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Loyalty- Chapter 1: The Beginning.
Series Summary/Masterlist
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Chapter Summary: The cracks in your sweet persona are showing. Jey wants to help you through them, and Roman wants to capitalize on them.
word count: 13,992 (ik it's long but bare with me!!! you'll get less chapters more content, trust me pls :)) warnings: manipulation, cheating, wrestling related violence.
Tumblr media
Blue used to be your favorite color. The serene hue that used to beckon memories of tranquility, now seemed tainted by the complexities of the present. Your once form fitted sparkling blue gear was now blood stained and glimmering with sweat, the championship it matched no longer in your grasp. 
But now, the color made you want to throw up. The sight of you made you want to throw up.
You stared back at your reflection in your dressing room mirror, the dressing room mirror reflecting an image you hardly recognized. Your face was bruised and distorted, your eye swollen shut and lip cut and bleeding from the fight you were in just moments ago with Ronda Rousey.
And just a few minutes before that match, you were informed that you would be dropping your Smackdown Women's Championship to her, because they thought that was what was best for business. Because not telling you beforehand wasn't what was best for business.
Casting you- the nicknamed Princess of Pain of WWE because of your kind nature and killer attitude in the ring-one of the biggest babyfaces on the roster, one of the biggest merch sellers, one of the greatest on the mic and in the ring, and finally one of their champions after so many years of crawling to the top from the NXT food chain to your win against Sasha Banks in one of the most historic main events ever at Wrestlemania to hold your first main roster title- to the side after less than a month as a champion was best for business.
Making you finally have your moment on the grandest stage of them all only to have it shattered so soon at Ronda's request after she just came back from her months-long vacation was best for business. 
Sami tried to console you, he knew from the look on your face as you left the meeting before your match and ran into him that something was horribly wrong.
But you brushed off his attempts at comforting you with a solemn smile and a 'I'm fine, don't worry about me, Sami.' and took off before he could inquire any more. If he pushed any more with those brown eyes that always seemed to know what you were thinking and those warm arms that he outstretched towards you, you knew you would fall into them and cry. 
You decided instead of yelling at management, you tried to make the best of it and lead Ronda into a good match and push any animosity you had and be cordial- you could get another opportunity in the future. And maybe this would lead to one of your friends-like Liv or Rhea-taking the title off of her and getting their moment they absolutely deserved.
But all those thoughts left your brain when she stared back across the ring from you with that stupid smirk across her face and went off script and punched you square in the nose so hard that it broke and your face was trickled with blood before the bell even rang.
There would be no holding back, you thought. Even if I lose, I'ma make sure I come out the true fucking winner and make her work for it.
And work for it Ronda did. The two of you beat the holy hell out of each other. Under the bright lights, punches were not pulled, and bodies were broken.
The commentary table was destroyed when you pile-driven Ronda through it. Your face was covered in grim and blood from where Ronda attacked it, the blood getting into your eyes and making you wipe it every 5 seconds. and Ronda's shoulder was dislocated from where you rammed a chair into it, relishing in her cries of pain.
How's it feel going off script now, bitch?, you thought. 
Sami knew you weren't okay though when Ronda finally got you into a sleeper hold and your eyes fluttered shut after hanging on for so long, and instead of tapping out as planned, deciding to pass out.
Ronda clearly didn't like what you were doing, since she tightened her grip on your neck and didn't let go for a full five minutes, only pushing herself off of you when Adam Pearce and medical/security staff finally convinced her to let go of you.
"I'm what's best for business!" She screamed into your face, waving your title around with a cocky smirk on her face as she watched you glare at her, pushing away the medical staff weakly and refuse to get on the stretcher, much to their chagrin. "Not some nice weak little bitch who peaked in NXT!"
Her words hurt more than the physical pain you were in, and you kept repeating them in your mind as you wiped your face, wincing with every wipe.
You went to medical, but there was only so much they could do. They put your nose back in place, (Sami barged into the room and forced you to let him stay, and his hand almost broke under your grip when the doctor was fixing your nose), disinfected your lip, gave you some pain meds, and told you that you'd be cleared to wrestle in a couple of weeks, and instructed you to put ice on your bruised body. 
Sami was planning on getting your stuff from your locker room and bringing you to your hotel room so he could help you relax (much to your annoyance, all you wanted to do was be alone and wallow in your own self-pity), when you ran into a concerned looking Kevin in the hallway.
The scene he saw before him- Sami trying to wrap an arm around you to help you up and your stubborn ass refusing him, made him explode in anger and concern. But much like with everything Kevin says, it came out in the worst way possible.
"Just because Ronda knocked the marbles outta your head doesn't mean you get to act stupid. Let Sami help you, you dumbass!" he shouted, gesturing wildly in his frustration.
You glared at Kevin, not in the mood for him tonight.  Why he thought he had any right to speak to you like that was beyond comprehension. He was no longer your best friend, so he shouldn't be acting like he even cared. He didn't care when he cost you how many championships when you were about to win them, did he? Of course now he wants to speak with you.
Despite the pain and the swirling emotions, you managed to push Sami away, moving closer to Kevin with a fiery gaze.
"Oh, so now you wanna care about me? Very funny." you spat, your voice dripping with disdain. "And last time I checked, Ronda came out that match with a broken shoulder, and if you don't get away from me in the next 5 seconds, I'll break yours too."
Kevin huffed as if he couldn't decide between continuing the argument or stepping back, but he saw Sami rubbing your back and trying to comfort you despite your resistance, and he couldn't hold back his sharp tongue or his jealousy.
"Does that only apply to everyone or is Sami the exception as always?" Kevin shot back, his frustration evident in his tone. "For fucks sake, your bleeding and all you can care about is the fact that I'm telling you the truth, and you can't handle it like always."
Your fists clenched at your sides as Kevin's words pierced through the haze of pain and anger. You wanted to scream at him, to make him understand the turmoil raging within you, but the searing pain in your body drowned out any coherent thoughts.
Before you could retort, Sami stepped between you and Kevin, cutting Kevin with a glare that could cut through steel. "Are you seriously jealous that I'm trying to take care of her? Maybe you would have that opportunity if you actually acted like you cared about her!" Sami mocked, his voice low and seething with frustration.
Kevin knew he should've focused on your physical and mental state instead of starting the argument, but the fire was lit and Sami only added to the gasoline. "Maybe I would've had that opportunity if she didn't constantly take your side and ignore her actual best friend!"
At Sami's incredulous look at his statement, Kevin scowled and glared at him. "Don't act like I'm not right. No matter what I do, it's always Sami this, Sami that. 'Oh Y/N, we hate Kevin, we can't trust Kevin.'  Like I don't exist. Like he's the only one who gets to be there for you!" 
Sami glowered at Kevin, shaking his head in disbelief. "I do get to be the only one there for her! Because you weren't there for us when we needed you."
This time it was Kevin shaking his head in disbelief, a wry smile on his face. "Oh my god, do you not hear yourself? We, we, we? You don't care about her, you just care about trying to avenge yourself for the past! You only want her to yourself because you know that your own actions pushed her away, so you are trying to blame yourself on me!"
Your head throbbed with pain as their argument escalated, each word feeling like a dagger in your already wounded heart.  The realization that this altercation was about more than just your well-being dawned upon you. They were fighting for a place in your life, a place you were struggling to define for yourself amidst the chaos of tonight.
"Blame your actions on me! Blame your short comings in your careers on me! Blame Y/N's shitty title reign on me! Blame everything on me, because that's what you always do!  Y/N can't see past your stupid sweet smile and fake friendship to realize that you're manipulating her emotions!" Kevin retorted, his voice rising in frustration.
"Enough!" Your voice shattered through the heated exchange, cutting their argument short. Breathing heavily, you felt the pain and exhaustion wash over you, but a surge of anger and hurt fueled your words. Both men turned to you, their angry expressions faltering at the angry expression on your bruised up face. 
"This is not about you two!" You shouted, your voice a mixture of frustration and agony. "This is about me! About what happened out there!"
You gestured vaguely toward the arena, a reminder of the brutal match you just endured. "This is not about which one of you gets to be by my side or who's the better friend. This is about how I'm feeling right now, which is like absolute shit! I just got my ass handed to me in the ring, and all I want is to be left alone!"
Your voice cracked with emotion as tears welled up in your eyes, a combination of physical pain and the emotional turmoil caused by the situation. You turned to Kevin, who was taking a step forward, his expression now more concerned than combative. 
"Kevin..." You struggled to maintain your composure, wiping away a stray tear. "You want me to stop blaming you? For everything? For all your mistakes? For my 'shitty title reign'?" Kevin winced as your words hit him hard. "Well, I'm sorry if I'm not in the mood to hear about how you're such a great friend and how you care about me after everything that's happened tonight."
Your voice cracked as you fought to keep your emotions in check. "But I'll stop blaming you forever. We are done. Forever. You want to feel no more guilt? You choked on your words, a mix of anguish and frustration bubbling up inside. "Here's your freedom from the burden of my friendship, Kevin. Congratulations."
"And you!" You turned to Sami, who had been until he just now piped up quietly standing by, his face twisted with concern and guilt. "Kevin is right. You seem to think you know what's best for me, but you don't! You both think you know what's best for me, but you don't!"
Your voice trembled with emotion as you struggled to articulate the storm of feelings raging within you. "I'm tired of this, Sami. I'm tired of feeling like I owe you everything because you've been there for me. I'm tired of you expecting me to be okay with everything when I'm not! I'm tired of being pushed and pulled in every direction, as if I'm some prize to be won!"
Sami's eyes widened in shock and hurt, his hand instinctively reaching out to touch your arm, but you flinched away from his touch.  The pain, both physical and emotional, was overwhelming, and you couldn't take it anymore, couldn't take their expectations anymore.
"So I'm done with this. I'm done with the both of you." Your voice shook  as tears streamed down your face, your body trembling from the sheer weight of the emotional turmoil. "I just want to be alone. Please, just leave me alone."
Without waiting for a response, you turned away from both of them and staggered down the hallway, pain pulsating through your body with every step. The sounds of their voices, their arguments, and the echoes of your own shattered feelings reverberated in your mind as you disappeared into the corridor, seeking solace in the solitude of your dressing room.
And now, there you sit, surrounded by the eerie silence of the empty dressing room. The chaos of emotions swirls within, echoing the bruises and wounds that adorn your body.
Eventually you showered and changed into a hoodie and shorts, but you sat right back in your seat, your mind a heavy fog you didn't know how to navigate.  Not some nice weak little bitch who peaked in NXT! Not some nice weak little bitch who peaked in NXT!
You're not sure how long you've been sitting there, lost in the whirlwind of thoughts and feelings. A knock on the door interrupts your solitary moment. Assuming it was Sami or Kevin, you rolled your eyes before realizing you didn't want to see either of them again tonight, or ever.
"I said I want to be alone! So go away!" you call out, your voice strained from the emotional outburst.
"If you're assuming it's those parasites you call best friends, you are mistaken, miss." Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion at the voice, and you stood up to see who it was.
The door creaked open slowly, and in stepped a figure you didn't expect to see- Paul Heyman.
"Paul? What are you doing here?" you asked, wiping away tears and trying to compose yourself in the presence of the unexpected visitor.
"I came to see you. May I have a moment of your time, please?" Paul's tone was calm and measured, and there was something in his demeanor that seemed earnest.
Despite your reluctance to engage with anyone at that moment, there was an air of sincerity in Paul's request that piqued your curiosity. You nodded silently, gesturing for him to proceed.
"I watched your match tonight," Paul began, his gaze steady as he spoke. "What happened out there was unfortunate, to say the least. But I must admit, I was impressed by your resilience, your determination to give it your all despite the circumstances."
You raised an eyebrow, unsure of where Paul was going with this. His presence felt unusual, especially considering the two of you never directly interacted much before. 
"I know we're not directly associated, you and I being on different levels and divisions of the playing field, but I couldn't help but notice something remarkable about your performance," Paul continued, his expression thoughtful. "Your tenacity, your ability to hold your ground, even when faced with adversity, it's something that caught my attention."
You remained silent, studying Paul's demeanor. His words were unexpected, and you couldn't quite grasp his intentions behind this unexpected visit.
"Forgive me if I'm overstepping any boundaries, but I believe there's potential in you that hasn't been fully realized yet," Paul remarked, his gaze unwavering. "You have something special, something that transcends mere championship reigns or victories," Paul emphasized, his expression earnest. "You have the ability to connect with the audience on a deeper level, to evoke emotions, to tell a story. That's a rare gift, one that can't be overshadowed by a single match or a title loss."
You blinked in surprise, not expecting such words from Paul Heyman of all people. His assessment of your performance and his acknowledgement of your capabilities left you momentarily speechless. You'd never imagined receiving this level of acknowledgment from someone of his stature, especially not in the midst of your emotional turmoil.
"I... I don't know what to say," you stammered, your voice wavering slightly as you struggled to process Paul's unexpected praise.
"Take a moment, breathe," Paul offered, a reassuring smile tugging at the corners of his lips. "I didn't mean to overwhelm you. I simply wanted to express my genuine admiration for what you showcased out there tonight. Despite the outcome, you displayed a raw emotion and resilience that's commendable. You have the fire, the determination, and a resilience that's quite admirable. But sometimes, in this business, one needs more than just talent and determination to succeed."
You frowned slightly, feeling a mix of curiosity and skepticism. "Excuse me, but what exactly are you trying to say, Paul?" you inquired, your voice tinged with a hint of caution.
Paul paused for a moment, as if choosing his words carefully.
"What I'm trying to convey is that sometimes, the most powerful narratives in this industry are born out of moments like this. Moments of struggle, of pain, of setbacks. Your journey resonates with the audience because it's real, it's relatable. You've faced challenges, setbacks, and yet you continue to fight, not just in the ring but against the odds stacked against you. And that's where true stories are born, in the depths of adversity."
You didn't know how to react to Paul's words. He was offering a perspective you hadn't considered amidst the chaos of emotions and conflicts you were dealing with, but why he was expressing this to you was still a mystery.
"I understand this might be a lot to take in, especially given the circumstances," Paul acknowledged, his tone empathetic. " But I believe that your journey doesn't end here, with this loss. It continues, it evolves, and it becomes something greater. It doesn't end with a loss, it starts with one."
You narrowed your eyes slightly, trying to discern Paul's true intentions behind his unexpected pep talk. His words were both encouraging and cryptic, leaving you with a sense of curiosity and intrigued. 
"I appreciate your perspective, Paul," you said cautiously, your voice tinged with a mix of gratitude and skepticism. "But why are you telling me this?"
Paul smiled slightly, his eyes glinting with a sense of intrigue. "Because I want to help you start your journey." He pulled out something from his pocket and handed it to you - a business card with The Bloodline's contact information.
"I understand you are old friends with Roman Reigns," Paul explained. "The Head of the Table. He's been quite impressed with your work, always has been. But tonight he would like to offer you something more than just admiration. He wants to offer you an opportunity."
Your eyebrows shot up in surprise. The idea of being offered an opportunity by your old friend Roman tonight was unexpected, to say the least. You glanced down at the business card in your hand, then back up at Paul, waiting for further explanation.
"Roman sees potential in you, in what you bring to the table," Paul continued, his tone measured yet confident. "And he's not just saying it as a friend-he is saying it as the Head of the Table, as the leader of The Bloodline. And I understand that the two of you have history, a friendship that predates your WWE career. Upper management might not believe in you, but Roman does, trust me. And after tonight, he sees that they need to believe in you too."
Your mind raced with a flurry of emotions and thoughts. The unexpected turn of events, the offer from Roman, the belief that someone like Paul Heyman seemed to have in your potential - it was all overwhelming, especially in the midst of your emotional turmoil and the fallout with your friends.
"I am gonna be really honest and tell you that I am bruised, I am beaten and I don't have the mental capacity to absorb all of this right now." You admitted,  your voice trembling slightly with exhaustion. 
Paul chuckled, smiling wide at you. This was going well.
"I understand. I didn't expect you to have it all figured out in one moment," Paul reassured, his tone understanding. "Take your time. Rest, recover, and if you ever want to explore possibilities beyond what's currently being presented to you, if you want to tell a story that truly reflects your spirit and resilience, give me a call." 
You stared at the business card in your hand, surprised at the turn of events.  "Think about it," Paul said, noting your contemplative expression, before nodding at you and leaving the room, leaving you alone with your thoughts.
You sank back into the chair when you were once again enveloped by the silence of the empty dressing room. You didn't know what to think, what to do, how to act. All you knew was that you wanted to go to your hotel room and sleep this day off. You sat up, grabbing your phone and checking it.
outgoing text to Seth <;3: I need you tonight. come over to my room?
You sighed, but your body was not surprised and too weak for you to be angry. You could deal with your brooding boyfriends self later. You didn't have the emotional capacity to baby him on why he should care about you right now.
You grabbed your stuff, heading out of the dressing room with a heavy heart and a weary body. Your uber ride was quick, and you finally arrived at your hotel room.
The exhaustion and emotional weight of the day settled in as you entered the room, the only solace being the relative quiet and isolation. You decided to take a quick shower, hoping that the warm water might provide a momentary escape from the chaos of the day. As the water cascaded down, you felt a bit of the tension ebbing away, though the emotional turmoil lingered.
After the shower, you slipped into comfortable pajamas, feeling the heaviness of the day sinking in. Your phone dinged with a text, and you picked it up, expecting it to be Seth or one of the girls asking if you were okay.
Instead, the message was from an unknown number, which struck you as odd. Curious, you opened it to read:
"Hey, it's Jey. Paul gave me your number. I know you was expecting Roman, but unfortunately, he's occupied right now. He wanted me to reach out to you instead. If you need anything or want to talk, I'm here. Take care."
You blinked in surprise at the unexpected message from Jey Uso. Why he might be reaching out on Roman's behalf was a bit puzzling. Why any of this was happening right now was puzzling. You didn't have the energy for this. So despite the curiosity gnawing at you, you didn't respond.
Turning your phone off, you snuggled into your bed, the warm covers offering you comfort from your pain. Your eyes fluttered shut, the exhaustion taking over, and soon, you were lost in the realm of sleep with only one thought on your mind.
You were going to get your comeuppance, no matter what. 
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Tumblr media
"Why do we even need to think of adding a new person in the Bloodline? She ain't even talk to none of us anyways." Jey sighed as he shut off his phone from where he was checking your Instagram, in anger or disappointment he didn't know.
It had been almost 2 months since you were seen in the WWE, and you never responded to his text message. Or, according to rumors, to any of the higher ups either. Apparently you told them you'd come back when you were ready, and left it at that, leaving them just as much in the dark as the fans were.
Jey just assumed that you were feeling overwhelmed or needed some personal space to get better and that's why you ain't respond to him, but after the first week he concluded you were ignoring him deliberately.
"Roman, she ain't even trying to reach out or nothing," Jey continued, frustration evident in his voice. "Paul's been trying to push her into this whole thing, but she's just ghosted everyone. What's the point of bringing her into the mix if she don't even wanna be here?"
Roman glanced up from the papers on his desk, his expression unreadable. He had his suspicions about your absence, but he chose to keep them to himself.
"Give her time, Jey," he said calmly. "If she's not responding, it means she's not ready or willing to engage. We can't force her into something she's not comfortable with. Trust me, I know how she is. She's like you; she moves at her own pace and needs space, otherwise that fire she has will simmer down."
Jey let out a frustrated sigh, tossing his phone onto the table. He understood what Roman was saying, but for whatever reason it still frustrated him not to hear from you. He never even talked to you-you shared the same circle but never crossed paths-yet when he saw your Instagram pics he felt a connection that he couldn't explain.  
"I just feel like we're all sitting here waiting for something that might never happen," Jey muttered, looking up at Roman with a mix of concern and frustration.
Roman checked his watch and leaned back in his chair, folding his hands behind his head, his gaze fixed on Jey. "Trust me, we won't be waiting any longer." 
Jey raised an eyebrow, confusion written all over his face before a knock on the door interrupted their conversation. Roman gestured for Jey to open it.
The door creaked open slowly, revealing you , standing in the doorway. Your appearance was a stark contrast from the last time they saw you—determined, your gaze steady despite the tiredness in your eyes, your aura a mix of confidence and vulnerability. It was evident that the time away had changed you, but in ways they couldn't quite discern.
