#they’re all so romantic!!
threetangerines · 1 year
Hiii! Omg I was on tiktok and I saw a web weaving post abt multiple poems talking abt the joy/love of sharing an orange/tangerine and I never realized how loved the fruit was worldwide to have so many poems made abt the act of sharing one😭😭😭. Did you know this while coming up w the og 3tan or was it just something off the top of your head. Anyways luv ur work⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Tumblr media
Omg wait I’ve seen those poems and everything but I didn’t see them until after posting 3tan for awhile🥺🍊 it was definitely something in my head!! Thank you so much for the kind words too😭
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ewwww-what · 26 days
Tumblr media
an archdevil and a presidential candidate sneak into a gay bar
flatcolor + closeups below :)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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jancysmixtape · 1 year
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I don’t understand how anyone can say Wednesday didn’t like Tyler. She chose to go to the dance with him, she INITIATED their first kiss and SMILED at him. Then even after finding out he was the Hyde, she still said he was her type. It’s canon that she liked him. 😭
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doccywhomst · 23 days
something to be said about how the doctor and the tardis have integrated over time to form one cohesive unit. it’s the type of mutualism that slowly binds organisms together, making them as synonymous and inseparable as the bee orchid and its pollinators. even when the tenth doctor wiped his memory in human nature, he dreamed about her. sure, they’ve spent time apart, but they spend it looking for each other. they’re individuals, but they instinctually collaborate to achieve the same purpose. a show about a sad guy getting into a physically and psychologically codependent relationship with his car has never been this good
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turtleblogatlast · 10 days
Tumblr media
Don’t think I ever quite said what my LGBTQ+ headcanons are for the boys, so these are my current thoughts! Always changing of course but this is what I feel most strongly right now.
#rottmnt#rise of the teenage mutant ninja turtles#rottmnt headcanons#rise donnie#rise leo#rise mikey#rise raph#donnie and leo’s sexualities being practically swapped was unintentional but it works way too well#same with mikey and raph tbh it was a happy accident#anyway I kinda hc raph as the type who doesn’t care about physical appearance just if you fight lol#Mikey’s more than happy with friends and family#Donnie is a BIG romantic but he needs time to sus a person out fully before he gets the hots for them#leo meanwhile isn’t keen on romance unless it’s with someone he grows to really really REALLY trust#I could go on and probably will later (knowing me) but it is late and I am tired haha#turtle art tag#curious as to what everyone else headcanons#the only one of these I’ll defend forever is Bi (female-leaning) donnie and trans leo#all the others can change over time but I really like where they’re sitting right now#I hope these are the right flags too because it was kinda hard to find them#went looking for transmasc flag in particular but I couldn’t find a solid agreed upon version 😭#ngl a big part of why I hc mikey as aro is because of a pun#my phone often misspells aromantic as aromatic and- and you get it- because aromatic herbs and- and Mikey is a chef do YOU GET IT#note that while I hc leo as bisexual (male-leaning) I still think he’s prob closer to demi in that as well just not as far into the spectrum#if that makes sense#headcanons are fun and hard to narrow down at the same time alas#I made this in like an hour can you tell djjdjd#I drew them all from memory so if there’s anything wrong…shhh#and if you’re wondering for April and Splinter#Both are Bisexual (female-leaning) but April is also Panromantic#I almost wanna make Splinter demiromantic too so Big Mama’s betrayal hits just a bit harder
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shima-draws · 28 days
Currently in the middle of reading a Lawlu soulmate fic and it’s SUPER cute so far but the best thing is that Law is also Cora’s (platonic) soulmate, and Cora’s got the ‘You won’t see in color until you meet your soulmate’ kind of bond. Except it fluctuates depending on Law’s health, and Law runs purely on caffeine and spite, so Cora will text him being like “Hey. For some strange reason I currently cannot see the color red. Would you happen to know anything about that” and Law is just like “Uhhh. No??” and Cora’s like “Law I swear to GOD you’d better stop pulling all nighters do not make me come over there” LMAO
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whaliiwatching · 9 months
Tumblr media
pink kinda day
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noirleo · 9 months
Oooo, can i plz hear all your jealousy HC for the bayverse boys? :3 hope ur week is going well!
