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Ghost: what are you doing?
Soap: just waiting for my Lt. Maybe you've seen him. Skull mask, bone gloves, can crush a man's head with his bare hands. Tall as hell. He gives the rookies nightmares but he's a wonderful big spoon...
Ghost: He sounds like a handful.
Soap: tell me about it.
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jus wrote a lil drabble based on this 馃馃馃
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I want to write another multi-chapter fic but about Ghost in which reader is the bartender of the bar the 141 is at in the final cutscene of MW2.
Ghost is the last one to leave the bar because he鈥檚 contemplating whether to chat up the pretty bartender or not. He鈥檚 been eyeing you the whole time he鈥檚 been there, even having a hard time concentrating on what Price is saying about their next mission.
And you鈥檝e felt that burning gaze on you, glancing over at him every now and then and giving him a cheeky smirk, as if showing him you鈥檝e been picking up on his silent flirting.
He doesn鈥檛 speak up that time, but comes back around the bar a second,third, and even fourth time. Until the 5th time he finally finds the words (and a bit of liquid courage) to make a pass at you.
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Can you imagine Any of the Cod boys following Reader around at a party, and kissing Them at any opportunity they can grab
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my little princesses <3
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i wanna suck his dick so bad
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Cod loading screen artists try not to make Soap and Ghost look like they鈥檝e been married for 10 years challenge level impossible
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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When you're on leave but your significant other/commanding officer is on a mission on the other side of the world.
馃拃: is that my shirt?
馃Ъ: it's mine now.
Tumblr media
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simon is so sweet on you :( you鈥檙e his pretty girl, like how could he not be? you鈥檙e the best thing to ever happen to him!
it took forever to get to this point but it was so worth it.
any time his fingers glide over your back or when he grips at your waist as he guides you through a crowd. all the initial struggles you both had at the beginning completely forgotten.
he can鈥檛 get enough of you. seriously.
like before, he never cared about how long a mission took, he never really had anything worth coming back to, but now? the second he finds out he鈥檚 going to be away from you he鈥檚 so grumpy :(((
huffing and smoking even more than usual, the thought of leaving you alone drives him mad.
he definitely sneaks in one of your shirts into his away bag so his clothes can smell of you.
refuses to carry a picture of you on him for your own safety, but you had gotten into the habit of leaving sticky notes with cute messages for him all over his office. there鈥檚 one that just said 鈥渋 love you.鈥
yeah he鈥檚 guarding that with his life and he takes it everywhere.
he loves to spoil his sweet girl. with flowers, lingerie, food, his affection. he鈥檚 always touching you somehow. gently squeezing at the plush of your hips, kissing your neck, or running his hands through your hair.
your just so soft compared to him. :((
he loves the way your eyes glaze over when he鈥檚 a little rough in the way he tugs on you. or when his thumb runs along your bottom lip. you鈥檙e just as needy for him as he is for you and it makes his brain fuzzy.
he can鈥檛 fathom why someone as good as you would want someone like him. but he鈥檚 grateful all the same.
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had to see you
simon 'ghost' riley x fem!reader summary: And then, he says, 鈥淚t鈥檚 nice.鈥澛犫淵ou can tell me if it isn鈥檛, I promise I won鈥檛 be offended鈥攊t鈥檚 not as though I cook often.鈥 鈥淚t is nice,鈥 he repeats, giving you a look which tells you to stop worrying as if you have any control over your feelings. an: eventual smut. angst with happy ending. will-they-won't-they, but they do. smut. he loves you 100%. word count: 5.7k || there鈥檚 a part two to this here
simon ghost riley masterlist
Tumblr media
You love the rain.聽
Not so much when you鈥檙e away. When you鈥檙e strapped up, weighed down by all your gear. The additional weight of being wet makes for an uncomfortable experience, with hair clinging to foreheads and mud sticking to your skin. It also forces things to rub more, chaff. Your skin is often raw from where the buckles and belts sit.聽
But, at home, it鈥檚 refreshing.聽
It鈥檚 why you never hated your nickname, the one given to you in jest鈥攖o remind you that you are a female, soft, emotional. Only for it to grow more fitting. Because Rain comes from above, sharp, falling where needed鈥攃atching people by surprise, and leaving traces behind, but never enough to know where you鈥檒l land next.聽
Rain is also one word. One syllable.聽Short, sharp and easy.
It can be spat, it can be sweetly said and affectionately called.聽
On good days, it reminds you of long car rides, staring out of windows at passing traffic as you watch beads of its travel down鈥攔acing. On bad days, it reminds you of more unpleasant memories, ones born in moments you鈥檇 sooner forget, an emptiness in your chest from betrayal, loss and bad choices.聽
At home, rain itself keeps you rooted. The scent, for one, not allowing your mind to whisk you off too old memories of war and enemy territories. The sound, for another, hits your windows and dulls the silence. All three senses are busied by it. It all blends perfectly together with the crackling of your candles and the low-light vibe you have going off in your flat.聽
Plus, there鈥檚 nothing more British than bad weather.聽
Each time you鈥檙e able to come home, you hope it鈥檚 raining. Landing back, greeted with cold and horrid rain. Preferably the kind which looks misty through windows and soaks you in seconds when you step into it. The kind which makes it hard to know which speed to put your car wipers on, and socks get drenched as puddles form quicker than people can account for.
You didn鈥檛 care that you looked like a drowned rat when you unlocked your flat door. Or that your wet clothes were difficult to remove as steam filled your bathroom because you were always going to have a shower. A routine鈥攁 tradition of sorts.聽
Hands desperate to wash the months away, let your expensive soaps and scents soak into neglected skin and smother old scars and newly gained ones. Plus, the water was hotter at home, almost scolding your skin as you stood under it, letting each droplet massage a part of your neck and upper back as your living room music drifted through the cracked door.
You dress before you really prune, sliding on silk PJs鈥攖he ones which you buy as a treat and wear once, maybe twice a year. Your skin sighs in relief, thankful to forget sand, bullets and bruises, the same as your mind. Busying your hands with preparing a lavish dinner, a large dish too ridiculous for one person鈥攂ut again, you鈥檇 missed it. Home.
The scent of gravy, potatoes and meat.
When asked, you鈥檇 been quiet about your plans with the others. Them only having a slight idea of which city you call home. It鈥檚 not that you didn鈥檛 want to see them鈥攏ot even sure you鈥檇 be able to fall asleep without Soap鈥檚 snores, Ghost鈥檚 huffs and Gaz鈥檚 odd bedtime stories. But, you鈥檇 gained new nightmares on the last job鈥攐nes which you needed to make peace with before they stole another fraction of your soul.
That鈥檚 what it did, eventually. Even to the best of them.聽
Bad choices, untested intel and wrong moves left little marks before they claimed a piece of innocence, kindness and happiness.聽
It鈥檚 a little different with the 141. Without realising it, you鈥檙e sure you all help smother each other's struggles away. But it鈥檚 only temporary. You know it, you can feel it in the muscles in your back and in the knots in your stomach. So, if you saw them now when you needed to heal鈥攊f you relied on them鈥攜ou鈥檇 go back weaker than when you left. And they needed you; you needed them. A team where you could only trust one another鈥攈aving been betrayed so often, you were all each other had.
It鈥檚 why you were taken back by a firm knock.聽
Short. Deliberate.聽
Pausing, allowing whoever they were to realise their mistake. Even if the sound didn鈥檛 appear as though they鈥檇 chosen the wrong flat or someone who was cherry-knocking. It was purposeful, direct, and your hands quickly dried on the kitchen towel as your feet crossed the tiles and laminate to your front door.聽
When you鈥檇 left, you鈥檇 asked a friend to check in on the flat鈥攆ix the peephole. Something having forced it to get stuck, leaving you blind to whoever was on the other side. Your friend is good, kind, and sweet but forgetful. Something which also reminds you of home as you snort, undoing the chain, and unlocking the door, half expecting them.聽
Only to see him.聽
He has a hood up, and a scarf wrapped around the lower part of his face.聽
His eyes fall over you, taking you in centimetre by centimetre, digging into you as if he鈥檇 not expected to see you.
You find it just as odd to see the skin around his eyes not tainted in grey or black and that his frame is still as ridiculously large, even in plain clothes, as he holds a duffel bag in his hand.