You glanced between Roman and Jey, a mixture of emotions playing across your face—resilience, uncertainty, and a hint of determination.
"Y/N?" Jey exclaimed in surprise, his eyes widening as he took in your presence. Roman remained composed, his gaze fixed on you as he gestured for you to come in.
You hesitated for a moment but Jey closing the door behind you prompted you to step forward into the room. You were wearing a low cut black tank top, your hair pulled back into a messy bun, and loose jeans, a far cry from the glitz and glam of your WWE persona. You hadn't expected to come back just yet, but something in you told you it was time, time to face what you had been avoiding.
"Sorry I'm late-" You tried to apologize but Roman interrupted, his voice calm and composed. "No need to apologize. You're right on time. Take a seat."
You pursed your lips, sitting down as indicated, feeling the weight of the atmosphere in the room. Roman's composed demeanor didn't fail to remind you of the authority he held, even in a casual setting like this.
"I know I've been MIA, and I haven't been responsive," you began, your voice tentative as you glanced between Roman and Jey. "There's no excuse for my absence or for not responding to your messages."
Jey opened his mouth to speak, but Roman held up a hand, indicating he should remain silent for now. "We understand," Roman said calmly, his gaze fixed on you. "We just wanted to ensure you were okay. We know you needed your time. Are you healing up okay?"
You nodded, the weight of their understanding and non-confrontational approach easing some of the tension in your shoulders. "Yeah, I'm getting better, but it's been a process." You admitted, lifting your shirt slightly to reveal a faint scar along your ribs that made both men wince. "As you can see."
"Damn, Ronda really fucked you up, huh?" At your glare, Jey winced and apologized, "I mean, sorry. Didn't mean to be rude. Just saying, it's good to see you back though. People here missed you."
Roman inclined his head slightly, his expression unreadable. "Indeed. Your absence has been felt, Y/N."
You swallowed hard, feeling a mix of emotions swirling within you. Being back here, facing Roman, it was both daunting and strangely comforting. "I... I didn't plan on coming back just yet, but something made me reconsider."
Jey leaned forward, curiosity evident in his voice. "What made you change your mind?"
You hesitated for a moment, unsure of how much you wanted to disclose. You were close with Roman after all, not Jey. But something in his gaze told you that this conversation was one you could trust them with. Trust him with. 
"I needed time away, time to think, to heal. But something in me told me it was time to face things, to come back and finish the journey." 
Roman leaned back into his chair, his gaze still focused on you. "I'm glad that you're back, and I apologize that we haven't been in contact like we used to. Being the head of the ribal Chief comes with its own responsibilities, and sometimes that means we overlook things. But I assure you, you're still family to me. Which is why I sent Paul after you to make sure you were alright."
Your eyebrows shot up in surprise at Roman's words, the mention of Paul's involvement still puzzling you. "Yeah, about Paul?" you questioned, confusion evident in your voice. "He reached out to me a while back, but I didn't quite understand what he wanted. Something about an opportunity."
Roman nodded, a slight smirk playing at the corners of his lips. "Yes. I told him to check up on you, see how you were doing. But most importantly, to ask you about an opprounity." He paused, leaning forward, his demeanor shifting to a more business-like tone. "And that is to be my right hand woman." 
Your breath caught in your throat at Roman's statement, and you were sure that if you were drinking water that would have been the moment you'd have spat it out in surprise. "I-I'm sorry?"
Roman, to his credit, maintained his composed demeanor, his gaze steady yet filled with a hint of amusement at your reaction as he repeated himself. “I want you by my side, as a part of the Bloodline. To be the right hand woman I need. You've got the fire and resilience that I've been looking for. You might have been gone for a bit, but it doesn't change what you bring to the table. And I want to make you start your journey and realize you bring the whole damn universe to the table."
You were speechless, your mind reeling from this entire converstation.  Being invited to be a part of the Bloodline, to serve as Roman's right hand, it was beyond anything you had imagined or anticipated. 
"I... I don't know what to say," you stammered, your mind racing with a flurry of emotions. "But.. I'm not blood like the rest of you. I'm not a part of your family, Roman. I don't know if I fit in with the Bloodline."
Roman leaned back in his chair, a faint smirk playing on his lips as he observed your reaction. "That's why I said my right hand woman, not my right hand blood. Like with  Paul, he's my wiseman and not my blood. You can be that, and so much more." Roman's words were deliberate, his tone holding a weight of certainty. 
Roman's words were deliberate, his tone holding a weight of certainty. "You can be the greatest woman's champion the WWE has ever seen. You can be the greatest asset to the Bloodline, regardless of blood relations. You can be the greatest woman to hold this position, all the power, and you don't need to be blood to achieve that." He leaned closer to you, his eyes fixated on yours, his words laden with conviction. "All you have to do is acknowledge me."
You breathed heavily,  were taken aback by Roman's sincerity and the offer itself. It was something you hadn't anticipated, especially after your absence and the confusion that surrounded your return. "But why do you want me?" You asked,  your voice a mixture of uncertainty and curiosity. "I mean, I've been gone for so long. There are others who could be much better at this role, much more qualified than I am."
Roman leaned back in his chair, a small smirk playing on his lips as he regarded you. "Even after all these years you are still as modest as ever," he remarked, his voice carrying a hint of amusement.
"I want you because you bring something to the table that others might not possess. I realized that in this group of men that I lead, I need a woman that can calm our fires and amplify our strengths, yet ignite those same fires when necessary. I need a woman that can command respect without uttering a word, someone who carries their own weight, and someone who's unafraid to respectfully challenge me when needed because I trust your judgement after years of friendship. You possess a fire that's essential for what I envision. You might not see it, but I do."
You were stunned by Roman's words. His perception of you and the role he believed you could play within the Bloodline were far beyond what you had imagined. The weight of his trust and the responsibility he was offering left you feeling both honored and overwhelmed.
"I... I need some time to think about this," you finally replied, still processing the enormity of Roman's proposition. "It's a lot to take in, Roman. I appreciate the offer, but you must understand that I need a minute to-"
"I understand," Roman interrupted, his voice gentle yet firm. "Take all the time you need. I don't expect an answer right away. Just know that the offer stands, and whenever you're ready to give me your response, I'll be here." He leaned back, giving you a reassuring nod that you delivered back. "Jey, walk her out."
Jey, who had been observing the exchange in silence, leaned forward and stood up, nodding at Roman. "Sure thing, Uce." He turned to you, offering you a small smile as he was a gentlemen, but his expression was guarded. "C'mon, I'll walk you out."
You nodded, feeling a mix of emotions swirling within you. Standing up from your seat, you cast one last glance at Roman, who nodded in acknowledgment before you followed Jey out of the room.
As you walked alongside Jey, silence enveloped both of you. It was a strange feeling—being back here, facing the unexpected turn of events, facing your own emotions, and considering the proposition Roman had offered. Jey seemed contemplative, as if he had questions but chose not to voice them until you were almost at the exit.
You blinked at Jey's question, taking a moment to process his words. "Why what?" you asked, slightly puzzled by his sudden inquiry.
"Why you?" Jey clarified, glancing at you with a mix of curiosity and scrutiny. "I mean, I know ya'll are friends, but you've been gone for a while. You've been quiet, and suddenly, the Tribal Chief wants you back as his right hand. What's so special about you?"
You paused, considering your response. Jey had a point. Your sudden reappearance and Roman's offer might seem surprising to someone observing from the outside. Taking a breath, you decided to offer a glimpse of your perspective.
"I wish I could give you an answer, Jey." You replied, your voice measured as you walked alongside him. "But I honestly don't know. This all happened so fast. One minute I'm trying to cope with my loss, and the next, Roman's offering me a position within the Bloodline." You looked at him quizzically before continuing. "Why do you think Roman offered this to me?"
Jey furrowed his brows, contemplating your question. He wasn't expecting you to seek his input on the matter. Nobody really asked him for his opinion within the family, but there was something in your gaze that prompted him to consider your query seriously. Maybe it was because you actually desired his opinion in a time where no one else did that slightly warmed his heart, but he’d never admit it.
"I don't know," Jey replied honestly, shaking his head slightly. "But Roman sees something in you. Something that he thinks can be an asset to us. You might not see it, but he does."
He paused, glancing at you briefly before averting his gaze. "Maybe it's 'cause he trusts you. Or maybe there's something you bring that nobody else does. I ain't sure, but I know when Roman makes a move like this, he's got his reasons. He don't just do things without a reason."
You nodded thoughtfully, giving Jey a smile as you processed his words. "Well, whatever the reason, I hope it leads to me seeing you around more often,” you added with a light chuckle, trying to ease the tension slightly.
Jey offered a small smile in return, though his expression remained somewhat guarded even though he wanted to be friendly. A nice pretty girl wanted to be his friend and all he was doing was analyzing her for answers on Roman. “Yeah, we'll see about that," he replied cryptically before opening the door for you. "Take care of yourself, okay?"
You gave Jey a nod of acknowledgment, appreciating his gesture. "You too, Jey. Thanks for walking me out." With a last smile, Jey watched as you left the arena, your beautiful presence disappearing as you stepped out.
‘Damn,’ Jey thought to himself, there's something more to her than meets the eye.’ Maybe he had underestimated you. Maybe it's worth paying attention to.
And maybe he wouldn’t hate getting to know you more.
Tumblr media
You winced slightly as you changed into your gym clothes in the locker room. It had been a few months now since you got hurt, and you were now cleared, but your body still hurt like a bitch.
It had also been a few months since Roman asked you to join the Bloodline, and you gave him your answer a few weeks later: A resounding yes.
You tried to acknowledge him in the confines of his office with the Jimmy, Jey and Paul with you, but Roman told you that he'd make you acknowledge when you passed his test and he would know for sure you were loyal to the Bloodline. Roman told you in the meantime thought to get acquainted with the rest of the members, and to start training with them until you were ready to be on TV again. Which led to you going to the Bloodline's own personal gym located in the arena and training and hanging out with the twins.
Jimmy was funny, cool, and always hyped up, and quickly took a liking to you because of your shared humor and your kind spirit; the two of you were always goofing around and letting loose. But Jey was- as you found out- a tough nut to crack.
It wasn't like he was rude- he never yelled at you or treated you poorly. In fact, he was quite respectful, but  but he had a guarded demeanor around you. He was more reserved, observant, and often seemed lost in his thoughts. You found it a bit challenging to get him to open up or engage in conversations beyond the necessary exchanges during training sessions.
It was like there was an invisible barrier that kept you both at a distance. You couldn't quite pinpoint why, but there was an underlying tension whenever you were around him. You tried to engage in conversation, crack jokes, or even just ask about his day, but his responses were always short and guarded.
It was like he had his guard up around you all the time, but it didn't make things awkward or uncomfortable; rather, it made you more determined to break through that barrier.
But it wasn't your own doing that almost broke through that barrier though. It was Kevin. One day, after a particularly tough training session, you were sitting on the bench catching your breath while Jey was nearby, lost in his thoughts as usual. You glared when you saw Kevin coming over to you.
"This is a private gym, Kevin. I knew you were stupid, but I didnt think you were illiterate." You spat at him. Kevin wasn't fazed by your reaction, instead coming closer to you. 
"You're right. This is a private gym for the Bloodline. So what are you doing here?" Kevin huffed at you. This had to be a mistake, there's no way you would join the faction that tried to take him out.
"I am here as part of the Bloodline. So you need to leave." You stood up, facing Kevin with determination in your eyes. The tension in the air was palpable, and it seemed like a confrontation was inevitable.
Jey, who had been nearby, observing the interaction, raised a cautious eyebrow at Kevin's approach and your response. He had seen you and Kevin exchange words before, and it was clear there was some animosity between you two. He and everyone knew you guys were ex-best friends, and Jey wasn't one to meddle in others' business, especially when it came to personal disputes, but something about this situation made him uneasy.
Kevin glanced between you and Jey, his expression morphing into one of disbelief. "You?" He scoffed, his tone laced with incredulity. "Part of the Bloodline? That's a joke, right?"
 When you didn't respond, he chuckled sarcasatically, like he couldn't believe it. "Are you kidding me? Are you stupid? Damn, I was right when I said that Ronda knocked some marbles outta your head. You really think that joining them is a good idea? They are nothing but manipulative shitheads."
You rolled your eyes, unamused by Kevin's insults. Typical Kevin, never congratulating you on anything good you do or are a part of. "You don't know anything about what's going on, Kevin. So just leave."
But Kevin seemed undeterred, his voice rising slightly. "They're using you, Y/N. Can't you see that? You're better than this. Don't let them drag you down into their mess. They'll chew you up and spit you out like they do with everyone else."
You tried to ignore him and go back to lifting your weights, but Kevin snatched the dumbbell from your hand, causing you to stand up abruptly, a mix of frustration and anger evident on your face. "Give it back, Kevin," you demanded firmly, your tone leaving no room for negotiation.
"Not until you tell me what the hell is going on with you! Are you this demented that you can't see when you're being played?"
"Seems like the only demented person here is you!" You tried to grab he dumbbell back, but Kevin held onto it firmly, a stubborn look on his face. The tension in the gym escalated as your argument continued, both of you getting more heated with your words.
"They are just using you!"
"Of course you would know about using people, that's all you ever do!"
"God, you are so much like Sami! So fucking naive and stubborn!"
The mention of Sami seemed to strike a nerve with you. You clenched your jaw, your expression turning stony as you took a step closer to Kevin.
"I told you that I'm done with you and Sami," you seethed, your voice low and filled with a dangerous edge. "So give me back the dumbbell and get the fuck out of here, and the fuck out of my life."
"Im just trying to protect you, damn it!" 
"She don't need your protecting no more, she got the Bloodline." The both of you turned at the sudden interruption, and you looked up at Jey who moved in front of you and was glaring at Kevin with an intense gaze, his tone firm and commanding.
"Excuse me? This doesn't concern you, so just leave us alone." Kevin glared at Jey, not appreciating his interference. To him, Jey was just another member of the faction that he despised and that was using you. 
Jey narrowed his eyes slightly, his stance unwavering and  his voice steady as he spoke. "She's a part of the Bloodline now, Kevin. It does concern me. Give her the dumbbell, and leave us alone."
Kevin stared back at Jey for a moment, his eyes flickering between Jey's imposing stance and your determined one, and you thought that a fight would break out between them, but eventually, he dropped the dumbbell with a scoff. "
Fine. But don't think that I'm letting them take you from me." With that threat, Kevin shot one last glare at both of you before storming out of the gym.
You let out a sigh of relief, feeling the weight of the confrontation easing off your shoulders. Turning to Jey, who was still standing in front of you, you were taken aback by the protective stance he had taken during the argument.
"Thank you, Jey," you said softly, grateful for his intervention. "I appreciate you stepping in."
Jey shrugged slightly, his guard still up but a hint of something softer in his expression. "Didn't seem right to let him get in your face like that," he muttered, his voice gruff but underlying concern evident in his tone.
You nodded in understanding, feeling a sense of camaraderie in the way Jey had backed you up. "Yeah, he's always been like that." You chuckled slightly, trying to lighten the mood. "Always thinks he knows what's best for me."
Jey's lips twitched into a small smile, a glimmer of warmth breaking through his guarded demeanor.  "Sounds familiar,"he replied cryptically, the corner of his mouth quirking up slightly.
He shifted his weight slightly, glancing around the gym before his gaze settled back on you. "You good?"
You nodded, offering Jey a reassuring smile. "Yeah, I'm good. Thanks again." There was a brief moment of silence between the two of you, before Jey cleared his throat, a hint of uncertainty in his voice as he spoke up. "Listen, I know I ain't been the most welcoming or talkative. Just... didn't feel like my place to get involved with your business. But.. I gotta ask you something."
You paused, curious about what Jey wanted to ask you. "Sure, what's up?" you replied, your tone inviting despite the underlying tension from the earlier confrontation with Kevin.
Jey hesitated for a moment, his guarded expression faltering slightly as he glanced away before meeting your gaze again. "Why you ain't text me back?"
You blinked, taken aback by the unexpected question. "Why didn't I text you back?" You echoed, surprised by the sudden inquiry. You took a moment to gather your thoughts, unsure of how to respond to Jey's question. After a beat, you offered an honest answer, wanting to address his concern no matter how embarrassing it would be.
"It wasn't intentional, Jey," you began, your voice gentle as you met his gaze. "Everything happened so suddenly, and I needed time to myself. I didn't mean to ignore you or anyone else. And Seth... you know my boyfriend, right?" Jey nodded, and you continued, "He saw it and kind of got...don't laugh... jealous about you reaching out, so he asked me not to reply to anyone outside my close circle."
You chuckled nervously, feeling a bit embarrassed admitting it. A boyfriend shouldn't have an issue with you talking to whoever you wanted, but Seth wasn't a good boyfriend, as much as you didn't want to admit it.  "I didn't want to make things worse by explaining, so I just... didn't respond to anyone. I'm sorry if I offended you."
Jey raised an eyebrow, his expression shifting to one of understanding mixed with a hint of surprise. "Oh." Jey nodded slowly, processing your explanation, a small smile threatening to break out on his face. He aint even do anything yet your man was getting all jealous. 
You spotted the smile and groaned, holding your hand in your face in embarrassment. "You said you wouldn't laugh!" you protested, feeling your cheeks flush with embarrassment.
Jey chuckled lightly, the smile finally breaking through as he shook his head at the sight of you being bashful. " "I ain't laughin', I'm just... surprised. Seth really got jealous over that?" He shook his head in disbelief before looking back at you with a more serious expression.
You let go of your face and looked up at him, shrugging and Jey felt his heart hurt slightly when your smile was replaced with a frown at the memory of your relationship. 
"It's okay, Y/N. You ain't gotta apologize. Don't worry about it. It's in the past." Jey reassured you, his tone gentle as he placed a hand on your shoulder briefly, a gesture of comfort. "I get it, you needed your space. I just wanted to know you were okay." Seth clearly wasn't a good guy if he was getting you all worked up like this, clearly not appreciating the literal goddess in his life that was you. Roman was right, Seth really was an idiot. 
You offered Jey a grateful smile, feeling a sense of relief wash over you at his understanding. "Thanks, Jey. I appreciate that." Despite the earlier tension, you felt a certain warmth in this moment of connection with him.
Jey nodded, a small smile still playing on his lips before that guarded expression returned. "Anytime. Just... next time, let me know you're taking a break, yeah?" he said, a hint of playful teasing in his voice before his expression turned serious again. "I'll see you around."
 With that, Jey nodded at you before walking away, leaving you to contemplate the unexpected exchange.
And now, you were getting ready to have another training session with him and hopefully break through his tough demeanor. As you were lacing up your sneakers, the door opened, and in popped  in Becky Lynch. You smiled at the sight of one of your closest friends, who was also now the Raw Women's Champion- you couldn't be more proud of her.
But that smile dropped into a frown at the sight of her in near tears, and when her eyes locked onto yours, they seemed to fill with more emotion.
"Hey, what's wrong?" you asked, concerned as you stood up and walked over to her, opening up your arms to her for a hug.
Becky rushed into your arms, her body shaking slightly as she held onto you tightly, her voice muffled against your shoulder. "I-I can't tell you."
You furrowed your brow, concern deepening as you gently rubbed her back. "You can tell me anything, you know that." You brought the both of you to the couch and sat down, waiting for Becky to calm down enough to speak. After a few moments, she took a deep breath and looked at you with teary eyes.
"You're gonna hate me. God, you're so nice and understanding, and I'm about to ruin it." Becky wiped her tears, trying to steady her voice as she spoke. 
"No, you're not." You tried to hug her again, offering reassurance. "Whatever it is, Becky, I won't hate you. Just tell me what's going on."
Becky pulled back slightly, her eyes locking onto yours, a mix of guilt and pain in her gaze. "Seth and I have been sneaking behind your back."
Your heart stopped and your mind went blank. You had a million thoughts rushing through your head, but you couldn't seem to process any of them. The silence lingered between you and Becky as the weight of her confession sank in.
"What?" Your voice turned cold but was barely above a whisper as you processed the words Becky had just confessed. It felt like the ground beneath you had crumbled, leaving you suspended in a state of disbelief.
