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Tumblr media
Got bored. Have a guy
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theredcuyo · 2 days
Hmm, so today i worked with a bit of horror and this came to me
What if we make the Batman into a cryptid but the cooler kind, the leyend to scare young kids type
Before you write or send a comment, i'm mexican, born and raised, still live there. Thank You.
This came from me thinking about La llorona, a leyend (scary one) here in México and some other parts of latam it seems(?) and it's in short, about a woman whose kids die and she dies from sadness over it, with her eyes drying up from so much crying, becoming a spirit that haunts the world while calling for her children in desperate screams
The reason behind the kids' death changes depending on who you ask, either she killed them or it was an accident, but they die by drowing in all versions, and, as a result of the above, any kid she comes across gets taken away because she mistakes them for her own, they end up dying by her hands too tho (because she thinks they're hers and drowns them, or because she realizes they aren't)
She's also a single mother (the story goes back to the 1500 btw)
And I think Bruce fits this. So. Fucking. Well.
Like, Jason and Dick die, and he becomes this, and then Tim was trying to help him pass from the world but he couldn't and instead became his child too, and the rest followed along, by accident, by choice or not
Can he be a hero here? I don't think so, but, maybe he does care for the children somehow, the ones that he realizes aren't his, that they have parents to go to are the ones he protects
He cares for the people, who are not at fault for his loss, so he protects the city he also haunts
He cares for the nice old man who's never been afraid of him, who gives him a sad smile and who he feels like he knows but all the memories of his life are buried down and forgotten behind his children dying
He might not even want the children he takes to die, it's like the pit rage in canon, it takes over him and they world gets too blurry to think right
And he cares for those kids, he really does, it's not their fault, but there's one he can never remember the name of (Dick) no matter how many times he repeats it
Dick forgave his dad (whatever the reason for their deaths might be) and wanders around him in a nice way, doing his best so all of them can finally pass away
Jason hasn't. He haunts Bruce, most of the episodes where he snatches more kids away are Jason's fault, as he appears and dissapears in front of him, making him believe any kid is his boy, Jason doesn't notice and actually tries to protect other kids.
Steph's 'your not my dad!' call hits harder in this au-
Cass was wandering around town alone, she didn't stand a chance because she couldn't even scream for help. She's like a second shadow to Bruce, always near, always watching, and some who have scaped them swear her eyes never stop looking at you. She might be the only kid who's not mad at him for taking her away
Duke is similar enough, he didn't like the dark, but when there's no other choice is the worst thing that happens.
Damian's tale as a child of his that Bruce originally thought to have died gets worse when he gets taken, reunited but only by death, one that is his dad's fault.
One where Bruce got another one of his kids killed.
Hoenstly, i'd like to work on this au? If that's like fine?
I'll try to make some designs and maybe like some draws, if i get to, a series of one-shots
Oh, and if you non-latam people want to know more about la llorona, well, there's a kids animated movie :D is called "La leyenda de la llorona" pretty sure you can find it with subtitles (always better than dub tbh) it's part of a saga on mexican leyends too, can watch the others if it calls your attention, they're fun
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win condition: avoid homelessness
(I either make jokes about this or I get sad)
Is it that time again where I stop kidding myself that I'll figure something out for rent/that this is the interview that will be different? Yeah, it is.
Still no positive life updates I can give, and I am... maybe getting a little worn out. (Thinking I need to leave this area, but that's a future-goal. Not a right-now goal.)
My offer is the same as always: I will happily write, or beta/alpha read anything that you like. Here's the current requests queue; if you're not on it you either haven't given a prompt yet (and I am stalking outside your bedroom door like a cat at 3 am wanting to play) or I have shamefully forgotten to add you on it. Please poke me in that case.
0/$650 by 7/2
I know I sound like a broken record on this, but please don't feel bad if you can’t donate, and definitely don’t if it puts you at risk/causes you trouble. I am doing the obnoxious "look into my eyes" gesture about this. Your safety and happiness comes first.
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defective-4068 · 2 days
I just read a bucktommy fic that made me low key ship Eddie Diaz and Taylor Kelly.
