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SANTIAGO CABRERA as LANCELOT in MERLIN 2x4: Lancelot and Guinevere
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Curtwen Week Day 3: Scars
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this feels purposeful鈥︹︹︹..much to consider
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#Headcannon Jess Mariano Learned How To Be A Player From Tony Micelli
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Honestly the funniest part about World of Light to me
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im 100% sure someone has said this b4 but
these three
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are these three
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and these three
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LATE FOR CHRISTMAS!! But proud of this nonetheless, here鈥檚 my Christmas illustration for this year ft the animaniacs! Hope you鈥檝e all had a wonderful holiday season!! 馃挮馃挆馃巹
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That post where someone's mom got excited when one of the siblings came out as nonbinary because now she has a full set (one boy, one girl, one nb) but it is Daffy with Warner Siblings
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Violet aka Nomi
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Mushy May Day 12: First Time
Dew's entrusted with Aeon's first time Up Top.
Thank you to @forlorn-crows for putting Mushy May together, and to @ghuleh-recs for the divider <3
Contains t4t ghouls, discussion of boundaries, a little miscommunication that is quickly resolved, but no actual smut because this got long and it was very late lol
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"I'm not him, you know," Aeon says tentatively, pulling away from the barrage of kisses, even as Dew keeps backing them against the wall of their hotel room. They're somewhere they've never been before, somewhere in the middle of the United States that they can't really remember the name of. "I don't know if I want it if this is just because he's not here."
"Voidling," Dew freezes, hands caging Aeon in. Something in his hungry expression cracks, softens, and Aeon stares with wide, nervous eyes as Dew brings a hand in, running his knobby knuckles over Aeon's cheek in a sort of caress. His brow furrows. "Did you think I wanted you because Aether's back at the Abbey?"
Aeon shrinks back as much as they can. It isn't a lot, their spine already pressed to the tacky hotel wallpaper. They can't meet Dew's eyes. The silence is enough of an answer. Dew hums, and Aeon squeezes their eyes shut. They bite at their already kiss-swollen bottom lip.
"Voidling, look at me," Dew says in a tone that Aeon's never heard from the fire ghoul before. It's shockingly soft, and it's enough of a jolt to their system that they glance up, mismatched eyes meeting copper. He sighs, and Aeon tenses up as he keeps touching their cheek. "I want this because it's you. Blow off some steam, yes, but because I wanted to do this with you. If you don't, if you think you're obligated to keep going, tell me to fuck right off, okay?"
Aeon blinks, a little shellshocked. They had played it up at the Ritual a few hours earlier, falling to their knees at Dew's feet and bending back so far their helmet had brushed against the stage.
Dew had stalked up to them after bows, spindly fingers around the back of their neck burning like a brand, whispering in a low, dark tone that they'd be rooming with him tonight. It had sent a spark of something hot down their spine. And when they had gotten to the hotel, and the door had barely latched behind them before Dew was pouncing, kissing them like he meant to devour?
It hadn't been a spark. More like a bonfire.
They've tried to make up for their inexperience with enthusiasm, pretending like they haven't been staring at him since the moment they arrived Up Top a few months ago.
"Voidling?" Dew asks, an undercurrent of worry filtering into his voice. "Hey, Aeon, you alright?"
Aeon shakes their head, not as a no but to clear their head. "'M okay," they say, trying their best to maintain eye contact.
"What's goin' on in there, Aeon?" Dew asks, hand still on their cheek. "Let me in."
"I want this, I do, I'm just-" They sputter, tongue too big in their mouth, unyieldy.
"Easy. Take a breath. 'M not gonna bite. Not unless you ask."
Aeon obeys, chest heaving as they inhale hard. "I haven't done this Up Top yet, not in a vessel. I have no idea what I'm doing."
"Oh," Dew's hands move down from their face, curling softly around their biceps. "That's okay. I'd be honored, voidling, that is, if you're sure you want it to be me. I haven't exactly been, ugh, the nicest to you."
