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loveisinthebat · 3 days
Scream Nugget
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noconcessions · 1 year
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captainmolasses · 2 months
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Surge tries something new
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bitcheslovebats · 11 months
bat fact of the day:
there are over 1,400 species of bats worldwide!
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captain-lonagan · 1 year
i love quincey’s brain. like his thought process is so great it’s just:
i once saw a bat drink so much blood from a horse that the horse nearly died -> the woman i love is losing massive amounts of blood everytime there’s a bat outside her window -> i now shoot bats on sight
like forget “doing the math wrong but reaching the right conclusion” motherfucker barely did math At All but he got the answer Perfectly
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vickyvicarious · 5 days
So, you've just given blood.
First of all, good for you! Have a sticker.
But giving too much blood can be dangerous, and it's important to take care of yourself afterwards. Do you know the best way to do so?
Give your girlfriend a kiss, drink port wine, have a nap, then go home to rest and eat well.
Apply pressure, lay down for a bit, drink wine and have a big breakfast, then take a short nap before going back to work for the rest of the day.
Drink wine, rest for a short time, meet with a difficult client, then spend four days and nights sitting up with a friend and trying not to sleep.
Drink a glass of wine, lay down for a bit, have a big breakfast, then talk to some friends before spending the night patrolling around in the dark to guard against vampire bats.
Drink lots of nonalcoholic beverages first, then focus on resting and avoiding any strenuous activity for at least a day, making sure to eat iron-rich foods.
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unpretty · 1 year
loving quincey morris getting up and taking a break from the first official Let's Kill Dracula meeting and everyone politely assuming he needs a bathroom break until they hear gunshots and then he has to come back and sheepishly explain that he was taking potshots at dracula
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Fentons open a bar in gothem
So the GIW find out danny is phantom and distroys amity park, danny was only able to save jazz and maddie because they were with him
After their safely in the ghost zone jazz and danny explain to maddie about how dannys phantom and what the GIW really are and everything
Maddie accepts danny and is now very protective because of hunting her own son, losing her husband, vlad fighting danny and the GIW, jazz is protective of him for similar reasons
Then they meet dan and over a few months maddie, jazz and danny reform dan and after dan was forgiven for his crimes he was filled in on everything that happened and now dan is protective too
The entire remaining fentons are extremely overprotective of eachother dispite how strong they are
After a few years in the ghost zone, jazz and maddie become liminal and immortal while dan and danny have effectively stopped aging, and now want to have a life outside of the ghost zone
So they all look and come across gothem...and decide to open a bar
About 9 months later "Fenton zone" is one of the hottest hits for the criminals of gothem
The bartender may look young enough to be your child but he doesn't bat an eye to scheming, violent stories or threats. He'll talk to you like a person and has soon become the favourite
The manager(?) Is an esentric womam who loves to show off her new inventions and will sometimes offer advice to the criminals
And the red haired girl that showes up looks to be in charge of the entertainments, nice but don't get into a debate with her...she'll win
And the bouncer who is 6.9, jacked and more intimidating that the bat definitely keeps everyone in line
Follow the rules and you'll be fine...dont and there will be consequences
But the criminals love it, no one bats an eye to the criminals, hell they often swap scar stories with eachother
Harly and jazz love to talk phyciatritrist with eachother
Danny seems to know alot about plants and activly helps ivy with them
Maddie and the riddler got into a poetry battle once
And dan is the arm wrestling champion (the only one whos beat him is danny but everyone thinks dan let him win) but is always up for a challenge
Dont order food though, the one time anyone did maddie came out chasing living hotdogs, danny sighed grabed a net and helped maddie while jazz maned the bar
It was good it really was...
But once again the bat had to try and ruin all the fun
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see-arcane · 1 year
Quincey ‘On Sight’ Morris:
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remembersunflowers · 2 months
Dracula has gone ages living off of scraps, and finally in the culmination of his planning drank from Jonathan to celebrate
He can be patient, he can bide his time
But he chooses to terrify the crew of the Demeter, to sow panic, and drag them into horror one by one
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loveisinthebat · 2 days
Excited Friends
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keyonsketches · 1 year
"surprise wolf" Dracula fan art by keyon
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sepublic · 1 year
Remember when Dracula was a goofy old man who gave Jonathan an air kiss goodbye and did lizard fashion, and now he’s this faceless, eldritch horror that acts as some metaphor for the impending march of death, an illness brought in by a ship like the bubonic plague? Remember when he had three roommates he just ditched, what are they up to now???
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georgiacooked · 1 month
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Dracula Daily sketch for August 14th
In which there is a giant bat.
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morefluid-thanwater · 10 days
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DDs 626 and 627
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