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for you馃巵
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Where were Octavinelle and Scarabia in the latest PV???
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Like, this is the amazing content it was missing because they weren鈥檛 there 馃槖
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rose-the-witch1 2 days
hi hi~ i hope u have a great day~~
May i request a Vampire au with octa trio tho? instead of them being a vampire, it鈥檒l be the reader who鈥檚 a vampire also a sweetheart and kind one? 馃憖
Sure thing! Hope this is okay!!
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Azul Ashengrotto
At first he doesn't realize that you're a vampire.
Like, even when you smile at him he just assumes your teeth are Like That
But then when you start carrying an umbrella around in the daytime and you don't show up in any mirrors, he honestly questions you a lot
Then he gets the grand idea of trying to hire you for the Mostro Lounge, because a vampire attracts freaks who are into vampires
When you turn him down he's bitter for a bit but he lets it go
He'll offer to buy you a new umbrella if yours ever breaks
He also respects your kindness and tries to help you with keeping away from human blood in any way that he can
If you ask him if you can feed on him he'll get extremely flustered
But he'll reluctantly oblige, albeit being very squeamish
The feeling feels rather nice to him though, and if you're his s/o he'll let you do it more often
Also very curious about you and your habits since he's never met a vampire before
Generally loves you and loves being around you!
Jade Leech
Figured it out immediately when you got sunburn for the first time
He found it amusing, honestly, but he'll swarm you with questions about vampire stereotypes
Overall though he finds you very cute, I like to think he loves vampires
He uses your lack of reflection to freak people out, like in the hall of mirrors you don't show up in any of them and it gives folks the creeps
If you ask to feed on him he will happily oblige
But if you're his s/o he will not hesitate to bite back
If you get flustered by that he will call you out on it
He'll also wake you up if you start falling asleep in class
Pretty much adores your kindness and vampire mannerisms
Floyd Leech
Pretty much found out after making a joke
"Hey Floyd, do you want my French bread pizza? I can't have garlic" "What're you, Shrimpy, a vampire?" "Yes actually"
Congratulations, you've been upgraded from shrimpy to vampire squid!
Not as curious as the other two, but he does find some of your abilities funny
Especially whenever you turn into a bat
"Vampire squid can fly without a broom! That's so cool!"
Feedings are uncommon with him but when you do feed off him he's extra giggly and woozy because he lets you take as much as you need
As his s/o he is prone to more giggle fits after feeding because he finds your fangs tickle
In this state he'll just gush about you being cute and wanting to kiss you
Sometimes takes your kindness for granted but he'll make up for it with little gifts like snacks
You're his cute little vampire squid, what can he say?
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they're sulking
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lokiinwonderland 21 hours
Sebek: Today at 7 am, Lilia poured a Monster energy drink in his coffee, said "I'm going to die" and drank the whole thing.
Malleus: I watched Lilia brew his coffee with Monster instead of water. Three cups in two hours. I think he ascended into the astral realm.
Silver: The survivability of the Fae race never fails to amaze me.
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Some Octavinelle stuff that I had lying around. I really need to draw some more with them honestly.
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twst icons
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ingame voicelines
what would they say about you? would they murmur sweet compliments or chuckle at your silly mistakes? in which yuu asks these strange students of night raven college about you: and is surprised to find out that they have lovers?
characters: riddle rosehearts, leona kingscholar, azul ashengrotto, rook hunt, gn!reader warnings: reader is not yuu! a/n: feedback is appreciated!
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"have you seen y/n around? they promised me that they would have tea with me around this time...oh? they had to stay back to help professor crewel? *chuckle* i always knew my king of hearts was very studious but still..."
"no! yuu, don't sit there! rule 29 of the queen of hearts, only the king of hearts can sit on the right side of the queen! phew, you almost broke a rule. i didn't want to have your head, not during the unbirthday party."
"oh, hello yuu! 'why am i smiling?' you asked? well, *blushes* my king just came to wish me good luck for my riding competition before pinning their good-luck brooch onto my outfit. i'm so blessed to have them..."
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"grrr, hey. herbivore. if you see y/n around, tell them to come to their king. i can't sleep without them.....why are you laughing?"
"hm? you asked why did i ask ruggie to get me two sandwiches instead of one? y/n's joining me today to play a round of chess. they've been insisting on spending quality time as a couple, tch. they're so sweet........you heard me? no, you didn't."
"*sigh* the one time i actually want to go to class and i'm being hounded by a curious herbivore...what do you want, yuu? *listens* hmm? i'm gonna go to class because y/n's in it. now, move. they're waiting for me and i have no intentions of keeping them waiting."
