etincelleart · 7 hours
Tumblr media
I've been pretty tired and slow to draw this week because of coming back to uni, but I still managed to draw something about the world & environment of Gris and Fauve's story o/
(Original story)
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etincelleart · 4 days
Tumblr media
TW : NSFW (soft spicy)
I wanted to explore more this part of the relationship between Gris & Fauve (and also just draw spicy for once
I love them ♥
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etincelleart · 5 days
Hello ! 👋 Hope that you're doing wonderful
So question. Have you thought of the idea of Ruby and Penny having kids ?
Hey, I am thank you, hope you too !
I haven't really thought of it because I'm not really a "children" or "wedding" type of person, so most of the time this isn't something I think of for characters either--
I don't really picture them having children tbh for now, they seem fine on their own and they should just enjoy their time and life together as much as they can.
It depends on the ships tho but I don't really consider characters with kids a vaste majority of the time x)
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etincelleart · 5 days
As part of the AU, can you draw Penny eating real food for the first time in Vacuo, only she enjoys eating that much she goes overboard and is put in a food coma (with Nora mistakenly assume that Penny got pregnant)?
Sorry once again I don't take requests, I can still note it as a suggestion for maybe a future idea, but I don't even really have the time to draw stuff people suggest to me-
But it's still a cool idea !
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etincelleart · 5 days
Question do you have any tips on how to draw ruby's hair?? I struggle so much with it to the point I don't draw her much ;-;
Ruby's hair is very spiky, I can understand--
I think the most important thing you can do to help you is trying to study her hair in the show, look how it looks, where it's spiky and where it's not, etc. After that and trying to draw her in different poses, maybe it should help !
Also, don't hesitate to add cowlicks or stuff she doesn't have in the show, sometimes it's good and it helps to add your own touch :]
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etincelleart · 5 days
Who would you say is the hardest rwby character to draw in your style?
I think those with really complicated outfits, aka maybe Weiss who has A LOT OF BELTS-
And those with mechanical parts or bodies (I love Penny as a robot but I admit I often draw her as a human because I'm also too lazy to draw her robotic legs xD Even if you can still draw them simply in the end, it's just me-)
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etincelleart · 5 days
Glad to see you being able to draw NND stuff again but dont stop with the ocs those were rad as hell keep doing that 👍
Really happy to draw them again too, thank you !! But yeah I'll DEFINITELY continue with Fauve and Gris because I feel like I'm developping a lot for them recently ♥ I'm enjoying drawing them so much, and if people like them it's even better
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etincelleart · 5 days
Okay so, do you ever forget any characters' canon heights?
Like, I have to consciously remind myself that Penny's actually on the tall side for her age (even in the Beacon Arc, she was taller than Ruby), because something about her personality just makes me think "smol".
Meanwhile, I used to have the opposite issue with Weiss, but that had more to do with her heels than anything.
I never really forget them, because I automatically think of Penny as "gentle giant" vibes-
I find it very cute and comforting and really interesting since Ruby is smaller ;; ♥ Penny is a smoll bean she's still taller than Ruby and very kind so I think this title is perfect for her,,
And I love to play with heights with Weiss as well, on the opposite of Penny I kinda see her as "smoll gremlin" xD (even if she's really kind and opened herself more to others with time)
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etincelleart · 5 days
Hi, I just wanted to say I love your art so much and when you retweeted my Penny art on twitter it made my bad day so much better, so thank you 🥺
Hi, thank you so much !! I'm happy you like it ! I don't know who you are since you're anonymous but I know I really liked it if I retweeted it ♥
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etincelleart · 5 days
Since I completely misunderstood the meaning of asks the first time I wanna correct it, so, do you have any RWBY OCs? We know fauve and gris but I assume they are from an original setting as well
It's okay ! Yep I have two OCs, one named Opal Beiwen and another one called Sorrel Celosia and who's basically my RWBY sona (but I have a lot to change and update on her since some stuff don't feel right anymore)
Here they are, I should draw them again ! I drew Opal in february 2022 and Sorrel in 2021-
And yeah Fauve and Gris aren't RWBY related, even if I'd love to draw them in the RWBY universe at some point too !
