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Redraw a scene from streber's short
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She has us on our knees
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hcwritter · 23 hours
This is gonna sound really dumb😭 But are you ok with doing spicy headcannons with the fallen star sanses?
Tumblr media
( my opinion )
Shattered Dream:
*he would for sure use dirty talk to sway you into getting inti bed, and not once did it fail
*he loves using his tentacles to lube out the fuck out of your body to make it easir for him to rail the hell out of you later on
*he enjoys drinking wine while fucking you in the daily
*he loves seeing the claw scratches on his back and showing them and telling the other stars how fucking good you were un bed
*he thinks its cute when you moan loudly and call him dirty name, he loves the slight degradation
*he starting from your lips then down to your groan area, he loves savoring every inch of your body until he can’t get enough
*he definitely doesn’t just degrade you in bed, he dose it in front of everyone. He loves opening showing off on what’s his
*he adores your whippers, it makes his dick harder and ego bigger
*”oh you fucking slut, how many times do i have to tell you? Your body, your soul, your life, your whole being belongs to me. Got it? Now suck my cock”
*he loves you, in more ways he shows it thehehe
*he definitely loves drawing your body anatomy on his sketch book and jerk off to it
*he doesn’t have emotions but lust is something you milk about of him
*he shakes every time your body is close to his, his sensitive body goes weaker even on the slightest bit of touch
*he loves fighting got thr dominance but always get dominated down, he secretly enjoys it too
*he loves making out in the dark and wall fucking on a canvas
*he definitely paints your passed out body and purposely put his hand print on your body in the painting signaturing his mark for you
*he loves touching and squeezing the hell out of your chubby parts and stroking every inch of your body and feeling like his gonna fucking cum on each touch
*he definitely has stashes kf up close pictures of your “private parts” and use them as “references “ when in reality he used them to jerk off and to see who is he coming home to
*”oh darling your body is more perfectly made than the pyramid of giza, i wanna capture and see and feel everything from you”
*he sees you as his model,in mire ways than one
*he would definitely tease you and use a cold knife to glide on your body
*he loves licking your nipples and making your body tense to the body on one touch feels overwhelming
*he loves taking utter control over your body and loves dominating you and making you feel his dominance
*he loves your attitude regardless it’s bratty or obedient, he woukd still fuck your brains out the same way
*he is gentle but when that horse cock of his get tense, its cry or ride his fat cock darling
*he definitely loves leaving big love marks and hickeys
*he would bake and cook anything you want, as long his dick is getting sucked in exchange
*”come on dear, you know ill do anything for you. So please do the same with me sweetheart, ride my dick like it’s the last thing you want”
*he’s a bit of a tease but loves equality, in a way theheh
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hayalperestkedy · 3 days
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moonkisseddelight · 3 days
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yvbiko · 4 months
Kaomoji pack #1
Tumblr media
Symbols :
˖⁺‧₊˚ ♡ ˚₊‧⁺˖
🕊 ˚✧ ₊˚ʚ
˗ˏˋ ★ ˎˊ˗
⋆ ⚘
୧ ‧₊˚ ⋅* ‧₊
꒰ა ♡ ໒꒱
꒰⸝⸝₊ʚ🍄ɞ┊name ꒱
✿ ⋆。 ゚ ☁︎。⋆。 ゚ ☾ ゚ 。⋆
୧ ‧₊˚ 🩸⋅♡
Kaomojis :
₊˚ʚ₍ᐢ. ̫.ᐢ₎₊˚✧ ゚.
