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I would go nuts if you do something for Ghost! Make it filthy ? based on your f list , how about a combo of : chubby with size difference, breath play, breeding, light bondage, orgasm control and heavy aftercare? Or make it light , how about a combo of : chubby with size difference, oral , begging, slow burn, multiple orgasms and ofc heavy aftercare?
Tumblr media
I really hope I didn’t go too far with this lmao
Hit all the notes except the slow burn, dealer’s choice on if this is a “no pregnancy, only breed” situation for kink purposes, or if Simon fully intends on following through with getting the reader pregnant 😇
Pairing| Ghost x F!Reader Rating| M Word Count| 3.5k Kinks/Content/Warnings| Breeding kink, orgasm control, breath play, squirting, overstimulation, acknowledgement of (but no use of) safewords, size difference, bondage, oral (f!receiving) possessive/simp!Simon, plus size!Reader, multiple orgasms, Simon is a touch mean at times but it’s all above board, and aftercare (or at least the plans of what the aftercare will be lol). I think that covers everything!
Tumblr media
You’re wearing his favorite dress and Ghost is ready to climb out of his own skin.
Any other situation would have him pinning you on your back, the skirt of your dress pulled up while he pounds you into the nearest surface he can lay you out across.
However you work underneath Laswell which means he gets to watch the hem of your skirt dance across the skin of your thighs during a meeting he is rapidly losing all interest in.
He’s also not the only one looking which raises his hackles. The rest of the 141 are minding their business, eyes on Laswell up front. They know who you belong to, and have the self control to not slobber all over themselves like rabid dogs at the sight of a pretty girl.
It’s the other men in the room.
He can’t blame them; You’re bright eyed and sweet, pretty face with a plush body that Ghost loves tying up in whatever position he can think to put you in. And the fucking dress doesn’t help.
It is work appropriate. There’s a part of him that is willing to acknowledge that. It just flatters you perfectly. And the hem bounces enough to give a mouth watering peek at the insides of your thighs when you’re walking away from him.
Whether you’re oblivious to the eyes on you or you simply don’t care enough to acknowledge them, every time Ghost’s gaze settles on you your attention is fixated on him when not pointed at Laswell.
He’s suddenly seized by the thought that the ring on your finger clearly isn’t enough of a deterrent for unwanted gazes. You’re baiting him, heedless of the others drawn to you.
Sure she’s married but is she satisfied? He knows damn good and well some of the men- some of the specific ones in this room- are dogs. He can hear the question as they pace and look for a weak spot to dig under the proverbial fence.
He needs to make sure everyone knows you’re his. Clearly it’s not enough to show you’re taken.
His mind wanders, thoughts of filling you with him until you’re swollen with child. The evidence readily apparent to everyone that you’re kept satisfied by your husband.
The only thing that keeps his mind from spiraling completely is a well timed prompt from Price, forcing Ghost out of his head and back to the meeting he wants over and done with already.
Once home, Simon is able to drop the mantle of Ghost- at least for the time being- and turn his attention to you.
It really is his favorite dress on you, but it looks substantially better on the floor.
He’s got you laid across your bed, hands cuffed short to the headboard.
You always were handsy in bed. Wanting to pet and stroke and touch- it’s cute how you squirm for him once he deprives you.
“Si- Simon!” His name is a plea as his tongue goes to work between your legs.
He should be used to the sight and sounds that accompany having you bare before him. God knows the two of you have been together long enough for that- and yet every time he gets you to drop your panties his blood sings in his veins like the first time.
He’s fucking enthralled with you. Your smile, your laugh, how quick you are with a witty retort- always the smart ass until he reminds you there’s a better use for that pretty mouth. How easy it was to manhandle you in bed (how you fucking love it).
He adores how soft you are. Lush thighs spread over either shoulder as he goes down on you like a man who’s been stranded in the desert. One hand digging into the flesh of your hip, the other banded across your belly to keep you still as you buck in his hold.
He’s being a mean bastard, he knows. The pair of you have your little arrangement.
“Simon- please!” Your body strains against the cuffs uselessly. If your hands were free you’d be scrambling for purchase where you could find it- burying in his hair, fisting the sheets beneath you. Flicking his gaze up to your bound hands, he grins seeing how your fingers open and close in fists- needing to hold and touch and not being able to.
“Gotta wait for me, love,” he reminds you.
Simon controls your orgasms. Where you cum, when you cum, how you cum and most importantly if you cum.
