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Quick Thing. Need help deciding.
So, surprisingly I’m writing another one shot (maybe a mini-series but most likely not.)
I need help on the character. I’ve been writing Malleus for now and i’m writing a fanfic about the genre of body issues.
I was writing about Malleus for this then I thought of Azul, seeing as he has struggles of weight.
I was a bit torn about it. As I struggle writing other characters but I need opinions.
I could write two versions but I’m only planning on writing on thing entirely (for now).
I’m testing this out lol, try to vote (has no idea what i’m doing).
Thank you :)
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“Lovely” Malleus x Reader (PT. 2)
a/n: part two of my previous one-shot!! um i believe you don’t have to read the previous part for this (i think it would make more sense but-) yes i’m still using the twitter account i mentioned previously on my one shot. this is shorter i’m sorry 😭
Warnings: none!!
Includes: fluff, malleus paying you back, malleus being romantical omg
Tumblr media
Day: After Valentine’s Day.
Malleus had spent the night with me after our small loving session.
Unfortunately, Malleus had to go bright and early the next morning. Totally not because a certain green hair first year was screaming his name outside of the dorm.
Totally not.
So now, I’m here. Awake. It’s not even 7 yet. I can’t go back to sleep no matter how much I willed my mind to.
My body was tired, aching for rest. My mind, literally could go for a lap around the whole campus.
I sat up from my small bed.
Might as well see if I have any last minute assignments I need to do.
‘Oh great seven, someone please save me’ I thought.
I was resting on the bench in the courtyard when I heard someone screaming my name.
It was the green haired first year (again). I willed myself to sit up straight to fix my posture.
“It’s you! The human who’s being courted by Malleus!” He’s practically screaming.
“Um- yes?” I tilted my head at him, “Do you need anything..?” He better hurry up, I can literally fall asleep right now.
He shoves a note in my hands, “Malleus has sent me to give you this note! Please read it immediately!”
“Wh-“ I looked up at him, to see him already- marching? Out of the courtyard.
Grasping the note, I unfold it.
“My Dearest, Y/N,
Please join me in the woods behind Ramshackle, I would like to show you something there. Join me at nightfall when the stars start glimmering in the sky. I’ll be waiting.
- Your love, M.D”
Huh? Why behind there? I shook my head and smiled at the small note with impossibly fancy cursive.
“Alright, I’ll be there then,” I whispered lightly to myself.
I wrapped my arms around me. I’m in the woods already. Unfortunately, I underestimated the temperature and now I’m freezing.
My teeth are chattering, I’m too busy trying to warm myself up that I didn’t notice the small flickers of green fireflies next to me.
“Dear, you’re here- Oh. Why aren’t you wearing a coat..?” His deep voice snaps me out of my cold haze, making my body heat up a bit as I yelp.
“Mal!” I gasped out of my twitching jaw, “I- I didn’t expect it to be this cold..” I looked down, rubbing my arms.
He stares at me, I could tell he’s pouting at me with furrowed eyebrows. “Dear.. you’re a human, you’re weak to cold air.” He huffs out, his voice sounds like he has his hands on his hips.
“Sorry, Mal. I was just excited to see you..” I chatter out. He sighs and grabs my hand. His hand is surprisingly warm.
“Please, come with me..” He whispered out, already pulling me deeper into the forest.
It’s been a few minutes and we haven’t stopped. Mal has his arm around me, pulling me into his side at this point.
It’s unbearably dark.
“M-mal? Where are we going..?” I whispered out, fear hinting in my voice.
“Shh..” He hushed me and I saw small flickers of green light in front of me.
“I wanted to return the kindness you’ve given me yesterday.” The green light turned out to be fire, strings of it connecting to the trees. Without somehow burning it?
“Your love.. It was so beautiful that I can’t help but want to be the one gifting you,” His voice sparks a warm fire in my gut, the emerald fire around me warming me up as well.
He leads me to the center, pulling me in front of him, “May I have this dance?”
My mind cut off. Dance..?
I suddenly got very embarrassed, “Mal. I- I can’t dance…” I mumbled out.
“That doesn’t matter, rose.”
He grasped my hip and intertwined my hand, “Follow my lead. Alright?”
I instinctively placed my free hand on his shoulder, “Alright..”
He starts stepping out a small rhythm, me following. Soon enough, he started spinning me around and lifting me up even.
I let out a series of small giggles, Malleus following with deep chuckles of his own.
Small green fireflies started to appear around us two. Staring at Malleus, I notice how the fireflies highlight Malleus’s eyes.
His horns being highlighted by the light, I sometimes forget his horns are really just dark green.
I show a small smile. How could I had possibly have this dragons heart?
In my loved daze, Malleus started humming a small tune, mumbling the words out.
“I know you, I’ve walked with you once upon a dream..”
He’s swaying with me, spinning me.
“I know you, the gleam in your eyes are so familiar a gleam”
The fireflies seem to glow brighter around me, emphasizing the song lyric.
“Yet I know it’s true that visions are seldom all they seem”
His eyes, oh his eyes. Malleus’s eyes are connecting right with mine, his eyes show vulnerability and love.
Oh Mal.
“But if I know you, I know what you’ll do”
He spun me around one more time, bringing in my body to connect with his chest.
“You’ll love me at once, the way you did ..”
He released his hand from mine, bringing it to my chin to lift it up to make eye contact.
“Once upon a dream.”