(it's a great fic tho... 10/10 would read again)
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iljowicz · 1 day
Ok, hear me out!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Marauders but on the other side of the Iron Curtain ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_
quick sketches and some thoughts
James is from Hungary bc this country was called the happiest barracks in the camp with the highest standard of living of all the Soviet-bloc countries; Peter is from Latvian SSR for now but I’m still thinking about him D|; East Germany as motherland of Sirius - you know, because of difficult n@z! past and… I wasn’t sure about Remus. In the end he is from Poland because of destruction of Warsaw. Almost 85% of capital was reduced to rubble and I think it somehow fits with the whole worewolf problem.
I have a lot of ideas about this au and I wanted to share some of them! ^ ^ Let me know if you like it or want more!
PS. if someone else have this kind of au for them too, please let me know!
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cymk8 · 5 months
Tumblr media
the whole thing didn't turn out the way I wanted it to, but I still really like the bw sketch
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wiltkingart · 1 year
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resident babygirl
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listen, listen-
batman is a Big Grown Man. robin? a smoll child. any robin. specially at first. now hear me out
bruce can leap longer distances than a robin. i know they have graple hooks, but! lets ignore them for now
imagine: they need to jump from one roof to the next. bruce? no sweat. Tiny Child? problem.
solution: lil baby robin carried piggy-back style (or better yet: front clinging like a koala) as big batman leaps across rooftops.
carrying and letting down every other rooftop is a waste of time, so until they come across a crime, batman is just kangaroo-ing robin around
that is all, thanks for coming to my ted talk
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solroskajan · 1 month
Tumblr media Tumblr media
More "human" AU (more like manticore AU). Just having fun with character design, I'll probably draw N and Uzi later, maybe J and Cyn too.
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uselessgaywhovian · 6 months
this is the year i go 'fuck it' and buy canvases and paint and make bad paintings.
they will probably mostly be of possums.
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youremarvelous · 1 year
I’m actually so over social media and how it melts people’s brains and destroys nuance and is controlled and owned by wealthy, corrupt men and is a vehicle for advertising and misinformation, but I also don’t want to be dumping on people in my personal life all the time soooo
I bought a journal for the first time since like 2001. and you know what? I feel good about that decision
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feralforestgoblinn · 5 months
Tumblr media
Good mornin' from somewhere in France
Someone said somethin somethin Hannibal in suspenders
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sealbatross · 2 months
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neunhofferart · 1 month
A little Camp Cretaceous throwback~
Tumblr media
Also-- Jurassic World Chaos Theory premieres in just under 4 hours!! We can't wait for you all to watch it! But please-- avoid posting major spoilers without tagging them and adding a warning and/or read more! (I would even go as far as noting what episode you're on just in case).
If you can't or don't want to watch it all right away, be sure to filter out multiple versions of the spoiler tag (like 'jwct spoilers' and 'chaos theory spoilers' and maybe even 'camp cretaceous spoilers' cause a few of you keep using the tags from the other show), and avoid browsing the tags if you can't watch it all right away just to be safe!!
Hope you enjoy the show!
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sadesluvr · 7 months
Three Simple Wishes - William Afton x Reader
It’s Vanessa’s birthday, but her father William ends up getting the best present. 
A/N:  Pure filth, yet again. This has gone through a BILLION iterations, but I’ve finally done it…I’m off to horny jail. Minors DNI!
Word count: 3.5K
Tags: SMUT / Dom + Sub dynamics / Dub-con / Age gaps (Reader is in her 20’s) / Infidelity / Costume sex / Perv! William / Oral sex, male and female receiving / Sex toys (Vibrator) / Multiple orgasms / Unprotected sex / Creampies / LOTS of use of the term 'Princess' / William is just NASTY, ok? And a bad father but we knew that
Tumblr media
Being a Rent-A-Princess was far from glamorous, but sometimes it was rewarding. As for the other times? Having to endure sleazy men who hire you for bachelor parties, and cleaning yourself up from that one sickly child who puked on your dress.
You hoped today wouldn’t be one of those days.
It seemed promising enough to start, until you’d apparently shown up an hour early.