Usually he’s magnanimous about it. Arguably he still is. If he really wanted to be an asshole about it, he’d be stuffing you with two of his fingers- the width of three of your own- and stroking that spot that had your body burning, eyes rolling into the back of your head while you cried and made a mess for him. Forcing you to fight yourself, to show a little impulse control, reveling in how you squeal and buck against him in protest.
Those soft thighs are trembling like leaves atop either one of his shoulders, splayed open enticingly.
He struggles to pull himself away, reveling in how tightly you’re wound. Simon could easily spend hours between your legs.
When initially cuffing you to the bed, his plan was to not let you finish until after he’d cum in you. Wanted to be mean about it, could hear you crying for him to finish you off. No point in getting you off, love, until I’ve filled that pretty little cunt to the brim. Whole lot of effort for nothing if I do it before, isn’t that right?
Simon spoils you rotten though and only has himself to blame for it at this point. Any time he manages to get you laid out before him it is a guarantee he’ll finish you off at least twice.
Hell it’s practically a necessity, the only thing stopping him from proceeding with his initial plan. Your body would choke down on him, usually needing to be fucked open with his mouth and fingers before being able to take the length of him without protest.
You’re squirming again. The break from his tongue lashing against your clit allows you to regain some composure but still twitching in anticipation.
Not that your respite lasts for long. Simon trails one of his fingers across the seam of your lower lips, watching how your legs jerk on impulse as his touch ghosts across your swollen clit.
“So sensitive,” he teases as you let out a plaintive whine at the contact.
His middle finger slips past your folds, sliding easily all the way to the 3rd knuckle. Giving a few slow thrusts, his ring finger soon joins.
The room is quiet except for the sound of your breaths and how absolutely wet you are. It’s filthy how his fingers squelch inside your cunt. Your moans pick up as he deliberately drags the pads of his fingers across that spongy spot inside of you.
Your brain seems to only be able to remember two words- “Simon” and “please”, chanting them as he works you closer to the edge.
“Be a good girl for me,” he answers cryptically, biting back a laugh at the tortured look on your face. Be a good girl and cum? Or be a good girl and don’t cum?
The hand not buried in your cunt trails up your body- amusement flickering across his face as you jolt from ticklish spots, his hand roaming up your belly, between your breasts and taking its place wrapped around your throat.
Your brain remembers three more words, the alternating chants broken by your accusatory “You’re being mean,”
He is. He’s done worse to you for sure, but he knows the accusation is also another plea. I don’t know how much longer I can hold back please let me cum and call me a good girl- I want to be good.
“You ever consider you’re a spoiled little princess?” He muses to you, lips hovering over your own as he awaits the smart assed retort he just knows-
“It’s your fault I’m like this,” there it is. He grins, giving a chaste peck that is wildly juxtaposed to the sinful things he’s doing to you.
The hand wrapped around your throat tightens. Not enough to damage your delicate wind pipe but enough to put the pressure on the blood vessels in your neck. He adjusts his other hand ever so slightly so his thumb can press against your clit, circling in firm movements in time as his ring and middle fingers work that one spot inside of you.
He gets the desired result- you clenching on his fingers, bucking and squirming uselessly.
“Sorry, what was that?” He asks with a falsely sweet tone, grinning as you hiss.
All the pressure from his hand is placed on the sides of your neck, your pleas and protests turning into mindless babbling.
Simon isn’t entirely without mercy, he just enjoys pushing you as close to the brink as he can.
“Come on then, love- cum for me.” He finally allows, watching with rapt attention as your eyes damn near cross.
His wrist and forearm are wet as you gush around his hand, grinning as your mess is timed with each thrust of his fingers. He doesn’t withdraw until he’s certain he’s wrung every last drop from you, although you’re not left unattended for long.
His grip on your neck lets up, doubly to let you recover from your orgasm as you gasp like a stranded fish as much as it is to have both hands free to position you how he wants.
Mindful that there’s not much slack to pull you down with, Simon holds you steady while he moves to place himself between your legs.
Your flesh is hot, swollen and needy as he lines himself up, one hand on your hip and the other grasping his length. Pliant as you are from your orgasm, it still takes a few thrusts to work you open enough to take the full length of him.
Simon is more than willing to feed you inch by inch of his cock, relishing in the wet suction of your body as you cling and clench around him.
“That feel good, pretty?” He poses the question to you as his hips clap against yours once you’re warmed up and taking him all the way to the base.
“Yes! Simon- yes!”
And what a fucking sight you make. Laid on your back, arms stretching over your head towards the headboard. Those pretty, plush thighs spread wide to accommodate him, giving Simon quite the show- watching as he buries himself in you to the hilt over and over and over again.