ʚ(。˃ ᵕ ˂ )ɞ
૮⸝⸝> ̫ <⸝⸝ ა
૮ ˙Ⱉ˙ ა
ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ
૮ᵔ ᵕ ᵔა
/ᐠ - ˕ -マ
₍^ >ヮ<^₎
/ᐠ. .ᐟ\ฅ
(。- .•)
ヾ( ˃ᴗ˂ )◞ • *✰
( ˊᵕˋ )♡.°⑅
૮₍˃̵֊ ˂̵ ₎ა
( 。 •̀ ᴖ •́ 。)
(๑ > ᴗ < ๑)
^_< -★
૮₍´˶• . • ⑅ ₎ა
☆૮꒰•༝ •。꒱ა
(∗˃̶ ᵕ ˂̶∗)
૮₍。´ᴖ ˔ ᴖ`。₎ა
Dividers / Borders :
————— ୨୧ —————
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
。゚•┈୨♡୧┈• 。゚
───── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ─────
════ ⋆★⋆ ════
⋘ » ☆ « ⋙
Emoji combos :
*🎀 🩹 🏩 💌 🐾 ☁️*
🦴 🐾 🎀 🍰 🍓 🍥 🍖
© kaomoji.
Thank you for 90+ followers. Like and rb are appreciated<3
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kccabello-34 · 2 months
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This scene is a work of art 🔥
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uershii · 1 month
Just finished watching Hlvrai, I am practically glued to this show
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sumirexxxx · 2 months
Hello i‘m in love with your blog and i hope you have a good christmas. Can i request Subscara Subgorou and Subkazuha having their first time with gender-neutral-reader who has a dick?
aww you’re too sweet :D !! pls have a merry xmas as well man !! < 33 update: sorry i haven’t posted it till now lol.. i’m too lazy to write kazuha part so enjoy scara + gorou ! < 33
— Winter Intercourse ✦
cw: sub!scara , sub!gorou , losing virginity , heat cycle , overstimulation , gn!reader + dick , masturbation , breeding , rough sex , edging
summary: a compilation of winter intercourse w short genshin men ! < 33
Tumblr media
“F-Fuck [Y-Y/n]~…” Scaramouche whined out, feeling very impatient that you’ve been teasing with his cock this whole time.
“Honey, be patient. “ You cooed, as you lightly traced your fingertips over his tip before wrapping your hand around his erection, feeling how much he twitched against your touch. With each pump of your hand, Scaramouche let out honey coated moans whilst his legs began to shake and his eyelids could barely remain open.
“Nngh~… p-please… f-fuck me already.” Scaramouche sniffled, bucking his hips against your hand. “I-I… need to feel you inside of me…” His hand griped your wrist to put your movements to a halt.
“Hmm.. well, If you want me that badly then you’ll just have to work for it.” You grinned, watching as tears began to paint his rosy cheeks. Spreading his legs a bit, Scaramouche seated himself on your thighs before lifting his ass up and aligning your tip with his entrance.
“Ah-” Scaramouche winced. Wrapping an arm around your neck, his gaze fixated on your cock slowly disappearing into his puffy pink hole. “S-So good…”
Scaramouche looked absolutely divine. Although, you eventually had to cave in when he started to tear up a bit because he became sexually frustrated. Scoffing, “Honey…” your hands gripped around his curvy hips as you lifted him up, “You’re really testing my patience.”, before violently slamming his hips back down and restlessly thrusting into his abused hole.
“W-wait! aanngh~ f-fuck… something’s w-weird!” Scaramouche panicked as he wrapped his other arm around your neck, hiding his face in your chest. “M-My stomach, i-it feels weird…”
Rubbing circles along his back, you lifted your boyfriend up one more time before slamming his hips back down as Scaramouche came viciously. His mouth was left agape and his body shook uncontrollably.
Tumblr media
Furrowing your brows, “Gorou, are you okay? you don’t look so good.” you moved his hair to the side as you placed the back of your hand against his forehead. Your boyfriend been acting strange all week. Whenever you came home from work, you and Gorou’s bed would be in shambles as well as some of your personal belongings: pillows , blankets and clothes.
“I-I’m fine it just…” Gorou shifted his eyes towards his erection “hurts…” as he palmed at his boxers, his lips forming into a ‘O‘ shape.
You gazed down at him as you pulled the comforters further below. Your eyes widened, pre cum had already started to form a wet patch in his boxers. “When was the last time you had a release?”
“I-I’ve never…” he whispered, tears starting to form in the corner of his eyes.
Deadpanning, “Look, i’ll help you just this once… but next time we’re putting you on heat supplements.” Grabbing his hips and switching his position by adjusting his ass into the air, you grabbed the container of lube that was right next to your night stand and started to spread it across Gorou’s puffy hole.
