#my besties cat and she calls him ‘’my lover my son’’
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Michael the money cat (extra good luck if you also have chipped nail polish)
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Ok ill bite whats dominion smp?
dominion smp, which some members call DSMP for what's probably seo reasons but i find intensely hilarious because it's technically not wrong to abbreviate it like that, is a small lightly modded server based around the origins mod! basically, each member has a different origin, and in much the same way empires members are loosely the ruler of their respective countries, you can sort of consider each dominion member to be kind of a paragon of their respective origin.
thing is, while dominion is defined in part by its relation to the origins mod, there is also a lot of plot stuff that happens that is only tangentially related to the fact that everyone is creatures -- you've got people beefing over stolen goods, everyone sort of vying for power in a vacuum while trying to not seem obvious about it, taxes of "give me all of your diamonds every two weeks i am no longer asking nicely", and also. whatever the hell is going on with shadowmech.
oh yeah also literally like 75% of these ccs have 2000+ day hardcore worlds so the builds are insane.
here's a masterpost on everyone's povs! it doesn't have their Vibes down rn but i can do that really briefly (EDIT LOL NO IT'S NOT BRIEF THIS IS GOING UNDER A CUT):
starting members:
jamiejoan/jammers, dragonborn: elected queen of the server during s1. has a corruption arc, as one does. not many s1 episodes, but (without spoiling anything) her pov for s2 is unique and worth checking out
grady, enderian: doesn't have many episodes and is mainly a streamer. his character is half wet cat and half "guy that makes that's what she said jokes", but somehow in a different direction from scar?
legundo, piglin: champion of the piglins, sent to the overworld by his people for. well for takeover purposes probably. this mostly involves doing capitalism and having trusting-distrustful dynamics with the besties. actually the main server admin but this never comes up incharacter.
fixxitt, inchling: starts off as a thief, escalates WILDLY until by episode 5 welsknight is telling him "you fucked up, buddy" and then he builds a gigantic house. has 2 musical numbers in the middle of episodes that will absolutely knock you out if you're not prepared. also has very good cinematics.
nukeri, elytrian: democracy lover and guy who really, really just wants everyone to get along. canonically descended from icarus; all my friends have emotions about him and i haven't watched him yet but he's a major blorbo-in-law. i'd make a joke about how he's the resident gay scot of the server since they couldn't get smajor, but he literally does have a voice cameo from scott in his s1 finale.
rnjoy, witch: loves doing mad science, committing tax fraud, and has a mushroom son in s2 now. not a lot of s1 episodes but she loves her ravager gertrude i know that much. currently being hunted by --
shadowmech, witherborn: hitman of the server who is only withered rn because he ate a really bad porkchop. no episodes currently, he's in the process of doing a supercut of all his s1 stuff. is also in the process of uh. being very possessed and possibly being the s2 arc baddie rn. it's. fiiiiine. he's just not speaking to anyone and also attacking them during blood moons! totally chill
sneve, blazeborn: like if keralis was oli orionsound but with less musical numbers. sneve is an experience that cannot be described. just. watch his episodes there's only like 3 of them it'll tell you everything and nothing you need to know
taneesha, goat: lover of domes and also psychological warfare. started an advancement race probably as an excuse to steal people's shit. not a lot of s1 episodes but has some plot stuff anyway since she kind of got invited to join jamie's. void cult. yeaaaahhhh.
started midway thru s1:
vikingpilot, phantom: SOMETHING IS SO VERY WRONG WITH HIM. sweet ghostboy who is also incredibly unhinged. canonically dead and was also intangible and invisible for the beginning half of s1 up until the dragon fight. does dark magic, or is at least planning to do dark magic. pluralcoded and you can fight me on this. honestly my top pick for "if you only get one pov"
started at the beginning of s2:
progamebot/josh, sporeling: one video so far! joy's mushroom son. helping her make potions out of a van in the desert atm, which is. actually a breaking bad reference, not a reference to that other dsmp. canonically like a week old at the most. doing pretty well considering this.
kiply, fairy: no episodes yet, but uh. i've been watching her other stuff on and off and something is seriously wrong with her in the best way possible. plays on i think at least 2 different lifesteal-type smps? she is unhinged. she is not a reliable narrator. i love her.
dalilred (wolf) and itsryan (iron golem) also REALLY recently joined so i haven't gotten a pin on their vibes yet. red seems like she has a little bit of a cottagecore aesthetic and ryan seems to be kind of closer to sneve on the shitposter end of the mcyter spectrum, but that's all i've got
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hey, i loved your last cody fic! i was wondering if you could do another where they meet at the louis vuitton fashion week (or any other big event) and they hit it off. eventually getting into a relationship but they keep it a secret for like a year or two and it accidentally comes out to the public that they’re dating. fc; bella hadid or doja cat?
met gala
cody fern x reader
face claim: bella hadid
authors note: Can i just say how much i love this request. like you really put every thing in my head and made me write this while i was doing my school work. so im sorry if this is really short. also for reminder if you want me to do any of your request pls dont forget to add which face claim you want since some of you would forgot about it. im gonna stop here so enjoy todays update.
warning: english is my second language
tw: curse words lmaoo
request are open
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y/n_updates so some of you had been asking abt what dress did y/n wear. so y/n l/n was wearing black moschino gown for this year met gala. look how gorgeous she looks 🤩🤩
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y/nfan17 she can literally walk on me and i will still say thank you
codyfan78 cody fern
codyfan712 cody fern
y/nfan90 @codyfan78 beside him...all of us know how iconic he is
codyfan78 @y/nfan90 .....you have a point
yourinstagram 💖💖
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codyfernupdates all of you had been dm-ing me abt cody's met gala outfit so cody was wearing maison margiela. ANYWAY- he rocks this look.
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codyfan78 i swear sometime i question my sexuality bc of him
codyfan88 literally just run me over
y/nfam90 dont mind me im just looking at him (respectfully)
y/nfan90 I BLAME YOU
codyfern 😉
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yourinstagram meet new best friend @codyfern
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y/nfan12 OH MY GOD
codyfan89 two hottest ppl met.....im gonna question everything more
emmaroberts i introduce them together, say thank you emma
codyfern thank you emma 🙄
yourinstagram thank you emma 🙄
codyfan78 THANK YOU EMMA
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codyfern we are to hot for you to handle @yourinstagram
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codyfan12 *heavy breathing*
codyfan99 gotta go bi- i mean bye
y/nfan90 my two fav met.....pls date pls date pls date
codyfern @yourinstagram yeah please date me y/n 😉
yourinstagram @codyfern hell yeah baby boy 🤩🤤😩
codyfern45 ^^*chokes*
y/nfan16 i smell some tension....and its the sexual one
yourfriendsinstagram not you stealing my best friend 😃
codyfern @yourinstagram better make her my friend first before shes my gf then Mrs Fern
yourfriendsinstagram @codyfern you smooth son of bitch
yourinstagram @codyfern just ask me then 🙈
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yourfriendsinstagram not the staranger to friends to lovers trope 😩😩😩 @codyfern @yourinstagram
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y/nfan90 WHATTT
y/nfan90 @codyfan78 BESTIE LOOK BITCH
codyfan78 *chokes on water*
codyfan711 did you get their permission to post this??
