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spr0utsies · 9 months
Tumblr media
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sprout-gt · 19 days
borrowers in college dorms
very much inspired by the fact i've been packing up my dorm room for the summer but just consider the possibilities
consistant access to non-perishable items that would keep for a long time. dorm rooms are like snack havens. stockpiles would be easy to collect for the breaks.
lots of options for borrowing locations, since there are upwards of a few hundred people living in dorms supplies would never really be scarce
the spaces themselves are relatively small and simple to scale, and there would be long stretches of time during the day where they would be unoccupied as people attended class.
Since dorm furnature is usually pretty close together, there would be ample shadowy places to hide out in case there are any surprises.
easily traversable since dorm buildings usually have relatively simple structures (at least mine does lmao), so risk of injury probably wouldn't be too great
easy access to various entertainment and music like all the time everywhere. also, i can totally imagine borrowers making fun of bad dorm room decor as a past-time
also, i feel like if anyone were to be cool with a lil guy kicking around their dorm room, it would be a sleep-deprived 20 something.
i feel like if i were a borrower a college dorm would be my ideal spot
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sketchy-rosewitch · 1 year
Bo Sinclair x reader but instead of the reader developing Stockholm syndrome it’s Bo developing Lima Syndrome, he doesn’t let the reader go but he does start spoiling them and hates seeing them cry. He gets all soft and shit.
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sproutfits · 2 years
TL;DR for the morning crowd: this blog's DNI has been updated. I do not wish to receive interaction from people who identify as or support people who identify as: "trans-age", "trans-abled", or "trans-race".
More information about these communities and my reasoning for my decision can be found in my recent posts.
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deadsprout · 4 months
I really don’t think that people who chronically bail or frequently cancel plans last minute even realize how often they do it
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sprouttiff · 4 months
when people leave fun tags in the reblogs of my art
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kandibysprout · 9 months
Thank you!!!! I'm so glad i could inspire you!! This ask is really nice and cheered me up, thank you!!
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glumpo · 10 months
(i deleted the last one accidentally)
ant/len/anton. 21. he/him. main - @spr0utsies
i draw my ocs soooooo much and i loooooove talking ab them. lol. i also make a lot of stupid meme art thats probably only funny 2 me
fandom tags r acronyms usually. #hs = homestuck, #dr = danganronpa, #rtc = ride the cyclone, etc
ocs tag is just #ocs and i divide them by initials (#mr, #br, #la, #mz, #ns, etc). pls totally send me asks ab them or wat ever that would be soooo cool
emmmmmmmm. meow :3
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februaryberries · 2 years
@ men that try to hit on me on public transport
i know i have irresistible charms but please try to resist them a little more
my headphones are ON and no i do not want to talk to u
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taddeusthefrog · 2 years
AJ and Tad, are you OK? I know you have had a ton of changes in the last year or so.
Hey, AJ here!
Yes we have, and there's only more change to come. It is finally time for me to move out of my parents house. And it is not exactly a happy situation-- my parents aren't understanding of my depression and sometimes my meds lose their effectiveness and until i can get the dose upped or meds changed then i have a really hard time taking care of myself.
That said, most of my precious energy was going towards doing household chores while neglecting things like my personal chores (laundry, cleaning my room, showering and brushing teeth regularly) but it was getting to a point where that little energy wasn't enough to keep up anymore.
I also pay my parents $400 a month to cover things like insurance and phone bills, which they still pay for on family plans.
I bought some moscow mule supplies (legally, as i am 24) with my own money and didn't bother hiding them like usual -- they were out of sight from the doorway to my room but if you went inside, you would see them.
I decided to trust my parents with not going into my room, but alas, they barged in looking for a pan. A pan you use on the stove. Like i would even take that to my room. My mom saw the alcohol, freaked out and confiscated all of it.
I threatened to take the money i spent on the alcohol out of next month's rent. Then my dad blew up and said i already don't pay him nearly enough for "all that [I] eat and use". Which is extremely offensive to bring up how much i eat specifically, because i already have an eating disorder!! And on top of that, i buy most of my own food and usually only eat dinner at home, if that....
He wouldn't tell me what my rent is actually going towards and got mad when i asked him to show me.
He said he was being extremely kind by letting me stay here for just $400 a month and all i have to contribute is household chores
I don't know if it's dramatic but i can't live in a place with no privacy or respect for my boundaries nor any compassion for my mental illnesses.
On top of that i am also changing psychiatrists and looking to change jobs, so. There is a lot going on.
Sorry this isn't the usual cheery post. I appreciate you guys asking if we are okay.
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anneapocalypse · 15 days
That one poll got notes again and I was forced to remember that someone said the words "There are no non-obvious mechanics in Duty Finder content" on my post.
In the first alliance raid series there is a mechanic where 1/3rd of the players need to get magically shrunk and eaten by a dog.