Becky winced, her gaze filled with remorse and regret. "Yes, we've been seeing each other," Becky admitted, her voice wavering with guilt. "It started a while back. We didn't mean for it to happen, it just... did."
Your throat tightened, and you felt a surge of anger and hurt swirling within you. You had always supported Becky through anything and everything. When she needed someone, you were there for her, yet she betrayed your trust in the worst way possible. And she came in here and hugged you and tried to get your comfort when she was the one who caused you such pain.
It felt like a punch to the gut. You were used. You always gave too much and received betrayal in return. You pulled away from Becky, your expression a mix of shock, hurt, and anger. 
"How long?" The question escaped your lips before you could stop it, your voice barely audible as you fought to maintain composure.
Becky  sighed, her expression pained. "Please, don't make me hurt you even mo-"
"How. Long." Any traces of the kind, caring tone had vanished from your voice, replaced by an icy coldness that mirrored the betrayal and hurt you felt. Your eyes bore into Becky's, demanding an answer despite the turmoil of emotions swirling within you.
Becky sighed heavily, looking down as if unable to meet your gaze. "A few months. I'm so sorry, Y/N. We never meant to hurt you. It just... happened."
"You never meant to hurt me." you repeated, feeling a surge of disbelief and anger rising within you. "While I was dealing with everything, you and Seth... behind my back, and you never meant to hurt me!?" You shouted , your voice cracking with the weight of betrayal and hurt. The pain cut deep, and the sense of betrayal overwhelmed you.
Becky's eyes filled with more tears, her voice shaky as she tried to explain. "It was a mistake, Y/N. Please, I never wanted this to happen. I was just confused, and I know that's not an excuse, but I never wanted to hurt you."
You shook your head in disbelief, feeling anger and heartbreak intertwine within you. "You knew what I was going through. You knew how much I was struggling, and yet, you did this." Your voice wavered as you struggled to comprehend the magnitude of the betrayal. "You came to me for comfort, you acted like nothing was wrong, and all the while... this was happening."
Becky reached out to you, her expression desperate and remorseful. "I'm so sorry, Y/N. Please, I never wanted to hurt you. You are so sweet and kind, I didn't want to tell you because I knew how much this would hurt you, so I thought keeping it to myself would solve that, but I couldn't live with the guilt." She waited for your answer, but when you didn't respond, Becky paused, her eyes pleading for forgiveness. "Please..."
You looked up at Becky, your vision clouded by a mixture of pain, anger, and betrayal. Her desperate plea for forgiveness echoed in your ears and fueled your anger. It was rare that you would get angry, because you couldn't control yourself when it happened, but this was an exception.
 How dare she act sad when she 's the one who caused this pain? How could she deceive you like this? 
You stood up from the couch, distancing yourself from Becky, your eyes red with anger. "You're right, I am sweet and kind." You got up and closed the door, making Becky's eyebrows furrow in concern.
"Y/N, what are you doing?"
You ignored her and slowly made your way to her, and Becky could clearly see the anger in your usually sweet eyes. It was terrifying. She realized too late what you were about to do. "Maybe that should change. Right. Now."
Tumblr media
Jey sucked his teeth in concern as he made his way down the hallway, checking his phone to see if you messaged him back. You were 20 minutes late, so naturally he got concerned and annoyed at the fact that you were late. Maybe you and Kevin got into another fight? The thought made him walk faster to your locker room.
As he approached the hallway it was in, he heard banging and raised voices and saw  a crowd that was surrounding something. Immediately Jey realized it was your locker room and a knot formed in his stomach.
He quickly pushed through the crowd and saw you holding Becky by the hair and slamming her against the wall, anger etched deeply into your expression, and Seth trying and failing to separate the two of you. 
"You're sorry, Becky!?" You screamed into her face, slamming her into the wall again, punching her over and over again, the anger clouding your judgement. Your nails digged into her skin, and tears streamed down Becky's face as she tried to shield herself from the blows.
Seth tried to intervene, but you grabbed him and slammed him onto the floor, hitting him low before going back to Becky. "The both of you mean nothing to me! Nothing!"
Jey's heart sank at the sight before him. He immediately rushed forward, trying to pry you away from Becky. The look on your face scared him. It was a side of you he had never seen before. "Y/N, stop! Stop it!"
You were consumed by rage, blinded by the betrayal and hurt that coursed through you. It took all of Jey's strength to pull you away from Becky, holding you back as you continued to struggle against his grip, your fists clenched, yearning to lash out again.
You tried to claw at Becky, grabbing her hair but Jey quickly grabbed your hands and restrained you, trying his best to calm you down and keep you from causing more harm. "Y/N, calm down! Please, calm down!"
Becky was visibly shaken, tears streaming down her face as she held her head, the impact against the wall still ringing in her ears. "I'm sorry, Y/N. Please, I never meant to hurt you."
Your adrenaline-fueled rage had consumed you, and you tried to fight off Jey, but he dragged the both of you away from the chaotic scene. He had to use all his strength to hold you back, your struggle showing no sign of ceasing. "Y/N, stop, it's enough! It's over!"
The commotion had attracted the attention of security, who swiftly arrived to help Jey calm the situation. They assisted in separating you from Becky and Seth, guiding each of you to different areas to diffuse the tension.
You were seething with anger and pain, your emotions swirling into a maelstrom that clouded your thoughts. Jey kept a firm grip on you, trying to talk you down. "Y/N, look at me. You need to breathe. You're not thinking straight."
You were too far gone to be responsive to Jey's words. All you could think of was Becky and Seth kissing each other, betraying your trust, and the way they had deceived you. The hurt was overwhelming, clouding any rational thought.
Jey continued to hold onto you, trying his best to calm your raging emotions. "Look at me."
You were shaking with anger and pain, your eyes blazing with an intensity that Jey had never seen before. He knew that trying to reason with you in this state would be futile, but he had to do something to snap you out of this anger-fueled haze.
He grabbed you and hauled you both into the nearest locker room and sat you down on the couch. You were shaking and tried to stand up to make a break for it, but Jey blocked the door, firmly keeping you inside. "Y/N, listen to me. You're not thinking clearly. You need to breathe and calm down."
You glared at Jey, your chest heaving with anger and hurt. "Let me go, Jey. I need to... I need to..."
"You need to calm down first," Jey interrupted, his voice firm but filled with concern. You tried to push past him, but he wouldn't budge. 
Your hands trembled with rage, and you felt an overwhelming urge to lash out again, to confront Becky and Seth, to make them understand the pain they'd caused. But Jey's presence and his calming tone managed to break through the fog of your emotions, albeit slightly.
"You ain't going nowhere, Y/N. What you gon' do is sit ya pretty ass down and some deep breaths for me, drink some water, and try to calm yourself."  Jey instructed, his voice commanding yet filled with genuine care. 
"I can't calm down!" You shouted, the pain evident in your eyes as you tried to push him one last time, until he managed to gently restrain you, forcing you to sit back down on the couch.
Jey sat beside you, maintaining a firm yet comforting grip on your shoulders. "Yes, you can. Take deep breaths with me, okay? In... and out." He demonstrated the rhythm, inhaling deeply and exhaling slowly, encouraging you to follow suit.
"B-but they-"
Jey gently interrupted you with a reassuring tone. "They ain't worth your peace, Y/N. Right now, you need to focus on you. I know it hurts, but you can't let them see you break. They ain't worth it. You are worth more than that."
You took in a shaky breath, trying to emulate Jey's breathing pattern. Inhaling deeply, you closed your eyes and attempted to regain control over your emotions. Gradually, your breathing began to steady, the adrenaline slowly subsiding.
"That's it." Jey encouraged softly, noticing your attempts to calm down. "Keep breathing. You're doing great." Whenever the anger seemed to rise again, Jey would gently remind you to focus on your breath, guiding you through the calming exercise until your breathing regulated, and the storm of emotions began to ebb away, leaving behind a heavy, lingering ache.
As the initial shock and fury lessened, tears welled up in your eyes, threatening to spill over. Jey sensed the shift in your emotions and pulled you into a comforting hug. "It's okay, Y/N. Let it out. You've been through a lot."
You clung to Jey, the dam finally breaking as you sobbed, the weight of betrayal and hurt cascading out of you. Jey held you close, providing a steady presence and a comforting embrace as you allowed the flood of emotions to pour out.
"T-They fucking went behind my back," you choked out between sobs, your voice raw with pain and betrayal. "I trusted them, Jey. I trusted them with everything."
Jey rubbed your back soothingly, offering silent support as you let out the pent-up emotions as he tried to not get angry himself. He would defiantly be beating Seth's ass after this. "I know, Y/N. I know," he murmured gently, his voice filled with empathy.
After what felt like an eternity, your tears eventually subsided into soft sniffles. Jey released you from the hug but kept a reassuring hand on your shoulder. "You did good, calming down like that," he commended softly.
You nodded, feeling emotionally drained but slightly more composed. "Thank you, Jey," you whispered, your voice hoarse from crying.
 "I'm sorry you had to see me like that." You had an embarrassed expression, feeling a mix of shame and gratitude for Jey's support. "Now you know why I usually try to not get angry, cause I'm scared of what it can make me do."
Jey gently shook his head, offering a comforting smile. "Nah, don't apologize. I get it. You honestly reacted better than I would have."
At your hearty chuckle, Jey smiled warmly. "Hey, I'm being serious. If that were me, I'd probably have caused more damage." He chuckled lightly, trying to ease the tension. "But seriously, you did good by calming down. Shows strength."
"Yeah right," You retorted, grabbing the drink from Jey's hand and taking a long sip, grateful for the hydration after the emotional turmoil. "I felt like I was losing it back there."
"That's not a bad thing, y'know?" At your quizzical gaze, Jey continued. "Feeling your emotions, letting 'em out, that's normal. And I know you usually like to be the sweetest person in the room, but that's also letting people walk all over you."
Jey paused, choosing his words carefully. "Jimmy is the same way, y'know? He is the kindest soul, but sometimes folks take advantage of that. You gotta find the balance, Y/N. If you wanna be in the Bloodline, you can't let nobody mess with you. You gotta let your inner rage out, otherwise ain't nobody gonna respect you or see you as an equal."
You sighed, capping the water bottle and nodding slowly at Jey's words. "Yeah, I know. It's just... it's hard to find that balance sometimes. I don't want to hurt people, you know? I try to be understanding and kind, but then things like this happen." You glanced away, still processing the whirlwind of emotions.
"I know you don't," Jey reassured, patting your shoulder gently. "But sometimes, folks need to see that you ain't to be messed with. It's about respect, and right now, you need to focus on you."
You nodded, knowing he was right. You always tried to be the peacekeeper, but it was more of a weakness than a strength. "You're right, but when I get mad I tend to lose control. That's why I try to not get angry. I don't want to hurt anyone."
Jey gave you a sympathetic and understanding look. "I get it. But you gotta stop being this goody two-shoes all the time. It's eating you up inside. You gotta learn to stand up for yourself and let people know when they cross the line. That anger? You gotta embrace it cause it's a part of you.
You sighed, feeling torn between your innate nature and the advice Jey was offering. "I'll try, Jey. But it's hard. I don't want to become someone I'm not."
"You won't. I won't let you." You blinked at the kindness and conviction in Jey's tone. "I know I haven't been the most welcoming person, but that's cause I have trouble opening up to people. But I see you, Y/N. I see how much you care, how much you try. How you are loyal to the core." Jey paused, his expression softening. "And I know you'll be loyal to the Bloodline, right?" 
You didn't hesitate to nod in response. "Of course, Jey. Always." Despite the whirlwind of emotions, your loyalty was unwavering. "I appreciate you opening up to me, and I can promise you that I won't betray that trust."
Jey smiled, satisfied with your response. "Good. I need you to be loyal, because... I really like having you around. But I can't have you 'round if you ain't loyal to the family. And I know you and K.O got some history..."
"That's in the past." You interjected, trying to dismiss any concerns Jey might have. "Kevin and I have our differences, but I am done with him and anyone else that is a problem for us. I promise you." You gently laid a hand on Jey's arm, reassuring him of your commitment.
Jey stayed silent for a moment, staring at you as if he could see inside your soul, seeing if your words held true. After a moment, he nodded, a faint smile tugging at his lips.
"Okay. But it ain't up to me if that's true, it's up to the chief." You gave his shoulder a reassuring squeeze before his phone dinged and he glanced at the notification.
"It's the Chief, he wants to see you." Jey pocketed his phone before holding out his hand to you, helping you stand up from the couch.
You nodded, accepting Jey's assistance as you stood up, feeling a little more composed than earlier.
"Thanks, Jey. Walk me to him?" You asked, feeling a bit more confident asking considering he told you he likes you now. Jey gave you an affirming nod. "Sure thing. Let's go."
As the two of you walked through the corridors, Jey kept a close eye on you, making sure you were holding up okay after the intense emotional outburst.
When you reached Roman's office, before you grabbed the door handle, Jey grabbed your hand and spoke in a hushed tone, his voice serious yet supportive. His hand felt soft and comforting as he gripped yours gently. "Y/N, I got your back. Just be honest with the Chief, alright? He can see through lies. Just tell him what happened."
You met Jey's gaze, appreciating the sincerity in his eyes. "I will, Jey. Thank you, really." With a deep breath, you nodded to signal that you were ready to face Roman. Jey gave your hand a reassuring squeeze before releasing it, standing back as you opened the door and entered Roman's office.
Roman glanced up from his desk, his expression a mix of curiosity and concern as he noticed your state. "Y/N, come in." He gestured to the chair in front of his desk. "Care to tell me what happened?"
You internally winced at Roman's tone. You took a deep breath, trying to gather your thoughts before speaking. "It's Becky and Seth, Chief." Your voice wavered slightly as the flood of emotions threatened to resurface. "They've been... they've been sneaking around, behind my back. And I just exploded."
Roman's brow furrowed as he observed your demeanor, his expression turning serious. "Explain."
You recounted the events that had unfolded, detailing Becky's confession and the subsequent emotional turmoil you'd experienced. Roman listened attentively, his expression unreadable as he took in every word you spoke.
"And you lost control," Roman summarized, his tone stern yet controlled.
You nodded, feeling a sense of guilt for having lost your composure. "Yes, Chief. I'm sorry, I just... I couldn't handle it."
"No, you handled it perfectly." You furrowed your brow in confusion at Roman's unexpected response.
"Look, I am sorry for the emotional turmoil you are experiencing right now, make no mistake about it." Roman clarified, his tone softer now. "But this angry, out of control, fiery and real version of you is what I wanted out of you. What I am working to get out of you. Not the meek and docile version. That version isn't strong, it's weak. I want you to be strong. I need you to be strong."
Roman leaned back in his chair, his gaze thoughtful.  "I told you that I wanted you to join the Bloodline because I needed someone to be loyal, strong, and willing to stand their ground. You proved that today. I didn't ask you to join for a moment. I didn't ask you to join because I thought you were just going to be another face in the group. I asked you to join because I saw something in you. And what I saw today? That's what I've been waiting for."
You were taken aback by Roman's words, his perspective catching you off guard. You expected reprimand, not validation for your display of raw emotion. "Though attacking without running it by me is not the usual protocol, I appreciate the fire in you, Y/N. Loyalty and strength are the cornerstones of the Bloodline. Today is an exception."
Roman leaned forward, his gaze intense as he met your eyes. "But you won't do that again without my permission, you understand me?"
You nodded quickly, Roman's tone making the gravity of the situation clear. Yes, Chief. I won't let it happen again without your say-so."
Roman leaned back, his expression shifting to a more contemplative one. "Now, as for Becky and Seth..." He paused, his gaze piercing through you. "They've made their bed. But that doesn't mean we let this slide."
You swallowed hard, feeling a mix of trepidation and curiosity about what Roman might do next. "What do you want me to do?"
Roman leaned forward again, his tone low but firm. "Remember the test of loyalty, Y/N?" Roman's voice was a low rumble, filled with authority. "This is yours. I want you to observe them. Gain their trust. Make them believe everything is fine, that you've forgiven them."
Your eyes widened slightly at the magnitude of the task. It was a test of your loyalty and acting skills. "But Chief, I'm not sure I can do that. After what they did..."
Roman's gaze hardened, his voice brooking no argument. "This is a test, Y/N. You wanted to be part of the Bloodline, and this is what it entails. I need to know you're capable of playing the game when needed. You don't have to forgive them. You don't even have to mean a word of what you say to them. But you'll do it for the family. Understood?"
You nodded, albeit reluctantly, understanding the gravity of the situation. "Yes, Chief. I'll do it."
Roman leaned forward again, his tone low but firm. "I want you to show them where their place is in the hierarchy of the Bloodline. They've disrespected you and the family. At Elimination Chamber, I need you to take that title from Becky. Make her think it's a non-personal rivalry, make her believe she's going up against just another challenger. But I want you to make it personal. Show her the consequence of betrayal. Show her what happens when you mess with us. Mess with you, my right hand woman."
You wanted to argue with him, but the taste of revenge was bittersweet on your tongue. However, you couldn't deny the commanding presence of Roman's orders. "I understand, Chief. I'll make sure to handle it."
"Good." Roman's tone softened slightly.  "I want that title, Y/N. That title belongs with us, with the Bloodline. Show Becky why betraying the family has consequences. Make her feel it. And remember, this is only the beginning of your test."
You shot Roman a confused look. "What do you mean, Chief?"
Roman leaned back in his chair, his gaze steady as he regarded you. "Becky and Seth crossed a line, and their actions won't go unpunished. Jey will handle Seth at Elimination Chamber as well as the other competitors- Kevin, Sami, Daniel Bryan and Cesaro."
Roman gave you a knowing look when he mentioned your two former best friends. It seemed Roman had devised a plan, a grander scheme beyond just your personal feud. "But at the end of Elimination Chamber, you will understand what I mean. You will begin to see the bigger picture. This is your initiation into the family, and it starts with showing your loyalty and strength. Do you understand?"
You nodded, feeling the weight of Roman's words and the task he had assigned you. "Yes, Chief. I'll do what needs to be done."
Roman seemed satisfied with your response. "Good. I trust you'll handle this accordingly." He leaned back in his chair, signaling the end of your conversation. "I know you have a big heart. But trust me, this isn't about revenge. This is about power and control. This is about securing our dominance in this business. There are no good guys or bad guys, there are just humans who have been betrayed and those who betrayed. And sometimes you have to hurt before you get justice."
Roman's words echoed in your mind, leaving a sense of determination mingled with the weight of the task ahead. He was right. You need to be focused on what's best for you instead of what you think is right. Morals had no high ground here, only the will to survive and dominate. And you wanted to dominate.
"Thank you, Chief. I won't let you down," you replied, steeling yourself for the challenges that lay ahead.
Roman nodded in acknowledgment, his expression unreadable yet reassuring. "You're dismissed, Y/N. Focus on what you need to do. The family comes first."
With a nod, you rose from the chair, feeling a mix of determination and apprehension about the tasks ahead. You left Roman's office, the weight of his instructions heavy on your shoulders.
As you exited Roman's office, Jey caught your eye, and you shared a brief glance. He approached you, a serious yet supportive look in his eyes. "You good?"
You nodded, albeit with a hint of uncertainty. "Yeah, I'll manage."
Jey placed a comforting hand on your shoulder, offering you a reassuring smile. "You got this, Y/N. Just remember, do what you gotta do. Roman's got a plan. He's doing this for the family. The Bloodline. For you. You have to do whatever he asked of you. You have to obey, or you'll get hurt. I can't let you get hurt." It seemed like Jey didn't plan on saying the last sentence out, but he didn't waver. Instead he paused, gauging your reaction.
You nodded, acknowledging Jey's advice, and reciprocated with a grateful expression. "Thanks, Jey. I appreciate it, appreciate you." You thought of hugging him, but decided against it, not wanting to make Jey uncomfortable.
Instead, you gave Jey a thankful nod and a small smile.
Jey patted your shoulder once more before stepping back. You're welcome. Take care of yourself, alright? I'll see you tomorrow, we can grab some food. Lord knows you need it, I haven't seen you eat any snacks at the back." Jey joked lightly, trying to lift your spirits.
