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Heya ^^ ! This is my first time ever making a request so pardon me senpei for any mistake ! =^_^= * blushes * Can you plz plz plz write a scenario about a female reader who is treating and taking care of Zoro/Sanji/Law ? After being exhausted from battle with wounds and high fever and being dizzy .
I've searched a lot about this scenario but no one wrote about it T○T so it will be amazing if you do ♡_♡. Arigatoo senpai ~♡
Hey hey! I picked Zoro from the three, because like, vulnerable Zoro? *drools* …but if I have time I might do the others! I made this a wee bit smutty (ok maybe a lot) but... I hope you still enjoy!
Tender, Loving, Care. (+18)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Zoro x afab!reader
Summary: Zoro suffers serious injuries. You provide him comfort in the ways he needs it the most.
Trigger Warnings: sex, injured sex, p in v sex, sponge bath porn?? I didn't proofread this my apologies. <3
You saw him go down. You could tell by the way he wasn’t getting back up that Zoro had been severely injured. You held your breath watching his body in a pile of smoldering rock. He still wasn’t moving.
“Zoro! Zoro you need to get up! Please!”
Still nothing. You started to run towards his body, not caring about the danger around you. You had to get to him. You screamed his name while you were running hoping he would pick up his head. Eventually, after what felt like both an eternity and a single moment, you reached his still body. 
“Zoro it’s me, I’m here! See? I’m right here! We’re gonna get you to Chopper and you’re going to be fine!” You lifted his massive shoulders up to try and prop him up on his knees. This was the point where you saw the amount of blood. Maybe he wasn’t going to be fine… no. He had to be okay. There was so much left unsaid between you. He couldn’t go now. 
Struggling to hold him up you tried to look his face. 
“Please… Zoro… I need you… I need you to be okay…”
Zoro’s swollen eyelids fluttered open.
The tears in your eyes that were welling finally spilled over. “Yeah, it’s me. You’re gonna be okay.”
You barely remember getting him back to the ship. Especially with his condition progressing as much as it was. By the time you had found your other crew mates Zoro’s skin was burning up, you worried his wounds were already getting infected. 
You handed his heavy body over to Chopper and an annoyed Sanji, irate that he had been chosen to help carry this green lump back to the ship’s med bay. 
“Waisshh…. Y/n? Where’shh y/n going?” Zoro slurred out, eyes darting around in all directions, clearly dizzy with pain and fever. 
“If you don’t shut the fuck up, moss head I will drop you on your ass and sail out of here without you.” Sanji bit back. 
You paced in front of the med bay for an hour biting your nails, waiting for Chopper to come out with news on Zoro’s condition. 
Nami popped her head into the hallway. 
“You seriously need to chill out before you wear holes in the floor going back and forth like that. He’s gonna pull through, he always does.”  
“You don’t know that. You didn’t see how bad it was…” Tears pricked at your eyes again. 
“Yeah but it’s Zoro.” Nami made a good point. The man hadn’t become the world’s greatest swordsman, there’s no way his heart would give up on him without achieving it. 
She ducked her head back into the hallway and you continued pacing. After a few moments your tiny fluffy doctor came out of the room taking the rubber gloves off his han-… hooves. 
“He’s going to live.”
You shakily exhale, finally feeling able to breathe again.
“Luckily I had the type of antibiotics he needed on hand and I was able to suture up the wounds across his chest and clean them up. He’s going to need to rest for awhile but-“ Chopper diligently explained his course of treatment. You interrupted him by scooping up his tiny body and squeezing it. 
“Oh thank you so much! You’re the best doctor in the whole world, we’re so lucky to have you!” You set down the reindeer and asked, “Could… could I see him for awhile?” 
Still heart-eyed at your praise, he agrees. 
“Sure y/n, it might do him some good to have a little company!”
You nod and grab the doorknob and open the door to the med bay. Zoro lay on a hospital bed low to the ground. You barely recognized him under all the gauze bandages, some showing old blood stains. You carefully tread over and kneel beside the bed… You had never seen him so fragile. He was always so forceful, so confident, so unbreakable. But here he was, sweating and wincing in a hospital bed. You were scared that just breathing too hard around him would make his pain worse. You were so mesmerized by his state that when he spoke you jolted upwards. 
You let out a sigh, “I’m here.”
“You saved me-“ He could barely make out the words, straining for each breath.
You shushed him quickly, “No. No talking. You need to save your energy. Please, just rest.” You reached out and gently placed his bandaged hand in your shaking one. He struggled to get out a protest before lolling back into a deep sleep. 
