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peanuttoffee · 5 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
imagine if Cal and Kanan met after the Purge
i like the headcanon that they were bros back in padawan days, messing around and giving a headache to everyone in the temple c::
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soapy-birblover · 19 days
Dead Boy Detectives x The Locked Tomb AU
Charles and Edwin have SUCH cavalier-necromancer potential it’s insane!!!!!!!!
My rambles on this AU below:
Edwin - Fifth House necromancer, generalist with slightly more experience in spirit magic and psychometry. Focuses more on the application of necromancy rather than research. Has studied on the Sixth House at some point.
Charles - Fourth House cavalier, offhand is a buckler (small shield. to protect Edwin :D).
They would have met at Koniortos Court on the Fifth, leading to a rare interhouse pairing which was only allowed due to the close association between their houses (I’m not sure if this would work in universe, as a lot of necro cav pairs are pre-determined, but maybe their pairing was some sort of alliance between houses, or maybe they’re low ranking enough that it doesn’t matter). Due to how revenants work in The Locked Tomb, I think our dead boys are gonna have to be alive, as even if Edwin cracked some way to exist as a fully conscious revenant that doesn’t need to attach itself to something/one, who would their clients even be lmao.
But yeah. Their devotion to one another would be insane (like Palamedes and Camilla levels of insane; they know exactly how the other thinks and are able to work together perfectly). If they were sent to the frontlines to fight, their role would more so be helping things run smoothly: detecting lingering revenants, helping suffering soldiers pass on through the River, solving the odd mystery here and there, whatever.
Charles being from Fourth House has.. hehehe... implications. He would most likely have siblings to “compete with” instead of being an only child, so maybe that feeds into his desire to please his father. Soldiers from the Fourth House tend to die young, so perhaps he’s stressed about keeping him and Edwin safe and alive. Also. "Four for fidelity, facing ahead" AHAHHAHAHA the loyalty is baked so hard into this guy. Charles would be a pretty good cavalier, as in this universe he would have actually had training, but his main priority is to protect Edwin, and he can usually do that through distraction and taking the blunt of a blow. As a necro-cav pair they would try to avoid violence, sort of like Pal and Cam.
Other characters:
Crystal - Third House necromancer who received training on the Fifth House due to a natural talent for spirit and soul magic. David was a fellow Third House necromancer (flesh magician) she dated, but then he died somehow (probably in some dumbass way), and now he’s an asshat revenant haunting her and fucking with her mind. If she has a cavalier, she doesn’t remember them.
Niko - Fifth House, neither a necromancer nor cavalier. Literally just chilling. Maybe she’s a romance writer or academic who writes fanfic on the side.
The Cat King - Heir to the House of the Third, Crown Prince of Ida. His cavalier primary is likely extremely skilled but someone he doesn't care all that much about. Powerful animaphilia flesh magician necromancer, and extremely influential within his house. He doesn't have "nine lives" but is instead very good at self regeneration, given some time, of course, as it's strenuous.
Esther - Seventh House necromancer. She attempted Lyctorhood without knowing that’s what it was, but messed it up (this is when she murdered her husband + his lover), so while she lives eternally (unless killed hard enough), her body is in a constant state of decay that she mitigates with injections of thalergy (which she extracts from little girls :3). She relies heavily on Eighth House soul siphoning magic for her methods, so has probably studied there. She’s not technically a Lyctor, but still very powerful, and lays low on her planet because she's content to just be a menace there, and maybe take over one day, if she can be bothered. She didn't absorb that much of her husbands' soul, so permeability is lower than usual, but still leads to some juicy shit whenever she catches herself thinking or doing something that he used to do, because she HATES him man. Also he was just some guy, so Esther doesn't have any cavalier skills, and can't drop into the River.
Monty - Seventh House cavalier. Esther chose to be paired with him when he was born, because she didn't want to be forcefully paired up with some rando who would report her little girl murders. So, you know, homeschooling indoctrination vibes. Esther doesn’t think she needs a cavalier, so he doesn’t do much besides odd jobs for her (kind of like Ortus but instead of writing fanfic poetry he’s into astrology). His offhand is a chain (I think that's customary for Seventh House cavs? also because chain symbolism relates to his relationship with Esther :P).
Jenny - Second House, neither a necromancer nor cavalier. Likely works to prepare food for Cohort soldiers. Received some cavalier training as a child but was never bonded with an adept, but, you know, the Second House wants everyone to be a somewhat competent fighter. Proficient at rapier with dagger offhand, but weapon of choice in a pinch are her butcher blades (two short swords).
Night Nurse - First House, definitely a Lyctor, idk who her cavalier would have been though (hence I don't have a saintly title for her). Originally Sixth House (all that bureaucracy!), or maybe even Eighth House (Mercymorn vibes). Her offhand is a net because she do be trying to catch people.
Okay. Okay now imagine Edwin trying to solve their conflict with Esther in a more civil manner: cavalier duel between Charles and Monty. Bro that’s. That’s delicious. The drama of it. Esther wondering why the duel seems so personal. Monty glancing at Edwin every few seconds. Charles getting ready to beat Monty's ass. Ehehehheherhehe.
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breakfastteatime · 8 months
Comfortember Day 24 - Blankets
(For @sauntering-down to make up for last year's blanket-related angst)
Five years of shift work will mess up anyone’s sleep habits. Cal gets tired at all the wrong times and is wide awake when he shouldn’t be. Except now, there’s no shift pattern ruling his entire existence. It’s all ‘go to this planet you’ve never heard of, hunt down this thing a Jedi Master left for you to find, dodge this crazy Inquisitor woman who wants you dead…’ Cal’s happy to be doing something meaningful again, but it’s a little confusing for his body clock. Cere told him to sleep in, readjust to sleeping regular, routine hours again. He wants to, really, however ‘get more sleep, Cal’ is just another thing he needs to remaster along with his connection to the Force, his lightsaber skills, his social skills in polite company (neither Cere nor Greez appreciate the knuckle cracking), and asking for help…
He shivers and huddles deeper into himself.
Anyway, the point is, if Cal does remember to go to bed during the ship’s night cycle, he tends to be up early. Really early. However, there is someone aboard the Mantis who makes Cal look like a layabout, and that someone is not Cere Junda. It not even BD-1 (he’s currently running some maintenance routines and transferring excess data onto the ship’s computer, clearing space in that happy-scanning head of his.)
No, the true early riser is Greez. Greez and his superior Latero sleep cycle. Four hours – five maximum – and he’s good for the day. Sure, Cal can get by on four or five hours, but it’s better for everyone (and their grocery budget) if he tries sleeping for longer. Greez? No such worries. There’s no struggling through on geysers of caf. Oh no. Greez is the worst kind of morning person.
He enjoys it.
He is cheerful about it.
He seeks early mornings out.
And sometimes, because he knows Cal is awake at all hours out of Bracca-induced necessity rather than any real desire or natural talent, Greez will enter the engine room with caf, hand it over, and, if they’re planetside, give an overview of the weather, before heading back out.
Today they are still in hyperspace, speeding back to Zeffo, and Greez hasn’t been in yet. Cal can hear him singing to himself in the galley, the unmistakable clatter of caf being made.
