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✨Save A Horse, Ride a Cowboy✨
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This isn't a full story but just some Luci dialogue I came up with after I saw @bat-boness Cowboy Lucifer, specifically the doodle because GOD DAMN, I'M GONNA SAVE THE HORSE POPULATION SINGLEHANDEDLY, I'LL BE HIS COWGIRL
Edit: tagging @nayomi247 because it was your beautiful request!!
Lucifer x f!sinner reader
No summary, Lucifer is just...PACKING some heat hehe~
Warnings: 18+, smut, size kink kind of, p in v
Tumblr media
"It's ok baby, t-take your time...mmnh fuck...you f-feel so good, love. Gonna l-let me stretch you out? Just relax, I-I've got you. Slow and gentle now..."
"T-that's it, almost there...shh, shh I know sweetheart, i-it's a lot, I'm sorry, you're doing so well...ssshhhhiiittt, so tight..."
"There you go, good girl...you're alright, i-it's ok, just breathe. Stay there as long as you need to, I-I can wait. Promise I won't move until you say so. Look so pretty like this, darling, bottomed out on cock..."
"S-So fucking tight...a-are you alright? Do you need to stop?" *you start to grind your hips on him slowly* "F-FUCK, h-holy shit...hnng, y-you're gonna kill me, sweetheart..."
"N-Need to move, please love, I-I can't hold it, please let me move...p-please" *you nod, he starts slowly rutting into you* "G-God, you're so fucking wet, you fit me perfectly..."
"You're doing s-so well, angel, taking all of me, what a beautiful sight...gonna f-fill your tight cunt so g-good, fill you up to the brim...keep going baby, I-I'm so close f-fuck...please don't stop..."
"fuckfuckFUCK g-gonna cum, love, p-please don't stop, s-so good...so good for me HNNG-AAH"
*you feel his hot ropes cum filling up your insides, your own orgasm crashing over you as well, practically milking his cock as your wall pulsate around him*
*he leans his head against your shoulder as you both attempt to catch your breath* "T-That was...fuck...that was amazing...you're amazing. If you give me a minute, we can go again...what do you say, my love, up for round 2?~"
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washeduphazbin · 3 days
Lady Hell
(Lucifer x Fem!Reader x Lilith) NSFW THEMES AHEAD
Tumblr media
Hi! Omg, I just saw/read the lucixreaderxlili story and wondered if you could write a story about Charlie and some others catching them "in the act" and just Charlie dying. Of course, Lucifer would accidentally permanently scar his daughter (and Alastor the ace) by turning around to go comfort his child, forgetting the situation for a "brief" (get it lol 😆) moment, and then trying to hide the three of them. Could you do the reactions of the others, either by hearing about it or walking in on it?
@legendarylearner18 I hope you enjoy it. I hope this is what you were looking for. I wanted to try to keep it somewhat canon, lol. So unfortunately we only get a little bit of Lilith.
For being cast to an eternity in hell, as a Sinner, you couldn't exactly complain about your current situation. You were found by Lilith, The Queen of Succubi and the subsequent Queen of Hell. While the Sinners around you looked like different creatures, you looked more human than a demon. Most likely due to the way you died, it wasn’t traumatic or horrific, so you kept most of your human features. The only difference was a pair of horns growing out of your head, and a devil-like tail.
Lilith was enthralled by your pure innocence; she picked you up from the street (literally) and brought you home. She allowed you into her palace and introduced you to her husband, her hands trailing and resting tenderly on your back. "What's your name, darling?" She hummed softly, brushing your hair from your face; you flushed, staring at the man before you, feeling the pressure of the much taller woman pressed against you. Your throat felt dry as you introduced yourself with a little bow; the man hummed,
"Is this a new Sinner, Lili?"
"Indeed. Lucifer, and I'd like to keep her." Your face burned hot as you whipped your head to the woman,
"Excuse me-" You sputtered,
"Oh, sorry. Are you queer?" She hummed, her nails brushing against your cheek, and you could only sputter out a yes of confirmation. She cooed sweetly, pressing your face directly into her tits; you squeaked, "Luci isn't she just the cutest Sinner you've just ever seen!"
"I think you're suffocating her," Lucifer mused, removing his hat and resting it against one of the many hat hooks. "Let me get a good look at her," Lilith released you, gently nudging you towards who you could only assume to be the King of Hell. You made a soft sound as he grabbed your waist; the way he analyzed you made you squirm nervously. "How would you like to stay with us? You have a choice of course.”
"Like here?"
Lilith laughed, grabbing your face and tilting your head to look her in the eyes; Lucifer took your hands and brushed his thumbs across your knuckles. "Yes, like here," she mused. You can say no. We aren't forcing you into a relationship if it makes you uncomfortable."
"You're new to Hell. We can keep you safe, but as soon as you want to leave, we won't stop you." Lucifer reassured, "But we'd like the chance to romance you if you'd let us."
You let out a little laugh, "Romance me?" Lilith giggled behind you as you watched the King Of Hell turn red and fluster. Sputtering out what exactly he meant trying to salvage the situation.
"Oh, you're going to be fun."
"And dangerous," Lucifer added, trying to recover from his embarrassment.
Your life since then has been pretty good. You fell hard and fast for Lilith and Lucifer and quickly became a part of their couple. They never made you feel less than for joining their marriage; you were equally as important as them in the relationship, and most importantly you were happy. When Lilith and Lucifer had Charlie, you were there beside them; helping Lilith through every moment especially when Lucifer was busy. Charolette, the little bundle of joy, only improved all three of your lives. You swore to yourself you would never force Charlie to see you as another parent if she didn't want to, but much to your surprise she did. You were a constant in her life, acting like a third parent to the girl most or the time, one who was constantly there and she loved every bit of you.
Charlie hummed, tapping her fingers together, "So that's why asking my other mom to convince my dad is probably our best shot at getting a meeting with Heaven!" Vaggie and Angel Dust glanced at one another,
"Hold on, you're telling me that the king of hell is getting double the pussy, and we're out here struggling ta get any?"
"You don't even like pussy Angel," Husk grunted,
"Not true. I like a certain pussy." He batted his eyelashes at Husk, who grunted, rolling his eyes while dramatically taking a swig from his whiskey bottle.
“I’m a feline or cat. Call me a pussy again, and I’ll shove this bottle up your ass.”
“Kinky I like it daddy.”
Husk promptly flipped him off.
"Not the point!" Charlie huffed cheeks, flushing. She didn’t even like thinking about her parents like that. "I've been scared enough with them to last me a lifetime!"
"Ohhoho?" Angel Dust leaned forward on his knees, "Sounds like you have stories."
"What? Stories? No way, not me." Charlie shook her head rather dramatically, yelping as Niffty ran up her leg, grabbing the collar of her shirt,
"You have stories! Dirty, nasty stories! I can smell them on you! TELL US!"
"You all realize you're asking her to talk about her parents having sex right." Vaggie grunted, "That's fucking weird."
"Don't care what's the most embarrassing thing you've ever walked in on!" Angel shouted, slamming his hands on the table, "I need to know!” Charlie chewed on her bottom lip, "You always say sharing is caring, Princess. Now that it's your turn. Are you gonna share your trauma? I've shared mine." He definitely hadn't but Charlie wondered if this was his first step into Angel actually caring about the group redemption activities.
"I...suppose you're right." She cringed outwardly as Angel grinned delightedly and turned to look at Husk. He rolled his eyes at Angel,
"I'll make you drinks; I have a feeling we'll be here for a while."
"After this story we're talking to your mom are you sure you wanna tell them then go see her directly? You don't have too." Vaggie placed her hands on Charlie's shoulders giving them a squeeze,
"It's okay Vaggie, I can do this! For the Hotel!"
Lilith hummed quietly, running a brush tenderly through your hair and detangling the locks. You stared at her gentle movements in the mirror, feeling her slender fingers pet your scalp. "You're staring, my beautiful lamb," You felt your cheeks burn as you looked down into your lap. You heard her soft laugh, pressing herself against your back, feeling her chest push against you.
Jesus, you were better than no man.
"Don't get all shy on me." Her fingers lifted your chin so you could turn to look at her. "There's my pretty girl." She purred, and you could melt. She leaned forward to press a tender kiss to your lips. Her other hand cupped the back of your neck possessively. "Do you wanna know something?" She murmured against your lips; she pulled away to look into your eyes as you nodded. "You're my personal Eden." She trailed the back of her hand down your cheek before pressing her thumb against your bottom lip, pulling it down. "I want to devour you; you'll let me, won't you?"
You let out a loud whine, nodding furiously at her, "Anything for you Lili." She raised a perfectly styled brow, "Mistress."
"That's my girl." She pet the top of your head, "I'm sad to mess up your hair after I just worked so hard on it. But, I think it's worth it, don't you?" Lilith's lashes fluttered, and you nodded like the lovesick puppy you were for her. The dynamic you had with the Morningstar's would be peculiar to anyone outside the bedroom; Lilith enjoyed taking the dominant role, Lucifer was a switch, and while you preferred to be more submissive, sometimes it was fun to be more dominant when messing with the devil himself. You shivered in delight at the thought of taking both of them as Lilith's mouth placed kisses against your neck. "Oh, little lamb, did you think you could hide your desire from the queen of succubi herself? You want me to gather Luci for us?"
"Would you be mad if I say yes?" You spoke softly, and she smiled sweetly, pressing a kiss to your forehead.
"Not at all, my sweet thing. Why don't you get yourself ready for our return," She vanished, seeping elegantly into her shadow. You grinned, jumping on the abnormally sizeable plush bed you shared with the couple. Usually, Lucifer enjoyed undressing you, but what Lilith said goes, so you unbuttoned your shirt and slid off your skirt, leaving you just in your underthings. "Your gift is in here, Lucifer," you heard Lilith on the otherside of the door. The man let out a small laugh.
"Whenever you get me a gift, it always puts me on edge." He said lightheartedly, opening the bedroom door. His gaze landed on you immediately, and his cheeks burned scarlet.
"Do you like your gift?" She purred, leaning down to peck his cheek in a sultry manner.
"I mean, who wouldn't? Hi, Ducking!" He stammered, waving goofily. You giggled, waving back cheekily,
"Hi Luci, Mistress." You bowed your head, sprawling out on the bed seductively, your eyes trained on the growing tent in the king of hell's pants. "What role would you like me to take?" Your eyes trailed over to Lilith, who was slowly sliding down her dress.
She hummed thoughtfully, "What do you feel? Also, do you remember the safe word?" You nodded,
"Dominate with you and dominate with Lucifer. Is that alright?"
"M-more than," Lucifer stammered as Lilith reached around to place her hands on his shoulders, nipping at his neck. He let out a shaky groan at the sensation and you hopped off the bed kneeling before the King and Queen of Hell.
“Good girl.~” Lilith praised continuing to nip and suck on Lucifer’s neck her fingers moving to unbutton his top. Meanwhile he whimpered looking down at you as you undid his belt with ease fluttering your lashes innocently. You looked as beautiful as the day you arrived in Hell and he still couldn’t fathom what you’d done to end up in a place like this.
“Your Majesty may I?” You motioned to his hard cock straining against the confines of his briefs. He ran his fingers through your hair and you leaned into the touch,
“You may.” He watched you lick your lips hungrily as you pulled down his underwear, cock springing free bouncing against his stomach. He let out a shaky breath, as your hands groped his aching dick, “Ducking come on.” He whined as you slowly pumped him with a sadistic grin adorning your lips. He felt Lilith laugh against his neck and he huffed, she clicked her tongue grabbing his chin and tilting it up so she could press a kiss to his lips, it was heated as their tongues clashed in a fiery dance. He groaned into it giving Lilith control as he felt your hot mouth wrap around his cock. You bobbed your head skillfully taking him fully, your nose brushed against his pubic hair. You were always proud you could fit him in your mouth entirely, his hands dug into your hair pulling you somehow closer. You gagged but never thought about pulling away, you hollowed your cheeks making sure to use your tongue to trace the prominent veins underneath his shaft. His hips bucked into your mouth, he fucked your mouth with fervor groaning and whining the entire time. “That’s it, so close baby gonna cum-“
You pulled off with a significant pop, drool and pre-cum glistening on your lips and dripping from your chin. He made a heartbroken face in your direction as you licked your lips seductively, “oh my good girl, come to mommy.” Lilith purred as you rose to your feet, her hands wrapped around your waist as she pulled you onto the bed. Her dress had long since been discarded and her perfect breasts hung freely over you. “I’m gonna ride your face like the throne I deserve and Lucifer’s going to fuck that tight little pussy of yours.” It wasn’t a question but a command, “I’m sure you’re wet enough. I know how much you love sucking my husband’s cock.” You could only nod eagerly,
“Can I touch you?”
“You may.”
Your hands immediately shot forward, cupping her breasts between your fingers. She let out a sigh, beautiful and airy as your fingers brushed over her nipples. "That's a good girl," She purred as you began to massage her chest eagerly. Your tail swished wrapping around her waist urging her forward towards your mouth, "How impatient. Lucifer darling?"
"Y-yeah!" He sputtered removing his hand from his cock as Lilith turned to look at him. His shirt was hanging off his shoulders, unbuttoned and his pants were still down around his ankles. Face flushed red standing awkwardly, watching his two loves make out. She tutted and he flushed harder, "Sorry..."
"You're luckily out little lamb here has me in a good mood." She groaned a little as you leaned up as far as you could to nip at her breast. "Oh darling...Lucifer get over here and fuck her."
"Yes ma'am!" Lucifer grinned wiggling his leg and kicking his pants into the corner of the room...well tried to he ended up falling directly onto his face. Lilith sighed rubbing the bridge of her nose while you burst into a fit of giggles. You tried to cover you mouth with your hands as you tilted your head backwards, he raised his head with a nervous smile. "My bad," His voice cracked a little as he fumbled his way over to the both of you.