Aeon flushes a dark violet, making silver freckles stand out on their cheeks. Their mismatched eyes go wide, hair falling over their forehead with how violently they nod. "Please, really want it to be you."
Dew smiles, something softer than Aeon's ever seen on the fire ghoul's face, and he reaches up to push a few strands back. The lamplight softens his sharp features, and he cocks his head. "Let me treat you right, voidling."
Aeon nods again, and Dew draws them into another kiss. This is like nothing Aeon's ever experienced, leagues of difference between this and the kisses from before, the ones that felt like Dew was trying to consume them whole. This feels almost reverent, the way Dew's lips move against theirs, the way he cups their cheek like they're something to be cherished. They don't know what to do with their hands, brushing over Dew's hair, down his arms.
They kiss like that until Aeon's dizzy with it, pulling back to pant desperately. There's a warmth blooming deep in their gut, knees shaking. Dew laughs, not unkind, and begins to herd him towards one of the queen beds. Their eyes go wide as the backs of their calves bump against the mattress, collapsing back onto the bed.
"Again, voidling, if you don't like any of this, tell me to fuck off. Those words. Okay?" Dew looks more serious than he has the entire time, a small furrow between his brows that Aeon has the impulse to kiss away.
"If I don't like it, I'll tell you to fuck off," they repeat, nodding. Dew's lips quirk up in a smirk, and it sends a bolt of heat down Aeon's spine, tail flicking as they prop themself up on their elbows.
"Good boy," he purrs, crowding closer before pausing. "'Boy' a good word for you?"
Aeon chews on their bottom lip, the pupil of their good eye probably dilated to the size of a quarter. "Very much so," they breathe.
Dew nods curtly, visibly filing that information away in his brain. "Let's get you stripped down, want to see what you're hiding under those hoodies, voidling."
Aeon obeys, tugging the hoodie up over their head. "You've seen me changing, though," they say, struggling not to tangle the hoodie in their horns with how eager they are to get rid of it. "We share dressing rooms."
Dew leans in, a glint in his copper eyes. "Yeah, but I've never looked. Let me see."
Aeon swallows hard, tossing the hoodie at the corner of the room, blush spilling down their chest as they feel more than see Dew's eyes on them.
"Pretty," Dew hums, gaze raking over the swell of Aeon's chest. The chill of the air conditioning makes their nipples pebble, a pretty lavender against the rest of their skin, and they fight the urge to cover themself with their arms.
Dew notices, because of course he does, ever perceptive, and tugs his own hoodie off, revealing skin covered in silvery scars, matching sets along his ribcage and two much more prominent ones underneath his pecs. Aeon swallows the saliva pooling on their tongue, staring unashamedly. "That's better, right?" Dew laughs, pressing closer until Aeon can feel his body heat radiating off of him.
"Yeah," Aeon says, chest heaving and all they've done is kiss. "Dew, please." It's not something that they meant to say, but it slips past their lips on a whine.
Dew absolutely lights up at the sound. "What, voidling? What are you begging all pretty for?"
Aeon tries to turn their head away, but then Dew's fingers are on their chin, gently making them keep eye contact. "Please fuck me?"
Dew leans in, pressing a soft kiss at the corner of Aeon's mouth. "Of course, voidling. I'm going to take such good care of you, I promise."
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Okay I wanna show my favorite piece of Uprising concept art, it鈥檚 been in the back of my mind ever since I saw it
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Look at that.
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funky individuals get the third eye treatment
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"Larger stars in cluster of the Pleiades." A beginner's star-book. 1912.
Internet Archive
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Emizel my beloved <333
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"In the mythology of this film [Old]鈥 everything goes so quickly [...] But in life, you can appreciate ageing. I love getting old; getting older is the best thing that can happen to anyone!鈥 (Total Film, 07/2021)
Happy Birthday GAEL GARC脥A BERNAL ! (30 November 1978)
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