LMAO, I misread that post where yuu starts selling hugs, i read it as drugs. I was ready for rising druglord yuu
Oh yes Huglord Yuu....
Oh yes boys get drugtime if they pay~ 馃槀馃槀馃槀
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Tumblr media
Hey Malleus and Floyd are here.
Yandere Vil Schoenheit
Tumblr media
Vil would be a little bitter.
He doesn't like you having other partners.
Those people have certainly done nothing to deserve you.
Would refer to your boyfriend as "rotten potatoes".
No wonder you're not the best version of yourself when you've spent time with people like that.
But don't worry because Vil is here now.
And he sure takes better care of you than they do.
Of course, this makes his attempts more difficult.
Because you've been in a relationship before and you realize how restrictive Vil can be.
But this does not stop him.
It actually makes him work harder.
Vil is really determined.
If you compared him to someone ex Vil would get angry.
He is clearly a better partner for you.
Why do you want to hurt him like this?
Yes, he might not let you decide things yourself or meet your "friends", but only because he knows what's good for you.
So this hurts his feelings.
Angry Vil is not a good thing.
No he wouldn't try to find a way into your world just because of this...
But if he met one of your exes he might give them a poison apple.
Yandere Jamil Viper
Tumblr media
Jamil would not like this.
Ex boyfriends are always a threat.
Even if they are from another world.
This would speed up your kidnapping.
Over time, the thought of you with someone else would become unbearable.
Even if it was in the past.
Getting back together is always possible.
And it doesn't work for him.
You are only his.
He also really wants your attention to be focused only on him.
Jamil really hasn't gotten enough attention.
All attention has always gone to Kalim.
So this would make him jealous.
Especially if you were to compare him to your ex.
Yeah, it doesn't end well.
Jamil is a jealous and possessive Yandere.
He has heard the comparison enough in his life.
So you will probably get punishment for that.
Jamil would probably use his special magic on you.
He wants you to forget those people.
It's best...
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Yo heard your req are open ,, can you do headcanons ( diasmonia gang) on this :
There is a rumor where fae will come take your child if you don't took care of them properly and y/n was six years old when she was running from her abusive parents . Suddenly a tall figure offering a home for her . She agreed , growing up as one of the Lilia's student . But it's weird she slowly don't remember anything about her past . She also aren't allowed to go outside . Silver always act like a big brother saying ' father do that for your safety , beside you have us ' .sebek like to scold you since you are too weak to do anything , well it's not your fault since ' someone ' keep adding something to your food . And Malleus, you don't see him often but he always have time for you and suddenly he ask you to marry him ....
Can you run from this twisted fate ?
I have taken a inspiration from the 1950s lifestyle and parenting models to this writing. I hope you like it.
Btw this is not headcanon... It became oneshot...
Words: So many that I can't count.
Yandere Diasomnia x reader
Tumblr media
There was a rumor in your village that was often told to children. According to the rumor, the nearby forest was inhabited by fae's who came to the village at night and abducted all the children who were not behaving well. However, you knew that seeing the rumors was just a lie. If they had been true, Fae's would have kidnapped you a long time ago.
You were only a six-year-old, but even you realized that in your home was not all right. Nothing was right after your mother died. And especially not after your father found a new wife who didn鈥檛 like you because you looked like your mother.
So you tried your best to be a bad and nasty kid so that Fae's would come and take you away. You鈥檝e broken the dishes, drawn on the walls, and even bitten your stepmother who was trying to get you to stop. But Fae's did not come. You wondered if they were shy. You were lying in your bed and you were a little hungry because you had to go to bed without food as a punishment. That's when you got a great idea. If the fae's don't dare come to you you have to go to them.
So that night you were waiting for your dad and stepmother to go to sleep. You sneaked quietly into the kitchen and made a couple of snacks and juice that you put in your bag. After that, you sneaks quietly out and you ran into the forest...
The forest was darker than you had imagined. There were a lot of scary sounds and shadows. But still, the thought of getting a caring home helped you move on. So you wandered in the woods and shouted, "Heyyyy are there any faes here? There would be a lost child here that you could kidnap."
You got to wander for a long time. Or did you think it took a long time? At least you had already eaten all your snacks from your bag. Maybe this wasn鈥檛 such a good idea. Maybe you should go back. That's when you realized you were lost. You had never thought about what would happen if you couldn鈥檛 find Fae's. After this information, you quickly began to cry. What was your luck鈥檚 happiness as your crying attracted Lilia to you?