He damn near wants to drool watching how your body bounces from the recoil of each snap of his hips. Makes his mouth water- makes him want to turn you into a fucking chew toy, the need to bury his teeth in your soft flesh. His eyes will flick from one part of you to the next, reveling in the soft bounce of your thighs, your belly, your breasts- he couldn’t pry his gaze away, enraptured with the doe eyed, fucked-dumb look on your face when his eyes drift up high enough.
“Whose cunt is this?”
The answer to the question is obvious, and one you know well. It’s not even really the actual question he has- more the lead up than anything else.
“Yours!” He shifts himself slightly, the change in angle working for you based on how you bark out “Oh! Right there!”
Simon grinned, knowing full well what he's doing as he moves to his original position. “You gonna prove it, love?”
Your head must be swimming from the delayed response- frustrated at him for deliberately ignoring your plea and changing the rhythm on purpose.
“Prove it?” Those glassy eyes focus on him, the words sounded out slowly by your cock drunk brain.
“Prove this cunt’s mine,” a sharp thrust elicits a yelp that’s just shy of, but nearing the border of too much. “Oughta fuck a baby into you. Show everyone you belong to me.”
The way you clench down on him draws a grunt deep from his chest, telling him just what you think of that idea.
“Everyone’ll know what a good fucking girl you are,” he’s working himself up, winding tighter and tighter as his mind runs away from him entirely. “Lifting your” he staggers as your clench is timed perfectly with his thrust “-fucking skirt for me,” a few more quick thrusts, “spreading those gorgeous thighs,” his hands are gripping your waist like a lifeline- “letting me have my way with you and not- wasting- a- fucking- drop.” his last words punctuated with strong snaps of his hips.
He’s babbling now, face buried in the crook of your neck as each thrust draws staccato cries from you. “Gonna look so fucking pretty- not gonna be able to take my damn hands off of you,” which was saying something given the current rate he was either bending you over or tying you up.
You clenching around him like a vice wasn’t helping matters either. “Simon please- I want it. Baby I want it. Please cum in me-“ and how was he ever going to ignore a request like that? With you asking so nicely while your cunt works its magic on his cock.
His body dwarfs yours, all broad shoulders and delicious muscling from years of training and physical work that comes with the job. You’re caged under him as he raises his head from your neck and his mouth crashes into yours.
“Mine,” he groans out between kisses. There’s going to be bruises across your body as his grip tightens on you- one hand still fisting the flesh of your hip, the other hooking underneath one of your knees and spreading that leg out to the side, fingers digging into the skin of your thigh as you both grunt at the change in angle.
The noises the two of you are making are absolutely obscene; the slap of his heavy balls against your ass, the wet sound of your cunt taking every last inch of him. Simon’s damn near on the verge of hyperventilating, keyed up as he is between you being as receptive as you’ve been to his dirty talk, reciprocating by pleading him to cum in you. How your thighs are trembling, muscles wound tight as you strain against your binds.
He prides himself on not being a selfish lover. Even as worked up as he is, the forefront thought in his mind chasing his own pleasure so he can be a good husband and fill you up like you’re pleading for so so prettily- there’s still that one part that keys into your reactions. Making sure you’re loving every stroke he gives as he chases his own high, that those yelps don’t take a turn for too much instead of please god don’t stop don’t stop don-
His vision whites out for a second as his orgasm hits him like a bus. The coil that had been twisting tighter and tighter springs free as he buries himself in you one last time with a groan befitting a wounded animal.
The urge to collapse settles on him, but Ghost pushes it aside. You’re tied to the bed, entirely unable to take the brunt of his weight like that and wouldn’t be able to wiggle out from under him with your hands bound.
He grounds himself as he comes down by peppering you in kisses, hands roaming your body. Your face, your neck- anywhere he can reach until he feels his legs are steady enough to comply with what he asks of them.
You’re still keyed up, having been worked close to a second orgasm but not quite getting to cross the threshold before Simon. He can hear you distantly, mewling and pleading for him to finish you off and has every intention of following through.
Moving back down between your legs, a shiver runs up his spine as his over sensitive cock drags across the sheets. Settling with his face between your legs he takes a moment to observe his handwork.
Your cunt’s pretty and swollen- sensitive to, from how you jerk when his breath fans against you. Making soothing motions on your hip with one hand as he shushes you, his eyes focus on the thin line of his spend dribbling out of you.
Well that simply won’t do.
He uses one finger to trace back up your folds, pushing his cum back exactly where it belongs before sliding two fingers into you once again.
