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If your inbox is open could I please request a yandere sae where he traps his Darling by getting them pregnant and also this is around the time where he kidnaps them and they get Stockholm Syndrome if you're uncomfortable with this feel free to ignore my request
hey hey!! sure it's pretty much always open 🤗 thank you for giving my brain something to chew on - this really tickled me bc he isn't necessarily the first character i think of when i think yandere bllk! a cold one, for sure 🥶
tags: yandere, sae is 20+, emotional abuse, baby trapping (no pronouns used for reader but they can get pregnant), noncon mention, smidge of unreliable narrator word count: 0.6k
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Sae is one thing: selfish. He knows you're here against your will and he simply doesn't care. He gets what he wants. You won't ever know why exactly he picked you out of all the possible people to obsess over because he won't ever treat you like one would a spouse. He's blunt, he's brash, he's an asshole - even to you. He doesn't keep you small on purpose, Sae is just like that. Unlike some others, he doesn't criticize you to snuff out your self-esteem, he truly thinks what he says. You'll learn how to play by his rules and admittedly - he is fair, at least as far as he is concerned. Neither cruel nor sadistic, he simply expects you to conform and be perfect for him. Deviate from his vision for you and he'll let you know- but as long as you are good for him you won't hear a single word.
He actually strikes me as one of the few from Blue Lock who would choose to kidnap you - it's easier and keeps you by his side. He's pragmatic like that. And because Sae doesn't need your love - he simply takes what he wants - he doesn't care for all that lovey-dovey shit, either. Watch him simply lock you away even though you have never talked to each other. He's convinced you're perfect for him and that's enough. He really wastes no time. In his opinion, your predicament isn't all too bad, even beneficial. Isn't this what so many people strive for? Marry rich, be pampered for the rest of your days, no more worries, no more hurt? Really, you should be over the moon to be the spouse of a famous soccer player. He'll tell you as much; that you should be grateful for the roof over your head, that you'll never have to work another day in your life because of him, that you'll have everything you'll ever want - and that being kept like this is the trade-off, that he expect payment from time to time. All your fighting, your scratching, your crying - it doesn't matter to him. It's annoying, sure, but it won't stop him at all. (Although even Sae has his limits. If you keep screaming at him how you don't care for the designer clothes, the expensive furniture and his stupid house, he isn't above showing you what you're taking for granted right now. Some nice, quaint nights in the basement with little food and water and no clothes should set your head straight. Not cruel. Just pragmatic.)
And because he takes such good care of you, he deserves something else in return, doesn't he? A baby is perfect. It's easy to realize that dream - he's expecting sex from you regularly, anyway and never really bothers with birth control. In the beginning, he humored you a little by using condoms (to soften the blow, so to speak) but by now he simply doesn't care anymore. The thought of you pregnant with his child excites him more than he'd like to admit. It isn't necessarily about keeping or trapping you - he just wants to start a little family with you. (And maybe, just maybe, he is actually a tiny bit in love with you, not just obsessed.) He won't tell you of his decision, he simply fucks you more often. But you're smart enough to catch on, with time - too bad you don't stand a chance against a pro athlete when he bends you over for the tenth time this week and tracks your periods, waiting for your fertile window. You can only grit your teeth and take it, terrified of the day he actually knocks you up.
And as always, he doesn't get why you're making such a fuss; you only have to be good for him. He'll take care of you and your child, you'll see.
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certifiedhitmaker · 2 months
Can you please do a yandere sae
Im sorry for the late reply!! I just barely open tumblr anymore lol but sure thing! This is a bit different from the Rin one so I hope you like it😅. Im open to criticism so if you have anything you want me to change ill do it ‼️
Yandere Sae who has an unhealthy obsession with you. You caught his eye at one of his brother’s games and you’ve been on his mind ever since. It started off as him being just attracted to you, some fleeting feelings here and there but that soon became something more sinister. You burrowed your way into his head, you invaded his brain, and no matter what he did you wouldn’t leave his thoughts alone, he had to find you. He was at his wits end with you, you were on his mind 24 hours a day, he couldn’t escape you even in his dreams.
It was your fault he was feeling this way so you had to suffer the consequences. Who exactly did you think you were? Having the nerve, the gall, the insolence to do this to him. Him? This goes far beyond infatuation and he knows it, but you don’t.
He wouldn’t be satisfied unless he had you in his grasp, in the palm of his hands. This is uncharted territory for him, he doesn’t know what to feel. You’re the apple to his eve. You make him feel such a rush of emotions that he can’t even begin to describe. But the one thing he does know is that he cant have you so…he’ll just have to take you.
Rejecting his advances will only make it worse. In his mind he thinks “If I can’t have you why should anyone else?” Don’t let him catch you speaking to another man, especially his little brother, His little brother? You could do so much better. From the moment he saw you, it was a done deal. You belong to him and there’s certainly nothing you can do about it.
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ryotan · 2 months
Third batch of Zunko's yandere blue lock art!
Why is Hiori so hot here dammit
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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tokimoo · 2 months
itoshi rin, itoshi sae, & shidou ryusei x female reader ⋆゚⊹
tw: nsfw, yandere, heavily implied noncon/dubcon, toxic relationships, shidou’s actually sorta soft…?? somehow?? (but not really), fucked up all around, violence
notes: hey guys, been a while!! >_< lol sorry for leaving yall stranded on jae island without fics! but ‘am back now, so pls take this apocalyptic-set oneshot starring the itoshi bros- though mr shidou managed to weasel his way in… so…. missed yall 🥹 i have no idea how long this is. but buckle up. uhm. (the fic might seem confusing but i swear it makes sense in my head)
all hearts & reblogs are very appreciated!! ♡
Tumblr media
You’re turning. Slowly.
Sae’s never been good with his words. But you’ll be gone soon- within a week’s time, if he’s lucky, but you’ve both seen strong men wither only after days of getting bit. And Sae doesn’t take chances, risks, anymore.
Not since the fall.
If he has to leave you, if he really has to turn his back on you- knowing deep down, whether he wants to admit it or not, that this may be the last time- then he won’t do it wordless. He thinks he’d rather curse your pretty face than bury it in silence- it’d hurt the both of you, because he can be so fucking awful sometimes, but at least it’d leave his mark. At least a part of him, even just his undying cruelty, would still be with you when all is said and done.
But you’re in too pitiful a state to hurt, right now. He’s afraid to lay a finger on you, even if it has the rare good intention, in fear you’ll crumble entirely.
Sae hasn’t cried in a long time. Your pallid skin, your pretty eyes going all murky, and that horrible sort of defeat written all over your fatigued, courageous bones, threatens to crush that statement.
You don’t deserve this. And you also don’t deserve- never have and never will- what he and his grudging brother did to you. There’s a responsibility there, then, that the eldest has to bear- he stole you away and kept you in the palm of his controlling hand, and any damage that’s been done (it’s his fault, he knows it) is on him. You are his everything, and he ensured that he’d always be yours, too. He put this on himself. And now the worst of it he had to shoulder is on you.
There’s a compound, he heard through the grapevine- as tenuous, thinning as it is- not too far off from home, or whatever you can call this place the three of you are boarded up in now. If he’s quick, if he stays on task and doesn’t stop for anything, he’ll reach it in just under two days. And the way back…
By the time he returns- and he doesn’t want to say it, he can’t face it, fucking refuses to, but he’s never been stupid or childishly-hopeful like his brother and knows the grim possibility is always there- you may very well be dead.
It’s plausible the compound’s empty anyway. Maybe, unthinkingly (‘cause Sae doesn’t want to imagine it), there was no cure in the first place.
Sae doesn’t take risks anymore, hasn’t for closer to a year now, and he never will again once he comes back and revives you.
With a trembling, tenderly-brief kiss to your sweaty forehead and a few murmured, sober words with Rin (with a hazy glance, you don’t miss the simmering, yet somehow icy look in those matching sapphire eyes), Sae shrugs a light bag over his shoulder, and disappears early in the morning with a soft goodbye.
For all three of your sakes, you pray he doesn’t find his way back.
He does. Find his way back, you mean, just under five days later, when Rin’s sure it’s over- that his brother fucked it up and took too long and now you’re rotting into the bed.
On the brink of turning, if you already havent, Rin sits at your side, trembling fingers toying with a pistol, his own skin clammy and wet. From sweating, from worrying, from bawling his fucking eyes out as silent as he possibly could.
These past few days felt more like a time of mourning than they did a period of patience.
But Sae’s so quick when he walks in, eyes all depraved and sporadic as he barges in through the shabby apartment’s door, shrugging off his weighty bag. He looks tired, unbelievably exhausted as his cool teal gaze collides with a watery one in a similar state, yet his own condition seems to be the farthest thing from his mind as he swiftly stumbles over to the bed- nearly trips on the chair beside it- and fishes something from his pocket.
You look just about done-in, lashes quiet over your pallid cheekbones, hands gone limp over the white sheets a while ago. But Sae doesn’t ask, doesn’t care to pull an answer from Rin about whether you’re truly dead or not- betraying nothing as he, with the pinpoint precision of a hellbent man, stabs an exotic little syringe in the most-prominent vein in your arm and presses his thumb down. Driving the fluids in in in until it’s all gone, just an awful little souvenir he brought back home for you, the only thing he really had to show for ever leaving in the first place.
Exchanging not a word- hardly even a glance to each other- the brothers wait, quiet as martyrs, still as statues. Watching for a movement, waiting for a sound. Sae’s drained- it’s a small miracle that he’s even managing on his feet- palms planted either side of you, hovering over the bed. And Rin’s close too, leaning in with this mutely-distraught look on his face. Mostly tired, half hopeful, and entirely afraid.
Sae’s heavy eyes weigh over you, lashes fluttering and Rin thinks he sees something vaguely frightened there as the redhead puffs out.
One breath, two breath, three…
“Get some water,” he suddenly whispers. Sae sounds more dead than you look. Rin’s head snaps up using the most energy he’s had in almost a week, blueish eyes narrowing as he regards his sibling with confusion.
“Get some fucking water, dumbass!” And just like that, everything splits, Sae shattering down the middle as he jerks his gaze away from you for a fleeting, terrifying moment to lock eyes with Rin.
And Rin finds anger there, broiling and red, yet he gleans something else out from those sapphire voids, too. Fear. Something so bitter and indignant, distinct horror bleeding through every individual hue under his heavy lids. Everything on his tedious, backbreaking trip crashing down right then, both of their pulses hammering like madmen as Sae’s final, thin thread of sanity frays and snaps completely.
And Rin wants to say something. He does, an equally-crude quip to grasp a semblance of level ground with the asshole, or even just a defeated murmur of obedience. But his lips fall shut, jaw stiff as he swallows down every possible word, every voice that’d been screaming for the past handful of days, and rises with a curt nod- the only sign he even heard the demand, disappearing swiftly.
He doesn’t tell Sae that your pulse slowed the moment he came in.
Rin tells you that the three of you don’t do risks anymore.
He’s more of a father than a captor, you think, less of a romantic partner and more of an overbearing leech that latches onto every part of you and sucks sucks sucks. Dry, ‘til there’s nothing left, ‘til you’re too tired half the time to fight him off when he pulls your hips in and loses himself in the divine river between your legs. ‘Til it’s Sae who has to pry him off you and nearly cut his head off- stomp him beneath his heel to get him in shape again, in a clear line of thinking.
The group you met a little over four months ago doesn’t know that the Itoshi brothers are out of their minds. That your boys were haunters before lovers, that all Rin’s cloyingly-sweet displays of offhanded affection make you sick to your tummy.
…That Sae’s thought about slitting all their throats while they’re sleeping— disappearing in the middle of the night with the better pieces of their stash.
It certainly wouldn’t be difficult. There’s a reason the three of you travel alone now, why you flinch away from the elder brother’s touch whenever his hand comes your way- jerking at even the gentlest grazes of his knuckles over your cheek.
Sae’s a criminal, though you know none of that really matters during the end of the world, and Rin’s his awful little disillusioned accomplice. And you, naturally, are their greatest crime.
You’ve learned to wear it like a badge. So obedient, so braindead, so good- fuck, Shidou thinks he’s starting to hate you a little bit if he’s being entirely honest.
So quick to chirp off a yes, Rinnie when that underlashes piece of shit asks you to hand him a crowbar, wiping away spatters of blood from his face on your long sleeve when evening patrol gets a little messy. Sae’s not the best guy either, Ryusei’s known that for a long time, but the blond’s found that one is considerably easier to get along with than the other.
But damn it all, maybe he’s just jealous of the emo bastard.
He’d kill to cop a feel of that cute ass, the other day you wore a sundress- a size too small (he knows it’s intentional, they dress you up like a glorified doll, pretty fucked if you ask him)- and unwittingly gave him a front row seat to your cotton panties as you bent over the garden, tending to the burgeoning crops there.
He knows you’ve got no clue what you’re doing, how tight and bunchy you make his briefs feel- that keen thrill you evoke in his chest- but understanding your naivety, how innocent you are in the whole grand scheme of things, doesn’t lessen Shidou’s desire to pounce on you at all. If anything it worsens it, makes him all that more excited, because the Itoshis are just awful— frankly it sickens him, their not-so-subtle moon eyes for you— but though they’ve clearly left their scars, they’ve never actually… ruined you.
