artistxgrotto · 2 days
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the people liked horseidon so i present to you: beus
or zeull idk what to call it
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hermitcrabx17 · 2 days
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Zeus, Hera, and Aphrodite redesigns completeeee
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Countdown to the Thunder Saga: 12 days
Today’s fun fact will be a list of some of Zeus’ many children! It is near impossible to make a full list, so this is just going to be the more well known ones!
Apollo, god of archery, music, prophecy, sun (etc), twin brother of Artemis.
Artemis, goddess of the hunt, wild, archery, moon (etc), twin sister of Apollo.
Ares, god of war, son of Hera.
Athena, goddess of wisdom, sprang fully formed from Zeus’ head.
Dionysus, god of wine, madness, and theatre. Mom disintegrated before he was born.
Heracles, demigod, had to do the 12 labors.
Hebe, goddess of youth, daughter of Hera.
Hermes, god of messengers, stole cattle when he was a day old.
Persephone, goddess of springtime, queen of the underworld, and daughter of Demeter.
Helen of Troy, demigod, face that launched a thousand ships.
Minos, demigod, king of Crete, step-father of the Minotaur.
Perseus, demigod, killed Medusa.
The muses, nine goddesses, each controlling a different aspect of the arts.
The fates, three goddesses that shape destiny by spinning the threads of life.
(and many many more)
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mytho-maniac-108 · 2 days
Omg Athena no-
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I'm crying 🤣😂
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WIP First time wood burning!
Making devotional art of Father Zeus!
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acids-and-basses · 1 day
The realization due to Disney messing up the Greek gods we potentially could have had a funny joke in kingdom hearts two (I know that the odyssey was way after Heracles)
Sora: we are looking for a nobody
Zeus: Nobody? I think I’ve heard that before, Athena?
Athena looking down to hades: …
Hades: he showed up for like five days screaming about stuff then left and he just showed back up a few days ago.
Sora: Really, where are they?
Hades: serving their afterlife away from Poseidon
Sora still confused: What?
Athena under her breath: wrong nobody
Both Zeus and Hades smirking as Sora is just confused
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lusxnei6 · 2 days
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^^^^^ ill bet Zeus had a wild party
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deathlessathanasia · 2 days
For a long time and as I learn about her more I think Leto was more to Zeus than just a mother of Apollo and Artemis. I'm probably crazy, but scattered throughout certain texts they allude to times when it is her who calms him down and can influence him in a good way. Is there anything to what I'm saying or am I just making stuff up?
I get what you mean; I can think of a few instances of that sort. According to a fragment attributed to Hesiod (listed as Fr. 91 here) and also mentioned in Pseudo-Apollodoros' Library 3.10.4, Zeus apparently intended to throw Apollo into Tartaros for killing the Kyklopes but Leto intervened on his behalf and he was made to serve a mortal instead. Then, according to Valerius Flaccus' Argonautica 4.60, Latona, Diana and Apollo convinced Jupiter to put an end to Prometheus' punishment. Also in one account Orion was placed among the stars by Zeus at the request of Artemis and Leto.
That said, I don't believe we can separate these interventions of Leto from her role as Artemis and Apollo's mother, both because giving birth to not one but two of the greatest gods in the pantheon is a big deal, but also because I can't think of a single interaction between Leto and Zeus that does not involve or concern, in one way or another, one or both of their children. She certainly has a high standing on Olympos (which is why I always side-eye those retellings in which she is exiled from among the gods and forbidden from interacting with her children and what not), as I've pointed out previously she is probably the one goddess who is most frequently called the wife of Zeus in ancient Greek literature after Hera (a very distant second though), and from what we get to see her relationship with Zeus is quite harmonious. The scene in Homeric Hymn 3 to Apollo where she disarms her son who had just terrified all the gods and puts his bow away while Zeus gladly welcomes him is very meaningful, I think, especially when you consider the rumors that circulated before Apollo's birth and the reason why Leto struggled so much to find a place willing to allow her to give birth: "They say that Apollon will be haughty and greatly lord it over the immortal gods and the mortal men of the barley-bearing earth." (Homeric Hymn to Apollo 66-9). So even though all the lands were too frightened to allow Apollo to be born, even though the gods themselves tremble and jump from their seats at his entrance on Olympos, even though there are rumors that he will be a less than pleasant character (who might even pose a danger to his father's rule?), here the father does not suppress his son and the mother does not encourage him to turn against his father.
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prairiefirewitch · 2 days
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It’s 92 degrees here, feels like 110, so of course I’m going to bake. I’m observing the Bouphorion for the first time tonight as part of my pledge to engage more with Ancient Greek rituals and festivals. So I made “cakes” based on a recipe for elaphoi cakes made as an offering to Artemis. I’m aiming for archaic practices here, so I made some adjustments to the recipe, omitting eggs and replacing the butter with olive oil. They definitely taste archaic, like hardtack with a little sweetness. I believe the cakes were a “burnt offering” meaning they’d be tossed onto a fire or brazier during the ritual so maybe taste wasn’t important. It was either make a cookie thing or slaughter an ox, and we’re going with hardtack! And bonus, it’s a full moon tonight so I made them round cause I’ll wring whatever symbolism I can from everything I do.
I’m working on an info post so you can observe the Bouphorion too if you’re into Zeus, oxen, murder, ritual sacrifice or hard tasteless cookies.
#bouphorion #zeus #hardtack #elaphoi #fullmoon #greekmythology #greekreligion
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willowparkfanclub · 5 months
zeus is so bold commenting on poseidon having a forbidden kid as if he doesn't have TWO: one who is currently a tree and the other who's being raised by wolves. be serious
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mydairpercabeth · 5 months
Percy “I am impertinent” Jackson really looked Zeus dead in the eye and said “Your family is a mess”
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leah-jeffries · 5 months
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epicthemusicalstuff · 18 hours
Random little thing I noticed bc i just finished re reading thr odyssey that you can use as a fun fact (not zeus related but) polities originally didnt die in the odyssey bc of the cyclops. He was actually one of the guys who circe turned into pigs
Yep!! Polites is only mentioned a couple times (to my memory) in the Odyssey! He definitely plays a larger role in epic!! As a matter of fact, I don’t think the Odyssey mentions how Polites dies (though we can assume either Scylla or Zeus’ bolt got him)
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nitw · 1 month
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this is the funniest boon ever. and right after an interaction where zeus was like "my wife just pretends that she hates me LOL playful insulting is what keeps a marriage strong 👍"
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wolfythewitch · 28 days
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My piece for the Sing, O Muse! zine :D
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lilislegacy · 4 months
jason: father, i pray to you. i ask you for your generosity and to assist me by granting me a single lightning bolt. i will be forever grateful for your kindness and goodness.
zeus: fine. just one though.
percy: *creates waves hundreds of feet tall, summons a hurricane, splits a glacier in half, and drowns an entire army of monsters without even hesitating*
poseidon: haha. nice.
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