Suddenly aware of the thin layer covering your body from him. Especially as his eyes drop from your face to the silk shirt with its three buttons undone and then to your legs, where silk shorts did their best but were futile in hiding thighs, knees or legs from him.聽聽
鈥淵ou lettin鈥 me in?鈥澛
Instinctively, you move, not even questioning it.聽
Even if he didn鈥檛 say it like an order, he was still your lieutenant. Even on home ground, you slipped into your sergeant role too quickly. Watching him pass you, turning to face the direction he moves in before pressing your back against the inside of your door. Fingers sliding to the side of you, turning the lock, the sound filling the small space as you watch him stop at your key hook, slowly sliding his feet from his boots鈥攆inding him wearing thick, bobbly socks.聽
He turns to face you, eyes washing over you again as his hood remains up as he undoes the scarf. It doesn鈥檛 matter if you鈥檝e seen his face a handful of times, each time, it still renders you silent, if only for a second.聽
Clearing your throat, you rub the back of your neck. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 mean this to come out as rude, but why are you鈥斺
鈥淪omeone broke into my place.鈥澛
You move, almost too quickly, from the door. Your hand brushing his shoulder, wanting鈥攏eeding鈥攖o comfort him, soothe him like you would a friend. Before you remembered who this was.聽
Almost surprised he doesn鈥檛 flinch. Even if he does shoot you a surprised look before you wrench your hand back.聽
鈥淪-sorry. Habit.鈥 He frowns, and you wish the floor would swallow you whole. 鈥淣ot with y鈥攚hen I鈥檓 home, I鈥檓鈥 well, I鈥攄id they take anything?鈥澛
鈥淣ot sure.鈥澛
Right. 鈥淒o you need somewhere to stay?鈥澛
He looks at you briefly before his eyes flick away, the tell-tale signs of him processing and thinking. You鈥檝e seen him do it often, especially when Price is talking and when he reads files. As if he鈥檚 choosing where to store it in the filing cabinet, he calls his brain.聽
鈥淧lease,鈥 he says, the word almost coming out as a whisper.聽
As if it鈥檚 so rarely ever said.聽
You鈥檙e unsure what to say, even if there鈥檚 so much swirling around your brain. So many questions you want to pepper him with, but he鈥檚 not Soap, who鈥檒l answer them all or Gaz, who鈥檒l have already told you everything.聽
He鈥檚 Ghost.聽
Silent. Quiet, Ghost.聽
Your oven beeps, his head turning to the sound.聽
Sighing, you rub your arms, suddenly aware of how cold your hallway feels, as you cover your chest with your elbows. 鈥淵ou hungry?鈥澛
A beat or two blossoming, your eyes unable to move from his face, even if you know you should, before he licks his lips, saying, 鈥淪tarving.鈥澛
You smile, 鈥淕ood. It's not a lot, just some chicken, potatoes鈥 a bit of veg. Nothing huge. And, not quite a typical Sunday roast, but enough to ease me back in.鈥澛
He doesn鈥檛 laugh, not that you expect him to.聽
鈥淏athroom is there, to your right. If you need it,鈥 you say quickly, almost stepping past him to answer your beeping oven. 鈥淚 just need to dish up, and鈥 yeah.鈥澛
Tumblr media
You expect to feel calmer by the time he鈥檚 back. Especially with your dressing gown on, loosely knotted at your waist, covering more of you from him.聽
But you鈥檙e more nervous.聽
Doubting the food you鈥檝e plated, the scent of the candles, whether the low lights make it romantic and whether you should turn up the acoustic songs playing or let the rain be the soundtrack of the evening. Suddenly aware of how fucking odd this is.聽
Him being here.聽
And yet, not that odd at all.聽
鈥淗ope it鈥檚 okay鈥︹ you mumble nervously as you place the plate down.
He looks like he belongs at your table, even if your table is small and usually for one-person. He鈥檇 helped, in as much of a way as a stranger can in someone鈥檚 home, grabbing glasses from cupboards you direct him to, making squash for you and water for him.聽
His hands stuffed into the pocket of his hoodie as he waited for further instruction, catching sight of the hood still being up, having noticed he鈥檇 swapped jeans for dark joggers before you told him to sit.聽
鈥淭here鈥檚 more gravy鈥 just wasn鈥檛 sure how you liked it,鈥 you add.聽
Ghost doesn鈥檛 answer, not even as you slide into the chair opposite. Your hands have a slight tremble to them as you pick up your cutlery, trying not to watch him take a bite鈥攕uddenly feeling like a contestant on a judging show.聽
And then, he says, 鈥淚t鈥檚 nice.鈥澛
鈥淵ou can tell me if it isn鈥檛, I promise I won鈥檛 be offended鈥攊t鈥檚 not as though I cook often.鈥
鈥淚t is nice,鈥 he repeats, giving you a look which tells you to stop worrying as if you have any control over your feelings.
The two of you fall into a comfortable silence, the occasional sound of a fork grazing the plate and the knife slicing through food. It鈥檚 almost normal鈥攁s though this happens regularly.聽
鈥淵our place is nice, too,鈥 he mumbles.聽聽
Lifting your head, you find he鈥檚 looking at you already. 鈥淵ou don鈥檛 have to lie, Simon. You can still stay even if you think my decor is odd.鈥澛
His eyes widen a fraction before it vanishes like it never existed. A brief moment of you wondering why, until you realise the slip鈥攖he way you used his name and not his alias. Making it feel personal. More so than the two of your knees occasionally butting under the table.聽
鈥淚t鈥檚 not what I expected.鈥澛
鈥淵ou鈥檝e thought about my place?鈥澛
Ghost says nothing, hovering his fork over his dinner as he keeps his eyes down.聽
You smile if only to yourself, pushing some meat and vegetables onto your fork, continuing鈥攚ondering if he鈥檚 hoping you would. That silence would settle over the two of you, the storm outside being enough background noise to keep it from being awkward.聽
鈥淚 have to ask,鈥 you say suddenly, keeping your gaze down, trying to still your pulse as you manoeuvre food around the sauce. 鈥淲hy me? I mean鈥 I don鈥檛 mind you being here, but I thought, well, I assumed you鈥檇 pick Soap鈥攊f you needed a place to stay.鈥
You try not to look, even when you hear a faint snort, seeing his plate鈥攅mpty, only traces of broccoli stalks remaining鈥攕lide closer as the chair creaks in his movement.聽
鈥淵ou were closer.鈥澛
Your stomach drops, suddenly feeling foolish for thinking there could be any other reason.聽
Almost wanting to kick yourself for allowing yourself to consider another option, one which you鈥檝e been stuffing down for weeks, months鈥β
It isn鈥檛 as though you were meant to fall for him. The man who originally kept his face a higher guarded secret than his own name. But, it stemmed naturally and out of nowhere. He made you laugh as you moved into an enemy building鈥攏erves humming in your bones. He made it worse when he flung himself in front of you before a car exploded, gripping you tightly against him, not letting go for minutes later before his hand cupped your cheek, mouthing words you couldn鈥檛 hear as ears rang and rang.
Smiling, you nod, not sure what else to say as you take his plate and yours, turning your back to him as you hear him clear his throat.聽
鈥淚 had to see if you were okay.鈥澛
You don鈥檛 place the plates down, not immediately.聽
Eyes trying to peer at him through the corner of your vision, slowly lowering the porcelain to the counter鈥攖oo afraid to break the moment with a single sound, even as your heart hammered in your ears, in your chest, and throat.聽
He had said it so softly, you have to wonder how long it鈥檚 been churning on his tongue.聽
Slowly turning, you face him, finding his eyes already on you with an awkwardness in his shoulders as he looks up at you.聽
鈥淲ell, I鈥檓 fine.鈥澛
鈥淗ad to be sure.鈥澛
You smile, pulling your dressing gown around you tighter. 鈥淲ell, that鈥檚 because you鈥檙e a good lieutenant.鈥澛
His brows knit, lips spreading into a thin light before you notice the subtle shift in his nostrils as though he鈥檚 sighed before Ghost nods with his usual professionalism. That鈥檚 when your stomach drops, fluttering ridiculously near your feet as you feel you鈥檝e made a mistake.聽聽
鈥淭ea?鈥 you ask.聽
Ghost鈥檚 face shifts and you鈥檙e almost sure there鈥檚 a faint smile on his lips.聽
鈥淒on鈥檛 worry, I know how you like it,鈥 you add, pulling open a cupboard as you retrieve two mugs and flick the kettle on. 鈥淚鈥檝e heard you berate Soap for his piss-poor tea skills.鈥
You make him snort.聽
And it does nothing to stifle the fluttering.
