#But either way I don't think I realized
stardustedknuckles 1 year
Oh man I didn't realize until literally just now that Vox Machina is the definitive first commercially successful dnd based show. There's no other dnd phenomenon that's come out this way. This could be the start of so much to come - for them and maybe even for some of the other ttrpg shows that have swept through popular culture these past few years.
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peridots-pixiwolf 1 month
Tumblr media
[Start ID. A drawing of @mieczmaszyna 's character Izzy. In the words of its creator, Izzy is a humanoid robot with a white chassis, oval head, black headset, square green glasses, claws, and a tail resembling a cable plug. Ai wears a cowboy hat, vest decorated by a star and bottle cap, pants with tassels, spurred boots, and a red bandanna. He's viewed from the side, kicking up one leg and holding both arms out in front of itself to shoot finger guns, looking excited and rather jaunty. The background is a dull yellow-green, muddied by the warm reddish tone of the drawing, and in paler green are the words "BANG BANG!!" by ais arms. End ID]
robot cowboy!!!
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wizardhubris 1 month
I mean, okay. I know everyone has their opinions, but like, we know that Jester鈥檚 Fjord鈥檚 feelings for Jester started to shift at the jellyfish talk, because Travis has said that. But I also know in my heart that his feelings were really starting to manifest during this second temple talk. Like, this is that moment that I watch and I just know聽that he knows that he has a crush on her and he doesn鈥檛 want聽to, but he can鈥檛 help it.
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kalmeria 1 year
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idk what this is i made it on an impulse
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dimiclaudeblaigan 3 days
Something that SEEERIOUSLY isn鈥檛 talked about enough among Rodrigue fans is how Rodrigue (almost? or generally) always refers to Dimitri as聽鈥淵our/His Highness鈥 except聽in the moment that Dimitri鈥檚 life was at risk right in front of Rodrigue and Rodrigue shielded him with his own body.
Rodrigue is always respectful and aware of their stations, but none of that matters when Dimitri is almost killed. Rodrigue reacts emotionally without station in mind, forgetting to refer to him in an聽鈥渁ppropriate鈥 manner and reacting instead in a more intimate manner (i.e. using a person鈥檚 name instead of their title).
Most people wouldn鈥檛 dare to refer to their prince by their first name, but Rodrigue forgets all that the moment Dimtiri is in danger. He follows up that familial intimacy by calling Dimitri聽鈥渕y boy鈥. In a way it鈥檚 like Rodrigue's formalities are just forced expectations that are ingrained into him, because his actual instinct聽is to refer to Dimitri in a familial way. If he doesn鈥檛 have time to think about what he鈥檚 saying, it will be Dimitri鈥檚 name that he uses because that鈥檚 how he truly thinks of Dimitri.
He doesn鈥檛 solely view Dimitri as his prince. He views Dimitri as family, and in a setting where royalty exists, it鈥檚 so important to the relationship in question when that societal expectation is broken, simply because it tells you exactly what that character thinks of their royalty.
When royalty鈥檚 life is in danger, it would even make sense for people to hesitate because if they do anything, they might also be in danger and generally humans instinctually prioritize their own life (even if they do really want to step in to help). That typically is not the case with humans regarding loved ones, where that instinct instead changes to an instinct where they automatically step in to protect people dear to them - especially parents to their children. Parents - not just in humans but in most forms of life (cats, dogs, etc) - are extremely protective of their children and react without a second - even a first - thought, because it鈥檚 not a thought at all when they see their children in danger. It鈥檚 a base reaction.
Rodrigue wasn鈥檛 witnessing his prince being attacked. He was witnessing his son being attacked, and he reacted as a father would - not as a knight, a vassal or anyone under Dimitri鈥檚 station and how they would be expected to react to protect him. Dimitri didn鈥檛 have to be his blood son for him to react the same way a blood parent would. Dimitri wasn鈥檛 born to him but he was Rodrigue鈥檚 son all the same and he couldn鈥檛 accept his boy being harmed.
I love that his reaction is exactly the same as what Lambert would have done. I love that in that one moment when he didn鈥檛 have time to think about his word choice, such important stations meant absolutely nothing to him. I love that what was important to him was Dimitri the person, and not Dimitri the prince. I love that at the very end, he died knowing his boy was safe and alive. I love that, when he starts reusing聽鈥淵our Highness鈥, it鈥檚 only after聽the immediate danger has passed and he has time to actually process his word choice again, because it really聽drives home how quickly and thoughtlessly he reacted to seeing Dimitri in danger when he dropped formalities to use his first name.