Might as well get the day started.
Rolling out of bed, Cal winces as his cold toes hit the colder deck. He’d slept in layers last night, curled in a ball, hands tucked into his armpits, and it still hadn’t been enough. He swore the ship always ran colder when they were in hyperspace.
What he wouldn’t do for his old blanket back on Bracca. If only he had the power of foresight rather than psychometry. That way, he could’ve brought it with him on his escape, Wookie-sized though it was.
Lamenting the loss of such comfort, Cal sighs and heads down to the galley. Greez looks over. “Morning, kid. You beat me to it,” he says, so cheerful it hurts, it physically hurts. Cal’s pain only makes Greez smile brighter. “Still not got that whole ‘sleep for longer’ thing down, huh?”
Cal slumps at the table and attempts to scrub the sleep from his eyes. He yawns and stretches, shuddering with the cold.
“Here.” Greez hands over caf. As he does, one of his hands brushes against Cal’s. He pulls back with a gasp. “You’re freezing!”
Cal grips the mug, relishing the warmth. “Ship’s cold,” he mumbles, impressed he’s able to hold any kind of conversation.
Greez stares at him. “Were you cold all night?”
Cal grunts.
This is not the right answer. Greez’s good mood evaporates like rainwater on an engine housing. He slams down his mug, caf sloshing over the sides, and heads off, mumbling to himself under his breath. Cal doesn’t catch it, and he’s too tired to figure out how he’s caused offence this time. Instead, he focuses on finishing his first mug of caf and pouring a second. He’s halfway through that when something big lands on his head.
Big, woollen and so so sososososo soft, love vibes through every thread.
“I’ll never be that big, Grandma Pyloon!”
“Now Greezy, you listen to me. There are days when all you’ll want to do is crawl under a big blanket and leave the galaxy and all its cares behind for a while. And when you do, this blanket will be just the thing you need. That, and it’s always better to have more blanket than less.”
“I haven’t killed you under there, have I?” Greez calls Cal out of the memory.
“N-no!” Cal fights his way free and finds himself staring at the red and silver blanket. It’s all intricately woven into knots and whorls, rich with a floral scent. He can see Greez’s grandma knitting it, humming to herself in the morning sunlight…
Caf safely placed on the table, Cal runs his hands over it. “I can borrow this?”
“No, it’s yours to keep.”
Head whipping up so fast his neck cracks, Cal stares at Greez. He’s more awake at this hour than he’s ever been. “But your great grandma made it for you!”
“Wait, how’d you – ” Greez catches himself. “You are freaky, you know that?”
“I can’t keep it,” Cal says.
“You are literally snuggling into it.”
“No, I’m not.” Cal cocoons himself within it, within the happy buzzy laughter sunlight love.
“I’m watching you snuggling.”
“Greez – ”
“My great grandma was a knitter. She made a lot of blankets. I’ve got another one in my cabin, same size as that one. Cere’s got one too, and I have more going spare. Do you know what Grandma Pyloon do to me if I took it back from you and let someone in my care freeze because he doesn’t know he can ask for more bedsheets?”
“Uh –” What’s the right response to that? “She… would… be… displeased?”
“Displeased?! She’d chase me with one of her knitting needles and poke me until I remembered my manners. The blanket is yours, Cal.”
Cal sinks into its folds.
“The blanket is yours, Greezy. You do –”
“ – whatever you want with it, okay?”
Reaching for his caf, hoping the mug would hide his quivering lips, Cal nods, blinks hard, and takes a sip. Only when he achieves something close to Jedi decorum does he try speaking. “Thanks, Greez.”
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lorewarden · 17 days
My musings on how the Thread works
I've been writing a fanfic with Mother Koril and OC, and surprisingly enough, most of it so far from Koril's perspective. This got me thinking how exactly to portray her perception of the Force - the Thread. While I'm still not 100% sure how much of it will actually come into play in the story, here's what I've got: 1. It would be primarily visual. The witch looks at a person, sees a "pattern" specific to that person, be it current mood, overall emotional state, intentions, or all of the above - one on top of the other. With study, the witch learns to recognize what specific pattern corresponds to which feelings or intentions - no "mind reading" in the traditional sense of hearing thoughts or sensing emotion. It would also require visual contact with the target, which could even nicely tie into [SPOILERS FROM EPISODE 5] the Stranger saying he didn't want to take off his helmet so the Jedi couldn't read his thoughts (obviously his main reason for keeping it on was hiding his face, but the two might not be mutually exclusive). Now, the individual patterns wouldn't have to be set/static at all times. If the witch is looking at someone as their emotions are changing, she could definitely see the pattern rearranging itself. Additionally, this doesn't need to be limited to people - the witches could have their equivalent of sensing Force Echoes, or Psychometry as it's called. But where the Jedi need to touch an object to sense its past, the witches' application of Psychometry would be visual. 2. Force Bonds/ sensing someone's presence: I imagine that this would be like a physical thread between two people. Tugging on one end could be sensed by the person on the other end - but the greater the distance (either physical or emotional) between the two in the moment, or even a lack of proper focus, those tugs/vibrations would be slower to travel from one end to the other, and so harder to feel. 3. Force Pushes and Pulls - the application of these seems rather straightforward, and also more on the physical side, but would require multiple threads quickly woven together (think Wheel of Time, I made the comparison a few weeks back) and directed to get the push/pull effect. 4. Aniseya's "getting into people's heads" and how she disabled Torbin - now, this is an interesting one, but if my previous theories are correct, this one would tie all 3 together nicely. The witch sees her target's pattern, reaches for it, and rearranges it herself. This would feel just as invasive and horrifying as it looked in the episode. It would take a lot of focus and power, which Aniseya has in spades. And this neatly brings me along to the final point. 5. Power in the Force - I don't doubt that natural talent still comes into play even with the witches' interpretation of the Force, whether they're willing to acknowledge it or not. Except they wouldn't view it as "strength" - rather as the ability to see the Thread and interact with it. Sure, it's just Force-sensitivity levels under a different name, but I think this matches their mindset. That's enough from me. What do you guys think? Let's discuss!
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horsechestnut · 1 year
(Whoops my hand slipped and started writing a Batfam Umbrella Academy AU)
From the Personal Notes of Mr. Bruce Wayne:
00.01 - Ability to manipulate gravitational fields allows for advanced gymnastic and combat capabilities. A strong leader, the others look up to him. Loyal to a fault, but needs to be watched carefully. Will choose the other children over himself or me.
00.02 - Determined, focused, strong willed. Has learned to use her ability to analyze the surroundings and formulate a plan prior to attack. Unfortunately lacks any leadership qualities and fails to communicate these plans to the team, preferring to act alone. Still has much to learn, but is eager to do so. My favorite.
00.03 - Adequate marksmanship and proficiency with ranged weapons. Can hold his own in a fight but relies to heavily on his powers. Insolent, can not take instruction or direction. His recklessness will be his undoing.
00.04 - Development of photokinesis is hindered by his unwillingness to fully commit to manipulating shadows as well as light. Charming and a neutral leader. Should Number 1 ever fail, he would be the best choice to replace him.
