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s4wful 1 day
made these for entry 80 day yesterday, but i forgot to post them :( sorry gang
also an extra bloody painter
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hheisa 4 months
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Drawing request from Instagram and some other silly thoughts I had 馃槶馃槶馃槶
Sorry for sudden drawings of creepypastas lmao
Ocs credits:
"Exolodes" sans by _dus71y on instagram
"Drone" by catflyxowo on instagram
"Vendor" Sans by pepperpopstar on instagram
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hahadit 2 months
would you guys be interested if i told you that i know how to code (basic shit on renpy) and i'm working on a creepypasta dating sim
well, it is a dating sim, but maybe i'm adding a lot of backstory, like porn with plot lol
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r0s3m4ry-mp3 6 months
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I stand by that some the older creepypastas probably barely know how to use twitter and cant change their pfp馃挃鉂椻潡
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fatheroplants 3 months
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'It's just a prank bro' the prank:
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3amclothesmonster 3 months
Re upload cause I feel like this needs to be seen
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Y/N: So what do you normally do in your free time?
Helen: Stalk.
Y/N: Really? I enjoy going for walks and gaming.
Helen: I know.
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junk-heart 4 months
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What if there was a crp dating sim, but you don't get to date any of them and the plot gets messed up really fast?
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amaesama 1 year
饾憡鈩庰潙庰潙 饾懁饾憸饾憿饾憴饾憫 鈩庰潙庰潙濔潙濔潙掟潙 饾憱饾憮 饾懄饾憸饾憿 饾憼饾憽饾憥饾憻饾憽饾憭饾憫 饾憴饾憱饾懀饾憱饾憶饾憯 饾憱饾憶 饾憽鈩庰潙 饾憵饾憥饾憶饾憼饾憱饾憸饾憶
So the Slenderman has chosen another troubled soul to manipulate, force to do his bidding, induct into the mansion, great! We鈥檙e all one big happy family here, so I鈥檓 sure you鈥檒l fit in just fine! Whatever may have happened in the past is over now. This is your new home, and everything is going to be just fine.
鈺攢鈹 鈰 鈰 鈹鈹 猕 鈹鈹 鈰 鈰 鈹鈹鈺
Everyone is really weary of newcomers.
For the first few days of you being there you will absolutely 100% catch people staring at you, like 鈥榳hat is this new thing and what do we do with it.鈥
The first people to come and talk to you are Nina, Jane, Liu and Dina.
Nina wants to make new friends so she鈥檒l try her best to be nice and welcoming to you, she might be a bit too much at first but she means well.
Jane and Liu are there to warn you of any potential pastas to stay away from (*cough*Jeff*cough*), Liu will do most of the talking because he鈥檚 lovely.
Sully won鈥檛 front straight away, he will watch you when you talk to Liu to see what you鈥檙e like but otherwise he鈥檒l leave you alone.
Jane will try to introduce you to Clockwork but 9/10 she鈥檒l be 鈥榖usy鈥 so it might take a while to get to know her.
Dina is an absolute sweetheart and they will try their best to be welcoming to you and make sure nothing bad will happen.
There鈥檚 a chance that they might try to introduce you to Helen but he just will not make an effort to talk to you, you鈥檒l have to find another way to get to know him.
Dina will also introduce you to Ann and Johnathan, Johnathan will be a bit more talkative but you have a feeling that鈥檚 only because he wants something out of a relationship with you.
Ann won鈥檛 be all that interested. If you actually want to pursue a friendship with her then get beat up and she might be in the infirmary. Might be.
Speaking of the infirmary, that鈥檚 the best place to find him E.J, he spends most of his time down there, so if you ever want to talk to him or need something from him he鈥檒l be down there.
He鈥檚 not too social and it鈥檚 rare to see him anywhere else, but he will always help someone if you鈥檙e injured. If you spend time to get to know him he鈥檒l be very happy, though (he鈥檒l probably ask if he can have your kidney somewhere along the line, he鈥檒l assure you that the operation will be safe but he鈥檒l respect you if you say no).
BEN and Sally are also two people that will be the first to talk to you.
Like Nina, BEN tries his best to spark conversations with people. He鈥檒l probably play a few pranks on you though so be careful.
