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Pluto entering Aquarius
imagine me screaming this whole post mama
I may be a bit excited about Pluto entering Aquarius happening on March 23rd.. however..
Tumblr media Tumblr media
GOODBYE fake it til you make it energy 👋🏽 🖕🏽✌🏽
HELLO the birthing of more actual people living in their truth ☺️🥰🫶🏽💋🗣️
GOODBYE people just copying each other / influencer-culture ✌🏽👎🏽👎🏽
GOODFUCKINGBYE hustle culture 😭🖕🏽
GO OUTSIDE 🧚🏽🧖🏽‍♀️🦋🦚🌱🪸🌍🫧✨🥥��♻️
Tumblr media
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capmoonbabe · 22 hours
astro observations 1.9 🌸
Tumblr media
Heyyy, I’m back :) thanks for coming back for another post! As always, I am not a professional astrologer, take all of these notes with a big ass grain of salt. If it don’t apply, let it fly 🕊️
🌸Wanna know a cancer placements true measure of love? Cooking. All. The. Time. Going through a crisis? Surprise, they made a casserole! Lol they’re always cooking up something special for their loved ones. Their hearts are directly tied into their meals.
Personal ex. my mom and sister both have cancer placements and between the two of them, I never go hungry. My old childhood friend has a cancer sun and she always made me quesadillas when I went to her house.
🌸Aquarius moons often have a physically or emotionally distant relationship with their mothers. I’ve seen some Aqua moons live on a different continent than their mother. There’s usually some kind of disconnect either physically or emotionally.
🌸Having a friend with Aquarius placements means being ignored 97% of the time. These people take forever and a day to respond to messages if they ever do. Their friends need strong self esteem and the ability to continue the friendship even if you rarely hear from them. But they’re always willing to pick back up where you left off. It’ll just be 3 years later lmfao.
🌸I’ve never met an Aries, Scorpio, Sagittarius, or Aquarius sun that wasn’t super freaking popular. I’m not sure they exist. These people know everyone even if they’re close to only a few people. Their social medias are often booming too. Everyone likes them and wants to be their friend.
🌸Gemini suns are often quite popular too, but in a more controversial way. Some people love them and some people hate them. Either way they’re usually the center of attention in some way, either good or bad. I think Gemini placements are the epitome of “all publicity is good publicity.”
🌸On the note of Geminis, my take on them being two-faced really depends on the placements involved, houses, and aspects. For example, I know two pretty controversial Gemini suns. One with a Scorpio moon and the other with an Aries moon. But I also know someone with a Gemini stellium in their 12th house, so their Gemini energy is a bit more muted and they’re less controversial.
🌸Sun-venus aspects are well-known and loved by people. The people I know with sun-venus conjunctions are super popular, loved, and cherished. They’re the person in the neighborhood that everyone knows. They’re very rarely alone. I’ve seen the same results in 7th house suns and venuses.
🌸Libra mercuries are one of the most ruthless mercury placements. I know the reputation Libra has, but having had experience with many libra mercs I believe they’re just as ruthless as their sister sign if not more. They say some of the most controversial things with no remorse or filter. I honestly think cardinal mercuries as a whole are pretty ruthless.
🌸Virgo venuses and trying to change the people they love. They come from a good place, but the nitpicking knows no end. They want the best for their loved ones and truly believe their way is the best way to get there.
🌸Dare I say the above observation goes for Virgo placements period, esp moons. I had a friend when I was younger who ALWAYS pointed out my “flaws” and wanted me to be “better”. I got into astro and discovered low and behold the bitch had a Virgo moon…but tbh I’ve noticed this behavior in earth moons period. Myself included 🤡 our way of caring for people is trying to help them improve. I’m learning that sometimes it’s okay to stfu 🤍
🌸Harsh aspects between moon and mars (square, opposition, conjunction) can have explosive episodes of anger. Their anger builds up until it boils over and they explode. I’ve especially seen this in Scorpio and libra placements.
🌸Not to be dramatic but it’s honestly frightening to me how different the parents of 8th house/Scorpio suns and moons act behind closed doors vs in public. I’ve seen these placements have parents that are very popular and the “perfect parent” in public spaces, but when they’re alone or at home their parent is very dark, controlling, and sinister. I want actual studies done on this cause shit’s crazy. My heart goes out to Scorpio/8th house placements cause that’s not an easy life.
🌸Saturn conjunct jupiter in the natal chart means nothing in this life is free. They have to work harder for their blessings, but when they manifest, they’re here to stay and long lasting. This placement also indicates there are no shortcuts in your lessons, you must go through the trials in order to receive the blessings.
thank you for joining me lovelies, see you again soon 🐞
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astroismypassion · 2 days
Astrology observations 💚💚💚
Credit goes to my blog @astroismypassion
Tumblr media
💚💚 Scorpio Moons, even Moon in the 8th house or Cancer over the 8th house, talk about their sex life either in songs or accidentally "out" some of their sexual preferences online, in podcasts, interviews. Beyonce, a Scorpio Moon native, said she felt somewhat embarassed about song Partition (which is about sex with her husband) when she realized her parents will hear the song as well. Same with Justin Bieber (Cancer over the 8th house native) who wrote song Yummy, which he admitted was basically about his sex life.
