Bon dimanche 馃拫馃拫
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deloveusion 14 hours
concept: polaroid pics of you and me, but while making love
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atomic lovers
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god you're so gorgeous come sit on my lap and let me kiss every inch of your face
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so this week鈥檚 episode huh
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I draw you softly in my mind and the traces flow like a symphony in the colors of your soul. I hold you close, my heartbeat falls into rhythm with yours and聽 in the silence we speak a thousand words.聽
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harry-styles-obsessed 18 hours
Tumblr media
One night stand鈥 gone wrong.
Synopsis: it was only meant to be a one time thing, sex. Nothing more nothing less. A fuck for the fun of it鈥 to relieve stress鈥 have fun. Meet as strangers leave as strangers鈥 But y/n soon learns the fact that this one time thing most definitely isn鈥檛 a one time鈥 as she鈥檚 pregnant with his child.
I hope this is okay! I鈥檇 happily make a part two if anyone would like a part two!(:
TW鈥檚: mention of pregnancy, panic attack, strangers to lovers, talking the pregnancy out- abortions ect ect. If any of these make you uncomfortable please don鈥檛 read!
It was meant to be a one time thing鈥 just for the fun of it. For the thrill of it. He was handsome you couldn鈥檛 deny that and you also couldn鈥檛 deny the fact that you both instantly had chemistry. His wandering hands were enough to drive you insane so how could you say no when he welcomed you back to his place? You enjoyed it thoroughly. He was boyfriend material to say the least, you didn鈥檛 want to take things further as he made it clear that it was only a one time thing but the way his eyes looked at you on that very night was enough to make you blush, to render you speechless to make you fall straight to your knees鈥 he was eye Candy. Literally. His voice- everything about him was simply perfection and you never wanted that night to end but of course all good things have to come to an end don鈥檛 they? And so after that you moved on with your life and so did he, you lived your life and rarely thought of him鈥
You rarely thought of him. Now you thought of him constantly. Your eyes were glazed over with fear. Fear you couldn鈥檛 explain as you stared down at the five positive pregnancy tests, your jaw was on the floor breathing heavy as you quite literally panicked yourself to oblivion. Your hands shakily ran through your hair 鈥渇uck! I- fuck!鈥 You stood up off of the toilet as you shook your head, how could this of happened? You were careful! Or well鈥 clearly not careful enough. You bit down onto your bottom lip as you shook your head. You didn鈥檛 know what to do. Should you call Harry? You had exchanged numbers with him for the fun of it but maybe there was a reason鈥 a reason you weren鈥檛 ready to confront yet. You quickly grabbed your phone typing in Harry鈥檚 contact as you immediately pressed call tears slowly trailing down your cheeks. Maybe it was pathetic to cry over but how the hell would this work out? How?! Especially since he clearly isn鈥檛 ready to be a father and he barely knows you and you most definitely aren鈥檛 ready to be a mother either. 鈥淗ello鈥 his voice was chirpy slight conversation in the background as your breath shook, you couldn鈥檛 get a word out鈥 鈥測/n? Hello?鈥 He questioned after a few moments of silence 鈥淚-I鈥 Harry鈥 can鈥 I鈥 you鈥︹ you couldn鈥檛 string a sentence together 鈥渁re you okay? What happened? Are you drunk?鈥 He questions only blocked your thinking process more 鈥渁re you alone Harry? Please go somewhere alone or come here鈥 please.鈥 You practically begged 鈥測es I am alone鈥. I uh鈥 I don鈥檛 have your address.鈥 He murmured with a nervous chuckle and your heart dropped in embarrassment 鈥淚鈥 I鈥檒l send you my address just come over here asap. Please.鈥
