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vampiredaze · 2 days
"On your knees"
"Good girl"
"Look at me"
"Use your words"
"Say it louder"
"Don't make me ask again"
"Beg for it"
"Say please"
"That's my good girl"
"Just like that"
"Come here"
"You're mine"
"Show me your tongue"
"Don't move"
"I'm proud of you"
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sapphicjoy · 3 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Happy Pride everybody! Have some government mandated girls kissing
Tumblr media Tumblr media
If you wanna read more about these goobers you should read "the Prettiest Platypus" on Webtoons!
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Kate Laswell’s Wife!Reader (from this one shot) causing chaos.
MINORS DO NOT INTERACT this blog is 18+ No warnings really, language, sexual tension (GHOAP), docking mention.
Tumblr media
CoD Masterlist | Laswell’s Wife Masterlist (Coming Soon)
“You should just fuck already,” you wave at Soap and Ghost.
The pair are currently arguing about which film to put on while you hurry up and wait at the small ready room at the end of a runway somewhere in the south of France.
The room is blanketed in deathly silence as Gaz gawps at you, unable to form words at the newcomer in their midst saying what has been on his and Price’s mind for months. The rain pattering on the corrugated tin roof is the only sound permeating the ominous silence of the ready room.
“Fuck you talking about?” Ghost huffs as he slaps Soap’s hand away from the DVD player, the disc for The Road to El Dorado clattering to the floor.
“Asshole!” Soap growls as he gingerly picks up the disc, cradling it gently in his hands as he wipes it tenderly with the edge of his t-shirt.
“Just sayin’,” you shrug as you try to keep your expression neutral, “Haven’t seen this much tension pre-op since the missus and I were first assigned to the same deployment.”
“Missus?” Price says, seemingly without thinking as he quickly clamps his mouth shut, averting his eyes from you with lightning speed.
“You’re married?” Gaz asks a little more diplomatically, and you shrug.
“Ten years or so, never can remember the date, much to the missus’ ire,” you say with a grimace as you remember the last time you forgot your anniversary.
It’s not lost on you how the other two have fallen deadly silent, the blue-eyed Scot glowering up at Ghost. The brick-shit-house of a Mancunian stares right back, unyielding as they remain trapped in a battle of wills.
You’re saved by a crackle of static and Kate’s voice over Price’s radio. You’re on your feet in a flash, securing your plat carrier as you flash Soap a toothy grin and wink.
It’s go time.
A few weeks pass and Soap and Ghost’s bickering has mellowed a little. You’ve almost forgotten about the incident in the Ready room when Gaz storms up to you in the office you share with him and Soap.
“I fucking hate you,” he hisses, clearly flustered as he fidgets with the peak of his baseball cap, “They’re fucking insufferable.”
“What-,” You’re about to ask who he’s talking about when you hear them.
“Shut the fuck up, MacTavish,” you hear Simon growl as the pair walk past the door.
“Make me, LT,” Soap purrs and you bite your tongue to stop the giggle threatening to escape your lips.
“Careful what you wish for, Johnny,” comes the retort and you can see Gaz fuming out of the corner of your eye.
“Just you wait til we get home,” Soap says with a chuckle, “I’ll show you what I’m wishin’ for.”
You look at Gaz with an apologetic smile and he rolls his eyes at you.
“At least it’s better than their bickering, right?”
“You don’t have to hear them in the shower,” Gaz huffs as he pinches his nose between his thumb and forefinger, “I think I preferred the bickering.”
Your phone buzzes with a notification from Kate. You frown as you open it.
The Missus: What have you done?
The next message comes through as a screenshot of multiple messages from Price. All of them complaints about the noise Ghost and Soap make.
Price: Can hear them on the other side of the fucking base.
Price: Christ, they’re like fucking rabbits.
Price: Kate, help, please?
Price: Kate? What’s docking?
Price: Nevermind, fucking hell.
Gaz gives you a sideways look as you snort at the chain of messages.
“Glad someone is finding this funny,” Gaz huffs but you can tell he’s not really mad at you. He punches your shoulder playfully before heading out to the gym. You wave him off with a warmth blooming in your chest.
It’s been a long time since you’ve felt so at home in a team. You type out a quick text to Kate.
You: I’ve just helped along an inevitable outcome with a little external support, isn’t that what your job is all about?
The Missus: Not funny.
You: It was a little funny, come on. When are you back in country? I miss you.
The Missus: Fine, a little… And I’ll be home next week, why? You missing me that much?
You: Always. I love you. Xx
The Missus: And I you, see you soon gorgeous. Xx
A/N: Definitely have some anniversary smut planned for these two 😇 Might try and put it in with @glitterypirateduck’s Vacation challenge! Thank you @greatstormcat for inspiring me to write more for these two!
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justdavina · 2 days
Tumblr media
Transgender angel! Blair St. Clair So Pretty!
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manicmoonworld · 2 days
i heard it was dungaree season
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lezmatecom · 1 day
Ready to see more stunning lesbian babes? 😍 Head over to my Tumblr for all the eye candy. #LGBTQ #FemmeFatales
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angeliclovely69 · 2 days
This is the first instillment of High Thoughts With Angel. Welcome and enjoy as I struggle to type sentences and write slutty thoughts.
Tumblr media
Need her fingers in me oml.
Sevika(Mommy) with ultra feminine reader putting a face mask on her/doing skin care.
Cait with spoiled reader! She teaches you to behave don’t worry! (Sugar mommy)
Eating out Ambessa while she has a boring conversation (yes the other person can see you. and yes she doesn’t care) (dommy mommy)
Ekko and the Firelight childcare leader (I don’t know why but I need it)
Vi and Cait shopping day with hyper feminine reader. Vi very much enjoys a fashion show.
Sneaking into a fancy Gala with Cait or Jinx. Masks and pretty dresses. UGH.
“what it will be? Man or woman?” OMG!!!!
That is all for this installment! Let me know if you want more or these as actual fibs. ❤️
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apply-bar-after-mr · 3 days
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sapphicjoy · 1 day
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emzbrown · 2 days
Prefiero alcanzar la felicidad a punta de lágrimas y tropiezos que evadir una realidad y fingir que todo está correcto
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queerism1969 · 3 months
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manicmoonworld · 2 days
awh heck my boobs are getting too big for my fav sweater 😩
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lezmatecom · 2 days
Tag a friend who loves sexy lesbian babes! 👭 Don't forget to follow my Tumblr for more hotties. #LoveWins #SapphicSirens
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emi4ks · 9 months
For the love of tongues you will love it 🔥👅👅🥰
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vampiredaze · 8 months
the chaotic urge to slip “good girl” into a casual conversation just to watch your reaction.
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