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“Oh shit,” Alani whined as Jon started hammering in and out of her wet pussy. He pushed one of her knees up to her chest and wrapped her other leg around his waist. The position allowed him to hit her sweet spot head on.”Jon, shit.” She moaned out, closing her eyes in ecstasy as he pounded into her.  He was showing her no mercy. She had teased him all night sending him dirty text messages and pictures. He had left the arena as soon as his match was over, telling his brothers and cousin that he wasn’t feeling well. 
“Nah , where you goin’?” He asked as she pushed on his lower stomach trying to push him away. He grabbed her hand and placed it above her head, holding it down to the bed. “This what you wanted right?” He asked, slowing his thrust and leaning down to press kisses on her neck. He picked his head up and slapped her thigh when she didn’t answer him. “You hear me talking to you” 
Alani let her eyes roll into the back of her head and moaned out ”Yes”. He was absolutely right, this was exactly what she wanted. She knew that he was already wound up and horny from being constantly interrupted all week and she had not been any help by sending him those pictures earlier. 
She gasped when he suddenly pulled out and flipped her on her stomach. “F-fuck” He stuttered once he pushed himself back inside of her. He placed one hand on the back of her neck pinning her down to the bed, his eyes glued to her ass as it ricocheted off of his stomach. 
“Mmhmm'' He groaned, his eyes rolling in the back of his head. “Just like that” Jon’s head pulled back in pleasure as Alani continued to throw her ass back on him. 
“You like that daddy?” She asked, feeling herself grow wetter at the sounds that he was making. 
“I fucking love it.” Jon moaned, feeling her pussy tighten around him. He quickly maneuvered them back into missionary position, knowing that she liked to look in his eyes when she came.  He had a wicked grin on his face as he watched her eyes become glazed over. 
“Yeah, you gonna cum on your dick?” Alani could only muster up a loud moan in response. She pulled him back down by the back of his neck and captured his lips with hers. Moaning into each other's mouth as her pussy started to spasm around his length.  Alani broke to kiss to let out a cry of his she came, her juices rushing out of her and soaking his pelvic area and the sheets below them. 
“Shit” He moaned out, his thrust faltering. She opened her eyes, licking her lips as they made eye contact. “Where you want it at baby?” Jon asked, watching and letting out a moan as she brought her hand to her pussy and started rubbing her clit. 
“Oh fuck, baby.” She moaned out feeling herself about to cum again. “I want you to cum in me.”
He looked at Alani with glossy eyes. “Fuck yeah,” he groaned out before pushing her legs up so her feet were almost touching the headboard, knees by her ears. 
“Shit, i’m bouta cum” Jon moaned out as he pounded into her. He let out a loud groan as he came inside her, hops stuttering as continued to thrust slowly into her, her pussy milking him of every last drop. He pulled out and collapsed on the bed next to her holding his hand up for a high five.  
Alani looked over at him. “You're so corny.” she rolled her eyes and slapped her hand against his. She rolled onto her side, propping herself up on her elbow, trailing her fingers up and down his chest. 
“Only for you baby, only for you.”  He muttered, eyes closed as he puckered his lips from a kiss to which she happily obliged. 
“I love you.” She whispered against his lips. 
“I love you too.” 
Tumblr media
tell me what y'all think. I have literally working on this for like 4 months. And it's still not perfect to me but.. enjoy & thank you for reading 🫶🏽
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Double Trouble
✧ warnings: smut, language, 18+
✧ pairing: jimmy uso & jey uso x female reader
✧ word count: 7,698
this is the second chapter of this little series with the twins, you can catch up & read part one Seeing Double here <3 this chapter was a lot longer than I expected it to be but I hope y'all enjoy! and yes... there will be one more for the finale 👀
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Tumblr media
Meet him upstairs in five? Five minutes? Why? What the hell did Jey say to him? Or maybe he didn’t mention anything, he just wanted to see you. You guys did have a hot and heavy make-out session in the bedroom before you got interrupted, by his brother. The same brother that just ate you out in the upstairs bathroom. While Jimmy was standing outside of that bathroom, not a single clue as to what was happening on the other side. Your thumbs hovered over the keyboard to type back, but they couldn’t. You were so confused, drunk, and still racing from that orgasm upstairs. You couldn’t think straight. You felt your heart starting to pound inside your chest and realized you were literally on the verge of an anxiety attack. You pinched Jasmine’s arm twice. It was both of your guys’ secret way of calling for help when the both of you needed the other in situations like this one. She turned to you mid-laugh from the conversation she was indulged in, realizing you needed her, and grabbed your wrist to head out the door. The chilly breeze flew back your hair as she shut the door and walked with you halfway down the pavement. 
“What’s wrong babe? You need the inhaler?” she asked, messily rummaging through her purse before she clumsily dropped it to the floor. 
“No, no I don’t know. I just need air. I don’t know,” you rambled pacing back and forth hugging yourself to keep warm as the wind made you shiver. 
“What happened? Did something happen? Did that bitch do something? I’ll beat his ass!” 
“No Jaz, they didn’t do anything.”
“They?” she asked with furrowed brows. 
You realized what you said and stopped pacing, looking back at her with a “yeah, I fucked up” look. 
“Oh shit. They!” her jaw dropped at the realization. 
“Shut up,” you warned her with a finger feeling her comments about to spring up. 
“I didn’t even say anything!” she laughed taking a mini shot glass out of her purse.
“Girl what the hell is that?” you tried to hide your giggle.
“It’s my customized shot glass what do you mean?” You both busted out laughing, still clearly drunk and easily distracted. 
“So they, huh? Plural? As in both of them?” 
“Yes and no.” 
“Girl how does that work?” she asked with a high-pitched tone. 
“I didn’t fuck either of them,” you whined back at her, impatience adding its way in your already swirling emotions from her questions. 
“So what happened then?!” she semi yelled, still giggly. 
“Made out with Jimmy in the guest room and Jey ate me out in the bathroom,” you quickly splurged out as you covered your mouth acting like you heard that information for the first time yourself. She loudly gasped at your confession and started laughing.
“Girl, I didn’t know you got down like that period!” she shook her head, holding up her hand in the air so you could high-five her.
“What are you- put your hand down this is not a flex!” you hissed, pushing her hand back down. 
“You living every girl’s dream babe, you fucking around with both twins! And they’re fine as hell!” she playfully snapped back. You covered your face at her hard-hitting comments and sighed. 
“So what now? Was it a one time thing? Do you like one better?” she gasped in between questions. 
“Jasmine! I don’t know. I-I like them both. They both make me fucking swoon-”
“Swoon’s a funny ass word,” she laughed. You kissed your teeth about to remark her statement before you heard the sound of the door opening a few feet away. 
“Y’all okay?” Your head snapped to the front door to see Jimmy stepping out, walking towards the both of you. “You leaving already?” 
“No- I just-” you stuttered, your phone slipping out of your hand and falling onto the cement. “Fuck!” you cursed under your breath, picking it up to check for any cracks, and sighed with relief to see that it was okay. 
“Y/N just needed some air. She wasn’t feeling too good, she’s just drunk,” she quickly covered for you and you were so grateful for her saving your ass at that moment. 
“Anyways I’ll see y’all back inside I’m freezing,” she started shimmying back to the door before turning around to shoot you a thumbs up with a wink. 
“You okay? Yo anxiety actin’ up again?” he softly asked, reaching to run his hands up and down your shivering shoulders. The same way his twin brother did literally twenty minutes ago. 
“No I thought I was, but I’m okay,” you hesitantly smiled, still attempting to read his indecipherable face. 
“Come here,” he waved his hand over but stepped towards you instead to wrap his arms around you, his tall figure securely embracing your five-foot body. You sighed, hugging him back tightly, feeling a little bit of relief but that guilt still crept up in your mind.
“You get my text?” he mumbled in your hair. You opened your eyes as that same anxiety that withdrew from your body from his touch started sprinkling back in your blood. 
“What text?” you asked, dumbfounded. 
“I wanted you to come upstairs…” his hand stopped rubbing down your back and you felt your breathing start to escalate again. 
“Jimmy-“ you began to say before he cut you off. 
“Just come upstairs,” he sternly whispered in your ear before letting go of you and walking back towards the door to head inside. You stood there shocked and confused before he turned back around to look at you with a raised brow.
“Whatchu’ doin’? It’s cold out here get inside,” he playfully remarked extending his hand for you to grab. You sighed of relief and grabbed his hand as you both went back inside and up the stairs to the same bedroom you shared an intimate moment earlier. He shut the door behind him and your smile faded away as he almost coldly looked at you, searching your eyes for information as if he knew you did something to fuck up. 
“Just sit,” he vocalized, nodding his head over to the bed. You slowly walked over and sat on the edge of the bed as he locked the door behind him, taking his sweet time stepping to stand in front of you. 
“Jimmy I can exp-”
“Stop,” he sternly yet so quietly interrupted, still eyeing you below him. You got lost in his intimidating brown eyes for a split second and before you knew it, the alcohol decided to take a leap and you started word vomiting. 
“I’m so sorry. It didn’t mean anything, we were both just drunk and it happened so fast. I didn’t know Jey was gonna come in like that-“ 
“Hol’ up. Hol’ up. Jey?“
You froze at his question, feeling your throat choke up. He had no fucking idea what you were talking about. 
“W-What?” you asked back stupidly. 
“Whatchu’ mean Jey?” 
“I didn’t- Why did you call me back up here?” you switched topics, thinking back to his text to meet you up here. 
“Because I wanted to chill with you? Pick up where we left off…what the fuck happened with Jey?” he spat. Your mouth opened to speak but nothing came out. You felt your heart racing and hands shaking as you nervously fumbled with them in your lap. 
“Nothing I ju-”
“Did y’all fuck?” he blurted with furrowed brows. 
“No! No, we didn’t.” You clarified, standing up to face him but that didn’t calm him any less. 
“Then what happened?” he pressured you, sensing your bullshit answer. 
“I-” you sighed looking down knowing you had to just get it out and there was no going back. 
“I-I was in the bathroom. He came in…everything happened so fast, one thing led to another and he…gave me head,” you mumbled the last part looking back up to see his face filled with anger, then confusion, then hurt. 
“Gave you head?! Was that before or after we were up here together?” 
“After…” your voice broke from his harsh and offended tone. He kissed his teeth and turned his back on you to pace a couple of steps away from you, stressfully running his hand over his beard. 
“Jimmy I-” Before you could finish your sentence he lowly mumbled something under his breath that you couldn’t make out and rushed to the door, snatching the doorknob open. You followed in pursuit but he was way faster than your short ass as he practically jogged down the stairs. 
“Oh fuck-” you quickly realized this wasn’t going to end well and started running down the stairs but it was too late. Jey was in the middle of the room deep in conversation as he laughed, having a great time. That pretty smile was quickly taken away once he turned his head at his brother’s presence, and Jimmy threw a punch at his face. You gasped loudly and so did everybody else as all the men in the room surrounded them, trying to break them up as they started brawling in the middle of the room. 
“What the fuck are y’all doing?!” Solo ran up from the kitchen trying to pull Jimmy off his brother and luckily was successful as he shoved him away from his other brother. Your eyes widened and you covered your mouth in shock looking down at Jey on the floor holding his face, glaring at Jimmy as two of his cousins started helping him up. 
“Bitch,” he mumbled under his breath. He noticed you to the side and his face softened at your presence and worried look, his eyes moving back and forth between you and his brother quickly understanding what happened. He helped himself up and moved his way through the crowd, exiting the front door. You searched for Jimmy and saw him walking up the stairs. 
“What the fuck just happened?!” Jasmine alarmingly reached for your arm, her voice barely heard from the crowd still rambling about what they just witnessed. 
“Fuck,” you huffed making your way through everybody to head up the stairs. You peeked through the open cracks of the doors and then reached the second to last one on the right that was shut. The same bedroom you and Jimmy were in earlier. You lightly knocked twice and there was no answer. You knocked again, no answer. You turned the doorknob to check if it was locked and it wasn’t. You slowly opened it, peeking your head in to see Jimmy sitting on the edge of the bed chugging his beer bottle. You gulped as your anxiety started to rise in your body again, carefully stepping in hoping he wouldn’t kick you out. 
“Can we talk?” you asked with a low whisper. He looked up at you and pointed to the empty space next to him with his bottle in response. You carefully sat down, as if you’d cause more harm just by denting the sheets with your sitting. 
“I’m so sorry. I- I don’t know what I was doing I told you it happened so fast. I didn’t expect to share that moment with you up here and I sure as hell didn’t expect to do…that with your own brother. I’m sorry. I-I’m so drunk,” you sighed, giving up on explaining as your hands flew to your lap. He chuckled at your rambling and you turned your head to the sound in confusion at his reaction. 
“What?” you asked.
“You stay talking too damn much when you’re drunk,” he laughed taking another sip of his beer. A smile slowly crept up on your lips, feeling relief and comfort from his sweet-tempered words.
“I can’t help it,” you mumbled looking down to fumble with your fingers. He noticed and grabbed your hand as they naturally enlaced together. He stared a little too long at your intertwined fingers and pulled his hand away, hunching down to look at the floored space between his legs as he ran his hand over his beard in deep thought. That smile on your face faded again, knowing he couldn’t just easily get over this. He had feelings for you, and you went ahead and fucked around with his twin brother. 
“It’s fine,” he interrupted you, looking back up to shrug his shoulders as if he was unbothered. You wanted to believe him, but you sensed that he didn’t even believe himself. Your mouth opened to speak but he took another swing of his beer bottle, drinking a little extra this time. 
“S-So you’re not mad?” you asked as he shook his head and wiped some dribbles of his beer off his bearded chin. You watched him set his bottle down on the floor as you spoke up again, not understanding how he didn’t seem to care. 
“Are you su-“ you were cut off as he abruptly grabbed your face and shut you up, his lips smashing against yours. You hesitated at first because it was a strong, forceful, hungered kiss…almost as if he was trying to take his anger out on you. But once he pulled you closer by the nape of your neck, sliding his delectable tongue in your mouth, you wasted no time sucking on it, helping him relieve the stress. 
“Stop talkin’ and take these fuckin’ jeans off,” he mumbled followed by a bite on your lower lip as he unbuttoned your pants and zipped them down with lightening speed. You were so turned on you couldn’t even think straight, so you did whatever the hell he told you to do. You desperately panted against his parted mouth, slipping them off before he got up and stood between your legs.
“Get up on this bed and put your ass up for me…” he softly demanded, grabbing you by the throat as he looked behind you to show you where he wanted you. Your eyes didn’t leave his as you scooted back and turned around to get on all fours. Your breath shook as he ran his fingers up and down your drenched panties, his other hand palming your ass cheek before he groped you. He slid off your thong as you lifted each knee to help him. You felt his breath on your inner thighs as he spread open your folds, humming in hunger. 
“This pussy is mine…” he muttered before spitting between your folds. You moaned as you felt his saliva drip down along your entrance before he scooped it back up with his tongue, making your knees buckle. 
“Oh my god…” you gasped as he started lapping his tongue frantically, the loud sounds of it slurping over your wetness ringing in your ears as you quickly fell into a euphoric state. He squeezed your ass with both hands as he groaned, practically motor boating your pussy lips, dipping his tongue back in to lick you up. 
“Shiiiiiit,” you whined as your face fell onto the sheets, your upper body collapsing as your ass was still in his grasp. He spanked you, surely leaving a red print making you clutch on the sheets beneath you tighter. He spat inside your lower lips again, this time more forcefully as you felt his saliva shoot against your hole before he came back to lap his tongue over the same saliva-stained spot. He repeated it over..and over…and over… until you shuddered and almost choked on your breath from how deep his face was buried in your ass, his lips never leaving your mess unless it was to heighten your pleasure with his spit. 
“Jimmy…I-I’m gonna cum,” you first whispered until it turned into a high-pitched whine, making you move back on your hands to grind against his face. He lowly moaned, continuing to make out with your pussy as he spanked you again, jiggling your ass cheeks in his hands. 
“Cum baby…cum…” he mumbled between licks and your orgasm came crashing down, your cries matching the frequency of his slurps as you squirted in his mouth. 
“Good girl…” he moaned in satisfaction  as he dedicatedly swallowed every shooting drop of your nectar. 
“Fuck…” you breathed out as rocked your body away from his face, your head falling back down to your chest from blissful exhaustion. He chuckled at your reaction before you heard rustles behind you as he took off his joggers and boxers. You looked back at the sight, his long, thick, pretty brown dick springing out making you bite your lip and rocking your ass back in his direction. He smirked back at you before he spat on his dick to lubricate it some more. You watched it swirl down onto his tip that mixed with his pre cum, his big hand sliding it up and down his shaft as he leaned over you.  
“If this is whatchu’ wanted you shoulda just told me…” he growled in your ear, as he hovered on top of your heated back, sliding his sloppy tip between your ass cheeks before gliding it further down to your wet entrance, sloshing it up and down your drenched mess. You couldn’t speak as he held your jaw in his hands, your mouth parted open with short, raspy moans rolling off your tongue. 
“Pl-Please…” you begged as he teasingly brought his tip to your hole. 
“Please what? Huh?” he pressured you, his lips grazing your earlobe as he started slipping his thick head inside your hole.
“I need you inside o-ooooh my gooooood,” you loudly moaned as he didn’t let you finish, instead slowly pushing half of himself inside you. He thrusted again, this time shoving his entire length in you. You felt your elbows slip on the bed, your head dropping down from how fucking good he felt. He brought himself back up, smoothing his hand down your back to push your face back into the sheets. His thrusts slowly escalated, and you felt him in the pit of your stomach each time he pumped his big dick in you. Faster, deeper, harder…
The bed started squeaking and the headboard was hitting the wall, surely if people were outside that door they would know damn well what was going on inside. 
“You like that? You like this dick baby?” he groaned in deep pleasure, gripping your hips in place. 
“Yesyesyes…” you moaned before you loudly gasped as he spanked you again, slowing down his elongated strokes. 
“Where you goin’?” he hummed watching you trying to crawl away and grip the sheets above your head as they pulled off the mattress from your tight grip. He grabbed a handful of your hair to pull you back up on your hands. He picked up the steady, rough pace as his dick sloppily slid in and out of you, making your mind swirl with dizziness. 
“Nah, get up you gonna feel every…inch…of…this…dick…” the sounds of his balls slapping against your skin filling the pauses between each word as he continued to pile drive his dick deep in your guts. You started seeing stars as your breath got caught in your throat, feeling your climax climbing up on you. 
“I-I’m-“ you shakily whimpered. 
“Yeah…he can’t fuck you like this, can he?” he lowly chuckled with a deep, sadistic tone that quickly turned into a moan as he felt your walls fluttering around his dick. 
“Mmmm you gonna cum?” he shakily whispered back as he leaned into your ear. All you could do was nod, your eyes were low, mouth dropped open with ongoing cries as he cupped on of your breasts to then slither it down your stomach and over your sensitive clit to rub circles over it. 
“Cum on my dick baby…” he moaned feeling you pulsate around his thick length that didn’t stop pounding in you. His sensual coaching in your ear was the last straw for you and your soaking pussy, your orgasm crashing down as you didn’t control your moan, after moan, after moan…after…
“Oh my-my gooooooood,” you cried as you felt a tear drop fall from your left eye. He fucked you so hard and so good that your eyes stung with tears, failing to keep up with his heavy rocks that practically sent you into a different realm. 
“Fuck…” he moaned as he kissed your cheek, tasting your tear drop. You could feel your messy juices dripping onto the sheets in spurts, as he continued to pump you with his coated dick. 
“I wanna taste you…” you whispered, faintly turning back to look him in the eyes as he held you by the cheeks with his right hand squeezing them open as his thumb shakily grazed your lips. 
“Yeah?” he moaned as he slowly pulled out, jerking himself off as he grabbed you by the jaw again, making you spin around as you sat on your ankles, your legs spread open, playing with your clit as his tip fell on your tongue. He bit his lip watching you look up at him with innocent yet devilish eyes, his hand sloshing up and down his creamy and coated dick. You grabbed his wrist and took over, using both of your hands to stroke him until he let out a low, sexy grunt as his head fell back. 
“Cum daddy…” you whisperingly pleaded, feeling his dick twitch in your palms, shooting white ropes into your mouth and across your cheeks as you moaned swallowing every drop. 
“You’re so fucking sexy…” he groaned, as his hand slowly stopped jerking himself off, watching you taste every ounce of his cum. You wiped the corners of your mouth with your thumb, sucking off the rest as you smiled at him. 
“Why you do this to me, huh?” he smirked grabbing your cheeks to kiss you, your juices blending with the swirls of your tongues.
“Sorry, I can’t help it,” you giggled against his lips as he grinned back, scooping you up his arms to throw you back on the bed. 
You both cleaned up and decided to stay in the room until everybody cleared out to avoid any awkward and tense conversations about what happened earlier. You texted Jasmine that you’d be sleeping over since Jimmy was staying over at Solo’s because they travel together for the upcoming live events. But he wasn’t the only one apart of their little carpool. Jey was also staying over. You hadn’t seen him since he was on the ground from Jimmy swinging on him. 
You were showered and ready to go to bed. Ready to go to bed yet couldn’t. You kissed Jimmy goodnight as he spooned you in his changed and cozy sheets. He knocked out immediately. You don’t know how much time went by as you delicately caressed your fingertips up and down his sleeved arm that was wrapped around your waist. He was sound asleep but you were wide awake, staring at the darkened space in front of you. You couldn’t sleep. All you could think about was him. The image of Jimmy’s fist hitting his face kept replaying in your mind. You couldn’t toss and turn because you didn’t want to wake Jimmy up. You couldn’t just lay here like this. It was driving you insane. Maybe some water will help. You were thirsty after all, the only drinks you’d been having all night were alcohol. You slowly lifted his arm off of you and placed it at his side as you quietly stepped out of the bed, looking back to make sure he was still asleep. He was clearly exhausted. After the day he’s had, you didn’t blame him. You sighed and checked your phone on the nightstand. 4:10 am. You ran your fingers through your hair and out your face, quietly walking over to the door. You scrunched up your face as if it would silence the sound of the doorknob twisting as you opened it, shutting it behind you. You turned on the flashlight from your phone to head down the stairs. You remembered how Solo let you all know if you needed anything at all, you could just help yourself to his fully stocked fridge. You turned the corner to the kitchen when a silhouette appeared, the fridge light revealing his figure. 