If anything, it adds to it.聽
Tumblr media
Even though it鈥檒l be his bed for the night, Ghost refuses to sit on the sofa and doesn鈥檛 allow you to sit in the armchair. Practically insisting you sit how you would if he wasn鈥檛 here. Even if you鈥檙e worried he won鈥檛 be comfortable, the ridiculous chair was bought as a filler鈥攁n accessory, rather than something people actually used.
鈥淔ine,鈥 you mumbled, grabbing your blanket and curling up across both seats as he clutched the mug in his hand.聽
You put something crap on the TV, the volume low鈥攋ust in case he doesn鈥檛 feel like talking. Your eyes flick to it occasionally, half-listening as you softly wiggle your toes under the blanket鈥攏eeding something to focus on. Because you couldn鈥檛 keep looking at him.聽
Not with how your mind was running away from you, imagining ifs and buts and everything else in between.聽
He fits here. Your home rarely feels warm and comforting, but with his presence, it does. As though your place has always wanted to be enjoyed by two people, not one person who rarely ever visited it.聽
It doesn鈥檛 feel weird, even if it should. It makes you feel unsteady, and dizzy. Suddenly unable to stop focusing on the fact there鈥檚 a six-foot-something amount of feelings in your chest, twisting and tightening, trying to unlock everything you stuffed down.聽
That same instinct and set of emotions which made you try to rip yourself from Soap鈥檚 grip when Ghost had entered a blazing building just for a stupid USB; how you鈥檇 been so angry, feral鈥攁s Soap called it鈥攏ot able to think, how it had filled you, consuming you. How you鈥檇 even told Price you needed benching, unable to even look at your lieutenant, never mind be in the same room.聽
He eventually cornered you on the base, pushing you, mixing between berating and taunting you until you slammed your small fist into his shoulder as you called him an idiot, a fucking cunt, a liability, a heartless cunt. How your tiny fist hammered into him with each array of insults until he grasped it tenderly, staring at you until tears bubbled in your eyes.聽
You cannot die.
But, he had to know. His eyes followed a single tear down your cheek as he released your wrist, allowing you to walk away from him and begin the process of stuffing everything down again.聽
Then you鈥檇 been shot. Through and through. Fire, gasp and fucking pain, your mind rendered uselessly, but he was still the person you called for. Not Soap, who was closer, not Gaz, who could actually stitch you. But Ghost.聽
Ghost who came in a flash, telling you what you needed to hear鈥攐rdering you to do things like look at him, gripping his arm.聽
Blinking, you didn鈥檛 even realise you鈥檇 been looking at him. Your mind blanking excuses tumbling from your grasp as you offer the quickest smile and a 鈥榥othing鈥.聽
You forget how good he is at reading people.聽
Especially you. Almost sure you make it easy for him, even if everyone else says they struggle.聽
Ghost always knows, as though he鈥檚 in your head, digging his way through each time he stares at you. You wonder how much you let him in, whether he finds it easy before you want him in there鈥攊n your mind, in your heart.聽
Now, he鈥檚 giving you a stern look, one which makes the truth rattle in your chest and snakes up your throat.聽
Sighing, you shake your head. 鈥淔ine, I was thinking about how weirdly normal it is that you鈥檙e here. That it doesn鈥檛 feel weird, alright? That was it.鈥澛
Anyone else, you鈥檇 think they鈥檇 smirk.聽
But with him, it鈥檚 the slightest movement of his lip which tells you he has heard you.聽
Ghost takes a sip, purposefully holding your gaze as he does so before filling the silence with, 鈥淵ou thought about it, then? Me being here.鈥澛
鈥淥f course I have,鈥 you answer too quickly, wanting to kick yourself as the words hit the air, his brows raising as he sips his tea. 鈥淣ot鈥 Not like that.鈥澛
鈥淗ow then?鈥澛
Shit. Swallowing, you sigh, trying to buy yourself time. Shit, bollocks, shit.聽
鈥淪hould tell you, lying to your lieutenant isn鈥檛 smart.鈥澛
You give him a sharp look of your own, and he snorts鈥攁ctually snorts. Your eyes are all set to roll until he says your name.聽
Your real name.聽
Not your nickname. Not sergeant or soldier.聽
鈥淔ine. I鈥檝e thought about it.鈥
You groan, pulling the blanket up further鈥攏ot that it鈥檒l hide the obvious warming of your cheeks or embarrassment. You鈥檙e sure that鈥檚 painted across the room, likely even doing a jig at your expense.聽
鈥淯s. You, me. In a bed,鈥 you mumble. 鈥淗appy?鈥澛
Wanting to hide your face, almost about to when the sound of his mug meeting your coaster makes you freeze. Your armchair鈥攖he one his frame has somehow fit into comfortably鈥攇roans as he moves, and you let yourself see him from the corner of your eye. His forearms leaning on his knees, his hand sliding his hood down as he watches you.聽
He鈥檚 silent.聽
So silent it almost kills you. The adverts in the background do nothing to stop it; the rain, now hammering against the windows, was not stifling it.聽
Slowly breathing as you place your mug down, standing before you can even consider the options. 鈥淚 didn鈥檛 realise how late it is,鈥 you say, forcing a yawn. 鈥淚 should鈥 go to bed. Let you make your bed.鈥澛
You fold the blanket, throwing it over the arm as you try to shrug, and play it off, but he鈥檚 quicker at recognising you鈥攈e knows you better than that. His hand comes to touch your wrist, like he did months ago, eyes scanning yours.
For what you鈥檙e not sure.聽
Not wanting to get your hopes up. Not wanting to lose yourself in dreams and imagination.聽
So, you smile. As sweetly and as believable as you can as you point to the coffee table chest. 鈥淏lankets, pillows, the lot are in there,鈥 you say, almost breathlessly, as he releases you. 鈥淗ave a nice sleep, Gh鈥擲imon.鈥澛
He swallows, his face remains unreadable as he chokes out, 鈥淵ou too.鈥澛
But you鈥檙e already moving, desperately seeking your room鈥攖hrowing the door open and shutting it as you place your back against it. She鈥檚 closing, chest hammering so hard you鈥檙e sure it鈥檚 trying to escape.聽
Go back.聽
Go back to him.聽
Your eyes slowly open, catching sight of yourself in the mirror as the street lamps partially light your room.
He came to check on you. You.聽
Rolling your neck, your fingers flex at your side, twisting your wrists, wanting to shake it all from you. Trying, desperately to rid yourself of the tension and adrenaline. Almost doing so until you hear the floorboards outside your door creak.聽
It doubles your heart rate as a lump forms in your throat, suffocating you. You don鈥檛 want to give in, but wish to all at once. Your hand cupping your mouth, trying to hide the extra breaths the sound has forced you to make. Needing him. Wanting his calloused fingers to leave marks over your skin, his stubble to slice against your cheeks as his lips capture your breath, words and soul.聽聽
It鈥檚 that which makes you shift from the door. Not sure what you鈥檙e expecting, what you鈥檙e going to see, as your hand twists the doorknob, coming face to face with him all over again.聽
His hoodie is gone.聽
Expression torn鈥攖hat same awkwardness in his shoulders.
Your hallway light touches his unreadable expression, highlighting all the lines and shading of his tattoo that stand out against his skin.聽
鈥淭ell me to go back to your living room.鈥澛
Inhaling sharply, your hand drops from your mouth and falls limply to your side.聽
You are not thinking, thoughts all scattered, scrambled. Not even sure you can find words to tell him you want anything but. That you want him here, right in front of you; you want him to be rough and also kind, you want him to kiss you like he鈥檒l never have the chance to again.聽
As though reading you, he moves closer, not even touching you, but your body yearns for him, muscles tensing and spasming at the endless thoughts of what could be鈥攚hat he could do, what you already know he鈥檇 be good at. Suddenly wanting to rid yourself of your dressing gown, of your PJs, of the thin lace between your thighs you鈥檝e already ruined.聽
鈥淲ords, sweetheart.鈥澛
Your legs almost give way, a smile wanting to bloom and spread across your lips, up your cheeks until it's radiating from you.聽
鈥淭ell me. Or I鈥檒l kiss you.鈥澛
Speechless, your lips part.聽
Yes. Please, yes.聽
Not even sure you are even breathing as you imagine his hands on you, his mouth against yours, against your neck, descending down and down鈥
His hand cups your cheek, pulling your eyes to his as he examines you. He studies you like he鈥檚 capturing every fucking inch of you: the curve of your cheeks, the position of your brows, the way your lips are waiting for him. The clear crisis you鈥檙e going through is rendered and broken at the mere thought of this becoming a reality.聽
鈥淪imon鈥︹ you manage to whisper.
