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yeehawpim · 7 days
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a comic about different types of storytellers
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mintybagels · 1 month
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ebenezersneezer · 2 months
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8 years apart - 2015 v. 2023 Anyone else cringe when they go through their old work? Man, animation school sure was somethin
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azy-arty · 11 months
So-.... this page has been quite dead for the past two years. But well ! I had a pretty good reason ! I just graduated from Gobelins in Paris and did this movie with a wholesome teammate named Rose Gallerand (@truite_wasabi on instagram) !
The real story of a young lady from Costa Rica, Pacifica Zelaya, who went to study in Belgium at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels in 1905. Unfortunately, there, she met Edouard Mailly, another student who would become her fiancé. Our movie tells the story of a relationship, a concert and her last evening.
insta : @azy_arty
(and you got subtitles in english on youtube !)
In addition...
 I have to thank you all in a cheesy way : I started this account years and years back, at the beginning of my studies, without any ambition but to draw fanarts of Undertale, and looking back, I can see how far I’ve come now. Today, I’m working and paying my bills, but I’ve still got the sweet @paintingit​ as a dear friend (whom I met here, it’s crazy) and it’s strange to tell myself this all started with a skeleton now voted #1 sexiest tumblr man, yea. It’s also thanks to all the nice comments and feedbacks I’ve received from you over the years. Then I hope you’ll enjoy this movie who’s been one hell of a trip, but which I’m still a little proud despite it all to show today.
Thank you ! And take care !
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Now is your chance to learn animation from Master Animator & Director Don Bluth! Classes include draftsmanship, concept art, advanced animation, storyboards, layout, dialogue and much more. Classes start January 17th! Enroll today! http://www.donbluthuniversity.com
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mosssunmaniac · 3 months
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I am in need of help! Please give this a read! I tried to keep it as concise as possible while still stressing how important this is!
This affects my ability to go to college!
I do not have a limit on how many I will ultimately take!
For now, I will take up to 5 slots at once!
Once those have been filled and completed, 5 more will open up!
This special offer will close by 8/10/23 !
I'll create something to keep track of how much I've earned till I reach my goal!
Currently I have: $790.05 saved up
So, a long way to go.
Please share this anywhere you can! Reshares, likes, and comments are also great ways to support me!
I can accept payment via PayPal and Zelle!
Please contact me via [email protected] or DM me for commissioning/any questions you may have!
‼️Payment MUST be upfront‼️
Why: It prevents scammers from attempting to get a piece of work from me without actually paying for it.
If you pay me upfront I promise to:
-Give you updates on your commissions
-Check in with you about any important changes/questions from you or me
-Show you your piece in the sketch stage to make adjustments as needed! (My sketches are fairly clean so whatever is there I line almost to the tee)
-You may ask to see the piece at any point in time! (To prevent theft there will be a DRAFT label over it)
There will be no extra charge for if it is lined or left sketched! Just tell me which you prefer!
-Do tell me what social media this will be used for so I can get the right dimensions to get you the best quality possible!
‼️If you use this icon anywhere please credit me in your bio/description ‼️
If you want it in a Chibi style for any of these then I can do that as well, please let me know!
If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me!
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chooroz · 6 months
Did this one a couple months ago for class, we had to illustrate two opposite emotions however we wanted. Hope you enjoy this festival, bringing 👏🏽joy👏🏽 all around!
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themeeplord · 9 months
I wanted to share this short film I finished last year. (warning for gore, blood and violence)
This is my graduation film I made during my final year at Sörängens folk high school. I finished it back in May of 2022. I’m still so proud of it and I’m so happy I managed to finish it despite the HARSH things early 2022 threw at me.
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marielucieparisot · 1 year
Hello tumblr ! This is my graduation film  ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
I lost my dear grandpa during the making of the film so it was kind of hard to work with something that suddenly hit very close to home, as I couldn’t arrive in time to say goodbye. Still I hope it’s as soothing and melancolic as I wish it to be
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buriedinbronze · 7 months
My animation homework
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raysdrawlings · 2 years
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✨Shares Much Appreciated! ✨
Hello & Taanishi!
We’re back again for another year!
Are you an indigenous applicant for an animation program? Are you looking for portfolio help and reviews?
I’m offering free portfolio reviews for indigenous peoples if you send a copy of your work/portfolio over to my email:
I’m an animation grad with Settler & Métis heritage- I graduated with honours, winning two scholarships for my work in leadership, and I’ve been working freelance in the comics & animation industry for about 3-4 years now!
If you’d like help with a portfolio not specifically for animation (example: Art fundamentals, illustration, sequential art, etc) I have some skills that can transfer in some areas and can help to the best of my ability!
This offer is specifically for Indigenous persons, status or non status, all is good! All I ask is that if you are not indigenous and don’t identify as indigenous, please don’t take advantage of this resource.
Reviews may take some time but I’ll usually respond within 7 days!
I look forward to see y’all’s work!
Thank you so much, Maarsii! 💖♾!!
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flamet-draws · 1 year
Lil thingy from class,, it’s actually supposed to be part of a bigger morph loop but this is just my part.
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cherrysphinx · 5 months
I finished my senior film finally!
So tired.
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i spoke to one of the lead animators of Arcane, Alexis Wanneroy, today because i'm studying animation and our class had a video chat lecture with him. what is going on. not bragging at all i just needed you all to know that.
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3tych · 5 months
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My first semester of this animation degree ended with me animating a horse (2D, gift), and my last semester is ending with me animating a horse (3D, alien). It's a challenge but I like the symmetry of it, lol
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traditionalanimation · 6 months
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CLASSES START JUNE 2023!! Now is your chance to learn from Master Animator Don Bluth for a full year! Classes are LIVE online. Only a couple seats remaining! http://www.donbluthuniversity.com 
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