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wlw-webcomic-bracket · 4 months
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yuripoll · 3 months
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The time has come! The second set of yuribattles are on the way B)
Polls will be up on Friday (7/7/23) and will be posted from 9AM - 12PM (GMT).
No particular metric for voting! Your fave, which looks prettier, which is serving the most cunt, etc etc
Matches in the main bracket are up for a week, and the losers' bracket is up for a day.
All participants that get knocked out of this round get a second chance in the losers' bracket.
If you want to scroll through just the poll posts or check out the propaganda, the navigation tags are linked in the pinned post.
Obligatory statement that if you take things too seriously or get overly vitriolic in my notes, your candidate gets penalised by 10%.
Matches under the cut!
Tamen de gushi vs Even introverted gals wanna get out there!
Mai no Mushigurashi vs 2DK, G-Pen, Alarm Clock
Futari Escape vs I won 300 million yen in a lottery so i started raising a freeloader pretty girl
I Love Amy vs Pink Ribbon
Can't Defy the Lonely Girl vs There's weird voices coming from the room next door!
Lonely Wolf, Lonely Sheep vs Always Human
The Ends of a Dream vs Gunjou
I See You, Aizawa-san! vs Young Ladies Don't Play Fighting Games
Asagao to Kase-san vs An Absurd Relationship
Nomura Nao to Kyougoku Hina wa vs Cirque Arachne
Love My Life vs Fly By
Yuri Espoir vs Asumi-chan is interested in lesbian brothels
Her Tale of Shim Chong vs Himitsu no Hanazono
Hard Lacquer vs Hana to Hoshi
Teppuu vs Yoru to Umi
Sexual Education 120% vs The guy she was interested in wasn't a guy at all
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are you tired of how many character tournaments just become a popularity contest?
how regardless of seeding, even high contenders can almost arbitrarily be knocked out early on, leaving you with nothing to root for?
if you're feeling that, and if you like any webcomics, you should participate in the webcomic character tournament!
the primary goals of this tournament are:
to celebrate the medium of webcomics as a whole
to find new webcomics to read, and to recommend your own favorites
to highlight indie creators and help them build a wider audience
to have fun rooting for and celebrating your favorite characters!
in order to accomplish these goals, instead of a single elimination bracket, i will be using a mcmahon system inspired tournament structure!
this means that no character will be eliminated, and you can participate in polls rooting for your favorite character throughout all the rounds. characters will also be roughly matched up based on a system that determines how well known their work is, so most rounds should be relatively evenly matched, allowing people to fight for their favorites on their own merits
more details about how the mcmahon tournament will work can be found under the cut!
submit as many characters as you would like to here! the deadline is tentatively next saturday, june 3rd, at 4pm EDT
tagging some other tournaments i like whose participants i think might be interested :) @wlw-webcomic-bracket @obscurewebcomictournament @gaywebcomicsshowdown @autisticgirliesbracket @yuribracket @secretthirdthingtournament @nonyanderepoll @funkylittlebaldcharapoll @divorced-tournament
no submission is specifically banned, but try to keep in mind the spirit of this tournament when deciding what to submit.
under the cut after my more detailed description of the tournament structure, i also ramble in a lot more detail about my philosophy regarding submission eligibility, but it's not necessary to read all that before submitting characters
mcmahon tournament details:
matchups will be decided based off of a survey sent out after submissions are over gauging participants' familiarity with all of the competing characters' source materials. each character will be assigned points based off of how known their source material is, and each character will go up against a character with a similar popularity score for the first round
characters will be awarded points based off of if they lose, win, or tie their match and have that added to their total score, and then they will again be paired against a character with a similar updated score
depending on how many characters are participating, this process can continue either until there is a definitive ranking of all characters, or until just a few top winners are clear
i haven't entirely decided on specifics such as whether points will be awarded by a simple 0 for a loss, 0.5 for a tie, 1 for a win or by percentage of the vote, and if initial popularity points will be counted in the final ranking, or if i will try to rank winners from within their initial popularity categories, but i hope that won't matter too much, because in my opinion the main fun of this isn't the final results, it's for people to have fun in the individual rounds seeing their favorite character's points go up!
submission guidelines:
if you are submitting characters from extremely popular webcomics, try to limit yourself to just characters that are among your top favorites of all time, and maybe try to submit stuff from lesser known works as well
similar goes for webcomics that are more widely known for adaptations into other media forms (one punch man, tower of god, heartstopper, etc.)
i'm not specifically banning any comic for having bigoted content or its creator being a bad person, there's a wide scale of stuff i could decide to include in that definition or not. in the goal of celebrating favorite characters, obviously a lot of people love characters despite flaws in the work they're from, but also keep in mind the goals of recommending works to other people, and helping uplift and promote creators you like, and try to find a reasonable balance from there
what counts as a webcomic:
physically published works that you can find pirated or scanlated online probably don't count
comics whose publication is centered around physical releases, who also have simultaneous online releases by their publishers (comics on manga plus or comixology, newspaper strips with online sites, etc.) probably don't count
comics published through traditional publishers that are exclusively online (such as shōnen jump+ comics) still probably don't count
comics published online through companies that exclusively publish online (such as lezhin) are still discouraged
stuff like line webtoon or tapas official comics are more acceptable, as there are a lot of free comics from independent creators around them and many of these comics started out that way themselves, so they exist within a culture of webcomics more so than the aforementioned comic categories
stuff that is paywalled beyond just having an early release system is discouraged
comics that are no longer online but accessible through archives are fine though, especially in the wake of sites like smackjeeves being deleted there's a lot of stuff in webcomic history that can only be found that way now!