“Oh shit-” you quietly gasped, your hand flying to your chest. Jey turned around, wearing nothing but his boxers, closing the fridge door as he held a water bottle in his hand. 
“I’m sorry I didn’t know-”
“You thirsty too?” he whispered, opening the fridge again to grab you a bottled water. 
“Thanks,” you smiled, grabbing it to open it up. Your fingers stopped twisting the cap as your eyes landed on his very noticeable black and purple eye. You felt that guilt bombard your senses once again as your face dropped at the sight. Worry fell over you as you hesitantly stepped closer to cup his jaw and turn his head to get a better look. 
“Oh my god…I’m so sorry,” you sighed feeling tears sting your eyes. 
“Don’t. It’s not your fault stop that,” he kissed his teeth before gently grabbing your wrist, dropping it back down. 
“Yes it is,” you whispered still looking at him nervously. 
“No it’s not baby,” he furrowed his brows at your statement. You felt your skin tingle at the name. Your fingers were still entangled but you couldn’t let go. He stepped closer to gently wipe the tear falling from your face and pulled you to his chest to embrace you. You hugged him tightly, his warm bare skin comforting you as you listened to his heartbeat. He cradled your head in his hand, running it over your hair. Your fingers gently lifted on his back, running them up and down his soft skin making him sharply inhale. 
“Get some sleep,” he mumbled against your hair, his hands dropping down your back to gently grip your waist to pull you away. Your arms only moved halfway off of him, still looking up at him. You both just gazed in each others eyes, his hand finding its way to cup your cheek. It was so quiet. Yet it was so loud. You could hear a pin drop. But you could also hear the sound of your heart beating inside your chest. The heart that kept beating for him when it wasn’t supposed to. His thumb softly caressed your cheek, as he peered down to your lips that you just licked. You tried to send the message with your eyes. You wanted him to read how desperate and loving they were. You speedily looked from his left eye to the right, trying to see if he received it. And he did. He pulled you in by the nape of your neck as your lips crashed together. You softly moaned at the return of his long, savory tongue in your mouth. The corners of your mouths quickly covered in saliva from the sloppy, needy, and yearning need for one another. You wrapped your arms around his neck as your breathing grew heavier. His panting just as rapid at the millisecond breaks your mouths took to turn your heads in the other direction in your make-out session. His hands dropped to the bottom of your oversized shirt to yank it up to your waist, grabbing a handful of your ass as it peeked out of your cotton pink cheeksters. You moaned in his mouth from his touch and he took that opportunity to scoop you up in his arms, your legs wrapping around his waist. He groaned at the feel of your drenched panties rubbed up against his stomach, hurriedly placing you on the kitchen counter. Your legs stayed wrapped around his torso as you almost fell back from your faces avidly crashing. 
“Jey…” you whisperingly moaned as he grabbed you by the throat with one hand and cupped your breast with the other as he snaked his way up your shirt. 
“Whatchu’ want baby…” he shakily asked between kisses as you continued to grind against his bare upper body, the pressure helping alleviate your need just a tiny bit. 
“Fuck me please…” you panted as he dragged his tongue down your jaw making your back arch. 
“Let’s go to my room,” he mumbled against your neck as he sucked your soft spot. 
“No…I can’t wait,” you whispered as you pulled the hem of his boxers, slipping your hand inside the fabric to feel his hard, throbbing dick. He whimpered at your touch and your fingers lightly brushed the tip seeping with pre cum, making you breathe out another low-pitched moan.
“Mmmm please I’ll be quiet…” you begged in his ear as your thumb circled around his dripping tip. 
“Nah…” he softly moaned as you dropped your hand along his shaft to softly stroke it. 
“I’m gonna fuck this pussy up the way I want-“ he growled before scooping you back up in his arms as he quickly tip-toed up the stairs. You covered your mouth at his quick reaction as you bobbled in his arms as he went up every step. You shut your eyes refusing to look at his door, hoping no one caught you both sneaking off to Jey’s room that was the last door down the long hall. Before you knew it silence in his darkened room took over as he quietly locked his door and pinned you against it as he left sloppy sucks down your neck. You were out of breath as your eyes fluttered, heavily panting in the silence as he covered your neck with his saliva. Your fingers found their way in his hair, lightly pulling on it before a gasp popped out your mouth as he scooted you further up along the door to swirl his tongue along your collarbone and chest. You used your foot to push onto the door and get yourselves moving to the bed as he walked over not daring to remove his tongue off of you. He threw you onto the bed and you let out a giggle louder than you meant to, quickly covering your mouth as you realized.
“Thought you said you were gonna be quiet?” he playfully teased with a grin, as he towered over you, making you lean further back on the bed. 
“Thought you said you were gonna fuck this pussy up?” you teased back against his lips as he slithered his hands under your shirt to cup your breasts. 
“And I will…” he whispered, dipping his head back down to snatch the bottom of your shirt with his teeth, leaning back in your flushed face. 
“Take this shit off,” he muttered with the fabric between his grillz, his eyes hyper-focused on your lips as his forefingers and thumbs twiddling with your hard nipples. A moan rolled off your tongue at his touch, as you crossed your arms grabbing the side hems to take off…Jimmy’s oversized shirt. But he didn’t even cross your mind. You suddenly forget Jey had a brother at all because he had your full undivided, horny, and yearning attention. You threw it across the room, watching his pretty enticing eyes peer from your left breast to the right, licking his lips ready to feast on you. 
“Mmmm, you’re so fuckin beautiful…” he moaned, rubbing his big, smooth hands up and down your thighs. Slowly sliding them over your stomach as it sank in from the tingles, flattening his tongue on your right nipple as he delicately flicked it up and down while massaging your left breast. 
“Oh my god…” your head fell back at the feel of his wet and warm tongue gliding around your nipple as he sucked on it. Your right shin fondled with the bulge in his boxers. The contact made him slide his tongue back up your neck and on your lips as he drove his tongue in your mouth, grabbing you by the waist to push you further back on the bed. 
You cheekily grinned as you bit your lip, watching his long fingers grab his hard-on that was prominently peeking out of his boxers, his bracelet shining right at you as he rubbed up on his bulge. 
“This whatchu’ want baby?” he whispered as he stared into your soul, his hand slipping inside to grab his length as he hovered on top of you, his chain tickling your chest. 
“Yes daddy…” you naturally breathed out, the same name you called his brother just a few hours ago. 
“Slip ‘em off for me baby,” he mumbled against your lips as he hooked his other finger inside the band of your panties to  tug on them. Without a hesitant fiber in your being, you obliged, bucking your hips up to slide them off your legs and toss them across the room. You reached for his boxers to pull them down as he let you. His long, thick dick sprang out as the tip brushed against your tummy, the droplets of his warm pre cum sliding against your skin. 
“This pretty pussy stay dripping for me huh?” he asked as his long, thick fingers found your slick folds, opening them up to roam up and down your mess, the same way he did earlier in the night. 
“Fuck…” you whined as he sped up the vertical strokes suddenly replacing them with his creamy, dribbling tip continuing his up-and-down slides along your entrance. You gasped a little louder this time, the head of his dick inching its way into your hole. 
“Shhhh…” he grabbed your jaw to make you look in his eyes as he slipped his entire length inside of you making you moan once again, louder than you expected. He pressed his lips against yours mid-moan in an attempt to shut you up, but the way his tongue slithered in your mouth only made your noises lose more control. 
“Feel good baby?” he seductively mumbled as he slowly stroked his dick in and out of your doused pussy, his lips swiping on your parted ones with each thrust. 
“Yessss so good…” you whispered as he picked up the pace, creating pleasureful flutters in your tummy with every push inside of you. The legs of the bed were so quiet yet soundable as they rocked against the hardwood floors. He frantically buried himself within you, your arms hooked under his shoulders, your nails digging into his upper back as your eyes rolled to the back of your head. Your walls were already so sensitive from how hard Jimmy fucked you earlier. It felt so so good but you winced a tiny bit at Jey’s similar  aggressive thrusts that it made you croak out a cry.
“You okay baby? Too rough?” he breathlessly asked, his eyes lowly glazing over yours for any confirmation. You couldn’t speak as his dick quite frankly knocked the wind out your throat from your whispered cries, a tear falling down your cheek before he kissed it away. 
“I gotchu’…I gotchu’ bae,” he reassuringly whispered, his hard and quick thrusts slowing down to gentle, deep, elongated strokes that made you shakily moan from this new, different,   out-of-world pleasure that erupted sparks in your body that melted into the sheets. 
“Oh my…gooood,” you moaned, your mind swirling with a euphoric, foggy sensation with how fucking good his slower strokes felt, dragging out the way his length nicely slipped between your walls that contracted around it, not wanting it to slip away. 
“This feel good, hm? Nice and slow baby?” he deeply asked as he nuzzled his face in your neck, a small grunt falling from his lips.  
“Yesyesyes,” your high-pitched, whispered gasp erupted as he hit your g spot ever so slowly with each delicate thrust. He left sloppy kisses down your neck, his grillz leaving little love bites that made you pull on the ends of his blue-tipped mullet. He grabbed your right thigh to scoop his arm behind your knee, giving himself more space to fill you up with every inch of his dick. 
“Mmmmm…Jey,” you moaned, tugging a little harder on his hair as he hovered over you again, his breath hitching watching you in deep arousal. 
“I…I…” you heavily panted as he hummed, almost agreeing with your unsaid sentence. Your right hand rested on the nape of his neck, as your left grazed over his bearded jaw. 
“I love you,” he professed softly, fastening his strokes just by a little knowing that’s all you needed before your climax exploded throughout your entire body, making your legs uncontrollably fondle with his lower back. You felt his dick spasm between your sensitive walls as his forehead fell on yours, his moans a little louder than yours before you decided to shut him up this time as your lips weaved together. Your chests heaved against one another, a faint smile forming on your lips as your eyes barely stayed open. You stayed in the same position for a little while, just admiring each other’s eyes before he softly kissed you again, making your cheeks flush as your fingers grazed his sweaty, glistening back. 
“Don’t tell me this dick knocked you out, wake up baby,” he jokingly whispered, tilting your chin up and forcing you to gaze up at him. 
“I’m awake,” you mumbled with a grin. 
“Man…you’re so perfect,” he complimented, still slightly panting. 
“Shut up,” you giggled, feeling overwhelmed with his loving presence. There was silence before you noticed the sunrise starting to peek out from the curtains as it accentuated his face. The black eye was nothing compared to his vibrant and pretty features. Your thumbs caressed over his lower jaw, his beard hairs smoothly prickling against your skin. 
“I have to go back…” you lowly whispered, feeling a tug on your heartstrings watching his smile fade away as he nodded in agreement. 
“Let me get you a towel first,” he whispered, pecking you before getting up and walking towards the bathroom. You sighed, resting your palm on your forehead feeling a mixture of emotions. You really fucked both of them. You really fucked both Usos. You weren’t gloating, just extremely confused about your feelings. Sleeping with Jimmy for the first time after so many years of light-hearted flirtatious moments was great. The sex was appetizingly filthy, rough, and electrifyingly steamy. But with Jey…it was more passionate, comforting, more so making love to one another. And the three words that fell from Jey’s mouth…made you melt. The twins have always told you they loved you and you’ve always said it back. But this was most definitely different. 
“Psst.” You snapped out of it and turned to see Jey walking out with a towel around his waist, another in his hand as he pretended to shoot his shot at you, literally. You caught it with ease and shook your head at his goofy ass. You cleaned up and slipped your oversized shirt back on, almost feeling dirty, in a guilty way, fucking one brother then putting the other one’s shirt over your head. You tied your hair in a messy bun and tip-toed to the door, the sun’s golden light more luminous in the room as it highlighted his face. 
“You gonna sleep?” you whispered, wrapping your arms around his waist. 
“Nah. Gon’ hop in the shower…you could join me if you want,” he softly expressed, grabbing a handful beneath your shirt. 
“Tempting, but I can’t,” you giggled as he lightly spanked you and scoffed at to answer. You stared into each other’s eyes for what felt like forever before you shared one last flavorsome, soft, and passionate kiss. 
“Yeet,” you whispered turning back around one last time as your hand grabbed the doorknob. He chuckled, holding on to his towel. 
“Yeet,” he threw back with a wink and you departed as you looked left and right in the hallway before stepping out. You reached Jimmy’s room, the door slightly squeaking as you turned the knob, making you curse under your breath. You peeked in, seeing him still asleep. You blew a little air out of your mouth, relieved that he was clueless. You climbed back in, making him stir in the sheets as he grabbed you by the waist to pull you closer. You dozed off, your brain playing hopscotch with the two brothers.
The following morning the boys had to leave for the airport for their live events. You ended up heading back home after having brunch with his Solo’s wife. The next following weeks were…chaotically indulging. If you weren’t with Jimmy, you were with Jey. If you weren’t with Jey, you were with Jimmy. You spent Sunday and Monday nights in Jey’s hotel room for Raw. You spent Thursday and Friday night traveling to Smackdown with Jimmy. Your weeks consisted of one twin pulling on your hair while you got pounded from behind in his locker room while the other fucked you against the steamy shower walls, both drenched from the hot water. They didn’t know about your rendezvous with the other twin…or so you thought. You picked up on the feeling that they secretly knew, because Jimmy didn’t call you on Sunday or Monday nights. Jey didn’t call you on Thursday and Friday nights. They just knew you were the other. And to think it wouldn’t get even more chaotic, you were at backstage at Fastlane where they both had matches. You were watching on the monitor set up in Jimmy’s locker room as Jey and Cody won the tag team titles, the biggest smile spreading on your lips knowing he was now a 2x undisputed tag team champion. You wanted to so badly find him and congratulate him right after, but you were with Jimmy up until his match. The match were him and Solo lost. Jimmy was crankier than usual, and you knew it wasn’t just because of the feeling of losing that match. That loss hit differently because he felt like he was falling behind his twin brother, not only in the ring but with you. You hated that he was in a mood the night before your birthday. You were throwing a big party, where everybody was invited. And to unintentionally make the situation a little harder for Jimmy, he didn’t expect Jey and Cody to show up with their tag titles gloating through the crowd. 
“They what?” you asked, your jaw dropping at Jasmine telling you what was going on downstairs as the guests started picking up. 
“Yeah girl, Jimmy still sitting in that corner drinking his beer. You gon’ come down or what we waiting on you!” she exclaimed watching you add a touch more of highlight on your nose. You heard her sniff and you looked at her through the mirror, dramatically holding her hand up to her mouth. 
“Are you crying?” you turned around with a little laugh. 
“You look so hot and you’re getting older, do you blame me?” she patted her tear away to avoid ruining her makeup. You giggled getting up from your stool to hug her as you felt tears sting your eyes.
“Fuck now I’m gonna cry,” you choked out before she broke the hug.
“No no no. You worked too hard on this makeup. I’m not crying anymore. Go put that sexy ass dress on so you can come down!” 
You changed in your purple sequined lace-up tube body con dress, fluffed up your hair, and put on your necklace and diamond earrings.
“You can open your eyes now,” you giggled before you gave her a little twirl and she started loudly clapping. 
“Oh my god, bitch you look stunning!” she hyped up. “Now let’s go down everyone’s wondering where you are.” 
“Wait,” you grabbed the shot glass from your dresser and poured yourself some tequila. You couldn’t go down there sober. Not when they were both here. You’re winced from the sizzling burn in your throat. You walked out with Jasmine down the stairs, the music blasting, and everyone was happily conversing and drinking. 
“Heyyyyy there she is!”
You giggled at everyone’s dramatic reactions continuing to walk down the stairs, giving hugs to everyone around as they wished you a happy birthday. You clanked your way to the kitchen to grab more drinks from the fridge, your heels already annoying you. 
“God…damn,” you hear a deep and sensual voice slightly startle you as you peeked above the fridge door still bent down with beers in your hand. Jey stood there with the sexiest smirk on his face, goofily dropping his eyes back down to your ass in the air as it peeked out of your tiny dress. 
“Shut up,” you giggled, closing the fridge with your heel, two bottles in each hand. 
“Let me get those for you,” he walked closer to grab them out of your hand and placed them on the counter before he gripped you by the waist, your lips inches away. Your breath hitched in your throat from his sweet cologne, his wet pink lips that he just licked as he caressed your cheek with his thumb, admiring your beauty. 
“Happy birthday beautiful,” he whispered before planting a nice, soft, and slow kiss on your lips. You moaned as your tongues naturally slipped into each other’s mouths, his hand sliding its way from your waist to your ass to grope you. 
“Thank you…” you breathed out, grinning against his lips. 
“Trus’ me this dress is…mmmmm…but I wanna rip this shit off and bend you over this counter right now,” he mumbled, biting your lower lip causing another moan to escape your lips as his grillz sank down on your glossy lips. 
“Later…” you whispered with a giggle trying to remove yourself from his grasp to get back to the drinks when the kitchen door opened, making you both turn your heads at the interruption. Luckily your bodies weren’t in touch anymore because with the way he raised his brows at the both of you, you figured he knew what was going on. 
“Well well well, what’s goin’ on?” Jimmy asked, clearly drunk as he crossed his arms. Jey kissed his teeth, turning his back on his brother as you let out an annoyed sigh. 
This was gonna be a long fucking night. 
thank you so much for reading! I appreciate it if you read through the entirety 💖✨
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harmshake · 3 months
Tumblr media
pairing: Roman Reigns & Jimmy Uso x Fem Reader | word count: 404 | warnings: it's smutty smut smut, 18+ ONLY, gtfo minors
wip friday! thanks for the tag @megamindsecretlair. 💗
Tumblr media
His fingertips dug into your warm skin as he squeezed and held you close to his mouth, his soft, thick lips French-kissing you between your thighs. With every luscious flick of his tongue, you flinched and squirmed, making Jimmy work to keep you in place—and making you moan onto Roman's tongue. 
"It Takes Two"
Roman's huge hand around your throat was tight, but Jimmy's grip on your waist was tighter. 
He had you by the throat to keep your attention on him as he was fighting for it, knowing you were dissolving into a hot pool of pleasure that soaked the sheets from Jimmy's long, sloppy kisses on your lower lips. Roman wanted your focus on him, or at least evenly split, and tried his damnedest to compel you with his kisses and his tongue as it lapped and sucked yours with his hand keeping you pinned to him.
Even with your body rolling with heated waves and your mind drifting away in those waves, you still knew Roman didn't have to try so hard. Your moans echoed off the ceiling from both men, regardless, their combined undivided attention making you feel like putty in their greedy grasps as they molded you into a mess of moans and trembles.
"You 'bout to cum for him?" Roman growled with quiet jealousy, nipping at your bottom lip with his teeth. Your eyes flitted open to meet his deep brown ones as you whimpered just as quietly to nod pathetically. "Hmph. I'll make you cum just doin' this..." 
He absorbed your lips into another hungry kiss but slipped his fingers from your throat to your chest, his fingertips slowly tracing the shapes of your collarbone, then your breast, and finally your nipple that he carefully caught between his pointer finger and thumb. His touch was electric, causing you to jolt on Jimmy's tongue, and yet it was gentle, softly pulling and pinching until you moaned...as well as from Jimmy softly pulling at your tender clit with his lips.
It was like Jimmy wanted to refute Roman's claim by pulling your focus back to him, but he refused to remove his mouth from you as you suddenly fluttered and spilled onto his tongue—and tingled and vibrated beneath Roman's caress.
"Mmhmm...that's what I thought," Roman goaded you as you fell under both men's spells, shivering from the feel and the thought of how else they'd have you under them tonight...
— Just another unfinished wip from the dozens more still in my drafts. 😅
no pressure tags: @wrestlingprincess80 @theninthwonder @joannasteez @msbigredmachine @thesamoanqueen @empressdede @judgementdaysunshine @sassginaswanmills @carmenreigns
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miyuhpapayuh · 8 months
Dressing room.
Tumblr media
"Baby, can we go now?" Her boyfriend, Jimmy, pleads with tired eyes. She lets out a huff and looks overawe at him. 
"Boy, we've only been here for 30 minutes. Calm down." Dragging him to her last destination, her favorite lingerie store—, he quickly changes his tune. His eyes light up, making her giggle. 
"I promise, I'll be quick."
He grabs her arm loosely and chuckles, mumbling a “nah, take ya time."
She smirks and heads inside her favorite store, with him trailing behind her as she checks out the new lingerie sets.
Fixing her eyes on a baby pink and black lace one, holding them up against her, she turns around, "What do you think? Pretty?"
He smirks and rubs his hand over the material, "try them on for me."
She leads him toward the dressing rooms, walking towards the end, where the biggest one is, pulling him in and locking it behind them.
Sitting down on the red plush chair in front of the mirror, Jimmy takes the black lingerie set from her and she begins to strip down, since she already planned on buying both, and puts the pink one on.
After adjusting the straps, she looks in the mirror and instantly falls in love with how it fits her body. 
She hears a growl behind her and turns around, smirking at the look on his face. “You like?”
“Baby, you look so damn good."
She makes her way over to him and stands in front of him, throwing her left leg over his, "thank you, baby,” spilling from her glossed lips, before she leans down to kiss his lips.
She moans into the kiss, giggling as he smacks her ass, mumbling for her to try the next one on.
She bites his lip before pulling away from him completely and grabs the black set from him and strips, leaving him staring at her body. "Like what you see?"
“Always, sexy.” He winks at her, making her blush.
She turns towards the mirror to fiddle with the straps when she feels hands wrap around her, Jimmy’s face coming into view behind her. Their smirks are identical as he moves her hair away from her neck, his lips right by her ear.
“You know exactly what you're doing," he smacks her ass and grabs her neck, "teasing me and shit." She quietly moans in response, having to remember where they are.
His free hand slides the material to the side and pushes two fingers into her, making her gasp and cover her own mouth.