Hoping it's enough. Needing it to be enough.聽
He blinks once more before he lowers his head, his lips planting against yours and you鈥檙e sure you explode. Your heart furiously beating, ears buzzing and burning all at once.
Barely focusing on the way his arm snakes around you as your mouth moves to meet each one of his movements. His lips are soft, even if his tongue is rough; his grip tight, purposeful鈥攄esperate, even if yours are gentle, nervous. The pads of your fingers slide past the healed scar on his cheek, moving into his hair, his groan vibrating against your lips.聽
Gh鈥擲imon is almost lifting you, moving you back as his foot kicks your bedroom door shut behind him, blocking out the light from the hallway. Only the streetlights dance shadows across your room as kisses grow messier, fingers brushing over skin as he hooks a finger in the waistband of your shorts, then sliding, freeing you, until you鈥檙e stepping out of them. Your robe next, falling with a thud as your hands slide under his t-shirt, feeling taut, hard muscle and silver scars which paint stories as your legs find your bed.聽
He smells different than usual.
Less sweat and fireworks, and more some combination of Ghost meeting sandalwood and amber as the two of you bend down onto your bed, the frame hissing at the weight and movement鈥攏ot even aware of what鈥檒l be expected to support soon enough.聽
鈥淪hit, woman. Y鈥檏now how beautiful you are?鈥澛
His teeth nipping, sucking, leaving an answer to your prayer before you feel him unbuttoning your top, all slow and gentle, as if undoing a present he鈥檚 waited desperately for.聽
鈥淩ip it,鈥 you moan, his teeth grazing over the space between your breasts before he lifts up.聽
His eyes burn into yours, the smallest evidence of a smirk on his mouth as he slowly shakes his head. 鈥淚鈥檝e waited too fuckin鈥 long to get here, I鈥檓 takin鈥 my damn time.鈥澛
If you weren鈥檛 already soaked for him, that did it.聽
All slick, swollen and hungry for him. Not sure if it鈥檒l even take much, not with how precise you can imagine him being鈥攈ow fucking thick his fingers are, how he鈥檚 staring at you like he wants to break you in all the ways he can before sunrise.
And you want it. Desperate for it. So much so that just the fan of his warm breath against your exposed nipples makes you rub your thighs together, needing friction鈥攕omething he can tell, he must do.聽
It鈥檚 sharp, authoritative, and he鈥檚 going to be the death of you.聽
Your body is so tense, you鈥檙e sure it鈥檒l snap if you keep any more still as he undoes the last button and exposes your skin to the cool air and his breath. So focused on his eyes, you鈥檝e forgotten all about his hand until you feel lace dig into your waist, tightening and tightening鈥攕nap.
And he smirks.
The devious bastard smirks.聽
Your lips part to make a remark鈥攐ne you鈥檙e not even wholeheartedly sure will come out right鈥攂ut it dies when he touches you, one finger, one thick calloused finger sliding between your thighs, brushing where you need him.聽
鈥淧art them, sweetheart.鈥
And you do.
You do it like he鈥檚 said open-fucking-s茅same. Two fingers sliding against you, diving between your folds. It鈥檚 intense, teasing and everything all at once. It鈥檚 making you burn and shiver, sweat building on your brow as you pant and whimper. His name falls freely, almost chanting it, like a song you鈥檙e the only one who can sing it. He captures what he can, tasting each syllable you say of his name until you鈥檙e tightening and clenching, and he whispers in your ear how good you are, how perfect you are, and you meet your orgasm with blinding lights and arched back.聽
The sight of him licking your want from his fingers brings you back, his mouth crashing against yours as you pull him down, knee bent against his hip as his hand comes to rest on your hip鈥攖he one you hope he鈥檚 bruising. Wanting, wishing for him to leave literal fingerprints as your hand slides between the two of you.
You knew before tonight Simon Riley would be big.聽
Almost too big.聽
The weight of him against your palm is something else, the thickness of his cock in between your fingers as you make him hiss, thumb swiping over the head as he groans.聽
He mixes kissing and nipping at your neck depending on what your hand does, the groans of your name making you desperate鈥攏eeding him inside you, suddenly empty and desperate all over again, but not for his fingers.聽
You want him so deep in you you鈥檒l forever feel empty without him. You want to feel every inch of him, want to rock against his hips as you press half-moons into his skin as nails dig into him.聽
The ache growing, worsening as his tongue draws a line from your neck to your earlobe, his fist clenching around your bed sheets at your side.聽
鈥淔uck鈥 stop. Stop,鈥 he groans, a hand smothering yours, halting you as he stares at you before pressing his forehead against yours.聽
Letting him go, touching his cheek鈥攈is eyes full of lust, searing into you.聽
鈥淚 want you.鈥澛
You nod, his lips sliding up into a half-smirk鈥攁 Simon special. 鈥淚鈥檒l go slow.鈥
鈥淚 hope you fucking don鈥檛.鈥
His eyes harden. 鈥淚鈥檓 going slow. I鈥檒l ruin you later,鈥 he whispers darkly, before capturing your lips, a hand gripping the back of your thigh鈥攕hifting it just over his hip.
You're set to argue, and comment you can handle it until you feel him lineup, the head of his cock pushing against your folds.聽
You gasp as his hips move forward, slowly pushing himself in, your nails digging into his shoulder, into his waist as shivers run down your spine. The stretch being both too much and everything all at once, your toes curling, him slowly burying his cock all the way in as his fingers stroke your jaw.聽聽
鈥淪o fu鈥攖ight. Fuckin'-shit, sweetheart.鈥澛
Your hips roll, moaning at the way it feels, having never felt so full. Never felt so stretched.聽
He鈥檚 slow, as he has been since he stepped over the threshold. His determination to take things slow, to take his time, not lessening now that he鈥檚 deep inside of you.聽
You鈥檙e sure you鈥檝e left an array of welts and half-moon marks into his shoulders as he begins to roll his hips, his thrusts purposeful, desperately seeking that spot he already knows.聽
鈥淓yes on me,鈥 he says, thumb against your jaw as your eyes lashes beg to flutter, but land on him all the same. 鈥淭here鈥檚 my girl.鈥澛
It鈥檚 sinful the moan you let escape at his praise, your legs almost jelly as he steals it with a kiss鈥攁s though to taste it. Your mouth grasping for him when he pulls his head back, gripping your hip, helping you both to find a steady pace.
Tumblr media
He does ruin you.
Not the first time, the second, but on the third.
Legs so sore, boneless and aching you can barely walk without his aid to the bathroom.聽
You鈥檙e not surprised he places you down on the side of the bath, taking a cloth you point him to as he cleans between your thighs as your hisses feel the space. You catch sight of yourself, an array of colours developing across your neck, collarbone and waist鈥攋ust like you wanted.
A painting in colours of his own design.聽
You expect awkwardness once you shuffle back, giving him a moment. Finding underwear, sliding it over shaky legs before surrendering the idea of PJs as you slid between your duvet and sheets. When he returns, you brace for regret鈥攆or words you wish he鈥檇 swallow, face hidden in the scarf or behind a mask, but he鈥檚 in boxers and shuts your door with care.聽
Simon crosses the room, lifting the duvet as he slides in next to you, reaching out, tugging your back to his chest as he places a single kiss on the space below your earlobe.聽
You want to tell him everything. That you like him, could even love him by now. That you look for him too, that you worry, that you care. You'd tell him that he has pierced your heart, and you welcome the sting, that you'd be there, whenever he needed it. Even with knowing he likes space and distance and everything else in between.
"Stop thinkin' so loud," he grumbles against your skin.
Smiling, you fix your eyes across the darkness, finding the outline of your dresser as his hand finds your hip. Whether to soothe you or silence you, it makes your hands clammy.
Unsure if he knows that someone loves him. Someone wants him alive, wants him uninjured.
鈥淚 have feelings for you鈥︹ you whisper, fixing your eyes on your dresser as you swallow. 鈥淚n case it wasn鈥檛 obvious.鈥澛
He doesn鈥檛 tense, doesn鈥檛 move.聽
Blinking, you try to trace the shapes of your handles, keeping your mind busy, the silence building and building.聽
"Say that again." You turn your head, meeting his stare, watching as he raises his knuckles before he traces your cheekbone. "Please."
His touch is so gentle, so soft that it makes your heart swell鈥攜our face relaxing as you repeat it again. "I have feelings for you.
"I care about you and...I like you alive, Simon."
