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Beautiful commission by @lorbalith for my latest chapter of Bookbinder//Songwriter! 馃摉馃 Be sure to go follow Lorbalith on Instagram!
bagginshield | band/bookshop au | explicit
Thorin Durinul has always dreamed of making it to the big leagues in the music industry. Ered Luin鈥檚 newest citizen, Bilbo Baggins, an aspiring writer and all-around bookworm, has recently taken ownership of the mountain town鈥檚 dusty old corner shop, now, Bag End Books. They weren鈥檛 looking for love, but now they can鈥檛 imagine tackling life鈥檚 challenges without each other.
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Live reactions to The Hobbit
ft. the hilarious @kr-uwu-ssy
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鈥淎nd what about a kiss? Have鈥檈st thou longed for a kiss?鈥
One of the hands leaves the Dwarf鈥檚 back to cup his cheek. The look Master Baggins offers him is so heartbreakingly tender that Thorin almost weeps. 鈥淚 have dreamt of soft brushes of lips, and the affection that it entails.鈥
Those words are all that is needed to have Thorin sweep down and compassionately press a kiss onto Master Baggins.
- In the Same Breath, Chapter 1
it鈥檚 finally out!! fun fact, this plot bunny has been rotting in my notes app for almost a year. i wrote the smallest bit of it in that moment of time, but never finished it. that is until i reread it after all this time and decided to continue it
i hope yall enjoy!!
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imagine: you are chilling in front you your house getting high. along comes an old family friend who you last saw when you were six, you are now in your 50s. after a brief convo where he is kind of a dick to you, he鈥檚 like damn you鈥檝e changed :/. and your like yeah bestie it鈥檚 been five decades why the fuck are you here. he leaves. later that night a shit ton of people show up and trash your house. just throw and absolute rager. halfway through the family friend from earlier shows up. he announces in full earshot of everyone that he wants you to come with him to rob a bank. you of course say wtf??? one of the people who broke into your house calls you a pussy. another person shoves you a contract which declares if you get shot robbing the bank they will not pay for your funeral. you pass out. when you wake up you find the contract on your table and your house almost completely back to normal. you stare at the contract for a moment and decide, fuck it this is just as a good a midlife crisis than anything.
this is what happened to bilbo baggins
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bagginshield | band/bookshop au | explicit
Thorin Durinul has always dreamed of making it to the big leagues in the music industry. Ered Luin鈥檚 newest citizen, Bilbo Baggins, an aspiring writer and all-around bookworm, has recently taken ownership of the mountain town鈥檚 dusty old corner shop, now, Bag End Books. They weren鈥檛 looking for love, but now they can鈥檛 imagine tackling life鈥檚 challenges without each other.
饾悅饾悺饾悮饾惄饾惌饾悶饾惈 饾煆饾煈: 饾悥饾惈饾悽饾惌饾悶 饾悎饾惌 饾悆饾惃饾惏饾惂
鈥淲hat is today's struggle?鈥
It was a question that often went back and forth with them. Some days it was as simple as Dis being angry with Thorin, or Bilbo's frames being slightly bent. The most miniscule things, discussed in the most normal ways. It was all about being open and honest, and not letting things bottle, fester, and explode. It was a relatively new thing they were working on, but so far, so good.
鈥淭his book idea, that's the struggle,鈥 Bilbo grouched, returning his attention to his notebook and examining the various notes and brainstorming he had scribbled down. 鈥淏ut I'll get there, I just need to think about it a little longer.鈥 Which was what Bilbo continuously told himself every time the ideas began to feel like flops, rather than asking for advice.
So maybe communication wasn鈥檛 perfect yet, but he didn't want to feel like he couldn't keep up with Thorin's successes with very few of his own.
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Retelling The Hobbit Chapter 16: The Song of the Lonely Mountain First chapter / Previous / Next
To view full comic: Webtoon/A03聽/ Tumblr post with links to all chapters
Other blogs: TikTok/Instagram/Tumblr Sideblog
*crumbles into dust after finishing this* Thank you for reading! This The Hobbit webcomic adaptation thing takes a lot of effort to put together and I can鈥檛 tell you how much I appreciate every comment. I also really appreciate the people who鈥檝e spread the word of this comic to their friends! <3
And finally, we鈥檙e at the Song of the Lonely Mountain! Within Tolkien鈥檚 canon, The Hobbit is an in-universe book that was 鈥渨ritten鈥 by Bilbo Baggins, who occasionally lies/embellishes/exaggerates things. The tonal differences between The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings are explained by Bilbo and Frodo/Sam being different kinds of storytellers, with different relationships to 鈥渢he truth.鈥 This idea is the core of how I鈥檓 adapting the novel!聽 Bilbo is an unreliable narrator who is literally 鈥榙rawing鈥 from his own limited experiences;聽 the different art styles reflect the different perspectives of other characters. 聽 The 鈥渄warf art style鈥 in this chapter is inspired by stonework/metalwork in general鈥 but especially by a mix of art deco, Celtic art, and European folk art.聽
The central tension of the comic is between Bilbo and Thorin, who each have wildly different ideas about what kind of聽 story they鈥檙e in. Thorin is in a grand fantasy epic, while Bilbo is in a lighthearted children鈥檚 book adventure.聽 The tragedy is, obviously, that only one side of the story ever gets to be fully told.