"You're such a goofball," Lilith sighed now trying to hide her smile from her husband. "You still alright to continue?" She was looking at Lucifer but you knew the question was for the both of you. Embarrassed Lucifer nodded as you responded with a resounding
"Good then let us continue." She mused clapping her hands together as the lights in the room dimmed and the candles flickered to life. She leaned forward connecting your lips together you moaned quietly against her, her hand coming up under your bra to squeeze your chest gently. "Ready?"
You felt Lucifer's nails trail your thighs and his lips pressing gentle kisses to the skin there. You shivered at the touch and felt him smile against your flesh, "Yes Mistress." You saw her smile, beautiful like the sky back on Earth. She moved with the grace of a queen as she moved to sit on your face, squeezing her thighs against your head. Lilith let out a loud intake of breath as your tongue prodded at her entrance. Your hands moved to dig your nails into her thighs as you ate her out like a woman starved. Meanwhile you felt Lucifer bite at your inner thighs causing you to moan against Lilith, she let out an elegant groan as her hips began to roll into against your mouth. You heard the devil snap his fingers as your bottom half got much breezier, he had snapped your underwear away, thank god they weren't your favorite pair.
He was making sure to mark you up before licking a stripe up your pussy his snake like tongue moving circles on your clit. Your thighs unconsciously clamped around your head and you felt him tut against you yanking your thighs away from his skull. You wined as Lilith ground down on her, filling your mouth with her wetness, nose brushing against her clit. You felt the dynamic switch as Lucifer leaned back thumb massaging your bud and fingers teasing your entrance mercilessly. You tried to get out a mumble out a please, but Lilith's body made your plea sound like nothing but a mumble, "You trying to beg Duckling? It's a shame you can't."
"Aw Luci don't be mean to the poor girl, she's working hard to please me-" She was cut off with a moan eyes fluttering, "I'm close. Don't be mean to her when she's doing such a good job. Unless she's somehow not wet enough but I doubt that."
"Oh she's dripping." Lucifer mused, "But if you allow it I'll fuck her immediately. After all, it's her turn to be throughly bred." You moaned hotly into her and her sweet sounds tangled with your own, her entire body pressed hard into you as she climaxed into your mouth. Her chest heaved as she slid off you, your mouth wet with her juices, as your tongue came to swipe at your lips.
"Lili!~" You moaned your hand reaching out towards her, she hushed you softly intertwining her hand within your own, she looked over at Lucifer, "Please."
She hummed turning to face Lucifer giving a nod, his entire face lit up like the stars, he leaned foward to kiss you tenderly. "I love you,"
"I love you too," You purred cupping his cheeks sweetly. "Don't make me beg,"
"I won't you've been plenty good." He pressed a kiss to your nose causing you to giggle. He gave himself a few pumps before sliding into you with relatively ease. Your eyes rolled back in your head fluttered with a sharp intake of breath. "Fuck...baby-" He moaned, "You're alway so tight around me." You didn't get a chance to respond before Lilith placed her lips onto yours and her hands under your bra; palming at your chest. Lucifer sucked in a needy breath at the sight and your hips began to buck up against him continuing to flutter around him. He took your hint and began to pump in and out of you, you broke away from Lilith spit still connecting the two of you as you let out a loud moan. "That's it...my good girl."
He always felt so big inside you, you swore he'd break you in half, as your toes curled once he hit the spongey spot inside of you. "More." You demanded as Lilith giggled, "Fill me up."
"As you wish, you wanna make me another Daddy-"
"FUCK ME!" Lucifer yelped his wings suddenly sprouting out of his back in a panic, pulling out of you in a hurry. Your eyes widened into saucers clamping down on him in surprise which caused him to cum prematurely over your stomach. Lilith cursed under her breath, frantically looking around for a blanket.
"Lucifer!" He was snapped back to life by the sound of Lilith's voice his wings quickly shifted covering the both of you.
"Oh God!" Charlie shrieked once she fully processed what was going on, she covered her eyes. The teenager's cheeks were flushed, "What the fuck!"
"We're so sorry!" Lucifer sputtered, moving to get up to explain himself.
"Lucifer!" Lilith hissed,
"I'm leaving!" Charlie squeaked out, "Sorry! Sorry! Oh god my eyes!" The door slammed shut with a bang as Lucifer's wings disappeared and buried his face in his hands.
It wasn't a surprise that she first came to you with her hotel idea to rehabilitate sinners instead of her father. You shuffled uncomfortably as she held out her drawing cards; she was pointing eagerly to her plans. By her side was her girlfriend Vaggie, the girlfriend Lucifer didn't know about.
She had you wrapped around her finger, and she knew it.
"Charlie, you know I love you and admire your ambition; I always have, but..." You trailed off as she frowned, lowering her papers. Your heart ached, "Shouldn't you be talking to your father about this- and don't say I'm your mother, you know what I mean." You held your finger up to stop her, “it's just. I don’t know how I can help you sweetheart.”
“Well I was…ya know thinking. That you could maybe possibly I don’t know, convince dad it’s a good plan. And well I don't know get me a meeting with Heaven.”
You winced, “Charlie…” she pouted giving you her saddest puppy dog face, “I only have so much power when he comes to controlling your father.”
“But we’re making SUCH good progress. Angel Dust is on the road to redemption as we speak!” She exclaimed, “right Vaggie?”
“Right.” She smiled reassuringly up at her girlfriend before turning to you, “just…try please. If it doesn’t work Charlie will call him and figure something else out. We aren’t asking for him to help,” Charlie opened her mouth to protest, “without seeing it himself first.” She corrected and her girlfriend nodded in approval.
“You two I swear.” You stood on your toes grabbing Charlie’s red cheeks kissing both as she flushed. “If your father kills me it’s your fault,”
“He’d never!” Charlie looked aghast, “he loves you like he loved Mom!”
“I know, Hon. Don’t worry, figure of speech.”
“Oh,” she frowned. “Well, try not to talk like that. Think positive!” Charlie grabbed your hands and opened her mouth,
"I love you, but please don't sing right now." You kissed her knuckles softly, "I need all my brainpower to talk to your dad."
"Understood!" She squealed, "I love you!"
"I love you too. Now shoo, your dad will call you later." She wrapped you in another hug, and Vaggie nodded her head in your direction with a little smile. Charlie pulled away and interlocked her hand with her girlfriend before scampering off. You rubbed your face tiredly; Lucifer and your relationship had been strained since Lilith left. You still loved one another dearly, but her leaving had taken a toll on both of you. While he retreated to isolate himself in his room, you coped in other ways, namely, running his kingdom for him to the best of your ability. The only things you didn't do were meetings and phone calls with the Seraphim or the Angels.
So, things between the both of you have been a little more than awkward and tense. Not knowing how Charlie would react, you both decided it was better to try to deal with your emotions privately instead of telling her outright that you were having relationship issues. You still slept in the same bed, but most of the time, it felt like he was barely there...reminding you that you were just a lover and not a wife.
Cursing inwardly at the thought, you loved Lilith; you missed her smile, her voice, and her kindness. But it was hard not to feel bitter at times; she left you and Lucifer...alone...for going on seven years.
It had not only devastated him, but Charlie, and you as well. Despite your wishes those bitter thoughts, were getting more and more common.
You let out a shaky sigh before you smoothed out any wrinkles in your dress as you approached his workshop. You knocked softly on the door. You heard frantic rustling and fumbling of what you could only assume was another rubber duck project before the door was hurriedly thrown open. His eyes squinted like he was trying to gather what you were doing here before he let out a panicked, nervous laugh.
"Duckling!" you could hear the nervous tremor in his voice, "What-ugh- what are you doing here?"
"I live here? We sleep in the same bed." You deadpanned,
"No, I mean! Er, my workshop,"
"Charlie stopped by-"
"She did?!" The panic in his voice was even more evident now that you mentioned the possibility that his daughter was here you watched as he ran his fingers through his hair. "Is she still here? You got her to leave right? Did she ask about me? I'm not prepared and-"
"Luci," Your tone softened, cupping his cheeks and running his thumb across the apples of them, "She's not here. She had a message she wanted me to relay to you."
"She...asked you and not me?" He murmured, and you chewed the inside of his cheek,
"It wasn't a long visit; you were very busy."
"Yes...I was busy."
You both stared at one another, tension seeping into your bones. Your tail flicked restlessly, and Lucifer's claws drummed nervously on the wood of the doorframe. "Welp!" He clapped his hands together, "If that's all." He moved to spin around back into his duck-filled workshop,
"I didn't even tell you what she wanted..." You spoke quietly, reaching out to touch his shoulder but he flinched away before you could make contact again.
"Fuck, I didn't mean to flinch. It's just Lilith and...and I know we haven't been intimate- It's just-" He rambled,
"No, please don't apologize." Your smile was strained, and your hands clutched the top of your dress. "I understand completely, Your Majesty."
He said your name, pained, "Don't do this-"
You held up your hand, silencing him, "It's fine." You doubled down on the earlier statement before sighing, shoulders slumping, your entire body felt heavy. "I love you but I don't know if I can keep doing this..."
"Please stop." He reached forward to grab your shoulders, in a frantic way to prove he wasn't afraid to touch you.
"Lucifer, I'm tired." You looked up at him and already felt the stinging behind your eyes, "I miss her so much it hurts...I miss you. I'm so lonely I feel like I could die again."
"Don't say that." He said seriously, hands moving from shoulders to your cheeks, "Never say that. If you died, I couldn't bear it."
"The great Lucifer Morningstar would live, I'm sure. Although he'd have to rule his own kingdom again." Your lips twitched in a sad smile,
"I don't think I would." He chose to ignore the second part of the statement, "I know." You watched his throat bob, "I haven't been fair to you. I've shut you out, and I shouldn't have, and it breaks my heart that I made you doubt my love for you." His fingers brushed against your cheek, wiping away tears that began to roll.
"Lilith is your wife, and I can't imagine what you're going through-"
"Out of everyone, I think you're the only one who can relate to what I'm going through." He laughed airily, "I'm a mess. I'm depressed, and what kind of man am I? My wife left, our daughter hates me, and you can't stand to be in the same room as me."
"But that's all I've wanted!" You shouted, not unkindly, "I want to be with you, I'm meant to be your rock, your support how can I do that if you shut me out."
"I never meant to!" He exclaimed, "I just- I hate myself all the time-"
"Join the club!"
"Fuck. We're both messes, aren't we?"
"More than," You laughed, rubbing your eyes. "Look, Luci..." He blushed a bit at the nickname, and it made you smile. "Can you promise me we'll work on it, work on everything, together? No more shutting one another out."
"Promise." He stood on his tip toes and leaned forward, hesitating slightly, "I don't want to pressure-" You grabbed his lapels and pulled him close, pressing a hot kiss to his lips. He groaned a bit into it, his arms wrapping around your waist, pulling you close. "I missed this, I missed you," He mumbled against your lips. "I'll be better. To both of you-"
"Oh." You snapped your fingers, pulling away from him, and he made an 'eh' like sound. "Speaking of Charlie wants you to get her a meeting with Heaven."
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a-hazbin-soul · 2 days
Hi! I was wondering if you could do some angst with the hazbin hotel characters? Like we get into an argument and they yell and notice we went silent, looking as if we were gonna break down into tears, IM SORRY I JUST LIVE FOR ANGST AHHH
Hazbin Hotel characters making their S/O cry
Tumblr media
He was preparing for tomorrow night's broadcast when he heard the door open.
He had been working on his radio broadcast and hotel things for the whole day. He was under so much stress and took it out on you.
"Darling, you know I've been in here all day. Is it that difficult to knock?! You know these things are important! Why must you interrupt me?!"
He didn't get an answer. You just slammed the door and ran out.
He felt terrible as soon as he saw sadness in your eyes.
He ran after you and hugged you, rubbing circles on your back and telling you how sorry he was.
Tumblr media
He was very pissed at how much Alastor and Charlie got along.
He was working on his rubber ducks, not hearing you walk in.
He didn't know you were in the room until you hugged him from behind.
"What? What is it now?!" He shouted, dropping his rubber duck to the floor.
"Could you leave me alone for five minutes when you know I'm busy?!"
"Wow, fuck you!" You said before slamming the door and using your powers to get to the hotel.
Alastor opened the door to see you crying and brought you to the couch, giving you a hug.
You barely got the chance to finish telling Alastor what happened before Lucifer ran to you, crying and apologizing.
You were able to talk things out and agreed to be more open about feelings.
Sir Pentious
Tumblr media
Pentious was working on a new invention. But, since he was trying to get redeemed, it couldn't be for evil.
He was trying to build things to help with the hotel. Right now, he was making something to lift Niffty up around the hotel.
You were trying to help while also keeping the egg bois under control, not realizing you were distracting him.
"Will you please stop already! You're supposed to be watching them, but you're just as annoying!!"
You had tears in your eyes as soon as you turned around.
"Fine!" You yelled before running off.
"That wasn't very nice, boss. You should apologize."
When Pentious saw you, you were sitting on the couch by the TV with Charlie hugging you.
"Y/N, may I speak with you? I would like to apologize."
You silently nodded, standing up next to him.
"I'm sorry, my dearest, can you ever forgive me?"
"As long as you promise to tell me what's wrong and how to properly help in the future."
He pulled you into a hug and wrapped his tail around you.
Tumblr media
The bar was open way later than usual because Charlie decided to have an open house for the hotel.
Free drinks were pretty much a necessity when you're trying to lure in sinners.
Husk seemed fine/ his usual brand of grumpy.... Until he saw you talking and laughing with some guy and pulled you into an empty hallway.
"What the fuck was that? Did you really think I would be too busy to see you flirting like a whore?"
Even with tears in your eyes, you could tell he's been drinking vodka straight.