💚💚 I noticed Aquarius, Capricorn and Gemini Jupiter are more prone to establish some sort of "rules" in their marriage or with their spouse. Albert Einstein, for example who is an Aquarius Jupiter at a Gemini degree (27 degree) had some unique, unconventional rules established in his marriage with first wife Mileva Marić. Which were that his wife should not expect any intimacy from him, should not reproach him in any way, should stop talking to him if he requested it, should leave his bedroom or study immediately without protest if requested and should refrain from belittling him in front of the children. This is even more prominent if Jupiter is also in the 3rd, 10th or 11th house. Jupiter retrograde natives second guess marriage a lot. Or they might marry the same person twice or they question themselves whether that are able to follow through with the committment and even if they are able to commit in the first place. Or they dislike sacrifices and compromises that marriage brings. There are so many real life celebrity examples of this, such as Elon Musk, Justin Bieber, Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey.
💚💚 Gemini Jupiter encounters issues in marriage only, because they seem too invested in their job. It's like they are metaphorically married to their job, work in the community or with social media. Famous Gemini Jupiter natives are: Taylor Swift, Steve Jobs, Tom Brady, Shania Twain, Billie Eilish, Emma Watson etc.
💚💚 Capricorn Moon likes to feel needed, but they do not like needy people.
💚💚 Pluto over the 2nd house transit or in Solar Return chart means that you could receive financial aid, especially from the government and other national institutions.
💚💚 I noticed sometimes person’s surname can be quite revealing about their major threes (Sun, Moon, Rising). Gemini placements can have an animal surname, most often also bird name. Like Fox, Robin, Wolf. Taurus Suns can have a surname that means field, cook, food aliment Youtuber Josh Carrott has Carrott surname and he is a Taurus Sun. Such as Mia Goth has Goth as a surname and is a Scorpio Sun.
💚💚 If you are looking at bands, Leo Sun almost always ends up the frontman or the lead singer. Like Joe Jonas from Jonas Brothers or even Mick Jagger from The Rolling Stones for example.
💚💚 Taurus Sun women often go for bad boy type of partner. Even if their person is the biggest softie and sweetheart. The physical appearance is always tall, hunky, with tattoos or piercings. Real life examples are Megan Fox (Taurus Sun) and grunge-y looking partner MGK, Debby Ryan (Taurus Sun) with Josh Dun from Twenty-one pilots who has tattoos, Behati Prinsloo (Taurus Sun) who has partner Adam Levine, again many tattoos.
💚💚 I noticed Capricorn Suns are always the ones best dressed in the friend group or the one that just dresses in more down to earth, simple, humble and plain clothing so that they don’t stand out too much or draw too much attention.
💚💚 I noticed not a lot of people who date share the same Rising sign. However, Scorpio Rising often times finds and dates another Scorpio Rising.
💚💚 Leo over the 7th house or Leo Descendant or ruler of the 7th house in the 5th house especially when younger can date people that don’t even truly want them or be with them. 🙁
💚💚 After marriage, Libra Chiron people often make their marriage their whole identity.
💚💚 I noticed a pattern with Mars retrograde people. Such as actor Sam Clafflin, Michael Jordan, Morgan Freeman, Theresa May or Robert Downey Jr. Often due to not being as assertive, people would start talking over them or they start a sentence and then don’t finish it, but start a new one or use a lot of “you know”. They often are what people would expect of retrograde Mercury people.
💚💚 Aquarius and Leo Moons really like quirky, modern, fun looking home decor and furniture. They would buy nipple pillows, big stool in form of an orange breast vases. They really don’t take themselves too seriously when it comes to decorating their home.
💚💚 5th house shows your primary education and even creative extensions of self. 2nd house shows earning abilities and manner of meeting financial obligations. 12th house shows emotional blocks and hidden support. 6th house shows your food preparation, but also attitude towards work. 10th house shows how the world judges you. But also your responsibility to society. 11th house shows money from your actual profession, not your job. 1st house shows your very, very early environment.
💚💚 Cancer Suns just love their bathroom selfies.
💚💚 Gemini/Virgo or Aries and even Taurus over the 3rd house often get their driving license in high school. Aquarius and Capricorn might wait a little and do it when they get their first steady job or after their first Saturn Return. They could also buy a car shortly after. Pisces over the 3rd house might decide do car share or car pool or they pass their driving license, but don’t own a car. Libra over the 3rd house could rely on their partner’s car and for them to drive them around.
💚💚 Sun at 20 degrees women often go for the “odd” guy. Sometimes this translates to unconventional looking as well. Such as Mila Kunis who is Sun at 20 degrees native who dated Macaulay Culkin.
💚💚 Taurus Suns often end up getting along with everyone, especially in school and work settings.
💚💚 Aries Mercury can end up always wanting to stay positive no matter what. Always putting on “a brave face”.
💚💚 Pisces Sun photographers are really good at taking pictures of parties, because they capture the moment so well. Libra Sun photographers, on the other hand, really focus more on taking shots of attractive people, not so much with the setting itself and especially couples. Famous photographer Tyrell Hampton who took a picture of Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber was a Libra Sun.
Credit goes to my blog @astroismypassion
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d4rkpluto · 2 days
Ranking the Moon signs
1. Scorpio Moon
2. Sagittarius Moon
3. Taurus Moon
4. Leo Moon
5. Gemini Moon
6. Virgo Moon
7. Pisces Moon
8. Capricorn Moon
9. Aries Moon
10. Aquarius Moon
11. Cancer Moon
12. Libra Moon
Tumblr media
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your-astro-mami · 20 hours
Pluto in Aquarius: My list of predictions I
Tumblr media
As an Astrologer of 9 years, I decided to make a list of my predictions about the Pluto in Aquarius era (2023-2043).