00.05 - Connection to animals has yet to prove useful. Fighting skills and determination on par with Number 2, but is unpredictable at best. Refuses to admit when he doesn’t know something. Has no respect for anyone but himself.
00.06 - Still fails to reach the full potential of psychometry abilities. Refuses to accept the possibility that he may be able to see into the future as well as the past. Useful for research and not much else.
00.07 - No clear talents. Some enthusiasm for puzzles and mediocre problem solving abilities. To headstrong. Irritating.
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whattraintracks · 28 days
I see Raph having pyrokinesis lol because fire powers is awesome. But your idea is way angstier
Oh gosh, I cracked up so hard when I got this. Thank you.
Yeah, fire powers are sick! And I'd be lying if I said they didn't cross my mind for Raph. Pyrokinesis works so well for him as this easily agitated, powerful ability that demands so much give and take. It captures the balance he strives for as someone who loves to fight but deeply fears he will hurt his loved ones. Fire warms, guides, and protects; these are such important Raphael traits. In HEM, it's Don "thinking hard about the way he always felt safe and comforted by Raph's presence" but also knowing that smothering Raph's anger means smothering himself and reassuring him that "You're always at least a little bit pissed off, and that's okay." I truly love how @languajix portrays Raph, and these are their quotes from 'Cause Your Future's Ready to Shine and Don't Hold Back (Just Shout it Out), respectively. So, yes! I agree! Pyrokinesis fits Raph incredibly well. If you're interested, here are a couple of reasons why I chose psychometry over pyrokinesis for HEM Raph.
One, Jix's idea that mystic specialties are a consequence of one's environment and state of mind rather than intrinsic qualities really stood out. This made a lot of sense for Raph, whose surroundings and mind are often volatile. Plus, it's a fun connection between the brains and brawn duo! While Don's and Raph's specialties are situational developments, not exclusively linked to their talents or personalities, I do like the idea of Leo's and Mike's developing internally, connecting to their innate mystic potential and essence of being, if you will. Leo because of his spiritual discipline and Mike for reasons that I'm still trying to put in order. I have quite a few thoughts stewing for Mike's specialty. Hopefully, I'll get that out in the next few days!
Two, I also wanted to switch it up a little. Since I feel strongly about Leo having an elemental power, I didn't want to give the other three elemental abilities, too. Not that there's anything wrong with more than one of them having elemental abilities, and fire powers are, as you say, awesome and should be doled out to characters just for funsies.
Psychometry has a lot of angst potential, and so does Raph, so the combination was naturally an angst overload. Would you believe me if I said I didn't set out to write angst, though? I was listening to "Love Power" by Idina Menzel and thinking about how much Raph embodies love and the love stored in memories, which led to JFO and echoes, and it all fell into place. But it still didn't seem as set in stone right to me as something like pyrokinesis, so I had to do some writing and review HEM to work through it. To the surprise of no one, the results turned out pretty angsty. Even still, I believe Raph would come to cherish the echoes more than anything once he overcame his knee-jerk frustration about having a "useless" ability. Psychometric Raph feels to me a little like this line in HEM: "Handing Dee to Raph felt like handing Raph his beating, breathing heart. There would never be a safer place, in Donnie's opinion." It comes back to where I started because if love is stored in memories and memories are stored in objects, then with this ability, Raph gets to be the keeper of all that love.
All this is to say, there are infinite possibilities for the mystic abilities Raph, Leo, and Mike could develop, and it's a lot of fun to explore some of them.
Thanks for stopping by! And thanks again to Jix! For writing such a thought-provoking and beautiful story and extending the invitation that kickstarted this whole thing.
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autumnbrambleagain · 6 months
Hi, first time reader, first time caller. I ended up reading proselytize in between my various beginner runs in qud to keep me motivated. It's really good! You're a very talented writer with a great sense of pacing, character and style! I was just wondering though, do you have default builds for all the daughters of nafpor, or are they more like archetypes?
oh gosh thank you! i am always stunned at how well received proselytize has been, i'm glad people are enjoying it so much
i experiment a lot with them when i play them, so i have a lot saved, although TBH a lot of them are older characters from over a year ago
here's suir softbeast's canonical build, although this is just like. her base, larval form without any of her chimera stuff. there's a mod that lets you pick what your chimeric limbs are when evolving so you can have the exact same suir softbeast experience, the randomization of it means any future suir i play without that mod is going to be a radically different suir
Tumblr media
you'll notice her intelligence is like, pretty high! it's said in the game she ends up being one of the best tinkers in qud and just convinces herself she's only good for being a blodshedding hedonist. my suir build strats were pick every physical mutation i could get, get extra limbs, the usual chimera stuff. i used swords as my main for the DV bonus and lunge action economy stacking, and axes in all the other offhands for dismemberment procs
it uses the marshtaur sprite, although i'd wish in a tattoo gun and recolor her in all white and gray. if i ever played her again i'd probably modify the sprite to make her look more like herself
Tumblr media
here's tiyu-yutep's last build. psychometry isn't actually Very Worthwhile, but it was thematic and i'm the kind of idiot that will make a build for theme rather than efficiency. this is, in fact, a pretty BAD build, which I think is on its own level thematically important. the daughters of nafpor aren't all supertwinked hyperspecced characters, some of them just Played Good
normally i'd replace her sprite with a cat cherub sprite, but at this point next time i ever end up playing her i'd just make my own sprite for her
in actual gameplay i'd use precog and nectar to reroll mutations so i have a bespoke list of mental mutations stacked up as high as i can, and complement them with a ton of tinkered nonsense. tiyu-yutep's build is about maximizing options in every situation. something bad is happening? that's fine, i have 12 kinds of grenade, 10 mental mutations, and eight guns to solve it.
Tumblr media
that's one of my igwashim builds, unlike tiyu and suir being kinda jack-of-all-trades (my preferred style ngl) ig is very much a "scry, teleport in, blast everything to sleep, axe axe axe axe axe axe axe" build
mutation points aren't spent on new mutations at all, and exist just to fill out the efficiency of her existing mutations. i use a mod to make teleport more accurate at very high levels, because teleportation is my nonsexual fetish and i crave being able to pinpoint teleport after i hit level 10
still she isn't just a bump-attack character. maximize information gathering and ambush tactics, never play fair. appearance change wish to turn her tile into a crypt ferret's, naturally, although now that i've started fumping about with modding, i'd just like. actually make a clade so instead of it saying "Mutated Human" it'd say "Mutated Ferret" or something. make it so dromads don't call me human they call me "ferret" or something
her having Socially Repugnant would be appropriate narratively but i never bothered with it since she didn't need it, 10 ego is enough to represent her being a talking animal
i don't have any specific build saved for Savithvyr, she was one of my first Qud characters and was just a Fuming God-Child specced around agility, willpower, and intelligence, mostly using gas grenades of various kinds alongside the billowing conch. also not an optimal build! but it was fun. flood the zone with gas and just sorta stand back and pick at the survivors with a gun or stab them with triple-element gaslight kris
there's a mod that lets you play goatfolk which i used for naara, but in version updates i don't have it installed right now and i'll be honest i don't remember what i did with her much other than mental mutations
ooo-ho-OOO-EEE-ah and Buwofu-gawufoo were actually companions that Savithvyr and Suir picked up in-game, they were never characters i played directly but as companions they lasted so long they felt like they were part of those characters' identities and so they had to make the transition into the game proper.
the brambled fae's original build is NO LONGER POSSIBLE because they increased the cost of horns, which i think is HILARIOUS because why shouldn't it be an actual illegal build?