You waited until he started snoring to let go of his hand and head over to the sink and grab a washcloth. You dampened it with cool water and returned to Zoro’s bedside. You spent the next few minutes dabbing the sweat beading his forehead and clearing up patches of blood on his body that Chopper had missed. 
You were so worried about him, but you couldn’t help enjoying this intimacy. There had always been something between you and Zoro. Neither of you would ever acknowledge it, but it was clear to everyone that you were special to him and he to you. He always passed the first plate of food to you at dinner (if Luffy didn’t rip it out of his grip), he would stick close by you in difficult fights in case you got into a jam, and he would hold your gaze longer than he would with anyone else. 
You slept next to him that night. In fact, you slept next to him every night for the next week. After each long day with your crew, you returned to Zoro’s side, silently switching places with Chopper as his attending. You would freshen his pillows, re-wrap his bandages, all while telling him about your day. Each day his strength grew and he was able to move more and engage in more conversation. He was still too weak to sit up or lift his arms for more than a few moments. After 7 days in the infirmary and however many days before that you had to insist…
“I’m giving you a bath. You smell like literal shit.” You sidle up next to his bed on your knees with a bucket of water and a fluffy sponge. 
“The hell you are, woman! You’re going to drop me in the tub and I’ll crack my head open!” Zoro tries to sit up on his elbows.
“I know I would, that’s why I’m going to wash you here.” You begin to soak the sponge and wring it out over the bucket of warm water. "I don’t care what you say, you reek.” You reach your spare hand over his chest and start removing his bandages. You unwrap them to his waist and start moving the damp sponge gently over his broad chest. He let out a hiss at the sudden moisture on his skin. Silently you continue to wash him, nearly knocked backwards when you lifted his massive arms to scrub the pits. After awhile his upper body was sufficiently clean and you moved your position a few feet down on the bed to begin at his lower half. 
You felt your breath quicken and your heart start to beat faster. Your intentions were to care for him and his health but you failed to realize this would involve you seeing him completely naked. You hands hover over the bandages on his pelvis before reaching forward. 
“Y/n… you really don’t have to…” Zoro protested, his cheeks tinged pink at the awkwardness of the situation and how close you were to touching him there…
“I want to, Zoro, it’s fine. Please just relax. Let me do this for you.”
He flopped his head back onto the hospital bed in frustration, knowing he was far too weak to argue with you or stop you. You hands starting removing the bandages around his lower half, trying not to stare at his penis even thought it was directly in your line of sight. 
*hmm… carpet does match the drapes…* You chuckled to yourself. He was impressive, even soft. 
His breathing quickened as you starting washing his lower stomach. Trying to stay platonic, you zone out and stare at a point across the room. You slowly moved the sponge in circles, trying to eradicate his body of any filth left behind by fierce battles. You felt something tap the outside of your wrist. You snap out of your focus and realize it was the tip of Zoro’s cock. He had become hard from your hands on him, his huge dick leaking and bobbing up towards his stomach.  
You were shocked, your head snapped up towards his face. You felt your face turn red. He felt his cock brush you again and moved his wounded arm to cover his eyes. Zoro groaned into the pit of his elbow. 
“I am SO sorry about this y/n… I just can’t help it… You’re just so… you know… ugh” Zoro turns his head to the side to further hide from your gaze. 
You couldn’t believe he was like this… so shy and tender in front of you. You decide to push it further. 
“I’m so… like what, Zoro? Tell me… You can trust me…” You lower your voice to barely above a whisper. You needed to hear him say it. 
“Fuck, y/n…” Zoro still covered his face. “You’re so fucking hot, okay? You’re so pretty. Look at you, beautiful, even? I mean of course you are, I don’t know, okay? And your hands are so soft… and you saved my life, y/n…” He finally moved his arm and turned his head to look at you. 
“How could I not feel like this around you?” He finally said.
Your brain went haywire and you could have sworn you blacked out. You jumped up, dropping the sponge back in the bucket and caged in his head with your arms. You met his eyes for a moment, so soft and pleading, unlike anything you’ve ever seen in him. You smashed your lips on his in a frantic kiss. Zoro returned your action as much as he could in his state, not able to move his arms or neck the way he wants. He wishes he could have his hands all over your supple body, round and heavy breasts, your plush ass… But he couldn’t… not tonight at least.
You pulled back from him for a moment to remove your clothes. You were so needy for him that he didn’t even get a chance to enjoy your naked form in full before you jumped back on top of him. Zoro groaned as you slid back and forth across his thick length against his stomach as you worked yourself up on him. You were letting out soft pants, grinding your pussy on his member at a quick pace. As you moved on his body your breasts dangled dangerously close to his face. He was so close to being able to suckle your soft pink nipples, just begging to be kissed, but his injuries wouldn't allow for it. Damn it.
