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"Naomi time!" bonus: me too, Bayley
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piracytheorist 1 year
I'm the type of Spy x Family fan that sees so much angst potential in Identity RevealsTM, so I'm thinking about the heartbreak Yor will feel after it, when she'll realize that Loid is not as kind as she thought he was.
When she meets him, from her point of view, he's just a widowed father who wants the best education of his daughter, at the same time honouring his late wife's dying wish. Investing in a child's good education is something Yor greatly relates to, seeing how hard she worked to provide one for Yuri. Point one.
She asks him to play the part of her boyfriend, and he immediately accepts; he asks for a favour back, but he's satisfied with only Yor's promise to keep her end of the deal. He's showing trust in her and kindness by being willing to fulfill his end of the deal first, thus risking Yor walking out on her promise. Point two.
Despite being injured - something that Yor fully trusts is an occupational hazard for him (I mean, it is, but not because of the occupation she really thinks of) - he still fulfills his end of the deal, albeit messing up and saying he's her husband (though this doesn't count as much, because it came to Yor's advantage in the end). Point three.
(Remember, at this point Yor doesn't know of Loid's plan to convince her to marry him officially, and that this was why he mixed up his introduction. She just thought he made an unrelated mistake out of rush and being wounded)
Taking the opportunity from Loid's mistake of calling himself her husband, Yor asks him to marry her (again, she has no idea of his actual plans; she only knows he wanted her to pretend to be his wife for the interview and only, and that then they'd part ways). He immediately accepts and actually vows to be there for her in difficult times. Point four.
He welcomes her into his family and home, even giving her her own bedroom and her privacy. He has no demands of her regarding to household chores, praises how clean she keeps the apartment - even in front of a misogynistic guy who has power over them in the interview (and we as the audience know that was not For the Mission, as Twilight immediately goes like "Wait why am I getting worked up over this") - he trusts her input when it comes to raising Anya, shows genuine happiness and praise when she makes a tasty meal for them, all of that culminating in the bench scene where he openly and emotionally praises what she fears is a deal-breaker flaw of hers, her physical strength. Point five.
He accepts her eccentric brother that she adores, and after the messy meeting they had with him where said brother left cursing at Loid left and right, Loid is not only understanding, he also opens up about how he envies her relationship with Yuri (and again, we the audience know it's an honestly vulnerable moment for him; not a For The Mission thing). Point six.
So overall, she gets the image of a kind, trusting fellow who is willing to help her despite there not being any (obvious) gains for him outside having a wife stand-in for the interview. To her, Loid had no reasons to keep up their agreement after the interview, especially after Anya got in the school. But he still gladly keeps it on while doing his best to be a good and supportive roommate... and friend.
Like, we joke how gullible Yor is, and not only when it comes to him. But from her point of view, what with especially hiding from him that she's an assassin of all things, he's just as much if not more gullible.
Through all that, Yor genuinely builds feelings for the Forger family - and unlike Twilight, she's much faster in accepting and embracing them. She has no reason to act motherly towards Anya; heck, she has no reason to even spend time with them when they're indoors. She could just stay in her room all the time and never take part in dining together, helping Anya with her homework and activities (like how she helped Anya train for the dodgeball game) and being by their side in general. In only a few months' time, she's already invested in them emotionally so much that the thought of leaving them terrifies her. She's been truly kind and open with them, and now wishes she can keep her place in the family, and not for her job - but because she truly cherishes that place.
So... yeah. Think how all that will come breaking down when she finds out what Loid's original plan was :)
He wasn't trying to get Anya into Eden to provide for her future, nor honouring his "late wife's" dying wish; it was for the mission, after the end of which he fully intended on abandoning Anya.
He didn't agree to play her boyfriend out of kindness; it was to have a leverage over her so that she'd keep her end of the deal - and god I just thought how she might think that him introducing himself as her husband was intentional so that he'd back her up into a corner later to actually marry him (something we know isn't true, but maybe in a very emotional aftermath of identity reveals Yor could very well consider a possibility).
He didn't accept to marry her because he was being helpful towards her - he was simply advancing his own mission.
Now, we know that a lot of the things Loid praises her for come from the truest depths of himself, but Yor does not have the audience's point of view to see that - when she learns that he's a spy and that he's told her so many lies, she'll have no reason to believe anything of what he's told her is true.
His interest in Anya's future, the trust and acceptance he showed her, his supporting words, his efforts to be a good roommate, the vulnerability he showed her... those are all things that Yor would've admired him for, and from a romance perspective, fell in love with him for. Those will all be doubted by her when she finds out what he really is and it will be devastating.
As many other people do, I doubt Yor will be upset by him having lied to her about his job, because she did the same. The heartbreak will come from her knowing she showed her true self as the wife and mother of the Forgers, while when the truth comes out she'll have no idea who the real man behind Loid Forger is. She trusted him, supported him, protected him, opened up to him, fell in love with him... and then that "him" will be pulled from under her feet to reveal a guy who has been using her from the moment he first laid eyes on her.
Of course, like the next twiyor shipper, I want that to resolve into Twilight proving to her that the feelings he grew for her and Anya, the trust he showed her and the connection he built with them were genuine, and the family staying together by the end. I JUST WANT THAT ANGST FIRST.
(No manga spoilers please 馃榿)
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whateversawesome 1 year
Let鈥檚 talk about SxF Chapter 82
I鈥檝e said it before and I鈥檒l say it again; even though Yor is currently not involved in the confrontation between the SSS and WISE, this arc is about Twiyor marriage.
Somehow, it seems like they are in each other鈥檚 mind. Just take a look...
Tumblr media
To me, this small panel is probably the most important in the chapter: Twilight the master of disguise, best spy ever, WAVERS (!!!)
In addition to quivering, WAVER also means to become unsteady, unreliable, and undecided. A spy should never waver, it could cost him his life. So, why did the best spy of the West hesitate?
Tumblr media
The reason is very clear to me. He has something on his mind...someone...馃槈
Remember what he said when Yor kicked him on the chin?
Tumblr media
We saw his dangerous assassin mode. He was ready to defend himself from the SSS agent, but then he saw Yuri instead. It鈥檚 funny that he called him by his full name: Yuri Briar, just like he did a couple of chapters before, when he was apologizing to his wife. It was almost as a reminder of certain other Briar (aka Mrs. Forger).
Tumblr media
Twilight had the opportunity to shoot and kill Yuri. He鈥檚 more experienced than him, he鈥檚 been in dangerous situations and killed before. But upon seeing his face, a last minute decision halted his most basic spy instincts:
Yuri is his enemy, but he鈥檚 also family. (Btw, Yuri looks like a kid here).
Tumblr media
Twilight has surely heard from his wife all the love and effort she put on raising her brother. For a long time Yuri was her only family and she married him to avoid worrying him. He KNOWS how much Yuri means to Yor.
Tumblr media
That last minute decision wasn鈥檛 that last minute at all. Even though he won鈥檛 admit it, he鈥檇 rather die before hurting his wife. AND he did promise he would never make her suffer that way again (even though he had no clue what she was talking about 馃槀)
Tumblr media
Now, about Yor. To be honest, I thought that she would probably forget about the gripe, but thinking it through, those infidelity allegations are not so easily brushed off. It鈥檚 not like Loid has shown her he loves her explicitly and he is out all the time. (I think she misses him 馃挄 Look at those sad eyes!!)
Tumblr media
In theory, Yor shouldn鈥檛 worry about this, since this is a fake marriage, right? The thing is Yor doesn鈥檛 see it as a fake marriage anymore. That鈥檚 why she wants to have gripes and welcome home kisses. She wants a normal marriage.
It was beautiful and heartbreaking to see her in the last panel. It meant so much, because right at that moment (probably) her husband was getting hurt. In marriage there鈥檚 a constant connection, especially when two people are in love (and these two are deeply in love).
I posted this before, but I鈥檒l write it again, in case you didn鈥檛 see it:
This is marriage.聽
When you hurt, I hurt.聽
When you bleed, I bleed.
Tumblr media
That blood wasn鈥檛 Yor鈥檚. Since she mentions her husband and she's thinking about him, I think that last panel is Twilight鈥檚 blood.
Bonus: Yor doesn鈥檛 think about Yuri (who she raised like her kid) or Anya (who is her kid). She thinks about her husband!! I think she's finally stepping out of the role of mom to step into the role of wife/adult woman. In other words, Your honor, she鈥檚 in love 馃挅
Now, questions: Did Twilight get killed? No, I don鈥檛 think so. Severely injured? Maybe. But I believe it won鈥檛 be too severe, because he still has to confront Wheeler unless...(here comes the crazy theory): Who was Wheeler talking on the phone?
Tumblr media
He didn鈥檛 show up at the appointment with the SSS. We don鈥檛 know where he is. So the crazy theory is that he could be involved with the Garden. Honestly, it鈥檚 a long shot. Unlikely, but it would also be a huge twist and you know l LOVE twists 馃槒
It could also fit, because if Twilight is injured and has to be pulled from the mission, WISE doesn鈥檛 stand a chance. AND it would leave Wheeler to appear at a later arc, now involved with the Garden and maybe our dear Thorn Princess (maybe, jealous Loid arc?) Unlikely, but fun it鈥檚 fun to dream.
My two cents:聽
Twilight is the one who got shot, but is not deadly injured. He may actually have to go home early!聽
Probably there will still be an encounter with Wheeler, but let鈥檚 hope he doesn鈥檛 have to fight him. Things are still very much in the air with Wheeler, so let鈥檚 just wait and see.
The arc is still very incomplete and could take a turn in any direction. I know a lot of you want some action/fighting between Twilight and Wheeler, but I would be happy if Mr. Spy just went home early to be with his wife and this turned into a complete Twiyor arc. We鈥檒l see.
One last word about Yuri. Now, I think he鈥檒l be the one who discovers Twilight鈥檚 identity. That kid is smart and if he starts putting the pieces together, he may end up discovering everything. This confrontation is one big piece and I鈥檇 like to believe that Twilight not killing Yuri will be a deciding factor in the end. I鈥檝e said it before, at some point Yuri is going to have to choose between duty and his family and I believe he will choose his family (at a great personal cost).
But not only that, last time Twilight chose not to kill an enemy, something good has happened: When he spared Franky he began a transformation and stared working for peace. What will happen now that he chose not to kill another enemy? My guess is that he鈥檒l become more human and it鈥檒l have to do with Yor.聽
Tumblr media
Something tells me this is one of those chapters that will be VERY important in the future. So let鈥檚 keep an eye on it.
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fyloe 2 months
My CoTL AU (Mostly backstory)
BLOOD TW & Yap session warning.
[I've simplified it as much as possible and included little pictures for those with short attention spans.]
This is begins before the slaughter of the lambs and the universe's rules are slightly tweaked, just a twinge... A wee bit. (I only say this because I either can't remember or don't know everything about the game).
It all starts with a little lamb named Marrei who's living in Anura with her parents. Her mother is pregnant/expecting soon and her father works from sunrise to sunset, food is scarce and they all risk starving.
Her mother continuously tries to give her portions to her frail and weak daughter (Marrei) only for her husband to stop her and force her to eat, sometimes he doesn't succeed and instead he gives her his portions to eat.
Marrei's father eventually dies of starvation and the pair (trio including unborn child) continue to eat whatever they can get from scraps, without her father around her mother continues to give Marrei all the food.
One day her mother leaves and does not come back.
Marrei waits inside that house for a week, almost weeks, before she exits. She finds her mothers corpse, her mother had left to die next to where her father lay. He wasn't buried, used instead for compost.
Tumblr media
(I didn't add much detail cause I'm lazy.)
It had been so long that her parents were thoroughly picked apart by birds.
So Marrei, in her little mind, was like "hey, don't baby lamb skulls make me live a long time or something?" So, she took her brother's (congrats, it was a boy) skull and brought it with her.
She just picked a random direction and walked, and walked, and walked... she just kept walking with no goal in mind.
For days.
For weeks.
Longer than she spent alone in her house, just ratting whatever berries or pumpkins she finds. She is kicked from many farms. She grows.
Eventually she happens upon a temple.
(This is where shit gets blurry as I have only got the back bones laid out, some areas have excessive minor detail whilst areas like this do not. Marrei could've gotten caught by guards or just knocked on the door, either way she ends up getting indoctrinated into Heket's cult.)
Tumblr media
Marrei undergoes the world's loooooongest training montage to level up from beta noob to level 99 Mafia boss and through the power of toxic Yuri she becomes the consort of Heket and they are gay for each other for a couple thousand years (she gets an official immortality necklace from her shawty).
Tumblr media
She basically becomes the words most humblest spoiled brat, getting gifts she didn't ask for all while continuing to be a nice soft person.
Tumblr media
(Marrei looooves gold.)
(These are the years she develops relationships with the bishops that come up after they become followers + other secrets that you only get if you stick around.)
Then it happened.
Marrei didn't know much about Narinder as he had only sought her out once and once alone.
She had unknowingly given Narinder a little push, fed the thoughts festering in the back of his mind, yet was completely taken by surprise at the news of his (albeit failed) usurpment attempt.
Marrei spends a while in depression, having lost someone she considered close even though they had spoken once (she's just nice like that) and everybody else she cared about (Leshy/Heket) was badly injured.
She was then promptly kicked out without warning or reason and banished from Anura by Heket.
In a panic, she finds her way into Darkwood as it's the only other place she knows.
This is essentially a period of inactivity, things happen but nothing too serious to write about.
Well, there's one thing....
But, that's a secret.
Marrei gets kicked out of Darkwood as well and then she decides it's time to just start walking again.