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
not that it hasn't had a dozen different builds ANYway. it's my go-to most-used build and based off of one of my fursonas at its core, so it's the culmination of my bullshit jack-of-all-trades obsession.
MILD SPOILERS but ive posted it before on this blog anyway, it DOES have its own sprite since i still play variations on it regularly enough i made a sprite for it
Tumblr media
although that doesn't really represent what it looks like in the story
Tumblr media
that's getting a BIT closer to what it looks like when we finally get to the brambled pass
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zofi-persson-quotes · 8 months
Victim ref sheet
Name: Vic
Full Name: Victim
Pronouns: they/them
Sexuality: Asexual and gay
Species: Overlord/spirit possessing a fake body
Age: 28
Height: 1,97 meters (6’4)
Skin color: dark
Hair (fake body): long wavy dark gray hair fading to a lighter gray, put in a ponytail and a bun, with two loose strands of side hair decorated with a small light blue bead.
Hair (ghost form): long wavy dark gray hair fading to a lighter gray, with two loose strands of side hair with a small light blue bead.
Eyes (fake body): warm gray with white and light gray pupils, look like a starry sky when their powers are active (kinda like the end portal)
Eyes (ghost form): pure white
Distinguishing features (fake body): light gray scars, pointed ears, sharp teeth, doll body (they’re a spirit possessing a fake body), eyelashes that fade to light gray
Distinguishing features (ghost form): light gray scars, pointed ears, sharp teeth, eyelashes that fade to light gray, black tears, white and gray angel wings
Clothing style/frequently worn clothes (fake body): warm gray tucked long sleeved shirt, dark blue pants, white boots with three light blue diamond patterns
Clothing style/frequently worn clothes (ghost form): warm gray long shirt, light gray shorts
Accessories (fake body): necklace with gray cursor-shaped gem, golden and silver earring, white gloves, gray and light blue scarf
Accessories (ghost form): necklace with gray cursor-shaped gem, golden and silver earring, gray and light blue scarf, gray shattered halo, bandages
Family: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Dark, and Second (younger siblings), Chosen (younger twin), Shady (partner), Alan (father/creator), Kaori (mother)
Talent: drawing
Personality: a bit shy, kind, very curious and attentive, outgoing once he knows more about people, cunning
Likes: chocolate milk, drawing, staying with his siblings
Dislikes: blank and small spaces, the dark, Alan (sometimes)
Strengths: can draw anything, very cunning
Weaknesses: not the best at close combat, his health is pretty frail due to all the time in the Void
Abilities: adaptability, creativity, resourcefulness, quick learning, expert leadership, self-cloning, drawing tools and weapons
Powers: major Void magic (Injury Deletion - delete negative aspects such as injuries and death, preventing death. Power Erasure - erase people’s powers and abilities. Flight and Levitation - achieve flight by deleting gravity. Ghostly Interaction - interact with ghostly presences. Void Attacks - cause damage by using the void. Void Constructs - create constructs made by void matter. Void Sealing - transport people or objects into the Void.), minor Creation magic (Creation Arts - utilize practices that are creative in nature. Creation, Construction and Generation Based Powers - the power to create, construct and generate objects or living beings), minor Darkness magic (Shadow Manipulation - manipulate shadows), minor Space magic (Teleportation - teleport across space), minor Dream magic (Dream Manipulation - the ability to manipulate Dreams), minor Time magic (Psychometry - perceive the memories of people or objects by touching them)
Weapons: none
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tobiasdrake · 9 months
Before going to look for the team, I have a handful of FTEs saved up that I want to pop. So I'm going to warp time and space to go hang out with everyone instead of hunting for them.
Let's see, I have two for Halara and one for Desuhiko.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
WDO is the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters confirmed. People already have superpowers; the Master Detective program teaches them to hone them. Postcognition is an advanced form of psychometry.
Psychometry's a fun superpower. It's the psychic ability to view and experience the history of an object. Doesn't get talked about a lot in telekinesis/telepathy stuff, but it's an underrated gem of an ability.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Yuma needs to stop bringing this topic up. He keeps whining about not having a Forte but. Like.
Okay. So. His contract with Shinigami strictly forbids him from ever telling anyone about her or the contract. I guess people getting dragged in with him to Mystery Labyrinth doesn't count because those memories don't return with them to their body, so they never truly learn about any of this.
But he keeps raising this topic and. Like. The natural response of anyone who hears, "Why don't I have a Forte?" is going to be "You have Coalescence. Isn't that your Forte?"
And for all intents and purposes, he needs to shut up and let it be. Because there is no way to explain why that doesn't count as a real Forte. Every time he starts in on, "But I want a REEEEEEEAL Forte and not my Shinigami Contract Powers," he's verging dangerously close to violating the terms of his agreement. But he can't stop himself from talking about the things he must not speak of.
It's not unlike the way he constantly, endlessly expects fair play and good faith from crooked cops - like, he cannot comprehend corruption. It does not enter his brain as a thing that could ever exist. No one wouldn't fairly and earnestly seek truth, of course not, that kind of person doesn't exist!
Yuma is so honest that it manages to wrap around and become a character flaw.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I have absolutely no idea what the ability to fry people with electrokinesis has to do with investigating crimes, but this is only further confirmation that the WDO is the Xavier School.
Tumblr media
Being super honest to the point of being overly trusting and gullible is Yuma's main talent. So... it would follow that his Forte is... the ability to disseminate a large amount of information freely to everyone around him?
...that sounds weak but no, the power to widely broadcast knowledge would be a killer ability for trying to unravel a corporate conspiracy. It might even offer an alternative for mystery-cracking to the Mystery Labyrinth. Try and aim for that, Yuma.
Tumblr media
Oh, no. No no no no no. That's not true. Not at all.
Every time you capitulate to Shinigami and resort to the Mystery Labyrinth to solve a case, that's an act of giving up. It's a tacit admission of the futility of trying to crack the case yourself. You still put a lot of work into the Labyrinth, don't get me wrong; But someone who never gives up wouldn't grab Shinigami's hand out of desperation - Especially given how much you loathe to do it.
Whenever you're backed into a corner by Amaterasu security, you panic. Then you sell the lives of the culprits to Shinigami in exchange for a supernatural handicap. That's giving up, Yuma.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
This feels like powerful foreshadowing, especially given the double meaning of "death" and the parasitic horror floating over Yuma's shoulder.
But even if that winds up being the writer's interpretation, I stand by what I said. If Yuma had an iron will to never give up, then every case wouldn't end in him going, "OH NO IT'S HOPELESS! Help me, Shinigami! I accept the lethal consequences that I despise as a cost of letting your evil powers help!"
Maybe the first time, sure. But after that, every time he resorts to the Mystery Labyrinth, it's an act of surrender.