Children born during this period will be the ones to bring the change into the world we have been waiting for (In both positive and negative ways). I believe this will be the generation no one will have control over. The unbiased generation that could be focused on their own world and approach to it. They will be united and fight for greater causes. Compared to the Pluto in Sagitarius (a very free approach to life, no sense of union but a strong desire for independence), Pluto in Scorpio (carries the weight of the previous generations on their shoulders, possibly the generation that is most affected by their trauma), Pluto in Libra (better sense of union than the generations after them, but more focus on the surface), I believe that the Pluto in Aquarius generation will be one that is truly connected to each other.
If we thought that there was growth in technology up to now, the upcoming 20 years will be something even greater. Possible digitalization of everything. This is an assumption of most people, even those without interest in Astrology. Regardless, I find correlation between Astrology and all Pluto "eras" up to now. Pluto in Leo (pride, nationalism, theme of the era and qualities of the people born in that era). Pluto in Scorpio (the 80s and 90s grunge era, major focus on sexuality and sexual openness compared to before). Even as a person without a deep interest (or knowledge) in history, I find major similarities in the period of history and the astrology during it.
AI and anything like ChatGPT will be used in day to day life. I find it easy to believe that many jobs could be replaced with AI (for better or for worse). Would this mean more leisure for humans or more difficulty? No one knows yet.
Until the Pluto in Aquarius babies grow, I believe we will go through a comeback of tradition, conservative values due to Pluto in Capricorn and the upcoming generation, which are heavily influenced by pseudo-conservative or conservative figures. I have observed than more and more people seek to come back to traditional gender roles (femininity gurus, men who influence men to be traditional, etc.).
There will be major clashes between the previous generations and the Pluto in Aquarius generation and the world may get into a total chaos. Is this a prediction? Not really.
Apart from the science, technology assumptions, I believe the Pluto in Aquarius era will inspire a newfound desire for freedom in people. At the same time I believe there will be unity, desire to help, focus on humanitarinism and social issues. People will fight for the causes they are passionate about and will seek to help others. This will bring back the community, desire for social interaction, closeness between people. Although Aquarius is connected to detachment, it is the sign that represent social union, uniting for the best of everyone, fighting for our mutual desires.
Will this be the true Age of Aquarius? I guess time will tell.
I can make a part two of this when I think of more predictions. Please don't take my opinions seriously.
*Photo used above is from the cover of the book Stranger in a Strange Land which I have always thought to be very Aquarian in a way.
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alyjojo · 13 hours
Pluto is 0’ Aquarius, and the entire astrological community is FREAKING OUT rn. Because the last time this happened, a lot of revolutions happened…on the world stage, it’s way more intimidating.
In personal charts, almost everyone deals with a squared Pluto in their lifetime. Millennials. Pluto Scorpios. You’re up. It’s just part of growing up. Ask your favorite Aries, Libra (squares), Cancer (who had the opposition), and Capricorn (conjunct) placements about the last 20 years for them. They all had a double whammy with Saturn in Capricorn for two years during the same time period, 2017-2019.
Whichever House is ruled by Aquarius will be completely transformed by definition for you. It’s meant to be that way 🙏 There are thousands of resources available to research to your heart’s content, about your specific placements, for those feeling nervous. It’s hard to predict 20 years.
The most powerful of placements is the conjunction, Aquarius, when Pluto is on top of one of your own planets, and within 2-3 degrees. Big changes.
Next is the opposition (Leo placements) within 2-3 degrees. Very challenging energy for them.
Positive energy comes from Trines & Sextiles (Gemini, Libra, Aries & Sagittarius) placements, within 2-3 degrees. Those keep us sane right? 😆
Taurus & Scorpio face the squares, also difficult & challenging energy, within 2-3 degrees.
When Pluto is not within 2-3 degrees of other things in your chart, positively or negatively, life will go on as normal, with a focus on clearing the slate & rebuilding the themes of your Aquarian house (we all have one, if intercepted, still that house), and however that energy works for you. Over time of course. 20 years is a long time and eventually it will become just another part of regular life. It will retrograde back through Capricorn from June-Dec. Back to Aqua. Retrograding again Sept-Nov 2024, and then it continues on for good. And everyone will go back to freaking out about Saturn 😆 Those with early fixed degrees 0-5 or so will get hit several times during those periods. Go with the flow, and be open to what’s coming, that’s all that can really be said.
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geminimoonmadness · 5 hours
Astrology observations
Tumblr media
These are my own personal astrological observations. Part 1
Natal Observations:
Capricorn moon toddlers are like mini grown men.
I know I’ve said this before but I want to include it again in this list. Mercury rules Virgo & Gemini, both representing intelligence. Virgo’s intelligence is the brain (introverted) whilst Gemini’s intelligence is the mouth/tongue (extroverted)
If you have your Jupiter conjunct your Saturn you are gifted with a strong will and you’re extra determined to succeed in life.
