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I remember people were discussing if twst is not about the biblical seven deadly sins, but about the seven social sins. Well, look and behold, each chapter does represent the social sins. Note that not all of them are comitted by the g7 incarnate of the chapter themselves, but do lead to their overblot somehow.
Chapter 1: Politic without Principle
Riddle actively reminds people his policy of the absolute-ness of the law, that the law, even on the smallest detail, must not be crossed. However, Riddle lacks a principe he have for himself, for his strict lawful policy was something his mother taught him, but not what he learn for himself.
Chapter 2: Pleasure Without Conscience
Leona enjoys power greatly, be it about his power of being a prince, or as a dorm head, with little to no regard to his responsibility, overusing power with no caring of the drawback. And when Lilia reminding him about that conscience, he overblots.
Chapter 3: Commerce Without Morality
Pretty explanatory, we know Azul makes his trades without feeling any sorry for his victim and gives so little about moral, that ends up backfires on him that , he can keep absorbing other powers, just, the container is too small and it makes him go overblot.
Chapter 4: Wealth Without Work:
Now, the sin itself is done by Kalim in which it led to Jamil overblot. Kalim does minimally for all of his clan's wealth that includes Jamil's family as their servants for generations, that he seemingly can get so many with so little work, and this makes Jamil envies Kalim so much.
Chapter 5: Worship without sacrifice.
Another chapter where the sin is done not by the overblot. Rook, in his worship of beauty, refuses to call out vil even once until he overblot for he enjoys the beauty of vil's mental breakdown (he actually spelled it out himself) , and neither did he make it clear which he will chose, neige or vil, not wanting to lose either of them.
Chapter 6: Science Without Humanity
Again this chapter is pretty self explanatory, Idia certainly create the new Ortho with little to no regard to humanity, and even then, as much he supplies Ortho with his hardware, he often unintentionally ignors Ortho's humane, emotional needs like going out with him.
chapter 7: knowledge without character.
Malleus, being a fae, possessed more knowledge about magic than the entire mortal civilization, with no mature character to properly manage said knowledge (and his immense raw power to actually do the magic to boot) , that emotionally, he is but a child throwing tanturms when things didn't go his way, but with all the knowledge and power to twist (heh) the world to his desires.
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Hello there! Here's my request for the day, could I have the Dorm Leaders hearing their female musician s/o sing a love song dedicated to them at VDC? As an added bonus, everyone (including their families) saw her performance and really liked it.
AAA I loved writing this so much!! I always have songs I assign to the boys going through my head all the time so this was so much fun writing! I hope you enjoy it~ -GN
Warnings: N/A
Fem! MC
A Song for Your Love
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Riddle Rosehearts (You Give Me Feelings - HOUSE OF SAY)
When I tell you this man was flustered when you pointed him out in the crowd. Not only was your song full of love and energy, but all of your attention was on him, laser-focused on his face in the roaring crowd as you danced and sang across the stage like a professional. He’s the type to try and show his affection through actions instead of words, so expect a lot of flowers, gifts, and lots of hand-holding!
What made it even worse was he knew this was being broadcasted. Though he felt horrified by the thought of his mother watching you perform, specifically with him in mind, he was quickly reassured that she was more than amused by your eccentric proclaims of affection. She appreciates a confident woman speaking her mind, especially towards her son.
Tumblr media
Leona Kingscholar (Lazy Love - Chloe X Halle)
Smug Bastard x100 He’s making that concert seat look like a throne with how confident he looks, knowing full well that you are talking about him. Nobody else in the thousands seated near him. (Don’t mention how he might have a slight ego about being the second prince, he can’t give you the throne you deserve but he can give himself to you instead. Knowing you return the gesture makes him unreasonably happy)
Forgot it was being broadcasted until he got a facetime call from his brother congratulating him on having a mate of his very own, especially one so talented! Cheka starts begging him to bring you back to the palace and Leona hangs up before he can get the waterworks going. 
Tumblr media
Azul Ashengrotto (Cariño - The Marías)
Stuck between stunned, smug, and highly embarrassed. He has this goofy smile as he watches you strut across the stage, occasionally ducking his face into his hands when you purr the lyrics into the mic and wink at him in the crowd.
His mama went NUTS when she caught her guppy getting serenaded on live broadcast and demanded that he bring you home. She wants to meet the gal who made her baby smile like that!
Tumblr media
Kalim Al-Asim (What is Love? - Jonelle Monáe)
Your hype man. He’s jumping, dancing, screaming your name, and “I love you”s as you perform. Jamil tries to get him to calm down but how could he when you look like the brightest star in the desert sky? His Jewel has talent!
His father was laughing so loudly when he called, delighted with his son’s choice in love. Immediately offered to build you a personal stadium in return for you (marrying his son) performing for the entire Al-Asim family.
Tumblr media
Vil Shoenheit (Only Girl (In the World) - Rihanna)
Smug x100 pt. 2, He is preening under the spotlight of your affections and, while he may be judging your routine (lovingly ofc), he genuinely likes how you make it clear to others that he chose you above everyone else. Though he does question if you have a death sentence announcing your relationship so boisterously.
His father loved your performance! Bold and confident, you really must have what it takes to make his son fall so hard for you. While he may not be at the front of the musical entertainment business, he’d be willing to get you some connections if you ever decide to pursue music in the field.
Tumblr media
Idia Shroud (Icarus - Grant Knoche)
Hates the attention but melts under your loving stare, completely enraptured by your declaration of love and the thought that you did all this for him. Is 100% recording everything so he can rewatch it over and over again late at night and squeal like a fangirl in the privacy of his room.