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On Ahsoka
I've decided to accept Ahsoka's Mary sue-ness and move on. That doesn't mean I like it
So she legit has psychometry and animal empathy like those weren't unique talents what's next fire creation or absorb energy, sigh. Okay I'm done
My legit complaint is where is Thrawn for the villain of the show he's very invisible. And if he's going to be scary you need to know what he's doing to be scared.
And also how come Huyang doesn't just say force power when Jacen uses his. it's not like he hasn't said it before
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random-mailbox · 1 year
Random-Mailbox's Favorite Sailor Moon Fics - Week 37 - Psychometry
Tumblr media
I missed manga-based psychometry for Mamoru in the Original Anime, so it makes me very happy that so many talented individuals have weaved it into their stories. Below are a few where it plays a bigger role in the outcomes, although quite a few others have made their way into the series already. Also a reminder that prompts for @usamamoweek2023 are up!
As always, my apologies in advance for spoiling some of these for you (Fic Titles are linked to either FFN or AO3 entries).
Manganatomy - @idesofnovember
When I think of Psychometry and AU stories, this is one that is most top of mind for me. Usagi gets stuck with an assignment of getting a medical professional to look over some josei manga spreads for work. Except the person she has to see is less than helpful. Cue accidental bumping into Dr Chiba, who might just feel why this is so important to her. 
My Own Little Stage: A Collection of Prompts - Chapter 5: I thought you knew - @tinacentury
Every time Mamoru touches Usagi’s heart-shaped ring he gets glimpses of her memories while he wasn’t around (with Galaxia’s help). With Usagi taking a bath, he had more time than usual to hold it, getting to see more than he bargained for. 
The Reveal: Chapter 8: Touch - @kasienda
Mamoru learned from a young age to not let anyone know about his ability to know things through touch, having gotten burnt on more than one occasion, leaving him in a dark place. Maybe there is hope for him after meeting a blonde girl and "seeing" things he never knew were possible.
The Space Between: Chapter 13: Heal - @uglygreenjacket
With Usagi bailing on their date last minute because she is "sick", Mamoru tries to cheer her up the only way he knows how - with flowers and soup.  I honestly wish everyone had a Mamoru around to help with cramps. 
Becoming - @floraone
This drabble collection walks us through all the events that made Anime-inspired Mamoru who he was, with an addition of psychometry - both the ability to feel through touch and ability to heal. 
Little Moments: Chapter 1: Helpless - @floraone
Having gotten hurt in battle and an ugly bruise preventing her from doing something as routine as putting up her hair, Usagi begrudgingly heads to Mamoru's for assistance. 
That's it for this week. Next week we have "What if" stories - idea was courtesy of @areptiledysfunction1107!
Here are the links to the previous Tumblr posts in these series to explore more amazing works based on different themes - make sure to check them out if you haven't had a chance! (Click on title name to go to the post) - I will keep updating the list every week as new posts come up:
Week 1 - Groundhog Day
Week 2 - Established Relationships
Week 3 - Sex Positivity
Week 4 - Unfinished Stories
Week 5 - Darker Stories
Week 6 - Potions 🧪
Week 7 - Reveals
Week 8 - 👻Halloween🎃
Week 9 - Wrong Perceptions
Week 10 - Non-Senshi AU
Week 11 - In-Progress Fics
Week 12 - Mutual Pining
Week 13 - Enemies to Lovers
Week 14 - Slow Burn
Week 15 - Christmas Part 1 - Ugly Christmas Sweaters and Santa!
Week 16 - Christmas Part 2
Week 17 - New Years
Week 18 - High School AU
Week 19 - Slice of Life
Week 20 - Coffee shop AU
Week 21 - Huddle for Warmth
Week 22 - Friends to Lovers
Week 23 - ❤️Valentines Day❤️
Week 24 - Do a Grouch a Favour Day (or Cheer Up Fics)
Week 25 - Soulmate AU
Week 26 - Amnesia Fics (and resources)
Week 27 - 🍀St Patrick's Day🍀
Week 28 - Fix it Fics
Week 29 - Prompt: Mug
Week 30 - Flowers
Week 31 - Traditions
Week 32 - Dreams
Week 33 - Friends
Week 34 - Body-Swap
Week 35 - Medical Assistance
Week 36 - Sex Pollen
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summersnow82 · 9 months
The Scent of Roses - Part 2
Tumblr media
Fictober 2023_Prompt 2: “Don’t worry, I got you.”
Author’s note: I decided to give these crazy kids another chapter. We’ll see what happens.
Summary: Hank begins to see Sabrina in a different light.
The car ride to the dinner was a mixture of stunned silence from Hank, and cheerful chatter from Sabrina about nothing particularly important. At one point, she leaned over to fix his bow tie. He was perfectly capable of doing it himself, but the wrinkle between her brows from her concentration was too adorable. Had he ever noticed that before? She pressed closer to him, pursing her lips in frustration.
“C’mon, now,” she grumbled. A low chuckle rumbled in Hank’s chest, and she looked up meeting his eyes with a slight blush gracing her cheeks. “Oh! I…ah…sorry.” She shifted away, the scent of roses moving with her.
“You tackle everything with the same determination and tenacity. It’s endearing,” he told her, offering a small smile. Her blush grew, and she went back to fussing with his bow tie. “You didn’t have to do this, you know.”
“I know,” she whispered, eyes focused on her work. “But I wanted you to have your shot. You’ve earned it.”
His hands reached for hers, and her eyes met his in nervous apprehension. “Thank you, Sabrina Fair.” He raised a gloved hand to his lips, and gave it a chaste kiss.
She laughed lightly. “You’re the only one who calls me that.”
“It’s a lovely poem. It suits you.”
The evening felt like a blur, but ultimately the dinner was a roaring success. His speech earned a standing ovation with high praise from everyone around him, and the President announced positive future plans to benefit both humans and mutants alike. Sabrina dazzled everyone at their table, and he took every opportunity to pull her onto the dance floor. It still amazed him how he could go from completely morose to floating on Cloud Nine, but he wasn’t going to fight it.
It was with great reluctance when Hank announced it was time for them to go. He didn’t want to break the spell cast this evening, unsure if he’d ever be able to get it back. Were these feelings real, or just a momentary emotional high? Would he still look at Sabrina this way when she was back in her a-line skirts and frilly blouses? Was it even worth risking a lifelong friendship just to hold her a little longer?
That was another problem he’d not wanted to think about: Sabrina’s powers. Her psychic powers focused on psychometry: the ability to touch an object and know it’s full history. As an empath it was already hard to live with so many people, and her psychometric power made it even more difficult, hence the gloves. Unlike Rogue she couldn’t absorb the life force of those who touched her, but she could receive their thoughts and emotions, including knowledge replication and temporary talent theft. Needless to say, it made relationships hard, and Hank didn’t know if it would be wise to pursue a relationship where he’d have to think through every touch and caress.
He’d managed to dance with her all night without touching any of her stunning ivory skin. Maybe it could work? He took her by the arm, graciously saying their goodbyes, and steering her towards the exit. Silently they waited for their limo, and silently they rode home. Sabrina stared out the window, watching the city lights fade as they drove back to Xavier’s mansion while Hank snuck glances at her exposed legs, the curve of her cheekbones, or the soft way her hair framed her face.