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spr0utsies · 7 months
happy transgender day everyone there’s another upd8 and im heading to the hospital for top surgery as i’m typing this
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sprout-gt · 10 days
here are some angsty g/t prompts to feed the brainworms
(come get y'alls juice.)
recently shrunken/borrower friend who has had to lower all defenses around someone so utterly terrifying to be around simply because of how much them there is. learning how to develop a relationship with someone capable of any amount of destruction with minimal effort. the truth that, for some things, they are completely dependant on the giant. over the course of days/weeks/months fragile trust is slowly cultivated as they both learn how to adjust to each other's presence, only for it to be shattered in a moment due to a giant's carelessness. a voice raised too loud, a hand slammed a little too close, a grab just too tight. and ultimately, no amount of guilt or remorse will fix the damage done.
the utter helplessness of size shifting. like, i know size shifting is a popular concept for g/t scenarios, but if you think about it- it's legitimately body horror. consider it, a signifigant aspect of your physical body robbed from you over the course of a few moments. the rushing feeling of anxiety crashed with the abject panic knowing that the world around you is going to transform, that you are going to change. overwhelming vertigo as the ceiling begins to stretch above you, as your surroundings change from a neutral space to an immense and overwhelming enclosure. even the most banal and mundane items are now obtacles, if not actively dangerous. shifting somewhere you can't leave, shifting somewhere you shouldn't leave. shifting somewhere where you can't reach someone you trust.
tinies discovered by someone curious and stolen away from their trusted giants in a moment. the tiny has to endure this new giant that is over ten times their size and unconcerned with their wellbeing like their friend/partner, while the giant spirals into panic searching for their vulnerable friend/partner who trusted them- blaming themselves all the way.
tinies stuck in thunderstorms. the sky roars with claps of deafening thunder as they scramble to find cover against the frigid, heavy raindrops that pound against them. their vision is nonexistant as they stumble through the soft earth, unsure of where they are running towards but just hoping its somewhere away.
the prompts below are a little more intense/whumpy fyi!!
borrowers caught in traps intended for pests. maybe they were being careless or overconfident - maybe they just weren't paying attention... until the metal bar of a mousetrap snaps over their ankle or they find themselves stuck in a glue trap, pinned in place and in the open. they can't cry out in pain in fear of being discovered, while also knowing it's inevitable. injured and growing more panicked by the minute, they hear the resounding sounds of a giant approaching them.
tinies locked in things. bird cages, jars, drawers, lockboxes- take your pick. bonus points if it's claustrophobic. bonus bonus points if its pitch black. bonus bonus bonus points if the tiny has no idea how long till they get out and can breathe again.
g/t fearplay lightning round: giants that love to see how little they need to do in order to panic a tiny, tinies being tossed around like keys, rubber bands used as restraints, shock collars, tinies held out over tall heights, the works
it's ok though because in all of these scenarios they end up being taken care of by a gentle and caring giant because i'll be damned if this hurt isn't eventually going to have comfort.
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sketchy-rosewitch · 1 year
Tumblr media
I’m about to throw a fit about this shit.
I’m so sick of everyone thinking Vincent is innocent or what have you. He isn’t, as far as we know he was never manipulated by Bo. I don’t care, headcanon that shit if you want but this was from an article which is what’s frustrating.
Vincent didn’t kill because Bo told him to, he killed people for Trudy’s legacy and for the wax museum. To make art.
Literally everyone takes that damn scene of Bo yelling at Vincent WITH AN ARROW IN HIS CHEST to heart, that he’s manipulative and abusive, yes calling Vincent a freak was low as hell but if my sister didn’t back the hell off of me when I’m in pain I have a feeling I’d be calling her shit she didn’t want to hear too. Then I would feel bad and apologize cause that’s what we do. She’d do the same shit to me we like our space.
Anyway the whole point of the twins arc is that people aren’t always what they seem. Sure there’s a “good and evil twin” in theory but the truth is both can be good or both can be evil. They don’t have to fit into that stereotype of one acts better than the other.
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sproutfits · 2 years
A note: if your main blog is blank with likes and follows not visible, you're getting blocked. If i have no way of vetting you I'm just going to block you.
Another note: if your main blog isn't blank but is not kid friendly, i usually don't block unless i can tell that your main is the one you followed for and you might be being weird about my content. Example: the main blog is full of dd/g fics. If ur content is just like normal content (whatever ur interests are) i just assume u followed for a sideblog u aren't public about on ur main.
I block liberally lol if you make me uncomfortable you're getting the boot, and i suggest everyone on this site act this way. But be careful- don't get into spirals combing through someone's content just Looking for a reason to block them. If the vibe is off in the first couple posts, they get the block.
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deadsprout · 1 year
As I get older I find my period cramps are less in my abdomen and lower back and have now spread to my hips. My hips feel like they’re stretching, and it sucks!!! I find sometimes it helps if my partner presses down on them but if they’re busy it’s quite unpleasant in that it blows chunks
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