His parents teased him relentlessly for finally getting a girlfriend, calling you his Pomegranate, and begging him to bring you home so they can meet you properly. Your references to a well-known myth are not lost on them, and the dedication to get close knowing the potential to get hurt is more than enough to get their trust. His hair is pink by the end of the call but you can tell he’s really happy they like you.
Tumblr media
Malleus Draconia (Sunset - Caroline Polachek)
Smug x100 pt. 3, because not only did you invite him to this whole ordeal, but you were performing for him and admitting how much you felt about him in front of such a large crowd. Is not aware of your performance being broadcasted, but knowing that everyone will know who you chose as a mate is more than enough to get him all smug again.
Oh, his grandmother is more than pleased that her grandson found someone so wonderful to rule beside him.  The trust you put in him, the clear admittance that you see him as a safe place, it's all proof to the reigning Queen. She’s heard a lot about you from Lilia so it only makes sense for you to visit Briar Valley to make your engagement official, no?
Tumblr media
I know this was very short but I hope I fulfilled your wish! -GN
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Can i actually request about being Azul’s siblings but angst that he started being slowly distant when he got friended with the twins until reaching to NRC especially one dorm with him and he doesn’t like to be addressed as ‘brother’ and treated you as inferior before he overblot? and perhaps if you don’t mind tho what happened after his overblot?
ooooo yes! I love the sibling relationships with the TWST characters both wholesome and angsty. Of course I don't mind writing as much as you want! This even ended up longer than I expected it too! Thank you so much for the request!
Azul as a sibling (Broken relationship edition)
you and Azul used to be close
growing up with him, you saw the other kids pick on him and you knew about his insecurities
you were always there to defend him whenever you saw it
and you reassured him that what they said wasn't true
you would always be standing outside his octopot and keeping away other students so he wouldn't be teased
and so you two were close
but then one day in elementary school, there were a couple of eel twins
Azul was being picked on and curled up in his octopot when the twins approached
they actually talked to him and weren't really mean so you didn't stop them
and Azul actually became friends with them after a bit
but once they became friends, he started spending less time with you
while you could still hang out from time to time, he spent most of his time with them
you'd often see him planning and burying himself in spell books too
and the twins even helped keep bullies away from him
of course you're happy he has friends
and it's great that they help him out
but it really hurts when you want to spend time with him and he tells you he's too busy
especially because when he's "busy" the twins still hover around him
still, you tried to spend time with him a little bit while at home
and he couldn't always push you away
but every day he started to spend less and less time with you and more time studying magic
by the time the two of you were enrolled at Night Raven College, you barely see him anymore
you were a little hopeful when you two ended up in the same dorm
and the twins also got into Octavinelle
for a second you thought that you could try to spend a little time with him
but those hopes were destroyed very quickly
you wanted to try talking to him so you called out to him
all you said was "Brother!" and he immediately turned around with a scowl
all he said was to not call him that before walking away
so maybe he doesn't want to talk to you
you carried on with your school activities and watched Azul from afar
you're not exactly sure what he's been doing, but he seemed to socialize with students a lot more than he did before
and he also seems more confident in himself
eventually he even talked with the headmage and opened a lounge
it was very surprising actually
your brother who used to be very shy and meek is now running a lounge
it was even more surprising when Jade came up to you saying that Azul wanted most Octavinelle students working there, including you
you accepted (the eel didn't give you much of a choice) and started working immediately
unfortunately, you got stuck with some of the worse jobs that no one wanted to do
this included dishes, taking care of trash, cleaning the bathrooms, and generally cleaning any spills
even while working there, you didn't see much of Azul
he spent most of his time in the VIP room
not many people were allowed in there
it was only Azul, the twins, and anyone he wanted to speak with
while working, there would sometimes be students that point out that the two of you were siblings
those students were often dragged to the VIP room and looked very scared when coming out
and they never mentioned it again
it's like hardly anyone knew you were siblings
it's like he didn't want anyone to know
as if he didn't want to be associated with you
and then one day Jade told you that Azul wanted you in the the VIP room
you went in the room and Azul didn't even look up at you
he was to busy writing something
you sat down on one of the couches and awkwardly waited for something to happen
still not looking up at you, he just told you to sign and slid a piece of paper in your direction
looking at it, it was a contract
it said that you would work and do anything he wanted you too, and you could never tell anyone that you were related, you used to be close, or even give details of his childhood
in return you get some of the better jobs like actually dealing with customers and more discounts
you knew of his unique magic
if you signed this contract you would be forced to follow it
of course you didn't want to sign it
and you told him that
this time he actually looked at you
"Is your head so thick that you can't see how I'm trying to help you? You'll get a better position and discounted items. You should consider yourself lucky that I'm kind enough to offer your poor soul something better. Normally I wouldn't even waste my time with someone like you, but my benevolent nature is simply too strong. Besides, this is beneficial for both sides and you'll kindly be helping me as well."
if there was any hope for you and Azul to get along someday, it's certainly dead now
did he really see you so far beneath him?
he really thought that low of you...
