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Bloodline Members When Pregnant Wife Has Midnight Cravings
Characters: Roman Reigns, Jimmy Uso, Jey Uso, Solo Sikoa. x Fem!Reader.
Word Count: 2,497
A/N: When I thought about this I instantly knew I wanted to write it for the Bloodline. And I'm never gonna stop writing for this type of Bloodline. Freak whatever it is now. Anyways, Hope You Enjoy!
Tumblr media
Roman Reigns:
Tumblr media
You woke up to nothing, but silence and darkness.
You let out a little groan, turning your head to the side to your nightstand to see it was 2:10 AM. All of a sudden through the silence your stomach growled.
Your face twisted up, your 6 month baby kicking, begging for food. You turned your head to the side again and saw Roman peacefully sleeping with his hand on your stomach.
You desperately wanted something to eat to help you and your baby before going back to sleep, but Roman was sleeping and you don't wanna wake him up.
After he main evented WrestleMania and lost his title after 1,300 days, you wanted nothing more, but for him to sleep after all the hard work he has done.
You looked around the room. The TV was on Netflix asking 'Are You Still Watching?' maybe if you turned on a random show he wouldn't hear you leaving the room. You searched for the remote and found it underneath the blanket before turning on something random.
You carefully slid his arm off your bump and slowly made your way up and out of bed. Little breathes and grunts were heard in the room as you pushed yourself up and when you did, you cheered, before hopping up.
Your feet hit the wood floor and pattered all the way downstairs and to the kitchen. You were very careful going down the steps, holding onto the railing for dear life.
You shouldn't even be going there with no help anyways, but what Roman doesn’t know won't hurt him. He's been super overprotective when it comes to you and the baby, practically doing everything for you, so you won't have to lift a toe.
You made it to the kitchen, walking around and opening up cabinets to see what snack would reel you in and a cabinet later, Cool Ranch Doritos caught your eyes. You grabbed them, slowly opening the bag so you wouldn't make much noise.
You didn't really turn up the volume on the TV that loud, so it was all to you to be stealthy.
Once you got them open you did a little celebration dance. You took a chip out and took a bite. You let out a moan as the seasoning hit your tongue. This is just what you needed at 2:20 in the morning
You picked up another chip and as soon as you were about to put it in your mouth, the clearing of a throat caught you. You jumped, dropping the chip and whipping around only to see your husband.
He stood there, arms crossed over his chest with a disapproving look. "What do you think you're doing out of bed?" He asked, making his way around the island. You looked up at him, batting your eyelashes to seem innocent. "The baby was hungry, so I came down for a mid snack."
Roman took a small breath. He wasn't mad at you, he couldn't be, but the thought of you going down the steps with no help made him worried.
"Okay, but why didn't you wake me up? I could’ve gotten you something." You avoided his eyes, looking down at the bag. "I wanted you to rest. You've been working so hard and I didn't want to make you get up."
Roman sighed, grabbing the bag and putting them on the counter before his hands circled around your waist, pulling you close. "Baby, I don't care how long I've worked, wake me up. You know how I feel about you going down them steps without any help."
You nodded your head, letting Roman guide you back near the steps, but you stopped him. "Wait!" He paused. "Can you get the chips?" Roman chuckled as he got your bag of chips and helped you up the steps.
Now, his next mission is to make your nightstand a snack drawer and put a mini fridge nearby so you can have everything you need and want without getting up.
Tumblr media
Jimmy Uso:
Tumblr media
The sound of your stomach growling woke you up. It was loud and hurting as your baby kicked and moved for food.
You were about 7 months pregnant and your cravings have been getting weirder and weirder each month. Last month you wanted pickles and pancakes and the month before that you were obsessed with toast with ranch.
Yeah, nasty, but you were enjoying it. But tonight was simple. You yearned for a Burger King wrap.
You looked over at your husband who was sleeping on his back, his mouth open as he breathed in and out. He looked so relaxed.
"Jimmy." You called out quietly, but he didn't move. "Jimmy." You tried once more, but still he didn't wake up. You began shaking his body, repeatedly calling his name. "Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, Baby, wake up. I'm hungry."
Jimmy finally woke up. "W-what?" He groggily asked, rubbing sleep out his eyes. "I'm hungry." He looked at you and then the clock. "Really? It's 4 in the morning!" He groaned out.
He knew he would get up either way, but wanted you to know what time it was that you got him leaving the house for something to eat. "Please, Jim! I'm really craving a Burger King wrap." Jimmy shook his head in shame as he got up and slipped on some sweatpants and his Nike slides.
“That's all you want? A wrap?" You cheered, sitting up. "Yes please, and some pink lemonade!" And with your order, Jimmy left going to his car and driving all the way to Burger King. He decided to go inside since nearly every time he ordered at the drive thru, they got something wrong.
As he opened the door he caught the eye of an old friend. "Kofi, is that you?!" Kofi turned around and saw Jimmy, a smile coming to both of their faces. "Aye, man, what'chu doing here at 4 AM?" Kofi asked as Jimmy remembered. "Y/n's cravings again. She wants a chicken wrap." Kofi chuckled. "Sounds like her. Anyways, how has WrestleMaina treated you?"
As the two began to talk about WWE, Jimmy forgot what he was even in there for until his stomach growled. "Oh, I'm a little hungry. I'll talk to you some other time, Uce." Jimmy said to Kofi as he went up to order something. He got him a burger before getting back in the car and going home.
He opened the door and was instantly met with you standing there with a smile on your face. "Food!" You cheered, your hands out, but that made Jimmy freeze.
Your food.
That's what he was supposed to be getting.
Your smile dropped as you saw there was one bag and no drink. "Where's my food?" You quietly asked him as Jimmy still stood there.
He was very careful with his words as he broke the news to you. "Babe, I'm so sorry. I forgot-" Jimmy didn't even finish his sentence as your eyes teared up. You were really looking forward to a wrap and pink lemonade.
Jimmy put the bag down and pulled you into a hug. "No, no, please don't cry. I-I'll go get your food, just don't cry." Jimmy pleaded.
Curse your stupid hormones for making you feel this way over food.
“Please." You begged as Jimmy broke away. "Okay, stay here. It won't take long, I promise." Jimmy said, placing a kiss on your forehead and rushing back out to Burger King.