You chuckled softly, grateful for Jey's attempt to lighten the mood. "I'll try not to starve, Jey. Thanks for looking out for me."
He gave you a playful nod before stepping back, letting you proceed on your path. "Of course. See you tomorrow, girl."
As walked away, you couldn't help but feel a mix of emotions swirling within you. The weight of Roman's orders and the task at hand lay heavy on your mind. The idea of deceiving Becky and Seth, all the while planning your revenge, felt conflicting. But you knew what was at stake - your loyalty to the Bloodline and the need to assert your place within it. Could you really act like everything was fine when, in reality, you were seething with anger and hurt?
You spotted Becky about to leave, and decided you could.
"Hey, Becky!" She looked up at her name being called, and you approached her with a composed demeanor, despite the turmoil within you. She seemed scared when you came closer to her, as if expecting you to physically lash out again. However, you maintained your calm, albeit somewhat strained, composure.
"Hey, Y/N," Becky greeted cautiously, her voice tinged with apprehension.
You took a deep breath, trying to mask the storm of emotions brewing inside you. "I just wanted to say that I appreciate your honesty earlier. It took a lot of courage to confess." The words felt hollow leaving your lips, but you knew this was part of the task Roman had assigned.
Becky looked surprised by your response, her eyes darting with uncertainty. "I'm sorry, Y/N. I never wanted to hurt you. It's eating me up inside."
You gave her a small, forced smile. "I understand, Becky. I was angry earlier, but I took some time to calm down, and I realized that I appreciate you coming clean."
Your voice sounded composed, almost unnaturally so, as you forced yourself to maintain a calm façade. "Is Seth okay? I hit him when I was angry."
Becky seemed taken aback by your composed demeanor, but she nodded, trying to hide her surprise. "He's fine. Just a little shaken up, but he'll be okay." She paused, studying your face for any signs of the anger she had witnessed earlier. "Are you... okay, Y/N?"
You nodded, masking your true emotions behind a façade of calmness. "I'm fine, Becky. Just needed some time to cool off." The words felt like a lie, but you knew you had to play your part in this act.
"I am hurt, but you are one of my closest friends, and I don't want out friendship to end like this, Becks." You forced a smile, hoping it appeared genuine.
Becky's expression softened with a hint of relief. "I'm really sorry, Y/N. I hope we can work through this somehow. I hate that I hurt you."
You nodded, trying to maintain the charade of forgiveness. "I'm sure we'll figure something out. How about I ride with you to the next show tonight? We can talk more then, if you want."
Becky looked surprised at your offer, clearly not expecting this response. "Uh, yeah, sure. That would be great, actually."
You nodded, trying to hide the turmoil within you as you made plans to continue this act. "Alright then, lemme grab my stuff and we'll be on our way." You tried to keep your tone neutral, not wanting to reveal the depths of your true feelings.
Before you left, you walked closer to Becky and wrapped her in a tight but short hug, trying to appear as if everything was normal. "I'll see you outside in a bit, okay?"
Becky returned the hug tentatively, still wary after the earlier altercation. "Yeah, see you."
With that, you turned away, your façade slipping for a moment as you clenched your fists in frustration and pain. Unbeknownst to you, Paul was lurking in the shadows, reporting to Roman and making sure you weren't acting out of line.
"Everything's going to plan, my Tribal Chief."
Roman responded after a couple of seconds, smirking to himself as he laid back in his chair. 
"Good. I knew she could do it.  Becky and Seth are first, Sami is a non-variable, and mark my words, Kevin is next. 
Do you think she can follow through with our plan at Elimination Chamber, my tribal chief? Becky is one thing, Kevin is another.
A flurry of bubbles appeared on Paul's phone for a moment before Roman replied, his message filled with unwavering confidence.
"She will. Don't doubt your Tribal Chief. Y/N might have a big heart, but she knows where her loyalty lies. And soon, everyone will understand what happens when you cross the Bloodline."
And soon they will.  
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harmshake · 6 months
wrestlers and their love languages ✨
Tumblr media
by Marian and Margaux (aka @iguessilikewrestlingnow)
Fem Reader x Sami, Dom, Cody, Roman, Swerve, or Solo
a/n: shout out to the bestie, @sassginaswanmills, for inspiring this with her love language series! read it here. 💖
Sami Zayn
"acts of service" by Margaux
You and Sami have been together for four years, married for one. At home, he loved to cook dinner, do laundry, draw you a bath (and join you in the tub) - anything to make your life easier. Whenever you were able to be at his shows, he did everything he could to make sure you were happy, comfortable, and the center of his attention even if he was the center of everyone else’s. He always arranged for there to be a seat for you ringside, as well as a place for you to retreat backstage if you wanted to escape for a bit.
At Survivor Series, he had a lot to do before his War Games match - get his ring gear fitted, shoot promos, an interview or two - but in every moment of downtime, he found you to see if there was anything he could do for you.
He always asks, “Are you sure you don’t need anything else, ya hayati?”
When you insist that just being there to support him makes you the happiest girl in the world and brush hair from his face, he smiles, pulling you into a tight embrace, kissing your head, and murmuring, “I love you."
Dominik Mysterio
"physical touch" by Margaux
Dom is your boyfriend of three years, and you are a teacher. It’s 3:30 on a Thursday in June, the last day of school. You’re heading straight to the airport to catch a flight, looking forward to your second summer traveling with Dom.
When your plane lands, you claim your luggage and head to the terminal gates. As you approach, you see Rhea waving frantically, face plastered with a smile. Beside her stands Dominik, bouquet of red roses in hand. Rhea runs to plant a kiss on your cheek and hug you, laughing and sending you into a spin together. “My girl’s here!”
“I think you mean my girl, Ripley.” Dom said with a smirk, stepping up and handing you the roses and using a finger to tilt your face to his before kissing you. His kiss was sweet, but his desire for more was clear.
After a pitstop at Waffle House for dinner, you arrived at the hotel where the Judgment Day was staying before their appearance on tomorrow night’s Smackdown. Dom carried your luggage into the room as you stripped and stepped into the shower. Warm water running over you, rinsing away the stress of the school year and flight, you were broken from your trance when you heard your boyfriend ask,“Mind if I join you, mi coraźon?”
In the shower, Dom helped massage out your aches and pains. He rubbed your back, planting kisses from your ear down your neck and whispering how excited he was to have you by his side 24/7 for the next few weeks to touch, to kiss, to fuck.
Snuggling into bed, Dom loved being the big spoon, pulling you to him to breathe in the smell of your skin and your hair, to feel your ass on his dick. “Come closer, mami. I miss you so much when I’m away.”
Cody Rhodes
"words of affirmation" by Margaux
You and Cody have been married about three years, together for nine. Over the last few years, his career rose to new heights while you pursued higher education. You were nearing the end of your doctoral program and would be defending your dissertation the same day that he was main eventing WrestleMania.
Despite knowing your content inside and out and being thoroughly prepared, self-doubt crept in as you reviewed your work a couple of days before the presentation, the day Cody would fly out. Eyes welling up with tears, heart racing, you slammed your laptop closed and dropped your head to your desk.
You heard your husband’s voice calling out to you in your office and glanced at the clock; it was time to take him to the airport. Wiping your eyes and taking a deep breath, you pushed in your desk chair and headed downstairs to find Cody rummaging in the coat closet.
“Ready?,” you asked, clearing your throat when you realized how dejectedly your question had eked out. You didn’t want Cody to worry about you, but it was too late. He could read you like a book. Your eyes became misty again and you didn’t hesitate when he invited you into his arms.
Resting his chin atop your head, your husband mused, “I’m so sorry I’m going to miss your big day, love. You know you’re everything, right? You’re beautiful and brilliant, creative and curious. You’re hardworking and inspiring. I could spend all day listing the things about you that truly amaze me, beautiful. I hate leaving you, but I love knowing you’re mine and you’ll be here when I get home.”
The morning of your defense and Cody’s big match came, and with it came a text from your husband: “I can’t wait to call you Dr. Rhodes.”
Roman Reigns
"gifts" by Marian
After being together nearly 8 years, you've seen your husband work himself to the bone to provide for you. You've never taken anything he's given you for granted: Not the house on the beach, the bills paid, the new cars, the jewelry, or the vacations. You wouldn't dream of it when you knew he pushed himself to train, wrestle, and become one of the biggest stars WWE has ever seen. All because he wanted to build a comfortable life for you.
That consistent work ethic of his kept him on the road more often than either of you liked, and the weeks away from each other hadn't got any easier. Yet Roman was also consistent with spoiling you even if it was from miles away. You'd often wake up to Byredo, Dolce & Gabbana, and, of course, Amazon gift boxes waiting for you at the door. It was the "Bohemia" candle scent you were curious about that you told him in passing; the tote bag he caught you eyeing through the window while strolling through the mall after brunch together; or simply the new MacBook charger you needed but hadn't gotten around to purchasing yet. 
"How did you know?" you often found yourself asking him when it was later in the day and you were on the phone with him. "Because I know you," Roman would respond and you could hear the smile in his handsome voice. "And you know that whatever my sweetheart needs, I'mma get it."
Swerve Strickland
"quality time" by Marian
With his arms wrapped around your waist, your body cradled to his as he held you on his lap while you both watched TV, you couldn't think of a better place to be than with Swerve. You'd been glued together like this for 48 hours now since he finally requested off a few days to come see you. Truthfully, you'd been glued together for months since he and you decided to make your year-long relationship exclusive.
It all felt so cozy, always had, as Swerve was the kind of man who loved to be around you. Whether it was going out to eat for dinner, swaying together in the crowd of a concert, or sitting together on your couch to watch a movie like tonight, he couldn't get enough of you and your warm aura. "When I'm with you, I feel like I'm home," he told you. "Nothin' else matters when we together, baby."
You knew he meant it when each time Swerve came over to your apartment, he either put his phone on silent or turned it off completely for a few uninterrupted hours with you. You loved his attention—especially his attention to detail. You could rest assured that he'd devote every minute to you, every thought you wanted to share with him as he hung onto your every word...or every inch of your body as he absorbed your every moan with a kiss. Afterward, Swerve would hold you in his arms as he did now, and all you could do was smile as if this was what home felt like, you never planned on moving.
Solo Sikoa
"physical touch" by Marian
If the first thing you felt in the mornings weren't Solo's fingertips as they grazed along your shoulder and arm, it was his lips pressed to your cheek or forehead. It was his way of saying, "Good morning, I love you" when he didn't want to disturb your slumber but couldn't wait until you woke up...so he let his caress say it for him. You'd feel yourself grin a little in your sleep or roll over to face him and kiss him back.
It'd been that way ever since you got an apartment together, something that was long overdue after being together 4 years. The delay came from his career picking up rather swiftly once he was called up from NXT, but you never complained. Solo more than made you feel like the most important part of his life as he often invited you to hit the road with him. If it wasn't known that you were his girlfriend, he made it obvious the way his fingers stayed laced with yours, the way his arm remained wrapped around your waist, or the way his lips seemed fastened to your face with loving, little pecks throughout the day.
You adored that you could feel how much he adored you, though he said it just as often. There was just something heartwarming about his large, warm body shielding you when you cuddled, or his hand always finding yours to hold. "Half the time I don't even realize I'm touchin' on you. Just feels natural," Solo explained it the best he could in his cute, gruff voice when you asked him why as you lay next to him that morning, your small hand in his big one even now as his thumb brushed across your knuckles. It made you blush as he added, "You a part of me, bae."
Thanks for reading!  💝
 🫶🏾 Tagging: @harlem11680 @mzv11 @visionarymode @miyuhpapayuh @cyberdejos2 @thesamoanqueen @vebner37 @dreamsinfocus @fame-ass-ers @southerngirl41 @jeyusos-girl @nayys-world @msbigredmachine @purplehairgawdess @dayjlovesromance @mohawkmama @smuts-whore @po3ticb3auty @alyyaanna @murrylove @papireigns-05 @vintage-pvssy @bebesobrielo @urasunflower @seeingstarks @555sage @unfriendly--blvck--hottie @theninthwonder @tabletheofhead @weirdosandhopelessromantics @venusesworld @ariieeesworld @sassginaswanmills @gomussy @theglamclosetsl @baeusos @2-muchsauce @empressdede @woahdude9481 @browngalmal @romansnumberonegirl @twocentuar
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delilahcalicocat · 1 month
Can i request a Cody Rhodes x reader where reader gets attacked by a WWE worker while entering Cody's bus but Pharaoh saves her by attacking the worker. Reader then tries to hide it from Cody but he finds out from the medical team who treated reader, Cody then goes after that worker.
A/N: Of course! Thank you for asking! <3
💙~No One messes with her~❤️
{Rating: Fluff}
{Warnings: Crying, Mentions of blood, Harassment, Fighting, Injury, Panic, Dog attacks, Biting}
{Pairing: Cody Rhodes x Fem!Reader}
RAW had just ended, you snuck away to get back to Cody's bus to slip out of your uncomfortable heels
Cody was always very worried about you, he didn't notice you'd left until Jey caught on to it.
You went to climb the bus stairs, until someone's hand gripped your ankle.
Your heart sank to your stomach when you saw it was Axel, the weirdest WWE Crew Member ever.
He was always obsessed with you no matter how much you said you weren't interested.
He cut your arm with a knife he had, you were panicked.
You thought of how to escape this, you truly thought this was how you'd die.
Until you remembered the bus door was open.
You looked towards the door and shouted
"Pharaoh!" As you finished the sentence, the big white dog rushed towards the man you'd been attacked by.
The dog bit the man a couple times until he ran off.
You patted Pharaoh on the head and put him back in the bus.
By the time you'd gotten Pharaoh back in the bus for safety, Jey Uso and Sami Zayn had found you.
They immediately snuck you past the backstage party so Cody wouldn't notice and you'd be treated for your injury.
You'd been bleeding from the arm pretty decently by the time you were sat down to get help
After 20 stitches, you were allowed to leave the medical office.
You then went to Cody
"Hey! I'm back from the bathroom-" You spoke
"Uh.. Y/N, why are you wearing your thick sweater? Didn't you literally say it was too hot for it a couple hours ago?" He asked
"Oh.. I got a little cold from the Air conditioner on the way back" You lied
"Whatever- I'll be right back, I have to go check on Pharaoh-" He said
You tried not to panic but decided to stay there, Jey and Sami were right next to you. It was too dangerous to go back outside.
Meanwhile, Cody was headed towards the exit until a girl from medical caught his attention
"Uh, Mr.Rhodes! Your girlfriend Y/N got attacked, she received 20 stitches-" the girl spoke
"What. Y/N got fucking attacked?!" You heard his voice from down the hall
"Oh Shit, Y/N you should probably go-" Jey spoke
"Yeah, I'm gonna go.." You groaned running Down the hallway
You found Cody standing by the exit, fuming.
"Cody!" You spoke
"Y/N. Explain what the actual fuck happened." Cody Said
"Oh.. Cody, I'm sorry I didn't tell you. I went to get my other shoes because my heels were killing my feet but instead I got attacked by That weird Crew member.. if it weren't for Pharaoh, I would've got hurt worse.." You spoke with tears welling in your eyes
"Axel.. Fucking attacked you, and you didn't tell me?" He questioned
"I was fucking panicked and this kind of shit scares me Codes.." You sighed
"It's fine. I'm just glad Pharaoh defended and saved you." Cody spoke
He walked you out to his bus and told you to stay there with Pharaoh.
You sat down, a million thoughts racing through your mind
Cody walked back inside the building
"Hey, Jey. You seen Axel round?" He asked
"I think I saw him go that way." Sami Said pointing towards the hall to Cody's left
"Thanks Sami." Cody said walking down said hall
It didn't take long to find Axel, Cody then started a fight with Axel.
Luckily Axel didn't have his knife, because it was taken from your arm by medical
Before Cody got pulled off Axel by Jey and You, Cody managed to give Axel a bloody nose.
"Jesus, Calm down man." Jey said
"No one messes with my girl." Cody said
"Ok I understand that, but you Finna bout to get in trouble Uce." Jey said
"Come on troublemaker, let's get back to the bus before anything else happens" you said, adjusting Cody's tie
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call-me-a-simp · 10 months
No One Hates You More Than I Do
Truths Over Lies (part 5)
Enemies to lovers (Rhea Ripley x fem. Reader):
Summary: You're a well known wrestler in WWE and Rhea is your worst enemy. You hate each other in and outside of the ring. Rhea always flirts with you, not that she means it, she just knows it makes you furious and wants to annoy you. But one day everything changes and you start to feel like all of this isn't a joke anymore and that there might actually be something between you two.
Tumblr media
The following day at work, Rhea ignores you, avoiding eye contact like what happened last night was embarrassing. It sure was, but just for her. She was the one begging for sex, she was the one crying and clinging onto you, she was the one who let her mask fall in front of you, revealing her sensitive side.
It all changed when Triple H ordered you and the Judgement Day into his office again. He told you and Rhea to stop acting so childish and informed you about the details on stage and when the new member will be officially revealed.
You're the first one to stand up, wanting to get out again but Rhea holds you back. You wait until the boys left before you make your way out too. "Can we talk y/n? I mean.. About yesterday?" Rhea asks quietly. You hum, "sure, what is it?". "I haven't told anyone, really, I promise, but somehow Becky and Trish found out and I might have lied to them.." she admits, looking down at her feet.
"What do you mean you lied?" you question confused. "I- I told them you begged for it and that I gave in. I basically just switched our roles.." she's speaking very quietly now. "YOU DID WHAT?!" you yell at her. Noticing the weird glances you get from other coworkers you quickly drag her into the next best room whose door isn't locked.
"Listen y/n I- I'm sorry okay.. You know me, I always tend to play the strong one, the one who never needs help-" She's cut off by you slapping her hard on the cheek. Rhea holds her cheek before returning her shocked gaze to you. "You could've just denied everything you idiot" you proceed to shout.
Your hands clenched into fists you stand there, glaring at her, before exhaling slowly in an attempt to calm you down again. "I'm sorry.." Rhea whispers with watery eyes. "Listen, we're gonna find them, and you're gonna tell them that you lied, that you were the one begging and stuff."
You could see the struggle in her eyes, but she still manages to nod. Leading her out of the room by her wrist, you stop for a second to locate where you want to head before walking off in the direction of the warm-up area.
Before you enter, Sami Zayn walks past you. "Hey Sam, are Trish and or Becky in there?" you quickly ask him. He shoots you a confused look but answers with a yes. You thank him and walk in, your eyes scanning the room for your victims.
Once you spot them talking to Liv, you quickly approach them, dragging Rhea behind." Hey Guys, watcha talking about?" you try to enter the conversation. Trish and Becky smirk at each other, which is enough for you to know what the topic was.
You glare at them. "does Liv know too now? Who else have you told?" you want to know. Becky giggles and shakes her head. "seriously, we haven't told anyone yet, not even Liv" Trish tells you. Liv just stands there confused and you shoot Rhea a look, signaling her to try and get rid of Liv.
"We need to talk to the both of you, and with that I mean that Rhea needs to tell you something!" you state. They nod and you take them to your locker room. "Your turn Rhea" you say coldly once the door is closed behind the four of you.
Rhea exhales a shaky breath before revealing the truth to her coworkers. A moment of silence follows before they burst out into laughter. "I- hah- no way this is true" Becky manages to speak. Rhea's head is down, her lips pressed into a thin line and she nods, walking away without another word.
You knew she was hurt and one part of you wanted to follow and comfort her, but you quickly pushed those thoughts away, telling yourself she was still your enemy and a mean person who just put on a show.
It was late in the evening and you were about to go to bed when you received a text from Rhea, asking if you could talk. You told her to wait until tomorrow but she insisted, so you gave in.
"What do you want Ripley?" you answer the call, clearly annoyed.
"I'm sorry y/n, for everything. For lying today at work, for persuading you into having sex with me, for teasing and mocking you and everything I did to you in the last few months that made your life horrible. I'm sorry, really I am. But there is a reason behind all of it and that's what I want to talk about with you" Rhea blurts out.
"Woah calm down" you stop her from going on, overwhelmed by her honesty. "I- why exactly couldn't this wait until tomorrow?" you want to know then, cause clearly this wasn't something that important, was it?