Sally just wants to play so she talks to everyone, she has no ill intentions so she鈥檚 a pretty safe person to be around.
You鈥檒l 100% see Hoodie and Masky around as they basically do everything the Slenderman asks them to do, and if you鈥檙e new that鈥檒l be to train you and do the whole initiation process. You鈥檒l see Toby less frequently, but still pretty regularly in comparison to most other people.
Jeff will test if you鈥檙e good enough to be friends with him by setting Smile Dog on you. If you don鈥檛 run away from him or if you don鈥檛 try to kill him you鈥檙e good.
However, being friends with Jeff means you probably won鈥檛 be friends with Sully. Liu is a bit more accepting (strangely enough) but he鈥檒l still be a bit iffy, he believes you should be friends with whoever you want but he probably won鈥檛 be around you if he鈥檚 there.
Ok onto actual life in the mansion.
Very rarely will you have a proper meal.
And by very rarely I mean only if you make yourself something or on one of the pasta nights.
A pasta night is something that happens every month (or every other month if no one can be bothered) where someone makes a shit ton of pasta for dinner for laughs.
It鈥檒l almost always end in an argument because there are so many dysfunctional people living in the mansion.
And then there鈥檚 an argument on who should clean up, in the end they came up with a router where everyone takes turns.
E.J only comes along to these nights because he feels he has to, he can鈥檛 eat the food so he just kind of sits there.
Not many people can cook, so it鈥檚 usually either Tim, Brian, Clockwork or Liu who make the pasta.
No matter what your background is there will most likely be someone who went through the same thing, so if you鈥檙e happy with talking about it and so are they then you鈥檝e basically got a therapist buddy.
Smile Dog is the family pet except instead of seeing him as a full blown family dog he鈥檚 treated like a person, minus all the responsibilities and stuff.
He鈥檚 a freeloader. That鈥檚 what I鈥檓 trying to say.
Also a great guard dog.
Not every room is an en suite so there鈥檚 a chance you鈥檒l have to share a bathroom with like 5 others. And sharing a bathroom with literal serial killers? Not fun.
They鈥檒l always flush, don鈥檛 worry, but some of them take excruciating long. Jeff is known to take long ass showers and sing obnoxiously loud (because he鈥檚 a dick) so avoid the bathroom that鈥檚 closest to his room.
Honestly it might be best to befriend someone with an en suite. Helen has one (mostly because people were annoyed that he kept going to refill his water when he鈥檚 painting), and he鈥檒l probably be indifferent to you using his bathroom.
E.J also has one and he basically lives in the infirmary so he probably won鈥檛 notice if you use his, but you鈥檒l have to ignore the mini fridge in his room. You just know what he keeps inside it.
He also doesn鈥檛 like being called 鈥楨.J,鈥 he mostly puts up with it. With two Jacks around it can be confusing so he understands why people call him that, but when the other one isn鈥檛 around he doesn鈥檛 get why people call him this. Call him Jack and you鈥檒l be in his good books.
The proxies have their own bathrooms as well, and since they鈥檙e always out you might be able to use theirs.
Hardly anyone can be bothered to clean their rooms so they all live in their own mess.
If you complain about it enough then you could potentially bully some people into cleaning them.
Jeff is the worst.
Absolutely vile.
Jane has one of the best rooms because she鈥檚 a literal goddess so of course it is.
Helens is covered in paint.
Jacks is passable if you ignore the mini fridge.
Tim鈥檚 absolutely sticks of cigs so you probably don鈥檛 want to go in there.
Toby鈥檚 is- yep. It鈥檚 definitely鈥 something!
Also for room arrangements, the people who hate each other are located a far away as possible from each other to reduce conflict. There are multiple floors, probably around 3, with the ground floor being where the living room, kitchen, infirmary and all that stuff is.
Floors 2 and 3 are mostly bedrooms. Liu, Jane, Nina, BEN, E.J, Helen, Dina, and a few others are on floor 2.
Jeff, Tim, Brian, Toby, Kate, Ann (if she鈥檚 at home) and some others are on floor 3.
Bless you if you end up on floor 3. It鈥檚 so noisy. Mostly because of Jeff.