She latches onto his arm with her free hand, grinding against the sensation. She bites into her palm as he speeds up, muffling her pants.
Jimmy growls into her ear as her walls tighten around his fingers, "You so tight."
She feels her orgasm approach and a scream threatens to spill from her mouth. Her body jerks and creams into his hand, as he plunges his long digits into her even deeper, making her eyes roll back.
He pulls his fingers away abruptly, holding them up to her lips. Sticking her tongue out, she makes sure to get them nice and wet before he rubs my clit, making it impossible for her to be quiet at the way his fingers circle her so perfectly.
"Jimmy,” she whimpers, falling back into his chest, as he talks her through my orgasm.
“That's right, cum on my fingers baby,”
“Buy you this in every color… fuck you in ‘em all”
“So fucking pretty when I make you cum”
Coming down from her high, she let out a sigh of disappointment as his fingers left her. He helped her out of the lingerie and back into her clothes. 
"Fuck, my thighs.. I should fight you." She glares up at him, watching the smirk on his face grow.
“You knew exactly what was gonna happen, baby. Don't blame me."
Grabbing both of the sets, she opens the door and walks out to the register to pay. Jimmy comes up and wraps an arm around her waist and presses his lips to her neck, making her hot all over again.
"Stop!" I whisper, which only makes him trail his kisses down toward her spot, making her jerk away from him, saving herself from embarrassment. 
The cashier giggles and hands her the bag of goodies.
“You can never behave,” she laughs as they leave the store.
@harmshake here you go you heathen 🤭💜
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kyleoreillylover · 8 months
The Bloodline x Fem!Reader
Summary: What's it like being the female member of The Bloodline?
A/N: The Bloodline is one of my favorite factions, so I need to curb my love for them by writing this! Hope ya'll like it!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Since you are the youngest, by default they are very protective of you. It can be suffocating at times- and causes a lot of arguments-but you know they mean well by it.
Aside from Roman, you were the talker of the group. You had the devils tongue and a pretty face- so manipulating others came very easy to you. You and Paul surprisingly formed a friendship with each other, he was kind of a mentor to you and the both of you constantly plotted new schemes and plans to punish your opponents. The audience lived for your interactions and everyone on the roster knew if the two of you were alone that trouble was brewing for them.
Jey, Jimmy and Solo were your personal guard dogs; always being at ringside for your matches, helping you when your opponent had the upper hand, constantly being at your side during interviews, when all of you were backstage. Jey and Jimmy would shieldyou from the brunt of Romans anger, walking you to your car after the show was over to make sure you are safe. You are their little sister, and they will do anything to protect you from the harsh realities of this world.
Solo especially, the two of you are closer in age and you are closer to him than with your other brothers. He will always keep an eye out for you, making sure you are comfortable and that no one bothers you. If you tel him anyone messes with you he will without a doubt beat their ass himself, and if it is a woman he will verbally beat them and intimidate the shit out of them.
You are like the Rhea Ripley of the group, dominant as hell and making sure that your boys are dominant as well, no matter what takes. And by extension, that means you always interfere in their matches unless they specifically ask you not to. You always laugh and taunt their opponents when they go to hit you after you attack them only to realize that they can't.
And they do the same for you. Obviously they won't hit your opponents, but hitting them with a title or a chair doesn't count, right?
If Roman isn't there (which let's be honest, half the time he isn't on Smackdown) then you act as the leader. It is natural to you, you are already abrasive and everyone backstage is intimidated by you, so there's no problem.
If anyone messes with your family, they have hell to pay from you. It doesn't matter if they are a man or a woman, they are stay on the injured list for a long time either way.
If any woman is dumb enough to insult you or anger you in any way, you control your anger for the most part because you enjoy to make them sweat and wait for your revenge. It is more fulfilling making them scared and to make them watch their back than to unload all your anger on them at once.
Since Jey and Jimmy would shield you from the brunt of Romans anger, the two of you didn't really butt heads at all. But if you guys did argue, all hell would break loose.
The two of you were mirrors of each other; power hungry, manipulative, spiteful, willing to do anything and everything to stay on top. But unlike him, you had loyalty, which was the basis of all your arguments. You hated the way he treated Jey, the way he would belittle him at every turn just because he was right about Roman all along. Nothing was off limits during an argument, and the only way it ends is if the both of you put away your pride long enough to put it behind you.
You might’ve been the meanest person on the roster, but ironically you were the one your family went to if they needed comfort. When Romans mind games were too much for Jey, you were a place of solace for him, letting him hug you and cry into your shoulder, let him release his pent up emotions. You distracted Jimmy by making him laugh with your inside jokes and sarcasm whenever he felt overwhelmed. Solo rarely came to you, but when he did, no words were needed, only a hug and the company of one another. If Roman was stressed out about a match, you would take charge and make sure he had nothing else to worry about that would make him even more stressed.
it's not just the women who were intimidated by you-it was the men too. And not just because you had 4 guard dogs always looking over you, though that was a very good reason. You were the Rhea Ripley in the Bloodline for a reason. You didn't hesitate to beat a mans ass or have a match with them if they were being an idiotic pest. Reginald and Tozawa unfortunately had to learn that the hard way :)
If you got hurt from the boys' opponents, just know they are putting them six feet under. One time Drew accidentally clamored you when you shielded Roman from him, and the twins and solo made sure he couldn't walk on his own two feet and had to be stretched out by medical.
You were a famous figure on social media, so you were constantly annoying one of your brothers or cousin to take pictures of you. They would pretend to be annoyed but actually didn't mind it, especially when you would get invited to a event or premier and would bring them along.
You hate losing, and when it does happen (which is rare) you would shut everyone out, letting yourself wallow. Roman’s disappointment didn't make anything better. So Jey and Jimmy would bring you some food, crack some jokes and wait until you talked. If you didn't talk, they'd bring in Solo and leave the two of you alone. Solo wouldn't even need to say anything, he just hugs you and lets you cry into his chest and release your anger and sadness. After your finished crying, he would wipe your tears and you’d give him a thankful watery smile. He’d smile back at you and take you to get your favorite ice cream :)
All in all, you were the pillar of The Bloodline, the one who was keeping it stable, the one making sure it wouldn't fall apart. And eventually, you knew you would have to destroy it. But right now, you wanted to reap its benefits.
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Pillow Talk: Jimmy Uso
AN I do not own the image in this image.
You lied in your husbands muscular arms feeling so loved and secure. He lied beside you kissing along your collarbone ever so gently.
"Look, if you think you're about to sweet talk your way into round three, you're wrong. I'm tired as hell and sore. Nobody told you to be going that damn hard." You say playfully hitting his arm. He looks down smirking at you.
"If I remember correctly, you were yelling out daddy, fuck me harder! right there! ahh! just a few moments ago." He says imitating your high pitched moans.
"Boy shut uppp." You say hiding your face in his chest as if this weren't y'alls umpteenth time having sex. But, every time felt so different with him. He knew your body and needs like the back of his hand. Your man was ready to do whatever, whenever, however to your body, all you had to do was give him the green light. "But seriously babe, I don't think I'm gonna make it to work in the morning." You groan.
"If I don't have that thang sore, I ain't doin my job. Besides, you were gonna call in sick anyway. I did you a favor." You playfully roll your eyes though he can't see in the dimly lit room. A comfortable silence falls between you to as you trace the tattoos on his lower arm.
"Baby, you remember how we met?" He asks suddenly, caressing your hip. You think back to the time you and Jimmy met twelve years ago.
"How can I forget. You came up to me talkin bout some you're gonna be my wife. Boy you just don't know you almost got your ass slapped. No, for real, you was about to have me kill your future generations with one damn kick between your legs." You say looking up at him as he laughs.
"So am I wrong for speaking it into existence? You're right here aren't you? I knew I had you the minute I walked up. You were then one, I had to let you know." He smiles that beautiful smile of his.
"I'm just saying, can't be saying shit like that these days. Have you six feet under."
"But seriously though, I'm glad I did. We've come a long way. It hasn't always been easy and I know there were plenty of times we both could've walked away, but we didn't. What we've built these past decade can't be broken. I love you so much. You're my world, aside from my kids. I love you. I love you. I love you." He says in between kisses.
"I love you more than you know. I've never felt love like this. Like, I found everything I every wanted and needed in a husband in you. And one day, everything I need in the father of my children. I got you no matter what, and you don't have to doubt that. Good or bad, thick or thin, know that I'll be right there." You say sincerely kissing his smiling lips. You pull him closer, tangling your hand in the nap of his neck. His beautiful hair falling down his face. Your tongue explored each others mouths as you let out soft whimpers. He's already hard again and your wetness is making your thighs slippery. If the mood couldn't have been more set, it began to rain outside.
"Speaking of. You make me wanna get you pregnant." He groans. You watch as he pulls away momentarily to get off the bed. You already knew what that meant. You turn around on your stomach and position yourself for him. Before you can even do it yourself, he grabs you by your ankles and pulls you to the end of the bed. He teases your wet entrance with his tip as you look back biting your lip in anticipation.
"Ready for me baby?" He asks pushing his tip into you causing you to gasp.
'Hell yeah, put that fuckin baby inside me." You beg. Nothing more needed to be said as he guides himself into you slowly. "Fuck baby." You hiss gripping on the sheets tightly as your man stretches you out.
"Say less baby because I'm about to make sure nothing spills out." He smirks knowing this was going to be a very, very long night for you.
Tumblr media
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I hope you’re having a good day! I wanted to request a fic with Jimmy (or jey, I love them both) where the mc is a bridesmaid at their sister’s wedding and she meets one of the groomsmen (Jimmy) and they start to really like each other. The sister warns mc that Jimmy is a playboy but things start to heat up quick between the two anyway! You can add or take away any aspects, have fun with it. Thanks, I love your writing!
The Bridesmaid - Jimmy Uso x OC
thank you @summerssoldierxx for the request. Sorry it took so long to get out. Hope you like it! 🫶🏽
I do NOT give permission for my work to be translated or reposted on here or any other site, even if you give me credit. DO NOT REPOST MY FICS
Reblogs, comments, likes, and feedback ALWAYS appreciated ❤ 
All OC Characters belong to me
Main Masterlist
Tumblr media
“I thought it was against the rules to look better than the bride.” Summer Cooper rolled her eyes and let out a sigh as she turned to face her newly brother-in-law’s best friend. Jimmy or Jonathan - she was very confused about the two names - had been flirting with her since they met at the rehearsal dinner last night. And she was flirting back, heavy until her sister pulled her to the side. 
“Do not get involved with Jonathan Fatu okay.” Her sister Vanessa said. “He ain’t nothing but trouble and I won’t allow you to become another notch on his bedpost.” Summerhad never seen Vanessa look so serious before so she left Jimmy/Jon alone and ignored him the rest of the night. She was doing a good job at ignoring him during the wedding too, even though they walked down the aisle together. 
“Damn you ignoring me? I thought we hit it off?” Jon broke her out of her thoughts. 
“Listen.” Summer trailed off. “I’ve been told about you and your little games and I will not be another one of your victims.” She crossed her arms over her chest.  Summer furrowed her eyebrows because Jon actually looked hurt and shocked at what she said. 
“Oh ight. Shoot, my bad.” He said rubbing his hands together before walking away from her. She bit her lip as she watched him walk away from her. She quickly pushed him out of her mind and went over to her sister. 
“I seen you talking to Jon.” Summer rolled her eyes. 
“Yup. Told him to leave alone. Happy?”  Vanessa smiled and placed her hand on Brittany’s shoulder. 
“I’m only looking out for you.I don’t want to see my baby sister hurt.” Summer rolled her eyes and nodded her head. 
“I understand. You just looking out for me.” Summer forced a smile on her face. “Now go dance with you husband.” 
Tumblr media
Summer laughed as she watched her nephew do his best TikTok dances on the dance floor. She picked up her champagne flute and took a sip as she looked around the banquet hall, the bitter feeling was back in her stomach as she watched all of the happy couples but once she looked at her sister and her brother - in -law she had a small smile on her face. That was what Summer wanted, someone who loved her unconditionally. And it seemed like every time she thought she found the one they wound up being complete jackasses who weren’t worthy of her time. 
“Who is that man and why does he keep staring at you?”  Summer furrowed her eyebrows as she looked in the direction her mother was looking and felt her heart stutter in her chest as her eyes met Jon’s. 
“One of Dontae’s friends.” Summer replied as nonchalantly as she could. She arched her eyebrow as Jon pushed himself off the wall and started making his way towards her table. 
“Hi i’m Jon” He said walking up to her mom and holding his hand out and Summer’s mom shook his hand. 
“Oh, you’re Jon.” Her mom said, causing Summer and Jon to furrow their eyebrows. Jon looked at Summer who held her hand up and shook her head. “I’ve heard some things about you.”
“Apparently, everybody has.” He said, his eyes still on Summer who rolled her eyes and picked up her champagne flute, taking another sip. 
“You wanna dance with me?”  He asked Summer and before she could turn him down, her mother spoke for her. 
“She would love to.” Summer shot her mom a look. “Summer Renee, don’t look at me like that. You might be thirty but I'm ya momma and will still whoop ya ass.” Summer shot Jon a glare as he tried to hide his laughter behind his hand.  She rolled her eyes , stood from her seat and walked away from Jon and her mother towards the dance floor.
She let out a huff as the DJ started playing a softer, slower song. Jon smirked and pulled her closer to him, taking her arms and wrapping them around his neck before wrapping his own arms around her waist.  
“So, what did you mean by you didn’t want to be another one of my victims.” Jon stated, getting straight to the point and instead of answering right away, Summer let her eyes wander around the room and stilled as they landed on her sister who was watching her and Jon dance. Summer shook her head and cleared her throat. 
“I’ve just heard some things about you and.” She paused and shrugged, “Listen, I like you and I’m not tryna get my feelings hurt. Okay..” She said averting her eyes from his.
Jon scoffed. “What makes you think I was going to hurt you? Like I told you earlier, I thought we really hit it off yesterday. I’ve told you some shit I aint even told my twin brother.” 
“Really?” She asked shocked and Jon nodded his head.
“Yeah, I’m not a liar, Summer.” She bit her lip and cut her eyes back over to her sister who was still watching them. Jon followed her eyesight and cracked a smile. 
“Ohh, your sister is the one who was talking shit.”  He let out a laugh. “Big sis  looking out for lil sis, I get it now. What did she tell you?” Summer shrugged and mumbled, 
“That you a playboy and that she wasn’t gonna let me become another notch on your headboard or something like that.” Jon bit the inside of  his cheek and nodded. 
“Wow. Aight, imma be completely honest with you right now.” He started and stopped dancing , so the two of them were now standing still while everyone else around them continued to dance. “I was married and got divorced about two years ago.  And in those two years, I’ve had sex with one person.” 
When Summer just arched her eyebrow in response, Jon sighed. “I told you I'm not a liar, Summer. I told you yesterday that I really liked talking to you. I ain’t try nothing with you, did I?” She shook her head. “Exactly, If I was a playboy wouldn’t I be trying to get you in my bed? Look,  You live here in Pensacola right?” She nodded. “Aight so fuck what ya’ sister saying and have breakfast with me tomorrow. Get to know me without having your sister in your ear saying how much of a bad person I am.” Summer bit her lip and nodded her head, causing Jon to flash her his pearly whites.
He pulled his phone out of his suit pants pocket. “Here, put your number in my phone.” 
Summer took it, but before she put her number in she looked him in his eyes. “Don’t make me regret this, Jon.”  Jon smiled and took her other hand into his own. 
“You won’t I promise.” 
Tumblr media
Sorry, this took me so long @summerssoldierxx. I really hope you like it and if you have anymore request, send them in ❤️.
🏷️: @christinabae @southerngirl41 @reci1996 @baconeggndcheez
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visionarymode · 7 months
Seeing Double
✧ warnings: smut, language, 18+
✧ pairing: jimmy uso & jey uso x female reader
✧ word count: 4,285
Tumblr media
You locked your car and speedily walked to the front door as the cool breeze picked up. The sound of the music and chatter behind the door grew louder as you approached it. You rang the doorbell and waited for a few seconds before Solo opened the door. 
“Hey, come on in,” he greeted with a warm smile and a quick hug. 
You stepped inside and immediately locked eyes with Jimmy, an enthusiastic spark igniting inside of you. He was a few feet away from the door chatting with one of his cousins, flashing you a warm smile as soon as you came into his view. You felt that warmth rush throughout your body from how sexy he looked. He had two braids in, wore a long black sleeve and black joggers. He had his silver chain on but with that pretty ass smile of his, his teeth out brightened that chain. 
“Let me take your jacket,” Solo interrupted your thoughts. 
“Wh- oh yeah thanks,” you smiled handing him your jacket. 
“Finally your ass made it!” You looked back up to see Jimmy with the biggest grin on his face coming in to embrace you for a hug. 
“You been waiting for me?” you teased, pulling back with a smirk. He let out a chuckle and leaned into you. 
“You want a drink?” he spoke in your ear so you could hear him as the music blared in the living room. 
“Yeah!” you replied as he walked over to the counter to pour you your favorite, tequila. 
“Hey girl!” one of your closest friends Jasmine walked over to give you a hug. 
“Hey! Ooh you look hot,” you complimented flicking back her front curls. 
“Says you. You look like you’re here to show someone what they’re missing,” she teased playfully spanking you. 
“Now why would you say that?” 
She raised both of her brows and jokingly scoffed in response. 
“Babe you wore the jeans that make your ass look the best and your boobs are about to spill out that top any second now,” she giggled, spinning you around. You wore light blue jeans with a white lace cropped tank top that did indeed threaten to spill out your breasts. 
“It’s a party…I wanted to dress up a bit.” 
You knew damn well you were lying and she was so right. You spent an hour picking out the right outfit knowing they’d be here. 
“Tequila sunrise ma’am,” Jimmy sneaked up behind you, resting his hand on your lower back, causing slight goosebumps to rise on your skin.
Jasmine shot you a wink and you quickly glared at her and took a sip from your glass. 
“Mmmm thank you…” you trailed off as your eyes landed on his. There he was, chilling on the couch with his legs spread  open, intently watching you interact with his twin brother. A girl you didn’t recognize sitting a little too close to him was trying to whisper whatever the hell in his ear, but he didn’t seem to care at all. You had his full undivided and adorned attention, like you were the only one in the room who mattered. He gave you a questionable nod, taking another sip of his drink. 
✧ ✧ ✧
Hey Baby by Pitbull & T-Pain blared through the speakers as Jimmy held you close with your back against his chest, his right hand gripping your waist as he drank with the other. You were fairly drunk at this point, but you weren’t drunk enough to feel his bulge poking your lower back provoking you to subtly throw it back on it. You felt him get harder, sensually humming in your ear. 
“You better stop doin’ that before I take yo sexy ass upstairs…” he whispered in your ear, wrapping his arm around your bare stomach. You cheekily grinned and turned around to see him looking you up and down as he licked his lips. You took a few steps backward and playfully shrugged your shoulders and headed up the stairs. You walked down the hallway, the music downstairs still faintly thumping in your chest. 
“Where you goin’?” you turned around to see Jimmy following you, taking another swing of his solo cup. 
“I…don’t know I don’t live here,” you looked around giggling at the countless doors to choose from. 
“You’re drunk as hell,” he laughed enlacing his fingers with yours as he knocked on the door to the right. You both heard a woman loudly moan on the other side. You covered your mouth while Jimmy made a disgusted face making you laugh.
“This Solo’s room too he’s gon’ be mad as hell,” he chuckled nudging your arm. 
“Maybe it’s solo in there-“ you got cut off as you saw figures reaching the top of the steps. 
“What are y’all doin’?” Solo walked down the hallway with his arm around his wife. Your jaw dropped and you and Jimmy both looked at each other busting out laughing. 
“We wanted to sit down somewhere quieter the music is louuuuuud,” you expressed with a whisper. Solo laughed and opened the door to his left. 
“Y’all can chill in here. Chill only. Take care of her,” he looked at Jimmy and bowed down to his brother in response to his instructions. You both walked in, Jimmy shutting the door behind him as you both plopped down on the bed with a big sigh. 
“Whatchu’ been up to?” he asked, resting his hand on his thigh, taking another swig of his cup. 
“I’m at a party,” you answered obviously. 
“I know. You know what I mean,” he chuckled nudging your thigh with his own. 
“Nothin’ really. Been busy with work,” you shrugged taking another sip of your drink. 
“No boyfriend?” You paused mid-sip and slightly dropped the cup below your eyes revealing a focused gaze waiting for your answer. 
“Nope,” you sighed. 
“Mm. I find that hard to believe.” 
“Why’s that?” 
“I mean shit…look at you,” he softly expressed as his eyes fell over your chest and back up to meet your low eyes. 
“What about me?” you hesitantly asked with a low whisper, still gazing into his deep brown eyes. 
“Don’t know how someone this fine could be single,” he answered not breaking the eye contact. The heat between your thighs became unbearable. The silence in the room was loud yet the sound of your heart pounding rang in your ears as you moved your foot, your leg dragging down his. 
“Let’s go…” you giggled getting up to head towards the door before he grabbed your wrist, making you turn back around. 
“Where you goin’?” 
“Downstairs, people are probably wondering where we are-“ he pulled your wrist again so you were standing between his legs. 
“Uh uh…” he gripped your hips and his fingers found the belt hooks of your jeans as he pulled you onto his lap. 
“Jimmy…” you breathed out nervously. 
“What baby?” his deep, soft, and husky voice asked looking up at you. The silence in the room was extremely loud but not as loud as the sexual tension inches between the both of you. 
“You still wanna go?” he asked cradling the side of your face, his thumb lightly fondling your bottom lip. 
“Fuck…” you sighed, instantly giving in and locking your lips with his. His lips were so soft, intoxicating yet addicting like a fresh glass of cold water. 
He adjusted your legs to wrap around him as he fell back on the bed with you landing on top of him. You whipped your hair back and out your way, holding his bearded face in both of your hands as you slipped your tongue in his hungered mouth. 
“You’re so damn sexy…” he deeply moaned, slapping your ass and groping both cheeks with his large hands inviting you to grind harder on his growing bulge. This being the first time you’ve shared a kiss, it was insane how your tongues naturally danced together. The liquor and your vanilla bean lip gloss mixing together, making you moan in his mouth.