You pushed him away from you.
"That's my cousin, you asshole! He was asking me about the hotel."
You ran away, going right to the room you shared with Husk and trying to go to sleep.
Husk spent the rest of the party drinking water and eating a few snacks to fight the future hangover.
When you woke up, Husk had his wings and arms wrapped around you. He didn't even bother trying to sleep.
"I'm sorry, Y/N. I was such an idiot and I hurt the best person who's ever been in my life. I freaked out about seeing you with someone else..... because I know I don't deserve you, and I don't want to lose you."
He was crying into your shoulder, and you pulled him into a hug.
"You couldn't lose me if you wanted to. Just remember, I love you more than anything, and I'd rather die again than lose you.
(A/N : This sucks ass and I'm sorry this took me so long. I hope you like it, though. )
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Would they help with your period?
Written by someone with severe endometriosis!
(Technically I don't think sinners have them anymore since they can't reproduce but who knows. Maybe having a period for eternity is part of being punished.)
Absolutely. If we go off of Biblical Lore, it's kinda his fault anyway, and he feels so guilty.
He probably radiates heat so he would absolutely rub your back, your stomach, your thighs, resting a hand between your legs (me personally having endometriosis my groin itself tends to hurt from cramping so I put the heat pad between my legs).
Don't bother getting out of bed if you're hurting. He'll bring hou whatever you want and does his best to stock up on your favorites for this time of the month. If you're someone who can't eat cuz your period hurts so bad, he'll try his best to find soft, easy on the tummy foods. Makes you broth if nothing else.
If you sleep a lot because you're weak from blood loss, he makes sure you're not disturbed and checks on you often. Isn't offended if you don't want cuddles or if you demand them. Whatever makes you feel better.
If sex helps he'll do it but is gonna be so fucking worried he's hurting you more. Probably doesn't want to actually fuck you cuz he thinks it's too rough. Will finger you or offer oral.
Has a soft spot for women cuz of his mama. If you're someone who has regular cycles he doesn't do much beyond making sure you're eating well and staying hydrated. May bring you medicine if you're especially sore. Makes sure you always have supplies.
If you're someone with severely debilitating periods, he has nothing but respect for you. Especially knowing you'd still work through the pain and have before. Though the gentelman in him is disgusted by how your pain is brushed aside.
Once he gets an idea of how bad they are, you're not leaving his room. He cooks a lot of iron rich food (thankfully Rosie gets him high quality meat, just don't ask where it came from). If your cramps are so bad you throw up, he cleans you up, makes bone broth, and rubs your stomach.
Blood literally doesn't even make him blink so if tanpons or a cup are too uncomfortable while you're cramping and pads chafe you and you don't wanna get period underwear or ruin an old pair of underwear just...don't bother? He can get new sheets. And he doesn't sleep anyway.
I personally think while Alastor is asexual he doesn't mind his partner being sexual, he understands. So if you masturbating helps with cramps, go ahead. He may or may not be willing to help you out (he will lick your blood off his fingers, though).
Sits with you while you rest. Speaks French to you. Sometimes indulges you by using his Cajun accent. If it helps keep your mind off your pain.
Overall he's supportive and admires you but isn't as over the top as Lucifer.
Vox is pretty good about not letting the time period he came from affect his views much. He's a modern man, after all. Be gay, do crime, live laugh, arson, all that jazz. So while he doesn't necessarily downplay your period it is kind of a knowledge gap for him.
It takes him a while to catch on to how much pain you're in. Actually it takes you doubling over, falling to your knees, white as a sheet, and dizzy for him to go "oh shit".
He feels bad for not realizing how serious it was but man would rather lose a fight to Alastor than admit he was wrong, so the best you're gonna get is "why didn't you tell me, doll?"
Takes you to bed immediately and straight up asks what you need. You get headaches, boom blackout curtains. You can't eat, ok he's ordering soup, crackers, granola bars, jello, anything soft and easy to digest. All the water and juice you could want to put in a mini fridge by your bed so you stay hydrated and get calories.
Heating pads, extra blankets, pads, tampons, period underwear, a new cup, whatever the hell you want. (Absolutely you have to send him a picture of the exact kind of pad or tampon otherwise he's going to be confused cuz there's literally dozens of them and he doesn't know what any of it means. Is a hey babe what size pussy you wear guy).
He checks on you throughout the day with his cameras.
Appreciates that you still try and work from your laptop or phone. Won't tell you not to even if you're miserable. He expects you to know your limits (even though you nearly fainted earlier).
He runs warm and is kinda heavy since he's robotic so if the only thing that makes your ovaries stop throbbing is pressure and heat and he's not busy he'll lay across you to do his work.
Also not icked out by blood so he'll fuck you, finger you, or eat out when you're on your period. But he's a little more hesitant to wat you out cuz he doesn't want the mess on his screen.
Honestly his first response is to ask if sex will help. Just wants to get this over with.
If he likes you or you're his favorite, he'll bring you your favorite treats.
Already has pads, tampons, sponges, and underwear on set.
If you didn't know, adult actors have special sponges that go up there for the time of the month for filming, and they can get stuck. So he would help you get it out. At least there's that.
If you actually do pass out even if he's in a really bad mood, he'd feel a little bad. He kinda thought you were being a little dramatic. He gets they hurt and make you tired or bitchy, didn't realize it could actually get that bad. He lets you take the week off after that and checks in on you a bit more.
Don't expect too much coddling though.
Angel Dust
A gay bestie. Makes jokes about how he's glad he doesn't have one and won't ever be near one, but really, he's worried af.
Does his best to make sure you get plenty of rest and food. Keeps you hydrated. Buys you whatever you need.
Has Chetri stay with you when he can't.
Lots of cuddles from him and fat nuggets. And back rubs.
You need to cum to help the cramps, he can get you any kind of vibrator or pump you want discreetly.
(Or you know, he can call Cherri).
Man doesn't even question it when you say it's bad. He knows you aren't the type to exaggerate.
I head canon he was in the military (drafted) so he's pretty methodical about getting suppplies. Has a fucking checklist. Keeps some on him at all times too just in case.
Another who will lay on top of you for warmth and weight. Added benefit is he purrs. The cat tendencies also means he makes biscuits, so he's good for a massage.
Doesn't really like blood on his fur. He fights yeah, but tries to avoid getting bloody (may have some ptsd about it. Especially if it's all over his hands). But if it helps then yeah he'll fuck you. No oral and no fingering though.
Because of his military background he knows not eating isn't good for you, especially if you're bleeding, so he'd be forcing liquids and the BRAT diet into you. (Banana, rice, applesauce, toast).
Good luck, honey. Man never bothered to learn biology. Dick goes in hole, woman make baby. That's his knowledge. Eve used to bitch about it a lot but he was bitter about getting kicked out so kinda figured it's her own fault.
Eve also never literally passed out, spent three days sleeping, and threw up everything she ate.
Kinda worries you're somehow dying. Like damn babe, your pussy can't be that broken. When he sees how much blood you're losing is when he actually starts to panic.
You or Lute have to walk him through it but even then it's gonna boil down to him buying you chocolate, a heating pad, pain pills, and offering to snuggle.
He's kinda chubby and warm so good for snuggles but will bitch if you get blood on him.
Also, as much as he's horny and usually into everything once, he's kinda grossed out so he's not touching you while you're bleeding. Maybe eventually and with a couple layers of condom he'd fuck you? But uh...yeah, not happening anytime soon.
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Tumblr media
Oops, did i do that?
Tumblr media
Accidentally sending a spicy pic to your crush.
The reader is more fem dressed and has a vagina in this- if you want a part b where they don’t have outfits just let me know!
CW: Gender Neutral reader with a vagina and fem-like fashion, reader wears bras, no mention of having boobs.
Tumblr media
Vox hadn’t known you for very long, you were one of the newer demons working for him. You’d applied for the job a few months ago.
In that time he’d seen you about four times, but he was honestly thinking of promoting you, you were amazing at your job, good with both the data and the customers, the only thing it seemed you couldn’t do, was look at your contacts.
You weren’t working tomorrow, so you’d gone out with your friends, you’d purposefully gone to one of the only clubs in the pride ring that wasn’t owned by a member of the V’s, in an effort not to run into your new boss.
You’d gone all out tonight, spurred on by your friends, see, you had a minor crush on the TV demon, not that you’d ever entertain it. However, your friends had picked your outfit tonight, and you ended up in a gorgeous (if a bit slutty) royal blue dress, sleeveless and short, with a glittery tulle overlay, and some beautiful electric red heels.
You were messing on with your friends in the bathroom, taking photos and just genuinely having fun, already beyond tipsy now. You were sending a photo of you and another friend in the mirror to your group chat, your friend had taken the time you were fixing your hair to add Vox onto the ‘send to’ people, you never noticed.
You also didn’t notice your phone go off when Vox opened it.
If only that was the worst part.
You finished the night absolutely trashed, your friends working together to walk one another home, most living near one another. You, of course, were the odd on out, and the odd number.
You assured your friends it was fine, you lived in VVV tower for Lucifers sake, you’d be fine! Your friends wouldn’t hear it.
One of your friends, less drunk, had messaged one of Velvettes models, whom she used to work with and asked for them to walk you back.
You got back safe and sound, still not having realised you’d sent Vox the bathroom photo, or seeing the demon’s expression as Velvettes model walked you in.
You weren’t quite tired enough to sleep when you were dropped back in your room, so you messed on on your phone for a bit, before undressing. You hadn’t got to taking your make up off or undoing your hair, you’d gotten your dress off, and just.. stopped.
You were in an ethereal lingerie set, clearly made with Vox in mind.
Pretty blue panties hugged your hips, red electric bolts providing straps, the lace comfortable against your pussy, your chest coved with a light blue bralette, lace spilling against your skin, and the most beautiful glitch effect chain snug around your belly.
You matched this with a black thin choker with a hanging blue electric bolt, and posed against your bed, taking a few photos, changing poses and taking more.
Your favourite was one where you were laid flat, the photo taken from above, you could see your entire body, including the heels you still hadn’t taken off, and you were stairing straight at the camera with your painted lips parted.
Satisfied you went to save your photo.
Never noticing you’d sent the same photo to your boss.
Afterall, you hadn’t know to take him off your list.
You were cuddled up asleep, still in the underwear, when Vox opened your photo.
You never noticed the power surge then go out, nor did you notice Vox’s name pop up on your phone.
Tumblr media
Angel Dust
Angel had seen you around the hotel more than usual, Charlie said you’d recently quit your job to work for someone else, and it gave you more free time and flexibility.
Angel was happy for you, your boss had been a real price of work.
Still riding the high off getting a better job, you’d invited your friends out clubbing, having received a handsome final salary.
You had chosen to go to Hyper-Tech, one of Vox’s clubs, and one of the best. They had some off the greatest drinks, and, unbeknownst to you, that night they also had Angel Dust dancing.
You friends teased you relentlessly about your crush on the porn star already, and they played this off as purposeful on your part, even though you’d had no idea.
You had started the night feeling confident and pretty in your oulfit, but seeing the spider you felt a flash of self consciousness, after all, your outfit was styled on the spiders own colour theme, an off the shoulder soft pink velvet crop-top, above-knee white loose pleated skirt, and pastel pink heels with a hot pink belt and nail polish.
You friends quickly took care of that, telling you how wonderful you looked, that anyone would be lucky to see you.
And getting you drunk definitely helped, the endless stream of cocktails bought with your money, and eventually dipping into your friends supplies brought on a happy buzz.
They also greatly diminished your ability to think critically.
You never saw how Angel Dust watched you the entire time you were in the club, as you progressively got drunker, to the point Angel was shocked you could still stand, never mind walk.
Your friends however, saw how the renowned demon was watching you with concern and admiration.
They quickly concocted a plan without your input.
Angels set finished around 2 in the morning, he waited in his dressing room for you to leave.
You had planed to walk home with your friends before splitting off to the hotel, but one of your friends changed the plan, stating there was no need for you to walk them home, after all, didn’t you like live in the complete opposite direction? Another friend had ‘needed the bathroom’ and had walked right by Angels door, talking about how you were leaving with the third friend.
As you were arguing about the principle of walking your friends home, Angel Dust came out of club, and said he didn’t mind walking you home, you lived together anyway.
Your friends quickly agreed and left, not allowing you to argue.
The whole walk back you were showered with compliments about your outfit, your dancing, your hair, your ability to drink, everything.
Angel walked you all the way to your room before leaving you.
You started to undress, but decided you wanted a photo for this occasion.
In your underwear, a pretty pale pink push-up bra, and a silky white thong, still in the hot pink heels, you took a photo in the mirror, sat on your knees staring in the mirror.
For some reason, you decided to send that to yourself instead of just saving to camera roll.
Only, you never send it to yourself. After the walk home, Angel had messaged you to sleep well, meaning he was your top contact.
Never thinking to check, you simply threw on a pale pink baby doll, took your heels and make up off, and went to bed.
Tumblr media
Alastor showing up to help at the hotel had never been in your plan.
The radio demon was always an unobtainable shadow, someone you could safely crush on from your own mind, because he would never be in your reach.
Now he was.
Now not to be foolish, you had figured from his interactions and reactions that Alastor was most likely somewhere on the Ace or Aro spectrum, and you would never push anything onto him.
But you could never even get close enough to talk to him, never mind ask about the possibility of him being on the spectrum.
So you hid. Everytime Alastor was around, you weren’t.
Alastor was cooking? You weren’t hungry. Al was helping with the daily running? You had work. Alastor was in the library? You didn’t want to read anyways.
Alastor always noticed your absence.
Instead you poured over everything and anything about the radio demon.
When he appeared, what he did, where he could have been in the seven years, his rise to power, his ability’s, his domain, everything.
