typhlonectes · 2 days
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Dwarf planet Eris is ‘squishier’ than expected
University of California, Santa Cruz Professor of Planetary Sciences Francis Nimmo recently co-authored a Science Advances paper about the internal structure of the dwarf planet Eris. Eris is about the size of Pluto but around 50% farther from the sun. The discovery of Eris in the Kuiper Belt beyond Neptune in 2005 prompted the debate that ultimately reclassified Pluto as a dwarf planet. It was an interest in Pluto that drew UC Santa Cruz researcher Francis Nimmo to study Eris. Nimmo was visiting Michael Brown—one of the discoverers of Eris—at the California Institute of Technology about six months ago and realized some of Brown’s new, unpublished data could help reveal information about the properties of Eris. The two worked on models for the next several months and published their results in a Science Advances paper. Two main pieces of information led to their results. The first important clue is that Eris and its moon, Dysnomia, always face the same way toward each other. The main, unexpected result of Nimmo and Brown’s model is that Eris is surprisingly dissipative, or “squishy”...
Read more: https://charmingscience.com/dwarf-planet-eris-is-squishier-than-expected/
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"Emerald Roots"
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As charged particles from the solar wind bombard the upper atmosphere, a glowing plasma forms and dances in the sky. The green light of the plasma reflects off moistened sand, rippled by the passage of wind and tide.  (Image credit: L. Tenti; via 2023 Astronomy POTY) Read the full article
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studyblr-perhaps · 3 days
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07/12/23 || Thursday
As usual I'm posting a day late but I had a pretty good day haha. The project we'd been agonizing on finally worked and we are prepared for the presentation. After that I have two more exams and then I can go home!
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simpsforscience · 3 days
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Georges Lemaître navigated a challenging journey🧗🏻‍♀️ in birthing and establishing the Big Bang theory. Read on this post to discover how strewn his path was and the skepticism and resistance🤨 that he had to face to put forth his work. Join us on our monthly series - Big Bang Theory and cater to your curiosity about our cosmos🌌.
📸Image credits:
Image 1: Georges Lemaitre by Betmann
Image 2: Young Lemaitre by Jean-Pierre Luminet, e-luminesciences blog
Image 3: Arthur Edington by George Grantham Bain Collection, Wikimedia
Image 4: Georges Lemaitre teaching by Encyclopædia Britannica
Image 5: Edwin Hubble by Margaret Bourke - White/Time & Life Pictures/ Getty Images
Image 6: Singularity by Rone Kelly, Astronomy
Image 7: Pope pius xii by Michael Pitcairn
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mysteryofspacetime · 2 days
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1/30 Days of Productivity
9 December, 2023
Yes, I'm restarting the challenge. I don't like irregular gaps lmao and I did 30 days this time because 30 days of diligent studying is gonna get me gta so I'm keeping track here. Gta 6? Nah, now that the gta 6 trailer came out gta 5 prices are lowest they'll be so I'm getting that. Finally. Ten years later.
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Tasks I accomplished today:
NCERT Relations and Functions Ex 1.2
Relations and Function Misc Exercise
Two practicals for physics file
Questions for the English prose 'The Last Lesson'
Notes for 'Management of Sporting Events' (1/3)
Two Activities for Maths File
Two Practicals for Chemistry File
Magnetic Effect Problem Set 1 from S.L. Arora
Coordination Compounds Notes (nearly the whole chapter, I didn't write the uses and shit)
Yesterday was genuinely the most productive day I've had in so long. (Maybe cuz I accidentally took double the adderall or maybe cuz gta 5 is just a strong motivator)
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dndspellgifs · 3 months
look, I know I've talked about this essay (?) before but like,
If you ever needed a good demonstration of the quote "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic", have I got an exercise for you.
Somebody made a small article explaining the basics of atomic theory but it's written in Anglish. Anglish is basically a made-up version of English where they remove any elements (words, prefixes, etc) that were originally borrowed from romance languages like french and latin, as well as greek and other foreign loanwords, keeping only those of germanic origin.
What happens is an english which is for the most part intelligible, but since a lot everyday english, and especially the scientific vocabulary, has has heavy latin and greek influence, they have to make up new words from the existing germanic-english vocabulary. For me it kind of reads super viking-ey.
Anyway when you read this article on atomic theory, in Anglish called Uncleftish Beholding, you get this text which kind of reads like a fantasy novel. Like in my mind it feels like it recontextualizes advanced scientific concepts to explain it to a viking audience from ancient times.
Even though you're familiar with the scientific ideas, because it bypasses the normal language we use for these concepts, you get a chance to examine these ideas as if you were a visitor from another civilization - and guess what, it does feel like it's about magic. It has a mythical quality to it, like it feels like a book about magic written during viking times. For me this has the same vibe as reading deep magic lore from a Robert Jordan book.
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per-asperaa-ad-astra · 5 months
When a physicist falls in love :)
Richard Feynman's love letter to his deceased wife, 1946.
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scienceisdope · 8 months
The long wavelengths of the light spectrum—red, yellow, and orange—can penetrate to approximately 15, 30, and 50 meters (49, 98, and 164 feet), respectively, while the short wavelengths of the light spectrum—violet, blue and green—can penetrate further, to the lower limits of the euphotic zone. Blue penetrates the deepest, which is why deep, clear ocean water and some tropical water appear to be blue most of the time. Moreover, clearer waters have fewer particles to affect the transmission of light, and scattering by the water itself controls color. Water in shallow coastal areas tends to contain a greater amount of particles that scatter or absorb light wavelengths differently, which is why sea water close to shore may appear more green or brown in color.
Follow @scienceisdope for more science and daily facts.
Video credit: Kendall Roberg
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catchymemes · 1 year
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Is it me or does Jupiter in this also look like calcifer from howls moving castle
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prokopetz · 6 months
Okay, so I know the reason the physics in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom have so many weird exceptions and edge cases is because the games' designers are concerned foremost with puzzle-crafting, and only secondarily with producing a coherent world model, and nearly every bit of weirdness can be explained by the fact that some puzzle mechanic required the games' physics to work that way. There's simply no deeper unifying logic to be found, and trying to find it is a good way to give yourself a headache.
One of those pieces of weirdness lies in the relative weights of various objects, particularly in relation to Link, the player character. Some objects are incongruously heavy or light for their size because the puzzles in which they appear require them to be, and Link himself is weirdly lightweight, presumably because that was the easiest way to cause him to experience the exaggerated knockback that many puzzles require without making the forces involved ridiculously strong.
Most objects and characters which recur among the two games are at least consistent in this respect. However, it has been empirically determined that in Breath of the Wild, Link weighs the same as 8.5 apples, whereas in Tears of the Kingdom he weighs the same as 10 apples, and now I can't stop myself from wondering what fucking puzzle mechanic required Link to be exactly 1.5 apples heavier.
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studyblr-perhaps · 22 hours
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10/12/23 || Sunday
4 days till I go home! And have I ever shown my drawings on my wall? It's definitely not fully covered, but I hope I can cover them by next sem.
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simpsforscience · 2 days
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From the depths of space to the heart of the story of universe's evolution! 🌌✨ Here's how Hubble's Law, unravelled the cosmic tapestry and unveiled the mind-blowing observation that supported the big bang theory.🚀 Join us in our monthly series - Big Bang Theory and discover more such stories to fuel the curious in you!💫
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thoughtportal · 1 year
general relativity for babies
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cringethursday · 1 year
My physics professor just told the class the wildest story from when he was in grad school about building a high voltage unauthorized Tesla coil with the ability to kill a man
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