"I'm sorry-"
"Stop apologizing, oh my god, just tell me" you interrupt her annoyed
"Sor-" Rhea huffs, it seems complicated for her to not apologize. "It couldn't wait because I can't sleep due to all the guilt I'm feeling at the moment.. You know, i haven't only been in love with you recently, it began the day I laid eyes on you. It's just.. Difficult for me to express my feelings the right way and most of the time I'm just mean to the people I like instead of being friendly and everything."
There is a moment of silence before she continues her speech.
"This doesn't mean I didn't care for you the whole time, I did, and every time I said something mean to you or did something to upset you I felt horrible afterwards but I just couldn't get myself to tell you the truth because I was afraid.." Rhea trails off and you're unable to hear the last words.
"I- I'm sorry Rhea but I don't know what to say or what you would expect me to do now" you stutter.
"I don't know either, I didn't really expect anything nor did I think about this properly. I just knew I needed to get this off my chest to hopefully find peace tonight.."
Another moment of silence on both ends of the telephone until you break it, saying it's probably best to talk about it tomorrow and wishing her a good good night before hanging up. This night you were restless. Nonstop thinking about the call preciously. You get up the next morning after not even three hours of sleep.
"Damn I look like a zombie.." you mumble to yourself once you see your reflection in the bathroom mirror. You had dark rings under your eyes, messy hair, pale skin and your eyelids just wouldn't open all the way because they were too heavy from the lack of sleep.
I am so so sorry for the delay but I just couldn't get myself to continue writing, I got know why.
Taglist: @specialinterestshows @butterfly12347 @billiewherearetheavocados @lomlrhea @hatdog96 @plk-18 @babybatlover
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mamisfavmosher · 8 months
Can I have a Damian Priest x Fem reader with the prompt "I wanted to make you proud but I just got in your way" i need some emotional fluff because i am sad right now
of course, love! i'm wishing you all the happiness and love in the world :)
always proud // damian priest x fem!reader
prompt: "i wanted to make you proud, but i just got in your way"
Readers POV
The plan had been carefully crafted so that however I chose to interfere with Damian's match, he would win. But, then it went terribly wrong. I ran out to the ring in hopes of performing a simple distraction for Cody Rhodes, his opponent, but throughout a whirl of bodies, Damian ended up getting speared and pedigreed. The American Nightmare took the win as I laid dazed in the corner.
In the midst of the brawl, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn had come out to help Cody in defense of me coming to help Damian. As waves of pain pounded through my head, I concluded that one of them must have knocked me into a turnbuckle in order for Cody to take advantage of the three on one scenario.
I faintly listened to Cody's theme playing throughout the arena, hot tears beginning to gather in my eyes as I realized what happened. I screwed up Damian's match. Weak and slow, I stood up from the mat and looked toward Priest to see how he was doing. He was still lying on the mat, but he was quickly starting to become more alert. I held back my tears and attempted to put on a brave face as I approached the intimidating man.
"Damian?" I carefully kneeled next to him, cautiously placing a gentle hand on his cheek. Unsure of where his emotions were at, I didn't want to be overbearing. "Are you okay?"
"Let's just get outta here." He grumbled while pulling himself to his feet. Staring at the ground, I followed him backstage, prepared for an angry lecture at any time. We walked into the empty Judgment Day dressing room and I watched the tall man move throughout the room with a tense demeanor. I could feel the tears welling up again.
"Damian, I'm really sorry." I sniffled. I looked down at my feet, missing the way he whipped his head around to stare at me.
His footsteps approached me before his warm hand gently lifted my face to meet his. "Sweetheart..." His thumbs swiped at my tears and tucked strands of hair behind my ears. "It's okay."
"No, it's not! We made a fool proof plan so you would win the match and I still messed it up. You lost because of me!" I cried as the tears poured down my cheeks. Damian sighed as he took in my emotional state, pulling me into a tight hug. "I'm so sorry. I wanted to make you proud, but I just got in the way."
"Baby, you didn't get in the way. The plan was for you to come out and help me. You did your part perfectly. It was those two idiots who messed everything up. " He kissed the top of my head, petting my hair to calm me down. "You made me very proud. You always do, mi amor." His hand tilted my chin up so he could kiss my lips, holding me tight against his chest. "But, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn? They're dead. I saw them knock your pretty head against the turnbuckle." His eyes searched for any obvious signs of injury on my head, wiping any remaining tears in the process.
"I'm fine, Damian. I think I got a little dazed, but other than that, I'm okay." I softly smiled at him, easing his rising anger at the other two men.
"Fine. But, I'm gonna beat their asses next time they step in the ring with me." He grumbled.
"I expect nothing less, Papi." I giggled, a smirk rising on his lips at the nickname.
Damian jokingly raised his eyebrows and gave me a knowing look. "Oh? Well, I hope I live up to your expectations, princesa."
"Of course you do! I hope I live up to yours as well." I added softly, relaxing as his knuckles gently ran across my cheek.
"Always, pretty girl. I'm so proud of you." He said, kissing me deeply and passionately.
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frodhoebagginit · 11 months
Just Like Before. Pt. 2 {Rhea Ripley x Fem!Bloodline!Reader}
Roman didn’t even seem to care about how Y/N would feel about this “Temporary Alliance.” The Tribal Chief hasn’t been treating her like an equal member of the Bloodline lately because of her brother's betrayal at Royal Rumble. The sound of the chair hitting his back was deafening, and for a moment Y/N forgot she was being watched by thousands of people. Roman and Paul have been holding Y/N under a microscope ever since, waiting to see if she’d betray him like Sami had. Y/N knew that's the real reason Roman chose The Judgement Day to help them with their Sami Zayn problem. He wanted to see if being around Ripley would keep her loyal to The Bloodline.  
Since the alliance began, The Judgment Day was forced to attend The Bloodlines meetings. The meeting would always go the same way, Dominik would act like a bored child and make loud huffs which would lead to Paul yelling at him, then Rhea would get mad at Paul for yelling at Dom, then eventually everyone would get pissed at each other. YN would do what she always did and just sit and wait for the chaos to end. Today however it felt like it would never end, and in all the yelling and attempted assaults, Y/n had snuck out of the meeting room. Backstage had become a safe palace for Y/n in the past year, nobody bothered her, and she could get away from The Bloodline. Y/n sat on a large storage box that was in the corner, Staff would walk past her and say a quick ‘hello’, then get on with their jobs. 
“Hey.” Y/n knew that voice, its the voice that calmed her during storms when she was a kid, it was Sami. Y/n looked up to see the kind smile of her brother, she looked back down, hoping he would just walk away if she ignored him.
“I'm sorry about Roman making you work with her, you don’t deserve that.” Sami says remorseful,
“If the Tribal Chief thinks what's best then,” Y/n paused with a snarky tone, “Then that's what's best.” Y/n’s eyes meet her brothers again. Sami thinks for a moment trying to figure out what he should say. Y/n hops off the storage box she’d been sitting to stand in front of her brother properly,
“Listen Y/n, I'm really sor-” before Sami can finish, Rhea appears beside them. Rhea stares intimidatingly at Sami,
“Is he bothering you y/n?” Rhea finally says in a dangerously calm voice. Y/n looks between Rhea and her brother, then gets between them,
“No, he was just leaving.” Y/n squints at Sami, hoping he'd get the message. Sami looks at Y/n then at Rhea, clearly not happy with his little sister's current situation. He sighs,
“Yeah, um, just, think about it ok Y/n?” Sami mutters before leaving the two women alone. Y/n watches as Sami walks away. Rhea moves in front of Y/n to block her sight of Sami. Rhea’s eyes hold a wicked look in them,
“So you ran off to speak with the enemy?” Rhea speaks bitterly. Why won’t Rhea just leave her alone? After all this time she can’t just waltz back in that easily. All Rhea Has ever done is hurt Y/n. They met in NXT and became friends, that friendship slowly became something more. Joining the WWE roster with Rhea was one of the happiest days in Y/n’s life, not only would she be working with Sami but her girlfriend as well. The crowd loved Rhea and Y/n’s relationship, the two of them were an electrifying and entertaining tag team as well. But when Rhea joined the Judgment Day it all crumbled. Rhea didn’t spend time with Y/n anymore, and she’d come home late at night. Rhea finally broke up with Y/n leaving her to deal with it on her own. Sami asked Y/n to join the bloodline with him, and the rest was history. Y/n gets out of her deep thoughts, and leered at Rhea,
“No, I was trying to get away from you.” Rhea chuckles at Y/n’s response, and grabs one of Y/n’s arms, pulling her close.
“Well. you can’t get rid of me that easily.”
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judgementdaysunshine · 3 months
Made with love
Pairing: Sami Zayn x Fem reader x Solo Sikoa
Description: The boys always enjoy when you make food whether on the road or at home always feeling the love you have for them in the meals
Tumblr media
Solo smiles walking in the house to the smell of food seeing you in the kitchen with ear buds in your ears listening to music not hearing him walk through the door. You smile feeling a gentle tap on your head turning to see Sami "Hey Mon bébé" the two of you share a sweet kiss and hold each other before he goes upstairs to shower as you finish cooking homemade bow tie pasta laughing when solo pulls you in his arms turning you and pressing his lips against yours laughing as your pressed between the two with kisses on your face before all of you grab plates and sit in the living room enjoying movies and sips of soda while eating before you were laying between them with your legs across sami and your head laying on solo melting into a comfortable silence and domestic bliss smiling when solo caresses your face pressing a soft kiss on your head "O le ma teine aulelei" anytime either of them spoke their native tongues with solo speaking Samoan or sami speaking French and Arabic it always made you melt like honey that they trusted and loved you so much that they would speak in their own language around and to you. A laugh bubbles out of you and solo seeing sami eating a little more pasta only earning a kiss to the nose by the red head with his response "Every time you cook it's made with love and I can't help to eat" you slowly doze off and fall asleep which the boys didn't notice until sami doesn't hear you talking turning to find you asleep on solo as he watched tv turning when sami taps him with a smile pointing down only for both men to smile seeing you asleep sharing a kiss with each other before solo lifts you in his arms both men tucking you under the covers after sandwiching you between them with sami spooning you and your head on solo's chest waking up to the smell of food smiling with a rosy blush seeing the boys walk in with breakfast enjoying pancakes and bacon in bed with the boys on either side of you pressing a warm kiss to each side of your face feeling nothing but love with the food they made you like they always feel with your meals and having you in their lives.
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daddyhausen · 1 year
Hii! I was wondering if you could write 87 & 94 (NSFW prompt list) for Sami Zayn? Nobody really writes for him and I know if you do it’ll be amazing! 😇😇
• breathless — sami zayn •
Tumblr media
{ masterlist } | { wwe masterlist } | { sami zayn masterlist }
{ summary } — when you said you’d leave you breathless, sami didn’t think you’d literally mean it
{ warnings } — 18 + { minors do not interact }, enemies to lovers, hatefuck, choking, asphyxiation, breath play, begging, dominant x submissive dynamic, sub!reader, brat!reader, brat taming, facials facefucking, throat fucking, hair pulling oral sex { male receiving }, public sex, vaginal sex, unprotected sex, penetrative sex, rough sex, cumshots multiple orgasm, male + female orgasm, squirting
{ word count } — 510
{ pairing } — fem!reader x sami zayn
{ genre } — smut
{ taglist } — @cosmoholic13 @boutmachines @thewrestlingbitch @omg-im-such-a-masochist @baysexuality @legit9thlunaticwarrior @slut4kennyomega @wardlow @alexisquinnlee-bc @sammiejane22 @im-just-a-mississippi-girl @omegasluvbot @melissahausen @writtingrose @drummergrl1310 @unoficialy-married-to-ace-austin @baybay-boom @bonehead-playz @cherrytheeredheadmamaclaymore @crowleysqueenofhell @romanreigns-supreme @janetreader @thenerdybaker523 @sunshinevirus @nicoleveno14 @rubyred1980
{ comment if you want to be added to the taglist }
{ 87 } — show me how a good girl begs
{ 94 } — you look good with my hands around your throat
it was an odd situation you found yourself in
never in your life you you have thought you’d be locked inside a locker room with him of all people
let alone be currently choking on his dick
sami had his hand interlocked in your hair
furiously tugging at your scalp
keeping your head still as he fucked your throat with ease
you hated each other
more or less for the simple fact you both found each other’s personalities unbearably irritating
you had no idea how you managed to let yourself get this far
or himself for that matter
despite your hatred, you could not help but love the feeling of his cock down your throat
“i hate you do fucking much, but god…you can suck cock so well”
you took it as a complement even it it was from him
completely ignoring him for the most part
deciding to annoy him further simply by biting down lightly
he hissed at the contact, annoyed but surprisingly enjoying it
“listen here you bitch, do that again and you won’t get to cum, understood?”
you rolled your eyes at his faux taunt, knowing that he would not let you leave without at least one orgasm
you took his cock deeper avoiding teeth this time just to please him
his hot seed spilling down your throat with little warning besides the tight clench of his abdomen
you gasped for air as he pulled out, some of his seed splashing upon your cheeks
while some leaked down your chin
he pressed you back up against the wall
giving you no time to recover your breath as his hand fixed itself around your throat
he admired the sight
squeezing tighter for a second before adding the other hand
“you look good with my hands around your throat”
you remained silent, simply sneering in his direction
he lined himself up with your entrance, hiking one of your legs up for leverage
he buried himself to the hilt, bottoming out with such vicious force
you gasped, thinking he was incapable of such roughness
despite him practically drestroying your throat earlier
“show me how a good girl begs”
“fuck you!” you spat, trying to bury a moan back into your throat
“ah ah, what did i say before sweet cheeks, behave yourself or else you won’t get to cum”
you scoffed reluctantly at his words
caving in to his demands, begging for his cock, even though you did not truely mean it
“mmm…i’m cumming…” you whined into his shoulder
“huh? what did you say sweetheart?”
“you heard me, you asshole!”
you sweetness gushed around his length, so much so the force made you shudder into his
walls gripping his cock
“fuck-“ he quickly pulled out of you, his seed splashing against your stomach
he stood there, amazed by the pleasure that washed over him
“wow…that was- fuck-“
shaky breaths left his lips as he set you down slowly
“that was amazing” he began, already in his own blissful little world
“you know what, maybe i don’t hate you after all”
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itjazzbicch · 1 year
My Sweet Angel
Pairing:  Sami Zayn x Fem Reader 
Summary: Based off my previous fic Heaven:
Keeping their relationship a secret considering the reader is the younger sister of Jimmy, Jey, and Solo, things get tough for Sami and the reader's relationship, having to make a big choice when things implode...
Warnings: Swearing (Sorry if there's any typos I literally just whipped this up quick asf because I saw the opportunity lmao)
Word Count: 1.9k 
Tag List: @demonqueen29 @peachy-satan00 @new-zealand-chic  @crowleysqueenofhell @unoficialy-married-to-ace-austin @thatpanpal @melissahausen @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch @linzi-land @xxx-jazz-xxx @writtingrose @legit9thlunaticwarrior @seeingstarks @rubyred1980 @alexisquinnlee-bc 
Tumblr media
Ever since that night in my hotel room, Sami and I kept it behind my family's back, but we were as close as close could get. Not leaving each other's sides, always laughing and putting smiles on each other's faces, he even started calling me his little angel, which always made my heart flutter.
My heart was filled with such strong emotions and overflowed just by looking at him. With all that emotion came a great price though.
Anxiety nor paranoia could even describe how I felt when Roman was around. Thankfully, I didn't have to worry as much considering my older brother Jey finally loosened up and became friends with Sami. But Roman was always questioning him, testing him, and when Tribal Court came?
Jey was my savior that day, protecting Sami from Solo's attack and Roman's accusations. I knew there was nothing I could do. Like any of them would listen, but I was so grateful Jey knew that things weren't right.
Deep down inside, I knew this wasn't over. After having my own title match, I was informed only Sami and Paul would be going out with Roman during the main event. My heart instantly dropped. I tried to shower and watch the women's rumble match, considering the winner could very well be my next opponent.
But I couldn't stop worrying. Jumping at the knock on my door:
"Hey, my angel. You in there?"
"Coming!" I rushed to the door, Sami trying to smile for me, but I could tell that he was worried sick just like me. We both knew tonight was going to be rough.
"I just wanted to give you a hug before I go out there with Roman," He whispered softly, knowing that he really needed some kind of comfort, that I gladly gave him with a tight hug:
"You listen to me. Don't do a thing out there. Don't talk to either of them, just let them wrestle. Okay? This is Roman's fight. Not yours."
"I will, angel," I could even hear his hurt through his voice, wanting to take it away, squeezing him tight before I picked up my head to kiss:
"And just be careful. Please."
He only nodded, pressing his lips a little harder and it nearly put me in tears. He kissed me as if it were the last chance he'd get to. Watching him walk away, I let those few tears fall, but having to clean myself up as I heard my phone, seeing Jimmy's contact pop up.
Jimmy, Solo, and Jey had me come to their locker room to watch the match and it had me on the edge of my seat. Kevin Owens was no push over and how he kept kicking out was mind blowing. All till Roman speared him through the barricade.
That was the beginning of the end. Roman beating the back of his head against the steel steps, getting him in the ring and I couldn't even watch Roman get the pin as Solo was at the door walking out, "Let's go."
I never felt my heart race so quickly, making our way out to the ring with Roman in the center, titles held high, Sami just staring at us like a plea for help.
Just the look Roman gave to Jimmy, Jey, and Solo had me swallowing a breath. Jumping into the ring just to start beating the shit out of Kevin. He wasn't exactly a friend of mine or anything, but superkick after superkick, just a straight up beat down, it was hard for even me to watch.
If things couldn't get any worse, Roman's laughs caught my attention, handcuffs jingling in each of his hands. I never felt so scared and useless, just standing in the corner, watching Kevin get handcuffed to the ropes, completely defenseless and taking even more superkicks from Jimmy and Jey.
I couldn't watch anymore, but looking and seeing Roman putting the chair in Sami's hands, screaming at him:
We all knew that deep down inside, Sami cared for Kevin, and I wanted to grab them both and just book it out of there, but Sami tried to deescalate the situations, telling Roman this wasn't worth his time, just for Roman to yell even louder:
There was no way out of this, Roman standing before Kevin Owens as Sami stood behind him with the chair and for a moment, Sami stared at me in the corner, as if he was telling me that he was sorry, filling the entire arena with gasps when the chair smacked Roman's back.
I started shaking so hard, seeing the looks on Jimmy and Solo's faces, just to watch Sami eat one of the nastiest superkicks Jimmy's ever delivered. Covering my mouth, I could only watch in the corner, Jimmy and Solo taking turns beating up Sami.
Roman made it to his feet and I thought I had some hope when he pointed at Sami, commanding Jey to join in on the beating, but Jey didn't move.
"Jey, please-" I whispered, but the crowd's roar blocked out my words, everyone in even more shock as Jey shook his head and left the ring, clearly fighting some hard feelings.
All that did was piss Roman off even more, taking the chair again, and that's when I couldn't just stand there anymore. I refused to stand here and watch Roman do this.
The crowd was almost deafening when I ran over to Sami, hugging his body and bracing myself for an impact, Roman going to swing, but leaving the chair in the air. Staring at me confused.
"Y/N, what the hell are you doing?!"
"Just stop this! Please!" I pleaded, shaking my head and trying to fight the tears, but I failed miserably, crying horribly, "Roman, please!"
"And why should I?!" Things just went from horrible to worse, Roman trying to yank me away from Sami's limp body, but I was hugging him so tight that I wouldn't budge, "He claims he's, our family?!" He just hit me with this damn chair! He ain't our family!"
"Yeah! BUT HE'S MY BABY!" I screamed so loud that it strained my voice, silence falling with all eyes on me. Now I was the one who was pissed, eyes staring a hole through Roman, "I love him, and I won't let you do this to him!"
Jimmy and Solo only exchanged looks, not sure what to do, and Roman was having none of it, laughing at me:
"You? You were the 'angel' I heard him talk about before?"
"I am," I huffed, sending the crowd crazy as I stood up tall, measuring up Roman, glaring, "And if you try to hurt him again. You're going to deal with me."
"Jimmy! Solo!"
