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★ 【ゆうき】 「 naruto 」 ☆ ✔ republished w/permission ⊳ ⊳ follow me on twitter
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Which is your favorite??
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*✧・゚: *let's take ibuprofen together*✧・゚: *
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bnha geten in a shark hoodie :) 16/03/2023
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Hey friend! Its been nice seeing you around more. I hope you’ve been well :D So, I've been suffering from night terrors and night anxiety more than usual lately. I was wondering if you could write some hcs of a gender neutral reader dealing w the same and maybe how Hawks, Dabi, Bakugo, Izuku, and/or Shinso would help?? You don't need to write all of them if you don't want, but their my current comfort characters rn so it'd be nice to see some of them
Thank you so much for this ask, and I'm so sorry that this took me so long :')
But here you go!
Hawks, Dabi, Bakugo, Izuku, and Shinsou X gender nueltralreader with sleep anxiety and night terrors
Total wordcount: 1.6k words (1,593 words)
Keigo Takami (Hawks)
Being as obserbent as he is, he quickly noticed that your sleep schedule wasn't normal. You slept during the day to avoid sleeping when he was home, and you never really told him why. One night, he decided to ask you why you slept during the day, while he was at work.
You were cleaning the kitchen when he got home, and you smiled at him and asked him how work was today.
"It was pretty good, not that many criminals today, so I got to eat dinner early tonight. I actually have a question for you tonight."
You looked up at him from cleaning the counter. "oh, sure, what's up?"
"Why don't you sleep at night, and instead sleep when I'm at work?"
You stopped cleaning off the counter, and he sat on one of the barstools on the other side. You placed your rag on the counter, making your way over to him. He opened his arms, and you climbed onto his lap.
"Well... I have serious anxiety about sleeping because I have night terrors. I don't want to wake you at night, because you already work all day and most of the night."
He ssighed, pulling you closer to himself. "Honey, you don't need to worry about waking me up. Sure, being a Hero can be a pretty stressful and tiring job, but YOU are never stressful or tiring. You clean the house every night, you do the shopping every weekend, you help me take care of my wings when I need help. You take care of everything around the house, including me. I am more than willing to take care of you. But I can only do that if you let me."
After that, he helped you get your body used to staying awake during the day and sleeping during the night, and he helped you get a schedule prior to sleep, including drinking some tea to relax your body.
Touya Todoroki (Dabi)
He's also pretty obserbant, but he's less gentle about it. The first night that you two had moved in together, he insisted on knowing why you wouldn't sleep at night. All you told him was that he didn't need to worry about you and that you slept during the day. He let it go when he realized that you wouldn't be answering his questions at that moment, and told you to talk to him about it when you were ready.
Two months later, he walked into you having a nightmare and decided to try to wake you. When he grabbed your shoulder, you started screaming. He quickly covered your mouth, cursing under his breath. "Dammit, Y/N, wake up!" He said as he started to shake you. When you didn't wake and he started to hear police sirens, he curses again and climbs out the window, closing it from the outside and climbing out onto the roof to hide from the police, as you were still screaming.
The police ended up needing to break the door open, and discovered you screaming in your sleep. The police ended up gently waking you and explaining that someone had called the police about screaming, and that you would need to go to the station to explain, that you were not under arrest, and that they just needed a statement from you.
They handcuffed you and explained your rights, then took you to the station. After you explained that you had no control over screaming in your sleep, the officers apologized and offered you a ride home. You accepted, of course, and Dabi was waiting on the couch for you.
"The hell happened?" He asked as you slid into his arms and got comfortable.
"Someone called the cops on my screaming. When I told them about my night terrors, they apologized and brought me home."
"Night terrors? So that's what it is? Why you sleep during the day while I'm not here?"
You nodded. "I...I'm sorry for not telling you sooner...."
"It's alright. I told you to tell me when you were ready. It just took you a little bit to be ready."