Like promised, it only took about 20 minutes and he was already back home, but when he didn't see you standing in the living room waiting for him, he thought you went to sleep, but when he walked through the hallway and turned the corner to your shared room, he saw you on the bed with HIS burger wrapper ball up.
You looked up at him with your mouth full of food, an apologetic look on your face. "Sorry, I was really starving."
Although Jimmy really wanted that burger, he couldn't be mad at you. He handed you your food and drink and watched as you happily ate.
Tumblr media
Jey Uso:
Tumblr media
"Jey?" Jey's eyes opened at the sound of his name being called. You sat above him, a hand on his chest. "Yeah?" He asked, looking at you.
You had this innocent look to which he knew you were about to ask for something. "The baby's hungry, can you get me something to eat?" Jey let out a sigh as he sat up, kicking his legs over the side of the bed. "What are you craving?" He asked.
You shrugged your shoulders not really feeling the need for a specific food. All you know is that you’re hungry . "I dunno? I just want something." Jey chuckled.
"Fast food or homemade?" You quickly answered. "Homemade." Jey nodded his head going to the kitchen and looking at what y’all had. He found some Ramen noodles, deciding to cook it for you. It was warm, a little salty, and something that will get you full.
He went back into the room with the bowl, bringing it to you. "Ramen for you." He didn't even get to put the bowl on the nightstand before you spoke. "Actually, I don't want that." Jey's brows furrowed. "Well, what do you want?" He asked, holding onto the bowl. "It doesn't matter, but not noodles." Jey took note and returned back to the kitchen.
He looked through the cabinets again and found bread. The thought of French toast came to mind. Instead of eating something salty you'll have something sweet.
He was quick to make that and came back to the room, a smile on his face. "Here's some French toast, baby." You took the plate, stabbing the toast with the fork he gave you and took a bite.
A moan of satisfaction came out of you as the sweet syrup hit your tongue. "Mm, this tastes so good!"
Jey nodded proudly, going to his side of the bed and not even 5 minutes later you were calling out his name. "Jey?" Jey looked at you to see a different look on your face. "Don't be mad, but I kinda don't want this either."
Jey closed his eyes, trying to control himself from getting upset. "So what do you want now?" You thought about it for a second before answering. "McDonalds?" Jey got up and put his crocs on. "The regular?" You nodded and Jey left.
He went all the way to McDonalds which was 10 minutes away and got your favorite thing and drink, but on his way home his phone dinged. As he reached a red light he quickly took a peek at the notification and saw a text from you.
'Change of plans, don't want McDonald's, feeling Burger King rn.'
Jey growled in slight anger. He just got the food and was halfway home, but now he has to turn around and go to Burger King. Even though he was a little mad he turned around and went to Burger King, getting your classic order.
Once again, he drove back home and opened the door, but you were already standing there, a small smile on your face. "Jey?" He silently pleaded you weren't gonna say what he thought you were.
"I actually want Dominos." And there it was. It took everything inside him to hold back the words he wanted to say.
He quietly left the house and got back into the car which scared you. You know he's tired and wants to get back in bed, but he's gonna keep going out until you get what you truly want.
He pulled up to dominos, but before he got out the car, his phone rang. He saw your name and quickly answered it. "What is it now?" You were silent for one second before telling him.
"I'm thinking about a chicken sandwich from Chick-Fil-A instead of pizza." He's tried. Jey had tried holding it in for so long, but this was his final straw.
Not only were you pissing him off, but you were stressing him out. You got him running all around to different fast food places only for you to call it off for a new one. He was kinda done.
"Are you serious, Y/n? I've driven to 3 different fast food places only for you to change your mind every time. I'm tired and want to go to bed, so please for the love of my Dad, make up your mind." As Jey finished his sentence it was quiet on the other end.
He didn't want to make you cry, but he was so tired and wanted to go back to sleep. "I'll eat what we already have." And with that, Jey hung up going back home.
When he got to the bedroom he saw you looking happy as you stuffed your face with food. He slid back in bed, finally going back to sleep.
Now you both were happy.
Tumblr media
Solo Sikoa:
Tumblr media
It was 1:00 in the morning when you woke up, craving something sweet, but salty. You called out your husband's name once and he rose up like Undertaker.
"Solo?" He was up, eyes locking onto your form. "Hm?" You hummed. "I really want something sweet and salty." You pouted, looking up at him through your lashes in hopes to somewhat seduce him to get out of bed and get your snack.
“What do you want? A snack or meal?" You shrugged your shoulders. "You choose for me, as long as it's-" Solo quickly joined in. "Sweet and salty, yeah, I know.” You both chuckled as he swung his legs over the side of the bed and put on his shoes.
It was only 5 AM. This is usually his normal time to wake up for the gym, but because of WrestleMania, he was granted 2 weeks off along with the rest of his family.
He didn't have a single problem with going out at any time of night to get you something you and the baby craved for and he made sure you knew that.
Solo locked up the house and outside on the sidewalk all the way to the corner store. It's a good workout and it only takes him about 10 minutes to get there.
Solo instantly went to the chip section and picked up a bag of caramel popcorn. It was sweet, salty, and crunchy, all to which you would love right now. He picked up a couple of bags along with a drink and went to the counter and paid for it.
He did a small jog back home and met you with your awaited treats. "Got you some caramel popcorn and your favorite." You cheered, clapping your hands before pulling him in for a kiss. "Thank you, thank you, baby!" Solo smiled as he watched you open the bag and pop one in your mouth.
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Jimmy is so REAL! 😂😂😂
All day ☝🏼🩸
Tumblr media
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Beautiful Nightmare
Tumblr media
Jey Uso x Female Reader
(thanks for being patient. Hope you enjoy lovebugs<3)
I sigh as I walk out of my bathroom with a huge sigh. I had a stressful day today and just want to lay in bed. I turn off my light and I lay down and stare at the ceiling in the dark. I let my thoughts take over and bite my lip in anticipation. I wonder if I’ll see him in my dream tonight. His hands running all over my body making every part of me melt. I close my legs as my wetness grows. I feel like I can feel him kissing every part of my body. The kisses on my neck makes me moan as I close my legs desperately trying to get friction. I grip the sheets as I feel them moving down my body and kissing right above my pussy. I gasp and open my eyes wide as I feel a warm tongue lick a up my pussy. I look between my legs and see him. He winks at me before going back in and eating me like it’s his last meal. My hands fly to his head and hold it in place against me. 