So she does.
She walks and walks.
Eventually, she ends up at the clearing Ratau shows the player and attempts to set up camp.
Tumblr media
Alas, she's jack shit at anything but sitting there and looking pretty so she struggles for a long time before meeting Ratau.
He helps her get set up and teaches her how to be an independent woman/is like her father because shes a fatherless idiot and Ratau isn't old enough to be a wrinkly old ballsack yet as he just got fucked over and fired from vessel duty.
You guys will never guess what happens next lmao
Marrei lays an egg!
*air horn sound effect*
(No, it's not Ratau's wtf...)
So yeah, that thing hatches and she doesn't know what to do. Marrei is a horrid mother and she cries all the time, she cries a lot. She is stupid, stupid woman. She is too busy living in the past and missing her shawty.
Ratau smacks her on the head with his stick a couple times... A lot of times.
Fun fact: The Lamb literally doesn't have a name, at all. Everybody just calls them Lamb, or The Lamb, or Leader.
This is because Marrei just... never named them.
Probably doing mushrooms or something lmao
Tumblr media
Marrei pulls on her big girl pants and gets her shit together eventually because she actually gives a shit about her kid, she's just a loser who has no idea what the fuck she's doing and didn't expect bro to pop out...
The Lamb grows up to have a close bond with Marrei and Ratau who occasionally visit like a grandpa.
When Lamb turns 18 they're like "can I finally leave bro, just for a little bit, I've never stepped foot out of this camp"
Marrei is like "FUCK NO!"
And Ratau is like "bro, chillax..."
So she sighs and allows them out.
Tumblr media
Only for Lamb to immediately get lost and be captured before being put to slaughter as 'The Last Lamb".
Lamb meets The One Who Waits and Narinder is like "lmao why u kinda godly or sum shit" and Lamb is like "brother what... Can I just die or go home like damn" and Nari like "shit calm down rude ass"
So Lamb returns home to a worried sick Marrei sobbing in Ratau's arms as the red crown's vessel.
The game mostly continues like normal, the bishops don't know the lamb is related to them and neither does the lamb.
Except after the slaughter of Leshy, Marrei distances herself from her child and then right after Lamb defeats Heket's final mini boss Marrei finally cracks and tells the Lamb everything.
Who their other mother is (don't worry how it happened, it's magic), That their half god/frog, Her upbringing, just... Everything.
Tumblr media
(This is old art, I just thought it was fitting lmao)
Lamb does the equivalent of saving and exiting the game, leaving the cult and going fishing or working on Sozo's quests or something.
Lamb continues their crusade through Anura in which you can get a new dialogue option with Heket where she (not by name) mentions/refers to Marrei, saying the Lamb reminds her of someone she once knew. She remarks on the familiarity of his bracelets they wear as similar to ones she had given to Marrei. (As Marrei had regifted it to the Lamb.)
While the Lamb is out they end Heket without informing her of anything, that Marrei is alive or of their relation.
Once again, the game pretty much continues as normal until the bishop's revival. (Besides the fact of Narinder being a smarty pants and figuring out that Lamb was related to him and being a pissy bitch about it, yapping about the irony of his siblings unknowingly losing to someone who's their blood--things coming full circle.)
There's very minor plot that happens after the game's technical end besides Marrei getting her closure and becoming a toxic old Yuri couple with her shawty, having another kid, Leshy being a fucking goober and getting into a throuple, and Narinder trying to be a not dog shit uncle...
So yeah, that's all!
I'm probably gonna remember a shit ton of lore later and be super angry like "stupid little fucking brain fuck you!" but like this post has been deleted more than four times and I've had to redo it so this so what you get have fun
Tumblr media
This post is dedicated to @owl-lady-lover, thank you for asking about my lore! :3>
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whatisspywithoutfamily 11 months
Thoughts about how if/when Yuri learns the truth about Loid Forger below the cut along with spoilers for ch86 and the manga in general below the cut -
Every time someone gets close to finding out that Twilight and Loid are the same person, it's always interesting to see how they reason out of it. In this chapter Yuri got so close to figuring it out when he noticed Twilight's injured arm (no surprise there)
Tumblr media
Yuri is smart, and this would naturally lead him to make the connection that since the injury Loid looks to have is the same place as the one Yuri gave Twilight, so Twilight = Loid???
But then since Twilight is equally smart, he disguised the injury for just this occasion, throwing Yuri off.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
For the moment, Yuri has dropped the idea. But the idea is there. Even if he's not convinced right now, it doesn't mean something else can't happen later down the line that will make him revisit the idea, to pay closer attention between Loid and Twilight. Maybe subconscious at first, but as Twilight mentioned, the see of doubt is there.
For this to have the best outcome, I keep thinking it would be best if/when Yuri finds out that he finds out about Yor first. Yuri loves his sister to the moon and back, she is his world. One that will be rocked to its core should he find out his dear sister is an assassin. This is likely to lead to a crisis of self, as his very reason for joining and believing in what the SSS does was all for Yor's safety. But if she's an assassin, an enemy of the SSS, what was it all for?
Hopefully, his love for his sister will win out, and he either quits the SSS or becomes a mole for Wise.
In any case, once he comes to terms with Yor, then he's more likely to not rat out twilight if Yuri were to find that out. Because if he were to find out about Twilight/Loid first since he's never liked Yor's husband, I can very much see Yuri using it as a good reason to get rid of him. In Yuri's mind I could see if going something like
Yuri: I never I never liked Loid! I shall save you Yor!
Yor (in tears): oh Yuri thank you so much! I had no idea he was so terrible! I was so scared thank you.
...or something exaggerated to that effect.
Then again, Yuri could have a different seed of doubt in "Wait if Twilight is Loid then why didn't he finish me off???"
Regardless, it'll be interesting how it all play out.
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stargazer-sims 6 months
Making breakfast and bring it to your bed - for Victor and Yuri thanks
Thanks @dandylion240 ! All of these prompts are so cute. I'm glad you asked me one, because I couldn't decide which one(s) I wanted to do first. I really enjoyed doing this one, and I think I'll try to choose a few more to do, and set them in the same general time period.
Anyway, I'm putting this one under a cut because it's long. Enjoy!
Yuri cracks an egg and watches with a strange kind of fascination as its contents plop into the clear glass bowl on the counter in front of him. He can't help marvelling at himself, at all the ways in which he's changed. There was a time when he wouldn't have touched an egg, let alone broken one open. The mere thought of the slimy egg white and squishy yolk would've sent him running for the nearest restroom with his stomach trying to turn itself inside out.
Amused at the memory of his squeamish former self, he wipes a bit of egg off his fingers with a paper towel and then drops both it and the eggshell into the trash bin. Careful not to get any on himself this time, he cracks two more eggs into the bowl and begins to whisk them. When he's satisfied that the yolks and whites are well blended, he adds some milk. A splash of vanilla extract goes in next, followed by a dash of nutmeg and a generous pinch of cinnamon.
Yuri knows this recipe by heart now. French toast is on Victor's list of favourite things to have for breakfast, and although Yuri himself isn't a fan, he's learned to make it because it's one of the simple pleasures in Victor's life. When they first met fifteen years ago, Yuri recognized almost straight away that Victor was the sort of person who knew how to take joy where he found it, even in the smallest of occurrences. He's still like that, always ready to appreciate the little things and to find reasons to be happy and grateful.
Yuri likes doing things to make his husband smile. Breakfast in bed should be a nice surprise for him this morning, especially after returning home from what Yuri can only infer was a particularly difficult overnight shift.
Victor got back from his shift at the hospital less than an hour ago. After giving Yuri a perfunctory kiss on the cheek, he'd gone straight upstairs to shower and sleep. On most mornings after a night shift, he doesn鈥檛 go to bed immediately. After showering, he normally makes his way back downstairs to share breakfast with Yuri and chat about their respective evenings. He does most of the talking. Yuri typically doesn't have much to say since he's often in bed by the time Victor leaves, but he's content to listen to Victor's anecdotes about cute or funny patients and his recounting of the daily drama of the paediatric unit's staff.
When Victor doesn't want to talk about his night, Yuri knows it must've been a rough one. Victor copes with the stress of caring for sick and injured children fairly well, and Yuri thinks he's figured out how not to become too emotionally invested in his patients, but Victor is a loving and sensitive person and besides, no one is completely immune to the psychological effects of trauma and tragedy.
Only a week ago, he'd come home crying because one of his new patients that day was a six year old girl who'd lost her father in a car crash involving a drunk driver. He'd barely been able to get that much information out before he was full-on sobbing in Yuri's arms. The only other coherent phrase Yuri had caught was, "She's called Caroline."
Victor's younger sister's name was Caroline. Thirty years ago, when he was just six years old, he'd lost her and their father in a collision with an impaired driver. His patient's circumstances had obviously overwhelmed him, and if he wasn't ready to talk, Yuri understood why.
The best thing to do, Yuri knows, is to let Victor come to him when he feels comfortable. Often, they'll be curled up in bed together and Victor will tell him in subdued tones about the death of a patient, the raw anger, fear or grief of a parent, or the crushing cosmic injustice of a child suffering with an incurable disease.
Yuri doesn't say anything, because Victor doesn't want sympathy or advice. All he wants is for someone to hear him and comfort him, to help him let the bad thoughts go. Yuri is more than willing to do that. He just holds him and tells him he's brave and says how proud he is of him.
With the egg mixture ready, Yuri turns his attention to cutting up some fruit. He wants everything else to be prepared before he cooks the French toast, so he can plate it and take it upstairs while it's still hot. The eggs probably have enough protein, so he doesn't bother with any side meat, but he does cut some cubes of cheese and arranges them alongside the slices of orange and quartered strawberries.
Soon, the kitchen is filled with the scent of the sizzling French toast. It smells heavenly, and he wishes fleetingly that he could appreciate the flavour as much as he appreciates the aroma.
Three golden slices of French toast and a tall glass of cold milk later, the preparations are complete. Almost.
Struck by sudden inspiration, Yuri hurries out the back door and into the yard. In late May, his garden is already in bloom and it鈥檒l only grow more vibrant and beautiful as spring brightens into summer.
He studies the flowers for a few seconds. The tulips are blossoming in abundance. He carefully picks a red one 鈥 Victor鈥檚 favourite colour 鈥 and brings it back to the house.
Laying the red tulip on the breakfast tray next to the utensils rolled in a white cloth napkin, Yuri decides the meal looks perfect. He carries the entire thing upstairs.
The door of Victor's room is partially open, as if he were anticipating Yuri joining him. When Yuri steps across the threshold, he notices that Victor is in bed, but he's certain he isn't sleeping. The blankets are pulled up to his neck and he's curled on his side, facing away from the door. Victor doesn't like to sleep curled up like that. He has a tendency to sprawl, and he doesn't like to have his arms under the blankets for whatever reason.
The chunky bedside table is just large enough to accommodate the breakfast tray, and Yuri sets it down.
"Victor?" He says his husband's name quietly, so as not to startle him.
Victor rolls onto his back. He opens his eyes, and upon seeing Yuri, he offers a tiny smile. "Hello again."
"Are you okay?" Yuri asks him.
"I'm okay. Just tired."
"I made breakfast for you."
Victor angles his gaze toward the bedside table, and his reaction at seeing the tray of food is absolutely not what Yuri expects. In the space of a heartbeat, his eyes fill with tears. Victor has always cried easily, but this is unusual and alarming.
"Victor, what's wrong?" Yuri asks, anxious as to what it could be.
"Nothing," Victor replies. He sniffles. "Nothing's wrong. It's just... I really love you. I love that you thought of bringing me breakfast in bed."
Yuri climbs onto the bed and slips under the covers with him. It's immediately obvious that Victor wants to be cuddled more than he wants food, and Yuri doesn't hesitate to oblige. Victor rests his head on Yuri's chest, and Yuri combs his fingers through his soulmate's beautiful silver hair. Victor cries softly for a few minutes, but eventually he settles beneath Yuri's gentle touch.
"Okay?" Yuri asks, once he realizes Victor's tears have subsided.
"Yeah," Victor says.
"I love you."
"I know. Even if you never said the words, I'd know. It's what keeps me going, having you to come home to. Like, when the whole world feels as if it's spinning out of control, as long as I've got you, I always know there's a safe place for me."
"Was it bad last night?"
Victor nods. "Yeah, it was. We lost a patient. A little boy. Nine years old."
"I'm sorry," Yuri says.
"And then there's Caroline," Victor continues. "The little blind girl who got admitted last week. You know, the one from the car crash? Dr. Reid-Mayfield told me they're going to have to discharge her into foster care. I mean, I know that's how it goes, but like... she doesn't speak English, and she's just been through all this horrible stuff, and..." He trails off, as if he's suddenly run out of words. "Sorry."
"It's okay," Yuri reassures him. "She's gotten into your head, hasn't she?"
"Maybe into my heart would be more accurate," Victor says. "That's not supposed to happen, but I guess I let my guard down."
"Perhaps it happened for a reason."
"I don't know," Victor says, and Yuri thinks his tone sounds more pensive than doubtful.
They're quiet for several minutes after that, until the silence is broken by Victor's stomach growling audibly. Yuri has to stifle a laugh as Victor murmurs, "Shh..." as if his body might actually respond.
"Let me guess," Yuri says. "You're too comfortable now to sit up and eat?"
"No, I'm definitely ready to eat. I just wish I could be comfortable and full at the same time."
Yuri finally lets his laughter out. "I'll tell you what. Why don't you have your breakfast before it gets too cold? I'll stay in here with you, and then afterwards we can cuddle as long as you like. Then you can be comfortable and full at the same time."