It doesn’t escape his notice how much easier it is this time, your fucked open body still soft and pliant for him. He debates teasing you about it for a second but the look on your face has it clear you’re close to crying- tension and anticipation having tears welling up in your eyes.
Spoiled the thought flashes across his head. Course it doesn’t help that he’s utterly whipped. He’ll give you anything you ask for just because you want it.
His head drops, eyes on you while his tongue lashes as your clit and his fingers fuck his cum back into you.
You cry and strain and buck against his hold. Simon knows he won’t have to wait long to feel you clenching around his fingers- it never does when he uses his mouth and fingers at the same time.
But he does wonder how quick he can wring a third out of you once he pushes you over the second time.
He’ll find out shortly- you’re already babbling, knowing the routine and half afraid he’ll make you hold it please let me cum please-
“Go on, pet.” He doesn’t so much pry his face away as he just mouths into your flesh, but got the same result either way.
Your back arches as you clamp tight on his fingers- Simon doesn’t let that get in the way of his ministrations, continuing to mouth at your clit and stroke that spot in you until your cries of pleasure turn into okay okay okay oka-
He doesn’t stop. You try crawling away from him but he puts a stop to that by quickly banding his forearm across your abdomen.
You have a safeword- kettle- if it actually was too much, and unless he hears you say it he’s going to keep a hold of you like a dog being threatened with having his favorite toy taken from him.
You’re being fucking loud, no way the neighbors can’t hear you unless they’re simply not home, and Simon doesn’t give a singular shit as he works you from your second orgasm clear into your third.
His efforts are rewarded with another rush of your cum, soaking his face and dripping down his chin.
Good. He’s still fixated on the idea of you being fat with his child, and the way he sees it the more he gets you to cum the better his chances are of it taking.
Your efforts to squirm out of his grip only increase, futile as they are.
“One more,” he lifts his head to offer you. “Be a good girl and give me one more.”
Those tears that had welled earlier are falling now, and Simon thinks you look absolutely divine with tear tracks down your face, make up smeared to hell.
“Okay,” you nod with a shaky breath- hips still trembling but no longer trying to squirm away from him.
He descends on you once again, intending to make the most of your compliance. What a good little wife he has.
He’s got your fourth orgasm rushing over you in record time, relishing in the way you tense and relax as your body tries to fight the overstimulation before your mind would quiet it. His hand strokes your hip and thigh soothingly, mumbling praises into your skin the entire time.
True to his word, he pulls away once you’ve come down.
You’re watching him with glassy eyes, limbs trembling as you finally catch a reprieve from his mouth.
“I’ll untie you now, okay love?” He’s checking where you are mentally, if he pushed too far-
You nod to him, eyes following as he steps away from the bed to grab the keys off the nightstand.
Your wrists are released from the cuffs only to be encircled by Simon’s hands- so much bigger than your own- as he gently rubs them and checks for any marks. “You alright, love?”
The soft smile you flash him has him ready to melt. “I’m good,” he watches you stretch, the slight wince. “Shoulder’s a bit tight.”
“I’ll run us a bath and we’ll see what I can do about that hm? How about you think about what you want for take out?”
He starts to turn, tethered in place as you reach out for him.
“Don’t go yet.”
He lets you lead him back into bed with a light pull on his hand.
Absolutely spoiled rotten, and yet Simon will gladly give or do anything for you if only you ask for it.
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Cod - You use the safeword
Requested: Yes [hiii i’m actually dying for angry sex with the 141 boys/könig where the reader uses their safe word (i am not at all projecting my need to feel protected/cared for that is ridiculous.) (yes i am.)]
Warnings: A smidge of angst but mostly just some soft boys taking care of you
A/N: In which I reach the tag limit for the first time
Price isn’t surprised when you use your safe word, having already been observing the way you seemed to be gradually getting more and more uncomfortable and stressed. So he pulls away without a fuss, shushing you softly as he wraps you up in a blanket, leaving the room only to come back a moment later with some tea and snacks to help you get your energy back. He’ll gently cup your cheeks in his big hands, pressing soft kisses to your forehead and shoulders as he tells you how good you did for him.
Tumblr media
Gaz is definitely surprised when you use your safeword, and his poor pleasure drunk mind literally doesn’t comprehend anything for a moment, so he’s frozen above you, brows furrowed as he tries to remember what that word meant again. But then it finally clicks with him and he’s so gentle as he pulls out, pressing a soft kiss to your forehead as he turns you both to be laying on your sides, your head tucked under his chin as he rubs up and down your back to soothe you.