Not yet. Maybe it’s not in their intention- they’ve damaged you thoroughly, broke you and tamed you, made you into the pretty housepet (they keep you on a damn tight leash) to stroke and dote on when no one’s peeking through the curtains.
But Shidou sees the moments of hope that glimmer in you. The cute marveling in your eyes when you look out the window or stroll cautiously around the gate that stands between you and the outside.
And he’s been assigned one too many times as your personal babysitter to miss the accidental slips of your hand, drinks and trinkets falling onto the other side of the wall- you swear it wasn’t purposeful, all pouty and adamant when you tiptoe over to Shidou and ask in that high, scared voice of yours if ‘Ryusei, can you get my bag?’
‘A-And—’ (you always tug on his shirt as he stubbornly turns to leave for the wall, all doe-eyed as he waits for you to spit it out already, princess) ‘And… could you bring me along?’
He huffs at you and all the shit you make him do- if anything he’s starting to feel more like a personal lapdog than some bodyguard- but you know, he never actually tells you no (maybe a part of him even treats you like you’re fragile, he’s heard echoes of what happened months back, you on the brink of death, the boys in hysteria), just yanks your arm alongside him and mutters out a bored keep up.
His legs are ridiculously long, you remember him always being tall, but you do keep up. With Shidou, his sometimes overbearing vulgarity, and the end of the world shared with the awful brothers.
You’re starting to grow on him.
The word guilty has never been a part of Ryusei’s vocabulary, yet there is a very vague pang of conscience that washes over him one lonely night, fingers fisted over his cock as he fucks a cute pair of panties he snagged from the clothesline beside your house. Nearly got caught by Rin, but the noirette was too busy giving him daggers for eyes to actually stop and realize what he was doing- and Shidou’s loud mouth has always had a way of shutting people up, thankfully for long enough to get away.
In all the years he’s known you, he’s never liked you. Never loved you. Never anythinged you— you’ve always just been the white static, a constant, sure, blaring and so loud, but you’ve blended in and he let you.
And he’s never cared, never asked and never will. He’s just letting off some steam here, ya know? You’re the prettiest girl around base and damn if your ass isn’t the best he’s seen since the fall. (Ryu has a gross, niggling feeling that even before then, if given the right chance, he’d be doing the same thing he is now.)
And shit, he hopes he’s not being too loud, giving a few grunts to the stale air as he nears his end, hanging onto the thin prayer that the walls are thick and there’s enough of a gap between the houses for the neighbors not to hear.
His roommate’s out like a fucking light- and Shidou should be too, considering his days are long and full of backbreaking work out on the perimeter polishing off the undead, doing the odd jobs within the gates that only the men are really cut out for. But this is his time to wind down, his temporary reprieve from the chaos and blood outside, and now the only back he wants to break is yours.
So fuck the Itoshis! And fuck their pretty little girlfriend they like to toss around and use however they please! (Oh, fuck, he really wants to put his hands on ya…)
It’s sort of awful, fantasizing about his friend’s lover (unwilling or not), all while under the guise of indifference- he knows that- yet it makes him smile all the same. Some twisted seed of pleasure taking root in his veins, spurring him on on on until he’s—
“Fuck! Cumming!!” All over his tummy, cock twitching- all hard and heavy and needy- as he spills all over the sculpted bronze of his abdomen.
Ryu, can you help me out? S-Sorry— I know I’m a bother… Thinking about you and the hooks of hair that spiral off your shoulders when you glance over and give him that heart-stopping look, all starry and golden, eyes somehow shimmering in the shade of your straw hat.
Sighing, he capitalizes on a few more lazy strokes to his softening shaft before flipping onto his side and scowling.
Because Ryusei’s sure he hates you, nose burrowed into the fabric of your soiled panties, he’s sure he wants you dead. He’s dreamt about it before, how easy it’d be to throw you out to the walkers the next time you stupidly toss something over the wall. Thought about how you’d scream, how you’d yip for Rinnie and Sae to drag you out and salvage whatever’s left.
But then again, Shidou thinks you’d look way better on your knees, moaning and screaming for his cock instead.
With a disapproving grunt paired with a keen sigh, his hand snakes down his waist once more, recycling that depraved mental image of you all over again.
Part of you wants to trust him.
His face is pretty- or maybe devilishly handsome is a better way to put it, all bronze and lean, tall with a smug, reckless sort of charm- you’re certain God carved him with jasper and shark teeth from the shores of Florida.
Prettier, though, than his sunkissed skin and rosy eyes, are rarely his words. Shimmied off a clever tongue, you know you shouldn’t trust what he says even when he gets serious, that’s the logical piece of you screaming. Maybe pieces of Sae, too, because he’s never held any grudge against his longstanding buddy, but he’s told you more times than you can count to not get too close with him- even in highschool he was adamant on this.
Rinnie’s even worse, all coarse and jagged whenever it comes to the blond— tugging you into his chest tight whenever he saunters on by, sending daggers over the crown of your head. Like that would make him go away.
The brothers aren’t in love with the guy, per se, but Shidou’s the only one on base they harbor a semblance of trust for— and with good enough pay, Sae doesn’t have to worry about him slacking off on the whole bodyguard gig, either.
He’s tall, strong, carries a limitless sort of spite and his hunger for chaos knows no boundaries. If shit went rotten with the others, he’d have their backs- as much as a hound could. He’s an invaluable asset, tucked away in their hearts or not, and that in itself is reason enough to keep him close.
(But Rin won’t do any more than two arms’ widths.)
…It’s half a year later when he finally weasels it into conversation with you.
Stood by the white picket fence separating your respective yards, Ryusei watches you with a strangely thoughtful silence, rosy eyes inscrutable as they sweep over you, your fingers nimbly clipping laundry onto a line.
He thinks he spots a few of Sae’s shirts, a jacket of underlashes and miscellaneous pairs of socks. You’re a shy thing, always scrabbling for your dignity- for as long as he can remember this is the way you’ve been, tearfully burrowing into Sae’s chest in the locker room when he walked in on something he shouldn’t have— and nothing has changed, he supposes, watching you ball your panties tight in your fist and hang them in a place hopefully out of his sight. (They’re not.)
You’re not afraid of him, if all your harmless pestering and smiley cheeks whenever he rolled by weren’t obvious enough. You’re just embarrassed, and good.
So good.
“It’s just like after practice,” he suddenly chimes in. The low, almost esoteric tone he holds is unexpected, yet you don’t seem to mind, patting off your hands on the fronts of your thighs before glancing to the house stood behind you and cautiously walking forward.
“What do you mean, Ryu?”
Ryu. In that sweet, gentle voice you always sing it in. Fuck, what a way to sugarcoat a bad thing.
And when you get closer, bare feet wading through long strands of uncut grass (the mower’s are too loud, cause hordes to gather more often than not outside the gate), that familiar shit-eating grin of his makes its appearance.
“They’d always have ya in their arms, carrying ya away all sweaty to the showers. No doubt fucked you as soon as you walked in—“
“Ryu!” Your eyes go wide, like a doll, like a deer in the headlights, and he knows if he were to reach out and brush his scarred hands along that pretty face, your cheeks would be a touch warmer than they were just minutes ago.
But he doesn’t, he keeps his hands to himself, unsure of the expression you’d make should he finally grow the balls to do something. Would you yell at him? Would you tell on him, snitch on him like you did once or twice back in highschool? It’s odd, how fondly he looks back at these memories, wishing he could pack ‘em tight in a jar with your name on it, never ever forget it.
But that was then, and this is now, and Ryusei realizes it’s now or never. Things’ve changed— people, too. Though you haven’t, and that’s just another awful factor that spurs him on forward.
“But you were always looking at me.”
His last statement, vulgar as it was, made you jerk, but this one has you pausing, brows knitting together in a cute little knot that has his cruel grin waning by just a fraction.
“Like ya wanted me to save you…”
And then revelation sinks in, your lips pursing into a thin line, eyes flashing with the weight of a million intricate emotions, and for a moment he wonders if you’ll cry, if you’ll finally burst and tell him off, or pull a quick one on him and try to jump in his arms. But you blink, turning your back to him, and it’s gone.
“Don’t, Ryusei,” you scold, but it never stings him. Not like it does you.
He sucks an exaggerated breath of air in.
“What? Tell ya the hard truth? I swear I can read your mind, princess!” He ignores the indignant little shake of your head, “I know what they do to you, and I know you hate every fucking second of it… right? Right?” His first dig was painful on its own, but his endless string of conniving quips was really starting to hurt now, heart racing as your eyes capered around the lawn. Overgrown, riddled with weeds and vines and—
“You’re such a fraidy-cat. It’s really a wonder, how ya managed this long with a smile— y’know, with being knee deep in Itoshi-bro cock and all. You that fuckin’ easy?”
“You’re awful, Ryu.”
“I know,” and Ryu goes quiet for a long moment.
There’s a rather empty backdrop to it all, the faint breeze rustling blades of grass, your ears thrumming with the snare of your chest, blood rushing everywhere as you breathe in and out. Slowly, shallowly, like one wrong intake might shatter you entirely.
“…You don’t ever wanna get away from those shitheads?” He finally asks, and then you do shatter. Tears bubbling up in your eyes, one breaking free and slipping down the slope of your cheek as you violently turn to face him again- expecting a smug smirk, a wicked whisper of I can make you hurt, too.
Shidou’s still, propped over against the old picket fence, rosy eyes a sober mess of bitterness- yet… oddly not for you- and clarity.
“What’s it matter to you—?” You let yourself sneer, fists balled up as your chest caves in and out, skirt billowing in the gentle wind as emotion after unprecedented emotion rises in your throat and spills. Like a broken faucet, hysteria bursting from every angle.
“Since when the hell do you care for me? Or what I want—?! You knew all along and never did a damn thing! So much for being a- fucking bodyguard! Do you—“
“Stop,” he abruptly mutters, and you listen. Like clockwork, it’s pathetic how quickly you snap your jaw shut, watery hues a terrified wreck as you wait, bated breath and all, for an elaboration on his end.
“I’m leaving tomorrow.” He deadpans. Lets it sink into you for a moment.
“…Never coming back. You’ll come with me if you want; we’ll dip in the early morning, find a place far to crash. And we’ll live on the run, from your loverboys and the undead,” he pauses, bubblegum eyes- dappled with a trace of humor- drinking in every part of you, your palpable confusion, the disbelieving look of what the fuck as you gape at him. And he adds, “Maybe if we’re lucky, we’ll find some loser’s weed stash. Hit a blunt, get high… Be free?”
And your face drops a little, bleeds into a soft flicker of sympathy and sadness and so much fucking regret that it hurts him.
“Ryu, I—“
He shakes his head, though, “Nah,” pushes away from the fence, all coarse and snippy. “It’s a yes or no question, sweetheart. Don’t say shit otherwise.”
And he leaves you there, alone and staggering like a leaf, glancing back once to catch you almost disappear in the clotheslines and grass and that awful little dollhouse stood behind you.
“We got until midnight, and then, all bets’re off.”
He doesn’t tell you he’s already made his mind up.
It wasn’t difficult.
Neither are the earliest of risers, but their time of waking couldn’t have been that far off with yours.
The sheets still hold a scintilla of your warmth, a lingering wisp of your vanilla and rosewater scent that Rin loves to lose himself to at dusk. Again, and again, and again.
…But all of that’s over now, Rin supposes.
Sae’s blade glints in the golden collage of morning, deep yellows and mauves smearing the sky just below the sun, the blue of daybreak teetering on an endless timeline.
He steps away from the gate, then, lets it shut once and for all, tucking his weapon in the back pocket of his jeans, sparing a cool, fatal glance with his brother, Rin’s hands warped with blood- none of it his- and a perpetual scattering of callouses. And they wear it like masks, death and disturbance; sapphire eyes a shimmering pool rimmed with scarlet and something metallic that burns their noses.
The undead swarm around the brothers, both bathed in the blood of those who took them under their wing, yet not a mottled hand reaches for them, glassy eyes dazed, sharing that same sort of deadness with theirs, as they traipse aimlessly along the road.
And- as they set off on a hunt they know’ll be tedious, heading in the direction that smells most of delinquent and pretty thing and betrayal- they begin to blend into the horde swaying them.
They’re turning, slowly.
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ryudoll · 4 months
battle scars
itoshi rin x female reader x itoshi sae
tw: dark content, nsfw, stepcest, noncon, manipulation, reader is 18, rin is 19, sae is 20, implied future noncon, virgin reader wc: 8.6k note: this a lil celebration for 100+ followers that ive been working on for a bit. thank u all so much, love u 🥹 hearts and reblogs are very appreciated, hope you enjoy this itoshi fic. lmk who u wanna see next ♡♡♡ (i know i just released to the curb literally like two days ago but…. please accept this too!)
Tumblr media
Back then, when the idea of your stepbrothers- more specifically the childhood you shared with them- arose, your chest would feel warm, like blossoming pink buds on a tree.
And when you reached into your memory bank, you could pull traces of something sweet out- the rare tender smile or laugh from Sae, the muted worry in RinRin's eyes whenever he sealed a bandaid over your scraped knees, ordering you to tie your laces next time, not be so stupid.