“Jimmy…” you softly breathed out as he left wet kisses down your neck, slightly snatching the top of your shirt with his teeth, snaking his tongue above your breasts. 
“Hm?” he grabbed your cheeks with his right hand, forcing you to look back down at him as he bit your bottom lip.
“We should go back…” you shakily whispered before abruptly turning you over on your back. 
“Should we?” he taunted as he got on top of you, irritatingly slow, yet calmly rubbing his hands up and down your legs. He ran them back up your body, cupping your face in his hands. 
“I-I don’t know,” you stumbled over your words as he caressed your cheeks ever so slightly, a smirk creeping up on his lips. 
“So no?” he deeply chuckled, hovering over your conflicted face as his cold chain tickled your collarbone. 
“Mm. Mm.” you shook your head with a smirk defining your answer, pulling him by his chain to get back on your lips. 
“Yeah that’s what I thought…” he mumbled against your saliva-stained lips as he tugged on the hem of your cropped top, helping you slip out of it as he admired you in your laced nude bra. 
“God…” he growled before slowly flattening his tongue in the middle, sliding it up to your neck causing your back to arch, and he took that opportunity to unclip your bra as he threw it across the room. He cupped your breasts in his large, warm hands before twirling his tongue on your left nipple and enclosing his lips around to softly suck, his wet kisses audibly smacking. Suddenly Jimmy’s phone started ringing, making you open your eyes to the blaring sound and turn to find where it was coming from. 
“Y-Your phone…” The last word rolled off your tongue as a moan at his dedication to stimulating your nipples with his long, warm tongue.
“I don’t care…” he mumbled continuing to slide his tongue up, down, and around your nipple as it loudly and sloppily popped out his mouth. 
“But what if it’s-“ he stopped you as he wrapped his hand around your throat, making you open your once-fluttered eyes as his lips grazed yours. 
“I said…I don’t care,” he whisperingly insisted while unzipping your jeans, his hand slipping down your pants and over your drenched panties. He lowly chuckled at the contact. 
“You don’t seem to give a damn about that phone either, huh?” he mumbled down your stomach as he left a trail of his wet pecks. You giggled, feeling yourself melting into the sheets before three pounding knocks at the door made you both freeze and look back at the sound. 
“Aye Jimmy!” You knew exactly whose voice was behind that door. 
“Man, I know yo ass is in there!” You frantically pushed him off of you and quickly put your bra and top back on in lightning speed. Jimmy looked at you for approval before opening the door as you fixed your hair. You stood off to the side in an attempt to hide before he swung open the door only revealing his figure. 
“What?” he snapped.  
“Uce we need more drinks from your car, let’s go.” 
“Man that’s what you here for?!” he kissed his teeth in response. 
“Cuzzos just got here and all the drinks are gone. Let’s go get ‘em!” Jimmy peeked back in to mouth “You good?” You nodded your head before he shot you a wink and left with his brother. 
You took a deep breath, your mind still fuzzy from that encounter before slightly opening the door and tip-toeing back down the stairs to the party. You thought they would’ve been out the door by now, but no. There they both were at the bottom of the stairs. Jimmy dabbed up one of the guests and Jey caught you coming down, keeping a steady gaze on you. You locked eyes for the second time tonight, this time was way more intense than the last. He let you walk past as you found Jasmine and asked if she wanted to take shots with you. You were chatting and drinking for the next twenty minutes, as Jimmy stayed close to you casually holding you by the waist or wrapping his arm around you including you in conversations. You giggled from a joke his cousin told before you saw him, again, subtly glaring at the two of you. What is his issue? 
“I’m gonna go to the bathroom,” you whispered in Jimmy’s ear as he nodded letting you go. You made sure not to look in his brother’s way before quickly heading up the stairs and shutting the bathroom door behind you. You rested your hands on the counter staring at yourself in the mirror, letting out a big sigh. You fixed a couple strands of your hair before the door swung open, startling you as Jey let himself in. 
“What the fuck?!” your hand flew to your chest at the sudden burst. 
“Man what you doin’ with him?” he snarled at you as his grillz peeked out, quickly locking the door behind him. 
“Don’t you fucking knock?” you snapped back. “I could’ve been using the bathroom.” 
“Then you should’ve locked the door,” he sarcastically replied pointing towards the door knob. You were about to come at him again before you looked at the doorknob and giggled, forgetting locks even existed. He chuckled at your drunkenness and moved a strand of your bangs out of your face, his hand dropping down to caress your cheek. You felt like you were seeing double as his touch felt similar to his brother’s, the same touch that made you swoon just half an hour ago. 
“What?” you softly asked, as you naturally rested the side of your face in his palm, feeling butterflies fluttering in your stomach. 
“I was waiting to see you all day, and you been with Jimmy the whole damn night.” he expressed. 
“What, are you jealous?” you shockingly laughed not expecting him to confess his feelings like that. The last word made him furrow his brows, slight hostility taking over his facial expressions. You tried to walk past and reach for the doorknob before he extended his arm and rested his hand on the door blocking your only exit. 
“Where you goin’?” his deep, spine-chilling whisper making you slowly turn your head, your faces inches apart. 
“D-Downstairs…” you stumbled as his deep brown and piercing eyes studied your lips before peering up to meet your gaze, searching for any kind of hesitancy. You felt like you were under a spell. A very, very intriguing and compelling spell. 
“That what you want?” he softly asked, cupping your chin. You felt your heart rate quicken, the throbbing between your thighs just as fast. 
“What else would I want?” you asked, holding his wrists as he grabbed your face with both hands. 
“Looked like you wanted my brother but I’m about to change your mind real quick.” 
“Who said I want my mind changed?” you dropped your hands to cross your arms and raised a brow. He looked down to the floor with a chuckle, surrounding you as he leaned against the counter. 
“Whatchu’ still doing here then?” he looked back up to ask, his face dangerously close to yours. 
“I-“ you paused as he caught you off guard with the question. You didn’t know what you were still doing here. All you knew at that specific moment was the enticing aroma of his cologne, his soft pink lips screaming at you to meet them, and his deep and insanely convincing voice pressuring you for answers. 
“I don’t want nothin’ from you. I just wanna make you feel good…” he muttered as your lips brushed against each other as he spoke, your mouth starting to part and he took that chance to slide his tongue in your mouth. You moaned with relief, sucking on his tongue letting your aching pussy and drunk, horny mind take over. He gripped your hips to pin you against the counter. Your mouths hungrily sucking and licking each other’s thoughts away, your pants and breaths growing heavier as the kiss became sloppier. He kept his right hand on the nape of your neck, his thumb resting on your cheek as he glided his tongue down your neck, a shaky whimper escaping your mouth. 
“Stop…” you whispered feeling a tiny inch of guilt swarm your mind. 
What the hell are you doing fooling around with both twins in the same damn night? Not even in the same night, within the same hour. 
He quieted those thoughts down as he unzipped your jeans, swirling his tongue on the sensitive, smooth skin below your jaw. He licked at your sweet spot, an audible smacking sound filling the room causing a moan to roll off your tongue. 
“Your mouth is saying one thing but this pussy is telling me another…” he growled in your ear as he dragged his finger up and down your soaked entrance, opening your folds ever so slowly as he nibbled your ear. Your eyes fluttered and a low yet high-pitched whimper escaped your lips as your forehead fell on his shoulder. 
“You want me to stop?” he breathed against your neck, teasingly gliding his finger up and down, over and over between your slick folds. You subconsciously bucked your hips forward, desperately needing the pressure of his fingers to pull the trigger. 
“Fuck…” you whined with a whisper, looking down at his tanned and tatted arm and bracelet moving with the vertical slides of his fingers inside your pants. Without warning he slowly slipped his long, thick finger inside your dripping hole. You held onto his shoulder for support, your mouth falling open as a whispered moan followed. 
“Jey..” you lowly gasped as he pushed in another finger, knuckles deep inside of you causing you to clench around his digits. 
“Yeah baby…” he pressed his forehead on yours as he sloshed his finger in and out of you, hitting your g spot. Your pants became heavier against his lips that he licked, a soft groan slipping from his mouth watching you in deep pleasure. 
“Say the word and I’ll stop…” he muttered as he bit your bottom lip, his sharp fangs making a breathy whine roll off your tongue once again.
Your eyes snapped open hearing Jasmine’s voice on the other side and you clasped your hand over your mouth. It felt like someone just woke you up from a really, really good dream. 
“Y-yeah?” you asked. You thought Jey would’ve had the right mind to stop finger fucking you with someone calling your name right outside the door, but no. He was trying to hide his giggle and smirked at you, slowly removing his coated fingers out of you to suck your wetness off of them. Watching him take his time devouring your juices like it was his favorite snack made your knees buckle, literally. 
“You okay?” she asked. You quietly reached towards the doorknob to lock it. You opened your mouth to answer before he snatched your attention within seconds. You locked eyes with him as he dropped to the floor, taking off your jeans and you naturally lifted each leg helping him. You realized he wasn’t going to stop and snapped back to it as you nudged his shoulder shooting him a glare. 
“Yeah I’m good!” you tried to reassure her. 
“Okay, girl. Well I’ll be downstairs pouring me another drink. Or I might just get one of those Samoans to do it for me because damn they are fine…” 
You listened to about half that sentence as you both stared into each other’s eyes while he left soft kisses right above the hem of your panties. He started slipping them down, running his hands up and down your thighs before parting them slightly apart. 
“Shoot your shot g-girl,” you tumbled on the last word as he impulsively flicked open your slick folds and started lapping his warm and wet tongue up and down your entrance. 
“You sure you’re okay? You want me to come in?” 
“N-no no no,” you hurriedly breathed out. You tried to cover it up with a fake laugh. “I’m g-good!” 
“Who you talkin’ to?” you heard a man’s voice behind the door. 
Oh my god. 
“Oh my god…” you moaned out loud as your head fell back while he took turns scooping your wetness up with his tongue and wrapping his lips around your pussy lips making out with it like there was no tomorrow.
“Y/N, she just needed a little breather.” 
“Y/N you good?” he softly asked.
Yeah, I’m doing great your twin brother’s head is just buried between my thighs right now. 
He continued lapping up your pussy at a faster speed, gripping your wobbly thighs to keep you in place. 
“Yes, yes I’m good I’ll be out in a minute,” you quickly stumbled, gripping the edges of the counter as one of your hands slipped. Jey removed his lips to let out a little snicker, knowing damn well you were gonna be here for longer than a minute with that tongue of his. 
“Alright. Tell me if you need anything,” he voiced closer to the door. The sound of his voice near your ear and the way his brother slurped up every inch of your streaming pussy heightened your climax. You looked down to see Jey sticking up the middle finger at his twin who couldn’t even see him. You bit your lip trying to hold back your moans and cries making sure they were gone before you let them out of your system. He swiftly snatched your left leg off the ground and hung it over his right shoulder as he buried his face deeper inside, rigorously  driving his tongue in and out of your hole. 
“Oh my gooooood…” you loudly moaned followed by a shaky whimper as shockwaves took over your entire body. You used the foot of the leg hung over his shoulder to push against his back allowing you to ride his face. 
“Mmmm give it to me baby…” he coached you with a moan as you enlaced your fingers in his hair, letting out one final cry, your creamy nectar squirting all over and in his mouth. You felt your juices dripping down your inner thighs before he slurped every drop licking you clean. 
“He can’t get this pussy dripping like this, huh?” he muttered with a groan as he squeezed your thighs, savoring you as your breathing slowed down. Your eyes fluttered, feeling drunker than before as he gently dragged your panties back up and around your hips. He noticed you motionless and stood up to meet your faint gaze, running a hand over his drenched beard. 
“You okay?” he chuckled, running his hands up and down your upper arms as you looked at him with shock. 
“What the fuck just happened…” you shook your head, still breathless from that orgasm. 
“I made your pretty ass cum the way you deserve that’s what happened,” he smirked against your lips before pecking them as you felt the aftertaste on his lips. You found yourself smiling back, his lips so soft, warm, and wet it left you wanting seconds.
“You ready to go back down?” he asked as he tilted your chin up. 
“I need a minute. You go…” you mumbled pulling up your pants and turning around to look at yourself in the mirror. He noticed your uneasiness and wrapped his arms around your waist. 
“Relax…you good baby,” he reassured you as he kissed your shoulder and you felt calmer than you did ten seconds ago just from his comforting tone. 
“We’ll see you back down,” he shot you a wink and closed the door behind him. You furrowed your brows at his statement.
Who’s we? Oh, the guests. The party. That’s what he meant, duh. Right? 
You reapplied your lip gloss, fluffed up your hair, and took a deep breath before opening the door as the blaring music practically woke you up and brought you back to reality. You went down the stairs and looked around to find Jasmine but instead, your eyes landed on Jimmy and Jey by the speakers having a conversation. 
What the fuck is he doing? 
You felt your heart racing and didn’t realize you froze in the middle of the stairs before one of their cousins told you to watch out as he placed his hand on your shoulder. You didn’t even pay him any attention as Jimmy’s eyes landed on you. You tried to read his face but failed when he didn’t seem angry or happy. He seemed unfazed, almost clueless as to what just happened in the bathroom. Jey found you next, a small smirk creeping on his lips and you felt like you were suddenly trapped. You saw one of their friends walk up to them to dab both of them up as they got indulged in the conversation. You furrowed your brows, shaking it off. You were just overthinking. It’s been a long, long night. Yet it just started. You continued to walk down the stairs seeing Jasmine on the other side of the room. 
“Hey! Where the hell you been?” she asked with a giggle hugging you close. 
“Where you been?” you shyly asked covering it up with a laugh, looking around with nerves. Your phone vibrated in your back pocket indicating a text and you pulled it out. You squinted and blinked a couple of times making sure your drunk self was reading it right. 
Jimmy: Meet me upstairs in 5.
to be continued? 👀
thank you so much for reading! <3 I hope y'all enjoyed it ✨ sometimes you can't choose between them so why not have both? 🤭
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𝐌𝐲 𝐑𝐨𝐨𝐦𝐚𝐭𝐞 𝐇𝐚𝐝 𝐀 𝐓𝐰𝐢𝐧? 𝐏𝐭𝟐
Tumblr media
𝐏𝐀𝐑𝐈𝐍𝐆: Roomate!Jimmy x Reader x Twin!Jey
𝐒𝐔𝐌𝐌𝐀𝐑𝐘: You always had a thing for twins…
𝐖𝐀𝐑𝐍𝐈𝐍𝐆: Daddy k*nk , Gagging , Cream Pie , Spitting
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
* 🎀 𝒫𝓇𝑒𝓈𝑒𝓃𝓉 𝒯𝒾𝓂𝑒 🎀 *
“ Bend ova fa me princess ” Jey said while plopping you down unto the bed.It was so funny at the fact that , he was not to long ago cussing you out , but now look at him….ready to stretch that pussy out until you can’t even spell your name out correctly . Being a good girl you listened to his instructions and bent over making sure you arched your back real good , so him and Jimmy can see your glistening folds nice and presented. It was pathetic really, you bent over , after not even 24hrs of meeting these men, pussy throbbing and clenching at the mere thought of there big , long and thick dicks sliding in and out of your hole and painting your insides white with sticky hot cum. But of course you would like that wouldn’t you? them claiming every inch of your delicate body , leaving hickies and bruises on your neck and thighs for everyone too see, and know that they’re there bcause of them . Naughty little slut you are.
Groaning at the sight , Jimmy came forward and glided one of his thick fingers through your puffy folds “ Shittttt mamas, look at you all excited and shi, you can’t wait can you ?”. Moaning at the sensations of him prodding your hole you grind your ass back up against him , dying to feel at least something to soothe the aching feeling of wanting to be stretched and full. Not liking the fact that you didn’t respond to him, he gave your pussy a quick slap. “ ah-h-hh yes daddyyyy, Ooooo I can’t wait , I want you to fill up my pussy with your throbbing dick pleaseeee” you remarked jolting from the bitter but sweet sting that erupted from your pussy. Laughing he gently grabbed your jaw with of his hands and set your face at angle so that you were staring into his eyes.” That’s what i thought princess,respond when daddy talks to you ” you nodded your head in agreement. “such a good girl you areee” Jey taunted in the background , clearly amused by your obedience.
“Stick out yo tongue pretty girl” Jimmy commanded , examining your face as if it was a sculpture from the museum. Doing as told you stick out your tongue, which was already coated with saliva so you tried so hard not to dribble on yourself. “ Good girl” Jimmy whispered and pursed his lips together ready to let his saliva drop into your mouth .Moaning at the taste of his spit you swallow and keep your mouth open . “Such a dirty slut you are…I wonder what else you could do with that mouth of yours?” Jey said and came from behind Jimmy to peer down at you. He pondered for a second and smirked, with the mischievous glint in his eyes you knew that , by the end of this, your throat would surely be sore.
“Turn yo sexy ass around sweetie” Turning around you focus your attention on Jet yet again, “ That’s it baby ” he muttered while hastily pulling down his grey sweats,quickly revealing his already leaking precum , 8-inch caramel dick . Your eyes widened at the sight “ Fuck” you thought , how and earth was that gonna fit in your mouth ?. Sensing your worry he patted your head reassuringly “ Don’t worry angel, you can handle it , you’re a big girl”. That being said, you took a deep breath and guided his glazed cock into your mouth. Groaning at the feeling of your mouth suction cupping his dick , he pulled your hair into a make shift ponytail and gently began to bob your head up and down. “ Fuc-ckkk yess , baby just like th-att” the pleasure you were giving him was all too much, with the way you were going , you would’ve thought this was you regular job or something .Spit seeped through the gaps of your lips and his dick and dribbled down to his balls, you slightly gagged due to his enormous size, but it was nothing you couldn’t handle .
Feeling a bit left out from the action Jimmy climbed unto the bed and hiked up your dress to position himself behind you . Being so cock drunk from pleasuring Jey , you didn’t even feel Jimmy slap his tip against your pussy until you felt him push the fat head inside .Moaning at the sudden penetration you push back against him,trying to feel full as much as possible. Slapping your ass he gripped unto your hips and started to slam his pelvis against your ass at a rough pace . “ Damn princess , ion know you was that tight...mmn-gn you finna ma-ke me bus-s quickk” he moaned and shut his eyes. It was like your body was on fire, it was all to much, from Jimmy complety obliterating your insides , too the point it felt like he was about to touch your liver too Jey who was face fucking you like there was no tomorrow.
Your body shuddered and your knees stared to buckle a little due to the overwhelming pleasure that was seeping through your body. Every moan or noise that threatened to escape , sent vibrations straight to Jey’s dick , further forcing him to his edge. “Shit,Shit,Shit!” Jey gritted out as he could feel his stomach tighten,signifying his release was about too come. You were on thin ice as well, one more thrust from Jimmy and it was over for you. Your blood pumped so fast around your body to the point you could hear it drumming in your ears, sweat dripped down your face and into your bouncing boobs. Jimmy was gripping unto you so tight , there’ll surely be bruises . “ I’m boutta cum princess, come with me ” he strained out, trying so hard to wait on you .
You couldn’t hold it anymore, your eyes rolled at the back of your head and the coil in your stomach finally snapped. Your pussy convulsed around Jimmy’s dick, completely milking him for what he’s got .Quickly pulling his dick out of your mouth he jerked of until his nut spilled all over your face ,almost like a finalised signature ,completing that you belong to him, Jey Uso. Pulling out of your sloppy hole, Jimmy groaned in defence from the loss of your warmth.
*BANG * *BANG* ( the front door )
“ Uh hello ? It’s your new roomate!”
Tumblr media
I love ending on cliff hangers, it’s to funny. But anyways, how y’all like the new format ? ૮꒰ ˶• ༝ •˶꒱ა
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Four's a Crowd
🖤 Summary: You're curious how many Samoans you can handle all at once...
🖤 Pairing: Reader (black fem and/or afab) x Solo Sikoa, Jey Uso, and Jimmy Uso
🖤 Warnings: 18+ only, NSFW, foursome, language, fine ass Fatu brothers sm*t :p
🖤 Word Count: ~4,600
Happy reading!
Read more about The Bloodline and other cool stuff here, if you'd like. ✨
Tumblr media
gif credit
The bedroom suite lights were comfortably dim, allowing you to see the silhouette of Jey’s tall, lean, and muscular frame as he slipped onto the king bed where you laid in wait. He was a seductive shadow as you watched him pull off his clothes piece by piece, duplicated when a second heftier, but sexy dark figure mimicked his actions. 
You felt Jimmy’s hands then reach for you when his last article of clothing hit the floor, his soft touch finding its way underneath your dress and tugging your thong down your thighs. Jey helped you out of your dress and bra before his deep voice cut through the charged silence to command that you, “Get on your stomach for us, baby.”
You were no novice to sex with beautiful men, but two at once was a new experience—one you weren’t shy about falling into. You weren't sure if you could handle it, but you wanted to try...
You’d known the twin brothers for a while as they frequented the firm you worked for as a lawyer. Your boss almost exclusively worked with PoC celebrities, and the Fatu family had been loyal clients for decades. 
While you never represented them in any cases, the handsome brothers often struck up a conversation with you that usually turned flirty…and when that flirting then turned into touching at your boss’s annual summer gala in his mansion that housed enough bedrooms to hide you, Jimmy, and Jey, you couldn’t resist letting them tempt you into a threesome upstairs…
The three mango martinis you sipped as you chatted with them at the bar certainly helped make the idea even more attractive as they flanked you, Jimmy’s muscular arm draped over your waist and Jey’s lips next to your ear as he told you how badly they both wanted you. And his lips were soft on the back of your neck, pressing kisses onto your skin as he made a trail along your spine. His hands massaged your waist on his way down, making you mumble with pleasure into the pillow your face was buried into. He had strong, big hands that made you feel delicate as he rubbed on you gently and kneaded away any lingering hesitation to get entangled with clients…and when another pair of large hands caressed your shoulders to soften you up more, you felt downright spoiled.
