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TBB doodle😁 Hunter and Crosshair on a mission 👊
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Ch 24: Unmoored
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“Come on, babe!” Luciana teased, looking over her shoulder as Hunter puffed behind her, hair pulled back from his face as he jogged along the path. He’d been trying to keep his eyes on the rocky trail, although he kept getting distracted by her toned form in her sports bra and bike shorts. It was an internal battle at first – he shouldn’t be looking… or should he? She offered herself so freely, literally and metaphorically, and there was something incredibly refreshing about her unadulterated enjoyment of life and her simple authenticity that invited him to let go more and more.
“I’m coming,” he panted, wondering why he’d agreed to go on a run with her in the first place. He was also painfully aware of just how out of shape he’d become, although it had been apparent a few times before when he’d helped with drills at Echo’s training academy. So this was a good thing, he reasoned. Even with his enhancements, which allowed him to retain an above-average stamina and strength, he could feel the difference after months of neglecting his regular routines. 
“Race you to the Square?” she invited, slowing to a walk beside him. The glimmer in her green eyes gave him a little spark in his chest, and he took a deep breath, stretching his back for a moment as they walked. He grinned at her, the fresh air and sunshine doing wonders for his attitude when he’d felt an inescapable weight for a while now. 
“You’re on,” he said, giving her a playful push before taking off down the path. 
“Cheater!” she squealed, laughing gleefully and sprinting after him. He braced his core, focusing on the terrain, and gave it all he had, reveling in the strain on his muscles and the burn in his lungs. He felt alive, the blood coursing through his veins, and regained his balance quickly after stumbling over a rock. Luciana was right behind him, her runner’s physique on prime display as she overtook him on a curve, blowing him a kiss as they rounded the final bend. 
Narrowly missing a vendor cart as it wheeled across a street, they sprinted into the Town Square, collapsing against the stone wall at its edge at the same time, red faced and panting, flushed with exhilaration. Luci stood up, both hands over her head, and paced in a little circle, puffing out her cheeks as she looked at Hunter in admiration.
“Alright, you’ve got some legs on ya,” she said. “We’ll have to work out together more often. Do you lift weights? Wait, hang on,” she continued, drawing close and squeezing his bicep. “Yeah, I bet you do. Or are you more of a calisthenics type of guy?”
“I… uh…” He had regained his breath much more quickly, secretly glad that he still had the perks of his engineering. “I do it all,” he answered, with a waggle of the eyebrows that earned a delighted laugh from her.
“Oh do you? We’ll see about that!”
They walked to a nearby cafe for some smoothies, sipping them on their way down to the cliffs where they sat on the soft grass and watched the activity of the island stretching out before them. Luci pointed out the surfing currents, the way the swells were rising in certain areas and how they would break, and described what made each wave good or bad to ride. Hunter was impressed by her knowledge and experience in such a wide variety of random things above and beyond bartending and having fun, and he found himself gazing at her with a small smile on his face as she described one of her first times surfing. She finished her story, looking back at him and catching his profound look, and tilted her head, suddenly inquisitive. 
“Nothing,” Hunter said, shaking his head with an innocuous expression. 
“No, your face is all soft or somethin,” she poked, scooting closer and elbowing him in the side gently. “And your face is rarely soft.” 
“I mean, I feel like that’s not something a man would strive for…”
“You know what I mean,” she laughed. “But alright, keep your secrets.” She fixed him with a mockingly scrutinizing look, and the way her eyes sparkled and her cheeks curved in an adorable smile was supposed to make him feel warm and fuzzy inside. He looked down, swirling the remaining smoothie in his cup, and she leaned into his side gently with a contented sigh.
* * * 
“Alright!” Wrecker exclaimed as Luci slid an extra basket of fries across the bar counter to him. She gave him a wink, then disappeared into the hustle of a busy night. Elbowing Hunter beside him, Wrecker shared his gleeful approval, “This whole girlfriend thing is workin out just fine!”