On a sillier note, a few years ago I had my first gay crush on a lesbian who sang while playing the piano. This chapter is dedicated to the piano lesbian. I hope they鈥檙e doing well, wherever they are. XD
I think I might need a bit of a break but I鈥檓 hoping for the next chapter, titled 鈥淒awn,鈥 to arrive on January 13th. And your comments/support really do help motivate me to get more done! ^_^
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" I have no use for rings of gold, i care not for your poetry. I only want your hand to hold, i only want you near me. "
- Courting Song.
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Bilbo 'Not Like Other Hobbits' Baggins
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I don't know if this was obvious to everyone else, but I just realised that one of the reasons why the Hobbit is so effective as a children's book is that while Bilbo is an adult, the skills that make him a hero are all those of a child.
By human standards he's child-sized, which makes him unobtrusive and light on his feet. He can slip by unnoticed where bigger people can't.
He's good at playing games, and even cheats (successfully!) in a way that - let's face it - is not so different to how children try to cheat at games. He's polite in a way that's fully comprehensible to children (rather than, say, being able to perform courtly manners). He's quick-witted, but the trick of keeping the trolls talking is also one that would be achievable for a child.
He doesn't have magic powers, he's not a great fighter, and he's not some kind of Chosen One. There's not much that he does that couldn't be done by a ten-year-old, but the story shows just how valuable all those skills and traits are. It's very empowering.
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Bilbo, knowing for a fact Thorin doesn't know what flowers mean to hobbits: Can I braid some flowers in your hair?
Thorin, knowing for a fact Bilbo doesn't know what braids mean to dwarves: Oh of course, what a nice gesture of friendship.
Gandalf, a few feet away: Are they getting engaged before realizing they love each other back????
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the hobbit movies but its a don bluth film
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Rivendell: Frodo in The House of Healing and Bilbo in the Hall of Fire 鈾 (I prefer drawing landscapes over interiors ...but I wanted to give it a try *_* )
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ao3topshipsbracket 5 months
AO3 Top Relationships Bracket- Round 3
Tumblr media Tumblr media
This poll is a celebration of fandom history; we're aware that there are certain issues with many of the listed pairings and sources, but they are a part of that history. Please do not take this as an endorsement, and refrain from harassment.
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prismaprimrose 7 months
Imagine if Bilbo lost his lil acorn once Smaug was dead.
Throin sees Bilbo looking around all panicked, digging through some pile of gold or gems, and asks about it, and this is where he learns about the acorn.
So of course he offers to help look, while they're looking for the Arkenstone, and eventually they've got the whole company looking for both. Thorin's head seems a little more clear suddenly, so everyone's more looking for the acorn than the arkenstone, because yeah they're looking for the arkenstone, but they'll know it when they see it, they have to CONCENTRAIT to find a lil acorn, and it's important they find IT soon or it'll get crushed, or die or rot. The arkenstone has lasted this long. It'll last a little longer.
And because they've all got he mindset if "yeah thats a bit of gold, but it's not an acorn. Sure sure some pretty gems but it's not an acorn!" In there heads, they stave of the gold sickness.
When Fili shouts, "I found it!" They're all rather disappointing when they realise he means the Arkestone. Thorin pockets it, but they return to their search for the acorn right away.
Then, one day, Thranduil shows up demanding the white gems and Thorin's standing up on the barracks like "Sure, if we come across them."
And Thranduil's like "what do you mean if you come across them?"
"There was a dragon in the mountain for over a century! He wasn't exactly cleaning and we're a bit preoccupied with our own search at the moment! I'll send them your way once we find them! If takes a day or a year, you'll live!" And then he disappears from Thranduil's sight.
Only to reappear after a moment, looking slightly irritated. The hobbit is by his side looking, perhaps hopeful? With a roll of his eyes, Thorin says, bitting out the words like they physically hurt to say "If you would like, perhaps you could send a select few of your most trusted guard, and if they might help us in our search, they can also look for your gems as well?"
Thranduil has never been more caught of guard in his life. Did a dwarf, one whom he'd had imprissoned in his dungeon less than a month ago, just invite his people into his most recently reclaimed treasurey?
"I'm sorry. What?" He blinks up at the dwarf- most elegantly, he assures you.
"Elves have very keen eyes, do you not?" Asks the little hobbit. "We're looking for my acorn, you see, that I got from Beorn the skin changer, I seem to have lost it in the dragon's chase, and we fear it'll be crushed. Throin says your box would likely be in the front of the treasurey, and we haven't searched there yet, though Smaug did follow us through there, so it's a fine place for your people to start. It would be greetly appreciated."
And really. The argument could go on, Thranduil's really not sure he believes there IS an acorn, but if it gets him those damned white gems, fine. He sends Tauriel and her guard, and Legolas volunteers himself.