“Shit it feels so good”, I say as my back arches up. 
He growls and says,”Damn this pussy taste good mama”, before going back to eating. 
I feel like he’s slowly setting my body on fire and all I want to do is burn. I feel my stomach tighten up and my body spasms as I cum hard. He licks up all my juices and comes up and kisses me. I moan into the kiss as I taste myself. He pulls away and smiles down at me. 
“Who in the hell are you?”, I ask, smiling at him. 
He licks his lips and says,”It's Jey baby. Now I’m about to fuck this pussy up mama. All fours.”
I don’t waste any time and flip over getting on my hands and knees. He rubs his tip against my clit making me twitch. He kisses down my back and I whimper from the teasing. I shake my ass to tell him to hurry and he smacks it making me gasp. 
“Be fucking patient before you don’t get anything”, he says as he rub the spot he just spanked. 
I patiently wait and as he kisses my back he pushes his entire dick in making my eyes open wide and moan loud.
He comes to my ear and says,”Look at you letting me in like a good girl. Now give me them hands baby.”
I send my hands behind me and lay my head on the pillow. He grab my hand and hold them as he starts to pound the fuck out of me. The feeling is so unreal, it feels like a fairytale. 
I scream out,”Fuckkk daddy.”
He doesn’t let up on strokes and my eyes roll in the back of my head. He comes down to my ear and groans. I try to get the words out that I’m about to come as my stomach knots but nothing can come out. Soon my body shakes as my juices roll down my leg. 
“Daddy I’m cumming!”I scream as the euphoric wave comes over me. 
After I’m done he flips me over on my back and says, “I’m not done with you yet.”
He enters me again and my back arches. This time he’s going slower but deeper. He’s digging me out so nicely. My body feels like it's floating on air at how deep he is. I put my hand on his lower stomach and try to push him away but he’s not budging. 
“It's so deep daddy”, I say as my eyes roll in the back of my head. 
He kisses on my neck making sure to mark me and says, “You can take it mama. Just a little while longer.”
From the way he’s breathing and groaning I can tell that he’s close. I wrap him in my thighs holding him in place and scratch down his back.
His eyes roll in the back of his head and he says,”Fuck mama this pussy is so fucking tight.”
I moan out as I feel my third orgasm of the night creeping up on me. He groans loud and his moves start to stutter. 
“Oh fuckkk mama,” he says as he cums in me. 
His orgasm sends me into mine and my back arches up and my toes curl as I feel my body squirting from the intense and passionate strokes he just gave me. 
“Oh that's it mama, make it rain”, he says as he rubs my clit until I come down from my blissful orgasm. He comes down and kisses me as he disconnects our bodies. I whimper from the sensitivity and lay back on my pillow. 
He goes into the restroom and gets a warm towel to clean us up. When he finishes he wraps me in his arms and says,”You did so good mama.”
I smile and snuggle into his arms. My eyes open and the only fucking thing I’m snuggling with his my pillow. I groan and kick around in my bed. I feel the pool between my legs which dripped all down my thighs. I sit up and my body is covered in sweat. I go into the bathroom and clean myself up and change. I groan into the kitchen and get me a glass of water. I walk back into my room and groan as I lay down. 
“I’ll never fucking meet him.”
I roll my eyes and turn on my Tv and WWE is on. I decide to watch it and as I’m watching it I hear the name Jey. I sit up and see the man from my beautiful nightmare on Tv. I bite my lip and rub my thighs together as the feelings come back. 
I lick my lips and say,”Maybe I will meet him.”
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Secret Santa
● Jimmy Uso x Reader ●
• Summary: You get Jimmy as your secret Santa pick. You get Jey to help you. He sees a text message from Jey and freaks out over it causing him to leave. What happens when Jimmy gets his present from you?
Tumblr media
Sitting in the locker room waiting for everyone to come in so we can pick who we are getting for secret Santa, Jimmy flops down next to me on the couch.
"Hey babygirl. How's it going?"
I look over at him smiling and shake my head. He puts his arm around my neck and kisses my cheek.
"You know you love me."
"Yes I do love you Jim."
"Would you two knock it off?"
Jey walks over and sits down on the other side of me. I smack his arm shaking my head. Bianca comes into the locker room with a bucket.
"Alright. Listen up. Everyone's name that is participating in the secret Santa is inside this bucket. I will go around and everyone will pick a name. Do not let anyone know who you have. Please and thank you."
She walks around and everyone starts picking names out of the bucket. She makes her way over to us and Jimmy picks a name out. Than I grab one and Jey does as well.
"Alright. Everyone has a name. You have until Christmas eve to get and give your person their gift. Thank you everyone."
I put my paper in my pocket not wanting to look who I have yet. Jimmy kisses my cheek again and he gets up.
"Alright baby. I gotta go do some bloodline stuff. I will be back later. I promise."
He walks off out of the room with everyone else and I pull the paper back out of my pocket opening it up.
"No way!"
I look over my shoulder to see Jey looking at my paper.
"You're nosy. And now that ya know I got him, you have to help me. You know him better than I do."
"Yeah. While you got my brother, I got Shotzi. That's your girl. You gotta help me too."
I put my hand out and he shakes it sealing the deal. I smile and stand up putting the paper back in my pocket.
"See ya later Jey."
I roll my eyes laughing and walk out of the room to go to my locker room.
*the next day*
Sitting on the couch at me and Jimmy's apartment, I am scrolling through Facebook trying to find an idea for Jimmy. I see a picture of him come up and an idea pops into my head. I immediately text Jey about it asking him who can possibly make it for me.
"Hey Jey! What do you think about getting Jimmy customized Jordan's for the ring with a matching jacket for him to wear for his entrance?"
I set my phone down on the coffee table and get up to go to the kitchen. Jimmy comes downstairs and into the kitchen sitting down on the couch.
"Baby can you get me a drink by any chance? Doesnt matter what it is!"
"Yes I can!"
My phone buzzes on the coffee table and Jimmy looks down at it. He sees Jey's name come up and grabs it off the table.
"Let's do it! We can meet up and get that done! Than you can help me! Let me know when Jimmy ain't around so I can come get ya!"
I walk in holding two cups and set them on the coffee table looking at Jimmy holding my phone. He looks up at me with a pissed off look. I look at him confused.
"What's wrong baby?"