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"who is y/n? oh, they were someone who i made a deal with in the past. why do you look so worried, yuu? do not fear, i hold y/n too close in my heart to hurt them."
"terribly sorry but i cannot permit you to sit there...why? my beloved adores sitting there, staring into mostro's aquarium while doing their homework is one of their favorites...i cannot allow anyone else to take away their happiness."
"when did i meet y/n? let's see...it was during our childhood. we grew up together; y/n always defended me from my bullies like my knight in shining armor. i still cannot believe that they stayed with me through everything even going as far to joining me at the surface and enrolling in night raven college together. *lovesick smile* oh, what did i do to deserve them?"
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"yuu! what a glorious day it is today- hmm? what does 'amour de ma vie' mean? *snickers* your pronunciation is so cute, but needs some work, mon ami! amour de ma vie means love of my life..."
"what do i love about them? why, i could go on for centuries! their smile is like the sun; it gives me life and reasons to live. i could never go a day without seeing their beautiful face caressed by the morning dawn nor could i go a day without seeing their peaceful expression as they slumber into the evening night. *sees yuu's taken-aback expression and laughs* apologies, yuu. i could never shut up when it comes to mon amour."
"excuse me, yuu! please step aside for a moment. *prepares his bow and arrow to fire* don't fear! i'm simply sending an arrow of love to mon amour...*fires before smiling at a shocked yuu* don't worry, the arrow is enchanted to not hurt them, it's a spell of protection from their beloved hunter...*smiles dreamily* i wonder how they shall reply! *arrow fires back, nearly hitting yuu but rests in a grinning rook's hand. he reads it before dashing away but not before shouting over his shoulder* goodbye, mon ami! mon cheri awaits me!"
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During Basketball Club:
Jamil: *choking*
Ace: I鈥檓 trying to call 911 but the 9 isn鈥檛 working!
Floyd: Just flip the phone upside down and use the 6 instead!
Jamil: *stops choking* What the fu-
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Card inspo fashion ~
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Hello! I was wondering but... what do you think about gender-bend Octavinelle?
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I mean鈥 I don鈥檛 have much to comment on for general genderbend AUs other than the characters鈥 physical appearance would be different? I don鈥檛 think much else change about most characters, because gender doesn鈥檛 necessarily equate to personality. It really depends on the individual interpretations of the AU; that's what gives it charm and makes it fun.
I guess that since Octavinelle are more 鈥渁nimalistic鈥 (ie half fish), they鈥檇 perhaps have more aggressive personalities (since I believe that at least female octopuses sometimes kill their mates and eat them)? I don鈥檛 know if the change would be that significant though, since Octavinelle is already pretty aggressive in their business tactics. I certainly have a difficult time imagining Azul as that aggressive (or some human equivalent of it), especially considering that (s)he and Jade try to keep up a veneer of professionalism.
For the most part, Jade would still be Jade but just perceived as a 鈥渞efined lady鈥 instead of a 鈥渞efined gentleman鈥 before she backstabs you. Floyd would still be Floyd and probably not give a rat鈥檚 ass about who sees her acting 鈥渦nladylike鈥. I also see the twins鈥 preferences for how they wear their clothes carrying over; Jade is all proper and tidy, Floyd is messy, carefree, and experimental. Azul would try to capitalize on her cuteness to convince desperate simps to hand her their money (idk, selling octopus bath water or finally getting into streaming as a source of revenue like he said he wanted to explore in episode 6).
I like seeing the different designs people come up with for genderswaps, but I guess my preference for fem!Octavinelle would be with long hair?? Just because long hair gives the nice imagery of a mermaid鈥檚 hair pooling and fanning out in the water, it鈥檚 so mesmerizing to watch.
(Pspspspspspsp have some doodles of f!J word I made recently 馃ぁ The second drawing features genderbent Raven just because I felt like it--)
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antagonisticoctopii 2 days
Thinking about future aus for twst and ykw? I think being a mer/beastman is a dominant trait. Take that how you will with ur future au kids. I feel like having a human child between a mer/beastman and a human would be less likely. It can still happen, but also I was like. Damn it'd be cute to see octavinelle helping their kid manage their mer body while their partner watches them play (either with a water breathing potion or from the shore.) Alternatively, Savanaclaw teaching their kid how to groom themselves and take care of their beast features!!
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forgot to post this commission but riddle and jade study buddies 馃尮馃惉
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Octavinelle doodle
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