The limo pulled up the gravel drive slowly, and Hank suddenly felt desperate to make the evening last. “Sabrina?” Her green eyes met his, and he smiled. “Thank you for tonight. You made it truly phenomenal.”
Sabrina ducked her head, brushing a stray strand of hair back. She was grinning, proud her plan had worked. “You’re welcome, Hank. I was happy to do it.”
He opened his mouth to say something else, but was interrupted as the driver opened the limo door waiting for them to exit. Reluctantly, he exited the car, then turned to offer her his hand. Her gloved hand slipped into his furry, blue paw, and for the first time that night he felt like he’d been doused in cold water.
Bestiality. That was the word Trish had used, the same word that rag of a paper had used. He stared at her hand in his, and was consumed with self-loathing. He was a big, blue, furry monster, and she was an angel disguised as a dear friend. Shame washed over him at the thoughts he’d entertained that evening about a woman he’d known most of his life. What was he thinking? His eyes flickered up to hers, and he knew she could sense something had changed.
“Thank you,” he told the driver, tipping him, and ignoring Sabrina’s worried glances. He took her arm to lead her up the stairs, lost in his own thoughts as the limo drove away. In hindsight, he wasn’t sure what caused her to lose her balance. Maybe he’d pulled too hard, or if she was resisting to get him to look at her. He did know his reflexes allowed him to catch her before she hit the stone steps. “Don’t worry,” he said. “I got you.”
Her green eyes were wide, and he realized his mistake as her eyes began to glow a bright emerald. His hands were on her back. Her bare back. She was consuming his every thought and emotion within the last hour, at least, maybe more. Fear raced through him, but he couldn’t bring himself to move. Her eyes glowed in an otherworldly manner he’d not seen in a long time.
“Sabrina?” He whispered urgently, finally moving to stand her upright. Her legs wobbled, and in one deft move she was in his arms. Hank quickly took the rest of the stairs, shoving open the heavy front door. “Sabrina?” He placed her down carefully on the steps to Xavier’s grand staircase, and took a step back. “Are you all right?” Hank crouched down, watching her like a hawk as she closed her eyes, and placed a hand to her head.
“Dizzy,” she murmured. “Too much. Too much all at once.”
“Sabrina, I am so, so sorry. I didn’t mean to...” he trailed off when she opened her eyes. Once again her eyes were their normal green, but the look on her face told him volumes. “I’m so sorry,” he whispered, burying his face in his hands.
“Hank.” He looked up slowly to see her kneeling in front of him, her blonde hair falling around her shoulders. She took his hands in her own gloved ones, sitting up a bit to brush a hand over his cheek. “Hank.” She murmured it over and over, her eyes taking him in like she’d never seen him before. “Hank.” She slipped a gloved hand to the base of his neck, burying her fingers in his thick blue hair. “Hank.” He was afraid to move as she leaned in slowly, her eyes darting from his eyes to his mouth. Her tongue darted out to wet her lips, and a growl escaped him involuntarily. She chuckled, low and sensuous, but she didn’t move. “Tell me if I’m overstepping,” she said softly, her breath tickling his lips. She was so close. So close, so soft and warm, and even after he’d assaulted her senses she was still looking at him like she always had.
Only now there was something else there. Something with heat. Her lips moved to say his name again, and he found himself pressing into her, burying his hands in her hair, and pushing her back into the stairs. He knew her eyes were glowing as she absorbed more of his thoughts, but if she was disturbed she didn’t show it. Her hands clung to him, pulling him tighter against her, and a moan slipped from her throat as he growled in response.
“Sabrina,” he groaned, his mouth moving to her ivory throat. Whatever she was getting from him it wasn’t enough to make her want to stop.
“I hate to break up this long-delayed moment, but you are drawing a crowd.”
The sound of Charles Xavier in their heads was a bucket of ice water to their senses. Hank and Sabrina shot apart, staring at one another as the voice of their teacher, friend, and confidant filled their heads. Sure enough, several students were crouched at the top of the staircase, giggling.
Sabrina was on her feet, hands thrust on her hips as she pursed her lips in irritation. “Do any of you know what time it is? You were meant to be in bed hours ago,” she chastised, but the smile on her face told her students she was more amused than angry.
“Voyeurism isn’t an attribute I recommend pursuing,” Hank said, dusting himself off as he stood. “Perhaps we should make that your next assignment?” Eyes widened at his threat, and Hank knew he’d hit a nerve. “A twenty page paper on the dangers of sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong…,” he trailed off as a few of the children began to scatter. “Wait! Don’t you want to hear about the essential reading required, as well?” That was enough to scare off the rest of the crowd, and Hank couldn’t help but chuckle to himself.
“That was cruel,” Sabrina said, turning on her heel, her hands still poised on her hips. “Hysterical, but cruel.”
Hank grinned. “Well, they weren’t going anywhere on their own. Thought I would help them along.” His smile faltered. “Sabrina, about tonight… I don’t… I’m not…,” he struggled to find the words to say what he wanted. He was torn between taking her in his arms and racing to his bedroom or suggesting they try to forget whatever just happened and go back to being very good friends.
His internal struggle must have been obvious, and besides, who knew just what she’d absorbed during their brief make-out session? So her next words were both a welcome and a jab to him. “You know, my head is still spinning. I think I’m just going to head on to bed. Kids to wrangle tomorrow, and all that.” She flashed him a small smile. “Thanks for a lovely evening, Hank.”
“Sabrina, I…,” he tried, but she was already turning to ascend the stairs.
“Goodnight,” she called, and he watched her go, hating himself for not chasing after her.
“That,” Logan’s voice broke his reverie, “was the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen you do.”
A low growl rumbled in Hank’s throat as he turned to look at the Wolverine. “I am not in the mood, Logan.”
Logan was leaning against a doorjamb, a beer bottle in hand. “I know what you’re in the mood for, Doc, and you just let it go to bed without you.” He nodded towards the stairs, an eyebrow arched for emphasis.
“It’s not that simple. Sabrina’s a friend – a good friend. I’ve known her since she was a kid. We’re not… I mean, we’ve never,” he huffed, exasperated.
Logan cocked his head to the side. “Not me ya gotta convince, bub.” He raised the bottle to his lips, shrugging, and turned leaving Hank by himself again with his thoughts and conflicted emotions.
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i think the girl in the final scene was the sex worker he had gotten to know, who first dissed him and then defended him/got punished for it (i think that was what happened? again weird pacing and i don't think what i watched was the full version). i got the feeling she was inspired by beom's character's love for his girl to pull herself out of her situation and we could see that he managed to do some good in someone's life but that's just a guess.
but what i saw of their relationship seemed like a really interesting dynamic, especially contrasted to his idealistic love for the main girl, and i wished that was leaned into more. there were just so many provocative relationships going on in this movie (also with the guys he works with/ends up triumphing over in the end) that beom is 1000% capable of showing the nuances of...and he certainly tried!...if only it were better written.
i also don't know enough about film to say whether it was the direction or the cinematography that sucked but i wished it just looked as aesthetic as it was clearly attempting to be imo. part of that was probably the fact that it was made in 2009 but also if you're trying to make an art house style film, the production team could have tried a little harder.
i hope beom would take a role like this now since he seems to have tended away from movies/melodramatic plots like this but who knows? i just hope he announces a new project soon.
let me know how you're enjoying dream! i'm still on a hunt to find psychometry/gifted hands since i saw park sungwoong is also in it and i've become a fan of his too after hidden identity.
finally, have you seen east of eden?