“She’s not–”
“Give it a rest,” Crosshair snapped from Hunter’s other side. “Call her whatever you want, but it’s a thing.”
“A thing?” Hunter echoed blandly. 
“A relationship, no matter how well- or ill-defined,” came Tech’s explanation, helpful as always.
“Alright. Anyway. What’s the plan for Benduday?” Hunter pivoted, looking down the counter at Echo. They’d come to the tiki bar on the usual family dinner night, since Omega had just left for an internship on the island of Plata and Phee was off-world on some “solo business, but don’t worry, Brown Eyes.” It was a busy night for the rest of town, with rowdy patrons enjoying the end of the work day and gearing up for karaoke that evening. 
“It’s an all-day seminar,” Echo answered, nearly yelling over the crowd. “Kind of an introduction to the whole academy training program, but also a stand-alone class for those who just want to brush up or learn the basics.”
“I think Hunter just wants to know if he’s going to be beaten up or humiliated again,” Crosshair clarified, reveling in the tiny slump in Hunter’s shoulders in response. 
“We retire and you all decide I’m the blaster target, huh?” he said, rolling his eyes before brightening considerably as Luci reappeared, adjusting her apron strings below her loose black crop top. They’d been working out together regularly, and she made a silly face as she flexed her stomach at him from behind the ice machine, proud of the hint of a “two pack” below her ribcage. Hunter winked at her before catching himself and quickly glancing at the others to see if they’d caught it. 
“You just make it so easy,” Echo said with a smirk. 
The conversation continued, the boys relaxing on their bar stools over some food and drinks as the stars appeared in the sky above. Luci popped in every now and then with refills and playful banter with each of them, and when she had an extra minute, she’d lean over the counter to share a quick chat with Hunter, tracing her fingers along his knuckles and gazing at him with unabashed admiration. 
“You gonna stay for karaoke night?” she asked, speaking to all of them but directed mostly at him. 
“Only if you want everyone to leave immediately,” Crosshair deadpanned, and she lifted her chin, regarding him with an odd familiarity as she remained unphased by his snark. 
“I’m sure you’d be a fantastic crooner,” she said, doing her best to keep her face serious, then relaxing into a smile when Crosshair softened the tiniest bit and smirked at the thought. Satisfied, she turned back to Hunter. “You know, I’m somewhat of a singer myself.”
“Mmhmm,” she purred, making eyes at him again. “If you stick around, maybe you’ll get a little love song dedicated to you.” She snorted, inviting him into a chuckle of his own. “But really, if you want to hang for a little bit, I’m feeling a little adventurous tonight. Let’s have some fun?” 
“Alright,” Hunter agreed, a hint of a smile on his face . Sometimes he felt as though he were on the outside, looking at himself as he interacted with Luci. It had only been a few weeks, but her refreshingly free-spirited take on life had coaxed out a side of him that he’d never have anticipated. She never forced, never insisted, just genuinely enjoyed living vicariously through the experience of all the island had to offer. They exercised together, ate out frequently, played in the ocean, and she’d even talked him into taking some dance lessons with her; she hadn’t mentioned until they arrived that she was actually the one teaching them. But, in keeping with much of his life of late, he’d been able to relax into it fairly quickly, as she made it easy to fall into step. After the first class, she’d raved about his natural ability, or as she put it, “I knew those hips could move!”
Luci lived her whole life “inside out”, in her own words, sharing every thought and feeling she had, which created a sense of weightlessness for Hunter in the assurance that there wasn’t a bunch of mystery brewing beneath the surface. She had an affinity for all creatures, swimming alongside the colorful fish in the bright blue waters and trying to touch the sea rays that ventured near the shore every now and then. The first time she’d met him on the beach, he’d been rendered momentarily speechless when she took off her cover-up, revealing a string bikini that cupped her perky breasts perfectly. He’d had to sit awkwardly for a while after she asked him to “oil her up” for some sunbathing, where he’d gently stroked the thick oil across her back and shoulders, down her sides and up her arms. 