but he phrased it in such a way that made it sound like you would be helping him by signing
and he is your brother after all, even if he doesn't want to admit it
so reluctantly, you signed
and he promptly asked you to leave afterwards
things weren't so great after that
while you did get some of the better jobs, you still had to do some of the worse ones
and this also means you had to work more
on top of that you couldn't refuse anything he said
not that he acknowleged you too much after that
he mostly asked Jade or Floyd to tell you what he wanted
because you weren't worth his time
then he started making contracts with more people
and the Mostro Lounge had...too many workers to keep up with
they all signed a contract with Azul, and now they payed the price
but then a bunch of Savanaclaw student showed up one day and caused so much trouble in the lounge
they caused such a mess and spilled everything and you were already dreading the cleanup later
but then you saw Azul
he was clearly upset and frustrated at everyone around him
for a second, he almost looked like the same Azul that used to get picked on
but then the dark ink seemed to consume him
as much as you wanted to help, you were too far away, everyone around you was scrambling, and the students involved seemed like they were trying to keep others away
Azul wouldn't want your help anyway
he'd hate to know that you helped save him
but he was your brother you couldn't just stand by and let it happen
the other students were able to save him before you could even get there
and you kept your distance
Azul was a bit of a wreck after that
you found out that all of his contracts got destroyed so you weren't bound to yours anymore
but you still didn't call him brother
he didn't want that anyway so it just sort of stayed
after his overblot he started acting different
while he still didn't talk to you much at first, he was around you more often
he didn't spend as much time in the VIP room and actually came out to work with everyone else
sometimes he did sort of...hover near you
it was like he wanted to say something, but instead he'd just fidget and look frustrated
the twins seemed entertained by it at least
and then he invites you to the VIP room again
when you enter he's a bit fidgety and won't look at you
you ask if he wants another contract and he's surprised
no one has even mentioned contracts to him since he overblotted
but he says no and that he actually has a new work schedule for you
when you take a look you're amazed
less hours and you don't have to do those horrible jobs anymore???
it was really amazing
since then he even has been trying to make conversation with you
he's incredibly awkward about it tho
he doesn't know what to say so he's searching for something you may be interested in
he wishes he did more research on you in the past to know what you like now
still, he's trying
but what really changed was his attitude towards you
so when some customers were being annoying and complaining about you one day, he actually came to your defense
"Excuse me? It would be wise to watch what you say. After all, that's my sibling you're talking about."
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ceruleancattail · 20 hours
If you're still open for requests... Mehbe... Octatrio being the object/adoration of (Reader)-someone who'd shout their love from the rooftops, quip wit right on back at them, just someone who's unabashed in the fact that they want to make their Favorite Fish happy UvU
Octavinelle getting the Love they deserve:
Azul has a certain image to uphold. The sly, calculating businessman, who lets nothing ruffle him. He walks with purpose, the House Warden of Octavinelle.
Of course, that’s only when you aren’t around. You were… rather affectionate. Your eyes seek his in every crowd, fingers intertwining gently around his own. Just a single glance at you sends his heart racing. Whenever you’re around, Azul fumbles his words, his cheeks glow red, and his heart pounds defiantly from within his chest.
It’s hard to stay calm and collected around you, not with the way you pamper him. Whether it’s through words of affection particularly yelled to the rest of Night Raven college, or physical touch, his hand held tightly in yours.
Azul craves your love. It seems like a dream, to be able to lay his head on your lap. Nuzzling into your stomach, feeling it rise and fall with every breath you take. Run your fingers through his hair, rub comforting circles into his skin…
Don’t stop. Please, don’t stop loving him. Azul doesn’t know what he’ll do without you.
Floyd hardly listens to anyone. Driven entirely on his own instincts, he’s a daily source of terror for many students in Night Raven College. People tend to avoid him like the plague.
Although, you don’t seem to take the hint. Always running after him, you make a beeline to Floyd whenever you see him. Even in crowds, where you have to wrestle your way through hordes of students. He finds it cute. A lil’ shrimp braving the ocean just to end up in the clutches of a big, bad Moray Eel. Floyd will help you out. His hands slipping under your armpits, hoisting you up like a toy.
You don’t struggle. Instead, you curl into his arms, holding him tight. It’s an odd feeling, being embraced by you. It’s warm. A comforting sort of warmth. Much like a childhood blanket, or a treasured old sweater. Floyd will squeeze you, once or twice. You squeal, laughing at his touch. Reaching up to his face, you cup his cheek in your hand, grinning at him.
“Love ya, Floyd.”
Hey, lil’ Shrimpy. Keep that up, and he’s never going to be able to let you go.
Jade has a certain ability to walk quietly. Silent footsteps, with his victims never noticing him. Well, not until it’s too late.
Somehow, you always seem to know where he is. Jade finds himself unable to sneak up on you. Especially when you whip around, eyes shining. That gaze of yours is rather enchanting, if he does say so himself.
You seem to enjoy his company. Elbowing Jade good naturally, bantering with him until the sun goes down. You two spend a lot of time together, leaning into each other.
Sometimes, he talks. You’ll listen, always attentive. Hanging on to Jade’s every word. His voice has a smoothing quality to it, that lures you closer. You could listen to it all day if he’ll let you.
Jade will nudge you after awhile, inviting you to speak. You can talk about anything with him, prefect. He won’t tell a soul.
After all, you belong to him, do you not?
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Azul: So, Prefect, I’ve recently been informed that you are in possession of “eel repellant.” Is this true? *totally not scheming*
Y/N: Oh, yeah, made it myself with some ingredients around Ramshackle. Surprisingly, it works really well.
Floyd: Shrimpy!~
Y/N: *sprits him with the spray bottle*
Floyd: *hisses and immediately retreats*
Azul: Fascinating. *totally not scheming x2*
Y/N: Yeah, the only drawback is that it scares off one eel…
Jade: Is that mushrooms I smell?~
Y/N: …but attracts another.