Sometimes they were so sweaty and hot after a game, glowing skin pressed to yours as they squished you between them in a victory embrace of sorts, but you loved them, loved them so much, and it was easy to overlook it all, so you'd just smile as they ruffled your hair, pulled you in real close and vowed to become the greatest.
Might not've been bound by blood, but they were the best brothers you could've ever asked for (the world, that's what you thought of them), and you truly loved them.
...When you think of Sae you think of bug bites on the backs of your thighs- an itch you can never quite scratch. You think of ice-salt challenges, failed stick-n-poke tattoos, and him giving you a gentle shove forward to ask your mom if the three of you can have a second serving of ice cream, because he was convinced she'd always love you more, and he said people were more inclined to give in to you anyways (never really told you why, though).
And RinRin- fuck, he'd hate to hear you call him that nowadays, thinks it's childish and embarrassing, but in your head you call him it anyways, always. You remember him by pb&j sandwiches that always had a bit more jam than peanut butter. You remember him by a soft melancholy, the first snow during winter, the last goodbyes said in the dark of the driveway.
The good ol' days were when the three of you only ever got grumpy when you tried pulling two consecutive all-nighters. The good ol' days were when you'd all share your floral-print towel in the summer because the boys forgot to bring theirs- whistles screeching, lifeguards screaming no running at the pool.
(You ran. Always.)
Sae led you and Rin wherever, and you hung onto his every word, looked at him like he was a special prophet, so you took the leap and jumped right with him when he held your hands at the ledge and counted down from three. (He was often the last to jump, that tease.)
You broke all the rules. All the laws they put on children and households- Sae twisted them beneath his heel and you stomped on the corpse of those petty regulations- as hard as you could make yourself do it, as mean as your neon sketchers could be. The rules never meant much anyway.
Not with Rin, and especially not with Sae.
You were always a little timid, so it took a moment or two to cave when he tugged on your wrist to run when he kicked some jerk in the face and you needed to book it before an adult saw- it took a furrow of Sae's brows and a mean edge to his voice. But Rin always obeyed pretty quickly, obeyed before there could even come a demand. Always so damn eager for your big brother's praise and piece of mind.
If the world saw half of what you did, they might call their beloved prodigy names, they may be cruel.
But when you were seven and Rin was eight, you loved each other like true siblings. When Sae was nine you would've died for him, and he would've put a bullet in someone's brain for you- in anyone's.
You think time has a very funny way of warping relationships.
It's dinnertime. Their (yours too) dad's voice is the bell that summons you all- bounding down the steps, you've always been an eater. Sae used to call you piggy before you went crying to your stepfather about it and he spanked him. Rin used to call you it too sometimes, only really when nii-chan was watching- but he stopped around the same time that Sae got in trouble.
But that was then, and this is now. Your body's different, all the fat settled in the right places, and even if they were to suddenly snarl or nudge their elbows with a mumbled jab at you, you don't think you could care enough anymore to shed a tear.
Things are different now.
You crowd around the table; just you and your parents and then a minute later Rin's soft steps trod down the staircase. You don't wait for him to sit to start digging in, though, your teeth scraping against the fork when those teal eyes land on you for a lingering second before flitting away.
He pulls out a chair and dismisses you. You're not there, haven't been for closer to three years. Sae's been gone for a while, but whenever he decides to come back- if he ever does- he'll return to a distant house, an awkward sort of family that gravitates apart and doesn't say bless you when someone sneezes.
Don't even say goodnight half the time.
For the sake of normalcy- of not upsetting your mama if nothing else- you manage a feeble smile on your face and spark up conversation.
"I'm almost done packing," you say. And you ignore the sudden heat at the side of your face, the glittering, melancholic gaze that sears holes into the dew of your lashes and the delicate slope of your cheek. You ignore everything, all of it.
"Oh?" Your stepfather (you love him like a real father) raises a brow from where he sits, corners of his lips wrinkling with a grin. "You did that quick, kiddo, eager to get out?"
You laugh softly, eyes darting down to your plate. The prongs of your fork prod with your food as you force out a response, and you can feel your cheeks heating up under the attention. "N-No, I just wanted to make sure I was ready."
Not entirely untrue, but it'd be a lie to say your father's suggestion didn't play a minor role in how swiftly you managed to get a suitcase ready.
Sae's always been used to leaving home- staying away for so long that sometimes home doesn't even feel like home anymore. And Rin's had his fair share of trips and training camps and whatnot, so he's pretty accustomed to the world of traveling too. But you've always been more of a homebody, preferring the comfort of your bedroom over the city, your parents rather than some mysterious roommate.
It's not that the idea of moving out doesn't cross your mind once or twice- Sae's been gone for some time, and with his taxing schedule, Rin's not around much either, so your brothers have experience that you've seen. It's just that it's sort of scary. The world, you mean. That's what Sae used to always tell you, anyway.
But in a little over a week you'll be leaving. You and your friends have a whole month of fun planned out overseas, and though visiting another country is quite nerve-racking, you all took the proper precautions- made a whole checklist and everything- and even if you got cold feet and decided to back out now, the tickets have been bought and it's not like your friends would really let you. (Chickening out? No way, Y/n! You know how little we get to see you?!)
It's an understatement to say you're feeling a bit antsy. Rin's back and things are awkward. They always are. You realize that you'd much rather swallow down the normal sum of anxiety and end up having a great trip with your friends than have to stay cramped up in the house with your stepbrother for any longer than you have to.
"We're gonna miss you, baby," your mom smiles from across the table, sincerity bleeding into a touch of harmless teasing. "I trust you'll behave while you're away? You aren't gonna smuggle along a secret boyfriend of yours, are you?"
Your cheeks go hot. You do good to focus on the contents of your plate (not the flush at the tip of your ears or the cool, untelling gaze of Rin- the glint of his eyes at the suggestion), chewing your food a bit unceremoniously as your dad quickly chimes in.
"Oh, don't tease her, honey," between the two of them, your stepfather's surprisingly been a bit more doting, "Our sweet girl wouldn't hide a boy from us should one come into the picture. That right, Y/n?"
The corners of your lips curl into the beginnings of a smile, an appreciative hum forming on the tip of your tongue. And for a moment you're under the illusion that this dinner could be enjoyable, not awkward or needlessly tense-
But it's Rin, inscrutable big brother Rin, whose voice sounds from across the table, teal eyes set on your father.
"That's debatable."
There's a certain edge to it that catches you off-guard, because just what is he implying? That there is a boy you've been fraternizing with, who you've been keeping under the sheets and out of sight (which isn't true!) from your family?
…And even if you were, how the fuck is it his business? You may be step siblings, but he- Sae, too- lost the right to the dealings of your heart years ago. Either way, regardless of what Rin thinks or says or lies about- he's stirring up trouble in an otherwise quiet household, and now all the spotlight's back on you, your father raising a deliberate brow.
"What's your brother on about, Y/n?"
There's a lump in your throat that nearly thwarts your reply- meek and lame as it is- as you force it off your tongue, a sort of sour expression settling beneath the wide-eyed look you trade between the table.
"I- um- I don't know," comes your very eloquent response. Your fork trembles in your hand- your stepbrothers have always had a peculiar way of scaring the absolute shit out of you without so much as lifting a finger, and it's only worsened the more you gravitate apart.
"But it's... There is no boy." You add, almost as an emergency afterthought. "Huh." Your father glances suspiciously between you and Rin, doubts yet to be quelled, but your sibling only shrugs, returning to his meal, and it's all but dropped after that- chalked up to a harmless- somewhat misplaced, sure- but ultimately harmless joke.
Rin's just being weird, is all. Though you've more or less made up, decided to let it be water under the bridge (no actual apologies were ever made, but compared to your relationship with Sae, yours with Rin is much better) the two of you have hardly talked since the fight, only exchanging words when it's absolutely needed- but even that comes rare.
So it's only natural that the interactions that you do have- Rin occasionally trying to play the role of an elder sibling, poking mild fun at you or the odd accidental touch or two- will come off as a little strange. And it's not that you don't appreciate those small acts of kindness, of trying to stitch up the old wounds and uphold a semblance of normalcy, but sometimes it just feels so... Awkward.
But that's just how it is now, you suppose, and you've accepted that with your stepbrothers, things won't ever quite be the same again.
...For the rest of the night, you have a bad, inexplicable feeling that something awful is on the horizon.
Groceries spill on the floor- or, almost- a pale hand shoots out swiftly, trapping the bag and pressing it to your tummy before any real damage can be done.
Chaos furls out regardless; the seeds of dread and shock mingling in the pit of your belly- sinking sinking sinking, gripping you tight in place as his aura consumes you.
In hindsight, you should've known when you walked in, you should've realized upon toeing your shoes off by the door and pattering down the hall- certain people, particularly the special ones, carry a distinct feel to them, an energy that twists in the air and permeates. Eats away anything in its path.
Even the house feels colder. Or maybe hotter, you can't tell.
But you find yourself reeling with self-blame. Because you should've known.
"Careful, sis," there's a twinge of something darker there, you think, a lick of something smugly-headstrong as he settles himself at the counter and dips his head in towards you. Comments sort of amusedly, "You're still such a clutz, always've been a stupid girl..."
There's no denying those teal eyes- just as striking as his brother's, perhaps a touch more green- that sweep along you, glittering in the sunlight that filters in above the window at the sink. He's not as tall as Rin, yet he somehow seems to tower over you all the same, lean and toned, his muted-ruby hair pouring over his forehead, curling near the porcelain of his cheeks.
Sae could be an angel if he really wanted to.
His lashes shine dark and gossamer in the golden light, fluttering as his hues dart along you, scrutinizing you, as if he's committing each and every intricacy of your face to the bank of his conscious.
You haven't seen each other in closer to three years, so you suppose that the way he looks at you, full of curiosity and keenness- eyes frolicking over everything that's changed since the last time- isn't entirely misplaced. You're probably looking at him with something familiar, though your gaze borders more on the line of panic- less on the line of interest and more on the line of something cold and clammy.
You can't find it in you to move, even clasping your fingers around the grocery bag to secure it proves to be a difficult task, and the word comes as quiet as a whisper but-
"Sae," you breathe.
The black of his pupils seem to expand at that, the stunning teal-green of his irises battling needlessly against the strange sentiment filling his eyes. You think it might be some strange sort of adoration- a hint of the rare smiles he used to give you when you shared raspberry popsicles by the canal, an echo of the old Sae-nii hiding behind a sharp tongue and a cruel beauty that could devastate in a heartbeat.
(It has.)
But you think there's something else there, too. Something not entirely innocent, something dull and tired, something marred by the world he scorned when he returned last time-
Even his shoulders, with their perfect posture and poise, seem to tremble under some invisible weight, it's purposeful- he doesn't want you to acknowledge it outside of the offhanded jab or two he might use to divulge it, and therefore you don't have a hope in hell of understanding it. Or further more, attempting to alleviate it.
You stopped trying a while ago.
"Good to know you haven't gone completely braindead yet," is his wry response, but there's the faintest hint of a grin teasing his lips.
You don't really know what to say- it's been so long, and truth be told you've been lonely, and you and Sae aren't on the best terms anymore (none of you are), but to see your big brother standing right in front of you, stupid ego and all- fuck, you missed him.
You slide the bag on the counter, mustering up just enough courage to step forward and burrow yourself in his chest. Your heart stutters at the raw scent of him- slightly watered down with all the new people and places he's been to, the jetlag doing him no favors whatsoever. But it's still him. Sae.
You feel your legs almost giving way beneath you, a sudden flurry of unshed tears pricking your eyes as you go jelly against him. And your fingers clutch him tight, hands bunched into the crisp fabric of his shirt, like you're begging to pull a word from him, a laugh, or a dry comment- maybe even something characteristically mean.
After the fight, there was no apologies. Rin was too broken for that, and Sae was too fucking cold and unfeeling to attempt to make-up. You were too tired from all the bickering and being wrested between the two- you isolated and wept and you shrugged off your estranged brothers. Because you couldn't bear to have one without the other. You couldn't bear to be two rather than three (you were supposed to be three).
So it might be too late now- fuck- but if jumping into Sae's arms and begging for forgiveness (you didn't exactly do anything wrong- though the boys do fault you for the brief displays of partiality you've shown) will earn you love- a chance at returning to the way things used to be- then you'll do it. You'll hug him until you can't breathe, until you're back at the pool, barefoot, with the lifeguards screaming no running- until you're back at the barstool slathering jam on bread with Rin and counting stars with Sae.
Even if the last attempt failed, you'll do it. You'll do it again. You'll do it all over again.
What your haphazard embrace garners is silence.
That, and the belated warmth of Sae's arms as they wrap around you.
His hand cradles your head, you think you feel the tip of his nose brushing against your scalp, inhaling your scent, every piece of you, as you crumble in his grasp.
And you're surprised- he's being soft, Sae is deigning you with his touch, with an affection so closed off, probably only reserved for you if it's for anyone at all- he's letting you in on a glimpse of what things used to be.
You bask in the moment, repressing a sob into his chest, teeth digging into your wobbling bottom lip. And you hold onto him tight, perhaps wishing you'd done it sooner, because he doesn't move, and you can't help but think maybe if you held him, if you just reached out to his darkness, he wouldn't have left for Spain. He wouldn't have left you and Rin. He wouldn't have disappeared and burned into something unrecognizably bitter and coldly forlorn.