After sending him the address you were quick to rush into your bedroom getting changed into something comfy, trying to bring comfort to yourself trying to clean things up trying to simply make yourself less stressed and after a while you simply chose to pace back and forth, the sudden sound of knocking at the door grabbing your attention as you rushed to the front door yanking it open, Harry standing there looking good as ever 鈥渃ome in come in.鈥 You said worriedly and he did just that his eyes full of worry as he looked at you 鈥渁re you okay?鈥 You stared at him wanting to say something sarcastic but you chose not to 鈥淚 don鈥檛 know Harry鈥 I鈥︹ you walked into the front room as he followed, you sat down pulling your knees to your chest as you stared down anxiously 鈥淚 know we don鈥檛 know each other well鈥 but you can tell me anything.鈥 He reminded you calmly he didn鈥檛 even know what you were going to say nor did he have an idea. You knew it was better to rip the bandaid off right away instead of delaying an inevitable conversation 鈥淚鈥檓 pregnant鈥 you rushed out eyes full of fear鈥 silence gods you hated this. You stared down at your hands as you breathed heavily. Harry stared at you no emotion on his face as if he was trying to figure you out trying to figure out whether this was some sort of joke鈥 he had of course had pregnancy scares in the past with exes and such but never with a one night stand鈥 not that he wanted to label you as such鈥
鈥淚-鈥 what?鈥
You looked at him again watching his face for any sign of hatred but instead he just looked鈥 calm. Slightly freaked out but mainly calm. 鈥淚鈥檓 pregnant.鈥 You repeated and he blinked his eyes 鈥渟hit鈥 he rubbed his hand over his face as he sighed shaking his head 鈥渁re you angry at me?鈥 You asked anxiously and he looked to you brows slightly furrowed 鈥渘o of course not. I鈥檓 just trying to understand鈥︹ he murmured calmly. You let out a little sigh 鈥渟o you haven鈥檛 had sex with anyone else?鈥 He asked and you shook your head 鈥渘o鈥 you were the last guy I鈥檝e had intercourse with.鈥 You said and he remained silent before he nodded 鈥渞ight鈥 he rubbed his palms together anxiously. 鈥淵ou going to keep it or?鈥 He questioned unsure on how to truly word it but it was a difficult topic to discuss 鈥渂efore you even say anything just know um鈥 it鈥檚 your body- your choice, of course and鈥 either way I鈥檓 going to be here to support you.鈥 He said softly but sincerely. He knew how many asshole men who get women pregnant would just leave them to be single mothers but he wouldn鈥檛 do that not to you. Not to anyone. Knowing he wouldn鈥檛 leave you was a relief to you much of a relief. 鈥淚鈥 I鈥檓 not quite sure.鈥 You soon said and he looked at you before nodding his head 鈥渢hat鈥檚 understandable.鈥 He spoke calmly but he slowly moved to where you sat sitting down just beside you as he wrapped an arm around your shoulders pulling you close and you leaned into him needing comfort anyways as you closed your eyes resting your head on his shoulder a shaky breath leaving your lips 鈥渆ither way I鈥檓 gonna be here.鈥 He murmured his hand gently rubbing against your shoulder in a comforting manner and you sniffled closing your eyes as he simply kept an arm around you holding you and you happily obliged to the comfort taking it all in as you needed it desperately.
