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More TWST positivity
Leona would make sure you rest plenty and that nobody interrupts your alone time.
Ruggie would teach you quick and cheap recipes so that you can save money and still enjoy a tasty meal.
Jack would carry you if you got hurt or tired and make sure you get to bed on time.
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hello! I saw that you opened requests ^^ if that's okay with you, I'd like to order some funny hdcns for the dorm leaders (if you want all except idia and kalim, since there are a lot of them) when mc decides to dress up as a bat for halloween because he thinks that that's cool and it means getting noticed ✨ but it ends up looking more funny than scary, even so, mc is proud of her costume and will spend her time proudly modeling everywhere because in her mind she still thinks she looks cool~ despite the laughs hehe thanks <3
Thank you for the request! The dorm leaders are probably going to be the exception to the 5 characters max rule.
How the dorm leaders would react to a reader who dresses up as bat for Halloween but it ends up more cute/funny than scary.
Tumblr media
Notes: gn reader, reader gets low-key bullied lol.
Riddle Rosehearts
🥀Doesn't hesitate to tell you your costume isn't scary when you try to startle him by jumping in front of him in the doorway when he was passing.
🥀This boy cannot read a room because he was sheltered his whole life.
🥀When he realises your feelings are hurt, he tries to make it up to you by helping you make it even more scarier.
🥀It's fruitless, but you have so much fun you don't mind.
Leona Kingscholar
🦁Your pout is cute, and he's not one to pass the chance to tease you.
🦁You would look cuter in a lion costume but that's just his opinion...
🦁Actually, now that he thinks about it, you look like one of those Diasomnia scums.
🦁Yeah his smuginess is tainted.
🦁If you wear little cat ears maybe he'll forgive you~
Azul Ashengrotto
🐙Acts cool but inside he's completely melting.
🐙Holy shit you're cute Holy shit you're cute Holy shit you're cute Holy shit you're-
🐙Honestly, you should monetize your cuteness.
🐙Wait it's supposed to be scary? Honey, he deals daily with the Twins. You've got nothing on him.
🐙But he can play along if you give him something in return~
Kalim Al-Asim
☀Immediately squeals and jumps high and down about how cute you are.
☀He stops when he sees your pout.
☀After you explain everything to him, he starts screaming in what's supposed to be fear, but he stills has his bubbly smile and demeanor.
☀So yeah, you're not convinced at all.
☀Jamil, however, runs into the room panicked. When he arrives he's not very happy and asks if you got your costume from the dollar store.
Vil Schoenheit
💅He recognises the efforts you put in your costume, but he simply cannot let you walk around in that ridiculous thing.
💅Still, you refuse to get it off. You made it yourself, you're keeping it on.
💅Since you're the only person who's more stubborn than him, he gives up eventually.
💅At least put some accessory to lessen this fashion atrocity!
Idia Shroud
🎮OMG you look like a cute anime character!!!!
🎮Now he just needs you on a body pillow.
🎮Actually, strike the pose, he IS putting you on a body pillow.
🎮That is if he has the courage to ask you. Because right now, his hair is bright pink and he isn't able to utter a word.
Malleus Draconia
🐉It's funny how you thought you could scare him, fufufu~
🐉But he'll let it slide since you're so cute.
🐉Others would also find you cute, but Malleus's stance beside you is enough to make them cower.
🐉He absolutely knows this, but he lets you live in the blissful impression of having a scary costume.
🐉Also god forbid someone tells you about it.
Hope you enjoyed it!
Have a good day/night!
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just one little pat!
Tumblr media
✎ leona kingscholar, ruggie bucchi, jack howl × gn! reader
"their reaction to you touching their ears and tail"
|| headcanon, fluff, crack
✎ manager's note:
Tumblr media
|| leona kingscholar
despises every bit of it
has or had threated to disintegrate any and all who dare to step a foot, even a mere inch, near him
don't even waste your efforts to concoct a 'master plan' in order to catch him off guard; been there, done that; unless you're his little nephew, the rate of your success is fairly low
strong reflexes, would pin you down in a heartbeat
tackled from behind? his tail has just enough strength to swat a regular sized human across a hallway; hurts like hell too, never pleasant
the process, tough maybe even traumatising to some, but the reward right after is one worth the struggle:
"..i can't believe this.." who ever planned this as a sick joke was as good as dead, but he already knows who's behind it all. the laughing of a howling hyena causing a deeper shade of rosy red to dust his cheeks, growing goosebumps on his tanned skin not apparent but fairly visible on closer inspection.
"poor mr kingscholar, whatever will he do to escape this predicament~" soft rumbles of purring increasing with each pat of his silky mane; tail swaying involuntary, thumping against the wooden flooring, mind wishing to be set free from this hellish torture yet body craving more of your warm touch.
