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cometblaster2070 · 3 months
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i've spoken before on raven and darling and how they're such good foils to each other, but i really, really just want to emphasize this scene right here because it makes me LOSE it.
(also please don't mind maddie and her expressions)
i personally love the way darling looks at raven in the first panel, because you can see her confusion there. everyone knows that apple and raven are best friends forever despite all their differences, and everyone knows just how much apple and raven care for each other, and how they would do anything for each other.
but i really love how this is framed because you can see darling looking at the way raven looks at apple; with so much longing, with so much sorrow, so much hurt, and so much love, and you can just see it click for her in the next panel.
the way she's questioning it at first, the way she's thinking for a second that that is not the way you would look at someone who's 'just a friend'.
and then the resignation and the sadness in the next moment, where i think darling realizes 'oh, we're both in the same boat; we're both in love with apple white'.
and i love that look of mixed pity and camaraderie; that look that shows that darling knows what raven's going through and what she's feeling (even if raven herself may not understand it right now) because she's also in love with apple.
of course there's just plain sadness because she feels bad for raven, whose best friend is currently in her magical coma, and it makes sense why she would sympathize with raven for that.
but i personally like to see it in the light that darling's heart is torn realizing that they're both stuck here, next to the girl they love, a love that will probably remain unrequited because (at this point yk) daring's supposed to be apple's prince, and apple herself will never know about how they feel, and apple will never return either of their feelings.
to cut it short, it's darling looking at raven looking at apple and thinking "oh my god i thought i was the only gay bitch in love with apple white".
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We, as a society, don't talk enough about that scene where Troy, Annie and Abed are putting on a shadow puppet show for Jeff and Britta, and Jeff starts crying when Horsebot 3000 dies
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greatpistachiopie · 10 months
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the grand dame of death
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kuro-is-doodlin · 2 months
do you know this fanfic? it's made by @dekupalace !
if you don't, I highly recommend giving it a read, because. God DAMN it's good
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that's why i tried a silly little cover for it, teehee. it inspires me
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rabbitsonthemoon · 3 months
My Hero Academia has me gnawing at the bars of my enclosure like a feral dragon. I just— it's dopamine on a stick for me.
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Pink mer Hwa!
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loveisinthebat · 1 year
Flight Grump
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canon-autopsy · 9 months
I listened to the entirety of the magnus archives in a pretty short period of time, became obsessed, and now I've just restarted from the beginning bc I miss listening to it and holy shiiit jonny is a GENIUS FUCKING WRITER. like I knew this the first time around but now going back and listening to it while knowing everything is WILD what a fantastic fucking world he's created right from the start, and doing it all while the show was at its start when working with so little??? and serialized, being written as they went with only the broad layout of all 5 seasons laid out?? even being able to have 5 distinct arcs of story all planned out like that!! and back when they just had 3 dollars and a dream!! what an amazing fucking series
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This is written on Mitsuba's wiki page on fandom, under "Relationship with Kou"
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shiningfennec · 1 month
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Laios you're supposed to light it before venturing into the next area
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carpblu · 9 months
On my way to Berlin to see käärijä I just hit my 150 days Duolingo streak! Kind of fitting 😀
Been ages since I put that much effort into learning a language, kiitos Käärijä 😁
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greyias · 11 months
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Sometimes failing a check is even better than making one.
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He just looks so offended.
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cookierye · 1 year
the posts about Showfall Media committing rainbow capitalism during pride month are twenty times funnier if you consider that the creator of the series and therefore the organisation, Ranboo, is very much so queer themselves
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chronic-cynic · 3 months
My favourite video ever.
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revenantghost · 1 year
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If you want to get your hands on some official merch in the form of this Project SEEDS pen, here's your final chance! I'll be closing this group preorder today (July 27th--or, well, I'll close the ability to purchase it tomorrow morning when I can, you have until then!), and they'll release in October.
You can snatch one up in my ko-fi shop here!
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soratsuart · 1 year
My French teacher when I was 16 made me hate the language and swear off to never try to learn it again, but I can make an exception for Baghera
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