking up the pace and giving you what you craved. Your fingers left the edge of the table and dug into his shoulders harshly, but he didn't seem to mind, fingers expertly moving inside you and teasing your clit until you were a trembling mess.
"Jey!" you moaned out uncontrollably, your nails digging into his back as again and again and again, until your eyes rolled to the back of your head and you slowly went slack in his touch, chasing that heat building up in your body.
Jey could feel you tense, and he added another finger, moving even faster until you were scratching his shoulders. "That's it, baby girl," he growled, his lips finding yours for a searing kiss. "Come for me." His fingers were relentless, pushing you closer and closer to the edge, and you couldn't hold back any longer.
With one final desperate moan of his name, you came undone, shutting your eyes as pleasure hit you hard, making you gasp for air and tremble in Jey's arms, his arms and the table behind you the reasons you didn't fall in your wobbly feet. Jey continued to move his fingers gently, his lips pressed against your neck as he whispered sweet, reassuring words in your ear. You let him gently move his fingers against you and help you ride out your climax until you finally pushed his hand away, too sensitive to take it anymore.
You collapsed against the table, his arms wrapped around you, supporting you. His eyes were smoldering as he watched you catch your breath, a satisfied smile on his lips as he licked his fingers, savoring the taste of you.
"Damn, you taste so good, sweetheart." Jey groaned at the sweet taste of your nectar. You gave him a seductive smile in response, your chest still rising and falling rapidly as you walked towards him, reaching for the waistband of his pants pulling them down to free his hardened length. Jey hissed in pleasure as your fingers wrapped around him, and he let out a low, guttural groan as you softly stroked his throbbing dick, your touch light and driving him crazy.
You yelped when Jey grabbed your hips, and in one swift motion laid you on the table, the surface cool against your heated skin.  He positioned himself between your legs, the sight of that making the heat between your legs grow even more intense.
"You sure you want this?" Jey asked, looking into your eyes for any hesitation or hint that you're lying. He was giving you an out, giving you a final moment to reconsider this, a chance to change your mind. But he knew h if you left him like this it would completely break him, that you guys were already in too deep.
You grabbed the back of his neck, pulling him down for a passionate kiss that wiped all doubts out of his mind, made him focus on the now, on how good your body felt against him, on how the wait was worth it. 
When you pulled back for air, your brown honeyed-eyes stared at him with the heart eyes you've always looked at him with but more intense than any other time you've gazed at him, no longer hiding the desire in your eyes you've always felt for him. "I've never wanted anything more than this." You breathed, spilling the words out like you've said them a million times. "I want you."
Jey's heart was stuck in his throat at your words, the words he's been wanting to hear since the first time he laid eyes on you in catering a couple of years ago, when you were in NXT and the face of the women's division back there and he was on the smackdown low with Jimmy trying to make themselves stand out, to prove they belonged to be their and to be tag team champions. It was a chance meeting, you were on Smackdown to make a special appearance promoting your NXT main event match and happened to bump into Naomi while trying to find the locker room, and she was more than happy to help you find it. 
When he saw you talking with her, your sparkling smile that made him want to always put it on your face and your laughter ringing in the hallway, he felt his heart skip a beat, and he couldn't get himself to look away from you. There was something about you, your charisma, your beauty, something untangiable that made him want to instantly be around you, learn about you, be a part of your world.
It was like you sensed his stare on you, and you looked away from Naomi and locked eyes with him, and he forgot how to breathe when you gave him a bright smile, moving away from Naomi and walking up to him.
"Hi! You must be Jey, Naomi's already told me so much about you, you're the cute twin, right?" You introduced yourself with a teasing glint in your eye as you extended your hand to him,  your voice soft and charming.
"He better be the only cute one to you, I already got the other twin, you better remember that." Naomi glared at you playfully and nudged you, which gave Jey enough time to put on his big boy pants and act like a normal human being. "It's your first day and you already know the truth." Jey smirked, taking your hand and shaking it gently, trying to play it cool despite the way his heart raced. "Yeah, that's me, the cute one."
You giggled, the sound of it making his knees weak, but he managed to stay upright. "Well, it's lovely to meet you, Jey. I'm really looking forward to my match here on SmackDown. Naomi's been telling me about how great Smackdown is, and with you here I have no doubt that it is." You grinned at him, your kind words putting him at ease but also making his heart jump out of his chest at the same time. Naomi chuckled at you, already knowing something was up between you and Jey. "You have no idea. Jey, how about you show her around after your matches, make her feel welcome."
Jey internally gave Naomi a death glare, knowing that the look on her face meant no good. But he was also grateful she gave him an excuse to talk to you even more. "Of course, on behalf of the Uso Penetary, I'll be your tour guide."  he replied with a charming grin.  "But be careful, it can get real ucey in here."
Naomi rolled her eyes at him, while you laughed at his dumb joke, surprising him by linking your arms with his, your smile blinding his eyes and his heart. "Then let's get a head start, and we can get real ucey. Lead the way." You tightened your grip on his arm, ignoring Naomi's teasing look and looking at Jey expectingly. He glanced at your arm that was wrapped around his and looked back at you, a smile making its way onto his face.
"Whatever you say, m'lady." He flicked his hat like he was a cowboy jokingly, making you laugh again before leading you further backstage.
And ever since then, the two of you have been inseparable. You would hang out whenever your schedules were free, talk for hours at a time about anything and everything, your energies matching and his playful nature mirroring your own. You grew closer and closer to each other, and you opened him up in ways he’d never imagined he’d be comfortable with, especially when it came to how much he closed off his heart, but you managed to worm your way into his heart and throw away the key when he finally shared his soul with you.
But as you grew closer, he was afraid to make a move on you, scared he would make you run away, so he settled for being your friend, which was one of the greatest and stupidest things he'd ever done. 
Great because you were the sweetest person he had ever fucking met, and the love you showed him was something no one else had ever given him, not even his own family. But stupid because he realized he had already fallen in love with you by the time he figured it out, and now he was in way too deep to tell you. 
And now, here you were, looking up at him with those eyes, with those words he'd wanted to hear, and he was starting to wonder if he had dreamt this whole thing, if he was gonna wake up, find himself alone in his bed, with a throbbing hard-on, wishing you were really there. You caressed his cheek, and the warmth of your touch grounded him, confirmed that this was real, that he was right where he wanted to be.
Jey let out a shaky breath, his eyes locked on yours, his lips curling into a smile. "I want you too, baby girl," he whispered, as if he was trying not to wake himself up from a dream.
You smiled back at him, at the words you always dreamed he would say. You brought him into another kiss, but this time it was sweet and slow, like you were pouring everything you felt for each other into it, everything you've held back, finally realizing how far you've come and how far you're willing to go for each other.
Jey's hands moved tenderly over your body, exploring every inch as if committing it to memory as he felt himself already being addicted to the taste of you. He broke the kiss, his forehead resting against yours as he gazed deeply into your eyes.
"I can't believe how damn long it took us to get here," he admitted with a soft chuckle, his voice laced with affection. "But I wouldn't change a thing if it meant I got to be here with you right now.
Your heart softened at his words as you caressed Jey's cheek with your thumb and smiled warmly. "Sometimes the best things are worth the wait."
His smile widened, and he nodded in agreement. "Damn right, baby girl." Jey brought himself closer to you, his eyes filled with the unspoken question you already knew your answer to. You nodded, giving him permission for what you both knew was meant to be.
You both moaned once he entered you, his mouth finding yours in a kiss as he thrust into you,  slowly at first, holding back and letting you get used to his length. You breathed out for a minute, waiting for the pain to turn into pleasure and he peppered your face with soft kisses, trying to distract you from the discomfort. After a minute or two you felt yourself relaxing, and you needed him to keep going. You arched your hips, dizzy with your want for him, knowing once he started you'd be an absolute addict for him. 
"Jey, please move." You whined, wrapping your arms around his neck and trying to have a bit of self-control, but Jey always took away your self-control, made you get out of your own head the only way he could. 
"Relax, baby. I got you. Relax." Jey tried to calm you down, a smile making its way on his face at the way you were already begging for him. He thrusted slow and deep, watching your face for every moan and reaction you gave him, your eyes half-lidded and jaw slack with pleasure you never had with anyone else. 
"Eyes open, or I'll stop, sweetheart." You forced your eyes open at his command, his dominance making you clench hard around him, and he felt it and smirked, enjoying every bit of control he had over you. Your eyes locked onto his, and you could see his own pleasure overtake him, his brain overflowing with how good you felt on him. 
"Good girl," he praised, feeling your tightness around him as he continued to pound into you slowly at first, then speeding up, then slowing down again, driving you even more crazy. You let out a particularly high pitched moan when he hit a certain spot deep inside you, making you clamp a hand over your mouth, suddenly hyper-aware of even though this was secluded, anyone could walk past you at any moment and hear you. But Jey pulled your hand off of your mouth, grabbing your wrists and pinning them gently on the table, and hit that sweet spot in you, making you loudly moan out again.
"Let everyone know who you belong to, baby."  Jey whispered in a deep, sexy voice. " Let it out. Tell me how much you've missed me, baby." 
You didn't hold back, "I've missed you so damn much, Jey," you moaned, your hands trying and failing to find a grip on anything as your body rocked with the rhythm of Jey's thrusts. "Needed this. Needed you."
Jey thrusted harder into you in response, the sound of your words and the way you moaned his name fueling his encouragement to keep going until you remembered. nothing but his name. "That's it, baby. You're mine," he growled, his possessiveness turning you on even further as he nuzzled and kissed your skin, his lips working their way down your chest, his tongue tracing teasing circles around your hardened nipples. "And I aint going nowhere this time, you stuck with me now." You groaned, instinctively trying to get your hands to cover up your noises but Jey shook his head, tightening his grip on your wrists.
"Don't be shy, baby, let 'em know you're mine," he purred, his hips grinding against yours, setting a relentless pace that had you gasping and moaning uncontrollably, no matter how hard you tried to stop your moans Jey brought out every single one of em, his free arm snaking down to your legs and his fingers finding their way between your thighs. Your leg’s quivered even more when he gently played with your clit, a stark contrast to hard his dick was pistoling into your core.
“If we get caught, I’m blaming you.” You moaned out with effort, too busy to focus on anything but Jey, Jey, Jey.
 "Baby, you can blame me all you want. I’ll take full responsibility." he chuckled against your skin, his breath hot and intoxicating. "But you won't be thinking about that once I'm through with you." He finished his sentence with a powerful thrust that made you cry out his name that proved his point and made you quickly forget about anything other than him.
You felt that familiar sensation building up inside of you, and you could tell Jey was close too. You shut your eyes again, feeling overwhelmed but in the best way possible.
Jey's fingers went faster, making you open your eyes and throw your head back with a groan. Your eyes snapped open again and the breath was knocked out of you when you met Jey's eyes, the raw desire in his hungry gaze and the way he looked at you like he just wanted to eat you up made you feel like you were coming apart.
"I said keep your eyes open. I ain't gonna tell you again, got that?" You nodded, arching your neck, offering it to him as he continued to trail kisses along your throat, feeling you clench around him even more at his demanding tone.
“Oh, you like that shit, huh?” You couldn't help but let out a soft, sultry moan at his cocky tone as Jey's lips and tongue worked their magic on your sensitive skin. "I love it," you purred, your moans growing louder and louder with each slow but deliberate and delicious thrust.
"I'm yours, Jey, all yours." His lips found their way to your ear, and he bit your earlobe playfully, making you shiver and clench on him even more.
"You’re damn right." he growled. "You've always been mine, baby. It's just taken us a little while to realize it."
You felt yourself getting closer and closer, and his words didn't help the matter, they only pushed you further to the edge. Your walls clenched tightly around his cock, his thrusts speeding up more and more as Jey chased for both your releases.
"Jey," you gasped, your voice strained and needy that you trusted only him to hear. "I'm close. I'm so close."
Jey let out a rough groan against your ear, his movements growing more and more urgent as he chased his own release. "Hold it, baby," he rasped, his voice strained with reaching both your pleasures. "Hold it for me, just a little longer." He quickened his pace, the sound of your moans and the slap of skin against skin echoing in the small space.
A few tears escaped your eyes as you tried to hold, every muscle in your body tense and trembling. "You’re doing so good, baby," Jey murmured, his own voice shaky with need as he tried to control himself. "Just a little more, sweetheart."
You nodded, our breath hitching as the sensation grew almost unbearable. He thrusted into you one, two, three times, until you were too out of it to count and could barely breathe, sweat glistening on both your bodies.
"Jey, I can't hold on much longer. Please…" You begged, your body on the verge of shattering and your fingers clawing at his back, leaving red scratch marks against his tattooed skin.
Jey was barely holding back himself, his control slipping as he brought his head to the crook of your neck, groaning sexily against your skin. "Go on, baby," he whispered hoarsely, his hips moving erratically as as you were teetering on the edge.
"Let go for me, baby. Let it all out."
His sexy whispers were what pushed you over the edge. Everything turned white, and you saw stars as you came hard, your body shaking from the force of it. You didn't remember anything but the wave of pleasure that washed over you, the way Jey held you through it all, his name falling from your lips like a prayer.
The feeling of your orgasm and seeing you come undone before him was Jey's undoing. He groaned deeply as he came, closing his eyes and biting your shoulder as he shuddered, releasing inside you and trying not to float away and savor this moment forever, trying to ingrain your bodies, your moans, and the feeling of your tightness around him into his memory forever.
He held you close, both of you riding out your climaxes. You breathed heavily, trying to not slip away and leave this moment. Jey placed tender kisses alongside your neck and shoulder, his hands caressing your back soothingly to bring you back to him.
"I can feel you getting away, come back to me." Jey's soft voice helped you snap back to reality. Your eyes met his, and he was gazing at you with so much love and tenderness that it took your breath away. You couldn't help but bring your lips to his in a tender kiss your hearts pounding in sync as you melted into each other, not wanting to let each other go.
Jey pulled away from the kiss, his eyes locked onto yours as he brushed a strand of hair from your face, his touch gentle and loving. "Hope that the wait was worth it."
You chuckled at his words, leaning in for another sweet kiss. "Oh, it was definitely worth it, Jey. You have your work cut out for you, cause I'm not letting you go now."
Jey's eyes lit up with a mixture of relief and happiness as he held you close, your bodies pressed against each other. "Good, 'cause I'm not planning on going anywhere, baby." He whispered, sealing his promise with a kiss. You grabbed the back of his head, deepening the kiss, not getting enough of his addicting taste, and when he slipped his tongue between your lips, you welcomed him eagerly.
Jey pulled away before things had gotten too heated. He rested his forehead against yours, both of you trying to catch your breath.
"As much as I want to, if I kiss you again we won't be leaving this closet anytime soon," he said with a soft chuckle. You let out a breathy laugh, still trying to catch your breath.
"You're right," you admitted, your fingers gently tracing along Jey' s jawline. "It's not my fault that you're so irresistible."
Jey grinned at your words, nuzzling your nose affectionately. "I can say the same thing about you sweetheart. But we need to go or Jimmy will call the cops looking for us if he notices how long we’ve been gone.” You pouted, but reluctantly nodded and Jey moved off of you, making you hold in a whine at the emptiness. You stood up, or tried to- almost falling over if it weren’t for Jey quickly catching you from eating dust.
“Damn, I fucked you that good, huh? Jey chuckled cockily, steading you on your feet. "They don't call me ucey jucey for nothing baby.
You giggled at his cockiness. "You definitely did, Mr. Uso." You leaned in to kiss him again before leaning away from him and putting on your clothes, him doing the same with a smug grin on his face.
“What are you smiling for?” You asked once the both of you were dressed, his hand outstretched for you. Jey's smirk never faded as he took your hand, lacing his fingers with yours.
“I’m smiling cause now I can officially call you my girl. Before it was just a matter of time, baby girl, but now it's official." He brought your hand to his lips, making you smile uncontrollably when he kissed the back of it.
"And you're my man, and you better not forget it." You interlaced your fingers with his, letting Jey lead you out the closet, his hand squeezing yours as you checked if the coast was clear before yanking him out, making him giggle at the force you used.
"Damn, you tryna take me out before I even take you out?" Jey teased, his laughter filling the hallway as you playfully punched his arm.
"No, I'm making sure no one sees us so we don't get in trouble with the higher ups, dumbass." You punched his arm again, making him chuckle even more. "I can't believe how much of an ass you are."
Jey feigned offense, putting a hand over his heart as you both continued down the hallway. "Hey, I'm a gentleman, baby girl."
You rolled your eyes, but there was an affectionate smile playing on your lips. "Yeah, you're such a gentleman, 'ucey jucey'." Jey grinned, unfazed by your teasing. He was used to it, making fun of him was one of your love languages.
"Well, you're the one who can't get enough of this 'ucey jucey,' so I must be doing something right." You went to punch him again, but this time he dodged it, grabbing your other hand and holding it in his, his grin turning into a serious expression as he looked at you with genuine affection in his eyes.
"But I want to be a gentleman to you, and treat you right, y'know?" Jey's voice softened as he spoke, his thumb caressing the back of your hand. "I wanna take you out, give you everything you deserve, be the man you deserve, if you'll let me." You smiled at his words, feeling your heart swell with warmth.
"Of course I'll let you, Jey. There's no one else I'd want to be with." You leaned in and gave him a sweet, lingering kiss. ""I know you'll treat me right."
Jey smiled against your lips at your words, returning the kiss with the same level of tenderness. When he pulled back, he cupped your cheek with his hand and looked deeply into your eyes. "I'm gonna do my damn best to be the man you deserve, baby girl." You couldn't stop the wide smile that spread across your face as you looked back at Jey. "And I'm gonna do my best to be the woman you deserve, Jey." You gave him another kiss, your hearts full with happiness with the love you showed each other.
"But seriously, we gotta leave before we get caught making out in the hallway." You whispered as you teared yourself away from Jey's lips. Jey chuckled softly and reluctantly pulled away from you. "Yeah, I don't wanna be giving nobody a free show when they don't deserve it."
You giggled and let go of his hand and grabbed his arm, wrapping it around your shoulders. He raised his eyebrow, and you leaned into him before explaining. "Let's not tell anyone right now… they'll probably guess why we were gone for so long. But I still want you to hold me, so this is a win win."
Jey grinned and held you close as you walked together, his arm draped over your shoulders. "That's my smart girl." You grinned at that, you would never get sick of him calling you his girl.
As you guys made your way to the bloodline's Locker room, you passed Liv in the hallway. She wiggled her eyebrows, giving you an 'I told you so' look that you responded to with a wink, making her giggle. She exaggeratingly waved to Jey, making you both chuckle as you continued down the hallway, your secret safe for now.
Jey let you go when you arrived in front of the locker room, his hand on the small of your back guiding you in the room burning your skin. Jimmy was sitting on the couch and Roman was seated in his chair, looking up at the noise. His piercing stare made you feel like he was staring directly into your soul, like he could see right through you.
"You were right out there about the Bloodline being on top- and the only way we can stay on top is if we are united." Roman's stare never left you, his glare suffocating all the air out of the room. But you were used to it, being apart of the bloodline meant having to deal with Roman at his best, and mostly at his worst.
"We can't stay on top if we aren't united. So is whatever animosity between you and Jey settled?" You met his hard glare with one of your own, but Jey's hand on your back made you turn to him.
"It's settled, uce." You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion, he never interrupted Roman's briefings before. Roman turned his glare to Jey, his eyes flickering to his hand on your back. You could feel the tension between the two of them.
"I asked her." Roman then turned to you, and his gaze bore into you with intensity. "Is it settled?" You met Roman's penetrating stare and nodded firmly, not breaking eye contact. "It's settled, Roman." Roman's gaze held yours for a few more seconds, as if he was searching for any sign of deception. Satisfied with your response, he finally nodded, his expression relenting just a fraction.
"Good. That's what I like to hear." He gestured you to sit, and you took a seat, Jey sitting beside you, his eyes never leaving Romans until you nudged him, and he turned his attention back to you.