“Slow down woman…” Zoro breathed out, he never suspected you as someone who was so bold sexually. “What are we rushing for? I’m half dead, baby.” Zoro panted out a laugh.
“I-I’m sorry Zoro it’s just I need you so bad… been waiting so long to have you like this… and when I thought I lost you? I-“ 
Realizing that this situation had affected you greatly as well, he simply must oblige to your needs. 
“Okay then, baby, you can have it. Take it. It’s yours.” 
You held your hips up and lined his fat cock up with your seeping hole. You sunk down and sighed dreamily as it filled you better than you had ever imagined in your wettest dreams. 
“Fuck-“ Zoro groaned and slammed his eyes shut. You cunt was fluttering around him and he thought that was going to be it for him. It was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen. You had your head thrown back, hair dangling down to your ass, lips parted in an open mouthed slight smile. 
“Oh my God Z, why didn’t you say it was this good before?”
Zoro smirked at your praise. 
“You never asked.”
You start to bounce up and down shallowly on his cock. The way it was deliciously filling you to the brim each and every time had your head swimming. Your belly was starting to tighten with each bounce and he could feel your pussy gush more and more down his balls. 
“You’re close babe, you’re so messy. I had no idea you were such a dirty little girl. You in here every night, taking care of me like you’re so innocent. But really? You wanted to be here riding my cock, huh? Such a perfect, nasty little thing. You wanna cum for me? Make it even messier?”
You had no idea he could be so dirty! He had been barely alive a week ago and now he was reading all your filthiest thoughts through telepathy with his dick buried in your womb. 
“Yes please, yes I want to cum please! Wanna make a mess on you, Zoro, please!” You tried to grind yourself to your own release, but you felt two large scarred hands grab your waist. Zoro was using what little strength he had left in his body to push you down further on his cock and grind it into your sweet spot. 
“Oh my god I’m gonna-!” You scream. The pressure releases and your pussy rapidly spasms, each bringing you a wave of pleasure as you gush onto Zoro’s pelvis. Zoro never lets go of your hips, wanting to make sure he is working you through your full orgasm. 
“There it is baby, I know,” He coos at you as he grinds your body into him frantically. You were whining incoherently.  “I know baby, I need it too, I’m almost there… fuck, y/n” 
Zoro groans as he pumps your body full of his cum. He was gasping for air, he had never cum like this before. 
He looses his grip on your waist and you fall towards him, landing on his huge chest. He splays his arms out as his sides and you wrap your arms around him. Both of your chests were heaving. After a few moments Zoro looks down. 
“Fuck… I think one off my wounds opened up…” He touched his chest and brought his fingers up to his face. “Shit…”
You were immediately brought out of your post coital bliss and jumped up to grab your clothes. 
“There’s no time for that! What if I die here!” Zoro shouted at you. 
“Oh you’ll be fine! And I am NOT explaining to Chopper why I’m leaving this room naked! And frankly, you better not either.” You snap back at him.
“I’ll be right back.” You say as you finally pull your shirt over your head. You reach for the doorknob and pull the door open to leave. 
“Oh hey y/n?” Zoro hollers at you from the bed in the center of the room. 
“Yeah?” You respond.
“Love you.”
You smile back at him. 
“Love you too. 
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Tumblr media
hes literally choppers big brother i cannot change this,, still kinda a wip as well idk what to do now tho so 💀
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
MACKENYU as RORONOA ZORO ONE PIECE (2023) 1.01 — "Romance Dawn"
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
One Piece 1.05 || "Eat at Baratie!"
"I, Roronoa Zoro, challenge you to a duel to the death."
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vinlandsky · 18 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Roronoa Zoro | 1.05 "Eat At Baratie!"
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mirkoluvs · 18 days
zoro (opla) x fem reader
notes: first time writing for one piece and definitely not the last !!
Tumblr media
“hey, zoro. it’s my turn to talk to you! i don’t really… know what to say”, you muttered, sitting down on the edge of his bed where he laid unconscious.
he had just gotten slashed along his chest in a dual with mihawk that he requested, a deep cut that made him lose lots of blood in a short amount of time. if it weren’t for the owner of the baratie, zeff, who knows where he would be now. even still, zeff said his survival wasn’t guaranteed even after all the fixing he did. according to him, the only thing that could keep him from dying was his crew keeping him grounded on the earth mentally, and that’s how you ended up where you were. each member of the crew took turns talking to him, and you decided to go last. you didn’t even know how to even approach him.
