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twistcmyk · 1 year
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bivampir · 1 year
it's SO funny that when asked what he had to do to prepare for his role in IWTV Sam Reid says he had to learn how to play the piano, learn to speak French, Italian, and English with a French accent. Bailey read IWTV religiously and added her own comments, and kept an actual fucking journal she wrote entirely as Claudia. meanwhile Jacob Anderson, when asked the same question, just responds with “oh nothing, i was already emo”. icons and legends only
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sreppub · 10 months
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winter uniforms for those cold gotham nights
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wordle-spoilers · 2 years
Wordle 272 4/6* ⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛ ⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛ ⬛🟨🟨🟨🟨 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩
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owleics-fr · 17 days
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Taking preorders for my aura m skins Eat the Sun and Eat the Earth!
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feralmoonlight · 1 year
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Halloween Ass Lookin Motherfucker
Alt version of the candycane joke one
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coloredcompulsion · 1 month
My dad rewatching the FNaF movie with me: So that guy's the killer right?
Me: Yes! I'm kind of disappointed he's no longer British
My dad: He's no longer What
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mayescapade · 8 days
jude, i can't remember if it's said in dstg or not but i need to know
do Sirius and Reg have a french accent
sirius does not but i like to think regulus has a very faint one that he can mask well enough but it peeks through when he’s angry or wound up or emotional or smth
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drawfee-quot3s · 1 month
augh dropshots right at the net? my butt's getting sautéed
- nathan
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valleydean · 8 months
i know we all laugh about jensen and misha making their voices much lower and grittier for dean and cas but we really do not give enough credit to all three of them for the subtle accent work they did on that show because they really don’t sound anything like themselves apart from the rare occasions when jared’s accent slips out and sam sounds like a Good Ol’ Texan and when cas gets mad sometimes and says a word or two that sounds like a New Englander Ready To Throw Down
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hairlice · 11 months
(Click 4 better quality)
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I was utterly disappointed at how little the real týr is in-game but oh well what's done is done
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twistcmyk · 1 year
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the robot from subnautica is so funny. he’s a hyperintelligent being from an extinct alien race who’s achieved immortality by uploading his consciousness into a mechanical body. also he’s a british man named alan
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tequiilasunriise · 1 year
Okay SURE we all agree that Enid is queer-coded as FUCK with her rainbow nails and lesbian flag of a sweater, but I really wanna talk about her usage of ‘howdy’ more:
Tumblr media
Enid Sinclair is someone canonically from California- my state, actually- and like…. NO ONE here who is straight uses motherfucken ‘howdy’ as a casual greeting. No one. You know how there’s this thing where if a person uses the word ‘y’all’ all the time and they’re not Cowboyishly Southern™️ then chances are they’re a fruit? Like, I use y’all every single day and I am a raging Californian through and through. I also love hot moms and dads. Sure, I am willing to concede that not EVERY non-Southerner who uses y’all is queer, but with the countless other queer people I know who do the same as I do… well.
Yes, correlation does not automatically equate to causation, however, there ARE enough people in this particular category that can give the claim I’m tryna make statistic significance. By extension of the y’all to fruit pipeline, ‘howdy’ is even MORE Cowboyishly Southern™️ than ‘y’all’ and Miss Sinclair is just spouting it right off the bat with her whole chest no hesitation as she joyfully greets Wednesday. Therefore, Enid is queer-coded as FUCK because when was the last time you EVER saw some Californian girlie casually use howdy unironically like this?
(Did I just try to use modern cultural linguistic patterns to try and justify a fictional character’s lesbianism? I mean YEAH in my defense I am delusional Wenclair trash but sshhhhh my science is still sound.)
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finncakes · 10 months
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m9 doodle page while i catch up slowly but surely...
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eternallovers65 · 4 months
It's so funny as a brazilian seeing people not know how to say "pão" because of the "til" (~), because it's probably the easiest sound/accent you learn in school, it's like the primary one you learn
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