"Alright, let's get back to our game plan..." Roman's voice filled the room, but your mind was only half there as Jey's hand trailed up your back, rubbing slow circles that warmed you up.
After the meeting was over, Roman allowed everyone to disperse, but when Jey wrapped an arm around you to leave, Roman stopped Jey with a stern look. “Jey, I need to talk with you for a minute.”
Jey whipped around to face Roman, his expression guarded when he looked at him, and you couldn’t school what he was thinking. “Then talk to me.”
Romans eyes flickered to you and Jimmy before meeting Jey’s gaze, his voice dropping lower. "Alone."
Jey exchanged a quick glance with you, and you nodded, squeezing his hand reassuringly.
"It's okay, Jey. I’m not going anywhere.” Jey hesitated, his gaze shifting to you and Roman before nodding, giving your hand a final squeeze before turning to Roman. “Let’s talk, uce.” You watched Jey and Roman walk away, a knot of worry forming in your stomach.
Jimmy sensed your concern and moved closer to you, giving you a reassuring smile. “Don’t worry ‘bout them, Roman ain’t mad, he just making sure everything’s good.”
You smiled back at him, his words reassuring you somewhat. Jimmy then teasingly nudged you, wiggling his eyebrows. “You and Jey made up real good, huh? Ya’ll were gone for a long time.”
You rolled your eyes at his teasing and chuckled, trying not to blush. “Whatever you are thinking, stop thinking it. We just talked it out, that’s all we did.”
Jimmy smirked, giving you another playful nudge. “Sure, just talkin’. I know that look, and it ain’t just from talking.”
You swatted his arm at his words, making him yelp and pout. as he rubbed his arm. "Alright, alright, damn you can hit."
You laughed at how dramatic he was being, thankful he lightened the mood up.
"Okay, okay, no need for violence," he teased, holding his hands up in mock surrender. "But seriously, I'm happy you guys worked things out. You and Jey, you're good for each other."
You smiled warmly at him, touched by his words. "You really think that?" Jimmy nodded, his expression sincere and honest.
"Yeah, I do. I've been by Jey's side since we were babies, and I ain't never seen him ever smile the way he do when he's with you. You make him happy and that's all I ever want for my brother."
You felt a warmth spread through your chest at Jimmy's words, and you brought him into a hug, hoping he felt how much you cared for him through how tight you were hugging him.
"Thank you, Jimmy. I want to keep making him happy too. He hugged you just as tight, patting your back in a brotherly manner, smiling into you. "You're welcome , uce. You're family. Just keep making my brother happy, and we're all good."
You rolled your eyes good-naturedly as you pulled back, grinning at Jimmy. "I'll try my best, but if you become a little less of an ass I I think that would help too."
Jimmy laughed, giving you a playful shove. "Ay, now you asking for too much." The two of you laughed, and it was at that moment that Roman and Jey returned, walking out of the office and joining you in the room.
Roman's expression was composed, and when Jey glanced at you, his face was unreadable, and you couldn't see what he was feeling. But he couldn't hide his feelings from his twin when he looked at him.
Jimmy gazed at him, and a silent communication passed between them, and Jimmy nodded at Jey as if he understood something that you didn't.
Roman's voice broke through the tension. "Everyone understands how important it is that the Bloodline remains strong. No more arguing, no more disagreements, no more room for doubts, or there will be consequences. Everyone got that?"
You all nodded, and he seemed satisfied until he turned back to Jey, glare back on his face. "Did you get that, Jey?" Jey met his gaze with an equally fierce glare, reluctantly nodding. "I got that." Roman held Jey's gaze for a moment longer, then nodded, seemingly content with the response.
"Alright then. You're all free to go, Tribal Chiefs orders."
You let out a breath you didn't know you were holding as you left the room, Jey and Jimmy following behind. 
Jey's hand found its way around your shoulder once again, bringing you close to him as you walked down the hallway. 
"I can hear you thinking, babe." Jey commented, his voice low and soothing as he leaned in closer to you. "Everything's fine, trust me. He was just tryna sort me out, and we're all good now."
You sensed there was something more to the conversation, but you didn't want to push, you knew he'd come to you when he was ready. "I trust you, if you say it's fine, then it's fine."
Jey smiled at your response, a genuine and affectionate smile.  He brought you closer to his side, rubbing up and down your arm. "Thank you for understanding , sweetheart. I don't want you worrying about any of this."
You leaned into him, giving him a bright smile. "Of course, Jey." You grinned at him before seeing the exit and realizing you didn't have your bags on you. "Can ya'll wait up for me though? I need to get my stuff from the ladies locker room." 
Jey nodded, his hand still warm and comforting on your arm. "No problem, babe. Take your time, we'll be right here." You gave both of them a dazzling smile before leaving.  as soon as you were out of earshot Jimmy shot Jey a confused glare. "Why you ain't tell her the truth?"
Jey let out a heavy sigh, running a hand through his hair. "This are finally good between us again, and I aint' wanna stress her out, she's got enough on her plate as it is. I gotta do what I gotta do to protect her, no matter what. I ain't mind taking Roman's anger for her, no way in hell I'ma let him put his hands on her."
Jimmy sighed, studying Jey's expression. "She's gon' be pissed at you for taking the brunt of Roman's shit, you know that? She ain't gonna like it if she finds out you're keeping this stuff from her."
Jey's jaw tightened, knowing his brother was right. He didn't want to hide things from you, but he also didn't want to put any unnecessary stress on you. You didn't deserve that. "I know, Jimmy. But I'll figure it out. Right now, I just need to keep her safe."
Jimmy had a worried look on his face as he clasped his brother's shoulder. "Just be careful, Jey. You know how stubborn and protective she can be. When she finds out, she's ain't gonna be happy."
Jey bit his lip, his gaze distant. He knew he was walking a fine line, but in his heart, he believed he was doing what was best for you. "Then I'll make right with her when the time is right. But for now, I need to protect her." He let out a heavy sigh and his shoulders slumped. "And maybe take the heat for a while, so she doesn't have to."
Jimmy understood where his brother was coming from, he truly did, but  he couldn't shake the feeling of unease. He knew things might go south once you found out about it, and he didn't want you and Jey to go to a bad place. he couldn't shake the feeling of unease. He gave Jey's shoulder a supportive squeeze, making him look at him, his eyes filled with concern.
"Look, uce, I get why you're doin' this, but she gon' find out sooner or later, and she deserves to know the truth. You're just gonna have to be honest with her, no matter how hard it is."
Jey let out a deep breath, his brother's words sinking in. He knew Jimmy was right, and he couldn't keep this from you forever. "I know, Jimmy." He admitted, a sense of resignation in his voice. "I'll tell her, when the time is right. But for now, I need to protect her. She's been through enough."
Jimmy nodded, squeezing Jey's shoulder once more. "Just don't wait too long, uce, or it'll be too late by the time you tell her."
Jey absorbed his brother's words, a serious expression on his face. He knew his brother was right, he couldn't put off telling you forever, but for now he needed to shield you from any harm, all means necessary.  "I won't, Jimmy. I promise." 
Jimmy knew his brother was telling the truth, and with that he nodded, squeezing his shoulder one last time before dapping him up.
They heard the clacking of your heels and turned around, seeing you with your bags walking up to them. You grinned at them as you approached. "Thanks for waiting, guys. Ready to go?"
Jey nodded, grabbing one of your bags and slinging it over his shoulder with ease. "Of course, babe. Let's get you home." He looked back at Jimmy. "You coming with us or doing your own thing?"
Jimmy shook his head, giving you a warm smile. "I'm gonna head out and grab some food, uce. You guys have fun."
"Be safe, Jim!"
"Ya'll too. No funny business while I'm not around!" Jimmy yelled out as he went the other way, making you stick out the middle finger at him, making both Jimmy and Jey burst out laughing.
As Jey linked your arm with his as you both made your way out of the arena, he knew all he wanted was you like this, in his arms, with him, no matter what. You made him smile, made everything in his life feel better, made every moment of hell on earth turn into a heaven designed only for him.
And he knew he was taking a risk, keeping things from you, keeping the anger away from you, but every time he thought like that he remembered your cries that night in the hotel, the anguish on your face that he wanted nothing more to take away from you.
And if keeping things from you meant you'd never face that anguish again, that he'd be able to keep that smile on your face for as long as he could, he would do it again and again and again as long as you kept smiling at him like the world was in his eyes.
He'd just hope you'd forgive him for it.
Moment Five
"I thought we talked about shutting each other out sweetheart." Jey sighed across the room as he watched you fix up your hair in the mirror, his gaze locking with yours in the reflection.
"We talked about you not shutting me out, not the other way around." You continued to fix your hair, trying not to look at him, making him sigh again.
"It goes both ways, sweetheart. You said we need to communicate better, but you ain't talking to me." Jey walked over to you, his body pressing against you as he stood behind you, his arms encircling your waist. You tried to move out of his arms and ignore his warm body against yours, but he tightened his grip on you, resting his chin on your shoulder.
"What is there to talk about? I lost, that's it." You snipped, continuing brushing your hair until Jey's hand slid the brush gently from your hand.
"Try again, and this time tell me the truth." You huffed, trying not to look at him and ignore his captivating gaze in the mirror. "I am telling the truth. What more is there is to talk about? I moved on from it, and you should to." Jey planted a gentle kiss on your neck at your words, his lips lingering there for a moment.
"I can't move on until you can. And you can lie to everyone else all you want, but you can't lie to me sweetheart." he whispered, his voice laced with concern.
You finally turned to face him, meeting his deep, searching eyes. You saw the worry and love in them, and it tugged at your heart. "I let you down.... I let everyone else down. You saw what happened, I let that bitch Bianca take it...." Your voice wavered slightly, and you breathed deeply, trying to compose yourself. Jey was patient, kissing at your neck while he waited for you to find the words to describe your pain. "I failed… you know it, the fans know it, and Roman knows it.." You remembered the night all too well.
It was Night of Champions, and you and Bianca were putting on a classic, reversing moves left and right and the crowd was on their feet.
You had Bianca right where you wanted her, her laying on the ground completely helpless, with you smirking at her, ready to finish her. You climbed the turnbuckle, ready to hit your finisher on her and make her regret ever stepping up to you and challenging you for your title.
Then, out of nowhere, Bayley came out of the crowd, hitting you with a steel chair and throwing you harshly into the ring mat, making you hit the mat hard, your back arching in pain. You and her had been in a on and off feud for months, but even you didn't see this coming.
The ref didn't see it, but Bianca did, and she capitalized on it, picking you up in the K.O.D and pinning you for the three count, the bell ringing echoing through the arena.
When you came to the back after, ignoring everyone else's congratulations for how good your match was. You went inside the locker room, and Roman's expression in the ring mirrored your own. Disappointment, frustration, and perhaps a hint of anger flashed across his face. And you felt the same way.
And Jimmy kicking him in the face after he was finally fed up with Roman's bullshit didn't make the situation any better. You pushed aside your own emotions to calm Roman and Solo down, and any inner turmoil you had was shrunken down when you saw Jey's red eyes and his body shaking from all the emotions and adrenaline racing through him. You held him then, whispering sweet nothings and leading him to the locker room.
And you held him throughout the night, running your fingers through his hair and letting him hold you so tight you felt your skin against his start to bruise. He didn't say anything, but brought you on top of him and buried his face into your shoulder, trying to shield himself from the outside world. You held him in the darkness, comforting him in a way only you could, seeing him in a way only he would allow you to.
And in the morning, when the rays of dawn began to filter through the cracks in the curtains, and it was time to get back on the road again, Jey tried to do the same for you, but you didn't let him. You could handle it yourself, Jey was more important.
You simply brushed the hair out of his face, pressing a kiss to his cheek, letting him hold onto you a little more until you had to leave for the airport. And yeah, coping by yourself wasn't the smartest thing to do, but you've dealt with losses by yourself before, so you could do it again.
Except Jey wasn't letting you handle it by yourself. He would try to coax you into opening up, in the morning and at night, in the quiet moments in between.  But you'd push him away, telling him that you were fine, that you needed to focus on getting back on track. 
Jey's voice brought you back to the present, his fingers gently tracing along your jawline, his touch grounding you. "Baby, you can't keep blaming yourself for stuff you can't control. We talked about this."
You bit your lip, biting so hard that it stung, just like your heart was stinging.
“But I could have controlled it. I should have seen it coming, Jey. I should have been prepared. But I wasn’t. And I let everyone down because of it.” You shut your eyes, not wanting to see his reaction.
You pushed out of Jey’s arms, sliding down and leaning on the edge of the locker. The cold metal bit into your palms, but it was grounding in a different way.
Jey slid down next to the locker with you. He let the silence stretch for a moment, knowing how bad this was eating at you and that sometimes words were not enough. You could feel the weight of his gaze on you, and looked up at him when his hand gently hovered yours on the floor, and you gave him a nod, letting him intertwine his fingers with yours, his thumb rubbing comforting circles against your skin to try and get you to open up.
As you looked at him, the floodgates of your emotions threatened to burst. You took a deep breath, Jey's grip on your hand the only thing keeping you in check.
"It's just... I feel like I failed, Jey," you admitted, steeling yourself to composure. "And don't lie to me and say I didn't, because I saw it in Roman's face, in Jimmy's and Solo's eyes, I saw it in your expression." You fiddled with Jey's fingers, trying to find solace in his touch. "I hate that feeling, Jey. It's like a weight in my chest that won't go away. No matter what I do, it won't go away."
You choked on the last few words, not being able to speak. Jey thought that was enough for you, and he reached out, gently pulling you into his lap, his arms wrapped securely around you, allowing you to bury your face in his neck, inhaling his comforting scent and gripping onto him for dear life.
His hands rubbed your back as he let you cling to him, his voice soft and reassuring. "I ain't never gonna not be proud of you. And I know that night didn't go your way, and trust me, that night was tough for all of us. But what's tougher is seeing you beat yourself up over it."
Jey's lips softly pressed against your neck, his kisses tender and comforting. "It wasn't your fault, and i'on want you to keep thinking that it is. You did your best, stole the show and it ain't your fault you didn't get the dub, it's Bayley's. And you'll get your lick back on her, but you gotta take care of yourself first if you wanna do that."
Your grip on Jey loosened your body relaxing in his embrace at his calming words. He spoke with such love, such sincerity that even your overthinking irrational brain had to listen. You let his words wash over you, letting them seep into your soul and psyche, let them help you breathe for the first time in what felt like forever. He always had a way of bringing you out of your own head, understanding you in a way that few did. And in that moment, it was exactly what you needed.
You lifted your head from his neck, meeting Jey's gaze, your eyes still glistening with unshed tears. "I'm just… scared, Jey. Scared that I'll never be good enough, that I'll always be haunted by that one loss," you confessed, your voice quivering with vulnerability. "Scared that I'll let you down again."
Jey's eyes softened even more at your confession, and he tenderly brushed a strand of hair away from your face. His thumb traced along your cheekbone, his touch tender as hebrushed a strand of hair away from your face. "Baby, you are good enough. You've proven it every single time you've given it your all, every time you step into that ring. All them other ladies can't compare to you, and that's the truth."
He held your gaze as his thumb traced along your cheekbone, his touch gentle and reassuring and his brown eyes filled with love and understanding. "As for letting me down, that can never happen. You've been holding us up, sweetheart. You're the reason we're all still standing strong. And no matter what happens out there, win or lose, you're still the one I'm proud to call mine."
You had a watery smile tugging at your lips, your heart swelling with love for Jey. You cupped his face and brought him into a kiss, trying to convey all your unspoken emotions through the tender kiss.
He responded in kind, melting into you and giving you a sweet kiss trying to convey how much he graved for you through the gentle press of his lips. When you pulled away, your breaths mingling in the small space between you, you couldn't help but smile.
"Thank you, Jey. I needed that, needed you."
Jey smiled back at you, his eyes shining with affection. "You don't have to thank me, sweetheart. I'm always here for you," he whispered, his voice warm and reassuring.
It made you want to kiss him again in thanks, but before you could a knock sounded at the door, and a loud voice came from outside the room. "Your Tribal Chief has brought me to inform you our segment starts in 5 minutes. So if I were you, I'd get a hurry on, cause he is not in a mood to be bothered and crossed."
You moved off of Jey, rolling your eyes at Paul's annoying voice. "We'll be there Paul, don't worry. Give me a minute." You called out, sharing a look with Jey as you dusted yourself off, trying not to look like you were on the verge of crying or sucking face with Jey just a minute ago.
No one knew about your relationship, not even Jimmy. The two of you wanting to take it slow, and you wanted to keep it that way for the time being. No meddling, no one in your business, no pressure. Sure, it was hard when one of you got jealous, but the two of you knew each other in and out and knew when to reassure the other.
Jey stood up, his hand gently squeezing yours before he moved towards the door, opening it and giving Paul a look of annoyance that had you internally giggling.
"We're coming, Paul. You don't have to babysit us." Jey grumbled, letting you walk ahead of him.
"Good, because I have more important things to do than babysitting you fiend of besties." Paul huffed, leading you all to the ramp where Solo and Roman were waiting, Solo leaning against the barricade and Roman pacing back and forth, an irritated expression etched on his face.
"Finally," Roman grumbled, eyeing you both. "Let's get this over with and make them acknowledge me."
You exchanged a glance with Jey and Solo before moving into position with everybody else, putting on your best smile for the camera as Roman's music hit. You strutted confidently as you all made your way down to the ring, the roar of the crowd echoing around you as you all posed for the cameras. Jey held open the ropes for you as you stepped into the ring, his eyes never leaving you.
"Acknowledge me!" Roman began, his authoritative voice capturing the attention of the crowd.
"We all saw what happened at Night of Champions, other's rose to the occasion, while other's failed to rise up to their expectations." You shied away from the jab and pointed look Roman was giving you. Jey noticed and wrapped an arm around your shoulder, glaring at Roman. You leaned into him, grateful for his silent support.
"But other's decided to try and drag people down with them into the descent of their own failures, and that is exactly what Jimmy did to me and Solo. He betrayed me, he betrayed Solo, he betrayed all of us! The people who helped him get to the top are the same people he didn't hesitate to throw under the bus!" Roman's eyes darkened with anger as he spoke, shoulders bunched with anger.
He turned to you, Jey and Solo, pointing at each one of you. "Solo, your own brother cost you that tag team match. Your own older brother!"
He turned to you, pointing at you furiously. "He betrayed you too, stabbed you in the back without a second thought, all because he was jealous he didn't have a title."
He finally turned to Jey, who was silently brooding and glared up at Roman when he turned to him. "And Jey… your own twin brother left you, hurt you, left you hanging all because he was jealous of our success." Jey's grip on your shoulder tightened, his jaw clenching as he stared Roman down.
"But don't worry, that will all change. Jimmy will regret what he did, will regret trying to bring the Bloodline down for his own agenda. But most importantly, he will regret messing with the Tribal Chief. And trust me, I will make him acknowledge me-"
Jimmy's music suddenly cut through the arena, interrupting Roman's speech. The look on Roman's face was downright furious. Jimmy stormed down the ring, that same look of fury in his eyes as he entered the ring.
"I am sick and tired of your bullshit, Roman," Jimmy spat, standing toe to toe with Roman. "You keep lying, and lying, and lying! You are the only cause of all this chaos. You only have yourself to blame for what happened. Cause you know what?"
Jimmy locked eyes with him, anger running through his veins. "I don't regret a single thing I did that night. And you wanna know why?"
Roman's voice was laced with venom, his nostrils flaring as he stared down his brother. "Why is that, Jimmy?"
Jimmy leaned in closer, their faces inches apart, his voice low and full of conviction. "Because I had to stop you from dragging everyone down with you and having you becoming even more of a narrcastic asshole that you are. You were willing to hurt us all for your own damn ego, Roman. You've been doing that for 3 fucking years, and you know what? I got sick of it!"
Roman's glare bore into Jimmy, and you could practically feel the seething anger radiating off him. "You've always been the weak link, Jimmy. I've done nothing but carry this family on my back, give you all the opportunities you have. And this is how you repay me? By turning your back on your own blood?"