--kbcu anon
Hmm… though I still don’t understand the significance of the (creepy) smile the tattoo-girl had for the camera in the end. But… that’s one of my milder complaints with the movie that could’ve been a masterpiece if well done. As for him falling so head over heals for the girl - why? That romance, to be honest, felt unrealistic. No guy would invest all he has for a girl he’s spent so little time with. Maybe if they had spent time building that love story, it might have been convincing.
I think I did watch the full version because it had the credits rolling after a flashback scene of happier times of the couple enjoying on the beach. You know, I don’t think 2009 is the problem here. The movie I compared it to came in the 90s and it was brilliantly done! This could’ve been at that level but… we got what we got.
I hope someone would give him such a project again - he’ll knock it out of the park with his talent and screen presence. I’m hoping those rumours about the Indonesian movie he’s being mentioned in context with, is true. That is one character I’m pretty sure he’ll do well.
I’m still waiting for that Enemies-to-lovers thing - something similar to Jaime Lannister/Brienne of Tarth in Game of Thrones. Rang has a lot of Jaime’s personality traits and I can bet all my money that Beom would give us something to remember for long. K-drama showrunners, are you listening?
Dream is mediocre - I’ll be honest. Nothing is keeping me going except Beom and even he’s average in that role. But, as always, his smile lights up the screen and Im not expecting more than that. There’s an unnecessary love triangle with a lacklustre FL (the only actress probably Beom doesn’t have chemistry with) and I’m okay with the way it is resolved.
I am yet to watch Psychometry - waiting for the right day and the right mood for it. I read up long back on East of Eden and… it’s not my cup of tea. Though Beom has been praised a lot for his short appearance. Have you watched it? Is it worth?
How about Law school? Did you decide to watch it or not?
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sunset-a-story · 1 year
Character Interview Tag
Thank you to @vsnotresponding for tagging me in this one! I had a hard time deciding who to use so I just grabbed the whole core group. Open tagging whoever is interested and no-pressure tagging @words-after-midnight @moondust-bard and @inkspellangel
1. Are you named after anyone?
Reeve: I was named by the SolCorp algorithm.
Alex: I don't really know why she named me Joey.
Hannah: Uh, no.
Gareth: After someone in my dad's family.
2. When was the last time you cried?
Reeve: I'm not sure. (looks hella uncomfortable)
Alex: (shrugs) Probably the last time I had a really bad Reading night and couldn't get my psychometry to stop to let me sleep
Hannah: Rum!
Gareth: Last week.
3. Do you have any kids?
Reeve: (eyebrow lift) No. (frown) Although, they do bank our DNA for the Venus gen lab...
Alex: (laughing)
Hannah: Got sterilized, baby!
Gareth: Not to my knowledge. In a different life, I would have liked to.
4. Do you use sarcasm?
Reeve: Is there any other way to survive these people?
Alex: (putting his hand to his chest) Never! Sarcasm? I wouldn't dream of it!
Hannah: Oh, constantly.
Gareth: Is there any other way to survive Reeve?
5. What’s the first thing you notice about people?
Reeve: Hard to say what is first. I try to take in the whole picture pretty quickly so I can form an opinion before I start getting telepathic feedback to compare.
Alex: Posture. And eyes.
Hannah: Their energy and just how they feel.
Gareth: I don't know. How they move. Are they relaxed, tense, threatening?
6. What’s your eye color?
Reeve: Blue-grey
Alex: Dark brown
Hannah: Brown
Gareth: Brown
7. Scary movies or happy endings?
Reeve: Happy endings.
Alex: I don't think you've got to pick. Just watch several movies.
Hannah: Gahhhh probably scary. Yes, I know I'm an empath. Don't judge me.
Gareth: Happy endings.
8. Any special talents?
Reeve: Besides telepathy? I'm organized. I like to think I can cook.
Alex: Psychometry and knowing where everyone's buttons are.
Hannah: I'm pretty nimble. You've gotta be when you go invisible. I used to kick ass at DDR.
Gareth: I think I can read people pretty well.
9. Where were you born?
Reeve: They call it "achieving breathe" in Sol and I was gen'ed out of LAHQ.
Alex: SolCorp, apparently.
Hannah: LAHQ.
Gareth: (side-eyeing the rest) Fresno, CA.
10. What are your hobbies?
Reeve: I don't really have time. Working on my car when I can.
Alex: Dancing, video games, sparring's fun.
Hannah: Drinking, dancing, video games.
Gareth: I like going for long drives. Working out. Reading.
11. Have you any pets?
Reeve: No.
Alex: Man, I wish. Reeve won't let us get a dog.
Hannah: Have I any pets? (adopts hoity-toity voice) Nooo, I have no pets. Wouldst butlers count? Because then also nooo.
Gareth: (narrowing eyes at Hannah) Nope.
12. What sports do you play/have played?
Reeve: I guess whatever games they made us play in Academy. Not really my thing.
Alex: Didn't exactly live that soccer practice and PTA life so...
Hannah: Field hockey in high school.
Gareth: I was pretty heavy into Taekwondo before I left home.
13. How tall are you?
Reeve: 5'9" (he's 5'8")
Alex: 5'5"
Hannah: 5'7"
Gareth: 5'11"
14. Favorite subject in school?
Reeve: Tactics.
Alex: None.
Hannah: Math's actually kinda neat. Also, my medic training.
Gareth: Lit.
15. Dream job?
Reeve: I used to say Saturn agent, but I'm happy where I am.
Alex: I don't know. I don't really have any sort of strong calling to anything yet. I guess, I'd just want to join Reeve's team and do what they do so I could stay with him and Hannah and Gareth.
Hannah: Maybe park ranger? That sounds pretty chill. You're out in the wilderness, protecting nature, and occasionally get to yell at people for fucking up.
Gareth: Something quiet. It doesn't have to be fancy or particularly meaningful or anything.
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sleepyowlwrites · 2 years
Hi, Sleepy! Happy Blorbo Blursday! My question for you is: Which OC has unique talents or abilities? Tell us about the abilities! Is it plot relevant? Or more of a fun fact?
it's been a week! woah.
I'll answer for the youth story kids, because it's been a bit since I mentioned that they all have powers!
none of these are plot relevant, because youth story doesn't have a plot, only vibes. I added them because I wanted to. it is unclear within the narrative if these powers have always been present or if this year is a strange, magical realism capsule. yes, I am changing the baseline again.
R - projected thermography. he's got such a terrible memory, but the action of putting pictures onto objects helps him. so he's got loads of photobooks full of stuff he wants to remember.
Bell - clairvoyance and enhanced senses. the clairvoyance is really foggy and irritates her. she likes things to be clear. when she's actively using one sense, it mutes the attunement of another.
Cal - photokinesis. he glows when he's happy and he's actually scared of the dark so this works out.
