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A rare first edition of Margaret Mitchell’s “Gone with the Wind” used to conceal a .32-caliber pistol. September 24, 1941, Phoenix.
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— Margaret Mitchell, from “Gone with the Wind.”
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Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier in a scene from the stage production of "Romeo and Juliet", 1940 - via x
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Fictional Men Ranked Least to Most Likely to Eat Pussy
When I’m bored my powers turn to evil. Happy to announce that @earlymodernlesbian is not only is an enabler but wrote a gay companion piece which you can and should read here!!!! 
10. Mr. Rochester — Jane Eyre
No chance of oral here. Sorry, I don’t think he puts Jane first once in this book. She’s too busy being a ministering angel to ever consider anything above and beyond her wifely duty and I don’t think Rochester ever really stops being a narcissist long enough to consider her desires or even, you know, her life. I bet his french mistress asked him to do it once and he was like “ew, no”
9. Rhett Butler — Gone With the Wind
Rhett says shit like “you ought to be kissed and by someone who knows how,” and then I bet would go down on you one time just to show you what you were missing out on, and then he’d tease you about how much you liked it for months afterwards and refuse to do it again. Imagine how much more normal Scarlett might have been if she was getting regular oral.
8. Konstantin Levin — Anna Karenina
Definitely knows about eating pussy and can’t stop thinking about it. I think he might even shamefully obsess about it in conjunction with his dirty peasant laborer fantasies. However, he also has the ascetic monk thing going on so I bet he hardcore represses his desires to actually do it. That being said, I think if he ever got over himself he’d be way into it.
7. Mr Darcy — Pride and Prejudice
I’m not convinced Mr. Darcy even knows going down on girls is a thing, but once Bingley had filled him in I bet he would try it. Elizabeth I’m sure would not object but I can’t see this happening more than once or twice.
6. Oliver Mellors — Lady Chatterley’s Lover
Mellors has the distinct advantage and disadvantage of being the only character from a book that actually describes sex acts. If it was based solely on what he said (being turned on by getting women off, not shutting up about Connie’s ass, talking about how much he wants a “real” woman with a “real” body), I’d say absolutely he wants to get down there and would use the cringiest words possible to describe it. However, they textually do almost everything else so I feel like if he ate her out DH Lawrence would have told us 😔
EDIT: he goes down on her in the most recent movie!!! vindicated
5. Jonathan Harker — Dracula
Jonathan is obsessed with Mina (rightfully) and loves her to the end of the earth, so of course he’d do anything for her, including eat her out. However, there’s so much putting women on goddess pedestals in Dracula that he might just like, repeatedly kiss her between her legs and and be like, “am I doing this right?” and Mina would be like “I love you so much Jonathan” but she wouldn’t actually get off, you know? 
4. Heathcliff — Wuthering Heights
Someone who is willing to dig up your grave would definitely be down to lick your pussy. Cathy and Heathcliff are so rabid about each other I bet oral is like, one of the least weird things they would have done to each others bodies if they had the chance
3. Gabriel Oak — Far from the Madding Crowd
Not intimidated by Bathsheba’s independence and position of power. Could take care of her and spoil her if she ever let him and they both know it. Plus, not afraid to get down and dirty and do farm work for her. If a man cures your sheep and saves your hay before a storm, what else will he do for you? 👀
2. Mr. Knightley — Emma
Mr. Knightly is the definition of a service top. 100% confident in his masculinity and completely comfortable putting Emma’s needs and wants first, but not gonna let her get away with being high and mighty. Excellent combination of obsessed with her but still in charge. ;) She would get neurotic about it and he would tell her to chill out and he’d be right.
1. George Emerson — A Room with a View
George chugs his respect women juice and is so turned on by the idea of women as individuals with unique desires he can’t stand to see Lucy betray herself by marrying a robot. “I want you to have your own thoughts even when I hold you in my arms” ?!? “The desire to govern a women lies very deep, and men and women must fight it together before they shall enter the Garden” !! What’s not to love about a pro-Eve humanist who enjoys swimming naked and is constantly telling everyone to be less embarrassed about desire and the body? No question George is going to be eating Lucy out every day of their lives and getting off on it himself.
Marius Pontmercy — Les Misérables
Shy, but also French. Not sure which one wins out here. 
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vivien leigh photographed by george douglas at her home in sussex, england in 1965
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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Here are some green costumes to help get the mood!
1.Burlesque 2. Flash Gordon (Prince Barin) 3. Pride & Prejudice 4. Portrait Of A Lady On Fire 5. The Wizard Of Oz 6. Moulin Rouge! 7. Cinderella 8. Gone With The Wind 9. Atonement 10. Poldark
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Vivien Leigh, Gone with the Wind (1939)
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Okay, I sort of did this poll yesterday and I goofed - I set it for one day instead of one week. I am reposting it and have added a few other couples.
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"Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn." | "No, I don't think I will kiss you, although you need kissing, badly. That's what's wrong with you. You should be kissed and often, and by someone who knows how."
Gone with the Wind + Costume Design by Walter Plunkett (1939)
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Old Hollywood Actresses ♡ Colors: Vivien Leigh ☆ Green
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Gone with the Wind (1939)
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DAY 5: FAVORITE DYNAMIC | Melanie Hamilton & Scarlett O'Hara
“She hasn't your strength. She's never had any strength. She's never had anything but heart.”
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Leslie Howard in 1932.
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me and you went to see that movie, remember? thought maybe we could read it outloud, help kill the time or something
Gone With the Wind (1939) dir. Victor Fleming, novel by Margaret Mitchell//The Outsiders (1983) dir. Francis Ford Coppola, novel by S.E. Hinton
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Bears are so right about hibernation
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Couples Costumes with the ✨Moon Boys✨:
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Steven is a fan of the classics and loves watching American television. The two of you would go as Johnny and Baby from Dirty Dancing. He’d even surprise you by learning a few dance moves.
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Marc doesn’t have much time for pleasantries when it comes to leisurely activities. So you’d have to explain the costume to him. But this man would wear a hot dog suit if it meant you’d smile. You both go as Sandy and Danny from Grease. But really you just wanted an excuse to see him in leather.
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Jake too doesn’t know much about media, but he does keep up on history. And something about the Bonnie and Clyde case just fascinates this man. Besides, it gives him an excuse to be more flirty and touchy with you in public. Show everyone you’re his.
Bonus, Khonsu:
First things first, if Khonshu has a human form I believe he would look something like this.
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It would take a lot of convincing on your part to get him to participate in a mortal ritual. He will never admit it but he’s actually having a lot of fun, and adores you in your costume. You’d both go as Rhett and Scarlett from Gone with the Wind.
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