“i just… i understand that you wanna prove yourself, but did you have to go and get yourself hurt like this?”, you muttered. “i can’t even put into words how i felt when i saw you get cut like that, it felt like i did too in a way, yknow? not being able to do anything but watch, it hurt so bad. it made me feel so weak… but that makes me think about how you felt. well, no matter what, you’re the strongest swordsman to me even if you don’t think so. you’re so much more talented than you think and i wish you could see that”, you spoke, your voice cracking a bit. you’re hand crawled over his, giving it a small squeeze. “you have to wake up, zoro…”, you whispered. you felt a tear run down your face, the tear landing on his hand as you sniffled, wiping your face with the back of your other hand.
“quit crying, would you?”, a voice quietly muttered. your eyes widened as your head shot up. you made eye contact with zoro who was looking up at the ceiling. “zoro… ZORO! YOU’RE AWAKE!”, you exclaimed, rushing up to him and looking down at his face. “christ- so loud…”, he complained. your lips curled into a shaky smile, quickly pulling him into a tight hug. “OW- loosen up would you?!”, he groaned of pain, his eyes tightening. “i thought you were dead! don’t scare me like that!”, you said, a small sob coming out as you let him go. his eyes widened at your reaction. were you seriously that worried about him? “of course i’m alive, you really think that would kill me?”, he said. he sighed as his hand slowly cupped the side of your face, a shaky thumb wiping the tear running down your face. “don’t cry, you look stupid”, he muttered, putting his arm down. “jeez, thanks”, you smirked, sniffling a bit.
“i’m not leaving you, luffy, or anyone else on the crew any time soon. so don’t worry so much”, he told you firmly. your eyes widened at his words but quickly softened. “yeah… right”, you nodded. a small moment of silence filled the room before you bent down to his head level. pressing a small kiss to his cheek, you smiled. “i know you won’t. you’re the greatest swordsman after all”, you said quietly. before zoro could even react, your head was already out the door. “GUYS! ZORO’S AWAKE!”, you yelled. commotion arose quickly as luffy, usopp, and sanji ran into the room, crowding around him. his eyes were wide as he looked at you for a second, his cheeks a dusty shade of pink as you smiled, walking out the room.
damn, that woman.
Tumblr media
© mirkoluvs. please do not copy, modify, or repost on other platforms. thank you !!
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inu-mxki · 14 days
Tumblr media
roronoa zoro x gn!reader
Tumblr media
reader gives praise + pet names / slightly steamy / zoros a simp
Tumblr media
“missed you today,” you mumble against his mouth.
zoro thinks you’re heaven bottled, straddling his waist, kissing him like you’ve been starved. he sits back, enjoying your undivided attention and flurry of soft, deep kisses. his large hands gently squeeze at your sides, then move to your thighs, kneading the soft, plush skin.
he’s in love with you. zoro is completely and unequivocally in love with you. he’s drunk on your lips, your body, your voice. everything. you fill his senses and bewitch his mind. even the scent of your hair left on his pillow has him burying his nose into the plushness to get more of it. he’s obsessed. he’s so sure of it, and yet it’s so foreign and strange for him.
zoro is no stranger to desire. he knows how it feels to want something so badly you’d kill for it, but never has he felt a desire quite like this one. it’s not a desire to win, or to be the greatest, or to serve. it’s vulnerable and fragile. it’s consuming and overwhelming. it’s more more more.
and that’s all he can think when your lips finally part, your eyes looking down at him like he’s never done a bad thing in his life. like he’s precious. innocent. loved. missed. wanted.
“i love you,” you whisper to him, tracing the sharp edge of his jaw before pressing a gentle kiss there. he pulls you closer, if possible, his strong hands gliding up your t-shirt to rest on your bare back. he presses his lips to your neck, earning a satisfying sigh from you, so he sucks lightly.
“i love you,” he mutters into your skin, goosebumps forming along his defined arms as your nails begin to scratch at his scalp. close just isn’t enough. he buries his face into your shoulder, nuzzling there.
such a big man and yet, for you, he’s melted butter.
“you worked so hard today,” you tell him, kissing the shell of his ear, “you’re so good, baby. so good.”
he relishes in the praise. he wants it so bad. from the moment you joined the crew, he’d been jealous of any praise you gave to anyone else. especially the idiot cook. how he longed to have you tell him he’s done well, that he’s good, that you’re proud.
zoro doesn’t know when he turned into such a melt, but you just have that affect on him. you make him feel like he can be vulnerable in your presence.
