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Tumblr media
Mc/Y/N/Yuu: Goodnight moon.
Mc/Y/N/Yuu Goodnight tree.
Mc/Y/N/Yuu: Goodnight ghosts that only I can see.
Ace: We can see the ghosts too ya know?
Mc/Y/N/Yuu, turning around very slowly to face Ace:
Mc/Y/N/Yuu: Let me feel fucking special for once okay? 馃檪
Ace: ...okay, so-rry 馃
Mc/Y/N/Yuu: As I was saying *Turning around towards the big window*
Mc/Y/N/Yuu: and goodnight to the tall man with horns who watches me sleep every night
Ace, whipping his head around so fast he could break his neck: IM SORRY, THE WHAT?!
Malleus, outside the window: Goodnight my child of man 鈽猴笍 *waving*
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Warning: whack but smutty topic. Minors scroll away
First night of a virginal wedding with 馃悏. Things are getting hot and heavy and thrilling, but he suddenly zones out and tears himself away from you. Confused, you sit up and ask him what's wrong. He pulls out a book from under the bed and flips through it to a page he had bookmarked.
He had studied hard for this very moment so as to not embarrass himself, but apparently his nerves and overstimulation got the better of him. So he forgot. He completely forgot what he was supposed to do next.
馃尭: "You... forgot?"
馃悏, indignantly: "I cannot help it. No book in the library regarding this topic has illustrations of any kind, so half the time I cannot comprehend what they are talking about. "And finally, a climactic shock shook him to the core as he aimed his cannon at her volcanic cavern,聽spilling his juices into her.""
馃悏: "What does that mean? Why does the woman own a volcano? Why is he attacking her lands? And what flavor is the juice supposed to be?"
馃悏: "Therefore this book is the most straightforward I've found. I cannot remember for the life of me however, whether the tongue or the finger goes first..."
You laugh hard. Really, really hard. He looks at you with an offended expression, but you just wave at him while trying to calm down your giggles.
馃尭: "Just put that book down, mister, and come here already."
Goodness, you didn't think that it's part of your spousal duties to educate your adorable husband.
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We share the love language of biting. Now imagine TWST beatsfolk has that as an actual sign of courting. Like you're chilling with Leona, not dating or wooing him, and then you bite his cheek in affection. And all of Savanaclaw is shocked because among them, it's the same as i.e. proposing marriage. The utter chaos XD
OHH MY GOSSSHHH YOUR BRAIN >>> I LITERALLY LOVE THIS SO MUCH??? HAHAHA SODEFHSELKJD i'm gonna expand on that for a few characters...
Accidentally courting them
General warnings: Gender-neutral reader, not really proof read lol. Obvious Malleus and Lilia favoritism <3 I also decided that they ARE dating in this scenario, I think its cuter that way in my head heuheu
Featuring: Leona, Ruggie, Jack, Malleus, Lilia, ... and Rook HAHA.
TW: none! Just a bunch o' fluff of biting your non-human lover without realizing it was a sign of courtship <3
It was a typical day for Leona. You two were sitting in the lounge where most of the other students lingered, Leona becoming rather... possessive as of late. Instead of resting in his bedroom away from prying eyes as you had requested from your lover, he ignored all your feeble cries requesting privacy. Instead, he holds you in his lap without worrying what others are thinking. A form of showing others you were his, and his alone. You were conflicted in your feelings, staring at him. His eyes were closed, but he could feel your gaze burning into his head.
"How long are you-" Then it happened. You gave in. You gave his cheek a bit of a nibble. All of the sudden the chattering stopped, all eyes were on you, before they start patting Leonas back and giving him congrats while a few seemed to pull presents right out of their asses.
"Wha- what's going on?" Leona grumbled with a light blush before growling and pushing the face of someone who tried to hand him another gift.
"You all look like idiots! You know biting means something different to us. Don't be dumb." Okay, now you were extra confused. Seeing your utter ignorance, Leona sighed.
"Biting in our land is a sign of courtship, herbivore." ...Oh. You blush deeply and hide your face in his chest, Leona looking away flustered and ruffling your hair.
"Try again in a few years, and I just might bite you back."
You were walking down the halls with your boyfriend when suddenly you had the urge to just...bite him. an overwhelming sense of love and affection for the fact he had given you some of the bread he (probably legally) got ahold of. You smiled fondly at the bread and back at Ruggie before placing your mouth on the bulb of his shoulder, causing him to yelp in suprise and dropping his half of the bread.
"wha- huh?! What was that for?" He became flustered, bending over to pick up his bread and slowly move away from you with bright red cheeks. You furrowed your eyebrows and hugged yourself, almost embarrassed.
"I'm sorry, I just...I dunno," Your cryptic and non specific response left him with his jaw open and eyes wide, spluttering out things like "We're still in school! I don't have the funds yet-" before a familiar fist came and knocked the back of Ruggies head. Leona stood there smiling in amusement and chuckling at you.