Your crush on the radio demon was a foolish one, but that didn’t stop you from having it.
From dreaming of picnics and ice cream dates, of long walks down the streets of hell, to him taking you apart with his words alone, voice wrapping around you.
And when he stopped those muggers?
You went weak.
So, yea, your crush was unobtainable, in the highest scene.
You could still dress up though.
And you did, frequently.
In pantsuits of dark crimson, to the bloody scarlet ball gown, for the party.
Alastors eyes never left you that night.
Mostly, it was under your clothes.
Pretty crimson baby dolls. Black lacy thongs. Scarlett bralettes. Everything. Your camera roll was full of photos of yourself in the underwear, posing this way and that, full of imagination and hopes you would never act on.
Oh how you’d positively die if anyone saw.
That didn’t stop you.
Right now you were dressed in a darling crimson corset, embroidered with darker lace, tied tight, paired with dark scarlet panties, pussy damp against the lace as you lost yourself slightly in a fantasy, black heels and a black necklace, you had posed side on to the camera, staring straight ahead, knees folded underneath you and head tilted slightly up, arms held behind your back.
You heard your shutter go off and stood, getting dressed in a black lace camisole, taking of the corset and heels before heading to bed.
Picking your phone up on the way, you saved the photo to your folder.
Surely, you should have expected naming your folder ‘Alastor<3’ to backfire, but..
Maybe this was a Freudian slip?
It’s not like you even noticed you’d sent it, and you were asleep by the time your phone when off.
Tumblr media
You’d seen the King of Hell maybe twice, once in passing, and once when he came to the hotel.
It was more than enough for you to crush on the child-like King, falling in love with his attitude and personality, drawn further in by his looks and kindness.
By the time the charity ball came around, you were completely lost for him.
Lucifer showed up in a white suit, not too different from his normal attire, only more fancy, more Kingly, so to speak.
You had taken Angels advice and dressed to impress.
Angel Dust was the only one who knew about the feelings you had for the fallen angel, and he took every opportunity to tease you for it, but he was also your biggest supporter.
You and Angel had knows each other almost as long as you’d been in hell, so his help was soothing for you, and you smiled as the spider laced up the golden gown you’d picked.
It was a golden off-the-shoulder ball gown, with a soft cover of glittery tulle over the top, the skirt flaring out, reaching the floor, covered in rose embroidered embellishments, and paired with bloody red heels, and a glittering clutch.
Charlie had told you all to go all out, and you and Angel did not disappoint.
The two of you descended together, and you caught site of the King before quickly moving your eyes, your blush almost matching your clutch.
Charlie swanned around you, telling you how amazing you looked, and look at your hair!
Angel got you a flute of champagne before leaving you to find Husk.
You walked around the party, dancing with people here and there, doing your best to avoid looking at the King.
You never saw that his eyes never left your form, or how he glared at everyone who touched you.
The king had tried more than once to get close to you, if not to dance with you, to at least tell you how amazing you looked, but you always seemed to move at just the right time.
Charlie had been snapping photos of you the whole night, sending them to her dad, even she saw the two of you pining for one another.
Your flute was never empty, and unfortunately for you, Angel could always recognise when you were about to bolt, and he and Husk would step in to talk to you and prevent it.
Did you mention traitors?
By the time you were finally able to leave, you were definitely tipsy, clutching Angels arm as the two of you ascended the stairs, congratulating yourself on managing to avoid the King.
Angel saw the way Lucifer was watching you, but you didn’t.
By the time you were in your room and Angel had left after unlacimg your dress, ‘we went all blessed with long arms, A——y!’, you wanted a special photo.
So you got ready.
You kept your heels on and striped to your underwear, a strapless golden bra with a red bow in the center, trimmed in lace, and panties to match, also trimmed in lace. You kept the sparkly fishnets on too, and your makeup on, before finiding a pose you liked.
Finally settling on a pose wherein you were laid on your back, your knees up and tilted slightly to the side, one hand on your breast, the other just above your head, and your face tilted towards your phone, positioned slightly higher than you, and just above your head.
You smiled at the photo, and went to save it.
You never looked.
Lucifer had got your number of Charlie to tell you how nice you’d looked. Your response?
A photo.
You were asleep by the time Lucifers own response came in.
Tumblr media
Husk hadn’t taken much notice of you at first, only that you seemed to come and go with Angel, Husk later learned you were Angels shadow so to speak, Valentino payed you prettily just to follow and protect the star.
Husk noticed you more as you came out more without Angel, not being needed as often when you were in the hotel.
You and the barcat had had some quite good conversations, and some even better discussions.
You knew your way around cards that was for sure, and the cat loved talking with you about card tricks.
Sure no one could match him in card tricks, but hearing you talk about them? Something just felt different.
Husk worried about you and Angel a lot, especially when you both came back late, Angel looking trashed, and you looking slightly high on those nights. It took Husk months to realise Valentino was drugging you both, more so Angel. On those nights, Husk would stay up late to make sure you and Angel ate and drank before going to bed.
Husk never brought it up, and Angel didn’t remember, so you never spoke about it. If the cat didn’t want to bring it up why should you?
Husk did notice his favourite snack appearing on the bar in the mornings however.
Your crush on the cat had started before you even began talking to him, but those conversations, the way he treated you, how he never made you seem unimportant, the way he looked after you and Angel after Val had been upset?
You were gone.
And the cat was your new home.
Not that you’d ever tell him of course, you would never risk ruining such a wonderful friendship like that.
Of course, there were also nights like these. When Val needed Angel for publicity, those were the best. You both got to dress up and basically just party, no forced drugs or alcohol, just fun.
You’d dressed in an orange one-shoulder skin-tight slip dress, with a split up-to your thigh, paired with glittery purple heels, a clutch and jewellery, with black card themed earrings.
Husk had seen you just before you got into Vox’s limo and dropped his bottle of cheap alcohol, sending Niffty into a cleaning/laughing fit.
You and Angel didn’t get back until 1 in the morning, both of you slightly buzzed, but pretty much sober, not having been forced to fed any drugs and having eaten at the gala.
Husk had tried to stay up.
You feel deeper when you realised the barcat was asleep at his post because he was waiting for you. Sending Angel to bed, you walked over to the barcat and gently shook him awake, telling him he could go to bed.
From here Husk noticed the earrings, and flushed, jolting backwards and falling.
You giggled a little before apologising for startling him, which he waved off.
He headed to bed and you got back to your room. Taking your dress off you caught sight of your self in the mirror.
Pretty orange panties with a tiny club embroidered in at the side, deep orange plunge bra with a spade on the left cup, purple bracelet, necklace, and shoes, pretty orange make-up, and a heart and diamond earring set.
You needed a photo.
Fussing around a bit you finally settled on a pose with you laying slightly over the end of the bed, head and chest tilted down, knees pulled up to the side, camera angled too capture everything, arms by your head, and full body on display.
You changed into some sleep clothes after the photos, and in your sleepy state sent them to Husk, instead of simply saving them.
You didn’t wake up until well after Husk responded.
Tumblr media
Lute had noticed you as soon as you’d joined Adam’s ranks.
Of course she had.
You were the prettiest exterminator Lute had had the pleasure of seeing.
She pestered Adam until he agreed Lute could have her own assistant.
That of course, was you.
Lute loved having you work with her.
Yes all your conversations were about work, and you treat her like your boss, not a colleague, but it wa a better than when you weren’t talking at all.
You were still reeling from the change in position so fast, and now having to deal with the angel you were crushing on at all hours of the day?
Your poor heart couldn’t deal.
You were a blushing mess under your mask every time Lute spoke to you, praising yourself every time you got through an answer without stumbling or stuttering on the words.
Your friends were relentless with the teasing, going as far as to create hand signals to tease you even on the training fields.
Regardless you excelled.
You had to be the best.
And so you were.
Lute often asks what fuels you, and you always stumbled through a bullshit answer, never remembering what you’d said before.
You never gave her the same answer.
You couldn’t exactly tell your now boss the reason you did so well was so she would notice you, could you?
Shadowing Lute meant shadowing Adam. He usually left you alone for the most part though.
It meant going to fancy angel party’s. With out your mask.
You forced your friends to help you get ready.
Gorgeous black knee length dress, clinched at the waist, with silvery heels, a silver necklace, a silver clutch, and purple earrings, your hair done all nice and make up to compliment the outfit.
Your friends told you you looked stunning, and when Lute saw you, she had to agree.
You spent the entire party following Lute around, you didn’t know any of the people here and you were anxious.
Lute kept your champagne topped up, eventually switching you to something a little harder when it became clear you wouldn’t settle on the sparkling liquid alone, not used to the alcohol you got drunk fast.
Adam allowed Lute to leave early, so she could take you home.
Lute got you in safely and even placed an aspirin and water on your bedside table, before leaving you, messaging your phone to let you know what’s happened.
Meanwhile, you’d striped down to a gray lacy bralette, with matching high waisted panties, pretty silver heels, make-up still on and earrings still in.
You wanted a photo.
You set your phone up, and posed, on you knees on your bed, heels just visible, leaned back slightly, one hand behind your bed in a stretch and one on the bed, eyes looking just beyond the camaraderie.
Happy with the results, you went to save the picture, instead, sending it to Lute, who opened it as soon as she got home.
Bye the time Lute replied, you were curled up ontop of your covers, heels still on, sleeping deeply.
Tumblr media
Feedback is always appreciated <3
If you want more people added feel free to ask and I’ll do a part two!
Comments are my high.
They make me write faster.
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my-jukebox · 2 days
The OM brothers with an GN!MC who is clingy and loves to hug them all the time?
Thank you so much for the ask anon!! I hoped I did you justice. Sorry it took so long...
Tumblr media
Clingy Reader Imagines
Genre: Imagines, fluff
Characters: (gn! reader), Lucifer, Mammon, Leviathan, Satan, Asmodeus, Beelzebub, and Belphegor.
Tumblr media
Doesn't mind it but he only completely enjoys it privately because he can give you his full attention.
Your hugs comfort him after a long day of paperwork (and dealing with his brothers and their shenanigans).
Not a big fan of PDA, but he can't really say no to you and therefore, allows you to even sit on his lap while he's working so you don't feel unloved......well unless someone walks in.
He may not reciprocate the hugs in the best way possible but he tries his best to show you that he appreciates you.
The clingiest of the lot.
Will most likely lie that he hates the whole concept of you being clingy, but the blush on his face gives everything away.
Completely MELTS when you hug him tightly.
Claims it makes him feel like he's protecting you.
Gets extremely putty in your hands if you add a kiss on his neck when you're hugging him.
Wants you to be as clingy as possible in public so he can show you off to others as "his".
Will reciprocate your hugs with even warmer hugs so you feel as loved as possible.
Becomes an adorable mess when you hug him, or even show him slight affection.
His face is reminiscent to that of a tomato.
First time you hugged him, he nearly fainted.
He will let you hug him when he's gaming.
Bonus if you're a gamer. Then he'll make you sit in front of him and hugs you from behind.
If you ask him, he will turn into his demon form so his tail can wrap around you when you're both sleeping.
Gives you all the attention in the world whenever you need.
Extremely jealous when you hug others and may summon Lotan if anyone tried anything funny.
Blushes when you hug him and smiles faintly.
Head pats <<33
Isn't sure how to reciprocate your affection so he just sit there for a while before deciding to hug you back.
You make up for the lack of clinginess he possesses.
Unlike Lucifer, he appreciates a moderate amount of PDA and doesn't mind hugging you, or simply holding your hand in front of public eye.
Considering he's the Avatar of Wrath, he's very much calm when you hug others, as long as he knows them.
Adores everything about you.
"We can be clingy together" vibes.
The couple that everyone looks at and gets jealous, and he loves every second of that power as long as you're comfortable.
Gives you the best hugs, and loves when you hug him.
If he's having a bad day and you hug him, he'll never let go.
He appreciates this side of you because it allows him to as close to you as possible.
Doesn't mind when you hug others. He knows he'll always be #1 for you.
Doesn't mind you being clingy but gets worried when you're not because he's always been exposed to that side of you.
Loves the hugs you give him but he makes sure not to hug you back tightly, given that he doesn't know his own strength.
Rather than hugging you back, he just lifts you up with ease and twirls you around.
He allows you to crash his workout sessions if it means spending time together.
He allows you to sit on his back while he does push-ups and stuff.
If you hug others, he knows it's just your nature and doesn't stop you from doing whatever makes you happy.
He's not the clingiest so he took some time to get used to it.
When he did get used to it, he got addicted to always having you around him.
If you weren't around him, he'd start hunting for you around RAD, the House of Lamentation, and even go to Purgatory Hall until he found you.
When he does find you, he'll talk about how he had to cross "seven seas" just to get to you, and you'd have to hug him for his efforts.
You're the only one who he trusts enough (second to his brothers) to hug him.
Falls asleep to your cuddles and kisses, and the way you play with his hair.
He LOATHES the fact that others get to hug you and will pull you away from them if he can't handle that anymore.
Tumblr media
I'll add this to the Masterlist soon. Might create a side character version too.
Do like, comment and/or reblog if you guys enjoyed!!
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liveontelevision · 1 day
YeeHaw | Lucifer x Reader
This is a short little thing based off of @bat-boness drawing, requested by @nayomi247 , that also inspired TWO OTHER COWBOY FICS by @nayomi247 and @heart-of-the-morningstar
This community is fucking hilarious and amazing. Check out their stuff next ✌️
CW - suggestive, not super smutty, just Lucifer bein a silly Lil guy.
"It's a date!" You struggled to hide your excitement after being asked to accompany the king of Hell on a little trip to the park. That's how he worded it, but you could tell by his fidgeting hands and inconsistent eye contact his true intentions were more romantic.