At times, a nasty voice within would come to the surface with accusations and disbelief, the same struggle he’d had since arriving on the island: he was living a lie. This wasn’t who he was… This was some pathetic attempt at normalcy. But it was so tinged with the regrets of the past that it was now met with strong indignation and downright denial. He had seen where the constant vigilance had gotten him – he’d been unable to protect his family and even his own heart. So now it was time to let go. To try a different strategy. 
So he stayed for karaoke. He hid his chuckle at an overly-dramatic performer as Luci giggled next to him. It was all in good fun – half of the singers were thoroughly inebriated and having the time of their lives, laughter and all. He felt the familiar flush of embarrassment when Luci took the stage, riling up the crowd before dedicating a song to him, which she embellished with some dance moves that had him feeling quite a few things at once. She finished to raucous applause, taking a bow with a flourish and blowing kisses to the audience before bounding back to their table, flushed with excitement. It was infectious, and Hunter rested his arm across her shoulders, increasingly at ease. 
A couple of girls approached from another table, laughing as they clumsily teetered together. One of them shook a drunken finger at Luci, grinning ear to ear.
“Look, this ishalong shot,” she slurred. “But have…werrrryou ever with a dude, s’name’s Draig?”
Luci threw her head back gleefully, shaking her curls out of her face before nodding enthusiastically.
“Oh man, we tore it up! He was awesome. You a friend of his? Or luckier?” Her red lips curved into a suggestive smirk.
“Thislilhussy banged him affew times,” the girl grinned, jostling her friend whose arm was slung heavily over her shoulders. “He neffffer let her knowwher he lived though… Neffffer lets anyone knowwher, issa secret.”
“And it’s cause of ‘a crazy red headed bartender named Luciana’!!” her friend yelled, finding her voice, which apparently solely consisted of hollering at the top of her lungs.
“Ahhh, yeah. He’s the best!” Luci giggled. “You guys live here?”
“No!! Back to Coruscant tomorrow! Just had a week on Plata! Thought we’d finish strong!! Haha!!” The deafening volume of her voice, stronger even than the cacophony all around, was too much for her friend, who flapped her hands in front of the loudmouth, making drunken shushing noises, and the two of them shuffled away.
Hunter raised an eyebrow, inviting Luci to fill him in on what seemed to be a memorable story… for this “Draig”, at least. But she just shook her head and shrugged, playing with the straw from her drink.
“Crazy times,” she laughed easily, resting her hand on his. He felt a flicker of suspicion, but she quickly put his mind at ease. “I’ll tell you the story, but it’s not very exciting. Dumb kids. First relationships. You know.”
Hunter very much did not know.
And, to his surprise, he didn’t really care.
Tumblr media
* * * 
Hunter plunged into the water again, tumbling beneath the wave as it passed by, then came up for air, the surfboard jerking back toward him on its leash. He’d nearly gotten it that time, and his muscles burned as he pulled himself back onto the board, turning to paddle back out to where Luci straddled her own, rocking gently on the waves as they rolled past. 
“You’re getting the hang of it!” she encouraged, wispy red curls fluttering in the breeze where they had escaped the messy bun atop her head. 
“I’m getting trashed out here,” he panted when he reached her. 
“I’ll give you a massage later,” she said with a waggle of the eyebrows.
“Now you’re talking.”
“Did I tell you about my masseuse job on Pashvi? Oh man, I learned some of the wildest– Hang on!” She’d caught sight of a particularly appealing wave, turning her board and beginning to paddle as it approached. Hunter watched as she caught it effortlessly, disappearing behind its curl as it raced toward the shore. She shot out the other side as it broke, skimming to a halt before dropping back to her stomach to paddle back out. He marveled at her ridiculous skill set, which seemingly had no end. She’d traveled everywhere, tried everything, and had an authentic zest for life paired with an undaunted optimism. They sat on their boards for a while in quiet companionship, watching the waves come and go as the sun sank low on the horizon.