"Aaaaw what about a sweet and small child doing alone in the forest? Are your parents somewhere nearby?" At first, you were startled by the sound but something in Lilia鈥檚 essence made you trust her. So you told me how you had run away from home and tried to find a fae so you wouldn鈥檛 have to go home. "That was sad to hear. What if you came to live with me? I could take better care of you." And since you are a stupid child, you agree to Lilia鈥檚 offer.
And that's where your new life began.
Your new childhood was happy. Now you had a sleepy and kind big brother Silver... and a less kind and loud Uncle-Sebek. Then there was also "your best friend" Malleus who was often busy and Papa Lilia who taught you how to make magic drinks and how to make food. Even though your childhood was happy you no longer dared to go to the woods alone. Papa Lilia had told you that if you go out alone your parents will find you and take you back to that miserable place.
Over time, your memories fade but you still dare not go alone in the woods. Time seems to be running fast. You will soon find that you are almost an adult who wanted to try your limits. It's a pity that your overprotective yandere family didn't let you do it.
"Y/N Where are you going alone? Weak humans like you can't survive alone outdoors. Stop staring at the door and come back here before I tell your dad this." You were disappointed to hear Sebek's voice. You had been so close that you could secretly go out and pick flowers as a gift for Lilia. You wanted to show that you wouldn鈥檛 die as soon as you step out the door. And even if you loved your new family a lot, you would want space to breathe. You really couldn't tell Sebek that. You were sure he wouldn't understand. Malleus and Silver might understand but not Sebek. So you went back to your room.
Your normal days were usually spent studying different things with Lilia's guidance. Lilia had been your teacher all your life. (Of course, there were some shortcomings in your education because none of them wanted you to become too independent.) Otherwise, you spent almost all of your time with either Silver or Malleus. With Silver, you usually helped him with household chores or listened when he told about his date. You spent less time with Malleus. But when you did, Malleus always wanted to braid your hair and know everything you had done while he was away.
And the rest of your life would surely have gone on like this but then you met Tom. Tom and his family had moved nearby and Tom was distributing gourmet baskets because he wanted to get on good terms with his neighbors. When Tom came to give them to your "family" you managed to open the door first. And because Tom was the first person you had seen in a long time, you became interested in him.
You started secretly spending time alone. It was almost impossible but sometimes Tom managed to sneak under the window of your room and you might talk for a moment. It was Tom who helped you understand that your family is overprotected and that you don鈥檛 remember anything about your past is not normal. In addition, you realized that there were serious shortcomings in your training and you certainly wouldn鈥檛 be able to cope alone. Knowing this was hard because you thought your family would always think of your best. You started to fall in love with Tom a little.
However, everything nice will end in time. And once you got caught talking to Tom. It caused a horrible commotion. You had never seen Sebek so angry before, Silver so disappointed and Lilia was a mix of both. Together, they decided to 鈥淢ove Your Room鈥 into the basement and make sure you can鈥檛 move anywhere else in the house without their supervision. You don鈥檛 understand what you had done wrong. Was talking to others such a bad and serious thing?
Meanwhile, Lilia, Silver, Sebek, and Malleus had a serious discussion about your future.
Silver: Doesn't this punishment go a little further. I'm sure Y/N learned from them mistake.
Lilia: What if that's not the case? What if Y/N tries again and something happens? I don't want anything to happen to my little baby.
Sebek: I believe Murder is the best option. After that, Y/N is definitely not trying anything stupid.
Silver: We can't just murder someone! It's not right.
Malleus: What if Y / N were to marry me? After that, they couldn鈥檛 leave and they could always be close to them family.
Lilia: Awesome Idea Malleus. This is perfect. I start preparing for the wedding right away.
You only found out about this shortly before the wedding. It wasn鈥檛 a question it was a revelation that Lilia told you about. Life with the yandere dragon just was even more limited than normal.
You really can't go. You cannot escape this twisted fate...
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I could try write some long fanfic
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How would yandere douma react to a serial killer reader?
Yandere Douma
Tumblr media
Oh Douma thinks it's nice when you have common interests.
He doesn't mind at all.
Instead, he would be excited.
Why do you kill?
What kind of victims do you prefer?
What methods do you use?
How many people have you killed?