"Don't you have to go to work?" Victor inquires.
"It's Saturday, love," Yuri reminds him.
"Oh. Right. Night shift rotations totally mess with my sense of time."
"Fortunately for you, you're on early shift for the next two rotations."
"Yeah," Victor confirms. "And I've got three days off now, so my brain can recover before I have to go back." He rolls away from Yuri and sits up. Then, he reaches for the breakfast tray and positions it on his lap. "This looks amazing, by the way."
"Thank you," Yuri says. "Here's hoping it tastes as good as it looks."
"What are you talking about? French toast is your specialty."
Judging by the way he devours it, Victor's initial assessment of the French toast must be correct. He shares the fruit with Yuri, feeding him pieces of strawberry with his chopsticks.
Yuri recalls a time in the past when his doctor had put a strict ban on Victor feeding him anything. He's never had the best relationship with food and eating, and when he refused to eat on his own back then, Victor had fed him. It'd grown into a dangerous habit that they'd been forced to break in the cause of literally saving Yuri's life.
They still stick to the rules for the most part, but these days they're both confident enough not to be concerned about a small indulgence here and there. Yuri likes the attention, and although Victor probably wouldn't admit it, Yuri is convinced he likes to baby him sometimes. In any case, Yuri isn't about to complain.
Victor places the tray on the floor beside the bed once he's done eating, and then he and Yuri snuggle under the blankets again. When Victor kisses him, Yuri tastes maple syrup. He smiles against Victor's mouth and whispers, "You taste wonderful."
"Like dessert?" Victor says.
"So, what you're really saying is that breakfast in bed isn't over yet? You brought me more than French toast?"
Yuri isn't so lacking in awareness as to believe Victor has forgotten everything he carried home from the hospital in his mind, nor that he's forgotten their earlier conversation. They may revisit it again later, but Victor has the enviable ability to live in the moment and right now he clearly isn't dwelling on his worries and fears.
Breakfast in bed, it seems, is indeed not over yet.
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anachronisticmech 8 months
Please tell me about your ocs I鈥檇 love to hear <3
YAY okay so my first oc is Marius (they/them or he/she, I haven鈥檛 decided yet. White[?], intersex polyam aroace, seems to be in their 40s, started off as a sona but is still a self insert), then we have Bonnie (she/her, aboriginal, bi polyam trans woman/sistergirl, seems to be in her 40s), and finally Edward (he/him, Indian and Dutch, polyam bi trans man, seems to be in his 40s)! Relationship wise, Marius is in a qpr with Bonnie and Edward, who are married.
Content warning for like violence and minor descriptions of gore and cannibalism and unhealthy relationships and (mcd) death and corpses!
So Marius is an Angel sent to earth (specifically Australia because hell yeah represent) to help the survivors of a major world wide nuclear destruction or attack. Marius soon learns that most survivors are vampires, who feel the affects of the radiation much slower. Marius eventually gets eaten and gutted and killed by a group of vampires before being picked up by another group of vampires and taken to this shelter/institution where Bonnie and Edward work together to bring Marius back to life.
Also worth mentioning that Marius had known and helped Bonnie back when she was still alive/not a vampire with like science shit and also before bonnie dug up Edward and brought him back to life (Bonnie did this in the 1970s and Edward had died in the 1940s)
So Marius is brought back wrong (used to be really happy and cheerful and shit but is now really angry and aggressive but still loving. I鈥檓 pushing all my aggression and possible npd/bpd traits into them it鈥檚 great) and is now an atypical vampire (since they were just given vampire body parts that corrupted the rest of their body instead of being sired)
Marius struggles with like religious guilt and shit as well as new feeling of decay
At this point I should also share the vampires in my worlds like idk shit.
Vampirism is more of a chronic illness. Most vampires are not sired, and are born with vampirism. Once they die of the symptoms (usually in their 40s-60s) they are now a vampire. Vampires are constantly going through the human decaying process at a slower rate to normal corpses, and don鈥檛 feel affects of other illnesses the same or at all. Every month or so they have to bury themselves in the ground to restart the decaying process and get their body back in shape. It can take longer depending on how far into the decaying process their were. Also they have to do this if they are badly injured. They will fully decay and not be able to be brought back (unless I guess bonnie the mad scientist she is brings them back) if they don鈥檛 bury themselves.
So anyways Marius doesn鈥檛 know how to show their love for Bonnie and Edward, and is also being visited by their Angel spouse (don鈥檛 know anything about them yet) so they are just having a rough time with those emotions and also just vampiric stuff. So marius thinks the best way to show their love is to cannibalise Bonnie and Edward. Keep in mind marius thinks this is a human kind of thing to do. This relationship actively hurts everyone involved but they do love each other very much so yay we love toxic yuri/yaoi 馃挭馃挭馃挭
There鈥檚 some stuff with the ending where basically marius鈥 Angel spouse comes and is upset and they argue about marius not loving them anymore and marius cannibalises them but that just kills them and then heaven is sent down to take marius back and punish them so they get Bonnie to kill them and never bury them again it鈥檚 pretty wild
FUCK okay edit I forgot to mention that the shelter/institute is a shelter for any vampire who wants to stay and for vampires to research the nuclear shit around them as well as general vampirism shit. Bonnie is just the token mad scientist but Edward is the leading librarian as well as Bonnie鈥檚 lab assistant. Bonnie is girlboss and Edward is loser husband <333
I have a wip drawing I can show! No ID or alt because I鈥檓 very low on spoons from all this typing and calling people earlier but here they are :3
Tumblr media
I also have an oc sideblog I don鈥檛 use much @mariustheangel
OKAY SECOND EDIT here is my playlist for all the characters
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20elements 2 years
Tumblr media
While I drew my last Spy x Family fanart as wholesome as I could, here we're looking at the family from a less than holy perspective. Once again, this is my own AU for the family's future and as usual my own OCs are featured here as well. As for the elements in the background, whether they fit the sins or not, they're more tailored to the character's color designations here. Now, these sins don't need to define the characters as a whole nor exhibited 24/7, though they will never fully disappear either. But needless to say, if they haven't displayed these sins in canon yet, my AU simply does what I please. I don't want to go into too much detail for each but I'll try to focus on what fuels their vices. 1. Loid - Sloth Going forward in time, even after his promotions, Loid would grow more and more jaded with his job, tire more easily, and take work less seriously (I may not know a spy's whole job description, but consequences are not hard to imagine...) If he could, he'd leave most of the field work to his trainees. More than anything, he just wishes to spend more time with the family he's now committed to (much in contrast to when the Forger family was just a means to an end), even though none of the other Forgers really cut him any slack either. 2. Yor - Lust As much as she loves her husband in my AU, to Yor, intimacy with Loid is also very much an addictive high for her. There is virtually no saying 'no' to her or she'd be rampant. And when they really need to wait for any reason (such as Loid working overseas), Yor may even take her frustration out on her assassination targets. But the root of her inordinate desires comes from the dangerous natures of both her and Loid's jobs; Yor was often afraid of losing any of her family members or not being able to be with them herself. To this end, she wants to relish every sex with Loid to the fullest while also drowning her worries (she no longer drinks, but he's more than a replacement). 3. Yuri - Wrath Of course, this stems from a desire to protect (or potentially avenge) his sister. Anyone who may even remotely be a threat to her is someone Yuri would want to punish as brutally as possible. However, for my AU, I'm imagining a deeper root to this besides his complex; namely, Yor protecting Yuri from thugs or other dangerous opponents and getting badly injured in the process. Even after Yor recovers and Yuri would eventually avenge her, the one person Yuri could never forgive was himself, for allowing his beloved sister to get hurt. Of course, Yor would never hold it against him, but Yuri secretly fantasized about dying by her hand. Nevertheless, he would not give up on trying to make the world safer for his sister. 4. Anya - Envy While a loving and protective sister to her two new brothers, Anya not only envied them for being her adoptive parents' biological children, but also the talents they inherited from them. As far as she could tell, they seemed to have the kind of bond with their parents that she didn't think she could ever experience, no matter how much love they showered her with. Deep down, Anya wishes she could've been born to Loid and Yor by blood, as a "true daughter" to them and a "real sister" to Rafael and Lucius, such that these feelings even clouded her own feelings of self worth. It made her care less for her own psychic gifts and overlook the fact that SHE was the one who brought Loid and Yor closer together in the first place. 5. Bond - Gluttony Originally I wanted this to be the most lighthearted one of the seven, but then heavier thoughts came to me. For now I'd rather not talk about it to be honest. 6. Lucius - Greed Loid and Yor's secondborn son is a gifted engineer and arguably the Forger family's most ambitious member. Even since his infant years, Lucius wanted to own every "cool thing" he saw (irl or fiction) which expanded from gadgets and vehicles to whole places and ultimately the world. When he first learned what his parents' true jobs were, Lucius wanted to capitalize on it. He hoped Loid and Yor could be installed as WISE and Garden's leaders so that the family (especially himself) can control such a powerful spy network, deadly assassins, and eventually everyone else, starting with Westalis and Ostania (which he also wanted to converge). In the meantime, Lucius continues to hone his skills and try to create the necessary tools and machines to realize his dreams. 7. Rafael - Pride The Forgers' firstborn son. In my head, this one's a bit complicated. It begins with his pride and admiration of his parents before it branched into more. These drive Rafael to train (martial arts, mental exercises, etc.) and try to surpass the paragon he viewed his parents to be, even convincing himself that it was the reason they created him. However, while confident in the talents he inherited from Loid and Yor, Rafael also lacked a fear of death, for better or worse (e.g. dangerous exercises, fights with more experienced opponents, entering hazardous territories, etc.). And although well-meaning, Rafael would become increasingly critical of his family, to the point where you'd think *he's* the parent in the house. Altogether, Rafael despised using "human limits" as an excuse for not meeting his own exceedingly high standards for himself, believed he'd be capable of anything as long as he trained for it, had a harder time relating to more ordinary people, would sooner seek solutions to problems before talking about them, and strictly moderated how much emotion he would let out in any given scenario.聽
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noelashe 4 months
Okay this post's stupid don't read it. It's my susie elford and invective chronicles
thinking about Susie Elford it's such an insignificant detail of worldbuilding but there's gotta be like a million ways that contract couldve been started and i kinda hope it's never addressed in canon so that i can create my own awesome version involving Maria (Invective) since i'm so curious about the living version of Maria as well. And ancient yuri is my dream It's been my silly headcanon for the ultimate side character yuri for a while but it could actually also make sense.
My current interpretation is that Susie's husband a wizard(???) may have forced her to make it because otherwise isn't making a heart pact for oneself completely useless? & they'd need to have enough control (so marriage in this older setting) to force her into it... But her husband suddenly died before he could use the gem in her chest. She had a child at that point and i imagine she had studied the occult and taught it on to Dorothy? So why would she not be able to get rid of the contract... Why would DOROTHY not be able to get rid of the contract was it lost that early on? Would Lime even have any motive to hide it at that point??? Besides just fucking with people but maybe she likes to do that. I think it also may have been hidden by the husband (in my silly timeline)... But basically no one was in control of the contract for a long time & that's why it passed from Susie to Dorothy to Fiona and then to Claire, so it makes sense to me that from the beginning Susie's contract began from a lack of control. WH doesn't really have commentary on misogyny but UMINEKO does and it's inspired by umineko so hey it kind of fits.
I have alot more to think on this especially when and how Maria would come into play though. Why was she splashed with acid? It's a really curious way to go, it's an action i'd imagine would be born out of a love feud since those tend to be the most hurtful in the case of adults. The mansion was in control of Dorothy's husband though, so she was likely from his family... My interpretation from that would be she was the wife of someone in the family that owned the mansion aka exploited the Elfords. They have to be in the same timeline at the same time for the yuri part so it's a necessary detail for ME PERSONALLY but honestly doesn't have to matter, but i'd like it if they somehow formed a relationship that i'd imagine would be something alike to natsueva. It's my headcanon that the love feud she was injured by was somehow related to Susie, so it's not like direct yuri it's more like 2 women in maybe similar situations that maybe could relate to eachother but because they are both persecuted by misogyny they are pitted against eachother. that's prime yuri to ME anyway!!! (Bitches will say they love yuri and mean the 2 women that do nothing but stand next to eachother while hating eachother. And they're right)
Anyway the detail that her husband owned the mansion & needed her work actually also inspired myyy misogynistic marriage susie contract theory since it felt sort of exploitative that her sort of ex-husband had the deed to the land AND wanted sirius to CONTINUE THE WORK SHE DID? As though he was using her work for something, despite not being with Dorothy anymore?... Very weird to me I feel like there was a bunch of people exploiting the Elfords in the early timeline. Maybe at the point my theorizing got, her husband might even be a merciful person in comparison. I'm going with the convenient it was all the same family, so in susie's case she'd be forced to make the contract by one family member in sort of secret but it's lost and it was not known that the contract was made by the others but Dorothy was also exploited by the same people after the fact as her daughter/successor. Thoughts? That's just my interpretation though. There's a bunch of stupid details because my brain likes mushing shit together. But other than that I feel like it ties into the meta aspect of the contract and it's misfortune well enough too, as an allegory of a history of abuse&trauma in a family, and it being inherited. And. Umineko
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thebonggirll 3 years
chapter eighteen
< previous: chapter seventeen
Tumblr media
"I thought it was just her husband but her whole life is awful," Hyein said.
