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He’s being perceived—Happy (Late) Aro Visibility Day!
Tumblr media
I know I said requests were next but aro visday is now a thing and I just had to
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simon riley sfw a-z
a/n: here's one for my og bf! tysm for the love on the gromsko nsft ones! yes i hc that simon looks like samuel and i will continue to think that until we see simon's face in-game, if we ever even do <3
for @bunny-extract, sorry to have kept you waiting <3
Tumblr media
A = Affection (How affectionate are they? How do they show affection?)
very much like a feral cat when it comes to affection. you have to let him warm up to you first, or else he'll get nervous. he tends to come back, especially if he wants you in his life, but please give him time, and let him initiate first!
B = Best friend (What would they be like as a best friend? How would the friendship start?)
he'd be a pretty good friend, i think! would absolutely keep it real with you if you asked him for advice. i feel like he'd actually initiate the friendship with you after you two swapped those goofy dad jokes he loves so much over comms. he's always pleasantly surprised when you tell him one he hasn't heard before.
C = Cuddles (Do they like to cuddle? How would they cuddle?)
very hesitant to cuddle at first, has an "i break everything i touch" mentality when it comes to being in a relationship. you'd probably have to initiate physical contact at the beginning, but once he realizes that you're actually sticking around and more importantly, want to be physically affectionate with him, he's all over you. he'll hold your hand under the table like a giddy teenager. drags you by the hand into empty meeting rooms and quiet hallways to steal a quick kiss, especially if he's having a stressful day. he was so devoid of affection when he was growing up, both platonic and romantic, that he feels like he needs to make it up to himself for lost time.
D = Domestic (Do they want to settle down? How are they at cooking and cleaning?)
i think he has this fantasy about settling down in his head. definitely imagines himself living in somewhere along the water, maybe on the coastline (visually, i think that fleetwood and southport look good for this. they're not too far away from manchester, but they're not so close that he feels like he's reliving his past.) fantasizes about something akin to a quiet, white picket fence life with you where instead of two kids, you've got two rambunctious dogs to keep company.
very good at cooking and cleaning! i think he mostly learned the basics of how to cook from his nan, and then his mother taught him a few family recipes as he got older. definitely has a box of recipe cards from them stashed away in the back of his cupboard. though, he learned to clean from his mother. she once told simon that she found peace in the repetition of the task and he's followed that philosophy ever since.
E = Ending (If they had to break up with their partner, how would they do it?)
would leave them over a phone call, but not out of cruelty or because he wants to hurt you. it's more because he knows that if he does it in person, he'll not actually end up breaking up with you, even if it is for your own safety.
F = Fiance(e) (How do they feel about commitment? How quick would they want to get married?)
craves a strong, long term relationship. not as big on marriage as he used to be when he was younger, but is incredibly loyal to you, almost to a fault. dedicates part of his tattoo sleeve to you after he's been with you for a few years as a way of showing his commitment to you (you may or may not have cried when he showed it to you)
if he were to got married, which is very difficult for a legally dead man to do, it’d be something small. al maybe the rest of the 141 is there and a few of your friends as well. it’d be a small affair for sure, though, no more than 10-15 people really
G = Gentle (How gentle are they, both physically and emotionally?)
very gentle! he's so aggressive when it comes to his line of work that he wants his personal life, especially his relationship, to be a sort of safe haven or break from that
H = Hugs (Do they like hugs? How often do they do it? What are their hugs like?)
god YES the man loves a good hug!! we have what we call squeezy hugs in my family where the hug-giver squeezes the hug-receiver as tight as they can, and i think simon would absolutely subscribe to those kinds of hugs. they’re the kind of hugs that make you feel like you’ve been put back together and i think he’d really be into that, both giving them and receiving. also, if he initiates a hug, he’ll wrap one arm around your waist and one arm across your back, cradling your head against his shoulder as he sighs into you
I = I love you (How fast do they say the L-word?)
takes him a while! he's always looking for the right moment. he knows early on that he loves you, but he waits a while to actually say it out of fear he'll scare you off. he ends up telling you in between feverish, wet kisses after he comes home from a longer-than-usual mission and is more than elated when you smile against his mouth and return his sentiments.
J = Jealousy (How jealous do they get? What do they do when they’re jealous?)
honestly i can't imagine him getting jealous, not even in a passive aggressive way. if he does it's probably because someone else started flirting with you. likes to snake an arm around your waist and kiss the top of your head if that happens. has very "who's our new friend, lovie?" vibes
K = Kisses (What are their kisses like? Where do they like to kiss you? Where do they like to be kissed?)
he's perfectly content with all sorts of kisses, but his favorite ones are the kisses where he's wrapped both of his arms around you and you've got your hands on his face, the both you pulling the other impossibly closer. loves being kissed on the skin between his thumb and pointer finger. kisses you on your left ring finger whenever he kisses your hand.
L = Little ones (How are they around children?)
he’s not great, but he definitely does his best. the only “parenting” experience he has was from when he was a kid helping his mum with tommy. he does know how to soothe an upset child, i think. he’ll outstretch his hand for them to take and when they eventually take it, he’ll tell them stories galore of his time “traveling” and he’ll talk about all the interesting things he’s done as an adult (gory details excluded, of course)
M = Morning (How are mornings spent with them?)
mornings with simon are quiet and slow in the best way possible. he’s a military man, and he’s used to having a routine, so when you both first got together he applied one to the relationship fairly quickly. he wakes up, kisses your forehead, brushes his teeth and hair, cooks breakfast, and makes you tea all before you can even get your slippers onto your feet
N = Night (How are nights spent with them?)
nights spent with simon are similar to mornings with him. the lull of quiet while music plays softly in the background is so soothing to him. makes him feel very domestic, like he belongs there, especially if he can enjoy your presence in a comfortable silence
O = Open (When would they start revealing things about themselves? Do they say everything all at once or wait a while to reveal things slowly?)
reveals things slowly. he doesn't want to scare you away by unloading everything all at once. would likely start telling you some basic things (his favorite color, favorite book, etc.) at the beginning because he didn't want you to feel like your efforts were one-sided but the deeper, more personal facts about him don't start until month six or seven, and even then he eases you into those instead of diving right in.
P = Patience (How easily angered are they?)
an incredibly patient man when it comes to you. you actively have to be trying to push his buttons if you want to upset him. it pisses him off to no end and, as much as he may care for you, it’s a huge dealbreaker for him. he grew up with people constantly pushing his buttons to get a rise out of him and he doesn’t want that in a relationship
Q = Quizzes (How much would they remember about you? Do they remember every little detail you mention in passing, or do they kind of forget everything?)
remembers everything. i have a feeling he wasn’t super celebrated by anyone other than his mom and tommy for his birthdays and holidays so he tries to make the people he loves feel that same love he feels for them. he remembers your favorite color, the dress you wore on your first date, he remembers the foods you like and dislike so he can order for you when he gets takeout food. he’s very attentive to you
R = Remember (What is their favorite moment in your relationship?)
incredibly fond of the date where you two first kissed. he was a gentleman the whole time! opening doors for you, paying for dinner, taking you to an art event and buying you a couple local pieces that you’d had your eye on, and most importantly, walking you home. he kissed you at your door before waving at you as you went inside. stood there with a goofy grin for a few moments before the door flung open again and you asked him to come inside
S = Security (How protective are they? How would they protect you? How would they like to be protected?)
personal bodyguard / scary dog energy. protects you like he’s getting paid for it! (and he is! in kisses!) he's military, so he keeps at least two weapons (usually knives) on him at any given moment. has knives stashed around your place that he put there when he started coming over more often
T = Try (How much effort would they put into dates, anniversaries, gifts, everyday tasks?)
tries his best for sure! will spend weeks beforehand trying to find or make the perfect gift for you. he thinks he’s not the best at giftgiving, but he’s confident that you’ll appreciate whatever it is he gets you. if you have something special to you, like a charm bracelet, he’ll always get you more charms for it so you have a piece of him with you. had a charm made out of a bullet that nearly killed him. gifted it to you after he got home from that longer-than-usual mission because that’s the bullet that made him remember just how human he is.
U = Ugly (What would be some bad habits of theirs?)
he loves clutter. is obsessed with little things and trinkets and has a bad habit of hoarding them. also surprisingly a messy person. like his mess is still very controlled but he does leave his dirt laundry on the floor of the bathroom and occasionally leaves his beard trimmings in the sink for a tad too long.
V = Vanity (How concerned are they with their looks?)
not very, but he does always want to look his best without trying. his mum taught him the importance of self hygiene and the military only reinforced it. does spend 30 minutes fixing his hair in the mirror though, especially when he’s got balaclava hair
W = Whole (Would they feel incomplete without you?)
i think at first he would, but the longer you were away from him (or vice versa), he’d be able to cope with the feeling. he hates it and it scares him to death to think he’s involuntarily putting his walls back up so please reassure him that you miss him and very much need him when you two reunite
X = Xtra (A random headcanon for them.)
simon loves head scratches!! please play with his hair and watch his eyes roll back into his head while a smile forms on his face
Y = Yuck (What are some things they wouldn’t like, either in general or in a partner?)
doesn’t like actual filth. can handle a mess and honestly enjoys it when he’s in a place that looks “lived-in”. actual filth, though, will make him lose his mind. his mother instilled the idea that “a clean home makes the man” from a young age. he gets ridiculously overwhelmed and he gets super antsy to clean everything if he’s ever encountered with a place so dirty. will only do this a couple of times before he stops visiting wherever he’s at entirely.
also cannot stand people who are rude or bully others. light jokes/loving teasing between friends is ok in his book but if you’re genuinely nasty towards people just because, it’s a dealbreaker for him. he’s gone through too much, dealt with too much, for him to have that energy brought back into his life.