He also didn鈥檛 tell him to live for the people or live because he was a prince. He wanted Dimitri to remember to live for himself and likely died with the hope that those being his last words would be taken much more heavily and sincerely, and give Dimitri a lot to think about in regard to caring for himself as a person and not just seeing himself as a prince/future king, because Rodrigue also聽saw him as a person.
Not only did Rodrigue protect his son (which mind you must have been extremely聽important to him after already losing a son. Can you imagine how devastated he would be to lose another聽child? This time he saved a son from death, which he was unable to do previously and he wasn鈥檛 present to be able to even try), but he gave Dimitri the thing Dimitri desired the most from those he loved: he treated Dimitri like a regular person who needed to live his own life for himself, and in the single most critical moment to Rodrigue, forgot to use titles and formalities and openly expressed his true feelings just by using Dimitri鈥檚 name alone.
Dimitri never liked all those stuffy behaviors and titles. He just wanted to be a person. Rodrigue, his family, gave him that at Rodrigue鈥檚 very end, explicitly informing Dimitri that was how this man always thought of him just from that one moment of Rodrigue鈥檚 feelings slipping through. He was always keeping up appearances, but Dimitri was always just Dimitri聽to him.
Also, Rodrigue says聽鈥減lease tell me it wasn鈥檛 in vain鈥. Remember, Rodrigue鈥檚 son died in vain. Glenn didn鈥檛 actually get to protect Dimitri. Earlier, Rodrigue stated that Dimitri鈥檚 injuries left him on the verge of death. Glenn didn鈥檛 die protecting him. Glenn died in a tragedy. Nothing Glenn did that day that led to his death actually helped Dimitri survive. Dimitri survived because Gilbert found him in time.
Rodrigue knows that and doesn鈥檛 want another person dear to Dimitri to die a death that didn鈥檛 need to happen. He also doesn鈥檛 want it to be in vain because if it was, he would have died being unable to protect his son. Rodrigue聽鈥渄ied for what he believed in鈥, but he died because he thoughtlessly, without hesitation, died to save his son. He believed in Dimitri, but he also believed Dimitri to be his child as much as Glenn and Felix ever were.
Even though Glenn did die in vain, he attempted聽to die keeping his best friend alive. He believed in his best friend, just like Lambert believed in his son to be able to saved if he ever went astray.
Before Rodrigue dies, he last thoughts are of Lambert, but also his promise to Lambert, which was about Dimtiri.
Rodrigue was always thinking of his family throughout the whole game (literally, he brings up Felix to Byleth regularly and brings up Glenn throughout the story as well), and that extended to Lambert and Dimtiri. At the very last, he literally died like he lived, and that was for his family.
#DCB Comments#Rodrigue#Rodrigue Achille Fraldarius#I just love that Rodrigue wasn't living solely as the right hand of a king#It wasn't about who was in power that he acted like he did for them#If you notice too he never really talks about Rufus as if he simply doesn't care for him either way#Rufus is still part of the royal family but he doesn't get the same treatment from Rodrigue as Lambert and Dimitri#It's not about ''they're my king and prince''. It's not about being in a slightly lesser聽station than them that he saved Dimitri#For him it was always about family first and his position after even if HE himself didn't realize that#If Rufus was about to die would Rodrigue die for him? Probably not. He may be a royal but if Rodrigue died for him#he couldn't be alive to watch over the people he actually cares about. Say Rufus was about to die but Lambert and Dimitri weren't even there#Here he wouldn't even have a choice to make of ''do I die for Rufus or live for them''. I think he simply just... wouldn't do it#He might /fight/ to keep him alive but I don't think he would shield Rufus with his own body. That line of thinking makes me think#that again it's not about status. It's about who he considers family and who is important to him just like any other person would react#It's bc he loves those two that he behaves the way he does and does what he does for them. I think if he didn't love the people in power#he wouldn't treat them like he does simply bc they're in power. I think he only treats him like he does bc of affection#Like I really think if Rodrigue had to choose between Faerghus or Dimitri and/or Lambert that he'd pick those two over#Faerghus itself bc tbh Rodrigue is really just like anyone else. He has priorities preferences聽and biases#I ofc think he'd be torn abt it but I think he'd ultimately choose people he sees as family over anything else#i love you rodrigue achille fraldarius
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no but it kills me how ritsu is such a people pleaser like... this boy got so scared of making his brother upset that it kind of manifested into his other relationships as well, so he's just constantly wearing that fake smile and asking people what they want, what he can do for them, doing what he thinks others want... this boy spends so much time pleasing other people that he made himself so miserable and bitter and he doesn't even realize he's miserable and bitter ough