Hunter collapsed into his bed that evening, thoroughly exhausted from an afternoon of surfing, playing and splashing and wrestling in the waves, as well as a long, deep massage from Luci that had put him into a trance. His mind ambled pleasantly through his recent memories: laughing at her as she put two halves of large tree nuts over her bikini top, strolling through the town with a picnic lunch until they found the perfect spot along the cliffs, relaxing on the beach without a care in the world… He felt a lightness about it all that was strong enough to stave off the old doubts that had plagued him so ruthlessly before. Almost.
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SHOUT OUT TO @dystopicjumpsuit for coming up with a fun way to have some crossovers between our stories! You’ll be hearing more about her incredible OCs in the future, but for now check out the post about Draig (and her amazing art!!) and the rest of his family (especially Mic who I’m in love with). 🙈
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Acolyte and Bad Batch Tote Bags Have Arrived and they’re releasing tomorrow 12PM EST/9AM PST! This will be your first chance to grab one of the new Acolyte Designs, and your second chance to grab the restocked Bad Batch Tote! These tote bags are so cute and have double sided printing! ❤️
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siblings will mess with you just because, like telling you that the paper in Hershey's Kisses is edible.
is it Wednesday yet?
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I’ve decided to post all of the progress here as well, not just on instagram. Some people have asked to be tagged once I post some progress, but I can’t remember who they were. So if you wanna see future progress, let me know and I’ll tag you!
This one may not look too different from the previous one, but nothing really turned out the way I intended to.
The colors, the textures, the focus, the sounds, the camera, everything just seems so off, and oh boy the animation… this is the result of rushing and not knowing what I’m doing, just inserting keyframes, tweaking the graph editor and hoping for the best. So maybe signing up for this project wasn’t a great idea after all lol. Plus the datapad’s not even fully textured, you can literally see where I started adding details on the front, then for some reason I just left off lol
One thing I’ll definitely work on in the future is the menu itself, because if this project is for a graphic design thesis, then I might as well try to make the only thing that has something to do with it look more presentable. I’ll definitely be changing up the fonts, and I have some other ideas for the background as well.
But for now, I’ll move on to the remaining 5 character menu animations. Originally there were gonna be 5, not 7. At first I was randomly picking out the characters I wanted to make one for, then I realized, it’d probably be best, if each squad got one animation. The 501st gets Rex, the 212th gets Cody, the CG gets Fox, the 104th gets Wolffe, and the 241st gets Tukk. CF99 got Hunter but I really wanted to make one for Tech as well, since modeling and texturing him took the longest 💀
Once all of that’s done, I can finally move on to animating the trailer video. Which I’m terrified of, but oh well lol
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will i ever stop finding posts to match the clones? probably not🕺
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why are all of em so fine
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Do you get Deja Vu?
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The Bad Batch Season 3, Ep 15
The Clone Wars Season 7, Ep 1
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And she always will be🥹🥹🥹🥹🙌🏻
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I would like to nominate myself for being the person so far behind in the @summer-of-bad-batch prompts that I only just finished Week one's prompts... In my defense, I had the sketch of the comic finished in week one.
Omega ate the last of the Coco pops....what would Coco pops be called in the star wars universe anyway O⁠_⁠o
Edit: I've only just realised I forgot the entirety of Hunter's tattoo 👁️👄👁️
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Here’s a Sleeping Hunter for your dash 😪
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🤫 Don’t wake him u- wait.. what’s that!! It’s… ITS CROSSHAIR WITH A STEEL CHAIR!!!! 😭
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Hunter is having “Omega likes Phee better than me” flashbacks 🤣
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Hunter, Pre-Omega: [Standing on top of a tank in the middle of a battlefield while blowing air horns] GET FUCKED!
Hunter, now: "Does EVERYONE have their juice boxes?!"
Omega, now: [Standing on top of a tank in the middle of a battlefield while blowing airhorns] GET FUCKED! [Turning to the side] Yes, Hunter, I have my juice box!!
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this means EVERYTHING to me
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Another wip of this damn project
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