"I don't think they know what that means to us beastman, Ruggie." Even more confused then before, you asked for clarification.
"You just asked him to marry you with that bite of yours, herbivore." Now YOUR mouth was wide open, and Ruggie managed to get flee from the scene without much notice from you nor his senior.
Oh brother. You have a lot of communicating to do with that one.
You were sitting at the lunch table eating away at your food when you noticed...Jack's biceps. You marveled at the sight of his bulky arms- it's a wonder to you how he managed to become so strong and have the motivation to train all day. With a burst of admiration, instead of biting into your sandwich - you took a bite into his muscle. He yelped in suprise and just stared at you, face slowly turning red. Ace and Deuce laughed at his reaction, ready to ask you what was up before Jack took it upon himself to... well, flustered and rapidly spit-firing plans.
"W-we are still so young! Are you sure about this? I-i never knew our relationship was at this level!" He grabbed both of your hands and looked you in your (bewildered) eyes.
"If you're serious about this, I promise I will protect and love you for the rest of my life. But before we go ahead with the ceremony, I want you to meet my parents and get their blessings. Oh, and I need to get a stable job after we finish school first, too, so I can support you and our future. know we haven't talked about marriage before but-" You quickly cut him off in astonishment before crying out,
"MARRIAGE?! Jack, WHAT are you talking about?! I am absolutely not ready for marriage! What got into you?!"
...Queue Ruggie and Leona hysterically laughing at your utter confusion, reveling in the ignorance of it all for a few moments longer before explaining properly what you had just committed yourself unknowingly to.
You were laying in the bed of Malleus Draconias's dorm, scrolling on your phone whilst his tail wrapped around your waist as he sat next to you reading a book. You sighed lightly and leaned your head back against the board of the mattress, turning slightly to look at your handsome fae lover. Your eyes then went down to his pale and perfect skin of his neck, the way it was free from all blemishes, smooth, and bright. Something about it made you want to taint it a light shade of red... He felt you shuffle slightly to adjust your body to be in just the right position where his neck was in full view. He glanced over to you feeling you wriggle free from his tails grasp, tilting his head seeing the look in your eyes crazed as you leaned over and just...chomped down on his collarbone.
You felt his tail twitch and his hands quickly throw the book he was reading aside to grasp your wrists, turning your body around and pinning you to the bed and carrassing your cheek with his tail.
"Biting..." He murmured, "Does this mean the same to humans as it does to Fae? You wish to be wed?" Your jaw dropped and cheeks took on a rosey hue, stuttering over yourself.
"W-wed?! I mean, I like to bite when I feel affectionate b-but marriage...I mean maybe one day b-but-"
"Biting in Fae culture is a sign of courtship and ownership. How brazen of you to mark me," he chuckled, "I shall take it you wish to own the next king of Briar Valley?" You could tell at this point Malleus was teasing you, something he picked up from the time you two have been dating.
Malleus could not help but return the favor by riddling your body with his own bite marks. Although he understood you perhaps did not have the intention of marrying him with your silly little form of affection, he knew in his mind with every bite that he was very serious about your future with him.
Lilia already knew that biting in the human world did not mean marriage, yet was akin to something more of "cute aggression." So when you have the habit of biting him in the privacy of yours or his room, he knows you simply meant it as a form of affection, letting him know that you had an overwhelming sense of love for the old fae. He bit you back consistently on many occasions, it just seemed to be the perfect form of showing love for one another.
You didn't actually know it meant something much deeper, until you were in the diasomnia lounge and unable to control yourself as you grabbed Lilias hand and bit down gently on his wrist. You couldn't help it, he was being so entirely silly and loving towards you, that you couldn't help but show this public display of affection. Much to everyone else's dismay, however. Sebek stares at you with his mouth agape, sounds of disbelief escaping past his lips yet a sentence unable to form. Malleus as well seemed surprised at this.
"(y/n)," Malleus said, "You wish to marry Lilia?" You coughed at the sudden question and let out a feeble and awkward chuckle.
"I mean...I wouldn't mind one day, of course. We haven't really talked about it. Why the sudden question?"
"HOW DARE YOU," Sebek cried out after finally finding his words, "How dare you bite Lilia and be so insolent as to not move forward with your actions in dignity! YOU MUST TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR PROPOSAL-" Lilia started snickering, cutting Sebek off with a wave of his hand.
"It's quite alright, Sebek. Biting means something much different to humans than Fae, I suppose this is the first you had seen us put on a show of affection, hence your confusion." He turned to you, who had furrowed eyebrows and pursed lips at Sebeks sudden outburst.
"Biting, my dear, is a form of courtship to us fae. It is a sign of ownership," He chuckled.
"Why didn't you tell me that?!" You exasperated, "I mean, it wouldn't have changed anything I have done, but I would have been more careful about it... especially if it means something more to you," Lilia gracefully explained he understood it meant something slightly different to humans, before gently grabbing your hand and raising it to his mouth.