Totally normal questions鈥
This would be a cough of reasons why he would fall in love with you.
You are so interesting.
Maybe you would have thought him ordinary and tried to kill him.
You should have chosen your victim better.
It was the biggest mistake of your life.
Douma definitely won't leave you alone.
He thinks you're beautiful when you murder people鈥
Everyone has their preferences鈥
Oh he would definitely invite you to visit his cult.
You're definitely not going back.
Douma would certainly allow you to pursue this "hobby" in his cult.
Because you can't really get outside of his cult anymore.
You will be "happy" together.
Maybe you too will become a demon.
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We need more things like this....
鉁︹潣嗉火潥侌潥庰潥婐潥 饾櫦饾殺 饾櫡饾殠饾殜饾殯饾殱嗉衡潣鉁
Ch. 1 - The Beginning of an End
Tumblr media
Malleus Draconia x reader
Chapter list + Summary
Do not steal/copy + paste my works and upload it anywhere else.
He didn鈥檛 come to the room last night either..
It鈥檚 been six days鈥 yes, just six鈥 since you last saw your husband. Although to you, it felt like it was more than that. No, he hasn鈥檛 gone off to anywhere else in this godforsaken world, he鈥檚 just.. Well, somewhere in this large castle. You heaved a weak sigh as one single thought came to your head: Malleus Draconia.. Your heart thumps just a tad bit faster. Even without knowing who he was, just the name alone sounds frightening. Fortunately and unfortunately, you were well acquainted with that name and have had many yet brief conversations.聽
He was the prince of the Valley of Thorns, the only successor to the throne but most importantly, he was none other than.. 鈥淢y husband..鈥 You muttered underneath your breath. The clicking of the heels abruptly stop as you shudder on the spot at that name.聽
It was honestly unbelievable how you went from a lowly daughter of a combat baron (the lowest rank in nobility) to be the wife of a prince, essentially making you a princess.聽
Nevertheless, whether you are now a princess of a very powerful kingdom, your relationship with your husband was essentially.. Nonexistent. Well, other than mere business relationships you both have. In fact, it was strictly business that he did not show up in the chambers the night of your wedding. You can鈥檛 fault him, however, since you did not want to be wedded to him either. He must be disgusted with me.. You believed that to be true since once again, you were just a baron鈥檚 daughter with probably below average looks. Rarely had noble men would throw themself at you willingly.
Whatever, you should not let those thoughts get into your head and get you into low spirits. You had a history lesson to catch and that鈥檚 what you should be focusing on right now. What has been done is done and you can鈥檛 sulk about your nonexistent love life and your continued nonexistent relationship with Malleus.聽
You sigh and continue in your steps. Looking at the decorated walls of the castle, you would occasionally find portraits. Of whom? You could only presume that it was none other than the royal family and those who came before. There weren鈥檛 many new faces within these paintings, that much you noticed. No doubt in your mind that it鈥檚 because despite the kingdom being around for so long, they have only a few monarchs because one monarch could reign for centuries on the throne.聽
You tried looking for your husband鈥檚 portraits but so far, you鈥檝e only managed to find two: one was a stand-alone painting and the other was with his grandmother. In neither portrait was he smiling. Now thinking about it, you don鈥檛 recall him smiling on your wedding day too.. Just how cold is this guy? You had a pensive look, bringing a finger to your chin. He doesn鈥檛 meet me in the room and he doesn鈥檛 even smile.. Is he aloof to everyone around him? You were now doubting if he鈥檇 be fit to be king in the future.聽
Ah. You probably shouldn鈥檛 be thinking that way of your husband. If he knew, you鈥檇 most likely be stripped of your title as princess and sent back home where you鈥檒l most likely have to face Her Majesty in the queen鈥檚 court back home. 鈥淗eh.. I don鈥檛 want that..鈥 You itch your cheek, sweat dropping at the mere thought. You've only met her once鈥 when she was congratulating you on your marriage鈥 and just as the rumours had said, she was beautiful, yet held a menacing aura of authority. But I guess that鈥檚 normal if she鈥檚 queen..