“thank you,” he breathes, squeezing you tighter.
“do you want me to rub your shoulders?” you ask him softly, pressing little kisses to the side of his head. he could stay here forever and a day.
“you don’t have to,” he says, voice rough from how tired he is. you chuckle lightly.
“i want to,” you tell him honestly, pushing him off with great difficulty, “let me take of you, ‘ro.”
he’s so thankful to whatever fate bought you to him, shuffling around so he’s sitting between your dangling legs, your hands rubbing gentle but firm circles into his muscles. he groans when you hit a certain spot, so you stay there, every now and then kissing the crown of his head.
he’s just not worthy. he doesn’t understand how he managed to get this hallelujah. how, out of everyone, he’s the one you devote your time to. he’s the one you drunkly confessed to one night after a successful fight, kissing him before pulling yourself away and mumbling how sorry you were and that you understand if he didn’t feel the same.
how ludicrous.
it was his bed you clambered into and never left. it’s his mouth you kiss good morning and kiss goodnight. it’s his hand you squeeze under the table. it’s his face you search for in the crowd.
and he’s so fucking thankful. there’s a God. there must be.
“never leave me,” he finds himself saying out loud, your movements stopping, hands resting against his shoulders. he feels you move, and then your lips against his ear.
“what a silly thing to say,” you speak softly, sending a shiver down his spine as your hands begin working at his tired muscles again, “i’m not going anywhere, ‘ro. please don’t worry about that.”
he closes his eye. trusting you. relaxing back into your embrace. if you’re destined to always be at his side, always sleep beside him, to rub his shoulders and kiss his skin, then he’s sure, more than ever, there’s someone Holy looking down on him. he should be more accommodating to that thought. maybe it’s time he actually thank whoever they are.
hell, he might even start praying.
Tumblr media
i do not own one piece or anything associated with it
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lenesketch · 16 days
Tumblr media
i think zoro is a little bit (very) cool
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hanabi-pirates · 2 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Sanji discovers the allure of men
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backwzzds · 1 month
ೃ⁀➷ love yours, roronoa zoro (nsfw)
zoro’s feelings gets stronger for you after you give life to his child.
for the brilliant @noawithlove
Tumblr media
you finally managed to put kuina down for the night. with a heavy sigh, you hold your hands on your hips and look down at your sleeping child, swaddled in her pink blanket as she rested in her bassinet. you can’t help but fall asleep standing up, only to jolt back awake when you feel a broad chin rest on your shoulder.
“oh,” you let out a breath once you turn and see zoro. he could physically feel the tense tendons in your body briefly relax, but go back to defensive mode quickly. you were just exhausted, and he could see the effects of motherhood all over you.
“come on,” he mutters in your ear, slowly running his hands along the curves of your waist before disappearing right after. “come shower with me.” you turn around to see his reflection in a piece of the bathroom mirror.
the water is hot. steaming enough to soften the muscles in your back just a bit. you’ve been out of it the past few months, zoro could see it. the glimmer in your eyes he’d been so used to was slowly dimming away, even when you held kuina in your arms.
he knew how much child birth took out of you. all the nutrients and energy you’ve lost in the past four months, he could see it all in the paling of your normally colored skin, the dark circles forming around your eyes, and even something as small as the slight tremble in your body every time you moved. giving birth took a lot out of you.
you allow zoro to grab your wash cloth and soap it before briefly running over the terrain of your body. he spends longer time than usual going over your chest, and you don’t miss the way his fingers take their time across the pebbles of your nipples.
“you’re staring awfully hard?” you can’t help but tease him with a lazy smile. you were glad to have him home. you weren’t alone anymore. “you got a crush on me or somethin’, marimo?”
zoro’s face immediately turns red at you catching him in the act of staring and he kisses his teeth, finishing his work against your body. he leans down and begins on your legs with a quick, “shut up.” leaving his lips. “just look pretty is all.” he loved how quick he was able to get you to be yourself again. your funny self that played entirely too much with him.
you didn’t mean to sound so shocked, but you did anyway. your round eyes go big as you look down at the top of his head, one so close to between your legs. “really? you think so?”
this causes zoro to stand back on his feet and scoff. “course you are. couldn’t stop staring at your fine ass since i got home.” his frame so easily towers over you as he pulls your naked body close to his. “gimme kiss,” his voice is low and smooth.
your body draws over to his like a natural magnetic forcefield. when your lips press against his, zoro takes his time feeling all over your body, leaving no part of you untouched or unloved. “want me to prove it to you?”
