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demigoddessqueens · 3 months
Save me men with slutty waists, save me
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gabbykinneysupremacy · 3 months
His fucking face is killing me.
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primal-slayer · 20 days
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X-Men end credits then vs. now (Rogue and Wolverine credits are never seen in 97)
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fruityfetus · 4 months
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OMG OMG, the X-Men 97 trailer! Naturally, I had to gif this scene of Gambit riding Wolverine!
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rafasbiscuits · 17 days
You can't convince me they're not in love, or weren't in love at some point bcs what the FUC-
wtf do you mean,
“She left me, so many did. You did. I trusted you! You said you understood!”
“You hurt me.”
“As you did me- countless times, both of us. But we never abandoned each other.”
“The only ones who can break our hearts, are those kept in it.”
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sincerethoughtsblog · 3 months
another one for the list of female characters that face misogyny simply for existing
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louiejoyce · 2 months
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Mr and Mrs X! ♥️♦️♠️♣️
How about that latest episode hey… 😭😭😭
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sorry-but-no-sorry · 4 months
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X-men Evolution was my favorite cartoon when I was a kid and it’s was my first introduction to the character Gambit
I found him absolutely amazing back then and I find him even more awesome today. I’m currently binge watching the 90s cartoon and comics because of him
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cowboylikemorgan · 2 months
X-men 97 spoilers: Charles's will
Just so we're clear, Charles left his entire family and estate to his arch nemesis-lover. Instead of the Scott, who was prepared to be leader.
And then the following happened:
Ororo lost her power because Magneto wanted them to go to the UN. She then left
Scott and Jean's baby got green shit on him and had to be sent to the future
Bishop left because of above
Gambit got third-wheeled ("they on patrol")
Bunch of mutants on Genosha die
Magneto died
Gambit died
And all while Charles was just getting a boo
Like, what did Charles think would happen?
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kaoribriefs · 4 months
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Okay the Rogue ass meme..but more Gambit ass please
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bubblegumbarbie33 · 6 months
Every time I hear Alpha male theories about female attraction I laugh because as a child I saw a scrawny, blue-skinned, pointy-eared mutant with a tail who was related to the literal devil and wanted to wife him
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logansgaar · 26 days
my favorite headcanon about the Summers brothers is that none of them actually get hungry or tired because they all survive purely off energy absorption in a similar process to photosynthesizing, only with all energy not just light. They eat out of a mix of habit and enjoyment, but don't need to. It's probably the best kept secret between them all as they're all a little embarrassed by it
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gabbykinneysupremacy · 3 months
What’s gayer: kissing a man or an evil scientist inducing a hallucination of your best friend naked in the shower telling you he knows how you feel?
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badger-with-a-boa · 1 year
I'm officially obsessed with X-Men:Evolution Laura
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ricalleyn85 · 4 months
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X-Men Children of the Atom Player Select/Win Portrait of Cyclops from The Uncanny X-Men Trading Cards from 1992.
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Also The Marvel X-Men Collection, Book Three of Three, 1994 by Jim Lee and Paul Mounts.
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kaplunkey · 6 months
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Gambit ♠️
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