"Angel, please," I turned my head for only a second when I felt Sami's hand around my ankle, desperately trying to pick himself up, but I kept protecting him, not sure if Jimmy and Solo were going to listen to Roman:
"Jimmy! Solo! Get your sister, NOW!"
"Sis-" Jimmy at least didn't want to do this, taking my hand softly, but when I tried to snatch it away, Solo was at my other, both pulling me into a hug that I couldn't break.
Damn them for having such a tight grip, no matter how hard I trashed and kicked, I couldn't escape Jimmy and Solo, crying and screaming while Roman smacked Sami with the chair. Over and over till his body was motionless. Looking dead against the mat.
I literally couldn't breathe, and Jimmy let his guard down because of that, trying to calm me down:
"Y/N, it's-"
"Fuck you!" I cried angrily, elbowing him hard so that I was free and running back to Sami's body, a death stare locking into Roman's eyes while he stood over us, having the damn nerve to smile.
The crowd was chanting exactly what I was thinking, "Fuck you, Roman!" Never heard such loud boos and screaming in an arena before. I had never been so hurt and Roman deserved to get hit with that chair after everything he'd done.
"And don't worry, I'm not finished with you, either," Roman's authority meant nothing to me now, his words meaningless and I made sure he knew as I growled back:
"Go to hell."
I refused to let Sami go till they were out of the ring and out of my sight, a bit relieved when he finally started to move, medical personnel tending to him and Kevin. Just to prove my loyalty to them as well, I already had Sami's arm wrapped around me once he was out of the ring, but I look Kevin's too, strong enough to be a base for both of them.
"You know," Kevin huffed, even while beat up, smiling at him, "You got yourself one hell of a girl, Sami."
Sami didn't say a word, but I could see the small smile through his hair, parting ways once we were in the back and I made sure that the medical personnel checked him thoroughly, needing to make sure that he wasn't hurt.
He did need his midsection wrapped up and with the time given, I moved like the wind to get all our stuff out of my locker room and made sure Roman nor my brothers were there, Jey nowhere to be found either.
I was out of breath and panting when I got back to Sami in the ME office, looking and listening to his soft voice:
"Come here, angel."
Great, here came the tears again as I came and hugged him softly, the scene of Roman beating him with that chair burned into my mind, all I could do was cry.
Sami hugged me back as tightly as he could, head against mine as he whispered, "I'm gonna be alright, okay? I'm sorry that I started all these problems with your family-"
"No, Sami," Picking my head up and wiping away my tears so he could see the seriousness in my eyes, "Roman damn well knows that what he did was unfair to you. Roman and my brothers have used you, worked you like a dog, and I understand how you feel about Kevin. Roman deserved to get hit with that chair, but you did not deserve what he just did to you."
I had to step away again and breathe, wiping away more tears. All I could think about was beating Roman's ass myself, but Sami pulled me back into another hug, fighting his own tears:
"Kevin's right. I sure have one hell of a girl."
"I'd fight my brothers, I'd fight Roman," I sniffled, holding his forehead to mine and crying, "I'd fight the whole damn world for you, Sami. I wish I could've done more. It makes me feel like shit."
"I got myself into this mess with Roman, okay?" Picking his head up and being strong for me, he made sure to look into my eyes while assuring, "And we will get out of it. I promise. Don't beat yourself up over this."
Nodding softly, I just hugged him again, needing the comfort, and as always, he knew how to make me smile some, praising me:
"Also, I've never seen someone so badass stand up to Roman like that."
"I should've kicked him in the dick now that I think about it," I tried making myself laugh and it helped somewhat, not as much as what I heard next:
"You did all you could with the odds stacked against you, and I love you even more for that, my sweet angel."
"I love you too, Sami," Voice breaking down on me while my hands cradled his face, kissing softly, "I love you so much." 
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kyleoreillylover · 6 months
Jey Uso x Sami Zayn x Fem!Reader
Summary: As the youngest on the roster, you are used to the protective antics of the older members of the WWE- specifically Jey and Sami, who took you under their wing and see you as their little sister, who deemed themselves as your protectors- despite you thinking you can take care of yourself. But tonight, after wanting to experience being a normal teenager and sneaking out to a party you get ditched and stranded at, you call them for help. And Jey is not happy with you.
A/N: This is very self-indulgent. Not that I get stranded at parties, but I wish Sami and Jey were some of my college besties, especially as a first year, and could comfort me, don't we all 🥹 Hope ya'll enjoy!!
tag list: @southerngirl41 @venusesworld @jeysbae @reci1996 @tbonesteakwithasideofmashngrav (if you wanna be added to the tag list just lmk!)
Word Count: 4,631
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The rational part of your brain knew it was a stupid idea ever since your friends suggested it- you had to be stupid to not think that -but the irrational part of your brain wanted to finally act your age and have fun with the friends you barely saw ever since being called up and constantly on the road 300 days a year. 
As a college student who also happened to be a WWE superstar and the hottest act on WWE.
And at a mere 18 years old.
Any other person your age would have jumped at the chance for a wild night out. And you finally wanted to live up to your age. 
Which is why you didnt tell anyone on the roster that you were planning to attend the party. Sneaking out from the tour bus was easy enough, slipping away from the watchful eyes of your older colleagues who often acted as your guardians whenever you were on tour. You were grateful for their protectiveness, but tonight, you craved a taste of freedom, and you weren't gonna get that with them breathing down your necks. 
But now, with the bitter cold air biting at your skin, and the distant sound of music fading behind you, you found yourself regretting your decision. You hadn't anticipated how quickly everything could turn sour. Your friends had scattered away a few hours ago to god knows where, leaving you stranded and uncomfortable in a sea of drunk idiots (there was no way you were trusting the drinks of a bunch of college boys) that were either trying to get in your pants or trying to get you into their friends’ pants. 
And to make things worse-you got recognized. An over-zelous frat boy took one look at you from across the room and literally screamed out your name over the loud music, which in turn made his other over-zelous frat boy friends turn towards you with recognition in their drunken-hazed eyes and run over to you and wrap their sweaty arms around you and beg you for selfies, which in turn made everyone else realize you were there and do the same thing. 
You quickly dipped before shit could hit the fan and managed to slip away and run far away from the house without anyone following you, but now you had no idea where you were, it was getting colder by the second, and you were nervous that a fan would eventually find you. 
You navigated through dimly lit streets, shivering in the cold, desperately trying to remember the route back to the main road to get the hell out of here. The unfamiliar streets twisted and turned, leading you deeper into a residential neighborhood you didn't recognize. Panic began to well up within you as you realized you truly had no idea where the fuck you were going. 
You groaned as as frustration mixed with the cold night air. You had two options now. Either suck it up and keep walking, hoping to stumble upon a familiar place with using google maps, or call one of your friends for help.
You started mentally weighing the pros and cons of each option to call. Cody was finally spending time with his family, you weren't close enough with Seth to ask him for help, Rhea would chew you up and spit you out for being this stupid and leaving without telling her, Bianca was spending time with Montez and busy dealing with Damage Control, Nia hated your guts…which left you with two options...
You reached for your phone, feeling the chill of the night biting at your fingertips as you dialed the numbers of the two people who you defineltey felt the most guilty about not telling about your plans because they were the closest to you and the most protective of you, but you had no choice now. The phone rang, each ring and every second you waited for an answer amplifying your anxiety. 
After a few agonizing moments, the phone finally finally clicked, indicating that someone had picked up. 
"Why the hell you calling at 1 am? I ain't getting you no food uce." Jeys groggy voice greeted on the other end of the line, sounding slightly annoyed at being awakened. "Hey...." You answered back nervously, knowing he'd be even more irritated. 
"Jey, be nice." You heard Sami's equally tired voice chastise Jey. Sami was always the sweetest between the two of them, even though Jey was also syrupy sweet with you and being protective hell over you. Sami was always spoiling you despite Jey's teasing and gruff exterior. You were like the little sister they never had.
"But why are you calling at this time, kiddo? Shouldn't you be sleeping or something, all that teenage angst catching up to you?" Sami teased lightly.
You let out a nervous laugh, the sound slightly shaky from the cold, your breath visible in the chilly night air. "Uh, yeah, about that...I kind of need your help," you admitted, rubbing your arms in an attempt to generate some warmth.
There was a brief pause on the other end of the line before Jey spoke up again, this time more alert. "What kind of help? What the hell you do?" Jey's voice was filled with concern yet tinged with a hint of scolding. 
You let out another nervous laugh, knowing he was going to get more angry. "Don't get mad..." 
"Don't get mad?" Jey's voice rose a notch, and you could practically hear the skepticism in his tone. "What. Did. You. Do?"
"Well, you see, I may or may not have snuck out to a party without telling anyone, and now I'm kind of lost in the middle of nowhere," you confessed immediately at his demanding tone, cringing at the admission.
There was a moment of silence, followed by a deep sigh from Sami. "You did what?!" Jey's disbelief was evident, and you could almost picture him running a hand through his hair, a habit he had when he was stressed or frustrated.
"I know, I know, but I called you now, shouldn't that count for something?" You babbled out in a rush to quell his frustations, your teeth chattering slightly from the cold.
Jey let out a frustrated growl. So much for quelling his rage. "You should've not done this shit in the first place, that would've counted for something! You know better than to do this shit-"
"Alright, alright, let's not make her feel worse than she already does." Sami interjected, his tone softer as he put a hand on Jey's shoulder, trying to calm his friend down. "We'll figure this out kiddo, okay? Just send us your location." 
You quickly fumbled with your phone to send them your location- hoping they wouldn't notice you turned it off, but Jey's angry growl indicated that he probably caught on. "And you turned off your location, didn't you?" Jey's voice was stern, and you winced at the disappointment you could feel emanating from him.
"I...uh, didn't want anyone else to track me down," you admitted sheepishly, knowing it was a feeble excuse.
Sami sighed. "Look, just turn it back on so we can find you. We'll be there in a few minutes."
You followed Sami's instructions, turning on your location sharing. As you waited for them to arrive, you couldn't help but feel a mix of relief and anxiety. Relief that you wouldn't have to be in these cold, unfamiliar streets alone and would have company soon and anxiety about facing the inevitable lecture from Jey and Sami. 
True to their word, Jey and Sami showed up shortly, wearing sweatpants and hoodies, looking more like they were ready to sleep than to show up and get you. 
Jey's face was etched with anger, disappointment, and concern, while Sami's held a more understanding and sympathetic look, but also had a tinge of disappointment in his face. They both stepped out of their car, and Sami pulled you into a tight, protective hug. The warmth from his hoodie was a stark contrast to the chilly night air, and you couldn't help but sigh in relief.
"Are you okay?" Sami whispered, concern evident in his voice as he pulled away to examine you. You were wearing a low cut black dress that was definitely not suitable for the cold weather, and Sami's worry deepened as he noticed your shivering.
"I'm fine, just cold," you replied, trying to brush off the concern, but the chattering of your teeth betrayed your attempt.
Jey, who had been standing there with his arms crossed, finally spoke up, walking over to you and giving you a jacket."We're taking you back to the bus. This was a stupid idea, and you should know better. Now get in the car."
You nodded solemnly, slipping into the jacket, but Sami frowned at Jeys stern tone. "You don't have to yell at her, Jey. She's already scared and cold." Sami shot Jey a disapproving look that Jey shot right back at him. "Then what the hell am I supposed to do, Sami? Be happy like you that she's almost a grown ass adult that decided to play hide and seek in the middle of the night in some random neighboorhood?"
Your frown turned into a glare as you looked between them, understanding where Jey was coming from but nonetheless still hurt by his words. "You're right. I am an adult, so I shouldn't have to listen to you yell at me like I'm a child," you retorted, crossing your arms defensively.
Jey scoffed, rubbing his temples. "Yeah, your such an adult that you got yourself lost in the middle of the night," he muttered under his breath, but Sami shot him another warning look.
"Enough, Jey. Yelling at her won't change what happened. Let's just get her back to the bus and talk about this when we're all in a warmer, less public place," Sami suggested, guiding you towards the car.
You were about to go into the car, but a voice yelling out your name made you freeze in your tracks. "Y/N!!" The three of you turned to see a big ass frat boy running towards you, phone in hand, with a wide grin on his face. 
"You didnt listen to me ask you for a selfie earlier!" he exclaimed, clearly still drunk. "So now that I finally found you, are you done being a bitch and will take a selfie with me?" He barely finished his sentence before Jey grabbed the collar of his shirt and lifted him off the ground, a low growl escaping his throat.
"You need to learn some damn manners, you fucking fool!" Jey snarled, his grip tightening on the guy's shirt. "You talk to her like that again I'ma stick my foot up your ass and make sure you can't talk at all, uce."
"Jey, let him go!" Sami intervened, trying to pry Jey's fingers off the frat boy. You watched, wide-eyed, as the frat boy stammered out an apology, fear etched across his face as Jey chocked the life out of him. "Nah, he gotta learn to keep his fucking mouth shut!" Jey's grip tightened on his throat as he pushed him against a nearby car. "You wanna talk that shit to her, you deal with the consequences, uce." Jey's tone was deadly serious, and the frat boy nodded frantically, struggling to catch his breath. 
"Jey, seriously, let him go. We don't need trouble," Sami pleaded, still attempting to calm his friend down. 
"Jey please, let him go. We don't need you getting suspended for hurting a fan over me." Your voice softened as you approached, placing a gentle hand on Jey's arm. He turned to you, his expression still filled with anger but softening slightly at your touch. He listened to you and released the frat boy, who stumbled backward, coughing and trying to regain his composure.
"Get lost," Jey growled at the frat boy, who nodded vigorously before stumbling away, casting frightened glances over his shoulder.
Sami shot Jey a disapproving look, but Jey just shrugged it off. "You didnt have to fight him. You could've just ignored him," Sami scolded gently, shaking his head at Jey's temper.
"I ain't gonna let anyone disrespect her like that, Sami. You know that." Jey replied, still seething but slightly more composed now. You took a step closer to Jey, looking up at him with a mix of fear and love in your eyes. "Thank you, Jey. I'm sorry for causing all this shit." You looked away from him guiltily, not waiting for a response as you crawled into the car, missing the way Jey sighed heavily, his anger slowly dissipating as he met Sami's gaze, who was giving him a knowing look. "Lemme guess, now you are feeling bad and wishing you listened to me?"
Jey sighed again, running a hand through his hair in frustration. 'I fucking know, okay? I shouldn’t have blown up on her like that." Jey admitted gruffly, his voice laced with guilt. 
Sami placed a reassuring hand on Jey's shoulder. "I know, man. But now, let's bring her back to the bus, make sure she's good, and then you can talk to her, okay?”
Jey nodded a mix of concern and remorse on his face as he got into the drivers seat, Jey's grip on the steering wheel tight and Sami sitting quietly beside him, occasionally shooting concerned glances at you in the backseat, where you were shrunken back into your seat, scrolling on your phone to avoid the tense vibes in the car.
The silence was thick, only broken by the occasional sigh from Jey and the sound of Sami shifting in his seat. You glanced up from your phone just in time to see you pull up to the tour bus.
As soon as the car stopped, you hurriedly exited, hoping to avoid the tension inside. You were met with the chilly night air once again, and you wrapped the jacket tighter around yourself, then felt anther arm wrap around you and looked up to see Sami by your side. He gave you a gentle squeeze, silently comforting you as you stood there, feeling the cold night air prickling against your skin. "You'll be okay," he murmured softly.
As you turned to head towards the tour bus, you noticed Jey lingering behind. His expression seemed torn between frustration and worry, his hand running through his hair as if he was battling an internal struggle. His eyes met yours briefly before he turned away, heading towards the bus after you and Sami, making your heart drop in guilt.
You sat down on the couch, pulling the jacket closer around you, trying to shake off the chill that had seeped deep into your bones, the heat emanating from the tour bus a welcome relief. You glanced up as Sami settled down next to you, offering a warm smile in an attempt to ease your n nerves as Jey stomped to the kitchen, his movements tense and agitated. He was trying to mask his concern with a facade of indifference, but it was evident in the way he kept glancing in your direction.
"I'm sorry," you murmured, breaking the silence, your voice barely audible. Sami's face softened at the sadness in your face. "I didnt mean to make you guys scared, or worry you both, or try to prove that I am independent. I just wanted to have fun for once."
Sami gently placed a hand on your shoulder, offering a reassuring squeeze. 
"It's okay, kiddo. We understand that. But you have to realize, sneaking out alone wasn't the safest way to have fun," Sami replied, his voice calm and understanding. "Jey and I were worried sick when you called. You are like our little sister, and we care about you, and we want you to be safe."
You nodded, feeling guilt weighing heavily in your chest. "I know, and I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to cause so much trouble."
Sami paused for a moment, his gaze sympathetic and filled with concern. "I know. And I know the pressure can be overwhelming, trust me, I can barely handle it and I am twice your age. But are you not having fun? Are you not happy with Raw and Smackdown? I don't want you to crack under the pressure this young just because you feel like you have to prove something to yourself or others."
You sighed softly, feeling a mix of relief and guilt wash over you. "I am, Sami. I really am happy when I'm with you guys. I'm happy with everyone. I am happy with me life. It's just... sometimes I feel like I'm missing out on being a regular teenager. Everyone else my age is out having fun, and I'm constantly on the road, living this extraordinary life but missing out on ordinary things."
Sami's expression turned into an understanding and his eyes had a pensive glint in his eyes as he pulled you into a tight hug. "I get it, kiddo. I do. I know how tough it is, but I also know that you're strong enough to handle it. You accomplished so much that others can only dream of doing, and youre being a badass while dong it."
You giggled softly at Sami's attempt to lighten the mood, and he smiled back, happy to have finally made you turn back to your normal self. "But you shouldn't be worrying about what you are missing, you should be proud of what you've achieved. You're not missing out on life; you're living it differently, and that's okay."
You smiled into his neck, his words and warm embrace being exactly what you needed. Sami was always so sweet to you. "I needed to hear that. Thank you, Sami.”
Sami pulled back slightly, giving you a warm smile. "Anytime, kiddo. Besides, who else would I be able to spill drama and gossip about with you're not here? Sami chuckled softly, trying to lighten the mood further.
You giggled again, nudging Sami playfully. "You have Jey to gossip with."
Sami laughed heartily, the sound echoing through the bus. "Ah, he's got his moments too, but you know, you're the one who keeps things interesting around here."
The two of you turned towards the kitchen when you heard a clang, seeing Jey, rummaging through the fridge with unnecessary force, his back tensed.
Sami turned back to you, a knowing glint in his eyes. "Look, we'll talk more, but I think Jey needs a moment. He's just worried about you, and it's his way of showing it. He needs you more than I do right now."
You nodded your head understandingly at Sami's words; Jey might've had a hard exterior, but underneath all that he needed you right now, needed to make sure you were safe.
"I'll go talk to him," you said softly, standing up from the couch. Sami gave you an encouraging nod as you walked over to Jey, who had his back turned to you, who was aggressively fixing things in the kitchen. You approached him cautiously, knowing he was on edge.
"Jey?" You spoke softly, hoping to get his attention without startling him. You saw his back stiffen, but he didnt turn around. You took a deep breath and continued, knowing he was listening to you. "I'm really sorry about what happened tonight. I didnt mean to worry you or cause any trouble. I just wanted to..." You trailed off, unsure how to express your feelings without making things worse.
Jey finally turned to face you, his eyes red and tired, but full of concern. He didnt say anything at first, just observed you with a mix of emotions flickering his face. His expression softened slightly as he took in your nervous stance, and he let out a heavy sigh. 
"Look sweetheart," Jey began, his voice surprisingly gentle despite the frustration lingering underneath. "I ain't mad at you because I wanna ruin your night or make you feel bad. I'm mad because I care about you. We care about you.
He gestured toward where Sami was sitting, still looking in your direction. "You mean a lot to us, and seeing you like that.." He sighed heavily, running a hand through his hair in frustration. "You're not supposed to be sorry, you know? You're supposed to be safe and sound, not running around in the middle of the night and scaring the hell out of us. And you like my sister, so of course I'ma feel some typa way about it." 