Jimmy chuckled angrily, not backing down from Roman."Carry this family? You are delusional as always, uce. You never cared about anyone but yourself. You only care about being the 'Tribal Chief' and having everyone bow down to you. Well, I'm not gonna do that anymore. I'm not gonna let you control us, use us, and then toss us aside when we don't do what you want us to do.
The two men stared at each other with fiery intensity, Roman's fists clenched at his sides, and Jimmy's knuckles white from the force of his grip.
"You were always jealous, weren't you?" Roman asked mockingly, Jealous that I was always the one to lead, the one to make the decisions, the one to take the Bloodline to the top. You never had the guts to do what it takes, Jimmy. You were always content being in my shadow, following my lead. You never even had the guts to be my right hand man like Jey."
Roman gestured to Jey, who looked conflicted as he stood nearby, torn between his loyalty to both his brothers. "You were jealous you never had the power like my right hand woman."
Roman pointed at you, and your own conflicted eyes, his words dripping with spite.
"But you know what, Jimmy? You can never be me. You'll always be the lesser Uso, the one who couldn't measure up." Jimmy's face contorted with a mix of rage and hurt at his words.
"You're wrong, Roman. I ain't jealous of you. I'm disgusted by you. You've done nothing but bring us all down to bring you up, and sooner or later everyone else will see it too." He gestured to you, Jimmy and Solo, you and Jey having a smiliar expression of concern on your face while Solo had his typical stoic look on his, arms clenched like he was ready for a fight.
Roman followed his gaze, looking at the three of you for a long moment before turning back to Jimmy and bursting out in laughter, a mocking and humorless sound that echoed through the arena.
"You really think they'll leave me for you, Jimmy? You really think they'll choose you over the Tribal Chief, over the one who's been leading this family to greatness?" Roman laughed again, shaking his head in disbelief. "How about you guys tell him what you really think? Tell him what a mistake he's making." Roman turned to you, Jey, and Solo, his gaze piercing through you all.
You spoke up first, trying not to look at Jimmy's pleading gaze but it was futile. "Look... Jimmy, I get why you're mad. The titles, the pressure, it's all getting to you. But…" You looked conflicted, your heart torn in two different directions. "Roman is right. You made your choice, and now you have to live with it."
Jimmy looked like he gotten slapped in the face at your words, his hurt showing on his face making your heart clench. Roman started cackling again, the sound making your heart ache even more.
Jimmy's eyes bore into yours, wounded and betrayed. "I thought you'd understand out of all people," he muttered, his voice heavy with disappointment. "I thought you had my back."
Roman smirked, patting you on the back and giving you a proud smile. "You see, she sees the truth you are blinding yourself from. What about you Jey? How do you feel?"
Jey stepped up, his heart heavy as he gazed at his twin, his pleading eyes filled with sorrow. Jey turned back to you, sharing a glance with you that spoke more than words could before turning back to his brother.
"Jimmy, you know I love you. And you know I always have your back. But I also have Roman's back too." He extended his hand to Roman, who took it smiling, dapping him up. Jimmy watched on with an ache in his heart. "He's the one who made me , the one who turned me into main event Jey Uso!" Jey exclaimed, Roman patting him on the back proudly.
"And now… you're out of the bloodline." You and Jey exchanged one more look, and you knew what you needed to do.
"And I'm out too!" Roman's smirk dropped, but before he could speak he was getting super kicked by Jey, sending him sprawling to the mat.
Solo moved quickly, trying to attack Jey but you super kicked him in the jaw, sending him stumbling back. A smile made its way onto Jimmy's face as he joined the fight, helping you beat down Solo as Jey speared Roman, your mind finally at peace as you finally left the Bloodline, leaving the one person that always tormented you, getting your sweet sweet revenge.
You grabbed a mic and walked towards a fallen Roman, who was lying on the mat, breathing heavily and clutching his stomach. You grabbed at his hair harshly and tugged , forcing him to look up at you.
"You thought I forgot everything that you put me through, Roman?" you spat, your voice dripping with venom. "All those years of manipulation, of making me feel small and insignificant? Well, guess what? It ends now." Your grip on his hair tightened as Jimmy and Jey looked on in satisfaction at Roman finally getting what he deserved.
"I choose my family, and you were never a part of it. And now you are all alone, and I'm out the Bloodline, " you declared, letting go of him in disgust and throwing the mic to the ground. You felt arms wrap around you, and looked up to see Jey smiling down at you with absolute pride in his eyes as you finally took control, finally stood up to the man who had abused him for months. Abused and tormented you for months. Jey felt a sink sense of glee watching him be hurt like this, hurt like the way he used to hurt and belittle you.
Jimmy hugged you both when you all walked up the ramp, unshed tears of relief in his eyes as you were squeezed by both men so tight you could barely breathe.
"We did it." Jimmy whispered into your skin as he squeezed you tighter. You nodded back, just as emotional. You did it. Finally fucking did it. You stood up to the most, abusive manipulative and emotionally draining man you'd ever fucking met.
Jey was on your other side, his smile never fading as he held onto you both. "We're free, uce. We're finally free."
The crowd's cheers echoed in your ears, but you could barely hear it over the poouding of your own heart. As you held up the ones, basking in the moment, you finally felt that weight on your heart release, and you realized that it wasn't you putting that weight on yourself, it was Roman.
And as Roman glared at you from across the ring, you promised yourself you'd get rid of that weight, no matter what.
"Ay, all your shots on me, uce!" Jimmy's rambunctious voice yelled throughout the bar as you danced, the music pulsating you and the alcohol coursing through your veins as you danced with Liv, her arms around your waist as you moved to the beat with her, giggling like a couple of schoolgirls.
After your revenge on Roman, Jimmy insisted on the three of you going to a local bar to celebrate and let off some steam, and lord knows you deserved to let off some steam. You and Jey needed no convincing, you ordering an Uber and heading straight to the liveliest bar you could find, inviting Liv to tag along with you.
The bar was dimly lit, with neon signs casting colorful glows across the worn wooden floors. Jimmy was already drunk as hell, dancing all over the tables and acting like a complete goof. You and Liv were already a bit tipsy, her insistence on taking a shot every time Jimmy did something stupid being the cause of that.
And Jey couldn't take his eyes of you, tipsy as well but not as much as you and Liv as he sat back at a corner booth, a contented smile on his face as he kept an eye on his twin and watched you enjoy yourself. You deserved this, to let loose and have a good time after everything you'd been through.
Liv wrapped her arms around you, bringing you to a different section of the bar and grabbing you both more fruity drinks you couldn't get enough of.
"I'm so glad you finally got rid of that toxic asshole and finally decided to act your age and party!"
You giggled, the warmth of the alcohol making you feel lighter than air. "I'm glad too. And I finally decided to take your advice and enjoy my twenties before I end up an old women like you."
Liv playfully gasped, clutching her heart dramatically." Hey, I'm not that old!" Liv protested with a mocking glare, making the two of you burst out in giggles. "But seriously, it's about time you let loose and had some fun. You've earned it."
You smiled at her words, clinking your glass with hers. "You're right. Cheers to new beginnings!" You toasted, the clinking of your glasses ringing through the air. Liv grinned back at you, her eyes sparkling with happiness for you.
"Cheers to that!" She cheered with you, taking a sip of her drink. Her eyes wandered around the bar before finally meeting your own, a mischievous glimmer in them. "And speaking of having some fun… Jey has been eyeing you all night, y'know?"
You felt your cheeks warm up as you followed Liv's gaze back to Jey, who was still sitting in the corner booth, watching you with an intensity that sent shivers down your spine that you both loved and hated at the same time. Did he have to make it so obvious?
You turned back to her, a nervous smile on your face. "You're imagining things," you replied with a nervous giggle, taking another sip of your drink. "He's probably just making sure I'm not drunk out of my ass. Y'know, typical best friend duties."
Liv narrowed her eyes at you, mockingly accusing. "Uh-huh, sure. Keep telling yourself that, sweetheart."
You rolled your eyes playfully, knowing Liv had a talent for picking up subtle cues and interpreting them in not-so-subtle ways. You couldn't risk her finding out about you and Jey, even though she was drunk she was still Liv and could figure it out at the drop of a hat. So you decided to change the subject.
"Alright, Sherlock Holmes, what about you? Anyone caught your eye lately?" you teased, trying to divert the attention away from you.
Liv smirked, taking a sip of her drink. "Maybe… maybe not. But that's a story for another time. Right now, it's all about you and Jey. Seriously, though, you should talk to him. He's been giving you that 'I'm gonna jump your bones' look all night."
You choked on your drink, eyes wide. "Liv! Don't say things like that!"
She burst into laughter, slapping your back gently. "I'm not lying though! Ya'll have mad sexual tension, and it's honestly adorable. Just talk to him, okay? Trust me, it'll be worth it."
You tried to hide your smile, knowing you and Jey already solved that problem, but she and anyone else didn't need to know that.
"Y'know what? If you won't call him over, I will." Your eyes widened in amusement and laughter as Liv waved at Jey, beckoning him to come over. Jey looked a little startled but then gave you a knowing smile before excusing himself from the booth and making his way over to where you and Liv were standing.
"How are you fine ladies doing?" Jey's voice was smooth as he not so subtly checked you out, making you internally groan as Liv clocked it, making her practically beam in excitement.
“We're doing good Jey. But this one," Liv wrapped her arm around your waist, "wants to jump your bones just as much as you want to jump hers.”
You blushed furiously, shooting Liv a playful glare. Jey, on the other hand, seemed amused by the whole situation. He leaned in closer to you, his warm breath brushing against your ear as he whispered, "Is that so?"
You tried to compose yourself from your boyfriend's teasing, ignoring Liv's laughter from next to you. "Maybe. You need to show me your moves before we can confirm anything though."
Jey's playful smirk widened, his hand gently grazing your lower back. "Oh, I'm more than happy to demonstrate, sweetheart." You giggled, feeling a mixture of nerves and excitement bubbling within you. "Alright, let's see what you've got, baby."
You walked away with Jey, Liv's laughter fading into the background as the two of you made your way to the dance floor, Jey's arms making their way around your waist , pulling you close.
Jey's body grinded against yours, the music thumping in your ears as he danced in sync with you. Your body fit into his perfectly, moving together as if you'd been dancing like this forever.
"See, this isn't so bad, isn't it?" Jey whispered into your ear as he turned you, his hands sliding down your sides. You gave him a faux glare, rolling your eyes playfully.
"I'm gonna kill you after this. Are you trying to get the entire roster to know about us?"
Jey chuckled, his breath hot against your neck. "Relax, babe. I just wanna have fun with my girl. And no one's paying attention to us, trust me."
You raised an eyebrow and shot him a teasing grin. “Mhm, that’s the reason youre being so touchy. Not because you got territorial seeing everyone here and want to claim me as yours?”
Jey's playful smirk never wavered as he continued to move with you, his eyes locked onto yours. “Maybe a lil’ bit of both.” He admitted, his voice laced with desire. His hands slid sensually down your sides as the music pulsed around you. “But can you blame me? You look absolutely stunning tonight. Can’t help but want to show you off a bit.”
Your cheeks warmed at his words, he always had a way of making you feel special no matter what: it was one of the things you loved about him. "You're such a smooth talker," you teased, letting your fingers playfully trace along his jawline.
Jey's eyes twinkled with a mix of mischief and affection. "Only for you, babe," he whispered, turning you around once more before pulling you close again.
Everyone else faded away as his lips ghosted against yours, his eyes darkening with a silent question, the alcohol making your brain fuzzy and bold. Jey’s fingers grazed across your lower back, the lights of the bar reflecting in his dark brown eyes, the colors dancing in his eyes making it impossible to look away from him.
“Can I kiss you, sweetheart?” Jey asked, his voice a gentle rumble against your ear. You gazed at him, not caring about anyone or anything else. In that moment, it was just you and him, his arms around you that you felt so safe in, the thumping of the music beating to the beat of your heart, and the desire pulsing between the two of you as you looked at each other.
A small, anticipatory smile played on your lips as you met his gaze. "Please do.”
Jey didn’t need to hear that twice. He titled your chin, leaning in, and then his lips were on yours. His smirk faded as you wrapped your arms around him, deepeing the kiss and flicking your tongue against his, tasting the salty tequila he drank earlier and the taste of sweet cherry chapstick on his lips. His chain was cold against your skin as he pressed closer to you, the cold contrasting to the heat burning through your skin at Jey’s touch. The kiss was a slow burn, Jey’s lips slowly invading all your senses, his mouth swallowing every sigh of pleasure that escaped your lips. His body melted against yours when you grabbed the ends of his mullet, tugging harder when his tongue slid against yours. He swirled it in your mouth and it was like he was trying to memorize every part of your mouth.
You were dizzy off of Jey, his lips so familiar yet felt so new everytime you kissed. Your lungs burned with need for air, but you ignored it in favor of Jey’s lips that were more intoxicating than all the alcohol you drank tonight. He was your high, and you never wanted to stop being addicted to him.
He grabbed your hips, pulling you impossibly closer and grinding against you in time with the music, making you groan into his mouth. Time didn’t matter, the only thing that mattered was the heat between your thighs as Jey helped curb your addiction to him with his hands roaming across your sensitive skin and him bringing his teeth between your bottom lip in a slow, teasing bite.
His grills flashed against the dim lights, making you groan once more before pulling him in into another searing kiss, gripping onto your favorite leather jacket of his- that he also looked so sexy in-for something to ground you.
“Oh my god! I knew it!” A squealing voice made you pull away in a panic, your heart racing for a different reason as you turned to see Liv right behind you, Zelina and Raquel on her tail looking equally as drunk.
“Best friends my ass!” Liv squealed again, practically shaking in excitment. “You guys finally stopped being wusses and did something about your sexual tension!!”
“Liv, you scared the hell outta us! Practically broke my eardrum!” Liv ignored your complaints, too elated to care. She wrapped her arms around both of you in a tight, tipsy hug. I can't believe it! You two are officially a thing!"
You tried to backtrack, laughing nervously. "Liv, you’re just drunk, you didn’t see an-“
But Liv was having none of it. "Oh, please! I may be drunk, but I've got eyes, and I'm not blind! You two have been practically glowing with sexual tension for ages. It was about damn time!"
You exchanged an embarrassed glance with Jey, who was trying his best not to burst into laughter. He wrapped his arm around you, pulling you closer, no longer caring about who saw. “You caught us, uce. And it only took you a couple months and a few tequila shots to do it."
Liv gasped at the new information while you went to punch jey in the shoulder, but he dodged it and grabbed your hand, interlacing his fingers with yours. This made Liv gasp again.
"I can't believe it! " Liv gushed, still jumping excidtley. This is… you two are… wow! Liv struggled with her words, so Zelina and Raquel spoke up for her, their smiles mirroring Liv's wide one.
"It took ya'll long enough." Zelina smirked, drinking her cocktail. "We've been placing bets on when you'd finally get together." She then turned to Raquel, her smirk widening. "Which means you owe me a hundred bucks!"
Raquel groaned, pulling out her wallet and recultanly sliding it to Zelina. "Why couldn't you guys have kept up the act a little longer? I had money riding on next month!" But she had on a smile underneath her faux anger as she looked at you and Jey's intertwined hands. "But I'm happy for you guys, honestly."
You couldn't help but smile despite your embarrassment, it warmed your heart that your friends we're happy and supportive for you, even though they could be too prying and curious for their own good. Jey leaned down and pressed a sweet kiss to your cheek,chuckling softly at the whooping from your friends at the gesture.
"We 'preciatte it, ya'll, but you mind keeping it on the down low for us? We don' need no press or rumors runnin' wild."
Your friends pouted, but nodded in understanding. No one was more annoying than the dirt sheets.
"Don't worry, we got your back!" Liv said her voice dropping to a whisper and her smile turning into a conspiratol grin. "Your secrets safe with us, chica." Zelina added, giving you an understanding smile. Raquel had a similar smile on her face, her eyes warm and supportive.
"We're here for you, both of you," Raquel reassured, her hand resting gently on your arm. "And we'll take care of Jimmy if you guys wanna leave early." She wiggled her eyebrows, making you swat her arm away with a giggle.
"We are definitely taking you up on that offer, right Jey?" Your eyes met Jey's, who was looking down at you with a soft, loving smile that dazzled your heart.
"Yeah, we definitely taking you up on that." He giggled, pulling you away from your friends and making them holler at the both of you again.
"Yeet! No take backs, uce!" Jey yelled back at them, giving his brother a wink as you passed and guiding you out the door, the chilly air wrapping around you both as you stepped out of the bar.
Jey noticed your skin break out in goosebumps and he quickly shrugged off his leather jacket, ignoring your protests and dropping it over your shoulders. It was warm, just like his eyes as he looked down at you, heart thumping with how beautiful you look in the moonlight- that dress he loved so much on you hugging all your curves the right way, your hair falling gently around your shoulders.
But most importantly, your smile that was shining brighter than any of the city lights around you that made him feel like the luckiest man alive.
"You look beautiful as hell in my leather jacket, sweetheart," Jey murmured, his voice a soft caress in the cool night air. Your cheeks warmed at his compliment, the combination of his words and jacket making you feel even more warm.
"You spoil me too much, babe." Jey chuckled softly, his hand finding its way to your cheek, his thumb gently brushing over your skin.
"Well, if you don't get used to it, I'm not doing my job right. I always wanna spoil you." His thumb caressed your soft skin, his eyes turning serious as he looked at you.
"I know I kinda didn't give you a choice considering I caused our lil' make out sesh, but are you okay with people knowing? I ain't wanna put any pressure on you, sweetheart. I understand if you're not ready for that."
You smiled, your heart swelling with affection for the man in front of you. His handsome features were softened by the streetlights, casting a warm glow on his face and making you yearn for him even more and think about how lucky you are to have bagged him. You reached up, gently tracing your fingers along his jawline, feeling the familiar stubble beneath your touch.
"Jey, I am more than ready for that, for people to know you are the one who has my heart. I'm proud to be with you, and I don't want to hide it, especially from out friends. You make me happy, and I don't want to hide my happiness anymore."
Jey's smile grew even wider, and he leaned in to kiss you softly, his lips lingering on yours for a moment before he pulled back, his eyes shining with adoration.
"You make me so fucking happy too, babe. I don't know what I did to deserve you, but I'm not letting you go. Not now, not ever."
Jey promised, punctuating his words with another kiss on your lips, the taste of his lips like a promise of forever, and you pulling him even closer and deepening the kiss was a silent agreement, and the tender slide of his tongue and the gentle arm going around your waist and squeezing out every groan from you was a vow of the love that you’d always have for each other, no matter what.
You pulled away, breathless and smiling up at Jey, your heart feeling like it might burst from the overwhelming love that filled it, and knew there was no other time to say the words you've wanted him to hear since the first moment you met. "I love you."
Jey's eyes glistened with emotion, his hand coming up to cradle your cheek. He looked at you with an intensity that took your breath away. The weight of his gaze held all the words he didn't need to say out loud. Of how many days he spent thinking about you, of how you made him laugh, how his heart fluttered every time you hugged him,  how you made him feel loved and cared for in a way he never thought possible. It was all there, in that single look.
"I love you too, sweetheart." Jey whispered, so softly that it felt like a secret meant only for the two of you. Tears glistened in your eyes, but they were tears of joy as you pulled Jey into another sweet kiss, your tears intermingling with the taste of his lips. You were sealing your love with a kiss, a promise that would forever bind your hearts together.
You both pulled away, and the look of absolute content and desire on his face was enough to make the heat between your legs come back. You let his hands roam your body,  pulling you impossibly closer as his hands explored every curve and crevice as if he was committing it all to memory, not helping the fire consuming your skin at his touch. "Jey, I need you.”
Jey's breath hitched at your words, his eyes darkening with desire. "Lemme call an uber so we can go back to the hotel and I can properly take care of you the way you deserve."