"Well, now that you understand what it means," He put your ring finger into his mouth and took a bite at the base,
"Would you like to bite me once more, my dear?"
You bit his arm and he immediately was on one knee.
"Was that a proposal? You know mon cheri, biting one affectionately is often a declaration of courtship-" You hit the top of his head and walked away from your interesting boyfriend.
"You're not a beastman or a fae! I'm never biting you again!" Your face red and folding your arms, turning away (ah, his cute tsundere lover.)
Oh woe is Rook! He begs and begs you to bite him more, he wants to be covered in your marks. It means you were claiming him as your own, right? RIGHT??
This was so fun to write DFSEFDSFIHSLDKJF thank you for the brain rot heuheuheueheueh
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My Wife? Yeah My Wife
Note: This was an inspiration of the post "Its okay to kill someone but never okay to disrespect your wife"
This could also be your fave character as i was just only focusing on Malleus(because i love him)
Tumblr media
Malleus Draconia was in the midst of a conversation with his caretaker and his friends, Sebek and Silver. They were discussing various topics, from school matters to personal beliefs. The conversation took a serious turn when the topic of respect and honor came up.
Sebek, always the passionate one, was arguing about the necessity of defending one's honor, even if it meant resorting to violence. Silver, on the other hand, was advocating for a more peaceful approach. Malleus listened to their arguments, his thoughtful gaze never wavering.
Finally, he spoke up, his voice calm yet commanding. "While I understand your points," he began, addressing Sebek, "I believe that there are certain lines that should never be crossed."
Sebek looked at him, a hint of confusion in his eyes. "What do you mean, Malleus Sama?"
Malleus turned to look at his friends, his gaze steady. "It's okay to kill someone if it's a matter of life and death, a matter of protecting oneself or others," he said, his voice firm. "But it's never okay to disrespect your wife, or anyone you claim to love, for that matter."
His words hung in the air, a profound silence following his statement. Sebek and Silver exchanged glances, a newfound respect for Malleus evident in their eyes. They knew then that Malleus Draconia was not just a powerful figure, but also a man of deep respect and honor.
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In regard to interspecies romance
Tumblr media
Humans have a fairly easy time pursuing the other species in Twisted Wonderland, though there are exceptions to that rule.
multi (separate) x reader [wc] - 2,252 [note] - one of the first things i ever wrote, though i never posted cause i didnt edit it. thought i would anyways cause its kinda cute
Tumblr media
Despite their animal like tendencies and courting methods, it's incredibly common to see human-beastmen couples and families. Perhaps it's due to how similar their behaviors are to their animal counterparts, but humans are fond of how beastmen flirt and display affection. Beastmen are offended by the comparison, but it's hard to deny how similar, and cute, they are to the common wolf, hyena, or lion.
Wolf and other canine beastmen enjoy being close to their mates. They like to be physically affectionate, almost playful with their partners. They'll nuzzle into the crook of their neck鈥攏o matter how much bigger they are compared to their human鈥攍ean against them when they walk, and will happily be by their beloved's sided at all times. Furthermore, they primarily show their effectiveness as partners by being great providers, regardless of gender, and showing off how tight-knit their packs are. After all, family is very important to them, and they'll expect to have one, no matter how big or small, with their partner in the future.
If you catch Ruggie trying to slyly and smoothly place a hand on the small of you back when moving through crowds, no you don't. If a person notices Jack momentarily grabbing (gingerly, mind you) your sides as he slips behind you to reach the potion ingredient on the shelf above you, don't mention how his touch lingers ever so slightly. Maybe take it with a grain of salt when Jack tries to invite you to visit his family over break, as friends, of course. And when Ruggie brags to you about how well he watched over the neighborhood kids growing up, how he'd make for a great family man, it's all hypothetical.
Feline beastmen are more reserved in their affections in public, especially compared to canines, and even more so for lion beastmen. It's more common for them to show affection in more subtle manners, such as buying their partner's food and drinks without being asked, going out of their way to help them when they're struggling at school or work, and are able to spend hours just in their general vicinity. As long as their beloved is around, they're happy. In private, though, expect to have their entire body draped over them, weight and all, shoved into their personal space to the point that it becomes a foreign concept. Leona embodies this to his entire core, too prideful to perform PDA, but just prideful enough that he knows he can take up all your time and space with no consequence. Unless that consequence is your love and affection, which he supposes he could suffer through if you hear him purring, don't point it out.
All lion beastmen hold their pride close to their heart (no matter how much a certain prince would deny it) and their partner is no exception. Their pride is an intrinsically developed social network made of an extended, but closed family network. It requires all new partners to be carefully and slowly introduced to the rest of the pride, more so in Leona's case due to the royal family being traditionally made up of Sunset Savana nobility. You won't be the first non-beastmen, but are the first foreigner in a very long time to be introduced. Don't worry, though, Leona is nothing if not patient, and his family are just happy to know that he's found someone.