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Absolute adoration
Tumblr media
Featuring: Octavienelle
Genre: Fluff
Event Prompt: “My heart is so full of you. I can hardly call it mine.”
Requested by: Anon
Tumblr media
Most figured Azul would be hard to date, but to you, that simply wasn't the case. In truth, you adored him and the little things he'd do. His reactions to your actions. His blush to your sudden physical contact. It brought you joy seeing him excited for the Lounge or getting a new client. It was all so precious to you.
"Dearest? You're spacing out again. Is everything alright?" You looked up to see his fingers tapping in the table, seemingly bothered. Azul didn't care to mess with his hands. It was informal. He only ever messed with his fingers when he was particularly peeved or anxious.
"I'm alright! Just thinking of you." A light pink hue crossed his face at your boldness. A trait he both loved and hated about you, how bold and confident you can be with him. "Love, now you're the one spacing."
"Ahem, as I was saying before your bold interruption." You scoffed at him calling your answer an interruption but let him continue. "I was trying to discuss the topic of us going...public." Sometimes it was hard to remember that you two kept your relationship under wraps for Azul's sake.
"I still never understood why it was necessary." His eyes averted before muttering something.
"I just don't want people to be rude to you because of me." Ah, that's it? He's worried about you? A nice sentiment but,
"Azul, I don't care about that sorta thing." His cerulean eyes widened, but his mouth remained shut. "I want the school to know you're mine and I'm yours." Your heart was beating so fast that it felt like it was in your throat. "My heart is so full of you, I can hardly call it mine. With all due respect, I'd want the whole world to know I'm dating Azul Ashengrotto!"
The boy didn't say anything, but from the way his gloved hands were trembling on the table, along with the red plastered across his face, it was easy to guess what was on his mind. 'That was...a lot'
An uneasy silence filled every corner of the room. You were waiting on his response and he was waiting on his brain to process what he just heard. "Oh." After five minutes, the only word that came out was OH?"
"I apologize, you just caught me off guard. I— I feel the same way." You wanted to laugh at how uncharacteristically shy your boyfriend was being.
"Then let's go public! Starting with the twins!"
You did not start with the twins.
"You're rather cuddly, what's going on?" As much as you desired to get out of Jade's bed, you were trapped by nine other than himself. He was currently latched onto your waist, seemingly sleeping. "I know you're awake, what's going on." He still laid motionless.
You attempted to push him off, earning his tightening grasp. Even in his sleep he had a relentless grip. You tested the waters by poking his nose a few times. Yep, out cold.
Accepting your fate, you played with his hair a little bit, messing it up. Pushing it this way and that, stirring him in his sleep. It was a sight to behold. Jade Leech clinging to you like a small koala. How cute.
You were tempted to at least move him to a more comfortable position. His legs were practically falling off the bed. You tried going through with it, "My, you can't keep your hands off me, can you?" And yet, he was so peaceful just a second ago.
"I was just trying to move you to a more comfy position." He smiled softly at your words.
"I appreciate that, however, I must be leaving. I have a shift this evening." He got up to leave, and yet he was pulled back down. Weird, he didn't recall you being strong enough to drag him around. "Love?"
"Tell Azul you can't. You're sick, aren't you?" He stiffened at your words. "You never get clingy like that unless you're stressed or anxious. You're either sick physically or mentally and either way, you're staying."
"I'm afraid it isn't that sim—"
"Don't care." You pulled him back towards you, forcing him to lay his head on the pillow. "You're resting with me like you wanted earlier." He silently cursed your loving nature.
"Do I have any choice in this matter?" He already knew the answer as your hand snaked around his waist. How did he become a little spoon?
"Okay." Though he'd never admit it openly, he felt a fuzzy feeling at you holding him. He felt safe in a funny way.
"You know, my hearts full of you." He closed his eyes, listening intently. "I can hardly even call it mine."
"Is that so? Hmm, how curious."
"Y/N, you gotta do something about him! Practice has been a disaster with him." Ace dragged you out away from your friends to take you to the basketball club, where Floyd appeared to have a horrible day. "He even punched one of our members!" You calmed down the agitated first year before going to search for your boyfriend. It was no hard task.
"I don't wanna deal with this, 'm going back to Octavienelle." Jamil was visibly upset, a sight you rarely saw. In his hands was a deflated ball, probably thanks to Floyd.
"Floyd, what's happening?" To your shock he turned his nose away from you, brushing passed you. Something was definitely wrong. He stormed out of the gym, still in his jersey. "Jamil, what's going on?"
"You missed our game yesterday, and he's been angry ever since." You felt your heart drop. You were so swamped with work from Crowley that you forgot. "Please talk to him. I can't deal with his and Ace's stupidly at once. It's even worse than Kalim." You nodded, departing from the gym. Maybe you'd catch up to him.
Well, you were unsuccessful in that, but you did run into Jade. "Oh? Floyd's still mad, I assume?" Your solemn expression was all he needed for confirmation. "I'd say it'd be best to leave him. Until he calms down, I mean." You were conflicted. Jade's his brother, so maybe he was just messing around, but you were his lover and knew he hated when you left him alone.
"Thanks, but I'm gonna talk to him." He gave a curt nod, before leaving you to chase his brother, a smirk on his lips.
Of course, when you arrived in his room, he was pouting under his covers. "Go away." He didn't mean it, but he was still angry.
"You don't want me to, love. I know you better than that." He always loved when you used petnames.
