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Gökkuşağı renklerine boyanmalı bir aşk (777)
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I wish the world were ending tomorrow. Then I could take the next train, arrive at your doorstep, and say: “Come with me. We are going to love each other without scruples or fear or restraint. Because the world is ending tomorrow.” Perhaps we don’t love unreasonably because we think we have time, or have to reckon with time. But what if we don't have time? Or what if time, as we know it, is irrelevant? Ah, if only the world were ending tomorrow. We could help each other very much.
-Franz kafka
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Naked kiss on the veranda
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isn't it just so pretty to think this lil butterfly was some form of betty and giving simon a lil kiss
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I have a villain x hero prompt if I may!
What about the classic “hero showing up at villains doorstep, injured and half delirious, with an “I didn’t know where else to go”
Like. That hits me every damn time!!!
(Also I love the way you write!!!)
“I didn’t know where else to go.”
Villain blinked, wide eyes softening ever so slightly at the sight of Hero’s shivering form.
Drenched with rain, absolutely soaked to the bone as they grabbed the side of the doorframe to stay upright.
Blood bloomed through their shirt, a dangerous amount having been lost already… it was a miracle Hero was conscious, let alone standing.
Villain cursed, quickly pulling Hero inside and ushering them to the nearest couch.
“What happened to you?”
“Got held up…” Hero tried for a smile, but it looked more like a wince. “I still won thouugh…!”
Villain wondered briefly if delirium was common with blood loss, peeling off Hero’s shirt and tossing it aside.
Their hands moved instinctively to cover themselves, but hastily dropped back to their sides once caught.
Villain couldn’t help but chuckle at the furious blush rising in Hero’s cheeks.
They wouldn’t have minded the sight at all if hadn’t been for the wicked slash wound running across Hero’s abdomen, making their gaze darken. There were also countless bruises littered along their skin, all fresh. All showing the blunt traumas someone had done to their Hero.
Had this been a normal situation, Villain would’ve been taunting Hero with a smug smirk; almost admiring their handiwork by lifting their shirt just to spite them.
But this wasn’t Villain’s handiwork.
And Villain never left more than Hero could handle.
With a clenched jaw and a look of quiet rage, Villain went to grab the medical kit. They returned with a carefully crafted smile as they took a seat beside Hero.
“This is going to hurt,” warned Villain, taking out a needle and thread.
Hero nodded, averting their eyes to the ceiling as Villain began.
It was bearable- Hero had somewhat of a high pain tolerance, after all. Otherwise they’d be passed out by now.
Other then the occasional wince, there wasn’t really much reaction from Hero, thankfully.
After Villain had moved on to bandaging the wound, they scooped Hero up, taking them to the bathroom.
“Are you good taking off your clothes?”
Hero’s gaze snapped up to Villain’s in an instant, eyes widening into saucers.
“For a bath.” Villain chuckled lightly, setting Hero down into the bathtub.
“Oh. Uhm- yeah…”
Hero peeled off their pants. Their underwear.
Villain couldn’t help but smirk as Hero quickly wrapped their arms around themselves, attempting to protect their modesty.
“No need to be so shy,” teased Villain gently, as they rolled up their sleeves. “Nothing I haven’t seen before, anyways.”
Hero reddened as Villain turned on the water and waited for it to turn to a comfortable temperature, sneaking a glance at Hero. They hadn’t gotten a chance to look at them properly since their meeting at the door…
Villain’s heart dropped at the sight.
Hero’s hands were coated in dried blood, the stuff splattered on their arms, their neck, their face…
Oh, their beautiful face.
Villain grimaced, reaching out their free hand to cup Hero’s cheek.
On their right cheek was a shallow cut, about two inches long. Their lip was busted and swollen, paired with painful looking black eye.
But what really pissed Villain off was the marks on Hero’s wrists, their skin rubbed raw and slightly bloody from what Villain knew to be restraints.
Guilt seeped into Villain’s chest until it seemed to be dragging their heart down with all the weight.
Villain should’ve been there. They should’ve protected Hero from whatever fool they were up against…
“Who did this to you?”
Villain’s voice was taut, like twine about to snap.
Hero hesitated. Then they made the mistake of meeting Villain’s gaze.
Never in Hero’s life had they ever seen that pure, unadulterated rage boiling in Villain’s eyes, threatening to bubble over and explode in their face. It was terrifying enough for them to spill immediately.
“…Other Villain.” Hero whispered, their voice barely audible over the running water.
Villain’s head lowered, their dark expression disappearing behind their bangs. When their face emerged again a moment later, a gaze of honey rested upon Hero tenderly.
“Let’s get you cleaned up first. I’ll deal with Other Villain later.”
Hero’s chin was held up ever so gently, as Villain cleaned all the blood and grime off of their face with a cloth. Their touch was genuinely soft, much unlike their usual taunting, intentional brushes that sent shudders down Hero’s spine when they fought.
Hero exhaled, all the stress and the pain and suffering departing from them with that single breath.
Villain got to washing. They finished cleaning Hero’s face, then worked their way down- scrubbing the dried smears of blood from their skin, rinsing away the dirt, and shampooing their hair lastly; all while avoiding that bandaged area that was painful to even glance at.
Hero was quiet during the process. Probably because they were too dizzy to even speak, or too embarrassed.
Villain didn’t mind.
When Hero was clean and dry, Villain clothed them as gently as possible. They pulled a loose, cotton shirt over Hero’s arms, and slipped them into a matching pair of white, flowing pajama pants, and then scooped them up once more, moving to the bedroom.
Villain placed Hero on the bed and held them as tightly as they could without causing injury, peppering their cheeks with sweet kisses.
“It’s alright now.” Villain stroked Hero’s hair, carding through the strands as if it was finest silk. “You’re safe, okay?”
Their voice was kind. Not mocking, or cold. Just comforting, like the warmth of a fireplace during the bitter winter.
Hero spoke up, though it took some effort. “You won’t do anything severe to Other Villain, right? I just- mmph!”
Villain pushed Hero’s head into their shoulder, burying their face in their shirt and cutting off their sentence with a small sigh.
“Hush, darling.”
Pressing a kiss on the crown of Hero’s head, Villain pulled the blanket over them, making sure they were comfortable.
They’d deal with Other Villain later. But for now…
Villain had their precious Hero to take care of.
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i love you like god was supposed to: without condition or hesitation.
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