Tumblr media
On the other end of the spectrum, however, are human-fae relations. Uncommon, though not for a lack of trying on humans' parts, due to most of the fairfolk residing in the isolated Briar Valley. The complicated history between the two species, ancient to humans but still relatively fresh for fae, doesn't help either. There's also the unfortunate consequence of humankind's rather short lifespans compared to the average 1,000-year lifespan of the fae. Unless the fae is in their final hundred or so years, they'll almost always outlive their partner without magical interference.
It's not impossible though, and as younger fairfolk leave the valley to explore the world, more marriages have resulted in half-fae children, both human and beastmen. As partners, fae are devoted to the health and safety of their loved ones. Increasing tenfold into nearly coddling territory with non-fae. Compared to them, their humans and beastmen are awfully fragile and naive, and require their protection. This can cause animosity between them, however, and only fae that are willing to learn and change their old ways result in happy, long-lived marriages.
They're also generally known to have lengthy courting methods: not dating, that implies something casual, no they court. Once they've established interest in you, their end goal is marriage, no ifs, ands, or buts. Fairfolk are generous with gifting during courtship: all gifts are about an equal-exchange and your acceptance of their gifts is a reciprocation of their feelings. At the end of the courtship, you can expect a small feast to be displayed at a ceremony held between their and your family. This is an especially important ceremony when courting humans and beastmen: fairy food can often cause lasting damages to those that consume it without permission. By offering their food to you and your kin, they are welcoming you into their world and telling you that they will never intentionally bestow harm to you or your kin. If you choose to accept the food, then you agree to do the same til the end of your days.
Lilia is a strange case, having already lived a long life and being well traveled, a gleeful participant in the strange customs and traditions of humans and beastmen. He'd much rather participate in other's dating and courtship rituals than his own people's. It's fascinating how fleeting the process can be, yet it can result in everlasting devotion. Don't mistake his flexible nature for disinterest, however. He's still a fae, and if you start finding silly little knickknacks of his on their desk, you can expect to never be rid of him.
The Draconia family-line is steadfast in their traditions, even if Lilia raised the latest prince. So don't expect anything other than the previously explained rituals from Malleus, even if you're not aware of them. Taking gems, jewelry, and clothing made of the finest material you'll ever lay hands from his hoard means little to him if it means you'll accept the gift (and him). Even if you aren't aware of how courtship works, the moment you pick up the black ring with the big oval emerald and Briar Valley crest, you're practically engaged in his eyes.
The courtship is long, even for Malleus who was one step away at every turn to skip over the entire thing in favor of just eloping. All for the person who decided that the great and terrifying Malleus Draconia was actually just a simple Mr. Hornton, a friend, companion who just wanted someone to stay by his side. If it means calling you his spouse, his fellow ruler, and the only love of his life even a moment sooner, then he'd be willing to throw tradition and ritual out of the very tall tower window just to do so.
Many years later, when you reminiscing how the two of you first met, and how long it took you to notice his feelings, you'll offhandedly mention the random gifts you found at your doorstep. How you wish you knew who was leaving those precious stones and golden amulets with no indication on who the admirer was. Upon further questioning, you'll tell him that you didn't even know you were being courted until two months into the ritual. It'll then click in Malleus's mind how utterly lucky he was that the two of you even got together in the first place.
Tumblr media
It may be surprising, but human-mer relations have been extraordinarily rare. Only a handful of them have popped up since the times of the Sea Princess, who left her home for a human prince. In fact, you could probably count them on one hand! Perhaps this is due to the difficulties of having a romance between land dwellers and undersea folk; after all, it's much easier for humans, fae, and beastmen to interact when they all live on land. Merfolk can come up to the surface, and have been doing moreso in the last century, but having a relationship with someone who quite literally could not breathe in the same air/water as you is near impossible. At least, not without significant effort on one or the other's part.
Nearly all the human-mer romances that have occurred in history resulted in either one or the other abandoning their home to turn into a human/mer and live the rest of their days with their love in their new world. Certainly a romantic notion to be sure, but it most definitely require their love to be truly eternal. Or else you might run the risk of resentment brewing between the two. With a slowly growing need to easy access transformation potions and spells for business and diplomatic reasons, such romance is not far from reach, at least for those with money to spare. The next issue though would be the significant difference between land dweller and undersea folk's courting methods.
Perhaps it can be contributed to the more...feral nature of merfolk. Most of them still retain more animalistic features and behaviors than the average beastman. The twins are no exception to this. Even if you were to remove their claws, mucus covered skin, and 6-ft tail, you're still left with eyes suited for a deep-sea predator, nose that can smell the tiniest drop of blood in a pool, and rows of razor sharp teeth begging to bite down on your neck. The deep-sea is not only cold, but quite ruthless. So, it'll probably come as no surprise that moray eels will prove themselves as suitable partners by fighting either their competitors or you. If they can prove that they can hold their own, protect you from the horrors of the deep, then they have the right to go for your heart. That's not to say softer sentiments don't exist, and while similar the twins are still two separate people with different tastes. These tastes show during courting, though mers have a more casual date-like ritual.