"You were my good luck charm, y'know. And you left me there."
"I'm sorry, you have every right to be mad." You carefully sat on his bed. "You don't have to forgive me, but it'll be easier to tell you a secret if you do."
"A secret?" His head peeked out of his comforter. "What kinda secret?"
"It's a secret, love." He was about to crawl under again. "But the truth is, I love you so much. You're in my heart so much that I don't think I can call it mine." In one swift movement you were tugged under the covers with your boyfriend.
Taglist: @identity-theft-101 @anon-love-octa-trio @trashcha @siphoklansan @hollowedtime
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dulcesiabits · 16 hours
Housewarden reactions after a break up
Riddle: acts like he’s fine and normal. He does hold it together until one day Trey brings out your favorite dessert during an Unbirthday Party and proceeds to have a breakdown for thirty minutes
Leona: has ruggie hang up your picture so he can use it as a dartboard <3
Azul: passes out because he’s screaming and crying and throwing up so much. When he wakes up he starts sobbing again and drafting a 1000 page plan to get revenge on you
Kalim: cries for eight hours uncontrollably in his room while looking at your pictures. Goes to class the next day like nothing happened
Vil: the most normal about a breakup and handles it well… sort of. Does have an unhealthy obsession with stalking your socials and gets mad if you look a little too happy in your posts
Idia: gives a 50 paragraph long anime villain rant on how he should have seen this coming and nothing good ever stays in his life. Changes his pfp a black square and his status to “gone…” on discord
Malleus: Lilia takes him on a family outing to the beach in order to cheer him up. Stares at the beautiful sunset over the ocean while a single tear rolls down his cheek as he thinks about your relationship. Sends a messenger pigeon asking you to take him back in beautiful cursive
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shinmon-c · 11 hours
Tumblr media
Mors Vincit Omnia
SYNOPSIS. You die/disappear from his grasp. He regrets fully from his lost
CHARACTERS. Dormleaders (Idia excluded)
TAGS. Angst, no comfort, Idk how to write angst, reader has hair in Azul's part, reader is yuu on Malleus' part, kind of ooc(?), Deaths, neglectance, poison, assassination
Tumblr media
Work, studies, duties—Work, studies, duties—it was all in repeat, it was all Riddle do before and after your relationship. You weren't to complain before, but now it felt like he doesn't prioritize you. You understood why he would have such responsibilities but you also crave to be with the one you love once in a while.
Before, he made promises, he would listen to you and took breaks. He took his time to be with you, he made effort. But as time progressed, his priorities went back to responsibilities—neglecting you in the process
When you came inside his office to tell him to rest, to company you—to make time for you, he refuses and commented on how he can't partake in 'burdensome' activities
It wasn't targeted at you, but it felt like it when he said those words. You silently did as told and left, closing the door as you cried to yourself whilst Riddle was unaware behind closed doors.
"Are you not going to make amends with [Name]?" Trey, who later came into the lounge. Riddle managed to finish his tasks earlier than he expected, now having tea for break
"What for?"
"I saw them earlier, although they weren't looking well"
"It must be from what I said, I lashed out and made some catty comment." He looked a bit guilty, but not fully as his pride wouldn't make him so.
Trey didn't know what to respond next, but even if he could, Cater burst in through the door loudly. He was sweating, his hair unkempt and messy—probably from the running as his appearance was out of shape. His sentence cutting off each time he has to inhale the air he lost. Telling Riddle your situation and the danger you were in,
Riddle's heart stopped and immediately rushed to your location
Several students were crowding the middle of the hall, his height unable to let him view the scene. He had to push around a few students till he reaches the middle. He expected something worst but this... This is far more than worst
A chandelier had fallen down— you, a victim and crushed to death from the impact
He walked further to you, using magic to remove debris and broken pieces from you, kneeling in front of your body as he grabbed your shoulders—shaking it to make you wake up. "I don't like this— stop pranking me! I promise I won't punish you so please— Wake up!" He kept shaking violently as the bystanders gave him pity looks and whispers of condolence.
He hugged your body when it didn't respond. Blood tainted his uniform, but he didn't care as he pour his eyes out, screaming as he lost his composure. "I- I'M SORRY! Please come back! I promise I'll stop prioritizing my work. I promise I won't neglect you over my studies, I'll quit being a housewarden, I—! Please— Just come back..." He hugged your figure as he can no longer hear the beating heart that used to calm him down, tears were flowing down his face as he kept hugging you—to feel some sort of warmth.
Tumblr media
Arguments always happen in relationships, you and Leona will experience the ups and downs of being in one. But this one argument is what led to making him losing everything.
He had somethung he finally cherished, someone he finally put an effort into. But he had to ruin it all over again.
He was angry, but not an excuse for all the insults he threw at you, words that he knows you didn't want to hear. But he continued like it was just words you'd hear every day
He didn't even comfort you nor come after you when you burst out crying, saying how insensitive he was. He didn't bother to waste his time coddling you when he's too prideful to show vulnerability.
When he tried to look for you, to try and apologize even if it hurt his pride, he couldn't find you—not a single trace of smell or clues of your whereabouts. You were just gone
He came to a few of your friends to ask if they knew where you were. But not a single one know either. It annoyed him, having to look for you was a pain, especially with how big this hellhole is. He gave up and thought you just went away for a short while.
One day turned into a week, and still no clue of where you were.