yourfriendsinstagram GUYS stop asking me this and yes i did asked their permission
yourinstagram NOT THE WATTPAD-
y/nfan88 we have been exposed
codyfan12 what if she saw cody fern ff
yourinstagram @codyfan12 I DID 💀 and i showed it to him
codyfern @yourinstagram its quite funny to be honest
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codyfern i have such a gorgeous.......view
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codyfan78 AAAAAAAAAAAAA *bi panic*
taissafarmiga fuck cody just date me instead
yourinstagram yeaaaa mrs y/n farmiga has a nice ring into it rather that mrs y/n fern
codyfern my day has come where y/n would leave me
codyfan19 name one iconic couple beside cody and y/n......cody and y/n
yourinstagram i also like my view......since there was a hot a girl behind you
codyfern i love you too 🙄
yourinstagram i love you more 😩🤩🤤💍😜💖
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yourinstagram "babe take a picture of me with this giant avocado* alright stupid 😜💖
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yourinstagram *calling 991*
y/nfan90 FUCK
codyfern67 HE IS SO CUTE
codyfern look at that guy. is he your bf?
yourinstagram idk it was some stranger who asked me take picture of him
codyfern 😑
yourinstagram 😘
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Closer, March 29
You can buy a copy of this issue for your very own at my eBay store: https://www.ebay.com/str/bradentonbooks
Cover: Shirley Jones -- love, loss and no regrets
Tumblr media
Page 1: Contents
Tumblr media
Page 2: The Big Picture -- after seeing Lena Horne: The Lady and Her Music at New York's Nederlander Theater in 1981, Debbie Reynolds visited her longtime friend Lena Horne backstage
Page 4: He'll turn 60 in May, but George Clooney says being an older dad to toddlers has it benefits because his son isn't ever going to feel competitive with him and he'll be gumming his bread by the time he'd feel competitive with him -- George's twins Ella and Alexander turn 4 in June -- George is well aware that growing up with two highly accomplished parents, as wife Amal Clooney is a successful human rights lawyer, can put a lot of pressure on a kid and that's why the couple is already guiding Ella and Alexander with strong values and kind hearts, saying it's their job to make sure that they care about people and that they challenge people in power and look out for people who don't have power as those are the things he was raised with
Page 6: Picture Perfect -- former Broadway dancer and Radio City Rockette Amanda Kloots wasn't about to let a little wet weather hamper her fun as she kicked up her heels outside The Talk's studio in the rain
Page 7: Jane Seymour celebrates turning 70 with granddaughters Luna and Willa in Malibu, Sylvester Stallone at John Staluppi's Cars of Dreams Museum in North Palm Beach in Florida, Candace Cameron Bure worked on her poolside lounge act in a green bikini
Page 8: David Hasselhoff doing a cowboy aerobics video on Young Sheldon
Page 10: Olivia Colman and Gillian Anderson took a break from filming The Crown to enjoy a meal and celebrate Olivia's 47th birthday
Page 12: Mariska Hargitay showed off her knitting skills to commemorate the 12th annual National Day of Unplugging
Page 13: Sherri Shepherd and Kyra Sedgwick play besties on Call Your Mom, Jennifer Lopez showed off her silly side while in the tub, Robert Herjavec of Shark Tank won $31,000 for charity on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune but he was just excited to meet the show's co-host Vanna White
Page 22: Michael Caine at 88 -- I've had an amazing life -- the legendary actor and grandfather of three has no plans on slowing down
Page 24: Queen Elizabeth keeps calm and carries on -- the monarch stays strong after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's bombshell interview
Page 26: Stars' Secret Pastimes -- the surprising hobbies and unusual collections of your favorite Hollywood celebrities -- Penelope Cruz, Lou Ferrigno, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Garner, Dan Aykroyd
Page 27: Tom Hanks, Rod Stewart, Julia Roberts
Page 28: Sharon Stone -- I'm grateful for every day -- in her new memoir, the actress shares the story of her rise to fame, her brush with death and her will to survive
Page 33: Horoscopes -- Aries Reese Witherspoon turned 45 on March 22
Page 34: Entertainment -- Cynthia Erivo on Genius: Aretha, Henry Lloyd-Hughes on The Irregulars, In the Spotlight -- Tyler Hoechlin
Page 36: On the Move -- Suzanne Somers
Page 38: Best Friends -- Leslie Jordan found the purr-fect role for a true cat lover on Call Me Kat, Tony Bennett and his wife Susan Crow adopted a dog named Buddy to go along with their other dog Happy
Page 39: Kevin Bacon with his alpaca Electra, Kate Beckinsale and her dog Myf went for a ride in matching shiny silver outfits, Arnold Schwarzenegger relaxed while his dog Dutch stands guard
Page 40: Great Escape -- Carmen Electra on Maui
Page 44: How to prevent back pain
Page 46: Exclusive Interview -- William Shatner -- life is a journey -- as he turns 90, the actor reflects on his storied career and shares his thoughts on making the most of every day
Page 50: Cover Story -- Shirley Jones -- fame, family and a lifetime of love -- the beloved performer is turning 87 and counting every blessing of her remarkable journey
Page 54: The Chad Everett only we knew -- the veteran actor found his life's purpose as a devoted husband and father
Page 56: Beauty -- Hair Flair -- from trendy turban knots to simple styles and ornate beaded designs, every hair day is a good hair day with a chic headband -- Duchess Kate Middleton, Charlize Theron
Page 58: My Life in 10 Pictures -- Sean Penn
Page 60: Flashback -- slit skirts, bobs with bangs, Billie Holiday, white suits
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ray-ray-writings · 2 years
YouTube Masterlist
Check out who I’ll write for here
Check out my other masterlists here
Want more or something shorter? Check out my drabble masterlist here
Dance with Me- Y/N and Clay have a sweet moment early in the morning. 
Sweet as Cyanide-The whole server thinks that Y/N is being forced to stand by Dream’s side, but they couldn’t be more wrong. They all believe they’re just a sweet innocent creature, but many times people forget that sweet things can be poisonous.  
Visiting Hemlock- (Part Two of Sweet of Cyanide) Y/N is finally able to visit Dream in prison.
Tightrope- Y/N and Dream have been together for what feels like forever. But when Dream says that he cares about nothing anymore, Y/N takes a moment to evaluate the tightrope walk they call their relationship.
Teacher Teacher- Just a bunch of self indulgent teacher!dream au stuff :)
Goodnight Kisses- The night after a date with Sapnap ends well
Stormy Nights- Sapnap takes care of their s/o that is scared of storms.
Pretty Boy-  Punz takes Y/N on a date to a new biome he found while working. Y/N’s supposed to be looking around at the pretty scenery but they can’t seem to take their eyes off their lover.