You nodded, your heart pounding in anticipatio at his words. Jey quickly fumbled for his phone, fingers tapping urgently as he ordered an Uber. In what felt like mere moments, a car arrived, and you both climbed in, Jey's hand on your thigh as the city skylines disappeared behind you. 
You shot him a look when his hand climbed higher, but Jey just smirked as he rubbed circles into your skin. 
"Relax, babe, we're almost there."  His voice was a low rumble as his hand inched even more, skimming under the hem the hem of your dress and brushing against your inner thigh, making you squirm in your seat.
Before Jey could do anything else, the car pulled up to the hotel. You both practically bolted out, Jey pulling you in  the elevator and it took everything in you to not jump his bones right then and there. Jey felt the same way, and you held in a chuckle when he kept pressing the elevator button repeatedly, frustrated with how slow it seemed to be moving. Finally, the doors opened, and you made your way to your shared room.
As soon as you were inside, Jey pinned you against the wall,  his lips crashing onto yours with a passion that been building between you all night. His teeth nibbled against your bottom lip so hard it drew blood. But you didn't mind when Jey soothed the bite with a lick, his arms going to your thighs and lifting you up effortlessly. Your legs wrapped around his waist, and you barely noticed him carrying you to the bed, too caught up in the heated kiss to care. 
Jey gently laid you down on the bed, never breaking the kiss and towering over you, arching his body so he could be closer to you. our hands roamed over his strong back, fingers tracing the lines of his tattoos, while Jey's hands traced  the contours of your body as if he were learning it all over again. Your breath caught as his fingers found their way to the lace of your panties, teasing along the edge. He bunched your dress up, revealing more of your skin to his hungry touch.
You arched into his arms, pressing yourself closer to him when his fingers pressed harshly against your cloth-covered core. Your reaction made him repeat the action again, fingers circling slowly around your clit, making you break the kiss with a soft moan.
"Jey," you gasped, your voice thick with need, "please..."
Jey lowered himself down, his breath hot against your core, his fingers toying with your lace. "Tell me what you need, babe. I'll give you anything you want."
You brought yourself to a sitting position, your elbows keeping you steady as you kept eye contact with jey, your breath coming in rapid pants. "I want you to love me, Jey. I want to feel all of you, to be completely consumed by you."
Jey's heart pounded with your words, and he leaned in closer to you, giving you a kiss that he hoped would convey all the love and desire he felt for you. How much he cared for you, how much he loves you, how he would do anything for you.
He pulled away, his eyes never leaving yours,  a loving intensity shining in them. "I'll give you everything, sweetheart. I'll love you like you've never been loved before."
With that promise, Jey lips lingered on yours once more before he moved lower, trailing kisses down your body. From your collarbone to your neck to your stomach, he worshiped every inch of your skin with his mouth and hands, leaving a trail of fire in his wake. His lips moved lower, down to the lace of your panties, and he looked up at you with a hunger that made your heart race.
He hooked his fingers into the lace and slowly peeled your panties off, his eyes locked on yours the entire time. When they were finally discarded, he pressed a gentle kiss to the inside of your thigh, his hot breath fanning across your sensitive skin.
Jey suddenly dove down, his tongue tracing slow, torturous circles against your core. Your back arched off the bed, a strangled cry escaping your lips as the plaasure coursing through your body. 
His hands gripped your hips, holding you in place as his tongue licked your folds, sucking on your clit gently, dragging his teeth gently against it before sucking against your clit again, making you moan out loudly, your fingers gripping the sheets tightly.
He sucked on your bundle of nerves with a deliberate rhythm, his fingers tracing patterns on your thighs, coaxing every sweet sound from your lips as he quickened his pace, licking up and down your cunt, making you try to grind your face against him, but he wouldn't let you. His firm grip on your hips kept you in place, continuing his sweet torutre as you writhed and moaned beneath him.
"I love you." You groaned out, the words spilling from your lips like a mantra. Jey responded by kissing your clit softly with tender affection, making you mewl loudly before his tongue delved even deeper, curling and stroking at your sweet spot and making you let out a guttural groan and tug on the sheets even more.
You thought you couldn't take anymore, but Jey added a finger, slipping it inside your pussy and curling it with surprising precision even while drunk that it made you whine uncontrollably into the mattress. 
"I love you too, sweetheart." Jey whispered against your clit, the vibrations of his voice on your clit and the swirling of his tongue and curling of his fingers finally catching up to you. You could barely breathe as you succemed to Jey’s every will, white spots dancing in your vision as you came, your body going limp in his embrace.
When you finally came too and found the energy to open your eyes, you saw Jey's face hovering over you, his lips doused in your arousal and a smirk playing on his lips as he leaned over to you.
"Was that everything you asked for?" Jey cheekily whispered against your skin, his breath warm and soothing. He lifted his head, his eyes locked onto yours, a playful glint dancing in them.
You managed to catch your breath, your chest rising and falling rapidly. "You already know what you do to me," you replied, your voice a mix of breathless and teasing. You gave him a smirk before sitting up, your hand going straight to his pants and the obvious hard on he was sporting underneath.
"But I think it's time I return the favor." You palmed him through his pants, and Jey groaned against your skin before pulling you away fro him, taking off his pants and shirt and leaving him naked. You mirroed his actions, slipping your dress and bra off with a smirk.
"Nah, it ain't about just me tonight. It's about us." Jey pulled you back to him once all his clothes were off, capturing your lips in a searing kiss, the taste of you still lingering on his tongue.
You were so distracted by his dizzying kisses you didn't even notice him sliding inside of you until he was already inside of you, your mouth going slack at the delicious stretch of him filling you up  just the way you liked it, your walls clenching around him to keep him in your pussy every time he slid out to slide back in twice as hard.
His thrusts were controlled though, his hand pushing on your stomach to make you feel how hard his dick was inside of you. His other hand slid down your thighs and circled your clit harshly, making you moan hard and throw your head back into the pillows. 
Jey didn’t let up, thrusting in time with his fingers moving inside of you, the delicious friction of his thrusts and fingers making you moan in bliss and your mind teeter from present-day to heaven with every alternating fast thrust that had you going closer and closer to the brink.
“Fuck, babe, I’m close, so close.” Each one of your whines was encouraging Jey to go faster and faster to drive you to the edge of ecstasy, to give you the slice of heaven you’ve been craving all night. His lips found yours as he thrust into you so hard you felt like he was gonna break the flimsy hotel bed you were both laying on, but you didn’t even care. All you cared about was that he broke you so hard you couldn’t even feel your legs.
Your eyes teared up as you were getting closer and closer to the brink, and Jey moved his lips from your own to your face, kissing each and every single tear off before kissing the top of your head, hitting your sweet spot so hard, making you so close to cumming.
“I love you, baby.” He whispered against your skin, making your heart ache with love before he thrust into you one more time, with that and the curl of his fingers you finally were on the brink of heaven.
You shut your eyes, your breathing scattered and your moans falling on deaf ears as your mind shut down, finally giving  into the sweet ecstasy that was heavenly and yet felt so sinful, every inch of your being consumed by its devilish pleasure as you came so so hard, midlessley gripping Jey’s hair and pulling as hard as you could. 
The feeling of his locks in your tight grip and seeing your blissed out face was what pushed Jey over the edge, making him so mind-numb with pleasure at the feeling of you cumming on his cock he almost forgot to pull out until the last minute, but you barely noticed in the post-sex bliss state that you were in. You were stuck in that haze until you felt lips press a gentle kiss to your forehead, then your nose, your cheek. Then when you finally opened your eyes one was placed on your lips, and you returned the gentle peck, sitting up and admiring the way Jey's mullet was still damp and sticking to his forehead, how his lips were slightly swollen from your passionate kisses, the way his glorious abs glistened with sweat, the contented smile that played on his lips, just admiring jey period. He looked at you with a mix of desire and adoration, his dark eyes tracing every curve of your body.
You reached out, running your fingers gently through his damp hair. "You're amazing," you murmured, your voice filled with genuine affection. "I can't believe how lucky I am to have you. To be loved by you."
Jey's gaze softened, his hand finding yours and giving it a gentle squeeze. "Nah, sweetheart, I'm the lucky one. You are the reason I am still here, the reason I am whole. You complete me.” He whispered, his voice tinged with emotion. "I don't know where I'd be without you. And I ain’t never want you to forget that."
You smiled, feeling a warmth spread through your chest at his words. You loved it when he was like this, so open and vulnerable, baring his heart to you without a second thought. It made you feel special, for you to be the only person he trusts like this. You leaned in and pressed another soft kiss to his lips, savoring the taste of him.
"I won't forget, Jey," you assured him, your voice filled with sincerity. “Trust me, I can't forget when you remind me every day how lucky I am." The way you looked at him, the hearteyes you were making as you looked up at him, the way you looked like you wanted nothing and nobody else but him made his heart so full of love he could barely breath and his eyes glisten with unshed tears and emotions he only reserved for showing you. You wiped a tear that fell from his cheek with your thumb, a tender smile on your face.
"I promise you that I'll never stop reminding you, sweetheart. No matter what happens with our family, whatever happens in that ring, you'll always be my priority, my hear, my everything." Jey's honey sweet and soft voice wavered slightly as he leaned his forehead against yours, his eyes closed as he savored the closeness between you two. He held you tight, tighter than he had ever held you, bringing your bodies so close as if he wanted to fuse your soul with his. You snuggled your head into his chest, relaxing into him and feeling the steady rhythm of his heart against your cheek, the heart he always claimed only beat for you.
Jey’s arms rubbed gently up and down your back while you traced his never-ending tattoos. And as you were tangled in the sheets together, your bodies melting into each other and your souls merging together, you knew this was it for you. That Jey was it for you, that he was the one for you, that he was the one who held your heart in his hands, and had the power to crush it in a heartbeat and make you feel empty inside, yet at the same time make you feel whole in a way no one else ever could.
And the old you would have ran away at the realization, gotten scared at the fact you were letting someone in so deeply, letting yourself be vulnerable to getting hurt, letting someone see all the parts of you that you kept hidden away.
But this was different. You were now different. With Jey, it felt right. He understood every part of you, loved every part of you unconditionally, embracing it all without hesitation, cherishing your insecurities just as much as your strengths, accepting every single inch of you as if you were a diamond in need of nothing more than a gentle polish to shine brilliantly.
And that's what he always did, didn't he? He polished your soul with his love everyday, making you feel like the most precious gem in the universe every time he held you close, every time he made you giggle when he told you a stupidly funny joke, every time he looked at you like you were the only thing he ever wanted to think of, every time he kissed you like he was trying to communicate all his love and devotion in a single touch.
So as you looked up at his beautiful baby brown eyes that were staring at you with awe and affection, you knew that you were exactly where you were meant to be. In his arms, his lips on your skin whispering promises of love and forever, his heart beating in sync with yours. There was no where else you'd rather be, no one else's love you'd rather have then his, no one else you'd rather be with than him. His love was like a diamond, strong, unbreakable, and yet so tender in its touch. You felt it in the way his fingers traced gentle patterns on your skin, in the way his lips pressed against yours with a tenderness that made your heart swell.
And in that moment, with your heart in the palm of his hand and his love seeping through your skin, you promised yourself you'd never let him go, never let him slip away, never have a day go by where you don't stare at him like he hung the moon and the stars in the sky just for you and would give you the galaxy if you asked him too.
You gazed into his starry eyes and knew this was where you belonged, entwined with Jey with his eyes staring at you with consellations of love reflecting in his gaze, like you were the celestial masterpiece he had been searching for all his life.
And you'd be dammed if you let anyone take your universe away from you.
You stirred awake slowly, eyes burning at the soft rays of morning light filtering through the curtains. Your limbs ached- a reminder of the night before. You stretched before realizing you were trapped inside a warm embrace.
The strong arms wrapped around you were familiar, and the steady rise and fall of the chest against your back was comforting. You looked up and saw Jey, his features relaxed in sleep, his breath warm against your neck. Memories of the night before flooded back, the love, the intimacy, the passion you shared with him and it made you smile to yourself like a dork.
You heard your phone buzz on the nightstand, but you ignored it in favor for nuzzling your head in Jey's chest and relaxing into his warm embrace, planting a kiss on his bare chest, feeling the steady thud of his heart against your lips.
But then your phone buzzed again, and again, and again, making you groan quietly and shift slightly in Jey's arms. You reluectnaly pulled away from his comforting arms, trying not to wake him as you reached for your phone. You giggled when he immedieley pulled you back to him as soon as you got your phone, leaning into his touch and giving him a gentle kiss on the cheek as you opened your phone.
You frowned at the barrage of messages you got from Liv. She wasn't a morning person, especially after she had a few too many drinks, so you were concerned to say the least.
incoming text from livvy<3: girl, pls tell me ur awake rn!!
incoming text from livvy<3: wake up!!!!
incoming text from livvy<3: girl idc how good the sex was, you better wake ur ass up!! twitter is going wilddddd!
incoming text from livvy<3 apparently the stupid fucking paps were waiting us out, hiding their creepy asses in the bushes and they followed you and jey all the way to ur hotel and caught u kissing :( I'm sorry their such bums. if you need someone to talk to I'm here babe <3
Your heart got caught in your throat as you immedielty went to twitter, and sure enough they were going crazy, circulating the photo of you and Jey.
Tumblr media
You sighed, rubbing your face as you went through the comments, most of them surprisingly supportive and happy for the two of you.
jeylover121: omg!! finally!! they're so cute!!
wrestlinglover: mom and dad finally got together!! brb i'm gonna cry!
uceyfanatic: i knew they weren't just besties! the way they look at each other>> them heart eyes were fooling nobody 😭
y/nstan124: i knew something was going on, jey ain't slick! they way he always has to have his hands on her and pull her close, no ones taking her away from u 😭
You couldn't help but smile at the overwhemingly positive comments, but you also knew there would be some negativity. You scrolled through the edits and messages, trying to take everything in.
Not that you cared what others thought of you, their negative words didn't really hurt you, you had to have tough skin to get in this business in the first place. But you didn't want it to affect your work life negatively and you didn't want it to affect Jey or his family.
As you were scrolling, Jey started to stir beside you. His eyes blinked open, and he looked down at you with a sleepy smile.
"Mornin', sweetheart," he murmured, his voice husky from sleep. You smiled back at him, giving him a quick peck on the lips.
"Good morning, babe." you replied sweetly, your voice soft and filled with warmth. "How did you sleep?"
Jey stretched his arms above his head, his muscles flexing. You couldn't help but ogle at them as he looked down at you, his gaze softening. "Like a damn baby, thanks to you." He chuckled. "You really wore me out."
You smirked at his words, your fingers tracing lazy circles on his chest. "I'm glad to know I could be of service" You teased, Jey smirking back at you as he leaned in closer to you, his lips brushing against yours.
"Oh, you were of service, alright. The best damn service." He punctuated his words with a sweet morning kiss, his tongue sliding softly against your lips, inviting you to deepen the kiss, and you gladly obliged. You pulled away before it could get too heated, giggling at Jey's pout and innocent expression.
You gave him one last kiss before sitting up, reaching your phone again. "Liv texted me, saying the paparazzi caught us last night," you explained, getting straight to the point, your expression turning a bit more serious. "They got a photo of us kissing outside the hotel."
You handed him the phone, and Jey's face shifted from sleepiness to alertness in an instant as he read through the messages and saw the photo on social media.
"Damn, they ain't waste no time, did they?" Jey chuckled, though slightly annoyed and worried about how you might take it. He didn't want you getting overwhelmed and running for the hills, he couldn't handle the idea of you leaving.
He came closer to you, bringing his hand to your face and caressing your cheek with his thumb, his eyes searching yours for any sadness or regret. "You okay, sweetheart? I know this how we ain't plan on coming out to the world."
You leaned into his touch, feeling the warmth of his hand against your skin. You met his gaze with a reassuring smile, your fingers gently entwining with his.
"Hey, don't worry," you said softly. "I'm okay. I knew that eventually, people would find out, and I'm not ashamed of us. I want everyone to know the man who holds my heart." You kissed the back of his hand, giving him heart eyes that were making him melt and cause his heart to swell.
"Plus, I'm sick of those women in your dm's thinking they have a chance with you when you're mine." You gave him a playful wink, making him giggle like a nerd and squeeze your hand affectionately.
"Why you jealous when you got the real thing right here." Jey teased, his eyes sparkling with affection as he brought you into a quick kiss, pulling away and giving you a real genuine smile.
"You know ain't nobody gonna take me away from you, babe. You've got me wrapped around your finger." You laughed, feeling a warmth spread through your chest at his words.
"Good to know, because I'm not letting you go anytime soon," you replied with a playful grin. "You are stuck with me for eternity, babe. No receipts accepted."
Jey's smile turned into a look of pure adoration. He pulled you into a tight hug, burying his face in the crook of your neck.
"An eternity is too short to love you, babe," He whispered into your skin, his voice so sincere and full of devotion you felt it radiate through your entire being, radiate through your heart and soul. You held him just as tight, feeling the depth of you love with how fast his heart was racing and how his body seemed to mold perfectly against yours, how his kisses and caresses felt like they were only made for you and only you to experience.
After a few minutes, you pulled away, staring at him with a lovestruck stare that conveyed all the words you didn't need to say out loud but he understood.
"If you wanna love me some more, than you can get your lazy ass out of this bed and meet me in the shower, poking his chest playfully before escaping his arms and dodging his attempt to pull you back, giggling at his mock-scowl as you walked to the bathroom.
His scowl dropped when he noticed you wearing his shirt. And nothing else but his shirt. "Ay, wait up ma! You ain't doin' nothing without me!" Jey called after you, running after you.
You were already stripped of your clothes and in the shower by the time he arrived. His eyes ran up and down your body with a possessive glint that made your insides warm, and it took him 1.5 seconds to take off his pants and pounce on you, shutting the shower curtains and snaking his arms around your waist as he pressed his chest against your back, nuzzling your neck with his lips.
"You're gonna pay for that little tease," he murmured, his voice a low, sultry rumble that sent shivers down your spine. His hands slid up your sides, and you titlted your head to give him better access to your neck.
"A punishment from you sounds like a reward." You purred sultrily, melting into his arms with each kiss. He turned you around, backing you up against the wall and turning on the water, the warm water cascading down your back, a soothing motion in contrast to the way he was harshly kissing and sucking hickies into your skin.
"Oh, you talking like that now? You aint gon' be talking that shit soon though, I promise you that." You were about to make another snarky remark, but the breath got caught in your throat at the sight of Jey lowering himself to his knees, his eyes never leaving yours as he pulled you by your thighs, dragging you to him and making the lower half of your body fill up with heat as his breath fanned over your cunt that was hover over his face.
"What I tell you?" Jey's smirk was both infurtiating and hot as he taunted you, and yet again when you are about to make another snarky remark, he cut you off with burying his face between your thighs, sucking and licking your cunt so harshly you moaned out loud pathetically and gripped your hands onto his shoulders to find some leverage to try and ground you.
Let's just say, he definitely made you eat your words.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
y/n: Acknowledge Us.
tagged: uceyjucey
yaonlylivonce: hot couple alert hot couple alert 🚨 🚨 i told u to pick that dress!! you look so good!! 😍 ily💗
y/n: thats why ur my all in one bestie and fashion designer 😘 ilyt 💗
trinity: bad bitch!! jey is a lucky man 😍♥️
y/n: learned from the baddest bitch of them all 😘 but trust me, the lucky one is me 🥹
uceyjucey: my girl looks so good ♥️I love calling you mine ♥️
y/n: ty baby 🥹 and i love it when you call me yours ♥️
uceylover: omg omg omg omg it finally fucking happened!!!
wrestlingstan: bi panic bi panic bi panic 🚨‼️
WWE: power couple vibes 😍
jimmyuso: THIS IS HOW I MF FIND OUT!! I’m happy for ya’ll… but WHY YOU AINT TELL ME SIS 🙄 ily anyways
jeyuso: cause u talk to much uce
y/n: what he said, cause ur a blabbermouth 🙄 ilyt ♥️
jimmyuso: Now I’m being attacked by both of ya’ll… the audacity 😑
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uceyjucey: left my headache, found my peace ♥️
tagged: y/n
y/n: i love you ♥️
uceyjucey: i love you more sweetheart ♥️
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abadbitchblogs · 2 months
Part 2
Tumblr media
Pairing: Jey Uso x OC x Damian Priest
Warnings: none
Word Count: 3.5k
a/n: Thank you all so much for all the love! I couldn't have asked for a better reception of my art. You all inspired this next part! Likes, comments, feedback and reblogs are always appreciated! Mwah!
