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Sharing my absolute favorite pic of Pool Noodle because babayyyyy
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Gap The series
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Jesus. This collaboration with ic! berlin is going to be the death of me.
馃摳 BMQ Magazine (2024)
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God why is he so hot 馃サ
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馃崚 Grab your handful 馃崚
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脩aaau, hoy tengo fiesta en casa y ya estamos listas listas馃槡 ahora solo a emborracharme馃檴
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Con el colales o nadita?馃憖馃憖
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How I've Missed You
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Warnings: NSWF, swearing.
@zeezeecave @shanas-baby @blkbinz @imjusthere2readbruv @mybonafidefeelings @xenaizogie
what even is proofreading at this point?
Pure smut. No plot. Just smut.
I have no excuse. Enjoy(?)
Rain showered down upon red dirt. Thunder rolled and crashed as cool water washed over thirsting greenery. Nanisca welcomed the calming droplets. They left chilled streaks across her heated flesh while she made her way through thick underbrush.
Hushed determination fueled rippling muscle to move silently over mossy stones, over fallen trunks, and then finally through a gurgling creek. Nanisca only stopped when she came to a small cottage covered in blooming vines. Elation tugged a smile to stoic lips and the general sauntered to its carved front door, giving it three rapid knocks.
Shuffling, then a loud bang followed by a harried 鈥淕et lost! We鈥檙e closed!鈥 came from within.
Nanisca bit her lip to keep from chuckling. 鈥淓ven for me?鈥
Another bang, the clinking glass bottles,聽 then frantic scrambling sounded from behind the door before it was hastily swung open. Peering up at her was a short, slender woman with shoulder-length braids. Bits of dried most and leaves clung to her braids. A variety of mystery concoctions smeared her clothes. Deep brown eyes peered up at Nanisca from thick lashes. Both women froze for a moment. Eyes locked and, for a moment,聽 it was as if the very Earth had stopped breathing鈥
Then there was an explosion of motion.
Lips crashed together, hands found purchase in muscled curves, bodies locked together like puzzle pieces. The two pulled apart. Breathless gasps steamed the air with a pleasant tension. Anticipation, longing, excitement. So many energies crackled like lightning in the storm between them.
Wordlessly, Nanisca was pulled inside and roughly pushed onto a plush pile of blankets. She couldn鈥檛 hold it this time. A chuckle escaped her lips at her lover鈥檚 urgency. However when rolling onto her back she was met with an unexpectedly angry glare.
鈥淚 haven鈥檛 heard a word from you in six months, you ass!鈥
Nanisca鈥檚 smile dropped. 鈥淚 know鈥︹
鈥淚鈥檝e fucking missed you!聽 I鈥檝e been worried sick!鈥澛
The general flinched at the raw pain in her lover鈥檚 voice. She hadn't meant to go so long without visiting. But battle, politics, and duty kept her away. The few times Nanisca had to herself, she had been far too exhausted and bruised to make the long trek into the jungle. Her hand reached out to pull her love down into her arms.
鈥淎pologies my darling dove鈥 the palace has been nothing but chaos as of late. Not to mention new trainees that demand the rest of my time, attention, and energy... but I鈥檓 here now~鈥 As she spoke, Nanisca placed tender kisses to her love鈥檚 collar bones. An unamused hum greeted her in response.
But mere proximity to her love clouded her mind. Nanisca boldly let her strong hands grip at silken thighs. She prayed all that she couldn鈥檛 say would translate through her touch. Brown eyes gazed down at her full of warring emotions. Relief, anger, joy, and love, love, love.聽聽聽聽
Velvety lips kissed at the corner of the warrior鈥檚 mouth. 鈥淚 love you Nani, but for fucks sake!鈥
Nanisca chuckled lowly before fully entangling herself in her love鈥檚 warm body.聽
鈥淥h dove. You know not of the pain I had to endure. I鈥檝e had to go about my days aching for you, but unable to drown in you.鈥澛 Plump lips ghosted over the shell of an ear before the general nipped at its lobe. 鈥淚鈥檇 love to show you just how much I鈥檝e missed you~鈥
鈥淢h, again~鈥 Nanisca husked. Sweat dripped down her toned body as she panted and rested her chin on her love鈥檚 shoulder. Kisses littered every inch of skin available. A sly tongue even made an appearance. It dragged hotly over the soft expanse lain bare before it.
鈥淎-again? Darling, I don鈥檛 think I can- mh!~ ... t-that was already m-my fourth鈥︹澛
Nanisca gave a gentle coo. Her hand came up to work tantalizing patterns on heaving and sensitive breasts. 鈥淎nd I can give you many more. Would you like that, dearest?鈥
Her lover squirmed in her lap. A lustful 鈥榶es鈥 escaped the flushed and sweaty woman. 鈥淢mh, but a small rest first.鈥
Nanisca couldn鈥檛 help but smirk to herself. How lucky she was to have such a beauty desperately needy for her. Reluctant hands withdrew themselves as shuddering forms shifted to sit upright.