It's like you suddenly disappeared— gone like you never existed. Leona came to regret soon his words
He regrets everything, he regrets those words, those insults, everything that he thinks made you disappear
He was ungrateful when he had you, he now has to suffer from his consequences
Tumblr media
It's known how sketchy and unfair Azul could be with his contracts and deals, he made a fair amount of enemies because of this. Although he changed, enemies still held some grudges.
It never affected him too much as he knows he's capable of protecting himself, plus the twins being by his guard dogs and all. But what about you? You may have capable abilities to defend yourself. But against several enemies? It's impossible.
Azul can't be a target if he has protection, so their solution is to hunt down someone who can break him mentally. Someone that can break his spirit like what he did to them.
Their target in mind was you.
Azul couldn't believe it, he refused to believe it when he saw you bruised and broken. Your eyes held no light and your appearance was barely recognizable from all the beating.
The twins behind him didn't know how to respond, you weren't just Azul's lover, you were also a friend to them. Jade had an pitied look, Floyd's face was unreadable as he just stared quietly. They couldn't know what Azul's expression was from the scene, his back was facing them.
But all the silence disappeared when Azul cried, loudly as he chanted curses,
"I'll ruin them all, I'll break them all! I'll do far more worst on what they did to you!" he kneeled to grab your lifeless body, putting your hair aside to see your face one last time before he can never see it again.
He swore to avenge you, and make a nightmare for all those who have harmed you.
Tumblr media
Cheerful and carefree was the best way to describe Kalim—and also the reason why this personality of his was what made him hate himself after.
Jamil was right when he said how careless he was, and how immature. If he listened then maybe you wouldn't be the one to die
—You wouldn't have to choke on the poison meant for him, you wouldn't have to be a sacrifice just because he was too carefree to not notice the poison. Had he done something wrong? Did he anger any Gods and punished him? If so, then he was the one supposed to suffer, not you, you did nothing wrong.
You weren't supposed to be a victim, you weren't supposed to be involved. And yet you were, and it was all his fault...
Tumblr media
Vil was a celebrity and was well-known by others even outside NRC. But not everyone favors him as much as his admirers.
He was sometimes viewed as a villain, from his roles and several who disliked him. It bothered him at first but came to accept as not everyone has to like him—not when he has you
—Someone who doesn't view him as a villian, someone who cherished him and loved him for who he is.
But they had to take you away from him too.
He wasn't careful enough, it was his fault he got you involved from the eyes of many. What seemed to be a happy day with you turned into his never-ending nightmare in the future—an assassin sent to kill him killed you instead.
He hated your clumsy and your heroic acts, if you never protected him then maybe you'll be alive and well. He doesn't care if he was the one to die, he'd rather let you live and fulfill the dreams you were supposed to have.
Now he lost you.
If he wasn't viewed as the villain, maybe they would spare the both of you, the world wouldn't have taken you away from him
Both of you were supposed to have your happily ever aftee
Tumblr media
Malleus was gentle towards you, he treated you like glass. He loved you more than himself, you made him happy as he treasured your time together.
But not all happiness can stay
You were too busy dealing with Crowley's many tasks and the endless battle of overblots that you barely had time for lover. This angered him deeply. He was used to being alone, but he grew independent of your presence—seeing you with the others made him say words he didn't mean to you.
"If all your time is spent with them, then don't bother to come back to me." He coldly said, thunder around you two was harsh and the rain was freezing when it drops into you. Before you can tell him to wait, to let him stay—he ignored you and teleported somewhere. Leaving you in the cold rain.
If maybe he knew this was the last time he ever saw you
It broke him when he heard from your friends that you left. You left and came back from your original home—away from him.
He immediately rushed towards Crowley's office—demanding to give him answers about your sudden disappearance. All Crowley said was, you returned home. Planned way before, and yesterday was your last day on Twisted Wonderland.
Time stopped,
It was the day he told you to never come back to him, indirectly telling you to leave him.
And you did, you leace him. Now he can no longer see you as his last words to you were words he would regret forever.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Super destock~ Ktwst edit hop hop hop
Everyone please take care! (First thing first lol, also it's Spring finally)
Not so much active here but well, it's like supah discount lol:
Rook, Ruggie, Grimm and Azul - Secret project from @trixiegalaxy
Divus Crewel (Crimson Masquerade) - Only for @soul--surgeon yes!!
Cruella De Vil concept with K the rabbit (same family and design as Oswald the lucky rabbit lol) lol - "concept by me"
Octavinelle vibes and Mystery's shop vibes bg done by me but feel free to use it~
_ Credits:_
Asset game extract from @alchemivich and twst game
“Twisted Wonderland” concept belongs to Yana Toboso
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
2nd year anniversary icons
free to use without credit <3 rbs appreciated <3
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Tumblr media
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moonlit-midnight · 18 hours
A gentle sunrise (to guide you back home)
Genre: Friendship, Romantic Fluff, Angst with a happy ending.
Characters: Azul Ashengrotto, Fem!Reader.
Summary: After three years of a beautiful friendship, Azul thought he lost you forever when you disappeared for eleven years.
- Set in our world where portals are scattered in many places. People can cross back and forth, but the people from the magical worlds cannot cross into our world (for the sake of angst).
- Based on a random imagination, anything similar to yours is purely a coincidence.
. .
You and Azul Ashengrotto crossed paths at the age of fourteen.
It happened during your brother’s wedding when you wandered off before the ceremony. Time slipped off your mind upon stumbling on a purple portal in the stairway leading to the rooftop.
The enchanting gateway was glowing brightly as if beckoning you to cross it, so without hesitation, you stepped inside the portal.