“I’m sorry,” a man named William said. You’d quickly learned he was the birthday girls’ father. “Sarah should’ve told you that they were going to the movies first. It’s funny how she can forget that, but not to nag about everything I do,” he said matter of factly, swigging his drink.
So he was the complaining husband. Nothing you hadn’t dealt with before.
“Well, I can wait…” you sighed, playing with the sparkly material of your dress. Mrs Afton had specifically requested that you be a ‘fairy princess’ - so you were dressed in a flowery tiara, crème coloured wings, and a corset-like dress with off the shoulder straps and a tulle skirt that stopped just by your knees. 
“Want a drink?” William asked, breaking the tension. He seemed nice enough, albeit slightly dorky with his large glasses and oddly coloured tie. Apparently he’d come from work.
You politely shook your head, biting your lip as you directed your attention around the room, somewhat oblivious to the way the man was staring at you.
He’d heard of his wife’s “genius” idea to hire a princess, but for some reason the concept had never really manifested in his mind. He’d always seen them as slightly cringey with weird, overly heavy makeup, but you were a dream come true. Shy, polite - perfectly submissive. He wondered what was hidden under the layers of tulle and petticoat; if you’d squirm when he ran his hands up your thighs, spreading them apart so he could finger your pussy. He wanted to see you in action; if you’d stay in character whilst he pounded you into the counter, tears of ecstasy forming in your eyes as you’d squeal when you came around his cock.
His relationship with his wife had gotten stale a long time ago, and it was time that he got a thanks.
“You know, I’ll pay you for this extra hour,” he announced. “Can you do a little bit of your act? I wanna see if you’re good enough for my ‘Nessa,” he smiled, eyes wide and sparkling. Even though he was a grown man, it was actually rather cute. You loved seeing devoted fathers - 
How could you say no? 
You picked up your wand and stood in the middle of the kitchen before you curtseyed.  
“Your wish is my command…” you said gently, peering up at him through your lashes. It was a classic move in the business, but it drove the man crazy. He smirked, finishing the last of his beer before he walked around the counter to join you, leaning against the counter. 
It was then you realised how much bigger he was than you; tall, with a large chest and limbs. What struck you the most was his biceps and thighs - he was far more built than the typical man his age. For some reason you now felt nervous, but it wasn’t the usual pre-show jitters.
“…How may your Princess be of assistance?”
His Princess. You were all his for the next hour.
“I get three wishes, don’t I?” he hummed.
You pursed your lips and nodded, rolling the wand in your hands as your heart pounded against your chest.
“Well, for my first wish I’d like a dance with you,” William said, smirking at your startled reaction.
“I’m not a great dancer…” you said bashfully. 
William stepped closer, reaching out a hand to adjust the material of your sleeves down so that they were level, noticing how your skin freckled with goosebumps upon his touch.
“Don’t worry, Princess. I’ll teach you,” he said softly, taking your hand in his and beginning to lead you into some kind of ballroom dance. 
There was no music but he hummed a deep, methodic melody that came from inside his chest, almost like a satisfied purr of a lion. He was careful as he held you, as if you were a porcelain doll, making sure that his body was a safe distance from yours. Still, your bare legs and the tickly material of your dress occasionally rubbed against his own, earning an apologetic ‘sorry’ from you every time.
You were beyond perfect. Quite literally a fantasy come to life.
Once you were done, you broke away. 
“Where did you learn to move like that?” you chuckled.
“I play a character too,” he said vaguely. “I’m very comfortable in my body. Besides, my wife always said I was good with my hands…” he finished, raising his brows slightly. You bit your lip and cocked your head, giggling at his entendre. 
“What’s your second wish?”
“A kiss,” he said bluntly, and you glanced at the ground shyly. This was certainly beyond your means. Still, you were technically on the job, and you’d jokingly kissed people on the cheek before as part of it. This was the only gig you had that was getting you through college, and you couldn’t lose it.
You nodded, adjusting your tiara before you leaned in, standing on your toes as you planted a kiss on his cheek. His skin was slightly prickly because of his beard, contrasting against your soft, slightly sticky lips. Pulling away, you realised you’d left a smudge of your lip gloss on his cheek.