You were a sterotypical maiden type from western times, your southern drawl still slightly present even after death. You had been in Hell awhile, but the idea of redemption interested you enough to check out the Hazbin facilities. After staying at the hotel for a few months, you became pretty friendly with Lucifer. He left you a nervous wreck at first, his title much more intimidating than his physical appearance. So, it didn't take long for you to realize how much of a sweetheart he was. In contrast, the more time you spent with him, the more anxious he was becoming. God, he was cute.
Admittedly, you had a few encounters already, where things seemed to become heated without either of you really calling attention to it. Some drunken interactions lead to lips locking, and after that, he couldn't even meet your eyes without coming up with some poor joke or excuse to break the tension. The jokes weren't really that funny, but when he followed them with a little eyebrow wiggle and a toothy smirk, you couldn't prevent the smile hitting your face.
It was only a matter of time before he finally decided to make some kind of offical move, even if it was just a "walk in the park." You didn't realize how excited you were until you stood in your room struggling to decide on what to wear, overthinking every little detail. That didn't last long, you decided on a cropped turtle neck and suade vest, with some comfortable shorts, acknowledging the unusually warm day, even for Hell's standards. Appearing at your door as you swung it open, Lucifer startled you into stumbling backward. He may be a little nervous around you, but his instincts were fast, pulling you close by your waist with just one arm around you. You really weren't in danger of falling, but you didn't mind his efforts.
You took the chance to lean forward and press a quick peck onto his forehead before gently pulling out of his grip. "Why, thank you, your highness~," you said in a jokingly formal tone. Still speechless by the suddenly intimate interaction, you took his hand and led him towards the lobby. Only a few steps in, he finally snapped out of his fog. "Oh, no! Wait! This way, dear. Come with me." You turned around at his words as he took both your hands and led you backward into a portal that you didn't realize had materialized until just then.
Looking around the new location, you take in the beautiful park that surrounded the two of you. It was still stained with the dark ruby lights coming from the skies of Hell, but even with that, you could tell how lush the greenery was. Finally having the upper hand with you in a state of shock, Lucifer continued to lead you through the forested area. He let out a little tadaa - opening his arms to present a little field, littered with dandelions. A classic red gingham blanket was sprawled neatly across the grass, a little basket placed in the center. "Ahh, how romantic~ This is great, Luci." You sent a little smile to him, but your pure joy and the nickname you previously gave him while flirting with him when you were both intoxicated sent a little shiver up his spine. He offered his hand to you, helping you comfortably sit onto the blanket. The basket held an assortment of charcuterie, little sandwiches and delicate treats, and a bottle of wine that you could argue was too large for just two demons.
After some lovely conversations, and half a bottle of wine gone, you began going into detail about some more embarrassing topics. "I didn't have friends as a kid, honestly." You pulled your knees in towards your chest, taking a quick swig of your wine. " I spent all my time keeping up the stables and riding my horse, actually. and i used to dress all western - a little hat and handkerchief - I wore my boots everyday, too. God, I was such a dork." He quickly shook his head in response. "Absolutely not! That's adorable!" You choked on the current sip you were taking, simply surprised by the little compliment.
He awkwardly cleared his throat and quickly spoke to clear the silence. "B-Believe it or not, I've never actually ridden a horse." You let out a little scoff, almost in disbelief. "Aren't you like 10,000 years old?" The sin of pride took over almost immediately, Lucifer reacting with a subtle eye twitch. Gaging his reaction, you decided to have fun with it. " You wouldn't be able to handle it anyway. Old man." Your words were rude, but the smile on your face and the action of you leaning towards him made his cheeks flush. Also inching towards your face, he hovered just over your lips. "Oh, yeah? Challenged accepted." He spoke smoothly, snapping his fingers and cruelly pulling away too soon. A horse, or whatever demonic creation that can closely be considered a horse, appeared on the nearby pathway. Was he serious? With a little twirl, he somehow managed to change his clothing into a stereotypical western get up. Oh, he was plastered.
This was amazing. You stood up and quietly walked over to the creature, easily vaulting yourself over the saddle. You held out your hand, reaching for Lucifer. "Fine! Get up here, then. I'll show ya how it's done." Your confidence alone was enough to get him riled up. With a throaty chuckle, he ignored your hand and sat up behind you with just as much ease. "I'll stop whenever you want to, ya know, in case you can't handle it." You patronized him, wiggling your hips a bit to settle into the seat more. "Please, I can handle anything, darlin'." He wiggled his eyebrows at you, a familiar sight that made you smile before you turned to face forward. Your shorts had slid up to reveal the softest part of your thighs, and your back arched to give yourself a tighter grasp. He gulped at the view he had, pulling his newfound bandana that was tied around his neck to get any kind of air to hit his heated skin.
You began with a steady trot, actually using this opportunity to take in your surroundings. You wondered if he found this place or created it just for you. Gradually speeding up, you felt his arms snake around your waist. He pressed his chest to your back, holding his head up by placing his chin on your shoulder. "This all you got, darlin'? I thought you did this all the time. Where's the speed? The showmanship??" He teased, immitating you with an exaggerated southern drawl. You rolled your eyes, hitting your head against his as a little punishment. What a thespian.  "Fine! Better hold on tight, baby~" You teased him with another intimate pet name. His already flushed face somehow managed to turn even redder.
You snapped the reign, making the creature reel back on its back legs. The sudden shift forced him to place his hands firmly on your waist and pull your bottom flush to his groin. He let out a little pathetic noise under his breath as you set the speed to a brisk ride. The natural movements created an obvious friction to his member, his hands clawing into your hips that he was holding for stability at first. The loose fabric of your shorts were balled up in his fists as he struggled to keep himself sitting straight. His grip for stability turned into him attempting to keep you as close as possible. He rested his head back on your shoulder, his heavy panting hitting your shoulder blade. "Too much? You just gotta tell me to stop and i'll - " He let out a breathy moan towards your ear, some quiet words falling from his lips, " D-Don't.. don't stop..."
This went on for a few more minutes, your autopilot from the familiar hobby allowing you to truly enjoy Lucifer's little mewls. It felt like hours, it was barely five minutes, before you realized you were approaching the hotel. Considering you didn't know exactly where the little picnic date had started, you were confused by the familiar building. You slowed to a stop, turning back to face your mess of a cowboy. He panted heavily, his hands shaking, but still holding tightly onto your hips. He slowly blinked, finally meeting your eyes. "So? Enjoy the ride, darlin'?" You teased, returning his exaggerated western drawl he was teasing you with previously.
The demonic horse slowly faded into the ground, allowing the two of you to steadily come to a standing position. His head fell, his hands propping up his body by tightly holding his knees, still attempting to steady his breath. "T-That was cruel.. you knew.. hah - you knew what you were doing..!" His words fumbled out between breaths. You took a hold of his chin and lifted his head up to face you. "What do you mean? It was just a quick stroll, I thought you said you could handle anything, Luci." Your voice dripped with a condescending innonence as your lips stopped inches away from his. You finally closed the gap with a heavy kiss onto his lips once his breath seemed more relaxed. Immediately moving into his mouth with your tongue, gripping the hair on his neck and pressing your chest into his.
He melted into your touch, gripping onto your waist in a desperate attempt to keep himself standing. After pulling away, you took his hat and placed it on your own head. He snapped out of it, if anything, still a bit wobbly in the knees. "Now, let's get you out of this ridiculous get up. Hmm?" It took him a moment to process your words, but he stood straight and snapped his fingers almost immediately following your statement. "After you, sweetheart!" His excitement completely overtook his nerves, and he gestured into the portal, his bedroom clearly on the other side. You walked in, gesturing him in with your index finger and pulling the hat rim just above your half lidded eyes with your free hand. He let out a sultry chuckle, untying his bandana as he followed you in. Flinging the scarf off his neck, he shut the portal, leaving the poor accessory to fall onto the now silent fields below.
@bat-boness masterpiece of cowboy Luci
@nayomi247 sexy lil fic and @heart-of-the-morningstar steamy yummy fic
( @vififofum @thornwolfy235 @tinywolfiegirl @chipper-chip @bat-boness @misfitgirlwrites @nayomi247 @lonelynmisunderstood )
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voxisdaddy · 12 hours
Tumblr media
Theirs not enough cock warming Lucifer Morningstar/Magne so here’s a little imagine. Also wow! First imagine that’s not a Vox one! Who knew I liked more characters than Vox and Peter lmao
Reader written as fem
Tumblr media
Nah but imagine Lucifer trying not to squirm as he sits underneath you, cock hard as a rock and twitching inside your warm pussy. His hands grip your hips, occasionally rubbing his thumbs soothingly across your skin as an apology for gripping too harshly. He’s trying not to whine as he holds his tears back. Why are you being so mean? Okay so maybe he was a little cold to the sinners who served you both on your most recent date. So what? You knew he didn’t like the sinners in hell! Not everyone got here because they were evil on earth...? Well, okay sure you got him there but still—do you need to torture him like this? Oh to hell with this! He’s the king of hell! He can do what he want he pleases. He tightens his hold on you as he tries to guide you up and down his aching cock. You immediately caught on before he can even get you to sit back down on him though. So you harshly push his shoulders back onto the large throne like office chair. He whines, looking up at you with a weak glare. Oh Lucifer, he’s always been such a stubborn baby. He recites his thoughts on how he’s the King of Hell, he can do what he wants. Oh but one delicious clench around his throbbing cock and his royal highness had already whimpered. “‘m sorry my love…” He’s rubbing his hand on your hips soothingly. Finally—finally—you start to move, forgiving Lucifer for being such a brat at dinner.
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lqveharrington · 2 days
Nothing Left to Lose | L.M.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
summary: You and Lucifer have an argument about the exterminations that happen in Hell, and it just so happens your daughter heard you through the crack of the doorway.
pairing: Lucifer Morningstar x Wife!reader
includes: ANGST, couples arguing, charlie basically being the family’s mediator and glue, some fluff, (let me know if i missed any!)
a/n: i’m on a hazbin streak omg 💁‍♀️
Tumblr media
“Lucifer, stop!”
You were in a fight for what seemed like the nth time in a month. It had been exactly 3,500 years since you and Lucifer were cast out of Heaven to rule over the hellborne and sinners. This kept your patience thin the entire month. Especially with Lucifer pushing and pushing for a better way to have sinners saved from exterminations and sending them to Heaven completely broke you.
“Just stop.” You lean against the railing of your balcony, hands gripping on the metal. “Heaven won’t listen to us—“
“They will if we just ask for a meeting.” He ran his fingers through his ruffled hair, growing frustrated at your unwavering discouragement. “We’ve done this before. They listened and—“
“LOOK WHERE THAT GOT US!” You throw your hand up in frustration, eyes flashing crimson for one second. “They cast us away for caring for the human souls on Earth! What are they going to do to us when we send sinners up to Heaven?”
“I don’t know!” Lucifer let his horns poke out, tail whipping violently. “I don’t know, but if we don’t try—“
“Mom?” A quiet voice came through the yelling match you and Lucifer started, making you both turn to the door. “Are you okay?”
You rub your temple before stepping away from the balcony, not sparing a glance at your beloved. “I’m fine, baby. Your dad and I are just talking.” You take her in your arms, running your fingers through her blonde locks.
She looked back at her father, watching him sigh before his horns and tail disappeared. “Is Dad okay?”
“I’m fine, apple pie.” He kissed her forehead, making her giggle at the feeling. “Can you let us have a few more minutes? We���ll come find you when we’re done.”
“Okay.” Charlie gave you both curious looks, not realizing the tense situation she walked in on.
You press a kiss to her temple, “Wait in your room, baby.”
Charlie silently left as you stood from your previous position. You moved back to the balcony, messing with the wedding ring on your finger as the wind blew roughly on your skin.
“My love, we have nothing left to lose if we take this risk and ask for our people to be redeemed instead of letting them die again.” Lucifer took your hands in his, speaking softly this time.
Your crimson and gold eyes meet his, “We risk Charlie, Lucifer. What if they take her away from us?” You shut your eyes, hiding the red sky from your sight. “I don’t know how I’m supposed to go up there and face the Heavens when my daughter is hellborne. What if the exterminations keep happening even if they accept your proposal? They might target us—“
“I signed the papers, they know they can’t touch the hellborne or our family.” He squeezed your hands. “Just—“ Lucifer let his head fall on your shoulder. “Let me try. If it doesn’t work, we’ll come up with another solution.”
“Luce…” You murmur, blinking back the tears from the fear of losing your family. “I can’t lose you or Charlie.”
“And you won’t!” He cupped your face, frowning at your words. “You will never lose us. I promise, beautiful…” He rubbed your cheek, “I know you hate the Heavens for casting us here. I know you hate being here. But these souls are our people. We have a duty to protect them.”
“Lucifer…” You sigh and hold his hands in yours. “You need to listen to my reasoning. What if the Heavens refuse to do this and make the exterminations worse than they already are? We can’t know what they might do to our people! To our daughter!”
Lucifer removes his hands from you, “Can you just listen to me?” He walks toward the other end of the balcony, leaning against the railing. “This is a situation where we never know what’s going to happen. It might be good, it might make things worse. But we can’t know unless we try.”
You watch him run his fingers through his disheveled hair, knitting your brows at his actions. “Okay.”
“Okay?” He nods slowly, looking up at you. “I can do it?”
You nod, wringing your hands together. “I trust you… If you say we’ll be okay then… You can go through with your plans.”
“Thank you, my love.” He took long strides over to you and scooped you up in his arms, peppering kisses over your face. “Thank you.”
“Mhm.” You smile and thread your fingers in his hair, “Let’s go find Charlie, darling.”
“Our caring little girl.” He nudged your cheek with his nose. “Who might be as strong-willed as her mother.”
“Hush.” You press a soft kiss to his lips.