You don't expect a reply, a declaration of his own. The fact he hasn't moved and hasn't pulled his knuckles from stroking your cheek, is enough of a declaration. Your lips turn, meeting them, pressing the softest kiss to them as if saying I know, I don't need to hear it. I know.
Letting your eyes ensure the message lands as you hold his gaze, ever-so-slightly nodding.
鈥淚 texted him. Johnny," he says. His fingers spread, cupping your cheek, thumb stroking your cheek. 鈥淏ut, I had to see you. Had to be sure.鈥澛
Your eyes lower briefly, feeling your heart almost stammer at his words. 鈥淏ecause I鈥檓 your sergeant or because I鈥檓 your girl.鈥澛
You鈥檙e my girl. Mine. Fuck, you鈥檙e mine. Mine. All mine. You hear me, sweetheart?聽
His thumb pauses against your cheek, likely remembering the same words he chanted over and over as he fucked you senseless. His eyes narrow ever so slightly as his lips twitch, and yours try not to smile.
鈥淭he latter.鈥澛
You nod. Feeling your body flush with warmth, turning your head back away from him, grinning as he pulls you flush against him.
Your heart thumping mine, mine, mine.聽Hearing him get comfortable against the pillow, a soft sigh blowing past his lips and kissing your skin.
鈥淵ou make shit tea, though.鈥澛
Tumblr media
read part two
Tumblr media
a huge thank you to @ghostaholics for this absolutely gorgeous graphic. I can鈥檛 believe how much it encapsulates the entire piece and is just so me, and so pretty. thank you so much, I appreciate it so much 馃挄!
Tumblr media
6K notes View notes
Gaz: why are you two holding hands?
Ghost: studies show it relieves stress.
Gaz: oh, okay. I thought maybe you guys were dating or something.
Soap: We are. We're also really stressed.
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fiercehildr 2 months
Tumblr media
This angsty soap and ghost commission I did with @wombywoo broke my heart in pieces 馃槶鈾ワ笍 I鈥檓 in love with this piece and with the dropping of the MWIII trailer, I figured it was the perfect moment to share it! 鈾ワ笍
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maryangelex 1 month
Let Them Know Who You Belong To
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Simon 鈥淕host鈥 Riley x f! Reader
Summary: You and Ghost had been having a secret situationship for a couple of months now. Lately, though, he had grown possessive over you, getting jealous at any interaction you had with the other soldiers in the base. And it was time he taught you a lesson about who you belonged to.
Warning: nsfw, jealous! simon riley, possessive! simon riley, unprotected sex, p in v sex, shower sex, established relationship, praise kink, dom! simon riley, bratty! reader, claiming, rough sex, smut with little plot, degradation kink, manhandling, not proofread
A/N: so that price fanfic did pretty damn well ;) and I thought I鈥檇 try my hand again at writing a smutty fic for simon cus I鈥檓 down bad for him. Promise this one will be shorter鈥 hopefully鈥 enjoy!!!
Tumblr media
For the last couple of months, you and Ghost had been exclusively fucking each other. Ever since you gathered the courage to fess up your little crush and horny fantasies to him, he鈥檇 been kindly fucking your brains out every time you asked (sometimes you didn鈥檛 even have to).
But of course, a man like Ghost wouldn鈥檛 settle down for anyone, certainly not you; he wasn鈥檛 your boyfriend, he was just someone that thoroughly enjoyed using you like his personal whore. The two of you had set that boundary very early on and it had been working out since for both.
Which is precisely why Ghost was conflicted about his current feelings as he watched you swoon with one of the men in the base. He watched you from a safe distance, watched as you were cornered against the wall by some guy way below your league, he thought. You were too fine a woman to stand there listening to some average guy鈥檚 rambling. Still he watched you giggle at whatever he was saying, batting your eyelashes at him, nudging his arm when he made you laugh.
As he watched you his stomach recoiled, his gloved fist clenched and jaw gritted under his mask. What the fuck could this daft bastard be saying that鈥檚 making you laugh so hard?
You caught a glimpse of Ghost in the opposite end of the hallway, leaning against the wall with his eyes burning a hole through you. You looked at him through your peripheral vision, shooting him a devilish smirk because you knew it was getting under his skin that you were entertaining another bloke. Truth be told, you weren鈥檛 even listening to what this guy was saying; a lot of words and a whole lot of nothing. Regardless, you made a performance for him, laughing and touching the man鈥檚 muscled arm as if he was the most riveting man you had come across, all because you loved seeing Ghost鈥檚 panties get in a twist. You loved it when he became possessive of you, when he鈥檇 get all worked up and reminded you that you were exclusively, his despite there being nothing between the two of you except amazing sex.
He pushed himself off the wall, mumbling curses to himself as he turned away and left. He knew your smirk was directed at him, knew you were riling him up on purpose because he fucked you so good when you made him angry. What a slut you were.
Tumblr media
Later that day, you waited for everyone else to hit the showers before you did. You liked having the whole communal space to yourself, so you were always last to take your time and enjoy the privacy. You hadn鈥檛 seen Ghost the whole day after that little performance. He must be sulking somewhere and waiting for you to come to him. But you decided you鈥檇 let it simmer, leave it for the next day.
You turned on the shower, letting it warm up as you stripped naked and stepped in once it was at a comfortable temperature. You saturated your body and hair, closing your eyes as the water ran down your head and face, enjoying the sensation of it, your tense muscles relaxing. You were blissfully unaware of your surroundings, unwinding from a long day of bullshit from your superiors.
Ghost had spent the whole day scheming about how he鈥檇 get back at you for your little antics. He knew your nightly routine of being the very last one to shower. So, he waited for you to enter the shower and he followed close behind you. He snuck inside the shower room, stealthily creeping in without you having a clue. As he faced the shower curtain, he stepped out of his boots, stripping silently and creeping on you covering your naked body in soap suds.
You were facing the shower, eyes still closed, running your soapy washcloth along your body mindlessly. Suddenly, you heard the sound of the shower curtain being ripped open, the sound of metal rings clanking on the bar and rustled plastic. You jumped, shooting your eyes open and looking behind you to find Ghost there.
鈥淛esus fucking Christ, Ghost!鈥 You scolded, keeping a whisper to not alert anyone outside the shower room.
He was standing there naked with the exception of his mask still on but rolled up to his nose. His eyes matched the scowl plastered on his lips; he was proper pissed.
鈥淲hat, did you think I鈥檇 let you get away with that little show you put on for me today?鈥 He growled, stepping into the shower with you.
鈥淲ha鈥 Simon, you鈥檙e not supposed to be here!鈥 You ignored his question, genuinely concerned about his intrusion and the possibility of someone coming in. You knew he鈥檇 show up to put you in your place but didn鈥檛 anticipate it to be at a place like this.
鈥淚 asked you a question,鈥 he insisted, grabbing your waist and turning you around to face him. He held your body close to his with a hand wrapped around your waist; you could feel his cock pressed stiff against your abdomen.
You gulped, looking up into his deep brown eyes; they were dark with anger and lust, couldn鈥檛 tell which it was more of. You looked at him like a deer in headlights.
鈥淎nswer me,鈥 he said through gritted teeth, his grip on your waist tightening. His other hand flew to grasp your jaw, holding it tightly not letting you even try to look away from him.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 know what you鈥檙e talking about,鈥 you lied, looking at him with a smug expression, a twinge of a smirk curling at the corners of your mouth. He murmured a curse as his grip on your jaw slid down to your neck, holding it firmly.
鈥淒on鈥檛 play with me, sweetheart. You know what you did wrong today鈥 and you know the consequences of fuckin鈥 with me鈥
In a swift movement, he spun you around, making you face the wall again. You caught yourself from falling by holding your arms out against the wall. You felt one of his hands on your abdomen, keeping you pressed against his body, ass flush with his cock. The other hand entwined in the crown of your head, grasping and pulling your wet hair.
The way he held you drew a whimper from your lips. Your head fell back as he pulled your hair, and you felt his lips against your ear, his hot breath on your skin.
鈥淵ou enjoy me punishing you, huh, you little slut?鈥 He whispered, his words like poison seething out of his lips.
You responded with just another whimper. 鈥淵-yes鈥 was all you could muster.
鈥淵es, what? Address your superiors, soldier鈥
鈥淵es, sir鈥
You heard a pleased sound rumble in his throat, then felt his breath on your neck followed by the sensation of his teeth nipping at the tender skin on your neck, making you yelp.
鈥淪-Simon鈥︹ You pleaded.