webtoon style comics absolutely count as webcomics, they're an exciting way of fully making use of webcomics' digital format! simultaneously however, i feel like with the rise of mobile webtoon apps, there are many people who read webtoon style comics but who dont further engage with webcomics, so i'd definitely encourage submitting a variety of styles of webcomic!
none of these rules are set! feel free to submit whatever you want, i just list them so you can try to find a balance between the different goals of this tournament when submitting stuff.
anyone can submit as many characters as you want, but just maybe if you find that a lot of your submission ideas are from comics in some of the more discouraged categories, limit yourself in how many you submit from those categories and only submit characters if they're absolute favorites of yours you want the opportunity to celebrate, and maybe try to also submit a character from something that isn't in a discouraged category too!
theres no penalty for not going with this, but i think because choosing characters by number of nominees doesn't really align with my intentions for this, depending on how easy it is to sort submissions i might just go off of vibes, so you might just be less likely to have a character make it to the tournament if their comic is in more heavily discouraged categories is all
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girlygirltournament · 1 month
Welcome to the GirlyGirl Tournament!!
Submit your characters that love frills, dresses, makeup, glitter, pink, bows and skirts! This is a competition for character who love the Girly Girl lifestyle regardless of gender! 
Tumblr media
-You can submit real people but you have to be respectful (I will remove real people from the poll if there is any negative comments) this applies to mcyt as well. 
-OCs are not accepted but I may do an OC tournament later if there is interest and I have time and energy!
-This is meant to be a lighthearted and fun tournament so please be kind and respect everyone!!
Tumblr media
Put your submissions here! Will close in a week on 29th of August.
Dividers from @animatedglittergraphics-n-more
Tagged blogs under the cut!
@tournamentdirectory @barbiebattle @ultimatepinkgirl @foundfamily-tournament @kidlit-queen-competition @best-bff-brawl @cutestbitches @autistic-anime-girls-bracket @generic-anime-boy-bracket @barbie-movies-tournament @ultimatepinkboy @yellowcharactertournament@wlw-webcomic-bracket@strawberrylemonadeswagtourney @pinkhairswagtourney @blond-jerk-tourney @namedafterflowerstournament @weirdgirlshowdown @aroaceswagcompetition @crown-and-scarf-tournament @look-how-they-massacred-them @beautiful-boy-bracket @braidpoll @tortured-artist-tourney @magical-characters-tourney
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Hey there, tiger enjoyers! I wanted to make a bracket for fictional tigers!
Y'all can call me Ray, she/they/he.
- All tigers must be fictional
- Submit through replies or the ask box
- I'm just one person, don't worry if I don't respond
- Submission period will probably be about a week
(I might put Cody's plushie tiger in, nepotism style, bc I've been fixating on Don't Escape: 4 Days in a Wasteland and Cody's my favorite character)
Tagging some other tournament blogs that I know of, and the ones that inspired me!
@lovableassholestournament, @bestanimatedmovie, @facial-hair-fight, @deathguy-bracket, @17-million-years-of-pining-poll, @wlw-webcomic-bracket, @badasswlwbracket, @piratepairoff
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WLW webcomic bracket mod here, I'm sorry for helping knock out Webby because I know how much you love her but also thank you so much for including Dina in this tournament <3 she's made me feel a lot better about several of my personal quirks and also it's so rare to see a webcomic character get this kind of traction. I'll be voting for Webby in the revival round!
i DO really love Webby, gotta be top 5 comfort characters for me. but as the bracket host I know I need to be prepared for my faves to get knocked out, no need to apologise!!! the upset is purely performative because I am passionate about autistic water fowl <3
having Dina in the bracket has been a pleasure so far, there's been so much passion and propaganda posts behind her she clearly deserves to do well in this bracket!! and I'M learning so much about a webcomic I'd personally never heard of before.
i found out about your bracket too late to do much voting :( but thank YOU so much for hosting the bracket!!! there's so many webcomics and I don't read enough of them to know where to start looking for canon wlw rep, so your polls have been an awesome source of recommendations for me
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wlw-webcomic-bracket · 4 months
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wlw-webcomic-bracket · 4 months
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wlw-webcomic-bracket · 4 months
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wlw-webcomic-bracket · 4 months
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wlw-webcomic-bracket · 4 months
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wlw-webcomic-bracket · 4 months
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The two couples with the fewest votes will be eliminated, and the remaining three will continue.
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wlw-webcomic-bracket · 4 months
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wlw-webcomic-bracket · 4 months
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The two couples or throuples with the fewest votes will be eliminated, and the remaining five will continue.
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wlw-webcomic-bracket · 5 months
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wlw-webcomic-bracket · 4 months
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