Like fae, merfolk court via gifts, particularly handmade or ones they found themselves, and Floyd is awfully fond if gifting you the strangest things. A tooth that was knocked out from the student who shoved you a little too hard, a rock you tripped over in P.E., or a sand dollar he found on a trip to the beach were a few of the many items he gave you. Jade is similar, though he's more fond of making his own gifts. A necklace made of seashells found at the beach you had your first date in, a terrarium he made from plants that remind him of you, but your favorite was the small garden he started tending to on your kitchen windowsill. Breakfast was particularly delicious when made with his fresh mushrooms. Expect soon after the gifts lots of physical affection, public and private.
Don't be mistaken, they'll still bully you. But each of Floyd's bone-crushing hugs will be accompanied by a soft headbump from his forehead to yours. Jade's teasing, mean remarks will follow with a swift, sweet peck to your knuckles. They'll grab your notebook and hold it above their head until you agree to give them a kiss or punch them in the stomach, both are acceptable responses. Be a little mean back, they like the idea of a sweet and cute little human that can throw a punch. Your their sweet little human, and you make life in the deep exciting. Just don't ask about their flushed face every time they see you yawn, they aren't quite ready to explain that one yet.
Azul intensely studied a variety of topics before coming to land, even briefly glossing over dating, romance, and marriage before deciding he wouldn't need it anytime soon. He regretted that soon after meeting you, though he made do with what he knew. And what he knew as food. A combination of octo-mer courtship and being the son of a cook, Azul will discreetly court you by personally cooking and feeding you your favorite meals. It's the result of the dangers of ancient octo-mers eating their spouses after mating. Afterall you can't eat more if your already full. While not something they have to worry about now, it's an old ritual still used today, Azul has hear the way to a person's heart is their stomach and can wholeheartedly agree.
What's surprised you the most was what followed after, especially for someone as physically reserved as Azul: octo-mers are extremely clingy and affectionate. He doesn't have the heart to do anything more than handholding and chaste kisses to your cheeks in public, but he yearns to wrap all 8 tentacles and two arms around you so tightly that your gasping for a breath that he steals with his lips. He won't mention it, but he can taste the salt from your skin and the pulse from your wrists with his suckers. Take it from someone who grew up with a refined palate, he thinks your taste is equivalent to ambrosia from the gods, though that might be the lovesickness speaking.
Tumblr media
i have a hard time writing savanaclaw for some reason, but imma working on it now! also tagging for all the guys is stressful idk what i should enter, like fullname or just first name idk man!! pls reblog and comment! lmk what you time, xoxo
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if all the requests slots aren't closed kissing on a ferris wheel with silver or malleus? :D
when i tell you sapphy i squealed out loud and kicked my feet
reader isn't yuu, gender neutral reader, irene deadass didn't know how to write silver (so only malleus oop), short imagines bc irene had a sudden shortage of brainworms
Tumblr media
congrats, you've successfully surprised the dragon boy.
man's bluescreened for a second there, but then he chuckled, red adorned his pretty face.
he didn't expect his child of man to be so bold, asking to ride the ferris wheel together, and now having kissed him so suddenly.
he might've brought out the ring鈩, ready to propose right then and there
instead, he held your closer. a gloved hand lifted your chin, his green eyes seemed especially soft when they met yours.
"how bold of you, child of man, ensnaring my heart just like that." he leaned closer. "i would have given you willingly, had you asked. prithee, would you accept this fae's enraptured soul?"
and he closed the distance with you. the darkened sky was lit brightly with fireworks, yet none was as mesmerising as the two burning souls entwined.
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Tumblr media
鈸 霐半嫟雼
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Malleus: What are you thinking about?
Noble!Yuu:...my father.
Malleus: the one you...
Noble!Yuu: no...my real father. The one who truly raised me.
Malleus: You've never talked about him.
Noble!Yuu: He was...not human. Not fea either. Humans called him a beast or a demon.
Malleus: What was he?
Noble!Yuu: A king, and a father. The only being that took pity on me, a child left to die. He found me after I was left tied up and locked in a chest.
Malleus: He must have been a kind soul.
Noble!Yuu: He was actually quite cold but he was kind. He didn't claim me as his but he protected me within his castle walls. I surrounded by beings like him who followed his commands. After they threatened me he'd cut their heads off instantly.
Malleus: So that's where you get it from.
Noble!Yuu: Yes, it was the law of beasts there. And I lived by it. That's how I was named my father's heir.
Malleus: Was he really that cold? He still seems to care for you.
Noble!Yuu: Father was very loving and sweet. He just didn't know how to show it. It was my human mother...my true mother that helped him open up.
Malleus: A beast and a human together? How romantic.