Z = Zzz (What is a sleep habits of theirs?)
sleeps closest to the door, also can’t sleep unless he’s got your face pressed into his chest and his legs are tangled with yours. he runs warm and he loves blankets so you may have to wiggle away from him at some point in the night but as long as he’s at least touching you he’s ok
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Angel’s Kiss
You finally get through Ghost, obtaining your first kiss with Simon— your Simon. Even if it's only for a minute.
Tumblr media
Her kiss felt so good, and it took Simon a moment to recover. Her flushed cheeks after the kiss seemed to make her even more beautiful than before. Her smile was so charming and sweet. Her face was so close to his, her kind and gentle presence reminded him so much of a sunny day.
"You're a good kisser, Angel."
For a whole minute, she forgets about all her worries and problems. Forgets about her job and his; the risk of it all. For a whole minute, she just stands there as her thumb continues to rub against his cheek gently and she holds back the strong urge to drop the 'I love you' bomb, because as sweet as this feels, all of it just seems so.. playful.
It's too early, she reasons with herself, so she plays along like a string of her violin.
"You're not so bad yourself, Lieutenant."
He feels his heart beats faster as he thinks of the word 'love'. She didn't actually say it, but it's there in the air, ready to be claimed.
"I can't wait to kiss you again."
For another minute, Angel is speechless. She knows she's given it away to him— her thoughts. And as she processes them, she struggles to hear his words. She settles on trying to decipher his thoughts through his eyes.
His eyes were probably her favorite thing about him, she believes. It's the first real part of Simon she's seen.
"I can't wait to see you again, Si." She finally responds, smiling sweetly as she continues to embed each detail of his face and his skin into her mind.
She gives him one last kiss, because she knows that when she steps into this god forsaken clinic again, he won't be Simon anymore. He won't be her 'Si'. He'll go back to being Lieutenant Ghost, with that skull balaclava of his.
This work is available on AO3 as well. :)
© 2023 mikotoguilty - I do not give permission to copy, repost, and/or translate any of my works on other platforms.
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Heats ;(
Tumblr media
cw: my simon riley favoritism is popping off again, werewolf au, heavy themes of breeding, 🪢, you know what it is, you know what you're here for.
forgets heats are a thing until he's going through it. he was able to shrug most of them off, the military having trained him well enough to work through them. unfortunately its much harder now that he's mated to you
wants to be around you more than anything else.
notices himself getting irritated at much smaller things. he's getting downright dirty in training, slamming his sparring partners into the ground. No one wants to train with him when he's like this
doesn't get very hungry during his ruts but is very adamant about feeding you. hunter gatherer brained. provide for my partner brained
"gotta be well fed to hold all my pups, yeah?"
pretty lethargic overall. breed, eat, sleep, breed, eat sleep. doesn't stray far from these steps since he puts all of his energy into making sure you're well and bred.
bite and scent marking. he knows you can't be with him 24/7 despite his want for you to be. but he can make sure no one is sniffing too close to you. very obvious bite scar your shoulder.
as soon as you get home he's nipping at your heels to get you to the bedroom, or at least bent over the couch.
won't even complain if you have to put the muzzle on him for getting to bitey. as long as you're giving your body up to him, ⁰he'll do whatever you want
pulls you against his hips at all hours of the day. if you let him, he'll fuck your thighs and push his cum in with his fingers. doesnt use his fingers usually because of the claws, may gather it up on the tip and push it deep into your hole. doesn't have to knot you to breed you ♡
if you muzzle him, it only stops him from biting. he's licking your skin through the metal grate, drooling over your back
unfortunately his claws cannot be contained unless he's tied at the wrists. he also allows this, but much more begrudgingly
selfishly he loves having his claws pressed into your plush hips. threatening to sink into your jugular when he holds you by the neck, grazing over your bite mark
aint too proud to beg
"c'mon sweetheart.. you can go one more can't you?"
if you keep him without the muzzle, he's even more of a fiend
cold nose pressing against your sensitive skin, rough tongue digging into every inch of your drooling holes. hearts in his eyes when he looks up at you from his place between your legs. has a terrible habit of nipping all of your overstimulated skin.
tail wags when your hands drift to hold his massive werewolf head in place. scratch behind his ears, and he rumbles moans into your skin.
lots of foreplay because oh no his knot is huge. a lot like Captain Price in the way he was bred to breed. knows he's gigantic in comparison to your human body so he really does try to be easy on you
it's so cliche, but he can't give up doggy style. crouched behind you, pushing his knot in. inch by inch, thrust by thrust. splits you open, growling from deep in his chest. he knows you feel it w his chest pressed flush against your back
bunny-extract got me thinkin about headlocks too, lord- his big, panting muzzle right next to your head, spinning with pleasure. his giant bicep is constricting the blood to your head until youre getting tunnel vision looking up at him. encourages you to hold tight to his arm
"you can take it all, come on. thats it."
doesn't stop the steady push and pull of his hips even if your walls are firmly clamped around his knot. shallow thrusts that are more of a needy grind.
you always say it's too much, reaching behind you to paw at his abdomen, pleading with him to slow down on stuffing you so full. but you always relax your body enough for him to fit his knot, albeit a tight fit. holds your arms behind your back if you're really squirming
loses control of himself easy, especially with your small hands clutching his arms, his shoulders. running on instinct alone
get pregnant get pregnant get pregnant
"everyone is gonna know you're mine when you're carrying my pups."
"you like that?"
whimpery and whiny when he's leaking his spend into you. toothy nibbles against your bite mark. scent marks you when he's buried to the hilt in your walls. nuzzling his muzzle and neck all over you, drowning your scent in his own.
wants to sleep. sleep sleep. doesn't let you leave the bed. you're not going anywhere when he's knotted with you. he is literally ready to fall asleep, cock plugging your twitching hole
licks and nurses any scratches, scrapes and abrasions. he apologizes and he means it, but he secretly loved how you wear his bites like a badge of honor.
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I feel like I write a lot of angsty things for the roommate series so here’s something fluffy:
Simon loves to read.
I’m not talking just reading as like a downtime thing, he gets into books and consume anything that pertains to it. He’ll buy an entire series, he’ll a book front to back in a matter of a day or two, and will analyze it so much that he even has a note book full of notes on it (he doesn’t like to write or put tabs in the book)
And it’s not just with books. He wouldn’t admit it but he almost loves comics more than he likes books because of the medium and how easy it is to consume
He’s stayed up late just reading, especially when he can’t sleep and if the book is really good his nose is stuck in it.
Sometimes he uses reading as an escape, but truly he’s fascinated by the stories told and the worlds created (he’s a fan of fantasy and fiction, will sometimes pick up a non-fiction book)
You like catching him when he’s reading because unbeknownst to him, he has a very expressive face when he’s reading. You can almost see when a plot twist happens, or when there’s a part he doesn’t like just by the expression on his face. You’ve noticed that he rubs his fingers over his lips when he reads and now because you’ve seen his dog tags, he tends to put one of the disks in his mouth when he reads.
It’s adorable, you think, how engrossed he gets into the stories. You like watching his little expressions and habits when he reads.
But the best part is when you ask him to talk about the book or comic he’s reading.
It took a little bit for him to get past his shyness about sharing his thoughts with you. At first he said short little things about it, but the more you told him you wanted to know what he really thinks, he started to open up more.
Now when you ask him, he’s pulling out his notes and practically giving you a full presentation. He gets excited and riled up talking to you about the current book he’s on and his feelings towards it is.
His eyes light up he smiles a little bit more and he doesn’t see so tense, and though he’s not particularly animated, you can tell that he’s invested.
He’s happy.
Simon loves telling you everything you want to know, he loves that you’re interested and that you’re the one who asks. It makes him feel warm, it makes him excited and it takes everything in him to not kiss you for every encouraging word you say to him.
Doesn’t matter what both of you are doing; whether it’s cuddling, about to go to sleep, or just sitting in the couch, he’s always so ready to tell you everything he thinks about the book/comic
(Added bonus if you’re an aspiring writer, he’s your number one supporter and will pester you to let him read your work, will help if you ask but mostly just wants to read it even if it’s “bad”.)
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Next Round’s On Me (Simon “Ghost” Riley x Jealous!Fem!Reader)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Simon “Ghost” Riley x Jealous!F!Reader Category: Smut (18+) Warnings: Drinking, Car Sex, Marshmallow Hell, Breast Play, Cowgirl, Handjobs, Clit Play, Slight Bondage, Mutual Masturbation Word Count: 2.7k+
A/N: Part 2 of an anonymous request (original ask linked below).