Everyone gathered in the nursery room and sat quietly, quite bummed out after Seon-young revealed during dinner that she had symptoms for a while and wished to go outside to not endanger them. But the residents decided otherwise and chose to let her stay locked up in the room where Hyunsu used to stay in. Needless to say, to watch another one of the resident who was nice to literally everyone go into isolation turned their mood sour.
As they sat together, Y/N sighed thinking of how one good thing was followed by another one. Jisu was recovering and they talked for a bit. She felt happy to see her doing fine. Y/N wanted to tell her about Jaehoon and how obvious he was about his feelings but that was not her business. He would probably tell her when he feels like it's a right time. Rubbing her eyes, she was about to go out when Jin-Ok came with a jar and placed it on the table. "I agree with Byeongil. We could use a drink today," she said opening it.
Y/N stared at the dark red liquid and back at everyone's faces.
"Ooh, what is this? Korean wine? Please tell me it's Korean wine," Byeongil said, staring at it eagerly.
Gil-Seop smelled it and said, "It's atleast four years old."
Eunyu quickly dropped down and smelled it. "Yuri left earlier. Should we finish it before Eunhyuk comes?" she said and turned to Y/N, "You're not gonna be a tattletale and tell it to my brother, right sister-in-law?"
A blush covered her face and she stuttered, "Oh I will if you keep talking like that."
"Come on, everyone knows you two have a thing going on. No need to be shy about it," Hyein giggled and nudged her.
"I'm not even gonna ask how," Y/N sighed and moved closer to the table. Jisu earlier gave a hint of how she knew, and it was embarrassing.
Gil-Seop looked up at the door and his face went down seeing a familiar figure. "Oh, look who it is," he said.
Eunhyuk looked a bit disappointed at everyone as his eyes went and fixed on Y/N's face. She smiled and placed her hands on her face, squinting her eyes she pleaded in a small voice, "Please?"
He gulped and looked around the room, then cleared his throat, "Just don't forget your duties. And... you don't drink much. We have work to do." He left the room as whistles filled the room. Y/N felt a bubbly feeling as she stared at the jar, unable to look at anyone in the room. Oh, she felt shy and awkward. She didn't know how good it felt to have someone you love to love you back. To be the only person who is special in a sense that no one else was.
"Sure its 'work' that you guys have to do," Eunyu rolled her eyes, "Well gotta thank you now that he'll be less focused on me."
"Oh now we'll both be focused on you."
"....can you old people just leave me alone?"
"Don't drink since you're so young Eunyu," Y/N teased her.
"Oh shut up!"
They got a plastic cup and filled some for themselves. A few hours has passed since they started drinking. Gil-Seop was currently telling his story in the dark, hoping to scare everyone. Taking a sip, Y/N rested her back on the wall when she felt someone slide down to sit beside her.
"Hey, you can't sit beside her," Eunyu said.
Jaehwan sneered, "I've no interest in someone with such a common face."
"Really? Is that why you were so googly-eyed and tagged along whenever she went to organize the supplies?" Hyein said.
Y/N started feeling a bit uncomfortable and shifted away from the guy. She felt a bit tipsy and decided it was better to give the rest to Hyein. As she passed the glass to her, Eunyu scoffed, "Just so you know, Eunhyuk is possessive. He won't tolerate it."
"Oh yeah, don't you have any shame after he shut you down that day?" Hyein said, "You don't know about this, do you?"
"About what?"
Getting a new gossip to talk about, Hyein giggled and said with a wide smile, "Oh he tried to give his shirt for you to wear when you were injured but Eunhyuk denied, and got his own instead."
If it wasn't for Hyein, Y/N would've been totally unaware of all these. She didn't know whether what she said about Jaehwan was true but she was definitely sure about the fact that this guy was selfish and would do anything to get what he wanted. Jaehwan kind of pissed her off, so she spent most of the time avoiding him.
Also, Eunhyuk probably felt his vibe too. A blush covered her face as she started thinking about it. Was he...jealous? Deciding it was time to go smother him with kisses and disturb him during his work, she got up and was about to leave when someone pushed her and dropped down in front of the table, gulping down the grapes hastily.
Gil-Seop immediately got hold of his bat and asked the man, "Who are you?"
"I think he's a runaway soldier," Yikyung said entering behind him.
Tumblr media
Y/N felt a wet touch on her forehead along with a warm body beside her. She opened her eyes slowly and looked at the handsome face before her. It made her smile, as she turned around to hug him back and snuggled her face closer to his chest, trying to block out the light.
"Hey it has been an hour," Eunhyuk said in a soft voice and kissed her head, stroking her hair gently, "I know you're tired but its an emergency. Thought you should know."
"Oh!" Y/N looked up at his face, as he planted a kiss on her nose. "What happened?"
"A soldier came in. You were the one who informed me though, don't you remember?" he chuckled, and stroked circles on her back and slowly moving down. A blush appeared on her face.
"What are you doing? Don't we have work to do?" she smiled kissing his lips.
"Yes, but we can do it later-" he said pinching her butt.
A gasp escaped from her lips when she realized that she was just in her underwear. Quickly getting up, she observed her appearance. She was in another one of Eunhyuk's shirt.
"Did we...?"
"Oh no, you were adorable but I couldn't," he laughed, "You bit me by the way."
"I bit you?!" she held her cheeks in embarrassment and said, "Why didn't you stop me?!"
"Cause it was a love bite. I wouldn't stop you if you wanted to mark your territory," he said showing his wrist and neck.
"Oh my god," Y/N squealed and hid her face in her hands, "I should never drink again!"
"Not in front of any other guy," he said, voice deepening, "You also told me about Jaehwan. I was right about him. Just tell me if he bothers you."
Y/N laughed, "It's okay I think the women in this building are enough to handle him."
"I cleaned you up again. So yeah, you should definitely watch how much you're drinking," he said.
"You vomited and I had to clean you and your clothes up," Eunhyuk looked at her with dark eyes, "You shouldn't drink cause you need to understand that I love you. And I know you think I'm some doctor but I really have a hard time controlling myself when you're naked."
"Did you..." her eyes trailed down towards his area and then up at his eyes again, "jack off?"
"I mean..." he sighed and kissed her shoulder, "yeah. Didn't have a choice, baby."
Suddenly, a thought came over her as she recalled his words, something she totally forgot about. "Yeah...look I don't vomit unless I'm absolutely full with drinks. The wine was good to get me tipsy but not...enough to make me puke," she said, "Please tell me Hyunsu got the pills?"
Eunhyuk's heart dropped. It can't be...that she was... it's still a possibility. "He...didn't get the chance," he said.
"Ugh," Y/N sighed and dropped her head on his lap, "I'm so stupid. I forgot about it."
"I did too. It's not stupid, a lot is happening," he cleared his throat, stroking her hair.
She looked up at him and realized the distress he was having from his facial expressions. "Then...the next time he goes, tell him to bring a pregnancy test kit." she said.
Tumblr media
next: chapter nineteen >
one last time
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yuriplisetsky-rp 3 years
Yuri Altin Withdraws from Grand Prix Final Due to Injury
Skater will be replaced by Czech Emil Nekola
Tuesday, November 30, 2021
Reigning World Champion Yuri Altin has withdrawn from the Grand Prix Final. The 20-year-old said in a statement that he has re-injured his hip, the same hip he injured in the 2018 Winter Olympics nearly four years ago. 鈥淚鈥檝e been pushing myself hard the past couple of years, sometimes maybe a bit too hard, but nothing I didn鈥檛 think I could handle, and nothing I don鈥檛 think any of my competitors were doing,鈥 he said in his statement. 鈥淢y body has obviously said otherwise. I will probably need to be more mindful in the future. I am going to take it one day at a time.鈥
The reigning two-time European Champion has said that Russian Nationals are in doubt as well. According to doctors, Altin must be off the ice for at least two weeks 鈥 with Nationals taking place in about three and a half weeks. Altin is the defending and three-time Russian National Champion, winning the last two titles, and also winning the title back in 2017. He was also the hands down favorite for Olympic Gold in Beijing. This now puts that in doubt, leaving many looking to his husband, four-time World medalist and reigning Olympic Bronze medalist Otabek Altin.
Replacing Altin at the Grand Prix Final will be two-time European bronze medalist Emil Nekola of the Czech Republic. Nekola placed third at Skate America behind Otabek Altin Seung-gil Lee of South Korea, and silver at the Grand Premio d鈥橧talia behind Guang-hong de la Igesia. This will be his first appearance at the Grand Prix Final. His the first Czech skater to qualify in at least ten years. Nekola will join other qualifiers Otabek Altin, Guang-hong and Leo de Iglesia, Jean-Jacques Leroy, and Seung-gil Lee.
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mevekagvain 3 years
Chapter 221 - Seeing scientists in lab coats and yellow construction safety helmets is hilarious for some reason.
- Yonsu going "He's my husband" will always make me go 馃ズ Also it's kinda hilarious how Ked immediately starts theorising that they're romantically involved like yes he 100% loves romance dramas.
Chapter 222 - Is the device Tao throws at Sangeen for communication a pager or walkie talkie or something? It doesn't look like one and seems more like a chunky smartphone so uh. Maybe that's why you run out of money so quick Tao.
- And then Sangeen crushes said phone like 10 mins later lmao.
Chapter 223 - Oh, Tao electrocuted Ked's hair white.
Chapter 225 - Something wildly crazy about restricting access in a 2km radius circle area in Seoul. Realistically I don't think that'd be possible unless it was already destroyed or there was a bombing threat or something. Especially since unlike in the manhwa, there would be plenty of people there 24/7.
- AU of some sort where Tao and Lutai are friends. Or where Tao is that really social guy and friends with all the characters in noblesse.
Chapter 226 - Okay no seriously. How tf do modified humans switch into skin tight outfits in the middle of a fight. I know they aren't wearing those underneath their clothes because said clothes get ripped up or don't cover the parts the skin tight outfits do. What type of magical girl superhero shit is this? Where did Ked's boxing gloves appear from? Are their suits inside them? Under their skin? It's even worse with Tao because he switches between his stylised mummy bandages and his work suit multiple times throughout the panels. How are you doing this?
Chapter 227 - Karias!!!! Yes king complain all you want ily <3
- King you're probably the equivalent of late twenties at most, don't act like you're dead and can't change.
- Poor guy never got a present though rip.
- Oh cool Rodin has a trident/pitchfork. Time to go allegorical Lucifer/Satan duality or Poseidon/Hades since Cerberus or any variety of deep meaningful stuff. But ofc afterwards he farms with the Landegre <3
- STILL UNFAIR THAT WE NEVER EVEN SEE YUIZI'S WEAPON. Like boxing, pitchfork/trident, chainsaws, scythe, and ??? Love you Yuri but at least let Yuizi take out her idk, nail bat/morningstar (for more allegory purposes :)) b4 you kill her.
- Funny that it's right through the boob though I'll give him that even if he doesn't do the right one like babe the heart is on the left side.
- Yuizi "How,,, Why,,,"
Yuri "Not a fan of monologes that answer questions."
Chapter 228 - Yuri literally 2 minutes later "I lied I love monologuing"
Chapter 229 - Rodin is so polite 馃ズ馃槶 He and Marie are the serious only trying to do their jobs squad like Takeo and Tao.
Chapter 230 - Okay but Taze effortlessly picking both Takeo and Tao up with one hand... hot.
- Rodin and Ked not fighting back or saying anything as Taze beats them up... Truly hate the Union and what it does. Still love Taze though. Evil women are <3
Chapter 231 - Have we considered giving Taze a pretty boi harem? It wouldn't solve anything but I think it'd make her happy and that's a very admirable goal I think.
- If you think the 12th Elder shouldn't make Rodin fight whilst injured than don't fucking kill him yourself Frankenstein???
- And then he murders Ked... excuses of what Ked did don't work here because Frankenstein doesn't know any of that at the moment. He can infer that Ked fought them yeah but not much else.
Chapter 232 - So I'm assuming the turning into a monster part is like, the modifications and that the contract with Roctis just gives him a strength boost or something.
- "Roctis ordinarily wouldn't have made a contract with a normal human, much less a modified one" and where in your three conversations with him did you learn that Frankenstein?
Chapter 234 - Honestly the nobles had no reason to like Frankenstein even if they hadn't been prejudiced or traitors or whatever. He didn't exactly try to be pleasant or even neutral at the bare minimum.
Chapter 235 - Actually Takeo, Tao's right. Looks should be an important factor in choosing Elders. That's why the only ones who deserve their positions are 3rd, Roctis, Lunark, Urokai, and Zarga. I'll give 1st a pass but only because he's the basic yt man that seems to be considered attractive to people actually attracted to men and he doesn't make me cringe like the unmentioned male Elders.
- Aside from that someone really needs to tell Tao that 12th looking like a monster is a weird modification thing not a first round noble contract thing lmao.
- No but I've always wondered... How do they know the traitors tried to murder Raizel? Like I can understand them seeing that the traitor used his disappearance for their benefit and thus maybe thinking they even had a part in it but since he went to sleep due to fighting Muzaka and they don't find out that fight was staged until way later... How did Raizel know the traitors were definitely behind trying to kill him from the beginning??? He especially had no reason to think the traitors were behind any of it but he was the first to accuse them way back :/
Chapter 236 - And who told you how often people visit Raizel, Frankenstein? If you want me to believe that Urokai pro fanboy only visited once every few centuries even before your arrival do allow me to doubt every word that leaves your mouth.
Chapter 237 - Seira's the only one with real priorities imo. I'd ask about the mask design options for RK too instead of questioning it.
Chapter 238 - There is something hilarious about Roctis having thrones for each of the other Elders in his little void. Like is this an official Union space given to him? Did he put them there to feel more comfortable? We know Crombel doesn't have those and just uses screens so it's definitely not an all Elders thing. Love imagining Roctis being technologically inept and needing physical stand holders.