His soft lips connected with mine. I felt all of my worries melt away. I felt everything of me melt away.
He unlatched his lips from mine, glancing down at my lips and looking up at me.
“I.. never knew you sung songs.” Embarrassment was catching up to me finally. I couldn’t help but think I’ve heard of that small melody once in my life.
Malleus let out a chuckle.
Malleus pressed his forehead against mine, grasping my hand again.
“You brighten my darkest, most sorrowful nightmares, lighting up my gloomy world like a million lanterns.”
He then brought my hand to his lips, peppering my knuckles with a bunch of kisses.
“I’m not bright like you, but I promise, when your days are dark, I’ll be your light,” He whispered.
I let out a small huff, a sign that I was embarrassed, “You.. you give me too much credit..” I mumble.
Malleus stepped back a bit, making eye contact with me.
“Rose.. You should give yourself some praise. I spent much of my life guarding my heart.”
“But Mal-“
Malleus cut me off by grasping my cheek, “I guarded it so well that I could behave as though I didn’t have one at all.”
His eyes shown sadness as he gazed off to the side, “Even now, it is a shabby, worm-eaten, and scabrous thing.”
I inhaled through my nose, instincts kicking in for me to comfort him.
“But-” He furrowed his eyebrows a bit, looking back at me.
“But.. it is yours.” He sighs out, shoulders going down.
“Oh Mal.”
I put my hand over his and kissed the middle of his warm palm.
“My heart is yours as-well. I shall treat your heart as if it’s a rare jewel,” I kissed his palm once again.
“And I shall too.” Malleus kissed the middle of my forehead.
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“Lovely” Malleus x Reader
tis been awhile. but heyyy sorry ab that, the last x readers i’ve posted was when I was on break and i’m back in school sadly
anyways this one-shot doesn’t really have a plot BUT i recently found a twitter account @/favromancequote and immediately had to base it with malleus so majority of the romance stuff he says comes from that account (pls give it a glance)
Warnings: none !!
Includes: fluff, malleus spoiling the reader with words and stuff, gender neutral, lovey dovey stuff, this might be a 2-part, ummm early valentine’s day one-shot?
Tumblr media
Day: Valentine’s day
I stared at my calendar that’s hung on the wall right next to my bed.
Valentine’s day.
My eyes wandered to the hearts drawn around the day, the hearts I drew when I finished my date with Malleus (which was like a month before, besides I was still high off of the love he gave me).
I scratched my bed head. Does Malleus even know what is valentine’s day? I shook my head and sat up to get ready for the day.I perhaps could stop by Sam’s Shop to pick up flowers for him. Maybe even sweets, but I’ll worry about that after classes
(Small Time Skip)
I dashed towards Sam’a Shop to pick up my stuff (I sneaked to Sam’s Shop to drop off a list I needed when it was lunch)(It feels like the ADuece followed me).
I stood there while Sam went into the back of his, almost seemingly infinite, store.
My day was pretty uneventful. Besides me seeing Rook gift Vil some bright red roses that’ll put the Queen of Hearts roses to shame. Then I saw Ace jokingly giving Deuce a single rose, which he then handed to me. He claimed that he didn’t want ‘Ace Cooties.’
Sam came back from the i fire back story of his with bags filled with sweets and a bouquet of roses, “I got your items, Imp.” He placed the items on the counter as he rung me up.
“So who’s are these for?” Sam glanced at me as I handed him the needed Madols for it. “Seems like you got yourself a valentine!” He continued, giving me his signature smile.
I dipped my head a bit, “Well what if I wanted to get these for myself?” Sam huffed, “Now who would get themselves so much chocolates, a certain.. dragon plush and a large bouquet of roses?” I jokingly rolled my eyes and grabbed my bagged items.
“Maybe me,” I said. Sam shook his head and let out a little chuckle. “Alright! Whatever you say then,” He then waved to me as I was heading out, “Come back soon!”
At Diasomnia Dorm.
I rocked my body on my feet, lifting my weight with my tippy toes then shifting it back to my heel. Lilia had let me into the dorm, guiding me to the lounge area. He didn’t question the large amount of gifts in my hands, which I’m grateful he didn’t.
I asked if he could get Malleus, which is why I’m currently alone at the moment.
My nerves were bundled up, thoughts racing in my head. Malleus would love these, I know. Yet, why does my stomach twist in nervousness?
“Dear, is that you?”
I almost scream from his voice. I shifted to stand still on my feet, yet my hands couldn’t help but clutch onto the bouquet tighter.
“M..Malleus!” My face was most likely flushed, hell maybe he could even see the sweat building up near my hairline.
“Um..” I scurried to him, shoving the roses in his arms, “I got you these! And.. I got you more. I-it’s near the- at the lounge!”
I immediately stepped back from him, nerves finally taking control of me. My fingers fumbled with eachother.
“Oh- Dear…” His green eyes stared at the red roses, examining them and taking every little detail as if he’s inputting it into his brain.
He leaned down a bit to take a breath of the floral scent from the rose. “These are lovely, my dear.” He looked back up at me, yet tilted his head at me.
Oh god, he noticed my jitter.
“Why so nervous, love?”
He stepped towards me and rubbed my cheek, he definitely could feel the heat emitting from my face.
“I- um--“ Oh god, I can’t speak.
He grabbed my hand, “Your face felt hot, come on.” He nudged me to the exit of the dorm. “Let’s go back to your dorm, shall we? You’ll be getting fresh air as well.”