The hand that wasn鈥檛 gripping your hair migrated behind you, his palm colliding loudly against your ass, making you jump and whimper at the burning sensation of Ghost鈥檚 large hand smacking your asscheek red.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 鈥榮ir鈥 to you, sweetheart,鈥 he said, his hand on your ass squeezing and soothing the sensitive flesh.
鈥 鈥榤 gonna teach you how to behave, how to be a good girl for me鈥nd everyone in this base is gonna hear it, understood?鈥
Your face turned bright red and hot. You nodded as best as you could with Ghost鈥檚 unrelenting grip on your hair still. 鈥淭hat鈥檚 my good slut,鈥 he whispered.
Ghost released your hair, both of his hands sliding to the front of your torso. The two calloused hands moved to squeeze your breasts possessively. His mouth was on the crook of your neck, giving the skin a primal bite, then soothing it with a few tender kisses. You moaned at the sensation.
His fingers toyed with your nipples, pinching them and pulling them up, both simultaneously in synchronicity. He alternated between doing so and massaging the soft sacks. You turned to face him, to try and manage to kiss him. But he pulled away, the clasps on your nipples stilling as he tugged them in a punishing manner. You winced in pleasure.
鈥淯h-uh, you don鈥檛 deserve that,鈥 he mocked you.
Ghost moved his hands up to your shoulders, pushing your torso forward. If it hadn鈥檛 been for your hands on the wall you would鈥檝e face planted the tile in front of you with the force of his movements. Now your back was arched, torso leaned forward, and ass presented for him.
He caressed his hands down your back, the gesture felt condescending given how he was treating you. They stopped at your ass cheeks, squeezing them once more. Then, you felt the sting of his hand striking the right one, then the left one. He did that a couple more times, alternating between the two cheeks. You moaned and winced at the mix of pain and pleasure.
鈥淪-sir, please,鈥 you began.
鈥淧lease, what? Use your words.
鈥淛ust fuck me already, please!鈥
鈥淔uck you? I said I鈥檇 punish you, love. Good girls get fucked; dirty sluts like you get punished鈥
As he squeezed your ass he spread both of your cheeks, revealing your slick cunt to him.
鈥淟ook at you, your pussy鈥檚 glistening f鈥檓e. You like me treatin鈥 you like this, huh?鈥 He chuckled maliciously. You felt two of his thick fingers run up and down the folds of your cunt; you moaned in response.
Ghost slid the two digits inside of you at a painfully slow pace. 鈥淔uckkk, you swallowed them whole, sweetheart, this pussy鈥檚 so desperate to be fucked. Too bad 鈥榤 gonna take my sweet time torturing you鈥
You let out a moan at the intrusion inside of you, then at the feeling of his fingers sliding in and out oh so slowly. It was driving you crazy, you just wanted him to ram them into you quick and replace them with his cock already.
鈥淧lease, sir, I鈥檒l be good I promise, please just move faster鈥 you sobbed.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 take orders from you, love鈥 his fingers curled inside your walls, making you jolt at the tight feeling. His other hand kneaded at your ass while he stroked his fingers in an out of you, pace not picking up, and curling them up deep inside of you.
His cock was throbbing at the sight of his fingers entering and exiting you, at how good you looked begging for him to fuck you with your cheeks spread for him like this.
He pumped his fingers in and out, pulling moans out of you. You kept yourself still trying not to push your ass back to fuck yourself on his fingers. You tried your best to be a good girl for him like he ordered; you were just so obedient.
鈥淪ee? You can be such a good girl for me. Good job princess,鈥 he praised you, 鈥測ou earned yourself this鈥︹
Ghost reached his other hand around you, settling it between your legs at the front of your pussy, using his index and middle finger to circle your swollen clit. Now he was picking up the pace of the fingers fucking you as well as the two rubbing your sensitive bud. You basked in the feeling, your eyes rolling to the back of your head as you let out a breathless moan.
Your legs spread apart to allow him more access to toy your pussy. Your eyes closed as you relished the way he rewarded you.
鈥淭h-thank you, sir鈥 you moaned.
Ghost chuckled 鈥淵ou like that, baby? You like me rewarding you? See how good I can make my girl feel?鈥
His girl, you thought. You were his girl, you belonged to him. He knew the right ways to touch you, knew his way around your body; how to please you, how to torture you. You bit your lip at the thought and responded with a hum.
He fucked you with his fingers and played with your clit some more, feeling your walls clench around him, indicating that you were close to cumming.
You were a mess of moans and whimpers at this point, mouth agape, letting them fall out of it. Your eyes in the back of your skull and your head thrown back, back arched to the limit. You felt his fingers twist and curl into your pussy, drilling into you, his speed had picked up significantly; that mixed with the pressure on your throbbing clit sent you over the edge.
And soon enough, you were releasing choked out moans, pussy spasming around his fingers as you were getting ready to cum. A wave of pleasure was surging in you and you were eager to let it wash over you.
But Ghost had other plans, so he took his hands away from you, now gripping your hips. You practically sobbed.
鈥淣-no, no, no, Simon鈥 sir, please! Please, please, let me cum I鈥檓 so close, please!鈥 You were crying at this point, looking back at Ghost with pleading eyes. You met his face that wore an evil smirk, his eyes dark with malice.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 a good fucking girl. You鈥檙e so pretty when you beg for me to let you cum.鈥 He chuckled, his hands massaging your hips, holding them tightly.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e not gonna cum until I do, lovie鈥 he said, aligning the painfully swollen head of his cock with your desperate cunt. He relentlessly slammed his cock inside of you, making you cry out in pain and pleasure. He was so rough but you were yearning to be filled by his massive member. He let out a primal groan when he felt your warm walls clasp his dick inside of you.
鈥 鈥榤 gonna fuck you senseless now, alright? That fucker you were giggling with would never fuck you this good, would he, princess?鈥
鈥淣o! Never, never like you, sir! No one鈥檚 as good as you!鈥 You moaned, your walls clenched around his motionless cock to give yourself some relief. Then, you felt Ghost slowly pull out entirely, before ramming his dick back inside of you, making you cry out.
He pounded into you, slowly but firmly and deep. His grip on your hips was bruising as he slammed himself inside of you. The obscene sound of skin slapping against skin was louder than the sound of the water hitting the tiles. You moaned consumed by euphoria.
Ghost held your hip with one hand while the other slithered to the back of your neck, holding it to make himself slam into you impossibly deeper and harsher. Your tender ass cheeks were growing redder from his skin slapping against them. His pace was quick and rough, groans and curses falling from his lips.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e fuckin鈥 mine, ya hear me? My girl, my pussy to fuck. This cunt belongs to me鈥nly for my cock鈥
You responded with a string of moans and yeses, too cockdrunk and out of it to say any proper responses. Your climax was creeping up on you once again; the wave rising.
Then, you felt Ghost maneuver your body, twisting your torso slightly to the side, and lifting one of your legs by your thigh. You were now almost on your side, the leg in his grasp opening your cunt better for him, and you were standing on your other leg with some leverage from your arm on the wall. If it wasn鈥檛 for Ghost holding most of your bodyweight, you would鈥檝e toppled over.
This new angle made him penetrate you deeper, opening yourself up for him. And now you could see behind you, him standing there thrusting deeply into you, huffing like an animal as he fucked you silly.
He was a sight to behold; muscles coated in water and sweat, glistening with droplets of water running down his body, his lips parted and juicy, practically drooling for you, and his eyes devoured you.
鈥淭here鈥檚 my girl, that face is so fuckin鈥 pretty,鈥 he said as he thrust into you quickly and deeply
鈥淟ove how deep I am in your pussy鈥onna make me cum soon鈥 鈥榤 gonna cum in your pussy so you know it鈥檚 mine.鈥
鈥淕h-Ghost, ahh, I wanna cum, please鈥 you moaned, tears running down your face.
鈥淐um for me, baby, you have permission. Say my fucking name, make sure everyone hears you.鈥 He said breathlessly, possessively, with a hint of sweetness. 鈥淢ake sure everyone knows who fucks you this good, who you belong to.鈥
And that you did. You moaned 鈥淪imon鈥 loudly, practically screaming his name. You repeated it over and over like a chant as you came undone on his cock. You clenched around him, legs shaking as you came and sobbed out his name. Your body went limp as Ghost held you, fucking you and using you to attain his own climax.
His hips shook, thrusts faltering as he released hot, sticky ropes of cum that pooled within you. You moaned in unison as you felt him flood your pussy. He cursed under his breath, his thighs shaking as he came down from his high.