Aries/Scorpio & 1st house Mars placements may be prone to acne and scars/abrasions on their skin
Having your North node conjunct Chiron may mean you need to forgive someone in this life
Taurus won’t change their mind whilst their co ruler Libra won’t make up their mind
South Node in the 11th House (North Node 5th House) will have friends from past lives join them in this life. They will meet new friends they feel they’ve known forever
Venus, Jupiter and/ or moon in the 5th house are usually quite fertile and likely to have more kids then most. Gemini moon in the 5th house is an indicator of twins.
Pluto conjunct Moon gives someone more deep and intense feelings then most, they sometimes don’t know how to cope and if they don’t have an outlet for their emotions it can turn dark.
People with a Libra Mars 12th house tend to have no backbone and struggle to stand up for themselves
The 9th house can represent your long distance friendships and your travel style
People with a Pisces Mercury are always told to speak up because they’re talking to quiet/softly and feel hella attacked/embarrassed every time they speak up
Scorpio 10th house makes you private in regards to your career. You don’t talk about your home life whilst at work and you don’t talk about work when you’re at home.
Having Scorpio in the 1st house makes you generally a private person whilst having Scorpio in the 12th house may make you an open book/open person.
Fire Mars and Mars in the 1st house placements won’t hesitate to speak up in public, especially to make a complaint of service
Pisces risings may feel like life is going too fast for them to catch up sometimes. They also get random epiphanies.
Mercury in Capricorn are usually skeptics
Taurus & libra risings are the most what’s considered ‘naturally beautiful’
Capricorn Risings (father) and Cancer Risings (mother) are typical parent/guardian energy and naturally act older then they are
Gemini moons love to crack jokes about things that are sad/bringing them down in order to lighten the mood
12th house stellium’s don’t like sharing much about themselves as they’re always misunderstood and don’t feel seen
If you’ve hurt a Scorpio, I can promise you that they want you to suffer.
Tumblr media
Scorpio dogs will stare at you just like a Scorpio rising will. This is them analysing you.
Capricorn puppies are self reliant and well trained even without being trained.
Cancer animals will be friends with everyone, all other animals & humans.
Aquarius pets will have a unique character and not always act as expected. For example, an Aquarius pitbull I knew would act like a cat, he’d try to sit in your lap and walk along the back of the couch like a cat even though he was trained as an emotional support dog.
I really enjoyed making this! Let me know in the comments if you have any of these placements or know someone who does and if they resonate with you! Any feedback and further insight is always welcome. What do you want to see me post next?
Copyrights reserved © geminimoonmadness
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mysteriousublime · 2 days
Tumblr media
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cosmictulips · 5 hours
A Water & Air Sign PAC
~ If you have strong air and water placements. whether you are a cancer sun, or gemini sun, or a mix of the two, doesn't matter. this is for you ~
What's interesting about all this is that I really want to put this just for the air signs but water signs kept popping in my head so. hello to those people too.
Air and or Water placements! hello! water or air or both combinations in your top six. or if you have strong Mercury or Moon energies, this reading is for you. Doesn't matter if it's sidereal, whole signs, blah blah blah. if you have strong air or water energies! this is for you!
Literally for example ::
You could just have these as your Venus. Or your Mars. You could be a pisces rising. or have a gemini venus. or if you're cool you could be a water rising with air venus. like me. or you could be a triple water. or you could be gemini mars pisces moon. IDC. just have strong water or air your chart!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pile 1
Tumblr media
King of Cups, The Lovers, 05 of Pentacles, Knight of Cups, The High Priestess, Ace of Swords
Wow. hello romantics. My darling air and water signs, it seems like you are creating the life you so dream of. this is a very strong love reading and career reading. the universe is literally like "We got you boo".
I'm seeing that in the beginning...or I guess your current energy is in this state of lack. this could be literal finances, or just how you feel in terms of your job, your money, your relationships, how you feel about yourself.
Like literally if you feel like you're in a good state right now, this might not be for you because the story I am reading is one full of hope because you feel like you aren't getting anywhere. there is a strong strong strong, overlying feeling of "i'm about to give up" and you are being...begged, not to.
While your finances might be feeling a bit subpar, I see them taking a huge turn towards the better. for a lot of you, this is going to be because you're taking a chance on what you very specifically want. there is no more a time to just dive head first into something, then right now.
If you have a sudden urge to apply for that job then go do it. if you have the urge to promote something, do it. if you have the fucking audacity to think of this melody in your head, an artistic idea, a path you want to achieve ... BABY JUST GO DO IT.
You ARE NOT GOING TO FAIL. there' no way in HELL the universe is going to send you these ideas and pound on your door if you ain't meant to fly with it.
this period of lack is meant to show you something and that is to show you what you NEED. What you YEARN for. there is no sense in success if it ain't something you are passionate about.
Now, the love side to this is quite similiar. because you are chosing to put yourself first for once, to adjust that lack you have and address it :: baby you got new love coming in. someone who will raise you, meet you half way and romance the fuck outta you.
You're in a stage of learning right now but the universe wants you to know a couple of things if you need to take something out of this.
will you start trusting your goddamn intuition already? build it if you must. ask me how to start it if you don't have a solid foundation for it yet
You will get some sort of news. either this love confession, this idea that will send you on your journey or bring you back to something. trust it.
YOU ARE LEARNING. be EASY on yourself. this lack could literally be a mental blockage. maybe you're too heavy on yourself. relax bby girl. you are in good hands. trust the people who enter right now. trust yourself and what your ideas are. you are meant to prosper.