Tumblr media
A pause, then a nod and a grunt before he’s pulling back. He’s more than a bit unsure of what to do. He knows he should comfort you but he doesn’t know how exactly to do that so he simply stands up and grabs a rag and a warm bowl of water, his hands oh so gentle as he helps clean you up. Anything you ask for, you’ll get it. Your wish is his command. Whatever snack, drink, or action you want, he’ll provide.
Tumblr media
Soap is startled by your use of your safe word, giving you a look that resembled a concerned puppy as he carefully pulled away, his eyes carefully examining you for any physical injuries. If he finds any, he’ll never forgive himself. He’ll hold it over his own head forever. But if there isn’t any then he’s relieved, massaging your thighs and then your back, kissing at the back of your neck.
Tumblr media
Alejandro blinks, stilling above you, voice gentle and soothing as he asks you to repeat yourself. He hums when you do, pressing sweet kisses on your face as he asks you what you need from him. He’s so gentle with you now, murmuring sweet things in Spanish in your ears, holding you to his ever warm body, firm but loose enough that you could wiggle away if you became uncomfortable.
Tumblr media
Rudy looks at you with concern when you utter your safeword, asking you repeatedly if you’re alright as he helps you get clean with a warm washcloth, nuzzling his nose against your cheek. Rudy will probably set up your favorite movie and get a variety of snacks for you to enjoy as you both wind down, his head in your lap as he keeps glancing up to check on you every few minutes.
Tumblr media
König jolts away like he’s been burned, apologies already on his lips as he cups your face in his hands, his eyes wide and puppy-like, already letting himself be guilt tripped by the voices in his head. If you try and reassure him then he just feels guilty, shaking his head as he kisses your knuckles and palms before getting up to get you some comfy pajamas and then orders your favorite take out.
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cod-dump · 2 days
Soap: Who hurt you? Ghost: You want a list? Soap, checking to see if his gun was loaded: Yes, actually-
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loneghostwolf · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media
based on this:
Tumblr media
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spookiboogi · 3 days
Tumblr media
Stay strong Lt ✨
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chomchomcherrybomb · 2 days
Ghost in the background: 👁👁
Tumblr media
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isabella-kr · 2 days
price dating headcannon?
Dating Cpt. John Price
Let me start off by saying that Price is a gentleman through and through
I have no doubt he would treat his s/o like a treasure
Date nights whenever you two get the chance, and when he's at work he always makes sure to call and use whatever little free time he's got to speak with you
He'd pamper you
But he'd love to get pampered too
Get him some beard oil even if there's no occasion for it
Prepare a beautiful dinner and watch him melt with a soft smile on his face
He values honesty and loyalty, so if you're not loyal & honest with him, you won't be a good match
But if you are, I've no doubt your relationship would only bloom and become stronger with time
Of course, like with any relationship, arguments are bound to happen.
He doesn't enjoy them; he witnesses enough arguments and yelling at work, so when you two do argue, he likes to sit you both down and calmly talk through whatever seems to be the matter
Safe to say, it gets solved quick, and soon enough you are back to being happy
I have a feeling he enjoys hugs and other type of physical intimacy.
Playing with his hair? he could fall asleep in seconds
Forehead and cheek kisses? Never fail to make him smile
Hand holding? Loves them
Cuddling? Yes please
He loves them all, and frequently initiates them
Of course, if you're ever feeling overwhelmed/not up for this type of intimacy, he respects that and keeps his distance
He's attentive, so when he sees you struggling with anything, he is eager to help, whether it be work, studies, or even mental health issues; he is there by your side
He'd be open with you too, but given his work, there would be certain things he would not be able to tell you
I feel like he'd value understanding in his partner, because someone who would give him grief for not being to share work-related stuff would not be a good match for him
Same goes for you however -if there is stuff you genuinely cannot tell him, he'd understand
In my mind, he is the perfect man, and his emotional/maturity makes him that much more attractive than he already is
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honeymoon-ss · 3 days
toxic!konig pervy and reader who wears sundresses
"wear that, whore." he'll say, throwing a sunflower sundress at you. "kön- kön, i need a bra. and panties."
"no, you don't. because I'm not giving you one."
he loves making you dependent on him.
"oh- oh, okay, kön, baby. thank you for my clothes, kön." you smile kissing his cheek. "s fine. get changed and go cook." he demands.
you nod and get over to the kitchen. 10 minutes later, you've began to serve up his breakfast. "kön! your eggs are done!" you shout. he walks out of the bedroom, silently walking out behind you, sticking his hand up the dress. you squeak when his cold hand grabs your ass. "Ah-! Kön- kön, u..uh your..your food."