I snapped back from my embarrassed state, “Wait I have other-“ I looked back to the lounge area where I set my gifts…
To see it gone.
I gasped and stiffened, looking around the area. “I swear I-“
“Don’t worry, Y/N.” Lilia grasped my shoulder. He sent me a small wink and whispered, “It’s already at your dorm.”
“Wh-“ I started but Malleus tugged my hand. “Dear, is everything ok?” He asked, looking around the lounge as well.
“Oh- Um. Yes!” I quickly said, turning back to Malleus. “Let’s.. go back to my dorm, shall we?” I gave Malleus a nervous smile, which he seems to swoon at.
He tugged my hand, leading me to the entrance.
At Ramshackle
“Malleus!” I said aloud, stopping him from reaching the doorknob to my dorm. He turned to me, with a concerned gaze, “What is it, dear?”
I shoved myself between him and the door,“I- I have a surprise!” Malleus looked stunned, “Oh..? A surprise?”
“Yes! And I need to.. set it up!” I really was trying to see where the hell Lilia sent it to.
“Oh- yes of course. Go right ahead.” He nodded, letting me open the door and slip in.
I shut the door behind me quickly yet quietly and heaved a sigh.
Now to find where the hell Lilia put it.
“Found it!” I whispered to myself. I found it in one of the unused rooms, luckily the dust in that room hadn’t affected my gifts that much.
I grabbed the items and rushed to my lounge, hurriedly placing it on the couches and coffee tables next to it.
“It isn’t much but…” I swallowed my doubts, grabbing the last item. The dragon plushie.
My doubts immediately crawled back out of my throat, “Did I really get him a dragon plushie..?”
“Dearie? Do you need help?” I heard Malleus voice outside by the entrance. I shook my head, an attempt to shake the doubts off, and hugged the plushie to my chest.
“I’ll just give this to him first.”
I cleared my throat and skip over to the entrance, “No! I’m done actually!”
I open the door to see him, arms crossed, with a worried look on his face. “I’m sorry Mal, I got a bit- nervous y’know?”
The plushie was still pressed against my chest. I looked down at it which made him follow my gaze, “Oh- what’s that?”
I sighed. I lifted it and face the almost child-like version of a dragon to him. “This was one of my gifts.. I wanted to give it to you first.”
My doubts immediately became overwhelming, making me hug the plushie again, facing the front away from him.
“Actually no! Um- I didn’t know why I bought this actually I’m sorry. L-let me put this-“
“No!” The loud exclamation from Malleus stunned me to silence. “No. No.. Please let me see it.” He held his hands out, “If it’s gifted from you, I’ll forever cherish it.”
I slowly handed it to him. ‘Someone please help me from this moment oh my god how dare I-‘ My thoughts continued on.
“I love it.” Malleus’s deep voice cut me off.
“Wh..What..?” I stared up at him, obviously stunned.
“I love it! I’ll cherish it forever.” He held the dragon plushie in his arms, “Do you have.. other gifts?”
I snapped from my stunned faze, grabbing his arm and pulling him in. His proclamation of loving the dumb little dragon plushie made me feel ultimately lighter, “Yes! Yes I do!”
I led him to the lounge. The couch and coffee tables were filled with chocolates, sweets, even the chocolate strawberries we snacked on during the early stages of our relationship.
I even added more bouquets of flowers, as if the one I gave him wasn’t enough.
“I- Happy Valentine’s day..” I mumbled. Malleus only stood there stunned, “Love.. You did all of this?”
He turned to me, a huge smile on his face. Even his fangs were showing and the corner of his eyes were slightly wrinkled, “Sweetheart, I love it!” He wrapped his arms around me and spun me around, “I love you!”
I held onto his arms, shocked. “I love you..!” My response was shaky, flustered and slightly dizzy from the sudden movement.
He sat down onto the rug, still holding onto me and making me sit down next to him. He buried his face into my shoulder, his silly plushie in his lap.
“Love..” He pulled his head up, “I love you. I will love you for the rest of my life.” He rested his hand on my cheek and tilted his own head, like he’s studying me.
“..My heart is yours. Please don’t ever give it back to me.” A whisper so small. I was lucky to even be this close to him, words only resided for me alone.
He grabbed my hands, rubbing his thumbs over my knuckles, “My life was stale and shuttered until you. Colorless and drab until you.” He brought my hand up to his lips, where I felt his breath.
“I kept my broken heart to myself, until you came and took it in your gentle hands and breathed life into it. Into me.” He planted his lips onto my knuckles.
“You healed my heart, when nothing else could.” He looked up at me, his eyes looked like it was shimmering.
My heart was melting. I felt like pudding in his hands. I felt like.. I could be anything if he was by my side.
“I'm here to stay, and I want to spend every day proving that to you.” He leaned in closer to me, his whispers of love echoing in my ear. I felt like I was on fire.
I felt like I was a little school kid finally sitting next to their crush.
“I love you, my rose.”
He finally planted his lips onto mine.
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“Letters” Malleus x Reader
A/N: only wrote this bc i feel like malleus would be those poetic mfs who writes his letters in fancy cursive, use the most leg kicking and giggling love language and sends them carrier pigeon(?) so um this is just malleus describing his love to you i think
Warnings: slight spoilers for the masquerade event but not too big, maybe some cringy lines idk but fluff!!