Pile 2
Tumblr media
05 of wands, 03 of pentacles, The Devil, 09 of Wands, 04 of Wands, The Hanged Man
Why does it feel like this is my pile who has been fighting for what they want. what they need.
The Devil and the Hanged Man are an interesting pair. You're being asked to literally...suspend what you're doing and think. think damn well and hard if this is the argument you want to go down. think damn well and hard about who the fuck is in your life. Why are they constantly fighting you? do they actually have anything worthwhile to tell you or are they just bringing you down?
Now for some of you... you're just being damn cruel to yourself. You're being too excessively hard on yourself or others. If you need ot repeat yourself more than three times, fuck the person and that situation. People are so desperate to hang onto relationships that y'all forget that you need to cater to yourself first. You can't get nothing good if you are surrounded by people who are only trying to fight you.
For others of you, I'm seeing that you're taking a new appraoch to how you do something. You're like, you right Commander, this isn't the fight worth having, but how do I train myself? recognize your triggers. recognize what you need to work on and work on it.
and YOU HAVE BEEN WORKING DAMN HARD. the Devil is something we're so deeply invested in, it almost becomes too toxic for us. it is the chains we carry, the wounds we carry but damn we'll die for them.
and the Hanged Man is saying, hey you don't constantly need to hang on to that. that 03 of pentacles is here for you. let people help you. you cherish the dream that you have, and those triggers I just mentioned might be the reason why you cannot see the help that wants to come in.
so slow down. I get it, you carry that 09 of wands like a blanket. you're tired, exhausted and not rested at all. you've been fighitng a long battle. but Saturn gives to those who learn. you will be rewarded greatly. this time around, those who come in to help you are those you need help from. you are meant to lead pile 2.
your battles are ending, and you are going to be victorious. Just make sure, if those battles are internal, that you give yourself a break. okay?
Within the next month or so... you'll start to see your rewards. just give yourself a dang break and try to see something for what it is.
Pile 3
Tumblr media
06 of Swords, 02 of Swords, 07 of Swords, 03 of Wands, Death, The Emperor, Knight of Swords, Page of Wands
Something came swinging at you like a bat. suddenly, without warning, and you aren't too happy about it. but I tell you what, once you decide or decided to let that shit go and flow with it, you step into your power.
Pile 3, I don't know if you had a hard time picking between these piles cause I see a mix of both one and two in here but lemme lay it to you this way ::
You are the creator of your own world. You've been struggling, juggling and carrying the "what if this happens" and the "this or that" options. and the thing is, you're now walking away from it all.
For some of you, I'm literally seeing an "ah-ha" moment. like you realized that you deserve more than what you're getting. that you don't need to lower yourself. that your boundaries, your priorities don't have an expiration date and you don't need to choose between this, that, or the other thing.
for others, this came as a rude awakening. losing something you thought you had, a person you thought you could trust... something got slapped ontop of you and you're like "girl what is thsi shit?"
but everything is a blessing in disugise in hindsight. through this, you're now allowed to explore. and that 07 of swords goes from deception, to a surprise that is actually kind of good. there's no longer a need to tip toe through everything. there's no longer a reason to lie. You're excited again! willing to dive into things! passionate!
and that's how it should be.
stay curious. go down every path. stick to what you know and go forth into this new journey. or... it's more like you're returning to this journey. welcome back. I'm glad you're finding your spark again.
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betsyflores · 3 days
Tumblr media
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holywizardheart · 2 days
Aries/Capricorn/Scorpio IC, Mars/Saturn/Uranus/Pluto/Lilith in the 4th house
Tumblr media
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narcissistcookbook · 4 hours
Tumblr media
i don't believe in your star thing but keep telling me i'm hot, i'm listening
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astrologged · 4 hours
Psyche in the signs
Psyche (16) represents the soul and its journey of evolution, growth, and healing. It is associated with past lives and the karmic lessons that we carry with us from one lifetime to another. The placement of Psyche can reveal our deepest wounds and the areas where we need to heal and grow.
Psyche in Aries: You have a strong desire for independence and self-expression. You are a self-starter and often take the initiative in relationships and projects. In a past life, you may have been impulsive and prone to taking risks without considering the consequences. You likely had to learn how to control your anger and channel your energy in a constructive way. You may have also been involved in physical or athletic pursuits, or leadership roles that required courage and confidence. Overall, your soul's journey may involve learning how to balance your assertiveness with sensitivity to others' needs.
Psyche in Taurus: In a past life, you had to learn about the value of material possessions and the importance of financial security. You may have been involved in some form of artistic expression or had a talent for music, painting, or sculpture. You had to learn how to appreciate the beauty of the physical world and find stability in it. You may have also struggled with being possessive or overly attached to material things, and had to learn how to let go of attachments and find inner peace. In this life, you may have a strong desire for financial stability and a comfortable home environment. You also have a talent for creating beauty in the physical world and appreciate the finer things in life.
Psyche in Gemini: Your soul's journey involves learning how to communicate effectively and express yourself clearly. You have a natural curiosity and a love for learning, and you’re drawn to fields such as teaching, writing, or public speaking. In a past life, you may have been a messenger or a diplomat, and you had to learn how to use your words wisely and avoid misunderstandings. Your challenge in this lifetime may involve developing the ability to focus and pay attention to details, as you tend to get distracted easily or scatter your energy. You also need to learn how to listen more effectively and be present in your interactions with others, rather than constantly thinking about what to say next. By developing your communication skills and learning how to express your thoughts clearly and concisely, you can fulfill your soul's purpose and contribute to the world in a meaningful way.