鈥淧rincess.鈥 Snapping you out of your continued, meaningless thoughts, a voice from just further down the hall had caught you off guard. You look ahead and see that one of the doors had opened and that somebody was standing there, most of their body seen and what could not be was hidden by the large, oak door. 鈥淚 had been waiting a while for you. Don鈥檛 you understand that my time is precious to be on wait for you?鈥 The person鈥 er, fae鈥 was wearing glasses and had her hair up in a tight bun. Her outfit was almost like that of a butler鈥檚, having a tailcoat, but instead of uniformed pants, it was a pencil skirt. She had an air of authority and seemed to always look down on you.聽
鈥淭ch. You humans really are so clueless..鈥 She mumbles under her breath and from the distance you were in, you couldn鈥檛 hear her. However, you did see the sharp look of disdain on her face before telling you to hurry up and to get inside the library. It was where you had your history lessons after all.聽
鈥淗onestly, what do you take us for?鈥 She speaks her mind once you sit down on your seat across from her. 鈥淵ou will be at the prince鈥檚 side; instead of daydreaming, learn about this country鈥檚 history and its citizens, will you?鈥 She snaps and slams a heavy book on the table in front of you. You stiffened, heart beating fast at the fright. 鈥淪orry, but I鈥檓 only late by 3 minutes..鈥 You sweat dropped at her angry, wide arm gestures as you defend yourself.聽
鈥淭HREE!? My time is precious. How many鈥斺 At that moment, you learned to tune her out once you鈥檝e ascertained she was going to go on and rant to your face. Since day one, you鈥檝e established that she didn鈥檛 like you very much despite you trying your best to be polite and flatter her. She would nitpick every little mistake she had seen in you even though she wasn鈥檛 an etiquette teacher. When she does, she鈥檇 talk for hours, essentially wasting time that could have been spent on learning. On a good day, she will glare daggers at you and then continue on with the lecture or rant for half an hour..聽
That鈥檚 the thing. There was never a good day for her.聽
At this point, it was best to drop the flowery words saved for her and just let her rant endlessly.聽
鈥淲ill the prince be joining for dinner today?鈥 You ask to no one in particular, letting either of these maids stationed in the dining hall answer. When there wasn鈥檛 an answer, you assumed that it was a no and that they had decided to not answer to the likes of you whenever you asked. You wanted to sigh, honestly, at the lack of a response.聽
So there you were, only hearing the sound of your own cutlery as you took small bites of your meal. It wasn鈥檛 because you weren鈥檛 hungry, but you were sure that these maids will have something to gossip about in scorn later should you make an error. Even if you were new to the country and their customs may be different, you were well learned to know that servants shouldn鈥檛 be treating someone of status, especially such as yourself, in such a manner. Alas, you could only resign yourself to just let bygones be bygones.聽
If you were to scold them, your name will surely be the talk amongst nobles for a long while, most likely saying how you will be a spiteful queen. Your reputation would only go from bad to worse, seeing as a 鈥榤ere鈥 human is lecturing creatures like them.聽
You kind of miss your home and your father.. Even if it was just you two left, everyday was a cherishable time. Even with these short days that felt like that鈥檚 been dragging its seconds a bit too long, you find yourself reminiscing the life you left behind a little bit too much despite only having gone to your new forever home just short of a few days ago.聽
鈥 鈥淚鈥檒l be going to my room now.鈥 You dab your mouth with a cloth napkin just in case you had any of the dinner smeared on your face and stood up. Whatever was left of your dinner was promptly cleaned off the table and thrown into the bin.聽
I could really use a warm bath today.. You walked the somewhat familiar halls thinking to yourself. Today felt eventful even though the most stressful thing was only dealing with these gossiping faes and the headache they give you. You were excited to dip yourself in a warm tub full of nice smelling body oil and stay in there until the water got cold. Even without anyone being there, a smile forms on your lips with an almost quiet giggle.聽
鈥淜ufufu, are you sure this is what you鈥檝e decided on doing?鈥 Unbeknownst to you, crimson-coloured eyes bore into your figure. It was dark, that much was true since it was way past the time for the sun to be out, but the moon could outline the silhouette of a man. The only thing that could be comparable to the moon鈥檚 light at that moment were the strikingly deep colour of his eyes that illuminated even more in the dark. He stares at you from another window on a higher floor just across yours, breaking out in a smile and a light chuckle. The only thing keeping you two apart other than those walls and windows was the courtyard built in between. 鈥淪he鈥檚 quite cute. I鈥檇 hate to leave such a pretty thing alone for so long without her husband.鈥澛