oh my god yes
jealous turtles from most to least ◡̈
(all turtles + reader are adults ♡)
1. raph
c’mon, did you expect anyone else?
being a middle child with three brothers, raph grew up sharing everything he had—his food, his clothes, his personal space. so when he finds someone he has feelings for, he makes a point that he’s not going to share with anyone.
his brothers prefer to take more subtle, graceful methods of claiming their s/os when they feel threatened. raphael does not have a subtle bone in his body.
if someone tries to hit on you while he’s there, he will physically put himself in between the two of you, glaring down at his prey target until they take the hint (and probably flexing his crossed arms as he does so. he doesnt do all of that lifting for nothing).
vern tried to chat you up, once, when you first met. raph swiftly handled it, and you’re not exactly sure what was said, but vern now makes a point to keep a very conservative amount of space between you and him at all times.
a lot of his jealousy comes from insecurity—he definitely thinks you could do better, find someone you could actually walk around with, show off to your friends and go on vacations with.
so how does he cope? by proving his indispensability to you. when you date raph, you don’t lift a finger. need something from the top cabinet? he’s got it in his hands before you even have to ask. want to see a sold out concert? how convenient, he just managed to find some floor seats for you and your friends
don’t ask how he got them, it’s really best for everyone if you don’t actually know (both legally and ethically speaking).
asking someone else for help (god forbid you ask vern or one of his brothers, especially leo) will probably end up in some icy silent treatment and very short yes/no answers to questions that can only be cured by insistent apologies and lots of kisses
2. mikey
oh, our beloved little mikey
mikey spouts confidence, but much like raphael, he is deeply afraid that you’ll leave him for someone whose complexion is a little less green
while raph’s jealousy is defensive, mikey’s is pleading. he needs a lot of verbal reassurance that you’re his, nobody else’s
even when he’s not feeling jealous or insecure about the relationship, he just likes to hear you say it—and once you do, he’ll believe it wholeheartedly, all doubts and anxieties set aside (for the time being, at least)
when you’re around others (and even when you’re not) mikey is extremely physically affectionate, and probably will mention to anyone who will listen in a very unsubtle manner that the two of you are dating and really, really happy together, thank you very much
if you’re sitting, you’re sitting on his lap (or so close that you might as well be). if you’re standing, you can bet that he’s got an arm slung around your waist or your shoulder—just so everyone in the room is clear who you came with and who you’re leaving with
3. donnie
donnie’s jealousy is quiet. he’s much less outward about his feelings of jealousy than raph or mikey, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there.
when you mention a creepy guy from one of your classes getting a little too close for your comfort, he’ll nod and empathize; little do you know, he’s got the guy’s social security number, address, and name of his childhood pet pulled up on his laptop within seconds.
mysteriously, he doesn’t really show up for class anymore. rumours float around about some pretty shady things hes done being sent to the dean, president, and every RA on campus.
you confront donnie, and he just shrugs innocently. huh, weird, guess it’s a good thing you guys don’t hang out anymore then right? and then he’ll change the subject, but the triumphant gleam in his eye doesn’t go unnoticed
if someone starts to get flirtatious with you while donnie’s around though? all bets are off.
standing at 6’8 and made of pure lean muscle, donnie is fully aware of how intimidating he is, and it radiates off of him.
all it takes is one glare, leering from over your shoulder, and suddenly the person trying to flirt with you has some very important business to handle on the opposite side of the room for the rest of the night.
when you turn around to see donnie standing behind you, one hand on the small of your back, he’s back to his relaxed, smiley self
4. leo
leo is definitely the least jealous of his brothers. he’s confident, bordering on arrogant, and knows what he brings to the table.