"i'll have your head for this-" ruggie smirked, effortlessly brushing off eyes of green, laced with poison, glaring daggers at him. his body trembling from laughter yet still to prevent the measly lion from leaving his spot on the ground. you, of course, barely paid much mind to what displayed upon you, fingers ever so carefully caressing leona's fluff from head to toe. your squeals of excitement growing louder, grip on the housewarden's waist growing tighter.
Tumblr media
|| ruggie bucchi
embarrassing; more so humiliating
isn't very guarded but would be on high alert after the many many times you 'just-so-happened' to have your hand brush against his head
very flinch-y; would even pout a little if you continue to caresses him after his warnings
had used his signature spell against you; had you running around the campus like a mad-lad till your knees turned numb
wish for a certified way to get your daily in-take of serotonin? bribery. what did you expect?
though his price doesn't come cheap; better be prepare to have your wallet empty tonight
"erm.. 50 thaumarks..?" the hyena yawned, gloved hands fanning near the entrance of his mouth, tail swaying downwards feeling boredoms sinking its teeth into his bitter soul. 50? you had to be joking- why would he serve himself up to you for a measly 50 thaumark? you were already considered the 'lucky ones'; had it been anyone else, he would have marked up a fortune.
"i've already cut down your cost for the last time- 350 or nothing~" the frustration swirling within your eyes, the way you chewed at your bottom lip; it amused him. he could never understand why would be so desperate for a touch of his mane- absolutely ridiculous.
"ughhh- fine! j-just take it.. here- you happy now-" though he wouldn't say he didn't admired your determination.
"very!" ruggie grinned, fingers already dancing across the edges of light brown-ish paper, greed filling his pupils yet quickly dispersing when arms tackled him to the ground. his face planted against your chest with your hands already scratching at his scalp, upper limbs enwrapped trapped along with his body, leg entangled within yours. he wanted to yell, yell for you to let go- yet he forgot, he had already sold himself to you for the next hour~
Tumblr media
|| jack howl
he doesn't mind it actually
well, that was a bit of an understatement-
he doesn't mind, as long as you both are alone; likely staying within the privacies of each other's rooms; he still has his pride to keep after all
gets extremely red -and maybe has a piece of him die on the inside- if you touched him openly
has a very reactive wolf form; and is why he never transforms around near you; 'cause once he's caught- either of you would be willing to let go-
loves a scratch behind the ears and tummy rubsss; no touching the tail though- makes bby very uncomfortable
he wasn't known for having much in that empty head of his; just sports; yet he's not one to give up something without a proper fight even if it's just a couple pieces of paper with words sprouted across them. knowing he couldn't fight this battle alone, he searched you out; despite not having knowledge of any magic had excellent grades in every class, in his eyes at least.
you both got to work; having study session everyday till exams week. alongside much of what was taught within textbooks, he observed your love for patting his ears- he found it strange at first; your hands entangled within his mane, praising him with a 'good boy' with each right answer but he started enjoying it slightly. maybe it swelled his pride up or he likes the way your palm feels against him.
but he does know- he doesn't want anyone knowing about his little secret..
your hand grazing the back of his left ear as you cooed ever so sweetly; the paper rolled within your hand in a red circle, '68'. he knew it was a high improvement from his mid-years but you didn't have to reward him here- out in the open as well- the snickers of the two heartslabyul students was enough to get him all flushed.. he doubts he'll hear the end of this till the day he dies-
Tumblr media
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Fallin’ for ya on a Friday night
�� ┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈ ◂
Strawbetty’s notes:
🍓Characters: Leona Kingscholar x MC!reader. Leona and MC!reader are in an established romantic relationship.
🍓Warning: None, an all-fluff story, enjoy~ :)
🍓Text borders used from "Cute Kaomoji"
🍓Song rec: “IT’S YOU” by MAX (feat. Keshi)
🍓Special note: Happy 3rd Anniversary to TWST! 🎉
▸ ┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈ ◂
Sometimes, when you and Leona were both too exhausted to go out but still wanted to do something together, Friday nights would consist of the two of you staying in Leona’s dorm room, putting on face masks or watching TV, and ordering takeout.
On this particular Friday night, Leona sat with his back to you at the front of his bed, slightly slouching with a TV remote in his hand as he switched between channels on his flat screen TV in his dorm room.
There weren’t any particular channels or shows that caught the lion beastman’s interest. That annoying kids’ show Cheka likes? Pass. Cooking channels? Over-dramatized. A Pro Magift game? Hm…
You were in your pajamas, a few feet away from Leona while laying on his bed on your stomach as you scrolled through social media apps on your phone and Leona scrolled through the TV channels, but you stopped your scrolling when you gained the sudden urge to cuddle with Leona.
So you inched your way towards Leona like a worm (would he still love you if you were a worm? yes). Leona could hear, smell, and sense you coming up to him from behind, but what he didn’t anticipate was that you’d wrap your arms around his waist.