"Don't call me baby. You have anything to tell me?"
I look at him confused standing next to the couch.
"Ummm no. What's going on?"
"Looks like you are trying to get with my fucking brother."
He stands up and shoves my phone in my face showing me the message I got from Jey. I grab my phone reading the message and look back at Jimmy.
"I am helping him with his secret Santa and he is helping me with mine."
"Yeah right. I don't believe that at all. You wanna be with my fucking brother? Be with him. I am out."
He pushes past me and walks upstairs. I stand there with a shocked but upset look on my face about what just happened. I hear banging upstairs. I sit down on the couch feeling tears swelling in my eyes. He starts banging stuff around and yelling about Jimmy. He comes down the stairs with two suitcases and looks over at me. He rolls the suitcases to the door than walks over to me.
"We are done. You can go be with my brother. I don't want to see you backstage. I just can't believe you would cheat on me with my own brother."
He sets his apartment keys on the table than turns to walk to the door.
"I didn't do anything."
He scoffs and grabs his suitcases. He opens the door, pushes his suitcases out and slams the door shut. I start crying leaning forward into my knees. I hear his car tires screeching out of the driveway and down the road. I sit back up grabbing my phone and I call Jey.
"Hey girl! What's going on?"
I start crying harder not being able to talk.
"Y/N! What happened?! I am on my way over! Did Jimmy do something to you?"
"I will tell you everything when you get here."
"On my way!"
Sitting on the couch crying into Jey's shoulder, he rubs my arm looking down at me.
"Hey. Y/N. Girl. Cmon. Look at me."
He pushes me off of him to sit up. I rub my eyes and look at him. He pats my shoulder looking at me.
"Look Y/N. My brother is a hothead. He gets dramatic about everything. He knows in his heart that I would never do that kinda stuff to him. I know how much he loves you. You are basically all he ever talks about when he isn't in character at work."
I look at him wiping my eyes.
"Does he really?"
"Girl! Roman tells him to shut the fuck up all the time!"
I giggle a little finishing wiping my face. Jey pats my shoulder looking at me.
"It will be okay girl! Let's go get his present done and you need to help me with Shotzi's present!"
"Good idea."
We get up, head outside to his car and head off to get our presents done.
*a week later*
"Just give it to him. I wrote out a little note in the card. He will get it."
I hand Jey the box with Jimmy's presents in it as we stand outside the Bloodline locker room. He takes it and looks at me.
"You sure you still wanna do this?"
I shake my head yes. He walks into the locker room leaving the door cracked a little. I stand there being able to see Jimmy sitting on the couch.
"Hey! Jim! This present is for you from your secret Santa!"
Jimmy jumps up off the couch and walks over to him taking the present.
"Oh shit. Wonder who is it?"
He takes the card off the top opening it up. He sits down on the couch and starts reading the note inside.
"Jimmy. I miss you. I promise I am not cheating on you with Jey. He just helped me pick out your present. I hope you love what I got you. I love you. Y/N."
He starts tearing up reading it and looks up at Jey.
"Open the gift dude."
He opens the gift and box unveiling custom Jordan's and matching jacket. He gasps looking at them starting to tear up more. I see his face filling with tears and it starts making me tear up wanting to run into the room.
"Jim. That girl really loves you. And you know I wouldn't do that to you. That is your woman."
Jimmy gets up looking at Jey.
"Jey. I am so sorry. I didn't mean to accuse you of cheating with her. I know you wouldn't do that to me. I'm really sorry."
They hug and I watch them slightly crying. Jimmy pulls away grabbing his phone.
"I gotta call Y/N and talk to her. I got a present for her too."
"Actually Jim. I have a surprise for you."
Jimmy looks at him confused as he walks towards the door. He opens the door filling revealing me standing there watching them slightly crying. Jimmy throws his phone on the couch, comes running over to me and hugs me very tightly. I wrap my arms and legs around his body hugging him back.
"Y/N! I am so sorry! I wasn't thinking when I saw that message! I got very angry and it took over my head! I love you so much! Please forgive me!"
I look at him smiling a little.
"I forgive you Jimmy. You know I would never cheat on you. Especially with your brother. I love you so much too."
He sets me down, grabs my face and kisses me. I wrap my arms around his neck kissing him back. Jey clears his throat behind us.
"Jimmy, isn't there something you wanted to ask Y/N?"
"Oh yes there is! Y/N?"
He looks down at me smiling. I look up at him smiling a little.
"Yes baby?"
He gets down on one knee looking up at me. I gasp and cover my mouth with my hands.
"Y/N? Will you make me the happiest man alive and be my wife?"
I start crying still covering my mouth. I shake my head yes crying harder. Jimmy wraps his arms around my waist picking me up and spinning me around. He sets me down, grabs my hand and puts the ring on my finger.
"Jim. It's beautiful."
"Anything for my girl. By the way, I literally love my present. I am definitely wearing them to the ring every night."
"I am so happy that you love them. Jey was a big help."
We both turn to look at Jey smiling. Jey smiles looking back at us.
"You're welcome. But I have to go now to give my present to my pick. See yall later."
Jey leaves and I look back at Jimmy. He looks back at me, grabs my face and kisses me hard. I wrap my arms around his neck kissing him back. He pulls away looking at me.
"Baby. I am so sorry about everything that has happened. I missed you more than you can believe. I promise this won't ever happen again. I promise I will be calm and talk to you about everything and not get mad. I love you so much."
"I love you so much too. And thank you. That makes me feel so much better that you are willing to talk things out with me."
He grabs my face kissing me and I kiss him back running my fingers through his hair. He pulls back and walks over to sit on the couch. He pats the seat next to him and I walk over sitting down.
"Oh and who did Jey have for a secret Santa pick?"
"Ohhhhhhh man! Did you help him with a gift?"
"Duh. He doesn't know anything about her! It was actually kinda funny watching him try to pick something out for her."
We laugh together as he turns on the TV so we can watch Smackdown. He wraps his arm around me and I cuddle into his side smiling very big.
"What a good way to start the Christmas weekend."
"I agreed baby."
The End
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damiansgoodgirll · 8 months
jey uso where readers on her period please
i wanna hug jey so bad 🥹
jey uso x reader
tw : period pains
Tumblr media
shark week
you didn’t expect your period to come this early in the month but it happened. you and jey were finally able to have some days just for yourselves and you had so many activities ready to do and you couldn’t believe something as silly as your period was going to ruin everything for you.
you stood up from the bed when you felt pain in your lower stomach. your period always hit you bad but this time it was a little worse.