Next Round’s On Me (König's Version)
You sighed as you rubbed your temples. Your boyfriend, Simon, was currently in the shower. He recently returned from a long mission, his body aching and sore from the intense situations he found himself in. While you were over the moon that Simon returned, you were so swamped with your job that you barely had time to make even a single conversation with him. You jumped when a pair of wet, rough hands slid over your upper arms.
“Didn't mean to scare you, lovie,” Simon chuckled. His soaked, dirty blonde hair fell flat against his forehead, his dark brown eyes focused on your exhaustion-ridden face. You only flapped your hand.
“It’s fine,” you sighed before turning back to the paperwork set before you. You relaxed when you felt him run his fingers through your hair before pressing his lips to the top of your head.
“I know you’ve been busy-but I think a break is in order for the both of us,” he suggested as he smoothed his hand over your hair. You glanced up from your work, your cheek resting in your hand. “Besides, gotta celebrate me coming back to you in one piece somehow,” Simon raised his brows. You shook your head as a faint smile traced across your face. He hummed as you spun around in your chair, your hands grasping at his towel as you licked your lips. Your brows furrowed in confusion as he placed his large hands over yours.
“Not quite what I had in mind,” he rumbled.
You swayed along to the sound of the music crashing over the bar. It was fairly late-only a few patrons were floating around as the bartender busied himself with cleaning up the counter. The corner of Simon’s eyes crinkled as he kissed your cheek…forgetting that he was wearing a dark face mask. Both of you chuckled before he pulled the fabric down. You stared at his pink lips as a rush of warmth rushed over you. You closed your eyes as you wrapped your arms around his neck and leaned forward.
Your eyes snapped open when your phone suddenly rang to life. You sighed and pulled it from your pocket. It was a coworker. You glanced over at Simon and he nodded.
“I’m sorry,” you said. Simon shook his head and squeezed your hand.
“It’s alright, love. I’m not going anywhere,” he assured you with a wink. You giggled before slipping out of your booth. A brunette woman eyed you from the bar, her stare dark and territorial. You shook it off as you walked outside and finally answered the call.
It probably only lasted about five minutes. Something about them losing track of what to bring to the next meeting. You went down the list of items before they thanked you and apologized several times. You sighed as you hung up, quick to turn your phone on silent. You looked up at the stars that were sprinkled across the late night sky before heading back inside.
You froze when you saw the woman at the bar now sitting at your booth. Not only that, she was sitting right next to Simon, her legs slightly spread apart as she nibbled on her straw. Simon sat stiff as a board as she kept gabbing into his ear.
“What are you doing after this?” she purred, her eyes raking down his broad chest. You fumed as you stomped over to them. Simon’s eyes remained cold as he avoided her gaze.
“Probably going to have sex with my girlfriend,” he replied with a straight tone. She cackled and threw her head back just as you neared the booth. Your eye twitched as she placed a hand over his tattooed forearm. Simon’s shoulders tensed as he glanced over.
“Silly-you’re looking right at her,” the woman cooed as she brushed her fingers over one of his inky skulls. You crossed your arms and cleared your throat. The woman’s brows knitted together as she turned. Her eyes widened slightly as you raised your brows.
“Care to get out of my seat?” you asked, venom laced in your voice. The woman rolled her eyes as she hesitantly shuffled out of the booth. She shot you a nasty glare, an expression you happily returned. She was out of sight as you turned your attention back to your love.
“My hero,” he chuckled deeply. His voice was husky as his shoulders relaxed. You remained standing at his side of the booth, your legs suddenly pressed together as you felt a twinge of heat stir in your core. Simon tilted his head. “You alright, love?” he asked. His voice sounded even deeper now. Did his muscles always ripple like that? You nodded as you released a hot, shaky breath.
“Uh-huh, just feeling a bit buzzed is all,” you said as you fanned your flushed face. Simon grunted as he checked his watch.
“Gettin’ pretty late. Let’s head on back, yeah?” he said as he nodded towards the door. You licked your lips, lust quickly clouded your mind as you nodded back.
“Y-Yeah,” you blushed as you stepped back for him to get out. Simon glanced down at you, his pupils somewhat dilated as his hand sprawled across your lower back. You gasped, the slight contact sending shivers down your spine. He paid for your drinks before guiding you towards your car. The vehicle beeped across the nearly empty lot as he unlocked it. Your eyes shifted to the back seat as he opened the passenger car door. He laughed when you climbed in the back instead.
“Where you goin’, lovie?” he mused. You wiggled your hips as you sat squarely in the center of the backseat. You avoided his gaze as you puffed your chest out.
“I think I’ll stay back here,” you lilted, glancing at him out of the corner of your eye. Simon chuckled as he shook his head.
“You’re more smashed than I thought,” he teased. You gasped as you turned towards him. He stepped closer towards you, his covered face inches from yours.
“Or maybe…you’re just being a naughty little minx,” he rumbled as he cupped your chin with his hand. You batted your lashes and parted your lips, his thumb threatening to slip into your mouth. He barely had time to blink before you snatched his mask from his face. Simon clicked his tongue as he watched you crawl as far as you could from him.
“Naughty minx, then,” he huffed with an amused smile. You knew Simon was a smart man-that he’d see through your paper-thin guise. You smirked as he closed the door behind him, the car shaking slightly from the movement of him crawling towards you. His eyes widened as you suddenly pounced on him, swiftly pinning him beneath your thighs. Your pupils grew as your face lingered over his exposed neck, your hot breath fanning over his pulse. You pulled a strained groan from him as you sucked a hickey over his skin, enjoying the slight flavor of his sweat.
The windows were cracked just enough for some air to trickle in as you licked and suckled his flesh. Simon grunted while his hands wandered down to cup your ass. You unlatched your lips from his neck before swallowing his mouth with a sloppy kiss. Your hips sank down as you grinded against his clothed sex, his cock already hardening beneath your ministrations. You finally parted your lips and gasped for air. Both of your chests rose and fell, his hands gently massaging the flesh of your behind.
“Careful now. We could get caught,” he husked into your ear. You bit your bottom lip before tugging at your shirt. Simon seemed to disregard his own warning as you let your breasts spill out from your bra. One of his hands wandered to your hip while the other grazed over your nipple. His grunts were muffled when you shoved his face in between your breasts. He inhaled deeply through his nose as he moved his face back and forth. Your hand gripped the back of his head as he rolled his tongue over your tits, lathering them with his warm spit.
You moaned as you continued to grind your clothed sex over Simon’s growing erection-his cock scorching below you. A jolt of arousal shocked through you as he kneaded your tit with one hand while he latched his lips around your areola. Your hand remained glued to his head as he tugged your nipple between his teeth, his tongue soon smoothing over the pinched nub. He muffled something into your breasts, the vibrations sending small waves of arousal down into your dripping core.
“What was that?” you tilted your head as you loosened your grip on him. Simon leaned his head up and smiled gently, gazing directly into your eyes.
“I said ‘I love you’,” he breathed. You gasped as a wave of warmth crashed over you, your hips coming to a complete halt. Your lips parted as your fingers curled into the back of his neck.
“I-I love you, too,” you sniffed. Simon’s brows knitted as he brushed your cheek with his hand.
“What’s wrong, hun?” he asked. You shook your head as you blinked away a few tears.
“I-I just-” you cut yourself off as you stared down at his abs peeking up from beneath his rustled shirt.
“(Y/N), look at me,” Simon said. You slowly glanced up at him, your bottom lip trembling. Something seemed to click as his eyes widened slightly, though he wanted to hear it from your own lips. You sighed as you pressed your forehead against his shoulder.
“You really mean it?” you asked. Simon leaned back slightly as a frown etched onto his face.
“Of course I do, love,” he assured, his hand falling down to grasp and knead your hip. You nodded and relaxed in his hold. He kissed your temple, allowing you to rest on him. “You realize your tits are still out, right?” he piqued. You rolled your eyes and slapped his shoulder playfully. He chuckled before admiring you shoving your shirt and bra off, your breasts bouncing down as you shifted your hips.
Simon grabbed and massaged them in his hands as you went in for another kiss. He gasped into your mouth as your fingers traced over the outline of his cock from beneath his jeans. You shivered-he was hard as a rock. You kept your lips on his as you undid his button, then his zipper. Simon bucked his hips up slightly as you pulled his boxers down. You looked into his eyes for any sign of discomfort, but all you saw was a man staring at you with a hungry, half-lidded gaze.
You swallowed a lump in your throat as you slid your hand beneath his briefs. You gasped as his cock throbbed beneath the tips of your fingers. His hands tightened around your tits as you pulled his dick out. It nearly smacked against his rough abs as you pulled him free. You plunged your tongue into his mouth, tasting the remnants of smokey liquor.
“Fuck, baby,” Simon groaned as you pumped his erect cock. His hands fell down and dipped below the hem of your pants. You moaned as he pressed his thumb to your clit, his fingers dipping into your slit. “So wet, sweet girl,” he purred. You panted as you roughly squeezed the base of his cock. He cursed beneath his breath as he swiped over your swollen nub, your folds squelching as he spread them with his digits. You were teetering on the precipice of losing control, but soon smirked as you stopped jerking him off. Simon huffed as he stared you down.