Can things- the timid, childish voice whispers in the back of your head, heart thudding in your ears like a terrified rabbit- can things go back to the way they were?
For a moment, again, you find yourself hoping, reaching out for that tenuous spark- a flickering ember in the pit of darkness, brilliant and lovely. Looks so damn inviting.
Then, comes the cruel little laugh from him, the one you wished not to come, but knew would regardless.
"Thanks, sis," he tells you, an odd sort of triumph in his tone- hunger masquerading as tenderness. "Rin's welcome wasn't nearly as warm."
When you finally pull away from him, Sae's lingering warmth tingling down your spine, your eyes drift a little over his shoulder and spot a figure at the doorway.
The cold look in his matching pair of teal eyes has all ounce of childlike hope ebbing from your features.
Maybe Sae was right. All his biting jabs and less-than-subtle remarks from the past lasting for far longer than they should. He's probably forgotten over half of them by now, but they all stick with you, icky words and cruel glances leaving a hole within that nothing else can fill other than him and Rin.
And it's strange, you think, how your own hands welcome his meanness, how they cradle his glares and shoves- how you've come to yearn for something from Sae, even if it may hurt you.
If there had to be three- if fate dropped you all from the sky and insisted you'll be an inextricably-linked, tragic bundle- then you are the naive one.
Sae thinks you always will be.
Rin's pretty mad about Sae's whole surprise visit.
You don't blame him. Outside of the first initial embrace and the few relatively-innocuous sentences you've exchanged with him, you have your own feelings about it, too.
It came out of the blue, neither of you knew he was coming. With a hopeful smile, your mother told you this would be a good thing when Rin barreled over to father and asked what the hell was going on- they said it's a good thing, but both your attitudes will play a heavy role in how it turns out.
You try to smile, you try to be good- for the sake of the family if nothing else.
But, as it turns out, your stepbrothers always seem to have an opposing set of ideals.
You think that's why Rin suddenly starts talking to you more- whispering to you at the table, glancing at you expectantly with this weird sort of look that all but screams, you hate him too, right? And- Then show me.
There's been an invisible war going on between the two for closer to three years. And Rin wants you to side with him.
And though Sae's never been as loud with the way he tugs on your arm and drags you over, it's not that much of a secret that he wants you on his side of the line, too.
You chalk it up to a subconscious attempt on Rin's part at coping with it all, the unbidden, messy memories and betrayal. The cold shoulder and the being tossed aside like yesterday's trash- like they were never brothers who shared the same womb. But Rin has never really understood how to cope, so it's honestly no surprise that he's hardly keeping his head above the tide- and when he gets the chance to, he unwittingly tries to pull you under the waves with him.
Isn't this shit dumb? There's been an edge to his voice, and he tugs you aside lately just to whisper something in your ear- RinRin has never gossiped once in his life but when it comes to Sae, he has trouble shutting his mouth. Sometimes he's more unintentionally subtle with it, and other times he's on the verge of screaming in Sae's face, fists balled, knuckles going alabaster.
You grip his wrists tight, as tight as your little fingers will allow, and pray to God that he will do the rest. Because if Rin ever decides that he truly wants to take the leap and leave you behind in the dust forever, you are not strong enough to stop him.
Why didnt mom and dad say he was coming? Rin mutters. We don't want him here.
Fuck, we. It's seems like it's never the three of you anymore, but when it comes down to it, or even just the two of you if if the other isn't around- then it's always we.
You'll always be stuck to each other like glue in one way or another, and truth be told, sometimes, you think despite it all, your stepbrothers are very pleased with that. Maybe because at the base of it all, setting aside all their faults and differences, they realize they'd rather deal with each other and have you, than not have you and still have to deal with each other.
You are the unwilling buffer. You are the lifering that keeps them above the tide when the waters get rough. (Seem like the waters are always rough.)
You dont want to cause any trouble (unlike Rin the other night) and you make an effort to stay otherwise impartial, but you've always had an especially soft spot for Rin- especially ever since the fight, because while he has tossed matches of his own into the fire, Sae was ultimately the one who ignited it, and it'd just be pretty damn unfair if you were to side with the eldest all the time, wouldn't it?
So you've learned to juggle at one point or another. Fine, just another thing you've done for your split brothers. Another sacrifice made without the knowledge of whether or not it will be worth it- another sleepless night, another sigh. Another fissure of your heart.
No big deal. This is family we're talking about.
It’s a battle worth fighting.
You think, deep down, despite all the shit he did to you and poor RinRin, that if Sae told you to slit your wrists, you would. In a heartbeat, in the dew of your lashes when you cry and spill tears because, why the hell would he ask you to do something like that? And why do you always obey?
Two mornings after Sae's unbidden arrival, you're leaving the bathroom, mint on your breath as you cross into the hallway.
It can't be anything past eleven, but you've always been a late-riser, and for a moment you contemplate rolling back into bed and drifting off for another hour or two- you don't have any urgent responsibilities to tend to, and you think sometimes it'd be easier than going downstairs and facing them- but you never have time to decide, because a hand shoots out from a doorway and drags you into a room.
You gasp, hand fluttering over your chest, "Rin!" You whisper-scream, still groggy with exhaustion, and there's a skip of your pulse, a little anomaly of your heart as the beats slide out of proportion for a single moment.
It's nice to sleep in comfortable clothes- and between you and the too-hot temperature your mother likes to crank up at night, you often find yourself slipping into a tanktop and panties. You've never found anything more wrong with it up until now, because the way that Rin looks at you when he pins you against his wall- twinkling teal eyes sweeping over your scantily-clad form with a flash of startled fondness- has an inexplicable shiver rolling down your spine.
His lips are already parted when the door to his bedroom swings shut, and he's quick to swallow down the twinge of surprise, his ears flushing red as his eyes hone in on yours- careful to keep their footing there. Nowhere else, not the slip of your breasts peeking through the thin tanktop, nipples poking at the fabric. Not the plush of your bare thighs as you unwittingly press them together, a yarn-like ball of nerves building in your tummy.
You on the other hand, refuse to meet his eye, looking past him at the contents of his bedroom, the silhouette of his broad shoulders- the familiar bed propped against the wall.
Not much has changed since childhood, you think, the shelves are still littered with old knickknacks, his trophies are cleaned up and set in a neat row on the desk.
There was a time he couldn't bear to look at them, there was a time you had to sit beside him on the mattress and pry a garbage bag away from him as he tossed all his special achievements in. There was a time when the wound was still raw and painful.
You sealed enough pink bandaids over it to not have to directly see it anymore, but sometimes the blood still seeps through.
Now is one of those times, you realize as he presses a palm beside your head, the beginnings of a snarl pulling at his pretty features.
Between the two, Rin's always been a bit nicer than Sae- not that his attitude hasn't soured some over the years, just that he has more sense (he'd argue love, too) to leash it whenever it comes to you. He's made this aspect of him abundantly clear, hopes if he showboats it enough that Sae will disappear from your heart entirely.
You finally meet his gaze- finding an echo of something vindictive and jagged and broken there- and those pretty doe eyes, the tenderness of your expression, are the last push he needs to spit the words out.
"That fuck's overstayed his visit.”
His voice is rougher than you'd anticipated, this hellish sort of pull to those swirling sapphire voids. And it’s instinct, you haven't touched him in a while but your hand shifts regardless, wrapping around his arm with a gentle squeeze.
"It's been two days, Rin, it's okay-"
"No," comes his plainly sharp reply, and when he sees your lashes flutter with startle he looks away, behind you at the fingers he presses to the wall, pink tongue peeking out to wet his lips. And he's breathing a touch heavier now, chest caving and then swelling- jaw clenched tight as he huffs shallowly.
Gives his a jerking shake, "No," his tone's softer now, you think, careful not to cut you. "It's not fucking okay. It's tiring to deal with him. We don't want to see him. Why didn't your mom and-"
You hush him at that, and if he notices the flash of pain in your eyes- the brief wounded look at his last words- he doesn't notice, teal eyes flitting back down to you as you shake your head softly.
"Rin, it's okay, seriously. He won't be here forever, right? He has places to be- he's a great big pro now, which means he can't settle for long." Fuck, you always know just what to say, and Rin has to admit that you're a bit smarter than you look whenever it comes to dealing with him and even Sae.
The softness of your voice is like a salve to his heart, honey and lemon to a sore throat. For a moment, he pauses and inhales deeply, staring at you with a scintilla of something tender and vaguely nostalgic.
And then he remembers.
"But he's here now, and I can't stand to fucking see him walking around with us. It's not his house-"
"It's not his fucking house or right to be here," his voice is shivering now, all coarse and uneasy, like his tongue is crumbling under the weight of his words. Your gentle grasp on his arm tightens a little, trying to draw his attention, but he can't stop, not now, unwittingly leaning into your warmth, breath bouncing against your nose.
Maybe half the reason he tells you all this is just so he can hear you make your efforts at consoling him.
"No!" He hisses, "You're not fucking listening! I don't want to play this game with him anymore! I want him to—!"
Oh, now that's not fucking fair.
His jaw falls slack, slowly closes. Your trembling hand carefully slips off his strong arm, flitting up to cup his face in your small palm. His skin is hot under yours- burns with a sort of passion you don't have a hope in hell of snuffing out- burns with bitterness and anger and whatever the hell it is he's seeing when his eyes frenetically dance over you.
"I know," you whisper sweetly. It's this strange type of love that only the two of you can feel, you're in front of him, looking at him and only him, and there's nobody else in the world. Not Sae, not family, not the audience or his sometimes infuriating teammates.
Just you.
"It'll be okay, RinRin. I'm with you."
Rin thinks if you and Sae have one thing in common, it's cruelty.
The ability to destroy beautifully in an instant. To pinch something in the palm of your hand and crush it.
And fuck, he knows you're his little sister- that you only have the purest of intentions when you say stupid shit like that- but you look so pretty and his mind's just not been in the right place for years now- Sae's back and he's spiraling, and only you can quell his innermost darknesses. Only you can give him peace- only you deserve to be loved in this distorted fucking household-
There's a hitch of his breath.
His fingers wrench your jaw and suddenly his shadow's sucking you in. His lips crash with yours, dancing with pain and love and some awful sort of inexplicable infatuation.
If this is a war between brothers, you think you must be the death left on the battlefield after.
Siblings have their moments, both good and bad, giddy and sour.
And it's always fleeting whenever there's a fight or some argument- it can be something as trivial and stupid as who ate the last cookie, or something as devastating as coming back from Spain unrecognizable. All the horrible fights and bullshit make-ups that follow after. Reconciliations crumbling.
You think you don't want to see Rin ever again.
You still feel it tingling on your lips, his love searing holes into your mouth, his little stuttered moans dripping down your chin in trickling saliva. You feel his fingers, too, brushing away your hair, sliding down your waist before settling at your hips, like you're something other than his sister. (For a moment, it's like he believed you weren't.)
Once the realization settled of what was happening- once the common sense arrived after the streak of pure shock, you broke away and went tumbling down the hall. Boarded yourself up in your bedroom for the better part of the day.
You wanted to hop in the shower and scrub yourself clean of whatever the hell that was- and it was a mistake, you tell yourself, some horrible, somehow accidental mistake on Rin's part- but you were too afraid to open your door. You think your legs were trembling too much to make any proper steps out anyway.
And half of you expects something to happen. For Rin to try and apologize- by no means would it come as a sorry, that's not really his style- you suspect he might linger by your doorway and wait for you to come out- to send a stupid, wry message commenting about the weather or what's for dinner. He tiptoes around that sort of thing, admitting he’s wrong or messed up, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t care. Rin is a more tender, emotional being than he lets on- has always been a sensitive child.
But it's Sae, the mean big brother who's usually too self-absorbed in his own world to step down to your level, who visits in the late afternoon, a flurry of knocks at the door.
You appreciate the fact that he gives you a wordless moment to answer, but all you do is stiffen at the sound, fists bunching in the blankets, and you don't yield.
The knob jingles- Sae fails to get in- then comes the unbothered rumble of his voice, an undercurrent of suspicion there. (Please say he doesn't know.)
"Open up, sis."
"W-What?" Though his words don't exactly catch you offguard- you were expecting them- you jolt regardless, stammering pathetically.
"...Let me in," he reiterates.
You swallow a lump in your throat, eyes darting around your bedroom like a scared bunny. There's a few clothes scattered around- bras strung on the closet door, panties and shirts strewn unceremoniously along the floor, but it's not exactly the mess that you're worried about. (Not the physical one, in any case.)
Still, Sae can't know what happened, right? And if you keep ignoring him he'll get suspicious, because it's just an unspoken rule of thumb that you don't get to tell him to leave. No, he's always done that on his own.
So you impulsively scramble from the bed (clothed this time, thankfully), adjusting your sweatpants as you unlock the door. The moment your fingers shift he's already swinging it open, insinuating himself inside, back pressing the door closed. The soft thud seems resounding, for some reason.
He watches you cooly, sapphire hues betraying nothing, as you belatedly skitter back, scooping up a few articles of clothing and dumping them in the hamper. If he notices the mad flush of your cheeks, he thankfully doesn't tease you about it- instead he eyes the room, all the pink and white, the photos on the wall, the stuffed animals lining your mattress. Not much has changed.