Psyche in Cancer: The soul's journey involves emotional healing and nurturing. In past lives, you may have experienced deep emotional pain or trauma, which has led to a need for emotional security and protection in this lifetime. You have a strong desire to care for and protect others, and you are highly sensitive to the emotional needs of those around you. You may have had a past life as a caregiver, healer, or in some form of nurturing role. You have a natural ability to connect with others on a deep emotional level and may be drawn to work in fields such as psychology or counseling. However, you also have a tendency to take on the emotional burdens of others and struggle with setting healthy boundaries. Learning to care for yourself as well as others is an important lesson for you in this lifetime. By working on your own emotional healing, you can become a source of comfort and support for those around you.
Psyche in Leo: The soul's journey involves learning how to express oneself creatively and confidently. You have a strong desire to be recognized and appreciated for your talents and unique qualities. However, in a past life, you may have struggled with being too focused on yourself and your own ego. You may have been involved in leadership roles, the arts, or entertainment in your past life. Your challenge is to find a healthy balance between expressing your creativity and shining your light while also being mindful of others' needs and emotions. You may also need to learn to receive praise and recognition gracefully and without becoming too attached to it. Overall, with Psyche in Leo, your soul's journey involves learning to express your true self in a confident and authentic way while also recognizing and honoring the worth and value of others.
Psyche in Virgo: in your natal chart, it suggests that in a past life, you had to learn how to be of service to others and pay attention to the details. You may have had a strong urge to help and heal others, and they were likely involved in some form of service work. You may have also been very analytical and detail-oriented, and you had to learn how to balance this with their desire to help others. You were probably a perfectionist and had to learn how to accept imperfections in yourself and others. In this lifetime, they you feel fulfilled by working in fields such as healthcare, counseling, or education where you can use your skills to help others. You also find inner fulfillment through practicing self-care and maintaining a healthy routine.
Psyche in Libra: Your soul's journey is focused on finding balance and harmony in your relationships with others. You have a deep desire for fairness and justice, and you strive to create harmonious relationships with those around you. In a past life, you may have been involved in law or diplomacy, where you had to negotiate and mediate between different parties. You may also have been involved in artistic pursuits, as Libra is associated with beauty and aesthetics. Your soul's journey may involve learning to make decisions based on your own needs, rather than constantly seeking the approval of others. You also need to work on setting healthy boundaries and standing up for yourself when necessary, while still maintaining harmony and balance in your relationships. Overall, Psyche in Libra indicates a strong focus on relationships and creating harmony in your interactions with others, both in this life and in past lives.
Psyche in Scorpio: Your soul's journey of evolution and growth involves facing your deepest fears and desires and transforming your shadow self. You may have intense emotional experiences and may be drawn to the mysterious and occult. You may have a deep interest in sexuality and the unconscious mind. In a past life, you may have been involved in deep spiritual or healing practices, or you may have had experiences that led you to confront your shadow side. Your soul may have chosen to incarnate with Psyche in Scorpio to continue this journey of transformation and evolution. You may also have a strong psychic or intuitive ability, and you may be able to sense things that are hidden or not easily visible to others. You have a tendency towards being secretive or keeping things hidden, but you also have a powerful urge to bring what is hidden into the light. You also have a deep desire to merge with others on a soul level, but you need to learn healthy boundaries and discernment in relationships.
Psyche in Sagittarius: Your soul's journey involves seeking higher truths and expanding your horizons. You have a deep desire to explore the world and gain knowledge through experiences. In a past life, you may have been involved in philosophy, religion, or travel, and you have a natural affinity for these areas in your current life as well. You are optimistic and idealistic, and you have a strong sense of faith in the universe and its workings. Your soul's purpose is to find meaning in life and to inspire others to do the same. However, you also struggle with restlessness and a tendency to wander, and you need to learn how to focus your energy and commit to a path that aligns with your true purpose.
Psyche in Capricorn: You may have a strong sense of responsibility and a desire for success and achievement. In a past life, you may have learned the importance of discipline, hard work, and perseverance. You may have had to overcome obstacles and challenges to achieve your goals. You also have a strong desire to be respected and admired by others. However, there may also be a tendency to take on too much responsibility and to be overly self-critical. Youneed to learn to balance your desire for achievement with self-care and relaxation. You also need to work on developing healthy boundaries and learning to delegate tasks to others. On a deeper level, it may indicate a past life where you were involved in business or government, and you had to learn about the importance of responsibility, authority, and leadership. You may have had to overcome challenges and setbacks to achieve your goals, but you ultimately learned important lessons about hard work and perseverance.
Psyche in Aquarius: You have a strong desire to be part of something bigger than yourself and to contribute to society in a meaningful way. You are attracted to social causes and are passionate about bringing about positive change in the world. You are highly idealistic and may have a vision for the future that is ahead of its time. In a past life, you may have been involved in some form of activism or social work. You were likely ahead of your time in terms of your ideas and may have faced opposition or persecution for your beliefs. You may have been involved in progressive movements or been part of a group or community that was pushing for change. You have a unique and innovative approach to problem-solving, and you are not afraid to think outside the box. You value freedom and independence and may have a rebellious streak. However, you also have a strong sense of social responsibility and may feel a sense of duty to use your talents and abilities to make a positive impact on the world.