You felt your throat close up at the genuine concern in Jey's voice. You moved closer to him, reaching out tentatively to touch his arm. "I... I understand, Jey. I didn't mean to cause so much worry. I just... I wanted to let loose for a night, to feel like a regular teenager, " you admitted, your voice wavering slightly with emotion. “I won't do something stupid like that again, I promise." You looked up at him, sincerity shining in your eyes.
Jey's expression softened at your words, and he sighed, pulling you into a hug. "You better not, or I'ma beat your ass," he said, his tone serious but laced with affection. You giggled into his neck when he lifted you up slightly in a bear hug, your laughter easing the tension between you both. "Okay, okay, I promise! No more sneaking out without telling anyone," you assured him, hugging him back tightly.
"And no more partying alone somewhere you have no idea about."
"And no more hanging out with friends that ditch you."
"And no more stealing my snacks from my locker room when I go out for a match."
"Aye, now you doing too much!"
You both chuckled at your comment, and you pulled away from the hug to look up at Jey.
"I love your protective ass, you know that?"
Jey smirked slightly, a playful glint in his eyes. "Of course you do. Who else is gonna keep you in check, huh?" You nudged him playfully, smiling up at him. "You and Sami are the best. I don't know what I'd do without you guys."
Jey's smirk softened into a genuine smile, and he squeezed your arm affectionally. "We got your back, always. Just promise me you'll have ours."
You smiled back at him, your eyes softening with gratitude at having the greatest support system ever. "I promise, Jey. I'll always have your back, just like you have mine."
Jey nodded, a sense of relief washing over him, his demeanor shifting back to his usual protective yet playful self. "Good. Now go back and sit with Sami, your hot chocolate will be out in a minute."
You raised your eyebrows at his words, a grin creeping up on your face. "Hot chocolate? You're spoiling me now, Jey," you teased, feeling a sense of warmth spread through you despite the chilly air outside.
Jey chuckled, pushing you playfully out of the kitchen. "Yeah, yeah, just go before I change my mind."
You grinned and hurried back to the couch where Sami was waiting, a smile on his face as he watched your interaction with Jey. "I take it everything's okay?" Sami asked softly as you sat back down next to him.
"Yeah, everything's good," you replied, leaning against Sami's shoulder. "Jey's just being Jey, you know?"
Sami nodded, wrapping an arm around your shoulders comfortingly. "Yeah, I can tell." He paused for a moment before continuing, his voice filled with warmth. "Jey may not always show it in the best way, but he's fiercely protective because he cares deeply. We both do. You're like family to us."
You smiled gratefully, feeling a surge of emotion at Sami's words. "I'm lucky to have you guys. Don't tell anyone, but when I got called up to the main roster… I was scared. I didnt know anyone, and everyone was so much older and experienced, so I thought to just shut myself off and focus on wrestling. But you guys… you made me feel welcome, like I belonged."
Sami's smile widened at your confession. "Aw, kiddo." He pulled you into his arms again, holding you close. "You fit in right from the start. I saw potential in you from before Cody introduced us, and I knew you'd be something special. You've proved that and more. And don't tell Jey I told you this…"
Sami leaned in to your ear conspiratorially. "But he told me when we first met you that he thought you were the most talented person he had seen in a while, and that it was crazy NXT didn't capitalize on you when they had the chance." Sami pulled back to see the surprised expression on your face, chuckling softly at it.
"He really said that?" You asked, surprised and touched.
Sami nodded, his smile warm and reassuring. "Yeah, he did. But don't spill the beans, he has a reputation to maintain." You laughed as you leaned back onto the couch, smiling up at Sami gratefully. "Thank you for telling me that. And don't worry, your secret's safe with me."
Just then, Jey came into the room, carrying three mugs of steaming hot chocolate. He handed each of you a mug and settled into the seat across from you, a small smile on his face. "Here you go, kid. Don't burn your tongue," he said in a teasing tone.
You rolled your eyes at his teasing, taking a cautious sip of the hot chocolate, reveling in its warmth. "Thanks, Jey. This is perfect," you said, shooting him a grateful smile.
Jey leaned back in his seat, taking a sip of his drink and shooting a knowing look between you and Sami. "So, what'chall taking 'bout?" he asked casually.
You and Sami exchanged glances before chuckling nervously. The two of you were the worst liars on earth. "Oh, nothing, just catching up on some stuff," Sami replied smoothly, trying to cover up the conversation.
Jey raised an eyebrow, clearly not buying it. "Ya'll were talking bout me, weren't you?"
You were a little worried Jey had caught on, but Sami was quick on his feet. "Of course not, man. Why would we talk about you when we have more important things to discuss?" Sami flashed a mischievous grin.
Jey squinted at Sami, clearly not convinced. "I know when you're lying, Sami. spill it."
You chuckled nervously, deciding to take the plunge. "We were just talking about this hot guy from school hitting on me at the show one time." you said, trying to divert the conversation with a playful grin.
Jey raised an eyebrow, looking between you and Sami skeptically. "Hot guy, huh? Should I be worried?" he teased, taking a sip of his hot chocolate.
Sami laughed, playing along. "Oh yeah, definitely. He was so into her, it was unreal. I had to swoop in and save her from his charming ways," Sami joked, nudging you lightly.
You giggled, grateful for Sami's quick thinking. "Yeah, Sami's my hero," you said with a wink, trying to keep a straight face.
Jey chuckled, shaking his head at your antics. "Yeah, in your dreams, cause ain't no way mans took a look at Sami and got intimidated." Jey smirked, taking another sip of his drink. You laughed at the offended look Sami wore, his hand over his heart in mock hurt.
And as you sipped your warm hot choclate, your heart felt even warmer. You might not have been a regular teenager, but if being a regular teenager meant you couldn't have these friends looking out for you and having your back, then you didn't mind missing out on regular teenage normalcy at all.
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mostlikelythedevil · 1 year
Haunted. | [Chapter Five, Mid-Chapter]
Pairing(s): Kevin Owens x Fem!Zayn!Reader, Solo Sikoa x Fem!Zayn!Reader
Warning(s): Explicit Language
Word Count: 2,905
Chapter Summary: The Bloodline have another discussion about Sami Zayn's younger sister while on the way to their hotel for the weekend. Roman and Solo have some very interesting private thoughts about their soon-to-be newest member.
Link(s): AO3, Masterlist
Note(s): This was a really fun chapter to write out! I feel like I did a decent job showing the relationships within The Bloodline, but please let me know if you disagree. As always, feel free to leave feedback/ideas/discussion!
Tag(s): @crowleysqueenofhell @raeluvshammett @mohawkmama
The inside of the limousine is nothing short of impressive: white and brown leather seats, an entire mini bar filled with the finest liquors, and custom lighting controls. Even with five men lining the innards, there is no lack of space for them to stretch out after a long night; something that Roman is, though entitled to have, grateful to have — nothing would be worse than being cramped after a long night.
Roman sits in the middle of the seating, as per his usual, with a strong whiskey in hand and his legs outstretched. Despite not having a match on Smackdown, he is tired; the on-going issue with Sami’s sister is something that has been more stressful than anticipated with her unusual stubbornness. It doesn’t make sense as to why she is so defiant; she is being offered the opportunity of a lifetime at the side of The Bloodline, especially as someone so new to the challenge of being televised, and yet she continues to spit at the offer.
Truthfully, though, the younger Zayn being so very headstrong is almost commendable. Her determination to be her own person, to fight through the highs and lows of becoming a fan-favorite, reminds Roman of himself when he was younger; he struggled desperately to be the one that the crowd adored for a very, very long time. He did everything by the books, and he was good, but where did that get him? The crowd rejected him — hated him. Now, with the same determination that condemned him put into himself rather than the crowd, he commands respect. Sami’s sister could have all of that without the struggle. She would.
Sami’s sister would have the rise to fame that Roman should have had when he joined the main roster; she would be on top of the world with no bumps, no foolish determination pushing her to nothing. Championships, luxury, and money would be near meaningless in the piles that she would have — in exchange for her undying loyalty and obedience to The Bloodline. Her dominance over the women’s division, among many other things, would be crucial to her necessity; of course, this would take time to build given her greenery, but he could be patient. Having both Zayn siblings so indebted to him is too invaluable to be impatient about.
“I have to admit,” Roman breaks the silence in the limousine as it begins moving, “I’m impressed with your sister, Sami.”
Sami, who is sitting next to Solo on the farthest side of the limousine, looks up from the floor with a nervous smile. “Yeah?” He asks, almost sounding in disbelief.
Roman nods, taking a long sip of his whiskey. “I think we all expected her to be a little upset about the whole championship thing with Kevin, but coming out with that sledgehammer? She could have taken care of our Kevin Owens problem all on her own if she wasn’t stopped,” he almost laughs as he speaks, though he instead turns to glare at Solo.
“I’ve certainly never seen her so angry,” Sami agrees, eyes following Roman’s to Solo. Sami frowns, looking away rather quickly; the last thing he wants to do is upset the man sitting beside him for the next hour or so.
“And even in all of that anger, she still made the choice to allow Solo to keep his undefeated streak.” Roman turns his attention back to Sami. “That’s growth — growth in the span of hours.”
Jimmy nods in agreement. “It was crazy out there, dawg. I ain’t ever seen Little Zayn so aggressive; I mean, I thought she might put Kev out for good. Imagine the shit she’ll do with us.”
Beside Jimmy, opposite of Sami and Solo, Jey rolls his eyes. “Shit, Uce, you thought she was gonna put us all out for good.” He snickers, pulling at his brother’s arm playfully. “Pullin’ on Solo’s leg like you was playin’ tug-o-war.”
“You was panicked out there.” Solo confirms, a slight smirk on his lips.
Jimmy rolls his eyes, pushing Jey’s arm off of him. “She come out lookin’ like she crawled straight outta some horror movie with all the blood and the sledgehammer draggin’ behind her and shit — and I’m the weird one here?” He shakes his head. “Nah. Y’all lost y’all damn minds.”
“I told y’all she had fire, didn’t I? She looked like a monster out there.” Solo leans back against the leather, arms folded over his chest. “She needs to learn when to stop, though.”
Roman, nose flared, turns to his cousin. “Is that why you felt the need to step in? You thought she needed to be stopped?” His voice, for the first time tonight, is condescending and angry.
Solo looks at Roman, and he nods. “She was pushin’ her luck. She was gonna get herself fired or worse with the way she was beatin’ on Kevin; I stopped her from ruinin’ plans.”
The air is thick with tension as Roman holds eye-contact with Solo. He does not move to say anything, though his expression and posture remain largely agitated; regardless of what Solo’s intentions had been, the fact remained that he allowed Kevin to go uninjured in their time of fighting. The very slim possibility of Sami’s sister being disciplined for hurting Kevin would have overall been worth the headache — especially with the likelihood of her being fired so incredibly low with Roman’s influence.
“If I knew she’d stop on her own, I wouldn’t have stepped in, but you saw how she was,” Solo continues after a moment of silence from Roman, still relatively unbothered. “I didn’t want to stop her. I got to see that fire I been tellin’ y’all about up close — hell, she even got in my face, but there ain’t no reason for her to ruin our plans to take Kevin out.” He almost smiles, the corners of his lips curving up just enough to be noticeable.
Jey notices the smile tugging at Solo’s lips and mumbles something to Jimmy; both men snicker. “Is that why you was starin’ so hard? You liked watchin’ her beat on Kevin?”
“Yeah, Uce. I ain’t ever seen you so impressed with anyone,” Jimmy adds with a grin.
Solo rolls his eyes despite feeling his cheeks getting warmer. “I been watchin’ her because she’s gonna be one of us soon. Maybe y’all should try it so she ain’t so lost when she gets here.” His eyes find the floor as he speaks, avoiding his twin brothers entirely.
Feeling the power behind her slap, seeing her unconstrained anger being unleashed on Kevin— Sami’s sister had proven herself to have much more potential than Solo initially thought. In just a few hours, she had become an entirely different person; crying and angry to raging and thoughtlessly daring. Her lack of fear in approaching him, ready to fight him and anyone by his side, while certainly foolish, was undeniably attractive — though Solo would never be so open with anyone, especially his brothers. They would only use his attraction to tease him, and he had very little patience for their stupidity already. Besides, one moment of attraction meant nothing in the grand scheme of things; one moment is nowhere near enough to constitute a relationship— or any kind of interest, really.
“Shit— we paid her plenty of attention tonight,” the sound of Jey’s voice breaks Solo’s thoughts. “Like Jimmy said, that’s the first time that girl has been any kind of aggressive. We was impressed out there, especially when she stepped up to you thinkin’ she was gonna do somethin’.”
Jimmy nods, smile on his lips as he looks at his youngest brother. “She ain’t afraid of gettin’ her hands dirty if she’s pushed — and we can teach her how to hone that aggression.”
“Damn straight. There ain’t no better teachers out there — especially for someone that looks so damn good in blood,” a smack is heard as Jimmy slaps Jey’s leg with a quick glance. “What? I’m just keepin’ it real.”
Once again, Solo finds himself rolling his eyes; he knows well that Jey is trying to get some kind of reaction out of him. It’s not going to happen; it wouldn’t happen even if Solo did have some kind of interest in Sami’s sister. He’s too well-composed for those games. Speaking of Sami, though, he looks like he’s going to be sick from Jey’s comments. Solo scoots slightly further away from him.
With a slightly paler-than-usual face, Sami awkwardly smiles upon noticing Solo scooting away from him. “Yeah. She seemed more comfortable in her skin tonight.” He says with a slight cough, avoiding Jey’s amused eyes.
“That’s all we want, Sami — and with her helping Solo tonight, I think we’re close to getting her on board.” Roman interjects, shooting Jey a warning look. Jey looks down at the floor, grinning; he’s very clearly enjoying himself.
“I— I don’t know. My sister— she can be really spiteful when she wants to be. I mean, you saw how she came out; that was to make Kevin feel worse,” Sami replies with shame, gnawing the inside of his cheek. “Her help to Solo was probably just to upset Kevin that much more.”
Roman considers Sami’s words for a moment. It made sense for his sister to act out of spite, trying to harm Kevin to the best of her ability after ‘his’ interference in her match — but, even with it being fueled out of spite, she still chose to aid The Bloodline rather than harm. If she wasn’t considering The Bloodline in any kind of way other than anger, that aid would have never happened; her attitude toward them was improving, meaning the chances of her joining them was improving as well.
In the corridor, when Little Zayn was having her temper-tantrum over Kevin, Roman had gotten through to her; he saw the realization in her eyes when he spoke, locked deep behind all of that stubborn, misplaced anger. She knew, deep down, that she had been fooling herself about who Kevin truly was, and she knew that, in the grand scheme of things, Roman had saved her from much more emotional pain by exposing Kevin so early on. With every wrongdoing from Kevin from that point, starting with his interference in her match, that humiliating realization will burn brighter and brighter until she can no longer suppress it — and with the aftermath of him costing her an opportunity at the Smackdown Women’s Championship, it will only take a few more stupid comments from Kevin before she comes running into the arms of The Bloodline.
“Even if your sister had no intentions of helping The Bloodline tonight, she did. After everything that happened in that corridor earlier, she still chose to help us — even if she wasn’t actively thinking about it,” Roman states after a moment, swishing the whiskey in his glass.
“That’s progress, Uce.” Jimmy comments with a smile.
Roman nods in agreement, though he does not smile. “That being said, she denied joining The Bloodline — again. Hell, she refused to even accept our help to medical.”
Sami claps his hands in his lap, fiddling nervously with his fingers; he recognizes how problematic his sister has been in cooperating, and the last thing that he wants is for her to cause more problems for The Bloodline — because, at some point, The Bloodline would have to retaliate to her vicious behavior. He opens his mouth to speak, but he is almost immediately silenced by Roman holding up his palm.
“Being the Tribal Chief, I prepared for her to refuse given her grief tonight.” Roman allows his palm to fall back to his whiskey glass. “On Monday Night RAW, or beforehand if your sister is accepting company, I’ll have you approach her with a proposition that she simply can’t refuse.”
Sami’s eyes seem to light up a bit. “Well, I— I can try to contact her, but I doubt she’ll be willing to answer given what happened in the ring,” his voice falters a bit as he speaks, “but— but the good news is that I know for a fact she won’t contact Kevin! She made her emotions clear out in the ring.” His hands move excitedly as he speaks, voice gaining a bit of his usual enthusiasm.
“That’s great, dawg, but what about Kevin contacting her? Would he try to sort this all out, even after he got his ass handed to him?” Jimmy pipes up before Roman can respond, though Roman does not look displeased with the question. It’s important, after all.
Solo, with his infamous harden expression, huffs out a laugh. “If he knows what’s good for him, he’ll keep his damn mouth shut.” His arms remain folded over his chest, and he looks as serious as he ever has.
“Oh, so you gonna take Kev out yourself if you hear him talkin’ to Little Zayn?” Jey jumps in with a smirk, eyes beaming with amusement.
The stoic expression on Solo’s face sours to a frown. “I’ll do what needs to be done.”
Sami, with his brows furrowed in confusion, turns his attention back to Roman. “Kevin shouldn’t be any kind of problem; if he does say anything, it’ll be in front of the RAW crowd.”
“Good,” Roman puts the whiskey glass he has on the bar, clasping his hands together. “The next order of business is finding out how bad that injury is; I need to know if she can wrestle. I’ll have Paul call medical when we get to the hotel.”
“No need!” Sami grins, finally losing some of the nervous wobble in his voice. “Solo and I stopped by medical on our way out. She should be fine to wrestle with some nose protection.” He grins, unknowingly giving Jey something more to tease Solo about.
Before Jey can speak up to tease Solo yet again, Jimmy smacks his leg to hush him; the two have a very muted conversation, ending only with both of them snickering once more. Solo does not appear to be paying them any attention anymore, with his eyes focused in on Roman rather than their childish giggling.
“Her nose is broken, but she’ll be fine to wrestle with some protection,” Solo offers through his brother’s fit of giggling — which only grows at the innuendo-riddled statement.
Roman nods, jaw flexing in mild annoyance at the obviously tipsy twins. “She won’t be able to refuse.”
“My Tribal Chief, if you don’t mind me asking, what exactly are you going to propose to my sister?” Sami asks after a moment, voice meek. “She still seems very against joining The Bloodline.”
Roman half-laughs, half-smiles. “Kevin cost your sister everything tonight — even though he wasn’t really the one to interrupt her match, that was his fault in your sister’s eyes,” his voice is more amused than it has been for the majority of the night, “and as the Tribal Chief, I can personally rectify the injustices brought on by Kevin tonight; I can give your sister the championship match that should have been hers.”
“And in exchange, she joins The Bloodline?” Jey asks, lips pulled in tight with disbelief.
“I— I still don’t think that would convince her,” Sami admits with his head hanging, afraid of the potential reaction from the Tribal Chief.
Irritated, Roman clears his throat. “In exchange, your sister will be travelling with The Bloodline for an entire week — RAW to RAW. For her security, I will guarantee her the match, even if she chooses to not join us by the end of that week,” he glances around, expecting push-back.
“I don’t understand, Uce.” Jimmy pipes up first, looking at Roman with furrowed brows.
Jey jumps in next, “ain’t the whole point to get her on board? She ain’t gonna get on board when she has a free out like that, Uce.”
“Her out is to make her feel more comfortable— to give her the idea she has more control than she really does. I have every confidence in the world that she’ll join us by the end of the week,” Roman replies, leaning forward in his seat. His elbows rest on his thighs. “We’re going to show her that we’re not the people Kevin has convinced her we are; for the entire week, she’ll be treated with all of the benefits of being a member of The Bloodline — the expensive food, the luxury hotels, the private cars and jets.”
“She’ll be treated to everything that Kevin has kept from her,” Jey grins.
“He’s gonna act out when he finds out she’s travelling with us,” Jimmy shakes his head. “Is that headache worth the price?”
“Kevin ain’t a concern.” Solo states, ignoring the grin that Jey sends his way.
Roman looks at Jimmy, nodding his head toward Solo. “He’s right. I want Kevin to throw a tantrum — especially when he finds out that she’s travelling with us. Let him ruin his relationship with her that much more.”
“She’s going to be distant, even with all of the nice perks. She doesn’t trust any of us, not even me,” Sami sounds a bit sad as he speaks. It’s depressing to know that his little sister has been so brainwashed against him that she can no longer even trust his word.