Tumblr media
- Lukedonian nobles 馃ズ grandpa ily. All of u ily.
- The kids!
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roninhunt0987 3 years
Sushi Time Night
Sushi Time Night
By: Roninhunt0987
X3 an idea Nekorockstarninja told me on,.. X3 the premise is that Suzuki takes everyone out to a sushi place that she knows of with a small prize contest if ya eat 5 plates of sushi ya get a small prize... Suzuki once attempted to do it on her but couldn't it but this time she brought back up which happens to be the ragtag Cast members of mine that will be aiding Suzuki to get what she needs... XD hilarity will ensue
Characters(C)belongs to their rightful owners
-that night in town-
Suzuki: -opens the doors to the Sushi place as she heads inside with the others- ^^ this is the Sushi place I spoke of... ^^; where I ate like 40 plates of Sushi and got some small prizes out of it... I tried to do it alone but couldn't do it... ^^ so yea Merrick: hehe -sniffs the air of the place- ^^ heh reminds me the time when I was a lil kid Espio's uncle Seraph brought my siblings and I with Espio to a Sushi place similar to this one
Espio: heh... brings back memories doesn't it?? Merrick: it really does
Espio: to this very day I still miss my uncle but he did raise ya well
Suzuki: wait wha
Jared: when Merrick's village got attacked Uncle Yamato told them to find a person named Seraph who happens to be Espio's uncle... Both Merrick and Espio grew up as kids so they're pretty close
Suzuki: oh wow I had no idea
Espio: now ya know Suzuki
Merrick: soon after Espio's uncle passed we split ways on our own.. we didn't get back together until the meterex war happened and worked together with tails and the others on the war effort I was just glad to See Espio again but hanging with Vector and Charmy,, ^^; dunno how he ended up with them but they're an okay sort when I met them I was quite unsure at the time but sometime after the war I accepted them as friends... any friend of Espio is my friend those were my words when I accepted them... ^^; well as for Espio paying rent I usually see him at the door delivering pizza...
Espio: uhm.... ya back when... uhhh Tails broke his arm and leg at the time when Miss Marine was around at the time... I wonder whatever happened to that girl?? Shadow: heh... who knows Marine The Raccoon: O.o there was a girl after my name
Tails: mmhmm when I had that extreme gear mishap I got badly injured both of em got me home and had me patched up
Espio: she was the one who greeted me at the door at the time when I delivered the pizza... told her why that I had to pay rent because Vector kept going broke
Merrick: this was way before I got my cybernetic enhancements at the time btw
Waitress: -sees Suzuki is here again and sees the big crowd thats with her- O.o oh wow I never knew I am seeing this the ragtag band of the Katos and Prowers and also others also... uhh follow me to the big room for a huge crowd and we'll be with ya shortly
Suzuki: alrighty
Roberto: -walks on over as he also owns this sushi place also- ahhh.. Merrick good to see you again -insert borderlands 3 character introduction of his full name which is Roberto Jaime Scott: Martial Artist, Bodyguard of Yuri Niko and Japanese Restaurant related business man-
Merrick: ahh Roberto didn't know ya own this sushi place also besides the main ones
Roberto: mmhmm I might say Suzuki really loves this place specially the idea that every 5 plates of sushi ya get a small prize and seems like she wants to get more prizes and for y'all to have a chance also Jared: thats why were here Roberto
Connor The Wolf: -walks on in- Oh hey Dad -insert borderlands 3 character introduction of his name Connor the Wolf: adopted son of merrick and Kimiko, Bodyguard of Yuri Niko, Warrior, Marksman, Mage and with a heart of gold- What ya guys doing here??
Merrick: wondering the same thing kiddo
Shiro The Floofyshark: I can answer that -insert borderlands 3 introduction of his name Shiro The Floofyshark: main bodyguard of Yuri Niko, second husband of Yuri Niko and boss of Roberto and Connor- remember that chat I had with ya sir?? if ya remember ya Son and his friend Roberto have now officially been sworn in as Yuri Niko's bodyguards
Misha: wait.. if ya here... ^^ that also means Yuri and Her family is here
Shiro The Floofyshark: ^^ correct Misha she is in the same room that ya guys are heading into
Misha: X3 awesome
Suzuki: wait hold up whos Yuri Niko Misha: X3 one of my best friends and also neighborhood hehe Claretta will be glad to see me too
Suzuki: wait oh so thats who it was thats outside a lot with a cute unique colored Eevee and another floofyshark enjoying the summer weather each time I come by to visit
Misha: ^^ get this Yuri is a J-pop singer and I know how ya love J-pop Suzuki
Suzuki: ^^ awesome can't wait to meet her
-in the big room- Claretta Niko: -at the table and ears perks up as she is wearing her eevee hoodie and sees Misha- OwO
Yuri Niko: hu?? ^^ Misha whatcha doin here??? Misha: ^^ got invited by my friend suzuki
Claretta Niko: -runs to misha and hugs her and sees Suzuki and gets shy as she gets behind Misha-
Suzuki: ^^ hey its alright I don't bite
Misha: -does sign language with her to let her know Suzuki is a friend of hers-
Claretta Niko: -nods yes and does sign language of saying okay-
Suzuki: -watches carefully-
Mikey: .w. uhhh whats she doing
Raph: sigh... its called Sign language ya idiot
Suzuki: ohhh... Born deaf or born mute??
Misha: ^^ born mute... O.o she also has Autism/ADD and has panic attacks hence she has her eevee a lot... her Eevee is her service pokemon... ^^ its a special program for the disabled to have pokemon with them as their service pet... kinda like the service animals ya see around new york so yea
Suzuki: wow -smiles cutely and giggles- ^^ love ya eevee hoodie
Claretta Niko: -does sign language of saying thank you- ^^
Misha: ^^ she says thank you
Suzuki: ^^ your welcome
Yuri Niko: -walks on over- ^^ so ya must be Suzuki Misha told me a lot about ya and also into J-pop
Suzuki: ^^ hehe guilty as charged nice to meet ya
Yuri Niko: ^^ likewise
-as they got to the table-
Jessica Niko: ^^ so ya must be Suzuki I heard so much about.. ^^ my names Jessica Niko and this is my husband Raymond Niko.. Ray for short... ^^ we own a coffee shop in town... Misha is one of locals that comes by same goes with Misha The Coyote
Raymond Niko: ^^ well met
Jessica Niko: ^^ I see ya met Claretta already... over there is my son Harvey -mumbles to Suzuki so that Harvey won't hear- just be careful around him he has a bad habit of raiding girls undergarments and such don't worry his siblings always get to him on that
Suzuki: oof noted but don't worry my brothers will help
Yuri Niko: brothers???
Mikey: ^^ sup
Yuri Niko: O.o oh wow is that-
Misha: ^^ yup Suzuki's brothers is the TMNT... Janic was the first to meet them and we later on met them... ^^ the orange mask there is Mikey, the red mask is Raph
Yuri Niko: XD the hothead of the bunch
Raph: .w. ya she ain't kidding on that one
Yuri Niko: and the blue mask there is Leo which is the leader and the one in purple is the brainaic of the bunch Donnie
Leo: heh good guess
Donnie: ^^ yup brains of the bunch
Gen'ichi: names Gen'ichi, this is my wife Ninjara
Ninjara: -bows- hello
Yuri Niko: ohh the one Raph used to hang with
Raph: -blushes- uhhh ya
Ninjara: ^^ ya correct on that one
Gen'ichi: kids front in center
Ran, Rei, Reiko, Rika, Miwa, Nori, Gen'ichi Jr and Lil Geni: -lines up sideways-
Ninjara: ^^ thats Ran, Rei, Reiko, Rika, Miwa, Nori, Gen'ichi jr and Lil Geni
Ran: ^^ Hoi
Rei: X3 heya
Reiko: ^^ hi
Rika: X3 heya
Miwa: ^^ hoi
Nori: ^^ heya
Gen'ichi Jr: ^^ hi hi
Lil Geni: ^^ hoi -sticks out her tongue cutely like a small blep while she is holding Suzuki's old plush-
Yuri Niko: ^^ so cute
Harvey Niko: ^^ hi my names Harvey Niko and-
Yuri Niko: .w. don't even try to ask her about that knucklehead ya know we get on ya behind on that right?? Harvey Niko: .w. darn it
Keira Niko: -rolls eyes- oi... ^^ hi my names Keira good to meet ya
Hayato Niko: my names Hayato well met
Ryu Niko: my name is Ryu Niko I'm Jessica's older brother heh and also Yuri and her siblings uncle ya probably can tell we have a japanese background
Suzuki: ^^ I can tell hehe
Yuri Niko: ^^ I see ya already met Shiro, Connor and Roberto who are my bodyguards when I go on tour for my J-pop... ^^ also for a fact Connor and Roberto recently got sworn in as bodyguards to help Shiro out
Laurence: ^^ my names Laurence i'm Yuri's husband and this kiddo of mine is Zoey
Zoey Niko: hi
Suzuki: ^^ so cute
Waitresses: -gets green tea for everyone and such-
Waiters: -got everyones sushi plates for everyone to choose from-
Roberto: ^^ hehe the key of this if ya finish 5 plates of sushi ya get a small prize so enjoy
Honey The Rat/Zebra: hehe awesome -proceeds to use her chopsticks and such as she uses the Wasabi on her sushi and eats it and etc as she has extreme high tolerence from eating anything spice as she is immune to any spicy kick-
Mikey: O_O wha how... Wasabi supposed to light ya mouth on fire its called spicy mustard for a reason
Shadow: .w. mikey.... that because she has a unique extreme high tolerance to anything spice
Mikey: No way
Amber: ^^ way hehe
Mikey: .w.;;;; -thinking of a crazy idea-
Raph: .w. Mikey what are ya planning
Mikey: oh nothing just want to attempt something
Raph: .w. ya know any idea ya think of doing usually backfires in some bad way ya know that
Suzuki: .w. Raph whats mikey planning
Raph: .w. who knows... he's probably gonna attempt to eat a whole mouthful of wasabi
Mikey: :3
Raph: O_o oh no... he is isn't he
Mikey: -attempts it as he gets a mouthful of Wasabi in his mouth and swallows-
Raph, Suzuki, Leo and Donnie: .w. 3, 2, 1
Mikey: -randomly screams- AHHHHHHHHH!!! -runs around like an idiot as he flails his arms anime style in panic- AHHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHH OMG AHHHHHHHHH!!!!
Everyone: -facepalms-
Yuri Niko: don't tell me this is one of his dumb moments isn't it
Everyone: -in unison- Yes
Ran, Rei, Reiko, Rika, Miwa, Nori, Gen'ichi Jr and Lil Geni: -laughing at their uncle mikey as this was a funny moment and such-
Suzuki: ugh Mikey drink this
Mikey: -drinks it- uggh what is this...
Suzuki: its green tea it-
Mikey: oh hey my mouth is not on fire anymore
Suzuki: .w. exactly it helps with defusing the burns of the wasabi
Mikey: .w. ohhh
Suzuki: -looks to Ran, Rei, Reiko, Rika, Miwa, Nori, Gen'ichi Jr and Lil Geni- ^^ remember not to do that or in this case don't pull an Uncle Mikey moment
Mikey: >< HEY!!! Ran, Rei, Reiko, Rika, Miwa, Nori, Gen'ichi Jr and Lil Geni: -laughs-
Mikey: -chuckles- ya okay that was on me honestly
Raph: -gibbs slaps Mikey for it- .w. ya think Genius its no wonder ya being called a knucklehead at times
Shadow: .w. ya mean like knuckles
Tails: .w. uhm Knuckles remember that time ya got tricked for the first time by eggman when he yoinked the master emerald from ya when Sonic and I met ya the first time
Sonic: .w. ya dude ya even suckerpunched me while I was in super form
Knuckles: .w. sigh okay okay ya have a fair point there
Sonic: mmmhmm -drinks a lil bit of his Green tea-
Tails: -eating his sushi-
The others: -same-
-45 minutes later-
Everyone: -each got a prize thats given to Suzuki as for helping her out and such-
Roberto: ^^ well I do have to admit that was a wise decision to bring friends and family with ya to help eating the sushi and the prizes needed so when in doubt always have family and friends to help instead of taking it on alone
Suzuki: ^^ heh thanks
Merrick: ^^ the usual account that I usually pay for here Roberto and congrats to joining in helping Shiro with the bodyguard detail and uhh also my boy good on you of joining with Shiro on that detail also... ^^ so ya can get out more and such whenever Yuri goes on tour
Connor The Wolf: heh... thanks dad
Merrick: ^^ keep in mind when Yuri's band is in town expect us to be there so we can listen and watch
Yuri Niko: ^^ hehe count on it ya son will do a great job I just know he will
Merrick: ^^ of course and make sure he stays out of trouble also and make sure to have a calm mind and such... ^^; the boy has ADHD and Autism go figure
Connor The Wolf: ^^; ya pops has a point on that Yuri heh but don't worry Roberto will make sure I am kept in check hehe and Shiro also
Shiro The Floofyshark: heh ya damn right i'll make sure to do that
Roberto: indeed
Misha: ^^ so when ya tour
Yuri Niko: ^^ sometime around august or so however I do plan on coming here in town around october as the final spot before I go on break from my tour run so basically Megaville city is the final destination of my Tour around October and well... ^^ its gonna be on Your Birthday Misha
Misha: X3 Awesome I can't wait hehe
Yuri Niko: ^^ hehe yup
Shiro: -looks to Roberto and Connor- that means you two we got few weeks until august starts up... when August 1st starts up you two better be ready and also in gear got it.. our job is to make sure no one makes a move on Yuri or well in this case some random jackass decides to flirt on her... use of force is needed if the said person doesn't cooperate
Yuri Niko: .w. oh in this case if SP Vector decides to butt and such use of force is basically immediate
Roberto: ugggh ya mean the same jackass I had to ban last week from this establishment along with the other japanese places I own and etc
Connor The Wolf: =w= and the same numbskull who blew up my damn truck that my adopted parents got for me when I first got adopted
Yuri Niko: yup the very same cheap knock off of Vector who is also his sonic paradox counterpart if ya watched the sonic shorts collab series
Roberto: ohhh looking forward to it good thing I been practicing some new martial arts moves I can use on him
Connor The Wolf: and also the new Blade that Gladio gave me when he first fought against Giglamesh and passed it on to me since he wishes to keep using one of his older blades and such
Jared: wait what
Squall: gigalmesh... yes I know the guy when Odin went down he came into the picture and resumed doing Odin's job didn't know his name at the time but he seems to be obsessed with a certain sword... I think it was the Excalibur or somethin he didn't say
Cloud: wait Gladio fought him
Gladio: yup and also his pet also... seems the big guy really loves to fight on bridges
Jared: according to legend its considered tradition for him... huhn that explains why when I dueled Stupid Mario at the time thats also a bridge over some lava and etc
Merrick: and its also a wonder why we sometimes tell ya it was from too much video games that has him in it
Jared: .w. ya that explains it
Jennifer The Fox: -close to Yuri as she misses her parents as this was the go to place when she was a lil kid as her parents and herself went here a lot-
Yuri Niko: whats wrong??