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gideonisms 7 months
idk with this ai art stuff we kinda have to face the fact that the bots can make art as good as ours, maybe one day could generate stories just as easily, but they probably aren't having as much fun doing it. Their job is basically marketing. Ours is living
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howdydowdy 11 days
okay, i give up. i'm calling it, time of death 11:02pm. i hereby officially unsubscribe from the l0tr newsletter. it's funny because whenever anyone asks me if i'm the type of person who always finishes a book even when i hate it, i'm like, "yes, except this one time i gave up on the fellowship otr after the first 50 pages when i was like 10." here we are decades later and i'm doing it again. and the best part is, i did actually successfully read this book and the other two in the series at some point in those intervening decades. i tried to read this book three times and only succeeded once. 33% hit rate, compared to my rate of 100% for every other book i have ever seriously tried to read. i really want to get it but i just don't. i'm giving myself permission to move on with my life. i'm not ashamed! i will say it since everyone else is too chicken apparently: some people find this seemingly universally beloved book series very boring and i am among their number!
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pathos-logical 1 year
Copying tags in accessible ways on mobile
(Large text: Copying tags in accessible ways on mobile)
People screenshot tags all the time, whether to share a funny joke or add important commentary, but they often don't realize that this is inaccessible to vision-impaired people and many others. This is a problem because a lot of people primarily use Tumblr on the mobile app, which doesn't let you interact with tags at all unless you screenshot them. However, accessibility is always worth the extra time and effort you can spare, so here are some ways for you to easily copy tags without spending too much of either!
Image-to-text softwares
(Large text: Image-to-text softwares)
If you simply must screenshot those tags, you can still convert them back into usable text! There are plenty of easy-to-use websites that allow you to take any downloaded image and extract the text from them. I prefer onlineocr.net, but the Google Translate app has the same feature! All you need to do is input the image and hit the button, and it'll spit out the text for you to copy. This method is fantastic for images with lots of text, not to mention it's easy to do and generally accurate, and I use it all the time to great effect!
Going to browser
(Large text: Going to browser)
If you're on mobile, it's probably a safe bet to say that your phone also has a browser app. If so, all you need to do to copy the tags from a post is copy the link of said post into a browser and then copy the tags from there. This method can mean extra formatting, since hashtags and links won't copy over, but it's relatively low-effort to do and doesn't take long at all!
Going on PC
(Large text: Going on PC)
If you're on mobile, you can also consider saving the post with desired tags to your drafts. This means you can easily access it on another device, aka a computer, and copy the tags there! Copying tags on desktop is possibly the easiest way to do it, since all you need to do is highlight the text and paste it later- it'll even save the link formatting when you do! The only extra step you might have to do is add spaces between the tags, since they'll automatically come smushed together and only separated by hashtags. This method might mean you take a little longer to reblog the tags, but it is very much worth it to make the post accessible to all!
Going forth
(Large text: Going forth)
These methods are a smidgen more effort than just screenshotting or prev tagging, but I don't think it's a bad tradeoff at all! I hope this can provide quick and easy ways for everyone to get more used to thinking more conscientiously about accessibility. And these aren't your only options- alt text helps people who use screenreaders, and you should always add an image description below screenshots if you're going to add them. Hope this helps!
TL;DR: Instead of screenshotting tags, which makes them inaccessible, other options are: using image-to-text software, copying the tags on a mobile browser, or copying them on desktop Tumblr.
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The thing about Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng is that they did both love each other pre-resurrection, and they did both want to do the right thing as kids, but they operated in fully different moral realities.
I think Jiang Cheng saw the darkness of their world, and he said "okay" and adapted to it, whereas Wei Wuxian saw the darkness of their world and dared to try to fix it, and that's where it all came apart.
Jiang Cheng wanted his and Wei Wuxian's bond to be a "you and me against the world, we don't need anybody else" type of love. They could work together as the twin prides and protect the Yunmeng Jiang from the Wen, and that was all they needed. That was the right thing to do.