Psyche in Pisces: Your soul journey involves exploring the deeper spiritual and emotional realms. You have a strong intuition and a natural connection to the collective unconscious. You may have past life experiences of being involved in spiritual practices or healing, and may feel a strong sense of compassion and empathy towards others. However, you may also struggle with boundaries and may need to learn how to protect yourself from becoming overwhelmed by other people's emotions. Your soul's purpose in this life may involve exploring your own spirituality and helping others to connect with their spiritual selves. You may also need to learn how to balance your sensitivity with practicality in order to achieve your goals.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
(Top to bottom) what would they say if they called u
Pile 1
They would tell you how much they regret how things ended and that they know they treated u unfairly, they would be more mature about things. They would tell you that they still have feelings for you and see something traditional/a future with you, they would tell you that they don’t want u to move on but they would understand if u did. They like ur butt/backside and the way you give oral, they would call u to see if you would want to hang out but they would have hidden intentions. This person misses the way u taste and smell, they miss ur kisses and just being around you. Signs- Aquarius/Taurus, initials-K, E, L, C
Pile 2
I see that they would be more honest with you, they would tell you how they don’t want to let you go and how they want to work together to fix the connection. They would tell you that they would want to start off as friends and take it slow, they would say they hate how stagnant the connection is and how they want it to change. They would tell you how they don’t like when you guys argue and they want peace, they would tell U that they’ll be more supportive. They would ask U for another chance and they would tell you how much they miss having sex with you/touching you. Signs- Aries, Pisces, libra. Initials- L, Q, U, Z, N
Pile 3
They would tell you that they messed things up and they should’ve did better, they would tell you how bad they regret things and how much they want you back. They would give you alot of praise and compliments to butter you up because they know you’re defensive, they would tell you that nobody gets them like you or fucks them like you and how they aren’t happy without you. They would ask to come over to talk more but I see they would have ulterior motives, they would think of a plan before calling you. They would tell you how much chemistry they have with you and how stable the relationship would be if they were with you. This person may try to play on ur emotions but I see you would be able to see through this. Signs- Aquarius/Taurus, initials- N, K, H, Z, C, G
Pile 4
They would tell you that they don’t know how you feel but they want to work on things together even though the connection ended, they would tell you that they want to move on from the past. They would tell you how you’re everything they’re looking for and they’re hoping you two can figure it out. They would tell u they still have feelings for u no matter how things ended, they would ask you to hang out and spend time with them or they may ask u hang out so they can tell u in person. Signs-Aries, Virgo, Leo. Initials- I, O, N, F
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Ranking the Venus Signs
1. Aries Venus
2. Sagittarius Venus
3. Scorpio Venus
4. Aquarius Venus
5. Gemini Venus
6. Libra Venus
7. Leo Venus
8. Pisces Venus
9. Capricorn Venus
10. Taurus Venus
11. Cancer Venus
12. Virgo Venus
Tumblr media
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The Astrology of: Pluto in Aquarius (2023-2043)
Tumblr media
And what does it meant for your Rising sign?
Happy Pluto in Aquarius era! (2023-2043)
Pluto enters your 11th house of goals, aspirations and friendships. This indicates that you will experience major changes in your friendships and social circles. You are likely to meet people who will transform your life - in a positive or a negative way, regardless of that this will bring growth and maturity when it comes to friendship and connections. You may become more ambitious and focused on the things you want in life and what you want to achieve. Your journey to getting there might be one that is filled with difficulties, but nonetheless nothing will stop you to get what you want. You may seek power and a stronger social presence. You might become more outspoken about the things you are passionate about - whether it's something personal or a social issue, something that involves a larger number of people.
Themes: change in aspirations; growth due to friendship, obsession with dreams and aims in life;
Pluto enters your 10th house of career and reputation which could bring major changes when it comes to your life goals and ambitions. You may feel determined to grow and succeed in your career, but your path may not feel easy and this success may not enter your life immediately. You will have to fight for the things you want. Despite the ups and downs, your journey will feel secure and you will find the power you need in order to feel confident in yourself and your abilities. You might be more reserved publically and you will value your privacy more than ever. People might be more curious about you and your plans. There could be changes in your desires and aims in life. While this could point to growth in your career, it may also indicate a change in your career path. You are ready to explore and transform. You might find your true passion and do anything possible to go after it.
Themes: privacy, change of long-term ambitions, shifts in professional desires or path;
Pluto enters your 9th house of education, travel and personal development which will inspire you and help you uncover a new side of yourself. This will be a period of growth and abundance. Travelling and experiencing new things will help you discover qualities of yourself you never knew you had. You are likely to develop new bonds and gain a lot of knowledge while travelling and exploring new places. This era will bring valuable knowledge into your life and help you gain more wisdom. You might become more open-minded to the things you never understood before. You will put more focus into your personal growth journey and you will be open to this change that awaits you. You will become a more mature, conscious version of yourself. You will learn a lot about yourself and others. There could be a major shift in your values, beliefs and philosophies in life.
Themes: personal development, gaining knowledge, uncovering a new side of self through travel and exploration;
Pluto enters your 8th House of finance and transformation. This could point to a great period for your financial situation. You may gain more maturity when it comes to dealing with your finances and making financial decisions. You will become more conscious of who you take financial advice from. You will be protective of your finances. There is potential for financial growth. This era could help you gain the recognition you have always wanted and find your inner strength. Your sensitivity will be replaced with control and rationality. You could face some struggles which will allow you to uncover this inner strength and power and learn to handle everything that enters your life with ease. You may become more self-reliant and rational. While the deep sensitivity may still be there, you will handle your emotions in a more mature manner.