Noble!Yuu: beast...that word always made it sound like he was some grotesque animal. You'd be shocked how he actually appeared.
Malleus: Oh? Describe him then.
Noble!Yuu: Father was...ethereal. The humans always said he only looked beautiful to tempt them into his bed and trick innocent children into trusting him so he could eat them. Father was always disgusted by that claim, be hated humans, and said children her annoying. But as far as eating humans...I think he did.
Malleus: He ate people? You could have eaten you!
Noble!Yuu: He didn't just go around earing innocent people. However, when human warriors attacked us he'd kill them. One time a man injured mother in battle which was difficult already. Father lost control and transformed. He bit the man's head off.
Malleus: An absolutely understandable reaction.
Noble!Yuu: Right! Finally, someone who understands. Protecting your mate and family is the most important thing. Mother did similar things when people tried to hurt me.
Malleus: But she was a human.
Noble!Yuu: Mother chose to become like Father. To give up part of her humanity. They will be together now for as long as they live.
Malleus:You can do that! Can you tell me how?!
Noble!Yuu: You couldn't do it. Fea don't have that ability. But someday soon it will be my turn. The demonic blood will be in my veins. Once I discard my weak human side I will be the future ruler of the kingdom.
Malleus: I like your human side. I don't want you to change.
Noble!Yuu: You sound like my mother. I have lived my life as a human but I have a demon's heart. That's where I belong.
Malleus: Will that make you happy?
Noble!Yuu: Yes, more than anything. I've wanted this since the day I was saved.
Malleus: Then I'll support you.
Tumblr media
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MC is Scared of Them (Scenario)
Fandom: Twisted Wonderland
Pairing: Malleus, Rollo with gn! Reader.
Requested by:聽Anon
Prompt:聽 I鈥檓 here with the mild angst baybee. Could you possibly write a scenario where Rollo and Malleus (separately) have a crush on someone (GN) who is absolutely terrified of them? Like 鈥渙ne wrong move and they鈥檒l book it鈥 type of terrified of them? How would the boys try to coax them, or do they at all? Tysm 鈽猴笍
A/N:聽Malleus's got a bit more angst than I meant. ><
Word Count:聽Malleus (454), Rollo (302)
Your existence was nothing less than intoxicating to him. Like a moth to a flame, his attention was always on and for you; if you were nearby, he would study your every movement; if you were nowhere in sight, his eyes would eagerly search for a glimpse of you. It was evident to everyone that Malleus had a crush on you, except you.
To you, he was nothing more than the most powerful mage in that world and the future King of Briar Valley, and his title and power terrified you. Throughout your many encounters, Malleus had discerned you were frightened of him, but this did not deter him from attempting to win your trust and, eventually, your heart.
Seeing Malleus approaching you again, you nervously shifted your gaze to your feet and mentally reminded yourself to stay calm. Your attempt to avoid his gaze was futile, as his attention was firmly placed on you. His gaze seemed to pierce through you as if looking deep into your soul; his green eyes took in your every flaw, yet he saw no flaw.
"Do you fear me, Child of Man?" His firm voice held compassion and a yearning so deep that it was almost primal.
His patience wore thin when you refused to answer his question. Everyone on campus could see how enamored the Prince of Briar Valley was with you, so why could you not see his feelings? You suddenly felt his long fingers brush against your jawline before gently grasping your chin. Malleus tilted your head to look up at him and studied your wide, dilated pupils.
"Do you believe I could harm you?"
A hint of desperation and sadness coated his stern voice as his emerald eyes searched your face for the slightest hint of trust in him. Much to his despair, the dragon prince found nothing but trepidation.
"Tell me, Child of Man. Why do you fear me? Do you believe I am a cruel monster, much like those on this campus?" The desperation and softness in his voice grew as he spoke. "Why do you hold reservations about my intentions?"
Your lips parted slightly as if you were prepared to answer his question, but you swatted his hand away, spun on your heels, and ran as fast as your legs could carry you. Malleus was unprepared for your actions but gave you the space you desired. As the sound of your feet faded into the distance, he sighed deeply and momentarily lowered his head.
"All I ask is for you to grant me the privilege to show you my true self."
Turning in the opposite direction from where you ran, the prince stood motionless and stared into the empty horizon.
Rollo refused to admit it aloud, but an overwhelming sense of warmth and pain captured his heart whenever you were near him. Though he may not have been obvious, Rollo favored you over everyone else at Noble Bell, which showed in his leniency toward you.
Was it his poker face or his strictness? Maybe his habit of shutting everyone out or covering his face with his handkerchief as if he was disgusted by every living being around him. Fear. That was what you felt when you were in Rollo's presence. As he approached, you drew in a deep breath to prepare yourself for the uneasiness that was about to ensue.
His piercing gaze bored into your soul, causing a wave of uncertainty to wash over you. Your body froze against your will, but you managed to lower your gaze. Much to your relief, Rollo did not stop to speak to you and continued to the room at the end of the hallway.