“What do you wanna watch?” Leona’s tail flicked from behind him to tickle your face.
“Hmm, not sure,” you kept your arms around him and nuzzled your face against the soft brown Savanaclaw dorm tank top he often wore to sleep. “Mm. You’re so cuddly, Leona.”
Leona couldn’t help but let out a “Heh” of surprise. If there was one word people wouldn’t think to associate Leona with, it was “cuddly.” From the scar that ran through his left eye to his gruff demeanor, “intimidating” was more of the word people would associate Leona with.
He switched the TV off and set the remote down by his side on the bed. “‘Cuddly,’ huh? Since when did I become your personal teddy bear?” Leona turned around to face you, forcing your arms to leave his waist.
“You treat me like a pillow all the time,” you countered, inching over to be next to his right side. You propped an elbow up to rest your cheek in your palm and tilted your face up to the left to look at Leona. “If I’m your pillow, then you’re my teddy bear.”
“Would a teddy bear have muscles like mine?” A smirk grew on Leona’s lips as he leaned down to the right side of him, his face inches away from yours.
“Squishy muscles,” you humored Leona as you poked the bicep of his right arm. “Have you seen those buff bear breads people make on TwstTok? Hehe, that’s what I’m imagining you as right now.”
“Buff bear bread?” Leona raised an eyebrow at the name. He had his own TwstTok account, but it was a private account and he hardly ever used it. MagiTube was more Leona’s speed, with all the chess competition videos and the cute kitten and funny cat meme videos he could watch.
“Yeah! It looks like this,” your fingers danced across your phone screen as you searched for a buff bear bread video on TwstTok while using your private TwstTok account.
You soon pulled up a video of a bunch of adorable buff bear breads holding sausages as pillows.
“This reminds me of you whenever you bring one of your pillows with you to the Botanical Garden,” you giggled, showing the video to Leona.
An amused smile formed on Leona’s lips as he took your phone. “These buff bear breads are puttin’ me to shame,” Leona joked, falling backward to lay on his bed while still looking at the video of buff bear breads on your phone.
You laid next to him, your head rested in the crook of his neck as you went back to your TwstTok For You Page from the search bar. You were expecting either videos tailored to your interests or random videos with TwstTok influencers using weird yet trending sounds, but to your surprise, the first video that popped up on your For You Page was a video about Leona.
“‘Cause he was just too cool for school…” the video’s sped-up audio began as the video showcased a bunch of MagiGoogle images of Leona from public NRC vs RSA Magift tournaments and official press photos of Leona at royal events in Afterglow Savannah.
“What the–” Leona’s eyes widened. He had never seen a fan video edit of himself before, especially one with hundreds of likes and saves.
“...and now I’m falling for ya!” you sang along to the audio while laughing at the randomness of the video being the first thing you saw on your For You Page. “My FYP really said ‘for you’ haha! The audio also fits you so well.”
Leona brought his finger up to your phone screen and flicked to the next video on your FYP. To his surprise, you swiped back up to the video of him, liked it, and saved it.
“Why are you saving a dumb video like that?” Leona grumbled, yet his cheeks warmed at the Internet attention he didn’t know he was receiving until now.
“Because it’s about you and it’s adorable,” you paused the video to check the comments. Not to your surprise, the comments were exactly what you expected, like: “Don’t be shy, gimme his @ 👀” or “He’s so FOINE 😩,” which made you chuckle all the more.
Leona leaned in to read the comments, and then flicked his eyes over to you. “Looks like I’m in high demand, herbivore,” a sly grin formed on his face. While he also rolled his eyes at some of the simps in the comments section, Leona couldn’t help but use this as a fun way to get back at you for calling his muscles “squishy.” “Me and my ‘squishy’ muscles.”
The cheeky lion propped up his right elbow and laid on his side, purposely flexing his bicep in the process before resting his chin in his palm. “Yes, yes, I’ll admit that you have gym bro muscles,” you put your phone down and patted Leona’s bicep. Before Leona could make a comeback, you leaned to his side and snaked your arms around him.
“My buff bear bread gym bro teddy bear,” you nudged your nose against his cheek. Leona moved to lay on his back, letting you wrap your arms and legs around him as if he was a body pillow.
“That’s the weirdest nickname anyone’s ever given me,” Leona traced random patterns on your back with his palm.
“And ‘herbivore’ isn’t a weird nickname?” you inhaled the fresh and fruity scent of mango from Leona’s dry shampoo in his mane.
“What? It’s our thing,” Leona lifted his head to look at you. “Wait, did ya just sniff me?”
“Yeah, I can never get enough of the mango scent from your shampoo. Also, you sniffed me when we first met,” you recalled your and Leona’s “meet-cute.” “And since then…I’ve been fallin’ for ya!”