And then, once you're all done, awkwardly plopping back down on the edge of your bed, his gaze trails to yours. Raises a brow, "What are you doing?"
You blink innocuously. "N-Nothing."
Fuck, you're stupid, you know that? At least try to seem like you're not lying.
He offers a wry chuckle at that. Takes a few steps forward (the way you sort of blanche when he comes closer doesn't go unnoticed) until he's stood a foot before you.
Sae leans forward, dips in for a moment- so close that maroon threads of his hair tickle your cheek- and pulls away with something in his hands.
He analyzes the blue bear plush in his palm, spins it around a bit, feeling it. You watch him and- you don't know what exactly it is he's seeing- but it's apparently funny enough to pull an amused huff from him.
His eyes meet yours again. You witness that entertained little grin dissipate like it wasn't even there. Sae tosses your stuffie back behind you, and it's unfairly difficult to hold eye contact with him, so you glance back and watch it bounce a few times on the mattress.
"What were you doing?"
The first time it was a question; this time it's nothing less of a demand.
You wet your lips, fingers fidgeting with eachother in the safety of your lap. "None of your business," you murmur- and you don't mean it in a bad way, it was said in more of a joking effort to alleviate the tension in the air- but the icy flash of his eyes when you glance up has you backpedaling.
He says nothing for a moment before humming shortly. "You've always been an awful liar. Just tell me why the hell you've been locked up here all day. Don't piss me off more than you already are."
Fuck, what a blow, but Sae could be meaner if he really wanted to, and you know this, so internally you flounder for solid footing- a space where you can make up your mind and answer and make him just go away already.
You clear your throat, softly, as to not rouse the beast any further. And you muster a wistful little sigh that you pray suffices with the task of quelling Sae's suspicion. "I'm just tired, okay? I..." you avert your gaze, brushing away an errant lock of hair, and you hope for your sake that he believes the lie because you think it's not an entirely bad one.
"I have a trip coming up, and I'm nervous."
"A trip?" This catches the last dregs of his full attention, yet you can't help but feel like there’s something… off. You nod meekly. "Yes, with my friends. It's in a week or so. I'll be gone for a month."
"Not worried about your brothers ripping each other's throats out?"
Deathly. You are deathly worried about your big brothers ripping each other's throats out. But you don't say a word. He huffs softly, abruptly taking the initiative to fall beside you on the bed.
And you observe him quietly for a bit, as he stares at the ceiling, red hair sprawled around him like some mischievous form of a halo. Sae could be an angel if he really wanted to. Not a very good one, but he's beautiful enough, powerful enough. He can devastate.
And for a moment the scene looks oddly familiar, nostalgia bleeding through to the surface of anxiety. You remember nights sat by the canal, splayed out on the grass, noses pointed to the sky as the constellations spin around you. You wonder if that's what Sae's seeing as he blinks at the small light fixture- a makeshift moon to hang above your heads. There's a scintilla of something surprisingly tame in his eyes as he lies there wordless.
You shift on the bed; the sound must startle him because he looks over, watching as you fall back and lie beside him.
He scoffs lightly when he realizes what you're doing- or more in particular, the childish memories you're trying to replicate. "Do you want me to point?" There's a sardonic drawl to his voice- "To show you the big-dipper? Should I humor you?"
You know he's teasing, there's not any actual substance to his words and you're not surprised, but a soft smile touches your lips regardless. Sae glances at your oddly-content profile before his eyes caper down, the back of his hand brushing against yours.
There was a time where you did, but-
"I would never expect that of you." Comes your simple response. Sae's almost taken aback by it, the efficient slice of your confession through the air.
You say it with a smile.
His breath turns a little sharp; for a moment, a strange urge crosses him and he contemplates doing something he may regret. Something that may push you away for a long time- make you never take his side ever again.
He looks away before he can, sitting up from the bed and traipsing over to the door all in one swift move. Before your stepbrother leaves he peeks over his shoulder, doesn't fully acknowledge you, like you're already dismissed (both your siblings are good at that, pretending like you aren't on their minds so often), and says in a steel-kissed fashion,
"I came to tell you it's dinner. Don't make us wait."
-Now you know better.
The trip's called off.
Well, if your father pulling you aside after dinner and solemnly telling you that your plans have changed- your behavior suggesting something you aren't being entirely truthful about, worthy of suspicion, even (you do have a boyfriend, don't you?) is considered being called off, then yeah.
Your trip with your friends is canceled.
After the shock somewhat dissipates you're quick to fight back- stuttering over a baffled string of denials and what are you talking about? Because after chatting about it for a couple months now, gushing about how nervous, sure, but excited you were too about it, and your parents being entirely okay with it, their sudden refutal came out of absolutely nowhere.
You try to tell them that there's no boy whatsoever in the picture, and even if there was, you're eighteen now and they can't sequester you from the world forever- yet that only seems to spur your stepfather's doubts on more.
Not even your mother would listen, regarding you with tight-lipped, sorrowful look, telling you it's for the better anyway. Look at its silver lining- now you can hang out with Sae more before he has to leave again, it’s extra time to bond- something that’s crucial in your half-decayed relationship.
On your way to your bedroom, indignant, furiously blinking back unshed tears (you'll wait 'til you're alone to cry), you ignore Sae's curious gaze at your back, and when you pass by Rin- already pissed off enough as is for the awful prank he pulled not too long ago- you knock shoulders with him. He says nothing, but when he sees a stubborn tear finally cascade off your lashline, his lips part to-
"Shut up!" you choke out, all but slamming the door in his face.
Sobbing into your pillow for the rest of the night, you can't help but wonder just what the hell occurred to make them pull the rug out from beneath you.
You have a sinking feeling that you already know.
He shouldn't be here.
You think he's awfully out of place- all muscle and meat, jagged and dark- he sticks out like a sore thumb surrounded by your collection of stuffed animals and soft, pretty things. He's a criminal at best, but between the two of you, you think you love him a bit too much to put him behind any actual bars.
His fingers are awfully out of place too, you suppose, crooking inside of you, rubbing at your velvety walls- curling just right to hit that sweet spot that has you seeing stars, gripping his bigger frame tight as his hot breath spills down your neck.
Everything in this life is wrong.
"That's right, sis," he groans, and he's trying to keep quiet, he is, but you look so fucking pretty splayed out beneath him, tits pressed to his chest as you hold onto him like a lifering, and it's not like you're doing so well at controlling your volume, either.
"You like that?" He whispers, a sort of tender deprivation weaved within every breath as he fucks you on his thick fingers, index and middle stretching you out as he ruts himself against your thigh. And you feel it, the hard bulge straining against his boxers (Rin likes sleeping with just his underwear, too) as he tries to relieve some of that dizzying tension between his legs.
"Rin-" you gasp out, the syllable barely carrying. His teeth pinch at the juncture of your hickey-ridden throat, trying and failing to stifle a moan there. "Stop," you breathe shakily, words a wailing mess, jumbled with pleasure and fragility and a palpable flicker of fear that squeezes your stepbrother's heart. "Stop, Rin- why're you- why're you d-doing this?"
(Because, part of him thinks, isn't this all there is left to do?)
Rin doesn't seem to hear your pleas, all of them falling on deaf ears as he bullies another finger inside your cunt.
You're shamefully wet by this point- and you suppose that with the amount of spit he primed your poor virgin pussy with, it's not all that surprising. The added harsh intrusion is painful regardless, and you barely repress a yelp, biting hard enough on your bottom lip to draw blood.
"Fuck, you like that?" He repeats again, chest heaving with arousal. "Look at you- all it took to get your attention off of that fucker was your big brother's fingers."
As if on cue, your walls tighten up around his digits, Rin grunting as he burrows his nose into your neck, inhaling your scent- losing every ounce of common sense as his fingerpads rub at your slick insides.
You think considering the meanly-delicate way he touches you, that he wants you to lose your mind right along with him.
"I want you to say it," he gasps out, "I want you to tell me I'm your favorite."
Part of you contemplates saying yes. Another briefly wonders if that would make you a liar. But you never played favorites, always treated the brothers more or less the same- of course they had their own individual needs and little quirks that sometimes drastically changed the way you responded- but you never put just one on a pedestal.
But, fuck, if telling RinRin he's your favorite, bestest, most nicest brother, will speed this up and drag it to its end quicker, then-
"You're my favorite," you sob, his cock twitching against your thigh as he wraps his free hand around your neck. Not hard enough to hurt, not mean enough to leave any real damage- but his fingers burn hot enough against your skin to remind you that they're there, and that you're his. "You're the best brother, the nicest in the world-"
A distant piece of you thinks the words sound awfully familiar as they echo out, ears ringing as a funny-feeling knot in your belly slowly builds.
And Rin realizes that you're unwittingly playing your cards very well, his boxers getting so tight that it starts to hurt, flesh hot as an iron as he folds himself over you.
"Ah, fuck," he near whines. "…Y-You getting close? You wanna cum, don't you? Give it to RinRin," he stammers out, and the pathetic part of it all is that with every thrust of his fingers, he feels himself approaching the edge too.
There's a thin trail of blood slipping down the back of his hand, spilling out from the space of his pumping knuckles. And Rin knows the rules he has to play by- the low demands still ringing in his head- but fuck, it feels good to know that with just three of his fingers he's split your hymen, ruined you, staked his claim once and for all.
Not quite your virginity, but close enough to suffice for another night.
You squirm and writhe beneath him, jaw falling slack in a soundless shriek of his name, and the two of you fall off the edge, nails gouging into his arm- proof of a war, battle scars- as his hips twitch against your tummy.
With a depraved groan he cums with you, a hot fuzziness reeling in his skull but he manages, for your sake, to thrust his fingers inside for a few seconds more, huffing when you twitch with overstimulation.
"Sis..." he breathes, collapsing over you, stained knuckles unraveling from you with a grunt as he burrows into your neck. He doesn’t know what quite to say, but he knows he loves you, and it feels good to hold you, and he hopes you can sense that- waiting with the tenuous hope that you’ll reciprocate.
In the dirty afterglow, every horrible epiphany clicking into place, you stare at the dark ceiling. Vaguely picturing a galaxy there, a flurry of twinkling stars.
You think it's easier to pretend.
So you don't say a word when your stepbrother smears one last line of shockingly-tender kisses along your lips, licking along your jaw, erasing the salty tears there.
And you don't look his way when nearly an hour later he slinks off the bed, untangles his limbs from yours- this regrettable sort of flash of his teal hues, adjusting his boxers (you ignore the wet patch at the front too) on his corded thighs.
Rin stands there for a moment, appraising you with this forlorn infatuation as you lazily sweep a hand up, fingers swooning for the ceiling, and whatever the hell you think you might see there.
"Goodnight, sis," is his painfully-bland parting words, showing you his back a moment later as he heads for the door. Silent as a martyr, he twists the knob and- just before leaving you in the lonely darkness-
"…I'm with you, too."
In the dim grey light of the moon slipping in through the curtains strewn shut, the house empty and sleeping, Rin passes through the hallway.
There's a heaviness to his chest, he's not exactly proud of what he did, but he feels undeniably satisfied that in the grand scheme of things- especially after what comes next- you'll always love him more.
You may think you hate him now, but all siblings have their moments, and soon you'll be wishing you held him tighter, refused to let him slip out from your sweaty covers when he did.
RinRin will always be the greater brother in your eyes- heard it come straight from your lips, and that's all that really matters.
That doesn't make it any less humiliating, though, when he finds a familiar figure waiting at the juncture between their two rooms, a dull, perpetually-cold look in those sapphire-green voids.
"What do you say, Rin?"
There's an undercurrent of something unmistakably smug- though his expression betrays nothing- that invokes something very raw and vindictive in his little brother.
Rin swallows his pride, though, for the sake of the moment- of your blood still on his hands, proof of his minor conquest- and begrudgingly murmurs,
"...Thank you, nii-chan."
Sae never responds, just takes a step past him.
This was always a losing battle for you.
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nyxxcore · 17 days
If you do yandere had cannons could you please do some with sae with a darling that has the personality of yui from diabolic lovers if you're not too busy
Tumblr media
CUSTOMER . @kiannas-stuff TW . Possessiveness, Violence, Reader's personality is kinda like Yui Komori, more like a softie reader? , Manga spoiler, Cringy Writing, Manga events included, Fem! Reader
Tumblr media
⊹. . How Did You Meet ?