Oh Baby-After missing their period, Y/N begins to suspect there may be something else going on in their uterus.
Oh Boy-  How Darryl and Y/N tell their families, friends, and fans that they’re expecting.
Wilbur Soot 
Just For You- After a long day, Wilbur show’s you something special he made just for you (dreamsmp au)
Deep Trouble- Y/N’s never been good with deep water seeing as they can’t swim. But when her friends want to go to the beach, they can’t deny them their request. Trouble ensues as Y/N doesn’t tell their boyfriend of their inability to swim.
Chat’s a Snitch- Wilbur is streaming his reactions to different covers of his song when his chat informs him his s/o is currently singing his most recent release. He of course joins their stream to bully them. 
Stormy Nights-Wilbur takes care of their s/o that is scared of storms.
Stormy Nights-  Fundy takes care of their s/o that is scared of storms.
Song for you-  Fundy makes something special for their best friend using his knowledge of redstone and Y/N.
All JSchlatt imagines are about the character in the Dreamsmp or they are platonic! I will not write romance for the actual CC Schlatt!
Not Your Fault- Y/N has to clear their mind after the results of the election come in. (dreamsmp)
Missing you- Y/N gets tired of missing their best friend (dreamsmp)
All Techno imagines are about the character Technoblade in the Dreamsmp or they are platoniclly written with the SBI Au. I will not write romance for the actual CC Techno!! 
Gift of Friendship- After Techno gives Y/N some PVP lessons, Y/N is at a loss of how to repay him. Y/N comes up with an idea but is unsure of whether or not the resident Blood God with like it. (dreamsmp au)
Stolen Goods- Techno hides something of Y/N’s. Which is fine because he’s their brother. But what happens when someone else tries something similar?  (dreamsmp au)
A Hairy Situation - When Wilbur and Tommy leave on an adventure, Techno and Y/N are left alone together. Y/N “helps” Techno in his potato farm and offers to braid his hair. Tensions rise as more and more time passes. (dreamsmp au)
A Dedicated Pig-(Part One of the Dedicated series) Y/N finally meets the one that everyone has been walking on eggshells over. (dreamsmp au)
Better Than a Dedicated Chicken (Part Two in the Dedicated series)-Y/N gets to see Techno again thanks to the upcoming festival in Manberg. (dreamsmp au)
Dedicated to You- (Part Three in the Dedicated Series)Techno can’t help but get a little jealous as he and Y/N visit L’Manberg and run into old friends. It’s up to Y/N to remind him who they are dedicated to. 
A Dedicated and Domesticated Pig- (Part Four in the Dedication Series) Everything comes full circle when Y/N and their family travel to L’Manberg for the annual festival.  
Butchered Plans-Y/N finds out about the Butcher Army and attempts to put a stop to their plan (dreamsmp au)
Best Seat in the House- Y/N comes home from a long day of chopping wood and just wants to sit down and warm up. (dreamsmp)
No Worries- Y/N’s been missing for almost a week and the one person that should be worried about them most isn’t worried at all, which upsets some people. (dreamsmp)
Protect You-  Y/N tries to warn their boyfriend about the Butcher Army. The prideful man that he ignores their attempts of getting him to flee. By the time he realizes they were right, it’s too late. (dreamsmp)
Wither or Not- Techno attempts to explain to his partner just why he betrayed L’Manberg. (dreamsmp)
Fool Me Twice-  Y/N is left with only one option after Techno destroys their home and their trust. (dreamsmp)
Catch Me If I Fall- What was supposed to be a simple mining trip goes horribly wrong when Y/N doesn’t pay attention to their surroundings. (dreamsmp)
Seeing Red-  When Y/N gets kidnapped by the Butcher Army to lure their boyfriend to L’Manberg, Technoblade sees red and is willing to do anything to get them back… Anything. (Dreamsmp)
Calm During the Storm-  Unexpected weather strikes leaving Ranboo stranded out in the open. Techno sees him and goes to him and attempts to calm him down. (Dreamsmp. Not an x reader)
Totem Troubles-Gathering materials was supposed to be easy. It wasn’t supposed to end in an almost cannon death. (Dreamsmp)
The Next Step-  Techno has a serious conversation with his father about his lover, Y/N and their future plans. (Dreamsmp)
Warming Up- Philza and Techno find something in the snow that definitely shouldn’t be there and take it back to Techno’s house to warm up (Dreamsmp)
Okay, Bet- Y/N and Dream make a bet for half a stack of golden apples. (Dreamsmp) 
The Blade-Y/N is forced to face their biggest fear when it quite literally comes knocking at their front door. (Dreamsmp)
Prison Break- Techno frees you from your wrongful prison sentence. 
A Part of the Collection- Y/N goes missing for a while... everyone is shocked at where they find them 
Prison Break-  Techno frees you from your wrongful prison sentence.
Periods suck. Here’s some content about how Techno would act on your period.
Besties-  What it would be like to be best friends with Tommy and Tubbo
Bring Him Home- Tommy’s big sister visits him in exile. 
3am conversations- Tubbo appears on Y/n’s doorstep at 3am. (dreamsmp au)
Lean on Me- Y/N forces their way into Tubbo’s home after Tommy’s exile. (dreamsmp au)
Besties- What it would be like to be best friends with Tommy and Tubbo
Faking Happy- The bottle Y/N has been filling with their emotions finally tips over and overflows. (dreamsmp au)
Family Matters-  After spending a lot of time with Tommy, Y/N and Sam decide its time to expand their own family
Family Fatality- Y/N believed it was a bad idea from the beginning. Call it parental instincts. But unfortunately no one believed them… until it was too late.
Honey Barbecue- Tommy plays wingman for the two people on the server that genuinely care for him
Actually Pretty Funny-Y/N opens up to her big brother as to why she has been avoiding her other brother and his friend.
Crash- Y/N finally crashes after ignoring their needs for too long. (SBI AU)
Defending Family-  When Y/N hears the school bully talking shit about their family… Well it’s no surprise when that bully gets hit. (SBI AU)
Crossed Lines-Dream kidnaps Y/N to get some leverage on their brothers. Lucky for him, it’s not too hard as they don’t really know how to defend themselves. Unlucky for him, their brothers are extremely overprotective and will stop at nothing to make sure that their sibling is safe. 
Auntie Flow-  When Y/N isn’t up by their usual time, Dadza goes in to check on them. He soon realizes the problem and enlists in their brother’s help to make Auntie Flow’s visit go a little smoother.
Stream Stresses-When Y/N makes fun of their brother, chat jumps to his defense by saying some not so nice things about Y/N. The mean things cause Y/N to shut down their stream with tears in their eyes, worrying their father, Philza.
Birthday Bullies-  Y/N is being bullied at school. They’re able to keep the secret from her father and brothers for a while. But every cat gets out of the bag eventually.  
