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gtlurker 3 days
I find it funny how alot of borrowers stories will have them be weak and frail and all skin and bones, when they live RIGHT BY THE KITCHEN. And all the work to get food would be a great work out, so in conclusion, no more of this weak frail borrowers, make them jacked.
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thelilfae 1 month
Tumblr media
helping a big ol lizard guy with his wounds~ 馃┕
Tumblr media Tumblr media
this is ambrose!! still writing him but hes a woodland hunter-scout type character- very soft & attentive <3 he thinks daisy is very cute also which is why he's embarrassed ehehe >:3c
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entomolog-t 3 months
You know what I wanna see??
Borrower stories where the human isn't just your everyday citizen.
Borrowers who realize they're living with a particularly dangerous psychopath, a spy, some mystical being they didn't realize existed, a mad scientist, ANYTHING.
I want the borower to feel like the normal being compared to whatever frick frack is going on with the human.
I want it to be incredibly weird when they meet.
Like both of them catching the other in the act of something they definitely weren't supposed to see. Both of them being utterly baffled by one another.
Forget the single sided "human realized borrowers exist"
I want a duel sided ball drop moment.
A killer caught in the act by a borrower-
An alien taking off their disguise and just hearing a tiny scream from under the furniture
A spy catching a tiny being rummaging through very confidential documents and immediately thinking this is some wildly advance spy tech
A scientist finding a tiny being staring in horror at the experiments locked up in their lab
A vampire getting caught drinking blood by a curiously tiny lil human
Goodness- I need WEIRD borrower stories.
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whatifitwasgttho 5 months
Soft, Flirty & Fluff
Giant/Tiny Prompts
鈥淭here you are..鈥 Whispers that still rumble your core as your trembling form is picked up by gentle, steady fingers鈥 curling around you. Theres nothing but affection in the giants voice.
Giants with elegant, sleek hands and subtle clawed nails carefully plucking up a human between two fingers on their back and their thumb to their torso.
鈥淎wh.. don鈥檛 tell me you鈥檙e afraid~? I鈥檇 never hurt someone as cute as you.鈥
A giants eyes clouded with affection, a distinctive blush on their features. Their eyes are half-open; focused solely on the tiny.
Giants being teasing when sleepy, gently cooing things like 鈥淲aking up a monster like me at this hour~? How brave.鈥 or 鈥淎ww.. what will I ever do with you?鈥 Their voice is more velvety, the gentle, sleepy rumble thats followed by soft giggles or a yawn. (even better if the giant has fangs)
Gentle giants that ask before kissing their tiny. Even if the tiny knows if they really wanted, anything the tiny said wouldn鈥檛 matter. The mutual respect and love.. throwing away the obvious power imbalances.. i love..
鈥淲hats that look for? Sweetheart, im not going to eat you~! how could i ever do such a thing..鈥
Loving giants that pepper their tiny love in kisses鈥 lips enveloping their torso and whatever else. The slight squirming of the tiny trying to get comfortable while so obviously giddy, and the giant pulling away as their love is either awe struck or sleepy now. (for girls, the tiny having maybe an accidental lipstick mark or two)
Looming over a tiny with a flirty smile, fawning over how cute they are鈥 curling your hands around them or leaning in to scan their features.
Holding a tiny carefully鈥 getting lost in the moment and beginning to massage their back, shoulders and arms with a thumb, patting their hair until they eventually have fallen asleep.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e safe.鈥 While holding a tiny so close, either comforting them from a memory or nightmare.
Giants kissing tinies on their tummy, its a vulnerable place that protects vital organs鈥 so an abundance of trust would be needed. But goodness, would the gentle contact melt them..
Giants waking a tiny up, not bothering to fish them out of their comfort鈥 instead picking them up, comforters, pillows and all.
Giants that purr
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andtheyreonfire 5 months
trope i'd like to see more? mmmmm being stuck with a giant while they're still in feral mode. the most pressing danger is over, but the larger doesn't recognize that. in fact, they're solely focused on you. being cradled to a chest with a clawed hand. held precariously between two fingers and inspected for injuries, pinned under the gaze of two massive, clouded eyes. trying to sneak away only to be met with a sharp, booming growl. all that stuff.
maybe some progress is made, and you're able to walk away long enough to retrieve some supplies, pretending like you don't hear a whine echoing behind you. coming back, and whatever new materials you have being sniffed curiously, cautiously. eventually, you settle down. neither of you are sleeping tonight. not the giant, clutching you to their chest or neck, ready to pounce at anything that so much as twitches towards you. certainly not you, flight-or-fight still roaring, both from the altercation and the presence of this behemoth. you can only pray the lucid, reasonable person you knew soon returns. but...
in the meantime, it is kind of nice to be cradled to a massive, warm chest. to know, like your own name, that anything that tries to harm you wouldn't be around to do so much longer.