“Believe me, she’ll come around.”
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delilahcalicocat · 24 days
Oooh can i request a Cody Rhodes x wife reader fanfic where after Cody's win at Wrestlemania 40, reader and their baby go out to the ring to celebrate with Cody
A/N: Yesssss! I love this idea, but I made the baby's name Kaitlin. Because Megan and Emma are both 4 & 6.
♤-You did it!!-♤
{Rating: Flufffffffffff}
{Warnings: Small amount of loud noises with an autistic child}
{Pairing: Cody Rhodes x Wife!Fem!Reader}
It WrestleMania 40 night 2, Cody was awaiting making his entrance. But of course he still felt nervous.
"Papa, you'll win that title tonight.." Is what Cody repeated in his head, the only words Y/N and His Daughter spoke... despite being only 1 She must've repeated what her mom kept saying over the week...
Cody Went to make his entrance, appearing from the floor with the skull mask on.. Y/N his beloved partner appearing beside him.
Kaitlin was currently backstage with Sami Zayn and Kevin Owen's while Y/N was with Cody.
"Go beat him Codes.." You said walking away with the mask
Cody was putting up a fight... You'd seen John Cena return. You swore Cody won after that.. until you heard the Rock's music. Your heart sank and you worried Cody was over...
Until you heard the UnderTaker's music... the bell tolled and the Rock got chokeslammed.
The lights cut out again, and Taker and Rock were gone... You'd even heard the shields music.
Cody then caught Roman in the Cross-Rhodes..
3 of them.. and then Cody went for the Pin
2. 3....
Cody won, Philadelphia erupted... Samantha couldn't even announce properly from the emotions in the stadium.
You hurried into the ring, with Kaitlin. Sami and Kevin were there. Randy Orton and Jey Uso were there... Seth was in a chair outside the ring because of the torment from the chair and the Matches...
Cody instantly hugged Kaitlin, Despite her being Autistic. She was excited for her papa.
"You did it!!" Kaitlin smiled hugging Cody
"Yes, Papa won the title..." Cody said..
As everyone cleared out of the ring, you couldn't help but smile as Cody finally had his moment...
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johnny-coxville · 1 year
Johnny smut after he wins against sami zayn and he's really cocky about it?
For some reason, Tumblr on PC gives me a ton of issues. Hopefully will have a phone sooner or later. For the time being, my writing formatting might look a little goofy.
Johnny Knoxville x fem!reader nsfw
Go Johhny!
In your hotel room the night before, as your boyfriend showered for his big day, you made him a silly surprise. You had bought some supplies to cheer him on for his wrestling match. You both had taken a long flight from California all the way to the ring in New York.
As he entered the shower, you took it upon yourself to get some poster paper, glitter, and whatever you wanted to make a silly poster. Finishing it before he even finished showering, it was covered with glitter and positive words like a fan cheering on their favorite wrestler. 
You hid it in the back of the car, heading back into the hotel room. Coming out of the bathroom he dried his hair with a towel. A goofy smile plastered on his face. He was beyond excited, and frankly so were you.
The next night was incredible. You were in the front stands watching your boyfriend beat the crap out of Sami Zayn. The smile on his face was prominent throughout the night. Whenever he would turn to you. He flashed his eyes over to your massive sign “I love you Johhny Knoxville! Kick his ass! <3” It read. You swung it around like a madman. Screaming like a little fangirl.
The fight ended with Johnny as the champion. His silver hair was drenched, his goggles hanging around his neck. Hyping the crowd up like a goofball. When he was exiting the ring, you followed him. Exiting the stands and heading into the back. Seeing him standing around scanning the room, you ran and hugged him. His embrace tightening around your back.
You pulled back from his embrace with a massive smile. “Johnny I’m a huge fan! Could I could get an autograph?” You joked. He grinned. “I can give you something more than an autograph sweetie.” He chuckled. 
You cocked an eyebrow. “Oh reaaallyy?” You cooed with a grin. “Oh yeahh. I’ll take you to my car.” He said grabbing your two hands and pulling them to his chest. A few people peaking you two’s way. You didn't mind much.
“Are you sure Johnny? What if you get caught.” You dramatically said with a frown. He tried to hold back a laugh. “As long as your quiet.” He whispered to you. Letting go of your hands and starting to lead you to the parking garage. Sometimes you both would mess around. Pretend your his pretty little fan. A fun way to praise him.
You two didn’t roleplay often, but when you did, it was usually odd. As you two walked hand in hand to the parking garage, you were full of anticipation. Egging Johnny on with your fan babble. “You really beat him. It was really hot.” You said rubbing his hand with your thumb.
He let out a small huffed laugh. “Well of course. Sami could never stand to the likes of me.” He said swinging your arm back and forth. Entering the parking garage he stopped. He scanned the garage for the elevator to the higher floor. Making his way to the elevator with you he fixed his hair and adjusted his outfit.
In the short time, you had made your way out of the crowded stands, he had already changed into a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Stepping into the elevator with him, he hit the 40th floor. You were on the base floor. The elevator ride would be a good five minutes.
Johnny wouldn’t waste a single second in this five-minute ride. Standing next to you he turned and shoved you against the elevator wall. Pushing his hands into your hips he kissed you. You rutted your hips forward. Pressing into his jeans. Pulling back from the kiss, he questioned you.
“So. Do I get to know the name of the beautiful girl I’m about to fuck? Or is it a mystery?” He said with a toothy grin. You shook your head no. He would probably slip up and say your name. His favorite thing to do was cooing it in your ear when he was ready to release. 
“Mmm. That’s a shame.” He said stepping a few steps back. It wasn't a very big elevator but enough to hold just about three people. You shuffled forward. Palming his jeans with your rather small hands compared to his build. He huffed. “I never expected I would have the chance to touch such a strong man.” You said rubbing your thumb down his trapped package.
“Oh yeah?” He let out shakily. The elevator doors could open at any moment. Revealing some poor person just trying to find their car. “Mhmmm..” You said unbuttoning his jeans. Sliding down the golden zipper. His cock hard against his thigh.
“I’m surprised there aren't more girls coming your way Johhny. You looked so good out there.” You said running your fingers up his length. He was backed against the wall, breathing anything but steady. You cocked your head, you two were only two floors away.
You adjusted his bulge and close his pants with a pleasant smile. “Oh, baby. I’m going to have it out for you.” He said as the elevator doors slid open. You both stepped out of the elevator, he buzzed his car. Making his way towards its spot in the garage. The garage was fairly empty in the first place. Only about 30-40 cars. Cars of the team members that worked there. 
You both were practically running towards the car, speed-walking to indulge in one another. He popped open the hatch of his car. A large flat bedded trunk. He opened the back seat door and grabbed a blanket. Laying it down on the flat bedded trunk. Puffing the upper half into a makeshift pillow. “Johnny? Are you sure we should do this? What if someone sees us?” You said pretending to be shy.
He didn't answer. Removing the blanket from the trunk. It would be too difficult to position. Opening the back door and laying the blanket down. Fluffing the top once more to make for a decent pillow. “That’s the thrill baby. Someone catching you getting fucked by THE Johnny Knoxville?” He said coming back around to the trunk. He shut the hatch and grabbed your hand.
“Is this your first time ever having sex in public?” He said assisting you into the backseat. You two had, had sex countless times in public. “Yeah.. I’m a little nervous.” You replied. He nodded his head. “Don’t be nervous baby. I’ll make you feel reallyyy good. I promise.” He said unbuttoning his jeans for the second time that night. You sighed shakily.
“Do you want me to take my pants off?” You softly questioned. Hoping he would ask you to just drop the act. Wanting to be aggressively fucked. He nodded his head as he unzipped his fly. You kicked your shoes off, and lifted yourself up, and pulled down your jeans. Easy to take off considering how loose they were around your waist.
 You began to lift your shirt off, though he stopped you. “I got it, baby.” He said pulling your shirt off over your head and arms. Lifting your back up to unclip your bra. Once that was removed, you were left in nothing but your thin underwear. He traced his fingers around your torso, leading up to your breasts.
His fingers brushed against your nipples. One hand squeezing your bud, as he leaned down and softly suckled your other. Leaning inside of the car, his left knee planted between your legs. You softly moaned, wrapping your fingers into his silver hair. Still slightly damp with sweat. He swapped places, softly pinching the opposite nipple and sucking the other. He moved off of your nipples, leaving soft kisses on your breasts.
He kissed down your chest and to your torso. Kissing your sides and down to your waist. He climbed off of you, backing up a step. He pulled your legs forward, hanging them further out of the car. He shuffled his unbuttoned jeans off and tugged off his shirt. Anyone could walk out and watch you two feel each other. It sparked a thrill in you.
Staring at his shaved chest, he was quite built. He had been working out extra for the match. Making him extra toned and defined. He eventually approached you again completely naked. 
Grabbing your thighs, he got down to his knees. Leaving his skin on the cold cement. He pulled you as close as he could. His hot breath on your crotch.
Hooking a finger under your panties, he slipped his tongue against you. Painfully slow, he glided his tongue against you. Enjoying every second. One hand on your thigh, the other still holding your panties. He picked up his pace, keeping you unable to be still. 
He groaned a bit as he suckled your clit. Sloppy noises coming from below you, you held a hand over your mouth as he worked away at you. He pulled his head up, tugging your panties off. Getting off his knees, with no other warning, he entered you. 
Pulling your legs onto his hips, he fucked you fast. Catching you so off guard you nearly screamed. An immediate shift of pleasure. Intense and hot. He leaned his face down to yours, slipping his tongue in your mouth. You eagerly kissed him back, sliding your fingers through his silver hair. 
He filled you almost perfectly. Hitting every spot that could make you scream. He pulled his head back panting. “I don’t have a condom. I want to watch you finish with your fingers. I want to see you squirm to the thought of your biggest hero, Johnny Knoxville, watch you make a mess of yourself.” He said slightly slowing his pace. 
He seemed to get off using his ego sometimes, but you enjoyed it. You loved his cocky presence. You nodded your head and removed the hand from your mouth. He pulled himself out of you, as you shot your right hand down to your clit. Your fingers circle the small bit.
His eyes didn't break contact with your fingers, his hand vigorously pumping at himself. Looking up, you were met with his eyes. The both of you intensely touch yourselves. The eye contact alone drove you both mad. A fast pace shared between you both.
“You’re so fucking sexy. I can’t wait to watch you cum all over.” He said sliding his thumb over his dribbling tip. You began to pant. Feeling yourself coming closer. Hitting the perfect spot, you arched back. Your fingers assist the wet sounds you two both made.
“Fuck! I’m going to fucking cum all over you baby.” He yelled stepping forward. Blowing his load onto your stomach and legs as you continued to work at yourself. His hand still kneading. You finished and made a massive mess of yourself. 
Warm cum spread across your body. Your fingers are soaked from the ordeal. He squeezed the last bit of cum he had left, letting out a long sigh. You laid a moment catching your breath. “Man. That was the best experience I’ve ever had with a fan.” He said gathering his clothes. “Oh stop it PJ.” You rolled your eyes over his silly roleplay.
You lifted yourself off the leather seat, peeling off your sweaty body. Your crotch feeling entirely numb by this point. “Sh! My name is Johnny. Not PJ..” He said sliding his boxers back on, looking for his discarded shoes. You rolled your eyes once more, satisfied with the intense pleasure you experience.
“You should really attend more wrestling matches. I could get used to this.” 
Tumblr media
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bbygirlky18 · 9 months
Hiya! I don't know if you're taking requests but if you are can I request fem reader/sami zayn where reader is Kevin's little sister and Kevin spies on reader and sami while they're on a date? Bonus if he gets caught lol
*gives doughnut*
Date with the Champ! Sami Zayn
Sami Zayn x y/n
Warnings: None!!!
Word Count: 292
A/N: Hi everyone!!! Currently listening to Blank Space as I was writing this. This was sent in by @elementaldoughnut12 so let's get into it.
Y/n is your name
@elementaldoughnut12 hope you like it.
As Kevin's little sister, it seemed like just another ordinary day as I prepared for my date with the WWE superstar Sami Zayn. Little did I know that this day was about to take an unexpected turn.
I had invited Sami to go for a walk in the park, enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. We were walking hand in hand, talking about our lives, getting to know one another better, and having a great time.
Little did I know, my brother Kevin had been spying on us the whole time. He had followed us to the park and was planning to catch me and Sami in the act of being alone together. His plan appeared to have backfired however, as he had underestimated the skill of a professional wrestler. Sami had noticed Kevin watching us from behind a tree and had sprung into action. Without a moment's hesitation, Sami had chased Kevin away with a few swift moves, leaving no trace of him.
I was shocked to discover that Kevin had followed us the entire time. I had no idea what he was planning to do when he got closer. However, I know that whatever it was, Sami had saved me from it.
Now that the danger has passed, I can finally enjoy my date with Sami in peace. I feel greatly indebted to Sami for his bravery, and I am glad to have him as a friend. Thankfully, this incident has only made my date with Sami more exciting and memorable. I can't wait to tell my brother just how wrong he was.
So, if you ever find yourself in a similar situation as I did, fear not! Sami Zayn is always up for a challenge, no matter the odds.
-I hope you guys enjoyed this! I had fun writing it. I love y'all so so so much. <33333
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ava-cookidouh123 · 1 year
Family Dilemma…
Ship-Sami Zayn x Fem! Reader
(Requested on Wattpad,I’ve never written for Sami before and I hate Roman Reigns so much,so don’t expect it to be good lol)
Plot-Ever since Sami joined the Bloodline as an ‘Honorary Uce’,He was liked by everyone in the Bloodline (even though it took Jey a bit to appreciate him-),and one person who had an extreme liking for him was you,you’re The Tribal Chief,Roman Reigns sister,so Roman didn’t really mind that you fancied Sami…You and Sami were close,but when Sami made the choice to betray the bloodline,you were in a small dilemma….on one hand,you could choose to ignore your feelings for Sami and stick The Bloodline,a group that doesn’t exactly appreciate you…well Solo does-,or you could choose to embrace your feelings and stick with Sami…
(I’m making this an AU where Jey was never in a dilemma,and he also super kicked Sami instead of it just being Jimmy who kicked Sami after he betrayed Roman,and I don’t know what they called the titles when Roman held the universal and WWE belts-)
Tumblr media
Life was great for you and the Bloodline,you’ve been Smackdown womens champion for around 7 months,Roman was still the Undisputed Champion,and The USO’s where the Undisputed Tag Team Champions….and Solo and Paul were also there-,but something was also missing..
So when Sami Zayn randomly approached Roman in The Bloodlines private lockeroom,just to ask if Jimmy and Jey could be lumberjacks in his match…it may of started something,because Sami started to approach Paul,Jimmy and Jey,you,and later on Solo Sikoa,well he started to become a member of the family…especially when he started wearing The Bloodline shirt.
But it’s obvious you guys didn’t trust him,you didn’t even like him that much,but the USO’s obviously hated him…I mean they even abandoned him in a match….but I think Sami was starting to think he was apart of the Bloodline,I mean-,he got into an argument with Kevin Owens on his show about Ezekiel and Elias being 2 different people,and about how The Bloodline hated Sami…
He literally became an Honorary Uce-,Sami even helped the USO’s retain the titles!…though that’s when you started to slowly gain feelings for Sami…it wasn’t obvious though.
But after a couple months,you both started talking,but on the September 23rd episode of Smackdown,when Jey ripped up his shirt,Sami looked at you in confusion,but he immediately lit up after he saw Roman give him a new shirt!,Jey still hated him-,though while Sami was celebrating,he approached you and kissed you!,you kissed back,but before it got too steamy,Jey broke it off….but that only made you both closer…
But…around Royal Rumble time,Sami was forced to make a choice between The Bloodline…or for K.O,but that’s probably where it’s went down hill..I mean for starters,you lost your title on a random episode of smackdown,then on the RAW the next week,he successfully passed court after you convinced Solo to not Samoan spike Sami…but Sami got told that at the royal rumble,after Romans match,he had to make a choice..a choice to either Stick with the Bloodline…or to stay with K.O..
But at The Royal Rumble,something happened..after Roman beat Kevin Owens,he was about to attack Kevin with a steel chair…but Sami stopped him,Roman,initially looked annoyed,but he gave Sami the chair,and Sami was thinking about it…but Roman was shoving Sami about and telling him stuff like.
“This is my life!”
Even when you told Roman to leave Sami alone,he just ignored you,so when Roman turned around,Sami thought about it before immediately hitting Roman in the back with a steel chair!,Everyone was stunned,Sami was apologising repeatedly,but that couldn’t help him from getting super kicked by The USOs…but before any further attack was about to happen,you immediately got on your knees and pleaded for them to leave Sami alone,they listened…but Roman said something that will change your relationship with Everyone in the bloodline forever…
“Who do you choose Y/N?!,The Bloodline…or Sami?!”
|To Be Continued|
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frodhoebagginit · 11 months
Just Like Before. Pt. 1 {Rhea Ripley x Fem!Bloodline!Reader}
(this is the first fic I've written in a while so...sorry if it sucks. let me know if you want a part 2)
All the attention was on the two women in the center of the ring. The Tribal Chief had called Paul to tell him he wanted The Judgment Day to help with The Bloodline’s, “Sami Zayn Problem.” Y/n was very annoyed by The Tribal Chiefs request, he knew about her and Rhea's past, why would he think it'd be a good idea for them to work together?
Rhea was staring y/n down, y/n tried her best to keep her eyes on Paul, who was sharing The Tribal Chief's words with the people in the arena. Rhea’s eyes burned her skin, she could feel it all over her body, just as they had before. Paul notices Rheas brutal eyes on y/n,
“Solo switch with y/n.” Paul asks, Solo moves to the other side of y/n. Y/n now standing in front of Dominik instead of Rhea. A moment passes before Rhea moves past Dominik and is once again standing in front of y/n. Y/n finally looks into Rhea's eyes, annoyed. Paul stares at the world women's champion intensely.
“Is everything alright?” Paul asks, annoyed. Rhea keeps her eyes on y/n as she moves closer to the mic,
“For now.” Rhea responds. Y/n scoffs and rolls her eyes at Rhea's remark. Paul accepts Rhea's answer and continues his promo. When Paul finishes The Bloodline leaves the ring and returns backstage. Y/n is pissed now and stays silent, the whole way back to her locker room. Y/n throws herself on to her couch. Minutes go by and suddenly a knock at the door disrupts the silence. Y/n groans and gets up unenthusiastically, when she opens the door she is met with the familiar burning eyes of Rhea Ripley. She tries to slam the door shut before Rhea can come in, but Rhea stops the door with her boot, kicking the door further open before stepping into the room, dominance radiating off her. Rhea closes the door behind her and locks it with a smirk on her face. 
“What the hell do you want Rhea?” Y/n demands. Rhea circles around y/n like a shark in water, saying nothing. Y/n’s eyes follow her form, her body betrays her as she feels her face getting hot. The sudden redness of y/n’s face doesn't go unnoticed by Rhea. Rhea stops walking and stands close to Y/n’s face. 
“It seems we are stuck with each other just like before.” Rhea says with malus. Y/n rolls her eyes at the woman in front of her. This seems to tick Rhea off, Rhea pushes y/n against the wall barricading her with her body. Her forearms rest on either side of y/n face and her knees lock y/n’s legs in place. Rhea moves her face even closer to y/n
S their lips barely touch. Rhea’s smirk appears once more,
“I'm sure we can make this temporary alliance enjoyable, I know how much it was before, for you” Rhea stares y/n down intensely. Y/n stares at Rhea speechless, her body radiates heat and her stomach forms knots, just as it had before. Y/n snaps out of Rheas trance ad pushes her away,
“Fuck off Rhea.” Rhea’s smirk disappears, and she Scoffs.
“Oh please, you're so pathetic, don't think I don’t know how badly you still want me.” Y/n shakes her head at Rheas words. All y/n wants is for Rhea to leave her alone, she's caused enough stress in her life.
“You and I don’t need to work together, Roman just needs Damian, Dominik, and Finn. So just leave me alone.” Rhea’s smirk returns 
“Fine, but don’t try to lie to me and say you don’t want me. You know Mami always wins” Rhea exits the room leaving y/n to deal with the mess she has started.
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