Those same focused eyes break away from your form after speaking to a much taller man beside him that had piercing green eyes that outshined the moon鈥 much like the prior鈥檚. He says nothing to the short male but continues to stare at you. 鈥淗mm, now that I think about it, she鈥檚 around Silver鈥檚 age, yes?鈥 The shorter one continued on talking, putting a finger on his chin. 鈥淒on鈥檛 you think they鈥檇 be good friends?鈥澛
The one who he was talking to seems to be ignoring him and poor he who has come to a conclusion that his companion is off in his thoughts to be paying attention to him. He sighs. 鈥淚t鈥檚 been almost a week since she鈥檚 last seen and talked to you,鈥 he points out carefully, doing a gesture as if he was shrugging but his arms stayed hovering in the air for a bit before dropping it completely to his side, 鈥淚 know humans have a short lifespan, unlike our kind, but I do not believe that you鈥檒l be able to go all her life not speaking to her just as you had planned. It would do no good to the plan of strengthening our relations with the humans.鈥
鈥淪he鈥檚 afraid of me.鈥 At last, his tall companion speaks. 鈥淭he first meeting.. And the day of the wedding.. When she looked at me, I saw fear in her eyes.鈥
Again, the short man sighs. 鈥淭hat is to be expected, Malleus. She is, after all, a human. You know how they are鈥 they fear things that are unknown to them but if you鈥檇 just try, I鈥檓 sure she鈥檒l warm up to you in no time鈥撯
鈥淏ut what if she doesn鈥檛?鈥 The prince finally tears his eyes away from you. 鈥淟ilia, are you certain that she鈥檒l be fine having me as her husband?鈥 He narrows his eyes, a bit of uncertainty was read in them.聽
The male could only smile at him. 鈥淒o you trust me?鈥 was all he asked, though cryptically. However, that was enough for Malleus to return his gaze, watching you disappear to your shared bedroom. Something swells in his heart, yet he does not know what.聽
Once the door closes with a soft thud, he stands there for a while, silently watching at the door where you had just disappeared. He was often silent and staring off into the distance, but that didn鈥檛 mean his head was merely filled with air. Just a moment earlier, his heart smiled a bit when he saw the small smile on your lips, happy to think that you might be finding life at the Valley not too hard.聽
Only when coming to a silent agreement made in his head, does he now turn his back away from the window. His robe flutters behind him, the sound of it heavy and rich, perfectly displaying his wealth. He walks deeper into the shadows鈥 the unlit parts of the castle that the moon could not reach鈥 and then promptly disappears with only the clacking of his heels making presence.聽
Lilia stands by the window, watching as the young prince vanishes from his sight. He looks back at the hall you walked and the door you closed. A smile crosses his lips once more. His eyes became soft at a thought that will not be shared with anyone and for him to simply dwell on it.聽
Now alone, he takes a deep breath in and breathing out of his mouth, his heart feeling lighter. He closes his eyes. 鈥淥h my, it seems that age is catching up with me, kufufu,鈥 he softly mutters, still smiling. He takes a bit of time for himself on this serene night before opening his eyes again. The small, yet meaningful smile warps to that of a big one with his eyes lighting up. Suddenly, the visage of a parent disappears from him entirely.聽
He turns smoothly on his heels, heading to the same direction where Malleus had gone off too. 鈥淎h, where is Silver? That boy, I hope he hasn鈥檛 fallen asleep somewhere unsafe..鈥 With a merry smile, he leaves his spot from the window.聽
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Mc gets fed up with their money problems and starts selling hugs
Yes hugs... One hug costs five euros per minute. Imagine how the twst boys would react to that...
Some loudly condemned Mc for this business idea. Mostly Azul and Sebek.
Azul because now people don't have money to eat at his restaurant anymore because all their money goes to hug time with MC... And because he's too shy to ask for a hug himself.
Sebek because in his opinion this is completely immoral and wrong. And he's also jealous of all the attention Malleus gives you.
Then there are people who use this service occasionally like Trey, Cater and Kalim.
Some people use this service really regularly like Floyd, Rook and Jamil.
Floyd would be really excited when he gets to squeeze shrinmpy now with permission.
Jamil would really like attention and time without Kalim. In addition, he would sometimes like attention for himself as well. And this would be a really good way to get it.
And then there are Malleus and Leona... People who are so rich that they can buy several hours of cuddle time with you even every day if they want.