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reborrowing 1 month
superpowers gt idea: a mind-reader who lives out in the middle of nowhere specifically so they don鈥檛 have to listen to the idle musings of every passing moron or their neighbor鈥檚 shower thoughts.
it鈥檚 going great until one night they wake up to someone frantically thinking over the contents of mind-reader鈥檚 pantry
and now a local borrower gets to try to hide from a psychic. or maybe there鈥檚 a whole family tucked away nearby that drives the mind-reader mad with nonsense thoughts of giants, monstrous beasts, and petty sibling rivalry.
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sprout-gt 1 month
here are some angsty g/t prompts to feed the brainworms
(come get y'alls juice.)
recently shrunken/borrower friend who has had to lower all defenses around someone so utterly terrifying to be around simply because of how much them there is. learning how to develop a relationship with someone capable of any amount of destruction with minimal effort. the truth that, for some things, they are completely dependant on the giant. over the course of days/weeks/months fragile trust is slowly cultivated as they both learn how to adjust to each other's presence, only for it to be shattered in a moment due to a giant's carelessness. a voice raised too loud, a hand slammed a little too close, a grab just too tight. and ultimately, no amount of guilt or remorse will fix the damage done.
the utter helplessness of size shifting. like, i know size shifting is a popular concept for g/t scenarios, but if you think about it- it's legitimately body horror. consider it, a signifigant aspect of your physical body robbed from you over the course of a few moments. the rushing feeling of anxiety crashed with the abject panic knowing that the world around you is going to transform, that you are going to change. overwhelming vertigo as the ceiling begins to stretch above you, as your surroundings change from a neutral space to an immense and overwhelming enclosure. even the most banal and mundane items are now obtacles, if not actively dangerous. shifting somewhere you can't leave, shifting somewhere you shouldn't leave. shifting somewhere where you can't reach someone you trust.
tinies discovered by someone curious and stolen away from their trusted giants in a moment. the tiny has to endure this new giant that is over ten times their size and unconcerned with their wellbeing like their friend/partner, while the giant spirals into panic searching for their vulnerable friend/partner who trusted them- blaming themselves all the way.
tinies stuck in thunderstorms. the sky roars with claps of deafening thunder as they scramble to find cover against the frigid, heavy raindrops that pound against them. their vision is nonexistant as they stumble through the soft earth, unsure of where they are running towards but just hoping its somewhere away.
the prompts below are a little more intense/whumpy fyi!!
borrowers caught in traps intended for pests. maybe they were being careless or overconfident - maybe they just weren't paying attention... until the metal bar of a mousetrap snaps over their ankle or they find themselves stuck in a glue trap, pinned in place and in the open. they can't cry out in pain in fear of being discovered, while also knowing it's inevitable. injured and growing more panicked by the minute, they hear the resounding sounds of a giant approaching them.
tinies locked in things. bird cages, jars, drawers, lockboxes- take your pick. bonus points if it's claustrophobic. bonus bonus points if its pitch black. bonus bonus bonus points if the tiny has no idea how long till they get out and can breathe again.
g/t fearplay lightning round: giants that love to see how little they need to do in order to panic a tiny, tinies being tossed around like keys, rubber bands used as restraints, shock collars, tinies held out over tall heights, the works
it's ok though because in all of these scenarios they end up being taken care of by a gentle and caring giant because i'll be damned if this hurt isn't eventually going to have comfort.
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alice-angel12x 11 months
Borrower AU (welcome Home Au)
AU is Created by @cloudy-dreams. a human being transferred to the neighborhood, with a noticeable difference in their appearance, is that they鈥檙e small. I had a giant brain rot for this Au. Check out more of @cloudy-dreams Au Here.
Here is my Idea of Borrower Y/n. I like to imagine this little borrower being a bit more adventurous and even a bit... Rebellious. Cause according to Cloudy-dreams, Wally absolutely not letting Y/N leave home.
So This little borrower does everything in their power to escape home. And they Did.
Tumblr media
Only cause Home, one day took pity on the 5 to 6-inch tall neighbor. Home gave them a 10-minute head start while they kept Wally inside.
Y/n used this time to explore. Bully Eddie with their intimidating small frame, and tried to haggle prices with Howdy.
Tumblr media
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gtwritingprompts 2 months
g/t kisses prompts 鈾
1. A giant kisses a tiny and covers their face in lipstick
2. A tiny climbs up a giant just to give them a tiny peck on the cheek
3. A giant gently tilting the tiny鈥檚 chin up with their finger before kissing them
4. A tiny being so nervous for their first kiss that they trip and fall against the giant鈥檚 face
5. A giant giving a tiny sleepy morning kisses
6. A tiny kissing the giant鈥檚 knuckle because that鈥檚 all they can reach
7. A giant being so so so so gentle with their first kiss that they barely touch the tiny
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gt-jar 1 month
So I couldn't stop thinking about my last post.