鈥淚鈥檓 scared.鈥 Your voice was meek and tired and he nodded, listening to you as he held you 鈥淚 don鈥檛 want to bring this label as a father onto you and force it onto you so suddenly.鈥 You said and he looked into your eyes 鈥渨orry about yourself y/n, you don鈥檛 have to worry about me.鈥 He assured calmly and you nodded as you looked down letting out a soft shaky breath 鈥渋f you want to abort it I鈥檒l support you, if you want to think on it and decide later I鈥檓 gonna support you and if you want to keep it I鈥檓 going to support you.鈥 He said slowly but calmly his voice soothing you and you smiled weakly as you nodded your head 鈥渙kay鈥 thank you.鈥 You murmured softly. You weren鈥檛 quite sure what the hell you were gonna do. Your parents would be disgusted wouldn鈥檛 they? You exhaled as he held onto your hands rubbing his thumbs against your knuckles gently 鈥淚 think I want to keep it.鈥 You said softly and he looked at you nodding his head slowly 鈥渙kay鈥 if you want to鈥 just sleep on it yeah? It鈥檚 pretty late.鈥 He said softly not wanting you to choose straight away simply because of how you felt 鈥渟o you鈥檇 rather me get rid of it?鈥 You asked anxiously and he brows furrowed 鈥渨oah. No no of course not. As I said I鈥檓 gonna support you either outcome.鈥 He said but you frowned worried he was thinking otherwise 鈥渂ut what do you want?鈥 You asked and a soft chuckle left his lips his palm gently holding onto your hand 鈥渢hat doesn鈥檛 matter does it鈥︹ he spoke softly 鈥渙f course it does.鈥 You said and he smiled 鈥渋t really doesn鈥檛 y/n, I鈥檓 not the one who鈥檚 gonna be carrying another human being inside of me. So realistically, no, it doesn鈥檛 matter and my choice doesn鈥檛 matter because it鈥檚 your body.鈥
He was supportive which you were grateful for but you were still terrified. 鈥淚 suppose you鈥檙e right.鈥 You said softly 鈥渨hatever you choose will be the right option鈥 there鈥檚 no wrong option y/n, your choice okay? Not my choice, not any other persons choice鈥 your choice. And I might sound like a broken record player but your body your choice. Understood?鈥 He spoke and you nodded your head slightly a small smile on your lips, you knew it would be better to sleep on it and decide later. 鈥淲ill you stay around?鈥 You asked and he paused for a moment before nodding his head 鈥渟ure鈥
You spent the rest of the day talking to him, coming up with plans- ideas, simply trying to figure it out with him and now you were laying in bed his arms wrapped around you, you didn鈥檛 think it was romantic鈥 simply in a comforting way. But either way you didn鈥檛 mind. He was bringing comfort to you either way. The tv played quietly in the background your eyes fluttering shut tiredly his breathing soft and quiet in your ears almost acting as a lullaby to send you into a peaceful sleep after all the panic and stress you had felt. 鈥淵ou can go to sleep鈥 he comforted gently 鈥淚鈥檓 not going anywhere鈥 鈥榤 here to stay.鈥 He murmured softly his own voice laced with tiredness and slight sleepiness his head lightly resting on your shoulder his eyes fluttered shut as you relaxed back into him 鈥渕m鈥︹ you hummed out happily just glad he was there to stay. As the more you relaxed the more you started thinking 鈥渢hink I wanna keep it鈥 you murmured and he let out a tired hum 鈥渁lright鈥 keep on thinking until you know what you want to do okay鈥 he murmured quietly and you nodded your head relaxing back into him as you closed your eyes sleepily 鈥渋f you do choose to keep it鈥 just know you鈥檙e gonna be a great mum.鈥 He whispered into your ear and just like the first time you had met him butterflies gently cascaded around your stomach a little smile remaining on your lips as you slowly dozed off to sleep鈥 maybe this wouldn鈥檛 be so bad after all?
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lovingdilfs 24 hours
Hot and wet (smut)
I鈥檓 so desperate for requests for smut stories, my mind is blank at the moment
Warning: 18+ content, handjob, kinda rough sex鈥︷煫
Tumblr media
Yes exactly honey鈥 4 times that how many times we did it in the shower
As the water traced the lines of his strong, masculine back, you reached out, running your hand over the rippling muscles, feeling the cool droplets splashing against your skin. With tender reverence, you pressed your lips to the wet surface, savoring the taste of the water and the saltiness of his skin.
His voice, deep and husky, interrupted your trance, "Hey baby." Without a word, you buried your face in his back, inhaling the heady aroma of soap. Your fingers traced the skin of his stomach, relishing in the warmth of his skin and the tautness of his muscles. The steamy air filled your lungs as you breathed in the scents of soap and desire, mingling in the air.
pressing your hardened nipples into his back, dragging your nails so lightly down his cock.
Slowly, you reached down and wrapped your hand around his cock, teasing him with gentle strokes. You could feel him twitch in your hand, his breath growing heavy and labored with desire. 鈥淏aby please touch me鈥 he begged for your touch. He moaned softly, his hips bucking against your hand in silent plea for more.