-credit to @cafekitsune for the divider
Tumblr media
If it weren't for the 15 text messages from Joshua and the Instagram spam from Damian, she could swear that last night was a dream. One minute she was partying with her best friend and the next she was trying not to catch a case. Then she found solace in an unlikely companion. Her head was honestly still spinning from trying to process everything that happened less than 12 hours ago. Work was definitely going to be- something today, that much was certain. After she opted to just block Josh, she smirked at her notifications being flooded by thearcherofinfamy. He was obviously trying to get her attention since he didn't have her number. The drive to the arena would take less than an hour if traffic was nice to her so she had time to kill before the superstars were set to arrive. Kendall decided to play with the dark priest and thought to lure him out via DM.
[kenthedoll_] Meet me in an hour
[archerofinfamy] That didnt sound like a question
[kenthedoll_] Bc it wasnt, yk you wanna
[archerofinfamy] Alright I’m in
[kenthedoll_] I was counting on it. Meet me at my room
[archerofinfamy] Yes ma’am 
Well it was already 10 AM so going to the gym was out of the question which meant today would be a day of indulgence. Finally rolling out of the bed for the morning, Kendall danced through her daily routine with Bongos  blasting on her portable speaker. Damian felt so new- exciting! There was something just effortless and easy about being around him that caught her attention. Ken googled brunch spots on the beach so they had a chance to take in the scenery before they went home after the show. The weather called for a little white tee and shorts combo but she kept it cute pairing it with some comfortable loafers. Dressing like an Instagram baddie 24/7 was too much work for her. When she wasn't on screen or out on the town, she was more of a comfortable girly. In the few moments left before Damian was supposed to show up, she made sure her stuff was packed for the show then her flight home in the morning. You had to stay ready even if you weren't scheduled for the show in case any last minute changes occurred.
Right on cue at 11:15 three knocks rapped against her door to which she skipped over to snatch it open. “Fancy meeting you here.” Her tone was playful as she smiled at his classic bad boy appearance. “Good morning to you too, cariña.” The corner of his lips quirked up in a subtle smile that she found cute. Despite his dark wardrobe, his presence alone filled the air with warmth. The kind that kept the house smelling like chocolate chip cookies hours after they'd been baked. “I hope you like french toast and mimosas because we have reservations.” She didn't wait for a response as she took his hand leading him to the elevator after making sure her door locked behind them. “I don't care what we eat when my view looks like this.” A snort shot through the hallway at his cheesy line but she found his doting to be refreshing.  “Do you use that line often?” Kendall mused while leaning against the wall observing his mannerisms to familiarize herself with him. “My first time. Did it land?”
All she could do was put her head down to hide her amusement not wanting to give him the satisfaction of knowing he could fluster her so easily. The elevator dinged, signaling that they had reached the lobby and she ushered him to the back entrance of the hotel to allow them to walk on the boardwalk. “I hope I’m not keeping you from any leadership duties. I know you run a tight ship.” Damian thought Kendall was so different from the other women on the roster. No one ever really said what they were actually thinking but she did. She was inquisitive, direct, and original. “If you're wondering if I told them that I would be with you, I didn't. I wasn't sure if this was a secret rendezvous or not.” Ken laughed at his uncertainty as they walked side by side to the restaurant. “Think of this as a qualifier for you getting that number you asked for. I wanna know if you are as interesting as I think you are.” “Guess I better show you what you're missing.”
The confidence in Damian’s statement made her pulse quicken, her brown skin prickling with goosebumps. When the pair arrived at the restaurant, he made it his business to open the door for her and pull her chair out once they were seated. As they sat across from each other, her counterpart scanned the menu making small talk about what they would order but she was fixated on him. Kendall snapped out of the trance when he put his  menu down to see why she wasn't responding to him. A smile tugged on his lips whilst he leaned forward on his forearms, bathing her in the attention she was giving him. “I would ask if you see something you like but if you said yes, I'd have to do something about it and we’re in public.” Kendall mimicked his actions with a grin playing on her lips. “Well you know I love to perform.” The silence that settled over the table fueled the intense stare down between the two; the air crackling with desire.
Damian carefully contemplated what he was going to say next. Should he tell her that he wanted to eat her on that very table or should he change the subject? Before he could decide, the waiter came over to take their orders breaking their fierce eye contact. Glancing down at her menu briefly, she decided to make the most out of her cheat day. French toast, scrambled eggs, bacon and home fries while her counterpart opted for something high in protein like steak and eggs. The tension was still palpable after the waiter left with Damian shifting to lean back in his chair with his eyes locked onto hers. “How come you don't call me Luis like everyone else?” Taking a sip of her orange juice then mirroring his posture, Ken gave him a small smile. “Because I’m not like everybody else if you haven't noticed.” 
Once their meals arrived, they ate in comfortable silence stealing little glances at one another between bites. In true woman fashion she longed for some of his food even though her own was good. He noticed her eyes flickering back and forth to his plate so he wordlessly sliced a piece of his steak and held the fork out to her. Instead of pinching the meat off with her manicured fingertips, she rose up slightly to lean across the table and wrap her lips around his fork.  All the air in his lungs evaporated as she let out a hum of satisfaction while looking him dead in the eyes through her lashes. If he didn't drink the complimentary ice water, his boiling blood was going to start traveling south. “Is it good?” At that point he didn't even know if he was referring to the food or not. “The best.” Her tone was definite. They were indeed not talking about food.                                                      
Food was finished and the check was placed on the table. Damian looked at her, she looked at Damian then they both looked down at the bill. Snatching the envelope off the table at the speed of light, he waved it at her in triumph. “Gotta be quicker than that, princess.” Damian placed his card in the pocket making sure he held on to it as they got up to leave. “I asked you out so I should be the one paying.” Kendall argued, crossing her arms over her chest to look more intimidating but it just made him laugh at her bratty nature. “Ah so you admit this was a date.” His chin raised in victory, his back rested against the hostess counter while they ran his card. “Maybe.” She shrugged heading for the exit once the staff returned his card. He chased after her, catching up to walk beside her back down the boardwalk to their hotel making sure was on the other side of oncoming foot traffic. “You’re a stubborn one aren’t you?” Though it was posed as a question, she knew it was rhetorical and he was teasing her. “Well I am a Taurus.” It seemed like the most obvious thing in the world to her but he wasn't really into the whole zodiac sign thing. 
The whole walk back consisted of the two bumping into each other like they were on a different planet with no gravity. Even while they waited for the elevator, he found his eyes glued to her smaller frame until they moved to board. Both of their minds seemed to be so preoccupied that when the ding alerted them that they had arrived on her floor, it startled them a little. “After you,” In a sweeping motion, he allowed her to exit first as he watched the way her jean shorts seemed to hug her ass the way he wanted to. When they reached her door, they felt a sense of deja-vu all over again. “Well that was…” She struggled to find a word that could describe the date they just had. “Exhilarating.” Damian breathed out in agreement. He was nearly pressing her against the door as he peered down at her in adoration, “I think we should do it again.” Ken wordlessly held her hand out for his phone. Damian took the hint, pulling his phone from his pocket and gently placing it in her palm.  She saved her number in his phone under ‘Princess’ before handing it back to him. How fitting.
His body was tingling with the need to grab her and kiss those lips that always managed to stay glossy all the time. But they had to get ready to head to the arena soon; as much as he wanted to be the reason she was late, he didn't want her to get in trouble. “Do you want to ride with us there?” He offered half because he wanted to make sure she could get there okay and half because he wanted to spend more time with her. “Nah, I have a rental and I'm not fighting five people for the AUX.” “Alright then I’ll see you there.” His soft tone was accompanied with a curt nod and he knew he was supposed to walk away but his feet just wouldn't move. “See you later, Luis.” She laughed, gently pushing on his chest to give him some momentum to make it back to the elevator. He walked backward toward the elevator never taking his eyes off of her before she gave him a little wave before disappearing inside her room to get ready. 
Tumblr media
Ken sat perched on a crate in an empty hallway backstage as she cackled on facetime with Trin who wanted to know what was going on with her and Luis. “Mmm, who you looking cute for Miss Ma'am?” Her friend instigated causing her jaw to drop to drop at the implication. “Um, not too much. I always look good.” Rolling her eyes, she couldn't help the laugh that escaped when Trinity replied with a deadpan. “Yeah but when you're not scheduled for any screen time, you go for cute and comfortable. You got your titties sitting, legs all out and everything.” She lifted her phone up, angling it down to fit her whole body in the frame. “And is!” The two of them were cutting up so much in the secluded area that she didn't hear footsteps approaching until she felt a strong presence beside her. 
Her smile slid right off her face when she looked over to see Joshua. “I gotta go, sis. I’ll text you.” Just as Trin was about to ask her who had her moving like that, she hung up on her knowing that was probably gon get her cursed out later. “Joshua.” She hoped her flat tone would deter him from saying whatever he was going to say and ruining her mood. “Hey, can we talk for a minute?” Slowly scooting off of the crate, the girl held her hand up in dismissal. “Like I said before, we don't have anything to talk about. I’m good.” His gaze used to make her feel invincible but now she found herself trying to tug her skirt down in discomfort. “Please. You don't even have to say anything. Just listen. I wanna apologize.” In her mind she was debating on whether or not she could listen to his explanation. She really did want to put the shit behind her so she could fully let go- let him go, but now that he was in front of her, she knew she wasn't ready yet.
“I just can't do this right now, Joshua.” Kendall moved to walk past him only to be stopped by him grabbing ahold of her hand. “Wait-” “Stop doing that shit!” Snatching her hand from his grasp she quickly composed herself not wanting to draw any unwanted attention to them. “Stop smothering me. You can’t go from ignoring me for years to popping up on me and texting me fifty fuckin times. I’m not your bitch. Never was. I don’t owe you a damn thing. IF I decide to listen to whatever excuses you have, it’ll be on my time- not yours.” She walked away to take a breather when she turned the corner and smacked right into someone while she was lost in her thoughts. “My bad. I wasn't paying attention.” However when she looked up, she locked eyes with Señor MITB. “We have got to stop meeting like this, princess.” His stomach buzzed upon seeing her but when he noticed her agitated state his brows furrowed in concern. “You okay? What's wrong?” Shrugging the previous spat off, Ken instantly brightened up at his concern for her well being. “Fancy meeting you here.” Her teasing tone sent them into their own little bubble as they stood there making googly eyes at each other. 
Before Luis could respond, Josh rounded the corner she just came from and almost tripped over his own feet stopping to watch their interaction. Luis gave him a friendly head nod with his signature half smile when he realized they had an audience. “Wassup, uce.” Kendall swore she was so annoyed that a visible irk mark actually appeared on her forehead. “What's up, bro.” Jey’s cold demeanor confused him but he chose not to question it. Instead his eyes drank in her figure before lifting to connect to hers again. “You look fucking amazing.” “I try.” She grinned recognizing that familiar glint in his eyes. “I was actually looking for you because I just had an interesting meeting with creative.” “Oh yeah?” She arched her perfectly plucked eyebrow in intrigue. “Turns out they think Damian Priest would be more susceptible to leave Judgement Day because of a woman.” Now that was the last thing she expected him to say.  “Looks like Carsyn and Damian Priest are going to be entwined soon.” “I look forward to it.” 
A stagehand interrupted their heated exchange to tell Damian that his match was on in ten minutes. “Good luck out there, champ.” Luis patted his championship with one hand then raised his briefcase with the other. “I don’t need luck, but I think a kiss would give me a little motivation.” Her brows shot to her hairline being surprised by his boldness before patting his chest. ��Win and I’ll think about it.” She smirked then turned on her heel to head to catering. “And don’t look at my ass.” Ken called behind her even though she knew he was most definitely watching her walk away. Luis shook his head in disbelief before going in the opposite direction to meet Finn by the gorilla. 
Kendall watched tag team champs defend their titles against DIY on the monitor in catering. All the close calls had her abandoning the food on her plate because she was too anxious to eat. Winning matches was always the goal but being safe as entertainers and athletes was top priority. Damian could hold his own but they were doing a great job selling the match because those kicks had her wincing for him. The match finally ended with The Judgment Day retaining the Undisputed Tag Team championships. Smiling proudly to herself, she continued to push her food around her plate, having lost her appetite when her phone buzzed with a text message from ‘Papi Chulo’. 
[Papi Chulo] Now back to that kiss
[Princess] I said I would think about it
[Papi Chulo] Don’t make me take it
[Princess] Is that a threat or a promise
[Papi Chulo] It's a warning
A tingle shot up her spine in anticipation. Tossing her food in the garbage, Ken left catering intent on furthering their game of chicken. 
[Princess] Catch me if you can
She was making quick work of trying to find a place to hide while superstars and staff looked on in confusion at her speedy movements. Rounding a random corner, she threw herself into the first storage closet she saw. They never took particularly long showers at arenas so she knew he'd be hot on her trail any second. Placing her hand on her chest to calm the pounding of her heart, she sucked in a breath hearing movement outside the door. Waiting with bated breath for something to happen, she slowly exhaled when the feet in front of the door continued on down the hallway. Kendall went to check her phone for any messages from him when the door burst open making her squeal and drop her phone. There he stood with a wolfish grin plastered on his face as he closed the door behind him. “I found you, little lamb.”
Every step she took backward, he stalked forward with his long legs crossing the small space in mere seconds. “That was fast.” Her adrenaline spiked again as her back hit the wall allowing his tall frame to cage her in. “What can I say? I had business to take care of.” His deep voice filled the air like smoke making her feel lightheaded as she laid her hands on his chest to ground herself. “And what business is that?” He wrapped a strong forearm around her waist pressing their bodies flush together and cradled the back of her neck with his other hand. “You.” Any words on her tongue died when he connected their lips in a passionate kiss. It felt like all the air left her body then came rushing back. Draping her arms over his neck, she leaned up on her tiptoes to deepen the lip lock. Ken let out a quiet moan feeling like she was slipping from reality as he held her. Hearing her sounds of approval urged him to lower his hand to grab a handful of her ass.
Willing herself to pull back from the kiss, Luis chased her lips coaxing a giggle out of her. “You’re intoxicating, muneca.” His voice was low but his stare was burning right through her. “I’ve been told I have that effect on people.” He laughed, moving to snake his arms around her small waist maintaining their closeness. “Careful. That effect gon have your ankles making friends with your ears.” The fire between them was spiraling- warping into something insatiable. “Is that a threat or a promise?” Kendall challenged only to receive a harsh squeeze to her ass. “Definitely a promise.” Tugging her hand to lead them out of the closet, he poked his head out of the door to make sure the coast was clear. “Let’s get outta here. I’ll drive.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
kenthedoll_  In my soft girl era 
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saintmagx · 17 days
NSFW Alphabet 🥵
Grayson Waller x reader
‼️ Warning: 18+, smut, swearing, mature content, cringe writing ‼️
an: not proof read in anyway shape or form cause I cannot 🫣
Thought I’d try a little something different. Been wanting to do one of these for a while 👀 everyone I write for will eventually have one of these - was just desperate to write something for Grayson 🥲
Grayson fic coming soon - if anyone is interested 👀
Tumblr media
Aftercare, what is he like after sex?
Grayson is not overly huge on aftercare. Once he is out of his post glow orgasm state he will ask you how it was for you, offer you a drink then either get back to fucking you or going to sleep. Sometimes too much aftercare is a huge ick.
Body part, his favorite body part on him and also on you.
He likes his arms, he loves showing them off to you trying to impress by showing how strong he is. He is such a thigh man, absolutely adores your thighs - infact it’s his favourite place to be. He is always touching them, grabbing them when you sit next to him, he is extremely primal in staking his claim and leaving hand/bite marks I’m all over them to show everyone who you belong to.
Cum, anything to do with cum.
This man goes feral for creampies. He HAS to finish inside of you. Again it’s all about him showing you who you belong to. His second favourite place to cum is on your face. You looking up at his doe-eyed face full of his cum MAKES.HIM.WEAK
Dirty secret, pretty self explanatory.
For as long as he can remember, you’ve always got his blood pumping. When he started at the performance centre the same time as you it was as if fate brought tall together, however Grayson was too shy to make a move on you - which sounds completely out of character but I think if he really liked someone he wouldn’t be his cocky ass self. When he followed you on insta, he would pleasure himself to your photos, it didn’t have to be bikini photos, it could be normal ones - that’s the effect you had on him. This man was weak for you. It’s something he hasn’t shared with you as he doesn’t want to come off as being weird.
Experience, how experienced is he? Does he know what he’s doing?
It’s pretty obvious he is experienced with the ladies. He knows all the right buttons to press to get you off. Even though he has been with alot of women he still had to learn what you like and dislike, but it didn’t take him long to find a rhythm with you and have the best sex of yalls life.
Favorite position, this goes without saying.
This man loves having you cowgirl. Seeing you bounce on top of him, boobs at his disposal, seeing your face twist and contort to him thrusting up into you, he is in heaven.
Goofy, is he more serious in the moment? Is he humorous?
Grayson is naturally a goofball but in the bedroom something takes over him, the goofiness is left at the door and this darkness comes over him. There’s no giggling and playfulness, he is intense and passionate when fucking you.
Hair, how well groomed is he?
Grayson has hair, it ain’t a full grown 70’s style bush, it’s neat and present and he isn’t ashamed about it.
Intimacy, how is he during the moment? the romantic aspect.
He is intense and passionate. Always whispering compliments into your ear telling you how well you are taking him, how much of a good girl you are. There is LOTS of forehead resting/kissing that gets you weak. He gives you glimpses of a tender side when fucking you and it’s just as good as when he is being rough and assertive.
Jack off, masturbation
When yall were on different brands this man would constantly be touching himself to the thought of only you. He would look at the pictures and videos of you on his phone. Grayson would call you up on so many occasions to watch you play with yourself wishing it was him with his fingers inside your pussy and not yours.
Kink, one or more of his kinks.
The thought of you pregnant with his children DRIVES.HIM.WILD. He knows yall ain’t ready for kids but just the thought of it makes him crazy. Cumming inside you is a must, he loves nothing more than telling you when he is fucking you he is going to put his kids in you, and how amazing you’ll look round and full of HIS babies.
Location, favorite places to do the deed.
The old faithful in the bedroom is one of his favourite places, he wants to make sure you are comfortable and laying you down on a soft mattress that he fully intends to pound you into - nothing beats it. When he is feeling more risky and adventurous fucking you on a balcony comes in at a close second, the rush it gives yall - the thought of being caught, it all adds to the pleasure. Lastly a mirror. This one is more intense as he makes you watch yourself as he is fucking you from behind, he loves seeing your face twist and contort in pleasure and he wants you to see exactly what he sees.
Motivation, what turns him on?
This one is simple. You. You turn him on. Everything you do, everything you say, the way your clothes hug your body, the innocent look you give him when you are teasing him, the teasing of him is something he doesn’t tire of. Nothing gets him harder than when you tease him, dropping something between his legs so you have to kneel down in front of him, looking up at him through your eyelashes, gripping his thighs, to then pick up what you dropped, wink at him then leave.
No, something he wouldn’t do.
There is nothing that’s off limits to Grayson. You want to try it? He will do it for you, just like when he comes to you with his fantasies you never say no.
Oral, preference in giving or receiving, skill?
Grayson isn’t a selfish lover by any means, however he will admit he does prefer getting blowjobs. He would happily sit and let you suck his cock all day till there is nothing left to empty into you. He will always return the favour and does love eating you out, the taste of you is something he can’t get enough of, but will admit that his tongue spends less time in you than you spend with your lips wrapped round his cock. It’s never really been an issue for you though cause that boy knows how to use his tongue.