Ghost of You- Three cannon lives. Some argue it’s too many, some argue it’s not enough. But once Y/N loses all theirs, everyone can agree that there’s never enough
Forget Me Not-  The garden. That’s where it all began with Y/N and the Minecraft family… It’s unfortunate that’s where it all ended as well.
Period Piece-  Y/N starts their period at the worst time possible, the one time that Philza isn’t home… but their three brother’s are.
Momma Mia-  Y/N has been Philza’s best friend for the longest time. Being Philza’s friend also comes with being there for Philza’s sons and sometimes them being there for her.
Whole SMP
Full of Surprises-  Y/N is the server’s sweetheart. They’re innocent and couldn’t hurt a fly… at least that’s what everyone thinks. It isn’t until someone catches them working out does the SMP finally see just how badass this person can be.
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prideful-sins · 3 years
Cynbel X Lucifer: Confessions of two sinners (OC X Lucifer)
Cynbel is my Obey Me! OC (here’s his info). Esmeralda/ Ezzy is my best friend’s OC/ MC (and our OC’s are besties) and Smeowg is his cat, they share a pact and with that pact they can feel eachothers energies and both become drained if the other uses a large amount, both my friend and I wanted to write out our OC’s confessing to their SO’s, no one will be interested but this is more for me than y’all
Word Count: 4.1k
Masterlist | Buy Me A Coffee?
Cynbel sat down on the edge of Lucifer’s bed, a dim light shining in through the window and illuminating his sleeping lovers face. Another night of ‘meaningless’ sex, used and abandoned, sneaking out to his own house smelling like sweat and despair. While it sounds like Cynbel hates these nights he, in fact, loves them. The arousal, the gripping, the clawing, biting, licking, hair pulling, all ecstasy, or so he would have said many years ago, but now? He just liked the time with Lucifer, being around him, listening to his stresses of his day, stresses made by either his workload or his brothers.
Cyn stood up and got fully dressed before turning to Lucifer, sleeping soundlessly on the bed. It couldn’t have been past 2 am and Lucifer was sleeping deeply, his breaths slow and heavy, chest rising and falling in a hypnotising pattern. His hair falling ever so slightly into his eyes, other strands stuck to his forehead, a remnant of their time together last night. Cyn took a step forward and pushed the hair from Lucifer’s eyes, he always hated it when it got into his eyes, his fingers lingering for just a moment too long upon the sleeping demon’s cheek before taking a sharp breath in and stepping away.
The door closed silently, he had been doing this for years now he was practically an expert at sneaking out of The House of Lamentation, not that he needed to, the Brothers knew what was going on, they had for years now, and it had gotten past the point of asking. Cynbel’s steps were silent and cautious down the halls, careful not to wake any of the sleeping demons. As he walked down the corridor the portraits stared in disgust at Cyn, or ,at least, he felt like they were.
“Fuck off” he hissed at a particularly depressing portrait of some random woman he’d never ever know. All was silent within the halls, but a snack was needed, so the route was changed for a slight stop in the kitchen. Cynbel made his way downstairs, all had been silent but not for long as the distant sounds of munching and wrapper unfurling was particularly disruptive.
“Beel? You in here?” Cyn turned the corner to a starry eyed Beelzebub.
“Hm?” Beel swallowed all that was in his mouth, “Oh Cynbel it’s you, hey”
“Hey, got anything I can have? I’m starving, Lucifer sure as hell tired me out”
“There’s not a lot left in here, but I can give you a slice Banoffee Pie, it’s Satan’s”
“I’ll take it” Cyn looked solemnly at the slice as he reached out to grab it from Beelzebub
“Are you okay?” Beel had already shoved something else into his mouth so his words were barely audible.
“Yeah I’m fine, why wouldn’t I be?” Cynbel did his best at playing coy, putting on a fake smirk and shrugging his shoulders.
“You look really sad, that’s all”
“Huh” Cyn looked down at his slice of pie, “I’ll uh- I’ll be leaving now, thanks Beel ‘preciate it” Cyn walked off and waved the slice of pie as a goodbye.
Beelzebub wasn’t wrong, for the last few months Cynbel felt horrible after sneaking out like this, just one time he’d like to wake up next to Lucifer as an equal, as his public lover, but he was a coward, too scared to admit his feelings, feelings he didn’t even know he had until Ezzy decided to point them out to him. Cynbel was perfectly fine living it out as he was until his, supposed, best friend pointed them out to him. She was his best friend of course but damn if these feelings weren’t annoying, and to top it off? They both had to admit their feelings to their respective men. Another problem? That was tonight.
The streets were always quiet around this time, demons have places to be I suppose, naught more than a nightclub, throwing out the late night riff raff, was open. Streets lined with drunk demons enjoying their sins. They’re not going to have any food left for the morning, Cyn thought before taking his D.D.D. out of his pocket and dialing a local produce supplier. The only thing that answered the phone was an answering machine.
“Hey, it’s Cynb- uhh War, sorry to call so late, I’m leaving this message for this morning. Can you send The House of Lamentation 2 of their food delivery orders? Just send the bill to me and I’ll sort out the rest, thanks” Cyn hung up the phone and placed it back into his pocket, his house now coming into sight, thank fuck.
The door creaked open and Smeowg came running right up to his master, chittering away and telling Cynbel about his day.
“Smeowg! Man did I miss you, how are you doing buddy?” Cyn picked up his cat and wasted no time in smothering him in kisses and headpats, returned with headbutts and licking. “You’re such a good kitty yes you are, come on we’re gonna go wake up Ezzy, I don’t wanna sleep alone tonight, she won’t mind” Cynbel walked through the house, cradling Smeowg in his arms toward their private portal, with a cat flap for his feline of course, the door swung open and he was within Ezzy’s own private cottage, the familiar smells of her herbs immediately making him feel at home. He weaved his way through the furniture and the remnants of her spell work through to her bedroom, where nary a sound was being made.
He turned the handle and opened the door as quietly as he could, Smeowg jumped from his arms and made a beeline for the bed, hopping up without a problem. Cyn closed the door behind him and walked toward his sleeping best friend.
“Hey Ezzy?” He whispered, placing a hand on her shoulder and shaking softly, “Ezzy”
Esmeralda moaned in response, her eyes opening and brows furrowing, “huh?”
“Can I sleep with you? I don’t wanna be alone right now”
Ezzy responded with a hoarse voice, “don’t even have to ask, just climb in” Cyn smiled and climbed over her, a little rougher than he should have but Ezzy didn’t mind. He snuck himself under the covers and became her little spoon, a rare treat for them both, her arms were protectively covering his side and neck and his back was fully against her body, an act of pure love on both counts.
“Do you want to talk about it?” Ezzy’s voice was soft amongst the pale moonlight within the room.
“No, just the usual” Cyn was quiet, unnaturally so, his voice wavering just a little.
“Okay, I’ll be here when you wake up”
“I know, thanks babe” with that he drifted off to sleep.