Malleus who would like to marry you and believes that this way he can show how well he could take care of you. Also a really attention hungry dragon.
Leona, on the other hand, wants someone to accept him and take care of him for once. He usually falls asleep during hugs. Also wants to hug you more than Malleus.
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I saw Douma on movie theater... He was fucking hot.
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Jack is mine now XD
Tumblr media
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Look who I found <3<3
Tumblr media
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Can we get malleus, Vil, Rook and Lilia with a reader that鈥檚 based off Jane Doe from Ride the Cyclone?
Sorry but I dont know that character or show so I need to say no. :(
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Malleus Draconia nsfw headcanon is coming soon....
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Tumblr media
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I think it鈥檇 be fun if Yuu had multiple exes before coming to twisted wonderland. What would Yandere Malleus, Floyd, Jamil and Vil think about that?
Yandere Malleus Draconia
Tumblr media
Oh, now you're not the only one who wants to find a way into your world.
Malleus wants it too.
Except you have slightly different reasons.
You simply want to get home
Malleus, on the other hand, wants to "take care" of potential rivals.
Yandere lizard is really jealous.
Honestly, Malleus would be shocked.
He would have hoped that this would be your "first" love.
And that you haven't dated others before.
But the truth slap him really hard.
And Malleus would never want to hear about this part of your life.
Of course, it also creates difficulties.
Like when you quickly realize that the relationship is not normal.
Remember not to talk about your ex.
The storm that arises from it is devastating.
And Malleus would surely find every one of your EX.
No matter where they hide.
Yandere dragon does not give up.
But it's a bit of fun.
Malleus' expression darkens every time you mention an ex's name鈥
even if you don't even mean your ex
Malleus certainly makes these names illegal.
Don't underestimate the yandere lizard.
Yandere Floyd Leech
Tumblr media
This is the only thing Floyd can think of.
And he's not ashamed to cover it up.
Because Floyd doesn't like the idea of 鈥嬧媠omeone else touching HIS little shrimpy.
Of course, Floyd's mood also affects the matter.
He would be angry anyway.
But if he was in a bad mood he would get even angrier.
You better name him quickly.
If you don't, Floyd will probably squeeze you.
And after that, it's best not to say those names ever again.
Otherwise, Floyd will immediately get angry.
He wishes it had never happened.
And never compare Floyd to one of your exes.
It definitely doesn't end well.
Someone's ribs are bound to break.
It depends on who is closest to him.
I hope it's not you.
Don't provoke him.
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I fucking hate tumblr
I had an almost finished writing ready for publication鈥 worked really hard on it during my work break. and now the whole crap is gone because Tumblr autosave feature.
So I had started the same draft yesterday on the computer鈥 I had only finished one sentence鈥 Now, when I thought that I would finish writing that article on the machine, I opened the tab where the old draft was ready. And Tumblr autosave already saved over the finished draft.
So now I'm exactly at the same point as yesterday. Damn all the work I did today was completely wasted. And now I can't even write anything because I know it's just going to be crap.
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Yandere! Malleus Draconian hc
Some inspiration from @married-to-google-translater ,@lovelyyandereaddictionpoint , and @yanderemommabean for both element and also their hc of the characters
Pls check their stuff out it's really good
I'm going to do this short
馃崕- possessive yandere, with stalking
Tumblr media
Where to begin here we'll one that he's a Dragon fea and that he is a very powerful wizard that for one, not to mention to add in that he's a Prince of a kingdom of equally strong magic users he has a lot of power on his shoulder
Most of all I think he is touched starved basing of how he present himself when we first meet him in game , so having a freindship outside of his name and stattuse is something that supprise him that someone who doesn't know him
Let's say he secretly watched mc sleep time to time at night, even more learning of what they liked as time progresses on
Even so let's go when mc slowly getting gifts out the Ramshackle door with a note with no name on it
At first it's harmless then ever so progressively it's starting to be concerning to the point where they have told their friends and teachers for advice about a potential stalker
As Malleus watching at a distance he can't help but feel rage when he sees his treasure getting comfort and reassurance by others, but he is patent
( spoiler for chapter 7)
When he herd that mc is going home, and Lilia leaving
He is lost
Needed to act fast and what's more he feels the pool of the bolt starting taking roots
As he planned
He plan to keep the love with him forever and the people he care closed to him in a eternal sleep
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Today or tomorrow is coming something again
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