you playfully roll your eyes and hold your hand up to him. “i think the little gremlin sleeping in the bassinet outside is enough proof you’ve given me.”
zoro grabs your hand and moves it out his way to kiss your lips. “you keep being smart and i’ll make you a mommy again,” zoro mutters against you. “open your legs and turn around.”
a gasp leaves you as zoro grows impatient and presses you against the cold wall himself. snaking his hand around to your front, he effortlessly plays with your clit while pestering small kisses to the nape of your neck. the little hairs at the back of your head lay flat as you feel his tongue run against them, licking you all over.
you didn’t understand how much this man loved you. he’d live in your fucking skin if he could. zoro takes his time licking down your body, and before you knew it, you were wet enough for him to easily slide himself between your folds.
you’re taken aback by how big he is. you’ve been used to his size for years, but you can’t remember the last time you’ve actively felt such a stretch in your cunt, and one this good at that. a small yelp escapes from your lips as zoro finally moves back and forward against you.
“zoro,” you whisper, eyes shutting from the immense pleasure. “faster, please.”
“sure your walls can handle that, baby?” zoro teases, but obeys your wish anyway. a smirk curls on his lips as he grips your fat tit in his hand, giving it a tight squeeze while his pace increased. “not still sore are you?”
you immediately shake your head at his question, wanting him to do nothing but slut you out for tonight. you only got a few hours before kuina woke up, and if you had to use it to get dick, then so be it!
“not gonna go easy on you,” zoro egged. “you’re gonna stay against this wall and take every inch of dick i give you like the good girl i know you are. got that?” you groan at the warm sensation of his tip hitting your cervix. words are barely able to leave your mouth as zoro speeds up his pace. you didn’t even have to do anything; he practically held your body up against the wall while he did all the work.
the swordsman wanted nothing than to be close to you, and that much showed in the way his chest was practically glued to your back. at this angle, zoro was able to hit places in your walls that you didn’t think he could ever touch. but nothing was impossible when it came to pleasuring you. he was gripping you all over, by your hair, keeping his arm around your neck in a slight chokehold, even down to your waist that he refused to let go of.
you feel yourself about to cum with the intense pressure of the hot water falling on your sides and zoro’s masculine grunts singing like music to your ears. it was amazing how everything in the outside world; outside of you and zoro were able to overstimulate you so fast. but with the steam of the bathroom heating up and the knotting feeling forming between your legs, you didn’t know where to keep your attention.
you can’t help but smile contently against the cold tile wall as you let zoro do whatever he wanted to you. over the sound of your man’s strained grunts, you softly let out, “know what i said earlier, but don’t you get me pregnant again, marimo. cuz this one’s going upstairs if you do.”
zoro can’t help but let out a humorous chuckle at your comment. this doesn’t slow his possessive thrusts though. “can’t promise it, mama.”
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lunarforrest · 3 months
Tumblr media
unstoppable force vs immovable object
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asfarblues · 6 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
when you can't stop staring at your husband because he's just so handsome
Tumblr media
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sanjis-all-blue · 4 months
Against The Best Advice | Ex-Husband!Zoro x Reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
summary: one bad date and you’re already crawling back to your ex-husband’s bed
wc: 2.1k
NSFW - 18+ Only - Minors/Ageless Blogs DNI - You Will Be Blocked
warnings: afab!reader (referred to as “wife”, “girlfriend”, and “babe”), light alcohol consumption, zoro is a lil possessive, cream pie
AN: I’m avoiding responsibility *jazz hands*
Tumblr media
You impatiently waited outside of the subpar chain restaurant which had previously housed the worst date you had ever been on. An unappealing man with terrible manners was your company for the evening after an ill-informed set up from a coworker. A waste of a Saturday evening was made even more frustrating by the fact that all ride-share services were currently experiencing a surge in pricing.
So against the best advice available, and even your own common sense, you called the one person you could think of: your ex-husband Roronoa Zoro.
He was only your ex husband because it turns out some people just make better friends than partners. You just wished that you realized earlier there was a difference between loving someone and being in love with someone, if only to save on legal costs and preserve a few hurt feelings.
And yet, every time your friends heard about your most recent “sleepover,” you would get berated with love about how you both “needed to move on” and how “it’s not healthy.”
Whatever. They don’t understand that no one quite has your back like Zoro does. Case in point, his car pulled up in front of you right as you finished pushing your friends voices out of your head.
“What kind of asshole picks here for a first date?” Zoro says through the open passenger window.