During the day you probably won鈥檛 see many people, you may see them crawl out of their holes to get food but that鈥檚 pretty much it.
You鈥檒l most likely get into a few fights because these fuckers are aggressive and argumentative.
Say anything mean to Sally and everyone will hate you forever.
It鈥檒l take a while for you to fully feel like you fit in (a few months to a year) so try to keep on everyone鈥檚 good side and everything will be just fine.
If not then you鈥檒l be hated forever. These assholes know how to keep a grudge.
You won鈥檛 see Slenderman.
You鈥檒l FEEL him, but hardly ever see him.
If he does contact you it鈥檒l be via Tim or one of the other proxies, or he鈥檒l talk to you telepathically.
If you鈥檙e in the house then he鈥檒l always be watching you.
鈺扳攢鈹 鈰 鈰 鈹鈹 猕 鈹鈹 鈰 鈰 鈹鈹鈺
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its-moonz 17 days
Tumblr media
Bloody Painter 馃枻
Tumblr media
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creepypasta65 3 months
the creeps with a reader (romantic or platonic) that does witchcraft ?
Thanks for the request :)
The Creeps with a Reader that does Witchcraft:
Finds it cool:
Toby, Nina, Cody, Bloody Painter, EJ, Clockwork, and Laughing Jack
Is scared of Witchcraft/ Doesn't mess with Witchcraft:
Ben, Glitchy Red, Lost Silver, and Puppeteer
Teach them Witchcraft:
Jeff, Hobo Heart, Kate, Slenderman and Dr. Smiley
Also, does Witchcraft:
Jane, Judge Angels, Liu, Julius, Kagekao, Jason, Laughing Jill, and Nurse Ann
Have a nice day :)
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mew-c0m 18 days
My beloved bloody painter.
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multi-fandomedfreak 4 months
Mayyy I order some more Creepypasta headcanons but with Slendy this time?? I don鈥檛 mind if u wanna add any more characters but I really want some slendy in there lol
Authors note: Sure thing! I love Slendy too and I was gonna write him in my last Creepypasta headcanons but it would鈥檝e been too long. So this will be a continuation to the other kissing headcanons. (Also sorry this took so long)
Characters: Slendy, LJ, and Helen
鈿狅笍 Warnings 鈿狅笍: Uhh surprisingly non?? Unless sharp noses and sharp teeth should be a warning
馃Slenderman 馃
(as u may tell, I鈥檓 running out of ideas on the emojis)
-Does he have a mouth???
-Pretending that he does, I feel like he would love giving you head/forehead kisses
-He would prefer receiving kisses rather than giving them tho (definitely not because he canonically doesn't have a mouth)
-But it's kinda hard for him to show that
-Like imagine you trying to leave before kissing him goodbye, most likely cuz you forgot, and he just won't let you leave
-He won't tell you why tho, he'll just let you figure it out until you kiss him
-He's also BIG on giving you a good squeeze after a kiss
-Idk there's just something about him that screams "I will hug you."
-Definitely likes carrying you rather than him leaning down to kiss you
-hurts the poor old man's back
-Buuut if you find it attractive when someone taller than you leans down to listen to you better
-He will 100% know that
-And 10000% use that to his advantage to kiss you in any way
-He also doesn't care if you kiss him in front of other people or not
-He's Slenderman, like, no one would even think about teasing him about it
-Except Sally of course
-would probably love -if you wear makeup- for you to leave a kiss mark on the collar of his suits
馃崿 Laughing Jack 馃崿
-Just so you know, his pointy nose is DEFINITELY getting in the way sometimes
-Like that thing can poke your eye out
-That being said, he sometimes likes to poke you on the cheek with his nose
-Probably does it when asking for a kiss tbh
-Loves to bare his sharp teeth at you to try and get a reaction out of you when going in for a kiss
-But you kiss him anyway, bc, cmon. Those teeth are 馃槷鈥嶐煉
-ANYWAY, he gives me cuddle bug vibes
-Like if he really wants to, he鈥檒l hold you as tight as he can without killing you and kiss you all over your face
-So he prob likes it when you have to get on your tip toes to kiss him
-will stand up completely straight just to see you struggle to reach him
-He also loves it when he rests his chin on your head after a kiss
-Doesn鈥檛 mind kissing in a public setting and doesn鈥檛 care about getting teased from the other pastas
-Soooo, if he鈥檚 sitting down, expect to be pulling onto his lap from time to time
-Only if ur ok with it tho
-He doesn鈥檛 like to see you uncomfortable in any way
-A sucker for giving you kisses on your neck
-He just gives that vibe that he鈥檚 into neck kisses yknow?