‎‧₊˚ Sae Itoshi, the Soccer Genius of all of Japan lost to Team " Blue Lock ", had shaken the corners of the nation more than those present in the stadium, and this shocking event became a headline of various news platforms. ‧₊˚ he didn't care much about it in any way as he still believed he was far superior to them for all he could blame was the bunch of weaklings on the team, who let him down. ‧₊˚ he scrolled through the headlines with a tired look on his face, a sigh escaped his lips as he threw his phone to the corner of the bed carelessly, he got up to take his wallet and keys of his manor moving outside in the cold weather. ‧₊˚ He quietly walked to a local convenience store nearby his house, entering the store he was greeted by many stunned faces just looking at him, scoffing them off. ‧₊˚ strolling through the area with his usual poker face, without even realizing his teal eyes caught the view of a (h/c)-ette girl struggling as her hands tried to reach the top of the rack to get something. ‧₊˚ he quietly approached her and raised his hands to get the item that her small hands were struggling to get for so long, he turned towards her to meet the gorgeous face of the girl which he couldn't help but admire. ‧₊˚ The anonymous girl waved her hand in front of his face getting him back into reality, "sir?...are you alright", Sae blinked twice in confusion and turned red in embarrassment, he threw the item into her hands and rushed to another corner, leaving the girl standing there in confusion. ‧₊˚ after a while, he went to the counter with a can of energy drink, placed it on the desk, and the employee got and grab the can to scan the code as Sae quietly watched him, "that'd be 150 yen", he took out his wallet and placed a 1000 yen note making the employee's jaw drop "keep the change." he said walking out of the shop. ‧₊˚ He walked outside the shop to hear the employee scream "THANK YOU FOR SHOPPING!", rolling his eyes as he kept walking, "Sir!" a familiar voice from behind stopped his steps, turning around he saw her again, her panting heavily with her hands on her knees and him glaring at her, he spoke "What...?" ‧₊˚ "Well, I wanted to say Thank you cause you helped me back there," the girl said standing up straight after catching some breath, "and so you took the struggles to catch with me to say this?..." a disgusted look formed on his face, "well yeah! of course, well I guess I'm done here...now I'm going to take my leave" (h/c)-ette bowed and took a turn to leave, "Hey! wait..." the girl turned her head around with one of her eyebrows raised, "Well nevermind...you can go..." Sae said with a sigh. ‧₊˚ "Oh ok...well let's meet some other day!" the girl replied with a smile, the response stunned Sae for a moment, "Sure..." said in a low voice with sarcasm, "btw I'm (Name), remember me ok!" waving a bye before running away. ‧₊˚ "(Name)...", "What a weird girl..." he rolled his eyes.
Tumblr media
⊹. . Aftermath
‧₊˚ At first Sae thought you were someone weird for how casually you talked to him in your first meeting. Though, your personality didn't fail to amaze him. ‧₊˚ this simple thought of you took turns into becoming an obsession, how can just a local girl like you, who he met at a convenience store just drive him insane in just a single meeting. ‧₊˚ He didn't know anything about you other than your name, he would always look forward for he'd bump into you again but, this time never let you go ‧₊˚ Well this time it seemed like god was on his side, and he finally found you, as much as he was happy, he was jealous at the same time with the view of you being with some other guy/girl other than him. (chill that person is not your s/o , just a friend of yours) ‧₊˚ but he was a guy who was just too spoiled from a very young age, if he wants something he gets it no matter what. and you are no exception ‧₊˚ in his opinion you were a play hard, who was trying to ignore the fact he is an international level soccer player, and that he was known worldwide, but little did he know that you didn't even know a single thing about soccer. ‧₊˚ The more he got to know you, the more he realized how naive, caring and innocent you were, there was something about you that made him fall for you harder day by day. ‧₊˚ He loved every single thing about you, that kind personality of you to help anyone in need, you were such a pure soul he thought he swore that he wouldn't let anyone ruin you, he wanted to take you somewhere no soul could even dare lay a finger at you. ‧₊˚ indeed you were too naive, to fall in love with a monster like him...
Tumblr media
⊹. . How Would He Treat You?
‧₊˚ well in most of the animes I portrayed the characters to be extremely violent to a level that they don't have a hesitancy to do some killing for their darling, but the case here is different I believe, yes, Sae is indeed violent but not too a level of killing cause aside from you he gives very much importance to his career and he can't take any chances to commit something like this for his own reasons. ‧₊˚ Cause first, his career would get ruined alongside his reputation among the newer generation of soccer players. ‧₊˚ Second, He knows it would hurt his darling if he does something like that, and he can't afford to see you cry right? ‧₊˚ If some guy touches you, Sae is strong enough to break those hands and send that guy to the hospital without even getting reported to the police. ‧₊˚ but he hides this monstrous side of his from you, cause he is afraid you would leave him. What would he be without you? ‧₊˚ But here is the thing he is R.O.U.G.H, the guy would leave bite marks over your neck and tell you to wear somewhat revealing dresses to show the marks, as to tell the world who you belong to ‧₊˚ let's say he would spoil you rotten, I mean he is a celebrity right? imagine his annual income, it's enough for you to buy every single thing you ever wanted ‧₊˚ well he finds you too adorable that he developed a habit to squish your cheeks. (IDK I JUST TURNED RED WRITING THIS ONE.) ‧₊˚ He is not too possessive and yet too possessive, but only in the cases you being around other men other than him or else you have the freedom to enjoy anything you like. ‧₊˚ But what if, you find out about his bad side what would happen? ‧₊˚ Well, he would try convincing you he did it all to keep you happy, but you won't buy it so he would leave you alone, till you can calm down and he could sort things out with you. ‧₊˚ well longer the relationship the more he knows about you, so using that innocence of yours up to his advantage he would successfully convince you to stay with him. after all they don't call him a genius for no reason right? ‧₊˚ well he'd force but not actually force you to get a tattoo of his name(optional where) ‧₊˚ people who know you are scared of him, and they'd tell you he is scary but you still deny it. ‧₊˚ he saw himself to be a devil for a goddess like you, who brought light to his darkness. ‧₊˚ most of the guys who ever tried to make you uncomfortable or flirt with you were reportedly almost beaten to death but survived with serious permanent damages, as you could say Sae spared the for the sake of you. ‧₊˚ and yet again things go back, and he would occasionally take you with him on a vacation. ‧₊˚ well he would always book you a front row to his match so that he could watch your cute reactions to his goals, and that you would cheer him which would boost his confidence or more like ego. ‧₊˚ and even when you are too shy kissing him when he asks for it, in front of people, especially his teammates then oh dear, he would get annoyed, that he would just pull you close and start making out with you shamelessly in front of them. ‧₊˚ well humiliation like this is common in your relationship with him. ‧₊˚ Just so you know Sae Itoshi is a monster disguised as your prince charming of your dreams.
Tumblr media
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nobodyexe · 27 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Chapter 4 Aftermath
masterlist (bllk)
Word count: 615+ words
Warning(s): profanity, obsession/yandere themes
Tumblr media
“How’s it feel? Risking your lives..For the first time since you’ve been born. Are you spooked? Are you shocked? That’s just the way things are in blue lock.”
As Ego said these words, the atmosphere of the room turned from hype to that of paranoia. You weren’t surprised by his behavior, after all, he was quite popular in the sports industry. You had heard quite a lot about him, the others seem completely unaware tho. Seriously, did none of them do even the tiniest bit of research before entering.
“It’s clear now, right? You realize how shabby and mediocre your soccer lives were up until now. What you experienced right now was victory. Crave it into your brains!!”
Ego then continued on about how that pleasant sensation of victory will grow and boost your ego, and much more than that. Weird, but ok. To be honest, you didn’t really pay attention, you just hoped Aryu would somehow know and tell you the important details. Oh well.
Tumblr media
For the next three days, all you guys did was work your ass off. Which was a pain, both literally and figuratively. During these days you tried to find any sign that Rin wanted to talk, but no use. You knew he didn’t forget you from the surprised look he offered for a slight minute upon seeing you in blue lock.
Currently you were making your way to the field to practice some. The stake from dinner gave you more than enough of a boost. You wouldn’t really be practicing if you were number one or if you never stopped playing soccer. Guess that was the difference between you and Rin.
Despite being number one, Rin never missed any chance to practice. He probably was aiming to beat his brother and not just be top in blue lock. When Rin saw you enter, he made no move to acknowledge your presence, neither did you. The training was awkward but not useless.
Tumblr media
Rin was the first on to leave since he arrived earlier in the field. You were not lagging far behind, deciding to cut your practice short you were tired af. Upon arriving you noticed all the, now eleven players(excluding you two) were listening to Ego. You noticed how everyone whose ranking was above the disqualified player where now one rank higher.
“Hello [name], how was training? Hope you didn’t get too much dirt in your hair.” Aryu asked you, clearly awaiting an answer and quickly. “Hmm it was ok, nothing special really.” He gave you a nod in return and said, “Just make to take proper care of your hair. I would be devastated if it lost it’s glam.” “Don’t worry Aryu, I will.” You said as a gentle smile appeared on your face. You weren’t close with Aryu, but you appreciated these little moments between you and him. You didn’t understand why he was so fixated on conversing with you, but you didn’t mind.
Ego was busy talking about the ‘five wings’ that constituted the pentagon building. You guys were labeled team b, one that part of the first wing.
“You team B are highest of the rank…Wing 1. Additionally the your team is at the top of the tier in this wing numbers 1 to 11.” “Do not group me with them, all they are is stepping stones.” To emphasize the point Rin looked at all of his ‘teammates’, his gaze seemed to remain fixated on specifically you for a moment. However, Ego payed no mind and continued.
“Whoever is best at soccer here is king. If you want a nice life, then win and boost yourselves.”
“Now let’s begin Blue Lock’s First selection.”
Tumblr media
@bre99 : tagging
Tumblr media
© nobodyexe do not plagiarize, repost or translate without permission.
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itoshi-s · 5 months
One curious question, what made Rin/Sae become a yandere for reader?? Was it because of their physical appearance or something else?
OK so . actually ya'll got me thinkin that maybe just maybe sae has some yan! potential in him too ........ not as much as the other guys i've mentioned before but i def see him as very dominating,, the type of guy that doesn't even need to speak to put you in your place . also probably uses his status as a threat to you whenever you argue abt the way he is . you really do love him after all, just feel a little too repressed,, and he keeps giving you clear signs that there is a whole lot of other people that would gladly be on the receiving end of his love instead of u . yeah .... he definitely could be yan too ╮(︶▽︶)╭
BUT comin back to ur question. considering that both of the itoshis seem veryy troubled,, it'd be definitely not just your physical appearance that pulls them in, but mostly your behavior.
for rin i see him as very attention and touch deprived :((, even tho he's the one that keeps pushin people away . it is canon that he's like the worst at communication ,, and so he just forgot that having someone close to him was ever an option. and then bam! ur here! you don't judge him, give him space, but you're also just so warm, he remembers what it feels like to be important to someone . :( you're so attentive and caring, but never cross any boundary. he's so possessive of you cause he knows that people can be harsh, and that the world isn't a fair place - and yet there you are, his little remedy, so sweet and loving,, he doesn't want you to experience any harm ever. SO. ur love and attention definitely gets him hooked on u , not wanting to let u go ever </3
for sae i tbh think it'd be something similar ! rin feels lonely bc of what sae put him through, and sae's the way he is bc of whatever happened in spain . he has a vv hard time trying to put all the pieces together, to keep himself grounded even long months or even years after first leaving japan. it's easy to lose yourself to your ego when you're the prodigy, but you're a breath of fresh air when you two bump into each other and actually ,, u've never even heard of him ! for the first time in forever, sae can be just himself, and u don't judge him. (see the similarities now ?? i actually really like to think that sae n rin are actually pretty similar , even though they try to deny that they're family:( sobs) also probably gets a huge ego boost when he realizes that he can use his status against you ,, just like i've mentioned in the beginning !! likes to play dirty with you by saying that you can be easily replaced </3
i luuuuuv troubled unhinged brothers . the BEST trope ever. ty for the question nonnie i will dream of the itoshis tonite thanks 2 u mwah (´꒳`)♡
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Blue Lock Masterlist
N/Y = Nothing Yet
(*) = Quick Fic
(♥) = NSFW
(💔) = Yandere
(💝) = Soft Themes
(📌) = Headcanons
(💕) = Scenario
Tumblr media
Yoishi Isagi:
- N/Y
Tumblr media
Meguru Bachira:
- What Goes Bump In The Night| Day 19: The Witch
Tumblr media
Rensuke Kunigami:
- What Goes Bump In The Night| Day 4: The Oni
Tumblr media
Hyoma Chigiri:
- N/Y
Tumblr media
Jingo Raichi:
- N/Y
Tumblr media
Shoei Baro:
- N/Y
Tumblr media
Ikki Niko:
- N/Y
Tumblr media
Seishiro Nagi:
- Lovesick Log User: Seishiro Nagi  (💔) [Lovesick Log Series]
- What Goes Bump In The Night| Day 13: The Fae
Tumblr media
Reo Mikage:
- N/Y
Tumblr media
Aoshi Tokimitus:
- N/Y
Tumblr media
Rin Itoshi:
- What Goes Bump In The Night| Day 9: The Grim Reaper
Tumblr media
Sae Itoshi:
- N/Y
Tumblr media
Ryusei Shidou:
- N/Y
Tumblr media
Eita Otoya:
- N/Y
Tumblr media
Tabito Karasu:
- N/Y
Tumblr media
Oliver Aiku:
- N/Y
Tumblr media
Jinpachi Ego:
- N/Y
To Be Added: Gin Gagamaru, Jyubei Aryu, Zantetsu Turugi
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tcshi · 4 months
blue lock boys : who spits in your mouth, who lets you spit in their mouth and who does both ?
⚠︎ : explicit content, spitting (duh), making out, nipple sucking, oral sex (m receiving), penetrative sex, unprotected sex, a sprinkle of some sub!blue lock boys x dom!reader, hints of yandere!bllk, use of nicknames, lmk if i missed anything, minors do not interact !!