Includes: loving malleus. i love malleus. y’all r in a relationship. but these are letters malleus would send to you if you both are in a relationship and he’s deep in love with you!!
Tumblr media
Around the beginning of the relationship:
“Dear my Child of Man,
I am still over the moon of you accepting my love and sharing the same feelings. Before I thought of proposing my love to you, I’ve always wondered how you caught my eye.
Ever since we’ve met at your home, with you catching me studying the gargoyles on built on your home, I have had my eye on you. Then, I never knew why.
When you accepted my love and returned yours to me, I suddenly knew why.
Since the beginning, you’ve never seen me as a monster. You were a simple human wondering what I was doing outside. Yes, you didn’t know me. You were simply a human who had the unfortunate event of washing up into Twisted Wonderland.
That was the very first thing that caught my eye but you still continued doing things that I couldn’t help paying attention to.
I’ve noticed that I admired the calmness in your voice to me. Others would stutter and stumble over their words, but you simply conversed with me as if I was just another student. A student who didn’t have such a high reputation, a student with no higher power than anyone else. As if I was your friend.
The way your eyes would twinkle over simple uses of magic, was the world you’ve came from so magicless? When you first touched my horns, I was felt with a warmness I’ve never experienced. Everyone would cower at my horns, yet you claimed you had a fascination of them and they fit me perfectly.
The name you’ve decided on, Horton, was and still is one of my favorite interactions. I understand I didn’t reveal my name, but you deciding to use such a name on me — a person who other tremble at the mention of — was like uncovering a hidden need for a breath of fresh air.
Even when I revealed my name to you, you didn’t cower nor tremble. You only took note of it. Everytime you treat me like a friend or just a normal being, it always shocks me and it seems like it shocks your friends as well.
Then, I noticed that I wanted to be more with you. The feeling of wanting to touch you, friends wouldn’t feel that way, right? Yet, entering the field of love was something entirely new to me. But you still accepted me, held my hands and promised you’ll help.
How was I so lucky to cross paths with you? If I had the option to relive our developing relationship, I would do it over and over again.
I love you, my Child of Man. I’d like to bask in your presence soon, please talk to me if you’d like to do that as well.
I’ll see you soon.
- Malleus Draconia.”
Around the “y’all finally get comfortable around each-other” and always being around each-other part of the relationship:
“Dear Y/N,
It’s been 8 months since we’ve been together and it’s been one of the most joyful times I’ve ever had.
I’m glad that I’ve ever met you. You’re so admirable, I’m lucky to have you as my partner.
I know you prefer to have our relationship hidden until you are ready to reveal it, but I believe some of your friends and my Diasomnia members are starting to suspect something.
Please talk to me when you are ready to reveal it. I’d love to announce it to everyone, even my people back at Briar Valley. I’m sure they’ll accept you, despite being magicless.
It’s so hard to not boast about how wonderful and loving you are. At the topic of you, I hold myself back from proudly exclaiming that you’re my partner.
Though, I will wait for you. Give me the signal and I shall let everyone know.
Also, I’d like to invite you to come with me back to Briar Valley. We do not need to meet my parents, I’m only intending to sightsee the environment with you.
Did I ever tell you I have a pet crow back home? His name is Diablo, I’d like for you to at least meet him. My mother claims that he was helpful with her past duties as Queen and helped her by keeping an eye on me when I was a child. I’m sure you’ll love him as well.
If you do accept, I’m planning on returning there after going to the Shaftlands. The headmaster did choose you and Grim to attend to the school exchange while I was personally invited, let me know during those 3 days of your choice.
If not, I’ll still be returning to Briar Valley unfortunately. Having your presence around me is always like breathing fresh air and I’ll miss it. I will send letters and photos when I can, maybe even bring my pet crow back. I still want you to meet him.
I’m joyful that we both got picked for the school exchange in the Shaftlands. A masquerade ball I heard. I hope you’ll accept my hand to dance.
The trip to the Shaftlands is around 2 days, I’ll see you then, Y/N.
I love you forever.
- Malleus Draconia.”
During the trip at the Shaftlands, after the first day of being there:
“My Dearest Love,
Im sorry to only leave this letter on your bed of the room you are staying in, I wish I could speak to you before you fall asleep. Azul had decided to gather Idia, Riddle and I at nightfall, speaking of a Houswarden meeting. Unfortunately, I will not make it to you to kiss you goodnight.
I shall make it up to you when we tour around again tomorrow morning, I still want to make more memories with you on this trip.
You look lovely in your outfit that you shall wear on this trip. It took everything in me not to kiss you right in front of everyone, even at the festival. The way the fireworks I conjured up with my magic had looked like in your eyes and had highlighted your face, I was absolutely mesmerized.
The only thing my eyes had seen was you and only you.
Though, I couldn’t help but notice when Rollo Flamme had begun talking to you when the students started using fireworks they had conjured up with their own magic as well.
You looked awkward and nervous, with the way you fumbled with your fingers a bit and your eyes always glancing down at your feet. I’m worried about what he said to you. Please talk to me about that tomorrow night, if you would like of course.
I love you dearly, please remember that. I shall buy you a souvenir when we go out again tomorrow, maybe a few small snacks. I’m so lucky to have you by my side.
I’m sorry to cut my letter a bit short than usual, Azul is currently trying to gather everyone when I’m writing this.
I shall see you tomorrow morning, my love.
- Malleus Draconia.”