“Feels good, don’t it, baby girl?” Jimmy’s deep voice sounded sultry in your ear as he sat on your left, sliding his hands down your back with subtle pressure as Jey palmed your thick hips. Yet Jimmy dedicated his massage to your round butt, his thick fingers gently digging into the muscles there and making your buttcheeks part ever so slightly with his movements.
“Yesss,” you whimpered, your eyes closed as the men and their agile hands made you feel like you were floating on a cloud. And when Jey’s touch laced around your thighs to carefully spread them and make room for one of Jimmy’s hands to explore in between, your whimper elevated to a muffled moan into the pillow. He let his fingertips tap along your lower lips before he swirled them into little circles to invite himself in and caress your clit with the same sweet, twirling torture.
“She real wet already…” you heard Jey murmur as his thumbs moved to hold you open for Jimmy to play in between your slick folds, your nectar coating both their fingers. You moaned again as Jimmy prodded at your little entrance with the tip of his middle finger, teasing it inside for you to clench around as one of Jey’s thumbs grazed your clit. You felt your entire body abruptly throb with a delicious wave of heat like your climax was already scorching near.
“I wanna taste it.” 
A new, deep, and slightly raspy voice said under his breath. Your eyes flitted open as another throb rolled through you from just the sound of him... 
You had nearly forgotten that there was a third man in the room, but when you felt Jey’s hands return to your hips to make room for Solo’s plump, soft lips to meet your pussy lips before he introduced his tongue to your clit, he licked it unhurriedly like he wanted to memorize the shape of you, needed you to remember the feel of him. You rumbled with a moan that made you arch yourself slightly off the bed, your body instantly chasing Solo’s tongue as it lapped at you smolderingly slow.
Solo was no stranger as he was another one of your firm’s clients, just not one you saw as often as Jimmy and Jey’s younger brother knew how to stay out of trouble. That was just one of the things you had in common besides being the same age, loving 90s hip hop, and knowing your way around a kitchen without a recipe book. He made it easy to develop a little crush on him over the years…especially when he was one to stir up good trouble whenever he saw you, towering over you with his attractive, husky build, his sensual, dark eyes, and full, pink lips pulled into a curious smirk at you, always making you wonder what they’d feel like on your lips, your neck, and now…
You couldn’t believe you were tipsy enough to momentarily forget he’d accompanied his brothers to the party tonight, joining you at the bar where he took a jello shot with you before Jimmy and Jey found you both chatting. And when that chat got heated, everyone was down except Solo, seemingly jealous that you wanted all three of them instead of him alone. You tried to tell him that you were just going with the flow and asked him if didn’t mind doing the same, yet he wandered off saying, “I’ll think about it.”
You were pleasantly surprised to see he had made up his mind as his mouth was hypnotic, compelling you to grind yourself onto his tongue as his hands soothed over your butt, struggling to hold you still in his mouth when your grinding escalated into bucking.
“I bet she taste good.” Jimmy’s voice was hushed, pressed even, like he was envious Solo got to taste you first. His finger still twirled on your g-spot as Solo hummed and let his long tongue cover your clit until you started to cry out, that heatwave coming back stronger, tingling and licking at you with flames as your climax devoured you. “Oh, shit, that's sexy…” Jimmy said as your orgasm surprised him. He let out a moan with you as he savored the feel of you fluttering around his finger. 
Solo wrapped his lips around your sweetest spot to suckle you, and the feeling intensified your searing orgasm beyond your depths, your cries lifting to screams as your hands clutched the sheets and your body trembled between the three men. Thankfully the music from the live R&B band downstairs drowned out your sounds of bliss as they wouldn't release you until your body fell still in their capable hands, and until your moans had fallen back down to airy little pants.
“Oh, my god,” you muttered as your chest pushed against the bed with your every winded breath. You never came that quickly before but something about the brothers, Solo especially, working their magic on you that made it too hot, too inevitable. You whined softly as Solo took his time pulling his lips away, unable to stop leaving soft kisses on your sweet spot as Jimmy slid his finger from your grip. He watched you come down back to earth from the clouds as he put his glistening finger on his tongue to lick your nectar from it with a little smirk. 
You smirked back at him before you looked down at Solo with dreamy eyes as he laid between your legs and planted more kisses on your buttcheeks still in his grasp. “I’m happy you came…” you told him and he flashed you an adorably sexy grin.
“I’m happy you did, too,” he whispered back, making you and his brothers chuckle. He playfully spanked your butt before he added, “I wasn’t gonna miss out on this…on you.”
“Woulda been more for us ’cause mmm…she do taste good,” Jimmy said and you grinned.
“I’m tryna see what she feel like…if you’re ready, baby,” Jey gently teased you. You nodded a bit wearily as your orgasm was more powerful than you anticipated. But you were ready for more as you were just as needy for them as they were for you...
"Gotta wait your turn," Solo said gruffly, making you smile again, and Jey sucked his teeth as his brother rubbed his slightly rough but warm hands along your inner thighs.
“Come lay right here, baby girl,” Jimmy said before you pulled yourself onto his lap that he patted like it was the best seat in the suite. You rested on your back between his legs as he held you to his chest with his arms around you, his lips brushing against your neck as he kissed you there. You wanted to close your eyes again and cherish the feeling of his hands cradling you to his bare warmth, but you couldn’t take your eyes off Solo and his thick, tatted, gorgeous body as he crawled back between your thighs to face you.
His thumb lightly pressed to your clit and forced an aching moan from you as he held his hard, girthy dick to your wet, waiting entrance. You pulsed around him as soon as he gently pushed inside of you, his deep brown eyes locked with yours as he watched you moan louder for him, his size threatening to fill you before he was even halfway in.
“Let me know if I’m hurtin’ you,” he said quietly before his lips touched yours for a tender kiss, Jimmy's lips leaving a few tender kisses on your shoulder, too. Solo only pulled his thumb from your throbbing clit when the space closed between you as he went deeper, holding onto your thighs as he sought the end of you and made you moan like it was your first time with the way he stretched you out for him.
"Unhhh, fuck…" was all you could moan in response as he felt bigger than he looked. Yet he was gentler than you imagined he’d be, taking his time with you instead of plowing into you. It made your heart thud in your chest, especially as he observed you with his sweet, sensual eyes that revealed how he held your comfort and pleasure above all else. 
Jey inserted himself then and you didn't mind as you felt his fingers caress your nipple, softly pulling and pinching them both as you whined over and over. The stimulation from each man had your eyes trying to roll to the back of your head: Jimmy's warm breath tickling your neck with each kiss, Jey's soft fingertips teasing your nipples before his lips closed around one, and Solo finally fitting himself inside you with heavy strokes as he grasped your thighs. It left you dizzy as moan after moan spilled from your mouth and flooded the room.
And when you felt Solo nudging on your g-spot, your thighs shook as you clamped them around him, your arms flinging out in front of you to cling to his waist. He followed your desperate trembles as he knew where you were headed, and moved his hips slower to take you there, dragging each lengthy thrust over your g-spot until heat started to spread from your core and throughout your body.
"E sa'o lena...tuu mai ia te au," Solo grunted to you in Samoan as he leaned back a little to reach a hand to your throat, squeezing just enough to make you focus on him and his handsome features as they crinkled in pleasure, yours and his. That luscious heat began to trickle into an explosion as he made you gaze into his eyes and moaned to you, "Tuu mai ia te au, aulelei..." 
While you weren't quite sure what he was saying in his native tongue, your body shivered from his deep, demanding voice as your orgasm crashed into you, hard, pounding, and flowing with white-hot waves that poured onto his stomach and thighs. You never squirted before but the way he spoke to you, focused on you, and thrusted into you pulled you apart with pleasure…especially as Solo purred to you again, "Ioe…mmm, teine lelei…"
He held his dick on your sweet spot, letting you grind yourself against him once more as he made it feel too good not to. You squeezed him in your arms and shouted too close to his ear as you felt your pussy still squeezing around him, your juices making sloppy, squishy noises with each connection of your hips, drenching the bed below. 
"Mmm, there you go, baby," Jey whispered to you as you moaned to Solo, still trapped in the moment with him even though his brother's fingertips felt good gently tweaking your nipple as he watched you fall apart between the three of them.
"You sound so sexy when you cum for us…" Jimmy purred in your ear, his voice sending a thrill through you as your orgasm set you ablaze.
"Sef, mmm…" Yet you cried for Solo alone when he let go of your throat to caress his fingers along your jaw as you rode out your orgasm before his own caught up to him. You watched him pull out, swiftly grabbing his thick dick to slowly stroke himself until you felt his warm, sticky cum paint your belly. You admired him and licked your lips at the sight of him as he tapped his heavy dick on his makeshift art before sitting back on his heels to admire you covered in him.
“...Let’s get you cleaned up,” Jey said slowly, uncertain if he was ruining a moment happening between you and his brother as he eyed you and Solo gazing at each other. "You did so good," he added after, anyway, as he leaned in to kiss you on the cheek as Jimmy’s hands fell from your chest to let you free. Solo climbed off the bed and strolled to the bathroom before he emerged a few moments later in a terrycloth robe with a matching towel that was slightly damp and warm when he pressed it to your belly. You breathed with a giggle as his motions tickled and he smiled at you before he cleaned your juices from his body.
“So, what were you saying to me…?” you asked quietly as he finished wiping up his sexy mess.
“He said it’s my turn,” Jey chimed in as Solo parted his lips to respond. It made you giggle again yet Solo rolled his eyes with a smirk as he got back up to discard the towel in the hamper in the bathroom.
“You need a break? Some water? Something to eat? The appetizers downstairs are bussin’, to be honest,” Jimmy asked and you laughed as you moved from his lap and onto your side on the bed to catch your breath. Jey’s impatience was kind of adorable as he laid next to you, grabbing your chin until you faced him behind you for his lips to land on yours. “Damn, let her answer, Uce,” Jimmy said to his twin brother and he looked at you with a cute pout.
“I’m okay,” you mumbled earnestly to them. While it was certainly a challenge to keep up with the three of them, you were enjoying it...
“You sure? You entitled to whatever you want…” Solo said as he returned to the bed and sat at your feet, gliding his hands up and down your shins.
“I’m good, really,” you said, hoping you weren’t blushing. You already felt they were trying to cater to your every whim, ready to please you before themselves. But you became acutely aware of the men all gazing at you with hungry eyes, making you blush harder. You were still hungry, too, and you met Jey’s coffee-colored eyes as he bit his bottom lip, making a shiver snake down your spine as you decided to finally grant him his turn. “Come here…” you told him and he grinned at you.
“You gone leave me out?” Jimmy asked teasingly and he put a hand to his tatted chest like he was hurt.
“Of course not…stay right there,” you replied as you rolled onto all fours, your face hovering over Jimmy’s lap as your butt faced Solo. He tried to cover it with kisses before Jey playfully swatted him away to make Solo reluctantly scoot over out of the way. Jey then positioned himself behind you on his knees, his hands embracing your waist to pull you against him. You felt the blunt tip of his hard dick poke at your dripping pussy and make you twitch on him. You noticed Jimmy’s thick, pretty, brown dick also twitched in front of your face as it grew harder from the thought of what you’d do next…
“Mmm, can I slide in? I feel it callin’ to me,” Jey softly groaned as the tip of his dick rested at your entrance, and you were so wet that if he didn’t watch it, he’d accidentally dive in. His fingers dug into your hips as he eagerly waited for your response. 
“Please do…” you moaned and whimpered pathetically when he pushed into your soaked, soft essence that gripped him. Jey felt almost as big as Solo but in a different way: longer, bottoming you out in just a few grinding strokes as he held you in his hands.  
“Goddamn…I can already tell I gotta be careful with this pussy…” he nearly whimpered back to you, hitting you with more of those grinding thrusts that went deep, lingering at the back of your pussy, and pulsing like he wanted to cum already. It propelled your moans to the ceiling each time you tried to focus on putting Jimmy in your mouth.
Yet when you found your will to bring him to your lips, your arm started to shake as you held him and tried to balance yourself with the other as Jey's strokes made your entire body rock. Jimmy helped you by holding his dick for you so you wouldn’t collapse to the bed, and you gazed up at him with a fire burning in your eyes to taste him and his pre-cum that drooled from his slit. His lips fell open as he watched you finally take him into your mouth, your tongue washing over his wide, mushroom-shaped head to lick up his wetness that you knew you’d like the flavor of…and from the way his low moans filled your ears, you knew he liked how your wet, warm mouth felt wrapped around him.
“Take your time, baby girl…unhhh, shit,” he mumbled as you slowly pulled him in deeper, the shaft of his long dick slightly narrower than his head, which made it easier to slowly suck your way down his length. You moaned on him as his dickhead tickled the back of your throat, as his thick fingers grazed your scalp through your hair, and as Jey buried himself inside you, his hips joining yours with another winding plunge that made your knees weak.
“Lo'u teine ​​lelei, o lo'o e lelei tele…” Solo’s sexy voice in Samoan suddenly traveled to your ears…as did his hand that wandered to your breasts that lightly swung with each driving thrust from Jey. His other hand fit between your thighs to toy with your clit between his big fingers. His soft touch made you sob to him; to Jimmy as you drooled on his dick that slipped up and down your tongue; and to Jey as he started to pound in your pussy like he couldn’t hold back his orgasm any longer. 
You felt yourself falling under their spell once more, the sensations of each man overwhelming with you those sultry waves to the point you didn’t think you could take anymore, your body overheating and your head spinning with feverish pleasure…but as Solo moved his hand from your breast to fondle your back, you heard him whisper to you, “You want us to stop, love?” you felt a fresh fire to keep going, comforted that he took notice of you plummeting off the deep end into their sensual sorcery.
He spoke so softly and just to you that you were shocked Jimmy heard you over his airy moans as you brought him closer to fiery bliss. “You okay?” he groaned, motioning for you to slip him out of your mouth to answer. But it wasn’t what you wanted, craving the taste of his cum, the feel of Jey’s ecstasy glazing your backside, and the rapture of your climax that grew under Solo’s fingertips more than anything else.
“I’m close, baby…but I can stop,” Jey moaned at your rear and you felt Jimmy take your chin into his hand to look at you. 
You pulled your lips off of him long enough to nod your head in his grasp and utter, “Yessss, I’m fine…please, please don’t stop.” You knew Jey would take it as a personal invitation and you bit your lip as he continued his pounding assault on your pussy that made your cries ring throughout the room.
“Alright, baby girl,” Jimmy said as his thumb caressed your bottom lip which was slick with your saliva and his pre-cum. You nodded one more time as he brought his lips to yours, his sweet kiss making your pussy pulse around Jey who moaned again before he suddenly yanked back from you, his long dick slapping to your butt as he came on you. You felt him squeezing your hip in his hand as he jerked his dick with his other—and it felt so sexy that you were greedy for more. You put your mouth back on Jimmy’s length to make him groan for you, too, delicately flicking your tongue around his dick with the same little circles he traced on your clit earlier.
“Look at you go…” Solo softly encouraged you as he caressed your back and your clit as his fingertips tenderly slipped along your wet, sensitive spot. You were certain you’d cum at any moment as the heat in your belly grew as he summoned it for the third time tonight, this time with his skilled fingers…yet to your surprise it was Jimmy who made that heat erupt from your soul when you heard his husky moans follow each spasm of his dick on your tongue, shooting his salty, slippery cum down your throat. He tangled his fingers in your hair with his head tilted back onto the bed headboard as you came as hard as him, your pussy quivering and leaking in the palm of Solo’s hand.
“That’s it, beautiful…cum for me,” Solo groaned to you as your pussy throbbed from his touch like he was the only man in the room with you. You felt your cheeks warm with a blush when you dared to catch his handsome gaze on you with Jimmy still in your throat. And he seemed enthralled with you, anyway, watching you find your breath when Jimmy used the hand on your head to gently bring you up, making your tongue fall to your bottom lip to catch a drop of him that dribbled onto it.
“You’re so damn sexy,” Jimmy said with a pant and planted a brief, sweet kiss on your lips. You glanced over at Solo who studied you like he yearned to kiss you, too, but instead, he traced your lips with his middle fingers, still sticky with your nectar. You let him slowly push them into your mouth to make you taste yourself…and you licked your tongue around them as you would if he’d let you taste him.
Yet Solo took them away right as you felt your pussy start to purr again from the feel of him on your tongue. You could tell from the pleading look in his eyes that he wanted to save the intimate moment with you for another time…
And as if on cue, Jey interrupted that moment once more as he responded to Jimmy and said, “She’s fuckin’ incredible,” before you felt him kiss you on your shoulder blade. You fell onto your back with a contented huff as each man laid around you. Only Solo’s hands remained on you as they tried to catch you before you stained the sheets with Jey’s cum still on you.
“My bad,” you breathed, your eyes half shut as you were delightfully worn down from the brothers overindulging you. You heard Solo’s soft laugh before he successfully tugged you upright and cradled your face in his big hands.
“Ain’t nothin’ bad about you, love. Let me run you a bath,” he gazed into your eyes and made you blush as his thumbs caressed your cheeks. "And Jey gon' get some fresh sheets." He then playfully glowered at his older brother who waved a dismissive hand at him but hopped up to do so.
Jimmy got up, too, to fetch himself and you a robe from the linen closet his twin poked through. He wrapped it over your shoulders before he swept you up into his strong arms and carried you to the bathroom. Solo was right behind you both, walking around you to twist the knob on the hot tub and watch it fill with steamy water. Once he tested the temperature with his fingers, Jimmy let you down gracefully so you could step out of your robe and into the tub, the hot water feeling like heaven on your fatigued muscles. 
“Thank you,” you mumbled to them as you sank into the water, resting your head on the backrest and feeling spoiled all over again as Jey appeared in a robe at your side with a terrycloth washcloth that he poured a coconut-scented gel soap onto. He dipped it in the water and lathered it in his hands before he gently massaged you with it, starting with your shoulders and back. “Wow, you’d think I’m a princess or something,” you said softly as Jey held your hand in his to press the warm cloth along your arms.
“More like a queen. Don't act like you ain't know that,” he said and made you smile. “We’ll let you enjoy your soak, baby,” he added with a kiss on your forehead. He followed his twin brother out of the bathroom but looked back at Solo who stayed put with his arms crossed over his broad chest. His younger brother shot him a glare that made Jey raise his hands in defense before he closed the door behind himself and Jimmy.
“You want me to leave?” Solo asked with shyness creeping into his deep voice as he hung back by the double-sink marble counter.
“No…” you shook your head and gestured with your pointer finger for him to come to you. He obeyed your silent command and crossed the bathroom in a few big strides, kneeling next to the tub as you shifted to fold your arms on its edge. Now that you were alone with him and without the additional noise, you could hear the water splash a little with your movements as you leaned into Solo, listening to his hushed breath. “I wanna kiss you so bad but I know better,” you said and he chuckled softly. 
“I wanna kiss you, too. But next time…” he replied quietly and slid his hands around your shoulders to hold you, lightly pressing his forehead to yours. You both sighed with the glowing desire to bring your lips together with them only an inch apart as he whispered to you, “...if there's a next time.”
“Oh, there will be,” you mouthed immediately, closing your eyes as his fingers stroked along your back and made you tremble. As much fun as it was being handled by three men, one man was quite enough for you...especially if it was Solo as he made you feel unreal, unlike any man before him.
“Good…’cause I want you all to myself, beautiful.”
Thanks for reading! 🖤
Well, y'all, I finally posted it after weeks of fighting for my life to finish it...
Tumblr media
I hope you enjoyed it and that it was worth the wait! 😭 💖
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jeyusos-girl · 11 months
Elevator for 3
Tumblr media
a/n: y’all don’t kill me, i know i have like 4 other fics to work on but this popped up in my head last night and i had to write it 😭😭😭
word count: 407
Soft giggles, and the shuffling of feet are the only sounds that could be heard in the empty hotel lobby.
Y/N groaned in need as she stood impatiently in front of the elevator doors, watching all three of their reflections on the steel doors.
She watched as their big hands caressed her body leaving not an inch untouched, and their lips nipped, bit and kissed the expanse of her exposed neck.
Her hands flew up, clawing at the back of Josh’s neck as he suckled the sweet spot of her neck.
“Josh,” she whimpered. He grabbed her chin, forcing her to look at him.
“What you need, baby?” he asked, staring hungrily at her full lips.
She didn’t answer, instead she captured his lips in a steamy kiss.
The sound of the elevator broke their kids. Once the doors flew open, Jon’s hands tugged her inside by her waist and he pressed her into himself. Josh strolled in behind, pushing the button for their floor before he pressed himself into Y/N from behind.
“You two are insatiable,” she sighed. They didn’t miss a beat as they continued their lust filled assault on her neck.
They didn’t speak, not that they had to. She was right, they knew that. The hunger in their eyes was proof enough.
“There are cameras in here,” she whispered as Josh’s hands traveled up her thighs, and under her sinfully short dress.
“So? Don’t act all shy now,” Josh said.
“Yeah, since when do you not like to be watched?” Jon smirked and Josh chuckled into her neck.
Her breath hitched in her throat as Jon’s hands joined Josh’s, kneading and massaging her ass and thighs.
“You wore this on purpose, didn’t you?” Jon’s eyes darkened with lust.
“Yeah she did, when does she ever miss an opportunity to tease us in public?”
Her head lolled back as Josh’s hand lightly gripped her throat.
“I hope you know we’re not gonna go easy on you tonight,” Josh whispered, kissing her right below her ear.
Y/N gasped out loud as she felt Jon’s thick fingers rub her through her soaked lace panties.
“She’s ready uce,”
“Please Jon,” she whimpered.
“Tell me what you need, mama.”
Before she could answer, the elevator dinged, signaling they’ve arrived on their floor.
The boys reluctantly pulled away, making Y/N groan in frustration. Josh and Jon smirked, chuckling lightly.
“Who’s insatiable now, baby?”
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mrsarcherofinfamy · 5 months
Secret Santa
● Jimmy Uso x Reader ●
• Summary: You get Jimmy as your secret Santa pick. You get Jey to help you. He sees a text message from Jey and freaks out over it causing him to leave. What happens when Jimmy gets his present from you?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Sitting in the locker room waiting for everyone to come in so we can pick who we are getting for secret Santa, Jimmy flops down next to me on the couch.