It was Leona’s turn to sniff you, his body relaxing against yours at the faint yet fresh scent of orange from the palm oil body soap you used from his bathtub. “The audio from that TwstTok video of me is stuck in your head, isn’t it?”
“Mhm! I wanna rewatch it,” you shot Leona a mischievous grin and broke from his embrace to grab your phone. “It’s not everyday you get to see a fan video edit of your partner.”
“Uuuuugh.” Leona sat up, snatching your phone before you could reach it. He held it up in the air with a devilish smirk.
You lunged towards him, but instead of being able to take your phone away from Leona, you lost your balance and collapsed on top of him, with Leona flopping down onto the bed on his back with a light thud against his plethora of pillows as a result.
“You really fell for me, huh?” Leona’s eyes never left yours as he tipped his chin up ever-so-slightly to gaze up at you. His expression was as soft and warm as the amber light from his bedside table’s lamp that fanned across his room’s limestone walls and spacious bed. “Just like when we first met and you tripped over my tail and almost fell.”
You rested your head on Leona’s chest, your ear pressed against the skin above his heart as he pressed a kiss onto your right temple. “I really did,” you smiled against his chest, closing your eyes as his steady heartbeat lulled you to sleep.
Without moving his body to keep you asleep on top of him, Leona stretched his right arm with your phone in his hand and placed it onto his bedside table.
Leona glanced at your phone after he put it down, thinking about the fan video edit of himself on TwstTok. He would never understand TwstTok—it was an endless rabbit hole of videos to him. To be fair, though, if Leona ever found a fan video edit like that of you on TwstTok, he would like and save it in a heartbeat.
Hah…that’s enough TwstTok for one night. Leona yawned, twisting the cord of his lamp, allowing the sudden darkness to conclude your Friday night together.
▸ ┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈ ◂
Writer and Leona recap:
Strawbetty: Whatcha doing? *Isabella from Phineas and Ferb energy*
Leona: Watchin’ videos on TwstTok
Strawbetty: I thought you hated TwstTok
Leona: *Looks up from the cat videos he was watching on his FYP*
Leona: If it’s just videos I like, I don’t mind being on this Seven-forsaken app. Now come here and look at this video of a cat. Heh, it keeps thinkin’ that the toy mouse is real
▸ ┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈ ◂
A lil drawing by me:
Tumblr media
Celebrating TWST’s 3rd anniversary but Leona already fell asleep haha
▸ ┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈ ◂
🍓 I don’t own any of the characters I mention or write about; they belong to their original and respective creators.
🍓 All content on this blog is created by me, @thebettybook (excluding posts I reblog that aren’t my own posts and unless I state otherwise). Do not modify, claim, repost, or translate my work onto this platform and any other platform.
🍓 Reblogs are appreciated :). Want more Leona romance fluff? Check out my masterlist
▸ ┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈ ◂
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genderneutral reader, poly romance, i love them sm sorry.
Tumblr media
"Aren't you the prettiest with this red rose there, ma chère? Est-ce que tu sais sa signification aussi~?"
The hunter cooed his words near your ear, carefully brushing the flower placed between your ear which earned a growl from Leona, who was starting to feel possessive at Rook's body language and his suave tone that he took to flirt with you.
Leona decided to wrap both of his arms around your neck greedily, and without hesitating, he gave a glare at the blond who in return, only smiled by the usual antics of the beastman.
"Know your place, thanks."
"I should be the one saying this, no?"
Witnessing the tension becoming tight and how there's chance that a fight might occur with the two acquaintances, you took the courage to already refrain them in advance but before you could, Rook laughed and Leona scoffed.
"You guys are tiring...what am i going to do."
"Pardonnez-nous my dear, haha~♡"
Somehow in sync, they both left a kiss on your cheek that made you feel fuzzy all inside your muscles. Yeah, what are you going to do with these yet to be tamed boys?
Tumblr media
© 2023 leonaism, rbs are appreciated.
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Self-Aware Yuu sings La Seine and I:
A/N: So because there are a lot of songs that were requested, I don't think I'll be doing all of them mostly because the Jekyll and Hyde one was because I really liked the song. I’ll also be doing separate parts for the songs that I do.
Tumblr media
All of them:
A new challenger approaches
“Who is Seine and where is the bridge?!?!”
Most of them are too focused on Yuu’s singing to pay any close attention to the lyrics. 
Cater is once again filming Yuu, but oddly enough no clips are posted to Magicam
Trey is the most normal, not really reacting much during but complementing them after.
Ace and Deuce are trying to find out who Seine is, for research purposes obviously. 