"then you can fucking cook me another breakfast, can't. you."
"y-yes, sir."
@lillianastuff @lucyisdoingfine @madamemelancholysstuff @hearts-for-mason @kristopher-1105 @handholdinghomie @fartybraind
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rileyslibrary · 15 hours
Be gentle, man!
Synopsis: You and the team go undercover to a dinner where high-profile guests are invited. You need to acquire vital information while acting posh at the same time. Good lord, help you all.
Relationship: Simon "Ghost" Riley x F!Reader, Task Force 141 x F!Reader
Word Count: 1,519 (approx. 6-7 min reading time)
This is the second (and final) part of the story but you can read it as a oneshot. Here’s Part 1 if you’re interested.
No warnings; casual read with platonic relationships.
The Athenian Palace: You’ve heard of the place a few times, mainly through the news, but never had the chance to visit. And why would you? Are you the president of a country? A diplomat? A wealthy businessperson with significant influence over government decision-makers? No, you are just a soldier among the many considered expendables. Your duty is to protect your country with your life—the same country that many attending the event have a vested financial interest in.
But today, everything is different. Today, you’re supposed to act like someone who comes from money.
For the past month, you and the rest of the team have undergone extensive training in formal dining, conversation, walking, and dancing. Everyone has adapted to their undercover personas somehow, except for Price, who couldn’t accompany you since he’s been undercover in a similar instance some years ago and poses a threat to the mission if he gets recognised.
Gaz required the least training among the four of you. You haven’t yet determined if he was naturally suited for this role or if his assigned persona was more straightforward than the rest. Nevertheless, he seemed comfortable conversing about the tech industry and acting like James Sinclair, the alleged tech entrepreneur.
On the other hand, Soap was the complete opposite of Gaz. Your etiquette instructor, Lady Theodora, struggled to mould him, but he always found a way to break free. Eventually, she found the tipping point to channel Soap’s extravagance to benefit the mission.
“What would you do if you were a trust fund child?” She asked, to which Soap replied that he would be “poised and all” but at the same time act “like Paris Hilton in the 2000s.” And that’s how Maxwell Vanderbilt—or “you can call me Max,” according to Soap—was born: with a mohawk, a loose-fitting suit, and an unchallenged attitude. You hated to admit it, but he was the most authentic and convincing among the four of you.
As for you and your Lieutenant, you were still adjusting to your role as a couple, particularly with the required intimacy. Yet, with Lady Theodora’s help, you managed to get closer, even if that involved a few unorthodox ways of doing things. One day, for example, she duck-taped your hands together and ordered you to spend the entire day together. She taught you how to dance, touch each other in public, and show, without telling, how you and Ghost— or Sir Ethan K. Wood—would infiltrate the facility and gather vital information as a couple.
He hated the name. “Why should I pretend to be fucking Ethan?” He asked, but Lady Theodora explained that it was a name forged by Laswell and she could do nothing about it. And when you told him you were named “Constance”, he spitted out his drink and immediately became grateful to Sir Ethan K. Wood.
Arriving in a Maserati Levante, you were greeted by a team of three people, two opening your doors and one guiding your hand as you stepped out of the car.
You wrap your arm around Ghost and approach the entrance.
As you walk through the imposing double doors, the room reveals itself in all its glory—a high ceiling decorated with murals stretch towards the heavens. The ballroom’s walls are draped in exquisite fabrics of gold and burgundy while crystal chandeliers cast a soft glow, illuminating the space and creating an inviting and elegant atmosphere.
The ballroom’s focal point is a large dance floor. It invites guests to dance while a live orchestra, hidden in a corner, fills the room with melodies. Surrounding the dance floor, elegant tables decorated with crisp linens showcase elaborate floral centrepieces, while towering candelabras provide additional illumination.
You look at the guests; men wear tailored tuxedos, and women glide in flowing gowns and sparkling jewellery. Your gaze shifts to Ghost, who looks dashing in a three-piece navy suit, a matching tie, and a white handkerchief in his chest pocket.
“Are you ready, my dear?” You ask with fake confidence.
“Ah, my love,” Ghost replies, “in for a penny...”
“... in for a fucking pound.”
“Language, Constance.” He corrects you sternly.
“Apologies, darling.”
You enter the crowd, mingling with the elite. Ghost introduces you as his wife, guiding you with a firm yet gentle touch on your back. Engaging in conversation, you discuss the land you supposedly own, the inflation—that most people in the room are the direct cause of—and collectively sorrow over the economy’s current state. All this while sipping champagne from crystal glassware that’s worth more than your annual salary.