Jennifer The Fox: I remember my parents and I went here in this very area
Roberto: ahhh I thought I recognize ya... my grandfather knew ya parents and you at the time... its a shame they been killed by a drive by shooter
Jennifer The Fox: uhm about that... he's already dead.. ^^ Misha took him out
Misha: .w. turned out it was the jackhole who participated the fall of my family's clan go figure
Roberto: ahh I thought so hence reason the streets near the coffee shop is quiet a lot now and also explains why my grandfather placed a memoriam shrine to honor them as their best customers...
Jennifer The Fox: is he still around
Roberto: ^^ as a matter of fact he is yes he's the one who got me to be who I am today on as I took of his job as he is retired now and still strong as an ox
Jennifer: ^^ can ya tell him I said hello and well... also thank you for doing the memorium shrines for them...
Roberto: ^^ i'll make sure to do that count on it
Suzuki: one more thing whos is gonna maintain the restaurants while ya away on bodyguard duty
Eos The Floofyshark: ^^ I can answer that... ^^ you see two metabots requested by Roberto will take over for a bit until october who also happens to make sure Claretta remains calm as those two happens to be her Metabots to protect her while Yuri is away
Roberto: ^^ yes that would be Foxsword and Foxuno they seem to have a nack of maintaining stuff besides what they do a lot at a delay basis they're gonna start doing my tasks sometime when Yuri begins her tour run and don't worry I already told Gramps on that detail already as he is aware that I am a sworn in Bodyguard for Yuri Niko during her tour he is actually proud of me after I told him
Eos The Floofyshark: ^^ mmhmm
Suzuki: ^^ good to know
Eos The Floofyshark: .w. they'll also make sure that SP Vector don't enter the building as they will use force if needed as a last resort
Roberto: oh ya and my grandfather knows about it too
Suzuki: thats good
Roberto: indeed
SP vector: -breaks through wall like the Kool-aid man- OH YA!!!
Roberto: ._.;;;;; SP Vector ya paying for the damage for that
SP Vector: .w. or else what
Shiro: .w. -gets out his desert eagle and shoots SP Vector in the balls- BLAM!!! SP Vector: OUGH!!! -on the floor- >< my overies
Claretta Niko: -sighs and does sign language of saying ya don't have any ya dingbat-
SP Vector: .w. what she say?? Raph: -facepalm- She said You don't any ya dingbat... what did ya fail sign language 101 or somethin punk
SP Vector: WHY DON'T YA SAY THAT TO MY FACE HOTSHOT!!! Raph: =w= oh its on...
Frenchie: 1 hour of pain later
SP Vector: -broken teeth and etc and in a dentist office- uggggh
TF2 Medic: :3 Next
SP Vector: AHHHHHHHHHH!!! -crashes through wall as he runs away-
TF2 Medic: -scratches the back of his head in confusion on why he did that and shrugs and calls the next patient in-
Scene: -does a smart fart noise of blacking out-
TFS Nappa: .w. the end
@otakuneko-lotus XD enjoy neko
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toku-explained 3 years
The Master Swordsman's End
SSSS.Dynazenon: Gagula continues to rampage while Kaiser GridKnight lies defeated. 2nd has no more Fixer Beams, but tries to ease Gauma's pain. As Kaiser GridKnight struggles to stand and fight, Koyomi is running. Juuga, Mujina and Onija are surprised there's another kaiju, and try to use Instance Domination only to realise it's Sizumu, and they call out, wanting to fight more, and Gagula consumes them, evolving. Gauma opens his eyes, but can tell he hasn't got long, he apologises to Yomogi and Yume for getting them involved in his Battle, Yomogi says it's only because of him they've made bonds, he thanks them and asks that they thank Koyomi too. Gagula breaks Kaiser GridKnight into constituent parts, Yomogi and Yume rush for DynaWing and DynaSoldier, Chise leaps off her train, DynaStriker lands in front of Koyomi. Gauma starts pulling himself up, intending to help finish Gagula to give his friends a future, and we see like Koyomi, Yomogi now has a scar similar to Gauma's. He thinks he's missed his chance with Yume, and leaps into DynaSoldier. As GridKnight struggles, DynaStriker rolls in, Mujina from inside angrily yells at Koyomi for touching her again. Yume falls, also getting a scar, and tells Kano she'll make it, DynaSoldier appearing to get her there. Chise sees Goldburn and calls out, he wakes up, and flies into shield mode to protect GridKnight, then DynaSoldier Wing Combine leaps in, and DynaDiver joins the fight Gauma piloting with help from 2nd. He apologises to the confused Koyomi, and tells Knight he'll help if he likes it or not. They form Kaiser GridKnight and fight. Onija declares his goal to destroy humanity, Yomogi rejects that, Juuga talks up how important Gauma is, which Gauma dismisses, Mujina claims Koyomi caused her to realise Kaiju was all she had, he can only apologise. Yomogi and Yune call out to Suzumu, but he refuses to respond. As Gagula overpowers them with a blast, Yomogi detaches Dynamic Cannon to try Instance Domination again as he flies DynaSoldier at Gagula. He gets a definite reaction, causing Gagula to point it Blast away from Kaiser GridKnight. They split, Dynazenon launching all it has at Gagula, followed by Goldburn attaching as wings to GridKnight, flying past Gaguka and wrecking the back, before riding DynaRex. Sizumu stays silent as Onija, Juuga and Mujina declares their hatred of the "false kaiju", attacking and met by the Grid Rex Roar, Gagula loses the clas and the heroes fly in to finish things. The Eugenecists die, Onija seemingly glad to die again, Mujina wondering if it's for the best, Juuga sure kaiju will have their day, Sizumu still silent. Gauma collapses, dying as he is sad he never met her, but glad he met his friends, understanding why he was entrusted Dynazenon. Chise watches everyone descend fro the remains of DynaRex, except Gauma.
3 months later, Yomogi and Yume walk together, meeting under the bridge Gauma lived with everyone, Koyomi has changed his look and is working, a healed Goldburn is waiting. Yomogi and Yume remember Gauma always said 3 things must be kept, Love and Promises, but don't know the third. Knight and 2nd prepare warp out of this world, taking Goldburn and the inert form of DynaRex with them, as the gang wave, Chise calls after the best friend she ever had, and the group vanish into Hyper World. Yomogi and Yume head to some planned meeting. Chise and Koyomi stand outside Chise's school, under repair, and it turns out Inamoto-san's husband got Koyomi his job, he insists she's not an ex but a friend, Chise now has her dragon tattoo uncovered. At the school festival Mei's photos include ones of Yume, who needs to do something. Yomogi tells his mother and Kamijo where to go, when his mother asks about Gauma he opts to explain he's banned from school grounds, before being dragged over to the waiting Awaki, Nazumi, Ranka and Kaneishi, telling him to find Yume while Mei just appears there. She's sat in a corner of the roof when he finds her, they're meant to be running the caf茅 now. Yume offers her hand and tells him to take her, and he hears Sizumu's voice from a Computer World environment, questioning why he "wasted" his potential to be a Kaiju User, arguing if he'd embraced kaiju and destruction he'd have experienced true freedom, questioning if he'll regret it. Yomogi isn't sure, but intends to live, and rejects Sizumu's philosophy that bonds are shackles, Sizumu doesn't get it. Yomigi comes back and helps Yume up, calling her by her first name for the first time at her prompting. They get to work at the caf茅, hoping their scars stay with them. In Computer World, Knight looks at the seal from the statue, and DynaRex stands once more. Scarred Souls Shine like Stars.
Heroes' Odyssey: Zero looks at Belial's battle with the Ultras of the Land of Light, theft of the Plasma Spark, Zero training with Leo, Rei and the Ultras battle with Belial's army, and Zero's joining the battle to defeat him. He uses this to highlight another Ultra who struggled with his own darkness, showing the revival of Hudra, Darramb and Camaerra, and how Tiga Dark appeared to face the threat they unleashed.
Saber: Luna is lost, and Izaak is going full god complex, talking down at Storious, intending to eliminate the Swordsmen, he ambushes the Shindais and turns Durandal into a puppet, forcing him to attack Reika. Yuri hears from Tassel that Luna has appeared. Kento lends him Kurayami. Solomon uses his power to reach into Wonder World to seek Luna and attack Tassel, Sophia can sense his use of the Tome's power, as Sabela contacts Northern Base for help. Slash and Buster join Sabela as Durandal begs them to kill him. Touma, Mei, Rintaro and Kento reach Solomon. Saikou, in Wonder World, blocks the attempt to reach Luna and joins them, Solomon does something that causes him to vanish, and claims Kurayami and Saikou. Xross Saver Brave Dragon, Blades Tategami Hyoujuu Senki and Espada Golden Alangina face him. Tassel reaches Luna, introducing himself and promising to take her to Touna after she understands what she is. A Triple Rider Kick defeats Solomon, who attempts to use his spell to control Touma unsuccessfully, but uses it properly on Blades and Espada. Tassel explains to Luna that she is the embodiment of Wonder World, and her chosen one, Touma, will receive Wonder World's power and live their with her forever, she doesn't want to separate him from his friends though. Kento mocks Izaak for just manipulating people, and Runtaro notes his ambitions have caused him to lose all respect anyone ever held for him. He tries to drag them into darkness, but Yuri reawaken and brakes the attack and the spell, right before Durandal is made to kill Reika. Saber uses Lion Senki and Lamp do Alangina to form Special Edition. Combining their powers, they defeat Solomon, destroying Omni Force. At Southern Base, Ryoga collapses, to both siblings intense relief. Storious laughs. The injured Izaak crawls to a tunnel, where Omni Force reforms, but as he claims eternity, Storious appears, informing him his story is at an end, he reduces him to dust and claims Omni Force for himself, debuting a new outfit.
Zenkaiger: Boccowaus praises Gege, Barashitara grousing that he's treated better despite failing as well, Stacey is distracted by Yatsude reminding him of his mother, Boccowaus has Ijirude lend Gege another gear. Items are magnetised to everyone, thanks to Jishaku World, who disrupts the change by magnetising the Geartlingers, they do separate on changing, but attach to other things, and Jishaku World leaves them trapped until Zox arrives late. They get back to Colourful, there Stacey is having a snack, he gets them to pretend he's an acquaintance, Satoshi, not their enemy, but tension flares as soon as she leaves the room, but nothing happens before they realise the magnetic fields on the Kikainoids are getting stronger and making them flee the shop, Zox is waiting outside, as Magine is trapped Kaito and Secchan realises they need to stop Jishaku World fast. "Satoshi" helps Yatsude tidy up stuff that started moving, leaving but planning to come back, he runs into Kaito trying to get his help. Vroon is caught, and Gaon and Zyuran start pulling CrocoDaiOh, which only avoids crashing thanks to reverse thrusters. Zox argues to Stacey he should help Kaito since he's Yatsude's grandson. After Jishaku World reports to Gege, Stacey tells him the Zenkaigers might have found a way around his powers luring him to where Kaito and Zox are, they start fighting him as Flint keeps fighting to stop CrocoDaiOh hitting Zyuran and Gaon, who arrives at the battle running straight for Jishaku World, forcing him to reduce magnetism in the area so CrocoDaiOh doesn't hit him, and allowing everyone to move better. Zenkaiser uses Fiveman to access FiveRed's physics knowledge that lets him know heat will weaken Jishaku World. Shinken Form uses his fire abilities as Zyuran and Gaon join the fight, ZenkaiZyuran accessing his own fire and lending it to ZenkaiGaon, the 3 weakening him for Zenkaiser. Stacey leaves since he did as asked, Dai Jishaku World takes the field, separating Twokai-Oh, both ZenkaiOhs attempt to form, but are made the same poles. They use this to force Zyuran at Dai Jishaku World, so he pulls them in, only for them all to get stuck to him, but together they attack. Ijirude and Barashitara tell Gege he's not better than them, but he notes his involvement put Boccowaus in a better mood, so they'll now have more chances to try, and tells Stacey he knows what he did, but won't say for now. Yatsude asks Kaito about Satoshi, she could tell something was up when they met, Kaito admits they've fought, but makes clear he wants to be friends.