"Hey babygirl. How's it going?"
I look over at him smiling and shake my head. He puts his arm around my neck and kisses my cheek.
"You know you love me."
"Yes I do love you Jim."
"Would you two knock it off?"
Jey walks over and sits down on the other side of me. I smack his arm shaking my head. Bianca comes into the locker room with a bucket.
"Alright. Listen up. Everyone's name that is participating in the secret Santa is inside this bucket. I will go around and everyone will pick a name. Do not let anyone know who you have. Please and thank you."
She walks around and everyone starts picking names out of the bucket. She makes her way over to us and Jimmy picks a name out. Than I grab one and Jey does as well.
"Alright. Everyone has a name. You have until Christmas eve to get and give your person their gift. Thank you everyone."
I put my paper in my pocket not wanting to look who I have yet. Jimmy kisses my cheek again and he gets up.
"Alright baby. I gotta go do some bloodline stuff. I will be back later. I promise."
He walks off out of the room with everyone else and I pull the paper back out of my pocket opening it up.
"No way!"
I look over my shoulder to see Jey looking at my paper.
"You're nosy. And now that ya know I got him, you have to help me. You know him better than I do."
"Yeah. While you got my brother, I got Shotzi. That's your girl. You gotta help me too."
I put my hand out and he shakes it sealing the deal. I smile and stand up putting the paper back in my pocket.
"See ya later Jey."
I roll my eyes laughing and walk out of the room to go to my locker room.
*the next day*
Sitting on the couch at me and Jimmy's apartment, I am scrolling through Facebook trying to find an idea for Jimmy. I see a picture of him come up and an idea pops into my head. I immediately text Jey about it asking him who can possibly make it for me.
"Hey Jey! What do you think about getting Jimmy customized Jordan's for the ring with a matching jacket for him to wear for his entrance?"
I set my phone down on the coffee table and get up to go to the kitchen. Jimmy comes downstairs and into the kitchen sitting down on the couch.
"Baby can you get me a drink by any chance? Doesnt matter what it is!"
"Yes I can!"
My phone buzzes on the coffee table and Jimmy looks down at it. He sees Jey's name come up and grabs it off the table.
"Let's do it! We can meet up and get that done! Than you can help me! Let me know when Jimmy ain't around so I can come get ya!"
I walk in holding two cups and set them on the coffee table looking at Jimmy holding my phone. He looks up at me with a pissed off look. I look at him confused.
"What's wrong baby?"
"Don't call me baby. You have anything to tell me?"
I look at him confused standing next to the couch.
"Ummm no. What's going on?"
"Looks like you are trying to get with my fucking brother."
He stands up and shoves my phone in my face showing me the message I got from Jey. I grab my phone reading the message and look back at Jimmy.
"I am helping him with his secret Santa and he is helping me with mine."
"Yeah right. I don't believe that at all. You wanna be with my fucking brother? Be with him. I am out."
He pushes past me and walks upstairs. I stand there with a shocked but upset look on my face about what just happened. I hear banging upstairs. I sit down on the couch feeling tears swelling in my eyes. He starts banging stuff around and yelling about Jimmy. He comes down the stairs with two suitcases and looks over at me. He rolls the suitcases to the door than walks over to me.
"We are done. You can go be with my brother. I don't want to see you backstage. I just can't believe you would cheat on me with my own brother."
He sets his apartment keys on the table than turns to walk to the door.
"I didn't do anything."
He scoffs and grabs his suitcases. He opens the door, pushes his suitcases out and slams the door shut. I start crying leaning forward into my knees. I hear his car tires screeching out of the driveway and down the road. I sit back up grabbing my phone and I call Jey.
"Hey girl! What's going on?"
I start crying harder not being able to talk.
"Y/N! What happened?! I am on my way over! Did Jimmy do something to you?"
"I will tell you everything when you get here."
"On my way!"
Sitting on the couch crying into Jey's shoulder, he rubs my arm looking down at me.
"Hey. Y/N. Girl. Cmon. Look at me."
He pushes me off of him to sit up. I rub my eyes and look at him. He pats my shoulder looking at me.
"Look Y/N. My brother is a hothead. He gets dramatic about everything. He knows in his heart that I would never do that kinda stuff to him. I know how much he loves you. You are basically all he ever talks about when he isn't in character at work."
I look at him wiping my eyes.
"Does he really?"
"Girl! Roman tells him to shut the fuck up all the time!"
I giggle a little finishing wiping my face. Jey pats my shoulder looking at me.
"It will be okay girl! Let's go get his present done and you need to help me with Shotzi's present!"
"Good idea."
We get up, head outside to his car and head off to get our presents done.
*a week later*
"Just give it to him. I wrote out a little note in the card. He will get it."
I hand Jey the box with Jimmy's presents in it as we stand outside the Bloodline locker room. He takes it and looks at me.
"You sure you still wanna do this?"
I shake my head yes. He walks into the locker room leaving the door cracked a little. I stand there being able to see Jimmy sitting on the couch.
"Hey! Jim! This present is for you from your secret Santa!"
Jimmy jumps up off the couch and walks over to him taking the present.
"Oh shit. Wonder who is it?"
He takes the card off the top opening it up. He sits down on the couch and starts reading the note inside.
"Jimmy. I miss you. I promise I am not cheating on you with Jey. He just helped me pick out your present. I hope you love what I got you. I love you. Y/N."
He starts tearing up reading it and looks up at Jey.
"Open the gift dude."
He opens the gift and box unveiling custom Jordan's and matching jacket. He gasps looking at them starting to tear up more. I see his face filling with tears and it starts making me tear up wanting to run into the room.
"Jim. That girl really loves you. And you know I wouldn't do that to you. That is your woman."
Jimmy gets up looking at Jey.
"Jey. I am so sorry. I didn't mean to accuse you of cheating with her. I know you wouldn't do that to me. I'm really sorry."
They hug and I watch them slightly crying. Jimmy pulls away grabbing his phone.
"I gotta call Y/N and talk to her. I got a present for her too."
"Actually Jim. I have a surprise for you."
Jimmy looks at him confused as he walks towards the door. He opens the door filling revealing me standing there watching them slightly crying. Jimmy throws his phone on the couch, comes running over to me and hugs me very tightly. I wrap my arms and legs around his body hugging him back.
"Y/N! I am so sorry! I wasn't thinking when I saw that message! I got very angry and it took over my head! I love you so much! Please forgive me!"
I look at him smiling a little.
"I forgive you Jimmy. You know I would never cheat on you. Especially with your brother. I love you so much too."
He sets me down, grabs my face and kisses me. I wrap my arms around his neck kissing him back. Jey clears his throat behind us.
"Jimmy, isn't there something you wanted to ask Y/N?"
"Oh yes there is! Y/N?"
He looks down at me smiling. I look up at him smiling a little.
"Yes baby?"
He gets down on one knee looking up at me. I gasp and cover my mouth with my hands.
"Y/N? Will you make me the happiest man alive and be my wife?"
I start crying still covering my mouth. I shake my head yes crying harder. Jimmy wraps his arms around my waist picking me up and spinning me around. He sets me down, grabs my hand and puts the ring on my finger.
"Jim. It's beautiful."
"Anything for my girl. By the way, I literally love my present. I am definitely wearing them to the ring every night."
"I am so happy that you love them. Jey was a big help."
We both turn to look at Jey smiling. Jey smiles looking back at us.
"You're welcome. But I have to go now to give my present to my pick. See yall later."
Jey leaves and I look back at Jimmy. He looks back at me, grabs my face and kisses me hard. I wrap my arms around his neck kissing him back. He pulls away looking at me.
"Baby. I am so sorry about everything that has happened. I missed you more than you can believe. I promise this won't ever happen again. I promise I will be calm and talk to you about everything and not get mad. I love you so much."
"I love you so much too. And thank you. That makes me feel so much better that you are willing to talk things out with me."
He grabs my face kissing me and I kiss him back running my fingers through his hair. He pulls back and walks over to sit on the couch. He pats the seat next to him and I walk over sitting down.
"Oh and who did Jey have for a secret Santa pick?"
"Ohhhhhhh man! Did you help him with a gift?"
"Duh. He doesn't know anything about her! It was actually kinda funny watching him try to pick something out for her."
We laugh together as he turns on the TV so we can watch Smackdown. He wraps his arm around me and I cuddle into his side smiling very big.
"What a good way to start the Christmas weekend."
"I agreed baby."
The End
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kyleoreillylover · 5 months
Loyalty Masterlist
A multi-chapter series created by Kyleoreillylover. I do not give permission for my work to be translated, stolen or reposted on here or any other site, even if you give me credit.
Tumblr media
tag list: @southerngirl41 @venusesworld @jeysbae @reci1996 @tbonesteakwithasideofmashngrav @hope4more @selena-tyler-564 @saintaquarius
Caught deep in the Tribal Chiefs' clutches for the past three years after acknowledging your long-time friend Roman Reigns, you finally feel on top of the world. You have a title, a family, Jey, people who actually care about you, can finally put your money where your mouth is and show everyone how ruthless, manipulative, and good you are, and have put your tumultuous and scarred past behind you - or so you thought.
Because the thorns in your side that you thought you'd rid yourself of will just never free you from their poisonous grips. And their names were Kevin Owens and Sam Zayn.
Your former best friends. The people you absolutely despised with everything in your heart. The people you vowed to distance yourself from and the history you chose to try to forget.
But love and hate are tangled webs, intricately laced together and impossible to unravel. And as much as you tried to bury the memories and feelings, they seemed to persistently claw their way back into your consciousness especially with Sami trying to claw his way into the Bloodline with you, and Kevin trying to get the both of you out.
You try to fight off their advances, and you're partially successful with Kevin, but Sami's kisses always weakened you, leaving you feeling conflicted and torn between the life you've built and the past you've tried to escape. But when Jey's fiery lips press against yours, grounding you in the present, he reminds you of your your loyalty and your commitment to the Bloodline, and keep you anchored from drifting too far into the turbulent waters of your past...
But how long will it be until the turbulent waves of your past fully consume you?
Until your taste for freedom outweighs your loyalty to the Bloodline? Until you find yourself torn between the love you feel for Jey and the unresolved emotions lingering for Kevin and Sami?
Until you finally realize that the lines between loyalty, love, and longing are blurred beyond recognition, leaving you in never-ending waves that crash upon the shores of your existence, threatening to erode the stability you've fought so hard to establish?
Not long, if Kevin has anything to say about it.
But you'll make sure he doesn't even have a chance to speak.
A/N: a bit of a multi-chapter series I am working on!! I love the bloodline and sami/Kevin story, so this is inspired by that. Stay tuned, hope you loved this summary!!
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Bloodline Masterlist
Roman Reigns
Don't Forget The Strawberries & Whipped Cream (Part 1)
Don't Forget The Strawberries & Whipped Cream (Part 2)
Family Feud (with your host Roman Reigns)
Tribal Chief (Part 1)
Tribal Chief (Part 2)
The 7 Sins
Break The Rules For You, Pt. I
Break The Rules For You, Pt. II
Break The Rules For You, Pt. III
Break The Rules For You, Pt. IV
Break The Rules For You, Pt. V
"Go ahead, touch it." (Part I)
Jimmy Uso
Birthday Sex
Pillow Talk
Jey Uso
Break The Rules For You, Pt. I
Break The Rules For You, Pt. II
Break The Rules For You, Pt. III
Break The Rules For You, Pt. IV
Break The Rules For You, Pt. V
Pillow Talk
Thick Thighs
Memory Lane
My Man
Jey (Part 1)
Jey (Part 2)
He Visits You At The Salon
Insomnia (Ride Out)
Solo Sikoa
DUI (of Love)
Pillow Talk
Solo Sikoa One Shot
All Members of the Bloodline
The Bloodline, Pt. I
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visionarymode · 6 months
Double The Flavor
✧ warnings: smut, language, 18+
✧ pairing: jimmy uso & jey uso x female reader
✧ word count: 9,827
this is the final chapter of this twin series! you can catch up & read part 1 Seeing Double + part 2 Double Trouble <3 I hope y'all enjoy!
₊˚✩༺♡༻ ‧₊˚✩༺♡༻ ‧₊˚✩༺♡༻ ‧₊˚✩༺♡༻ ‧₊˚✩
Tumblr media
“I-I was just getting more drinks,” you casually responded, covering for the both of you as you grabbed the beer bottles off the counter. 
“Nah Y/N, I know you not doin’ nothin’. He clearly is,” he nudged his head over to Jey who was pacing before he stopped and kissed his teeth in response. 
“Man whatchu’ mean? What am I tryna’ do?” Jey snapped back. 
“It’s her birthday and you over here stealing her away from everyb-“ 
“I just came in here Uce. I wanted to wish her a happy birthday,” he swayed his hand over to you. 
“It takes you ten minutes to wish someone a happy birthday? You not foolin’ nobody,” Jimmy sarcastically chuckled. 
“It’s been like thirty fuckin’ seconds. Did you even wish her a happy birthday? Nah, you too busy bitching about not gettin’ any attention.” You took a long inhale as their back-and-forth bickering, the multiple bottles freezing our hands, and your fucking heels were irritating you more than ever. 
“Of course I was gon’ wish her a happy birthday, that’s why I came lookin’ for you,” his tone softened as he turned his attention to you and you couldn’t help but soften your face. 
“Yeah right,” Jey mumbled under his breath. 
“Can we talk for a lil’?” Jimmy quietly asked as he stepped closer, only wanting you to hear his question. 
“Yeah,” you softly responded with a smile. Jey kissed his teeth again in annoyance and walked over to you. 
“I’ll take these for you bab-” he caught himself slipping your nickname before he quickly backtracked. 
“Back. I’ll take these back for you,” he gazed into your eyes with his loving brown ones before you smiled and thanked him. He didn’t leave without giving his brother a glare as he walked out of the kitchen and back to the party. 
“I don’t want any drama, please. It’s my birthday,” you softly expressed with a sigh. 
“I know I know. I’m sorry, for real,” he placed his big, comforting hands on your bare shoulders before they trailed down to your arms and hands to enlace his fingers with yours. 
“I gotchu’ something,” he confessed with a little grin. 
“Awww, you didn’t have to,” you whispered feeling your cheeks flush. 
“But I did…now open it,” he grinned handing you a tiny wrapped-up box with a pink bow on top. You giggled at the bow as he leaned on the counter watching you unwrap and open the gift.
“Oh my god, Jimmy…” you covered your mouth in awe at the shiny diamond graduated tennis necklace. 
“How much was this?!” your jaw dropped as you carefully grabbing it out of the box.  
“That don’t matter, anything is worth it if it’s for you,” he replied taking it out of your hands. “Let me help you put it on,” he whispered, nudging his head to your already worn necklace for the night. You reached to the back of your neck to unclip the one you already had on as you felt his body press up against yours. You grabbed your hair to hold it up as his fingers grazed your collarbone and neck, sending shivers down your spine as he clipped it for you. You pulled out your phone to see it through the camera and smiled like a geek at how gorgeous it was. 
“You like it?” he whispered in your ear, kissing your neck as his hands slithered around your waist. Watching him love up on you through the screen made you weak in the knees. 
“Yeah…I love it,” you breathed out. 
“This dress is doin’ somethin’ to me…” he growled as he ran his right hand over your ass before groping it.
“Jimmy,” you giggled, grabbing his wrist to turn around before he grabbed you by the nape of your neck to kiss you. You couldn’t help but moan in his mouth as his fingers fell to the bottom of your dress as they delicately caressed your skin. They teasingly inched closer up your inner thigh, his fingertip brushing over your damp panties. He licked his lips as he looked back and forth between your panties and your face, the goofiest smile on his face indicating that you wanted it just as much as he did.
“Stop,” you laughed, playfully nudging him in the chest as you swiped your hands over your dress to recollect yourself. 
“Fine…” he sighed, playfully rolling his eyes before he pulled you in again by the hips. “For real though…happy birthday,” he softly expressed against your glossy lips, your eyes lowly watching his soft, pink ones as he spoke. 
“Thank you…” you pecked him, yearning for more of his juicy lips. “I love the necklace. Now let’s go back,” you kissed him one final time before heading back out to the party. 
“Oh shit sorry!” you quickly apologized before Jimmy started snickering like the goof he is at your reaction. 
“Jimmy!” you nudged him in the chest, giggling a little yourself at the way you two just crashed into one another in the hallway. “What’re you doing up here?” you asked. 
“I was lookin’ for the bathroom,” he whispered with a playful attitude, pulling you in by the hips to give you a quick peck. 
“You know where the bathroom is,” you furrowed your brows, grinning at the way he cradled your face in his big, comforting hands.
“Man, I’m a little drunk I forgot. There’s too many doors up here,” he remarked in his playful pitched voice, kissing you again making your cheeks flush at his addictive touch. 
“It’s over here come on,” you giggled at the way he kept his hands around you as you led him down the long hallway. 
“It’s right here, are you feeling okay?” you pushed open the door and turned on the light, stepping away to go back downstairs before he picked you up in his arms making you yelp with laughter. 
“What’re you doing?!” you laughed as he shut the door behind him, placing you on the bathroom counter. 
“Whatchu’ mean?” he growled, pulling you in by your thighs to close the space between you, your arms flying around his neck as he pressed his lips on yours, his low moan from the kiss making you pull on his chain. 
“You weren’t looking for the bathroom, liar,” you mumbled, your head rotating from left to right as he didn’t stop his tongue from tussling with yours. 
“Who’s a liar?” he teased, groping your left breast as he dragged his tongue up your neck, audibly sucking on your sweet spot, making your head fall back onto the mirror. 
“Watch your attitude Jim Uso…it’s my birthday,” you gasped as he slurped his tongue over your neck, sucking you like he wanted to mark you up.
“Yeah, I know…” he panted, retrieving his mouth from your neck to brush them over your own lips. “Let me give you a lil’ present baby…” he whispered, his left hand slowly yet smoothly running from your right ankle up to your thigh, his fingers tauntingly tapping at your clothed pussy. 
“A present?” you whispered back, biting your bottom lip with a longed moan, your eyes never leaving his as he added some more pressure over your panties, his thumb giving your clit a little attention. 
“Lemme make the birthday girl cum all on my tongue…” he growled as his eyes dropped to your parted lips, licking his own as he traced his fingers down your panties, pushing them to the side as he opened your slick folds to feel your drenched mess. 
“Fuck…” you whined as he continued to flatly drag his two fingers between your soaking folds. 
“I gotchu’ baby,” he sexily nodded, pulling you a little further down the counter as he folded you like a pretzel, bending your knees towards your face as he held you in place by the back of your thighs. He lifted your dress to your hips, abruptly feeling his fangs nip your lower back as he pulled on your panties with his teeth, watching him drag it down your legs as he held your ankles in his hands. He kept your baby blue laced panties in between his teeth as he leaned in, dipping his fingers back into your drenched folds as a moan escaped you again. 
Talk about fucking deja vu. 
“Whose pussy is this?” he mumbled with your panties still between his teeth, continuing to rub his long fingers along your wetness before you loudly gasped as he slipped in his middle finger. You instantly clenched around it as he laced his free hand with yours against the mirror. 
“Whose is it?” he gritted again, curling his finger inside you with slow and steady pumps as he hit your g spot. 
“Y-Yours baby…” you moaned as you pulled your panties out his mouth to satisfy your yearning oral fixation. You both moaned against each other’s tongues as he sloshed his long finger in and out…in and out…in and out… 
“Mm. Mm. Not yet…” he slowly pulled his finger back out once you pulsated around his it, knowing you were close to soaking his digit. 
He left soft, warm, sloppy kisses down your thigh as he spread open your legs wider, your grip on the back of your knees tightening as he looked into your eyes, continuing to teasingly twirl his tongue on your skin, covering and coating your inner thighs with his saliva. 
His piercing, adoring, deep brown eyes stared into your needy ones as he used both of his thumbs to open your folds, chuckling at your sudden twitch from your impatience. 
“Jimmy…” your whine turned into a hushed gasp as he flattened his long, warm tongue along your entrance, his eyes never leaving yours as he torturously yet slowly flicked his tongue up to your clit.
“Hm?” he hummed, twirling his tongue around your sensitive clit as he enclosed his lip around your entire bean, sucking it like it was his favorite lollipop. His tongue returned along your entrance, steadily lapping the inside of your folds as his hands ran up and down your thighs. 
“Fuuuuuuk,” you moaned as he continuously lapped, sucked, and twirled his tongue up and down your entrance and back up to your clit. 
“Like that huh?” he asked, licking his lips as he folded you further, your pussy up in the air as he let a long, thick string of his spit fall inside your lower lips. He leaned further down to spit again, this time more forcefully as you felt his saliva shoot on your hole. You watched him flatten his tongue again, this time scooping up his spit with the curled tip of his tongue. Your legs shook as he spit again, his tongue diving in deeper to spread it around as he buried his face inside of you, watching your moans heighten in pitch.
“Shiiiiiit…” you moaned in a high pitch, clutching your legs around his head as he audibly and hungrily suckled your folds. “I’m gonna cum baby…” you gasped as he spat inside you again, loudly slurping it up making him groan. He spanked the side of your thigh, gripping it tightly as he deeply buried his face between your thighs, watching your head practically roll back on the mirror from pleasure. Your legs shook around his head as he gripped your thighs harder, spit a little harder as it dripped down between your ass cheeks before he licked it all the way back up to your entrance. He motorboated your soaking folds and hurriedly massaged your clit as your back arched, moans escalated and juices spurt all in his mouth. Your pants grew slower as he continued to lick up every drop of your pouring nectar.  He chuckled as he watched you stay in your crouched position against the mirror, pulling you by your arms to sit back up. 
“Happy birthday,” he deeply professed, sweetly pecking you before he slithered his creamy coated tongue in your mouth, giving you a taste of your juices. 
“Thank you…” you breathlessly giggled as he picked you up in his arms, your legs wrapped around his torso as you made out for another minute, or ten until you decided to get back to the party. 