He held your tired body and accommodated you, helping you stand. You both panted in the shower. Cum was dripping down your leg and Ghost helped your rinse it away since you were too drained to even move. You were trying to catch your breath, legs wobbly and your pussy abused.
He loved the sight of you all fucked out like this. And you loved how he took care of you after fucking you like this. You turned to face him, using his shoulders to support yourself, and looked into his eyes; a tired smile on your lips.
鈥淒o I deserve a kiss now?鈥 You said innocently.
Ghost scoffed, unable to help how the corners of his lips curled. He cupped your face with one hand and leaned in to kiss you. He was hungry for it, definitely wanting to kiss you this whole time but holding back to drive his point home. You kissed him with as much pleasure and desire, humming into his mouth.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e fuckin鈥 mine, ya hear me? Don鈥檛 wanna see you do that again鈥 He scolded you in a whisper against your lips.
You let out an impish giggle, 鈥淚 just love riling you up. But I鈥檓 all yours, Si.鈥
Tumblr media
A/N: I鈥檓 sorry!!! It鈥檚 long as fuck again!!! But I tried!!! Anyways >:( hope you loved it you rascals <3
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sickuma 3 months
SILLAGE 鈥 a Simon Riley fic. 2/2
鉂 again this was an au first written on tiktok! this will be the last part of it, please keep in mind that it is all fiction and that if you're going through the same thing and are having the same thoughts, please seek someone you trust. Please fight for yourselves, you're worth it 隃濓紵 Warning. . this is a heavy angst fic, mentions of suicide and acts of committing, if that is something that triggers bad emotions, please exit the fic.
paring is Ghost x Reader this is unedited! mistakes such as spelling and grammatical errors are to be expected !
Part 1 (^_^;)
Tumblr media
SILLAGE 鈥 (n.) The scent that lingers in air, the trail left in water, the impression made in space after something or someone has been and gone; the trace of someone's perfume.
鈥攈ey [name]? I know I'm the last person you want to hear from right now, but I just really鈥
There was a short pause, as the voicemail erupts a slight static sound.
鈥擨 love you. That should have been enough reason. No, you were enough. I'm so sorry. I'm sorry I was cowardly, I figured that you'll be happier and safer, being with someone who isn't me. Someone who isn't a soldier.
It was the same night he left your apartment. He swore to himself he would not come crawling back. To protect both of you, at the time, it had been the best solution for him. Until the midnight strikes, he remembered just how serious you looked, just how accepting you looked.
Too accepting.
鈥攂ecause who knows when one of these missions would finally take me out. I can't let you suffer through that, I can't be the one to give you that kind of grief. So I thought leaving you was the best option.
There was a dire pause as he thought of the best words possible to express himself. He鈥檚 never been one to do such, but for you, he鈥檚 willing to be better.
鈥攊t wasn't.
He spoke desperately, almost shaking from just how much adrenaline rushed through him. He had just argued with the team, and after a long hour of explaining to them what he needed to do, he was finally permitted to bail out on this mission, it鈥檚 not like he wouldn't leave without permission, that's how urgent this is for him, he needed to get to you as soon as possible,
Even he doesn't know why he鈥檚 in a rush,
Maybe it's because of your silence, the unanswered calls, and unread messages that brought him on edge.
鈥擨 love you, far too much, my love, to even think straight without you. I love you so much it's hard to breathe. I so desperately love you to the point it hurts.
The desperation and sincerity. It was all there. He knew if he couldn't let it out now, he won't let it out ever. This was his only chance of being happy.
You were his only chance for happiness. He almost couldn't believe he thought letting you go because of his fear was the best decision.
He stupidly let you go, succumbing to the fear of dying while you wait for him. He knows better, he will do better,
For you. Because you're worth changing for, you're worth the risk.
鈥攑lease don't hate me. I know I was an ass for leaving in the first place, baby, I am sorry. You loved me so much that it felt so good, I didn't know I'm capable of feeling that way, so I was scared that worse would come after. I'm not scared anymore. You looked at me like there's something in me worth looking at,
He felt like he was saying so much yet so little at the same time,
He had so much to tell you but very few words to express it. He needs to be with you. He needs to see you and physically explain to you just how much you mean to him.
鈥擨 won't waste it, love, not again. Please open the door for me when I get back.聽
He frowned, realizing once again just how idiotic he was. He knew he should not have done what he did, but it was over with. The only thing left to do is to make things right somehow.
鈥擨've never been taught how to love, I have.. I don't鈥 I'm not the best at it. I'm sorry baby, if I'm not loving you the right way, and for leaving just like that, but I promise I'll be better. you're worth the better of me, you're worth learning love for.
He needed you, and you needed him. That should have been enough reason to risk it.
鈥攚hen I come back, please let me hold you. Please forgive me for making you feel like an option between my job. It's you. It's always been you. I love you, baby, wait for me. I'll make this right.
As the line cuts, the static sound fills the eerie room of yours. The very same room he had walked out from, the same room where you sat breathing hours ago. There were no other living sounds except for the occasional ticking of the clock.
There were no signs nor sounds of life perceived in the room. The silence was thick. With your lifeless body beside the bed in a fetal position, a bottle of used pills tightly wrapped around your hands. It was light, about three to four pills left inside a newly bought bottle.
It was dead silent as if the universe sympathized with you.
Allowing silence in regards to respect for what has passed, for what has ended.
鈥淢y family鈥檚 never been the typical joyous family, I guess that affected me, as a person in general.鈥
You explain, running your hand through his hair while his head laid on your lap. It鈥檚 one of those days where he鈥檇 be much affectionate compared to the majority of the time. He requested to hear about your childhood while he rests on you,
For a moment you felt your heart and breath hitch.
鈥淚 guess growing up in that kind of household really鈥攔eally influenced my well-being. It's given me problems and worries I shouldn't have.鈥 You were hesitant to continue, 鈥淔ear, I started having fears for a lot of things.鈥滻t's as if you caught a glimpse of his mind, taking in the details you've just given him.鈥淔ears like?鈥澛
The moment the question reached your ears, he could see your body tense. He understood, and he doesn't plan on pushing it.鈥淵ou don't have to answer that, my love.鈥 he smiles, 鈥淣o matter what it is you're scared of, let鈥檚 face it together, yeah? You have me. That's enough, I hope.鈥
Little did he know that fear was yet to come. The fear of leaving soon, the fear of being unable to keep going. How could you ever explain to him that you don't plan to stay long?
With a ragged breath from exhaustion, he dropped his things once again, the same way he did before he left. Facing your door yet again, panting as a feeling of discomfort plagued him, why exactly? He鈥檚 finally here. Why is he so distraught, he wondered.
鈥淸name]?鈥 he knocks,
Swallowing the lump in his throat, his voice strained, and his state dishevelled. 鈥淸name] please鈥攊t鈥檚 me, please answer.鈥
The lack of response made him think about just how angry he made you,
鈥淚'm sorry,鈥 he whispers,
鈥淚 know I was stupid and irrational. I won't do it again, petal, please open the door.鈥
To say he鈥檚 nervous would be an understatement. What would he do if you never find it in you to let him back into the comfort of your arms? Will he return to the familiar cold he had forgotten when he met you?
鈥淸name] I love you.鈥
He desperately spoke, yearning for an answer; the smallest sign of acceptance.聽
It was odd. How quiet it was. Are you that mad? He wonders, but then again, he knew you鈥檙e not one to ignore, not even when you鈥檙e the angriest you've been. You would never shut him out, not ever. 鈥淸name], please, answer, or I'll have to go inside.鈥
鈥淏aby are you okay?鈥 no response.
Each passing second was like a countdown. He was uneasy and distraught. Afraid even.
The silence felt deafening. He was afraid of what? He had no clue what he was so afraid of, surely you're okay...
鈥淸name], I'm coming in,鈥 he says sternly, fishing the spare key he oh so gratefully forgot to give back. His heart thumps louder with each action.
The moment he entered, the creak of the door interrupted the silence. He felt like he was intruding on an abandoned space. It felt wrong. He knew something was wrong.