Sunlight, after all this time knowing Ezzy, and being at her house, Cyn had yet to get used to waking up and seeing sunlight in the morning, or maybe it was the afternoon. His eyes groggily opened, a slight headache ringing in his ears from his late night rambling home, the fresh air clearing his lungs from last night’s thoughts. God, why did he feel so drained today? Cynbel sat up on the bed and reached for his D.D.D. 
[10:22 A.M] 
“Fuck, that’s early” He murmured as he tossed the covers to the side. Cyn always liked the smell of Ezzy’s room, smelt like home to him, not many places ever had. He walked over to the drawers and opened the one that had some of his clothes in, a quick change and Cyn was in clean, non Lucifer or sex smelling, clothes. He opened the door and walked down the hall, into the living room where Ezzy was nowhere to be seen. “Damn, she must have gone somewhere, I’ll catch her in a bit” he said as he walked over to his door, stealing a pastry from the countertop in the kitchen, on the way.
He opened the door, pastry firmly in his mouth, and walked through, the smell of his own house filling his nostrils. As he walked through a loud, thundering knock came at the door, making Cynbel stop in his tracks, brows furrowed, and head pounding. “Son of a taint” mumbled through the dough as he walked over to his door. It swung open and he was faced with Barbatos, “Hello?” or a sound like it from his pastry-filled mouth greeted his fellow demon.
“Hello Cynbel, Diavolo is requesting you at The Palace, he has news he wishes to discuss with you and Lucifer” Barbatos gave a small bow and stood aside, his hand out and pointed towards a car to escort them. Cynbel took the danish from his mouth and swallowed the contents remaining.
“They can’t just send a text? Damn I just woke up” He rolled his eyes as he walked through and past Barbatos.
“My Lord knows you like a personal invitation Cynbel” Barbatos gave a small chuckle as he walked behind Cyn. No more words were said as they both entered the car and proceeded to the castle.
Cynbel couldn’t remember why he was there, he had felt so drained all day that nothing was being taken in by his brain, and the final straw was when he just fell asleep right in the middle of Lucifer talking about….something....
“Cynbel? Cynbel!” He heard Lucifer’s voice but just couldn’t respond, muscles barely even responding to the fact he was awake, until a very sharp stinging sensation on his face.
“Ah!” Cynbel shot up awake, his whole body reacting with fight in this fight or flight situation, his hand raised in a fist before seeing Lucifer’s seething face before him. “Oh hey, what’s up?” Cynbel had a shit-eating grin on his, now rested, face along with a mischievous energy radiating from him.
“What is ‘up’ is the fact you’re asleep during one of our meetings” Lucifer glared down at Cynbel, Diavolo chuckling in the background.
“Oh let him, I’m not even sure why he had to be here in the first place Lucifer, only one item actually regarded War in the human world and it could have waited for his next meeting” The prince hopped to Cynbel’s rescue, a thankful look on his face.
“I wanted to see him to make sure he knew of our dinner reservations later on this evening, and to also thank him for the food he ordered for The House of Lamentation this morning”
Cynbel raised his eyebrow at Lucifer, “Aww you just wanted to see me, of course I remember our reservations” he shrugged and stood up, “I would invite you Dia but it’s strictly Lucifer and I, and you’re welcome”
“Ahaha, I understand” Diavolo chuckled, gave a knowing wink toward the two demons, and crossed his arms over his chest.
“Look, if I’m not needed I’m gonna go, I have some things I need to do before dinner tonight” Cynbel high-fived Diavolo, something he insisted on to make the Prince feel a little less ‘scared of’, and gave Lucifer a pat on the back before leaving. “Thanks for the nap guys!” Cynbel gave one last wave before leaving the room. He could practically hear Lucifer’s frown boreing into the back of Cyn’s head.
Walking back from The Palace was always a treat, cobblestone paths leading him down towards the antique shops, War memorabilia collected from demonic and human wars hung within windows, old portraits looking and staring from within the shop’s glass. As he walked by a quill within an ink set caught his eye, a lovely peacock feather quill complete with an embellished inkpot and scorpion venom ink.
“Lucifer’d love that” Cyn whispered to himself as he looked upon the quill with awe, not a second later he was walking in, paying 12 thousand Grimm, and walking back out with a gift wrapped box. A smile spread on Cynbel’s lips as he looked down at the box “he’s really going to love this”
The rest of the walk was quiet, minor fans bugging him for autographs or photo’s, no flirting, just him walking along with his gift toward his house. He opened the door and the room felt a little warmer than it did earlier, Ezzy must have used his oven for baking because hot damn did his house smell amazing right now, speaking of his best friend Cyn had to go and see her and see how she was getting on with her book, after all, both of them were confessing today. He placed his gift on the kitchen counter and proceeded to the portal to Ezzy’s.
Cyn walked through her door and found Ezzy fast asleep on her sofa, mouth wide open as she breathed in and out, Smeowg curled up between the crook of one of her legs, she must have been asleep for a few hours now, ah the book, that’s why Cynbel felt so drained today. He stood over her and tickled her chin ever so slightly, a wide grin on his face as she began to wake up, her eyes groggily opening before she yelped out in surprise, a howling laugh from Cyn as Ezzy shot up from her sleeping position, Smeowg jumping and bolting from his slumber.
“Don’t scare me like that, you ass!” Ezzy shouted as she got up from the sofa. Cyn only laughed, holding his hands up in surrender. “Sorry, babes, couldn’t resist,” he laughed. “I see you’ve been busy today” he looked around at the spell on the floor, book humming with distant, but strong, energy. Ezzy dipped down and retrieved the book from its position on the floor.
“Yeah, sorry about the energy drain. I know you felt it.” Her voice was soft, remembering how gentle he had been last night, and how bad she felt about the energy drain.
“No worries, dear. Just gave me an excuse to have a nap through Lucifer’s boring meeting,” the fondness in the demon’s eyes betrayed the mischievous smile, he raised an eyebrow “Is it done?”
“Yep, it’s all done,” her voice was excited and definitely anxious, he could feel her heart racing from nearly a metre away “When should I give it to him?” Ezzy’s eyes were wide, her eyebrows raised up high as she pondered her own predicament.
“Well, we had a deal that you would confess if I did. I’d say as soon as possible,” Cyn shrugged and flopped onto the couch. Smeowg happily jumped onto his owner for pets. “We all know he has feelings for you, so just give it to him right now. He should be home, anyway.” Cyn’s words fell on deaf ears as he watched her bite her reddening lip, “Ezzy. Ezzy. Ezzy! Dammit will you stop biting your lip?” He finally broke her out of her thoughts as she whispered a ‘huh?’ finally listening to him. “If you don’t get your ass moving and quit biting your lip, I’ll throw the book at him myself. Now, go girl! I’ll hold down the fort here, won’t I Mr. Smeowg? Yes, I will! Aw, you’re such a baby!” Cynbel didn’t focus on Ezzy leaving to admit her feelings to Satan, he fell into the trap of cooing upon his pet, rubbing it’s stomach with hellish intent and basking in the victory purring.