Tumblr media
©lqveharrington - all rights reserved. do not copy, translate or share my work on other media platforms
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Can I get headcanons for Lucifer reacting to the reader getting really mad at him and instead of talking about her feelings, she teaches Diavolo slang to get back at him. I just want headcanons of Lucifer suffering as Diavolo says "pog".
Tumblr media
You and Lucifer were arguing about something really stupid.
About something that didn't even matter.
But you were stressed about studying.
And Lucifer was stressed about the paperwork.
So now you're taking stress out on each other.
And you were indeed losing the argument.
Because Lucifer is Lucifer…
And arguing with him is not a good idea.
Unless you have a death wish.
So you decided to go and lick your wounds.
When you were on your way to your room, you ran into Diavolo by chance.
And you stayed to chat with him for a while.
It calmed you down.
Diavolo had the ability to make you smile.
Diavolo wanted to make you feel better.
So he asked you to teach him human slang.
And why refuse ;)
Diavolo would be a quick learner indeed.
Lucifer wouldn't understand what he said the next time they had to talk.
He should ask Satan for help.
Because you sit in the middle of a circle of salt and refuse to talk to him XD
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Lucifer Morningstar Headcanons
Headcannons about the lovely Lucifer Morningstar and the ways he acts with the even lovelier reader! Grab some snacks and a beverage, get comfy and enjoy <3
~1k words
GN-ish! Reader (mentions of hair long enough to braid that’s it) NOT proof read.
Tumblr media
Dude hates crowds, like has a burning(get it? hellfire? burning…never mind) hatred for them, most of them anyways. Crowds, people in general, can’t seem to think for themselves when around him. It’s always ‘whatever you want, your majesty,’ ‘don’t let us stop you, your majesty’ ‘we’ll do whatever you ask, your Majesty’ It reminds him of Heaven and the councils, and the masses, and the sermons….the list goes on. It’s Groupthink on steroids. A complete echo chamber that a young Lucifer tried to break. That version of Lucifer stood up to the majority and lost everything because of it. Of course that man still can’t stand it, especially now that he’s on the other end of it. He wishes that sinners could at least try to have a personality around him, not just a bunch of spineless pushovers, ready to wait hand on foot in fear of being smote.
He likes to watch you, not in a creepy way! At least he hopes that it isn’t creepy to you. Simply put, Lucifer likes to see you there, see you take up space in his home. Although he isn’t apposed to helping cook breakfast or clean, he’d much rather just watch you do it. It’s a comfort thing for him, watching you physically move around and disturb his space reminds him that you’re real and not something his mind made up as a last ditch effort to fix his depression. In the beginning when you would sleep over at his house, Lucifer wouldn’t make his bed after you left. He’d just leave all the bunched up blankets and sheets exactly how you left them. It made him feel less lonely when he had to sleep by himself the next night.
Frivolous. Like, truly does not care how much he spends on shit. Couldn’t even try to think about caring. It doesn’t matter to him. Partly due to his pride, he’s the big dick in charge of hell! of course he has the money for that 24k gold and diamond encrusted something or other. Especially if he’s buying something for you or Charlie. Your wish is his command after all.
His house is sssssoooo dusty. After his divorce he had quarantined himself to his bedroom, bathroom and office. He never went anywhere else in his house, he would portal himself between the rooms when necessary so he didn’t even use the hallways! Which one could imagine would leave a substantial amount of dust EVERYWHERE. He had invited you to his home for the first time on a whim, feeling proud of himself for finally asking and had coincidently walked through his front door, only to cough from inhaling so much dust. That pride turned to horror as he realized he only had an hour to clean his house before you showed up. That man had never moved faster in his life. He was so focused, unfortunately sometimes on the wrong things, I mean why was he cleaning the support beams that were 15 feet high and attached to the ceiling and not, I don’t know, the kitchen!? 
Lucifer cannot throw things away. Just look how long he wore his wedding band after he and Lilith split. In fact, he still has kept the ring after getting together with you, though he’s not wearing it, Lucifer just couldn’t bring himself to get rid of something like that. It still lives in a nice box in the very back of his nightstand. This is even worse when it comes to gifts from either you or Charlie. It could be the stupidest thing and he’ll cherish it and hold onto it for eternity. All those rocks, broken crayons, leaves, and bottle caps that baby Charlie gave to him? All tucked away safely to this day, hell, sometimes he’ll look through it all as a little pick me up. Maybe this has to do with being physically thrown out of his home in heaven or maybe he just is sentimental, even Lucifer doesn’t know.
Loves having his wings be taken care of. It was hard after he fell from heaven, those beautiful white wings now a blood red? Not something he liked to look at. It reminds of what he failed to do and of the pain he created for all of humanity. Having you take care of that is so special to him. You take the time to preen his wings and make sure they’re perfect. One of the things that are constantly reminding him of his failure as an angel is just so easily accepted and loved by you. Something so small to you, means the world to him. You can look at something that symbolizes failure and still love it unconditionally because it’s Lucifer’s? Yeah, he loves it that you take care of him.
Will 1000% make dad jokes when he doesnt know what to say. It’s honestly adorable. This happened on multiple occasions when your relationship was still new. A conversation would finish and there’d be a lull or a pregnant pause, and then he’d just “what-what do you call a can opener that’s broken?”
“a can’t opener. ” 
Cue his quiet, stifled yet awkward laughter at his own joke and the distant groan from Charlie who has probably heard that a million times already.
Has a gift for braiding hair. Honestly he’s pretty good at styling hair in general but allow him to braid your hair and his talent just shines through. He own hair has some length to it so he has in fact braided his own hair but come on, his (ex)wife and baby girl have some of the longest blonde hair in the underworld, of course he knows what he’s doing. Doesn’t matter what style or where the braid originated, he can do it. The cherry on top is that when he’s combing out your hair before hand, there isn’t a single tug. Could this be magic? Yes. Could this also be skill carefully cultivated over the literal millennia he’s been alive? Also yes.
Tumblr media
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mournings-stars · 2 days
Hello I hope your requests are on and if they are can I have angsty and alittle platonic headcanons for Lucifer
Where him, Lilith and Charlie run into he's ex wife who he left because he lost feelings for her and started liking Lilith after years his ex wife has movied on from him and her personality has also changed to the point its like a new person and that she has gone from a soft Naive woman to a more independent and emotionally stronger one
Thank you ignore this if you like
Tumblr media
hello im back to writing!!! … with a bit of an angst warning
i like to think the marriage with lucifer was a lot like adam and liliths, you were basically created to be his wife. despite having free will, you were made for a purpose, so you understood lilith. you probably talked about it with him, saying you felt for her. “if i didn’t love you, i don’t know what i’d do,” you say and he smiles before telling you he loves you too
“if you ever feel how she does, and didn’t want to be with me anymore, you could tell me,” he’d say one day, and you dont think much of it
but back then you were too passive. like him, you were full of beliefs, but you were much more credulous and naive, and that led him to find someone else to share his dreams with. he used them to help comfort her and cheer her up, even telling you about it
then one day he stops
you piece it together, though — even if you’re naïve, you’re not an idiot, and you just let him go on until he plans to give eve the fruit
“don’t do this,” you tell him and he feigns like he doesn’t know what you’re talking about — or he really doesn’t because you feel like you have to say, “you must think i’m stupid,” when you see the shocked look on his face. “i know what you’ve been doing. i know what you’re about to do. don’t.”
but even if he didn’t think you were stupid, he certainly knew you didn’t think about the world the same way the other angels did; he convinced you, no matter what you knew was right, that this was the right thing to do. everything would be okay! humans would have free will, and everything would be fine
of course, that was the last time you spoke. you weren’t exactly sure if you’d ended things on good or bad terms, but in his mind you absolutely hated him, never wanted to see his face again, and were glad he fell
so, of course, once he ran into you — in hell of all places — at a high society event with his wife and daughter, he was floored. his only reaction, logically of course, was to turn the opposite way and drag his wife over to one of the princes to introduce her to
“where’s charlie?” lilith would ask him after a moment and he already knew
you were an angel, one of the only angels to swallow their pride and come to this event when invited, so it only made sense that his daughter wandered over to you and your small group of other angels — probably only there on a formality, he thought — and of-fucking-course she was drawn to you
lilith was already going over to you before he could stop her, so he went after her
you already recognized charlie; she looked so much like him, but you didn’t turn away. instead, you bent to her level and talked with her, listening as the tiny child talked about her parents and toys, and anything she could think of while you nodded along and conversed with her about her fantastical stories as best you could
“charlie, honey, let’s not bother…” he couldn’t even bring himself to say your name, prompting you to look up and introduce yourself
you didn’t know if he never told lilith about you, or if she was just being kind, but it seemed like she didn’t know your name or who you were. she introduced herself with a smile and you easily understood why lucifer fell for her
“it’s been a while,” you say to him and he can’t help but smile, relieved that your voice didn’t hold any contempt for him
but he didn’t know whether to feel grateful or ashamed when you introduced yourself to his wife as an old friend
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How about Hazbin crew with a possessive reader, not like in a yandere or creepy type.
Reader just likes having them to themselves, character was just talking to someone and reader just goes to them and hug them from behind.
If the crew is too much then just Charlie, Vaggie and Alastor will be fine too.
Thanks and if you can't do it no problem at all.
Thank you, anon, for my first ask!! I love this idea and having just joined Tumblr the immediate support makes me very happy- I haven’t written in a while so I’m a little rusty, but I’d still love to write this out :) (also I loooove being able to write possessive reader, too, this prompt is great-)
Characters: Vaggie, Charlie, Sir Pentious, Angel Dust, Husk, Alastor, Lucifer
Warnings: None? Slight angst for Angel Dust but not too bad- sfw, not beta read, gn reader!
➛ Vaggie
You woke up alone in the bed you shared with Vaggie; a feeling you weren’t all that used to.
Vaggie always stayed in bed until you woke up, or she made you get up with her. She never left you alone. There must have been an emergency in the hotel, or something just as important? 
You slowly got out of bed, body aching from still being tired as you got changed. You had woken up about an hour earlier than you usually do, probably because you aren’t used to Vaggie not being there with you, which just put you in an even worse mood.
When you walk downstairs and into the lobby you saw Vaggie discussing something with one of Carmilla’s daughters. Clara, you think her name was? She’s laughing at something Vaggie said- probably something dry and witty, Vaggie was funny like that- and she put her hand on Vaggie’s shoulder. You didn't know why, but that made you purse your lips and immediately turn away, busying yourself with wiping down countertops with a clean rag. It might have been dirty, actually? You didn't know, you didn't care enough to pay attention at the moment.
“Hey babe, you’re up early,” Vaggie smiled at you as she joined you by the fire place (which you weren't doing a very good job of cleaning), and you almost felt bad for not smiling back. “What’s wrong? You grumpy because you woke up early?”
“Well maybe I would have been able to sleep a bit more if you didn’t just leave me alone in bed,” you huffed, turning away from her.
“What- baby, are you upset? I’m sorry, I had a meeting I had to-“
“With Clara? What is she even doing here? I thought you didn’t like having weapons at the hotel.”
“I don’t like them when the guests have them. I wanted to talk to Carmilla about having some weapons for the hotel’s self-defense after the last extermination we had. Y’know, just in case. But Carmilla couldn’t make it so she sent her daughter instead-“
“Who was very touchy,” you blurted out, dropping the rag you were using to “clean.” 
“Oh,” Vaggie chuckled, her slight frown turning to a visible smile. “I see what this is about.”
She grabbed the rag from the floor and put it to the side before wrapping an arm around your waist to start guiding you to bed. “Maybe we should take a small nap. While I think it’s very cute that you’re getting so possessive, it might help if you weren’t so tired. Would that be okay? If we took a nap together?”
You give a slow nod as she guides you upstairs, agreeing that it might help you calm down if you get a bit more sleep. But you’re glad that Vaggie realized that she is all yours, and appreciates your possessiveness instead of finding it as something to be upset about. 
“Yeah, that’s what I thought. Let’s get you back to bed.”
✿ Charlie
“Oh! Hey- hi! Welcome to the hotel!” Your girlfriend’s cheery voice rang out through the lobby, and you immediately knew a new guest had arrived.
You got up, aware of the fact she would probably need your help to reel it in. She got a little excited at every new face that showed up. Which you adored, but sometimes it made the guests a little nervous.
But when you turned the corner you saw the new guest was a relatively attractive demon, which even you could admit it, so you immediately looked at Charlie. She, of course, was smiling so brightly and showing the mysterious demon to every single inch of the hotel. But as soon as you saw Charlie put her hand on the demon’s back, and they fucking grinned at her, your breathing started to quicken.
“Charlie, babe, what’s going on?” you asked, smiling- although it didn’t really reach your eyes- as a slight warning to the stranger when you step forward and wrap an arm around Charlie’s waist, pulling her away from them. 
“Oh- well, I was just showing our newest guest around…” Charlie answers, visibly concerned at your passive aggressive demeanour. “But… I can get Vaggie or Alastor to show them to their room…?”
“Maybe we should do that. I need you for a minute,” you said, shooting a side eye at the guest.
Charlie nodded and waved Alastor over, who immediately began to show the stranger around the rest of the hotel with his normal stylish and classy flare.
“Love… what’s going on?” Charlie asked, turning to you with a worried expression. 'Did something happen, or-“
“They just looked so… flirty. They looked at you like a piece of meat, I got angry-“
“Ah, I see…” Charlie giggled at your words. “It’s okay to get jealous every once in a while, but I’m a very loyal person. You know this.”
“But that doesn’t men your guests understand that…” you trail off, looking towards the direction that Alastor and the guest went.
Charlie gently grabs your face, your cheeks held between her palms so you would keep your eyes on her. “Hey… I can take care of myself- you don’t need to worry about me. I’m yours, and you’re mine,” she smiled at you, and you couldn’t stay mad.
Not when she looked at you like that.