You thought you were going to land on solid ground, but you fell straight from the sky, and got caught by a pair of strong arms.
Fluttering your eyes open, you were greeted by the wondrous view of the sunrise sky, and dreamy sea-blue eyes looking at you with a wonderstruck gaze.
Judging from his appearance, the boy belonged to the merfolk.
You knew because this was possibly the realm that your parents stumbled onto once upon a time. Growing up, they would tell you tales about their adventures in Twisted Wonderland and the magical beings that dwelled in there.
“Are you alright?” The teenage boy chimed in, still holding you in his arms.
“I’m okay, thanks to you.” You said, heart hammering in your chest.
“Did you perhaps come from the mortal realm?”
“How did you know?”
“You have no trace of magic. This is also the seventh time a non-magical person tumbled down Twisted Wonderland this week.” The boy said in a soft tone, hoping he didn’t offend you.
Ah! So this is really the world that my parents always gushed about fondly.
You felt your face growing warm upon realizing that you were still snuggled securely in the young merman’s arms. As if he was able to read your mind, he carefully lowered you down on the shallow rock pool that he was in.
“Sorry if I made you uncomfortable.” The silver haired boy muttered, cheeks flushed in a faint shade of pink.
“No worries, I’m glad you caught me. I’m the one who’s sorry for disrupting your activity.” You said, giving him an apologetic look.
“It’s alright, I was admiring the splendor of the sunrise sky. It’s a glorious scenery, isn’t it?” He motioned you to sit next to him.
“It is a glorious view indeed.” You sat beside him, eyes skyward.
After watching the majestic beauty of the sun rising over the horizon, you excused yourself, thanking him once again for saving you from falling.
The portal was now hovering on the ground, not in the sky like previously, or else you wouldn’t be able to return unless there was a flying creature around.
“May I know your name?” You asked before departing.
“Azul Ashengrotto.” He waved at you, flashing you a timid smile.
“I’m Y/N. I hope to see you again.” You returned a sweet smile as you went back home.
Two days later, you ventured into Twisted Wonderland again.
The portal was still in the wedding venue, and you were lucky it was located close to your house.
Since it was vacation, you would visit four times a week and spend three hours with Azul. 
As if it was fate, he was always around every time you arrived.
In a span of five months, you bonded. Azul was your kindred spirit, and you were his favorite companion.
As many months passed and seasons changed, your friendship blossomed beautifully.
During your times together, Azul would transform into human form to make it easier spending his time with you.
On spring mornings, you would wander by the ocean, you collecting seashells, and Azul gathering colorful beach flowers that got washed ashore.
On summer, you would stargaze at midnight and venture through the woods chasing fireflies.
On autumn afternoons, you would visit old bookshops, and bask beneath the warm sun after sweeping off dead leaves.
On winter nights, you would sit by the fire, talking about the stars and the deep blue seas.
Your adventures might be simple and cliche, but it meant everything to you and your dearest merman friend.
“Your heart,” Azul began.
On a warm, spring afternoon, you two were sitting on the sand.
You watched the clouds go by in the sky while Azul was weaving yellow beach flowers into a crown. He loved adorning your hair with those.
“What about my heart?” You asked in a sing-song voice.
“I love your kind heart.” He gently placed the flower crown on your head.
“And I love yours too, Azul.” You kissed his hand, thanking him for the pretty crown.
A comfortable silence fell upon the place as you returned to gazing at the infinite blue sky. 
Azul on the other side was observing you quietly.
Recently you noticed his ocean blue eyes often fixed on you.
He struggled at eye contact with others, but he liked staring at you as if you were an artwork worth admiring.
“Hey Azul, I wonder why do you like staring at me as if you’re looking at the stars through a window?” You teased him, catching him off guard.
“I can’t help it…” Azul trailed off.
You gave him a soft look, signaling him to carry on.
“You’re breathtaking and enthralling. You’re honestly the most beautiful human girl I’ve met, both inside and outside.” His voice was shaking, but he was honest.
“And so are you. I’ve always been fascinated and charmed by you.” You hugged him, whispering to him that he was the most spellbinding creature you’ve ever seen in this land.
Azul never doubted your genuine words, always filling his heart with light and sincere happiness.
“I’ve been thinking if you would like to go on an adventure under the sea? I brewed a breathing potion last night.” He asked, slowly pulling away from the hug.
“Finally!” You raised a fist in the air. “Took you two years and half to ask me. Of course I’d love to.”
You were thrilled to embark on a new, unforgettable adventure with Azul, but little did you know that this spring afternoon would be the last time you’d see each other.
It’s been eleven years, and not a day goes by where I don’t miss you, my dearest friend.
Across many separating years, the twenty seven years old silver-haired merman didn’t forget about you.
Azul was still missing you, and aching for your presence.
He had a hope more powerful than the sea waves that you’d come back one day.
There were still lots of memories to create, adventures to embark on and new places to explore. He didn’t want to die until he had seen everything with you.
He would keep on waiting because there was no way he lost you forever.
During his time in NRC, Azul tried many ways to distract himself from his heartbreak caused by your sudden absence. It almost worked, but that was until he started his third year, you began haunting him in his dreams.
They were pleasant dreams, but the ghost of your beautiful face and your soothing voice often sent him into episodes of hysterical crying.
Years after graduating and establishing his own business, you continued appearing in his sleep.
Azul was happy to see you in his dreams, but still, the closest he could get to you still wasn’t close enough.
Azul hated attending extravagant parties.