“oh shit…” you whispered before you slowly went downstairs and grabbed a glass of cold water.
your hands were clutching your belly, like as if in some kind of way you were able to stop the pain that was filling your body. you went to lay back on the couch, too much in pain to go upstairs once again and you let your head hit the comfy pillow on your sofa.
you couldn’t maintain the same position for more than three minutes. your pain was getting stronger every second and it didn’t matter that you already took some medicine, nothing seemed to get better.
you were too focused on your pain that you didn’t even hear the front door opening. jey went to buy some groceries as he wanted to have a romantic night in with you and he wanted to cook your favorite meal, but what he didn’t expect was to see you sitting on the ground, back over the couch, your knees on your chest and your head tucked between your legs.
jey immediately knew something was wrong.
“hey baby…” he dropped the groceries over the couch and he slowly knelt in front of you “can you look at me please?” he asked but shook your head no.
you felt embarrassed crying over your stupid period pain, knowing that jey had been thorough so much worse but you couldn’t help feel like that, your lower stomach was killing you and your head was going to explode any minute.
“baby please…i need to know what’s wrong so i can help you” he softly said to you.
it broke his heart seeing you like that, knowing he couldn’t do anything to help you.
you slowly lifted your head and your teary eyes but his worried ones “hey baby…” he whispered.
“it hurts…” you softly said.
“what hurts baby?” he immediately panicked, thinking you might have hurt or injured yourself.
“my stomach…it’s that time of the month” you sniffled “it’s just…it came early and i ruined our days together, i’m sorry…” you apologised feeling like shit.
“no baby, you didn’t ruin anything…” he gave you a sad smile knowing how much in pain you were every single month “come here…” he helped you up from the ground and let you sit comfortably over the couch “here we go…” he sat behind you and his bigger hands went to replace yours over your belly. his thumbs gently massaging where it was more painful and you felt a wave of comfort washing over you that you really missed.
“is this better love?” he asked softly and you nodded, laying your head over his chest.
his hands kept your belly warm while his lips occasionally kissed your face, from your cheeks to your nose and lips.
“i ruined our weekend…you were supposed to teach me how to surf…” you started talking but he stopped you.
“you didn’t ruin anything baby, it’s normal” he kissed your forehead “i’m gonna teach you how to surf another time…we can still enjoy our time at home, just you and me and a warm bath for you while i prepare your favourite meal” he smirked at you and you looked at him with surprised eyes.
“you don’t have to…”
“i want to…” he said kissing your lips “you took care of me so many times i’ve lost count, it’s the least i can do for you sweetheart…i want you to relax yourself and i want to take care of you”
“thank you…” you whispered completely speechless.
he prepared a hot and warm bath for you with your favorite soaps and helped you getting in in the tub while he enjoyed cooking some of your favorite pasta.
once you were all cleaned and relaxed you both ate the delicious food he made while watching your favorite movie and once the movie was over you spent the rest of the night in each other’s arms talking about the silliest things that made you laugh and you couldn’t be more grateful to have someone like jey in your life.
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dirtywrestling · 1 year
Hi can you do a female reader with jey uso where jey gets jealous of her bond with Jimmy uso *can you add smut please
Tumblr media
Pairing: Jey Uso x Female!Reader
Warnings: 18+ Blog, Minors DNI, Cussing, Smut
Follow My Backup Blog!: @dirtywresling102
Tumblr media
Your back arched off the wall as your teeth sunk into your bottom lip, suppressing a moan. Your breaths were heavy as your chest rose and fell with each huff. "Tell me." Jey grunted, his fingers tracing over your slit. "Do you think of my brother?"
"N- No, only you Jey, just you." You whimpered, bucking your hips against his touch, trying to get his fingers inside of you.
"Huh, really?" He hummed, his eyes tracing over your naked body. He admired how your nipples harden with the cool air dancing along your skin, breaking out in goosebumps. "Then, why hang out with him so much? You must crave his cock, no?"
"N- No, only yours Jey, I swear!" You sobbed, your cunt twitching and pulsing, begging to have his fingers inside of you. "Please, please fuck me already." You begged.
"I mean, since you've asked so nicely." He chuckled, pushing two digits past your cunt, you both moaned at the same time. Your eyes fluttered shut where your jaw dropped open. "Oh, maybe you are telling the truth, all wet for me?"
"Yes, yes only you!" You moaned loudly, rolling your hips against his digits.
"Good girl, never talk to him again, do you understand me?" Jey grunted as his fingers sloshed against your wet walls.
"I understand, I promise!"
Tumblr media
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acknowledge-reigns · 2 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ucey Love Stories part 2: Jon and Trinity ❤
Happy Valentine's Day.
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rhodesrider · 3 months
Tumblr media
CG!Jey Uso x Little!Fem!Reader || CG! Jimmy Uso x Middle! Dasha (OC)
Warnings: Age regression, constant fighting (Acts that came from the result of the RR 2024), affirmations, mentions of kitchen knife, slight cussing
Minors DNI 18+
The twins both glare at each other as they sat across from each other. Not once have they broken eye contact, both remembering the showdown on Saturday before the other number came in. Both Y/N and Dasha both sat on the larger couch in the middle of the room a bit nervous to even say anything. Dasha looked over at Jimmy seeing his deadly glare, Y/N glanced usually seeing Jey in cheerful moods but it just seems so different it scared her some. Dasha sighed and grabbed her carebear sunshine and threw it straight at Jimmy. Y/N tried to stop her quick but it was too late, she launched it at Jimmy and soon saw it was caught while still having the stare down. “Princess no throwing things.” He said low as he mauled his brother with his eyes. “I’m trying to enjoy my play date with my bestie and you are acting like a butt.” She pouted. Soon Jey snapped out of it looking at Y/N, seeing the look on her face displeased him. Dasha rolled her eyes and grabbed Y/Ns hand taking her to her playroom. “Hopefully you two don’t kill yourselves.” She muttered as they went upstairs. Jey sat back in his chair, sighing at his actions seeing that it made Y/N upset. “Damn you can’t even be a good care-“ “You finish that sentence y’all gone need another table uce.” Jey hissed at Jimmy. Jimmy just smirked. “Oh so you dealing with Dasha like that made you Daddy of the year?” Jey confronted. Jimmy rolled his eyes but also remembered the look and words that Dasha gave. “Well it’s yo fault.” Jimmy said trying to put blame on his brother. Jey just gave him a look and sighed in defeat. “Shut up man.” “Don’t tell me to shut up.” At this point it’s sibling banter and they are gonna continue this for a while. Y/N was still listening in.