Riddle is completely mesmerized, then he listens more closely and gets a bit sad. The only Heartslabyul guy to ask Yuu about the Seine
Once again, not really listening to the lyrics
Leona falls asleep halfway through, but enjoyed it nonetheless
Ruggie is honestly just happy to get some time off, hearing Yuu sing is just a bonus in his eyes
Jack is pretty curious about the origin of the song, so it and others become a common conversation topic for the next few weeks 
The ones that suggested the singing in the first place
The tweels are now following Yuu around in case they go to meet anyone at a bridge
Floyd may try to sabotage the performance if he gets bored [which he thankfully doesnt]
Azul is torn between wanting to hire the prefect at the lounge full-time and wanting to keep their singing to himself [Erik style]
Kalim is, once again, not fully paying attention to the lyrics. Honestly, he’s just happy that Yuu looks like they're having fun
Jamil starts paying attention when hypnotism is mentioned and doesn't ever stop paying attention. Another one that actually asks about the lyrics.
Rook is finally allowed to duet! [It was only because he knew how to pronounce Seine when reading the lyrics]
Epel is more interested in the instrumentals if he’s being honest, but he still supports Yuu from the sidelines.
Vil actually had a hand in the production of the performance, he couldn't help himself! Definitely talks to Yuu about their singing and ways to improve afterwards [is also oddly nice about it]
Ortho also talks to Yuu about the song lyrics but only like, a month later.
Idia is too busy recording everything to pay attention in the moment, but he has several questions once he watches the recording back [and trust me he does. A LOT]
The entire dorm is of the few that pay attention enough to realize Seine is a place, not a person
Malleus asks about the lyrics, the origins and even where the Seine is located. He’s a little sad when he finds out it doesn't exist there. Also asks if you’ve ever thought of naming a child Seine 🤔
Sebek disregards the fact that it’s mostly about love and just jumps straight to asking if the Seine is a safe location or not.
Lillia is just laser-focused on the wine, he asks about the river too but mostly about wine.
Silver is taking a nap, please do not disturb him.
Tumblr media
Tagging: @coffee-or-hot-cocoa [the requester]
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How TWST Charas Love (As Told By Tarot) | Scarabia + Savanaclaw
tags: gn!reader, headcanons, tarot
a/n: it’s about time i start writing for the dudes in twisted wonderland. i got some ideas swirling in my head, but the easiest and funnest are always doing the tarot headcanons since every reading is so different. there’s too many characters to do this in one post, so this is gonna be spread out across several. anyway, sup twst writing community, happy to join you guys
deck: true black tarot
Tumblr media
the star, the hierophant, nine of cups, nine of pentacles
you want for nothing if you are loved by kalim. whether it’s smothering your faces with kisses when you’re sick or whisking you away for an impromptu ride on a magic carpet anywhere in the isle of the sages, kalim is aware he has a blessed life and he wishes to share that life with you wholly. a family, kalim wants to incorporate you in all of his families and vice versa. while at school, the whole of scarabia is your family. your family is his family. and, of course, kalim’s exceedingly large family is yours for as long as you’ll have him. kalim chooses to believe in the good of the world and trusts that in spite of the bad, the world will give back what it receives. he believes meeting you is no different and returns the world’s generosity in full in how much effort he puts into maintaining your relationship. he’s more than your boyfriend, he’s one of your best friends. someone you can dance with when you’re happy, someone you can lean on when you’re not at your strongest and he knows that he can trust you to be the same for him. in the rare chance he hasn’t thought of marriage, his parents definitely have plans to add you to the family.
Tumblr media
the lovers, four of pentacles, anant, seven of cups
if you were to ask jamil whether or not he believes in the concept of soulmates, he’d probably scoff. “are you seriously asking me that?” that’s a childish concept kalim and najma would believe in, not someone like himー but his actions say otherwise. the man is a romantic, a hopeless one at that. while your relationship might have started with you initially being a pawn in jamil’s game of currying favor among the student body, true feelings developed on his part. romance was the last thing on jamil’s list of priorities and yet him being with you just makes sense, like a law of the universe. the cycle of the universe is one cyclical in nature, what happens once will surely happen again and jamil doesn’t doubt your relationship works the same way. this life into the next. he still wishes to make a name for himself yes, but the thought of a domestic life with you in tandem with those hypothetical accomplishments isn’t far from his mind either. but this aspect of jamil stays strictly between the both of you. he wouldn’t be able to live it down if others knew about this side of himself.
Tumblr media
five of pentacles, four of swords, the fool, ace of cups
getting together with leona was needlessly hard in the beginning for the man refused to acknowledge the feelings he had for you. he outright rejected them. wanting things in the past regardless of how hard he worked for them never worked in the past, why would they in the present? it took serious reflection and (unwanted but needed) advice from his friends to take the steps to accept how he felt and move forward. a relationship of this nature is new territory for leona but blind as he might be, he walks forward with confidence. he isn’t the best at words but he shows he loves you in his actions. in how he holds your hand when you’re scared, in the small but warm smile he wears when he sees your victories and in how he drags you out to the botanical garden for a nap if you’re working well-beyond your limits. those moments with you comfort him as much as he hopes they comfort you. despite his gruffness, leona is a thoughtful lover and he pays attention to you more than you initially think. don’t be surprised if you off-handedly mention something you’d like to what you think is an inattentive boyfriend. a week later, leona will present it to you nonchalantly and raise an eyebrow when you look surprised. of course he listens to you when you ramble, dork.