Upon arriving at the room, he paused briefly at the entrance and turned his head in your direction as you quickly walked away. He was aware of your fear. Despite his efforts, you never comprehended the depths of his feelings for you, but it was for the best. Succumbing to emotions such as love would act as a distraction from his academic and future pursuits. Yet the flame in his heart refused to extinguish.
An unexpected tenderness briefly flashed in his pale green eyes as your form vanished in the distance. Rollo returned his gaze to the classroom interior and rested his hand over his tightened chest. It was a mere crush and naught more. He did not have the time or luxury to love or pursue the selfish desires of his heart. That was all Rollo could tell himself.
"I am a fool."
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blues824 2 days
hello blue~ happy december 鈥硷笍鉂b湪 for the fluffcember event, i'll request the future king himself鉁 malleus馃挌 with prompts #29, #21, and #2 鉁ㄢ湪 take care of yourself as the seasons change 馃挋鈽冿笍
You requested: Dancing in the Snow, Secret Santa, Holiday Blues
You take care of yourself as well!
Tumblr media
Malleus Draconia
To say that the holidays were your favorite time of the year would be an understatement. You had always had the holiday blues, but they were just emphasized now that you had no way of going back to your world.
The Diasomnia dormitory noticed how you have been seeming down in mood as of late, so they decided to research some traditional human festivities. A game called 鈥楽ecret Santa鈥 popped up, and after reading over the rules, they came to the unanimous conclusion that this might bring your holiday spirits up.
Now, Malleus may or may not have used his magic to manipulate the choices, as he wanted to make sure that he picked your name from the bag, and you picked Silver. Who you picked didn鈥檛 matter, however, as he just wanted to get you your gift. There was one idea that immediately came to mind, but he would hold off on that, as he didn鈥檛 want to rush you into anything.
When the day came, you were feeling worse than ever. Everyone was gone for vacation, and you and Grim were stuck in Ramshackle. However, you felt a bit better when you made the journey to the Diasomnia dormitory to celebrate. You had your gift in one arm and Grim in the other, making sure to not drop either.
The dragon prince himself answered the door, as he had been waiting for you to arrive. He led you to the area in which his retainers were speaking animatedly with one another, and you gave each of them a fake smile.
Anyway, as you gave the gift you brought to Silver, revealing that you were his Secret Santa, you learned that the Crowned Prince was your Secret Santa. You opened it and it was a very soft blanket, perfect for the winter time in Ramshackle, as it would keep you warm even as the snow fell outside.
You sat there, petting the blanket and finally giving a genuine smile to Malleus, and his dragon鈥檚 tail was figuratively waving back and forth frantically.
He insisted upon seeing you home, as he didn鈥檛 want anything to happen to you or Grim, and he insisted upon carrying the box that the blanket resided in. As the monster that called you 鈥榟enchman鈥 was asleep around your shoulders, you both whispered to each other, making sure not to wake him.
Eventually, and unfortunately, you reached the front door of Ramshackle, and you invited him in, not ready to end the night yet, surprisingly. You set the cat on your bed so that he may sleep, and you put the new blanket over him, then you turned to Malleus, who watched you tuck in the little monster.
Walking back down the stairs, you noticed that it was snowing outside, and so did the prince standing beside you. He then extended his hand out to you, looking into your eyes with such pure love that it had you melting.
鈥淢ay I have this dance?鈥
It was a simple question, but it had you weak in the knees as you put your hand in his. You quickly found yourself being pulled outside, back into the cold, but you were pressed up against his chest. His left hand found your waist and his right hand joined with your left, and you both started spinning around.
Looking into his eyes to see he was still looking at you like you were the personification of a gasp of air after he had been trapped underwater for his entire life made your heart burst, it made you feel as though you were soaring. You smiled, and it was as though everything had turned to gold for the dragon prince.
And so you both stayed there for a few moments, dancing about in the snow, staring into each other鈥檚 eyes, finding peace in the depressing season.
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twisted-dork 3 days
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random-twst-things 13 hours
Tumblr media
Malleus: I require assistance on what to get my dear Mc/Y/N/Yuu for Valentine's
Lilia: oohoho? Why of course! What do you have in mind?
Malleus: I'm not sure, but I do know I want it to be something that is lasting
Lilia: something lasting?
Malleus: Yes, something that will last an eternity and when they look at it they will think of how much I love them
Lilia: fufufu~ it's as if you were to propose with a wedding ring 馃き
Malleus, in deep thought: a wedding ring huh?....
Lilia: I never said it had to be a wedding ring Malleus
Malleus: but a ring is a symbol of love for humans, no? It is something that symbolizes a forever with that person and if my child of man were to look at it they would always remember my love for them as well, no?