⚠︎ : to the person who said reo mikage does both, yes he does. we don't make the rules 🤷🏻‍♀️
Tumblr media
ㅡ does it for the sake of asserting his dominance. he likes to grab you by your jaw, his grip a little bit tight before he gives your lips one last kiss while you're unbuckling the belt of his pants, palming him through the fabric of his pants. then you're pulling the zipper down and he pushes you on your knees, a hazed look in his eyes seeing you kneel before him. he lets you push his pants down with a single nod of his head, letting you take his cock out of his restricting boxer. a hiss and a moan leaves his lips the moment you lick a stripe on the underside of his length, savoring the tightness and warmth that your mouth gives before he shoves your head down, further pushing his cock in your throat with a gag. he doesn't let you have any control over the pace, doesn't let you play around than necessary either. if he wants your throat, he'll get it, you have no say in anything. but as cruel as he may be at times, he also loves to reward his little girl. if you've been doing exactly what you're told, press the buttons that he loves, he'll give you something in return. he cups your jaw, pulling you away from his cock with your saliva shining against his length. he caresses your cheeks in faux sympathy, smirking inwardly at the tears that ran on your cheeks and the heavy breathing in your chest. he coaxes you to open your mouth, gently and softly, as if he wasn't using your throat like his personal fleshlight just a little while ago. “open your mouth for me doll.” he mutters as he places a thumb over your tongue, pressing against the muscle and humming in satisfaction when you began sucking on his finger just like the greedy whore he knows you are: never easily satiable and always taking more than what you're being given. but it's okay, it's okay because you've done a good job at taking him down your throat. you deserve the reward now, don't you? he collects a glob of spit on his tongue, taking his fingers away from your mouth but places it on the side of your lips instead. he leans slightly towards you and you open your mouth more, eager to receive the prize for doing good. he doesn't let his saliva dangle from his tongue, instead, he spits directly on your tongue. he tells you not to swallow, one hand now cradling the back of your head and the other guiding back his cock to your open, awaiting mouth.
“fuck that's it... taking it like a big girl.”
ITOSHI SAE, ITOSHI RIN, SHIDOU RYUSEI, kunigami rensuke, baro shouei
Tumblr media
loving everything that you do to him is one way to put his feelings out for youㅡalmost seemingly obsessive at certain times but restrained enough as to not scare you. he loves you, he loves whatever it is that you do even though sometimes it could get a little impractical, a little messy. he loves how you hold his head against your chest while he's working his mouth on your nipples, sucking the bud with an eagerness that is reciprocated by the sounds leaving your mouth. he loves the hum and the moan that leaves your tinted lips when he gives a sudden thrust to your clothed cunt, his own leaking cock aching to be relieved from the confinements of his pants. but you tell him no, he have to wait for a little bit for you to finally take it out by your own hands. and he does nothing but submissively nod his head, face flushed as you continue grinding your panty-clad pussy on his hard-on as you whisper dirty dirty things in his ear, giving it a lick, a suck and a nibble every now and then and grin beautifully hearing him whimper out your name as he meets your grinding with shallow thrusts of his own. he watches in desperation as you kneel in front of him, palms running over his bare chest, then dragging them down until they're situated on the elastic waistband of his thin shorts before you're telling him to stand up. he lets out a relieved moan when you finally pull his pants down, letting them lay on his ankles before your palms are wrapped around his thick length, pumping his dick with the slow jerks of your hand. he throws his head back when you finally gave him some much needed relief, moaning unabashedly when you gave the head of his cock a few kitten licks on the head before completely putting him inside the warmth of your mouth. he grabs at your hair not too tight but enough to use it as a support from his wobbling legs. you give his cock a particularly good suck that gave him tears in his eyes, whining when you started to slowly pull away. you stand up to meet his eyes, palms enclosing back to his hard cock, jerking him slowly. you push him back to the seat as you took off the remaining clothes that covered your body. you let your discarded panties fall on the floor and join the messy heap of clothes before you're shoving a finger in between your pussy lips and he salivates at the sight. you take some of your arousal, pinching them in between two fingers before you're back on his lap with your legs spread open, your pretty cunt right in front of his pretty face. you softly instruct him to open his mouth. and he does, willingly so like the obedient boy he is. he moans in appreciation when you shove your fingers inside his mouth as he licks to take your arousal on his tongue, greedily sucking and licking at your fingers. you retrieve your fingers to hold his cock, guiding it to nudge in between your pussy walls before you sat down completely over his lap, cock settled deliciously inside your warmth. the both of you moans, sweaty forehead touching as you began bouncing on top of him. he opens his mouth, a pathetic plea leaving his lips. you cup his jaw, lips sucking on his tongue before you pull back and spit directly in his mouth, watching as he keeps his mouth open until the mix of his and your saliva pooled out of the corner of his lips, one that had you slotting your own mouth against his in a messy make out.
CHIGIRI HYOMA, isagi yoichi
Tumblr media
finds it exhilarating to be able to do something as sloppy and dirty as spitting in someone's mouth yet finds some sort of twisted connection with you through the act itself that cannot be presented merely by words. it makes him feel this sensual connection with you. the intimacy of it all not being once overlooked, if not, seeps more prominent in between two bodies who now shares this odd bond. all that, and because it's also hot and arousing. the sight of you kneeled before him, mouth agape and almost smirking with the upwards tilt of the corner of your mouth says enough that it wasn't just him who loves it. you do too, maybe more than him but that's not impossible. there's nothing you can top (except him on certain occasion) over when it comes to him. he also particularly likes it when you let his spit linger on the top of your tongue, letting it glisten inside your mouth as you fumble with his pants in haste before collecting a glob of your mixed salivas together inside your mouth, holding his now freed cock in your hand before spitting the accumulated spit on the head of his length, all the while staring him down with half-lidded eyes. you jerk his aching cock in your palm, running your tongue over the prominent veins that ran on the left side bulging against the skin before you're taking him inside your mouth, warm and tight. you moan underneath him, own arousal dripping from your cunny as you watch him fall apart before you; head thrown back, chest and neck littered with purple and red and taking deep ragged breaths of air through his mouth while moaningㅡsometimes whining through the gasps that left his swollen lips. you love seeing him like this, all submissive to your touch and shamelessly responding to how his body feels. he thrusts his hips towards your mouth, chasing the warmth and tightness it provided for his cock. you try to calm yourself, trying to look past the overwhelming size and length of his cock plowing in and out of your mouth. tucking the stray hair that fell in front of your face, you bob your head a few more times before letting his length settle down your throat while keeping your teeth away. you gag, tears streaming down your face as you held your face a few inches away from his pelvis as he holds your head there, steady before he's moaning, chanting a chorus of curses and your name in the same mantra. “oh fuck-! fuckfuckfuck ’m gonna cum baby fuck!” you will yourself to not pull away, eyes rolling to the back of your head when he began thrusting his entire length down your throat as you grip his thighs for support. it's not long before he's spurting his cum inside your mouth, painting your mouth white before he's instructing you, in rasped voice don't swallow. he pulls you away from his cock before pulling you over his lap, glossed eyes meeting yours. “spit in my mouth,” he says before he tilts his head. and you do, the discharge of fluids from your mouth landing on his own tongue before he meets you for a sloppy kiss, kneading your chest and rubbing his dick against your cunt.
bachira meguru, nagi seishiro, MIKAGE REO
Tumblr media
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xkseii · 2 months
The magnificent bird and the golden cage
Tumblr media
Fandom → Blue Lock
Including → 18+ content
Warnings → implied yandere's behaviour, protectiveness, mention of violence, implied manipulation, unhealthy relationship
Summary → Who is the magnificent bird in the gold cage, and who keeps him locked there.
Tumblr media
DNI: minors (-17) · ageless blogs · blank blogs
Tumblr media
Part 1 → Alexis Ness, Michael Kaiser, Oliver Aiku & Julien Loki
Part 2 → Ryusei Shido, Jyubei Aryu, Rin Itoshi & Sae Itoshi
Part 3 → Meguru Bachira, Shoei Baro, Reo Mikage & Kairu Saramadara
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
✖︎ You are the magnificent golden pheasant, and he's the falconer.
✷ Despite his angelic face, Alexis Ness is more twisted than you thought. He hates not being in control or being able to see what you're doing and with whom.
✷ He needs to know everything, so he can protect you, even though he is aware that you can defend yourself fairly well. You are his treasure, the most beautiful bird, and he's convinced that you can't survive in the wild without him.
✷ Alexis has the habit of keeping you close, whether it's having your hand in his, an arm around your waist, or simply holding your sleeve. To function properly, he needs to feel your presence near him.
✷ It is also the same reason why he goes everywhere with you, to all his matches, even if it's in another country, he threatens the coach to not play if you aren't here. Whenever he gets out, you are by his side, and the paparazzi are always excited to take new pictures of you two.  
✷ The staff and his teammates are used to his behaviour, but they can't help but have chills going down their spines when Alexis glares at them just because they manage to catch your attention.
✷ Don't get him wrong, though, he has been and always will be the sweetest and kindest with you. And he will never let you see his more twisted side of himself, you only see him as protective of you.
✷ Alexis absolutely adores you.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
✖︎ You locked yourselves together in a golden cage.
✷ Michael Kaiser has always been greedy and arrogant, along with being crazily possessive.
✷ It is what scared most of his past partners away, so he tried to keep it down when you got together. But one day, after someone tried to flirt with you in front of him, he snapped and did something unimaginable.
✷ He knew it was over between you from that moment, when he showed his true colours. And yet, you only smiled sweetly, helping him hide his mistake and continued on with your life. To say he was confused, was an understatement.
✷ Though, he understood why, not so long after. As he never imagined that you could be as bad, if not worse than him, especially when you almost bashed someone's head open publicly. Man did it gave him butterflies.
✷ You complete each other, he is on the aggressive side and takes his time, savouring it, while you are more manipulative and tend to end things quickly. He may have jokingly said in one of his interviews “we are a match made in hell”, the journalists far from knowing how true it was.
✷ Still, you keep a good appearance publicly, and many fans of his see you as the perfect couple. And Kaiser never misses an opportunity of showing you off, only making the fans love your dynamic even more.
✷ Everything will be fine for you, as long as nobody comes snooping around your shared house.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
✖︎ You are the wild bird who tamed his own falconer, and he ended up in the golden cage.
✷ Oliver Aiku has always been a womanizer, and never really cared about his past relationship. Despite his tendencies to flirt left and right, he never cheated in his life and promised himself to never do. As long as it stays a flirt, for him, it was alright.
✷ Until he starts to go out with you. Not only you had a strong personality, but you were such a good flirt that you managed to make him go out with you. Which, was an accomplishment for someone like him.
✷ Unfortunately for Oliver, you were a bit spiteful sometimes. And after telling him multiple times that you hated seeing him flirt with people in front of you, you started doing the same.
✷ The more he would do it, the less time you would spend with him and end up hanging out with other people. It didn't disturb him, or he never noticed, until he got out to buy something and saw you with another person, chuckling as they held your forearm, and boy, he lost his mind.
✷ Suddenly, he was all over you, by your side all the time, never looking at anyone else but now. The more he pays attention to you, the more he would get rewarded with love and affection. You had him wrapped around your fingers.
✷ And then, it became uncontrollable. He needed and desired with all his heart for you to be his one and only, going as far as taking care of the ones standing in his way. This calm and calculative man turned into a much more dangerous character. He would do anything if it means that you will be his, and no one else's.
✷ He would purposely mix up your clothes, steal some of your accessories, send messages to you when he knew that you were with friends, and delete contacts on your phone or pictures from people he found too close to you. The only person you needed to be close to, was him.
✷ He couldn't live without you anymore.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
✖︎ You are the falconer, and he is the tamed eagle.
✷ Julien Loki is the sweetest man you have ever met.
✷ He is kind and caring, so soft and delicate with you, whatever he's doing. Despite being rather demanding with his teammates, he never shouted or ordered anything in your presence.
✷ To say Julien Loki was a sweetheart is an understatement.
✷ Everyone, teammates, staff, and fans were always admiring your relationship, seeming so perfect. Yet, it was far from the truth, on the common norms, standards, and expectations at least.
✷ While Julien was considered perfect, you were the complete opposite. Aggressive, manipulative, perfectionist and intimidating, most traits that a person shouldn't have, or not to this extent, at least. And yet, Julien was head over heels for you.
✷ He knew how you were when he started dating you, you have been honest about it, and told him that choosing you would be the worst decision of his life. But he never regretted it. For him, this relationship was his safe space, only filled with joy and bliss.
✷ With you, he loved not being in charge, not being seen as a prodigy, he was just a normal human being. Leaving everything to you, he trusts you immensely and knows better than to disobey. He follows you around like a puppy, trusts you with his diet, and lets you take care of him whenever he is sick or injured.
✷ Despite how unhealthy it is, as he knows that if you ever decide to, you could cut him off from the world completely. He relishes in this peace he found, and never would go back on his words, that you were the best decision of his life.
✷ If one day, you do decide to hide him from the world, he won't complain. He only needs you.
Tumblr media
❥ author note
→ Thank you for reading. 
Reblogs and comments are always appreciated!
Here is my ko-fi, if you would like to support or commission me!