“Y/N you wanna have a tea party? Jimmy finally let me get a kettle in my playroom! I just have to be careful.” Y/N didn’t say a word while sitting on the highest step just listening to them. “I miss it when they were friends…” Y/N held on to her teddy bear sighing remembering when Jey was in the bloodline and they were getting along. It’s kind of confusing and too much for her now. Dasha sympathized with her. “I know, Daddy has been so different since working with uncle Roman more and uncle solo. But it’s their job. He doesn’t wanna let family down…” “He let his brother down.” Y/N mumbled. Dasha doesn’t agree with all the bloodline does, so again she understood where Y/N came from. “Hey I know, wanna have a picnic outside?” Dasha smiled. “You think right now is the perfect time to have a lunch?” Y/N asked. “It’s the perfect time sweetie.” She smirked having a great idea.
After a while of silence, the twins were wondering what the girls were up to. They soon saw them running down the stairs with tablecloths and a white basket. “No running.” Jimmy voiced and they slowed down. “What are y’all up to anyway?” Jey asked. “Picnic.” Dasha said plainly and continued to get ready. Y/N did the same and got up ingredients for the food they were gonna make. “Do y’all need some-“ “No.” The girls said in sync and the twins looked at each other. Not in a murder way but a concerned daddy way. “Ok…y’all call us if you need us.” They continued to get stuff together, Dasha was the oldest in her headspace so she handled sharp stuff. She grabbed a big knife though and Jimmy jumped up going to her. “Babygirl here’s a butter knife.” “But I can’t cut the sandwiches with this daddy.” “I’ll cut the sandwiches then I just don’t want you hurting yourself mamas.” She nodded and got a kiss on her forehead. Dasha sent a small signal to Y/N and soon she went to climb the counter. Jey quickly ran to get her down. “Baby why?” “I need to get the peanut butter for the ants on a log.” Jey sighed and got the peanut butter down for her, “Next time princess asked for me not just do it yourself, I don’t want you hurt.” Jey smiled. She nodded. “Can you help me with my sandwiches and treat please papa?” Y/N smiled. Jey glanced at Jimmy who wasn’t even worried about him anymore. He was busy helping Dasha and praising her on the amounts of food she’s measuring right. Jey nodded and helped her on the other side of the kitchen.
Dasha and Y/N placed the food outside after the twins helped them set up. “Y’all made a lot of food.” Jimmy said a bit hungry himself. Y/N sat her teddy down in a chair next to her. “Yea we did.” Dasha said glancing at him while putting on her tiara. “We could join y’all if you want.” Jey suggested. “Sure just don’t start fighting? Unless you can’t do that.” Dasha said and sat down. Jimmy saw that a bit unfair looking at Jey, “Come on mamas.” “No there is no come on, you two fight more than me and Angelica. Either you two stop bickering and sit with us, or you go back in the house and fight.” Dasha voiced. Y/N looked at Jey, he looked back and sighed. “Jimmy, I know you don’t like me right now but it’s for the girls…” Jimmy looked at Dasha who gave him the ultimatum and sipped out her cup. “Fine…” “What was that?” Jey asked. “I’ll do it. But this don’t change anything-“ “Please Mister Jimmy…” Y/N said low playing with her shirt just wanting them to get along for now. Jey saw the look in her eyes and sat down across from Y/N. “Come on man.” Jimmy sighed and went to sit next to his brother. “Is that turkey?” Jimmy asked getting a nod from Dasha and getting the sandwich. At first it was awkward, but then they started laughing, telling stories on old times of fighting together and even when they were little. Y/N smiled mouthing to Dasha thank you, she nodded and she grabbed an ant on a log stick giggling.
After the picnic, they cleaned up and got their stuff together to get ready to go. “Today was fun!” Y/N said hugging Dasha, she hugged back and the brothers still were talking to each other with no sign of murder. “Me too! Can she come back next weekend?” Jimmy and Jey looked at each other and smiled. “Sure princess.” Dasha smiled and Y/N hugged Jey happy. “Come on baby it’s getting late.” Jey dapped his brother up and walked out the door but realized what he just did. “Huh.” Jimmy smirked, Jey looked back seeing his brother flip a bird. “You still an enemy uce.” “Just set it to the side for the girls.” He smirked and returned the bird. “OOOOOOO IM TELLING UNCLE ROMAN!” Jimmy quickly got in the house. “Ayo chill!” Jey laughed and looked at Y/N, who was calling Cody. “Hey wait I’m sorry angel!” She giggled locking the car so she could continue her snitching. “Come on baby I’m sorry!!!” Jey cried out.
Y/N was just happy to see the twins together somewhat, she was tired of the fighting so why not get them to work in the same place. Dasha and her were happy the plan worked and also had an awesome day. Happy that the fighting stopped. For now.
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laknxghts · 23 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media
jimmy and jey uso // monday night raw 10.10.22
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foreverlyjay · 4 months
Jimmy: YEET!!!
Roman: ……..
Jimmy: NO YEET
😭😭😭💀💀💀💀 I can’t
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smuts-whore · 26 days
That time again. Who do yall want next? Anyone different please comment thanks <3
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mrsarcherofinfamy · 2 months
●Jimmy Uso x Reader●
Summary: You and Jimmy get in some trouble backstage together, which leads to Roman making you accompany Jimmy to his match.
Tumblr media
Being apart of The Bloodline can be a powerful thing. It can also be very nerve-wracking as well. I have been apart of The Bloodline for a few months now. Anyways, I am sitting in The Bloodline locker room playing on my phone when Jimmy flops down next to me basically leaning on my side. He lays down putting his head on my lap and I make a disgust face at him. He looks up at me raising his eyebrow.
"What's up pretty lady? Why you making that face at me?"
"Jimmy. Get off of her."
Roman walks in with Paul and Solo looking at us. I push him off my lap, standing up and looking at Roman.
"Good afternoon my tribal chief."