“Why’d you-” his words were cut off when you raised yourself. You clumsily shucked off your pants, fishing your panties out. Ghost eyed the article of clothing curiously as you held them with your index finger. His shoulders tensed as you leaned forward.
“I want to ride you, Si,” you moaned into his ear. He shuddered beneath you as he swallowed thickly.
“Fuckin’ hell,” he groaned. You took his wrists in your hands, wrapping your panties around them as you kissed along his jaw. “Never seen you this riled up before,” he commented as you placed his now tied hands behind his head. You giggled and nipped at his earlobe.
“I’m just getting started,” you rasped. He groaned in approval before you sank your hips back down. Your pussy lips spread over his cock, smearing your slick across his girth. His back arched as you shifted your hips forward, the car rocking with your subtle movements. You could see him straining against the panties wrapped around his hands as you circled your hips. You keened at the flush tip of his cock slid over your sensitive clit, a bolt of pleasure rushing through you.
“Fuck, lovie-that’s it. Moves your hips just like that,” he panted. You kept a steady pace as you pressed yourself against him, your nipples brushing over his now damp t-shirt. The slick sound of your cunt sliding over his dick made you feel numb to your surroundings, including the night air that seeped in through the cracked windows.
“God, yes,” you cried as your clit caught on his lower abdomen with each movement of your hips. You were sure the car was rocking now with how hungrily you were thrusting against his hard length.
“Fuck, baby. Please, I need to feel your tight cunt around me,” Simon nearly whined. The sound of his desperate tone made you slow your movements. You smashed your lips against his as you angled your hips. His tip kissed against your dripping slit before you slowly sheathing his cock within your tight walls. The stretch was always immense, his dick stuffing and stretching you to the brim. His head rolled back as you buried yourself to the hilt. Both of you shook as your cunt greedily sucked him in. A deep rumble came from his chest as you flexed your cunt around him.
“Fuck,” he drawled out as you kissed up his thick neck. You shuddered as you slowly slid up. A moan left you as you back down on his length, his cock stretching your hole wide open.
The car windows began to fog up as you rocked your hips against him, his cock threatening to split you in two every time you sank back down. You squeezed his shoulders as you bounced on his dick, each stroke sending you closer to falling off the edge. The sound of fabric tearing ripped through the car. Your eyes shot open as your panties lay in tatters behind his head. You whined as Simon’s hands came down to squeeze your hips.
“I’ll get you some new ones,” he husked quickly as he bucked his hips in time with your rocking. You keened as his dick reached up and pounded your cervix, your head falling back and lungs gasping for air.
“Yes!” you cried out as your fingers flexed around his shoulders. One of his hands slid between your sandwiched bodies and rubbed sloppy circles around your puffy bundle of nerves. You emitted a sharp moan as your cunt clenched around him.
“Shit, Si,” you gasped. Your movements became more frantic, his cock slipping through your tight walls as your slick soaked his lap. “Fuck, gonna cum!” you cried out. You shoved your hips down, your mouth opening into a silent scream as your walls convulsed around him. Simon groaned, his cock twitching inside you as your body was wracked with wave after wave of euphoric rapture. Your pussy fluttered around his dick, milking him dry as he filled your pussy with his thick cum.
You rested your forehead on his, your bodies covered in a sheen of sweat as you caught your breath. Your heartbeat slowed as Simon pressed his lips to yours.
“I love you so much,” you murmured. He beamed and kissed your forehead.
“I love you too, hun,” he said softly.
Thank you for reading! ❤️
Tag list: @notthatfanfictionwriter
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ghcstao3 · 2 days
gaz and ghost will call soap jonathan just to piss him off because it’s not actually his name. and soap gets so sick and tired explaining to people who overhear that for him, john is not, in fact, short for anything
(but with a whole lot of persuasion and a little bit of gaslighting, gaz and ghost convince those same people that soap is lying)
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d00bmiee · 2 days
Intense Touch-Starved Ghost Brainrot
All I can think about is a touched starved Simon Riley </3
At first he doesn't really know how to act when his S/O brushes their bicep against his as they walk side by side. He would be almost tense upon contact with you, not sure what to do he just tenses up. Over time he leans into your touch, trying to hide how it warms him up inside, basically leaning into it slightly more and more, but he'll never admit how much your touch completes him. He loves when you do simply almost unknowing acts of touch so simple, such as your hands brushing together as you hand him something.
Once he realises how much he loves your touch he'll basically be resting his hand on your thigh as he sits down next to you, having a hand on your back as he walks besides you or just simply having his shoe against yours as you sit at opposing ends of the small kitchen table as you eat dinner. His face cold and almost completely emotionless but his eyes soft as he leans into your touch more, finding it source of comfort, something he never knew he needed until he met you.
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legally-dead · 1 day
guard dog
Tumblr media
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konigsblog · 2 days
Reader trying to get pregnant but their boyfriend/husband isn’t trying🥺 the 141 find out and all take turns putting their cum into reader all day everyday until a test comes back positive. After seeing how adorable the baby is the 141 keep reader pregnant, and eventually turn one of their safe houses into a family home🥺
they all takes their time pumping you full, cocks twitching and leaking inside your weeping, wet hole. holding your hips up, euphoria rushing over youur body causing your legs to shake and tremble. price's hands grasping at your hips, pounding into you desperately as you moan in escasty :((( gaz's fat, thick dick thrusting inside your sore hole. watching as their cum oozes out your pussy, pushing it back in with their tongue :(((
ghost being so caring? he's brushing the hair from your face as he reassures you through the pain. the stretch causing you to ache around his girth, slowly dragging out your walls and thrusting back in as you whine and whimper :((( soap's cock twitching, hardening at the sight of your pussy. swirling the tip around your entrance, pushing it, grinding his length into your raw and used cunny :(((
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suzzukiiii · 2 days
Reader working at the same task force as Ghost and they want to show love to each other but it's risky but they eventually do kiss?
Sorry my english isn't my first language but thank you if you end up writing about this <3333
ʀɪꜱᴋʏ ᴀᴛ ᴛʜᴇ ᴏꜰꜰɪᴄᴇ ☆
Tumblr media Tumblr media
ꜱᴜᴍᴍᴀʀʏ ☆
ghost and y/n works at the same task force and has a secret relationship. they have difficulties of showing affection without getting caught. ☆☆☆
pairing: fem!reader x "soft!"ghost, (a bit more soft than usual kinda??) !!a/n: i'll upload the ghost moving in next door pt 2 soon, hehe,,, genre/disclaimer: leaning to the fluffy side and no disclaimers/tw's
Tumblr media
"ghost, i know we have to be careful, but i really want to kiss you. i don't want to wait any longer," i say, my voice filled with honesty.
ghost looks at me for a moment, his expression thoughtful. but then he takes a deep breath and nods, his hand reaching up to cup my face.
i feel my heart leap as his lips move closer to mine, the warmth of his breath on my skin sending chills down my spine.
and then, finally, our lips meet, and it's like nothing else in the world exists. i wrap my arms around ghost, pulling him close as i deepen the kiss, our tongues exploring.
there's a hunger and a longing between us, a passion that's been building for so long and is finally being released.
as we pull away from the kiss, breathless and dizzy with desire, i now have had my first kiss with ghost and i loved it.
we both know that we have to be careful, that there are still risks and dangers. but in that moment, nothing else matters that the intimacy between us two.
"i wanna explore more things with you, ghost. and we dont have to worry about privacy right now because we're the only ones here. can we kiss again, and perhaps more..?"
at my request, ghost's gaze meets mine and his eyes softens. i can feel the heat emanating from him as he nods in response.
as he kisses me, ican feel his strong arms wrap around mywaist, pulling me closer into him. his lips are soft, yet full of passion, making me surrender to the moment.
i deepen the kiss, our tongues exploring each other's mouths with an intensity that makes my knees weak. i feel a fire building inside me, a heat that's been waiting to be released, as ghost runs his hands all over my body.
he's like a magnet, drawing me in closer, our bodies pressed together in an explosive display of desire. suddenly, he pulls away from the kiss, looking at me with a hunger that makes my heart race.
"y/n, i want more." ghost demands with his husky and low voice, his eyes searching mine.
my own eyes meet his, and as i nod, i know that i'm ready to explore everything with him. he takes my hand, leading me to the bedroom, where the possibilities of the night are endless... ☆
Tumblr media
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abc-ok · 15 hours
Tumblr media
ghost is nice with kids!!!! 😍😩✨
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productguilt · 19 hours
Tumblr media
I love finishers in cod ha!
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neoarchipelago · 2 days
Madripoor High (Part 5)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
A/N: I'm actually enjoying writing this so FUCKING MUCH.
Warnings: Adult content, just to be safe.
Noisy. Loud. God. The bed felt nice. You opened your eyes, submitting yourself to a torturous light of day. Shit. You stretched out, feeling a slight ping of pain on your neck. You frowned, your hand slowly meeting the skin. Shit. 
You rose to your feet, obviously you were alone. You walked to the bathroom looking at your neck in the mirror. Tiny bruises. It was ok. Nothing blue or bad. They looked more like hickeys. You sighed. Could be covered by make up. 
You slightly jumped. Shit. 
"Coming!" You called, fuck… your voice was hoarse.  
You grabbed the robe, putting it on, making sure the collar fit around your neck. Taking a last glance in the mirror you stopped out, smiling up at Soap. 