i mean, c’mon. the barista who wrote their number on your coffee cup may be cute and share your taste in music, but how many times have they saved new york from an alien invasion? can they do anything to protect you in the event of a foot clan takeover?
didn’t think so.
communicating and trust are monumental to leonardo. right off the bat, he’s very straightforward about his intentions with you, and expects the same level of loyalty from his partner
leo’s trust isn’t easily earned so if he trusts you, then he does so completely and wholeheartedly. if you say that you and someone else are just friends, then he won’t think twice about it
that’s not to say he never gets jealous though. he’s just much more lowkey about it than the others
if you mention offhand being catcalled on your way to the lair one night, you’ll have a private escort for the foreseeable future
hes not big on pda, but you can bet that if he catches someone else’s scent on you, especially another guy, he’ll be extra cuddly when he sees you
he’ll for sure try to play it off though and subtly give you something that smells like him. oh, you seem cold, here’s one of his hoodies that he conveniently had on hand. go ahead and put it on. he’s just looking out for you, no ulterior motives here.
you see right through him, but you’re willing to look the other way for some extra snuggles.
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imposterogers · 1 year
I fully believe that not only is shawn spencer bisexual but he’s also in love w gus but like. it’s not an angsty ‘I need to ruin this friendship before my feelings ruin it’. it’s just a personality trait. bc him & gus are already SO close. codependently close. they can hardly go a day without seeing each other, are practically psychic in the way they communicate, spend major holidays together. they’ve both had significant and fulfilling romantic relationships & have settled down. but does that change the fact that shawn would kiss gus at the drop of a hat? not at all
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chirpsythismorning · 10 months
Milkvans complaining about bylers not mentioning Finn’s response about about the monologue is so funny, as if it didn’t support byler endgame even more 🤣
Finn saying I think he knows she thinks all this, bc I think there’s a reason why he says it, is because she— she— he’s been waiting to say it for a long time and she’s been waiting for him to say it for a long time. I think it’s an interesting thought, having that reciprocated. Yeah I think so. I don’t… I don’t know. I would hope… idk… great question and thought tho…
Like he literally cuts himself off before implying that Mike knows how El feels and that she wanted him to say I love you for a while, which is the very reason why he said it in the first place, despite seasons of attempting to say it, stalling repeatedly, only to fail each time up until now when there was literally no option not to in his eyes…
How is that a milkvan win?…
Not only that, but he didn’t make it sound hopeful for their future either. It’s still up in the air according to him. He makes a point of just saying interesting question over and over, only to not actually come up with an answer…
The assumption for many viewers, specifically milkvans, is that everything is great for Mike and El right now bc the monologue fixed everything. If that’s the case why does Finn end that question on a sort of question mark with it still up in the air? Least of all when you’re dealing with a queer ship on the other end, with him making much more of an effort to imply that it will be addressed. It’ll pay off vs. idk?…
This is like the casts reaction to the monologue all over again. The interviewer asked about Mike and El’s future and Finn basically danced around it saying he’s looking forward to all of their endings and is mostly interested to know if Mike will stay in Hawkins, adding at the end that he hopes Mike and El you know, find… happiness.
He’s always giving answers that work both ways. Byler endgame still fits in with whatever he says, whether milkvans want to acknowledge that or not.
Otherwise there would be no reason for him to try so hard to be ambiguous about Mike and El’s feelings, as if it’s this big spoiler… unless what’s about to go down is something most the audience won’t expect…
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biigiiiii · 9 months
So this:
Tumblr media
Leads to this:
Tumblr media
Which leads to this:
Tumblr media
Which allows vecna to do this:
Tumblr media
Right? Right………. So then this:
Tumblr media
Leads to this:
Tumblr media
Which leads to:
???????????????? 👀👀👀👀👀
Will has had powers.