Here's Opal :
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
And here's Sorrel :]
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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etincelleart · 5 days
Happy to see you back! You don't owe us anything, ever, but I am so happy to see you updating again. Your art is so wonderful and brings me, and many others joy. <3
Happy to post again as well, thank you :) Of course, I'm just still happy to share my work because I love to read everyone's reactions ♥
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etincelleart · 6 days
Tumblr media
Part of Gris' story ! (OC)
Some context/informations are missing, so I'll add them here before I detail later : the story takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, after a giant environmental/spacial disaster. All beings almost disappeared, but tiny groups survived
The world itself is really destroyed/different from what humanity knew, but nature came back everywhere. The water levels rose and continents are exploded from the catastrophy, so now the world is made of thousands and thousands islands. I'll go back on that later ! :]
Living beings started to receive a "light" after the disaster, which gave them extra strength, protection and help to survive in this rude and wild world. No one really knows yet where these "lights" come from, and there are a few different opinions on it.
I love this story so so much and it's so great to see everything looking like something after thinking about it since APRIL 2021
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etincelleart · 7 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Warmth - Nuts and Dolts comic
Back in the game, enjoy more fluff EHE
This comic isn't related to the previous one or any other, I kinda make them all unique everytime :) In this one, Jaune healed Penny and they made it to Vacuo
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etincelleart · 9 days
More of an artist question if those are willing to be answered any tips for drawing freckles?
Of course ! I think I'll really do a tiny tutorial for that and other stuff maybe, not now because I'm super tired tho x)
But if I can already give some tips :
Freckles are very dispersed and with different sizes, it's pretty irregular as well so when you draw them, it's nice to not be too perfect or place them in detail, just let your hand slips and it can give good results :]
Their color also depends of the color of the skin/hair, so it's a thing to keep in mind
When I draw freckles, I go gradually and paint gradation of colors, from light to dark. I mostly paint big surfaces in the area (for example : shoulders), then cover gradually with darker colors, then add tiny freckles/spots. Be careful not to add to much and to stay irregular o/
I hope this can help before I can make a tutorial and show with a sketch !
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etincelleart · 9 days
It makes me smile so much just to see you on my timeline again. I hope that you're feeling better after taking some time to recover from all of this, we're sending all our love.
Thank you ♥ I'm feeling better even if in general my mental health isn't that great already, so I'm planning to go to see a therapist as soon as I can-
It's hard to not go too much in details but there's a lot going on in my personal life and it doesn't really help to feel good, but art is my main help so drawing and seeing people enjoy what I do feels really great. Thank you a lot
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etincelleart · 9 days
I respect you a lot
I'm sorry that you're going throught lots of hardships, I also know others who are going throught the same thing similar to yours, and both you and them don't let all this hold you down too.
People will always be people
Just how crazy is crazy
Your arts of RWBY and OC characters always things to look foward to see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No matter what happens you'll always have people who cares for you to be there for you wehn you need them
*virtual hugs*
Thank you so much, i'm really going to cry at some point reading all of that LMAO-
It means a lot, i mean I'm mostly pretty solitary irl and I only had this huge blow up and built this community this year at the same time of RWBY V9, so it feels weird to maybe realize that people seem to appreciate me and what I do ahahahaha-
With that asides, I'm super grateful for every single person who's just so kind, and I'm happy you enjoy my OCs as well as RWBY !!
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etincelleart · 9 days
Hope your day is going good!
I had a cool day !! I went to a cat café with my mom and got to play fetch with a cute cat ;; ♥ I also saw a few others and ate well. I'm tired but trying to enjoy my time as much as I can before going back to uni this next monday aah.
Hope your day is going good as well !
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