“Mmm…” Gorou whimpered, his ears laying flat against his head and his tail wagging side by side. He waited ever so patiently for you to insert a finger into his awaiting hole. “Ah-!” Clutching at the bedsheets Gorou came for the first time tonight. Cum splatters all over the bedsheets and tears perked up in his eyes as he grinds himself back against your fingers. “M-more… I-I need more… please- nngh~ I-I need more.”
Inserting another finger, “F-Fuck… Gorou you’re so tight.” You groaned, watching as his needy hole greedily sucks in your fingers.
Gorou arches his back, legs spreading a bit more. “C-Can’t, It’s coming out-!” Taking your fingers out right before Gorou could reach his climax has your puppy boyfriend sobbing. Shaking his ass in the air, “Pl-Please let me cum… i-it hurts… it really h-hurts!” Gorou pleads.
Gazing down at his hardening cock, Gorou wasn’t kidding when he said “it hurts”. His tip was an angry red color and pre cum was oozing out. “Puppy, would you like something a little better then just my fingers?” Gorou ears perk up and his tail wags excitedly. Sighing, you unbutton your pants and pull down your boxers before aligning yourself with Gorou’s entrance.
Startled, Gorou reaches a hand back and grabs hold of your wrist that was holding his hips up. “Sl-slowly… hahhh~ y-your cock ish so b-big…” Your heart melted. Gorou half lidded eyes watching as you slowly enter his puckered hole. “Mmm… [Y-Y/n], fill me up so that i’ll be pr-pregnant and carry your babies.”
Pressing your hips against his ass, you nibble on one of his ears causing Gorou to come again. Panting, “I’ll make sure you give birth to a full litter..,” kissing the side of his temple “puppy~.”
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spongyleader · 5 months
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Advice of the day :
Stop having relationship problems with someone you are not in a relationship with.
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I love him
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Gwendoline christie photo album pt 28
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hcwritter · 3 days
(Whenever you feel like doing some more prompts)
Can I get some fluffy/romantic HC's with y/n dating the Fellswap Gold boys? (Wine and Coffee)
Tumblr media
🌹 Romantic🌹
( my opinion )
Side note: hello requester , theres no gender on the request so i hope this is okay! Enjoy!
FSG papyrus:
*god he would hug your waist and tell you sweet things on your ear
*he definitely would play the electric guitar for you and sing his rock n’ roll heart out
*he loves hearing your opinion on things he like and would always base it on that
*he’s like a puppy, tell him to come over he will and if you tell him to go down his knees he will do so and would even more if you give him head scratches
*he adores physical touching, he loves hugging into your arm and when you crawl your hands on his nape
*definitely says “yes ma’am”
*be would always go on the left right of your placement, because he always wants you in hus right. Because he cutely just thinks whoever sits or stands beside you on the right long enou or has been, they’re the right one for you
*he still gets flustered over small thigs you do, even hand holding
*” d-darling.. i know we talk and see each other everyday but, can you tell me how much you love me? Plese darling”
*he puts you on top of his wishes on every, birthday and shooting star
FSG Sans:
*he for sures always acts and takes care of you like a mom
*he would go all his way to run and do tedious things for you to be happy and satisfied
*he adores your appreciation whenever he gets you something or brings you something, those small “thank you’s” never fails to make hos heart skip a beat
*he loves the way that you see him as someone to run to whenever your distress ordeeling down, physically and mentally
*heloves taking care of you, he would drop everything and anything to make sure your needs are right infront of you
*he loves styling you, in outfit’s that you and him can match
*he terribly has a addiction of constantly overthinking where you are or what your doing doing, he just wants to know everything so he can see if you need him. Like a nurse basically
*he cooks and cleans for you almost daily besides when his gone or buys, he always want your body to be relaxed and not tense because he wants you to stress out
*”oh sweetheart, you don’t need to ask. Im already on it, okay?”
*he puts you on top of his priority list
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If Nancy Wheeler can't keep a man
Let her keep a woman
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