#will has powers#no - he had powers. he probably displayed them when he got taken in to the upside down. and vecna wanted those powers. so he took them.#this also opens up to the possibility he could get them back somehow. with el it was through memories of her mom when she was born. love.#when she relived her younger self opening the gate for the first time through the power of love#so Will could get his back through strong feelings of love. just saying.#stranger things predictions#stranger things theories#byler#byler tumblr#so the cool kids can find this 😌#I HAVE ANOTHER THING TO SAY!!! Els powers are strong from negative emotions - hatred. anger. vengeance.#but they’re even more powerful from feelings of love - familial and platonic love (mama. hopper. max. etc)#so if Will did show his powers to vecna (accidentally) when he got taken then those would have been from his most common negative emotion#fear#El is anger. hatred. will is fear. anxiety.#so will will get his powers to their fullest strength only with Love. romantic love. feeling wanted. useful.#familial/friend love was something El needed in her life and she against all odds managed to find it#she got the love she desperately needed and deserved (not romantic like the Melvin’s seem to think)#will has all that in buckets. he has friends who love him. the best mom and brother anyone could wish for. but he feels unworthy of love.#feels like all the bad things that happened to him were deserved. so him receiving and accepting what he desperately needs and deserves#will fully unlock his powers - if he has them.#thank you for coming to my Ted talk
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lunee-bat · 2 days
Tumblr media
Guess what I had art block and made a kid for my notp and now the art block’s fixed and I got a free au out of it
(there’s more weird art under the cut)
Tumblr media
Common whizbang w
She’s a cervitaur bc I’m embracing the cringe and thought Lucifer’s wack genetics would meet up with Alastor’s and remember Charlie’s and say “let’s square the hooves on this one!!” so here we are
Anyway,,,enemies to coparents shenanigans,,
They’re trying their best
Tumblr media
I promise,,
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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the beauty of house and Wilson’s relationship is that no matter what they go through, no matter what fights they have, what women they date. There’s only one person they want by their side at the end, the only one who sticks around through it all, and that’s each other
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seaglassdinosaur · 7 months
Eternally grateful that Cressida Cowell didn’t involve a romantic subplot in the How To Train Your Dragon series.
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lamentablesbian · 1 year
it’s about this boy this adaptation that takes a predator and makes him back into a boy he’s just a boy and he wants to keep children safe from the horrors of the world before, keep them safe in the way he never was, create a shelter for them not in isolation but in family. he tells them a bed time story like some kind of pied piper, he leads them away into a fantasy so that the future–past they’re all hurtling towards can be staved off just a little longer. the last thing he downloaded before the satellite went dead was the wikipedia entry on capitalism— he asks if he should just delete it. he spends every waking moment after trying to keep it from happening again. “there is no before.”
it’s about this girl this girl who has never had the chance to say goodbye who holds people so close that sometimes they end up passing through her altogether and she knows the boy’s story, it’s his bedtime story— but it’s her guiding light. she remembers damage too, the damage and horror of the world before, but instead of falling into a fantasy she makes herself a horror, makes herself untouchable. because if she couldn’t pretend the world was something better then at least she could protect herself from the worst this new world has to offer. knives tucked into hair, boots, belts, sharpened lovingly and methodically. she picked up her first knife out of the pool of her brother’s blood, wiped it clean. spends hours throwing it end over end into the wall of the cabin— she never misses. “to the monsters, we’re the monsters.”
it’s about their parallel lives, their ever-narrowing orbit around one another their inevitable collision. it’s about a knife drawn like a breath and pressed tight under his jaw. it’s about his gasped words in response to the sudden blade. were they a threat? a promise? did it matter? because, really, it’s about the knife he didn’t see coming— fast, short, sharp as anything, and deep in his guts. “Kirsten, why are you helping me?” “stabbing you didn’t work.”
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galaxy-of-me · 1 year
the thing abt romantic killer is how it leads u in w this typical romcom style concept and proceeds to follow that for the majority of its run, but its characters and their relationships r filled w so much heart that it shines through the Haha Funnies and instead just makes u cry and think abt how everyone needs a friend like anzu. it doesn’t even become abt romance anymore it just becomes abt love and kindness in general
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