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ghostlakan · 2 days
the silmarillion is wild yall i love it finrod fucking felagund bites a werewolf to death, instantly dies, and not half a page later i am blasted with the knowledge of sauron's fursona
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What I learned from The Silmarillion:
Genesis can be rewritten to be way more beautiful and interesting.
Gandalf and Durin's Bane were probably buds once.
All the Elves in the Third Age are nice because all the assholes got brutally slaughtered in the First Age.
"I have a Silmaril in my hand." "Show me." "Sorry, my hand's not here right now."
Old School Sauron is way cooler than the mopey voyeur in LOTR.
Elrond's dad is a planet and his mom is a bird.
Tolkien's cosmology explains everything—except Eru Ilúvatar, Ungoliant, Tom Bombadil, talking swords and purses, animals serving dinner, and That Fox Who Never Knew Anything More About It.
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morgoths-ring · 2 days
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thelien-art · 10 hours
Miriel Therinde
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I´m curently working on a background for her as I feel like I need a new computer background and Tumblr header but here she is finished by just herself :)
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I'm exposed to star trek tos and the radiation killed me in a good way. ✨
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tromroan · 12 hours
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That will depend on the manner of your return
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velvet4510 · 2 days
There’s something incredible about how Middle-Earth was tormented by a master-servant team only connected by the bonds of shared evil and lust for power … and was later saved by another master-servant team connected by the bonds of shared love and humility. Really incredible.
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weronikaring · 3 days
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When I saw the Elf Wizard, Anthanelle miniature from Reaper Miniatures, I immediately knew I wanted to paint her in the style of Aredhel, the White Lady of the Noldor, and I really like the headcanon that Fingolfin's kids have darker skin, so this was born.
I really like the white and pale blue, though I'm slightly less sure about the silver. Oh well, it works alright...
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aroaceauntie · 3 days
My favourite LotR Headcanon is that elves have no concept of gender when it comes to clothing/appearance, and most elven names can be both male and female
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milla984 · 3 days
heyyy! 🙏🙏 i started watching the movies not long ago and idk much about them so i have a question: can you explain what she means in the movie when she says she will remain galadriel……..????
Of course, Anon!
Tolkien was a philologist and a linguist, therefore names in the Tolkienverse are a big deal: in The Silmarillion, the evil god that revolts against his brothers and his creator is called Melkor but it's later renamed Morgoth* (Dark Enemy) and his servant, Mairon, is commonly known as Sauron (the Abhorred). Sméagol becomes Gollum, so I've always thought that "I will [diminish and] remain Galadriel" means she won't turn into the Dark Queen we see appearing for a moment when she's showing her true power to Frodo, who would probably assume a different and ominous name.
Edited to add an important detail: Galadriel isn't one of the names her parents gave her as a child but the one she chooses to use later on in life, because her spouse Celeborn calls her so. It's especially dear to her and by confirming that she wishes to remain Galadriel she reaffirms her choice (refusing the Ring and its power).
*the extended edition features a scene where Legolas explains what happened to Gandalf and says: "He was taken by both shadow and flame - a Balrog of Morgoth" but if you're not familiar with the lore it's hard to figure out who Morgoth is
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Thrandy is ready for bed
I practiced with the moonlight, not sure about the outcome…
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Bilbo: Do you ever have one of those days when you're holding a stick
Bilbo: And e v e r y o n e looks like a piñata?
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brb dying of laughter at the irony of this sticker
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{ThunderAndGrace on Etsy}
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🗡That will depend on the manner of your return 🏹
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