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“It’s Full of You.” Malleus/Reader Fluff
A/N: couldn’t help myself again oops
Warnings: none. just bad grammar and bad storytelling (and my inability to understand tumblr).
Includes: fluff!! love confessions and ooc malleus (i think), gender neutral and also!! the reader only knows Malleus as ‘Hornton’ he hasn’t revealed his name to them yet!!
Tumblr media
“Meet me in the Courtyard, nightfall.” I stared and read the note over and over again. My eyes finally settling on the ‘M.D’ at the corner of the small paper.
Sebek had given me the note during lunch, insisting that I open it immediately and take it into consideration.
- Mini Flashback -
“Please read this immediately!!” Sebek thrusts the piece of paper into my hands, “Take this into consideration! He’ll be waiting for you!!” He then hurried back to his table across the lunch room.
Grim munches on his grilled cheese, “Eh? Henchman, what’s that?” He notices the note, leaning over to me. I shook my head and shoved the note into my pocket. “Nothin’ Grim, just eat.”
Grim stared at me suspiciously but shrugged and continued munching onto his grilled cheese.
My mind continued thinking about the note.
- End -
It’s the last class of the day, I sat near the back and I was still scanning the note. Only person I know of that had a ‘D’ as a last name was Cater Diamond but he doesn’t have an M for a first name…
I continued thinking, Professor Trein’s voice becoming background noise.
I’ve been getting close to people, of course. But I know of no one who has ‘M.D’ as their first and last name. I scan the classroom, my eyes catching onto the fae with large horns sitting a few rows away from me.
‘Could it be him?’ I thought.
While I have been developing feelings for him, due to the time we’ve spent together whenever he appeared outside of the Ramshackle dorm, I never knew his true name. I opted for calling him ‘Horton’ as embarrassing as it sounds.
Fiddling with the paper, my heart finds itself hoping it would be him.
I ushered Grim to bed, opting for a large dinner so he’ll get sleepy faster and so I can quickly meet up with this ‘MD’ person.
I wrapped myself in outdoor clothing, which consists of sweatpants, a jacket and a thin scarf. The temperature in Twisted Wonderland can get pretty low, especially at night.
I shut off the lights in the dorm and slid out the front door, closing the door as quietly and quickly as I can.
‘Oh my god my legs….’ Even though I walked the entire way, my legs felt like they were running the entire time. I silently wondered how Azul and the Tweels felt when first getting their legs in order to attend this school.
I shuffled quietly to the large apple tree and sat on the bench that’s under it. It was silent, besides the crickets and small animals scurrying around.
‘M.D’ isn’t here at all. I look around. ‘This will be so embarrassing if I somehow got stood up.’ The bitter thought creeped into my mind, imagining the embarrassment.
I pulled my legs to my chest, setting my chin on my knees, just waiting.
In the corner of my eyes, I saw a group of green fireflies huddling into a group.
A smooth voice called out, a voice I obviously come to find comfort and love in.
“Horton?” I bring my head up from my knees and pull my legs away from my chest, “What are you doing here?”
My heart feels like it’s going to leap out of my chest.
“You came.”
The simple words we able to make the connection between my heart and mind. Horton sat next to me, angling his body so he’s facing me.
“You’re the person who..-“ I started, finding myself to be at a lost of words and nervousness started crawling up my body.
“Yes, I was the one who wrote that small note.” ‘Horton’ gazed at me, opting to reach out to my hands thats fumbling in my lap. He intertwines his fingers with mine.
Staring up at him, my mind could only come up with a question. “Horton.. What’s your real name?”
Horton stared at me, then looked down at our hands, “My true name is Malleus Draconia,” he brings his eyes up to connect with my surprised ones.
Taking my shock as a sign to continue on, he does. “Y/N. I’ve been needing to talk to you about something. My heart- my heart feels like it yearns to intertwine with yours,” Malleus lets go of one of my hands to place his over his chest. Over his heart.
“Ever since we’ve started to know each other, it’s like my heart seems to jump every-time I even see you. It feels like.. my heart tries to take over my body. Every-time I see you, I just want to…” Malleus’s voice seems to quiet down near the end, like even he — a person who everyone trembles at the name of — is being consumed by nervousness.
I stare intently at our one intertwined hand. Did.. he just confess? The thought explodes in my mind and I look back up at him.
He’s already staring at me.
“Y/N- ah, what’s the thing Lilia said..” Malleus tenses and tightens his grip on my hand a small amount, “Will you be my… partner?”
My body felt like it exploded inside. Horton- no, Malleus- just confessed to me. Confessed.
“I- Oh, Malleus- Um..” I felt extremely humiliated that I’m stumbling over my words.
“If you do not share the same feelings, it’s alright.” Malleus immediately took my stumbling as a sign of rejection, though his tone of voice shows he was- sad?
Malleus was already trying to depart, pulling his hand from mine and inching his body to get up, “I’ll see you in class tomorrow, Y/N.”
Getting over my shock, my body seemed to be automatic, “No!” I grabbed his hands, pulling him back to sit and face me.
Malleus let out a slight gasp of surprise, staring at me with wide eyes. I hurried and cleared my throat, trying to get my words out before I truly realize what I just did.
It seems like my heart did take over my body.
“Horton- er, Malleus. I do share the same feelings! Um- I’m sorry I was just surprised… that you..” I look off to the side but shook my head and put my attention back on him, “Whatever! But I’m saying that I do love you too!” The words flew out of my mouth before I could even think about it.