"You up already?" He smiled. 
"Well y'all are making an awful lot of noise." You teased. 
"Sorry about that. Price is making a little briefing, they're leaving early, What happened to your voice?" he said. 
"Oh… screaming yesterday and I probably caught a cold with Valeria's poor choice of clothing." 
"Come on!" He said, nodding his way towards the living room. 
Shit. You sighed but followed anyone. You walked into view. Eyes glancing around the room as everyone sat or stood around the small coffee table. You glanced at the lieutenant, his eyes barely gazing at you for a second before looking away. Welp. This was going to be awkward. 
"You cold?" Valeria asked. 
"Yes." You said. 
She squinted her eyes, tilting her head with a nasty smirk. You simply rolled your eyes. You sat down near Soap while you listened to Price. You weren't exactly paying attention. You wanted to go back to bed. You mostly got that everyone was going back to base, that they were haunting down some higher ups and that it was your task to find out who 'snake' was and their link to Echo. You nodded. 
"You'll be driving back with Soap, Tracker." Price said, smiling at you. 
"Oh, I lost my babysitter?" You teased looking at Soap. 
"Sad that I'm your new babysitter?" He teased back. 
"Absolutely not. You and I are going to have so much fun…" you answered with a mischievous tone and smile. He visibly swallowed. 
"Oh can I be babysat too?" Valeria asked. 
"You already got a babysitter!" You mocked, leaning back on the couch, throwing your head back to look at her. 
"Oh… what's that on your neck?" She teased. 
Your blood ran cold as you straightened yourself. 
"Are those hickeys?" She teased again, stepping closer to the couch.
"Nope. Bruises." If you said the truth. She'd take it as you masking 'her truth' which, you knew, was the only truth to her. 
"You fucking with me! Those are hickeys!" She teased as you stood under the curious gaze of the team. "Is it the lieutenant?!" She yelled as you walked back into the room.
"Absolutely, fucked all night!" You answered sarcastically at her before disappearing out of view.  
"Come on! Tell me the truth!" She scolded. 
You took a deep breath. Shit. SHIT. You shook your, deciding to immediately head to the shower, get dressed and hide those marks. Your stomach grumbled. Also you were hungry.
Forty five minutes later, you walked out of the elevator, walking to a conference room you had requested so everyone would eat together, away from civilians. Soap was happily walking next to you. You didn't mind spending time with him. His usual cheery self made you relax and actually enjoy the time you spent on this mission. He opened the door for you as you faked a reverence to him before you both walked in. Price asked you to sit next to him as he sat at one hand of the table, the lieutenant on his other side, in front of you. 
You sat down, Soap walking to the rest of the team to indulge himself in chatter and jokes. You smiled at them before serving yourself some tea and some little things to munch on. 
"The marks are gone." You heard. 
You rolled your eyes. 
"Surprising, isn't it?" You answered sarcastically. 
Price remained silent, a little smile on his face. He knew. Of course he did. You sighed, looking at Simon. 
"I'm completely fine." You said, honestly. 
He looked away, rolling his shoulders uncomfortably. 
"Are you sur-" price started. 
"I am. Fine." You said again. He sighed. 
You and Simon turned back to your plates. Price, him, decided to simply stare at the both of you, pressuring you to say something. You pretend to ignore him. Simon doing the same thing. 
"Are you going to tell me what happened?" He asked. You faked confusion. 
"Nothing happened." You answered, looking up at him before turning to Simon. He looked at you, an unreadable expression on his face. 
"Lieutenant ?" Price asked. 
"Nothing happened Sir." He repeated. 
Price sighed, dropping the subject. He simply nodded, turning to his breakfast. You tried to do the same, sometimes sharing glances with Simon, without ever saying a word. 
Breakfast passed by in a flash. You found yourself in a car, Soap on the driver's seat as the rest of the team stood outside, their own cars parked next to you. There was a little chatting. Valeria trying to convince Alejandro to let her drive with you and Soap. 
"No." He said. 
"Cabron." She spat. 
You chuckled, sharing an amused glance with Soap. Twenty minutes later, everyone had hopped into a car, driving back to the base, two hours away. Driving with Soap was much calmer, life threateningly speaking, because unlike the Lieutenant, he loved to talk or sing. It made you smile, unfortunately, your mind replayed again and again last night's events. 
"Hey, you good?" He asked, making you snap out of your thoughts. 
"Hm? Yeah. Just… annoyed. This is quite a stressful contract." It wasn't entirely false, but it wasn't the current truth. 
"Are you scared to fail?" He asked. 
"No." You chuckled. "I'll find Echo. No one can hide eternally. Just… been heavy on me. I've been accumulating contracts without breaks recently." You said, now fully spilling your truth. He seemed to think for a minute before turning to you as he stopped at a red light. 
"How about… we don't go to base immediately?" He proposed. 
"What?" You frowned, smirking. 
"Yeah. Let's go do something you want first." He said again. 
"You want to go with me, do something?" You asked, raising your eyebrows as he started driving again. "Aren't you my babysitter?" 
"Come on… we're in this together. I trust you. Believe it or not. You don't need a babysitter, you are my frien-... colleague" he said with a smile. 
You felt a ping in your heart. This had been happening quite often with this team, something unusual to your usual contracts. Friends. The thought of being friends with Soap, Gaz, Alejandro… Simon. It made you… happy. 
"Thank you…" you said. "I'd be… honored, to be counted as your friend." You answered honestly. His smile grew wider. 
"Come on! Let's go do something!" He pressed. 
"Fine!" You chuckled. "Let's go shopping together. We'll get snacks and I'll buy some gifts?" You inquired. 
"Oh, you want to be a sugar Mommy?" He teased. 
"Well, I can literally afford to be anyone. And, I'm sure you want to be my Good boy…" you teased back. 
"Ooohhhh" he answered back, as you laughed. "I'm totally going to accept that. I have a rich friend now." 
"Are you using me for my money?" You teased. 
"No!" He almost looked offended. "Please don't think that." He said, throwing glances at you. 
You smiled. "I believe you don't worry. I like to buy things for my friends. One of my love languages is offering gifts." You answered. He seemed relieved. 
"Shopping then?" He asked. 
Two hours. The time that was supposed to be spent driving back to base, was spent walking around the mall. Clothes, electronics, coffees and snacks. You had spent the time laughing and joking, Soap actually enjoying trying out things and giving you a show, giving you his opinion on things you wanted to buy. He actually felt bad when he saw you buy a new laptop for him, eyes widening and stuttering. You had reassured him that your Black card could easily take it and that it would make you, so, so happy to treat him.  
He almost had tears in his eyes and it warmed your heart to see him so happy. You had enjoyed every second of it, walking back to his car, arms full of bags, little treats for the rest of the team and a bubble tea for each of you. He dropped the bags in the trunks as his phone rang. His face dropped as you stood by, listening. The voice on the other end of the line was loud enough for you to hear the lieutenant loudly asking him 'where the fuck he was'. You sighed, crossing your arms. 
Soap apologized, saying you'd be there as soon as possible. What made you frown was the next information. The general was angry at him. Sanctions, rank… you frowned.
"What's this general's name?" You asked Soap. 
"Hum… Y/N is asking for… the general's name…" Soap said to the phone. "General Richard Hopkins…" 
You smiled nodding at him. Soap hung up, sighing. 
"I'm sorry…" you told him. 
"Nah. This ain't your fault. I offered, remember?" He said with a soft smile. He pat your head before you both sat in the car, heading to base. 
An hour into the drive back, Soap stopped to put some gas. You had happily spent your anger towards anyone hurting your new friend into searching all about Hopkins. You knew everything, up to his latest dentist's appointment to his family members social security numbers. You walked out of his car, waiting for him to put gas before he walked inside to pay. You stood, leaning against his car before you dialed the number on your screen. It rang, once, twice before someone picked up. 
"...hello?" The voice asked unsure. 
"General Hopkins!" You greeted cheerfully. 
"Who's this? How did you get my personal number?" 
"Oh, my bad. My name is Tracker." You introduced yourself. 
"Of course. I shouldn't be surprised. This is what happens when you trade with a terrorist." 
"Ohhh terrorist? That's a bit much." You answered offended. 
"You are having fun, making trouble for my Sergeants?" He spat. 
"That is exactly what I'm calling you for. I had a little shopping need and your sergeant was a sweetheart and helped me. Therefore I do not accept any sanction towards him." You said, earning a dark chuckle from the man. 
"You do not get a say in this." He answered proudly. You took a deep breath. 
"Who's Charlotte?" You asked, the line falling deeply empty. "Why are you sending her dick pics while your wife is in another conversation sending you your son's first steps?" You kept asking. 
"You little-" 
"Isn't there a moral clause in the military? Can't you lose your rank? You'll obviously lose your wife and kids but, losing your rank? The whole base's respect? Also, you're way too old to be acting like a teenage boy in rut." You asked, feeling that familiar feeling of power and giddiness from shutting up men who thought they could control everything.
"You had that information illegally." 