After you two were done discussing the situation, he didn't care that you slept during the day. He just made sure that you got medication to help your brain relax so that you didn't get the police called again for screaming in your sleep.
Katauki Bakugo (Dynamight)
Katsuki didn't really care about you sleeping during the day, as long as you kept the house clean and actually slept during the day, he was fine with it. He assumed that it was part of one of your parents Quirks, as he had never met them, and he didn't question it.
That was, until an officer told him that there was a noise complaint, specifically of screaming, coming from the house. He was quick to go to the house, throwing open the front door and screaming your name. Once he heard that the screaming was coming from the bedroom, he ran up the stairs, threw open the bedroom door and saw-
You. Laying in the bed. Screaming. You were having a nightmare. He quickly made his way next to you, gently pulling you into his chest as he heard Izuku and someone else run into the house and start searching.
When Shoto found Bakugo holding you, still screaming and now sobbing, he stopped and stared. He had never seen Bakugo so gentle before.
He was gently whispering to you, gently combing his fingers through your hair. His other hand was gently rubbing up and down your back, and he looked...Worried.
When you woke, Bakugo was quick to get your attention and make sure that you weren't hurt. He then glared up at Shoto, who quickly made his way downstairs.
Izuku Midoriya (Deku)
Izuku has several notebooks devoted to you with tons of information, including the fact that you slept during the day. You were actually really open about why you slept during the day, telling him that you had some pretty serious night terrors, and you had sleep anxiety because of it. As soon as he heard this, he did massive amounts of research about night terrors and sleep anxiety, and how he could help you.
He ended up buying some relaxing and tasty tea for you, so your body could actually relax. He also tried his best to help out around the house where he could, trying to help whatever stress you had on your shoulders.
When he got a call that there was screaming from your shared home, he immediately knew that you were having a night terror. He quickly made his way to the house, telling his agency that he wouldn't be back because he would be taking care of you after he was able to wake you, so he didn't have to worry about time.
Once he got into the house, he made his way to the bed, gently holding you to his chest to try to comfort you. He also started talking about random things, how his day was, the best joke he had heard in the agency this week, the easiest part of today, the hardest part of today, the funniest thing that happened that day, until you woke sobbing.
He pulled you closer to him, telling you that it was alright, that he was here now, that he would protect you, no mater what.
When you calmed enough to talk, he asked you if you wanted to talk about it. If you did, he would listen to whatever you wanted to talk about. If not, he'd help you out into the kitchen so you could drink some water and get a snack. Once you were hydrated and fed, he had you sit on the couch while he cleaned the bedroom. You ended up falling asleep on the couch, and he just covered you with a blanket while we cleaned the rest of the house for you.
Hitoshi Shisnou
He was no stranger to problems with sleep. His father's Quirk made it difficult to get the required 8 hours of sleep each night, so he ended up staying up with you several hours each night before going to bed.
He already knew about your night terrors and sleep anxiety, as the two of you were childhood friends. Whenever you were stressed, you had night terrors.
Because he didn't require 8 hours of sleep each night to function, he worked during the day and during the night, much like his old teacher.
When he got a call about screaming from your shared home, he was quick to get to the house. Once he got inside, he started boiling some water for tea, and grabbed some snacks and put them on the counter.
He never tried to wake you when you had a night terror, but you knew that he would always be there when you woke.
Moments later, you woke, running downstairs and hugging Shinsou tightly. He held you close while you cried, starting to steep the tea for you. Once you calmed down and the tea was finished, he had you sit on the couch and drink the tea and eat the snacks. Once you were finished with those, he washed your dishes for you, leaving them to air dry while he sat down to talk with you.
He talked with you for a while, about random things, until you were able to fall back asleep. Once you did, he was able to carry you to the bed and take a nap with you.
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Happy birthday Itadori 🥳
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Anya & Miri
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They look so sily 🫠
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X | Diluc Ragnvindr | Genshin Impact
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-----------------------------HIJIKATA TOUSHIRO------------------------
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I need to get better at posting here lol
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