You slowly began to stroke him, your hand moving up and down his length in a tantalizing rhythm. You felt him growing harder and more desperate with each passing moment.
Your heart skipped a beat as he turned around, his intense gaze making your knees weak. The water continued to pour down around you, adding to the steamy ambiance of the moment.
You couldn't resist biting down on your lip as his eyes flicked down to your mouth, his desire palpable in the air. Without a word, he pulled you close and captured your lips in a passionate kiss, sending sparks of electricity through your body.
You gasped as he lifted you up against the smooth, cool glass wall of the shower, pressing his body tightly against yours. The water pounded down on your bodies, enhancing the feeling of your skin pressed together, slick with soap and desire.
You wrapped your legs around his waist, feeling the heat of his body, You could feel his hardness pressing against you. Your hands tangled in his wet hair as his kisses grew more urgent, he trailed his lips down your neck, making you throw back your head in pleasure while moaning out his name. His hands gripping your hips tightly as he devoured you with his kisses. You leaned into his ear and whispered sincerely 鈥淓lvis I need you鈥
He pulled away slightly letting you down slowly on the wet floor, his eyes locked on yours, his expression intense and full of need. "Turn around" he whispered back, his voice rough with desire.
Your heart pounding with anticipation, you did as he commanded, turning to face the glass wall. You could feel his breath on the back of your neck as he pressed himself up against you, his hands roaming over your body.
You gasped as he reached around and cupped your breasts, his fingers teasing your nipples until they were hard and sensitive again. You arched your back, pushing your ass against his hardening cock, reveling in the feeling of his arousal against your skin.
He began to kiss and nibble at your neck, his hands sliding down your body until they reached your hips. With a sudden, rough thrust, he entered you, filling you completely.
You cried out in pleasure as he began to move, his thrusts growing harder and faster with each passing moment. You clutched at the glass, your nails scraping against the smooth surface.
He continued to pound into you relentlessly, his hands gripping your hips so tightly that it left bruises. You could feel the intensity building up inside of you, the pleasure coiling tightly in your stomach.
You turned your head to the side, biting down on your lip to stifle your moans as he hit a particularly sensitive spot inside you. He growled in response, his movements becoming even more urgent. He grabbed your face, his fingers digging into your skin as he made you turn your head towards the foggy mirror. Your eyes met your own reflection, your face twisted in pleasure and need as he pounded into you relentlessly.
"Look at you, baby," he growled, his breath hot against your ear. "Look at yourself so desperate for me...oh fuck."
He continued to thrust into you, his hips slamming against yours with each movement. You could feel the tension building inside you, coiling tighter and tighter until you were on the brink of ecstasy.
With one final thrust, he buried himself deep inside you, his body trembling as he reached his own release. You followed him over the edge, your body shaking with pleasure as you cried out his name.
Collapsing against the shower wall, you both panted heavily, the only sound filling the steamy room.
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Excellente semaine 脿 tous 馃槈馃拫馃拫馃拫
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deloveusion 2 days
undress me with your teeth, find me with your tongue, press against my thighs, push me on the floor, drag your lips across my hips, taste my curves, bite me, and talk very, very dirty 馃槇
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Bonjour 馃晿 et bon Dimanche 鈽曪笍 馃馃崐
Les petits amoureux 脿 Montmartre 馃椉Paris 1948
Photo de 脡douard Boubat
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yandere-oni 2 days
You鈥檝e corrupted my every daydream, even blessing me with your presence subconsciously,, you must really 鈩掆劥谓鈩 me!!!
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How is it that any time you say anything I fall more in love with you? Everything and everyone around you is more beautiful because of you. You speak sweetly or you laugh delightfully and my heart flutters inside me. I simply think of you and it's impossible to speak. But rather it's like my tongue has stopped working. I'm silent, but don't mistake that for hatred or indifference: silence is the truest herald of joy and only if I loved you less could I even begin to speak of it more. When I'm apart from you (which is nearly always) I feel sick, but when I'm with you I appear to have died. And yet it couldn't be more the opposite.
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