"Of course I did. I do not agree that I'm a terrorist but damn am I a criminal. And a good one at that. An anonymous email with enough proof will do." You chuckled. You watched as Soap stepped out of the gas station. "The Sergeant will have no sanction. He will arrive on base and you will thank him for being such an amazing team player and making me feel comfortable with the team." You said, watching Soap start walking towards you. 
"Do you think I'm going to let you threaten me?!" 
"No. But I think you know that I'll have no problem ruining your fucking life. That whatever you try, whatever you'll think of, you already know, I will ruin your family, your career, your reputation. In a blink of an eye." You finally said. Soap was getting to close for comfort for you to remain on the phone for this conversation. "I'll see you later. Richard." 
You hung up, Soap sending you a questioning gaze. Hopefully he didn't hear anything. You smiled before asking him if you could go. He agreed before you hopped back in the car.
The last hour, you could see, even through Soap's facade, the anxiety peaking. You smiled at him, trying to reassure him. Unfortunately, when you entered the base and when he finally reached the parking of the barracks, he flinched at the sight of Price and Ghost standing, waiting, arms crossed. 
"Shit." Soap cursed. 
"Breathe. You're fine." You said, not an ounce of doubt in your voice. 
You both stepped out, slowly walking to the two men. 
"Sergeant." Price started. "Could you explain?" 
"I wanted to go shopping." You answered before the Mohawk boy could. "He kindly agreed to take me. Such an amazing man." You said with a smile. 
"Do you understand how much trouble he is in?" Ghost hissed. "He had orders-" 
"Taking back the mean criminal terrorist to base?!" You snapped. "Were you worried I'd run off with your little sergeant? Or was it that you wanted to be the one to handcuff me?!" You spat. 
"Please, both of you, lower your voices." Price said, glancing behind Ghost. 
You turned to see a man, highly decorated, walking to your small group. 
"Gentleman." He greeted. 
You recognized the voice. You didn't need to hear the three men greet their general. 
"Sergeant McTavish." He started. 
"General-" Soap tried. 
"Thank you for helping Tracker with her errands. It's nice to see a good team player." Hopkins said, hiding extremely well his anger and rage. 
The rest of the group looked taken aback but Soap thanked his general. Hopkins turned to you nodding your way before bidding his goodbye. You stared at him all the while he walked away, before you, yourself started turning towards the car to go grab your bags. 
"Y/N-" Price started. 
"Do not, EVER think, I'd get him into trouble!" You spat towards Simon. He hadn't spoken. But you were angry at him. Was it truly because of the last five minutes? Or the fact that he didn't talk to you. That he was avoiding you. Was it... affecting you? 
"I know that you have a poor opinion of me, but don't you dare think so low of me." You finished, throwing him a last glare before turning towards the car. 
You had retracted to your room. You took your bags, giving Soap his own and the ones with little treats for everyone. You laid on your bed, feeling exhausted. You felt… weird. Many things were running through your mind. You were frustrated. A soft knock on your door made you close your eyes, taking a deep breath before you let out a little 'come in' while sitting back up and jumping to your feet. 
Soap's head peeked through a gap in the doorway. You smiled kindly at him as he entered, closing the door behind him. 
"Yes darling?" You asked affectionately. 
"Thank you. You didn't have to. I'm used to trouble" he chuckled, going straight to the point. 
"I don't doubt it." You chuckled as well. "But this is different. Unlike you, pretty much everyone thinks of me as an enemy. I am a momentarily weapon to get to a goal. As soon as they're done using me, I'm just another threat to take down." You explained. 
"Y/N…" he tried. 
"It's ok. I don't expect any less. But for you it's different. They don't want you befriending me." The reality hit you, sadness slightly tainting your brain. "You are a great soldier, in an amazing, irreplaceable team. But they can't afford to have you tainted with my… evilness." You tried with a fake smile. "They will sanction you. Perhaps heavily even, to make you an example for anyone else." You finished softly.
Soap didn't say anything. Seconds after, he rushed to you, taking you in his arms. You were a bit in shock, but you hugged him back, your head on his shoulder, looking at the wall. 
"You don't do things by the rules… and neither do we to be honest. But… you are a good person." He said. You huffed a laugh. "You are." He added. 
"Thank you Soap." You whispered. 
"Johnny." He clarified, separating. 
"Johnny?" You asked confused. 
"Yeah, LT calls me that, usually i don't let anyone else call me like that but you are worthy!" He chimed happily. 
You chuckled, rolling your eyes. 
"Alright. Thanks Johnny. I will however refrain from calling you that in front of your LT. I'd like to avoid fighting with him again." You finished in a grumble. 
"Ah don't worry. He likes ya!" Soap beamed. 
"I think I'm going to press 'X' to doubt." You joked. 
"What..?" He asked, confused. 
"A gaming reference. Don't worry." You winked, earning another wide smile from the Scot.
"Would you like some dinner?" He asked. 
"Ah not yet. I'm not hungry but I'll get a snack at some point." You answered with a reassuring smile. 
He sighed, but nodded, dropping a kiss on top of your head before exiting your room. You wanted to be alone right now. Perhaps you could even start on your search for this 'snake'. You groaned to yourself before sitting down at your small desk, opening your laptop. That might be exactly what you need to get your mind off of a certain Lieutenant. 
You stretched on the very uncomfortable chair you sat on. You were missing your perfect gaming chair in the perfect office you had in your perfect penthouse you owned in Madripoor. You blinked the blurriness caused by the tiredness, taking in the time written on the right corner of the laptop. One in the morning. One fifteen to be exact. Your stomach growled slightly. It was time for that snack. You stood, walking up to the door, very slowly opening it. You glanced out, making sure no one was up. If they were, they were in their rooms and you couldn't see them. 
You slipped out of your room, tip-toeing your way to the common kitchen. You decided to turn on as little light as possible. You almost jumped on your way to the fridge, staring inside for something to munch on. Now started the dilemma everyone is familiar with, the usual I'm fucking hungry but nothing in this fridge helps my hunger. You decided on a few avocado toast after seeing it in the corner, feeling lonely and probably dying. 
It felt amazing to finally get something in your stomach, you happily danced around until your eyes fell upon something. Like a little dragon attracted by shiny things, you hopped to it. You sat at the counter, dusting off your hands before grabbing the very familiar black combat knife. You took it out of his holster, eying it with fascination. The black blade, the black handle, fit perfectly together. It was stunning. The perfect killing weapon to your eyes. 
You let your fingers caress the blade, a soft smile on your lips, reaching the tip where you applied pressure with your index finger. It prickled your fingertip almost instantly, the sharpness needing no actual pressure to break the skin. You bit your lip frowning. You softly put the knife back in his holster, putting it back in his original place. You brought your finger tip to your lips, licking the tiny drop of blood before sinking it into your mouth. 
Without actually paying attention you turned to the doorway, falling eye to eye with a mask skull. You didn't jump but a cold shiver ran through you. You dropped the finger from your mouth under his very attentive gaze. He stood, watching you, leaning against the doorway, arms crossed, making his strong arms flex. You swallowed before taking a deep breath. There was nothing to be scared or even embarrassed about. You turned back to the counter, grabbing the rest of your toast before turning to him. 
"I didn't steal anything." You simply said. 
"You knew it was sharp, why did you put your fingers on the blade?" He scolded. 
You stopped your chewing. He had been standing there the whole time?! You resumed your chewing before looking up at them. 
"Why do you care? Again, I didn't steal anything. Your precious knife is still here." You said. "Now if you'll excuse me." You finished walking past him to dart to your room. 
You closed the door rather quickly, feeling like the small room was the only 'safe space' for you in this whole base. You closed your eyes leaning against the door. You stiffened, listening to footsteps behind the door. They stopped in front of your door. You tensed, breath hitching, and heartbeat quickening. For some reason you tried to keep your breathing steady. It was him. Behind your door. You heard the soft caress of a gloved hand against the wood. 
As quick as he came, he went, leaving you alone with your heartbeat ringing in your ears. You simply hissed under your breath.  
The next few days were calm. You and the lieutenant avoided each other but seemed to always find each other's gaze once in the same room. It frustrated you. You were definitely not about to go to him. It didn't matter anyway, right? Right…? You couldn't repeat yourself again and again, somehow this frustration wouldn't go away. You were glad for Soap however, his good mood and jokes always taking your mind off of it for a little while. You had started to see him as a little brother, scolding yourself mentally because you knew that as soon as this mission would be done. You'd leave. 
He had accepted to walk you to the showers at night, standing guard for you. You were glad you could avoid asking Simon. The… hum… lieutenant. 
However, tonight, Soap had field training with the recruits and wouldn't be back before a good 48h. You decided to wait for the latest hours, around 2 in the morning to slip out of the dorms to the showers. The base was asleep, apart from the round duties. Surely, you could shower in peace. 
The barely warm shower felt good on your skin, it seemed to calm your nerves. You had been working non-stop since you were back from the hotel. You had found tiny traces of 'snake', that person seemingly less careful than Echo. You started to wonder if this wasn't the same person. 
You groaned, frowning under the water. You needed to clear your mind. Relax. This was no time to think about work. You tried to focus on the way the soap felt on your body as you scrubbed yourself. Or the way the water fell upon your skin. Not about work. Not about the Lieutenant. Not about the way you felt watched- 
Wait. What?! 