Tumblr media
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certifiedhitmaker · 2 months
Yandere Sae pt2
Pt 1
It was only a matter of time before you were captured. It was inevitable, one might even call it fate. But now that you’re finally his, there’s nothing in his way, not even you. He had his plan and executed it perfectly. You were endlessly and hopelessly trapped and no one could save you.
All those sleepless nights and absentminded thoughts. It was a miracle he didn’t lose his mind already. Constantly being bombarded with the thought of you. He could make a replica of you with just how much your image popped into his head. But he didn’t want a replica, nor would he ever be satisfied with just a mere replica.
It’s no use in worrying about all of that now though, it’s behind him. But..why are you pushing him away? And..why are you begging him to let you go? He cant set you free, you just got here. And after all you’ve done to him, torturing his thoughts and occupying every nook and cranny of his brain. You even captured his heart and took over his body. Yet you still have the nerve to ask this of him.
Why can’t you just suck it up and stop acting like a brat? He had to go through way worse and you’re acting like it’s the end of the world. Maybe he should tape your mouth shut until you learn how to act right hm? Maybe he should chain you up and leave you in the cellar so you can appreciate the beauty of his company. Maybe then will you start to accept his love.
He’ll starve you of all human contact for days, weeks, a month max. Don’t try to call him on a bluff, it will only end one way. You know which way. Escaping isn’t in option for you so from now on you’ll have to live your life abiding by his rules. His only rule is that you must open your heart up to him. You must reform your thoughts of hatred, change your entire mentality to please him. You must love him, all is well if you love him.
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saecore · 1 month
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝔴𝔢𝔩𝔠𝔬𝔪𝔢 𝔱𝔬 𝔱𝔥𝔢 𝔡𝔞𝔯𝔨 𝔭𝔩𝔞𝔠𝔢
welcome to my dark content collab !! for this event you can join and write about any content that’s considered dark content. before joining make sure to read the guidelines <33 oh and have fun
Tumblr media
𝔯𝔲𝔩𝔢𝔰 𝔣𝔬𝔯 𝔭𝔞𝔯𝔱𝔦𝔠𝔦𝔭𝔞𝔱𝔦𝔫𝔤
pretty much anyone is free to join {not just mutuals} but you must have an age available somewhere on your blog and you must be ages 18 and up.
you can join as many times as you want and with any character from ANY anime or video game. just make sure not to overwhelm yourself <33 and that we write all characters as 18+
in addition. all genres are welcome. it can be n*fw or sfw but some kind of dark content must be included. the only hard no theme is p*dophilia. otherwise all themes are welcome as long as you’re comfortable posting it
in order to be added to the masterlist below, send me an ask with what character(s) you were looking to write for! bonus points if you tell me what dark content theme you planned on including in your fic
there can be up to two repeats for characters just so there isn’t too much repetition.
once you’re added to the masterlist below pls give this post a reblog!!
there is no deadline so feel free to post whenever you’d like :) i do ask that the minimum word count be around 500 words but there’s no maximum word count <3 go crazy !!
once you post the final product firstly make sure to have the appropriate warnings and or tags. also either tag me in your fic or send me an ask so i can give it a reblog and add the link to it here :)
that’s all i can think of
Tumblr media
attack on titan
eren jaeger + dubcon ⏩︎ @zoro-kun
erwin smith + murder & gore ⏩︎ @downforsanji
blue lock
reo mikage + yandere & dubcon ⏩︎ @villain-hotline
shouei barou + stepcest ⏩︎ @semisgroupie
shidou ryusei + stalking & dubcon ⏩︎ @chiffiorra
yoichi isagi + stepcest ⏩︎ @yakshasslut
sae itoshi + noncon ⏩︎ @knchins
bungou stray dogs
fyodor dostoyevsky + stepcest ⏩︎ @pussydrunkfyodor
osamu dazai + drugging & kidnapping ⏩︎ @courtreezy
fyodor dostoevsky ⏩︎ @blueparadis
chainsaw man
kishibe + kidnapping & noncon ⏩︎ @soft-zawa-png
hirofumi yoshida + tentacles ⏩︎ @babiefwuit
denji + cannibalism & dubcon ⏩︎ @heartsfrthem
tobio kageyama + stepcest ⏩︎ @vutopia
jujutsu kaisen
satoru gojo & suguru geto + dubcon ⏩︎ @tiniella
megumi fushiguro + yandere ⏩︎ @saecore
yuta okkotsu + yandere/stalking, dubcon, & somno ⏩︎ @dark-mnjiro
my hero academia
enji todoroki + power play, age gap, & cheating ⏩︎ @08-30-27
obey me
simeon & solomon + dubcon & voyeurism - @simeons-damnation
one piece
rob lucci + dubcon ⏩︎ @sanjis-all-blue
vinsmoke sanji + drugging ⏩︎ @badtz-baru
portgas d. ace + dubcon, yandere, & stepcest ⏩︎ @thus-spoke-gee
monkey d. luffy & roronoa zoro + dubcon ⏩︎ @creamsickle-writes
tokyo ghoul
ayato kirishima + dubcon, predator/prey play, & vorarephilia ⏩︎ @luvtorei
tokyo revengers
kazutora hanemiya ⏩︎ @litepowee
tetta kisaki + yandere & gun play ⏩︎ @510hz
shuji hanma + cult au & blood/knife play ⏩︎ @shoyoist
keisuke baji + yandere/stalking & blood kink ⏩︎ @kakusdiscordkitten
chifuyu matsuno + yandere & gun play ⏩︎ @yakshasslut
Tumblr media
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hana-no-seiiki · 22 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
(ft. Sae x Reader’s Twin)
warnings: short reader, reader is older than rin, otherwise reader’s looks and info aren’t specified. all my knowledge comes from fics and wiki searching so i apologize if he’s ooc (even for a yandere)
might make a sae x reader / a fic but in the twin’s pov in the future if the brainrot persists
It had been a while since you’ve seen your twin brother’s boyfriend’s younger brother (that was a mouthful).
And you . . .
Well you barely even reached his shoulders.
And he’s two years your junior.
Throughout the dinner you four attended at home, you couldn’t help but glare at the handsome young man the entire time. Which in turn caused the meal to be hella awkward
Your brother and Sae didn’t really engage in PDA, at least verbally. Both preferred actions rather than professing their affections through words (You couldn’t count the amount of times Sae had made out with your brother after their matches on field).
And well, Rin is Rin.
So you were implicitly put in charge of creating conversation.
But Rin’s growth spurt just made you feel so jealous you couldn’t think of anything to say aside from ‘Damn you!’ or ‘Why????’.
Your annoyance was so obvious that even Rin himself noticed it. The dude with zero friends and social experience.
“You alright?” He asked, assisting you with the dishes.
“Huh? Yeah.” You averted your eyes, rubbing the sponge a little too hard on the poor plate.
“Did I . . . do something wrong?”
“What? No! It’s just — “ You put down the ceramic. Still avoiding eye contact with the younger Itoshi. “I’m . . . a little jealous of your genes that’s all.”
“My genes?”
“You grew up so quickly. I have to bend my neck to oblivion just to look at you directly.”
“But your height is part of your charm?”
“It’s cute.” He took the plate and rinsed it. You could feel him staring at you intently. “Besides isn’t being shorter better for dancing?”
“Not when you’re as short as I am.” You continued doing the dishes with a sigh, pausing after properly digesting his words. “Hang on. Back up a moment will ya. You know I dance?”
“I . . . I watched all of your performances.”
“Ehhh . . . “ You nodded a few times . . . and then realized what his words meant. Finally rotating your head to face him, you yelled, “E H H H ? ! ? “
“I thought football was all you thought about!”
Now that you looked at him and can see his face, you noticed a slight flinching due to your volume. However it was quickly replaced with the smallest of smiles. “It used to be. My teammates listen to your songs a lot during practice and it just sort of stuck with me.”
“Point is. I like that part about you. I’m sure many of your fans do too.”
Before you two finish by drying everything with a towel, you spray a bit of water on Rin with your hands causing a bit of war. A really wet one.
It was about to get even wetter when you threatened to use a bowl of water but Rin beat you by caging your body and trapping your arms to the sink’s edge.
His face was inches from yours.
He soon let go of your limbs, using his hand to trace your features. From your eyelids, to your cheeks and then your lips. He puts a little pressure with his thumb, almost inserting it into your mouth.
Then, his teal eyes met yours. His long, pretty under lashes mesmerized you, almost distracting you from the fact that his large figure was suffocating yours.
“I’d say you’re pretty luck when it comes to genes.”
Tumblr media
Rin lived and breathed football. Every moment was dedicated towards his passion.
That was still the case til now. It just so happened that his passion included you.
“Rin!” He recognized that voice immediately. He’s surprised he didn’t get whiplash with how fast his head swerved to meet your form.
“Got a copy of your jersey! What do ya think ? “ You gave him a little spin, letting him see how the jersey basically swallowed you whole. He makes a mental note to slip in one of his used ones into your wardrobe. He was adept at discreetly taking stuff out of it anyways.
He was so flustered that he completely forgot to respond, so you opted to take his silence as approval, “I’m guessing you like it?” You winked. You’ve gotten a lot bolder since the reunion dinner and acted a lot more like your ‘idol’ self around him at times. He didn’t know whether he liked it or not. On one hand it was the personality he fell for at the beginning, on the other it was getting increasingly more difficult not to take you.
“Mhm.” He nodded. Fists clenched so tight he could feel some blood leaking. Self control was just so hard when he was around you.
“Is that . . . the [L/N] [Y/N]?” He heard his teammates holler behind him.
He grimaced, knowing they’ll hog your attention for the following moments.
But at least that means both of you were safe from his aching lust and obsession this time.
Tumblr media
hoshi wo sagasu hitomi ga suki
— Those eyes that search for the stars, I love them / I love those eyes that search for the stars
— Lyrics for D4DJ Photon Maiden’s 暁 Akatsuki (Dawn)
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mutifandomheadcanons · 2 months
Blue lock Material List:
(More characters will be added)
♡Headcanons and Imagines
♤Their Love language and them as a partner
Part 1: Bachira Meguru, Isagi Yoichi, Rin Itoshi
Part 2: Sae Itoshi, Ryusei Shidou
Part 3: Chigiri Hyoma, Kunigami Rensuke, Nagi Seishiro, Reo Mikage
♤Yandere characters x Carida!Reader
Bachira Meguru, Isagi Yorichi, Rin Itoshi
♤ Cute things they do
Part 1: Bachira Meguru, Isagi Yoichi, Rin Itoshi
Part 2: Sae Itoshi, Ryusei Shidou
♤What happens when they cry
Part 1: Bachira Meguru, Isagi Yoichi, Rin Itoshi
♤The way they kiss/favorite areas to kiss
Part 1: Bachira Meguru, Isagi Yoichi, Rin Itoshi
♤ Imagines:
Bachira is kinda possessive
"It's absolutely a promise"
"Happy Valentine's Day!"
"Kids will be Kids"
"Nevermind, everything will be fine, just go to sleep."
♡Isagi Yoichi
♡Nagi Seishiro
"I don't know. It's just, your pretty when your upset"
♡Reo Mikage
"Just let me take care of you, okay?"
♡Chigiri Hyoma
♡Kunigami Rensuke
♡Rin Itoshi
"You look beautiful.."
♡Sae Itoshi
♡Ryusei Shidou
♡Niko Ikki
♡Baro Shoei
♡Kenyu Yukimiya
♡Michael Kaiser
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reotheworld · 3 months
masterlist x menu
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
solely dedicated for Blue Lock.
sugar level / content legend:
100% smut 70% fluff 50% angst 20% yandere 0% non yandere
ps. most readers i'll write for are either ' x gender neutral!reader ' and ' x female!reader ' only!
STARTER MENU / RULES FOR REQUESTING: ➜ refer to "may i take your order" when sending me a request. requests sent to my inbox nor comments will not be entertained. ➜ please be detailed as possible when sending a request. go crazy if you have to! ➜ i write for ' reader x character ' not ' character x character '. ➜ i write sfw and nsfw, fluff and angst. ➜ please do not send a request of reader in a diff species (e.g. bunny!reader, cat!reader) ➜ no i will not write pedophilia, incest, racism, homophobia, transphobia, r**e and other form of bigotry. ➜ ^ i am human and these will be hard for me to write. if you romanticize any of these nor insist me on writing any of the aforementioned, fuck off my blog respectfully. ➜ i will allow my works to be translated in a diff language as long as i've given consent to the person translating my works. ➜ please do not ask for any other character apart from what you see. ➜ requests will be written according to which inspires me most. rest assured, i'll try to get them posted!
FEATURED MENU: ➜ nsfw headcanons | ft. gagamaru, raichi & yukimiya
Isagi Yoichi | 潔 世一
Bachira Meguru | 蜂楽 廻
Chigiri Hyoma | 千切 豹馬
Baro Shoei | 馬狼照英
Mikage Reo | 御影玲王
Nagi Seishiro | 凪 誠士郎
Itoshi Rin | 糸師 凛
Itoshi Sae | 糸師冴
Kira Ryosuke | 吉良涼介
Alexis Ness | アレクシス ネス
Michael Kaiser | ミヒャエル カイザー
Ikki Niko | 二子 一揮
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