Outside, the rhythmic driving of pouring skies added a comfortable layer of static to fill the space. Rain combined with the heat of the day resulted in steamy heat in the small cottage. Sex saturated the air with its heady scent. Wanton desire and passion ignited to near sinful levels, leaving Nanisca wanting to make a mess of her woman all over again.聽
Yet she forced herself to stay still. Instead the warrior shifted to grab a jug of water that was kept to the side of the bed and passed it to her love. Sensual calm spread over the duo as they caught their breath. Though throbbing heat persisted in Nanisca鈥檚 core. It begged for attention. Demanded it.
鈥淒ove, I鈥檇 very much like to have you again.鈥
The other woman paused. A sparkle that the warrior knew all too well, shimmered in her eyes. Then a hand lifted, 鈥淐ome and take me then, warrior.鈥 she breathed with a crook of her finger.
Lust coiled and Nanisca sprung to action. She surged forward, all rippling muscles and impatience. The next few hours were spent with both women completely entangled in one another. True to her word, Nanisca showered her sweet dove with release after release while basking in touch herself.聽
The warrior lost herself in the pleasure those gentle hands gave her. They clawed at her back, caressed sweetly at her jaw, twisted her budding nipples and made her feel the love she craved. Her hands slid down slender legs to grab them at their ankles. Kneeling on her knees she hooked the legs up and over her shoulders.
Her love now lay half suspended with her glistening cunt presented to the ceiling. Nanisca wasted no time in burying her face in the sopping folds. Fervent sucks and an agile tongue filled the room with sinful music. Each desperate lap was harmonized with wet slurping that drove them both wild.
Eyes rolled back. Breathy moans split the air. The general let the sticky sweet nectar coat her mouth. She fully submitted to it. How she missed this taste! Nanisca let the sapid juices soak her cheeks and chin before fixing her lips around a swollen clit. Her cheeks hollowed with suction, ripping a wail from her upside down lover. The woman in question held a blissed out expression on her face. Tears dotted the corners of her doe eyes.
However, the warrior鈥檚 own need made itself known again. Aching throbs jolted her core and made it weep with arousal. A growl rumbled deep in her chest as she arched forward to lay her love on the flat of her back. An arm hooked down to lift a leg. Nanisca burned with want as she hovered her dripping center over her beloved鈥檚.
Lower lips kissed. Heat boiled against wet heat in an explosion of pure ecstacy. Sensation jolted pleasure up the warrior鈥檚 spine. Hips canted forward as sinful groans escaped them both. Sweat dotted her brow, dripping down her abdomen while it flexed with the steady pace she set. Nanisca threw her head back at the unbridled euphoria that coursed through her body.
Breathy whines sounded from beneath her. They grew in pitch and frequency with each thrust of the general鈥檚 hips. Silken hands climbed their way up her stomach to rub electrifying circles on her swollen nipples, drawing out deep groans.聽
The warrior angled herself downward, 鈥淚鈥檝e dreamed of seeing you like this. so. many. times.鈥 she growled while pointing each word with a thrust. 鈥淭he sheer amount of times I鈥檝e had to sit in the council with your moans echoing in my mind, it's shameful really鈥︹
A whine warbled from her lover鈥檚 throat. The other woman could only buck her hips weakly in response. Arousal tightened in Nanisca鈥檚 core. Hips snapped forward and began to command a mind numbing pace. She angled herself so that their dripping buds rubbed against each other constantly. Her core clenched as she hurtled towards her release.
The general was vaguely aware that the bed was shaking violently. Maybe even a little too much. The headboard banged out an obscene rhythm as it hit the wall. It was oddly satisfying for Nanisca鈥檚 ego. Though smug gratification quickly morphed to panic, then all consuming cockiness.聽
C R A C K !
T H U D !
C R A S H !
Gravity and momentum threw Nanisca forward and down as the bed fell down from under her knees. Legs hooked around her waist and she threw caution to the wind. Without missing a beat the thrusts continued.聽
鈥淵ou broke my fucking bed!~鈥
鈥淵ou shedemon! Dont fucking stop!~鈥
And just like that they were tumbling over the edge into oblivion. Coils of arousal snapped, unleashing torrents of boiling wetness. Cores spasmed and clenched, breath stuttered and gasped, all while loud cries split through the hazy twilight.聽
Nanisca鈥檚 chest heaved. She rolled onto her back, drawing her love鈥檚 languid frame into her arms. Breathless and satisfied post sex tranquility weighed their limbs.
Rain gently tapped a soothing melody on dense undergrowth. It lulled the pair into comfortable silence as they soaked in each other鈥檚 company. After a while, Nanisca felt a shift in her arms and she met flashing eyes with her own. Lips twisted into a mischievous smirk.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 think I鈥檝e quite gotten your point鈥 how much did you really miss me?鈥
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