William hummed at the contact, unable to suppress his growing erection. You smelled heavenly, and your kiss was even better. So gentle, so precise…
“That was lovely, sweetheart, but I didn’t say on the cheek,”
Your eyes widened and you gasped.
“Mr Afton — I can’t…You’re married,”
“That doesn’t matter,” he said dismissively. “It’s all just make-believe. Besides, she’s not here…”
You remained frozen as he got closer to you, his hands again brushing the sleeves of your dress, this time beginning to slide them down your arms. You knew what he wanted.
“Mr Afton, please,” you begged, glancing around the kitchen. If this endeavour was going to happen, it shouldn’t be by a children’s birthday cake. “Not here…”
“I wouldn’t dream of it,” he said, his voice raspy. The cracks were beginning to show, and his eyes were filled with lust. “This way,”
He led you down the hall and up the stairs. Before you knew it, you were in the Afton’s bedroom, the door left slightly ajar. 
“Get on the bed for me, Princess,” he grinned. “I want to look at you,”
William chuckled as you immediately obeyed, pulling yourself up towards the headboard, sat on your knees, staring up at him expectedly. You were quivering, and it only made his cock harder.
The tulle ran up your thighs, its poorly constructed bottom beginning to leave nothing to the imagination. Your chest was heaving, exposing the outline of your breasts. Even though you were scared, you were so ready for him.
“I don’t want to get caught…” you said softly, a lump bobbing in your throat as he slowly approached you, staring you down like a piece of meat. “I’ll be fired,”
“I wouldn’t dream of it, Princess,” he smiled, beginning to loosen his belt as he kept staring at you. “But it works two ways, you know…”
You nodded. 
“Is this your final wish?”
“No. I like to savour my treats…” he purred, pulling down his zipper. “Look up at me, doll,”
You obeyed, letting him take your face with his free hand, cupping your chin as he guided you to his cock. He was a little over average, and it was thick, with a prominent vein running along its side. He groaned and threw his head back as your warm mouth enveloped his cock, precum acting as lube and coating your lips like gloss. His grip remained firm on your face as he began to pump in and out of your mouth slowly, giving you time to adjust to the sensation. You hollowed your cheeks on his cock, guiding your head along the skin as you used your tongue to lick the sides, earning a groan from William.
“Has this pretty Princess sucked cock before?” he teased. “Of course you have…You’ve never had one like this before though, hm? Married, daddy dick,”
You managed a ‘Mmfh’ in response, unable to speak. The man chuckled and let go of your face, letting you do the work whilst he caressed your body, admiring your wings and stroking your neck, his hands making their way down to your chest. You wasted no time in using your hands to grip his base, holding him still as you began to eagerly suck him off, taking him as far as you could whilst your hands jerked him off at the base.
He huffed, and began to unbutton his shirt, leaving him in a vest, showing off his slightly hairy chest. He looked down at you, and you looked up at him, secretly satisfied at the way his eyes were half lidded with desire. It was his daughter's birthday, and his wife was 30 mins away, and yet here he was getting a blowjob from the hired entertainment. It was so sinful, and he’d barely even begun.
“Go deeper, Princess. For me…” he commanded, his voice breathy. You did, and his thick tip hit the back of your throat, making you gag. Pulling away, a trail of spit connected your mouth to his cock, and the man tutted, scooping it with his finger to run it over your swollen lips.
Had you disappointed him?
“I can do it —” you insisted, psyching yourself up to go again, but he stopped you, bending down to place a sloppy kiss on your lips.
“Lie back,” he said simply. “I have a surprise of my own,”
He opened a drawer, fumbling around through the contents before he pulled out a box — to a vibrator.
“It’s all clean,” he said, holding it up teasingly. “You got one of these, Princess? Or are you too much of a good girl for them – Maybe there’s a Prince around to do the job for you…?”
You shook your head. There was one guy named Mike who’d sold you the tires of your car once, but you’d never really pursued him.
“Hm,” William hummed gleefully. “ ‘Got this for Sarah as a fun little Valentine's gift ‘n she never used it. She’s a fucking prude, as you can tell. But you’re going to be my good little princess, aren’t you?”
“Yes Sir,” you replied, and he smirked as he opened the box, wasting no time in sorting it out. 
