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ROUND 6: BUGS (bnnuy) VS BARBIE (girl)
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jumbleytumbles · 1 year
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vixvigil · 3 months
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caruliaa · 5 months
is softboots (puss in boots and kitty softpaws) gay people?
🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪yes 100%
. no 0%
#edit: edited the og post to what i want but to set the record straight i edited to the post to be mathematically correct right after the#first person pointed it out which was like ten mins after i posted the og post. now fuck offf !!!!! the rest of the tags r from the og post#for some reason i feel very immature making your mom jokes about tumblr staff. which i shldnt !!#bc they suck nd they still havent given me polls. but i ig i feel imature bc it a your mom joke 😭 but still i tihnk its kinda funny#EDIT: edited the post to what i want bc yall were getting annoying . but to set the record straight i edited to post to be mathematically#also its *mum* not mom okay i am NOT !! an american . but if i say mum everyone will j be like 'omg british' like i dont know i am#anyway. i want polls please. give me the rigght to force my mutuals chose between the most inane things#also i tihnk it wld b cool for the cs weekly blog. like w each episode#i cld do a poll of like. out of five stars what do u think of this ep#and it wld b a cool thing of which eps r ppls faves#also i cld have like. whose ur fave in team red whos ur fave in acme etc#id prob just have to go with vile faculty bc theres more than 10 ppl in vile. and ppl wld kill me if i didnt include nel the ell or whoever#it wld b fun !!!#oh btw csweekly thats i thing i want to start. prob on uhhh the 11th of feb ill post abt it more but its basically#a tag/blog for watching cs one ep a time watching one ep every saturday#ya !! :3#flappy rambles#inaccessible#ask to tag#(<- idk. just in case)
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podcastwizard · 6 months
you think there’s a film executive out there somewhere sitting in a dimly lit room with a cigarette between his teeth staring at the goncharov tweet his niece sent him thinking like...”what if we just..what if we just fuckin did it”
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mingyusbinch · 2 months
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pigdemonart · 2 months
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Oops 😬
Just some thoughts after watching the movie heheh. Nothing here is a spoiler though! Its mostly just Bowser’s demeanor HAHA
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essektheylyss · 9 months
it's unrealistic that barbarians drop rage just because they haven't attacked or been attacked by anyone in 6 seconds, I sat in 40 minutes worth of traffic caused by government negligence and it's gonna take me another 40 minutes just to stop feeling like I could throw a car through DOT's front window with my bare hands
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ohfuckoffplease · 7 months
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john green is being so fascinating rn
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batfamhyperfixation · 5 months
New Robin Tim: *Just sitting there happily watching the Incredibles with Dick and Bruce*
Dick and Bruce: *secretly watching Tim and glancing at each other every time Syndrome comes on screen*
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applestruda · 6 months
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Okok hear me out, boatem knights au but mumbo has a rocket launcher
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ROUND 6: KERMIT THEE FROG (muppet) VS MIETTE (football)
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gir-posting · 2 months
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happy tdov edgeworth is oblivious
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pcktknife · 1 year
" im gonna get better at art I'm gonna improve I'm gonna get better ''
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oh sure barbie has a thousand different professional qualifications, but when was the last time she was allowed to kill a man? the patriarchy must end
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savageboar · 8 months
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sorry if the pics are shitty im too lazy to send screenshots but on my new file this is my hunter Hiro, my palico Orochi, and my palamute Cujo
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