More precisely about a giant character that looks super intimidating but is actually a big softie.
Let me present you
*drum roll*
A giant biker
Like.... it's perfect!!!
The more I think about it the more I love it! Aaaahhhhhh!!!!
And what's better than one biker?
Exactly, an entire biker gang :D
Imagine a group of tough bikers being unapologetically soft for one teeny tiny borrower child.
If I wasn't so scared of writing a story with more than three characters I would totally add this to my list of things I want to write.
But uhhh... maybe... some of you want to create a biker oc... and... idk... this could turn into some sort of collab /gen.
Anyway, giant bikers :)
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gtbutterfly 3 months
Thinking about tinies feeling bad that they can't do more for their giant friend/partner.
Like, the giant can protect the tiny physically from danger with their massive size, but also comfort the tiny, hold them in their arms and hands, hold them to their chest to warm them up, rub and massage their back with a single finger, carry the tiny over long distances so they don't have to walk, etc.
And what can the tiny do for the giant? They're too small to protect them in any way, or to give them a proper good hug or massage. Obviously, carrying them or warming them up with their body heat is out of the question. They could comfort the giant emotionally, but in most cases that's what the giant is doing for the tiny, and the tiny wouldn't know how to do that anyways.
So the tiny feels like they're useless to their giant, and they're a bad friend or partner for them because they can't do anything for them, regardless of if the giant feels the same way. And when they end up talking to the giant about this, the giant holds and comforts them, making them sure that they don't need to be useful or do anything for the giant to be important to them, and that they care for them no matter what.
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averagegtenjoyer 7 months
As much as I love fearplay, I still do love softness in g/t. A tiny crawling into bed with a giant as their hand blankets over them. A giant cuddling a tiny into their shirt. A tiny kissing a giant鈥檚 knuckles. A giant gently lifting a tiny to their face. Ueu e ueee a giant softly pressing a tiny into a surface with a kiss. A tiny hug to a finger. We are out here
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thelilfae 1 month
thinkin about how laughter is contagious- and giant laughter would be very contagious !
sitting next to this big bass, of loud, concert levels of sound of just, pure happiness after laughing at a silly lil joke they read? you'd be bounced up and down like on a bouncy castle just from their chuckling, or feel the warmth coming from their face & body because of how funny it was, like cmonnn youd have to smile super hard and laugh along!! even though the loudness of their voice might be startling or a bit scary at first- the overwhelming amount of joy would be hard to ignore! their smile literally the size of a mile to a tiny. oh! and especially if they're trying to hide their own giggles and cover their mouth to stop laughing- but thatd be impossible to hide from a tiny, who would pester them till no end until they told them what had them in hysterics, the way you'd only see their happy eyes holding back tears of joy as they struggle to tell you just what was so hilarious, the tiny bursting into laughter aswell just from their attempts to be serious and form a sentence, ugh! so cute!!!!
those are my g/t thinky thoughts for today ty
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entomolog-t 5 months
Ayo~ Red and Brick for both Sal and Mark on the color OC ask post? Loving them :D
Tumblr media Tumblr media
"What don't you like?"
This is probably the biggest piece I've ever done and it's from an ask I've been chipping away at for months.
When inspiration strikes it strikes hard.
A background??? LIGHTIING??? Who even am I?
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Prompt #26 (DP X DC)
Due to shenanigans with his parents inventions, Danny is now borrower sized, and on top of that, the weapon that shrunk him also blasted him through the portal and straight through a natural one. Now he鈥檚 in the DC universe and, staying invisible, he starts to explore, and learn as much as he can about this universe
He follows different superheroes, trying to figure out what to do in his tiny new form, and eventually gets found by one of the bats/birds, who is concerned about him being tiny, seemingly defenceless, in Gotham of all places, and take him back to the cave while he鈥檚 sleeping (鈥渘o, it鈥檚 not kidnapping it鈥檚 a safety measure鈥)
Danny wakes up in a jar on a table in the batcave, and, making sure that no one was looking, goes through the glass, and tries to leave, only to get immediately found by said bat/bird again. Danny gets taken back to the jar, which the bat/bird then reinforces to try make sure he can鈥檛 get out. He doesn鈥檛 phase through it until the member of the batfam leaves, not wanting to give away his escape secrets
Danny always complains that he can handle himself, and the bat/bird always argues against, and puts him back into the jar
This carries on for days/weeks, until the combination that makes it ghost proof gets used accidentally, at which point Danny sulks for ages
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hollewdz 11 months
Tiny Superman. Big Lois Lane and tiny Clark Kent. Kryptonite makes him tiny. Maybe she doesn't know, and she finds a tiny Clark while investigating a dangerous lair. She wonders where Superman is while freaking out over her tiny crush, trying to figure out a way to fix him. Clark feels weak from the Kryptonite, needing to rely on Lois for help until the effects wear off. What shenanigans do they get up to......
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