drawloverlala · 2 days
Tumblr media
Kingdom Hearts: Winds of Light Commission for @ZeroBrony
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chaoswarfare · 3 days
do x dc prompt #62
danny is hit with a memory wiping gadget courtesy of vlad, with the intention of creating the perfect son, but he falls through a portal into gotham before vlad can do anything.
now under the assumption that he’s a full ghost, he wanders the streets and meets gotham’s vigilantes. they get closer and eventually danny getting moved into the manor to get him off the streets is brought up.
they explain that they don’t want to see him dead on the streets from some rogue attack.
danny is forced to face his inner turmoil about hanging out with the vigilantes, because they see him as family, someone worth protecting even.
how is he supposed to tell them that they’ve never seen him alive in the first place?
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psuedofolio · 2 days
Tumblr media
I drew Cass riding Godzilla for my friend’s birthday cause he’s a fan of Cass and Godzilla and I am too.
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slowerdancer · 3 days
TF2 Vinyl x JoJo
Tumblr media
I have wanted to redraw the Team Fortress 2 cover for many years now. Finally manage to do it!
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linaciari · 16 hours
Tumblr media
doing that thing where you draw the protags of the last 3 games you played on steam
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ectocounty · 3 days
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scott pilgrim, but awesome.
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aukives · 2 days
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0ddbugs · 17 hours
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"it's all in the wrist..."
never better: @less-depresso-more-espresso
snapdragons: @bluesgras
leo just adopts siblings in this competition
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cozy-earthbaby · 21 hours
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Doodles of the lil raccoon man <3
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frenchublog · 3 days
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Life’s flashing through your eyes ?
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maryplumedelespace · 21 hours
Pourquoi j'ai fait ça X'D
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Inspiration : Get Out Of My Car But it’s Donald Duck And Mickey - YouTube
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unorthodoxx-page · 2 days
So did you get burned out on Tale of Spirits or is the next chapter just really fighting you and giving writers block.
It’s been a mix of things if I’m honest. Health, work and like most people have guessed, general writers burnout. That’s basically why my chaptered fics are on hiatus. I’m also trying to focus on my personal writing, but even that’s been a fight. I don’t really have the energy for anything other than one-shots.
It’s been a creative struggle on all fronts. I’m working on things now, trying to get back in a better space, but expect one-shots for a while, if anything. Sorry for the bleak update, but I’m slowing trying to get back into things.
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chaoswarfare · 18 hours
do x dc prompt #66
the anti-ecto acts were passed right when the justice league was first forming, and flew right under the meta-human rights activist’s noses.
The GIW start to get more aggressive, tracking down ghosts more efficiently, much to the dismay of the infinite realms. Phantom and his rogue gallery are forced to work together against the GIW and JL.
Frequent attacks in an attempt to draw attention to the laws declaring ghosts non sentient only backfires, and they’re declared official enemies of the US and rogues of the justice league.
It’s a constant struggle between the two sides for nearly a decade, until in a moment of weakness, Phantom let down his guard and vented his internal struggle while a young superboy still trying to find his place in the young justice listened in.
Now Kon has to try and convince the founders of the league that Phantom isn’t a threat, and the injustice the anti-ecto acts promote should be stopped, even though he’s still not completely trusted himself.
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ryuichirou · 2 hours
Tumblr media
Jade's little cosplay session
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silence-caravan · 14 hours
Wally Darling and the yellow guy
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I love that the whole fandom though "yellow puppets from horror media" and put them together.
(Im not really happy about this result, but it's my first time drawing Wally, I hope I get better soon...)
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snowbrews · 3 days
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An assortment of more pt doodles, the brainrot continues.
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