Not because he was an introvert. He simply disliked them because these fancy occasions suffocated him; the blinding lights, the unnecessary gossip, the loud chatters, and the nosy strangers asking him personal questions.
On one chilly, autumn evening, he was invited to his colleague’s engagement party, and he only showed up out of respect since he was good friends with the man.
The party started nicely, but Azul forced himself to leave in the middle of it when the place grew too crowded and the voices became too loud.
The atmosphere smothered him and triggered his anxiety.
Once outside the venue, he loosened his tie and ran to the beach nearby the place. 
The instant he reached there, he carelessly plopped on the white sand, hugging his knees close to his chest.
He stayed like that for a long time until his senses caught a whiff of an oddly familiar scent of sweet pea and freesia.
Slowly raising his head, his eyesight was met by none other than you; his long lost human best friend.
“Hello, Azul.” You were seated in front of him, gentle hands resting atop his knees.
His breath hitched at the sight of you.
He quietly took in your features; your soulful eyes full of wonder, your kind face lit with delight, and your hair tied in a messy bun as usual.
It was you indeed, and you looked even more beautiful than before.
“This is not a dream, right?” Azul blurted, eyes brimming with tears.
Shaking your head, you beamed a tender smile before taking him into your warm embrace.
You felt him shuddering as he cried in your arms, so you tightened your hold to assure him that he wasn’t hallucinating.
“I’m here for real.” You whispered and kissed his temple.
Later that night, you told him the unfortunate events that unfolded during your absence.
Eleven years ago, on the day Azul promised to venture with you under the sea, you got caught in a horrific car accident on your way home from school.
The taxi cab you rode collided with a truck, and the impact was severe that it put you in a comatose and caused you critical injuries.
You woke up after a year and half, but despite your survival, you suffered from memory loss due to the trauma and harsh impact on your head.
Your new life wasn’t easy. You became homeschooled until your final high school year because it was hard being around people while you were in a slow stage of recovery.
You got accepted in a decent university, but you withdrew after a few months, and thankfully your dear parents were supportive of your decisions.
Your mind wasn’t in your studies, so you pursued something you were passionate about since childhood which was baking.
Your oldest maternal aunt hired you in the bakery shop she owned, and since you were good at baking, you became a full time employee.
Fast forward to the present time, you were fully recovered and you restored the remaining memories you lost.
Once you remembered the name Azul Ashengrotto, you wasted no time to go through the purple portal hovering in the backyard of your house.
For the past eleven years, it was always there, but you never bothered to cross the portal since you lost your memories of Twisted Wonderland, and your condition didn’t allow you to venture through the many other portals scattered across the human realm.
“I thought I lost you forever. I’m glad you recovered, and I’m glad you’re back here.” Azul released a sigh of relief.  
“Me too,” You breathed softly. “I’m happy to be here with you. I’m happy to be at home again.”
Of course you do. Twisted Wonderland was also considered your home, your sanctuary and your happy place.
“Say Y/N, do you have someone in your heart?”
“Yes, there’s a good person who holds my heart dearly.”
“Hmm, good for you.”
“What about you Azul, are you dating someone?”
Azul stared at you for a long time, pondering on your question.
“No, I’m not. In fact, I haven’t thought of pursuing a love life all those years.” He gazed at your kind eyes with an aching yearning. “I was waiting for you. I’d rather be blue over you than be happy with someone else.”
Hearing his confession, you felt your heart floating and your chest blooming with endless delight.
Who would’ve thought that the merman you fell in love with when you were sixteen reciprocated your romantic feelings all these years?
“I love you, my beloved Azul.” You declared, a sunshine smile touching your face.
“I love you too, dearest Y/N.” Azul echoed the same heartfelt radiant smile, pulling you in a gentle kiss filled with years of longing and endearing affection.
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octocchino · 2 days
Card inspo fashion ~
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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ryker-writes · 15 hours
Could I request Azul, Leona, Malleus, and Jamil with a reader who's a nature dragon?
yes! though I'm a little unsure about what all a nature dragon is/can do, so I hope I did it right! Sorry that it's not very long I wasn't fullly sure what to write about it oops-
he's amazed
Azul hasn't ever seen a dragon before and doesn't know much about them
he wants to know all about it
Azul wants to see your dragon form, but he's not going to pressure you to show him
he may think of a way the both of you could profit off this and ask you about it
it's definitely something he has to adjust too
if he sees you in a full dragon form, he's going to be a bit scared at first
but he really likes the plant like features on your dragon form
he thinks it's so pretty
you are the only dragon he accepts
he thinks you're better than Malleus because you're not just a dragon, you're a nature dragon
he will gladly listen as you tell him all about it
dragons aren't something new to him so he knows the basics
but he's curious about the nature part
he won't bother you too much about it tho like he generally doesn't say anything unless you bring it up first
sometimes tho if your dragon features are showing or if you're in your dragon form he will just stare and admire it
he's really happy about it
there's another dragon at the school!
Malleus wants to know everything about it too
he also wants to see your dragon features and dragon form
he will show you his if you do
loves loves loves the nature aesthetic and features
he's not afraid to shower you in compliments and appreciation over you
thinks all of your dragon features are absolutely stunning
he's very curious about it
they don't really have dragons in the Scalding Sands but he's read a little bit about them
he wants to learn more and will ask you a bunch of questions
and he loves to admire all of your dragon features and will take mental notes about what they look like down to the detail
like Azul, he's a little intimidated by your full dragon form at first
but his intimidation is more internal and it changes quickly to interest
Jamil is a man of detail so he can appreciate even the small natures details of your form
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