In a moment he clicked it on, and the quiet house was filled with whirring which filled you with anticipation. It’d been a while since you’d had sex, let alone anything penetrating.
William leaned down, hands on either side of your body as he snaked his hands up the sides of your thighs, calluses brushing the material of your skirt away before he reached your panties.
“I’m gonna put this inside you, okay Princess? Be a good girl for me…”
You hadn’t realised it was a dual operator. 
The rubbery material slid into your folds as he pushed your panties aside with his hands, allowing for the other nub to rest on your clit, leaving the base sticking out of your body. If that wasn’t torture enough, he covered the bottom with your panties, placing them back into position and leaving you with no escape.
The machine began to pulse and vibrate, leaving you as nothing but a squirming mess.
William chuckled at the sight below him, taking a moment to watch you squeal and call out for him as he lazily jerked his cock. This was far better than any porn. Or sex with his wife, for that matter.
You arched your back and clung onto the sheets as it continued to fuck you, the outside handle massaging your clit in circles, sending shockwaves through your body. You’d never been fucked like this, and it was even more sinful knowing it came from a married man.
“Please Sir…” you begged, eyes watery as you stared at him, arms outstretched. “I need —“
“Does the Princess need her King? He’s coming, doll,” he cooed, desire laced in his throaty chuckle. He walked over to you and took your hand, but assumed his position back at your mouth, taking a moment to run his heavy shaft over your wanting lips. You took him in your mouth like a good girl, making sure you teased his balls with your tongue.
He groaned, legs shaking as he ran his fingers to the top of your dress, roughly pulling it down to just below your breasts and began to fondle them with his large hands. He squeezed and tugged on your nipples, bringing you to a point of complete overstimulation as the vibrator continued its motions within you. The room was filled with sounds of wetness from both your mouth and cunt, and judging by the way you were beginning to desperately paw on William’s thighs he could tell you were close.
“Are you gonna cum, doll? You gonna cum all over my wife’s vibrator?”
You whined an ‘uh-huh’ as you nodded your head, and William grinned down at you, pulling himself from your mouth.
“Good,” he hummed. “Open your legs nice and wide for me Princess. I want to watch you,” 
You did so and he stood over you, inspecting you as if he were a doctor. You were beginning to see white, and you barely noticed that the man had dropped to his knees, face-to-face with your aching pussy. In a second, he dragged you towards him and buried his face between your legs, underneath all the layers of tulle and petticoat. He swiftly removed the vibrator and replaced it with his tongue and lithe fingers, flicking at your bud and pumping in and out of you, your juices beginning to coat his digits.
It was heaven when you came. You were so overwhelmed that you’d actually locked your legs around him; allowing him to receive all of your fluids across his face and fingers. He lapped you up like he was starving, his hands holding a steady grip on your thighs and waist, making it clear that you belonged to him.
As you rode off your high, you began to feel sleepy. William emerged from under your dress, looking rather proud of himself as he wiped a droplet of your juices from his beard. You mustered the strength to prop yourself up, and as you did he pulled you into a sloppy kiss by your neck, his tongue exploring every inch of your mouth.
“Dirty girl,” he murmured. “You’re driving me crazy, you know that?”
You bit your lip as you pulled away, watching the man intently as he dropped his pants and boxers, leaving him completely nude.
“Keep your clothes on for me, doll,” he smiled sinisterly. “You look so pretty in that dress. I promise I won’t ruin it…”
Shifting so that you were amongst the pillows, you instinctively hiked up your skirt, watching as William climbed over you. Even though you were fully clothed, you felt completely naked under his gaze, and the severity of the situation finally sunk in on you.
Here you were, the image of innocence and grace, draped across the marital bed of the parents of the child you were supposed to entertain - on her birthday no less - whilst the husband straddled you, ready to fuck you within an inch of your life.
Sarah, Vanessa and the other children could come home any minute. 
“William…” you whispered, cupping his cheek in your hand. “I-I’m scared…”
He grinned. He hoped you were scared of what he was going to do to you, and the idea of being caught by his wife. 
