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230327 RM’s Instagram Story
매화와 벚꽃 차이를 이제 알았습니다..
I only just found out the difference between a plum blossom and a cherry blossom..
Trans cr; Aditi @ bts-trans © TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDITS
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passerine-parable · 2 days
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Bakunawa and the Last Moon
17ftx3 ft mural
I am a third generation Filipino American.
My grandmother, my Lola, was an immigrant. Once, my Aunty, her sister, held my pale hand in hers, and said, I’m disappearing.
Last fall, I visited the museum of Folk Art in Santa Fe, and afterwards, I cried, because I could not find a reflection of myself in there.
There was only one piece of Filipino art in the whole museum’s library, and it was a depiction of the crucifixion, in a very Spanish art style. Im sure they’d feature more if they could- if there was more to speak of. But there isn’t much.
Colonialism has swallowed it all. Many records were burned. Many were made of materials that don’t last long to begin with. Even the name of the islands comes from a conqueror. I too am a product of colonialism, as my grandparents met during the US occupation of the Philippines.
Many can look back to the stories of their ancestors. Many can look to an ancient piece of art and see the stories of their family.
I didn’t think I could, until my uncle started to research. He found that we are visayan, that we are potentially of an indigenous group who call themselves Waray. He introduced me to visayan tattoo art, and his research lead me to mythology.
Though rare, it turns out there are stories, and Bakunawa is one of them. Once, the earth had seven moons, and then Bakunawa swallowed six of them. The people beat drums to keep him from swallowing the last.
So too, I feel, my family is beating the drums, to keep what remnants of stories we have alive. My Uncle continues in his craft, and I grow into mine. I learned a lot in this mural, which I will take into my future art. Together, we will chase the dragon away from our last moon.
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better when I’m with you - yuta oneshot
hi!! it's been a while since i wrote a scenario for yuta, got this idea from a clip on tiktok i think it was keshi and his fiancé during a radio intervie. it was such a cute conversation i just had to do it. hope you like it! 💛
if you have a request or scenario you want me to do, just send me a message I'll see what I can do😊💌
For my other works you can check them out here, and for my other story series’ you can check them out here.
All works are copyrighted ©scarletwinterxx 2023 . Do not repost, re-write without the permission of author.
(gif not mine, credits to rightful owner)
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There's only one person Yuta would drop everything for, doesn't matter if he's in the middle of the most important meeting or about to sign a multi-million dollar contract. He'd put the world on pause if he has to, all for you.
Luckily when your call came in, he just wrapped another long meeting and was just reviewing contracts and other paperwork's. Seeing your name flash on the screen of his phone, he didn't even wait for the first ring to finish. Picking it up immediately.
"Hi, lovely. What do you need?"
"Hey, is it a good time or are you busy?" you say from the other side of the phone. Yuta chuckles, leaning back on his chair before turning to the side to look out the window. It's a beautiful day, a shame he can't take the day off and take you out on a date.
"Never, what's up?" he asks, already feeling relaxed when he heard your voice. All of the stress from today's work washed away. A kind of magic only you possess.
"So a package arrived here at your apartment, I wanted to get it so you don't have to do it later but the people at the lobby won't let me since technically we don't have the same last name"
Yet, he thinks.
Just thinking about finally calling you his wife puts a smile on Yuta's face, but right now he also thinks you're the most precious thing in his world. "Is that your way of saying I should've married you sooner?" he teases you, earning a few giggles from you.
Like a boost of energy, Yuta feels his body buzz with happiness hearing you laugh. "Yeah, totally the point of what I'm trying to say here. Such a hassle I'm not a Nakamoto yet" you know exactly how to keep him on his toes.
"Okay, baby. I'll call concierge, tell them what's mine is yours"
"Be careful, I might just runaway with your money"
"Yeah yeah, you already know the code to my safety box. That's more of a commitment than anything else right?"
"That's cause you're crazy, Mr. Nakamoto. Who proposes like that? Only you my love would put half of his assets under my name as a proposal" you tell him, recalling how exactly he proposed to you. It wasn't your typical getting down on one knee, Nakamoto Yuta has a tendency to one up himself when it comes to impressing you. Him proposing with a piece of paper stating that a home is to be built under your name and his. A home for your future family.
"That's because I can only see my future with you"
"Okay Mr. Romantic, text me when I can go pick up your package. Drive home safely" you tell him, always reminding him to come home safely to you.
"Will do, wifey. Save some kisses for me"
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Kyo rehearsing for Petit Brabancon's performance at Knot Fest.
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Lmao this is so funny ♡
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230324 RM's Instagram Story
Photo Translation:
Envy is my strength
After a great amount of time had passed My worn bookmark let this paper fall By then, my heart had built so many factories So foolish, it had so many things it wanted to remember just as they were Like a dog taking a slow stroll under the clouds I never thought I'd get tired, and now I waver mid-air I have nothing but sighs of despair I fix my youth in every evening street with a blank stare Fascinated, I lined up all the days I lived Since no one has ever been afraid of me All my hopes consisted of was envy And so I write this short message here My whole life I wandered madly in search of love Not once did I ever love myself
Trans cr; Aditi @ bts-trans © TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDITS
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catchymemes · 1 month
This was posted on a ‘second hand finds’ Facebook page…
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…only to be followed by this amazing message.
Tumblr media
The roller coaster ride started.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
With a happy ending…
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…and a sweet poem to finish.
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flintpunks-mind · 3 months
A co-worker of mine was standing outside with me during a break from customers to share a cigarette with me, and told me about how he had lost his brother that he was close with some years ago. He told me about how they used to be in a band together with some friends, and how ever since he'd died, he hadn't played any music because he'd been too scared and anxious. I told him about how I'd lost my brother to suicide some years ago.
I went home and pulled out an old tiny wooden box my brother had given me before he'd died. I'd been using it to store guitar picks I'd collected over the years, including one guitar pick that used to be his. I haven't played the guitar since he'd died, my hands are too small to play some of the chords, so I play bass and piano instead.
I went to work the next day and gifted my brothers old guitar pick to my co-worker. I told him that it'd been sitting in a box for ten years unused, and would probably sit there for longer if I kept it there. Told him that I thought he deserved to have it, because I bet he could put it to better use than I ever would. Told him I didn't feel like it was coincidence that me and him would cross paths with each other in our lives, and that it seemed suiting that we had these similar experiences but split in two halves. That somehow, I felt like he was meant to have the guitar pick. I told him that I knew he'd not played guitar since his brother died, but that if he ever decided to play again one of these days, maybe he'd be able to honor both of our brothers by using that guitar pick.
He almost cried. He thanked me. Then he went home that night and for the first time in years he played the guitar.
I don't know what the meaning of life is or what my purpose is, but I do believe that love and human connection is one of the most important things in life. It's finding ways to tell strangers you love them and share experiences with others. I think it's all just about love.
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389 · 4 months
To sit alone or with a few friends, half-drunk under a full moon, you just understand how lucky you are; it’s a story you can’t tell. It’s a story you almost by definition, can’t share. I’ve learned in real time to look at those things and realize: I just had a really good moment.
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deer walks into a store and later brings her whole family for another visit 🛒
Horsetooth Store, Gas, and RV Park
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