He heard Ezzy walk away with the book, a pang of worry through his chest as he thought of the worst possible scenario. “I only have a couple of hours until I have to meet Lucifer at The Fall, am I ready buddy? Do you think he loves me back?” Smeowg merely looked at his master and gave a slight ‘mew’ “Tell me about it, I should go and get ready, shower, shave and get dressed, let’s go buddy”
Once he was clean, shaved, and dressed Cyn admired himself in the mirror, parting his hair different ways and making funny faces in the mirror before heading off downstairs, picking up his gift and walking through the door, a small, but worried, spring in his step as he made his way to the car waiting to take him to his doom.
The drive had been silent so far but Cyn has other ideas, “hey Isaac, you ever just shit yourself about emotions?”his voice was playful but there was a tone of worry hidden below.
“Uhh?” The driver looked at him, his eyebrow raised in confusion, his name was definitely not Isaac.
“Eh drop it” Cyn’s failed attempt at some humour was thrown out of the window as the bumps threw his body around. The rest of the drive was silent and foreboding, Lucifer’s gift heavy within Cynbel’s hands as he played around with the ribbons adorning the neat gold and black paper. The car pulled up in front of The Fall and Cynbel stepped out, some paparazzi hung around the entrance trying to get pictures and questions, Cynbel merely waved at the cameras and gave his best smile, questions being shouted about if ‘he was meeting anyone there?’, ‘why was he holding a gift’, ‘is he proposing to someone?’ it was relentless, but easy to ignore as Cyn walked by the bodyguard, Mammon’s doing from previous, unwanted, entries on his part.
The atmosphere was happy and light-hearted, music coming from the nearby live band, a soft concerto piece featuring strings hovering above polite conversations. The waiters and waitresses bustled around to pour drinks, serve food, and deal with diners accordingly. The host smiled at Cynbel and gave a small nod.
“Do you have a reservation Sir?” 
“Yes, it’s under War” Cynbel hated using his ‘official’ name for things but he was bound to it, for the most part, email subscriptions were usually just Cynbel. The host nodded and looked down at his documents, checking that Cyn wasn't some random demon who had wandered in from the street, they guy knew he wasn’t, Lucifer and Cynbel were here 2 times a week at least, and knew half of the staff by name, but he still had to do his job.
“Of course mister War, you’re second party is here already” the host walked out to escort Cynbel to Lucifer, of course he was here early, no time for Cyn to suck up his gut and swallow the heart beating a samba within his throat. They passed other demons eating happily, enjoying their food and the conversations they were engulfed within, the clinking of cutlery on plates and wine glasses set down on tables amongst the slight chitter of gossip and distant thrumming of laughter. The pair came to the stairs they lead to the second story of the hall, private booths for couples and business partners to discuss their secrets.
Cynbel thanked The Host for the escort and ascended the stairs by himself, breath barely there as his heart pounded within his head. ‘You can do this’ Cyn repeated in his head trying to give himself some courage, ‘Ezzy believes in you’ warmth radiated within his chest, originating from the pact mark on his back. As he walked up Cyn’s eyes darted around trying to find Lucifer, scanning over the people within the booths not taking in anyone else he may have known. 
There he was. The butterflies within Cynbel’s stomach flew around even more so after looking upon Lucifer’s face, the ambient lighting making his features stand out, the curve of his cheek, the way his hair fell over his face, just perfect. Cyn walked up and Lucifer looked over at him, that smile appearing as he stood to greet his partner.
“Lucifer” Cyn’s voice wavered, excitement washing over him as he greeted the man he loved.
“Cynbel, good to see you again” Lucifer smiled, stood up, and reached out a hand to shake, nimble fingers entwining within Cyn’s.
“You too” Cynbel cleared his throat as he placed the gift on the table before tucking the chair underneath Lucifer. He walked around and sat himself down, looking more nervous by the minute, was he sweating?
“You look nervous, Cynbel, is something wrong?” A waiter came up and handed the pair a wine list for them to browse through, Lucifer was poised gracefully, his eyes staring into Cyn’s with nary a blink of nerve. Cynbel, on the other hand, was damn near panting, out of breath and smiling nervously.
“Wrong? No, of course not. I’ll have a Chenin Blanc” the waiter nodded and asked for Lucifer’s order, he responded with a nod, signalling he’d have the same, the waiter took their menus and left.
The night went on for the two, Cynbel creating lighthearted conversation and Lucifer chuckling along, hands touched between courses, feet played against each other throughout them chewing, rubbing along ankles in a playful manner. Lucifer talked of work, vented about his brothers’ doings of the day, letting his guard fall more and more as they conversed. The dessert course came, ones of Lucifers favourites, hot, poisoned apple pie with a custard ice cream.
As Lucifer admired his plate Cynbel cleared his throat once more, “Lucifer?” the alert of his name caused the other demon to look up at Cyn once more, a light ‘hmm?’ in response. “We’ve been staring at this all night, so here” Cyn pushed the box over to Lucifer, his face reddening at his feelings laid bare.
“It’s not my birthday Cyn, you needn’t have gotten me a gift” Lucifer’s sentence didn’t compliment the smile on his face, a slight excitement in his eye as he looked upon the gift.
“I know, but I saw it and thought of you” Cyn looked fondly at the other demon as he started opening the gift, fingers dancing along ribbon and edges of paper. “I actually had something to talk to you about, to ask you, that is”
“What is it?”
“I wanted to confess to you. Something that’s been eating away at me for months now. When we began this… this” Cyn waved his hand between the two of them in a telling way, they both knew what he meant, “we never wanted feelings to come into it, it’s been, what, decades now?” Lucifer nodded in agreement, “Well thanks to Ezzy, that dear friend of mine, I’ve come to realise that...well I don’t want to sneak out in the morning’s anymore, I want to wake up next to you and look upon your sleeping face before kissing you awake, I want to spend the bad days with you and help you through work and your brothers doings-” Cyn was interrupted by Lucifer’s gasp, his eyes on the present, Cyn smiling at his reaction.
“Cynbel this is, my goodness, it’s beautiful” Lucifer smiled at Cyn, this final act giving him the courage to continue.
“I love you, Lucifer, body and soul, I have for years but I never wanted to admit it to myself, but now that I know… I can’t just ignore it, I can’t continue with this by keeping my feelings locked away” For once Lucifer was silent, his mouth slightly open and brows raised in disbelief. The silence was deafening, and too long for Cyn’s liking “Lucifer, please say something”
“I- “ he began to reply before taking a deep breath, “I feel the same way” Lucifer gave a small chuckle, “foolishly, I assumed you had no feelings for me so I kept it to myself, afraid to ruin what little time we were spending together. Making love to you only to wake up and smell the covers of where you once were was torture, I would have hardly been able to endure it much longer”
“You’re shitting me?” Cynbel was astonished, his mouth hanging agape at Lucifer’s confession.