Pace, is he fast and rough? slow and sensual?
It depends on his mood. He can be slow and sensual, or rough. You tend to find when he is frustrated, angry or annoyed the sex is rough. I’m talking hair pulling, biting, spanking, throat grabbing, grunting it’s nothing but pure animalistic.
Any other time he takes his time to worship you, to make you feel loved and adored. It’s a health mix that you both love.
Quickie, his opinions on quickies? how often?
He’s not a big fan of quickies because he likes to take his time with you, but sometimes when yall on the road or backstage and the tension between you is high he has to take you right there and then. Bless his heart he tries to be quick but it’s almost never quick.
Risk, is he game to experiment? does he take risks? etc
The risk of getting caught is a turn on for him, he likes to play with fire and luckily never gets burned. Nothing is off limits, he will sit next to you in restaurants just so he can rub your clit, have his fingers inside you when yall travelling on the tour bus. He wants to try cockwarning with you but has yet to find the opportunity.
Stamina, how many rounds can he go for? how long does he last?
2 maybe 3 rounds depending on how long yall been fucking. Sometimes yall have been locked away in your hotel room for hours. When it comes to Grayson he’s more about the quality of the fuck than how many times he has you cumming - though that can be a fun game too for him.
Toys, does he own toys? does he use them? on a partner or himself?
He doesn’t have toys for himself, however he does have for you. A nice butt plug that he sticks in your ass whenever his attention is on your pussy. Cause each hole deserves attention. Sometimes he even has you wearing it when yall go out for a meal or out doing errands. He is normally trying to keep himself soft when out in public, but the thought of your ass stuffed until he is ready to use your hole makes it so hard to stay soft.
Unfair, how much does he like to tease?
Grayson teases you alot. He likes to get you all riled up ready for his cock then he will stop what he is doing and go back to doing whatever he was originally doing. He is a menace, making you grind on his thigh, cock starved only to have you a whimpering mess and not give you the cock you crave. He isn’t all bad though, eventually he gives in and fucks you, but not until he says.
Volume, how loud is he, what sounds does he make?
Just like he is loud and proud in his normal life and in the squared circle, when it comes to the bedroom he is extremely vocal. His moans can drown out you at times, he grunts, swears and praises you throughout, every sweet sound that leaves his lips sends goosebumps rising all over your body.
Wild card, a random headcanon.
He loves making home videos with you. Who needs porn when he has a mountain of videos and photos at his disposal on his phone. When yall fucking he always has his phone out whether it’s taking pictures of his dick in your mouth of videos of him filling you with his cum, he has something for every mood.
X-ray, what's going on underneath his clothes?
Honestly he’s a solid 7. It ain’t the size that matters it’s how it’s used and he can definitely use it.
Yearning, how high is his sex drive?
He thinks about fucking you ALL.THE.TIME. The sight of you, your lingering touch all of that make his cock twitch in his pants, however he knows your sex drive isn’t as high as his so he tries to be respectful most of the time.
Zzz, how quick does he fall asleep after?
Honestly, because of the intensity and passion, Grayson falls asleep pretty quickly, once he’s snuggled up next to you (sometimes he even likes to be the little spoon) he quickly melts away into a deep sleep.
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joesanrio · 9 months
They’re here | R.R
Summary: Ever since Nova had the baby, they’ve only gotten a hand full of visits. But now the whole family gets to see the golden baby.
Pairings: Joe Anoa’i {Roman Reigns} x Nova (OC) || Established relationship
Warnings: Uses real names, Baby cries, BabyDaddy!Joe, and that’s all bcs it’s just a big pound of Fluff.
Word count: 1047
Ratings: Fluff | 16+
A/N: I’ve been writing so much new stuff that I keep forgetting abt the two drafts, they'll come out eventually.
Part one: Want to see her? | Fluff
@bakugoumarianawrites (sorry for the wait)
Tumblr media
“What did you do to my baby?” I gasp when Joe walks in holding the baby with a small mohawk, “She thinks it’s nice, don’t you Lala! See.” He coos at her making her squeal. All I did was ask him to bathe her, not be a hairstylist. “Mommy!” She reaches out when Joe passes her to me as he goes back to the bathroom to get her lotion.
“You don’t have to lie baby… we both know you had no choice.” I whisper to her before smoothing her curly hair down as she leans her face onto my chest and continues to let out a random babble.
He comes back with her lotion, and I finish getting her dressed for the day. “We are matching, you look cuter though.” I smile as I admire her in her cute outfit that’s the same color scheme as mine.
We were going to a cookout with family and a couple of close friends at Jon and Trinity’s house, “Oh look at my princess!” Joe exclaims as he picks Nalani up from the bed. “Lala!” She points to herself as he nods amused at her little voice.
I leave the room to pack her bag with all her necessities and about three toys. “She has her stuff animal, right?” I shout from the other room down the hall, “No, It’s in the living room.” I heard him reply.
“Alright, everything is ready.” I say as I toss her bag onto my other shoulder and Joe comes down the hall holding the baby. When passing the living room, I stop to grab her plush hello kitty off the couch.
“Don’t be sassy with me Nalani, you know my joke was funny.” Joe chuckles as she looks unamused at her father. She squeals loudly when she sees me with the toy, I hand it to her, and she immediately hugs it while Joe sets the alarm.
[Jon and Trin’s House 3:45pm]
“Is that Lala!” Trinity exclaims when she opens the door revealing the music and chatter of family, before she scoots to the side so we can enter. “It’s been forever since we seen her!” Jon said coming around the corner fixing his hat, before giving us a hug. “Jayla has been asking when y’all would be here, all damn day.” Jon joked, making us laugh.
We all headed to the living room where some older members of the family were at. “Oh, I remember when you were a baby, now you have one of your own!” Joe’s great Aunt smiled as we greeted her, “She’s beautiful. Looks just like Nova.” She winked at me before sitting back down on the couch.
 “Isn’t she so big now!” Trinity said as Joe placed the car seat on the corner of the couch, “Bae! Look at her dimples.” Trin said pointing at Nalani’s cheek. “She is only 7 months old. Tell them you’re still small!” I coo at my baby as she immediately smiles, unbuckling her from the car seat.
Joe and Jon already having their own conversation as I pick her up, “Girl! Your body definitely snapped back huh?” Trinity had me spin for her. “You think so?” I smile as I follow her to the outside patio, “Girl yes, your waist is like whoop while you booty is like boom!” She creates sound effects with her mouth causing me to giggle at her silliness.
After greeting everyone, I was finally able to sit down. “Auntie Nova! I can watch Lala for you?” Jayla requests as she clasps her hands together, “I don’t want you babysitting! You should go have fun.” I smile, but Jayla pouts. “Please! Look- she totally wants to go with me.” She begs as Nalani almost falls out of my arms trying to get to Jayla, “Okay, but whenever you get tired bring her back to me.” I say as we pinkie promise, and I pass her the baby. “We are going to have so much fun!” Jayla smiles before heading back in the house.
“Here…”  Joe says coming up from behind me before sitting down in the empty chair on the side of me, he hands me my favorite drink. “You look gorgeous.” He whispers in my ear with a small smile making my heart flutter, “Thank you.” I kiss his cheek before he goes off engaging in a conversation with the rest of his cousins.
“Where’s the baby?” Trinity asks coming back from the kitchen with a glass of champagne, “With Jayla.” My head tilting towards the house. “Tamina and Mercedes drove together, so they should be here soon.” Trinity mentioned as she looked at the time on her phone. The rest of the girls nodding as we began to talk about random stuff, and how much we missed each other.
--- 8:13pm
“Mommy!” Nalani cried as I tried to calm her down, she was never a big fan of loud noise when she was trying to sleep, but neither was I. “Oh my baby, I know.” I coo at her as she cries along my chest while I bounce her in my arms gently, “What’s wrong?” Joe enters the room concerned as it’s been a while since we first entered.
His eyes quickly fell onto the baby, “Why she crying?” he asked as he grabbed her from my arms delicately. “She’s sleepy but it’s too loud.” I say while looking in her bag for her pacifier, though she seems to be calming down now that she’s in Joe’s arms.
He pats her back gently as he goes to sit down on the bed himself, “See, you’re okay.” He whispers to the now sniffling baby. “Oh, so not fair.” I whisper as I playfully glare at Joe, in return he sticks his tongue out at me before grabbing the pacifier I handed out to him. “Don’t be a hater because she’s a daddy’s girl.” He places the pacifier in her mouth, “Whatever.” I giggle before sitting beside them.
Not even 5 minutes later, she was knocked out on Joe’s chest before he laid her down in the make-shift pillow barrier I created so she doesn’t roll off the bed. “She’s just like you.” Joe whispered as he looked at Nalani with small hearts in his eyes.
Nalani’s Nickname: Lala
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welcometomyfuneral · 6 months
Summary: Shiloh Solis (OC) makes her return to WWE in an effort to assist her friend Becky Lynch against Charlotte Flair and Danika Brooks (OC), Shiloh’s old rival. She also takes a trip to the past, remembering how she got here in the first place.
Warnings: Typical wrestling violence, cursing, mention of blood, and description of injury (nothing crazy though) and I believe that’s it.
A/N: you can obviously read this in the perspective of your own descriptors (ie. your own hair, eyes, description yada yada) I am not stopping you! This is just a little info that if you wish to do that, feel free to ignore any way that I describe Shiloh. It just felt easier to me to have a character, rather it be the reader. All of my characters are usually POC though, so that’s how I will write them!
Also, feel free to tell me what you think and also comment if you would like to be added to a tag list for this series. I will be creating more writings later on but if you have requests for a series, imagine, or one-shot send them over! I do not bite :)
Tumblr media
“Like I’m gonna throw up.” Shiloh responded to Triple H as they stood in one of the many arena entrances. His chuckle to her response got drowned out by the crowd’s loud pop at the match taking place. “Now I feel like I’m gonna pass out.”
He shook his head at the girl before moving with her closer to her drop off point.
“You’ll be fine. You were a crowd favorite, and you probably still are. This type of crowd is light work to you.” He handed her a face mask, glasses, and a black hat with ‘THE MAN’ on it. She rolled her eyes as she took the items from him.
“Light work to Shiloh 2 years ago. The last time these people saw me I was being lifted onto a stretcher.” Triple H nodded helping her put on her hoodie.
“Yeah, but that wasn’t your fault.” He watched as she looked on at the mass of people, placing a hand on her shoulder to get her attention. “You had an army behind you then, you have an army behind you now. Trust me, you got this.”
She nodded her head, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath, before putting on all the items. Once she put on the hat she bid a farewell to Triple H, moving towards the barricade near the ring.
She was disguised as a staff member of the arena, to get close to the ring and execute her attack on Danika. This moment it self has her feeling a ton of mixed emotions. But, as she looked on at the battle in front of her and hearing the crowds cheers, a smile made its way on her face. She had truly missed this, everything from the atmosphere to the bumps she would take. She loved wrestling and was grateful what Danika did—what Danika tried to do wasn’t the end of her career.
Laying her eyes on the person in her thoughts, she couldn’t help but scowl. She couldn’t help the anger of seeing her not only still wrestling, but also with a “Money in the Bank” briefcase in her hand. After all the pain she caused, pain that had been fully intentional, Vince still kept her around. Shiloh guessed cause he believed she brought something to the table. Yet, Shiloh believed Danika always showed up to the table empty handed. All she brought to the WWE was another wannabe superstar, who can’t help that they aren’t different from the next wrestler.
The fact that her and Danika were so similar was what pushed Danika over the edge. That’s what caused her injury to happen.
It was coming towards the end of 2019, and Shiloh had been on a run to gain the Women’s Tag Team Championships with her partner, Asuka. Her previous partner, Naomi, had to leave on a hiatus leaving Shiloh to recruit Asuka. The run had been successful and they were closer and closer to the championship belts, until their match against Danika and Charlotte.
The opposing team had also gotten a high chance of getting an opportunity to face off for the titles. Yet, only one team could move on, and this match would determine it.
The entrances were perfect, and the match had been set to be an interesting one. Both sides were ready for whatever could be thrown at them, and they expected a lot of damage to be dealt. Four women that were brutal forces all wanted a chance for these titles, and they weren’t letting anything stop them. Especially Danika.
After the bell had rang, the fight commenced. Tags had been alternating as the match progressed. When Charlotte was in, Asuka would tag Shiloh due to the height difference, and vice versa when Danika was tagged in. The match was like a beautifully orchestrated art piece, until the final tag of the night.
Charlotte and Shiloh were in the ring holding the ref’s attention. Charlotte held Shiloh in a front face lock before moving to her corner and tagging in Danika. The two performed in sync, Charlotte holding Shiloh in place as Danika delivered chops to her chest. Finally, Charlotte let go and placed herself on the other side of the ropes.
Danika grabbed the collapsed black haired girl by the head and hit her over and over again, causing her to fall in the middle of the ring. Asuka reached her hand out for Shiloh, but Shiloh was too occupied trying to protect her head, rather than to make an attempt to reach for the tag. Danika looks around at the crowd before lifting Shiloh to her feet. With Shiloh still in her grip, Danika takes a deep breath, before mustering up her strength to perform a Biel throw. Shiloh flies face first into the ring post, and suddenly feels a burning feeling on her forehead. She begins to feel disoriented as shouts from the crowd, referee and Asuka all mesh together.
Not understanding why her vision has become so blurry and why her ears were ringing, she reached up to touch where the burning was coming from. Once feeling something wet on her hands, she was met with crimson instead of her usually skin colored palms. She was bleeding. From what she could understand from the ref’s shouting, he had just disqualified Danika and Charlotte. What Shiloh learned later on after the fight, was that Danika removed the padding from the turnbuckle. This resulted in Shiloh’s head injury, and the reason why Danika performed that Biel throw.
Even with the disqualification, it didn’t seem like Danika was leaving anytime soon. Danika reached down to the already injured Shiloh, and hoisted her up, tossing her over the ring post she had just hit her head on. Not able to provide a soft landing, Shiloh placed her hand out to stop the impact. She was met with pain in her wrist, and another shot of pain in her knee. And she could tell from the crowd’s reaction, it did not look good.
The match ended there in that moment as the medics on scene came to help. And those same medics later told her she had a possible concussion, a sprained wrist, and a torn ACL. But all she heard was, “You have to take an indefinite break from wrestling.”
That night changed the trajectory of a lot of things.
Asuka needed a new partner, and that resulted in the birth of the Kabuki Warriors. Her and her partner Kairi Sane proceeded to win the titles in October of that year.
Danika and Charlotte never won the titles, but they created an unbreakable alliance that ruined a lot of opportunities for others. Then Danika got pushed to the forefront, to replace the absence of Shiloh. Ironic isn’t it.
And off the screen during her recovery, Shiloh started a relationship that seemed to end as soon as it began. That relationship was with none other than Jey Uso. He had been one of her best friends, along with Jimmy and Naomi, during the time of her recovery. She obviously knew of their presence cause they worked together, but when Naomi and her were partners they were practically attached at the hip. So, her husband had to be put in the equation too, that meant her husband’s twin brother came a part of the package deal. Shiloh never opposed, she absolutely adored the twins, and after awhile wanted them to be everywhere Naomi and her went. So, the fact they would check in with her recovery didn’t surprise her. What did surprise her was the fact she had a “boyfriend” out of it.
The labels were never truly placed on their relationship, but anyone who was involved in seeing it, knew what it was. Yet, you would expect your boyfriend to at least text you a few times in the week, not once a month. Shiloh never blamed him for his unfortunate shortage of texts towards the end of their situationship. The Bloodline had just started to be created, and he was involved with Roman, and all the crazy stuff they had going on. So time was sparse, and when schedules don’t line up like they use to, texts don’t get sent as frequently either.
Shiloh was left without a career, a title, and even a “boyfriend” all in the span of a few months. With this kind of luck she expected her life to become more pathetic. But, she was wrong. In the 2 years of her absence she kept her mind and thoughts on recovery. She bettered herself and healed herself, making sure when and if she got the call to return, she was ready. Whether she got that call in 10 years or 10 days, she was ready. That call came 3 months before this current event, and here she was in the crowd like a tiger watching her prey.
Shiloh watched as Danika cheered on Charlotte from the sidelines, getting stressed out every time Becky would kick out. Danika placed her hands on her head pacing the outside of the ring. Her attention was quickly pulled again, when Charlotte performed an O’Connor Roll on Becky, holding her down for the pin. Danika began to plot, and while the ref was counting, she placed Charlotte’s hand on the ropes. The ref quickly saw Charlotte’s hand causing the count to stop. He didn’t see Danika’s involvement, making the blame shift to Charlotte. Obviously annoyed, Charlotte shoots up leaving Becky on the floor, and she begins to argue with the ref.
While this is happening, Danika uses her briefcase to hit Becky over the head. This attempt to disorient Becky goes unnoticed and Danika moves to interfere again. But as she lifts the briefcase, she is speared. The crowd roars at the spear, more excited that Danika was stopped. Danika is then throw head first into the stairs and falls to the ground along with her briefcase. All eyes are on attacker, and Shiloh takes off her disguise, and for a second worries when the crowd doesn’t react. After a pregnant pause though, the crowd pops in recognition.
“I can’t believe it, is that Andromeda?!” Michael Cole can be heard asking, using Shiloh’s nickname. Corey Graves responds from next to the older man, “Yes, it is! Just with a new look.”
With the new crowd volume and her partner laid out on the floor, Charlotte looks on shocked at Shiloh. All Shiloh does is smile before Charlotte is grabbed, and Becky performs her own O’Connor Roll into a pin. The refs count ends as quickly as it started, and Charlotte’s kick out comes to late. Becky’s music fills the already loud arena as she falls down to the mat. Charlotte pulls herself into a corner with nothing but disappointment and anger on her face. Shiloh rolls into the ring grabbing Becky’s belt and helping to her feet. She looks at Becky with a smile before grabbing her hand and raising it up. The crowd somehow gets louder.
After letting Becky bask in the glory for a bit they both finally exit the ring, walking backwards as they look at the sight of a now collected Danika and a still defeated Charlotte. Wrapping her arm around Becky’s waist in a side hug, Becky lifts her belt in the air with her other hand one more time to the crowd. Shiloh lifts her fist with her in a sign of victory.
Danika moves her eyes finally from the pair towards Charlotte, who is already glaring daggers at the Money in the Bank winner.
“Seems there’s going to be some trouble in paradise.”
“You could say that again Corey.”
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Tumblr media
Rebuild & Restore - Chapter 1
Here it is, the sequel to All Falls Down
I do NOT give permission for my work to be translated or reposted on here or any other site, even if you give me credit. DO NOT REPOST MY FICS
Reblogs, comments, likes, and feedback ALWAYS appreciated ❤ 
All OC Characters belong to me
taglist: @christinabae @southerngirl41 @reci1996 @jeyusos-girl @melaninsugababy @baconeggndcheez @bemybabiibish @nbanenefrmdao @jstarr86 @purplehairgawdess @theninthwonder @arination99 @harmshake @alyyaanna @empressdede @m3llowww @jeysbae @badbitchcentralinc @raya-hunter01 @msbigredmachine @dietothemusic @2-muchsauce @tian-monique @leaderofthebadbitchbrigade @allmyn1ghts @woahthatshitfat @paigereeder @mindairy @amandairene88 @reignsboy19 @wrestlingprincess80 @abadbitchblogs @cyberdejos2 @saintaquarius @bebesobrielo @scarlettnoir01 @venusesworld @meanniam
Tumblr media
Kiyana closed her eyes and let out a deep breath. “I can’t do this anymore Josh. I can’t even go out with some friends without you accusing me of sleeping around.”
“Whatchu’ want me to think Kiyana? Look at how you about to leave this house.” Kiyana rolled her eyes. She had worked so damn hard to get her body back to the way it was before she had her boys. She was going to show it off every chance she got. 