Tumblr media
page of pentacles, queen of pentacles, the hanged man, justice
looking out for number 1 might come naturally to ruggie, but he is surprisingly mature and knowledgeable with matters of the heart. as such, he surrenders easily to his feelings when he is aware of them and doesn’t hesitate to tell you how he feels. as far as he saw it at the time, he could either come to terms with things and ask you out and know if you feel the same way. or he could fight it and end up losing his chance to be with you because someone else with their shit together asked you out first. it was a pretty clear choice. ruggie prides himself in being dependable as your boyfriend and enjoys doting on you as much as he enjoys teasing. ruggie might poke fun at your room being messy but he is already rolling his arms up to sweep as he speaks. ruggie is well aware that there are plenty of people out there who have him beat in certain areas, but ruggie also knows there are plenty of things that he does excellently. while your own acknowledgement of those things isn’t necessary, it pleases him nonetheless. he might not be able to give you bundles of extravagant gifts, but he is able to get you plenty with his skills at haggling.
Tumblr media
queen of swords, knight of wands, the chariot, king of swords
another one who is pretty in-tune with his emotions and doesn’t hesitate to tell you how he feels. what’s the point in lying to you or himself about how he feels? when you look good, he says it. when you look like you’re having a rough time, jack says he might not be able to make your troubles go away but he’ll try. his honesty is endearing most of the time. jack tells it to you straight, good, bad and in between. he wants you to feel this way as well. if there’s a problem with the relationship, how is he supposed to fix it if you don’t tell him anything? jack says things bluntly, but he will find ways to soften his words if he sees that certain levels of bluntness hurt you. surprisingly not against pda; if you’re within an arm’s reach, jack will have an arm around you to hold you close. it’s not so much about letting everyone in a three mile radius know you’re taken ーwell part of it isー he just enjoys feeling you close and smelling your scent. jack wouldn’t call himself prince charming or anything, but he quick to come to your ‘rescue’ even if he knows you can handle yourself. 2 against however many is a lot better than just 1, just know that jack is your backup.
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ceruleancattail · 3 days
There has been a shocking✨ amount of yandere requests (0) so I’ve taken the liberty to write something for myself. MWAHAHAH-
Yandere Leona x reader
Tw: blood, mockery
Pressing bits of cotton into your right shoulder was not how you expected your weekend to go. It stung, fur brushing against your wound. Large, gaping holes bitten into your shoulder, bleeding a dark crimson. The liquid flowed into the cotton balls, blooming into ghastly flowers of red.
It’s been some time, yet the bleeding showed no sign of stopping. All you could do was press harder, trying your best not to wince. The pain bit at your shoulder, making your nerves screech shrilly at the contact.
The bed shifted, dipping behind you . You felt your rear shift, leaning back into something warm. A hand covered yours, warmth engulfing your fingers. A sigh, before a chin pressed into your left shoulder. Locks of brown cascaded down your shoulder, much like the raging waters of a waterfall.
A pair of emerald eyes met your own, a scar marking one of them. They stare at you, unblinking. A king’s gaze, waiting for their subject to speak.
You hold his gaze for a moment, before your head dips down. Hesitant, your lips tremble, before you force them open.
“Did you have to bite me?”
A grunt, before his arm snakes its way around your waist, pulling you closer into his chest. Close enough for you to feel his heart beating into your chest. A steady rhythm,perhaps an attempt on his part to lull you into a calmer state. Leona held you like someone who held a small, frightened animal.
It did little to ease your nerves.
Small, frightened animal… This could be used to describe a pet, or Leona’s Prey.
Based on the way he had no qualms about sinking his fangs deep into your shoulder, there wasn’t really a difference in the two.
“What about it?” A curt response, spoken in a lazy drawl.
“The bleeding isn’t stopping.”
Another sigh, before he poked at your hand. Leona’s hand took your place on the cotton, pressing it down. His mouth slipped onto your neck, pressing a kiss into it.
“Good. It’ll leave a scar.”
“I don’t want one.”
A growl, rumbling from the depth of his throat, vibrating against your skin. A warning, the thunder before the storm. You clammed up, pressing your lips together. Not another word.
“Yeah, sure you don’t. I can smell the stink of all your buddies on your body. It reeks. What are you, so easy that any guy will do?”
You remained silent. Times like this, it was easier to let Leona keep talking. Let him get all the frustration out of his system.