The silence was deafening. The realization of what I’ve done began to creep up into my mind.
Why am I so nervous? He already confessed so why am I-
A chuckle broke the silence, I stared at Malleus in surprise and embarrassment. His eyes were closed and his mouth was open letting out chuckles. I could see his fangs.
“Oh Y/N. I’m so glad!” He stood up suddenly and pulled my hands, that we’re still on his, making me stand up with him.
Stiffening, I let out a gasp as Malleus wrapped his arms around me.
“My heart feels like fireworks, I’m so overjoyed. My heart. It’s just so full of you..!” Malleus spun around, still holding onto me.
“I must inform Lilia!” He pulls away, still holding onto my hands and creating a distance between us, “In fact, I must inform everyone!” Malleus was rambling.
Yet, I just stared at him. I felt like that now we’re a couple, his features seemed to stand out a lot more. Tilting my head, I took note of his features.
How his lips fit him so much. It looks like he has a hint of black lipstick on.
How long his eyelashes are.
The way his bangs just seem to frame his face perfectly.
His eyes really are bright green, his pupils being slit-shaped. It reminded me of a dragon.
His horns, I never noticed how large they were.
My eyes were drawn back to his lips.
‘Oh Malleus, it feels like my hearts always been full of you.’
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ensaladaaa · 3 months
“Sweets” Malleus/Reader Fluff
Author’s Note: hey everyone! it’s been a huge minute since i’ve ever used tumblr, i dropped like 3 one shots and dipped for like 2 years (i remember publishing those one shots like yesterday). anyways, i had a sudden inspiration to write so i decided to act on that for once. thanks for reading!
Warnings: none, just really bad grammar and story telling.
Includes: just fluff, malleus being awkward overall, yall r in a relationship, gender neutral reader (i tried), malleus may be ooc!!
Tumblr media
“Home Sweet Home,” I thought when I opened up the door to our Ramshackle home. I held a sleeping Grim in my arm, carrying my bag in the other deciding to give my back mercy since I’ve just returned from school.
I walked into our dorm, taking off my shoes, throwing my bag somewhere in the lounge and placing Grim carefully on the couch. “I’d rather not wake him, not yet. A hungry Grim awake is a bad mood for me,” I bitterly thought. Grim may be my lovely companion and roommate but with the amount of trouble he’s gotten into today, I just want peace and quiet.
Surprisingly, Malleus wasn’t at school. At first, I didn’t worry, simply thinking he will turn up soon and we’ll catch each other at lunch. But unfortunately, that didn’t happen so I continued sitting with the Diasomnia boys.
By now, I was sitting in the creaky rocking chair that was near the couch Grim was snoring on, I continued doing an overview of the day. My thoughts still kept getting dragged to Malleus. What was he doing that must’ve occupied him all day? Or was he avoiding me?
I shook my head. “I’ll run by Diasomnia tonight if I get the chance,” I finalized with myself. “Now I should get started on dinner before Grim throws a rampage,” I muttered to myself, heading to the kitchen.
It was nightfall already. Grim and I already had our dinner and Grim was already in bed. I stayed in the lounge, doing last minute cleaning. “After this, I’ll head to Diasomnia,” I said to myself, “I hope Malleus is alright.”
Finishing up with the cleaning, I started to ascend the stairs to my room. I needed to get ready to go out. The temperature outside our ‘beloved’ Ramshackle dorm is slowly dipping, the Diasomnia dorm isn’t any better.
I opened the door to my room when 3 fast-paced knocks echoed throughout the dorm. I turned back and looked down the stairs, “Hold on!” I quickly headed to my room, at least getting a jacket before I’ll get whiplash from the cold as soon as I open the dorm entrance.
I scurried down the steps, wrapping myself in the jacket and hurried to the entrance, “Even standing in front of the door, it’s cold,” I muttered under my breath. I pulled the door open and was, of course, met with the cold.
“My love, I’m so sorry.” A deep voice said, a voice I love so much.
Malleus stood there in his school uniform attire, shifting on his feet with a white box in his hands. “I… I wanted- I mean- I made something for you,” Malleus stumbled on his words. “I hope you’ll forgive me, dear.”
I stared up at him, obviously relieved that he finally turned up. Even if it was at the end of the day. I gave him a small smile, pulling him by his upper arm into the dorm, “Just come inside and warm up first, Mal.” I ushered him to the couch, luckily we had a fireplace near it.
Malleus listened, scurrying in and hurrying to the couch. He still was holding onto the white box. I followed after him and sat next to him.
“Love, I didn’t mean to not turn up at all- Please forgive me, I was just trying to-“ Malleus sounded stressed.
“Mal, please. I’m not mad at you.” I let out a breathy laugh, taken aback by Malleus jittery tone of voice.
Malleus visibly relaxed, the grip on the box not as tight. “Please, what’s been occupying you the entire day,” I started. I was still curious after all.
Malleus turned to me, his green eyes connecting with mine. “I was… trying to make something for you,” he glanced down at the white box, my eyes following, “I.. I thought that I’ve been distant to you, that I haven’t been showing my love to you enough.”
He removed the lid, revealing sweets and pastries. The outside of the box was a plain white yet the inside was decorated. On the sides of the box, green hearts was drawn onto it. The sweets and pastries settled onto what seemed a thin green cloth with small designs etched onto the cloth.