“Sorry, Charlie…”
“It’s alright! Just remember this conversation next time you start to feel a little jealous,” she teased, leaning in to press her lips against yours.
➴ Sir Pentious
“Clean my quarters… immediately!!” Sir Pentious ordered his minions, which made you jump awake in bed.
“Pentious- babe, can we just go back to sleep? Please…” 
“What? Oh- s…sorry dear, but Charlie wanted us… to have a meeting right away this… morning.”
“Oh…” you trailed off, looking at the eggs that were running about, already starting to make the bed around you. “That’s okay.”
“If you’d like you can come to the meeting with me?”
You didn’t know why, but the fact that Pentious wasn’t spending as much time with you today as you would’ve liked was making you upset. “No- no I’ll probably sleep in. It’s okay,” you mumbled, laying back down under the plush covers.
“Well… alright. You can join me downs…tairs... when you’re ready,” you heard him smile, but you couldn’t get yourself to look at him.
You let out a groan when you hear the door close, hiding under the blankets to try and fall back asleep. 
After a bit you realized you definitely were not falling back asleep, so you rolled yourself out of the surprisingly comfortable bed. You got dressed for the day and left the room, heading downstairs only to find that the meeting was over. You frown, nearly getting teary eyed at the thought of having to look for your boyfriend.
“Ah, you’re awake!” he says from behind you excitedly, and you turn around with a frown still on your face, but you started to calm down as soon as you saw him.
“Hey, Pentious. How was the meeting?” You ask, trying to sound chipper but it didn’t go over very well.
“Oh never mind that- I would like to take you out for breakfas…t,” he states, linking your arm with his as he started to lead you out the door.
“Wait- what?” you ask in surprise, looking at him with a happy expression.
“Well, I could tell you wanted to s…spend more time with me today, and who am I to deny you? S…so today it’ll jus…t be the two of us…” he promised you, making your heart swell.
“Thank you Pentious.”
You didn’t want to admit it, but you treasure the days you get to have him all to yourself.
⊹₊ Angel Dust
You hated Valentino. 
Well obviously everyone at the hotel hated Valentino, but you desperately craved more quality time with Angel and his stupid boss was obsessively over-working him. That bastard would get your boyfriend sore and tired and would immediately fall asleep as soon as he got home. Which was fine, cuddling him was just as great. But you missed having late night chats and watching romcoms to make fun of them with him.
You were laying in his bed and petting Fat Nuggets, waiting for him to get back from work. The lights were off and his pink LED lights were on, making sure that his room had a calm environment all ready for him when he got back.
As soon as the door opened you sat up in the bed and gave him a smile, which fell slightly when you saw how worn-down he was. He was slightly slouched over eyes nearly shut from exhaustion. But he lit up when the saw you on his bed.
“Ugh, you wouldn’t believe the day I had,” he groaned, his accent thick and slurred as he collapsed face-down on his bed right next to you.
“Do you want to talk about it?” you ask, moving to rub his back only for him to roll over to look at you.
“No… no, I don’t want to think about, just- wan’ some sleep,” he sighed, causing your face to fall a bit.
“But I have the day off tomorrow,” he opened his eyes for a second to smile at you.
Your breath caught in your throat as your heart skipped a beat in excitement, looking down at him. “Really? Just us tomorrow?”
“Well, aside from whatever activity Charlie wants to do, yeah. It’s just us tomorrow,” Angel responded with a grin, looking up at you. “Ya missed me, sweetheart?”
“Well- yeah. I did,” you admitted with a red face, moving to lay down next to him. “I hate what your work is doing to you. You know I don’t care what you do, you’re just… obviously hurting.”
“Well it’s not like I got a choice-“
“No, I know. I know,” you interrupted. “Just… let me hold you. I’m worried about you.”
You pulled him close, holding his head to your chest and closing your eyes. “I just… like having you here.”
“I know,” his muffled voice spoke up, smile evident in his voice. “I like being here with ya.”
You ran your fingers through his hair and smiled at the feeling of his body finally relaxing against yours, since you knew Angel definitely needed to unwind and relax. And you were happy to help and provide.
➳❥ Husk
It was a late night with plenty of different guests in the lobby. You wanted to turn in and go to bed, but you always went to your room with Husk so you could say goodnight to each other before going to bed. But Husk was busy tending the bar, who was being pestered by some guy that had one (well, three) too many drinks, and made it obvious in his mannerisms. 
You narrowed your eyes slightly when you saw him lean across the bar, talking to him in some sly, sing-song voice. You didn’t really want to know what he was saying, but you already knew it was something that you didn’t like.
You walked up to the bar and put your hand on the guest’s shoulder, giving him a “polite” smile. “I think you’ve had too much to drink. Maybe it’s about time you go to your room?”
“Oh, we were just having some fun- right Husk?” he grinned at the bartender, your boyfriend, and you tried not to full on sneer in disgust.
“Hey Vaggie!” you called her over with a fake smile before glancing over at Husk, who was obviously entertained. The tease.
She walked over with a slight scowl, not used to being up this late. “Yeah? What do you need?”
“Could you take this guest to his room? He had a little too much to drink.”
“Aw, c’mon. It’s not that bad,” he slurred, getting cut off by Vaggie lifting him off the bar seat and dragging him off.
‘Yeah, yeah. C’mon, dude. Let’s get you to bed,” Vaggie sighed, tired and no longer keeping up that “the customer is always right” mindset.
“There. Now he won’t bother you anymore,” you sighed with a smile, happy to get Husk to yourself.
“I don’t think it was me you were really worried about,” he smirked, his low and familiar voice causing your boiling anger to cease.
“Well, maybe I just like having you to myself,” you teased, watching him clean up the bar so he could finally head to bed.
“And you’re not seeing me complaining about it,” Husk responded over his shoulder before putting the last clean cup down, coming out from behind the bar to join you.
“Want me to walk you to your room?”
“Actually… could I come to yours? I thought maybe we could turn on a movie and I could spend the night…” you offer, hoping he won’t refuse.
“Of course, sounds like a good idea to me,” he smiled at you, taking your hand and leading the way to his room.
✧ Alastor
“Hey, Alastor, I was wondering if we could-“
“Not now, my dear,” Alastor cut you off with his signature smile, patting your head lightly. “My apologies, but unfortunately I promised Charlie to help around the hotel today. Maybe we can catch up later,” he dismissed, walking away from you and not even letting you finish asking to hang out with him.
You let out a sigh and go elsewhere, slightly hurt but telling yourself you would be able to hang out with him later.
But the next day you found him in the library, too busy reading his book to even notice that you walked in. “Alastor,” you tried not to sound too impatient as you attempted to gain his attention.
“Sorry, I’m trying to catch up on my literature,” he grinned, not even looking up from the pages. “Catch me later today, my dear. I’m sure I’ll be free then.”
You tried not to groan out of frustration, immediately exiting the library. You just wanted to spend time with him, but he always tended to busy himself with different things whenever he could.
But then an hour later you grew tired of the lack of company, marching back to the library only to discover that he was no longer there. “Alastor,” you groaned, marching out of the library only to find him helping Charlie with some small task.
You come up to him and hug him from behind, which you knew the sudden affection would upset him but a part of you didn’t care. “Alastor, will you please listen to me.”
He gently pulled away from your grasp, which surprised you. You thought he would be more mean about it. “What is it?”
He looked at you with a shocking amount of patience, and you glanced at Charlie who was distracted with her small task. “I want to spend time with you,” you stated, making eye contact as you informed him of what you wanted. “Just us.”
“Well that can be arranged,” he shrugged with a cheery voice.
He turned towards Charlie, glancing at you for a moment before looking back at her. “Charlie, I’m going to take the rest of the day off. I have an important matter that requires my attention.”
That statement made your heart flutter, and you looked up at him with a smile.
“Of course Alastor! You’ve been contributing a lot lately, you take the break that you need!” her high-pitched and happy voice responded, not even looking at him as she continued working. She was hanging up some sort of poster- probably welcoming a new guest again.
He turned back to you and placed a hand on the small of your back. “Well, you wanted to spend time with me, and I provide for those I care about. What would you like to do?”
“Maybe…” you flushed, happy that he wanted to spend time with you as well. “Go out to lunch?”
“Sounds marvelous,” he agreed with a smile just for you, which made you melt.
𖤐 Lucifer
You were exhausted. It was a long day after helping Charlie at the hotel, and you were heading back to yours and Lucifer’s room when you unexpectedly heard voices right as you turned the corner.
You sigh at the sight of a staff member pestering Lucifer, trying to ask him some question that could either wait until later or that Charlie could easily answer herself.
Lucifer turns his head to glance at you as you step behind him, wrapping your arms around his waist and resting your head on his shoulder. Normally you’d be a little self-conscious about showing this much PDA in front of another person, but at this point they were taking up YOUR time, so you didn’t really care at that point.
“Lucifer, is something wrong?” you asked, doing your best to not shoot a glare at the random worker. It was getting late, maybe they could just worry about it later…?
“No of course not,” he muttered, glancing between you and the staff member, then focusing on the latter. “They were just leaving. We’ll discuss this matter later? Tomorrow?”
They quickly nodded with slightly wide eyes, walking away and from you and Lucifer and heading off to find some other thing to worry about, or to hopefully head to bed.
“While I’m glad Charlie is getting more workers to help around the hotel, they are EVERYWHERE,” you groaned into his shoulder, causing him to laugh.
“They ARE just trying to do their jobs…”
“And I’m just trying to get some quality time with my boyfriend. Is that too much to ask?”
“I guess so,” Lucifer laughed at your antics, turning to face you before pressing a soft kiss to your cheek. “But they’re gone now, so let’s just go to bed? Or at least to our room. I know you’ve worked really hard today, maybe it’s time for us to just relax for a bit.”
Your sour mood was immediately uplifted once Lucifer mentioned spending down time with just the two of you, so you nod quickly and pull him inside the room you shared. You liked spending time with just him- which definitely put a strain in your relationship every now and again, since he was literally the king of hell.
Before he could even sit down on your shared bed you pulled him into a tight hug, happy to just be able to hold each other behind closed doors. 
“I always look forward to it just being us every now and again, Lucifer. You know I love supporting Charlie, we’ve just been so busy…”
He kept one arm wrapped securely around your waist while his other hand rested on the back of your head, holding you tightly.
“Well you have me now. And you always will, even when I’m busy.”
“You promise?” you asked, pulling back slightly to look at him.
He smiled at you, leaning up a tad to press a gentle, barely-there kiss against your lips.
Thank you so much for reading <3
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Dress Up: Part 3 Preview
Hope you enjoy this preview for Part 3 babes and please don't kill me!
No active warnings but you may be able to infer some things by the end hehe~
As promised, Lucifer behaved himself for the rest of the reception. He was always very good about keeping his promises with you. Although, you had piqued his curiosity when you had mentioned the little "proposition" you had for him later in the evening. He was insatiable. And you loved it!
"C'mon, love, at least give me a hint!" Lucifer begged while you were in between conversations with the hotel patrons. "Do you think it's fair to keep secrets from your husband?" He latched onto your waist and pressed a kiss to your cheek, a little laugh escaping your lips. "I'll just keep kissing you until you tell me!" Sure enough, he began to pepper small pecks across your face, finally forcing you to push him away gently.
"All good things to those who wait, Lucifer," you teased, taking his one hand and leading him towards the bar. "We just have to say goodbye to a few more people, okay? And you're one to talk! You still haven't told me where we're going for our honeymoon!"
He chuckled, bringing your hand up to his lips. "I'm the Devil, sweetheart; deception is in my job description, or so I've been told." You rolled your eyes playfully and made your towards your new daughter-in-law.
"Charlie!," you greeted, bringing her into a warm embrace. "Thank you for this. You did an incredible job. This was everything I could have hoped for and more."
"Oh, there's no need to thank me!," Charlie beamed. "Everyone here worked super hard to make sure everything turned out perfect!"
"You're too modest, Charlie dear," Lucifer complimented. "Anything you touch turns out absolutely perfect. And I shouldn't expect anything less from my little girl!"
"Thanks, dad. I-I love you two so much!" Charlie's eyes started to well up with tears as she brought you both in for a hug. "Oh, dad! Did you tell her about the surprise?!"
Lucifer shook his head. "I haven't, but we're just about to head out right about...now!" With a snap of his fingers, a portal appeared behind the trio. You went to turn your head but Lucifer used his hand to turn your face back towards him. "No peaking!" Without warning, you felt your legs give out beneath you as Lucifer scooped you up into his arms, cradling you against his chest and smiling down at you. “Thank you all for a wonderful day,” he called out to everyone. “It’s certainly one we’ll never forget. We’ll be back in a few days time. PLEASE don’t burn the hotel down while we’re gone!” He turned around to face the portal and leaned down towards you. “Close your eyes for me,” he whispered against your ear. You did as he said and let your eyelids fall.
You felt the subtle jostling of Lucifer’s movement as he carried you through the portal. He only took a few more steps before he stopped completely. Wherever you were, you felt a slight breeze hit your skin. You guessed you must be outside somewhere. But Lucifer’s footsteps sounded like they were hitting tile flooring. Before you could try to rationalize further, you felt your husband’s lips graze your earlobe.
“You can open your eyes now,” he cooed.
Your eyes shot open, Lucifer’s grinning face was the first thing you saw as he finally set you back down on your feet. You were right about being outside. Kind of. You were on a balcony. The footsteps you heard earlier made sense now. But you saw something else that had completely caught your attention. The sky above you wasn't red. It was a deep blue. You turned to Lucifer in confusion. "Where are we?"
"Surprise!" he nearly shouted, gripping your hips and twirling you around before placing you back down. "Welcome to the Lust ring, my darling!"
You blinked at him a few times before looking back over the railing, smiling eagerly. "So this is what you've been hiding from me?"