“I don’t wanna hear it,” you huff, opening the car door, and sitting in the overly reclined seat. You barely closed the door before Zoro had already sped off. Annoyed, you buckled yourself in and fixed the seat-back to sit in a normal upright position.
“What’s up with the seat?” You asked, finally getting comfortable.
“You weren’t the only one with a date tonight.” He said, not taking his eyes off the road.
You slapped his arm, knowing his exact play with dates. You were sitting in the scene of some past sin.
“Hey, I didn’t even get her pants off.” He grumbled.
That relieved you a little. “What happened?” you asked, mindlessly scrolling your phone, plotting the earful your coworker was going to get.
“You texted me.”
You looked up at him, mouth slightly agape. “You didn’t have to end a date for me.”
Zoro gave you a quick look of annoyance. “I didn’t.” He looked back at the road. “She saw your name pop up on my phone.”
With a scoff you asked: “What do you mean?”
“I still haven’t changed it.”
Your hands instinctively flew to cover your eyes in your own annoyance. See, even after you were married, your name was “Girlfriend” in his phone for months until you personally changed it to “Wife.” So, it tracked that it would take months for him to change your name again. Doing him an act of kindness, you held out your hand.
“I’ll just change it right now.”
Zoro dug his hand into his pocket and plopped his device into your grasp.
When you opened the phone, you realized his background was still a picture of you as well.
“You want me to change that too?” You asked, scrolling through his unorganized apps to find the Contacts.
“No, you can leave that.” He said quietly, looking over his shoulder to change lanes.
Another scoff blew past your lips. “Why?”
Zoro, again, expressed annoyance as if it was some ridiculous question. “Because you look nice in it?”
Your stomach tingled with butterflies from his compliment. After you changed the name for your contact information to your first name, you put his phone in the cup holder and looked up.
“Are we heading to your place?” You asked, recognizing the route.
“Got a problem with that?” He responded.
“Nope,” you said, popping your lips, maybe a little irritated that he didn’t even ask.
You watched the streetlights cast waves of shadows on his veined, muscular forearms, one hand gripping the wheel and another on the gear shift. His hands were always a reflection of his best qualities - strong and hardworking and safe. You could watch him drive for hours, so sure of his mastery of the vehicle that he controlled.
He didn’t live far, in this apartment he rented after you split, so it wasn’t long before you were in the elevator up to his place. Once inside, you removed your shoes, and slung your purse onto an armchair. You had helped him pick out most of the furniture because his barely furnished bachelor pad post-split was pathetic.
Zoro asked if you wanted a drink, which you definitely could use, and while he fetched that, you went to the bathroom.
After finishing your business, you washed your hands and looked at yourself in the mirror. An accusatory finger was pointed back at you. “Do not have sex with him.” You spoke, trying to convince yourself of the game plan. “Do not.”
“Can you stop talking to yourself in there? I have to piss.” Zero’s voice called from the other side of the door.
Your ears burned at the embarrassment. Letting him into the room, you brushed past him, hoping he didn’t quite make out what you had said.
When you got back to the living room, there were two glasses and Zoro’s favorite rum on the coffee table. You sat on the couch and helped yourself, pouring him a glass as well.
You were already sipping when he came back from the restroom, and he took his spot next to you on the couch.
“Who was your date with?” You asked him.
Zoro took a sip of his drink then sucked air through his teeth. “Someone my coworker knows.”
“Did you like her?”
Zoro shook his head as he took another sip, his eyebrows knit together. “No, her laugh was annoying.”
You chuckled a bit. “Okay, well, no more dates that our coworkers set us up on, ‘cause clearly that isn’t working.”
He just hummed I’m agreement before finishing his drink and slamming the glass down.
His severe, grey eyes turned to look at you. “You deserve to go on dates to nice places.”
You knew that look of his so well, so you avoided his gaze. “You know it’s not about that stuff for me. We had all sorts of fun at all kinds of places, even the not-so-fancy ones.” Your lips met the glassware in an effort to distract yourself from the undeniable heat rising within you - independent of the alcohol.
“Yeah, but you were my wife,” Zoro said definitively. “24 hour breakfast joints are not first-date material.” You gulped the rest of your drink down and Zoro snatched the glass from your hand, placing it on the table.
You stared straight ahead, trying to remember your directive to yourself, but you could see Zoro’s eyes narrowing from the corner of your eyes.
“W-what?” You stuttered, wiping your cheek thinking you might have had something on your face.
“Get in that bedroom.”
It seemed as if your pussy did your thinking for you, because you immediately stood and stepped towards that bedroom.