The sight of the sugars made me feel hungry all over again, despite having dinner. There was small slices of cheesecake with cherry sauce on it, chocolate covered strawberries, petit fours, strawberry tarts and a glazed donut. The sugars were certainly random but it look appetizing nonetheless.
I had a huge smile on my face, giggling under my breath. I looked back up at Malleus, who looked like he’s been put under a love spell with the way he’s gazing at me already. I took the box and set it onto my lap, reaching up to caress Malleus’ face, “Thank you so much, Mal. They look delicious.” I pulled Malleus down gently towards me and gave him a huge kiss on the forehead, “Now I’ll have to get you something, not that I mind of course. I’d gift you jewels if I could.”
Malleus blushed at the last comment. He fumbled with his fingers, “You don’t have to gift me anything, dearest.. Having you in my presence and seeing you smile is enough.” I swooned at his words.
I sighed in content. I reached into the box and grabbed a chocolate strawberry, “Let’s share, come on,” I held the strawberry by the top and had my hand under it, I inched my hands towards him. Malleus was taken back, staring at the strawberry then back at me, “But they’re for you-“ “And I believe my love deserves to try his own work,” I gestured my eyes to my hands, offering the strawberry.
Malleus smiled at me, taking a hesitant bite out of the strawberry. I take my hands back and eat the rest of the strawberry, “it tastes lovely.” I looked at Malleus who was chewing on the strawberry. “You’re right, it does taste delicious,” his deep voice muttered out, accompanied by a small chuckle.
We both finished the box together, despite Malleus always saying that ‘he’s had enough’ but always eating the pieces I held up to him. The box was tossed aside, Malleus now holding me in his arms.
“I love you, Mal.”
“And I love you till the ends of times, my dearest.”
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ensaladaaa · 3 years
Can someone explain something to me rq
I finished chap 205 of kny and I noted that it was modern time since I don't recognize the names and-
Did like the original characters have children 👁👄👁 like?? Or am I just rlly dumb and can't see through my watery eyes 😩
Tumblr media
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ensaladaaa · 3 years
Feather // Kyojuro Rengoku
Tumblr media
genre: fluff
f! reader, you are the feather pillar, together in a relationship (sorry if i do a lot of those, i dont know how to do confession chapters aehf)
prompt: you're cooking for kyo before he heads to his next mission
warnings: none
"Feather!" Kyojuro called out, his vibrant eyes looking around. "In the kitchen!" You called back. He quickly scurried to the kitchen, all dressed in his uniform and his sword between his belt. You turned your head and stared at him, confused. "You have a mission today?" You asked. Kyojuro wrapped his arms around you while he watched you stir the black beans in the pot, "Yep! I have to go to the train station myself because all the other demon slayers has went but never reported back."
You sighed out in worry and looked at him. "Promise me, you'll be ok?" Kyojuro smiled and placed a kiss on your forehead, "Of course, feather! I'll try to keep in touch!" His smile hasn't faltered and shunned through your worried face. You smiled softly, "When does your mission start?" You asked and he thought. "In a half an hour, I believe." He snapped his fingers and unwrapped his arms from you.
You smiled wider, "Just in time then! I cooked your favorite food and I want you to take it for lunch during your mission!" You gestured to the pot of black beans and the bentos filled with the potatoes wrapped in tinfoil. "I made sure I made some more bentos for you, since missions can be pretty long." You smiled at him. Kyojuro stared at the bentos with a tinfoiled potatoes with his usual smile and hugged you tightly.
"Thanks Feather, I'm sure with all that food I am definitely going to kill the demon!" He boasted and laughed. You giggled softly before shooing him off to warm up for his mission, "Go on and warm up, I'll pack up the bento boxes."
= Skip to him leaving =
Kyojuro hugged me tightly and kissed your nose, nuzzling his forehead against yours. You let out a small laugh and embraced him also. He lets go of you and softly placed your lips against his. You pulled away and hugged him again, "Please be safe, Kyo." He patted your head and shuffled from your hug. "No demon will bring me down! Ill be back, Feather!" He skipped into the trail towards the station. He turned around and waved. You waved back, "Love you! I'll always be here!" You yelled as Kyo nods. "I'll be back (Y/N)! I love you!" He said and turned around, disappearing through the thick trees.
"Rengoku-sama why do you have so much bentos?" Zenitsu asked. Kyojuro, happily munching on them, turned to looked at the three young demon slayers.
"Because the taste reminds me of the love of my life back home, waiting for me!"
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ensaladaaa · 3 years
Reassurance // Kokushibou
Tumblr media
genre: fluff
f! reader and is some sort of tsugoku under koku
you and kokushibou are already in a relationship
prompt: muzan gives the upper demon moons a rare break for a day and kokushibou plans to use this day as alone time with his lover, until he sees douma 'spending time' with his love. He grows jealous but soon turn into an emo session to himself. Though he doesn't know that she was forced to spend time with douma.
warning: kny manga spoilers and kokushibou being occ
Muzan stared at the Upper Moons as they all bowed themselves at him. "I suppose from the lack of demon slayers killing the other demons, you all shall take a day off." Muzan spoke. Akaza, who was beside you, let out a small sigh of happiness and Muzan continued, "Though your work will double tomorrow, make sure you rest up or you will have hell to go through tomorrow." His voice was strict and all the Moon demons nodded their heads, either having a blank expression or a smile on their faces.