"It is," Lucifer spoke as he pulled you flush to his chest. "Do you remember how I said that you're no longer bound to the rules that govern sinners? This is part of that deal! You're free to travel anywhere as my Queen, and that includes the other six rings of Hell! Not that I would recommend most of them. But Asmodeus-"
"Wait, Asmodeus?" you questioned, "The Sin of Lust?"
"Yes! Although I usually just refer to him Ozzie. He's one of the only Sins I get along with. But anyway, he's the one who put us up in this lovely room for the next few days. I told him I was getting married and well, he practically insisted on letting us use his Honeymoon Suite at the hotel he owns here. Told me I needed to 'put the room to good use'." Lucifer flashed a smug grin before leaning in to capture your lips. He picked you up once more and carried you over to the too-large heart-shaped bed, setting you down on the soft dark purple bedsheets. "So, my angel has a 'proposition' for me?"
Suddenly your cheeks felt burning hot. To be honest, you haven't given your own proposition much thought before this. But that week without any intimacy nearly drove you up the wall and your mind created scenarios that you never even considered before. You regret mentioning it in the first place, but it was too late to turn back now. "W-Well, yes, I do...I mean, I did. I umm...it's..."
Lucifer laughed and sat himself down next to you, his hip connecting with yours. "Now what could possibly have you so tongue tied?," Lucifer teased as you looked away from him. "You don't have to be embarrassed, love! Whatever it is, I'm sure I can handle it! I don't think there's anything you can suggest that would scare me away." He brought his hand under your chin and turned your head towards his wanting expression. "Please tell me!"
You sighed shakily. "And you won't freak out?"
"Now when have I ever freaked out?" You cocked an eyebrow at him. "Ok, fair point. I promise you that I won't freak out."
You inhaled a few short breaths before speaking. "Youcanduplicateyourselfright?" you blurted out rapidly, making Lucifer pause.
"Duplicate myself?," he repeated, rubbing the back of his neck. "Uhh, yeah I can. But what does that have to do with...o-oh...OH! UMM...S-SHIT!"
"Hey, you said you wouldn't freak out!"
Lucifer shook his head rapidly. "Freaking out?? Who's freaking out?! Not me! Certainly not me! I'm cool, I'm alright, I'm fine! It's just uhh...I..." He laughed nervously, failing to reign in his sudden panicked reaction. But for some reason, he couldn't seem to stop smiling.
You reached down to cup his hands in yours. "Luci, listen, if that's not something you're wanting to try, that's totally alright! I'd never ask you to do something you that would make you uncomfortable! That's why we talk about everything beforehand! Please don't worry about it." You smiled and cupped his face in your hands to press a light kiss on his lips.
"I never said "no" now did I, darling?," you heard a familiar soothing voice echo behind you.
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Hazbin Hotel characters react to your stims
(I'm doing my personal favorite characters, so if there are others you wanna see, ask me. They may also be slightly OOC.)
You can't convince me this man doesn't also have ADHD. He's just spent decades masking it, as well as most of himself, to present a perfect image. Probably heard the term as it got more well known but didn't really connect the dots until meeting you.
He fidgets a lot, tapping his claws, bouncing his legs, can't sit in a fucking chair properly.
Doesn't realize he's overstimulated and burnt out from multi tasking dozens of screens until you point it out.
Once he's aware of it you help him manage his work better so he can be less stimulated and tense. You buy him proper fidget toys to mess with and he makes himself some top of the line bass boosted sound canceling headphones. He gives you a pair, too. When you're both alone, you look up songs with loaded bass in 8d just to watch each other twitch and involuntarily move your head with the sound.
That's about the extent of the conscious level of unmasking he'll do though. He gets self conscious.
But, he adores the fact you're comfortable enough to stim around him. Or in public. He can and will violently end people for even giving you dirty looks for stimming in public.
If you show excitement and joy over being around someone through happy noms he will literally get heart eyes. Just be careful where you bite him because it may lead to something else.
He's happy to let you stim, which means tricking him into doing it more.
He remembers and sub consciously absorbs your echolalias or any word replacements you use. If you do a lot of call and response vocals he learns them. (Call and response is basically when you memorize a sound with two people. One calls the other responds. You can just say both parts yourself ((I do)) but it's more satisfying with someone else).
If you do happy flappies this man will short circuit. (He will laugh if you accidentally smack yourself though).
If you squeal and kick you may give him a heart attack. He thought you were hurt or something. He gets used to it eventually but it still startles him.
Vox is also a chatter box so you two can info dump about special interests to each other for hours. Neither one of you expects the other to remember details, but the fact you don't tell each other to shut up and are content to do your own thing while listening to your partner/friend gush is enough.
He has long since forced himself into strict routines so if you struggle to get tasks started or get distracted in the middle of them he's understanding but stern. Tends to cause more harm than good because he talks down to you unintentionally.
If you're a visual/hands on learner he also gets frustrated with you for wasting hours trying to figure it out yourself and getting yourself upset instead of just letting him do it for you. You get into a lot of fights about it at first. He gets better when he sees it genuinely prevents you from enjoying things or trying new things and that you just kinda default to defeated and helpless. He didn't mean to make you feel dumb, he just doesn't understand why you wouldn't want help. Until the tables turn and as he's getting worked up over something he can't figure out and you just stare at him.
He finally snaps at you what the hell you're doing and you smirk "need help? Why don't I just do it for you and you watch? Come on, you've been struggling for an hour, stop being so stubborn and just let me do it. I'll show you later, it's not hard." You feed his own lines back at him and his stomach drops.
"Oh....that feels...mmmm. Nope! Don't like that. Ok. Won't happen again, doll."
Realistically if you work with him and you make mouth noises a lot (bird whistles, tongue clicks, humming, random shrieks) he will get annoyed. It's distracting him and sometimes you don't realize you're doing it and mess up anything he tries to record. The first few times he snaps at you and it causes problems (hello rejection sensitive dysphoria) but eventually he learns how to better talk to you/communicate without accidentally convincing you he hates you.
Probably on the spectrum himself, but it also could just be his anti-social habits. Either way he finds you entertaining and your bouts of sporadic energy and gremlin like behavior don't phase him. He's been dealing with Niffty for years.
If you sing or hum a lot to get work done, or listen to music he's all for it. But if you're the type of ADHD where work fast music=horny and bass he'll insist you wear headphones. If you're content to listen to swing (he'll compromise with electroswing) or jazz, he'll play the radio for you.
He doesn’t even care if you're a good singer or not, he just likes seeing you get into it. Will show off by singing it better than you though.
If you're someone who picks your fingers or skin, he'll slap your hands. You bleeding is making him hungry and distracting him. He'll find you something else to do with your hands. Same with nail biting.
He tends to pull his hair when stressed so if you stim with your hair he gets it and unless it's harmful (eating/pulling) he'll leave it, but if you're like him he's either cutting your hair short or braiding it.
Will die before admitting it but thinks you flapping, hopping, clapping, squealing is the most adorable thing ever. Also, laughs at you if you smack yourself, though.
Doesn't understand your memes so half your echolalia go over his head and he just kinda stares at you.
Scolds you for not sitting in the chair properly.
Smiles, nods, and occasionally says "that's nice dear" when you info dump. It's not that he doesn't care, he just can't listen to something he's not interested in for that long.
Mouth noises make his eye twitch but so long as they don't interrupt him, he won't scold you.
He understands you're not dumb but he also doesn't have the patience to help your or wait for you to get things done so he does them for you and tells you stop pouting when you get upset with him.
He likes you enough to not reject your touch and enjoys being in your space, but please refrain from happy biting the cannibal. He will bite back and it's less cute when he does.
The original AUDHD. You two chatter for hours about special interests.
He makes you stim toys.
You two do the adhd laugh so hard over dumb shit you gotta hold onto and smack each other thing. You both wind up on the floor.
Literally would never talk down to you or trigger your RSD. He's spent centuries feeling like he's constantly annoying, dumb, and struggling to time manage and do tasks.
Is equally fed up with people offering to do things for him because he can do it he just needs help getting started. The more you ask if he wants you to do it or when he's gonna do it the harder it is. So you two just sorta hobble together a system for getting shit done.
It's not perfect but if it gets outta hand he can just snap his fingers and fix it.
He happy flaps with his hands and wings and constantly knocks you or other shit over. It embarrasses him but you're in love. You two sometimes hold hands to do the happy bounce squeal, shaking each other.
He initiates happy bites more than you do. Honestly you both start looking like chew toys.
You two echolali all the time and share new ones you find. If you ever can't find each other, just shout one of your current vocal stims and he'll respond.
Literally, the definition of choas couple.
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shapard · 1 day
hi shepard, i dont normally do this, but i really like your wrighting and i was wondering if you did requests if you could do a lucifer x hellborn!reader where its just a lot of comfort, like the reader lost someone really close to them or something. if not, then no worries, dont feel pressured or anything 💛
Lucifer x hellborn!reader
Tumblr media
A/n: I never really said that I do request but I'm really happy if I get one. So, no Worries<3 I hope it's okay That I put a little Angst into it.
Soft Lucifer, comfort, Angst
Tumblr media
Words can not describe what you feel right now.
Your heart is pumping so loud in your chest as you read the red ink on the white Paper. You don’t want to believe it. It seems impossible. But it’s standing here red on white that your precious mother has passed away in a gang battle of those damn sinners. 
Your tears soften the paper and the red ink smeared the down written words. Your body starts to shake under the pressure of anxiety. 
Lucifer was out on a meeting with the other six sins.
At first he didn’t even want to go on a meeting knowing that your mental health wasn’t on its best shape. The panic attacks were way viler when he was not there. 
Nonetheless you told him you were fine, and he will go to this meeting. He was hiding all those years and you’ll not be in the way of a reunion. 
At first you were doing alright. Watching your comfort movie with your comfort snack was relaxing.
Your pajama was comfortable and your favorite plush was seated on your belly. You giggled at your favorite scene and hugged your plushie more on you.
A loud knocking hollowed through the huge Mainor you now call home. Lucifer didn’t tell you; he was expecting something. Confused you pressed on pause and walked down the hall. Your tail tangled itself on your leg hoping for some comfort. 
As you opened those huge doors a small Imp, just like you. He gave you a black Envelope with your name in white ink. The Imp gave you a slight bow and left fast. 
You walked down the hall back to the bedroom. You opened the black envelope and read the content.
Now you were at the verge of a panic attack. 
Sweat pearling down your forehead and you rolled into a small ball on the floor. The papier laid on the red carpet and you are right next to it.
Your tail was wrapped around you, yet it didn’t help you to feel connected to your body. You shook hard but all you could focus about was your mind running.
Memories of your lovely mother, the one who read stories to you at night to cradle you. 
The way she smiled at you when you told her you were in love. How she told you she’s so proud of you. How he held your hand through your marriage. 
And now she’s gone. 
Killed brutally like the Imp she was. Like the Imp you are. Another proof that no one cares about the life of an Imp.
The ringing in your head just seems to get louder, louder, and louder. Clutching your hands on your head trying to ease the painful headache that had begun.
Your breathing was starting to get heavier and heavier, it got to the point where you thought you couldn’t breathe anymore.
A hand pulled you out of your curled form pressing you on his chest. You immediately recognize that this is your husband.
Lucifer whispers in your ear and stroked your back in a comforting matter. He cradled your body and kissed your cheek multiple times.
“Everything is okay, I’m here. Just take a deep breath in... And out.” You followed his instructions. In and out. Your hand grasp around his torsi pulling him even closer.
The oxytocin was filling your lungs again and your broken cries filled the air. 
Even after-hours Lucifer never let go.
Lucifer doesn't know what happened that cost this state, but all he knows is that you need him. And that's exactly what he's going to do.
Lucifer carried you up to your sharing bed when your light snoring reached his ears. He hugged you close shutting his eyes, grabbing your waist tightly making you feel protective.
You rubbed your eyes exhausted from the panic attack yesterday.
As you spun around to look at your husband, Lucifer wasn’t beside you. Again the anxiety filled your ribcage, it was hard to breath.
“Lucifer?!” The door of your shared bedroom sprung open reveling your husband in one of those silly aprons he has. Your body quickly relaxed at the sight of him.
“Darling you’re awake!” His smile was precious and contagious. He moved rather fast towards you, and he stumbled. With grace he caught your breakfast and smiled nervously at you. “I made for you breakfast!” You laughed at his antics and took it out of his hands.
You gave him a peck on the lips and sat down on the bed. Lucifer followed you to the bed but didn't sit down.
Lucifers eyes sparkled when you ate his food. But frowned slightly when you suddenly stopped eating and played with the food.
With a sigh be plopped beside you. “Babe,” He placed the tray on the nightstand and intertwined your hands in his. “You know you can tell me everything.” You nod as you looked on your intertwined hand watching as he strokes his thumb on your hand. His clawed nail tapped on your shared ring.
“Look me in the face, darling.” His other hand moved your head upwards and your e/c orbs meet his red scarlet ones.
Without much thought you gave him the letter you received yesterday. He released your chin and took the letter out of your hand. Lucifers eyes left yours hesitant and he skips through the information. 
His hands clenched around yours in a comforting way after he finished. “Y/n I’m so sorry. I…” He took a deep breath and pressed you again onto his chest. “Everything will be alright darling.”
Your crying was breaking his heart. But letting out emotion is better than letting them eat you up. He knows it the best.
You two had almost a whole spa day.
Lucifer took care of you perfectly, just everything you needed.
His hand in yours like he promised in the wedding. Through thick and thin. The whole day, it was just you and him with pure affection. 
Lucifer and you were cuddled up on your couch. Your head was resting on his lap, and he played with your hand strands. “I Love you, Y/n Morningstar.” He said and pecked your lips. “I love you too, Lucifer Morningstar.”
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