Savannah - colorized empathic telepathy. something I made up myself from existing powers in fiction. she senses other people's emotions and sees them as colorful auras. the better she knows someone, the more detailed thoughts she can understand, but the colors prevent her from actually just reading people's minds.
Daniel - spontaneous matter transmutation. he can do alchemy! (like from fullmetal alchemist) he can transform one object into another, but he can't create stuff from nothing, and he can't turn matter into energy or vice versa. and it requires concentration or very strong intention to do it right and not sap all his own energy.
Irina - plant manipulation. she can help plants grow, change their colors, fuse two plants together, turn something poisonous or remove poisonous effects. as someone who always wants to manipulate people, manipulating plants is a pretty good one.
Mark - rapid healing. the more severe the injury, the faster he heals, relatively. a broken finger will take a few days, but a deep bruise will also take a few days. a superficial wound will heal faster than normal, but still less noticeably fast. during one of R and Mark's early fights, Mark fell down some stairs and broke his collarbone. it healed within a week. a skinned knee takes like one or two less days to heal than for anyone else.
Evie - psychometry. she's only okay to touch people when she's comfortable around them and only okay to touch their skin when she's got enough energy to maintain control and not accidentally see their memories. she wears warm colors specifically because memories always show up in cool tones.
Nyks - phasing. his control is wonky. skin contact helps keep him grounded, and if his energy levels are low, it's the only thing that will keep him corporeal. he's a naturally cuddly person so this is fine with him.
Jae - omnilingualism. he can learn any language within days, if he wants to. he can read any language and understand it. he likes that because he has trouble speaking any language.
thanks for asking, Truly ;)
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memoriesoftanalorr · 3 days
Rewrite of my Jedi Survivor AU
Part One
Note: I'm sorry if this sucks. Just wanna a better fate for Dagan and I'm can't stop thinking if Cal would ease Dagan's pain, anger and pride. Don't know why but they're seems like siblings for me. Sorry for grammar. When gonna to improve my writing huh? Maybe if I'll write on my PC but I'm on my phone always but I don't have time on my PC when I'm at home or at countryside I'm only on my phone. Sorry for grammar.
One thought haunted Cal, he had a feeling that he needed to try to talk to Dagan and Cal hoped that he would listening to him and there would not be a fight between them, although this was unlikely.
"Cal, where are you going?" Bode asked. "I want to check on something and I'm get back soon, that's alright with you?" Cal made a small smile. BD turned his head towards Cal curiosity. "Can I join you then?" Akuna offers his help. "No, thanks. I'll be alright on my own." Cal replied. "Just let's skip your hero stuff or I'm got a feeling that you're going to get in trouble." Bode mocked. "I promise!" Cal laughed. When Cal walks away from Bode, the droid wondered where they're heading to. "To be honest, I'm not sure what I'm doing but I hope I'm right." Cal told to BD. The droid beeped what's means he's with Cal not matter what because he trusts a ginger Jedi.
Bedlam Raiders lieutenants gathered together at the Fort Kah'Lin and Dagan among them. Cal knows that; before get in the fortress, he memorized the location that was at holomap.
Dagan had an hidden and personal apartment there, he orders something to lieutenants and then they're leaves the room. Even though Cal was somewhere nearby, Dagan didn't noticed his presence in the Force. Kestis walks in quickly and quietly. Gera finally get a feeling of Cal's presence now when an ginger Jedi standing behind him. "Are you here to strike me in a back?" Dagan spoke bitterly. "No. Let's just talk everything out. I'm not your enemy." Cal said calmly.
"Seriously? You're better leave right now or you'll be dead." Dagan warned.
Cal standing in front of him determined. Dagan ignites his lightsaber and move it closer to Cal's neck. "Hm, you're used a psychometry on me back than? It's a rare Force ability. Perhaps you're have some other talents because your lightsaber combat skills isn't that great." Dagan mocked. "Are you going to kill me huh?" Cal glanced at Dagan. Dagan made a evil smile. "Probably."
Cal pushed Dagan away using the Force. Gera's lightsaber falls on the floor. "Oh, come on, Dagan." Cal sighed softly. Dagan stand up and picked up his lightsaber. "What do you want from me!?" Dagan shouted in anger.
"What happened to you is in the past! You have a choose to move on. I'm so sorry, Dagan." Cal expressed emotionally. "How I supposed to do that?" Gera asked him.
"Santari loved you. Your anger clouded your judgment." Cal responses to him.
"Don't you dare to speak out her name! She betrayed me!" Dagan screamed out.
"Did she? Just look into my mind and you'll see what I'm saw with my psychometry." Cal said. Dagan glanced at him and then his eyes starts glowing, Gera readed Cal's mind while ginger Jedi sit down into meditation pose at the floor concentrating on specific moment inside his mind.
Dagan seen how Santari squeezed into his chest grievly, she don't wanted to hurt him. Dagan opened his eyes, he shakes his head in refusal, he was full of pain and sadness. "You're lying to me!" Dagan glanced at Cal in anger. "I'm not lying to you. Why would I do it to you?" Cal touched Dagan's arm. "I wish I could change the past." Dagan lowered his head. "I'm sorry. I hope you'll let go of your pain." Cal comforts him.
Dagan's heart ashes in pain, he closed his eyes. Cal giving him a hug. "I didn't meant to hurt you reminding you of that."
"I know." Dagan slightly lowered his head closer to ginger Jedi and then take a deep breath. Cal watching him carefully, he was surprised that Dagan trusts him. "Let's find Tanalorr together." Cal suggested. "Deal." Dagan nodded and Cal letting him go of his slight embrace. Gera healed his lightsaber crystal, the memories of Santari heals him. Lightsaber crystal from red began to glowing white. Cal was impressed by this process. "That's incredible." "That's right." Dagan made a slight laughter. "Do you know where's next compass is?" Cal asked. "The last compass at Shattered Moon somewhere inside Santari's observatory. Let's meet up there." Dagan replied.
"Great. I'll see you there then." Cal smiled.
"Are you sure you can trust him?" Bode pointed out suspiciously. "He's changed, I feel that he's about to change to the better however." Cal replied. "Alright. I respect your decision." Bode spoke. "Glad to hear that." Cal smiled.
When Cal and Bode entered the observatory, they're saw Dagan watching the message from Santari. Cal could feel Dagan's sadness. "She's gone---" Dagan's voice cracks, tears flowing down his face. Cal listened carefully and then stepped towards him snd laid his hand on Gera's shoulder. "I know Santari meant a lot of for you but you're not alone. We're can become friends…"
"How could Jedi let the galaxy fall to this unworthy machine of an Empire? Is any of Jedi survived?" Dagan eexpressed.
"Nobody's sees it coming. Jedi were executed one by one by clone troopers. But I believe some of them survived. They haven't beaten us. Not yet." Cal assures Dagan. "You should be the one who take care of the compass." Dagan landing a compass to Cal. "Thanks for trusting me." Cal smiles. "We're should get going." Bode said. "Where?" Dagan asked. "How about to went to Jedha for a while?" Cal suggests. "Alright." Bode nodded.
"Are you alright?" Cal asked Dagan.
"Yes, I'm fine. I'm going with you." Gera replied.
"Glad to hear that." Cal smiled again.
To be continued...
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