quark-nova · 2 days
Idk it just makes sense to me to kinda be two separate (but like ven diagram bc multi gender ppl etc) groups. Like transfems can’t understand what my history of transandrophobia etc. and I don’t feel like explaining it to them. Plus a lot of “Transunity” stuff I’ve seen on twitter (and like I’m aware that transfems are a multitude and ppl on twitter are not representative of 90% of transfems etc). is like well us REALLY oppressed trans women should let trans men fight for us <3 and it’s like. Idk. Transunity just seems like ignoring a ton of Inter trans community issues, and idk maybe someone needs to tell a lot of transfems that there’s no statistical difference in violent crimes against transfems/mascs and they’re just straight up not “more oppressed”
To be fair that's not at all the experience I had here, it feels like us transunity people are the ones explaining that all trans people are oppressed in different but related ways, and that there's no point in saying one is more oppressed than the other. The point of transunity is to support both transmasc and transfem (and other!) voices, and that everyone's issues are legitimate. Not to have it become a competition or have some people's issues silenced, that's exactly the opposite of what we stand for.
Of course some people on Twitter might not be like this, but it's Twitter and certainly not the best website to be on for mental health.
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rayisgay · 2 days
Tumblr media
It do be like that
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cosmicshadowwalker · 3 days
I love my masculinity, It’s amazing. I love my masculine body shape and I love my short fluffy boy hair. I love my masculine side taste as much as I love my feminine side. My masculinity and my manhood hood is awesome. Transmasculinity is amazing.
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i think as a treat i should magically get a dick
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caintooth · 2 days
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hadeantaiga · 2 days
Yeah if it wasn't clear, I am 100% in support of transunity. It's a good thing!!! We need to be allies of each other!
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andylynpayne · 1 day
Tumblr media
Who likes to play naughty? Maybe I could help 🔞
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hadleyfrasergender · 2 days
Tumblr media
[image id: white text reading 'WEIRD TRANSSEXUALS MAKE THE WORLD GO ROUND'. 'weird' is on the top row to the far left. the word 'transsexual' is in a different font and size. 'make the world go round' is below to the right. the background is black with a white drawing of a cicada surrounded by planets. the image has a white border. end id]
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snowsiecloud · 2 days
me: i am independent, i am strong, i need no one
also me: i want to be someone's boyfriend and be kissed softly under the moonlight while slow dancing to no song at all late at night in the kitchen while making tea bc neither of us could sleep
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sassquire · 2 days
ayo can anyone supply me w a link to the transunity discord server and/or the server on transmasc issues and research, im lookin for sources for a university research project
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strcrossredluvr · 2 days
Damn I want a boyfriend (is completely emotionally unavailable)
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waveblazer · 11 hours
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morsobaby · 8 hours
You deserve to live. You deserve to love and be loved. You deserve to be happy. You deserve to be you. You deserve better. You're here for a reason, your existence is not a mistake. You deserve to be safe. You exist. Thank you for that
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oracleoftheorzhov · 2 days
I reckon we will win in the end of this trans culture war nonsense that republicans are dishing out but hhhh its awful to see discourse as we are having to unify against conservatives trying to crush us completely.
Tooth and nail, each of us together, this is how our forebearers earned our rights, and now we must come to defend them for ourselves as well as future generations.
Stop fighting about labels, let people identify however they want, enemies are abound and we need to be loud, be supportive of one another, and get people to know we are human. Through these actions, We will guarantee our survival.
It won’t be easy, but we’re not going to do it alone y’all <3
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being a ftm makes me feel boring... idk. tho im a dude being a dude just makes me feel desolate and dangerous i wish i could be flamboyant in the way a cis gay dude is and not the way a cis woman is if im making sense
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dunmertitty · 23 hours
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