“You never had a problem with how I dressed before!” She responded, raising her voice. 
“That was before you decided that your body no longer belonged to me!” Kiyana narrowed her eyes and stomped towards him. 
“You have no fucking right. You decided to sleep with that bitch first and when i give you a taste of your own medicine you can’t fucking handle it. You been hounding me since I agreed that we can try to make things work. Why are you so damn paranoid Joshua?  I’m here, I’m still here with you after everything you did to me. Get the fuck over what happend with me and Joe and let’s move the fuck on like we agreed.” Josh turned his face up at her before sucking his teeth and stomping up the stairs, slamming the door to their room. 
Tumblr media
Kiyana had never seen Josh look so defeated as he sat at the other end of the table with his lawyer. He had his hand folded together and would not look up from the table. He hadn’t even spoken since he walked into the room, only giving his lawyer a head nod or shake when asked a question. 
It She had tried so damn hard to move forward with her marriage with Josh, but they were always walking on eggshells around each other. It wasn’t like before when they were two people who fell in love in highschool and thought they would be together forever. It was different. For Kiyana, it was like waking up next to a stranger everyday for six months. He was still Josh, he just wasn’t her Josh. He wasn’t the same Josh she fell in love with in highschool. His affair tarnished her image of him and she couldn’t pretend anymore. 
“She can keep it.” She heard Josh talk and she blinked, focussing her attention back to Josh and his lawyer. “She can keep the car and the house, she can keep everything.. All I want is to see my kids when I’m off the road.” Kiyana and her lawyer shared a look before she nodded her head in agreement with what Josh wanted. 
“Ok, what about spousal support?” 
“I don’t need it.” Kiyana said and for the first time in weeks Josh actually looked at her. “I called in a couple of favors and I'll be starting back at my old job on Monday.” 
“Kiyana, take the damn support.” 
“No.” She said firmly, crossing her arms over her chest. “I don’t need it, Joshua. I can support myself. I don’t want anything from you.” 
“Wow.” Josh scoffed, staring Kiyana down. “That’s really how you feel? After twenty-three years -” 
“Fuck them twenty-three years.” She scoffed, with a roll of her eyes. “You had an affair for four months! Them twenty three years mean shit now.” She held out her hand to her lawyer and he placed the pen in her hand. “Where do I sign?” 
Tumblr media
Kiyana let out a sigh as she pulled into the driveway to Trinity and Jon’s house. The last thing she wanted to do was be at a birthday party with her ex-family. She and Josh had only been officially divorced for about 4 hours. 
She already had it in her mind that she was only going to drop the boys off, she was not staying at this party. She forced a smile on her face as she and her boys walked into the backyard of Trinity and Jon’s house. The smile faltered a bit as the backyard went quiet with all of Josh’s family members staring at her. 
Clearing her throat, she held her head up high as she walked over to where Kamari had run over too. 
“Hi.” She said to Josh handing him Kairo who was already trying to jump out her arms to get to his dad. Josh said nothing to her as he took Kairo and Kiyana resisted the urge to roll her eyes. She bent down and placed a kiss on Kaiden’s and then Kamari’s forehead. “Daddy will drop you guys off at home ok.” She said to them, cutting her eyes to Josh who nodded his head in agreement. 
“You’re not staying?” Kaiden asked, grabbing her hand with a pout on his face and Kiyana almost folded.. almost. 
“No bubba.” Kiyana said softly. “Don’t you wanna spend time with daddy and your cousins?”  She pointed over to where Kamari had run off to with their cousins, playing in the bouncy house and Kaiden nodded but still didn’t let go of her hand. 
Josh handed Kairo over to his sister and bent down so he was eye level with Kaiden. “It’s okay Kai. You gon see mommy later okay.” Kaiden nodded and gave his mommy a kiss on the cheek before running over to where his cousins were playing. 
“Okay you can go now.” Kiyana let out a sigh then chuckled. She knew it was coming. “Nobody wants you here after what you did to my brother.” Kiyana rose back to her full height and turned around to face Josh’s sister Melvania. She smirked as she took in the look on Mel’s face. Melvania never liked Kiyana over some petty cheerleader bullshit that happened back in high school. 
“Never said I was staying ,Mel.” Kiyana rolled her eyes. She nodded her head at Josh as went to walk out of the backyard. 
“ Good riddance whore.” Kiyana her Melvania whisper and giggle with one of their cousins. Tired of the disrespect, Kiyana turned around to face them. 
“I don’t see how I'm the bad guy in this situation. I had my little fling after your brother had his affair for four months and I still stayed with his ass trying to fix our marriage.” Mel scoffed and shrugged her shoulders. 
“You still cheated on my brother.” Kiyana had to laugh. Because Mel always made excuses for Josh’s and Jon’s behavior. In Mel’s eyes her brothers could do no wrong. 
“After he cheated on me and told the bitch he was planning on divorcing me first!.” Kiyana wanted to smirk at the shocked look on Melvania’s face at the information she just learned. 
“Come on Yana. Let me walk you to your car.” Jon had come over to put out the fire between Kiyana and his sister after seeing his twin stand there and watch the whole thing. 
Kiyana glared at Josh before storming off from the party. “I’m sorry If i ruined the vibe for Jayla’s party. I know alot of your family doesn’t want me around.” Jon only nodded and watched as she got into her car. He felt bad for Kiyana. Most of her second family had turned their back on her because Josh wasn’t telling the whole truth. 
“Listen, you know me and Trin always got your back right.” When Kiyana nodded, Jon continued. “I just don’t think it's a good time to be around right now. Just for the time being.” Kiyana felt her heart drop into her stomach. 
“Wow. You know what..” Kiyana couldn’t even get the words out. Jon had basically just told her to stay away from his family. 
“Kiyana, I’m just saying -” 
“I understand what you’re saying Jonathan.” She said as the tears started coming down her face. “Message received loud and clear.” 
Tumblr media
SOOO... first chapter of the sequel... y'all feeling it or nah?
Reblogs, comments, likes, and feedback ALWAYS appreciated ❤ 
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nightmare-viper · 8 days
Night One (18+)
Pairing: Cody Rhodes x OC(Ola Kaminski)
Night One of WrestleMania 40 didn't go the way that either of them has thought, maybe Night Two will?
Tumblr media
Tags: @jeysbvck , @alyyaanna , @daddywrasslin
Ola was standing watching one of the screens in the back, a frown plastered on her lips. Of course she knew what the outcome tonight was going to be but it still stung, especially with how sad Cody looked. The shot for shot of last year’s mania loss really added to the heartache. A few of her friends shot her a sympathetic look before she disappeared to Cody’s dressing room, she couldn’t stand to be face to face with Roman and the Rock right now. Knowing herself, her temper would get the best of her and she’d start a fight. So, once she got to his room, she relegated to pacing a line in the carpet. 
Cody gave the best smile he could to his friends that were patting his and Seth’s arms and back, giving encouraging words. He frowned slightly when he didn’t see Ola among them, which Kevin quickly explained he had seen her leave shortly after the match had ended. Cody furrowed his brows but nodded before hugging Seth and telling him that he would meet him tomorrow sometime. He quickly made his way to his dressing room, hoping that’s where she had disappeared to.
Ola stopped in her tracks as she heard the door start to open, a worried expression crossing her features as Cody stepped in. They both paused and stared at each other for a moment before she stepped over to him slowly as he shut the door,
“Oh, Codes….” She gently cupped his cheek as he closed his eyes and leaned into her touch. She used her thumb to stroke his cheek while her other hand laid on his chest.
“Do you…” He opened his eyes and shook his head slightly, “I don’t want to talk sweetheart….” He bent his head down and captured Ola’s lips in a desperate kiss. She squeaked gently into the kiss as his hands wrapped around her and pressed her close, “I need to feel.” He muttered as he pulled back and began kissing down her neck. She whined softly as she wrapped her arms around his neck, pressing impossibly closer to his body. She gasped when he nipped the sensitive skin of her collar. “Hold on tight…” he muttered against her skin as he hoisted her up, her legs instinctively wrapping around his hips. She whimpered in his ear as she felt his already hardening cock against her. His in-ring pants didn’t leave much to the imagination. 
Cody spun them and pressed her against the door as she raked her nails down his back, rolling her hips experimentally against him. He growled softly in his throat before looking up at her, “Needy tonight, hm?” Ola bit her lip when he looked at her, the gorgeous blue of his eyes just a sliver with how blown his pupils were, 
“You’re one to talk…” She smirked as she rolled her hips again and he groaned. He slid a hand from her ass to her chest, kneading one of her breasts through her shirt before sliding his hand down to the hem of the shirt. He glanced at her and she nodded before he tossed her shirt from her form before doing the same with her bra. She hissed between her teeth as the chilled air came in contact with her heated skin, which made Cody smirk before sucked one of her nipples in his mouth. She gasped before she moaned and one of her hands shot to the back of his head, gripping his hair and arching into him. Cody kept his eyes on her as he sucked on her nipple and pulled off, nipping it gently after. 
Ola’s eyes had fluttered shut and she whimpered as he kissed up her neck to her ear, nipping the lobe, “I need to be in you babe.” She grabbed the side of his head and crashed her lips to his in a sloppy kiss, 
“Then hurry the fuck up Cody.” She managed out in between kisses. Cody wasted no time, holding her up with one arm as he managed to tug his pants down enough to get his cock out. 
“Sorry about this,” Ola opened her mouth to ask why before she heard the rip of her panties as Cody positioned himself, and her jaw dropped slightly in shock. She was however happy that she had opted to wear a skirt today however. Cody took hold of his cock and used it to slide up her slit, coating the head of his cock in her slick. Ola moaned softly as his cock brushed her clit, 
“Fuck..come please.” He couldn’t help the lopsided smirk that graced his lips at that before he pressed his lips to hers in a kiss, 
“Only because you asked so nicely, sweetheart.” He whispered as he slammed himself deep into her and he moaned lowly. Ola dug her nails into the back of his head and shoulder as she moaned while he filled her up. She whined and moaned as Cody set a steady pace, his hands digging into the meat of her thighs to where she knew there’d be lovely bruises there tomorrow. She pulled him closer into a hungry his before panting against his lips, 
“Take me like you own me, Rhodes.” That earned a deep groan as he pressed his face where her neck and shoulder met. He gripped her tighter and slammed his hips into her faster, rougher and messier. She held onto the back of his head as he bucked into her, savoring the way he was moaning and panting against her skin. Cody slid a hand between them and up to her chest, using his thumb to rub and flick her nipple in time with his thrusts. Ola groaned loudly from her throat as her back arched and leaned more into him, devouring him. 
“Touch yourself Ola, I want to feel you cum on my cock.” She whimpered as her brain was moving like molasses as all her senses were consumed by the bleach blond man that was pounding into her against the door. She slid a hand between their bodies to her clit, rubbing circles in time with his thrusts. The room was filled with the sounds of skin slapping against each other and moaning and panting. 
Any poor soul that made the mistake of walking by the room, most definitely heard everything that was happening in that room. However, Cody and Ola could give a shit as they focused on chasing their high. She turned her head and captured his lips again, fighting for dominance with her tongue as she whined, 
“I’m…shit…I'm so close Codes…..” Cody grabbed her hips tightly again as his pace got more and more sloppy, chasing his own high, 
“Then cum for me sweetheart.” He pressed his forehead to hers as he felt her tighten around his cock. Ola’s eyes rolled back as she pressed herself impossibly closer to him as that coil in her stomach snapped and her orgasm washed over her. She moaned louder before Cody took the opportunity to slide his tongue in her mouth as he thrust through her orgasm while her pussy sucked his cock in deeper. He nuzzled her neck as she panted and pulled him closer, his hips slamming as deep as he could before letting out a moaning growl as he filled her up. He slowed his pace and breathed heavily against her shoulder before she gently took his face and cupped his cheeks. Ola gently kissed his lips and brushed his hair back, while he gave her a warm smile, 
“Tomorrow is another day.” The man’s smile grew and he kissed her again with a light laugh, 
“It is and it’s one I intend to win.” She smiled and rubbed his cheeks with her thumbs,”I love you, no matter what Cody.” Cody shook his head slightly, 
“And I love you. She smiled with a laugh, “Now, can we get cleaned up?”
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love-islike-abomb · 19 days
The perfect drug
Roman reigns x Jade (OC)
Tumblr media
I stole the pic from @foreverlyjay so thanks to her for the inspiration for this fic!
Warnings: smut, exhibitionism, Errors I may have missed
Tag list: @reignsangel444 @acknowledge-reigns @mzv11 @pittieprincess22 @romanreignshairdresser @mandeelemons @herwickedlittlesins @helensanders92 @haloexile @jstarr86 @rrsexybeast @tribalauthor @undisputedjf @weirdgirl16355
She looked out the huge windows overlooking the beach from their condo. The view was amazing! The heat from the Florida sun was only matched by the heat pooling between her thighs, seeing her massive man of a husband sitting in a chair that seemed almost to tiny for him. All she could think about was riding him in that chair. His massive hands caressing her skin, his lips attached to her's as she moaned into his mouth.
"baby?" He said snapping her out of her thoughts "what's on that mind of yours?"
She bit her lip, making him smirk knowing it was something naughty "seeing you sitting in that chair" she smiled, walking towards him "has me thinking about riding you in it"
He let out a low groan "we might be able to make that happen" he smirked. The a&e crew had left already so it was just him and her in the condo. He pinned her against the window, his massive frame almost engulfing her. He lifted his shirt over his head, revealing the intricately detailed tattoo on his chest. She reached for his belt, unbuckling it, letting his pants fall to his feet.
Her maxi dress and his boxers were all that stood in the way of them being one. He grabbed the first loop of her dress, letting it fall, revealing her curvy frame beneath. She skin was flawless and soft as velvet. One of many things that he found attractive about her. He reached for the other loop, pulling it slowly away from her, revealing her perky pierced nipples. In his eyes she was the most beautiful woman on earth!
She reached for his boxers, the last thing standing in the way of her fantasy being reality. Kneeling before him, she pulled his boxers down his thick thighs, taking him in her mouth. Her eyes locked with his as she took his full length in her mouth, his head falling back at the feeling of her warm mouth. He reached for her hair, taking a handful, and using it to move her head up and down his length. "Fuck baby!" He groaned before pulling her off him with a pop.
Lifting her up, he wrapped her legs around his waist, walking to the window, pressing her against it. Neither of them cared if anyone saw and he was even more turned on by thinking about someone seeing him fuck his wife. He rubbed himwelf between her folds, teasing her already aching core.
"Roman please!" She groaned, aching for him to fill her up, like no one else could. Hearing her beg was music to his ears. He slowly slid himself inside her, both of them letting out groans "fuck! Its so big!" She groaned.
"so fucking wet!" He groaned, grabbing her thick ass and using it as leverage to pound into her "oh fuck!" She groaned.
"that's it baby girl! Let the whole complex know how good I fuck you! Let them know how good your tribal chief pounds this pussy!" He growled. His words sent her spiralling into ecstasy. "Uhn! Yes baby girl! Milk my cock! Make me fill that pussy to the brim!" His own orgasm following hers mere seconds later. A deep, primal growl escaping his lips. A few last eratic thrusts and he stilled inside her, giving her a sloppy yet tender kiss. "You're incredible!" She whispered, still trying to catch her breath.
He smiled, leaning his forehead against hers "I love you baby girl!"
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damiansgoodgirll · 2 months
drabble of damian going down on reader and never stopping not even when her legs are shaking bad bad
and here we are😌
damian priest x reader
‼️smut so stay away kids ‼️
Tumblr media
shake it off
his left hand was pinning your stomach down to the bed while his other hand was keeping your legs open.
all you did to find yourself in that position was saying to damian how tired from work you were and that you needed a hot shower to relieve some stress.
of course he wanted you to feel relaxed but he wasn’t so sure about the shower part.
so now you were overstimulated, crying from pleasure in damian’s bedroom.
“give me another one please…” he whispered against your pussy “you taste so good mi vida”
you would have said yes if it wasn’t for the fact that you already came two times in the last twenty minutes.
“dam please…” you begged him but you weren’t so sure about why you were begging him for.
“is that a si mi amor?” he asked, making sure that you were okay with that.
“fuck yes…” you didn’t care that your legs were shaking, you didn’t care that you were heavily breathing and that you were overstimulated. his tongue between your legs was enough to make you forget about the rest.
his hands struggled a little to make you stay calm but somehow he managed to it.
this time he was taking his time with you. he went from kissing your thighs to gently licking your clit, the mischievous smile he had on his face was gone and his eyes were looking at you with such tender you felt like you were melting.
“eres muy preciosa…” he whispered against your completely destroyed pussy “te amo mi amor” his words were making you shiver.
you loved his rough side but you loved his lover side even more. it reminded you how of a beautiful soul he was and you couldn’t be more grateful to have him by your side.
“you like this uh?” he asked, already knowing the answer when his lips went back to your clit and his finger moved slowly into you. your legs were shaking so bad that he had to throw them over his shoulders otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to finish his mission.
“dam please…” you were a completely mess.
“shh…i know baby, i know…just let it happen” he slowly whispered. he added a second finger inside of you and that was enough to make you cum, again.
but he didn’t stop.
“damian please…it’s too much - fuck” you said squeezing his fingers so hard he almost came in his pants.
“let me clean you and then you’ll be free…you taste heavenly i can’t get enough…” he kept licking your pussy, tasting her like it was a delicious piece of cake.
it took him a few minutes to clean the mess he made between your legs and when he looked into your eyes he swore he just saw an angel. even with your make up all ruined and tears falling from your eyes, to him, you were the most beautiful human on earth.
“thank you…” you breathlessly whispered.
“anytime…” he said, knowing that it was a promise.
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kyleoreillylover · 5 months
Jey Uso x Sami Zayn x Fem!Reader
Summary: As the youngest on the roster, you are used to the protective antics of the older members of the WWE- specifically Jey and Sami, who took you under their wing and see you as their little sister, who deemed themselves as your protectors- despite you thinking you can take care of yourself. But tonight, after wanting to experience being a normal teenager and sneaking out to a party you get ditched and stranded at, you call them for help. And Jey is not happy with you.
A/N: This is very self-indulgent. Not that I get stranded at parties, but I wish Sami and Jey were some of my college besties, especially as a first year, and could comfort me, don't we all 🥹 Hope ya'll enjoy!!
tag list: @southerngirl41 @venusesworld @jeysbae @reci1996 @tbonesteakwithasideofmashngrav (if you wanna be added to the tag list just lmk!)
Word Count: 4,631
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The rational part of your brain knew it was a stupid idea ever since your friends suggested it- you had to be stupid to not think that -but the irrational part of your brain wanted to finally act your age and have fun with the friends you barely saw ever since being called up and constantly on the road 300 days a year. 
As a college student who also happened to be a WWE superstar and the hottest act on WWE.
And at a mere 18 years old.
Any other person your age would have jumped at the chance for a wild night out. And you finally wanted to live up to your age. 
Which is why you didnt tell anyone on the roster that you were planning to attend the party. Sneaking out from the tour bus was easy enough, slipping away from the watchful eyes of your older colleagues who often acted as your guardians whenever you were on tour. You were grateful for their protectiveness, but tonight, you craved a taste of freedom, and you weren't gonna get that with them breathing down your necks. 
But now, with the bitter cold air biting at your skin, and the distant sound of music fading behind you, you found yourself regretting your decision. You hadn't anticipated how quickly everything could turn sour. Your friends had scattered away a few hours ago to god knows where, leaving you stranded and uncomfortable in a sea of drunk idiots (there was no way you were trusting the drinks of a bunch of college boys) that were either trying to get in your pants or trying to get you into their friends’ pants. 
And to make things worse-you got recognized. An over-zelous frat boy took one look at you from across the room and literally screamed out your name over the loud music, which in turn made his other over-zelous frat boy friends turn towards you with recognition in their drunken-hazed eyes and run over to you and wrap their sweaty arms around you and beg you for selfies, which in turn made everyone else realize you were there and do the same thing. 