You snapped your eyes open, turning around towards the entrance of the shower, eyes falling upon a man. You stiffened, hiding your body. 
"WHAT THE FUCK?!" You screamed. 
The poor boy scurried away as fast as he could, almost slipping on the way. You rushed out of the shower grabbing a towel to wrap around your body. You walked as fast as you could to the door. You froze on the spot however. Furious eyes gazed upon you, hands holding tightly the boy by the collar. 
"Step back inside." He ordered. 
For some reason. You didn't discuss it. You watched him walk inside with you, the boy still held by the collar. You kept walking backwards until your back hit the cold wall. 
"Lieutenant…" you tried. 
You flinched, watching him bring the boy forcefully to the ground on his knees. Your eyes traveled back up, watching how Simon's eyes had dangerously darkened. 
"Apologize little cunt." He ordered. His voice kept a low volume. Steady. Not a hiss, not a growl, not a groan. His voice itself, even in a normal tone, promised havoc. The poor boy immediately apologized, stammering on his words. He had visibly paled, his eyes glued to the floor. 
"Go. Finish your shower. We'll wait." Simon said before roughly bringing back up the recruit, pushing him towards the door. He threw a last, heavy dark look at you, making you shiver delightfully before he stepped out as well. 
What was it. That feeling deep in your chest. You were fucking lying to yourself. The way your pussy clenched around nothing, the way your thighs squeezed together. His gaze, his voice… he had turned you on. You shook your head, hurrying to finish your shower. 
Ten minutes later, you stepped out, fully clothed, wet hair tied in a bun. You fell upon a still furious Lieutenant, eyeing the recruit as he tried to remain stable, arms shaking, doing push ups. 
"You done?" He asked you. His voice remained in the dangerous, sexy level he had spoken before, making you unable to answer properly. You simply nodded. 
"Why didn't you call me?" He asked. 
"I… you didn't want to talk to me. Not since…" you cleared your throat. "Doesn't matter." 
"It matters." He simply responded. "Now i got to teach this fucker, and you, to behave." 
You frowned. You? 
"Get up." He ordered. The poor recruit standing. "Let's walk to the barracks. Tracker. You remain close to me." 
You couldn't find it in yourself to brat. You simply sent him a dark look before walking beside him. 
The way to the barracks was quiet. You had walked up the stairs, eyes widening as Simon turned left before even reaching your floor. He switched the lights on. 
"SQUAD 8. GET UP. ALL OF YOU." He yelled in the hallway. 
It was immediate. The sound of people standing and quickly running to put the minimum of clothes on, a t-shirt and some pants. 
You stepped closer to the lieutenant, making sure he was the only one who could hear you. 
"Ghost. What are you doing?" You asked. 
He didn't answer. He turned back to the hallway which was quickly filling up with recruits who stood to attention in front of him. 
"OUT. EVERYONE." He barked again. 
The recruits jogged out, the poor boy at the head of the line as you kept walking next to Simon. 
Outside he made them line up. You felt cold. You hadn't expected to end up in the cold for so long. He noticed. He angrily shook off his tactical vest, throwing it over your shoulders, earning a dark look from you. In a swift motion he grabbed you by the waist, lifting you up to sit on top of a very known wall. You had barely time to grab his shoulders as you yelped. 
You felt yourself feeling guilty once more. Shit. And the punishment started. Push ups, burpees. You kept eyeing him. He was tense. Incredibly tense. And watching the cadets running, huffing, out of breath wasn't helping for a second. He had enough. You watched him roll his shoulders, stepping closer to the cadets. Close combat training. You closed your eyes, completely baffled by his actions. 
You watched him tightening his gloves, motioning for the first boy to step closer. You could visibly see the defeat in the boy's eyes. And he fought. Bringing to the floor one after the other, sometimes making you wince under the sheer force he was using. It was starting to get unbearable. You felt your own anger rise. He noticed. Of course he did. He ordered them to fight each other as he walked to you. 
His breathing was barely faster. You could see his skin glistening with sweat. The way your body reacted only made you angrier. 
"Why are you doing this?!" You whispered-yelled to him. 
"I'm punishing my soldiers for being a pervert." He said in the same tone. 
"By punishing his whole squad??" You growled. 
"Exactly. If I punish only him, he'll think it's worth the pain to get to view a pretty ass under the shower." You blushed at the comment. "If I punish his whole squad he knows he'll be the black sheep of the group. That his own teammates will despise him and his actions as they reflect on everyone. I can assure you. He, or his team, will never try it again." He explained, voice calm but still dark. You opened your mouth before shutting it again. "And I know you hate seeing them punished." He finished. 
You glared at him. 
"That. Is your punishment for going against direct rules given by Price." He said. You rolled your eyes. "Did you just roll your eyes at me?" He growled dangerously. 
You didn't answer. But you wished you did. He immediately turned to the recruits, making you gasp. 
You jumped off the wall, running to him. 
"Ok OK! I'M SORRY!" You yelled. 
He looked down at you, satisfied look in his eyes, before chuckling darkly. You pouted, crossing your arms. 
"BACK TO BED." He finally rang, making you sigh with relief.
You walked behind him, up the stairs. He slowed down grabbing your arm, pulling you in front of him. You threw him a dark look before walking up the stairs. You didn't stop, climbing all the way up to your own barracks. He was close behind, having quickly checked that everyone was in bed. You pushed the door open, fury coursing through you.  
"Where are you going?" You heard. 
You stepped into the kitchen, crossing your arms. You turned to him as he walked in. 
"You, sir, are a dickhead!" You spat. 
He flinched, also crossing his arms. 
"I warned you. The first time you stepped into that shower. These boys haven't seen any in a long while. You are a sweet candy plastered on a plate for them." He scolded again. 
"Oh really? Is that thought from them or from you?" You provoked. 
Silence fell. You felt guilty as soon as the words left your throat. You remembered his past. His fear of his own behavior. You felt horrible.
"I have been nothing but decent with you." He let out in a monotonous tone. 
You sighed, closing your eyes. 
"Yes you have… you're right. You've been more than decent. I'm sorry. I didn't mean it…" you apologized. 
"Not more than decent…" he said. 
You opened your eyes, confusion filling you. 
"Yes you have. What do you mean?" You asked. 
"I… choked you. In the middle of the night." Obvious guilt tainted his words. You couldn't help but sigh. You stepped to him, watching him freeze on the spot. You slowly grabbed his hand, raising it to your neck, wrapping it softly around it. He remained still the entire time. You looked up at him. 
"You had a nightmare. I startled you awake. It was my fault. You reacted accordingly to your training. Your current feelings. I do not. Hold it against you." His eyes didn't leave yours, his hand applying absolutely no pressure on your neck. "I'm fine. I'm not angry. I'm not scared. I'm annoyed that you ignored this conversation. But I'm not holding it against you." You finished. It took a few seconds for him to say anything. 
"You had bruises…" 
"Had worse ones before. Not even painful." 
"I scared you…" 
"Spur of the moment, I wasn't expecting it."
"I… held onto you." 
You smiled softly. "You did. I started it though." 
"I'm sorry. It won't happen again." His thumb caressed the side of your neck. 
"It's fine Simon." You let out, grabbing his full attention. "We all have nightmares. We're all fucking broken and fucked up. We've all been through traumatizing shit. We all need to be held. And that's ok." You soothed. 
You remained like this for a little while. You closed your eyes, enjoying the feeling of his gloves around your throat, simply laying there.
"You're still a dickhead though…" you mumbled with a teasing smirk. 
"You fucking brat…" he answered with the same teasing tone. You chuckled, opening your eyes as he lowered his hand. 
"Don't ever go to the showers alone. Do you understand?" He said, his usual commanding tone back. You sighed, annoyed. "I am serious Y/N." You looked up, surprised by your name on his lips. "It's dangerous." 
"Dangerous…?" You repeated. He stepped even closer. 
"Yes. Dangerous." He repeated as well. 
You frowned before understanding his words. You sighed but nodded, looking up at him through your lashes. He nodded his head as well. 
"I'm going to bed. Goodnight tracker." He said. 
"Good night Lieutenant." You answered. 
He turned around, walking away. 
You wanted to say something more. Anything. Tell him you can hold him anytime he needs. Before you found the courage to speak, he walked out of sight.
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call me little sunshine - iii
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
-summary: you come home for summer break to find a new man has moved in next door, he’s charming and mysterious so you welcome him to the neighbourhood
-simon ‘ghost’ riley x fem!reader
-warnings: mdni (18+), dark themes, smut, unprotected pinv, slight stalker!ghost, public sex, fingering, creampie, underwear as a gag, possessive!ghost, age gap
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a/n: this part is short but it’s basically porn with plot anyways so
It had been four days since he left, he didn’t tell you where he was going, only that he’d be gone for a while. You didn’t want to know, whatever he was doing it didn’t concern you, you needed to distance yourself from him, his mere existence a stain on your conscious.
You found yourself dreaming of him, your body jolting awake from the too-familiar sensation of his touch, it scorched your skin. As if your thoughts weren’t already consumed by him, he had snuck his way into your sleeping mind, intent on invading the entirety of you.