Dogengers Nice Buddy: Everyone returns to where they were before the distortion, the Dogengers are all asleep. Great Z uses an Affect System drones to warp them and Maid Shitsuji away. Tanaka wakes at home, Maid Shitsuji tells him he was dreaming. Yabai Kamen approaches Great Z, who acknowledges he hasn't been acting out of justice. Yabai Kamen goes to attack him, when Riku arrives in the stage suit to try and stop him, but it's clear Yabai Kamen has the advantagem winning as Riku yells his love for heroes and his father. Yabai Kamen steals one of the 2 remaining drones, and uses it to warp away. Riku and his father reconcile, Riku explaining he truly seeks to be a hero, after a talk, Riku puts his helmet on and Great Z transfers the suit to him, President Hanagata sees his son off. At breakfast, Yabai Kamen reveals he has the Affect System drones and declares they're enemies again and warps away, the rest of Aku no Himitsu Kessya say their goodbyes, thanking for the hospitality, and leave. At Fukuoka Dome Yabai Kamen is surrounded by the Dogengers immediately, and runs with 2 Karami, when the Dogenfers eventually corner him, Kitaqman Metal is thrown at the defeated pile he's making by the rest of Aku no Himitsu Kessya. A voice announces, as Yabai Kamen seems to have expected, the arrival of Great Z. Yabai Kanen crushes the drone using it to upgrade, in turn Gulf, Gallia, Uzagi and Nectaris unveil their own upgrades. Yabai Kamen mourns the loss of Shuraomaru, only for him to appear and unveil his new form.
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csykora 4 years
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[A candid photo of Igor kissing his very grumpy toddler鈥檚 forehead goodnight]
The Greens could feel they were getting older, and Coach鈥檚 rookies just stayed the same. Two had joined CSKA that year. One of them was another Sergei, who we鈥檒l call Seryozha. He had grown up skating eagerly every day, just outside their training camp in the city of Arkhangel. He thought Igor 鈥渨as one of the smartest people I've talked to on this earth," and is pretty sure his idol didn鈥檛 know he existed. (Having read Igor鈥檚 book, I can now confirm). The other was Sasha, and had been born on the other side of the world, in Siberia, before he was taken early for CSKA鈥檚 system.聽
Sasha did not like any of this any better than the Greens had before him. Picking up the tension between the team鈥檚 leaders and Coach Tikhonov, Sasha had no problem talking back when Tikhonov turned on him. After his first season, the same trick that had made Igor an officer was used on him, making him a real Russian soldier who could be shot for treason. Igor hadn鈥檛 fought it, but the whole team heard Sasha yelling down in Tikhonov鈥檚 office.
Quiet settled for a while when Sasha was privately promised a better position to soften the blow--the top right wing, at Igor's side. 30 was creeping up on Sergei. He, Igor, and Vova privately celebrated and mourned the upcoming '88 Olympics as the last time they might play together on the world stage before Sergei's clock ran out. Pretty soon Tikhonov would be ready to retire him, just like Kharlamov.
But there were still signs that replacing Sergei wouldn't be easy, on either side. One day in practice, Sasha was injured and the team doctor told him to just watch from the stands that night. Igor saw him leaving the locker room just as Coach came in. Coach demanded that he get his sweater on immediately. Sasha repeated what the doctor said, and Tikhonov repeated what he had said, but louder.
鈥溾業 thought I had explained it clearly enough,鈥欌欌 Igor remembers little Sasha saying. 鈥溾業 will not play. That is all!鈥欌 And he walked away. Igor had to cough and cover laughter as Coach stood speechless.
鈥淥nly his wife and his dog like [Tikhonov],鈥 Sasha once said. 鈥淎nd I don鈥檛 understand how they do.鈥
In December of 鈥87, Igor thought that with a little help, maybe he could score another point on Tikhonov. He reached out to the author of that article about the hockey program that he had read to the point of memorizing two years before. Their conversation turned into an interview. He admitted he wasn鈥檛 ready to share the deepest details, but even scratching the surface of the Soviet image was enough to attract attention. Igor decided he liked to think of himself as a bit of an author. All the papers were calling for more quotes, until Lena got fed up and unplugged their phone.
At practice after it was published, Coach Tikhonov screamed, 鈥溾楥omrades, I always thought that I was working with hockey players. But here, do you understand, it has become clear I was not right. Among us are writers! Larionov, for example, is a Boris Pasternak!鈥
I think we could safely say he was not pleased.鈥
Two months later, the national team headed to Calgary for the Olympics. Before the Games the senior players had asked as always--if we win, wouldn鈥檛 it be possible to train less this summer, to rest, to see our families during the coming year? Coach Tikhonov said they鈥檇 talk about it if they got him gold.
Journalists invited Igor to a press conference. They forgot a Russian translator, though, so when they asked the first question and he understood it, he decided not to bother pretending he didn鈥檛 speak English. They asked how his new literary career was looking (and whether he鈥檇 had any flare-ups of that tonsillitis). He told them what he thought was the truth, colder than it had been when he was 20.
鈥淚 do not hope for some kind of large and speedy change for the better鈥.But, I am not losing hope. We shall see what we shall see.鈥
They still had the rest of the Olympics to play. Between periods in the first round, Coach Tikhonov took Sasha out to the hallway and began to lay into him for mistakes he may or may not have made yet. Sasha told him no again, so Coach Tikhonov punched him in the gut.聽
Slava was the only one who saw, but he told the others. If thinking the team didn鈥檛 need him had snapped some key piece of Igor鈥檚 heart, the winter of 鈥87 and 鈥88 broke Vova鈥檚 massive one. They had won gold, again--and Vova had heard Tikhonov say that he wished he could coach the Canadians instead. Vova had swept more scoring titles, been named the best winger in the world, again--and Tikhonov had given a public speech about how Vova was proof that he, Viktor Tikhonov, and his physical training methods could make anyone a star. Igor was furious for his friend, and Vova was realizing nothing they did would ever be enough for Coach Tikhonov to stop hurting them.聽
They had nothing to do at Arkhangel, after eight years of doing the same nothing. One night in the spring Vova and Igor climbed out their bedroom window and hiked through the woods to a bar in the city. They sat beside a Canadian journalist and gave a short interview, Igor translating for them both.聽聽
By the summer of 鈥88, Slava was done, too. He wanted permission to play in the NHL during the regular season, and he told everyone so. Officials told him no problem. And then they got out the red tape.聽
鈥淵ou would not wish it on an enemy. Especially not on Slava, who is my friend. It was painful to look at him, irritated, disappointed by the word that had been given to him, grown tired from going from office to office, lost.鈥澛
When he complained, the Party told him if he wasn鈥檛 happy in Arkhangel he could always play in a Siberian labor camp instead.
But Igor was also busy, or trying to be, at home. He and Lena had their first baby, a daughter, Alyonka. Like her father, she was frighteningly small. If officials had thought becoming a husband and father would scare Igor into shutting up, like it had Lyosha, they were super wrong. The boredom, indignity, and constant inconvenience of Soviet life was bitterer now that he had to see it happening to someone else. When his daughter was sick, he couldn鈥檛 go home to hold her. When she was hungry, he might spend his whole day off wandering around the city, waiting in different lines to be told that there was nothing worth waiting for left. During parts of the season he could visit their apartment in Moscow in the afternoons, but couldn鈥檛 help cook or eat with Lena or stay to clean up and put Alyonka to bed.聽
Just like Tretiak had, he asked Tikhonov for time off next August--no days off, just nights, to be able to stay for dinner and drive back for training.聽
鈥淚n August it was a life and death necessity for me to spend the night at the base? Well, the World Championship was not far off. Only eight months!鈥
Igor thought about it. He told the Greens that he was thinking about publishing another article. They were excited to read it, asking what this one would be about. He still wasn鈥檛 quite ready to say聽it, but he wanted them to know the moment was coming, so he just made them promise to read it.
Then he quit. In September he handed Tikhonov a letter explaining that he would play his last season with CSKA. They could let him go to the NHL during the regular season, or home to Khimik, or wherever he was wanted, as long as it wasn鈥檛 here. He went to the newspaper that promised him it could print fastest, and published it.
In his resignation letter, addressed to Tikhonov and now to the whole Soviet Union, he told everyone about the schedule (it was shocking, he said, that he and Lena managed to have a baby, when Tikhonov didn鈥檛 let him sleep beside his own wife); about how Tikhonov had made that schedule more important than Kharlamov, then Tretiak, and now Igor too; about Tikhonov punching Sasha; about the steroid injections he鈥檇 kept secret for Tikhonov for six years.
Those last two pieces were the wedge that any officials looking to shift the system needed. The papers published more pieces arguing one way and the other, which only made sure everyone heard about it. Fans and former players, now officers, stopped to pat Igor鈥檚 shoulder. Igor was informed that the legendary Tarasov, in his country retirement, had quite liked it.
Coach Tikhonov didn鈥檛 like Igor鈥檚 poetic inclinations any better this time. He was getting calls from all kinds of important people, and they weren鈥檛 going well. For the first time in years he was quiet, speechless. And then it became clear that was his response: he wouldn鈥檛 acknowledge Igor鈥檚 existence. He couldn鈥檛 take him off the roster now, but he could pretend he wasn鈥檛 there. No criticism in practice, no direction, nothing.聽
That was the difference between them, Igor wrote, both of their fatal flaw: Igor wanted to talk to everyone in the whole world, and Tikhonov had never learned how to talk to people.
The veteran players on CSKA鈥檚 second line found quiet moments to come up to Igor, and let him know they were on his side. Slava, still fighting for his own right to leave the team, came to Igor as soon as he鈥檇 read it, and took his hand. He told him Igor had done the right thing. Sergei and Vova embraced him and agreed.
Lyosha wasn鈥檛 sure it was right to share what had been said in the room, or to undercut Coach, who had kept him when he was at his lowest, and he was afraid of being sent to Siberia.聽
He told Igor, 鈥淵ou and I are not going the same path.鈥澛
And they did.
CSKA went on the road in October. In Sergei鈥檚 hometown Chelyabinsk fans hung over the rails and heckled Tikhonov, asking if he鈥檇 come to steal more children. His brothers Nikolai and Yuri were an institution in the city, and locals had consoled themselves over losing out on the full set by imagining that Sergei was doing well for himself and making a name for their city. Tikhonov turned away from the ice to try to shout at a fan like he did his players, and was swamped. Igor burst out laughing.聽
The next game, Tikhonov told the assistant coaches to tell Igor that Tikhonov still wasn鈥檛 talking to him but he could take a shift now, or whatever, not that Tikhonov cared. Igor caught the puck and carried it along the boards, expecting Sergei and Vova to chase him. Instead he hit a patch of bad ice, and then two of the other team landed on top of him on the way down. His right foot went the wrong way.
Now Tikhonov had a cast iron-excuse. Igor went home, and held his daughter, and waited and worried to hear what would happen if he didn鈥檛 heal in time for the next national team tournament--the Super Series, which would be the last warm-up before the 鈥88 Olympics. It was out of his control, and he couldn鈥檛 bear that.
Igor has an explanation for what he did next that I鈥檓 sure felt sensible at the time. We, now, can gently set that aside. Igor had all the symptoms of a serious eating disorder, so for three weeks, he only drank water and honey.
Because, and I just can鈥檛 stress this enough, Igor, your bones heal in their own time anyway, he was back on the ice a month or so after that. Once again able to skate himself sick with CSKA鈥檚 reserve team, he started eating fruit and the occasional vegetable again.聽
The team doctor, who I guess had been hired on the basis of being able to say, 鈥淎ll good, Coach!鈥 over an injured player faster than anybody else, cleared him to play. (Like a stopped clock, Igor maintains that the doctor--who Igor had seen point a concussed Vova in the general direction of the goal, roll players over the boards, and offered Igor mystery drugs--got it right this one time. Again, gently, we can question Igor鈥檚 medical fucking expertise here.)聽
It didn鈥檛 matter anyway. Tikhonov stood with arms crossed the whole time watching Igor skate, and said he was out of condition. He sent him home.
Igor was helpless again. His family wouldn鈥檛 get the pay from wins with CSKA, and now they were missing tournaments. Those could earn him $300, five months ordinary pay. He could train as much as he wanted alone--it wasn鈥檛 the same as playing with the Greens, and anyway now Tikhonov could always have a handy excuse to say he wasn鈥檛 back to his old self. All he had were his friends, who seemed sympathetic, but still hadn鈥檛 done anything.
Winter was coming on by now. He drove from Moscow to the training camp and walked across the grounds in the first drifting snow. Everything was quiet, cold, and clear, and he might as well have been twenty again, but this time he wouldn鈥檛 cross through the barracks door. Sergei, Vova, and Slava saw and came running down to meet him in the snow. They were glad to see him, worried for him, but they knew that Tikhonov was having his way.
I drove home along the Leningrad highway. I felt like shouting. 鈥榃here are your friends in a time of trouble? WHERE??? Can I expect sympathy from you, and nothing more?鈥...