-keeps his claws sway from you as you two kiss (he doesn鈥檛 wanna hurt you on accident)
馃帹 Bloody Painter 馃枌锔
-More likely than not, you鈥檇 have to be the one to initiate a kiss from him
-It鈥檚 very very very rare for him to be the one to kiss you first in a day
-Though when he does kiss you first, know it鈥檚 super meaningful
-He struggles to show affection due to his upbringing
-I also feel like his kisses would always be short but sweet
-But if your the one to initiate a kiss, he鈥檒l definitely be very passionate about it
-Even if he doesn鈥檛 initiate kisses all that much
-He likes to just be leaning or be pressed up against you
-Like when watching a movie on a couch or something
-He鈥檒l prob just use you as a back rest lol
-I also feel like he isn鈥檛 the biggest fan of neck kisses but also doesn鈥檛 mind them
-Although he鈥檒l never admit it, he adoresss it when you kiss him on his forehead
-It鈥檚 just so domestic to him it feels great
-Especially when you rub his arms up and down as you do it
-He鈥檒l quite literally melt but try his best to keep his composure
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hahadit 1 month
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sum more things about the dating sim bc i see u pretty interested!!! i already have the chapter 0 all coded!! i just need to fix details and maybe i could release like a "beta" or something, but i still have a loong way to finish but i'm positive, besides it's just me alone. i'm already writing chapter 1 and 2, and figuring out interfaz thingzzz just to make it look nice
btw, i know the game it's in spanish (it's my first language duh), don't worry gringos bc it's going to be in english too, but my priority right now it's:
- sketch all the sprites
- paint bg
- script
- (TN) customization
Tumblr media
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the pastas if they had a normal life
BEN- Gamer boy who lives in his parent's basement. You saw it coming. Ben would literally spend his days living off energy drinks and chips. Brags about his game collection even though he doesn鈥檛 have a job. He doesn鈥檛 care that he doesn鈥檛 have a job, but he should.
Jeff- He never moved on from the emo renaissance. He has posters of MCR and other emo bands up on his walls. They鈥檙e chipped and wilted, but he鈥檒l be dead before they get taken down. Definitely uses a pair of broken wired earphones because he thinks he鈥檚 too cool for AirPods.
Eyeless Jack-Jack would be the most pretentious male manipulator sorry. Donna Tartt would have a field day with him. He exclusively only listens to music from the 80s and mansplains everything. He is intelligent though, and he dresses immaculately.聽
Toby- That friend who has never been calm in their life. One second he鈥檚 at home, then the next he鈥檚 in Portugal on a solo holiday. Should not be allowed a bank account. Always the life of the party. People wonder how he鈥檚 still alive.聽
Helen- Weird art kid. Spends all of his time in his room, either playing piano or painting. He thinks he鈥檚 destined to be the next Picasso. Has good grades and big dreams, but no friends to tell them to.聽
Liu- Probably the most normal. Good grades, decent social life. He鈥檚 not popular, but he鈥檚 not a loner. Kind of mainstream. Always drinking coffee, probably works like two jobs. Has connections everywhere.聽
Jane- She walks down the street and like 90% of heads turn to look at her. Quiet, but not shy. Has a small group of friends, but feels like none of them know her. Probably has a glass of red wine every Saturday night. Has a cat.聽
Nina- The town's bravest girl solely because she鈥檚 single-handedly bringing back scene-core. Doesn鈥檛 care that people give her weird looks on public transport. Makes kandi bracelets and gives them out to strangers. Literally SO sweet and for what.聽
Clockwork- No one wants to get on her bad side. She has like two friends but she loves them with all her heart. Doesn鈥檛 give a fuck about grades. She probably works out a lot but never drinks water. Lives alone.聽
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fatheroplants 2 months
Tumblr media
Day 2 of nightmare blunt trio: pumpkin theft
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