"Good afternoon Y/N. Jimmy, you should be more like her."
We shake hands, I sit back down on the couch and Roman sits down on his chair. Jimmy rolls his eyes at what Roman said to him leaning towards me again. Roman turns the TV on watching what is going on out in the ring. I get up and walk towards the door.
"Where are you going Y/N?"
"Down to catering. Would you like anything my tribal chief?"
I turn around looking at Roman.
"Could you please get me a water and whatever sandwich they have today?"
"Of course."
"Oh. And take Jimmy with you."
I sigh looking at Jimmy.
"Let's go Jim."
He jumps up off the couch, runs over to the door and holds it open for me.
"After you, my lady."
I roll my eyes and walk out the door going to catering with him right next to me. I look over at him as he is rubbing his hands together.
"Do you have to wear everything red all the time?"
"Oh cmon baby. You would look hot as hell in one of my no yeet shirts."
I scoff rolling my eyes than I see Michin, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows standing off to the side. I make a disgust face and give them the middle finger causing Jimmy to laugh and point at them. Karl and Luke hold back Michin who wants to charge after me. Me and Jimmy continue walking towards catering. Jimmy puts his arm around my neck pulling me into him.
"That was really funny Y/N. Let's taunt them some more after we bring the tribal chief his stuff."
"We will taunt them more. Now get your arm off of me."
He takes his arm off of me as I walk up to the table grabbing Roman his sandwich and a water. I grab a few extras just incase and Jimmy grabs some food for himself. We head back to the locker room and I give Roman his stuff. Me and Jimmy go for a walk backstage looking for the OC again. We come around a corner to them still on the same spot we saw them last time. There is a camera infront of them as they are cutting a promo. Me and Jimmy walk up behind them doing L's on our heads for losers and laughing at them. They turn around looking at us. We quickly stop what we are doing looking at them.
"What do you two want? Come to annoy us again?"
"Well duh. Annoying you losers is to easy and really funny."
Me and Jimmy laugh together making L's on our heads again. Luke and Karl charge at Jimmy while Michin grabs my hair and starts swinging at me. I start swinging back but she hits me hard in the back. She grabs my hair and shirt and throws me into the metal garage door. My back hits the door hard and I drop to the floor clutching my back. Karl throws Jimmy into one of the production boxes. They laugh at us and leave. I start crawling over to the box Jimmy is laying on and pull myself up to my feet. I look at him with a pissed off face.
"We are going to see Roman. Let's go."
I walk towards the camera man and push his camera out of our faces. We walk back to the locker room and Roman is standing there with his arms crossed.
"I told you two no goofing off anymore. But you stay goofing off. Now Jimmy, you have a match against Karl tonight. Y/N, you are going out with him. I already talked to Nick. Now go get ready. Maybe put on something to match Jimmy. Goodbye."
I leave the locker room not saying anything and Jimmy follows right behind me. He puts his hands on my shoulders rubbing them a little.
"Let's go get your bag than go grab you a No Yeet shirt."
I sigh rolling my eyes. He looks at me putting an arm around my neck.
"Cmon. You can even customize it how you want to."
We make it to my car and I grab my bag out of the trunk. Jimmy closes it for me and we head back inside. Jimmy sticks right next to my side the whole time. I am kinda liking the feeling of Jimmy always around me. We head to the spot to get merch from, Jimmy grabs one of his shirts and hands it to me. I grab it rolling my eyes and we head off to the women's locker room. We stop at the door and I look up at Jimmy.
"I will go get changed and meet you in gorilla. Okay?"
"You sure you don't want me to wait for you?"
"I think I can handle myself."
"We will see."
He bumps my chin with his hand than leaves. I roll my eyes, walking into the locker room and ignore all the stares I am getting from everyone. I go to the bathroom and get changed into my red and black wrestling gear. I grab the no yeet shirt and sigh looking at it. There is a knock at the bathroom door.
"You can come in."
I look over seeing Natalya come in smiling at me.
"Hey Nattie. Could you please help me with this shirt? I gotta wear it tonight."
"Are you wrestling tonight?"
"No. But I wanna make sure Michin doesn't do anything out there."
"I gotchu!"
"Thanks Nattie."
She grabs the shirt and starts customizing it for me.
*at gorilla*
I am standing in gorilla fixing the laces on my boots when Jimmy walks in.
"Woah Y/N. I told you that you would look hot as hell in my shirt."
I roll my eyes smiling slightly still fixing the laces on my boots. His music plays and I look over at him.
"Let's go."
We walk out to the top of the ramp and hold up our ones walking down to the ring. We climb in the ring and hold up our ones standing against the ropes. We stand in the corner as Michin and Karl Anderson make their entrance. Jimmy puts an arm around my neck and I roll my eyes watching Michin. They come into the ring and Michin walks up shoving my face. I go to run after her but Jimmy grabs my waist holding me back. I keep fighting against his hold trying to get to her.
"Woah my little firecracker. You will get her when the time is right."
I look back at him and calm down a little seeing his face. I sigh and climb out of the ring in Jimmy's corner. The match starts.
*nearing the end of the match*
I am standing next to the ring stairs near the announcers table when Karl and Jimmy spill out of the ring onto the floor. Karl grabs Jimmy, throwing him into the ring stairs, and I gasp, watching. Karl goes to grab him, but I step in front of Karl, blocking him. Karl smirks and points behind me. I turn around as Michin attempts to do a hurricanrana to me, but I stop her halfway through. I lift her up, walk over to the announcers table, and powerbomb her through the table. I scream, looking at Karl, who is shocked at what just happened. Jimmy stands up and super kicks Karl right on the chin, making him fall to the ground. Jimmy picks him up, rolls him in the ring, and covers him for the win. Jimmy stands up as I roll into the ring and walk over to him. I put my foot on Karl's chest and raise Jimmy's arm in victory, smirking at the camera. We roll out of the ring, soaking in all the boos from the crowd. Jimmy stops me at the end of the ramp, putting an arm around my neck.
"I didn't know you were that strong. That was impressive and really hot."
"Can we talk when we get to the back?"
"Sure Thang hot stuff."
We start walking up the ramp with his arm still around my neck. I shake my head at him, smirking a little. We make our way to the back and Jimmy pulls me to a dark hallway. We stop at the corner and he looks around for anyone.
"Jimmy. I need to ask you a question. It's been driving me crazy."