Wei Wuxian, however, never landed on that same "you and me against the world" wavelength. He's a social butterfly. He was never so isolated from their peers as Jiang Cheng was. As much as he loved his brother, he would never have discounted the rest of the world just to stay with him. His understanding of their relationship and his definition of right and wrong regarding it was completely different, and that's a huge part of why they imploded.
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fairytale-lights 5 months
Hey guys, what if I were to make a Dragons in Our Midst discord server? Would anyone be interested in that?
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localcornflake 14 days
Y'all hear me out
Tumblr media
Random doodle of Stardust cookie cause his design is so beautiful looking like what
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meownotgood 4 months
reader waking up from a nightmare where aki dies and it's like a reoccurring thing, so when aki notices, he tries everything in his power to make sure she falls asleep and comforts her in any way that he can :,0
this is so sweet.... I had a thought about this before, because one of my headcanons is that aki has nightmares quite frequently because of his job as a devil hunter. so if you were to have regular nightmares, aki could really sympathize with that, and the both of you could help each other to sleep well.
the both of you would discuss your dreams every morning when you wake up... reassuring each other that they were just dreams, and it's okay, because you have each other. aki would promise you that he isn't going anywhere, while rubbing your back and holding you close, muttering softly into your ear, his voice smooth and comforting, it's okay, I'm right here. don't worry about anything, shh shh. don't cry. you would build the habit of always sleeping together because when you sleep holding one another, neither of you have as many bad dreams...
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sunshinepixels 1 year
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usergirlfailure 24 days
everything i鈥檝e learned about hailey bieber i have learned against my will so the only thing i will say is that she automatically lost because she wasn鈥檛 the one who released the masterpiece that is revival (2015)
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medicinemane 3 months
"DIY tiny home you can build in weeks", ok... now lets see the cost
...seven and a half minutes later, the answer is $75k... so when you include land and all the rest of it, so basically nothing right?
This is my problem with tiny homes stuff, it's for rich people
#and as much as I'm pro home ownership since like... my house is pretty much what's made my life feasible#like I know two things for a fact; we don't have room to give every last person a house#(especially if they're basically one bedroom sized things dotting the land)#and not everyone even wants to own a home#but like... lets say that everyone did want to own a place... we can't even do single family stuff let alone infinite tiny homes#so you'd need to have at least some homes in the form of basically owned units in an apartment complex which... sounds like condos#and so... I legit don't even come close to having the answer for this#but the sad thing is... a commie block kind of beats a tiny home if we're honest I think#not even in some like... brutalist dystopian shoving people together kind of way#like I think I'd rather live in a well maintained commie block style apartment than in one of infinite tiny homes doting the land#I really really really like tiny homes as a concept... but every time you look at them you realize... it's all for rich people#and half of them are just gentrified trailers or closet sized apartments getting dressed up by an architect to up the price#like I'm not even trying to shit on this company cause like I'm for assembly line style home production#especially compared to the cheap shit we throw up now; it makes me with I could puke in anger and disgust at it#they showed clips to contrast with of a home being tossed up and the shit materials they use disgust me#seeing massive... whatever you call those new home blights... communities I guess; springing up they always look like they're made of trash#so yeah... I like this building style better than shitty single family homes 'from the low 300s'#but I think that these people are either doing a sales pitch; missing the big picture; or both when they talk about this#like this can't fix the housing crisis cause... one no one can afford shit even if it's... lets say $175k; that's a lot to ask most people#but two is it won't work long term to just dot a million little houses across the land#cause quite apart from finding all that land; think of all the electric grid and water infrastructure you have to lay#(or are these people expected to be able to afford solar and all that? cause... they ain't poor if they're doing that)#(and I'd kind of like poor people to not be screwed by the housing problems we have; the rich can get bent honestly)#I like living on my own in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere; I wouldn't want someone right next to me#so I'm literally the kind of person people bitching about rural folks is bitching about; so know that's not what I'm saying#but let's be honest... we need better and cheaper urban infrastructure and we need less suburbs and housing communities#and that's where the solution is gonna lie; not in reinventing the single family home (or smaller)#eh... I really really really like tiny homes and think they're neat... but I can't help but see they're rich people play things#...and that's my thoughts on this#it's kind of like how solar is nice and all... but just a few good nuclear plants would be a better solution than solar on every roof
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