That was before a white hot flash streaked across your eyes. Pain. Blinding pain. Your shoulder screamed in protest as Leona dug his fingers into it, nails dislodging flesh, opening the wound anew.
Yelping, you try to move. Flee, run anywhere.
Anywhere but here.
His grip tightened around your waist, holding you in place. A chuckle, as dark as the night. You didn’t have to turn around. You knew he was smirking. Amused at your attempts to escape.
Where were you going to run?
Everywhere the light touches belongs to him.
You can’t escape from the king of the savanna himself.
Not when he’s so blatantly marked you as his, after all.
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rainybeebs · 20 hours
A love gone sour
Tumblr media
Featuring: Leona Kingscholar
Genre: Angst
Event prompt: “Don’t you dare touch me.”
Requested by: @astreaaries
Warnings: Unhealthy relationships, mentions of abuse
Tumblr media
In the beginning, things were lovely. Afternoons in the botanical garden basking in each other's warmth, mornings spent cuddling in his comfy bed, dates in each other's dorms. Small moments where he kissed you softly and held your hand so tenderly. His gaze always softened when you were around, while a small smile graced his lips.
Those moments are gone. Soft touches were replaced with aggressive grabs. Soft gazing turned into harsh glares. The boy you once loved turned into a man you felt nothing for. All in the span of a month. One day, like a light switch, he grew colder and colder. Shrugging your hand off his shoulder, or pushing you away physically and emotionally. It grew to be too much.
"I already told you, nothing's wrong." The same old shit. The same old expressionless tone. Stuck in your dorm, on what was supposed to be a date. It quickly turned to an argument about his feelings.
“You're lying! I know you are!" His tail swayed violently behind him, his eyes hardening. He was this close to the door, one swift movement and he’d be gone, leaving you possibly for good.
"Don't. Let’s just chill and worry about this some other time. We aren’t gonna do this now.” He was growing more agitated at the second. You’d never been so pushy about this. Why now?
“Yes, we are.” He felt himself snap.
“No we’re not!” You flinched at his raised voice. Never in your relationship had Leona screamed at you. “Shit, that’s not what I—” you felt your heart drop as he reached a hand towards you. Was he going to—
“Don’t you dare touch me.” Your voice shook. He dropped his hand immediately. You felt uneasy around him, but your heart never beated so fast. You never felt so much adrenaline. His eyes were wide, practically bulging as you took a few steps back. A safe distance, you told yourself.
“Y/N, I’m—sorry, okay? You know I’d never…” He was tongue tied. Did you actually think he’d hurt you? Had he really messed up that badly?
“Just get out.”
“GO!” He couldn’t say or do anything. He felt helpless. Like prey in a trap. Still, he left you alone, being sure to gently close the door. He messed up, so badly. And this time, was the last.
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lionar0und · 3 days
Leona- she/they -him telling his s/o that they deserve the world after some tuff times and that he misses you
Event Letter Three - Leona
Tumblr media
Hey baby.
Look, I know I’m not one to write letters. But since I’m home I figured it would be the thing to do since that fat old bird gave you a hard time for using your phone.
Shits rough, babe. I know. It’s rough for me too. But those tender moments when I can hold you in my arms under our special tree and watch the sunbeams hit your face is one hell of a way to make me happy.
I wish I was King so I could give you everything in the world without question.
I know I’m not like… super romantic or anything. That just ain’t me. But I would. I’d give you ever valuable metal in this world, I’d run every mine dry and cover you in the riches you deserve.
…but you wouldn’t want that. You’d want me to help the people cause you’re so selfless.
My sweet princess… just give it time. I’ll be back soon and as soon as we’re napping, curled up and safe, the world will be alright again.
Much love,
Prince Leona Kingscholar
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kokofromwattpad · 3 months
Featuring: Dorm leaders
Plot: The way how different twst characters sleep with and without you and their sleeping habits.
Cw: fluff, spooning(Riddle and Vil), snoring (Leona and Azul), mentions of boobs (Kalim), drool (idia)
Note: You can obviously tell who my favorite is.
Before you:
He sleeps like a old man. Like, fingers crossed over his stomach, or he sleeps like a corpse. He is very silent when he is sleeping only letting out very soft breaths.
With you:
Riddle is either sleeping fetal position into your arms or being spooned. I feel like after having an extremely long day, all he wants to do is be held.
Without you:
He has zero clue what to do with his hands. So all he does is take one of his pillows and cuddles with that. Sometimes he gets mad just as he is about to fall asleep and just chucks the pillow across the room.
Before you:
He snores like a dad. Like, you know you sometimes when your dad is busy snoring and then he chokes on his own saliva mid snore... yea... thats Leona. Also he sleeps like a hot mess. Half of his body is off the bed and the other is barely hanging on.