“Shh,” he hummed. “I’ve got you,”
He lifted your legs to either side of him so that your lower back was elevated, and your thighs rested on his own as he lined up with your entrance. He took a moment to tease your slit, rubbing his sticky head along your wet folds, still sensitive from your orgasm.
He pushed into you with little warning and your back arched, relishing in the bittersweet feeling of being stretched open. You thought he was going to begin moving, but he continued to push into you, making sure that the ring of juices you’d left on his cock was entirely covered. He wanted you to take him whole.
“Fuck, Princess,” he groaned, voice rumbling from the inside of his chest. “You’re so tight…I haven’t had a pussy like this in ages…”
“Will…” you stammered, shutting your eyes as you felt him bottom out within you, balls resting on your skin. “Oh my God…” 
“Such a perfect little Princess,” he said, relishing in the sight of your skin-on-skin. Holding your thighs apart, he pulled back slowly before beginning to fuck into you, the contact making obscene sticky sounds. You had no choice but to grip the bed sheets as he drew long, agonising strokes into you, savouring the moment. Something about it was strangely intimate.
Once William found his rhythm he briefly let go of your thighs to grope your tits through the material before pulling it down and manhandling them himself. They moved with every thrust as your head lolled, mouth open and whining as he fucked you. 
William was a man of many feats, but he’d never believed he'd be able to have this. He wanted you to be his naughty little elf for Christmas, his Cupid for Valentines, and his present for his birthday. Just you, bound by ribbon with a bow on your head would be good enough.
“You like this, hm? Ever fucked another dad like me? They must love having you around,” he snarled, and your pussy clenched at the image.
“N-Noo…” you whispered, squealing as William abruptly slapped your cunt..
“No?” he repeated. “Hm, of course not. You’re a good girl, aren’t you? A true Princess…”
You nodded, leaning up as William leant down to meet your lips in another sloppy kiss, giving him the ammunition to drill his cock into you further, your legs now by his shoulders.
God, this was the best fuck you’d ever had.
He steadied himself on either side of you, and you could feel his hot, heavy breaths from his nose and mouth as he continued to fuck you, eye contact unwavering. 
As his thrusts became sloppier, you felt your stomach knot up, signalling yet another orgasm.
“William…I’m - I’m close…”
“Again, baby?” he hummed. “And here I was thinking I’d get to fuck your ass…Hm, there’s always a next time…”
You hardly acknowledged the implication.
“Y-You gotta — “
“Pull out?” he teased, withdrawing his hips, legs shaking as his nerves tingled and he entered you for the final time. “Oh no, Princess, I can’t do that! I could stain your pretty dress or ruin your makeup…”
He was so considerate.
You nodded, locking your arms around his neck as the weight of his body forced you into the mattress. You squeezed your eyes shut as you came, toes curling as your walls clamped down on his cock, making him feel bigger than before (if that were even possible). It wasn’t long before he came, grunting and whispering sweet nothings into your ear as he filled your pussy with his hot cum. He held you there for what felt like forever, making sure every drop wasn’t wasted, nor spilled onto the bed sheets.
“Fuck!” he bellowed, words broken between pants as he began to pull out, watching as the creamy fluids glistened in the natural light, even trickling down to his balls. You looked absolutely spent, and if you didn’t have a job to do he would’ve let you lie there.
Managing to pull yourself up, it was mostly silent until you heard a car enter the driveway, causing you to spring into motion. 
“William, we’re home!”
“Shit…” you murmured, looking around. How would it look if you both came down the stairs?
“Here, take this,” William said nonchalantly, handing you a pink envelope. “Vanessa’s room is at the end of the hall. I trust you know how to improvise...”
You nodded, brushing your skirt into place as you hastily began to leave. William stopped you, raising a hand as if to ‘halt’, and tenderly fixed your tiara, a sly smirk wiped across his face as he did. As he let go, his hands stroked your cheek and his thumb ran over your lips. You took the digit into your mouth briefly before planting a gentle kiss onto the tip, smiling back up at him innocently.
Keys were in the door.
“My final wish…” he uttered, “…Is that you come and work for me. We could really use an Easter Bunny…”
Tumblr media
@fandomwritingbit @ahsxual
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gojisaurus · 6 months
Tumblr media
and then he made how do you sleep
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