Among the guests, you spot Soap conversing with a group of Wall Street figures. He appears relaxed, holding a glass of whiskey with an orange peel garnish.
“Ah, what can you do?” You hear his Scottish accent echoing in the room. “It’s a self-regulating market, after all.”
Lots of things baffle you in this world. Soap, talking about self-regulating markets with a bunch of Golden Boys who nod and agree with him just added another paradox to your list.
“Darling,” Ghost says, with his hand finding yours and interlacing your fingers, “dinner will be served shortly; let us find our table.”
You approach your seats, and Ghost pulls out a chair for you. As you settle in, you look around at the surrounding tables, searching for familiar faces. Gaz, sporting a suit with no tie and fake glasses, is seated at the table next to yours and talks with the people around him.
The evening unfolds with a symphony of courses served with artistic precision. Each dish arrives like a work of art—a culinary masterpiece. You apply Lady Theodora’s training and indulge in the exquisite feast while engaging polite conversations. You observe and listen closely to the guests’ discussions, hoping to obtain any valuable information that might aid your mission.
With dinner concluded, everyone moved to the ballroom for the entertainment segment. Ghost discreetly signals for you to follow him. Excusing yourselves, you navigate the corridors of the Athenian Palace, with the music and chatter fading as you reach the server room.
“This is it,” Ghost whispers as he approaches the servers. “The information we need should be here. You need to get to work.”
You nod and navigate the complex digital landscape, leveraging your technical expertise to penetrate the encrypted files. Meanwhile, Ghost maintains a vigilant watch and stands guard, ensuring no unexpected disruptions throw a wrench into your plans. Each creak or distant voice makes him reach for the gun in his inner jacket pocket.
Minutes pass like hours. Suddenly, your face lights up.
“Got it!” you shout, and Ghost brings a finger to his lips, urging you to keep quiet.
“Got it!” You repeat, this time in a whisper.
“Good girl,” he replies softly, “now let’s go find the others and get the fuck out of here.”
You begin your return to the ballroom, but things feel strange this time. The calm conversations surrounding the place have turned to screams, and the music sounds somewhat different than when you left the hall.
Ghost puts a hand in front of you and stops you.
“What’s going on, Constance?” he asks, concerned.
“Let’s find out, my love,” you reply, loading the pistol strapped to your thigh.
You run through the corridors, but there’s no one there—it sounds like everyone has gathered in the main hall.
Just before entering the ballroom, you compose yourself, adopting the poised stance Lady Theodora taught you. You enter the hall to uncover the reason behind the change in atmosphere.
Soap stands on a table in the centre of the ballroom, flipping his mohawk from left to right in sync with the rhythm of “Macarena”, played by the orchestra. Ties are now worn as headbands, and champagne glasses have become shots.
Dumbfounded by the spectacle unfolding right before your eyes, you approach Gaz.
“Ga-James, what’s the deal with all this?” You ask while looking at Soap dancing on the table.
Gaz chuckles, adjusts his fake glasses, and points towards Soap. “This fucking genius had a brilliant plan to create a diversion while you two were working your magic behind the scenes.”
Ghost raises an eyebrow. “So, this whole… thing is Soap’s way of keeping the spotlight off us?”
Gaz nods. “Exactly, mate. Soap figured throwing a wild party would divert the security’s focus from their employer’s safety.”
You look at Soap, who has now started a conga line. “If their employer is too drunk and occupied, they won’t care about outside threats,” you utter.
“Indeed,” Gaz says, “they have a whole other worry; their employer not getting any more shitfaced.”
“That audacious, brilliant motherfucker,” Ghost shakes his head in awe, “he just created the perfect cover for our mission.”
Soap notices you looking at him and raises his hands triumphantly. He looks so proud of his achievement. He brings his thumbs to his chest and mouths something.
“What is he saying?” You ask, confused.
Ghost’s lips curve up, and he leans towards you.
“He says,” he whispers in your ear, “like Paris Hilton in the 2000s.”
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jazmeanb · 3 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ghost and König sending you love. 
Do you love them back? (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤
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yooo-lets-go · 2 months
May I request more Roach and Gaz?