With you:
Living blanket. Like, he just lays his entire body weight on top of you like a blanket. At first it felt like attempted murder, but after a while you got used to it and now you can't fall asleep without weight on top of you.
Without you:
He twists his blankets into a long noodle so that it (kinda) feels like he's cuddling you. Also, his tail is swishing the same way an angry cat does the entire time he is sleeping.
Before you:
Completely normal. Maybe a hand under the pillow(?) Snores. The tweels used to make fun of him for that when they were kids but got used to it eventually.
With you:
Koala mode: activated. His legs are twisted through your legs and arms attached to your torso like superglue. He nuzzles his face in the crook of your neck and sometimes even leaves little kisses there.
Without you:
He refuses to sleep without you. Period. He got so used to sleep with you in his arms that it has become a condition for him to sleep. He will either stay in his office, busy with paperwork, studying for an upcoming test or reading a book you recommended him in his bed.
Before you:
I headcannon that he sleeps fetal position. But like, on his stomach. His face is smashed into the pillow, which causes bedhead and he becomes scarily still (Jamil sometimes comes in and checks if he's still alive.)
With you:
He does not give a shit if you have tiddies or not, he is shoving his face into your chest like it's no-one's business. You have never slept so damn good until the day you started sleeping with Kalim in his fucking king sized bed made from swan feathers or something close to it.
Without you:
Tosses and turns, ruining the sheets and making it dirty. He usually gets up and starts pacing the room, trying to tire himself out, but failing miserably. Kind of just lays there.
Before you:
Looks like a fucking angel. His hair perfectly frames his head and he just looks so damn peaceful. I bet he listens to nature sounds whenever he can't sleep since him losing sleep is a big no-no.
With you:
He likes to spoon. He only big spoons, if not, then he's pushing you (affectionately♡) off the bed. He has gotten accustomed to your light snoring, kind of using it like a non-verbal lullaby.
Without you:
Can sleep, but not as nicely as when you do. Kind of turns a bit, but he does fall asleep normally. Gets a sad gut feeling whenever he wakes up without you next to him.
Before you:
Probably never sleep willingly. He probably would just pass out from exhaustion ever once-in-awhile. But when he does sleep, he drools like a fucking dog. Like, entire pillow case damp from his drool. He has gained mild control over this, but is still considered a problem.
With you:
He wants to cuddle like how anime couples do. He specifically likes it when you sleep on his chest, your weight feeling the same as when a cat lays on him. He also gained a condition in order to fall asleep. He must stroke your hair gently while you mutter in your half-asleep state on how much you love and adore him.
Without you:
After he started dating you, he finally decided to get a better sleep schedule so he could spend more time with you, rather than being passed out, looking half dead. So he got a plain body pillow (He didn't get a cover as he thought it would be a betrayal of your trust) He cuddles the body pillow the same way he does to you.
Before you:
He slept the same way as Riddle, like a corpse. He is completely silent and does not move at all in his sleep.
With you:
He became absolutely addicted to cuddling once you introduced it to him. He would shove you into his chest, kind of like the two of you were hugging, but he has an absolute death grip on you.
Without you:
The skies have a green hue to them as lightning cracks. He is pissed at who or what made you not want or have the time to sleep with him. He would sneak out of his dorm and (break in) sneak into your dorm. He would then climb into bed with you and then instantly fall asleep.
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tiyoin · 9 days
Tumblr media
this is why they were summoned over ramshackle 😋🤞
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little-miss-mei · 1 month
Ruggie: Am I going to grow old alone?
Leona: Don’t beat yourself up.
Leona: I’ll tell you what. I’ll make you a deal. 30 years from now, if you’re still single and things don’t work out with me and herbivore, you and I can give it a go.
Ruggie: I appreciate the offer, but if things don’t work out with you two, I’m swooping in on Yuu like a vulture.
Leona: Too late. Malleus already called dibs.
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ginneko0 · 2 months
You fall asleep and that's how they see you:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
He chuckled and thinks you are too brave ne~ sleeping vulnerable in your predators territory.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
He just... Couldn't distrub you now. I don't know why but maybe he has a thing to kiss you before waking you up dear. He will view like this even you are sleeping in your pajamas.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Sorry, but did you forget to do your night routine!?? Like he didn't know you don't have night routine to begin with, thanks to your laziness.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Yuu view of point when sebek talking about Malleus.
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demon-lover-669 · 2 months
Y/n: *trying to call Ace* fuck! It’s not working!
Y/n: *tries again* bro! I’d blow a flying magic lion for some better reception!
Leona: *flying over on his broom* I think I can help with that~
Y/n: I regret my wording….
The next week
Jack: Y/n where did you get that new phone?
Y/n: none of your business
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cupids-chamber · 3 months
Tumblr media
Ruggie: You like Leona?
Y/n: Yes.. thoughts?
Ruggie: And prayers, girl what
Tumblr media
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