"What's up honey?"
"So is all these pet names and flirting with me, just an act?"
He crosses his arms looking at me like I'm crazy. I look up at him worried. He laughs and puts his hand on the wall next to my head.
"Everything I have ever said to you has been genuine and real. I have the biggest crush on you, and I ain't afraid to show it to anyone."
"Oh Jim."
I grab his face and kiss him. He puts his hand on the back of my neck, kissing me back.
Not an act.
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damiansgoodgirll · 9 months
Coming out from an abusive relationship and Jey uso finding out that yr boyfriend was violent please ❤️😩
jey uso x reader
tw : abusive relationship, mention of violence and angst
Tumblr media
no one can hurt you
your best friend jey was helping you moving out from your old apartment into your new one.
it was hard leaving everything behind but after years of struggling with your psychotic boyfriend you knew you had to do something.
so you did all by yourself. you looked for a new place to stay and without even saying it to your boyfriend you applied and got the apartment.
you knew your boyfriend would never let you go that’s why you needed someone to help you packing and moving stuff out before he would come home. jey said yes without even questioning you. he believed you had your reasons and didn’t want to overstep your boundaries.
he knew your boyfriend was the jealous type. he knew he was very possessive towards you and he also knew he would scream at you sometimes but he he definitely didn’t know about him laying his hands on you. that man would be dead if jey knew.
but jey’s eyes caught a purple spot behind your neck while you were moving boxes around.
“y/n…what is that?” he asked without thinking twice. he really hoped you fell, he really hoped it wasn’t what he was thinking but it definitely didn’t look like a bruise you could get from falling.
“what is what?” you asked.
“that…” he pointed out your neck and you quickly went to cover it with your hair.
“nothing…i just fell” you said trying to drop the topic.
“no you didn’t” he said coming towards you but he stopped the moment he saw you flinching.
“we should hurry, he’s gonna be home in a few hours” you said.
“did you just flinch?” he asked completely shocked. you didn’t answer but your look told him enough “y/n please…tell me what’s going on” he begged you.
he cared to much about you to see you suffer like this.
“nothing’s going on…now can we continue please?” you asked, not wanting to talk about it. but jey wasn’t having it.
“did he do that?” he asked and your look was enough to give him the answer he was looking for “fuck…did he lay his hands on you?” he asked, clearly mad. still you didn’t answer “fuck…”
you turned around not even being able to look at him in the eyes but he gently moved you to face him.
“y/n please…”
“yes…he did this” you whispered.
jey’s hand gently lifted your chin up and made you look at him in the eyes.
“tell me it was an accident…tell me he didn’t purposely do it, tell me…shit please tell me it was an accident and that he didn’t mean to hurt you” he hoped with every cell in his body that it was like this but he already knew the answer. why you were moving out without your boyfriend to know it.
“he…he…i’m sure he didn’t want to hit me” you said “it just happened”
“we both know that’s not what happened…” he gently said “how long has this been going on?”
you knew you couldn’t keep any secret to jey so you started telling him all the truth “he…he started being violent four months ago” you saw jey getting mad “it started as an accident but then i felt like he had fun doing it…i just i couldn’t stop it, i was terrified and i had no idea of what to do…” you cried and his arms engulfed you in a big hug.
“it’s okay y/n, he can’t hurt you now, no one can hurt you…i promise you i’ll keep you safe” he said gently stroking your hair.
“i’m not your problem jey, you have a lot going on and i don’t want to be a burden…”
were you crazy? he wanted to shout and scream how much he loved you but he knew he couldn’t, not when you were in this state, so delicate and fragile.
“no y/n, don’t ever think you’re a burden to me, shit no…you’re my best friend” he wanted to tell you, he really wanted to “…you’re my best friend and i want to keep you safe, i want you to feel safe and happy again”
you couldn’t believe it. for the first time ever you felt like someone really appreciate you and you couldn’t be more grateful.
“okay…” you whispered.
he gently wiped your tears away and helped you packing. you knew you had to be careful and move quickly because your boyfriend was coming home from work and you didn’t want to see him ever again.
he helped you pack everything in his big truck and together drove towards your new place. you liked it there, it was quiet and peaceful and closer to jey’s home.
he stayed with you that night, offering you to help emptying all your boxes away so with two large coffees you stayed up all night. your boyfriend saw you went missing and called you so many times you thought your phone was going to explode but jey handled the situation by blocking him and deleting his number.
you were really grateful to have someone like jey in your life.
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dirtywrestling · 7 months
Can I have Jey Uso x Fem reader where she's there when Jey and Jimmy leave the Bloodline and she jumps in when Roman and Solo try to attack them?
Tumblr media
Pairing: Jey Uso x Female!Reader
Warnings: 18+ Blog, Cussing, Family Feud
Commissions: Open!
Imagines: Open!
Follow My Side Blog!: @dirtywresling102
Tumblr media
"I think we're done here." Jimmy spit into the mic before throwing it to the side of the ring. It was another Friday night meaning Smackdown was another headed family rivalry against the Uso's, their older cousin, Roman and little brother, Solo.
Your eyes were on Roman, glaring as you were alongside the twin brothers, making sure the tribal chief doesn't do anything sneaky.
Roman's dark eyes were set on the identical brothers, eyebrow furrowed and something fierce written behind those dark stormy eyes. With one quick nod of his head, Solo rushed towards Jimmy. "Jimmy, look out!" You quickly shoved him out of the way of the punch only for Solo's fist connect to your cheek.
"Y/N!" Jey shouted as you collapsed to the ground, holding your cheek. The crowd gasped at the sight where Roman and Solo's eyes were wide and staring down at you along with Jimmy and Jey. Placing your hand upon your cheek and pulling away, you saw some blood where Solo cut your skin open with the closed palm strike.
Gritting your teeth, you planted your nikes into the mat and lunged towards Solo, tackling him to the ground. The crowd was alive again and crowd as you kept throwing punches at Solo.
Jimmy and Jey didn't hesitate as they started to beat down Roman, forcing him to roll out of the ring. After you got your punches in, you stood up and kicked Solo out of the ring.
"You alright?" Jey asked, cupping your cheek.
"Nothing I can't handle." You smirked towards the two boys.
Tumblr media
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acknowledge-reigns · 6 months
Wifeys of the bloodline appreciation thread part 2 ❤:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Such gorgeous couples ❤
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