Themes: financial transformation; conscious financial decisions; gaining recognition and personal strength;
Pluto enters your 7th house of personal and professional relationships. This indicates an era which will bring drastic shifts in your connections with other people. In your romantic relationships or marriage it could bring some turmoil. Once you overcome it, it will strengthen your partnership and grow your conneciton with your partner. This could be a time to grow your professional connections or business but try to be wary of the people you allow into your life. Not everyone will have the best intentions in mind and in order to rely on someone, you must fully trust them. This era will help you appreciate the good connections in your life and move on from those that bring you down or cause unnecessary harm to you. You will learn to be more selective of the people you get close to. You may enter a relationship which will inspire you to be all in.
Themes: transformation in relationships; growth of business; wisdom regarding relationships;
Pluto enters your 6th house of work and health which could bring big changes in your work environment and lifestyle. You are likely to put a big amount of your energy into your work and work ambitions. There will be changes in your workplace whether that is changing your job or getting promoted in your current field of work. Health-wise you may face some difficulties but you are likely to find strength to deal with them. This long period will help you make important changes in your routine and lifestyle. You may have a new approach to your health journey and you will learn to be more conscious and tuned in with your body. Your day to day life may become an adventure due to the potential ups and downs, but this will help you learn to trust yourself and rely on yourself - not on others. In a way this era could bring independence.
Themes: new lifestyle, major shifts in work environment; dealing with health;
Pluto enters your 5th House of romance and creativity. This indicates a transformative period in your romantic life. You may experience some major shifts in your romantic relationships - separation, growth in a relationship, a stronger bond with your partner. You will learn to be more protective of yourself. Romantically you may find it hard to let other people in easily and trust will not be gained immediately in relationships, so when you form a close bond with someone, you may have a hard time letting go of them. You might be more private about your romantic interests and relationships. Creatively, there will be growth and you may find new sources of inspiration. You are likely to develop new passions, even obsessions and truly commit to them. There could be changes in your social life and social presence. You may get involved in dramatic public situations with others.
Themes: growth due to relationships; creative inspiration and obsession; transformation in the social presence and public involvement;
Pluto enters your 4th House of family, domestic and emotional environment. This indicates that there could be major changes in your family dynamic - possible difficulties that could lead to big transformations and growth. This could be a period of moving and finding the perfect location for yourself, figuring out where your perfect home is. There could be emotional turmoil and deep sensitivity, one that will be hard to overcome but it will be something that leads to great growth and maturity. You will learn to be more conscious of your emotions and approach to them. You might become more protective of yourself and your personal space. You will learn to be wary of the people you let close to yourself. There could be shifts in your family dynamic and your relationship with family members.
Themes: emotional growth, changes in home and domestic environment; shift in family dynamic and close relationships;
Pluto enters your 3rd house which will bring major shifts when it comes to your mindset and mentality. This will be a period with intellectual growth and development. You may experience great changes when it comes to your approach to different topics and your personal expression. You might be more private, more reserved in conversations and you will be more curious about understanding other people. These years will bring a lot of valuable lessons and you will seek more depth to any topic you encounter. You will put more focus on understanding things in a more thorough way. There could be major changes in your environment and surroundings, as well as your relationship with your siblings and the people around you.
Themes: change of mindset; curiosity; wisdom, better observation, change in environment;
Pluto enters your 2nd house of finance, possessions and close relationships. This could indicate a period with big financial shifts in your life. There could be growth or losses - with time you will become more conscious of the way you handle your finances and this could lead to growth and abundance. You might be more possessive of the things you own, more protective of your possessions and the people you truly love. You may find it hard to let other people close to yourself and it will take you some time to learn to trust others fully. Your confidence will be gained with time and the effort you put into the things you do. You will learn to trust yourself better. You will learn to set boundaries in your close relationships and you will gain the respect and admiration of others.
Themes: financial wisdom; financial ups and downs; boundaries in close relationship, trust;
Pluto enters your 1st house which indicates a period of major personal changes. You are likely to learn valuable lessons which will help you gain a new perspective on life, approach life in a different matter. There could be difficulties that may enter your life as a surprise. You may find it hard to create balance in your life and there will be big transformations in the upcoming years you may not feel ready for. Despite that, this will be the time to gain your personal power and learn to feel confident in yourself and your decisions. You are likely to handle anything that comes your way with ease. While this time may bring hardships, it will help you grow into the person you were meant to be. You are likely to change yourself whether it's your appearance or gain new qualities in your personality.
Themes: growth, new perspective on life, changes in approach to life; personal transformation;
Pluto enters your 12th house of mental health and spirituality. This indicates that this will be a transformative period for your mental health and inner wellbeing. You are likely to face some hardships which will help you gain power and strength. There could be highs and lows. You may experience betrayals from the people in your life, which will push you to become more protective of yourself and less trusting of others. These situations will help you gain more confidence in yourself. You may experience some form of spiritual awakening which will allow you to view your life and situations differently. You will feel empowered and ready to handle everything that comes your way. Your deep sensitivity and ability to observe will help you gain more control over any situation.
Themes: gaining inner strength, spiritual awakening, power over enemies;
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