You plopped down on your pink faux fur-covered bar stool in front of your vanity, taking a big chug of your water bottle. You were craving that nice cold water like you were deprived from it for so long after a long night of strictly alcoholic drinks. You froze looking around to remember what you wanted to do, giggling at the realization, and grabbed your blush & brush to pat some more on your cheeks. Two subtle knocks at your door made you turn your head to find Jey peeking his head inside. 
“Bae, can I come in?” he whispered. 
“You’re already in so yes,” you giggled, feeling excitement rush through your drunk tingly body at his presence. 
“Whatchu’ doin up here?” he asked, smoothing his hands down your shoulders as he gazed through your eyes in the brightly lit mirror. 
“I wanted to touch up my makeup…” you quietly responded, easily lost in his eyes as your fingers lazily caressed his tatted arms that wrapped around your chest. 
“Mm. Mm. You don’t need none of that…” he mumbled, pressing his soft lips on the side of your neck, his tongue slipping out to twirl juicy circles around your skin. 
“Yeah? What do I need then?” you purred, a horny sigh falling from your lips as his grillz sunk into your skin. 
“You need this two-time tag champ to soak this pretty pussy…” he growled in your ear, his hands slithering around your waist and down your thighs, gripping them as he slowly spread them apart. You let out a shaky breath, watching him lick his lips in the mirror as he caught your eyes through the mirror hearing your giggle. 
“Why you laughin’?” he asked, playfully offended as he lightly poked your side making you jerk in his arms.
“Two-time tag champ huh?” you asked, turning your head to the left so your faces were inches away. 
“Hell yeah, you wanna see ‘em?” he raised his brows with the biggest grin on his face. You nodded with another laugh as he got up to fetch them from wherever he left them in your house. The music blared through the space as the door was left half open. You stood up and hummed to the lyrics of Disturbia, Rihanna always knew how to get your body moving like you were the baddest in the room. You heard a deep voice clear its throat, making you turn your head at the handsome sight in front of you. Jey walked in with his sexy smirk, his big hands gripping the two titles as they hung over his shoulders. You pressed your lips together trying to hide your flushed and aroused face as he kicked the door shut behind him, stepping in your proximity as he towered over you, making you lean back on the vanity dresser. 
“You like what you see huh?” he teased as your eyes fell up and down his tall figure. 
“Mhm…” you practically moaned, pulling him in by his shirt to press your lips on his. Your tongue swirled in his mouth, yearning for him to reciprocate as he sucked on it. 
“Turn around baby…” he mumbled against your plump lips as you complied. “Red or blue?” he purred in your ear as his right hand gripped your hip, sliding it around your waist. 
“What?” you chuckled as his grillz grazed your earlobe. You gasped as he loudly spanked you, pushing you further so your hands laid flat on the vanity, feeling his poking bulge on your backside. 
“I said red or blue?” he growled again, grabbing the hair laid on the left side of your shoulder to push it around the other side, making space to lick and enclose his lips around your neck. 
“Blue…main event jey uso…” you whispered his name referring to his blue-themed merch and gear he wore every Monday night. You heard the sound of velcro ripping as you watched him secure his blue tag title belt around your waist. You ran your fingers over the plates before he grabbed your right hand to twirl you around. 
“Mmmhmmm…” he lowly moaned as he licked his lips, stepping back to fully take you in with the title making you giggle. 
“Like what you see?” you softly cooed, laying back your palms on the dresser as  you teasingly dragged your left heel up against your right leg. 
“Hell yeah…” he growled, closing the space between you two as he hurriedly grabbed the nape of your neck to weave your lips together. The audible smacks of your hungry lips colliding with the slops and slurps of your tongues filled the silent space in your bedroom as the faint music continued downstairs. He abruptly scooped you up on the vanity as pallets and compacts fell to the floor, your kiss never breaking as it almost became a race to see who could suck each other’s 
faces faster. He pulled you in by your right leg, the warmth between your thighs met with his bare stomach as you started pulling up his shirt. He helped you quicken the process as he used one arm to slide his shirt over his head, revealing his tanned and tattooed body as you ran both your hands down to his belt. You jumped off the vanity, placing your tiny hands around his waist as you started moving him back. 
“Whatchu’ doin’…” he softly breathed out, his eyes still hyper-fixated on your smudgy lips before you pushed him back on your bed with a smirk. You sat on his lap, feeling his hard-on as you whipped your hair back to lean in for another sloppy kiss. You sat back up, wiping the glossy corners of your mouth with your thumb as he tried to pull you towards him again by the title. You slightly lifted your dress above your ass, his hands naturally rubbing up on your ass cheeks as he forcefully squeezed them. You started rocking your hips back and forth, feeling his bulge grow by the second as he watched you in awe. 
“What if I just…” your grind against his hard dick poking through his jeans slowed down, your panties getting wetter by the second. “…rode you like this…and bounced on this dick…with this title around my waist?” you softly asked, your eyes never leaving his as he let out a desperate grunt, pulling your wrist towards him so he could grab your throat.
“Whatchu’ waitin for then?” he growled, bucking his hips, allowing you to fall further on his chest as he spanked your right cheek making your giggle turn into a moan.
“Y/N we have t- oh my god!” you quickly got off his lap before you saw a tiny peek of Jasmine’s face before she shut the door. 
“Y’all are nasty at least lock the damn door!” she hissed from the other side making you cover your mouth in giggles. Your legs were still sprawled on his lap as he ran his fingers up and down your skin, making you quiver. 
“Whatchu’ wan-” Jey started to snap back before you covered his mouth, but he took that opportunity to playfully bite your palm. 
“What’s up girl?” you yelled out, trying to hold your yelps as Jey snatched you back on his lap, leaving little sucks down your neck and breasts. 
“I wanted to make a toast for you! Girl I even brought out the cake y’all can fuck later!” she quietly yet loudly vocalized. 
“Okay I’ll b-be out in a minute I swear…” you breathed out the last syllable as Jey ran his fingers up and down your damp panties, allowing you to naturally grind over them. 
“Fuck…” you moaned, suddenly feeling a rush of warmth and tingles spark through your body. You had to ride this out because you were already too deep into this upcoming orgasm ready to bolt through your body just from his fingers. You held his face in your hands, your panting growing as he held a gentle grip on your throat, his other long fingers slipping inside your panties.
“Lemme help you bae…” he whispered. Your eyes fluttered shut, a hushed moan slipping from your mouth as he slipped his long middle finger inside your dripping hole, steadily and slowly pushing it in and out as you clenched around it. He pulled you in by the throat until your forehead was pressed against his. 
“I’m gonna cum…shit…” you whined in a high-pitched whisper as he slowly slipped it out, this time sticking that middle finger & forefinger into his mouth as he sucked, letting a string of spit follow them as he brought them to your lips. You stared into his eyes with another moan as your tongue slid down those same sloppy digits, adding extra saliva-stained moisture. He purposefully wiped some across your lips before he brought them back down to the heated space between your open thighs, slipping those wet fingers back into your needy hole. You gasped a little louder, grinding against them a little harder, and gripping the ends of his hair a little tighter as you felt a rush of swarming nerves down your spine. He pumped faster, the soundable sloshes of his fingers driving in and out of your drenched pussy filling the room as he nodded his head, licked his lips, and groaned watching you fuck his dedicated fingers. 
“Like that baby? You gon’ cum for me?” he hurriedly whispered as he curled his fingers up to hit your g spot with each stroke as you pulled his head in with force, his lips falling onto your peeking breasts as he swirled his tongue over them. Your grind was needier, faster, hungrier…you knew what you needed to make that explosion inside your body erupt so you grabbed his bearded jaw and bit his lip to allow space for you to roam the inside of his mouth with your tongue. His tongue swiped back as he loudly spanked and groped your right ass cheek making that explosion finally burst in your body. 
“Fuuuuuuuuck,” you loudly cried, feeling your juices drench his fingers and knuckles as he slowed down his pumps, using your ass for leverage to help you slow your grind. 
“Mmhmm…” he moaned against your neck, leaving another sloppy kiss before he retracted his fingers and immediately sucked off your nectar like it was the snack he’s been deprived of. 
“I’m gon’ make yo fine ass cum all night,” he emphasized the last word as he dropped his palm back down to your sensitive lower lips to scoop up the rest of your nectar. You bit your bottom lip watching him pull out his finger that was licked clean as he swallowed your milky release. 
“You taste even better on yo birthday,” he softly expressed, slipping his fingers in your mouth to get some aftertaste. You purposely sucked it as if it was his dick, moaning as you rubbed on his big bulge. 
“Stop playin’ because I’m gonna keep your ass up in this room all night and not give a fuck,” he joked, slapping your ass again as you giggled. 
“Oh fuck…your pants,” you sighed with a shyly embarrassed smile, looking down at the wet stains on his black jeans. 
“It’s okay, every man got his moments,” he kissed his teeth as he jokingly shrugged his shoulders. 
“Oh wait, you left some jeans here. I washed them a couple of days ago,” you quickly got off his lap to look for them in your closet. 
“You washed ‘em for me?” he smirked, pecking your lips before he started taking off his belt & unzipping his pants. 
“Of course I did?” you drunkenly responded, peeping down at his stained boxers. “That…wasn’t me though,” you pointed at the pre cum seeping through the fabric as he chuckled. 
“It was you though. You do this to me,” he playfully gritted through his teeth before he abruptly picked you up in your arms and pinned you against the door to spoil you more with his savory and needy kisses. Suddenly you almost got knocked out of his arms as the door pushed open. Jey helped you stand as Jasmine peeked through the door again. 
“Y’all still fucking around?!” she covered her eyes. 
“No! We’re done,” you wiped your mouth, fixed your dress and walked over to pull her hands down. 
“For now,” he mumbled with a fake cough, his belt clinging in his hands as he buckled his new pants. 
“I’m sorry I know it’s your birthday but I memorized a long speech and girl if I take one more shot it’s gonna fly out my brain,” she hurriedly whispered grabbing your wrist. You looked back at Jey to see him annoyingly shaking his head at her, making you giggle. 
“C’mon,” he whispered, slapping you on the ass as he shut your door and followed you both down the stairs. 
“Hey everyone!” she yelled as she sat you down in the chair at the front of the room. Your social anxiety rushed from head to toe as you drunkenly forgot how many damn people were actually here, staring at you while you tried not to burst into laughter at their sudden focus knowing that when Jasmine yells, you better pay attention. Your drunk, wandering eyes landed on Jimmy at the far left. But his eyes weren’t on you.
They were focused on his twin brother who was standing across the room. His brows were furrowed, a look of disgust on his face, looking him up and down almost like he was inspecting every little thing about his outfit. His outfit. Oh shit. The Jeans. They’re different. He looked back at you and down to your legs that were clutched together as you sat on your hands, a memory suddenly popping into your brain. 
“Why you sittin’ like that?” Jimmy chuckled, his hand running up and down your bare thigh, teasingly pulling at the hem of your dress. 
“Because you just…” you whisperingly stammered, your eyes widened at him referring to the unintentional orgasm you just had from him fingering you under the dinner table. 
“Whatchu’ whisperin for? They all in the kitchen…” he leaned into your ear, poking his fingers between your clutched thighs to force them back open. And you willingly let him. 
“Jimmy,” you whined checking to see if the family would walk back into the dining room. 
“Stop sittin’ on your hands,” he kissed his teeth as he pulled on your wrist. “I love these hands don’t be doin’ that,” his deep voice making you tremble. 
“Stop I’m embarrassed. I got invited over for dinner. I’m supposed to be acting all classy but I’m over here being a whore,” you sighed before he kissed his teeth at your word choice. 
“Man, what? Don’t be callin’ yourself that,” he scooted his chair closer to you, putting his arm around your shoulder as he kissed your cheek. “Look at me,” he lowly expressed as you worriedly watched the door. You couldn’t hide your smile as cradled the side of your face, grinning against your lips. 
“What?” you giggled as he scooped your legs onto his lap, pulling you into his chest. 
“Keep closin’ these legs acting like I won’t spread them open and make you cum again…” he mumbled as he left kisses down your neck, your legs naturally opening up again as his fingers returned to your drenched mess in between.
That memory looked like it transferred into his brain because he suddenly looked back and forth between the two of you again, almost vindictively chuckling as he took a sip of his drink. You anxiously cleared your throat as Jasmine started addressing the crowd. 
“We all know it’s this bad bitch’s birthday today,” she shook your shoulders to hype you up and pecked you on the cheek, making them flush as everyone cheered. 
“The second you walked into my third-grade class, I knew you were gonna be a pain in the ass. You still are,” she trailed off making everyone laugh as you shook your head with embarrassment. 
“But! You were only a pain in the ass because you were so much like me. After so many projects together I realized that you were someone I wanted to keep in my life. I’m so grateful I did because these twenty years with you have been the best years of my life. From trick or treating, to prom, to fighting over the cutest boys in school, to getting so drunk at 3 am that we cried our eyes out, and to celebrating your 30th today. You’re the smartest, funniest, kindest, and most gorgeous woman I know and I love you!!!” she screamed as claps and cheers filled the room, everyone raising their glass in the air. You stood up to face her, both of your eyes glossy as you cheered your wine glasses and gave her a big embrace. 
“I love you bestie,” you laughed lightly tapping the tears on her face to avoid ruining her makeup. 
“Hey, hey I wanna make a lil’ toast now!” your head turned to Jimmy raising his glass in the air to catch everyone’s attention again. “If that’s okay?” he whispered yet shouted at you across the room making you nervously giggle. You nodded back at him with an inviting smile, sitting back down in your chair intrigued by what he had to say. 
“This ain’t gonna top Jaz’s toast but I just wanted to let everyone know that…this woman right over here,” he pointed at you, stumbling a little in his steps as he shook his head at you, almost in awe of the view. You felt your pulse quicken from his captivating, loving eyes staring right at you. “This woman is one of the best friends I’ve ever had. She stuck with me when I was at my lowest. At my highest. If there’s one thing Y/N is always gon’ do it’s stick with you through it all because she’s loyal…” he emphasized the last word as he glared at Jey. You felt your breath hitch in your throat and your eyes rapidly peered at the both of them, Jey scrunching his face in confusion and annoyance at his twin. 
“…she loyal. She beautiful. And I love you,” Jimmy softly confessed, staring into your eyes as he said those last three words, raising his glass as everyone loudly cheered their glasses as well. You felt your heart pounding. No one thought anything of it because again, the twins have always told you they loved you. But the way he said it. The way he looked deep inside your soul as he said it. He meant it. 
“I love you,” he mouthed to you again over the voices conversing and you slightly tilted your head to the right, a shy smile forming on your lips as you felt extremely appreciated. 
“Aye! Aye hol’ up if we makin’ toasts let me get in and say somethin’ real quick!” Jey called out making everyone quiet back down. 
“Girl what the hell did I start…” Jasmine whispered in your ear as you shakily sighed knowing this most likely wasn’t gonna end well. 
“Y/N…” he softly vocalized, extending his hand out for you to walk over and grab. Your breathing quickened as your lips parted in slight shock that he was putting you on the spot like this. You quickly tried to peer over at Jimmy who was clearly pissed off, face scrunched up, brows furrowed, watching intently. You walked over and held his hand, giggling as he spun you around in front of everyone. 
“Y’all see her right here? This a woman that you need in your life. A woman who’s gonna be there for you, care for you, and comfort you always. When you’re around Y/N…” he trailed off pulling you to his side as he wrapped his arm around your shoulder, his lips inches away as looked into your eyes. He paused, licking his lips as he admired you. You felt your cheeks heat up and smoothly rubbed his lower back as your arm wrapped around it. 
“…you always gon’ laugh. You always gon’ be smiling and havin’ a good time…” Suddenly a deep laugh interrupted his speech as you, Jey, and everyone else looked to see where it came from. 
And to no surprise. 
It was from Jimmy. 
“Whatchu’ laughing at?” Jey snapped, taking his arm off of you. The loss of contact made you snap back to reality, making you wipe a tear from your cheek that fell from the sweet words Jey was soothing you with. 
“That toast sounded like a bunch of bullshit,” he chuckled, taking a sip of his glass. Jey kissed his teeth as everyone stared at the two bickering in front of them. You furrowed your brows and tried to get Jimmy to meet your offended eyes but he wouldn’t. 
“Uce calm down man…” Solo mumbled as he grabbed Jimmy’s arm before he snatched it away from his grip. 
“Nah nah, he always gotta be the center of attention. He don’t like that I said a lil’ speech for Y/N because he’s jealous,” he professed as he pointed at Jey. Everyone oohed and lowly gasped at his words and you slightly punched Jasmine’s arm as she calmly and comfortingly rubbed your back. 
“They can’t be serious…” you mumbled under your breath, widening your eyes at Jasmine, her jaw dropping. 
“Nah you wanna know what he really mad at? He mad that me and Cody over here…” he turned around to wrap his arm around Cody’s shoulders as he picked up his titles laid across the table behind him. “…won this shit right here and he lost like he always do.” 
Cody kept his titles down to mumble something in Jey’s ear, possibly trying to advise him to calm down. 
“Why you bringin’ that up?” Solo hissed, feeling offended.
“Because he wanted to act like a little bitch,” Jey snapped again, walking towards Jimmy who spread his arms wide open, inviting him to take a shot. 
“Whatchu’ gon do? I’ll knock your ass out again,” he laughed. 
You got deja vu from Solo’s party as everyone started crowding them again to separate them before you got extremely pissed off and had enough. 
“Hey!” you yelled. 
You pulled on Jimmy’s wrist then Jey’s as you dragged them to the staircase, hearing Jasmine in the background get everybody back in the mood as she turned the music back up. 
“Whatchu’ doin’?” Jimmy asked in a hushed tone. 
“Go upstairs,” you sternly looked at Jey who tried to speak up before you cut him off. 
“You heard her,” Jimmy shot before you glared at him. 
“You too,” you squinted, baffled at his attitude. You pushed him up the stairs in pursuit of his brother. You took a deep breath and followed them up and forced them to get inside your room. 
“What the fuck is wrong with you guys?!” you hissed once you shut the door. 
“Whatchu’ mean-“ 
“Shut up. Sit down!” you lightly pushed Jimmy’s arm to get to the bed. 
“Okay! Damn,” he replied in a high-pitched tone, obeying your demand. 
“Y/N, we good let’s just go back down-”
“No. You sit too,” you glared at Jey and his face softened as guilt took over his expression realizing you were genuinely pissed at the both of them. He walked over and sat beside Jimmy at the edge of the bed. 
“It’s my birthday. It’s literally my birthday and you’re both out here arguing like little ass kids in front of everybody! Like what the fuck?!” you yelled in frustration as they both refused to meet your eyes. 
“Baby, what I do? Jaz made a toast. Then I wanted to make a toast too. Jey’s the one that always makes it about him.” 
“Man shut up. Talkin’ about baby. Talkin’ ‘bout I love you,” Jey mocked him from earlier. Jimmy kissed his teeth at his remarks. 
“See Y/N? This exactly what I been sayin’. He’s jealous! Jealous like a motherfucker! And I do love her. Do you?”
“Yeah, I fuckin’ do. I’d do anything for her.” 
You could feel your heart thumping out of your chest as your eyes eagerly switched from one twin to the next. 
“I just wanted one night. One fucking night where everyone can drink, have fun, get together for a little party and you couldn’t do that for me?” you vocalized again, feeling tears sting your eyes. The crack in your voice made them both simultaneously look up from the ground and meet your gaze. 
“I don’t wanna do this shit with either of you if it’s just ruining your relationship! I’m not important. At all. I’m just a girl. You’re fucking hot shot wrestlers, you can get any girls you want! Ones that won’t cause issues!” 
“Y/N…” Jey spoke up before you cut him off. 
“No. I’m being serious. It was wrong to let things go too far in the first place. With both of you. Like fuck. I feel like a whore! Two brothers? Twins? That’s fucking crazy!” you sarcastically laughed, clearly word vomiting from the alcohol swirling in your system. 
“Y/N don’t be calling yourself that shit,”  Jimmy quickly replied.
“Like what the fuck are we doing? I don’t like the arguing. I hate it. I hate seeing you guys like this all because of me. I don’t wanna get in between you guys and the bond you have-”
“Maybe you should get between us,” Jimmy interrupted with a deep, semi-audible voice as he looked up at you, enlacing his fingers together between his spread open legs. You furrowed your brows, confused at his statement. 
“What?” you asked for clarification, thinking you were just too tipsy to hear what he said. 
“I said maybe you should…get between us,” he turned his head towards Jey, looking at him as if he was sending some time of twin telepathic message you couldn’t fucking comprehend. Jey shyly smirked at the floor, lightly chuckling. 
“Yeah…you know what maybe you right uce,” he chimed in, gazing up at you with that same smirk. 
“What the fuck are you guys talking about?” you spat thinking this was some kind of sick joke they were playing on you. You looked at Jimmy who slowly got up from the bed, sighing, walking over to tilt your chin up with his right hand. He caught you off guard as he kissed you, your eyes staying open for a second before they naturally closed at the comfort of his lips. 
“We hear you…” he murmured as he snuck his way behind you making you turn around to watch what he was doing before he turned your jaw back to his brother still sitting on the bed. Your eyes locked with Jey’s as he caressed the top of your hands with his thumbs, feeling your nerves as he tried to calm you down. Suddenly you felt Jimmy’s chilling breath on your neck as he left a tiny, sloppy kiss, feeling his saliva on your skin making you shut your eyes. 
“You tired of the fighting…we tired of the fighting…so let’s stop fighting…” he thrillingly whispered in your ear in between kisses as Jey ran his big, warm hands up your bare thighs tugging at the bottom of your dress. 
“Stop stressin’…and just relax…” he slowly slid his tongue up your neck and around your earlobe as he bit it making you shiver from his touch. You felt like you were fucking dreaming. Like you were being hypnotized. You couldn’t move. The only thing moving was the drips oozing out of your aching pussy. 
“W-What?” you stuttered before a satisfied, horny sigh fell from your mouth as you felt Jimmy’s bulge poking your lower back, his fingers tracing the inside of your dress, tantalizingly grazing your ass. 