鈥淸name]? I'm back, like鈥攍ike I always am.鈥 his voice broke, stepping inside, head looking around, hoping to find you and engulf you in his longing arms. 鈥淎s I told you, I鈥檒l always find my way back鈥 right?鈥
He kept speaking while he walked, checking and opening every door. Starting from the small kitchen to the bathroom, checking everywhere until there was one room left. He dreaded it, for no reason he was scared and yet he rushed,
He spoke, no鈥攈e goes on a tangent,聽
鈥淚'll take the month off. We鈥檒l do anything you want, anything to make up for this. I promise we can even get a pet, I always say no, right? This time, I'll agree, anything for you, my love just鈥斺
The silence rung,
Apart from the sound of the door opening by his force, there were no sounds made, not from him, not from anything. He simply stood, dumbfounded at what the room unveiled; at that moment, nothing mattered, not even the breath he had held unknowingly.
A ragged chuckle escaped his lips, though it was hollow. As if he was desperate to know that maybe this is all some sick prank. Maybe this was one of your silly games he always put up with, 鈥淏aby? What鈥檚 this? Why are you on the floor?鈥
鈥淛okes over [name] get up鈥斺
When it all came to view, he was silenced. The second he stepped closer, he saw how your body lay lifeless, how you held that bottle, and how his eyes drifted onto the lone tear, which evidently dried along the hours.聽
How long have you been here?
In this state? How long has it been since you left him?
He couldn't feel. He couldn't grasp his head around the sight before him. He鈥檚 well familiar with death. He鈥檚 seen it before, and he鈥檚 lost comrades before, but nothing comes close to what lay in front of him.聽
How does one react when their lifeline lies lifeless before their very eyes?
He couldn't approach nor speak. He simply stood with weak knees, tempting to give out. It didn't take him long to crouch, eyes wide open with lips parted slightly. There were no tears, no emotions, the moment numbed him. It didn't feel like reality,
There he crouched, just a few steps away from you. It didn't feel like his heart dropped. It felt almost worse, as if you'd taken it with you. How could this have happened? Did he cause this?
If you had told him a day ago that he would witness the person he loved the most laying on the floor devoid of life, he would have laughed at your face, punching you even. This isn't reality. This isn't a reality he wants to face.
It took every courage in his body to bring himself closer to you, afraid of what more he鈥檇 discover. With slow steps, he drew closer, grabbing your hand was the first thing he thought of doing. 鈥淥h god鈥︹ his voice broke,
Your body isn't as warm as it used to be,
Not as he remembered. The warmth he loved when he would hold you against him, it鈥檚 gone. You're gone.
He had felt countless of stiff lifeless bodies and yet yours hurt the most,
The mere thought of it destroyed him. It hasnt sinked in yet, but he could tell. He could tell his demise is near. The realization will hit him in a short while.聽
鈥淏aby, im home鈥︹ this wasn't him. This was not his voice. Stuttering over the easiest words, strained with pent-up sobs. His chest felt heavy, almost making it difficult to breathe.聽
Yet with hitched breath, he picked up your limp body and placed you in his arms, crushing your icy body against him. He held you tightly, but his hands cradled your body tenderly. It was as if he鈥檚 afraid of hurting you more.
Ghost was forever fearless, always facing whatever challenge was given to him, even his mortal enemy would know that he isnt necessarily the easiest solder to crack, let alone destroy and yet he finds himself sat on the floor holding the lifeless frame of his lover,
Cradling whatever is left of you,
Desperately holding onto what he can possibly hold on to.
The lieutenant everyone looked up on, admired and viewed as an admirable man, sat on the floor with a weighing heart. Holding back the tears that had formed without his knowledge as he held your body,聽
but right now, he wasn't lieutenant simon 鈥榞host鈥 riley.
At this moment, he was just simon, the simon you loved desperately, the simon who loved you just as insanely.
This person right this moment was your simon,
He wasnt anyone else, he was yours.
As he sat on the hard cold floor, thoughts roaming with his heart screaming, he felt like a mess, but that didn't matter. Words can not describe the regret, remorse, and stupidity he felt,
If i didnt leave,
If i didn't walk out that door,would you still have been alive in my arms?Would i still have to hold you soulless?
He held you closer, bringing you closer to him, as close as possible. He felt nothing but regret, nothing but anger for himself. Why is it that the very grief he tried to protect you from, the same reason he left, the same grief he avoided you to feel, why is it that he鈥檚 feeling it now?
His ragged sobs filled the room, and the rest remained still as if everything sympathized for him. As if the world understood the hurt he carried. He sobs, holding onto you as if doing so would bring you back. He knew nothing well, and yet he foolishly cried, hoping you鈥檒l hear him and come back to ease the pain.
Like you always did.
At the corner of his eyes, he saw the letters piled not far from them. Without standing, nor letting go of you, he reached for it. Reading the names addressed on each, until he sees the one for him.
Of all the few letters he saw, his was the only one with tear drops which ruined the ink in front, almost unable to read, he brought it closer, dropping the rest.
I felt everything.
Thank you, and im sorry,
I love you :)
Swallowing the impossibly heavy lump on his throat, he opened the carefully folded letter. He was met with even more tear drops. The thought of you crying, alone, while you write him a letter to bid him goodbye, crushed his soul.
He cant imagine a greater pain,
It felt surreal.
How could I..
How could I have lost you this easily.
With his blurry vision, he starts to read鈥攚ell鈥攁ttempt to. With every sentence, every punctuation, every meaning of your words, all of it felt like a slap to reality.
How could he have not seen?
How did he not notice? Not paying attention to what you were going through? How could he have been so careless as to leave you all alone.
The very fear you spoke of,
He did just exactly what your family had done.
If anybody could have saved me,
it would have been you.
He read the part over and over again, allowing your words to cut through his heart repeatedly. He left you, and yet, at the end of the day, you still see him as someone鈥攖he only one who could save you.聽
Despite the war inside your mind,
Inside your mind and unwavering emotions, which he hadn't bothered to unveil, he remained the most important person.
May it be in your chaotic mind or the furthest crevices of your heart, he remained on both.
He read it all,
Understanding every single thing you failed to say in person,
Everything you failed to say while you still lived.
It hurts even more. He thought nothing could be more painful when he saw you laying lifeless. But having to read what you wanted to say,
How sorry you were, how thankful you are to him, and how he made you feel.聽
It was surely another cut to an already existing wound. His mind flashed memories while he went over the tear stained letter you left.
He remembered everything as if they were as fresh as yesterday. When you first smiled at him, when you first held hands, when your lips first touched.
Your words were true. The story of you really is short-lived. But he couldn't help but think about the what If's
If he stayed,
If he hadn't walked out,
If he ignored his fear of abandoning you,
If he hadn't been so stupid and cowardly.
He gave up, and the heavy lump on the throat overcame him, letting the sting linger for as long as eternity. He read the last words on the letter, with a loud sob, with repeated pleads.
Repeatedly apologising, repeatedly begging for you to come back so he could fix things so everything could return to normal,
So you could return.
A childish wish. A high-ranking soldier held the lifeless body of his lover all while he begs for them to come back.聽
"I'm so sorry." He whispers, voice too broken to speak normally. "I'm sorry for not noticing."
"I'm sorry you had to be alone."聽
"I'm so sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry." He repeats over and over again, holding you against him.聽
At the back of the letter, he could barely see the words written with how blurry the tears clouded his eyes.
Thank you for making me feel.
The words only crushed him even more, sobbing and crying harder to no avail.聽
"[name]..." He whispers, holding you close. "Did it hurt? I'm sorry, it must have been so hard."
"I'm sorry."
"I'm so sorry for not being here you."
He apologized, wishing he could have been with you. To convince you otherwise, wishing he could have been here to avoid this,
To avoid losing you.
Wishing he could have stayed to keep making you feel.
The thoughts of your words before he left suddenly entered his mind,
"Can I hug you?"
"One last time?"
Now it all makes sense why you looked so serene, why you looked so accepting. Why did you have that small smile on your lips,
You were bidding him goodbye.
That really was the final hug.聽
The final touch he'd ever get, the final living affection he would get from you.聽
He holds you now, but it wasn't the same, not even close. Back then, you were smiling and breathing, but now you're no different to an inanimate object. Stiff and cold, this is the person he loved so dearly?
It ached.
And it ached painfully.
The type of ache to never go away, the type of ache he'd keep forever.
The type of ache he'll willingly embrace,
As he held you that night, mourning for what could've been, mourning for someone beyond saving.
This was the ache he'd willingly feel forever,
If it means having you in his mind and heart. He would willingly hurt himself by keeping that ache if it means keeping you in his deceased heart forever.
As the remnant of your memories roamed the room, your presence which now passed, the scent of yours he dearly craved. It left a sillage pain to remember,
You left a sillage worth remembering.
"I'll keep you in my heart,
Even if that damage me,
Even if it kills me.
I'll keep you safe forever."
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