When Bard shows up asking for aid for the town Thorin throws his hands up. "Your just as bad as the elves! We just got our montain back! Fah! At least you asked for nothing so specific!" And practically chucks a chest full of randomly scooped up gold and gems over at the man. "But if there is an acorn in there, you are to return it immediately!"
There isn't an acorn.
"Why would there be an acorn?" He asks Thranduil that evening as he takes tea with the Elven king who's made camp outside the Lonely Mountain as a statement to the dwarven king he doesn't mean to leave without what's rightfully his, regardless of their compliance.
"His husband appears to be rather attached to it." Thranduil shrugs. "I don't pretent to understand the ways of haflings, but if the hobbit has half so strong a love for that which grows from the earth, as the dwarves do that which is mined from it, and I was a king who'd dragged my consort half way across Middle Earth to risk his life battling a dragon for its hoard, I'd think it wise to have the Mountain turned upside down for one measly acorn as well."
Dain shows up and is about ready to storm the peacefully-aiding-the-humans-at-this-point-because-we're-here-what-else-do-we-have-to-do elves on principle, but Thorin puts a stop to it quick.
It takes Dain a day and a half to realised that Thorin did infact say "they were all looking for an Acorn," yesterday, and several minutes to understand that he was saying "no, we found the Arkenstone days ago," today.
And of course, the orcs and goblins show up and are defeated by the forced of them all, united under Acorn Peace Treaty of 2942
Sadly, weeks go by, and they do not find the acorn. They do eventually find the Gems, and Legolas and the majority of the elves return to Mirkwood, Legolas having made good friends with the Company, especially Gloin (this is a suprise tool that will help him later) but Tauriel remains, and if Thorin wasn't smitten with the hobbit, he might comment on just how close Kili is growing to her. At least she's respectful. Might just teach that boy a think or two. The opposite is, of course, true, and Tauriel becomes just as much a menace as the princes.
As the weeks go by and proper cataloging of the treasury commences, every dwarf who comes to help is shows a picture of the acorn every single morning, and promised a just reward for its discovery.
Eventually, Bilbo has to concede they aren't going to find it, but, well, by then he's not exactly planning to return to the Shire for long enough to care for a sprouting tree.
He does return long enough to stop all his things being auctioned off, no he's not a ghost, thank you very much, and have Bag End transfered to his cousin Drogo and his wife, before setting back out for Erebor with the things he intends to keep.
It's years before anyone thinks of the poor lost little acorn again, decades, infact.
One day, in the early morning of the 21st Durin's day after the reclaiming of Erebor, a dwarf comes rushing from the treasurey to find the Royals preparing for the celebration.
"Is it one of these, your highne- uh, Bilbo, your lost acorn?" He asks, stuttering over the title he knows the hobbit dislikes. "I can't really.... tell them apart."
And Bilbo just blinks, because in the cupped palms of the dwarf's are perhaps 15 or 20 little acorns...
"Where did you find these?" He asks.
"They were in the back."
"The back?" Thorin repeats, then catches himself and shoos the dwarf back the way he came "Show us."
They all- Bilbo and Thorin, the princeses, and a handful of the company who'd been present- follow the dwarf down into the treasurey, and then through the treasurey, past all the neat piles of gold and the many chests of organized gems and stones and all manner of other treasures, until they're presented with a very familiar back door.
Or rather, a hidden passage, tucked away in an alcove, where another handful of acorns' the few the Dwarf who'd brought them the first had likely missed- are scattered about.
"You did... just have the one, right Uncle Bilbo?" Fili asks.
"Or course I just had the one!" Bilbo retorts. "I couldn't have possibly carried that many with me all the way from Beorn's!"
With a resigned sort of sigh, as he begins to piece together the answer to a decades old mystery, Thorin steps forward and follows the tunnel up, up, up, and out of Erebor, the others- save the dwarf who brought them, dismissed by Bilbo with a smile, a thanks, and an oh, no, you may keep those- right behind.
As they walk, the acorns start to increase. Though there's never so many as to begin piling up in the tunnel, by the time they reach the end, the majority of the ground is covered in a solid layer if the little things, and the crunch underfoot as they all emerge onto the ledge which they had all once stood, with batted breath in the moon light as they realised they were at last, truly home.
"Was that here last time?" Kili asked, studying the impressive Oaktree shading the entire ledge that sat in front of the secret entrance to Erebor.
The trunk of the tree was wide and solid, sitting right up against the mountain side, and rather winning the battle of wills against the carved stone architecture of the dwarves. Its limbs grow twisted and wild, up and out in all directions. It's easily 250 or 300 feet tall. There is all sorts of life flittering about in its florishing branches, all covered in brilliant green leaves, and fresh green little acorns.
The growned all around them is covered in acorns as well, so many more than the tunnel.
"No." Thorin says, watching a squirrel dash down from the trunk of the tree, shove several acorns into its cheeks, and dash back up the trunk. "No it was not." He turns to Bilbo, and raises an eyebrow. "Lost it after the dragons chase, you said?"
Beet red and look quite flustered, all Bilbo can manage out is a squicky little "oops."
"'Oops' indeed." Thorin returns, smiling fondly.
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