“Don’t choose. You can just have both…” Jey caught your attention as you opened your eyes to meet his, his fingers tugging on the hem of your panties as his other two middle fingers gently rubbed up and down your increasingly soaked mess. 
“This is crazy…” you whispered, your eyes wandering from Jey’s left eye to his right, searching for his response to see if it would be the same but he hooked his finger inside your panties to pull you closer so your stomach was pressed up on his chest. He shook his head, his lips frowning as he gave you an “It’s not crazy” look. He scooted back on the bed until he was laid up against the headboard, unbuckling his pants.
“Come here bae,” he extended his hand for you to get up on the bed to grab but you felt like your feet were stuck on the floor. Your eyes tentatively watched Jey’s bracelet move along his wrist as it held one end of his belt, his long, thick, tanned fingers unbuckling as the sound rang in your ears. Your mind swirling like Jimmy’s tongue on your skin, his hands lifting your dress above your ass as he spanked you, feeling your breath catch in your throat reminding you that you were breathing. 
“Get up on the bed…we gotchu’ baby…” he whispered again, his lips caressing your ear as he gave a boost, his right hand pushing down your back as you bent over the bed. You naturally crawled over to Jey, a sense of comfort relaxing your nerves as he pulled you closer once you grabbed his hand. He got up on his knees, his pants still half undone as he brought you up to his height, softly caressing your chin as he brought his comforting, warm, wet lips to yours. He cradled your face in his hands, your own hands holding his wrists in place. It was almost as if he was reminding you to let loose, relax, and let your body unravel as  your tongue swirled with his, a small moan transferring to his mouth as you felt that similar arousal and passion ignite with the both of them. Your tongues continued to weave together as his hands dropped back down to whip off his belt altogether, blindly throwing it as it clanged on the floor. You helped him take off his pants and boxers as his long, thick, enticing brown dick sprung out. You bit your lip, your mouth watering at the familiar, sexy view as he smirked at your reaction. He laid back up against the headboard again, spreading his burly thighs apart as he slowly stroked himself as he kept eye contact. You felt Jimmy’s hand push down on your back as you were face to face with Jey’s dick. 
“Mmmm…” you shudderingly moaned as you watched his long, tanned fingers stroke up and down…up and down…up and down…
Jimmy’s fingers hooked under the side hips of your panties, sliding them off of you as you lifted each knee to help him. His soft palms softly rounded your ass cheeks, taking his time as they rubbed up and down the back of your thighs, hungrily humming beneath your folds as you felt his cold breath overrule the heat. 
“You already soaking baby?” Jimmy asked with a deep chuckle, his two middle fingers vertically sliding between your drenched folds as your mouth parted open with a desperate moan. Jey took that opportunity to tilt the head of his dick towards your lips, swiping his pre cum across like lip gloss as you licked it all with the peeking tip of your tongue.
“Fuck…” you moaned again as Jimmy’s vertical strokes along your entrance sped up, the tips of his fingers rubbing up on your clit every time they crept up in that direction. You stuck out your tongue as you kept your adoring eyes on Jey, slowly flattening it on his veiny shaft as you came up to the tip, swirling your tongue all around his head still sept with pre cum. You moaned with him as he held the back of your neck, his hand caressing your hair as you enclosed your lips around his smooth and soft tip, making out with it as Jimmy’s tongue flattened along your entrance. 
“Yeah…just like that baby. That’s my girl…” Jey mumbled with a low grunt as you slowly engulfed half of his length down your throat, another moan escaping you as you vibrated around his dick, Jimmy’s tongue gliding up, down, and around your entrance with a speedier pace. You matched your pace with his, bobbing your head up and down as you swallowed every inch of Jey’s length, watching his low, focused, deep brown eyes study the way your tongue lapped up his length. You gagged with him deep in your throat as Jimmy loudly spanked your right ass cheek, spreading your cheeks open wider as he fully enclosed his lips deep inside your pussy, sucking on it like he wanted to take the air out of it. 
“Fuuuuuuck…” you loudly gasped, coming back up for air as a long string of spit still connected your sloppy lips with Jey’s tip. He removed your hair out of your face as he took over for you, the loud sloppy strokes of his wet hand sliding up and down his dick combined with Jimmy’s loud, sloppy slurps deep inside your pussy. 
“Yeah…c’mon baby cum on my tongue,” Jimmy muttered as his thumb massaged your clit, his tongue not stopping its vicious flicks as he used both hands to spank both of your ass cheeks. 
“Oh my god…” you whisperingly gasped as Jey opened up your cheeks with his right hand, sliding his tongue inside as his strokes heightened, his moans mixing with yours as both of you panted against each other’s mouths. 
“Cum with me bae…” he moaned, his words barely heard over the wet strokes of his hands ringing in your ears. You felt your body uncontrollably tremble, struggling to stay on your knees, your mind fuzzed with arousal, and your body suddenly sat upright as Jimmy pulled you back up by your hair. He snuck up under you, his head laid up on the bed as he pulled you back down to sit on his face. 
“Fuuuuuck yes…” you cried, carelessly riding his face as his tongue dipped in and out of your hole, Jey got on his knees before you grabbed his dick with both hands, stroking and twisting him with your drenched, slippery hands, your tongue sloppily kissing his tip as you felt him throb around your hands. 
“I’m gonna cum f-fuuuuck oh my god,” you moaned as you rocked your hips, clenching around Jimmy’s tongue as Jey got on his knees, the tip of his dick brushing against your tongue as you stuck it out for him. 
“You so sexy baby... You want me to cum in this pretty ass mouth?” he moaned, his strokes faster, your moans louder, and Jimmy’s grips on your hips tighter as he helped you ride his face. You nodded with another high-pitched moan as Jey tangled his fingers deep inside your roots. Jimmy spanked you one last time, surely leaving a red print as he tightly groped your ass cheeks. You couldn’t control your body shakes or loud cries as you felt your inner thighs and Jimmy’s mouth completely drenched from your orgasm. 
“Mmmm…shit,” Jey groaned, watching you in pure bliss as his white ropes shot all over your tongue, neck, and chest. Your grind slowed down, your hands running down his tanned and tatted chest before he grabbed them to enlace his fingers with yours. 
“Fuck…” Jimmy mumbled beneath you, groping your ass before you slightly lifted yourself to let him out. You and Jey kept your eyes on each other as you wiped the creamy corner of your mouth with your thumb, slipping it in your mouth as you moaned from his salty and yummy taste. 
“That was so…” you breathed out with a lazy giggle as Jimmy snuck up behind you, his hand grabbing your throat as it slithered up to your chin to lift, kissing below your jaw and making your eyes flutter. 
“You were squirtin’ like crazy…” he mumbled, his fingers sliding down your back and ass as he found your soaked folds to scoop the leftovers. 
“You need a break?” Jey chuckled, pecking you on the lips, Jimmy’s audible sucks as he licked his fingers millimeters away from your ear. 
“Break?” you asked, eyes still low from that wild, euphoric orgasm. 
“She thought we were done with her,” Jey grinned at Jimmy as he got off the bed to grab the champagne bottle sitting on the nightstand. 
“Nah…we ain’t done baby,” he growled in your ear, turning your jaw towards him as he kissed you. 
“Getcho’ hands off her,” Jey kissed his teeth, bringing his eyes back to the champagne bottle to read whatever the hell he was reading. 
“Hey Uce,” Jimmy called out, waiting for Jey to look as he flashed him his middle finger making you giggle. 
“Yeah keep lickin’ up my cum in her mouth,” Jey snickered getting back on the bed. Jimmy kissed his teeth, pulling away from you to give you a “for real?” look. 
“No you’re not, I swallowed every drop,” you whispered, softly kissing his wet lips. 
“Swallowed every drop of your tasty ass too,” he mumbled, slapping your left ass cheek making you yelp. You turned to see Jey scrunching up his face at the both of you, getting back on the bed with the bottle in his hand.
“We said no fighting, right? I love both-” You quickly stopped yourself before they both chuckled at your confession. 
“You what?” Jimmy teased, leaning in as he pushed you down on the bed by the throat. 
“Huh?” you sarcastically asked, a needy sigh slipping from your mouth as Jey rubbed his big palms up and down your thighs, licking your stomach before he placed a soft kiss on your skin. 
“We love you too,” he muttered with his little kisses, making you quiver. The cork popped off as Jimmy opened the bottle, taking a big chug of it as dribbles fell down his bearded chin. 
“We drinking champagne now?” you asked as Jimmy ran his hand over his beard. He hovered over your side as he rubbed your belly, making it sink in with nerves. 
“Yeah, we drinkin’” he looked into your eyes as he licked his lips, pouring some of the champagne over your stomach. It dripped down over your belly button, inching closer and closer to your pussy before Jey caught it with his tongue, licking every drop as he slid his tongue back up to your chest, squeezing your breasts in his warm hands. 
“Mmmm,” you softly moaned as he dragged his tongue up your neck and on your lips making you taste the champagne. 
“Happy birthday,” he mumbled, your tongues escaping your mouths at the same time to lick each other. You lowly gasped as you felt more of the cold liquid pouring on your stomach as Jimmy groped your right breast, flattening his tongue on your soaked skin, noisily sucking and drinking it all. Jimmy started taking the rest of his clothes off as Jey laid down next to you, turning you on your side. You watched Jimmy’s v-line fully expose itself as he dropped down his jeans and boxers, his pretty, brown, long dick springing up. 
“Mmm,” you pressed your lips together with a sinister smile looking back up at him as he smirked, stroking himself with one hand. 
“Mhm,” he hummed right back as you felt Jey’s fingers brush your neck as he  pushed your hair back to expose your skin, leaving a soft kiss on your neck as he dragged his other palm down your side, gripping your hip. Jimmy cupped your jaw, his thumb ever so slowly pulling your bottom lip. He kept his deep, piercing brown eyes on yours as he lowered his head a tiny bit, a long string of spit falling directly on the top of his dick. Your mouth parted with a slightly audible moan as Jey slid his tip between your cheeks, dragging it further down to tease your wet hole. 
“Stick out that tongue…” Jimmy deeply instructed as your eyes moved from the sloppy stroke of his hand to his eyes as you obeyed. You stuck out your entire tongue as he tapped the tip on it a couple of times before he slowly, torturously slid half of his length along your tongue. 
“Just like that baby…get it wet for me,” he breathed out with a little groan as you swirled your tongue around the tip once he pulled it back a little. You sloppily kissed his shaft causing him to twitch on your tongue. Jey nuzzled his head in your hair as you felt him firmly grope your left ass cheek, slightly lifting it up as he dragged his tip between your ass cheeks again. 
“You want this dick baby?” he growled, sliding his tip up and down your slippery, messy entrance. 
“Yes…” you whined. Your left foot dragged along the top of his tatted leg, desperately pushing your ass back at him to grope it the way you liked. Jimmy laid on your other side as you were surrounded by their warm, tatted bodies. 
“Happy birthday…” Jimmy cooed as his lips brushed over yours. A long, high pitched moan escaped your mouth as Jey slowly slipped the tip of his length inside of you, Jimmy taking that opportunity to slip his tongue inside your mouth. You both cradled each others faces as you sloppily made out, Jey’s strokes picking up pace as his length easily slid in and out of your wet hole. 
“Oh my god,” you whined as you felt every long inch of his shaft fill up your walls that contracted around him. 
“This pretty pussy stay liking this dick huh bae?” he growled in your ear as he hooked his arm under your leg, opening more room for him to pile drive his dick inside of you. You couldn’t think straight as you felt your body ignite with pleasure, the sounds of Jey’s balls slapping against your skin overriding the audible slippery strokes of Jimmy’s dick. 
“F-Fuuuuuck…” you whimpered as Jey grabbed your throat from behind, tightly gripping on your jaw as he tilted it up allowing Jimmy to swirl his tongue down your neck. 
“Yeah…take this dick baby,” Jey groaned in between his heavy pants as he buried himself inside of you, Jimmy’s tongue now gliding up, down, and around your right nipple. He enclosed his lips around your nipple as he fiercely sucked and noisily lapped his tongue at the same frantic pace Jey pile drove his dick inside you. Your breast audibly popping in and out of Jimmy’s mouth as long strings of saliva connected your nipple with his lips at every loud, popping suck. 
“Sh-shit,” you moaned as Jey slowed his strokes down, tauntingly reminding you of his gentle thrusts from that late night in his room. 
“This what she like…nice and slow,” he mumbled as he almost pulled his entire length out from your slippery, dripping hole. He tauntingly dipped his tip back in, his entire length throbbing inside of you as Jimmy’s wet, saliva stained lips met your parted ones. 
“She does huh?” Jimmy purred against your tongue, his long fingers shakily sliding down your stomach and over your clit, his middle finger criminally yet slowly massaging it in circles. You pulled on Jimmy’s chain as your tongues sloshed with the other, your other hand gripping on his wrist to keep his finger connected with your clit. You felt dizzy, your eyes could barely stay open from their touches sending you into a euphoric frenzy. You felt a sudden rush down your spine, your lower belly boiled with warm flutters as your moans heightened even louder making Jimmy groan against your mouth, quickly staining all corners of your mouth with his saliva as his teeth pulled on your bottom lip. 
“You gon’ cum baby?” he muttered, his hand picking up pace as he sloppily twisted and circled his palm up, down, and around his shaft as he watched you in pure bliss. 
“Yesyesyes fuck,” you gasped as you felt the tip of Jey’s dick hit your g spot, your walls uncontrollably spasming around his length. You could tell they both were about to nut too as Jimmy’s pants escalated, Jey’s deep groans grew louder in your ear, and your high pitched cries filled the room as you felt shockwaves explode throughout your body once Jimmy rubbed his drizzling tip over your clit. 
“Fuck…yeah baby cum on my dick just like that,” Jey deeply moaned as he thrusted one last time inside of you, his warm seed spilling and filling your walls as you watched Jimmy’s white, creamy ropes shoot in his palm and dribble down his shaft and onto his thighs. You all laid there for what felt like another minute, panting, sweating, and chests glistening and heaving from this unexpected, insane threesome. 
“Oh my god…” you breathed out, tiredly reaching behind to tangle your fingers in Jey’s hair. 
“Best birthday or what?” Jimmy playfully asked with a chuckle, slightly sitting up on his elbows as his low eyes peered up and down your naked body. You licked your lips, your mouth watering at Jimmy’s milky mess. 
“The best…” you smirked, turning over to inch closer to his dick as he swiped your hair back from the side of your face. He held your hair up for you as you licked up his creamy cum, making him pleasurably curse under his shaky breath. You gasped as you felt Jey’s tongue spread open your cheeks to lick you clean of your own nectar.
“Come here,” Jimmy whispered as he pulled you in with the same hand that cradled your face to passionately kiss you. He shot you a wink when you both pulled back making you giggle as Jey loudly slapped your ass again.
“Oh fuck the party!” you covered your mouth as you sat back up, realizing you three were up in your room way longer than you expected. You were surprised no one came knocking on the door looking for you, especially Jasmine. But she definitely learned her lesson from earlier in the night. 
“Whatchu’ mean?” Jimmy kissed his teeth, getting up on his own knees to move your bangs out of your face. 
“She talkin’ about the party downstairs,” Jey chuckled, gripping your hips from behind as he trailed little kisses across your shoulders.
“Nah…they can wait. We ain’t done with you yet.” 
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blacst4r · 2 months
Pairings: Jey uso x black fem x Jimmy uso
Warnings: Smut, Infidelity
Summary: In the midst of relationship turmoil, Lola turns to the wrong person.
gifs ©️mocooper98
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Lola & Jon shared a laugh amongst conversation as they sat on the couch drinking, they'd had a couple glasses since she got here an hour ago. The effects of the bourbon settled nicely in their system, giving them a warm and fuzzy feel as they talked. Jon was a lot more goofier than usual, which had Rayne giggling off every other word. She finished what was left of her drink, setting the glass down beside her feet as her phone buzzed- an incoming call from BABY💍She declined the call, setting her phone to dnd.  
Jon downed his glass too, placing his on the floor before clearing his throat, "so you and uce still not good?" he watched her through heavy lids.
"Nah, we on a break so I can figure shit out, I'm just over the back and forth with him" she rolled her eyes, recounting arguments her and Josh had in the past months. 
Jon chuckled, "guess I'm not helpin with that huh?"
She smiled in response, "no you good, you taking my mind off of it," palming his knee before removing it. 
This became the norm for Lola, as she'd been going through turmoil with Josh for several months now. The countless arguments and constant bickering had her seeking solace in his twin brother Jon, who provided a shoulder to lean on. They'd all known each other for years so she didn't feel uncomfortable going to him, especially since he opened the door figuratively, and literally to vent her frustrations. Jon always seemed to put a smile on her pretty face, taking pleasure in doing so more than his brother. 
Jon secretly had a thing for Lola, and that desire didn't dwindle just because his uce had snatched her up. The boys were different concerning relationships, Josh being more of a playboy, and Jon being more of the committment type. Lola desired marriage and kids when Josh wasn't in a rush with either, handing excuse after excuse. Yet it was Jon who shared similar wants, just unbeknowst to her. He never voiced them because it was evident she was in love with Josh. 
But when their relationship hit a rough patch, Jon was quick to offer up his support, as quick as she was accepting it. That's how she found herself frequenting his home to seemingly unwind from the stress. 
"Aye I'm at yo' service, whatever you need" his hooded eyes possessed a lust as they bore into hers, darkening the longer they connected. Lola became flushed with a heat that had her skin blazing under his stare. It was written all over her face that she was flustered, trying to play it off with an eye roll "boy don't play wit' me." 
Jon licked his lips, "i'm serious, shit i'm low-key mad lil bruh aint treating you right, you deserve better" he admitted, continuing to ramble, "I mean you fine as hell, thick, funny, wife material, shit I woulda been had you at the alter" he professed. He observed her stunned expression as he chuckled to himself, slightly embarassed, "damn I said all dat?" he rubbed his neck, "my bad-"
"Did you really mean it?" she cut him off softly.
With his head lowered, he leered at her, "hell yeah." 
That set off something in her, drawing a lust from within and making her act on it as she crawled over and onto his lap, straddling him. She flipped her braids behind her shoulder as his hands quickly found her hips. The heat that radiated between them was something dangerous, they'd never been this close, in this state of mind. 
"So you think you deserve me?" she spoke barely above a whisper as his hands crept up her sides, shooting a thrill down her spine.
"I know I do, you won't ever need for nothing if you were mine" he declared, with lips inching closer until they ghosted hers. "Big bruh gon treat you better," he planted one kiss, "do you better," then another, "and dig in dat pussy better," until they were full blown making out. Lola threw her arms around his neck, deepening the intoxicating kiss. Their lips moved deliciously in harmony, the small space provided when their lips did part, made room for his tongue to invade her mouth. They could taste the liquid courage that had them sucking each others faces off. 
Jon broke the heated exchange to sloppily kiss along her neck, applying pressure to the most sensitive areas of skin, as she bit her lip and hummed.
He spoke deeply into her ear, "he don't know what to do witchu, but I'mma get you right and send a messege to him."
"So get me right then" she purred boldly.
With her in his hold, he moved to the end of the sofa and rose to his feet, securing her around his waist as he cupped her ass. He headed down a hall, and into his bedroom where his foot nudged the door shut. Jon walked over to the bed and laid Lola down as she began stripping of her plum bralette and matching skirt. Jon followed suit, pulling his jacket up and over his head, revealing his toned and tatted body. He yanked his sweats and briefs down, letting his hard dick spring out. Lola gazed at the sight of his lengthy, thick, member at attention. Damn, he definitely gave Josh some competition.
He stepped out his remaining clothes, wasting no time climbing on top of her, snapping her legs back around him. With arms on either side of her head, his face hovered above hers, "i'mma show that you made a mistake pickin' the wrong twin."
He grabbed his dickhead to line it up with her wet slit, proding at her entrance as she whined before sliding in. They both shared lament as he delved between her walls inch by inch, Jon groaned as he submerged in her wetness, "pussy soaked already, damn Lo." 
"Sshit" she hissed at the way his girth stretched her wide as he buried himself inside, settling balls deep, practically in her stomach. "Fuck Jon" she cursed in amazement.
He started rolling his hips slowly inward, delivering tender strokes to get her adjusted to his size. She wore a softened expression, with sullen lids and lips formed into a pout as she whimpered from every thrust. As her eyes threatened to shut he gripped her chin, "look at me while i'm beatin my pussy up" his lips tighening as he growled with a crazed look, "i'm yo' daddy na."
Her heart skipped a beat as she quickly nodded in obedience, staying locked in on him as he began to pound her harder. Her sweet, mangled, cries filled the room as he dragged his length out to drop it back in. Jon placed their foreheads together as he ghosted her lips, "he shoulda never had you...fuck, imma take you from him baby." Lola wanted to verbally respond so badly, but her words were coiled in her throat, only forming broken wails instead.
Jon was drumming his pole through her cunt at such a frantic pace that her heart thumped, and eyes fluttered everytime he tapped her g-spot. He had her spine curved upward, and her toes curled in.
"Ooooh fuck daddy!!" she called to him weakly as he displayed that cheshire grin, loving the way it rolled off her tongue so passionately.
"Yeah say my name baby...just like that."
He lifted up and unhooked her legs, folding them back before pounding her cunt relentlessly. Her gut-wrenching screams echoed off the walls continuously as she gripped the sheets. He fucked her with purpose and intent while mentally thanking his brother for putting her in this position. Josh pushed Lola away and right into Jons arms, and dick that had her thick thighs trembling from the sensation as she clenched up.
"DADDY! M'BOUTTA CUM!" she shrieked as her stomach knotted up.
"Cum on this dick it's all yours" he snarled, rutting his hips aggressively. She did just that, her juices spurting out with a squeal as he refused to lessen up his speed or stop, too engulfed in her rapture.
He pulsated inside her clamored walls, about to buss with strokes that became more sloppy and rushed, chasing his nut.
"Shit! M'close!" his eyes closed and his mouth went ajar to exhale roughly. His skin shuddered as he emptied inside, filling her up with his warm, creamy seed. He came to a stop, finally pulling out of her and going in for a sensual kiss.
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