“I ‘shit’ you not, I love you too, Cynbel” Lucifer placed his hand on the table, open and waiting for Cyn to reciprocate, which he did, immediately. Hands closed around each other as they giggled and smiled, “What a night”
“Yeah you don’t say, honestly? I didn’t think you’d actually feel the same” Cyn leaned over the table, Lucifer mirroring him and leaning in closer, both of their hands clasping each other’s, smirks and half lidded eyes leading them into their first, proper, loving, kiss.
The world stood still in that one moment, knowing Lucifer felt the same way he did was amazing and this kiss was like none they had shared before that. Passion entwined within their bodies, electricity thrumming between them, smiles parting the kiss as their foreheads touch, Cyn’s hand raised to Lucifer’s cheek cupping it and running his thumb along his lovers cheekbone.
“Thank you for the gift, I’ll take that as an apology for your napping during the meeting earlier” Lucifer pulled away from Cyn, a snide smirk on his face.
“Oh? I was hoping to apologise later on tonight, unless you’d rather I didn’t? Cynbel played coy, innocently smiling and raising his eyebrows, causing Lucifer to smirk.
“Oh no, I’ll take that apology, too”
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idealisticrealism · 4 years
Blindspot 4x02
I really need to get onto these recaps in a more timely fashion. Left it too late then had to rush through bc I have somewhere to be. Ooops. Anyway happy Blindspot day everyone! Wish I could watch live with you.
Reade: oh honey.Things aren’t really going your way today, are they? First your AWOL bff-slash-kinda-lover-slash-heartbreaker is ignoring your calls and being glamorous in Paris with a shady heiress, and then she’s possibly exploded in a plane crash. Ouch. At least you took a moment somewhere in there to subtly tease Rich by complimenting Boston, I mean it’s good to know your soul hasn’t been entirely crushed by the mess your life has become lol
Zapata: girllllll what are you doingggggg. You are going down the worst kind of rabbit hole, and fast. Though I guess this isn’t the first murder you’ve helped cover up, soooo.... But ugh even so I still wanna swoop in there and steal you away and protect you. I’m sure your whle storyline is gonna somehow prove relevant and important later and may even somehow save the day, but STILL. Even Keaton seems worried about you, though lbr no one knows what that sneaky bastard is really thinking (not even you). And I mean seriously you had such a great and loving team and somehow you ditched them to seek out progressively worse company. And now you’re in deep shit, bc what the hell are you gonna do with a child who has seen your face and knows you were involved in her mother’s murder??? (Don’t you dare call Reade lol)
Patterson: Ugh my adorable sassy baby. You were part of three amazing duos this ep and I could not get enough. I mean I am ALWAYS here for your adorable friendship and teamwork with Rich, but god I love the love/hate relationship you and Boston have-- like the fact you had to pause to consider if solving a tattoo and potentially saving a lot of lives was worth having to deal with him again haha. But lbr you guys are secret besties. He even calls you PatPat and you allow it, and you have your own fistbump I mean what could be cuter. And then there was your other teamup, heading out into the field with Remi. I was worried that Rich being in more eps would mean you would get less airtime, but I’m so glad that’s not the case. Also everyone forgets you’re also a badass FBI agent who can handle herself out in the field just like any of the others, so I’m glad these last two eps have given you the chance to kick some butt. Too bad you got screwed over by Remi and slept through half the action though lol. Oh also I loved the line “Would you like to make a transaction? Ugh not really” hahaha, you are the cutest lil sassy thing and honestly if you and Rich took over as the leads of this show I would be totally fine with that
Rich: holy crap, never in my wildest dreams did I expect to have an episode where you were literally in almost every scene. From cracking tattoos to sincerely comforting Reade (man you two never have scenes together and you both did so great with these) and even actually using Zapata’s name for once. That’s how we know shit is serious haha. And then going from a happy lil puppy when your bf Boston is allowed to come play, to a little kid acting out bc you’re worried that someone else is gonna steal all your toys, then sucking it up and attempting to be the proverbial bigger man (not entirely successfully, but props for trying). And of course, as always everything you say is amazing, as is every little gesture or expression-- like seriously who needs to watch stand up comedy when they can just watch you instead??? I love you the way you love this team, so I think you’ll understand when I say please never ever leave me. Ever.
Weller: welcome back to the team, buddy. Now you can proceed to be basically a background character for most of the rest of the episode apparently haha. Although that was a cute moment where you figured out the web address thing before anyone else, including two expert hackers. That was a proud moment. I do like how you handled the Jane-taking-photos thing, addressing it quickly and with gentleness and concern, and hardly any manly over-protectiveness. But dude you definitely gotta be recognising that something is off about Jane. I’m sure you’ve written it off as related to the ZIP poisoning, but by now you gotta wonder if it’s something more, right?? Oh and now the overprotectiveness has kicked in and you’re off to save the day. There’s my lil heroic hubby, I’ve missed you. I’m actually super impressed you took the shot when the spy guy had her hostage, that took some true guts and trust in your own abilities. Looks like the real Weller IS back after all. 
Remi: Boston’s right, your hairdo does change your whole vibe. And with the lack of smiling, it even makes your face shape seem different. Which is cool, but creepy, bc man are you one vindictive little brat. To an extent I enjoy your sneakiness and watching this secret game of cat and mouse you’re playing right under the team’s noses, but every time you’re subtly mean to them or smile at their misfortune I wanna stand in between you and them and growl at you a little bit. I’m not at all happy about you betraying my precious Patterson like that. The little moment you shared with the spy dude was actually kind of interesting though, did we maybe see a little bit of depth to Remi just now? Maybe a small indication that she really does want to HAVE a family, not just get revenge for the one she lost?? Ugh also why did it make me so happy to hear you say “my husband’s FBI”? Maybe bc it sounded kinda genuine? Like you could have told the guy that it was your team coming and they wouldn’t risk you, but no you focused on Weller specifically. And then ugh that amazing parallel to the moment in 1x01 with one of you being held hostage and nodding for the other to take the shot. Did you remember that, somewhere deep down? Did you realise that you truly trusted him to do this?? I feel like this moment is gonna have deeper ramifications than you expected or intended and it’s gonna make your little vendetta a lot more difficult for you. And maybe that unwelcome emotion is exactly what triggered you cooking up a literal murder needle in your kitchen... seriously girl do you realise how Extra you are, or?? But lbr despite all your talk, you won’t be able to kill him. Something in you loves him, and that’s why you’re so damn grumpy all the time haha
Roman: Damn, son. Even as a hallucination you’re still such a grumpy little wounded puppy and I miss you soooo muuuuchhh. Also I’m so sad that when Jane/Remi is eventually cured from the ZIP poisoning you’ll probably disappear forever ughhh :’( 
Keaton: ....why are you even here right now. Couldn’t you just give them this intel over the phone. And now you just gave Remi the opportunity to screw over Patterson ugh. Next time, just call okay
Boston: oh you sarcastic bitch I love you so much. Like not only do you basically solve the whole tattoo, you call Jane out on being different “Your whole vibe is...edgier. It’s a triumph.” (of course you like the more evil version of her lol) and “Awww, you got one, Limpy!” You do that mix of sweet and mocking so well, though lbr you actually kinda love these guys and you’re so happy to be here. I think you would love to have Rich’s job but you’d never actually want to replace him in it, because you know how much he really does love these people and how he’s found a family here. But of course that won’t stop you messing with him and making him worry about being replaced lol. Please leave but also please come back soon haha
Guy at the very start who looks like an older David: hey man you look like an older David thanks so much for making me sad
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dewitty1 · 5 years
My one follower recommended your page lol.I see your friends with lots of cool people and writers. how do you get to do that? Did you just talk to them? Im new on tumbler and love drarry. who are your biggest followers and friends? do they follow you by asking? who is good to follow? thank!