As you passed Zoro, he gave you a firm pat on the ass, then stood to follow you. You both knew the routine, to be naked before you even hit the sheets.
When you got to the bed, Zoro grabbed you from behind, running his hands up your stomach to grab two handfuls of your tits, burying his face in your neck. His bare cock pressed against your lower back, and you shuddered knowing he’d be spearing you on it shortly.
Your hands reached up to his forearms, and you turned to capture his kisses with your lips. The sweet rum still hinted at your tongues, but his natural flavor was still undeniably familiar to you.
His roughness was also familiar, as he pressed your shoulder forward, bending you over the bed. You heard him spit into his hand, which then palmed your mound, a half-assed attempt at lubricant.
Barely spreading your natural slick around, he then lined himself up and shoved his full length into you, your body accommodating that which you’ve had so many times before.
The half-moan, half-howl that escaped your lips just encouraged Zoro, as he slowly found his bearings. His two hands on your hips pulled you against him, your toes straining to keep you up as he picked up the pace. The erotic slapping of skin on skin went straight to your arousal, only accentuated by his heavy balls swinging to tap your clit.
Your fingers gripped the sheets of his bed, the thread count much too rough for your liking, but you did like feeling his long, thick shaft stimulating your cunthole as he dragged himself in and out of you.
“Still so fucking tight for me, babe.” He grunted, the gravel on his voice hitting your ears so smoothly. You turned your gaze to the sliding closet door mirrors, where you could watch Zoro pound into you from behind, over and over, observing your skin ripple with each impact.
You looked up at the reflection of his face, still being bounced on his member, and as if he could feel you staring, his eyes met yours in the mirror.
Embarrassed, you leaned forward on the bed, picking your knees up, burying your face into the mattress. Zoro’s dick dutifully followed you.
“Oh, c’mon, I know you like watching me fuck you,” he teased, giving you a light smack on the ass. Conceding, you looked over again at the mirror, choosing instead to focus on the way his hands gripped you, the pulsing of his muscles as he rutted into you, the sturdiness of his forearms.
You couldn’t help the incredulous smile that pulled across your cheeks as you watched your plan unravel before you, a direct defiance of your own common sense.
Another smack seared across your ass, causing your head to tip backward, and you push yourself up off the bed, properly taking this fuck on all fours.
Zoro leaned over you, his pace slowing, and his fingers cupped your jaw, arching your back further. “I can’t believe you went on a date with someone tonight, and then called me.” His devilish tongue licked a stripe up your neck. “Trying to make me jealous, hm?” The dragging of his cock along your inner walls was causing your juices to run down your inner thighs. The hand previously on your hip slid over your thighs, traveling to your clit.
“Zoro,” you panted as the pads of his fingers connected with your nerves, and his lips sucked your neck. He had always been a master at overwhelming your senses, to the point where you’d need to close your eyes to make sense of anything.
“You think you can find someone to fuck you better than me?” He growled, but you could feel the smirk on his jaw. His slow, deep thrusts remained persistent.
“N-no,” you whined, the pleasure of your impending orgasm clouding your head.
“Maybe I should just make you my pretty little wife again, hm? Keep those other perverts away from you for good this time?”
Your eyes shot open, and you bucked back against his cock. His laugh shook both of your bodies, as he straightened up, the grip on your jaw moving back to hold all of your hair.
With your neck craned backwards, your ass pressed against his pelvis, and your hands barely keeping themselves on the bed, you were under his complete control. He yanked you further back, your shoulder blades pressed against his chest. He let your hair go, returning again to gripping your tit. His other hand had not yet left your sensitive pearl.
His lips were right back to your neck, kissing an already raw spot. “You’re mine, [y/n].”
You hummed in agreement, recognizing the erratic thrusts boring up into you.
“Say it.”
“I’m yours Zoro!” You moaned. That triggered the unloading of his seed into you, and his stilted circling of your clit sent you over your own edge. Your walls clenched around him and coaxed as much of his load out of him as possible.
While you both caught your breath, he pulled his softening cock from you and you fell in a heap on your side on the bed.
“Hey, hey, you’re gonna get cum everywhere.” Zoro said, giving your calf a little tap.
Wearily you obeyed, stumbling to the bathroom, knees together, to go clean yourself out. When you returned, you found Zoro already tucked into bed, one of his shirts laid out for you.
You curled up next to him under the blanket, resting your cheek on his chest, rubbing his stomach lightly.
You huffed and looked up at his face. “You gotta stop proposing to me during sex.”
Zoro blushed and looked away from you. “Yeah, whatever.”
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ONE PIECE 1.01 — "Romance Dawn"
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