Lilia: My~ you do have a point
Malleus: Perfect. Well then, thank you for the help father
Lilia: Malleus, wait you have to-
*Malleus not in his spot anymore, gone without a trace*
Lilia, sighing: Oh dear~ Young ones these days are so passionate
*Somewhere at Ramshackle dorm*
Mc/Y/N/Yuu, sneezing: achoo!
Grim: hey! You better not get the great Grim sick! Not that I can get sick anyways!!
Mc/Y/N/Yuu: oh hush! It's not even cold out, someone was probably just talking about me
Mc/Y/N/Yuu, picking Grim up: I just hope it wasn't anything weird or crazy
Tumblr media
Dividers from @/cafekitsune
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ventique18 1 day
The idea of EVERYONE going full force behind the scenes to set up Malleus with prefect is actually hilarious because he wants it to happen, they want it to happen, but no one trusts him enough to win over a spouse with his own capabilities 馃槶
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etheries1015 21 hours
Bestie yk that Yuu begins their friendship with Malmal because sir was roaming around old buildings right? Imagine Yuu starting a friendship with Malmal simply because of boredom. Class was soooo boring so Yuu decided to just chat with the person near them, which was Malleus.
You don't care if he's the next king of Briar Valley, if you're bored then entertainment is THE priority.
YES I LOVE THIS OSDLFSHEESFLS what better entertainment than the Fae prince himself?
Imagine You, sitting at your desk listening to another long and strenuous lecture that had not managed to keep your attention, doodling not even being able to satiate your boredem. So, what's the next best thing? Bother your deskmate, of course. You noticed him a few times; a rather tall fellow with long black horns and eyes as captivating as pure emeralds and ears pointed unlike a typical human. You always thought perhaps he had an affinity for theatrics- the way he seldom spoke up. At times you thought he hadn't even been a student at the school- the teachers never seemed to call his name during roll call (Of course it was because everybody already knew the esteemed prince of the land of faeries.) You know what they say, right? Always befriend and be nice to the quiet kid in school. So, out of boredom and curiosity, You tapped his shoulder.
"Hey," You whispered, The tall man with pointed ears started at the sudden contact before turning his head to look at you peculiarly. Without as much as an answer, you began to ask your question.
"Are those real? Your horns?" He seemed to pout at this only for a split second before confusion and offense seemed to mix into his (rather beautiful) features. He tilted his head before seemingly deciding on something in his mind, leaning over to take another look at you.
"Is that a genuine question, child of man? Are you, what they say, 'pulling my leg'?" He asked. You almost laughed at loud at the pompous way of speech he took on, and immediately knew you would be thoroughly entertained by this man. You found it...almost incredibly attractive, the way his silky deep voice spoke in a victorian royalty kind of way. You let out a quiet chuckle and with a raised eyebrow you leaned against your desk with a hand propping up your head as your elbow lay firm against the wood.
"Well, as far as I'm aware I'm as genuine as one can be," You smiled, "I'm (y/n), what's your name?" Another question that colored him mildly bewildered yet incredibly inquisitive at your pure ignorance of who you sat next to. Malleus opened his mouth to answer, yet found himself closing it a couple times while contemplating revealing the truth. Perhaps this person was genuinely in the dark about his status and position, and he did not want to miss the chance to converse with someone who willingly wanted to hold relations with him. Thus, he bit his tongue and turned it into a game.
"My name doesn't matter," He said, "How about you choose one for me?" You raised both of your eyebrows and bit your bottom lip attempting to hold back a roar of laughter, you truly had found one interesting fellow to introduce yourself to.
"Alright...how about...hm..." You studied his person before snapping their fingers in revelation. "Hornton!" They said it almost too loud, and the professor quickly chastised them for speaking during the lecture. Malleus gave you a fond smile and nodded, turning back to the teacher resuming the boring lecture that took place.Your boredom showed no bounds, however, and you decided to hand Malleus little doodles with silly notes through the end of the period. Malleus did not reciprocate these notes, for royalty need not indulge in such silly idiocracy, yet the least he could do was appreciate your attentiveness to the prince. Once the bell rang and marked the end of the period, you collected your things and held out your hand to the tall prince.
"I decided you're my new friend! Here's to our long-lasting friendship, hornton!" Malleus's eyes widened in shock, standing and staring down at your...incredibly trusting and na茂ve smile before his shoulders shook in laughter. Nodding and holding his hand to reciprocate your gesture of kindness, he shook it earnestly.
"Indeed. I look forward to our...friendship." He watched as you skipped away and out of the room to your next class, Malleus gathering the silly little notes he now called his treasures and shuffling them into his pocket.
He suddenly found himself becoming excited for next day's boring lecture.
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o-pandora-o 4 months
I have a type, hear me out....
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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underqualified-human 8 months
Yuu: My crazy ass could never be a monarch. I'd just instantly go mad with power the second someone put a ring on it.
Malleus: What if I held you gently and we were happy together?
Yuu: ...
Yuu: Hmmm...
Leona: What if I supported your maniacal rise to power and we were evil together?
Yuu: HMMMM...
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