Only my wife understood my despair.鈥
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Journal Entry #44 (part five)
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Victor鈥檚 room was on the fourth floor, and it was atypically quiet up there for that hour of the day. I鈥檇 expected it to be busier, as it was probably the time when many of the patients would be having their dinner brought to them, and when others would be receiving visits from family or friends. I鈥檝e been a patient in this wing of the fourth floor of Mt. Komorebi Medical Center more than once myself, and I remember how much activity I could hear all around me in the late afternoon.聽
The nurse, whose name I learned was Yuna, walked with me from the elevator, past the nurses鈥 station, and finally to a room about halfway down the long corridor. Just outside the door, she turned to me and offered me a kind smile.聽
鈥淚鈥檒l be here until seven o鈥檆lock, if you need anything,鈥 she said. 鈥淭he night shift will be coming on after that, and whoever happens to be your husband鈥檚 primary care nurse tonight will be able to help you if there鈥檚 anything you need.鈥
鈥淭hank you,鈥 I said. 鈥淗ow long can I stay?鈥
I knew visiting hours usually ended at eight o鈥檆lock, but I think I was hoping Yuna might say I could stay with Victor until morning.聽
I shouldn鈥檛 have been surprised when she replied, 鈥淯ntil eight.鈥
鈥淵ou can come back tomorrow at seven thirty, if you like. You can feed him his breakfast.鈥
I smiled slightly at that, sure that if Victor actually needed me to feed him, the irony of it would not be lost on him. 鈥淚f I鈥檓 not allowed to spend the night, I鈥檒l definitely be back here at seven-thirty,鈥 I said. 鈥淰ictor has a healthy relationship with food, though. I don鈥檛 think he鈥檒l need my help with breakfast.鈥
鈥淚s he left-handed or right-handed?鈥 Yuna asked.
The question seemed odd, but I answered anyway. 鈥淟eft-handed. Why?鈥
鈥淗e may need a little help,鈥 she said. 鈥淗is left arm is more seriously injured than his right, and I expect Dr. Sato explained to you that he鈥檚 experiencing some vision loss. His coordination might be affected by his head injury, too.鈥
鈥淲e鈥檒l see how he is in the morning,鈥 she said.
鈥淲ill you be here tomorrow?鈥
鈥淚 will,鈥 she confirmed. 鈥淲hy don鈥檛 you go in and sit with him now? I think he鈥檒l be glad to have you here.鈥
I nodded, and thanked Yuna again. I watched her stride away in the direction of the nurses鈥 station before I turned back to the door of Victor鈥檚 room.聽
I paused on the threshold, part of me desperate to see him and another part terrified of what I鈥檇 find once I stepped inside. I don鈥檛 know if I鈥檇 been in too much shock to pay attention to everything Dr. Sato had told me, or if she鈥檇 presented it in such a clinical way that it didn鈥檛 sink in. All I know is, hearing Yuna describe Victor鈥檚 injuries in such a practical context as his potential inability to feed himself absolutely shook me. I wasn鈥檛 at all prepared for that.
I was forced to admit to myself that not only was I scared, but I was also feeling guilty and disappointed in myself. I could not convince myself that this entire situation wasn鈥檛 at least partly my fault. I could鈥檝e handled things better today.聽 Maybe none of this would have happened and my Victor wouldn鈥檛 be facing an uncertain future if I had.
Tumblr media
Gathering together the shreds of my courage, I took the deepest breath I could manage and then entered the room. It was darker in Victor鈥檚 room than in the previous areas of the hospital I鈥檇 been in that day. I couldn鈥檛 even see him at first, because the bed curtain was pulled part way around the bed. All I could make out were his blanket-covered legs, one foot twitching restlessly like it often does when he鈥檚 overtired or anxious.聽
At least he鈥檚 awake, I thought. His foot never does that when he鈥檚 sleeping.
When I moved past the edge of the curtain, I gasped involuntarily at the sight that confronted me. Victor was lying there utterly motionless. Both his forearms were bandaged, and his neck was immobilized. The area around his left eye and down his left cheek was mottled with purplish bruises.聽
He was only covered from the waist down, and he wasn鈥檛 wearing a hospital gown or a shirt or anything. For all I knew, he might鈥檝e been completely naked beneath the thin blanket. It seemed so undignified, and seeing that bothered me almost as much as looking at his injuries did.
I wanted to touch him, but I didn鈥檛 know where I could put my hands without hurting him. Trying not to startle him, I said his name quietly.聽
It took him a few seconds to open his eyes, and when he did, they were fixed straight up at the ceiling for several more seconds. I understood that he couldn鈥檛 move his head or neck, so I didn鈥檛 expect him to turn toward me, but I think I did imagine he鈥檇 shift his gaze my way.聽Then I began to worry that maybe he wasn鈥檛 looking at me because he couldn鈥檛.聽
I felt a lump starting to form in my throat, and I fought with everything I had to keep from crying. The last thing Victor needed was for me to break down. He hates it when I cry. He says it makes him feel helpless, although he always tries his best to console me anyway. But, this wasn鈥檛 the time for him to feel obligated to do anything for me. I needed to be as strong as I could for both of us, as difficult as I knew that was going to be.
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry,鈥 I said.
After what felt like an eternity, Victor glanced in my direction. 鈥淵uri鈥?鈥 he said, as if he wasn鈥檛 quite sure it was me. His voice sounded so weak and small, so devoid of its usual energy that I barely recognized it as his.
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鈥淚鈥檓 here, my treasure. I鈥檓 right here.鈥 My own voice was trembling. Hesitantly, I traced across his shoulder with my fingertips, deciding that seemed like the safest place to touch. 鈥淚鈥檓 sorry I took so long.鈥
鈥淚t鈥檚 dark,鈥 he mumbled.
鈥淭he light is off so it doesn鈥檛 hurt your eyes,鈥 I said.
鈥淥h. Where are we?鈥
鈥淵ou don鈥檛 know where we are?鈥
鈥淚 don鈥檛 know,鈥 he said. 鈥淭his isn鈥檛 my bed. Where鈥檚 my white blanket?鈥
鈥淲e鈥檙e in the hospital,鈥 I told him.聽
I could see in his face that he was struggling to process that information, but something must鈥檝e finally clicked into place because he said. 鈥淚 fell.鈥
鈥淵es, you did.鈥
鈥淲hy鈥檚 it so dark?鈥
鈥淭he lights are off,鈥 I reminded him. 鈥滻 don鈥檛 think we should turn them on.鈥
鈥淚 don鈥檛 want it like that. I can鈥檛 see.鈥 There was an undercurrent of fear in his tone. 鈥淵uri, I鈥 I don鈥檛 like it being dark like this. Please.鈥
His rising panic was pushing my own fear and anxiety toward the surface, and I had to take deep breaths to steady myself. I kept petting his shoulder, wanting to maintain contact in the hope of reassuring him somehow. 鈥淭here鈥檚 a doctor coming to look at your eyes. If he says it鈥檚 okay, then we can turn the lights on.鈥
He let out a little whimpering sound. 鈥淏ut鈥 I can鈥檛 see!鈥
鈥淭he doctor will help you,鈥 I said.
鈥淚 just wanna see you.鈥 Tears were starting to form at the edges of his eyes, and he squeezed his eyelids shut momentarily. 鈥淓verything鈥檚 blurry and weird. Why鈥檚 it like that?鈥
鈥淵ou bumped your head,鈥 I said. That was painting it with the broadest strokes possible, I knew, but I wanted him to be able to understand without having to concentrate too much.
鈥淢y head hurts,鈥 he said. 鈥淓verything hurts. I want鈥 I want it to stop hurting.鈥
鈥淚鈥檒l ask Dr. Sato if she can give you something to make it stop hurting. She should be here before too long.鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 not sure exactly. Soon.鈥
鈥溾楰ay,鈥 he acquiesced. 鈥淐an you hold鈥 hold m-my hand?鈥澛
鈥淚 don鈥檛 know if I should,鈥 I said.
鈥淧lease, Yuri? I鈥檓 scared.鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry,鈥 I murmured, wondering how many times I was going to say that, and how many times would feel like enough.聽
Tumblr media
He made a vague movement with his right hand, the one closest to me, and I lifted it off the bed as carefully as I could. What if it was broken? Would I be doing more damage to it? His fingers were swollen, and even in the dimness they looked more pinkish than normal. 鈥淎m I hurting you?鈥
鈥淚 don鈥檛 know.鈥
I supposed that was fair, if his hand was already causing him pain. 鈥淵ou let me know if you want me to stop touching you, okay?鈥
鈥淣ever stop,鈥 he said. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 care if it hurts. I just need to鈥 to feel your hand.鈥
鈥淥kay. I won鈥檛 let go.鈥
He was silent for a while, lying with his eyes closed, and I guessed perhaps the effort of talking had exhausted him. But then, his eyelids fluttered open, and his face assumed the expression of someone who鈥檇 just remembered something important. 鈥淵uri,鈥 he said. 鈥淭hey took my rings.鈥
鈥淵our rings?鈥
鈥淢y rings. The ones you gave me.鈥
His wedding ring and promise ring. I hadn鈥檛 even noticed they weren鈥檛 there when I鈥檇 lifted his hand. Now, looking down and seeing my own rings, I was painfully aware that his were gone. 鈥淒o you remember who took them? The paramedics, or someone here?鈥
鈥淚 don鈥檛 know. I was crying. I didn鈥檛 want them to take them. I said鈥 I promised I鈥檇 n-never take them off. I promised鈥︹澛 His tears finally spilled over, and began to run down the sides of his face. 鈥淚鈥檓 sorry. I tried.鈥
鈥淚t鈥檚 okay,鈥 I said. 鈥淵ou don鈥檛 have anything to apologize for.鈥
鈥淐an you find them?聽 I want you to put them on me.鈥
I reached out with my free hand to caress his face, wiping away some of the dampness with my fingers. 鈥淚鈥檓 sure your rings are safe. I鈥檒l find them for you, and when your hands feel better, I鈥檒l put them on you again, okay? I don鈥檛 think they鈥檇 fit you right now.鈥
鈥淚 promised I鈥檇 never take them off,鈥 he repeated miserably.聽
鈥淚 know, love. It鈥檚 all right. It鈥檚 not your fault.鈥
鈥淵es, it is,鈥 he said. 鈥淚 didn鈥檛鈥 I wasn鈥檛 mad at you this morning, but I shouldn鈥檛 have鈥 The event. I鈥 I should鈥檝e told Sakura鈥 But, it鈥檚 my best one, and鈥︹ He trailed off, and raised his other hand to rub at his eyes, and then almost immediately cried out in pain. He was so confused, it likely hadn鈥檛 occurred to him that touching his bruised face with his possibly fractured arm would be painful. Instead of drying his tears, it only made him cry harder. 鈥淚鈥檓 never doing it again.鈥
鈥淣ever doing what again?鈥澛
鈥淪nowboarding,鈥 he said.
鈥淒on鈥檛 say that. You might be off the mountain for a while, but you鈥檒l do it again.鈥
鈥淣o鈥︹ he said, and it came out as a moan. 鈥淓veryone鈥 I disappointed everyone. I wanted you to be proud even if鈥 even if you weren鈥檛 there. I love you, and I just鈥 I鈥 I鈥檓 sorry.聽 Everything鈥檚 messed up, and it鈥檚 my fault.鈥
Tumblr media
I鈥檒l confess, in that moment I had no idea what to do.聽 My heart was aching, and I felt utterly helpless. I wanted to be able to say something, do something to make everything right, but I didn鈥檛 know how. All I could do was attempt to comfort him as best I could.聽
鈥淰ictor, it鈥檚 not your fault,鈥 I said softly. I stroked his hair gently, in the way I know he likes. 鈥淚 love you, and I am proud of you. You never have to do anything special to make me proud. Being you is enough.鈥
鈥淚s it?鈥
鈥淥f course it is. It always has been. I don鈥檛 need a hero or a champion.鈥 I lowered my head and whispered against his swollen fingers. 鈥淚 just need you. Always you. Only you.鈥
鈥淒on鈥檛 leave me,鈥 he said. 鈥淧lease... I鈥檓 scared.鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 right here. I鈥檓 not going to leave you.鈥
鈥淲hat if I can鈥檛鈥︹ he began.
鈥淐an鈥檛 what?鈥
鈥淲hat if鈥 what if I can鈥檛 take care of you any more?鈥
鈥淚 don鈥檛 want you to worry about that,鈥 I said.聽聽
鈥淵our voice鈥 I can tell. You鈥檙e in pain.鈥
鈥淎 little,鈥 I conceded. In reality, it was more than a little and I鈥檓 positive he knew that, but he didn鈥檛 need to hear me say it. 鈥淚鈥檒l be fine, though. Right now, we need to focus on you.鈥
鈥淏ut, I have to. Your mom鈥 she鈥檚 n-not here, and nobody else knows how to do what you need.鈥 His fingers stirred weakly in my hand. 鈥淢eds and food and鈥 y鈥檏now. Belly rubs.鈥
I laughed. I couldn鈥檛 help it. Of all the things he was concerned about, the one that found its way into the conversation had to be that, and it was such a Victor thing. It wasn鈥檛 really funny, but I think I鈥檇 reached a breaking point and had to release my emotional energy in some way, and I reasoned that laughing was better than the alternative.
鈥淵ou do give amazing belly rubs,鈥 I said. 鈥淚'll be looking forward to those when everything鈥檚 back to normal.鈥
鈥淣ormal,鈥 he echoed. 鈥淎m I gonna be normal again?鈥
鈥淚 think you will,鈥 I said.聽
鈥淚 have to. I need to see, and鈥 I need my hands. I just wanna take care of you, 鈥榗ause I love you, and I promised.鈥
鈥淚 love you too,鈥 I said. 鈥淵ou鈥檒l be able to take care of me again, but for now all you need to do is rest and let me take care of you.鈥
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