Hello there, Anon!I'm sorry I sat on your ask for a bit the real world got in my way and I didn't get a chance to get to it, plus I was mulling over how to answer for a bit, if I'm being completely honest (which if you decide to follow me, you'll see that I always am, sometimes to the point of brutality).
One follower??? How do you only have one follower? Come out from behind anon and say hello, I won’t bite! Well, you know, unless you’re into that sort of thing *rawrrrr*
How did I become friends with writers, you ask? Well, it was difficult for me. I was a lurker in the fandom for a long time. Meaning, I just read fics, and sometimes the comments, but I never had the nerve to comment myself. I didn't really know there was fandom activity on Tumblr until a few years ago(2014-ish), when I started looking for fic recs. So, I started following a bunch of Drarry Tumblr blogs, @goldentruth813 was one of the first authors and Drarry blogs I followed. She's great. From there I just started following other blogs, and authors who left their Tumblr links in their AO3 fic notes. 
But how did you get to talk to them, you ask??? Well, that's when I found out about the Drarry Discord chat from @carpemermaidtales! It's a good way for you to go and meet the authors,and other fandom people, because Tumblr is a terrible platform for actually having a conversation with people. I must warn you though,sometimes the chat can be very busy, and its hard to get a word in, and sometimes its very dead. It just really depends on your time zone, your working hours, your sleep habits, and whatnot. Also if may not be a good fit for you. It wasn't for me after a while. It can be overwhelming if you have social anxiety. Also,like any other place, it can be a bit cliquey. I don't think anyone does it on purpose. It's just how people are. Everyone is very nice, though. Hopefully me saying that out loud doesn't come back to bite me in the ass,but it probably will. 😬 Oh well, brutal honesty, right? Also, the Discord is great for you if you're working on writing yourself. They have all kinds of great helpful things there, activity rooms, production sprints, Brit picking, fest talk, beta help, and cool stuff like that. So, its a good place overall, really. Ok, biggest followers and friends-Well the friend I’ve had the longest here would be Dave, aka @pleasantlyhumongouspizza. We’ve been friends since I got on twitter in 2008 or so. He’s even on my Facebook (YIKES) so he really knows too much about me.My Tumblr daughter is @rose-grangerweasleyisbae. I scolded her about not doing homework or something on one of her drabbles, and I’ve been Tumblr Mom ever since.She’s a good daughter! And a fabulous writer! Her work is really coming along well. I’m uber proud of her, as if I were really her mom. I don’t mind being called Mom. I’m open for more youngins to come talk to me. I’ve since been adopted by a few more - @oolaan (vents to me very often. I try to give good advice.) & @chaoticbong (shes buckling down and studying hard on hiatus right now).Other good friends -Sam - @xx-thedarklord-xx Love her writing! It’s almost always fluffy. She does not do much angst or character death (like once and it STILL had a happy ending). And of course you can’t have Sam without Ren her bestie, @rmh8402, she ships Drarry, but also Frostiron (Tony Stark/Loki) so be warned, there. She works nights  here in the USA so can be hard to catch if you want to talk but usually has good stuff on her blog.Then there’s one of my favorite authors @lqtraintracks, who write fab fics, usually with amazing smut, and her girlfriend, @whipmyhairlikebangbang, who shares my love of Gal Gadot, and is a fic writer herself.Can’t forget @femmequixotic & @noeeon a couple who is definitely GOALS if there ever was. Love them both! And their Erised fic last year was AMAZE! OMG! Also if you’re not reading Tales From The Special Branch Series, then what are you doing?Another power couple I love would be @camael-fanart & @skarhead. I don’t talk to them as much as I’d like, unfortunately, but you definitely need to follow them if you aren’t.If you’re not following @llap115 then you are really missing out on a good fandom friend too. Amazing art, and very supportive.Another fab friend and artist is @scarlet47. Lover her, her art rocks. Also she posts kittens, lol...Then there’s my favorite kitten (*only I can call her that though mmmkay?) @parkkate. Lovely, gorgeous, friend, that I keep curled up in my pocket, safe and warm. Oh and she writes as well, lol....My lovely Aussies- @jadepresley who was the first fic writer to follow me back and I think I screamed out loud and startled my cat. @queenofthyme who has probably the best blog, and writes lovely fluffy works as well. @henrymercury, gorgeous Hannah who sings like an angel and rocks a fantastic suit, not to mention writes some great fics. Oh and follow @fleamontpotter for hilarious comics.Follow @bixgirl1 and for great writing as well - Lemme tell you, The Claiming of Grimmauld Place - I was trying to tell my son how funny Paul was, about him eating Bertie Bott’s and calling our boys “Fruckers”, watching them shag, lol... I about died laughing and he just looked at me like I was nuts. LOL.You really can’t have Bix and not have @l0vegl0wsinthedark. It’d be like popcorn and no butter or salt. Blegh. L0ve is an awesome writer too, and has a great blog. 
Okay from here I think I’ll just post other blogs I think you should follow because this post is really long, lol---
@staganddragon Love her, but we don’t talk enough anymore, and i miss her A LOT!! Same goes for @pukingpastilles @puking-pastilles. Follow @insufferable-git aka @scarheads-malfoy because Rachel is beautiful inside and out and her Draco is perfect. Follow @jesreally & @askdoratonks Because Jes is lovely and does amazing RP though we’ve never talked. If you want leftist political stuff (I DO) follow @eidheann, butshe posts other interesting things too, though if you follow me I usually just reblog her anyway, lol. Follow @magpiefngrl for more fab Drarry writing, as well as @callingdrarry and also because Gracie is hella funny, and I adore her to bits. If you like cool Aesthetic stuff as well as interesting HP rarepairs follow @untilourapathy, Gwen is fab tooo! I’ve probably left a bunch out and have made someone feel bad because I did and if so I’m sorry, but my brain is shit, because I don’t sleep. and it’s basically filled with song lyrics, and movie quotes, and other uselesstrash that nobody cares about. So anon, I REALLY hop that gives you a good idea about who to follow, because if not, then IDEKWTF to tell you, lol...
for now BUH BYE!
Tumblr media
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