Muzan turned around. "Dismissed." He stated before disappearing. Everyone let out a sigh of relief, glad for the day off and for the tension disappearing. Everyone stayed still for a second, not used to getting day offs. Douma quickly broke the awkward silence in the air. "Finally we got a day off!" His voice traveled around the complicated and mind twisting area. Douma scooted more closer behind you, who was sitting in front of him. Douma wrapped his muscular-like arms around your neck, pulling you back into some sort of hug. "Lets spend this day together Y/N!" His cheery voice exclaimed.
You shuffled out from his hug and shook her head. "No thanks." You stated, a tad bit uncomfortable. Douma was usually the cheery one in the group, but is extremely skillful in his attacks. Though, he had a main attraction to women. He grabbed your hands and intertwined his fingers with yours, his smile never faltering even though he was just rejected. His rainbow eyes stared into your (E/C) eyes, glimmering and filled with hope? You tugged at your hands, attempting to pull away your hands from his. Though his hands just tightened his hold. Your eye twitched.
Kokushibou usually sat in the way back of the powerful demons and stared at his lover and Douma the whole time. His six eyes stared intensely at the woman eater, the growing feeling of jealousy in his stomach growing more powerful by the second. When Douma's hand intertwined with his love's, the jealousy immediately disappeared as it was replaced with sadness and doubt. His lower eyes twitched as he didnt catch that you were trying to pull away from him, his sadness blocked that part from his eyes and he assumed that you were enjoying it.
He stared at the two of you before quickly sneaking away, the pit of sadness overpowering his jealousy in his stomach. Kokushibou twisted through the maze of random rooms, his eyes tearing up a few beads before being dried up from the slight wind that was picking up. He slid open his and his lovers room and shoved himself in it, blocking the door with a desk. He stared at the door but turned away, shoving himself on the bed they both shared.
Akaza noticed the disappearance of the Upper Moon 1 and snapped his head over to Douma and Y/N. "Can you quit it Douma?!" He yelled at him. Douma looked at Akaza and tilted his head to the side. "But I'm not bothering you?" Douma said, confusion written all over his face. Daki chimed in before Akaza lost control of himself, "Let go of Y/N, Douma. Kokushibou requested her." She lied, attempting her turn since she can sense that Kokushibou will only get angrier as time passes. You aggressively pulled your hands away from the woman eater. Douma pouted and reached for your hands again. You snapped your hands towards yourself and glared at him, "Sorry but I have to talk with Kokushibou now." You stood up.
You glanced at Douma and jumped up, quickly twisting your body and jumping on some areas to get to you and Kokushibou's room. Douma had some sort of murderous glint in his rainbow eyes when you glanced at him. You shivered. The only look he had in his eyes were either sadness or his usual happy self, but a murderous look? Might have to keep yourself away from him awhile.
You continued twisting your body though the maze of mind twisting rooms. You stumbled onto the balcony of Kokushibou and your's room. You grabbed the hand and moved your hand to the right, the way to make it slide open. Though it didn't budge. You stared at the door and pulled your hand to the right again. No movement. You glared at the door and knocked softly. "Kokushibou?"
Kokushibou stared at the door and the desk that was blocking the door, deciding whether or not to open it and let his lover in. But the more he stared at the door, the more he decided against it. He was in his "emo" moment right now but he craved for your touch and soft kisses you always gave him on his curse marks. He suppressed the urge to open the door. Kokushibou kept quiet as you knocked again.
"Kokushibou, dear?" You continued on calling out to him, even using the nicknames that he loves and that will have you by your side in an instant. "Hon, are you in there?" You knocked, actually beginning to worry even though he was one of the strongest demons besides Master Kibutsuji. You continued knocking. "Koku, please open the door." Your voice was barely above a whisper, desperate.
Kokushibou stared at the door, guilt eating him up instead of the doubt. He quickly jumped off from the bed, hearing your worried voice getting to his head. He ran towards the door, moving the desk to the side and sliding the door open. You looked up when you heard the door open but was met his strong arms wrapping around your body and the nudge of his blade above your waist.
His purple-black yakuta top and his black hair with red tips covered your eyesight. You shuffled your body a bit and attempted to hug back. Before you could fully wrap your arms around him, he swept you up from your feet. Your legs reacted and wrapped around above his waist as he continued hugging you. Your arms latched onto his shoulder and he quickly walked back into the shared room, closing the door again.
He climbed onto the bed, still carrying you. Kokushibou eased you onto the bed before slowly placing his body on top of yours, discarding his blade of course. He nuzzled his head into the crook of your neck, his bangs tickling your neck. His grip tightened around you as he entangled your legs with his.
Butterflies filled your stomach as you played with his long hair, which was tightened into a ponytail. Kokushibou inhaled your scent as his muscles unravled from the tension he kept for awhile. His fingers drew circles on your lower back which made you shuffle a bit. He drew his head from your neck away and looked down at you, his six eyes staring down at you as you just settled to stare at the middle section of his eyes.
He placed his forehead against yours, closing his eyes and sighing out. "You know it hurt that you were spending time with Douma." His voice was deep and tired. I let out a small laugh, "It wasnt my fault. He attempted to get me to spend time with him but soon turned forceful. Sorry Koku" You whispered softly. You literally felt him melt when he called you by that nickname.
"For now, lets cuddle." You continued on. "Yeah, I'll kill Douma later." He yawned out.
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