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
They are besties on Snapchat
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ivymarquis · 2 days
Ok hear me out;
Ghost + voice kink but we uno reverse that shit and he’s got a kink for your voice
Here me out pt 2; in the reboot it’s established that Ghost prefers solo missions. Mayhaps he’s got some military overwatch thing where someone’s at base observing via imaging, cameras, etc, and acting as an extra pair of eyes and ears. Reader digs him out of a shit situation and he’s like “cheers love I owe you a drink”
He’s got no idea what you look like, and of course you know his get up so when you see him in a bar you mind your business- the behind the scene workers don’t usually intermingle with the soldiers too much, and you thought it was just a show of appreciation and therefore have zero intention of hitting him up for that offer.
Until you go to the bar and order yourself one, and all you hear behind you is “I’d recognize that voice anywhere- told you I owed you a drink.”
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Cod - Eating Their Ass
Requested: Yes! [EVER THOUGHT ABOUT THE COD MEN SITTING ON THE READER’S FACE?? I THINK THAT’D BE PRETTY NEAT] + [HI, ANON WHO ASKED ABOUT COD MEN FACE SITTING HERE👋👋👋 . I had ass eating in mind!! I don’t see a lot of content on it and I thought it would be such a cool idea. I love all of them but I just know that Ghost would have a biggest ass bc GODDAMN. And I imagine König would have to be really careful with the reader since he’s so big and tall but once he gets into it, he’s grinding against their face and moaning like a WHORE]
Warnings: Face sitting, 69
You look at me. You look me right in the eyes and you tell me that you don’t think Ghost would love to 69 like this. You, eating his ass out as he returns the favor. He’s been wanting to do it since before you even asked, probably for as long as you’ve been together. Maybe (definitely) even for some time before that. He just didn’t bring it up because he was a little unsure of if you would even like it. So he’s more than happy when you’re the one to bring it up. He’s practically in the shower the second you’ve finished bringing it up, dragging you with him so you both could get in bed as soon as possible. And once he’s on top of you, he’s grinding at the same pace that he’s sucking and licking, his thighs on either side of your face as your own clamp around his head.
Tumblr media
Roach is surprised but not displeased when you bring up the idea. He is a bit hesitant at first, afraid that his weight will hurt you even though he’s literally yoinked you down onto his face before when you voiced the same thoughts except with the roles reversed. It doesn’t take much convincing though and he is kinda eager to try it. The day you both actually get to try it is filled with excitement as he climbs atop your face, his grinding slow and steady as you lick at him, his voice raspy and soft as he moans. He’ll apologize when he unexpectedly cums a little early, his seed spraying onto the top of your head and the pillow, both of which he’ll insist on cleaning up even though his legs are shaking horribly and he keeps stumbling while he attempts to get a washcloth.
Tumblr media
König is definitely terrified of hurting you when you bring up the idea, denying you the first few times you ask to try it. You’ll have to really pester him about it before he’ll reluctantly agree. He will, however, go over things with you for like an hour. His safeword if he gets uncomfortable, how you would signal him to stop if you needed it, Etc. Soon you both set a date to finally try it. König is so nervous that the shower he took beforehand lasted two whole hours. He’s very pruny when he comes out and no less nervous then when he went in. He’s slow to kneel on top of you, his knees on either side of your head, careful of your body as he grips onto the headboard so tightly that his knuckles turn ghost white. But then your mouth is on him and he’s lost, moaning and whining, grinding on your face like he’ll die if he doesn’t. It becomes a new favorite thing of his and he’ll shyly bring up doing it again and again and again.
Tumblr media
Rudy is another one that is hesitant but not all together put off, but I would say he is the most reluctant out of these four. A little because he’s afraid of hurting you but mostly just because he doesn’t know what to do. He’s never even thought about it if he’s being honest. But Rudy can never deny you anything, especially when you look at him so pleadingly. You’ll have to guide him on what to do, his hands hovering in the air as he struggles to find where to place them, his body kneeling too straight and much too frigid until you drag him down to the perfect angle. He’s still tense but gradually relaxes as you work your mouth, eventually growing brave enough to start slowly rocking back and forth, his cheeks warm as he struggles to keep his breathing steady. He finds he actually quite likes the sensation, even if it’s a bit unusual at first. He’d definitely like to try it again, as long as he gets to return the favor.
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cod-dump · 1 day
*Soap trying to cuddle Ghost but he keeps pushing him away*
Soap: This was supposed to be a cuddle! Not a struggle snuggle! LET IT HAPPEN!
Soap, climbing onto Ghost’s desk: I DON’T CARE! COME HERE-
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loneghostwolf · 2 days
Tumblr media
this render was inspired by a wholesome art CoD UK account had shared on twitter
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egg-ball · 3 months
Tumblr media
könig ordering mcdonald's in the ph
(he is near tears)
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