politijohn · 2 days
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llavender · 2 days
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Friendly reminder that VP Harris officiated the marriage of a gay couple in 2004, before a generation of voters was even born
She then opposed Proposition 8
This is someone who has consistently fought for the legal rights of the lgbt population, and she's running against a party that actively plans to overturn Obergefell v. Hodges
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b0tster · 15 hours
broke half my belts moshing so im a bit light on hardware but im making it work 😈✨️
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chaoticrei · 24 hours
I want to spam garlic bread in the ask box of every ace spec person on this app . I'm not kidding, this is my project, it's important, you can reblog, start chains under this post, do what you want, but if you're ace spec, write something in the comments or in the reblogs, so I will gift you some garlic bread. WRITE SOMETHING IN THE REBLOGS, ANYTHING, EVEN JUST "#garlic bread", otherwise I won't find you among all these notes
Let me know if you don't receive your garlic news in two days! I might miss some orders!
Btw I'm keeping a journal of my orders. I write your usernames, so I can remember the great people who supported this project
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Found out Jasmine Sherman has ballot access in 48 states and ballot access was the only thing keeping me from loudly supporting them but lets fucking gooooooo!!!! That's enough states to stand a chance!!!
They are:
Pro Palestine, Pro-Sudan, Pro-DRC
Pro human rights
Pro landback
"you're dreaming! They won't have the Senate or Congress necessary to enact-"
Jasmine said they fully intend to use executive orders to immediately enforce age caps and term limits among other things.
In fact you can go their site and see that in most cases the policies are already written. And I don't mean a little blurb that says "I support gay people" in a section called 'lgbt' i mean they have the policies written. I mean Jasmine has already written the policy reform and posted them. You have policy questions? Read the policy.
Can't read? No problem, they also use audible for hoh users who would benefit from having the policies read aloud instead.
Also they said in a recent TikTok that with the supreme court ruling recently confirming that presidents are immune from the law as long as they're acting officially, Sherman could even utilize their new presidential power to guarantee housing and rights.
Would Kamala do that?
Sherman thinks presidents thus far have been fascists who abuse power for their own gain while under utilizing and pretending to be powerless when it doesn't suit them. They say that they fully intend to use that power to it's full capacity for the betterment of people in the US, especially now that they have the supreme court ruling to back then up. That the people have been abandoned for too long and need someone who actually wants what's materially best for them.
Harris is NOT your only realistic option! Spread the word!
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zabreus · 2 days
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transfem version → 🏛
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genderqueerdykes · 2 days
you know, it makes sense to talk about when older queer people living as themselves inspires younger queers to do the same, but i don't think we talk enough about how the bravery of young queers can inspire and help older queers, too. like, actually seeing younger trans men who don't bind and wear dresses makeup and keep their hair long has inspired me to feel more comfortable being a feminine trans man.
actually, seeing young queers who use neopronouns helped me feel more comfortable in using pronouns i genuinely like as opposed to pronouns i feel obligated to use for everyone else's comfort. actually, seeing young queers who identify as things like gaybians, fagdykes, lesboys, girlfags, and other "contradictory" labels made me feel more confident in being those things, too. there is something to be said about the bravery of people who are just learning how to express themselves fully.
i think we can all take pages from each others' books. we all have something to learn from and teach each other. of course older queers being there for the younger generations is important, but older queers have a lot to learn from younger generations, too.
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sweatermuppet · 1 day
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[Text ID: a black and white edit of Gonzo the muppet wearing a suit with his hands up. Gonzo is smiling. he is in an ornate, rectangular frame. on the left and right of the frame are floral flourishes. below him is blackletter text that reads "gender failure". the entire image is textured to look aged and printed. /End ID]
click for quality (my shop) (instagram)
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The Hearthside Angel
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If you liked this, you can support the kickstarter for The Universal Flaws of Robotics to get this and 18 other robot stories! We're an indie comics publisher and this is our biggest book yet! https://tinyURL.com/UFRComic
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floral-ashes · 1 day
Our paper on randomized-controlled trials in trans healthcare was just assigned an issue. Read to learn more about levels of evidence and why RCTs aren’t actually good quality evidence for gender-affirming care!
Read here: https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/26895269.2023.2218357
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novaandmali · 2 days
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Do you like art history?
Do you like sci-fi?
What about inclusive art?
Check out this book - it's filled with LGBT and POC inclusive PULPY SCIFI ILLUSTRATIONS inspired by art history! The book will have SHINY GOLD FOIL!
We have over 50 ARTISTS from all over the world, each creating a full color piece of pulpy art for your enjoyment! The above image is a sneak peek of everyone's art - you know you want to see all the full pieces....right???
You can get special limited fancy prints to go with your book too, or a merch pack with riso postcards, a bookmark, and sticker sheet!
Please help us reach our Kickstarter goal - if we don't get funded, this book will not be printed. If we pass our funding goal, we even have some fancy stretch goals like making the book a hardcover or adding an extra sticker!!!
Get your copy here!
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usernamesarehard1 · 3 days
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This is serious. We CANNOT let project 2025 happen. I dont think a lot of people really understand how horrible another Trump presidency would be.
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itszonez · 12 hours
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HUNTER SCHAFER & MICHAELA COEL | Boy.Brother.Friend photographed by Inez and Vinoodh (2024)
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ameba-from-space · 1 day
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Typing this ask for your followers, bc i assume you already know this.
Jasmine Sherman has the highest chance of winning out of all third party candidates.
They have ballot access in all states except 2, and they are actively working on getting access in the other two. This is more than almost all other third party candidates, which means that if a candidate doesn’t have access in your state, you can’t vote for them, which severely limits their chances of winning. Other candidates, such as Jill Stein, have 26 states whose ballots do not contain the option to vote for her.
Furthermore, they’re vocally supportive of not just Palestine, but also of the Congo and Sudan. This gives them a leg up in the election, as even the other candidates who support Palestine aren’t nearly as outspoken about it as Sherman is.
Additionally, they’re vocal about Covid 19 procedures and have a transitional lockdown and mandatory vaccination plan. They also support Abolish the Police, and suggest an alternative on their website.
I don’t work for them, I’m not part of their campaign, but I’m trying to spread awareness. I would be very grateful if you could post this ask so your followers would have easy access to the information in one place + be made aware of Sherman’s policies.
Thank you for your time.
Coincidentally they're live on TikTok right now (1:22 am est July 23) playing the sims & will be live until 3am
If you're queer or a feminist or support human rights you might wanna pay attention to this potential president.
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