The morning of the fourth day you woke up in a thin layer of sweat, the warmth outside doing little to settle your mental unrest. Sleeping was difficult, the only comfort you found was in his presence, his warmth holding you, keeping you safe. You wanted to call him, to reach out but every part of you fought against it, this perverse relationship that had taken over your life, it felt wrong, dirty.
You turn in your bed, arms reaching for your side table where the key to his house lay, mocking you as you stare at it, you could easily just go to his room, lay in his bed and let the scent of him wash over you, you could snoop around, try and figure out more about him, even if would hurt you.
The pinging of your phone breaks you from your thoughts, grabbing the device to read the message,
In town for the day, meet up? x
You let out a sigh at the message, a text from an old friend, Jake, you're relieved it isn't Simon. You think it over in your head, you hadn't seen Jake in a few months, going your separate ways after the semester ended, he was kind, considerate, everything Simon wasn't, you unlock your phone to message back.
Sounds good, does noon work?
Works perfect babe, see you then. x
It'd be nice to be around some new masculine energy you think, see an old friend, have a conversation about something other than sex, it'll be refreshing.
11:30 rolls around and you make your way into town, it's a short drive, only a few minutes but the streets are narrow meaning you'd have to walk a few blocks to the cafe you and Jake agreed upon. It's right beside a small bed and breakfast that he was staying at, his face lights up upon meeting your gaze.
"Been too long darling" He wraps his arms around you, placing a kiss on your cheek, you smile back at him, your hands settling on his shoulders.
"Missed you too Jake"
He directs you to a small table outside the cafe, pulling your chair out slightly to allow you to sit, moving to sit in front of you. He's a ball of energy, asking questions about your summer break, answering your questions about his travels, your chest warms with the sense of familiarity, you're comfortable around Jake, he doesn't make you nervous or scared.
You'd be lying if you said you weren't attracted to him, he was handsome, chin length curly brown hair, dark eyes, and the same gold medallion around his neck that he never took off, you rest your chin on your hand, watching him as he speaks, he's passionate about his travels, specific with his words.
"Do I have something on my face?" He smiles, you break from your trance, shaking your head as a blush rises to your cheeks,
"No, sorry, just got distracted" You laugh
"Well, what about you, any new guys in your life?"
You hitch your breath, the words striking a nerve,
"Not one? Seriously?"
You lie through your teeth, "Not one"
The rest of your conversation is mundane, he asks about school and your family, listening intently as you talk about your studies, you can't help the smile that persists on your face, he made you feel relaxed, he was predictable and calm, it was nice to spend time with someone who didn't make your entire body feel like it was being engulfed by flames, but the itch of him was still there, the way his fingers traced your skin, it was something you could never forget.
Trying to busy yourself after getting home you wind up tending to the garden in your backyard, kneeling in the dirt as you prune the leaves of a few bushes of flowers, oblivious to your surroundings including the heavy slam of a car door in the front yard.
"You look good like that, on your knees"
There's no mistaking his voice, his deep accent echoing in your bones as you turn to face him, he's invited himself onto your property, leaning against the small shed that sat in the corner of the yard as he eyes you.
"Good afternoon to you too"
"Who was that bloke you were with earlier?"
"The boy that sat across from you at the cafe, who was he"
"Were you spying on me?"
"Answer the question"
You stand from your position, moving closer to him, his scent invading your senses, it was like no matter what you did, there would be something about him that commanded your attention.
"A friend"
"A boyfriend"
"Just a friend"
"Don't like the sound of that"
"You sound jealous" A small smirk on your lips
"Not jealous love"
"Then what?" You stand closer, taunting him, watching his eyes rake over your chest as his crossed arms tighten.
"Did he touch you"
"Don't be a fuckin' brat"
"What if he did? Would you hurt him?"
"I'd fuckin kill em"
You huff a small laugh, staring up at him with rounded eyes, "You don't own me, Simon, I can fuck whoever I please"
That sets him off, he drops his arms, stepping forward and forcing your body back, invading your space until your back collides with the wall of the shed, his body trapping you. He leans down, his lips next to your ear, the hair on your neck standing on end in anticipation,
"You're being a little brat you know that" He whispers, turning his face so you can see his eyes, waiting for your response,
"Didn't realize" You whimper
His breath lingers over your skin, arousal dripping from your core in anticipation,
"Watch your mouth"
You let out a sigh as his hand connects with the skin of your thigh, tracing his fingers closer to your core, you elicit a moan as his hand cups your clothed sex, his fingers pinching over your soaked folds.
“So wet already, you need me don’t you, say it”
You turn your head to face him, your cheeks flush in embarrassment as you look at him, it’s been too long, and he feels so right.
“I need you”
“That’s my girl, only I can touch you”
“Only you”
He slips his fingers under the band of your panties, tugging them down your legs before closing his fingers around them.
“I’ve missed you my angel”
He teases his fingers through your folds, collecting your slick and spreading it around, his thumb rubbing circles on your clit as your hands reach for him.
“Gotta be quiet, don’t wanna wake the neighbour’s”
His words mean nothing, all you can focus on is the way his digits work your pussy, teasing over all the right spots as you crumble before him, his large form pressing against you, keeping you pinned to the wall as his lips press against your neck, sucking on your pulse point.
“You’re not gonna cum, not until I stretch you out on my cock”
You clench around nothing, his words guiding your body, keeping you on a high that would have no end, not unless he said so.
He grabs your hand, placing it over his hardening cock, squeezing your smaller fingers around his length,
“Feel that, that’s what you do to me, hurts, you gonna fix it?” He mumbles against your skin, you nod lightly,
“Please, want to help”
“Knew you would baby”
He moves back, undoing his pants to let his cock spring free, your core aches at the sight, his tip red and dripping as you move your hands to it.
His fingers stay on your clit as he uses an arm to lift you, his chest pressed to yours as he lines himself up. You let out a cry as he pushes in, the stretch of him too much after too long apart,
“Gotta stay quiet”
Your hands cling to his shoulders, your nails digging into his skin as he pushes in further, a string of moans from your lips as he bottoms out. He turns his gaze to you, his eyes dark as he reaches a hands up,
He pushes the fabric into your mouth, stuffing it inside your lips, the taste of your slick lingering on it as it soaks in your saliva.
“There we go”
He braces his hands on your waist, holding you as he pulls his cock out, dragging it along your dripping walls as your head drops back, your moans muffled by your panties.
“Missed this pussy so much”
He grunts as he thrusts into you, bottoming out with every stroke, his thumb tracing over your clit, your body teetering on the edge of orgasm as he works you open.
“Can he fuck you like this, huh?”
You pull your focus to him, his eyes staring back at you as his hips snap upwards, you try to respond but it comes out a muffled mess, shaking your head.
“That’s right, this pussy belongs to me, it’s fuckin mine” He punctuates his words with a thrust, forcing the head of his cock deep inside you as your slick drips from your core, pooling around the base of his cock.
Your saliva pools at the edges of your mouth, dripping down your chin as he grabs your hips, lifting your body and forcing it down on time with his thrusts,
“Fuck, not gonna last long with this tight pussy squeezin’ me”
Your hands paw at his skin, grabbing at his shirt, trying to ground yourself,
“Cum for me, show me how good I make you feel”
His words snap the band in your stomach, your orgasm tearing through your body as you writhe in his grip, your sobs quiet in your throat as tears prick at your eyes.
“That’s it, my perfect girl, my perfect fuckin girl”
His orgasm follows yours, his thrusts sloppy as he chases his high, wrapping his arms around your back as he holds you to him, burying his cock inside you as he floods your walls with his cum, the liquid dripping from your core as you spit the gag from your mouth, panting against his shoulder.
He holds his softening cock in you, his lips pressing softly to your neck as he mumbled against the skin.
He lowers you slowly, his hand on your waist steadying your wobbling legs as you lean back against the shed, heavy eyes staring back at him.
“Daddy’s home”
You furrow your brows at him, his gaze drawing your attention to your fathers car that had pulled into the driveway, panic setting into your nerves.
“I don’t want to see him with you again”
You’re in a daze, brain completely fogged, unable to form a response as you watch your fathers form grow closer, focused on him as Simon leans down toward the ground.
“Afternoon” He shouts, waving to the two of you,
“Good to see you, was just getting some gardening tips from your daughter, can’t seem to keep even a weed alive in my yard”
“She’s fantastic isn’t she, very gentle hand”
Simons smirks at the words, stepping back slightly from your body,
“You alright hun? Looks like this heats getting to you”
Your cheeks flush, thankful that the sheen of your skin seemed to hide it from your father, “Mhm, just been out too long I guess”
“Well, you should get inside, I’m sure you can talk to Simon later”
“Right, I’ll see you both later then” You nervously add, moving past the men toward your house, eyes staring at your feet as you leave.
You rush toward your room, your skin on fire as you peel back your curtains, watching the two men interact in your yard, you see Simons hand in his pocket, fidgeting as you squint your eyes.
Realization hits, it’s your panties in his pocket, he’s playing with your panties as he talks to your father, you can’t tell if the sweat on your skin is from the heat, embarrassment or how turned on it makes you. It feels so wrong, everything about him, the way he treats you, using you at his will, but you crave his touch, his words, everything about him.
There’s no escape anymore, you can’t avoid him no matter what you try, he’s always there, might as well give in.
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