You quickly dipped before shit could hit the fan and managed to slip away and run far away from the house without anyone following you, but now you had no idea where you were, it was getting colder by the second, and you were nervous that a fan would eventually find you. 
You navigated through dimly lit streets, shivering in the cold, desperately trying to remember the route back to the main road to get the hell out of here. The unfamiliar streets twisted and turned, leading you deeper into a residential neighborhood you didn't recognize. Panic began to well up within you as you realized you truly had no idea where the fuck you were going. 
You groaned as as frustration mixed with the cold night air. You had two options now. Either suck it up and keep walking, hoping to stumble upon a familiar place with using google maps, or call one of your friends for help.
You started mentally weighing the pros and cons of each option to call. Cody was finally spending time with his family, you weren't close enough with Seth to ask him for help, Rhea would chew you up and spit you out for being this stupid and leaving without telling her, Bianca was spending time with Montez and busy dealing with Damage Control, Nia hated your guts…which left you with two options...
You reached for your phone, feeling the chill of the night biting at your fingertips as you dialed the numbers of the two people who you defineltey felt the most guilty about not telling about your plans because they were the closest to you and the most protective of you, but you had no choice now. The phone rang, each ring and every second you waited for an answer amplifying your anxiety. 
After a few agonizing moments, the phone finally finally clicked, indicating that someone had picked up. 
"Why the hell you calling at 1 am? I ain't getting you no food uce." Jeys groggy voice greeted on the other end of the line, sounding slightly annoyed at being awakened. "Hey...." You answered back nervously, knowing he'd be even more irritated. 
"Jey, be nice." You heard Sami's equally tired voice chastise Jey. Sami was always the sweetest between the two of them, even though Jey was also syrupy sweet with you and being protective hell over you. Sami was always spoiling you despite Jey's teasing and gruff exterior. You were like the little sister they never had.
"But why are you calling at this time, kiddo? Shouldn't you be sleeping or something, all that teenage angst catching up to you?" Sami teased lightly.
You let out a nervous laugh, the sound slightly shaky from the cold, your breath visible in the chilly night air. "Uh, yeah, about that...I kind of need your help," you admitted, rubbing your arms in an attempt to generate some warmth.
There was a brief pause on the other end of the line before Jey spoke up again, this time more alert. "What kind of help? What the hell you do?" Jey's voice was filled with concern yet tinged with a hint of scolding. 
You let out another nervous laugh, knowing he was going to get more angry. "Don't get mad..." 
"Don't get mad?" Jey's voice rose a notch, and you could practically hear the skepticism in his tone. "What. Did. You. Do?"
"Well, you see, I may or may not have snuck out to a party without telling anyone, and now I'm kind of lost in the middle of nowhere," you confessed immediately at his demanding tone, cringing at the admission.
There was a moment of silence, followed by a deep sigh from Sami. "You did what?!" Jey's disbelief was evident, and you could almost picture him running a hand through his hair, a habit he had when he was stressed or frustrated.
"I know, I know, but I called you now, shouldn't that count for something?" You babbled out in a rush to quell his frustations, your teeth chattering slightly from the cold.
Jey let out a frustrated growl. So much for quelling his rage. "You should've not done this shit in the first place, that would've counted for something! You know better than to do this shit-"
"Alright, alright, let's not make her feel worse than she already does." Sami interjected, his tone softer as he put a hand on Jey's shoulder, trying to calm his friend down. "We'll figure this out kiddo, okay? Just send us your location." 
You quickly fumbled with your phone to send them your location- hoping they wouldn't notice you turned it off, but Jey's angry growl indicated that he probably caught on. "And you turned off your location, didn't you?" Jey's voice was stern, and you winced at the disappointment you could feel emanating from him.
"I...uh, didn't want anyone else to track me down," you admitted sheepishly, knowing it was a feeble excuse.
Sami sighed. "Look, just turn it back on so we can find you. We'll be there in a few minutes."
You followed Sami's instructions, turning on your location sharing. As you waited for them to arrive, you couldn't help but feel a mix of relief and anxiety. Relief that you wouldn't have to be in these cold, unfamiliar streets alone and would have company soon and anxiety about facing the inevitable lecture from Jey and Sami. 
True to their word, Jey and Sami showed up shortly, wearing sweatpants and hoodies, looking more like they were ready to sleep than to show up and get you. 
Jey's face was etched with anger, disappointment, and concern, while Sami's held a more understanding and sympathetic look, but also had a tinge of disappointment in his face. They both stepped out of their car, and Sami pulled you into a tight, protective hug. The warmth from his hoodie was a stark contrast to the chilly night air, and you couldn't help but sigh in relief.
"Are you okay?" Sami whispered, concern evident in his voice as he pulled away to examine you. You were wearing a low cut black dress that was definitely not suitable for the cold weather, and Sami's worry deepened as he noticed your shivering.
"I'm fine, just cold," you replied, trying to brush off the concern, but the chattering of your teeth betrayed your attempt.
Jey, who had been standing there with his arms crossed, finally spoke up, walking over to you and giving you a jacket."We're taking you back to the bus. This was a stupid idea, and you should know better. Now get in the car."
You nodded solemnly, slipping into the jacket, but Sami frowned at Jeys stern tone. "You don't have to yell at her, Jey. She's already scared and cold." Sami shot Jey a disapproving look that Jey shot right back at him. "Then what the hell am I supposed to do, Sami? Be happy like you that she's almost a grown ass adult that decided to play hide and seek in the middle of the night in some random neighboorhood?"
Your frown turned into a glare as you looked between them, understanding where Jey was coming from but nonetheless still hurt by his words. "You're right. I am an adult, so I shouldn't have to listen to you yell at me like I'm a child," you retorted, crossing your arms defensively.
Jey scoffed, rubbing his temples. "Yeah, your such an adult that you got yourself lost in the middle of the night," he muttered under his breath, but Sami shot him another warning look.
"Enough, Jey. Yelling at her won't change what happened. Let's just get her back to the bus and talk about this when we're all in a warmer, less public place," Sami suggested, guiding you towards the car.
You were about to go into the car, but a voice yelling out your name made you freeze in your tracks. "Y/N!!" The three of you turned to see a big ass frat boy running towards you, phone in hand, with a wide grin on his face. 
"You didnt listen to me ask you for a selfie earlier!" he exclaimed, clearly still drunk. "So now that I finally found you, are you done being a bitch and will take a selfie with me?" He barely finished his sentence before Jey grabbed the collar of his shirt and lifted him off the ground, a low growl escaping his throat.
"You need to learn some damn manners, you fucking fool!" Jey snarled, his grip tightening on the guy's shirt. "You talk to her like that again I'ma stick my foot up your ass and make sure you can't talk at all, uce."
"Jey, let him go!" Sami intervened, trying to pry Jey's fingers off the frat boy. You watched, wide-eyed, as the frat boy stammered out an apology, fear etched across his face as Jey chocked the life out of him. "Nah, he gotta learn to keep his fucking mouth shut!" Jey's grip tightened on his throat as he pushed him against a nearby car. "You wanna talk that shit to her, you deal with the consequences, uce." Jey's tone was deadly serious, and the frat boy nodded frantically, struggling to catch his breath. 
"Jey, seriously, let him go. We don't need trouble," Sami pleaded, still attempting to calm his friend down. 
"Jey please, let him go. We don't need you getting suspended for hurting a fan over me." Your voice softened as you approached, placing a gentle hand on Jey's arm. He turned to you, his expression still filled with anger but softening slightly at your touch. He listened to you and released the frat boy, who stumbled backward, coughing and trying to regain his composure.
"Get lost," Jey growled at the frat boy, who nodded vigorously before stumbling away, casting frightened glances over his shoulder.
Sami shot Jey a disapproving look, but Jey just shrugged it off. "You didnt have to fight him. You could've just ignored him," Sami scolded gently, shaking his head at Jey's temper.
"I ain't gonna let anyone disrespect her like that, Sami. You know that." Jey replied, still seething but slightly more composed now. You took a step closer to Jey, looking up at him with a mix of fear and love in your eyes. "Thank you, Jey. I'm sorry for causing all this shit." You looked away from him guiltily, not waiting for a response as you crawled into the car, missing the way Jey sighed heavily, his anger slowly dissipating as he met Sami's gaze, who was giving him a knowing look. "Lemme guess, now you are feeling bad and wishing you listened to me?"
Jey sighed again, running a hand through his hair in frustration. 'I fucking know, okay? I shouldn’t have blown up on her like that." Jey admitted gruffly, his voice laced with guilt. 
Sami placed a reassuring hand on Jey's shoulder. "I know, man. But now, let's bring her back to the bus, make sure she's good, and then you can talk to her, okay?”
Jey nodded a mix of concern and remorse on his face as he got into the drivers seat, Jey's grip on the steering wheel tight and Sami sitting quietly beside him, occasionally shooting concerned glances at you in the backseat, where you were shrunken back into your seat, scrolling on your phone to avoid the tense vibes in the car.
The silence was thick, only broken by the occasional sigh from Jey and the sound of Sami shifting in his seat. You glanced up from your phone just in time to see you pull up to the tour bus.
As soon as the car stopped, you hurriedly exited, hoping to avoid the tension inside. You were met with the chilly night air once again, and you wrapped the jacket tighter around yourself, then felt anther arm wrap around you and looked up to see Sami by your side. He gave you a gentle squeeze, silently comforting you as you stood there, feeling the cold night air prickling against your skin. "You'll be okay," he murmured softly.
As you turned to head towards the tour bus, you noticed Jey lingering behind. His expression seemed torn between frustration and worry, his hand running through his hair as if he was battling an internal struggle. His eyes met yours briefly before he turned away, heading towards the bus after you and Sami, making your heart drop in guilt.
You sat down on the couch, pulling the jacket closer around you, trying to shake off the chill that had seeped deep into your bones, the heat emanating from the tour bus a welcome relief. You glanced up as Sami settled down next to you, offering a warm smile in an attempt to ease your n nerves as Jey stomped to the kitchen, his movements tense and agitated. He was trying to mask his concern with a facade of indifference, but it was evident in the way he kept glancing in your direction.
"I'm sorry," you murmured, breaking the silence, your voice barely audible. Sami's face softened at the sadness in your face. "I didnt mean to make you guys scared, or worry you both, or try to prove that I am independent. I just wanted to have fun for once."
Sami gently placed a hand on your shoulder, offering a reassuring squeeze. 
"It's okay, kiddo. We understand that. But you have to realize, sneaking out alone wasn't the safest way to have fun," Sami replied, his voice calm and understanding. "Jey and I were worried sick when you called. You are like our little sister, and we care about you, and we want you to be safe."
You nodded, feeling guilt weighing heavily in your chest. "I know, and I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to cause so much trouble."
Sami paused for a moment, his gaze sympathetic and filled with concern. "I know. And I know the pressure can be overwhelming, trust me, I can barely handle it and I am twice your age. But are you not having fun? Are you not happy with Raw and Smackdown? I don't want you to crack under the pressure this young just because you feel like you have to prove something to yourself or others."
You sighed softly, feeling a mix of relief and guilt wash over you. "I am, Sami. I really am happy when I'm with you guys. I'm happy with everyone. I am happy with me life. It's just... sometimes I feel like I'm missing out on being a regular teenager. Everyone else my age is out having fun, and I'm constantly on the road, living this extraordinary life but missing out on ordinary things."
Sami's expression turned into an understanding and his eyes had a pensive glint in his eyes as he pulled you into a tight hug. "I get it, kiddo. I do. I know how tough it is, but I also know that you're strong enough to handle it. You accomplished so much that others can only dream of doing, and youre being a badass while dong it."
You giggled softly at Sami's attempt to lighten the mood, and he smiled back, happy to have finally made you turn back to your normal self. "But you shouldn't be worrying about what you are missing, you should be proud of what you've achieved. You're not missing out on life; you're living it differently, and that's okay."
You smiled into his neck, his words and warm embrace being exactly what you needed. Sami was always so sweet to you. "I needed to hear that. Thank you, Sami.”
Sami pulled back slightly, giving you a warm smile. "Anytime, kiddo. Besides, who else would I be able to spill drama and gossip about with you're not here? Sami chuckled softly, trying to lighten the mood further.
You giggled again, nudging Sami playfully. "You have Jey to gossip with."
Sami laughed heartily, the sound echoing through the bus. "Ah, he's got his moments too, but you know, you're the one who keeps things interesting around here."
The two of you turned towards the kitchen when you heard a clang, seeing Jey, rummaging through the fridge with unnecessary force, his back tensed.
Sami turned back to you, a knowing glint in his eyes. "Look, we'll talk more, but I think Jey needs a moment. He's just worried about you, and it's his way of showing it. He needs you more than I do right now."
You nodded your head understandingly at Sami's words; Jey might've had a hard exterior, but underneath all that he needed you right now, needed to make sure you were safe.
"I'll go talk to him," you said softly, standing up from the couch. Sami gave you an encouraging nod as you walked over to Jey, who had his back turned to you, who was aggressively fixing things in the kitchen. You approached him cautiously, knowing he was on edge.
"Jey?" You spoke softly, hoping to get his attention without startling him. You saw his back stiffen, but he didnt turn around. You took a deep breath and continued, knowing he was listening to you. "I'm really sorry about what happened tonight. I didnt mean to worry you or cause any trouble. I just wanted to..." You trailed off, unsure how to express your feelings without making things worse.
Jey finally turned to face you, his eyes red and tired, but full of concern. He didnt say anything at first, just observed you with a mix of emotions flickering his face. His expression softened slightly as he took in your nervous stance, and he let out a heavy sigh. 
"Look sweetheart," Jey began, his voice surprisingly gentle despite the frustration lingering underneath. "I ain't mad at you because I wanna ruin your night or make you feel bad. I'm mad because I care about you. We care about you.
He gestured toward where Sami was sitting, still looking in your direction. "You mean a lot to us, and seeing you like that.." He sighed heavily, running a hand through his hair in frustration. "You're not supposed to be sorry, you know? You're supposed to be safe and sound, not running around in the middle of the night and scaring the hell out of us. And you like my sister, so of course I'ma feel some typa way about it." 
You felt your throat close up at the genuine concern in Jey's voice. You moved closer to him, reaching out tentatively to touch his arm. "I... I understand, Jey. I didn't mean to cause so much worry. I just... I wanted to let loose for a night, to feel like a regular teenager, " you admitted, your voice wavering slightly with emotion. “I won't do something stupid like that again, I promise." You looked up at him, sincerity shining in your eyes.
Jey's expression softened at your words, and he sighed, pulling you into a hug. "You better not, or I'ma beat your ass," he said, his tone serious but laced with affection. You giggled into his neck when he lifted you up slightly in a bear hug, your laughter easing the tension between you both. "Okay, okay, I promise! No more sneaking out without telling anyone," you assured him, hugging him back tightly.
"And no more partying alone somewhere you have no idea about."
"And no more hanging out with friends that ditch you."
"And no more stealing my snacks from my locker room when I go out for a match."
"Aye, now you doing too much!"
You both chuckled at your comment, and you pulled away from the hug to look up at Jey.
"I love your protective ass, you know that?"
Jey smirked slightly, a playful glint in his eyes. "Of course you do. Who else is gonna keep you in check, huh?" You nudged him playfully, smiling up at him. "You and Sami are the best. I don't know what I'd do without you guys."
Jey's smirk softened into a genuine smile, and he squeezed your arm affectionally. "We got your back, always. Just promise me you'll have ours."
You smiled back at him, your eyes softening with gratitude at having the greatest support system ever. "I promise, Jey. I'll always have your back, just like you have mine."
Jey nodded, a sense of relief washing over him, his demeanor shifting back to his usual protective yet playful self. "Good. Now go back and sit with Sami, your hot chocolate will be out in a minute."
You raised your eyebrows at his words, a grin creeping up on your face. "Hot chocolate? You're spoiling me now, Jey," you teased, feeling a sense of warmth spread through you despite the chilly air outside.
Jey chuckled, pushing you playfully out of the kitchen. "Yeah, yeah, just go before I change my mind."
You grinned and hurried back to the couch where Sami was waiting, a smile on his face as he watched your interaction with Jey. "I take it everything's okay?" Sami asked softly as you sat back down next to him.
"Yeah, everything's good," you replied, leaning against Sami's shoulder. "Jey's just being Jey, you know?"
Sami nodded, wrapping an arm around your shoulders comfortingly. "Yeah, I can tell." He paused for a moment before continuing, his voice filled with warmth. "Jey may not always show it in the best way, but he's fiercely protective because he cares deeply. We both do. You're like family to us."
You smiled gratefully, feeling a surge of emotion at Sami's words. "I'm lucky to have you guys. Don't tell anyone, but when I got called up to the main roster… I was scared. I didnt know anyone, and everyone was so much older and experienced, so I thought to just shut myself off and focus on wrestling. But you guys… you made me feel welcome, like I belonged."
Sami's smile widened at your confession. "Aw, kiddo." He pulled you into his arms again, holding you close. "You fit in right from the start. I saw potential in you from before Cody introduced us, and I knew you'd be something special. You've proved that and more. And don't tell Jey I told you this…"
Sami leaned in to your ear conspiratorially. "But he told me when we first met you that he thought you were the most talented person he had seen in a while, and that it was crazy NXT didn't capitalize on you when they had the chance." Sami pulled back to see the surprised expression on your face, chuckling softly at it.
"He really said that?" You asked, surprised and touched.
Sami nodded, his smile warm and reassuring. "Yeah, he did. But don't spill the beans, he has a reputation to maintain." You laughed as you leaned back onto the couch, smiling up at Sami gratefully. "Thank you for telling me that. And don't worry, your secret's safe with me."
Just then, Jey came into the room, carrying three mugs of steaming hot chocolate. He handed each of you a mug and settled into the seat across from you, a small smile on his face. "Here you go, kid. Don't burn your tongue," he said in a teasing tone.
You rolled your eyes at his teasing, taking a cautious sip of the hot chocolate, reveling in its warmth. "Thanks, Jey. This is perfect," you said, shooting him a grateful smile.
Jey leaned back in his seat, taking a sip of his drink and shooting a knowing look between you and Sami. "So, what'chall taking 'bout?" he asked casually.
You and Sami exchanged glances before chuckling nervously. The two of you were the worst liars on earth. "Oh, nothing, just catching up on some stuff," Sami replied smoothly, trying to cover up the conversation.
Jey raised an eyebrow, clearly not buying it. "Ya'll were talking bout me, weren't you?"
You were a little worried Jey had caught on, but Sami was quick on his feet. "Of course not, man. Why would we talk about you when we have more important things to discuss?" Sami flashed a mischievous grin.
Jey squinted at Sami, clearly not convinced. "I know when you're lying, Sami. spill it."
You chuckled nervously, deciding to take the plunge. "We were just talking about this hot guy from school hitting on me at the show one time." you said, trying to divert the conversation with a playful grin.
Jey raised an eyebrow, looking between you and Sami skeptically. "Hot guy, huh? Should I be worried?" he teased, taking a sip of his hot chocolate.
Sami laughed, playing along. "Oh yeah, definitely. He was so into her, it was unreal. I had to swoop in and save her from his charming ways," Sami joked, nudging you lightly.
You giggled, grateful for Sami's quick thinking. "Yeah, Sami's my hero," you said with a wink, trying to keep a straight face.
Jey chuckled, shaking his head at your antics. "Yeah, in your dreams, cause ain't no way mans took a look at Sami and got intimidated." Jey smirked, taking another sip of his drink. You laughed at the offended look Sami wore, his hand over his heart in mock hurt.
And as you sipped your warm hot choclate, your heart felt even warmer. You might not have been a regular teenager, but if being a regular teenager meant you couldn't have these friends looking out for you and having your back, then you didn't mind missing out on regular teenage normalcy at all.
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kinda of want to write something for roman, maybe a brandi and cody vs roman and his wife or like a segment his new wwe legends biography featuring some scenes with her and a sit down interview?
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